How Liberals Neglect Contexts When Crying “Discrimination”

History repeats itself, because no one was listening the first time. Yet it is not just history, and the non-fiction books which document it, that should serve as a warning to all of humanity about where we are headed. There is plenty to be learned from classic literature and fiction novels as well, about who we are and where we are headed. And although most fiction is meant to entertain us, there is plenty of literature out there that allegorically shames us for where we have been, or warns us about where we are headed.

My personal favorite example of this type of fiction is the “dystopian future” literature. Not the apocalyptic or zombie variety, but rather the “oppressive all-powerful authoritarian government” kind. Famous works of literature such as Zamyatin’s We, Huxley’s Brave New World, Orwell’s 1984, or Rand’s Anthem were written to serve as blatantly obvious warnings about a very real and possible not-so-distant future, where man is dominated by the state and individuality is destroyed, often in the name of creating a false utopia. The problem is that so many damn people miss this obvious point.

Many of these dystopian books are read and taught in school (or at least they were in my day, God only knows what kind of idiotic dumbed-down crap the modern public schools are “teaching” today). During my high school years I recall reading the books above, and just like millions of other students. They are not obscure. They are in fact well-known and highly regarded works, with a large segment of the population having read at least some of them. They should also be especially well-known and well-read books among the so-called educated, enlightened, and academic pseudo-intellectual progressive crowd.

Hell, even if we dumb it down a notch, we can still look at some of the wildly popular tween book franchises, such as The Hunger Games or Divergent, which share many similar themes with the classics, and also have a widespread young readership. So therefore it is not as if these themes are out in the public mind.

Let’s dumb it down a notch further, to the absolute lowest common denominator, and infer that even if the illiterate dregs of society have not read any of these books at all, than they must have at least seen a movie version of one of these books. Even barring that, let’s assume that they must have at least seen some movie with similar themes or plots during some point in their lives. These themes and warnings to humanity have been dispersed to a wide audience in one form of media or another. Again, the problem is that so many ignorant people out there are completely oblivious to this message, and miss the obvious point entirely.

I suppose that most people out there, assuming that they are even capable of comprehending the themes in these types of stories, see them as nothing more than fiction and entertainment value. They hold the naive assumption that it could never happen here or to them, and that our society could never actually end up that way, all the while mindlessly voting for the very people and policies that are contributing to the erosion of individual liberty and rights while strengthening the central authoritarian power of the state. And it is all in the name and the false promise of creating utopia. The sheer lack of a connection is mind-blowing, but it is not at all surprising.

The other category of people who are utterly oblivious, are so-called intelligent “useful idiots” who actually claim to understand the point of this literature. These so-called enlightened intellectuals will proudly brag about how well read and educated they are, and will proudly admit to reading many of these books, yet they still completely miss the point. Oh they will absolutely acknowledge with a straight face the dangerous themes and warnings within these books, yet they will always point the finger at the “other side.” They will always attribute the road to oppression with the policies of the opposite side, never once looking in the mirror to see that they are cheering for their own demise.

The progressive left will blame those on the conservative right. They will blatantly call them fascists, nationalists, xenophobic racists, and Nazis, who are hell-bent on enacting some kind of corporatist authoritarian police state. They are completely oblivious, unconcerned, or complicit that their own progressive socialist, Marxist, statist, and social justice utopian policies will erode freedom, individualism, and individual rights just the same, all while granting limitless power to the state.

The establishment right will blame the left as well, calling them socialists, communists, and progressives, hell-bent on enacting an all-powerful centrally-planned economy and government. They too are oblivious, unconcerned, or complicit that their own neo-con, corporate welfare, and progressive right policies serve only to empower the state as well.

This is a complete and utter lack of understanding by many, that two roads can very well lead to the same place. There are many roads to hell, all of them paved with good intentions. It is a failure to think critically, and to delve deep into the dangers of one’s own belief system. Just because someone happens to agree with the policies of their own side, doesn’t make them any less potentially dangerous. Utopia means very different things to different people.

Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it. Millions of people in this world have been killed in the name of creating utopia. Millions still live under the boot of oppression, whatever the name of that oppression may be. Whether history, non-fiction, or literature, the lessons are clear to those willing to see them.

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161 thoughts on “How Liberals Neglect Contexts When Crying “Discrimination””

  1. Genetics does not care for context. You look at the success of differing group and there is no doubt that there is a strong genetic correlation( read David Epstein) context to take into consideration. Liberals fail in that they cry for what god left out and rather than work hard with the cards they were dealt they would rather fold and say the system is rigged.Unfortunately they in their effort to rectify what they see as a rigged system they create the system they so hate.

  2. The St.Louis grand jury is waiting until it is butt-cold, too cold for protestin’, before releasing their report exonerating Officer Wilson.
    And that’s racist!

  3. Context is an important issue, so I’m glad its been brought up explicitly.
    Politics, and particularly politics is all about controlling context, which is to say, controlling what is ‘relevant’ to an issue. One of the strange things about left politics in particular is that it is almost entirely dependent on deep theory; upon analyses of systems and structures of power & oppression, upon the institutions and practices of culture, all of which it ‘points to’ or refers to every-time a left-salient issue arises, be it women, gender, race, labour etc.
    Yet when anyone who doesn’t ‘carry the card’ in that respect seeks to speak on these issues, it denies the validity of theory, of anything but surface ‘indexicality’. Indeed it insists upon its own assertions, its presentation of truth, be accepted as self-evidently true. Any attempts to dig deeper and to carve out analysis at an equivalent level of depth and breadth will be deeply resisted, and reduced to the motivation of hate or intolerance or some other agenda that invalidates any counter-theory in advance of its expression.
    Consider for example left theories of gender ‘binaries’, sexual differance (sic) & of enforced ‘heternomativity’ etc. Volumes of theory. Yet when it comes to the phrase ‘I was born gay’, anything beyond an uncritical acceptance of the self-evidence of that assertion, must be a stream of hate from the book of Leviticus.
    The issue isn’t about the nature of gender, sexuality etc – which will always be a matter of debate – or rather should be (human sexuality is complex after all). The point is that the debate is ‘controlled’ by the left, specifically by controlling levels of context; that is determining the legitimacy of what can be questioned, analysed, theorised at any given level.
    Left theory is as dominant as it is because it has successfully blocked attempts at every other kind of (larger scale) theory (with some resistance from evolutionary biology & libertarianism)
    There’s a need to tackle this issue of indexicality – to look at the way in which for example men’s issues in society are normalised, reduced, or dismissed as surface phenomenon, not worthy of any deeper analysis (at least not outside of the left framework) and to demonstrate that they in face reference / point to much broader / deeper issues that socialist-feminist theory is incapable of addressing.

    1. An exceptional post that well expresses sentiments I share, but that I could never articulate.

    2. “Indeed it insists that its own assertions, its presentation of truth, be accepted as self-evidently true.”
      Global Warming and GMO “phobo-mania” immediately come to mind.

  4. They follow their confirmation bias at all costs. Analyzing data subjectively can reinforce preconceived notions. When science supports their beliefs they endorse it. When science refutes their beliefs they disregard it. You can’t rationalize with that type of behavior.

  5. Blacks commit crime disproportionate to their percentage of the population because black males disproportionately grow up without fathers. Fathers teach sons to become men, to control their emotions, and to live in civilized society; boys who grow up without fathers are far more likely to learn the boastful, hollow masculinity of the “thug life”.
    When progressives set out to “help” blacks by destroying the black family by excusing them from any responsibility, this was the result.
    À bientôt,

    1. The same could be said of children raised by single mothers of any race. Without the balance of the “head first” masculine their children are “heart first” feminine.
      Crime is the byproduct in the black community, but both western women and beta males occur with high frequency in all.

      1. Yup. If I were to leave, my Wife, even with all her best intentions would fuck-up our kids royally.

      2. Correct, but that’s also inherent in my post; my point was black males commit crime *disproportionately* to their occurrence in the population b/c they are *disproportionately* fatherless. And blacks tend to be (as I have commented elsewhere on RoK) the canary in the American coal mine: what happens to blacks will eventually happen to other groups, and thus, to my mind, “fatherlessness” is the biggest threat the country faces, at all socio-economic levels and across racial lines.

        1. When Feminism and the left destroy family, they will destroy society… Or, has that already happened?

        2. Well, what do you expect when you criminalize half of any one race and say it is the norm? And yet white posters defend it. Funny how that is coming full circle with all (white) men being seen as rapist. As I’m black and dark skinned (there is a colorful separation there in that the lighter you are the less likely you are perceived a criminal) I was already a rapist and criminal once the bass in my voice arrived. Statistics and fellow black criminals proved this, regardless if I had a rap sheet or not. Yes means Yes might be the first law the collective group of men will be forced to see eye to eye on because now, like me, you will be seen as a criminal by the soon to be perfected equalizer of us all, the law.
          By the way, excellent catch on noticing how the ways of divide and conquer have worked against the black community. Not often is an argument dealing with racial differences addressed in a way that deals solely, with the social ramifications.

        3. There’s not a lot new under the sun, I’m afraid.
          I think the difference is, a white man is presumed guilty *in the media* by a female, not necessarily within the justice system. The Duke Rape Case shows that gender and politics trump race and class–the media, the DA and the Duke Academic Community was ready to string those boys up by their nuts; but for the DNA evidence, they might well be sitting in prison now, as has happened to countless poor whites and blacks before them.
          While I suspect that you intended the “general you” w/r/t the “Yes means Yes” laws, really it is the natural conclusion to feminist/political correctness. While I doubt that the overwhelming majority of feminists and manginas pushing the “Yes means Yes” rules are in any great danger of getting laid, what they’re pushing infantilizes women into a virtual non-entity incapable of free will (and really it’s designed to absolve women of any consequences for their actions), one of the benefits of being an older guy is that the younger women I date always know What’s Up, which is why they’re with me in the first place. The guys who are going to get caught up in the Crucible that this policy (and those like it) will create are younger guys (who are more likely not to back off when it’s warranted) dealing with inexperienced women. Lives are going to get ruined by it, really.
          À bientôt,

        4. I did mean the general ‘you’. If the populace likes, ‘they’ can imagine the ‘you’ stressed like Bill Cosby said it, ” And sooo, Yooooouuuuuu….” This was my of getting the notion across that the ‘you’ used here can mean all.
          The law almost chiefly, will destroy the lives of young men before they begin. And if successful, will lead to other laws, designed to promote safety and control only the law, teamed with corporations, can provide. Very much, a big picture affair. Signs are staring us in the face, and while I’m not as young anymore, there is no reason to jettison the populace out of fear. Fear makes us all prisoners to the past. Laws will make us prisoners for the future.
          Once again, solid catch on the results promoted: female responsibility. Essentially, women get to hold lives in their hands and their chastity as well. If the rise of divorce is any sign of how they may choose, might be prudent for younger men to develop a plan of recourse. And if we wish to raise sons in America, the older gen needs to act fast. We’re running out of ground to stand on.

      1. Completely agree. The Soviets understood this also, and did their best to replace the father as the head of the family with the state. Thus, when a Russian writes his address it goes like this:
        It was not always so, but the Sovs rearranged it so that the message was “State is most important, person is least important”. They also removed the letter “yat” (used for the pronoun “I”) and replaced it for that use with the letter “ya”–the LAST letter of their alphabet.
        Kill or remove the father, and the family is lost.
        End transmission,

      1. That’s because the AA community doesn’t respect intellectuals. Least of all their own. Entertainers on the other hand…

        1. I think intellectuals from all tribes are often misunderstood.
          Their voice is hardly ever enough to change the flow of the herd.

        2. True, but the AA community seems uniquely disinterested in their own intellectuals for the sake of other less rewarding pursuits.

        3. Trust me, it’s just as bad for American Indians.
          I was, for whatever reason, able to perform better intellectually than the other kids. Naturally they explained it away due to my being a half-breed.
          But I think one good thing about Indians is that the racial stuff seems less intense than with blacks. My theory is that tribes like mine ( Kiowa) are so eager for population growth and the benefits that implies that they are less exclusionary.
          But deep down they still hate intellectuals.
          ” All put people need to know is how to fish and skin a deer.”
          Yeah that’s a wise perspective….

        4. After our politicians and bankers get done fucking shit up it might be an extremely wise and practical viewpoint.

        5. Intellectuals need to be on the ground dirtying themselves and grounding themselves in reality. Else they think up all sorts of destructive ideas detached from reality.

        6. Yes. African American’s are the primary consumers of the E Channel, People Magazine, Hello, X Factor and Justin Bieber. Like all AAs, when I went to the last Justin Bieber concert in Oslo with my homiez all I saw was niggaz, which is a shame because I only date white women. The most frustrating thing is that I work with mainly white people and I can’t find a single one to talk about the Kardashians. They all want to intellectualize about Greek philosophy and the latest papers on human bio-chemistry.
          Fucking white people, learn to talk about what’s really important.

        7. Hahaha! Classic. Forgot the /s tag.
          Were you in Oslo around the time of the Bieber concert? Fucking shut down Fornebu that shit bag.

        8. He’s implying African American. As opposed to Asian American. It is taboo to voice your true opinion for some people, as some will jump in to call them racist, whether they are or aren’t, and racists will join in to agree with whatever bias it is. Cyclical and non-solution oriented.

        9. Like how the black populace are criminals and our IQ’s are at a mean of 75 to 90? Haha!! Racism has a very interesting basis in the white populace nature to place themselves as superior. Can’t be that superior if the other half of your sex is running you down with laws created by your fellow ‘superior’ men.
          It is slowly a trend to see racism unearth itself every now and then. I hope the white men here don’t make the mistake of their female half and start to alienate their potential brothers in arms, by the color of their skin. Or, you know, we can all be equal slaves to the laws designed to make the white woman, and to a lesser extent other women, superior to us all.

        10. I know he is talking about African Americans. But what community? There is no community. People like to use these collectivist terms so they can act like they speak for everyone. The fact is, African Americans are not homogenous.

        11. I would claim he doesn’t have a specific community is targeting. And certainly African Americans aren’t homogenous at all. Often black and African American are used as blanket statements which in, both terms could be readily replaced with those guys. Out of curiosity, I am curious if blacks or Hispanics, were the ruling class, would the view of whites as criminals be as accepted? Social brain washing is a heck of a thing.

        12. I think it’s much more complicated than that. Do you think whites are the ruling class or just some small cabal of wealthy men?

        13. The sad thing is that they let their short term hatred of black people interfere with their supposed love of freedom and desire to be rid of the yolk around their own neck. They have been divided and conquered.

        14. In regards to whether you pegged my argument? Your first paragraph hits my point. Right on the nose.
          Whether whites are the ruling class or the wealthy, speaks for itself. Being from the UK, you might have seen this issue much closer than a black person from America, do you know ‘white’ isn’t necessarily white amongst ‘white’ people?
          Ttake your average white person. If you are Italian or Irish, you’re on the low end of white. If you are Jewish doctrine and fair skinned, even less white than that. And thhe white American, claiming Caucus mountain lineage and even those of general wealth, while middle tier, aren’t white by the purest standards either. Unless you are of old money, of blue blood lineage (nigh incestual relations) to keep the wealth//power in the family and have a legacy that is traceable to well over 150 years ago, you aren’t white. They are fooling themselves with media and overall higher capital control, into thinking they rule the world.
          Best believe the blue bloods, ancient ‘whites’ rule the world, and have influenced their lives at every turn, to the point where most can naively believe things like average IQ’s of 75-110, are the majority of their race, because, you know, superiority and patriarchy is their rite.

        15. Ah, classic misdirection. While in the black community it is used to focus on crime instead of family unit, among white people, it is the corporation they built for ever lasting security, that influences their government, powers the feminist engine, and enslave the majority into lives designed to fuel the engine to continue. I postulate, the fear some blacks seem to have of intellectualism, may have to do with the tendency for white societies to be built, members to get soft, and for the sake of growth, collapse itself.

        16. I think if you look at the families behind the banks, the oil companies, government agencies like the CIA you see some startling connections. It is a special class of white men who constitute the ruling class.
          In Europe I have noticed that the top jobs tend to go to white men with very specific backgrounds and family connections.
          We should be careful with all this intellectualizing, we’re making negroes look bad.

        17. I agreed with your analysis. There seems to be some correlation between becoming an intellectual and also becoming less masculine, or softer as you said. It might have to do with the fact that the
          the luxury of intellectualizing is often associated with…well luxury and not actually hard work. If you look at the Harlem Renaissance the majority of the influential males or at least a number of them were homosexual and intern soft. This probably doesn’t sit well with people who consider themselves masculine in nature, so why not do the antithesis.

      2. I was going to post Thomas Sowell too. It takes a black man saying it before a white liberal will even pay attention. And they think they’re not racist.

        1. I want to learn more about him… just now watching his videos it makes me realize this debate between the left and right has been going on for generations.
          For some reason I was naive enough to think that this SJW stuff was somehow unique to our time. IT seems like they’ve been using the same old arguments for a long time now.
          What I find very interesting as well is that a lot of the proponents for traditionalism/egalitarianism (actual egalitarianism) are people that came from the far left.
          Warren Farrel and Thomas Sowell (was a marxist) for example.
          I get the feeling Jian Ghomeshi aint quite as left leaning as he used to be either.

        2. No, this shit goes all the way back to FDR in the 1930s. After the Great Depression lots of people wanted the government to play a bigger part in people’s lives. After that, the debate became when to stop. Sprinkle on some Marx, a religous faith in egalitarism that would impress even Saint Benedict, and you’ve go the modern SJWs.

        3. Have a look at Walter Williams too. Here is a Williams quote ”
          The welfare state has done to black Americans what slavery could not have done, the harshest Jim Crow laws and racism could not have done, namely break up the black family. “

        4. The shit black people have to put up with with progressive liberals (black or white) trying to manage their lives is a fucking complete insult. That whole mind-fuck of convince people they are victims of something or someone. That whole game is played, financed and enforced from a very specific demographic.

        5. If empowerment is about becoming a victim-class “helped” by the government or anyone for that matter. If they talk empowerment without personal responsibility or pulling oneself up by the bootstraps. They are bullshitting. They probably has an insidious agenda to destroy you by: “empowerment” or making you “Equal” or “Affirmative action” or bribing you with government money to destroy yourselves.

        6. No matter how victimized one must refuse to be victims hereafter nor given special treatment only demand equal opportunity otherwise you will get taken advantage of. By being made a victim-class you are mere pawns for their agenda you are useful idiots who think you have gotten off the plantation but yet you are still mentally on it.

        7. Yes Clark, it’s been going on as long as I can remember & I’ll be 54 next month…of course, I had my head up my ass until I was nearly 30 so I probably missed a lot. The difference is the that for the left, this is a full time project…the right only looks up when there’s a problem, addresses the problem & goes back to living their lives.

        1. Exactly, people cannot seem to understand how destructive “government help” programs are.

      3. He is dead on right. Remarkable video.
        Inner city ghettos, just like Indian reservations are some of the most fucked up and saddest places you could ever experience. This is because the government has made the community completely dependent on it, and this government dependence has abolished the need for a father in a stable family home. Consequence from bad decisions have been stripped away by the all caring government hand.
        This was planned by the way, first to deal with the Indian problem, then the Black problem. The people in power know that a society dependent on the government will not revolt, but sit at home and destroy themselves instead of you. They give you a choice, toe the line or sit at home, get your handout and rot.

        1. I’m interested to learn more about it.
          I’m hesitant to just swing over to the far right without learning more about it though.
          What are all the variables? And how does this system work? Do all “social support programs” lead to this kind of situation or are there examples of functioning leftist states?
          I’m not convinced that it is as simple as left = bad, and right = good. I think it is possible that the left just attracts morons who want free shit… and any good ideas from that point of view are being drowned out by feminists, SJWs, and the like.
          RoK has turned me on to thinking about politics… was never something I studied in much detail before.

        2. The far right? No, you got the wrong guy. Try not to define yourself by political scales, only your personal ethics and hard won wisdom.
          I believe the only ethical use of government is in defense of natural rights, and that’s it, nothing else, no income taxes, pay as you go services and a strong culture and community to make up the rest.
          The long-term goal is for mankind to become enlightened, as people will have sought to become self sovereign. People need the opportunity to fall to be able to grow. The ever present government is a Nanny state and makes children of us all.

        3. Clark, I’d recommend Friedrich Hayek’s excellent booklet entitled The Road To Serfdom. The left does attract both ‘gimmedats’ & lunatic control freaks/ compassion fascists but a good many of the rank & file are well intentioned people who have been misled.

        4. The idea is to extend this dependency to the population as a whole. They will smother you with kindness, with promises of keeping you “safe” from the big nasty terrorists out there. However, in return for this safety you will need to give up a few freedoms and eat the food the Master tells you to eat.
          Part of the method to deal with this is to turn men into boys. Gun control, alimony, public schooling, estrogenic food. All part of the process.

        5. Yup, exactly. Independence from the system will be banned. Protecting yourself or your family, illegal. Attempting to be self-sufficient, then prepare to be attacked by the system. Even independent thought will be sought to be quelled. This is our socialist paradise. Big daddy government will feed you, cloth you, think for you, and all you need to do is give up is everything that makes you a man.

        6. The public school system did not teach us the basics, and has left us vulnerable to shitty left/right brainwashing (what a surprise).

        7. The government schools don’t teach capitalism for the same reasons that madrassas don’t teach the Westminster Confession of Faith

      4. The problem is many liberal black people hate Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams. These men speak nothing but sense but nobody wants to hear that. They want to feel “special” and nothing makes you feel more special than someone telling your fuck-ups are not your responsibility (Al Sharpton).

    2. That is a big part of it.
      I am going to shill for American Renaissance a bit because their Color of Crime really cuts through a lot of the PC bullshit regarding race and crime.
      The fact is that police probably don’t stop blacks and hispanics enough.
      And I referring to them because it is not “minorities” it is those two minorities.
      Asians are a minority and outcompete whites. East Indiands as well. Jews of course.
      Even Nigerians do better than the average white in many respects.
      So white privilege can go die in a ditch.

      1. I like the separation of Nigerian and Black. Unless whites have been producing more than I’ve thought, I’d venture they are a minority in America, especially when the Hispanic community is factored in. Look at how Black and Hispanic countries operate and then how similar nations to the USA, operate, before you decide what is the problem in black and Hispanics in America.
        Aside from that disagreement, you do make a sound argument for what can be done to solve America’s troubles.

        1. I do detect that on rok we use arguments in favor of certain minorities that would be laughed at if they were about women.

        2. I could see your case. Sex is one of the easiest jokes to start with. Every comedian has a litany of ’em and factor in the races and you’ve got a neatly flavored fruit salad/ buffet dish that would be hilarious to discuss. ‘I don’t want fried chicken. I want curry goat’ ‘ Fuck curry goat, give me the wanton soup.’ ‘Don’t you guys like steak rare? Like super rare?’

    3. In addition rampant r-selected breeding by those single mothers resulted in those societies. When a criminal 90IQ Tyrone has 4 babymamas by age 24 and the solid middle-class Theodore has one child by age 35, then after a few generations you get a highly r-selected culture that is destructive for our current high civilization. The sad thing is that most of the Whites in the West go the same route.

      1. That assumes genetics transfers IQ levels equivalent to the parents. That also assumes that Tyrone will be around to raise them. Separation of family is across the board or has divorce rates lowered this year? And since divorce can happen to middle class Theodore and prison to average IQ Tyrone, won’t the result be the same of a separated family?
        The sad thing, with White America the separation is well underway, gay marriage, multi-racial marriages, foreign marriages, low fertility rates, mgtow, and now added rape laws. I’d say your battling a current at the cusp of Niagara Falls and need to decide swiftly how you want things to play out.

    4. I don’t believe that. I think they’re just prone to violence & crime because they’re born that way…….but you can’t say that in real life.

      1. Oh genetics play a role as there are genes identified associated with aggression. But one must not misunderstand the impact of fatherhood in civilizing those aggressive impulses.

        1. Your genetics determine 2/3s of who you are. Environment and personal choice is the rest.

        2. Only with father’s their aggression is directed towards the right people or towards building civilization.

      2. Its true. I was born smoking weed and packing heat. The doctor slapped me on the ass and I stomped a mud hole in his and made the midwife give me head. I have a friend who was born white. I tell him to stop being a pussy because, like all white people, he never commits crimes, never hurts anyone and is always reasonable all the time. Fucking white people, grow a dick why don’t you.

        1. No worries. His own paranoia keeps him on guard 24/7 as he will put his head down when he sees a 6’2″ black guy near him, maybe any black guy who can hold a stare over 20 seconds. If he saw you in the strength he will follow respectful protocol and cross in fear of harassment. He will also relinquish his lady to you if he saw you talking to her and had an equivalent of half is group number in black men with you.
          In truth, I don’t think he even realizes his own inherent racism will be the beta ties that will always bind him.
          And I will also say, Thanks for posting on this article. I have noticed when given the chance to reveal racism, some white people, go to great lengths to justify, the fears they have, stigmas they believe and biases they hold dear as facts. It makes the space a little sad to be involved in, as I value respect. Nothing respectable about a bigot.

        2. Yeah you have to wonder if it’s a way to address their own guilt about the centuries of slavery. Redirect this as resentment of blacks. These guys clearly exult in the misfortune of black people and every black criminal reported on the news makes them feel just a little bit happier about themselves and allows them to maintain their delusion of superiority. I pity them.

        3. Well that was the plan since the ’60s when blacks, were starting to land a slice of the American Pie at an alarming rate. And efficiently mobilized powers to stand as a political force that shook the nation. then came the drugs, arrests, control on schools, welfare system and media indoctrination. The rest, as they say, is history. The hope now is every time a black becomes a rapper shouting thug life, every time a black woman shouts ‘I am a strong independent woman’ and dates white, every time a black child sells drugs to supplement the lack of income provided by welfare, every time a black opts to become a shoe shiner and bellhop, that the social programming of subservience sticks.
          Now, that they’ve finally outed some of the genetic programming it is far too late and effeminate hipsters run rampant, laws are generally unknown by the masses and culture is the equivalent of being forever young.
          Sadly, most blacks in America, who only know American culture, will believe the words and programming and opt for a lesser of two evils, embrace hopelessness or become the proverbial ‘white bitch’ saying yessir long enough to provide for themselves, their families and enjoy life. Whatever that means

    5. The are not really seeking to help blacks actually. Only they smile and sweet talk and show false concern as they drink poison into his drink.

      1. The primary motivation for SJWs is Moral Vanity. They want to be able to say “LOOK WHAT GOOD PEOPLE WE ARE!!” Blacks, other minorities and the downtrodden generally are mere props in this passion play about SJWs fantasy ideology.

        1. Moral vanit yis part of it. But keeping them as victims as moral props harms those they supposedly care about by not allowing them to stand on their own two feet as sovereign peoples in their own right.

    6. Exactly Mistral, these problems are the result of being brought up in a state sponsored matriarchy….as evidence, note that very similar social pathologies are found among the young male residents of the ‘estates’ in the UK, the bulk of whom are white.

    7. because black males disproportionately grow up without fathers

      merely one of many factors surely?

        1. I think it is an effect rather than a cause. It begs the question why do they grow up without fathers.

    8. I agree with this despite the fact I’m black. I was one of the lucky ones; my parents married young and remain so to this day after 50+ years.
      But I can see that in most cases the rule is no rule whatsoever.

      1. Actually, as a black man, I would think it would make you happy–about the cause, not the situation–b/c it takes the wind out of the sails of the “It’s b/c they’re black” crowd. Black folks have certainly come by their problems honestly, in America.
        The fact is, if you take any group of boys (regardless of race), without men to guide them, and you’re pretty much going to wind up with “Lord of the Flies” more often than not.
        À bientôt,

    9. Fathers teach sons to become men, to control their emotions, and to live in civilized society; boys who grow up without fathers are far more likely to learn the boastful, hollow masculinity of the “thug life”.
      When progressives set out to “help” blacks by destroying the black family by excusing them from any responsibility, this was the result.

      It is not progressives which is destroying the black fambly, it is their black social dynamic which destroys black fambly.
      Interesting that mongoloids (because Asians is not precise term, it includes not just Chinese, Koreans, Japanase etc., it could be also Pakistanis, Indians etc.) don’t have problems like blacks despite they are minority in waysis white world.
      This problems (baby daddies, gangsta cultcha etc.) are specific for blacks, playing race and slavery card is so 60’s and moronic in this day and age.

      1. “Interesting that [East Asians] don’t have problems like blacks despite they are minority in [the] white world.”
        If you look, I think you will discover that fatherlessness among American blacks is nearly 4x the rate as it is for Asians (as that term is commonly understood in the US).
        The problem isn’t that blacks are a minority; the problem is fatherlessness. If you take a look at which ethnic groups are doing best comparatively, you’re going to discover a direct correlation to a father being present.
        À bientôt,

    10. Thank you Mistral. Also can we not forget about the Claudine syndrome fostered in Black women. I know too many black fathers pushed out of their child’s lives because black women think. “I don’t need a man I’m gonna put him on child support and get my money.” Or worse abscond with the child and tell them lies about their father’s. Friends and family have gone through this and it has to stop.

  6. I chuckle at Liberals when I hear their excuses for non performance: racism, sexism, fill-in-the blank-ism and so on.
    Ignoring context, thereby ignoring accuracy of fact, credits the “-ism” rather than the individual full responsibility for any negative actions of a victim group. In the mind of the Liberal, personal responsibility for any success or failure is a byproduct of externalities: the “-ism” when negative while Liberal efforts when positive. Simply put, Liberalism is about shifting responsibility from the individual to the collective.
    That works, of course, if the Liberal considers you a protected class – think feminist logic. If not, well, my friend, check your privilege because you are the problem.

  7. These are the identity-politics-rabble who affect a stance of moral indignation, while in reality they don’t give a damn about the lives of women and minorities.
    This. Scratch a progressive and 9 times out of ten you’re going to find a racist. They mouth the words in the Cathedral, but they’re all tribalists underneath.
    Back in the 90s, one of my swipl girlfriends had a Moment of Clarity after we were solicited for a “charitable donation” by a black guy at 11pm on a Saturday night while we were heading into a bar. The encounter ended amicably enough (I convinced him that he needed to wait for the next billy goat to cross the bridge), but once we were back on our way she uttered, “Wait, I’m liberal and you’re conservative, but I’m afraid of black people, and you’re not.” Now, admittedly, I’m built like a nose tackle, and not a 5’7″, 108# girl, but I think that was the point at which the switch went off in her brain. 😉
    A lot of folks are simply carried along with the tide b/c they don’t want to be “Racist!” which is the lie (and the “J’Accuse!!!”) that the SJWs are feeding them. We must, therefore, Take The Power Back. How so? Speak the Truth, at every opportunity. Let the sunshine in, and the Lie will disintegrate.
    À bientôt,

    1. She’s only afraid of black people because she was told to be afraid of black people and that is also a form of brainwashing. How often are white WOMEN actually assaulted by black people? Rarely. The fact that she is terrified of black people means maybe she wasn’t as liberal or non-racist as she would like to believe.

      1. Oh she was plenty liberal, in the “swipl” way. As for “brainwashing”, no doubt–as a nation, we have gotten FAAAAR to hopped up on “Stranger Danger” and other nonsense beyond reason.

  8. If i was Black and I knew the odds were HEAVILY against my favor in regards to police profiling, I would without a doubt dress a little nicer, carry myself a little more upright, keep a pleasant expression on my face, ect. Hell, I do that stuff already because I am a minority in America and I know the odds are against my favor. I’m not mad anymore, it is what it is. Life’s a game in some ways, learn how to play, don’t complain about the rules!

  9. “Byproducts of slavery” is just an excuse. Before the 1960s blacks had the lowest level of divorce and unemployment of all races in America. Then came the drugs and welfare…
    Japanese Americans were in concentration camps in the 1940s… they evolved.
    Irish Jews and Italians were slaves for hundreds of years in Europe. They experienced growing pains when they came in masse to America, but never the less, they too evolved because no one made political excuses for them.

    1. The same social nets meant to help them are very things that destroyed the black community. Welfare, fatherless families, high drug use; they will continue to tread the bottom until they evolve. Same can be said for the natives on reservations.

      1. You all should focus on this point and not the actual race. The conditions of the black community in the US are not an inherent feature of the race, they are symptoms of all the well-meaning social justice enacted for them.

        1. I understand what you’re saying. But there are many other groups of people that have suffered far worse for far longer than African Americans (Jews Gypsies Kurds Tibetans to name but a few) but have rebounded brilliantly because their cultures value resiliency, not victimization.
          I am against the victim culture, not the people.

    2. The Japanese were in INTERNMENT camps, NOT concentration camps, and that was for at most 4 years. Black people were enslaved for OVER 150 years in the fairly young nation that is the USA. That is hardly comparable. The Italians were never slaves and if they were it was during the Roman Empire which was over 1000 years ago. Black people have dealt with racism and discrimination ever since being in America so your examples you used are not Valid.

      1. An Italian would laugh at your statement. The Goths Lombards Gauls Saracens Byzantines Germans Franks Spaniards and Austrians all colonized Italy at one point between the fall of Rome in 476 AD and the rise of the modern Italian state in the late 1800s. That’s 1400 years of oppression vs the 400 years the trans Atlantic Slave trade took place. Perhaps I should ask for reparations too?

      2. “The Japanese were in INTERNMENT camps . . .”
        Where they were concentrated.
        You are aware that the word slav(e) explicitly refers to white European people, aren’t you?
        You are aware that American free blacks held Irish slaves, aren’t you?

        1. Its true.
          Up until Bacons Rebellion black plantation owners were amongst the most prosperous in Virginia colonial society.
          According to the 1860 US Census only 1.4% of white owned slaves.
          The Transatlantic Slave Trade was made possible because Africans sold their slaves to the Spanish and Portuguese for profit.
          I could go on but its not necessary. No ones hands are clean of slavery not even the black community.
          The moment revisit their roots of hard work family and economical achievement will they again become free.
          As long as welfare broken homes and swag rule the day, don’t expect anything to change.

      3. …save that shit. For American blacks, the road to success is paved in free-passes. Any school you want into, any career you desire, any promotion you seek. All you need is to almost-meet the minimum standard and you’re IN.
        If you don’t wanna work, the White man will cover you. If you want to commit crimes, America will forgive you.
        And after three generations of this shit, hard working Americans are broke and blacks are worse off than they’ve ever been and only stand to fall farther behind.
        Like they say, you can have a space program, or you can have a black middle class; you can’t afford both.

  10. Thomas Sowell has destroyed these liberal lies years, and years ago. If only people would listen.

  11. Lack of context or situation etc…yeah you could say that again. I often think to myself just how constricted the current “victim” dynamic really is. I was watching Indoctrinate U the other day and kept on hearing that everything in academia goes through a prism of just race, sex and class struggle. Trouble is, not only are individuals people vastly more diverse than just their race, sex (what’s that “g” word, again, hmm forgot it because it’s not based in reality) or class but so are the even more complex situations they find themselves in. Do some people’s momentary situations depend on their sex, race or class, yes, but its always part of a larger whole and 9/10s not a root cause(s) that should be focused on i.e. lots of African American men locked-up; liberals say racism, root says – no fathers or family, among other things.

  12. Living in North St. Louis has turned me racist and I hate it. Being subjected to verbal and physical hate regularly, getting almost knocked out as part of the knockout game, having literally several dozen young men and women call me a ” wetback” or even stupid shit like “Hiawatha” doesn’t even register with me-I’d take just not walking around with a target on my back.
    I absolutely hate being racist. Being half Kiowan, it doesn’t even make any fucking sense. But what can I do? It takes all involved parties to consent to peace. And right now underclass black hostility is appeased, while non-black passivity is enforced in all areas of the culture.
    Why? Why do people need to desperately blame someone else? Forget Ferguson, there has been severe, open racial hostility here since 2008.
    I would agree to never utter a single ” race realist ” talking point ever again if the issue of black racial violence was either stopped, or at least a part of our discourse. But that’s not what you get. You have to do mental gymnastics to deny that race had anything to do with the flash mob of teens that called you a cracker/wetback/slant-eyes before savagely beating you. And if you survive such a frightening encounter, the media, and virtually every leftist mocks your pain. ” Oh boo hoo. Poor you.” As if a non-black person stomped into brain damage still has some ridiculous “privilege.”
    In all seriousness, what can we do? I sincerely (in the style of Whiskey) ” hate hate hate” having bigoted sentiments. A HUGE proportion of the men I admire are black-tommy sotomayor, David carroll, painless risen, etc., but what good does that do me if I can’t use a city bus without being threatened because of my race?
    It disturbs me-no matter what you’ll be subject to intense, possibly physical hatred. And to top that off, 90 percent of blacks will defend the worst scum of their own group( I don’t get this-I despise Indians who fulfill alcoholic stereotypes) and even some highly educated black people can look at a 5 year old knocked out by a thug and say “karma’s a bitch.” Just disgusting. And depressing. After all, I want to see anyone who harms a child dealt with in the harsher way possible.
    Maybe at some point we can weather the storm of hatred and violence without becoming part of it ourselves. We have to stop being in denial though. I will never be truly comfortable being a ” race realist,” if only for the sake of the many successful, high-functioning black men who would be hurt by it.
    End rent. Feel free to ignore/shit on my thoughts. This is my desperate attempt to be told the ethnic groups aren’t at war in America. Maybe that’s just my hamster spinning.

    1. hey man, I’m also in Saint Louis. I live in Maryland Heights.
      I think the word “racist” gets thrown around too easily. The average SJW would think I was racist as fuck if they heard my conversations with friends, but I don’t consider myself racist. Racism to me is hating that person for being his race. I don’t hate black people for being black, or Mexicans for being Mexican. I don’t think any race is below me.
      But I am highly judgmental, and do hate groups of people doing stereotypical negative behavior. If I hate a black guy for doing ghetto things, is that really racist? I’m Arab and I’ll hate on my own people doing stupid shit.

    2. Don;t be so hard on yourself, it always hurts to find out you’ve been hustled.
      if a rabid pit bull was running wild thru the streets biting the shit outta people, the problem the dog represents to society has nothing to do with how you “feel” about it, and it sure as hell isn’t YOU’RE fault for noticing the obvious.
      Ethnic groups AREN’T at war; a few groups are on the attack and a few groups are pretending it isn’t happening. I know plenty of blacks that are productive decent citizens; those are the people I feel sorry for. With all the crime statistics available, I can’t feel sorry for Whites that close their eyes to the obvious.
      But when the hood rat crowd figures out that free-pass time is over and a bullet in the head is quickly becoming the default response to their shit, THEN things will change….but not before.

  13. Thomas Sowell destroyed myths perpetrated by feminists in 5 minutes, and this is back in 1981. Thats all it took and there is no doubt; but feminists are still cynically pushing the same ol’ bs.

  14. Closing with the Holocau$t and a reference to how gullible most people are…you’d have to be wearing skinny jeans and riding a fixie to squeeze an ounce more irony out of that sentence.

    1. I’m out. I wear straight cut jeans so I can wear them outside of my ropers when I’m not riding.
      Here’s some irony, Ward Churchill got fired from his teaching position for saying what Hannah Arendt had already said, while Arendt became ultimately tenured for it (she was buried in a college cemetery).
      Disclaimer of Bias: I’ve never met Churchill and don’t know that I’d want to, but I was present at Arendt’s funeral. A remarkably quiet little affair for such an influential mind.

    1. Ah, the “muh dik” rebuttal.
      It disproves nothing about crime statistics, but hey, at least you feel better about yourself. So there is that.

        1. …no, that article addresses the standard “nuh-uh-honor-roll-student-dass-rayciss” nonsense we hear every time a hood rat decides to rampage because slaveryracismmuhdik.

        2. I guess I would be filled with sociopathic rage if I knew that when black men fuck white women, the white race ceases to exist. I guess I would become a murderous culture, if interracial sex led to my genetic annihilation. We all know why you are so fucking insecure that you have to kill everything you don’t understand. However you have to justify it, the world knows the truth.

        3. …and the “truth” is that committing genocide against people tends to piss them off. White people have been so brainwashed for so long that they pretend to prefer black or Jewish culture over their own. But White people are starting to realize whats being done to them, there’s going to be a lot of hungry former welfare recipients when we decide we’ve had enough of “people” picking our pockets and raping our daughters while screaming about injustice.

    2. “Duh Troof ’bout White Boyz n Crime”. You can save the hand-wringing anecdotes. In spite of only being 7.5% of the US population, the North American “muh-dik” is responsible for 75% of our violent crime; if your daughter is going to raped, there’s a 9:1 chance it will be a the hands of a black man. …racism? blame the FBI.
      Keeping an eye on your woman when the drums start playing isn’t racism, its just paying attention to simple math.

  15. Part of the problem is that people fail to distinguish between the general and the specific and are lazy with their speech. The moment you say “black people do X” you fall prey to charges of racism, particular if you are saying something negative about something about particular individuals have done. Black people do not commit crimes any more than guns kill people. Specific individuals who will have particular characteristics commit crimes.
    Generally when someone says “black people commit a disproportionate amount of crimes” and they say this absent qualification (i.e. not because they are black but because of specific factors affecting that particular group of people) the implication is that they have an agenda, which usually is that they are racist and are making the statement to satisfy their own primitive need to feel superior to some particular group of people.

  16. I’m a black male reader on this site and I can honestly say C.Contrary or most of the people who are commenting don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. Just because you may have one or none black friends, you can’t always believe the statistics and data that you read in the news because as you know, things get twisted depending on the majority white audience the feeds off black fear.

      1. Angelo has a point. Of all the commentators, Mistral, by far, hit the nail on the head. I am from the Caribbean. The nonsense a few commentators spoke of as the black problem, the country I’m from would call it a crime problem. Crime happens where the poor and unintelligent harbor. Blacks who live amongst whites on average commit less crime. Blacks on average who are wealthy commit less crime. By saying black people overall are linked to any statistics, you are stepping away from the social aspect of crime, inherent in all humans, and addressing an all too familiar bias of racism.
        Some of the statistics I’ve seen also include the inherent low intelligence quotient of the black community. Where did those statistics come from if the group in question doesn’t value intelligence enough to seek a test out?
        I have no reason to say anything about whether any of it relates to me, but the broader analysis says you might think so. To be fair, the article shows a schism apparent in viewpoint. Here are my facts, here is my separation, here is where I stand and here is why you are laughably part of the problem. Crime has no race. Bullets aren’t attached to any color.
        You won’t understand the folly of your arguments though until the day comes where you must defend yourself as a non-rapist to every woman you meet who is western.
        I had a long, drawn out, discussion on rape laws, and it was suggested the statistics proved that raped laws didn’t do enough, and rapes are a prevalent crime necessitating the Yes means Yes laws. I’m sure you could refute the statistics drawn. The same as I refute the the statistics on crime drawn. I am neither an exception nor the rule of humanity. I am an individual. As an individual I am responsible for my actions. Using blanket statements is the best way to mask derogatory statements about a group.

  17. Discrimination against certain minority groups is a real problem in society, but the real problem is how the SJW go about dealing with it. Their ‘solutions’ are generally quite unfair and are based on a whole bunch of faulty assumptions. There is also rarely any mention of scenarios where men are adversely impacted by things they can’t control such as their height, for example.

  18. Liberals and black Americans cling to racism because it gives their lives a larger meaning.
    Women traditionally had fewer jobs in government and science and such because most of them weren’t interested. Now many who have no business in those fields think they have to work therein because feminists scream that otherwise they’re victims.
    Those are contexts not overlooked but denied.

    1. And what is your context for that statement? How does clinging to racism give a black person’s life larger meaning?

      1. I don’t know. I’m not black. I can guess it gives an excuse for every failure and claiming to be ending it a goal for anything one does whether that’s working 9 to 5 or rioting. That’s how it looks.

        1. ‘I can guess…’
          And that is the start on the road towards making oneself appear an ass. Also, increases the likely of not only spewing shit, but eating shit. Why would you freely give anyone the chance to place you in the lower half of humanity by starting an argument you can’t even back up? Wise men listen first talk second. A fool is quick to respond and slow to listen. Try to be the former, okay?
          For one, you know little of the black experience but are an apt observer. Cool. The black experience is a nasty mix of social experiment and accepted social racism. You don’t see it because your focus is on, ‘ what is this strange colored fellow on about now?’ It is the color you fear at night, the one paired with low intelligence and discussed freely as problematic while you bring up social issues from the safety of a bong circle or college campus before you can get laid, and the one lightly touched on with your black ‘friends’ to address you knowing their plight. Common misguided starting point in America and shoddy excuse to begin from as the ‘leader’ of the races.
          I veered away from your point for second so let me bring it back. What does a side of the race, black (conveniently only American but liberalized to the black race) stand to gain from crying racism? Racism won’t allow me easy access to dating. Crying racism doesn’t raise my credit of intelligence. Crying racism won’t put food on my table, and, if I do get a job with that cry, will have my employer looking for a way to remove me quickly before I gain more control than they would like. These are assessments you can deduce with a little logical thinking or is this just inane prattling of racism?
          Simply put, you address something as a race, you are saying all. When you can’t back it up outside of your immediate sphere you show you’re full of shit. Grow a pair and don’t be full of shit.

        2. Attacking someone personally isn’t a logical response — but no leftist can be logical. Have fun with your raging emotions.

        3. I don’t know enough about you to attack you personally. Guess what I said touched a nerve. I’m not a leftist. Just black and passionately argue against nonsense. Leftist and looking for a group affiliation is a cop out. I only address the person. So as a person, I ask you to address your argument and you said, ‘I guess’. Fearing my emotions instead of addressing your point leans me to believe you either have a weak point or none at all.

        4. Many of the black people I’ve encountered are extremely race conscious, more so than most white people. I don’t know anybody who spends all their time figuring out ways to harass black people, which some black people seem to believe we do. I don’t know anyone and won’t associate with such who routinely use the “N” word for black people but I’ve known plenty of black people who did.
          As for “left” and “right” I look for solutions that are likely to solve problems. Government is not good at solving most problems.

        5. There is a huge reason why racism is stuck to the black race. In America we are never allowed to forget it. With affirmative actions, shitty schooling systems in our neighborhoods, welfare, prison systems built in our communities, a high value for immediate gratification to dull the nonsense otherwise known as America, black history month, I had a dream I’d be judged on the content of my character and low and behold, 2014 and ‘black people have an IQ of 75 to 90. Funny enough, stats still hold 68% of the populace have an IQ in the mean of 75 to 110. White women naturally don’t look to black men as mates but either primal sexuality or primal fear. I have to communicate a certain way to put the rest of the populace at ease, dress a certain way and even act a certain way, because my side of the race is still suffers the stigma of criminal. You tell me if you’d be race conscious if walking on the street, alone, at night might land you in the morgue.
          My life, as is any black male in America, who still looks youthful enough to be a threat, will always be under more scrutiny. No amount of boot strap pulling will stop that bias as each generation seems determined to hold on to it for dear life.
          Sometimes I almost admire children, for their wisdom. They seem the only humans capable of truly accepting people on face value without a preconceived fear/ hatred attached.

        6. Probably so about racism sticking with them. I’ve certainly seen it myself. Racism was a control mechanism developed over about 400 years to make slavery easier by raising kids to believe and practice from birth being the slave or the boss. It became part of the fabric of society.
          You realize that the Democrats were the slaveholders and segregationists, right? The Republican party was established specifically to get rid of slavery. It astonishes me that black people simply submit to the Democrats and can’t get out of the situation. That’s because I was alive when segregation was still in force and I remember those people and how they behaved. Sometime about 1960 the Democrats realized that by claiming to champion rights and cutting out the overt racism they could get votes by promising everything and not delivering. Just keep promising and blaming the Republicans.
          Of course I’d be race conscious in some situations. I don’t like it but I’m forced to. I don’t have to give anybody a hard time; since I’m white I’ll likely be hassled.

        7. That bit about Republicans? That is very new to me. I’ll double check to be sure but if that is true, that does make the repackaged allegiance to freedom quite comical.
          Odds are high the only two areas race harassment will get you, is on your ‘privilege’ or whatever. Outside of that niche, which I’m not sure you’ll encounter socially, society is a normal affair that judges you based on your strengths and weaknesses more so than anything else.
          Overall, it is interesting to discuss some core facets of racial issues on this platform as, PC forbids you from addressing it normally as it doesn’t affect you. Being empathetic is nice but not a requirement for day to day life. You seem decent enough and I appreciate hearing you dig deeper on this matter.

        8. That’s why the states that depended economically on slavery seceded when Lincoln, a Republican, won the 1860 election. Look in the library more than on the internet.
          I’m baffled by this stuff about “privilege”. Rich people whatever their color can get away with stuff but I’ve never been more than middle class, couldn’t avoid military service, and had “minorities” get jobs I wanted because of preferential hiring from the 1960s onward.
          There are or have been specific privileges for “minorities” and women are generally privileged but the only white privilege I know of is due to there being more whites than anyone else and therefore more rich ones.

        9. The internet, while checked for facts, contains a lot opinions touted as facts. For that, I truly miss the days when books were physical and encyclopedias scholarly, as opposed to the staple wiki used.
          I will vouch for your privilege. Any environment where the wealthy proliferate, success is guaranteed. Unless if your economic status is one of the untouched or you decide to break rank and not serve the engine.
          The only thing that holds you back, by and large is still yourself. As for affirmative action and skin color getting you into jobs, the opportunities are sometimes a boon. At one such job, delivering mail to the financial district, I notified my staff and company of my departure. One person lovingly said, ” You can’t go. You are our male bitch.” Female, quasi-white so think jewish-italian. Whereas she might have been pulled in an office by HR if notified, the reverse would have landed me in a litigation issue.
          Just because unfair laws adds to your competitive pool and on first glance it stands that blacks are just lazy and getting a buy with employment, doesn’t mean the shake we have is better. Behind closed doors, neither one of us truly can get what the other experiences to attain and hold those positions. I still stand to fact check Abe, as I generally distance myself from politics and irresponsibly have voted Democratic a few times, regardless of the issue.

        10. At least you admit you can’t really “get” what I experience. Almost everybody thinks they know all about white people.

        11. I would never claim that as I’ve never had the experience. What I can speak highly on are stats spewed to suggest invalid status and primitive nature as my nature. When niceties are put to the side, and general conversations head towards touchy grounds, I have found white people the most likely to switch from any activity being called something people do, to something black people do.
          If people in America can get to the point of addressing each other as people instead of by color we’d all be better off. That does mean establishing a code of merit and dissolving a lot of band aids to the wound that is American culture. Like welfare, police force and prison system.

        12. You can’t abolish the police and some kind of prison system because people will continue to commit crimes. Crimes aren’t caused by poverty or racism but by such things as people being innately more aggressive than others and having less concern for others. They’re committed by individuals, not social forces. I realize it’s blasphemy to say individuals differ from each other but how do you think evolution works except by situations impacting slightly different individuals? The fact of individual differences is deliberately tainted with the accusation of racism in modern Western thinking.
          In fact, I’ve noticed that racism does permeate much social interaction. I’ve tried to root it out although it’s difficult, not least because it’s simply built into ways of talking and acting. An example is the use of the “N” word among my grandparents, who were born in the 1880s and 1890s (all now dead, of course). The word wasn’t always intended as an insult; often it was simply an adjective where people now would say “black” when it was somehow necessary to mention race.
          Plenty of white people have worked on this and constantly accusing them of racism no matter what they say and do doesn’t help; rather it shows black people still participating in the same system. A large number of black people will remind you they’re black somehow if you don’t say something about it.

  19. In one paragraph you say “African Americans commit a disproportionate amount of crime.”
    Yet in another paragraph about getting the truth you say ” He’s not objective or analytical. Rather he looks around to justify the opinion he already had about something”
    If crime statistics are about who gets caught doing the crimes, and police are disproportionately looking for African Americans to do crimes, then aren’t you guilty of doing the exact same thing you spoke out against other people doing?

    1. I am not. It’s not clear that police are “disproportionately looking;” it IS clear that they are responding to these crimes by African Americans. Here in Philly, for example, it is as in every big American city: most violent crimes are committed by African Americans. Police arrests and stops naturally reflect this.To overlook this reality in order to assert some resentment-driven agenda of “police discrimination” is laughable and false.
      Concerning your reference to my article: note that in the example I am describing the ordinary person’s procedure with respect to getting at the truth. A police detective, though fallible and in some cases biased, goes about that in a very different fashion.

  20. Your argument is flawed. You’re calling for liberals to look at the “context” (i.e. disproportionately high crime committed by African Americans), yet you try to divorce a discussion of these racial disparities from what you yourself refer to as the “legacy of slavery.” I do not think you have the authority to establish the definitive parameters for what should qualify as “context” in this situation. But I’ll play your game.
    First, your premise — i.e. that blacks commit a disproportionate number of crimes — is patently oversimplified and bespeaks a poor understanding of basic statistical inference. Yes, blacks have higher incarceration rates. This is widely documented. But attributing this to a higher rate of crime ACTUALLY COMMITTED conflates correlation with causation: That is, are blacks arrested more because they commit more crime, or do their higher incarceration rates reflect a self-confirming bias of the criminal justice system?
    I did a quick Google search and here’s what I found. In the Center on Disease Control’s annual Youth Risk Behavior Survey, African Americans reported being in a physical fight at a similar rate (36.5%, versus 32.5% for whites), but were arrested for aggravated assault at a rate nearly three times that of whites (137 per 100,000, versus 48 per 100,000). And African American youth arrest rates for drug violations, assaults and weapon offenses are higher than arrest rates for white youth—even though both report similar rates of delinquency according to the CDC survey. Not surprisingly, the U.S. Sentencing Commission reports black offenders in the federal system receive sentences that are 10 percent longer than white offenders for the same crimes.
    And just as a purely qualitative thinkpiece, I think it’s also important to note the disproportionate amount of “corporate” crime that occurs in the white population that goes rampantly unenforced.
    TL;DR: Incarceration rates do not accurately reflect rates of crime actually committed.

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