The Phenomenon Of White Women Who Only Date Black Men

You know who she is. The white girl with the big hoop earrings, the (fake) diamond stud in her nose, and the tattoo on her left tit of a phoenix, butterfly, or anything else that denotes “freedom” or whatever brand of profound bullshit they want you to believe about them.

Every few seconds her phone is ringing out two second snippets of the hip hop track du jour, alerting her of another text from one of a few black men she happens to be “talking to” at the moment.

A “mud shark” is loosely defined as a white girl who exclusively dates or fucks black men. It’s a phenomenon that goes back as far as any of us can remember. As a black man, I feel obligated to give you readers my insider’s perspective on this trend.

This is an interesting topic that has many layers so let’s jump right in and see if we can figure out why these women, who polarize our culture with their supposed taste in men, do what they do.

Low Self Esteem?

The go-to explanation most people seem to use when expounding on why Caucasian females prefer black men is low self esteem, and I’m inclined to agree with this on some level.

Any man, regardless of race, will admit that white men are at the top of the food chain in terms of sexual predilection among females the world over. The reasons for this are vast and can be the subject of volumes of columns, but the fact of the matter is that white dudes are pretty much every woman’s type.

The low self esteem explanation fits with a lot of girls (not just white girls) because, as we all are aware of here in the ‘sphere, the vast majority of women aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on and they know it. Sure, they can work out and look good, but at the end of the day most females these days know they’re not worth much outside of the moist holes between their collective legs.

A lot of white females who gravitate toward only black men likely have self esteem issues on account of not being able to consolidate on, date for an extended period of time, or even have a one night stand with a white male. It could be their physical deficiencies (read: fat), it could be a lack of nurturing and encouragement from one or both parents during their childhood, or any combination of many different factors.

Whatever the reasons, the fact of the matter is that women who have low self esteem often swim to the darker side of the ocean to feel what every woman wants to feel: to be desired. And if white men aren’t going to wife them up, date them, or even fuck them, they’ve got to fulfill this need to be sexually craved somehow and black males are often viewed as their only option.

Are white men not masculine enough?

About a year ago I wrote this article about my personal experience about the benefits and detriments of game for black men in the West. One of the points I touch is is the assumed “alpha advantage” black men seem to have over white men:

While most white men in the Anglo world have to prove their sexual fitness to women (on the “alpha fucks” side of hypergamy) there’s an unspoken sentiment that black men who are at or near the extreme poles of the financial hierarchy (wealthy and poor) are natural alphas…

This assumption will push women to shit test as a function of confirmation as opposed to discovery or qualification. They will poke and prod a little to make sure you live up to the perceived reputation (to what degree depends largely on frame), but women tend to give black men the benefit of the doubt as far as congruency goes.

It’s no secret that today’s man is more effete than ever and are grossly lacking in even the most basic masculine qualities. But here’s the thing:

This problem doesn’t discriminate because men of all races and nationalities in this part of the world have been victimized by the effects of feminist culture.

No matter their color, every man has been neutered by the scalpel of feminism. But white men catch the most heat here in the states because A) white men are the majority so there are more to critique B) as stated before, white males are at the top of the sexual food chain which leads to C) consistent scrutiny as a natural bi-product of A and B.

What should come as no surprise to anyone here is that females are too stupid to open their eyes and realize that the percentages are all about the same across the board with regards to the alpha to beta ratio. Their hind brains are constantly saturated by the media, which routinely portrays most black men as static alphas and most white men as latent betas.

Combine that with the fact that most white women in this country have cushy office jobs and are surrounded by and exposed to beta schlubs (most of which are white men) on a daily basis, it’s no wonder most of them foolishly believe that to get their five minutes of alpha they need to spread ’em for brothers.


We’ve all heard the term “once you go black you don’t go back” and you can bet your bottom dollar this is a phrase that permeates the circles of your garden variety pumpkin-spice-loving, reality-show-binging white chicks. The pull of the so-called “forbidden fruit” is too strong for some not to try at least once.

I read an article years ago written by a white woman who explained why she now exclusively dates black men. The post has since been removed but snippets of it can be found here. This chick was looking for a change after having been on a horrible date with a white guy whom she claimed had a red face, on account of him probably taking a Viagra before their date. That was apparently the straw that broke the camel’s back.

She talked about black men’s natural ability to flirt, their natural rhythm in bed, and their smooth skin which, to her, felt like “satin and velvet made flesh.” After her first tryst she was hooked and that, in her mind, was all she needed to only surrender her flower exclusively to black guys.

This woman’s experience is certainly not an exception as it happens all over this country every day.  But in order to fulfill the other side of her dualistic sexual imperative, she knows deep down that banging brothers isn’t going to be a long term excursion if she wants her slice of “Americana.”

That said, it certainly doesn’t stop Caucasian women from crossing over to the dark side to feel the excitement that comes with pursuing sexual encounters with black men, if even for just a little while.

Rebellion and attention?


Over the last five decades or so it seems trendy thing to do is to rebel against “society’s norms.” The last decade, however, has seen this trend gain ungodly momentum as the number of females with colored hair, tattoos, and body piercing are increasing by the day.

This is their way of “sticking it to the (white) man” and showing him that they won’t conform to their oppressive expectations and ideals.

While there are a shitload of other measures females have employed to remain as non-compliant as possible, one avenue that more of them seem to be openly broadcasting is their affinity for black males. In their minds, this is the ultimate middle finger to the patriarchy, whom they feel tells them who they shouldn’t share a bed with.


It’s been well documented that women are nothing more than overgrown children. Their adolescent mentalities combined with their innate lack of self esteem leads them to the overt attention whoring today’s girls are known for.

It’s been said that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. To Western girls, there’s no such thing as bad attention. So long as people are paying attention to them they couldn’t give two shits whether they’re being admired or admonished.

Most of the white girls I’ve dated are serial hand holders. The moment we get out of my car and are walking around in public, they don’t hesitate to grab my hand and proudly strut around as though they were the queens of the fucking universe.

Now this could be because they genuinely liked me. But red pill knowledge tells me that a good number of them gladly soak up the attention that comes their way as a result of being seen holding hands with a tall black guy.

I’m not in their heads, but their body language screams “look, I’m being fucked senseless every night by a black guy who has a 15″ cock!” or something to that effect. I could be wrong but when a girl is holding hands with a brother with a look on her face akin to the cat that ate the canary, it’s hard to imagine many other thoughts going through their one track minds designed to hoard attention by any means possible.

Are white girls who date black guys “off limits” or “contaminated”?

I don’t often read the comments on my posts, but when I do, it’s because I’m looking to learn something and maybe gain some more perspective or see things through the lenses of our readers.

In my personal experience with conversations I’ve had with friends over the years, there does seem to be an undercurrent or unwritten sentiment that women who have slept with or been in relationships with black men are somehow contaminated or off limits.

A good female friend of mine has a good looking sister who’s married to a very affluent, high-value white male. According to my friend, she dated mostly black guys all through high school and college but guards that “secret” with her life and says she will take any admission of commingling with them to her grave.

There are a couple of reasons this perceived pollution of white women come to mind such as the myth of the big black cock and the AAA (automatic alpha assumption). As a black man I can’t speak to whether this is true or not.

I can, however, identify with this concept in terms of neomasculinity. Anyone who regularly reads my columns knows I used to be a raging. Omega. Male. Being that low on the sexual totem pole automatically kept me away girls who’d been on the wild alpha roller coaster ride, because I knew in my mind I’d never be as exciting and take charge as they were no matter what race he was.

In my beta brain, if I learned that a girl I was interested in had ex boyfriend who was a 6’4″ Adonis with ripped abs, a sports car, sleeve tattoos, a devil-may-care attitude about about him, and who was always surrounded by pretty women, I wouldn’t so much as talk to her on account of my programmed inferiority.

The race of her ex would be of little consqeuence. The bottom line is that in my mind I’d have no chance with a girl who had ever been involved with a dude like that. I’d be very interested to see your thoughts on this unwritten rule.

What are you saying about black men???

“But Donovan! You’re black! How can you talk this way about black men! Do you hate yourself??”

Make no mistake about the fact that I’m a confident man who knows who he is and who he’s not. For me to believe that I “should” be every woman’s first choice for long term partnership is both short-sighted and delusional.

Yes, it’s important for men to approach women as though he’s entitled to fuck them and yes it’s equally important to know, believe, and walk around as though you are God’s gift to women.

But facts are facts. As a black male, I know that more often than not I’m viewed as a flavor of the week or a phase by most women I approach. Doesn’t hurt my feelings one bit. I’m simply playing the hand that I’ve been dealt.

Sure, there have been a few women in my life I’ve spent more than a few months with and there have been a few who wanted more than just a roll in the hay for a few weeks or to show me off to her friends (“look at my black boyfriend!”).

But as a man with red pill awareness, I’m aware that both the sexual market and a woman’s imperative doesn’t give a shit about what it should offer me as a man. And neither cares what’s fair and what’s not.

Short men, balding men, ugly men, and yes even black men have to have more game than the Anglo-ideals (like my friend Paul) the highest value females fawn over. This isn’t a slight on men who have the aforementioned sexual market deficiencies and it’s not to imply that I’m not a high value male.

But the strongest part of a man’s game is knowing his deficiencies in SMV and working tirelessly to overcome them, or increase his value in areas over which he has more control.

Take Away

Are there white women out there who date men of all races including brothers? Sure.

Are there high SMV women who date black men because they happen to be her type? Of course.

There are plenty of well adjusted, confident, high value women who date black guys for no other reason but that some black men turn them on and have solid game. Happens all the time.

But the sexual imperative of a female is to consolidate on the highest value male she can find. Women who consistently punch what is perceived to be below their collective weight by dating only men who are not considered to be viable long-term partners or husbands according to cultural standards means there inherent flaws that exist physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Truth be told, most of the time it’s a combination of two or more of these factors playing a role in a white woman’s decision to commingle with black males, whether occasionally or exclusively.

So what do you think? Why do you think “mud sharks” exist? What do you think drives them to do what they do?

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  1. Mudsharks are generally self-perceived fat, LSMV, lower socioeconomic class, uneducated, raised by single mothers, et cetera, et cetera… All that tends to be true. Perhaps what motivates them, though, is not rebellion, 36″ penii, or alpha-smoov… perhaps it’s the opportunity to be a queen of in the little pond she fishes in. Her selection of White men will be bottom of the barrel, but among Black men she believes she will be a goddess. And maybe she’s right, for a little while at least. But women have never been known for their foresight.

      1. You guys don’t travel much, do you? The rest of the world isn’t preoccupied with black/white race issues the way America is (or was). This woman is Dutch.

        1. I’ve heard Russia is harshly anti-black, and most Asian cultures have this weird obsession with being pale. It’s ironic that most white women are trying to darken their skin (tan) to at least the level of Asians if not more, while Asians are trying to bleach theirs–all this stems from fundamental unhappiness with the self.

        2. It’s like women with curly hair goes to great lengths to straighten them. Girls with straight hair perms them curly. Go figure.

        3. I didn’t experience that at all. I met a Russian woman who told me I looked like her father. Her mother agreed. The father was white.

        4. Reminds me of a Tom Leykis someone posted here in the last month. He says to go after the hottest girls because they are the most insecure.
          The blondes will want to be brunette. The brunettes dye their hair blonde. The ones with smaller breasts want them larger. The ones with bigger breasts are worried that one is bigger than the other. They obsess about the tiniest little thing, even more so that the typical 5-7. They are constantly scanning the room looking at other women and feeling inferior.

        5. Exactly. This is why you tease the hotties about a minor flaw they have and they go berzerk. They get compliments all the time from thirsty betas so another compliment is like a mosquito buzzing in her ear.

        6. lighter skin (for females) is a universal desire across time, culture and ethnicity. Even the Greeks and Romans admired the Celts for their pale skin. It’s noted about Black women, Latin women, Asian women, Indian women, Middle Eastern, etc. Only the white (esp. Northern European) are mixed up on this. Still, those that tan excessively tend to be the trashier types

        7. The Wikipedia page you cite claims that in Russian slang “Caucasian peoples are called black”! So if accurate it looks like Russians may be beating up people that Americans would consider “white.”

    1. Goddess. Exactly. And in her superiority whe thinks she can control him. Right up until he kills her infront of their 4 kids.

      1. Of course they don’t see the irony in their own “racism” that she will be perceived as a big fish in a small pond because of her skin color relative to his….

        1. So how come you guys are fine with casual racism, anti Semitism, homophobia,and are fine with only being attractive to 10’s and only being attracted to white women but are not okay with women who know what they like? I imagine 99% of the people on this site are racist whites(and obviously misogynistic) and women are trying to avoid that.

        2. You’re so fucking dense. your reading comprehension is fucked. How’s that damaged amygdila treating you?

        3. This site is nothing but militant misogyny, casual racism, and anti semetism. All you people care about is making sure that women don’t have equal opportunities and treating them as nothing but baby makers. You’re a piece of shit.

        4. You know what, you’re right, I have seen the light thanks to your insightful, in depth responses. How can I be a good feminist?

        5. lol! My username is so fucking benign , of all the things to get offended about on this thread…

        6. Well pillage is tied to rape in most people eyes, I mean I know you guys advocate for legal rape and what not. You guys are a pathetic joke.

  2. This rates as a zero on my personal relevancy scale. I’m not black and I could not give a rats ass as to whether every white chick on the planet went over to the dark side, so to speak. I get accused on having yellow fever but I have a completely reasonable explanation as to why I only date Chinese girls: I am living in fucking China!
    If I can wrap my head around why some Chinese chicks only date/fuck foreigners then that will be postworthy. It would be instructive for touring guys to identify them.

    1. Men who get the pussy they desire need not concern themselves with the choices of irrelevant women.

        1. Ah fuck you Mr. Magoo. If you want to see beta then squint in the mirror, because they don’t appear in pictures with pretty women. But geez, you limited number of posts on Disqus seem to indicate some racial issues.

        2. “you limited number of posts on Disqus seem to indicate some racial issues.”
          Wtf is that supposed to mean?

  3. “A good female friend of mine has a good looking sister who’s married to a very affluent, high-value white male. According to my friend, she dated mostly black guys all through high school and college but guards that “secret” with her life and says she will take any admission of commingling with them to her grave.”
    So why didn’t she marry a black guy? The answer is, she dated black men in her past because she wanted to look cool. She is contaminated not because of the color of the men she dated, but because she is a fucking slut who simply lucked out on finding a beta provider. And she knows that. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be ashamed of sharing her past with her husband.

  4. I think it is obvious. White women date black guys because they generally appear more Alpha. A semi-employed self styled rap artist living in the ghetto is far more interesting to women then a boring white man working in an office 10 hours a day.

    1. Exactly. The stereotype of a punk with his boxers hanging out is more manly than the stereotype of an office drone. Women will take a dickhead over a pussy.

  5. You described a previous co-worker to the letter with your observations regrading looks and attitude. She would yammer on daily about her boyfriends and the drama she is involved in weekly. I remember once she was so excited to inform the office that while at her boyfriend’s house 3 other black guys stormed into the house with guns looking for money. I didn’t have the energy or motivation to inform her that most likely her new black boyfriend was a known drug dealer and these 3 men were looking for an easy payday.
    As an aside….When I was younger and living in the city going to college I had no clue about women, this was just before computers and the internet were affordable and widely used. So there was no such thing as a manosphere to refer to. It was an older black man living in my apartment building that took the time over a few months to teach me game. He was a good man and a selfless teacher, he offered me a book…Iceberg Slim, The Story of My Life. It was my first real example into the true motivations of the female mind.
    From my upfront experience with mudsharks I would say its either outright public rebellion or low SMV that drives a female to date exclusively outside their race….I would suggest that a VERY small percentage are about actual attraction and preference. However as tenets of game have demonstrated; any man of high social value regardless of skin color will make a female tingle, and social value is relative to locality….If you only ever lived in low economic areas then a man with a car and some pocket cash can be viewed as high value.

  6. Miscegenation — The Final Solution to the White Problem.
    The first thing any human being thinks of when someone brags about having mulatto kids is how UGLY they are. When Tiger married that Swedish model he was destroying what he appreciated. Tiger Woods would never marry a girl who looked the way his mixed-blood children would look.
    It is immoral to destroy what you appreciate. Genetics MATTER. IT is valueable. The SJW says if Tiger wants blonds you should learn to appreciate whatever results.
    Where does that kind of Morality end? It doesn’t. You have to build more and more on other lies to cover that one.
    I was picking up my wife at a beauty shop and a woman said, about miscegenation, “Looks don’t matter.” She was in the process of having a beauty treatment my wife couldn’t afford.
    I said something like “So what are you doing HERE?” and she never spoke to my wife again.

    1. 1. Blacks are, compared to Whites and Asians, cognitively limited and, on average, more intellectually primitive than other races.
      2. Blacks are hormonally overdeveloped, producing more endogenous testosterone at earlier ages and producing high amounts longer into adulthood.
      3. Blacks are frustrated with the glaring difference between their ability and what they are taught to expect to accomplish; this frustration is exacerbated by the apparent accomplishments of members of other racial groups. They are taught that the conspiratorial activities of White people cause their failure.
      4. Blacks have personality disorders and background experiences that make their being criminal and violent more likely.
      In short, black males are, ON AVERAGE, overdosed on testosterone and dysfunction and “underdosed” on intellectual processing power.
      As a result, modern life in a socially contractual, cooperation-based society is often overwhelmingly difficult for blacks.
      Its not rocket science people. We would all be better off seperate.
      Watch this video- Dont laugh. This isnt a joke.
      Hes trying to help his people.
      His voice is cracking.
      He knows its probably impossible. But hes trying.

        1. Hitler fought to free White Europe from this, the international Jewish domination of all countries, and the destruction of all of our culture, all of our higher values, and, more crushingly, our pride in who we are as Europeans. The truth is we don’t even have the countries our ancestors bled for any more, just patches of land for the international clique to speculate on. The reason WWII was fought was not because he posed some existential threat to Europe – au contraire, he loved Europe and its peoples, and wanted peace. It was fought because he freed his nation and its neighbours from the Jewish global usury system. It was the powerful Zionists already leeching from France, the UK, and the US, who used their enormous fortunes to push their countries into war, against the will of large swathes of its people.
          Don’t believe the lies you read in the media. The victors write the history. He was one of the greatest men who ever lived. Watch this documentary.
          PS: Sorry, but race is everything. Culture is an expression of race. Whether you like it or not, black ability is not a product of environment, it is a product of genes.

        2. The reason you think you win every argument is that people hear what you have to say and back away slowly….

        3. So, wait. You believe your papers are telling you the truth about World War II, despite the mass media being the same source of all this feminist, social engineering bullshit you presumably come on here to whine about? Do you know who owns every one of these mass media outlets? Can you guess why they might want to make such a cartoon demon of Hitler?

        4. A comparison between the pyramids and Stonehenge proves your point!
          I’m not sure what you think you’re saying there? Do you mean the Ancient Egyptian pyramids?
          You do know that the Ancient Egyptians were not black don’t you? In fact latest DNA evidence seems to point to them being closely related to Europeans.

        5. I know nothing of the kind. And if you like, I’ll say I’m referring to the older pyramids in the Sudan. Unless now you’re going to tell me the Sudanese aren’t black. Or maybe they were all white back then but as soon as the blacks starting moving in, there went the neighborhood.
          Of course the Egyptians are “closely related to Europeans.” There’s no wall across the Mediterranean.

        6. I don’t know about pyramids in Sudan, I’ll have to look them up.
          Unless now you’re going to tell me the Sudanese aren’t black. Or maybe they were all white back then but as soon as the blacks starting moving in, there went the neighborhood.
          You’re making an assumption that the people who live in Sudan now are the same as those who were in that location 5000 years ago. (Date based on their pyramids being older than Egypt’s) But a lot can happen in 5000 years, invasions, migrations etc. I’ve no idea what the situation in that area was.
          Of course the Egyptians are “closely related to Europeans.” There’s no wall across the Mediterranean
          The Med is a barrier in it’s own right. The population of Egypt is distinct from that of Europe now. But thats after many years of Ottoman and Arab expansion and the importation of black slaves too in earlier times. Thousands of years ago the European and Egyptian populations might well have been more closely related and the DNA evidence seems to point in that direction.

        7. To be fair, the pyramids were built before Egypt “went black”. For example, red-headed Egyptian mummies, etc:

          …or for more discussion in general:

          “In 1975, the mummy of Ramesses II was taken to France for preservation. The mummy was also forensically tested by Professor Pierre-Fernand Ceccaldi, the chief forensic scientist at the Criminal Identification Laboratory of Paris. Professor Ceccaldi determined that: “Hair, astonishingly preserved, showed some complementary data – especially about pigmentation: Ramses II was a Red haired ‘cymnotriche leucoderma’.” The description given here refers to a fair-skinned person with wavy Red hair.””

        8. Although I don’t agree with all your points, you are a really funny debateur. I’ll give you that.

        9. Perfect “recent” example is South Africa – large portion of the land that is now that nation was quite vacant of humanity prior to arrival of Dutch and other Europeans. Their success in turning the rocky soil to lush farmland drew in meandering, marauding black Africans. Today, look at the place – hardly looks like the founding, hardworking, prosperous, peaceful society.

        10. Not me…i fight these kinds of people everywhere i see them.
          This is the kind of shit that the left wing sites love…they take snapshots of these convos to make us all look like “fearmongering racists”

        11. Ahh i was wondering when someone was going to employ the “Hitler was just a misunderstood genius” solipsist remark lol.
          Why are you a FEMALE even attempting to curry favor by attempting to prey on the prejudices of the SJ white nationalists/supremacists here?
          Only the foolish and fatuous fall for your nonsense.

        12. What nonsense, Hitler did what he did based purely on his own selfish motivations. He sent anyone who wouldn’t support his fascist regime to their deaths even if he prioritized it based on raciallly motivated guidelines. tThe only “peace” hitler wanted was that of the grave for all his enemies.
          You are doing nothing more than attempting to rewrite history for your own racially motivated ends.

        13. LOL, female, ok then Rabbi, whatever you say. Your Hasbarat rants are sounding even more crazed than usual; getting a little bit worried about the situation? Doesn’t look like your narrative has long left…

        14. Ok so who is Barbara Lerner Spectre and why are you using her account then?
          Please, don’t lecture me about crazed spiels rooted on aryan nation bs…if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black i don’t know what is 😉

        15. Why don’t you research her yourself? Maybe if you’d actually open your small mind and look up anything we’re talking about, you wouldn’t be making yourself look such a complete tool..?

        16. Pretty sure it was the whole “lets exterminate an entire race of people because we don’t like them” ideology that Hitler and his merry band morons enacted that made him the cartoon demon he is today. But I’m sure that since you clearly subscribe to this whole “Jewish conspiracy” bullshit, it probably isn’t that much further a stretch of the imagination to assume that you probably believe that Holocaust didn’t happen at all, or at least not to the extent that the history books tell us it did. And I’m sure you believe the myriad of both survivor and eye witness accounts to these atrocities are fake. As are the pictures and video evidence showing piles of emaciated corpses, ovens full of cremated remains, and even gas chambers that still show the marks of victims clawing at the walls in a vain attempt at escaping their deaths.
          I’m not sure how it works on your planet, but here on Earth in this place we call “reality”, anyone attempting to wipe out not only Jews but anyone else who doesn’t fit some small minded ideological notion of racial perfection makes them a demon worth destroying at any cost. If you should ever happen to get the urge to broaden your rather limited horizons and go to Germany, I recommend you keep your opinions on Hitler to yourself. I hear they take a dim view of those who think he was some sort of hero.

        17. Show me a single autopsy of just one of the 6 million Jews and 5 million Untermensch that the National Socialists gassed in their wooden door, windowed gas chambers between 1941-1945 in the middle of a two front war they were losing, then burning all evidence at a rate still impossible today. Oops, almost forgot – after tattooing the Jews of course, because it’s important to put a number on extermination fodder. While you’re at it, a single official German document detailing the meticulous plans this would have required. Oh..and if you’re feeling particularly generous, a photo of a Jew lampshade or bar of soap?
          I’ll just wait here.

        18. I did, she’s a Jew who promotes multiculturalism.
          The question still begs being asked, why do you promote her name on your profile?
          What’s your real agenda simp?

        19. I suppose gingers could have built the Great Wall of China.
          I’m working from memory, but I recall reading that a pharaoh fled at some point and returned to what was described as the land of his ancestors in Meroe (the Sudan). As I recall, early dynasties in Egypt were conquered by Kush. Haile Selassie was the 225th emperor of Ethiopia, and I would be surprised if every emperor reigned for an average of just 5 or 10 years.

          An awful lot of ancient Africans would have to be blonde-haired and blue-eyed if you want to maintain that ancient Egypt was white.
          I could care less about this race nonsense now, but my study of history actually led me to the opposite conclusion, if one wants to play the silly superiority game. Stonehenge is just a pile of rocks and the man who subdues me with a gun is not necessarily more intelligent than I am: He’s just more violent.

        20. On the other hand, the international community never allowed the Africans to take true control of the resources of the country, and quite frankly I’m not sure if decades of brutality could be undone so easily even if they did.
          Let’s stop pretending that the colonial powers stopped meddling when the colonies became independent.

        21. I’m about as sceptical as the Europeans who insisted that Great Zimbabwe was built by space aliens or the Chinese.

        22. Hitler did not want to exterminate them. Who told you this? I stopped reading after you mentioned that because you too far away from reality.

        23. It’s totally natural to be skeptical, as long as that leads to research and intellectual honesty. If I discovered that the Nation of Islam was correct about the origin of white people, I would accept it because I’m not an intellectual coward (I’m not saying you are). That said, Nation of Islam is mostly accurate with its historical publications, including The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, etc. Unfortunately, Farrakhan is no Marcus Garvey, so I can’t support NoI wholeheartedly (calling for 10,000 “soldiers” to “stalk and kill” what is strongly implied to be whites in general, or at least white police officers, tends to turn me off to a movement).

        24. well e1b1b1 meds are offpring of cushites that raped cromagnon women so of course.meds are essentially cushites .

        25. The face of the Sphinx is more convincing. A group of classicists criticized Bernal, who was a sinologist, but their criticism struck me as being “we don’t like the conclusion, therefore what you wrote can’t be true.” This is nothing new: that’s why (as I recall) Europeans attributed Great Zimbabwe even to the Chinese, because it couldn’t possibly have been the local blacks who built it. The arguments about red-haired or blonde pharaohs strike me as being in that category: When someone says it’s more likely that space aliens built the pyramids than that blacks did, they can hardly be called rational.

        26. The Sphinx is interesting, certainly, as its inspiration, if there was an individual inspiration, was presumably someone with Prognathism
          (essentially, a jaw or lower face that protrudes past the upper face). This is not uncommon in sub-Saharan Africans, hence it’s not out of the question that the Sphinx’s human attributes were supposed to have been “black”. If this is the case, it doesn’t rule out a white ruling class. Put simply, whites can sculpt non-whites. Red and blonde hair are a little more difficult to disagree on; it either was the case or it was not.
          My conjecture is that there was a minority white population that ruled over a north African population with an additional sub-Saharan African population, at least in the Old Kingdom and before it. It would not be uncharacteristic, given various other places this occurred in early history. I could certainly be wrong, and I don’t mind if I am. I’m not interested in enforcing the idea that no sub-Saharan Africans could ever have created a working civilization. I’m only interested in having truth and rational thought take precedence, whether anyone’s feelings are ruffled or not.

      1. “As a result, modern life in a socially contractual, cooperation-based society is often overwhelmingly difficult for blacks.”
        You hit the nail right on the head. I’ve seen this first-hand.
        I used to be very liberal when younger, and more recently started a real estate business. Part of my original goal was to purchase properties in lower-income black neighborhoods (ghettos if you will), fix them up, provide decent affordable housing, and provide jobs in the process (mainly for Blacks.) I did this to alleviate the discrimination and lack of jobs that they always complain of.
        Boy, oh boy, was I in for a shock! One of my properties was nearly completely destroyed by a non-paying tenant because I asked for rent. He was a Black Muslim who had no trouble paying a fellow Black man, but refused to pay rent to a White woman.
        The neighborhood never improved, and was always in disarray, with some random shooting every now and then. It used to be all White, but is now mainly Black with few White or Hispanic residents left. One Hispanic family living three houses down (quiet, unassuming, never causing any trouble to the other neighbors), was home one night watching television when some Black kids across the street, having nothing better to do and looking for some entertainment, decided it would be fun to shoot through the Hispanics’ living room window. They fired through the window, but luckily no one was in the way and no one got hurt. The Hispanics left that very night, boarded up the house later that week, and were GONE, afraid for their life.
        As for the “job creation” I originally had in mind for Blacks, that turned out to be a major disappointment. Their general attitude (loud, confrontational, would fly off the handle for very little reason), poor quality work results, and general lack of professionalism (saying they’d do a job, but never showing up to do it, not even calling with some lame excuse), led me not to want to hire them. Yes, I’ve had a few that worked out well, but the overwhelming majority have not.
        With those characteristics I mentioned above (general bad attitude, poor quality work, lack of professionalism), it’s hard to be employable. If you’re not employable, life will become overwhelmingly difficult.

    2. Tiger Woods was a mix Asian and black. He’s confused. He got that trophy wife who took him to the cleaners.
      You mix your kids’ genes, they get messed in the head with identity issues. Not all, but most I’ve seen.

  7. Don’t forget the liberal do-gooder. She will date/marry out of a sense of either white guilt or sympathy for the underprivileged. She can be hot looking and successful in her career otherwise. She is likely to date a higher class of black men, though.

    1. I think a lot of it in my northern Midwestern liberal disaster area is based on the bitch shield. Most white women have bitch shields set on 10 100% of the time, 24/7. This makes it impossible to approach them. They eventually get horny and want some affection from men, but they don’t know how to turn down the bitch shield. However, when a black man approaches them they immediately have the dilemma of not wanting to appear prejudiced. So they turn off the bitch shield as racist always beats sexist in the victim Olympics. Then they experience something they haven’t in a very long time; a conversation and a little romance with a man. They think it is because he is black, when really it is because they preemptively shot every other man out of his saddle as soon as he looked at her.

        1. Yup. Known to always vote Democratic party, no matter what. They only state Reagan lost in his reelection bid.

      1. Bwhahha at this rubbish I’m black and from Minneapolis and this b.s. couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is most Minnesota white men are beta who 1. Don’t approach white women period or when they do it’s in a drunken stupor 2. at the drop of a hat will buy the bar out for some skank at sneaky petes just to walk home empty handed at the end of the night fist-festing their cocks

  8. I’m going with “white guys are not masculine enough” for the win.
    I’m whiter than Wonder Bread, and masculine, and guaranteed women come on to me hot and heavy, despite my being married. They want masculinity, and if white men decide to go soft pastel shirt wearing suburbanite, or hipster, then they are not going to be noticed.
    Black men, by and large, at least seem to be more masculine, though a lot of them are far more bitchy emotional than other men. But in a desert, a woman is going to go for whatever source of water she can find.
    If white guys don’t like it, then hit the gym, stop stuffing estrogen into you gullets all the time, lower your voice so that you don’t sound like a suck ass faggot all the time, stop using female mannerisms and fucking get a clue.
    None of the white guys I hang out with at biker bars seem to have any problem competing with black men, in fact they throw pwnage in the face of blacks without even trying. Take the hint.

    1. Well there’s another article..”Why some chicks only date bikers”. It would be a lot like this one.

      1. There should be. I have seen chicks who only date hipster boys. I’ve often thought about seeing if I could pull one for an anger fuck. We can hate one another and take it out on each others genitals. I honestly just can’t be bothered and that look doesn’t fit into my notions of attractive. In NYC there is such abundance that I am turning shit down that in other parts of the country would be considered solid 8’s.
        The attraction to the hipster is very interesting to me.

        1. I suspect that it satisfies their propagandized need to feel empowered. It’s cool to be able to push a dude around just like women do in the movies.

        2. I agree that that is at least a large part of it. But at what point do animal instincts kick in? In the following situation, for instance: I leave Peter Luger Steak House after a celebrator dinner. 6 guys. All gogeters. Kind of people with endless energy, good education, good jobs, work hard even at their hobbies and keep their bodies in shape. Leaving Luger’s they wander into williamsberg and decide to have a drink. They sit down, order a round and are totally out of place. The girl at the end of the bar paying for her and her “boy” friend to have PBR with quaters because the deposit doesn’t come in from their parents until the morning. The boy has an aloof look, weighs 85 pounds.
          Every bit of evolutionary biology would suggest that this girl would pretty much be throwing signals to the gentlemen at the bar.
          Mind you, this situation didn’t happen. When I go to Lugers (which is rarely ever) I UBER the fuck out of brooklyn right away. However, it is a totally plausible situation given geography and personality types.
          Still, it seems that the hipster girl is outwardly hostile to anyone but the hipster boy who, from an evolutionary stand point, is a terrible match.
          It has to be more than the feeling of being empowered that keeps them this way.

        3. I’ll need to pay more attention, not really sure I’ve seen that around these parts, it may be a big city thing (or not, maybe I’m just oblivious, heh).

        4. i am guessing it is a big city thing. Specifically the brooklyn set.
          They are outwardly hostile to people who don’t conform to their very particular version on non-conformity. I am more of a Kantian in the idea that adherence to a rule is uniquely human and therefore a truly human beauty.
          Even dogs can’t consciously make a decision based on morals or aesthetics to go against their basic instincts and adhere to a tradition. When I shave and put on a tie in the morning I am making a decision. Sitting around in your pajamas may seem hip and counter cultural, but in reality it is just laziness…it is a dog licking it’s own ass.
          However, there it is…..
          I don’t have much experience in actual America. A few weeks ago was my first trip to a place that stuff like line dancing happened in (how can that be a thing? How can so many people who hate queers get up and dance like a bunch of homos like that and never learn the word cognitive dissonance) so YMMV outside of large cities in general and NYC specifically.

        5. ” I have seen chicks who only date hipster boys.”
          Maybe they do so as a testing grounds for a pseudo homo experience. A female dating an emo hipster doofus pansy is practically dating another female, so there you go.
          “In NYC there is such abundance that I am turning shit down…”
          I’m glad i left that hellhole years ago. Couldn’t put up with all the far left Bs during Bloombastard’s day, not sure if i wouldn’t have gone insane had i stayed on until De Blasio’s Bs.
          How do you survive it dude?

        6. I think you are right in general about the pseudo homo experience, but it is somewhat discounted by the fact, as I pointed out, that at no point do biological imperatives win over. They just remain in the sink hole they are in.
          As for how to survive, the truth is, I wouldn’t know how to live anywhere else (minus having a couple hundred million dollars an a nice hammock on St. Barth).
          Politics do not interest me at all. I do work in an industry that Boomberg was favorable to and that DeB is hostile to and, yes, all things being equal my life was easier when I had a favorable administration (Guiliani/Bloomberg were both helpful to my day to day operations and raped my paycheck a lot less) but I just look at it as life’s ups and downs.
          I really don’t care who is in office. I always do alright and always have.
          The truth of the matter is that I would be lost outside of Manhattan. I like everything here for the most part. The food is good, I understand the feel of the city, I know my job and it isn’t something I could transfer off the island and I have my restaurant game down. As it turns out, if you just ignore politics they bother you less.
          NYC is, essentially, a small town. It is a huge small town, but a small town nonetheless. Just like someone from some backwater berg in a suburb may be shocked to see the big city, I am shocked to leave NYC.
          I was recently in Florida Florida (not miami) and couldn’t wait for the plane to take me home. After 4+ decades here, it is really the only place I understand.
          Don’t get me wrong, I am not making a claim that it is better….it is just that I get it here…also, my rough estimate is that there is a 7 to 1 ratio of attractive high value single females to males so that is nice.

        7. I know (in the loose sense) a heavily-indoctrinated, #BlackLivesMatter feminist who exclusively dates lower-beta white guys with no social skills. It’s a power trip for these types.

        8. It’s definitely a social construct to be an empowered woman. But deep down inside, they want to be dominated, hence the popularity of 50 shades.

        9. I understand. Well if you can still excel there and do so in spite of all that Bs my compliments to your T and the patience that surrounds it.
          Since you mentioned having “restaurant game” i’m curious, did Bloomberg’s anti fat initiatives cause you any real financial grief? I was there when he waged his war on obesity government sponsored laws…which failed spectacularly.

        10. Nah, I mostly go to a nice restaurant, sit at a bar and talk to people. I didn’t mind Bloomberg’s anti obesity laws. I thought it was a silly way to go about things (government funded shaming would have worked better) but a lot of the money I work hard for goes to keeping fat fucks who don’t give a shit about their health alive. If Bloomy wants to ban 64 ounce soda he may not get my support (mostly because I don’t support anything from anyone that isn’t directly related to my own pleasure) but I am not going to argue against him either.
          I do well here mostly because I’ve been here so long I have acquired certain skills that can’t be bought or learned. I have thousands of numbers of people who owe me favors, I know who to call, all the local construction laws and how to get around some of them….I have build value in just being here and being aware and being a decent person and not fucking anyone over too badly.

        11. “I have acquired certain skills”
          You sound like Brian Mills from “Taken.”
          You get a “like” just for that brother.
          Carry on!

        12. ha. thanks. nothing as cool as that…just know the ins and outs of new york city construction and real estate development after 20 years of knocking around the biz…still, it does sound cooler.

    2. i can see why you chose the picture that you did…it certainly fits.
      You being one of the elder Statesmen on here is certainly no coincidence.

    3. Hah. Love the white as wonderbread analogy. I’m the same and while I wouldn’t consider myself hypermasculine/or super alpha, I seem to have a bit of the appeal to the ladies despite the ring around my finger as well. Apparently I’m too dense to notice, but while we’re out, my wife will occasionally tell me that some girl was checking me out or flirting with me.
      Agree on all other points. White men typically fill the beta role: overweight with a beer belly, timid looking, disconnected from everything around them, higher pitched voice.

    4. “I’m whiter than Wonder Bread, and masculine, and guaranteed women come on to me hot and heavy, despite my being married. ” But do you give your bodily essence? (from a movie).
      “If white men decide to go soft pastel shirt wearing suburbanite” So white chix don’t like preppies? Damn!!

    5. I will co-sign all that you have said and add this other fact, by and large white men bitch way too much. On this site, even the most volatile understands reason, logic and the pecking orderr. Yet, though some use it here too, the pecking order isn’t set in stone. Women love white men because they are malleable. White men lose their women because they are malleable. You can’t claim top bill on the pecking order and not stand for anything firmly.
      The fear of the “mudshark” is laughable too as a great deal of white women covertly fuck Black men, hell all men if they can. You want to know if you are dating a mudshark? Just ask if she went to an away college.
      There won’t be an exodus of white women for black men, nor are black men looking to steal your women. A man goes for what he’s attracted to and most people are looking to continue on the species with members of the same side of race. The fear is unwarranted, but I’m sure someone might venture this is a superior/inferior bit. As GOJ stated, the only thing being judged is your manhood with regards to the sexual market and if it weren’t for our desire to have children who looked like us, we’d all fail. All of our women sleep with everyone. This is muted by strong fathers, but only strong fathers.
      You did ask a question Sharpe so I’ll throw in my opinion. As an average height black male, I’ve noticed the inferiority complex that comes with being a minority amongst another side of the race. I hunt solo. There haven’t been many ladies I have had too many issues getting but I gravitate towards beautiful women, or my own perception of it, which isn’t race exclusive. Any woman can and does often go back to whatever clan she wishes to be a part of to procreate with. Whether that is her side of thhe race or the wealthy bracket she wished to be involved with is on her. Another big thing to accept to is women only choose from what is given. If the man coming up to her can’t make a decision what can she do with him? There is only room for one pussy. And that rule is universal.
      Everything else, mudshark, yellow fever, snow bunnies, oreos, or whatever other code name is out for dating in or out of your race is utter bullshit. We date and fuck who we desire. Just stop being a pussy and go for what you want.

      1. The world is a better place because thinking men like you are in it. I was just explaining, using different words of course, your concept of malleability to one of my 15 year old Scouts last Saturday.
        It is a shame that there is not a Red Pill Annual Conference we can attend. Honest-to-God red pillers are so rare that many of us feel like sole-practicioners in our daily lives.

        1. Good morning friend.
          One of our sons started Boy Scouts this week and our youngest starts Cub Scouts tonight.
          Assistant Scout Master already wants our Boy Scout to be the leader of his Patrol. I don’t know what he did in their meeting to get that nomination.
          We must compare notes sometime.

        2. I’d love to bend your ear about this sometime, Shep. But pictures tell me you’re probably legit too busy conquering something. 🙂

        3. Like my page on FB. FB forced me to take my profile down but permitted me to have a page. I believe we can still chat. A friend of mine took over the page for a while, but at some point soon I will have to create a new FB profile.

        4. It is probably a very young troop. Usually a (P)atrol (L)eader needs to attain the rank of First Class. There may not be a boy with sufficient rank to hold the position.
          Sometimes the older boys just want for the younger boys to have the experience of being a leader. The younger ones may really look up to the older ones and take orders well from them, but they break down if given an order by a boy of their same age.
          The best units are boy led. The boys in his patrol should vote on the leader. The BSA Patrol Model calls for this. Often Scout Masters overlook this. The best solution is to send at least two boys from the unit to (N)ational (Y)outh (L)eadership (T)raining. The training is fun, and it is interspersed with a LOT of things the boys like to do. When those boys return they will explain to the Scout Master how cows eat cabbage. The men will be better for it. The boys will be better for it. The unit will be better for it.
          Your son will make many mistakes as a leader. He will become a better leader in the process. Remember that BSA strives to create a safe environment for the boys to fail. We expect them to learn from their experiences, correct their behavior, and move on. We’ve had patrols where the boys voted the PL or (A)ssistant PL out of power. Of course that kid takes it hard, but every one of them has persisted with the unit and come back into a leadership position. There were all much better at motivating their boys during the second go-around.
          For your Cub? Remember that Scouting is fun. Camp as often as you can. Be as forgiving of his mistakes as you can. Whenever possible, be authoritative with all of the boys rather than authoritarian. Spend about an hour per night for a couple of weeks building that Pinewood Derby car. If your cub is interested in building a fast car rather than a fancy one, get a copy of the rules to me and I’ll help you all I can.
          If you are ever Popcorn Kernal, contact me. I can’t share details here, but I am a good one. I can really help you with what works and what doesn’t.

        5. Cheers. Is yours the one with the “Hell” cover banner? Anti-Hillary sentiment is pretty popular, I’ve been wading for half an hour. 🙂

        6. I’m certain they will vote next week. Our Boy Scout was not sold on it when this was suggested.
          Our Boy Scout is very disciplined and told us he took initiative and redirected others to stay on task. He takes orders and constructive criticism well.
          I’ll ask about the NYLT next week.
          (Our sons have seen plenty of cows in action) 🐂
          We are outdoors – oriented family so we’ve done plenty of camping since forever. Our sons have camping mastered to an art form so our Cub Scout will fit right in.
          I’ll know details about his Troop after 7 pm today.
          For our Boy Scout we already have two selling dates. That popcorn is really good. I’m not sure if I’ll be picked for that post but will see.
          We also have a car wash date so the entire family will participate (I’ll be the one in speedos).
          I was once a member of this:

          Thanks for all this great advise Shep. I’ll keep you posted.

        7. Thank you for the kind words. I came out the womb red but seeing what I have, I’ve worked towards the illusion of the blue. It happens by default when you care about people. For decades I’ve been alone in my stance and settled for the pejorative of asshole and jerk, as if I were at odds with the world. Yet here, there are a ton of men, maybe not as red in certain areas, just sharing valuable knowledge, a few of which I’ve connected with in real life. An amazing thing to witness.
          You know Shep, that is a great idea! I’m sure many here would like to meet like minded individuals, especially those who are in the same states or countries. That might be the first step to having manhood being a positive in America again.

        8. I don’t have control over the banner. My FB is a page and not a profile. It has a pic of the same cat as my avatar here.
          Like my page and send me a message. I’ll have to put you through a couple of extra steps to authenticate you are the Javelina I’ve seen at disqus, but we can do that without revealing your identity.

        9. I also carry the pejorative of asshole.
          More polite folks who know me but are uncomfortable with what I bring to dinner table conversation often say things like, “You know how he is.”
          There are many people whom I have written off as vessels unworthy of my time and affection. “You know how he is.” is their rationalization for excluding me from gatherings. It infuriates my wife, and I am touched that it bothers her, but I long ago removed these folks from the list of people who’s opinions matter. So, when I hear that I’ve been excluded, my usual response is a chuckle. The alternative response is to look back down and continue at whatever I was doing before being interrupted.

        10. Since you already have selling dates, we know someone else is the Kernal.
          If you volunteer to Kernal, your first meeting will be sometime around May or June for Kernal training. There will probably be between 2 and 4 required meetings. Each meeting will likely raise the percent of popcorn to your unit by a one or two points. This year, in our District, the units can retain as much as 37% of popcorn sales, if we meet all of the criteria. They use the extra percentages as clubs to compel units to meet certain requirements. This year, for example we were required to produce and submit a budget. I am very suspicious as to why the District and Council need to know so much about our Unit’s finances.

        11. Back in my day during the Cold War joining was mandatory and set up to prepare us for the military. Camping was 20% fun and 80% para-military drills.
          I’m glad the focus shifted as well for new generations of Scouts.

        12. I have Scouter friends from the UK. Their boys get to shoot those Belgian mediums out of flying helicopters.
          Our boys get to do quite a bit beyond the Scouting program, but we haven’t pulled off full-auto from a moving airborne platform yet.

        13. I have heard from older boys who came through our unit how valuable our training was to them in Basic and in Iraq. The stories vary, but they seem to focus around our guys knowing what to look for in hazardous (non-combat) situations, and avoiding disease and other troubles.
          …as was Baden Powell’s goal.

        14. Do you know where you’ll go to summer resident camp? Merit badge factory camps are important during a boy’s first years in Scouting. Your son will be able to earn as many as six badges, many Eagle required, in one week. This type of camp often offers difficult to obtain badges. We have one of the best in the country here in Oklahoma. If one is not available in your area, and the opportunity presented itself, I would be happy to have you guys come with our Troop as guests.

        15. I made the mistake of dropping my political guard in the BSA. One can’t do that. It is a political organization just like any other.
          For perspective, I recommend that your first loyalty always be to your sons’ units. This will be helpful when you are faced with decisions about the best course for actions. The unit is where the rubber meets the road. The farther up the chain an action originates from the unit, the more likely the action is to be effin’ stupid and not focused on making your boys into good men.

    6. I agree here. There seems to be many more white “white knights” than black “captain save-a-hoes” (Read: “white knights”), especially in my neck of the woods.
      Many ladies I met in college seemed to be attracted to the supposed “thug image” that they stereotypically believed ALL young black males were supposed to have. But hell, when these white college chicks are going to the club twice a week and shaking their asses to rap music, it only makes sense to see a black “thug” swoop in from behind.
      Below is a stereotypical representation of how many women view men in my small, Midwest town. The blacks are seen as exciting gangsters; and many of the whites are viewed as boring softies.

        1. I’m happy to try and clarify.
          I was in a bit of a hurry when I first posted earlier, so I added in an extra paragraph to explain the picture. (which admittedly won’t make any sense without a description).
          White knights (in the context of this website) are simply men who always come to the aid of women, whether or not the woman is right or wrong. They do so in a pathetic attempt to get laid (which rarely, if ever happens).
          In my neck of the woods, a large percentage of the black male population are college students. Most of these men DO NOT white knight for college girls, which automatically increases their sexual appeal to these women. Also, being the naive young ladies they are, they tend to associate the “gangster” image with every black man they encounter.

        2. Nah, ex-convict…..
          That autistic rant that sounds like he’s never stepped outside his basement.
          Mudsharks are scum, most white women think this way too (check out ok cupid data on reply rates by races). He sounds like he’s blaming nigs for his inability to get women….hence my comment on autism.

        3. Cool. Most White women do think that mudsharks are scum. I live in Staten Island, NY and I don’t know any White women that date black guy. The jews control the media and set the narrative on everything and one of the things they want to do is make White men hate White women.

        4. Appreciate the data on okcupid, and not surprising to me at all…
          Let’s put the discussion in context here. Where I’m from, blacks make up a tiny percentage of the population (most likely <1%). Even if that percentage was significantly higher, it would in no way lead to an inability to “get women”. My post was not a complaint or a projection. Just reporting my observations gathered from roughly 6 years of college life.
          I merely pointed out in my original post above what I believe to be the reason why white women are even considering sex with blacks (and I’m open to consider other reasons I’m not aware of). So, I pose the questions (if you have time): What exactly is leading white college women to have casual sexual hookups with black men? What is causing white women to be sexually attracted to black men?

        5. Interesting.
          I’m from a sparsely populated region in the Midwest and have seen dozens of women hook up with and date American blacks and Africans.
          The reason for my original post above was to explore the “why is this happening” aspect. That’s why I felt inclined to read this article to begin with.

        6. Because they act tough and brunt like celtic white men prefered by germanic scandinavian women historically(which are most of the USA white population). The blacks from north America are mixed with irish forcebly by the slave trade from England.

      1. Wow, what a pithy response.
        I was calling out white men to stop being pussies. I don’t think black men are particularly “masculine” per se, but compared to what white men have let themselves become, there is a difference.
        Look around you, chief. You cannot possibly tell me that outside of a few who enlisted in the military, that Millenial men even know what the word “masculine” means. And GenX men are consigned to suburbs and generally sit around brooding silently waiting for their Master Wife to hand him her purse so she can go shopping.
        Exceptions, of course, and naturally.
        Next time you post, try making it something insightful, or thoughtful or even just interesting. Snark and ad hominem are the domain of the Left, try to rise above it.

        1. No worries. Welcome to the interwebs. This is a great site, come on in, sit a spell, kick your shoes off and light up a cigar.

  9. Pretty easy to understand.
    Its because of the Jews.
    Blacks are victimized and pauperized by them as well.
    They keep us fighting each other so that they can rule over us all.
    Remember who ran the slave trade.
    Remember whose behind every degeneracy in the world.
    Theyve put us at each others throats.
    Fucken join together for all our peoples sakes.

        1. NoI (who Ali was involved with at the time of that interview) are black separatists, that means we have no beef with them.

        2. Can I ask you this…and I am truly asking from a point of curiosity…if it comes off dickish I apologize in advance it is just my way.
          Why do you care? I mean, why do you care? I can see caring a half dozen decades ago when maybe the hole could have been plugged, but the walls have now burst, the water is gushing in, the ship is sinking, so why care?
          I honestly can’t be pro or anti anything except pro getting me more happiness and anti reducing my happiness. Does this make me a bad person for not being involved or enlightened because I realize that no one care how clean the silver is in the dining room of a sinking ship?
          So again, I ask you, without any pretense….why would you be for or against anything?

        3. Everything that you use on a daily basis is the product of creative White genius.
          Without White people there would be no electrical power grid, sewer systems, water treatment facilities, transportation infrastructure, petrochemical innovations, Universities, Hospitals, computers, satellite communications, planes, trains, or automobiles. I could go on ad nauseam.
          If you care about humanity in the slightest, then you must care about the survival of the White Race.
          Now more than ever it is important to care about more than ones own selfish happiness. It is our sacred responsibility and duty to secure life-rafts and save our best people, exactly because WE KNOW the ship is sinking.
          Do your part, BREED WHITE.

        4. I don’t disagree with you about creative power and the amazing accomplishments. I don’t, however, care about humanity. White, black or anything else. I was born into a world that was already sinking. All that’s left is my own happiness.
          Also, I have a problem deriving pride from group collective. Where do you stop? People named Edward have done xyz. I am more about individual accomplishments, my own in particular.
          As for breeding, I can’t imagine any sane human being bringing more people into this burning, fetid pile of dung.

        5. Why should anyone care about any preventable extinction? Are you saying that its too late to save the white race?

        6. I am saying I don’t care about the white race. I don’t care about any race. I am honestly wondering what causes people to care so much. I mean, just being honest here, I couldn’t give less of a shit about any race, nation or group of people on this planet that isn’t me.

        7. Used to think exactly like you. One day I woke up, maybe you will too.
          The world is what we make it. Can you imagine how shitty life must have been during the Black Plague or the Mongol invasions? Yet our people not only survived, but in fact thrived and conquered, and life got better.
          I guarantee I achieve more happiness through group pride and collective accomplishment that anyone will ever achieve through individual accomplishments. The businesses I have built are all part of a collective effort, and could never be maintained without the help of others. And these businesses allow others to take pride in their accomplishments, as well giving them a platform to achieve happiness.
          The greatest joy in life comes from giving of ones self for the betterment of our Race. Try it, you’ll like it 😉

        8. I am glad you have found happiness in it. It’s isn’t the path for me, that’s for sure. I find no happiness with any form of group. Maybe it is just me. I have honestly never understood anything like racial pride or national pride. I don’t even get people who get all crazy rooting for their favorite teams.
          However, to each their own. Glad you are finding happiness.

        9. Spoken like a truly misinformed individual.
          Who invented the ZERO…was it lily Whites? Lol!
          “It might seem like an obvious piece of any numerical system, but the zero is a surprisingly recent development in human history. In fact, this ubiquitous symbol for “nothing” didn’t even find its way to Europe until as late as the 12th century. Zero’s origins most likely date back to the “fertile crescent” of ancient Mesopotamia. Sumerian scribes used spaces to denote absences in number columns as early as 4,000 years ago, but the first recorded use of a zero-like symbol dates to sometime around the third century B.C. in ancient Babylon. The Babylonians employed a number system based around values of 60, and they developed a specific sign—two small wedges—to differentiate between magnitudes in the same way that modern decimal-based systems use zeros to distinguish between tenths, hundreds and thousandths. A similar type of symbol cropped up independently in the Americas sometime around 350 A.D., when the Mayans began using a zero marker in their calendars.”

        10. Yes, White Sumerians and White Babylonians gave us advanced mathematical foundations. Do you think Euclid was a shit-skin because he was from Alexandria?
          Why do all of these ancient civilizations (including Sumeria) have art that depicts people of prominence having blue eyes? Oh, I forgot, it;s because they were all niqqers.

        11. The blacks in Africa hated the white colonialists. Once they left, everything started falling apart. The same would happen in the USA, or in Europe.

        12. Please, Daniel. You’ve built up a nice strawman there. No one said other races didn’t contribute, but overwhelmingly the modern world was built by white men. The rest of the world, such as Asia, copies our technologies in an attempt to catch up.

        13. If an African wants whites out of Africa, does that make him a Nazi? Or is it only when white people want their own lands? Don’t be a hypocrite.

        14. Contemporary reports of Roman leaders were that they were mostly blue or grey eyed with blonde or red hair.

          Of the 18 Emperors from Augustus to Commodus: 9 had blond or red hair; 5 had grey or white hair; 3 had no recorded hair colour, and just 1 (Hadrian), was referred to as dark-haired.
          Of the 18 Emperors from Augustus to Commodus: 9 had blue or grey eyes; 2 had “wine-coloured eyes” (whatever that may mean), and 7 had no recorded eye colour.

          A painted recreation based on microscopic pigments left on a statue of Rome’s first emperor, Augustus, which confirms his light colored hair and complexion.

        15. “White” sumerians? So you think that a harsh arid climate like that produces lily white people as a majority do you? lol
          Do you REALLY think your 2 examples are the MAJORITY STANDARD for what passes in the middle east nowadays? Really?
          It might have been nice if you gave a reference to your images btw..why didn’t you?
          Guess you’ve seen “then ten commandments” and believed every single great advancement in society was made by Caucasoids lol!

        16. “FACEPALM…leave it to an article on race for all the racially motivated pseudoneonazis to come out of the woodwork.”
          And on the other side of the coin, we have Daniel Ramos.

        17. No strawman, you just haven’t bothered to read far enough to see a lot of these aryan nation favoring trolls coming here to say that only Whites contributed to human history.
          Perhaps if you had read mine without injecting your bias against me into it, you’d realize i wasn’t denying that Whites were responsible for a great deal of accomplishments, i was simply arguing against the racially motivated belief that they were the ONLY ONES to contribute to human prosperity.
          There’s a strawman for you 😉

        18. Most people think the Ancient Greek statues were pure white, but they weren’t. They were painted in bright colors, and there are traces of the pigments still on the statues. A scientist named Vinzenz Brinkmann has been studying the statues and determined the colors they were originally painted. All of the statues had light-colored hair, which verifies various contemporary reports that the Ancient Greeks were light in complexion with red or blonde hair, as were the Roman elites. There’s currently a traveling exhibit called “Gods in Color” which recreates the statues in their original pigments.




        19. If you’re going to ask me a question then answer it for me, you’re being an asshole here.
          To answer your first question: No, it makes him a xenophobic militant just like them if they (Whites) came there legally and without an intent to subvert his country’s racial demographic.
          To answer your second one: See answer one.

        20. I’m not sure who said ONLY WHITES contributed to human history, but that’s pretty silly. I haven’t seen anyone write that. Our modern world and all its comforts are certainly indebted to the work and accomplishments of white men more than anyone else, however.

        21. You mean on the other side of the aisle, the one that doesn’t base his remarks on racially motivated aryan nation Bs.
          Just thought i’d correct you there 😀

        22. No, no that’s not what I meant. For a guy with a monumental IQ, you definitely lack in the reading comprehension. Between all your emotion, the need to put words in others mouths, and constantly trying to prove your point, you are exactly what we do not want here. A feminized SJW simp. Cool smileys though bruh! 😉

        23. Of course, the colonial influence didn’t leave. Lumumba didn’t commit suicide. Mandela didn’t lock himself up. Nkrumah didn’t decide to retire early.

        24. This is interesting if true, although it makes one wonder where all these blondes and redheads went.

        25. Dont forget Hollyjew Hannibal of Carthage compared to historical Hannibal of Carthage (another white state in north Africa)

        26. What emotion? I’m responding to the emo racially charged rants of the people you seem to agree with.
          By the way, i was here on ROK before you so i suggest you take your racially motivated callipygian avatar somewhere else, where your type of racial solipsism is more likely to be applauded…stormfront maybe?

        27. Unfortunately every other group of people on the planet doesnt have those beliefs, and works for their self interest, your just another priviledged white male in their eyes

        28. It’s because of the UN protectorate policies idiot, hate when people say things without doing their research

        29. So now Kurds are whites now, and Egyptians despite it’s Ethiopian roots is “pure white” *sighs*

        30. So are you going for longest running unwanted commentator on ROK? Maybe Jezebel is more up to your speed?

        31. I do understand that. I really do. However, I don’t give a shit about every other group of people on the planet. I just got finished telling you I don’t care about my group, you think I care about some group that still has yet to discover underwear in a country that I wouldn’t even fly over…shit, I won’t even go outside of NYC unless it is to go to Miami or LA…..fuck if I give a shit about what is happened anywhere else.
          However, you did hit the nail on the head. They are working for their self interest. I too am working for MY self interest. Not that of my group, my family, my country, my race…they can all learn to fend for themselves.
          As for what they see me as in their eyes…I couldn’t possibly care less about their eyes. I don’t care if they are on fire. All I care about is me. Furthermore, if everyone would start caring more about themselves and less about some absurd notion of nationality or racial pride then maybe the world would be a little bit better…however, that’s just observation.

        32. Do i detect a hint of jealousy in your remark? What’s the matter…1601 upvotes not enough for you? Aww poor baby, they’ll come in time 😀

        33. Comparing up votes? What’s next? Dick size? Your insecurities shine brighter the more you post. Let me just add one of those precious votes for you!

        34. This coming from the omega who said “you are exactly what we do not want here.”
          I’m sorry, when did Roosh pass away and abdicate ROK to you?
          If so, i hope they change the name to “return of queens” because the anorchous remarks you’ve said so far have a striking absence of testosterone in them.

        35. Exactly. Does anyone think Mexicans built what exists in Southern California? They may have been laborers, but they certainly weren’t engineers. Much like Mesopotamia, the modern inhabitants have NO RESEMBLANCE to original creators of that civilization.

        36. “I am saying I don’t care about the white race. I don’t care about any race.”
          And I’m saying would you say the same about Pandas or Sumatran Tigers?

        37. European Whites built America. Nonwhites will never be more than guests in White Nations. Remember that.

        38. I like how racist say things like breed white. But what is white? What inventor could you say was purely white? Could you say 100% tesla was white after the Arabs swept through Croatia and Bosnia and raped everything moving. Or Eastern Europe after the mongols went through my point is no one is pure.

        39. Technology can’t be credited to whites with out credit to the first civilizations. You can say it was a white man who invented the car but it was a black who made the wheel he gets credit to. Or farming goes to Africa which gave way to writing. It’s all interconnceted built on top of others accomplishments.

        40. Because when you do what’s right you don’t ask yourself “am or am I not going to be on the winning side here?” You don’t calculate your chances of success and not even try if they’re low. You just man up and do it and never look back

        41. Yeah, there aren’t millions of Whites living in Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. And they didn’t envision, design, and build everything worthwhile in those States.
          And the reason the Middle East is a backwards, third world shithole is because the White creators have all but disappeared due to miscegenation.
          Here is your source link. Since it’s an academic journal, you will have to pay to view the original source.
          Or you can go here and claim that it is all bullshit because you don’t like the website.

        42. “When you build a successful empire, people from all over that empire (and beyond) migrate there.”
          like how the whites did in Africa? make sense

        43. Purity – straw man argument.
          Purity is only something leftists and cucks bleat about.
          If what you say is true then racism cannot exist can it. Yet there you were whining about racists.

        44. Fuck Daniel Ramos- Hes posted like over 100 commentrs on this thread.
          Hes probably off line now (its nighttime in jerusalem)

        45. Daniel Ramos jackass.
          Hes probably posted over a hundred responses on this article (no joke- probably spent his entire unemployed day on this article). Hasbarat 2015 updated manual. Take up screenspace by attacking everyone possible to derail the consensus and detract from a cohesive message.
          Furthermore he also makes his attackers look foolish (like cops beating up a clown).
          He admitted to be of mixed race (my guess is half jew, half black on his fathers side, probably never met his father)
          Do not ever bother engaging someone like this.

        46. well you cant say its all white. SInce the jews did alot of work and innovating build europe. Plus Greece the cradle of western thought and civilization was influenced by egypt first and losts of contact with middle east and learning and trading off each other. Like the islamic golden age set up the Renascence when rome fell.
          Every empire has its golden age before decline and they build off of each other. We are in a decline and we just sit on a bunch of money. Its foreigners doing the innovation and work for us. Like Steve Jobs is half syrian or some indian guy made the “6th sense”. You typical westerner is too lazy and decadent to innovate now. The only inventions we make now is narcissistic social media crap.

        47. Say hello to an old friend – the black invention myth meme.
          Most of the those invention claims turn out to be flawed from your pov. Patent applications for things that were never actually built for example and played no part in the development of similar devices. Some are straight misunderstandings.
          There is also the statistical misrepresentation. There are vastly fewer black invention claims than there should be statistically (in US terms).
          Finally the most obvious problem – often a search on the inventors will yield a photo and what do we see? Someone who is obviously of mixed background, in some cases so much so that we have to take it on trust that they have any black ancestry at all.
          Of course they have made contributions, not denying that, but it doesnt change the overall picture a lot.

        48. well genes dont die, they are recessive meaning they still pop up like youve seen moroccans or persians or north indians that get light skin hair and eyes. Same with latinos, rare but it happens

        49. Hey Everybody!
          Im a cuck who loves prepping my moms black bull.
          Just needed to get that off my chest.
          Daniel Ramos

        50. Correction, breed Jew and Mediterranean. Northwestern Europeans were and will revert to tree-swinging/cave-dwelling cannibals just like they’ve always been

        51. they make like 22% of the noble prize winners like einstein. WIth their naturally high IQ obviously they did the white collar,,inventing and money handle of trade and commerce as well. If they are able to effectively rule over europe like Lenin then making all these inventions is likely their doing. They been known to a be an afluent bunch in europe. Hence why theres alot of animosity towards them
          Hell still ruling over us….How are they not.

        52. That was quite mature and on-topic. I guess you learned that when you were a younger kid and saw your Dad doing that before the Bull kicked his ass out and then turned you out.

        53. they make like 22% of the noble prize winners like einstein
          But the usual whine is how jews were excluded from trades, whole countries even. And that applied across many parts of Europe for a long time. Its only 100 odd years since Einstein and the Nobel prizes so how did Europe manage without them in all the centuries before? In what sense could they have helped create Europe? You do realise that 22% includes all the subjective categories like Peace & Literature. Economics too. And the other 78% are nearly all white people.

        54. Black Africans did not hate white colonialists. Communists hated British empirialism, and everybody hates Americans, but Africans did not hate the British.

        55. I’ll take Malcolm X over MLK any day of the week. X didn’t lie to people, and he picked up a rifle to defend his family, no bullshit about it. I don’t give a damn if he hated my skin. I don’t care if he considered me an enemy. The best enemies earn your respect. X was a man. MLK was a con man.

        56. So they did some stuff in the last 100 years? We can also thank the Jews for Communism. Marx was a Jew, as well as nearly everyone involved in the overthrow of the Russian Czar.

        57. Are you saying that historically in these societies we see a pattern of the Eloi becoming Morlocks through say a century of miscegenation?

        58. If everyone cared only for themselves how would this make the world a better place?
          If everyone abhored any sort of group identification I’d imagine there would be constant conflict between individuals as each vulture races to feed off the newest corpse.

        59. Ah, Jew Ayn Rand, doing some more ethnic activism for the goy countries, giving advice that she and her Tribe would never pay heed to themselves. Can’t think why she, along with her fellow co-ethnics Freud, Adorno, etc would want to make natural preference for members of your own race a pathology for the Gentiles…

        60. Yeah…if I don’t care about humans why would i care about animals. My sole concern for animals is how delicious they can be made. Odd questions. Did you take me for a veggie?

        61. I both understand and respect that view. Thank you. My primary question though is why care. Once you care it is easy to see why you would do what you believe is right despite insurmountable odds. Much props. I am just having trouble finding anything but apathy for anything that isn’t me. I am not saying I am right and everyone should be that way either. I am being honest about how I feel and asking people who feel differently to try to explain it without being blazing morons (sic)

        62. Never heard this. I like it. Thank you. Maybe I should read her books. I have strayed away because I don’t read women authors. I am sure there are some out there, I just don’t bother. It isn’t because I think they will be terrible either, it is just because their first person view point comes from being a woman and as such I just feel I wouldn’t understand.

        63. You would think that, and maybe it would be for a while…but there are some, including myself, who believe that a true pursuit of self interest by everyone will create a society of fully actualized people rather than some bullshit welfare state, body positive fat cunts and faggoty boys who will never grow up to be men which is the telos of group identity

        64. No, if you want to be technical Blacks built America…forgot about the free labor that came with slavery, did we?

        65. And then you wake up with Eritrean cannibal penis gagging your throat whilst his friends are setting the fire – good thing your sisters are in Dubai…

        66. “Yeah, there aren’t millions of Whites living in Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. And they didn’t envision, design, and build everything worthwhile in those States. ”
          Red herring, i wasn’t disagreeing with that, only with your farcical premise that an arid climate would produce White people as any kind of majority. Apparently you’re grossly unfamiliar with Blumenbach’s work on races and their respective origins…tsk.
          “And the reason the Middle East is a backwards, third world shithole is because the White creators have all but disappeared due to miscegenation.”
          I noticed the word “may” in your first link…so you are basing your aryan nationalist viewpoint on what…a supposition….really?
          How about you read one of my links, linking the discovery of the “Fuente Magna blow” to proto Sumeria?

          Or how about the wiki link on Sumer, which lists:
          “The term “Sumerian” is the common name given to the ancient non-Semitic inhabitants of Mesopotamia, Sumer, by the Semitic Akkadians. The Sumerians referred to themselves as ùĝ saĝ gíg-ga (cuneiform: 𒌦 𒊕𒈪 𒂵), phonetically uŋ saŋ giga, literally meaning “the black-headed people”,”

          Hmm…the “Black headed people” i wonder what type of people they were referring to?
          Your second link is interesting, i grant you that, but it doesn’t conclusively determine that Whites were any kind of majority in ancient Egypt, which is the point that i was disagreeing with you on. It only shows that that the pharoahs may have had blue eyes. This means they had a co-mingling of the races back then just as we do now, resulting in mixed races with overlapping features, such as blue eyes. Good try though.
          Since you included a link for pictures of ancient Pharoahs, i will do no less. tell me what color do you think they likely were?

        67. “Yeah…if I don’t care about humans why would i care about animals.”
          Direct quote from lolknee: “When I take care of the people I care about or cook a great meal or pick up a new hobby, I feel a sense of accomplishment.”
          lol. full of shit fag pretending to be a tough guy neo-masculine with principles & honour. pfft.

        68. “Most of the those invention claims turn out to be flawed from your pov. Patent applications for things that were never actually built for example and played no part in the development of similar devices. Some are straight misunderstandings.”
          Saying something and actually being able to prove it are two different things aren’t they? And please, try to stay on topic. My point was to show that Blacks contributed to the enlightenment of a civilization, not on whether some Blacks were only able to achieve a test phase.
          Your “mixed background” remark also strays from the point i was making. The point is they weren’t lily White, ergo not ALL great inventions in ALL of human history were made by Whites…but thank you for inadvertently admitting that, even if you did so unintentionally.
          Finally, whether they were mixed or not was not the issue i was making, merely responding back to the farcical perspective that only Whites contributed any kind of positive inventions/discoveries to the world.

        69. It shouldn’t exist but somehow it does. I just admit the truth jews are superior it’s why they get the most hate out of every race.

        70. honestly not following you. All I said was that my accomplishment’s aren’t huge. I like to do my job well, I enjoy cooking and finding new hobbies. Not even sure what you are taking offense to. I don’t think that that claim is anything more than any person would say…..

        71. Actually that not all you said was it? You conveniently left out the most important part of the quote that I posted. In a previous post you claimed not to care about humans and alluded to the fact that you consider yourself an ‘Individualist’ a’la Ayn Rand/Atlas Shrugged. Yet here you are just a few posts earlier telling us about how you “take care of the people you care about”.
          From that I can only arrive at three conclusions:
          1) these people you care about are not human
          2) you are schizophrenic
          3) you are a confused hypocritical fag pretending to be a tough guy

        72. ok. so i will try one more time. i know it won’t work because you are boring and lack the skills to think critically. I can try to be a little patient with you though. You know, the way people high five retards even though they don’t really want to.
          Taking care of the people I have come to care about is being selfish in the sense that it makes me happy. I don’t care about some ancestors I have never met. I don’t care about my race as a larger abstract concept. I don’t care about my nationality. I don’t need to be lumped in with other people to value myself. I don’t need others to blame for my failures. Also, if there is a venn diagram where I wind up in the intersecting area with someone who has the cognitive functions of mayonnaise, cf you, then I certainly don’t want to anchor my sense of self worth into it.
          I am sorry, I really don’t have the patience to talk to you anymore now.

        73. Why all the asinine comments by various posters here? Freedom of speech and all, but hard to see where most of the postings here are even tangentially related to the article.

        74. native americans built america.and the mexicans are their direct descendants.seeing that they look native and that all natie cultures for the most are matrilinear they area lso natives.

        75. youre a cuckold for pink dick probabely because your father was a italian cracker.whites have no right to be in Anahuac in its entirety.natives built this land and our people were fine before whites came here.we have old civilizations from the mississippi pyramid empire to the Mexica people and the maya and inka thrones.also the olmecs and zapotec.our people have created more and earlier than any caucasoid people who stole all their shit from cushite egyptians.the fact your have the flag of your peoples opressors and dont now your own historia while praising that of caucasians shows why white latinos need to be back in spain.this whole latino identity is bullshit and pure spanish imperialism,I look forward to the day when all whites both spanish and anglo-germanic are kicked out of cemanahuac ,all of it.

        76. So presumably if harm were to befall one of the people you “care about” through selfish nihilistic inaction on your part, this would make you unhappy right?
          A good example would be not being bothered to warn your little sister or wife about the risks of dating Blacks:
          If not, then in what way do you care about them?

        77. No moron, natives didn’t “build” this land, they only built their settlements on it. The White Man brought with him the technology that bridged the gap between the East and West, such as with the transcontinental railroad. Check yourself.
          Indians had settled the land (they were probably descended from Hebrews who emigrated from the Mid East) and lived in harmony with it. Later on when the Euros came there was a legitimate attempt at an entente that worked, however tenuous it was. It wasn’t until “Manifest Destiny” that the whole benighted “kill them in’juns” viewpoint became par for the course. European Whites weren’t the first to arrive here of course, but they were the ones who pretty much transformed it into what we know today.
          After that, it was pretty much open season on NA’s, paving the way for the Blacks to build the infrastructure of the Nation (figuratively and literally) and the Whites who designed it every step of the way.
          Learn how to spell and learn how to frame your thoughts within a cogent context, or don’t bother responding to me. I have little patience or mercy for buffoonery.

        78. You don’t understand and I can’t help you see. It was a pleasure talking to you. Have a nice day.

        79. Whites are not from Europe.
          The first sellters of Europe where Black.
          Whites are from Central Asiao

        80. Everything you use everyday is part of Black creative genius. See the alphabet , numbers, and the notion of civilized living itself.

        81. You assume that each individual would have your level of intelligence, reasoning capability, education level and temperament.
          This is simply not true.

        82. There is no evidence of civilized white prople prior to 1500 BC.
          The Sumerians, Egyptiams, And Indus valley peoples where all BLACK.

        83. That is a fair argument CO and it is one that better men than me have made. I, however, believe that some level of social darwinism would, over time, eradicate people who are useless. Mind you, intelligence is not the only useful quality. At best it is ONE of the useful qualities.
          I don’t think it takes a lot of brains for someone to be self interested. Indeed, it ought to be the easiest thing possible. Yes, some of the Lenny’s of the world will wind up coming to a bad end, but on decent length timeline I believe the world would progress and evolve rather than eat itself whole.
          Obviously I can only speculate. We can’t put it to the test. However, we have put to the test the idea of putting the community before the individual….and look where we are.

        84. “Technology can’t be credited to whites with out credit to the first civilizations. You can say it was a white man who invented the car but it was a black who made the wheel he gets credit to. Or farming goes to Africa which gave way to writing. It’s all interconnceted built on top of others accomplishments.”
          Europeans introduced the wheel to Sub-Saharan Africa and the Americas. Moreover:

        85. “… I can’t help you see”
          Nothing to see here but the flim-flam of a rootless individualist. I will leave you to ponder the wise words of the late great Dr William Pierce:
          “They really do think they’re being smart by not accepting any responsibility. They believe that they can survive and prosper as individuals, with no community or racial connections.
          Listen: the world doesn’t work that way. The rootless individualist doesn’t realize it, but he really is all alone out there. The other people with whom he is competing — the Jews, the non-Whites, the feminists, the homosexuals — think of themselves as members of groups. They think collectively. They collaborate. Their aim is to disarm and destroy us — collectively. And they’re doing it.”

        86. But both of us are wrong it the wheel was invented in Mesopotamia. My point is most math comes from Mesopotamia algebra is an Arabic word. Any invention using algebra is yours but you didn’t invent algebra so you can’t take all the credit. Or Europeans made the gun but not gunpowder that’s the Chinese. Everyone has contributed.

        87. No, the useful idiot is you, walking around having no idea that your people are being used as a biological weapon.

        88. When the food stamps run out and America turns into south africa, places like NYC, LA and Miami are the last places you’ll want to be. I would consider being in the least diverse places as being in my own best interest, but I definitely understand not giving a shit about anyone else no matter race, thats a very common view in people that live in diverse cities with low social capital.

        89. Why would you use california an example? Its one of the major states that wasn’t built by whites?

        90. It is said that people like you revise history. The Greeks have always been mixed race mongrels, and the ancient greeks were race mixing africans who slept with white women.

          hercules the black guy killing white soldiers

          hercules and hesione

          And lets be practical here. What are the odds that the god of the sun apollo would be white with blonde hair? When we can see clearly above Hercules is black.
          Why would a sun god have blonde hair if environment determines race? LOL, you cannot even keep your lies straight. Why does a white sun god have african hair? How many germans do you see with curly afros who are jews and mixed raced?
          We know that apollo wasn’t white because the greeks left behind real painted images of apollo in their art where he is clearly shown as black

          hercules and apollo.

        91. Look at the nost area and lips, whites just don’t look like that, it even has the very african jaw and head shape, no way it is white, if it were the rest of head would be in tact. Dentist have looked at this, white ones, they classified it as african

        92. If you knew a lot more about me instead of assuming you know anything about me, you’d realize i’ve made a lot of pro White comments on here…i just don’t do it because of racially motivated horse shit like you do 🙂

        93. people like you revise history

          Wrong, it’s people like yourself. I have science on my side. The statues were white and were painted as blonde and red heads. Science has confirmed. Google “Vinzenz Brinkmann.” Ancient reports describe the Athenians as “fair.” According to the Athenians own history they migrated from the north.
          Sweet, sweet proof. Reality is a bitch, isn’t it?

        94. The reason why we have not seen Yeti is that, due to its white fur, it blends into the background. Therefore Yeti exists.

        95. It clearly looks negroid to me. (Amusingly, on another “Return of Kings” page a white nationalist was having this argument with me, and linked to a film that “reconstructed” the head so that it resembled a Harrod’s face (a white Englishman). So it looks like the two of you will have to have an argument with each other.)
          Basically, you are asking us to believe in epicycles.

        96. lol europeans don’t realize this. They think Minoan Crete’s were white… LOL. the first greek civilization were mulatto, Roman’s looked like modern day Italians…
          Most nordic europeans had NOTHING to do with ANYTHING in antiquity as they are an AD people. Once Nordic Europeans took over Rome (Visigoths and Vandels) they brought the nation into extreme degeneracy until the Moors civilized them

        97. LMAOOOOOOOO you really think crackers were able to build pyramids without sunscreen???? fuck outta here

        98. “but overwhelmingly the modern world was built by white men.”
          LMAOOOOOOO white people BARELY have a history until 332BC, read a book kid

        99. Africa was nothing but a collection of warring hunter-gatherer tribes prior to the white colonialists.

        100. How do you explain Kush? Kemet? Mali? Songhai? Zulu? the Olmec? The Nagas? The entire Nile Valley? there have been 40,000 year old iron smelting mines in south Africa… are you retarded or just illiterate?
          Wouldn’t surprise me being that nordic Europeans didn’t become literate until 211AD LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO go back to your caves caucasoid war mongering degenerate, the sun is getting to your calcified pineal gland

        101. dumb fuck why do you think faggot ass fairy free mason’s spend so much time trying to copy Kushite & Kemetic stone mason rituals? culture vulture degenerates stole the “red white and blue” from the Nile Valley lmaoooo. that’s why ya’ll copy EVERYTHING black folks do… dancing…. music… religion…
          name ONE THING that was original from white people… what nuclear bombs? chicken pox? Oil spills? fucking clowns read a book and go back to the caucus mountains

        102. and who was building everything in the “modern world”? oh that’s right enslaved natives and africans world wide…

        103. Perhaps I should’ve been more clear. By “Africa” I mean Sub-Saharan Africa. I don’t think of Egyptians as “African” at all, but a Mediterranean civilization, which is really what they were. You see, blacks forget there is a 3.6 million sq mile desert that separates the Mediterranean powers (such as Egypt and Carthage) from the rest of Africa. Just because you share the same continent doesn’t mean you share the same accomplishments. Below the desert there isn’t shit, and never has been anything very notable. Whenever I want a good laugh I visit the “African” portion of an art museum.

        104. Europe was nothing but a bunch of degenerate cave dwellers who didn’t even use soap with their kings and queens living in barns with the animals (small pox chicken pox). Incest driven, ZERO civilization and a bunch of cannibalistic war mongers who was spreading white on white crime all over the place until the Moors had to bring you kkklowns under control lmaoooo

        105. Yeah, it isn’t like Greece and Rome isn’t the foundation of Western culture, and is the culture that most of the world now copies. Obvious troll is obvious.

        106. LOL! The only thing enslaved Africans did was pick cotton and sugar cane. “Build everything?” OMG! BAHAHAHA! Even “Dark Aged” Europe was light years more advanced than Sub-Saharan Africa ever hoped to be. Go back to school, kid.

        107. dumb caucasoid cunt the European “Mediterraneans” didn’t control Kemet until 332BC when Alexander defeated the Persian Army
          the Arabs didn’t control the area until 639AD
          525BC-332BC was controlled by dark skinned Persians
          EVERYTHING pre 526BC was PURELY “sub saharan” AFRICAN read a book idiot
          Kemet was the LAST civilization on the Nile Valley. Kush aka “Nubia” predates Kemet by thousands of years and the culture stared at the great lakes of Africa so you clearly don’t know anything about what you’re talking about. Lemme guess, Nubians were white too huh? Arabs had time travel huh? jackass read a book.
          and AGAIN, the minoan crete’s aka MIN a well known AFRICAN god brought knowledge into greece. this is why we correctly Identify the African BLACK influence of Greece. The term “sub saharan” are all modern terms for white supremacists to feel good about their inferior history and degenerate culture which war mongers and steals from EVERYONE on this planet.
          and you wanna talk about “below” the desert we can talk about Kush, Ethiopia, Mali, Songhai, Ife, Punt, The Olmec (funny how europeans invaded west Africa in 1492 and “discovered” America in 1492, just a ANOTHER coincidence huh?)
          where do you get your bullshit information from?

        108. jack ass where did Greece and Romans get their knowledge from? “western Culture” is barely over 2,500 years old lmaoooooo
          Greeks learned from the MINoan cretes. MIN = ancient kemetic god
          read a book kid
          theres a reason you don’t see no pedophile greek or degenerate war monger roman bullshit on a dollar bill… you see PLENTY of kemetic symbolism all over america, freemasonry etc… coincidence??? please

        109. It hurts, but I believe it’s true. Before of the arriving of the spanish to America, there were white people in the Andes and North America, the Incas were white very tall and with red hair, the same with aztecs, also it is said that there were trojans in America, it is very plausible. The indigenous people came later from Siberia and Polinesia, and also very posible the lost tribes of Israel too.

        110. The color of his hair looks from someone of northern Italy, like a friend of mine whose ancestors are from there.

        111. Just like mediterranean people of today, and many germanics have those color of skin and hair because the ancient romans mixed with them before of their society colapse, just like today’s America.

        112. Why is that the fake jews want to project with mediterraneans, celtic and persians and scandinavians as black people?

        113. He has mediterreanean white features, the ancient greeks and romans were horny bastards, they gave the blacks their horny genes and not the way around just like the spanish when arrived in America 500 years ago, lol.

        114. North africans are white, they were the original sea people, with ivory skin color, very roundish hips and butts, and very sexy demeanor, very smiley and have natural dancing skills.

        115. The greatest civilizations came from aliens and giants who were white, the US government know these as facts. There are a lot of information disclosure on the internet.

        116. No, you know is the other way around, don’t lie on the internet. How much the ‘elite’ pay you troll?

        117. Minoan cretes were part of the sea people, who had ivory white skin, v shaped shoulders, semi round faces, probably some mixed with blacks because they were one of the horniest whites, there’s when your black sex appeal came from, lol.

        118. Because they mixed with the best whites but mostly is plagiarized work from other whites, they just copy and make others do their work.

        119. Lol, Germans and Scandinavians would alld rop dead in the heat of the desert. always find it bizarre how the same set of people who claim white skin comes from cold climate turn around and claim the hottest region of the earth was principally populated by white or non-black people.

        120. “probably”
          Dumb ass “MIN” is a kushite/kemetic ancient diety. How can they lives for thousands of years in Africa and cross the sea… In all that sun… Without SPF40?? Lmaooo white folks can’t even be outside in new jersey when its 80 degrees yet you think you can survive in Africa & the Mediterranean?? Even after thousands of years of Caucasoid invasion the genetic stock of that region is currently dark skinned whites 😩😂😂😂 #delusional

        121. North Africans are “Causian” looking, because they are largely mixed raced peoples but the modern north africans are descendents of 800 years of turkish colonialism in north africa. It would be like saying george washington was white therefore geronimo and sitting bull were white.

        122. IS that your best comeback? How sad…if there ever came to exist a form of welfare given specifically to the dull of wit, remind me to sign you up right away.

        123. Ahh the planet Nibiru theory…always a good conversation starter among those who can quote “2012” by memory 🙂

        124. No, your ancestors are illiterate cave dwelling neanderthal hybrids who invade, destroy and rape cultures everywhere they go. You are the epitome of cultural degeneration.
          You talk about welfare, Africa has been giving Europe welfare since 711 after degenerate Nordic vandels & Visigoths destroyed the already degenerate war monger Roman Empire. Name ONE civilization built by a Caucasoid that did not involve invasion, theft, genocide & slavery schemes…..

        125. Nope, some reporters of alien conspiracy believe almost all white share more than twenty different alien races that look white. Sumerians and assirians are believed to be the germans and scandinavians. Celts are of another stock and mediterraneans (north africans, iberians, troyans, hellenic, illyrians for example) are from the pleyades. I know this forum is not to discuss things. But between whites there are several differences too. And mix that with other races, the puzzle is starting to get complete.

        126. Mediterreaneans whites mixed white every nonwhite people on earth, it is even in the bible, lol, just look that Daniel Ramos dude, he likes to sleep with black women despite he has spanish and italian blood ie mediterranean white.

        127. Well acuratley they were once the sea people before turkish colonialism like you said, but still it exist a minor group of people that have intact that genetic line intact, just don’t remember the name of that group. Berbers for example are to believe to be part of the sea people.

        128. Don’t project your wants of achievements of whites with inferiority complex, you can’t fool asians, native americans, semitics history before european colonization.

        129. Lol, they were part of the sea people, leyends and mithology says the were descendants of the titan poseidon. Blacks don’t have the natural tough attitude and mentality that those people had unless is mixed in ancient times(ethiopians) or central americans (spanish)

        130. Well in south africa there are descendants of dutch, germans, and I believe they are very white lol, like Charlize Theron and their parents, lol.

        131. Any facts or just more Caucasoid rhetoric that’s been disproven decades ago? Even your fellow Caucasians know the degenerates who believe that biblical mythology don’t take you serious 😂

        132. You have no idea who my “ancestors” were so i will thank you not to make vast ASSumptions to that effect, more so when i am not what you would consider a Caucasian. I’m Colombian/Italian with greater genealogical influence from the former. The latter didn’t come about until much later, and quite by force.
          I would like some citation to back up your “welfare” remark, unless of course you expect me to take your words as gospel 🙂
          Also, you do realize that slavery (a cousin of welfare) is still in effect in predominantly non White countries…right? Muslim countries especially still export slaves now just as they did back then to other civilizations, such as when they sold them to the White Man to make their quotas easier to achieve.
          You should give Whites credit at least for ending racial slavery in the civilized world…,most especially since non Whites still engage in it 🙂

        133. LOL Italian huh? Aka caucus crackers with a tan and slightly more history of war mongering, degenerate thug mob influence & pedophile religious leaders?
          Yes I know slavery is in FULL effect. In amerikkka for example just look at the prison industrial complex. Or when you illiterate neo-kkkons outsource jobs to third world nations. And Arabic Caucasoids are well known about their slavery of Africans they’re more savage than the euro-cracker.
          And at the end of the day the euro cracker and the sand cracker all take orders from the Khazar cracker so really all three of you degenerate Neanderthal hybrids are culturally the same.

        134. This is all just speculations that can’t actually be proven to be true, unless of course you were there to see it from the beginning or can supply some undeniable proof to substantiate your feelings on this.
          My feelings on the subject is that what passed for “aliens” back then were really nothing more complicated than demons possessing human form, and bringing with them technologies to make people worship them rather than the one true God.

        135. Lol still trying to attack me on a genealogy i’m not responsible for? Is that the best you can do because of your racially motivated solipsism?
          “Yes I know slavery is in FULL effect. In amerikkka for example just look at the prison industrial complex. Or when you illiterate neo-kkkons outsource jobs to third world nations. And Arabic Caucasoids are well known about their slavery of Africans they’re more savage than the euro-cracker.”
          AWW ignoring the link that i posted about muslim slavery are you? What’s the matter…is that too hard for your sciolist perspective to handle? Or do you simply ignore it because you agree with it, because you are a muslim yourself? Which is it?
          You can try all you like to insult me on factors i had no conscious input over, it doesn’t faze me. I don’t get caught up on racial nomenclature like you pedestrian prejudice minded plebians do.
          The Black racists consider me a tool of Whites, and the White racists consider me a tool of the Blacks. At the end of the day, no matter which category you fall into, or an “other” equally racially motivated category i haven’t mentioned, it doesn’t matter. The stercoraceous expectoration that you share is still stercoraceous expectoration, regardless of its color.
          The only race that matters is the human race…everything else is secondary to that. You would be wiser to understand this, friend.

        136. I have NEVER denied the crazy caucus Arab slave trading degenerates. Are you kilitrste?
          Ain’t no fucking Muslim idiot I know my history.
          It ain’t no stereo type I’m talking about historical FACTS. Caucasoids are the death to humanity. Your people commit genocide everywhere you go. Why do you deny this?

        137. Yes in South Africa which is colder than south europe and SNOWS, not North Africa and the deserts and they can only survive those areas with sunblocks and skin coverings and they still get skin cancer at unusually high rates due to high uv. Besides, alot of those people have distant black admixture. The whites would drop dead in middle east and north africa which have way hotter temperatures, they’d get burned everyday.

        138. Lol well it’s about time you acknowledged it. Good for you 🙂
          I’ve already mentioned to you that i’m not a “Caucasoid” you blithering buffoon. I gave you hints as to my genealogy in previous communiques with you, too bad you were too slow to catch any of it.
          The Italian part of me came from the Euros stopping port in Colombia and raping my ancestors, who were native Indians there. There are also trace amounts of Black in my gene pool, since the slave traders (Euro and otherwise) would routinely mate their Black slaves with the Indian prisoners/slaves in the port of calls they happened to visit.…gotta love it 😀
          I know my history as well, dolt…so i suggest you back off before i further expose you as the imbecile racist that you are.

        139. You base your views on racial guidelines that allow you to disparage and otherwise discredit a type of people through nothing more sophisticated than aesthetics.
          Do you wish them death or harm?

        140. I don’t wish death or harm on anyone, that’s something Caucasoids do. Again, I just speak on facts. Idk how that’s “racist” as again I don’t benefit from systematic racism in any way shape or form.

        141. There are bad Whites just as there are bad non Whites.
          I don’t hold loyalty to either…only the truth.

        142. “I don’t hold loyalty to either…only the truth.”
          And the truth is what I’m expressing… Yet you have a problem with it lol

        143. Because what little you convey that i could actually agree with gets overshadowed by the racial implications you use to convey it.
          Sometimes how you say something is just as important as what you say to begin with.
          You are your own worst spokesman.

        144. I can never prove racially motivated solipsism incorrect…that would require objective intellectual participation on your part.
          Agree to disagree, since this is starting to go nowhere.

        145. No, i grow bored from racially motivated solipsism from a mind too rooted in emotion to think clearly.
          You react like a female in many ways…tsk.

        146. Yeah I get that. Nobody wants to end up a depressed tinfoil head. I think there is little point in caring unless you’re able to contribute in at least some small way. That’s why I’m getting off my arse and joining the National Youth Front and will soon be donating to Power Through Discipline. It takes time to learn how to acknowledge a issue without being emotionally effected in a negative way by it. Some people never learn this. I was depressed for months when I first started figuring it out. Now I’m happier than I’ve ever been, which may sound terrible given the current circumstances of the world. You have to learn to work towards something without being fixated on both the goal itself and the consequences if it fails. Live in the moment, we hear it all the time but it’s value can’t be over emphasised. And if/when it looks like the shits really about to hit the fan, just embrace and accept it. I will say for every Nationalist; you’re first priorities should be you’re health, career and family and not Nationalism. Because without the other 3 you won’t be of any use in the first place

        147. Ok, see, that’s all I wanted. You and I have some basic disagreements about things, but in the end are very similar in that finding meaning is a primary importance. My meaning is focused inwards and yours outwards, but despite our differences in opinions I can respect your ability to express the drive behind your energies.
          I appreciate your answer. I agree that learning to work towards something without being fixated on the goal or consequences is valuable and important. I feel I have done that, as well as you, only my goals are far different than yours. That doesn’t matter. The point of my question was to see if the motivations for nationalism or otherwise external motivators is at least similar to that of the solipsistic focus that I have. Whether or not it goes across the board I cannot say, but I think we have pretty similar motivating factors.

        148. from the start euros were raping and killing us beginning with the colony at plymouth.the only euros that didnt kill natives enmasse were traders in the fur trade.lets not start on iberians.
          the society built today only benefits white people so i dont know why you deem this as positive.native americans had a much more advanced civilization than europe in the 1400s so we would have been much more advanced left alone then with dumb europeans coming and raping our empires.

        149. “from the start euros were raping and killing us beginning with the colony at plymouth.the only euros that didnt kill natives enmasse were traders in the fur trade.lets not start on iberians.”
          Not ALL Euros were doing this, as i said there were genuine attempts at entente that had varying degrees of success. Google the first thanksgiving for just a brief indication of such.

          “the society built today only benefits white people”
          Nonsense. I as an American of a Colombian background am proof to the contrary.
          “native americans had a much more advanced civilization”
          A truly advanced civilization would not have been supplanted by a lesser one if by “advanced” you are referring to technological considerations. Given that the Indians were using tomahawks and knives while the Euro’s were using colts and other, more advanced weaponry and tactics it comes as no surprise why we are the united States of America and not the United States of Indian tribes, for example. I’m not saying this is a good thing but you should be more specific when you say “advanced” if you are not referring to technology.

      1. Cassius Clay is a punch-drunk Parkinson’s victim, leave that fat old dumb sack o shit out of this.

        1. He holds his own with a serious talk show host by telling the truth.
          It was the 70’s. He was at his peak.

    1. Indeed, watch carefully next time you turn on the Talmudvision. Nearly every single advertisement with a mixed race couple will be White woman, Black man. There is an Agenda behind this, as there is behind everything. These Jews want Whites wiped off the face of the earth. They always have; we, and our civilisation, are not only a barrier to them ruling the world, as is promised to them in their books. We are living proof that they are not God’s chosen people, and they resent us for it.
      There was recently, and infamously, a video of ‘interracial art’ which was allowed to remain on Jewtube for a good month, which showed the most graphic nudity of a black man touching a blonde woman in the most intimate places and being photographed (by a Jew, of course) for 15 minutes. Now, as you know, nudity is against YouTube’s policy. But not when it’s Black man on White Woman nudity, of course. The goyim must see this, because encouraging a people to mix its genes away is one of the best ways to destroy them. Becoming racially aware is the way to really understand what’s going on, people. Nearly every feminist, leftist, faggot-promoting, reality-defying writer, upon closer inspection, is simply a Jew ethnic activist, advocating for Whites the destructive policies he wouldn’t dream of for Israel.
      ‘Was there any kind of filth or brazenness, particularly in cultural life, in which there was not at least one Jew participating? As soon as you cautiously cut into such an abscess, you would find, like a maggot in a rotting body, blinded by the sudden light, a Jew!’ – Adolf Hitler

        1. How do you think humans started to begin with?
          Do you think the first humans were lily White or possibly not…possibly every color, or is that too much for you to contemplate?

        2. Everyone has a common ancestor that lived in Africa. Humans traveled across the world, and were honed by their respective environments via Evolutionary pressures. Leftists today have a bad tendency of confusing being similar with being the same.

        3. Well thank you. Finally, a remark i can agree with, although i would substitute in the word adaptation for “evolutionary.”

        4. That is probably just immigration. 95% of Europeans are pure European (google, white Americans are Really white), and blue eye extinction is probably a myth like blonde extinction.

        5. I would make that alteration as well, because throwing in an often misrepresented, frequently misused, and sometimes mistaken term tends to hamper discourse, causing most debates on the subject of genetics, adaptation, other science or even faith to fall into theist versus atheist pissing contests. It’s like trying to reasonably discuss whether man has an influence on weather patterns with members of the Climate Change Cult.

        6. A Chinese girlfriend asked me if our children would have blue or brown eyes. I had to tell her that the eyes would be brown unless her great grandmother was raped by Marco Polo or something, and then it would be a coin toss at best.

        7. No, you seek an identity and that’s libertarian. At heart you’re a DemoKKKrat who believes what ever groupthink comes up with to justify someone else’s appearance.

        8. No, blue eyes are recessive. The hospital stats confirm every year fewer and fewer blue eyed babies are being born. See the article.
          The Left’s idea of “diversity” is to turn America into a homogeneous race of brown skin, black hair, brown eyed people. That doesn’t sound very “diverse” to me.

        9. Wow! You and the 2 posters above you are Bonifide idiots.
          Conspiracy theory much?
          FYI, any race that breeds with other races waters down its’ purity. It’s called genetics.
          There’s much more to gene selection than a simple matter of race. It’s about the actual people involved.
          If you have a dominate male and a meek female, the dominate male genes will most likely prevail.
          Vicea versa, strong female personality vs weak male personality equals dominate female genes.
          They are called “Coal Burners” BTW.

        10. LOOK!!! at this Daniel Ramos jackass.
          Hes probably posted over a hundred responses on this article (no joke- probably spent his entire unemployed day on this article). Hasbarat 2015 updated manual. Take up screenspace by attacking everyone possible to derail the consensus and detract from a cohesive message.
          Furthermore he also makes his attackers look foolish (like cops beating up a clown).
          He admitted to be of mixed race (my guess is half jew, half black on his fathers side, probably never met his father)
          Do not ever bother engaging someone like this.
          But can some one please up vote him for at least one of his comments? Its painful to see him at zero after all his hardwork!

        11. Hey Everybody!
          Can someone recommend a good 3D printer that will print safe butt plugs from home?
          Daniel Ramos

        12. What about Neanderthals? They were human (many of us descended from them), but they were already in Europe when the “new humans” arrived. And what of the Denisovans, from whom many Asians descend? Did Neanderthals and Denisovans also have a common ancestor in Africa?

        13. Many (most?) non-white children are born with blue eyes, though the eyes change color in the first few months or years. Native American genes are not very dominant, so many white people of American Indian ancestry have blue eyes their whole life.

        14. Attitude is very important in the survival instinct. Likewise the survival instinct is very important in the makeup of the genetic roadmap.

        15. They dont say within whites. They say in general. Again, it’s like the Blonde Extinction myth

        16. Recessive genes are like going to a casino and playing against the house. You might win some of the times, but in the long run you’re fucked. I get it, because blue eyes win “sometimes” you say it’s a myth they’re disappearing. Wrong. The hospital stats confirm. Thus, not a myth, no matter how much you dig in and entrench yourself in pseudoskepticism because someone told you it was a “myth.”
          Keep reading this article over and over until you understand what it says.

        17. So your argument is that white men are promoting that white women to have black children? I never said there’s a conspiracy, but the West these days absolutely is anti-white in every way, shape, and form. How it came to be that way is debatable. Regardless, white men are the new “nigger.” There is no larger scapegoat.

        18. Yes. The common ancestor with both Neanderthal and Denisovan are different ancestor(s), but there is still one. If you go back far enough we have a common ancestor with the banana.

        19. I think you need to reconsider the logic behind what you are saying. First of all there are no “white people”. There are homo sapiens who have adapted to their environments over millennia based on diet, climate, and their activities. Homo sapiens in Europe have lighter skins because they have less sun exposure and they do not consume much vitamin D in their diet (and other factors as well). As such, it will be impossible to wipe out white people. What is more likely is that black people in Europe will eventually turn white.
          Not only that, worrying about white people being wiped out its a bit like worrying that white cats will be wiped out by mating with black cats. I pretty sure that cats don’t give a shit about this.

        20. Don’t put words in my mouth. I said what I said. Basically that your comment was too simplistic.
          Racism has no place in a debate on genetics. Race and racism are not the same.
          You made it out that the black gene wins out always and that’s simply not true. You leave out far too many variables to even come close to such a conclusion.
          The 2 idiots above you made blanket “Jewish Conspiracy” comments which negates any point they may have had.
          I happen to agree that races should stay within their race. I am white and not shy to admit I’m proud of it.
          There are many racial issues that I have a problem with, and I’m quite vocal and aggressive in my opinion.
          But this thread got morphed into genetics, and that is what I am addressing.

        21. Nope we didn’t. Oldest remains of man were/are in caves in modern Georgia near Russia. God separated the races. It’s why organ transplants are denied for biracial people!!

        22. Lol Anyone who has to insert an epithet into their remark when expressing their disagreement obviously has no other means of expressing any sort of discernible intelligence. As expected, all someone a despicable aryan nation zealot like yourself can provide is incendiary propaganda to fuel the horse shit that you and your equally misguided troll herd happily ingests.
          And how do you figure that i’m “unemployed?” Is that yet another baseless charge because you’re too dull of wit or intellect to debate with facts and reason? Naw that couldn’t be it, could it? 🙂
          Your guess as to my racial background is as ignorant as your stated perspectives on here. I stated a couple of times how i’m Colombian/Italian so there’s no “Jew” genetic make up for you to attack me over, goose stepper.
          It’s a pity you’re too in in love with your biased perspective to care much for disagreeing with any sort of civility or reason…”Blame ze Jews” is the best a contemptible sciolist like you can provide…pathetic.
          Pathos on you friend 🙂

        23. What a homo…and so infantile LOL!
          Notice that the only “likes” you’re getting are from your equally idiotic 3rd Reichstag goose steppers.
          All done with your aryan nation fag horse shit? Then take it back to stormfront or whatever other virtual shit hole you came from.
          Keep it up and i might just take a trip to Germany and leave my mongrel seed in some of your “pure” Women there haha 😀

        24. The oldest remains of man in Russia are of Black people.
          Whites dont exist until about 6000 years ago or so

        25. omo sapiens in European have lighter skins because “they have less sun exposure and they do not consume much vitamin D in their diet (and other factors as well).”
          Wrong. Thia has been debunked a long time ago.
          Whites are “white” because they suffer from a form of albinism. A malfunction of one of the genes…P3 i think.

        26. “First of all there are no ‘white people’. There are homo sapiens who have adapted to their environments over millennia based on diet, climate, aht their activities. Homo sapiens in European have lighter skins because they have less sun exposure and they do not consume much vitamin D in their diet (and other factors as well). As such, it will be impossible to wipe out white people. What is more likely is that black people in Europe will eventually turn white.
          “Not only that, worrying about white people being wiped out its a bit like worrying that white cats will be wiped out by mating with black cats. I pretty sure that cats don’t give a shit about this.”
          “White” Negroes already exist, albinos. If Caucasians went extinct, Negroes becoming albino (and gaining other “white” externals) wouldn’t bring back “whites” (Caucasians). It is like thinking that changing cheetahs to have entirely black fur would undo the extinction of black panthers.

        27. You’re ego is about 3-4 times greater than that of your intelligence, Bob. You’re a smart guy. Dial down the ego and learn something.

        28. Lolol, Darwinism is a bunch of BS made up by the elites. ET’s created white people, as they did all humankind.

        29. If they are not selected against, they will be fine. It sounds counter intuitive but it’s true

        30. The Black Panthers are only extinct because the US Government shot them all.
          Actually the black panther is a good example because it doesn’t exist. It is just a big cat of any species with black fur.
          Likewise, caucasians and negroes do not exist. These are pseudo scientific terms from the 19th Century. As such, white people as you understand them will never be extinct. I think actually you should be more concerned with cultural changes rather than imaginary racial changes. A cultural change towards socialism which is going to get a lot of us killed. And this comes from Europe, not Africa.

        31. I’ll come with you. I met a couple of lovely German ladies recently. Those German chicks love them some brown skin…

        32. I up vote you a lot of times englishbob. But I am sure you know this time you’re lying or blue pilled.
          There is more genetical distance between a white person and a black person than genetic distance between the two species of chimpanzee, gorilas and others. Even neanderthals, that are from other specie are closer genetically to”eurasian” than Africans. How is possible that a member of eurasian is more related to a member of other specie than a member of his own specie, maybe his specie is a social construct which fall down when science came.

        33. If you’re menaced by socialism maybe you’re closer to whites than your brothas. Socialism is R selected. Created by the loser white and the whiteknighthood. Currently is the flag of no winners allowed. Tax tax rob men rob white men rob also other winner men make marriage a theft too, if you’re against that may you are “white in character”
          And socialism have saved Africa from the white full replacement.

        34. I’m either lying or blue pilled? That’s absurd. This is science and the facts are the facts. You do yourself no credit by name calling when someone disagrees with you.
          You have not substantiated your claim about chimps and gorillas. Can chimps breed with gorillas? Can white people breed with black people? When you’ve answered those questions try making your argument again.

        35. I consider myself to be libertarian in character. The poor will always vote for socialism because of envy and greed. And those in power can use these to increase their wealth and power. Its easy to con the greedy.

        36. Moreover a white women with a mudsharked kid is more genetically related to a random kid of a white couple than her own child. A mother shared with her son 50% of genetic resemblance, but when there is too heterozygosity(the black 50% is far away from the mother) the whole 100% of her dna is nearer to the 100% dna of a random child than her child 100%.
          As you are particularly good commenter I’m going to seek it

        37. Spanish chicks dig blue eye guys. But the sort of guy they love most is swarthy with green eyes. Maybe using lenses

        38. where are the black Neanderthal and Denisovan remains? And how could black people become white or yellow over time, given that no child is ever darker than his darkest parent?

        39. Yes, but in Africa? I’ve never heard anyone even attempt to trace the origins of Neanderthals to Africa. Have Neanderthal or Denisovan remains been found in Africa that are not attributable to southward migration from Europe or Asia?
          Not trying to be a dick here, just questioning the official “out of Africa” narrative.

        40. asians want so bad to white. All that race mixing with whites still produces a slant in the eyes of their children. Sorry Asian girls , once you’re a [email protected]@k , always a ….

        41. According to one theory, Neanderthals, Denisovans, and modern humans are all descended from the ancient human Homo heidelbergensis. Between 300,000 to 400,000 years ago, an ancestral group of H. heidelbergensis left Africa and then split shortly after. One branch ventured northwestward into West Asia and Europe and became the Neanderthals. The other branch moved east, becoming Denisovans. By 130,000 years ago H. heidelbergensis in Africa had become Homo sapiens. Our modern human ancestors did not begin their own exodus from Africa until about 60,000 years ago, when they expanded into Eurasia and encountered their ancient cousins.

          Google is your friend.

        42. I never said that black genes “win always,” talk about putting words in someone’s mouth. However, a mulatto is a mulatto and not a white person. A mulatto cannot give birth to a white person. If you turned American in mulattos, then you’ve effectively destroyed the white population, because a mulatto is not a white person, and a white person is not a mulatto. Similarly, when you bred a tiger with a lion you make a liger. It’s not a tiger, nor a lion, but something completely different. Promoting racial mixing is, in fact, an attack on white genetics. White women who breed with black men give birth to lighter skinned blacks, never a white person. Period.

        43. So, then, if we are descended both from “old” humans (Denisovans and Neanderthals) and “modern” humans, then none of these is in reality any more modern than any other, as all are currently manifested.

        44. Deny all you want, but dominant genes always win in the long term. Blue eyes are disappearing, that doesn’t mean they’ll disappear tomorrow, but they’re disappearing regardless. The article I linked to proves you wrong.

        45. Not sure what you’re trying to say. Neanderthal, Denisovan, and Homo Sapien all evolved separately from Homo heidelbergensis.

        46. Naw, There’s 30,000 year old Caucasian skeletons found in mounds in the Midwest that predate the Asian migration over the Bering land bridge.

        47. Blacks have different skeletons, denser bones, smaller cranial cavities and their brains are wired differently. They carry sickle cell anemia and have a higher tendency for diabetes than other races.

        48. No, you didn’t say it. But you DID imply it. Blacks have and do, have white, non-albino babies.
          It happens.
          I don’t disagree with you about the direction of national genetics.
          I do disagree with you example of the severity of it.
          Again, in genetics it’s not that simple.

        49. What an insane fool you are. Race is real, it can easily be identified on a DNA test. The historical record plainly shows different racial/ethnic groups have live differently than others – and some have achieved far more than others.

        50. She’s not a gook, she’s a chink. Get your racial epithets straight! Actually, she’s put on some weight so she is more of a chunk.

        51. And as a follow up, lots of Asian girls want to get eye surgery so they look more white (not LASIK so they don’t have to wear glasses like every fucking chick, or so it seems).

        52. I don’t want to put a racial spin on this, because I respect you Bob. However, I think I originated in spirit. For those who think they came from monkeys, I tend to agree with them.

        53. I agree Englishbob. You hit the nail on the head. I’m also pretty sure our ancestors like King Ragnar or Julius Caesar didn’t give a damn if the babe they wanted wasn’t white. Moses married an Ethiopian and King Solomon loved a dark skinned woman too (Song of Solomon). Like a white cat, I don’t give a shit a bout white cats being wiped out – I love my black cat and what we have together is more important than blonde hair (which, scientifically, will survive ad infinitum despite racial alarmist propaganda).

        54. Because they like rough sex not romantic sex, they don’t have a clue in that regard like italian women for example.

        55. Nope, Neanderthals being forced to adapt to Ice age Europe and Central Asia had fairly pale complexions some even had red hair and green eyes ( Blue eyes came later in European Homo Sapiens.) The common ancestor to both Neanderthals and Homo sapiens was Homo heidelbergensis.
          Homo Sapiens (Africa) and Neanderthals split about 350000 years ago then around 45000 years ago Homo sapiens crossed over into Europe and interbreed and probabily fought with Neanderthals around 39000 the Neanderthals became extinct.
          All Europeans and Asians have around 1-4% Neanderthal DNA.

        56. Zero research. several tribes of American Indians have the highest tendency for diabetes. Also, many Indians in India are prone to sickle cell anemia.

        57. You claim people are a product of their environments. As in whites are white because europe is cold, blacks are black because africa is hot. Can you explain how it is that middle eastern people are not black when middle east like southern iran, iraq, israel, saudi arabia etc are hot desert hotter than most of tropical africa, which is not even much hotter than southern europe anyways? and why is it kenyans are black when kenya is cold in the highlands but australians are also black and it is hot yet middle easterners are non black and its hotter than both?

        58. Are you white? Is that influencing your opinion?
          What is influencing my opinion is science. Can you present some evidence that anything I have said is incorrect?

        59. We are not descended from Neanderthals. They are a parallel branch of genus homo.
          And you are definitely a homo. ;-P

        60. She said that her mother is fat and her brother is fat so she will be fat. . . the hell with that!

        61. Yeah, because she eats the same shitty diet.
          I have been telling this girl for a year that she needs to stop eating so much crap. She is not listening and I have reached the end of my patience.
          Ultimately, it is better to date a girl who already has the values you desire rather than trying to impress these values upon them. But it can be difficult to find a girl like that. If you do, hold on with both hands.

        62. It is partly diet. She has a shitty little kitchen and can’t cook good food. However, she won’t take the time to hit the gym and spends her work day on her ass, in her car, driving to some useless meeting.
          I spent several year in the whole BDSM scene and vanilla people asked me why. My answer was that if the girl will agree to be tied down, beaten, sodomized and facialized, odds are we will not part ways over some bullshit argument about whether the toilet roll should go over the top or proceed from the bottom. I think the same might go for dietary and exercise habits. There is a small number of women who will conform to fit your mold.
          But yes, if you are a natural match without any whips, chains or operant conditioning, then they would be a keeper.
          The episode of Bing Bang Theory where Sheldon “trains” Penny is a classic.

        63. I have to say, she sounds like a total failure as a woman. I mean what part of womanhood has she actually achieved? You should tell her that (I’m serious) when you dump her. She deserves to know.
          J/K about “full retard” if it wasn’t obvious 😉

        64. As much as I have affection for her, I can’t disagree with you much.
          A “three notch count” seems like some sort of gold standard around here, but at age 34 I guess there is something messed up about a woman who has only been with three guys. My new squeeze is 26 and with a 3 notch count and admittedly messed up in her own way, but in a different way.

        65. Mate I don’t even want to think about. Although, even without asking you can usually tell a high notch woman by her behavior and/or her friends. If the girl mentions she had a long term ex, while she has at least one ex, you can be reasonably certain she is not a slut.
          I met a couple of British Public School (i.e. top schools in Britain) girls who told me they backpacked across Britain and that “they were bad”. Lines through names.

        66. Really, I am not a red pill ideologue or a misogynist as many SJWs would paint me. But seriously, there is a whole bunch of truth to be found in relation to BDSM chicks.
          The most unfortunate truth is in the joke:
          Q: Why did God invent BDSM?
          A: So fat chicks could get sex too!

        67. I hear you, my friend. I did not plan to be in China because I have “yellow fever” and want to fuck Asian bitches. It was more of an organic process but now here I am. It is a different world, I must tell you, certainly here in a second tier city. You can’t deploy game as normally understood but the girls are low-count and looking for something long-term.
          Now as it happens, my employer has decided to move me to Shenzhen. I am working fix-its but if this move destroys my long term woman of choice then you will probably see me posting more about using game on Shenzhen girls (more westernized from all accounts). I had no concept of “game” when I was in Shanghai two years ago. I have a new perspective now.

        68. That’s not entirely correct. The genus Canis (wolves, dog’s, coyotes etc.) can interbreed and produce fertile offspring but still remain separate species. And to claim that somehow there are no differences between the races except skin color is absurd. Law enforcement can determine the racial makeup of an individual by most any body fluid or hair sample. This is common science these days and the left are sweating the progress being made.
          The loss of one individual race, particularly the White race, is still permanent and will have a chilling affect on the total population of the country – whether or not you’re willing to admit that Whites are responsible for most of the advanced civilization on this planet.

        69. What’s not exactly correct?
          Skin colour, hair, nails, whatever. I’m talking about substantive differences. Why do people not talk about difference races of animals? Why does race only apply to humans?
          Civilisation is transitory my friend. Today, the United States is arguably the most advanced (if you mean by that technological) civilisation. Yesterday it was the Ottomans. Maybe tomorrow it will be the Chinese.
          Frankly, only a child gets excited by these meaningless distinctions. Its a primitive “them and us” perspective which the superior species of human has evolved from.
          Should every White person be thrilled the US is still the most powerful nation? Not if you’re from Russia.

        70. “Skin colour, hair, nails, whatever. I’m talking about substantive differences. Why do people not talk about difference races of animals? Why does race only apply to humans?”
          They do, only it’s referred to as species. Race is just another term for species – you should know that if you’ve read up on the science.
          “Civilisation is transitory my friend. Today, the United States is arguably the most advanced (if you mean by that technological) civilisation. Yesterday it was the Ottomans. Maybe tomorrow it will be the Chinese”
          The East Asians have created advanced civilizations but I am unaware of Black Africans ever being able to build and maintain a modern civilization. Many people, including myself, believe it’s because of the low IQ of the average Black. I’m sure you have some nonsense excuse for it though.
          “Frankly, only a child gets excited by these meaningless distinctions. Its a primitive “them and us” perspective which the superior species of human has evolved from.”
          That’s easy to say when your race’s population is skyrocketing at the expense of my racial family. I’m done with the back and forth though since there’s no point in carrying on with someone like yourself – we’re simply too far apart.

        71. Flips never do it for me. I generally don’t dig on the east, but flips in particular seem……icky

        72. “No way for me to avoid being fat….it’s genetics” (as she devours 5000 calories with a macro count of 10p 30f 70c)

        73. That’s bs. I have a shitty little NYC apartment kitchen and I pump out seriously yummy meal prep every sunday packed with calories and macros taken into account while still making it tasty enough that I don’t even think about eating out at some sodium rich shit hole. I could manage meal prep with a coleman burner. Where there is a will there is a way.
          Fat people are fat all for the same reason: laziness. That laziness may manifest itself in different ways, but being a lazy fuck is what makes a person fat.
          I won’t touch the BDSM stuff. Not sure about where” sheldon trains penny” but training women is, of course necessary. However, referencing the big bang theory is a bad sign

        74. I am 15 years your junior, but by no means a young guy.
          Agreed, 18-24 gets a few extra bumps assuming not fat. Still, something about asians just turns me off. Not kicking any 19 year old asians out of my bathtub, don’t get me wrong…

        75. well, at my age, if she ain’t fat, and she’ll hold still, i’m thinking i’m in good shape, no matter where she’s from………lol

        76. “Gook” isn’t a racial epithet. It’s an Anglicization of the Korean word “geuk” meaning “man” or “person”.

        77. Whatever the etymology, it was used as a disparaging term regarding the North Vietnamese and is considered offensive by every dictionary that I have seen.

        78. Thanks jambalyabones for showing your intelligence you stupid jealous as sleazy red neck devil.

        79. The Korean word “geuk” 국 means “country” or “nation”…NOT “man” or “person”.

        80. NO. Asians who get the eyelid surgery are NOT trying to “look more white”.
          They want to look like Asians who have “bigger” eyes.
          If they wanted to look more “white”, they would have to get nose jobs and and other facial surgeries as well.
          The eyelid surgery is popular because they want to look like other ASIANS who naturally have eyes like that.
          It has NOTHING to do with wanting to look “white”.

        81. That’s not true. Black people become white when they bleach their skin or put some cosmetic foundation, not because they live north. I’ve seen Pakis, black,browns all become white within 5 minutes of a beauty makeover. Features are completely different, especially the hair. Good Heavens. And if that were the case, eskimos would be fair skin.

        82. Hmm… if that’s true how do we know who is White and who is faking it? Now that’s creepy!
          I can explain Eskimos for you though. Its the fish.

        83. You hit the nail squarely on the head. I care about people, not what colour they are, and I couldn’t care less what skin colour is most prevalent.
          I concerned more about idiots who can’t seem to keep their religious beliefs personal and others who feel their “God” speaks for the rest of us. That’s the problem of the future, not whether or not “white” or “black” people will exist which is so trivial (in comparison) that I couldn’t give two rats…

        84. Because we don’t want blacks in our blood lines. I don’t want my descendants looking like Seal. Heidi Kline blonde daughter vs those African spawn that sheet crapped out.

        85. but then world ends lol
          everytime whites are endangered world is all global warming warfare and Jesus is coming and every sort of world end scenario that can be named is named along with whites getting scarcer.. its always been obvious. no one can live without whites. whites can and do live without other races.
          same cycle everytime
          “when abomination is in holy place unless I come when I do NO FLESH will be saved”
          ive never seen you all more scared than lately.

        86. destroy whites by race mixing lol
          you admit that’s being destroyed hahaha
          negroes always were simple.
          your soul is ugly you cant fix that.
          youll actually die feeling ugly as you look and feel. what can change it? not your mother.
          not God
          not you
          not white dna
          youre unfixable
          a mistake
          a physical and a spiritual abortion are you.
          happiness will return for white nations. “what once was will always be again” ecclesiastes
          “the thing I said should never happen again when you were taken on boats in chains and sold as slaves,it will happen again only this time NO ONE WILL BUY YOU” black is just reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad . we tried to be nice and accept you as equals. it didn’t work and we wont feel bad.
          our souls go to a better place:) and you KNOW it.keep smiling everyone. this will soon be passed.
          in fact. smile more and more..somehow the negroes take it personal lol and makes them scowl like theyre related somehow. delusion. black people are a joke… a bad dream
          no one cares anymore. at all.
          I hope when there are no more whites the world ends lol
          or we are in heaven and you all return to jungle and naked days.. (you just don’t want us to see you in your natural state I get it now) how can you return to your natural state if we are watching? no wonder you want us gone. we see it in ghetto daily. but only on tv…… youre probably mad cameras get in there and just want to go back to your homeland

        87. also due to black male bi sexuality the black women carries more aids then white women and is less of the population (also from cdc) no race ruins its own woman like the black race. maybe you belong in a different environment.. oh wait Africa is all black in many areas and the women have higher aids rates there too. and don’t look very happy or well cared for on bones and the men still want sex.. even if he cant feed his ten kids with flies on them starving to death and she is so skinny her bones will break if you touch her and he still has to use his demon part..a white man has more compassion than that…. you never see a white man with a starving wife and kids wanting to have sex. maybe you all fear life doesn’t want you? so you do all you can to “survive” ? its a phenomenon. to be sexually active with aids and starving and DYING children and women. we keep trying to help and educate you too. then you just get angry.. you put on sneakers and still do the same behavior…as you do over there….. weird people!!! such an alien race morally and spiritually..where does God say keep breeding and if he isn’t feeding you? and actually letting you starve to death?

        88. whats sad is ive seen many negro parents,mother or father doesn’t matter either one.. jealous of their own half white child… and they take it out on them…they find out their souls don’t mix… and they get mad…

        89. You really think that just because there are different cultures that means that they are separate races? I guess the English are a different race than the Polish. One has accomplished more than the other and they also live differently.
          What a fucking idiot.

        90. Scientists have proven that Europeans had dark skin 7,000 years ago. There skin lightened over time due to a genetic mutation that was spread from the Middle East.

        91. Interracial marriage rate in east asian countries are still extremely low. So you can take your “Asians wanna be white” non sense elsewhere. Whites have the worst genetics. They are fatter, dumber, age extremely faster and weaker. Who the hell wants to look like obese wrinkle up old hag when you are 40?

        92. Asians do the blonde hair a lot and it is of UTMOST importance to them to be pale white skinned.
          they wear blue contacts
          its a global phenomenon.
          beyonce does the same
          it looks stupid ugly and silly on other races (blonde/blue) it looks bad,. they looked better with black hair and however they do naturally.but people will keep lying to themselves and call it just a “fashion trend” even if the fashion trend clearly contains another races traits!! its sick.
          white dna cant be bought
          that was some ancient sorcery curse (its in the bible.. speaks of white dna buying and selling…) lam 2-3 “worth weight in gold.. and she was the “light” (light color) contrasted with “they all lied, they all turned black as an oven” then song of Solomon three things are mentioned… sex money and white skin (and black skin) the white people the two black people spoke of were not present.. they were “afar off” it says.. so th etwo blacks were having sex it says and exchanging money…. for “vineyards” (vineyards are always people in bible!) and “same tree as your mother” is mentioned (cloning) anyway.. sorry everyone you cant be white..its a different soul too… you can look white but it will make you look worse…. it cant be bought.

        93. I love being white.whites have the best genetics. Some of the sexiest whites are 40 are jealous haha!

        94. I don’t know about us white boys love taking it up the rear also don’t you agree

        95. Us white boys take it up rear every once in a while don’t you agree

        96. Are you fucking stupid? Asian women are beautiful. Much more so than mud people.

        97. In other words their just fucked up as Hell Oh and what’s with that whole whites of their eyes being yellowish at times?

        98. That’s because they are nothing more than selfish wild animals that should be put out of their misery. They treat their women and children like crap. A black man had rather put 20’s on his car than have the heat turned on in the winter time so their kids will be warm. Just a bunch of materialistic animals. The black man cares only for himself. He doesn’t care about his women or children and actually hates himself because he knows that he’s shit. Out of every other race on earth the Black man is the lowest of them all. Without the the white man black man wouldn’t survive. They need to be coddled like a child. Just look at Africa what a shit hole that is. Or any major city where blacks are the majority. Their own stupidity dooms them. The only good thug is a dead thug.

        99. always coincides with the end of the world lol..its “working” to destroy the entire earth.. when whites are few… even physical cataclysms increase… God hates the rest.. he loves his daughter only… on the earth and whoever doesn’t hurt HER. and that’s very few people. “daughter who is my people” the LIGHT color of Israel daughter zion… “I will cause you to rise in my power and shake off the dust,they said to you GET YOU DOWN that we may walk on you and you did! you laid flat as the ground, so never again will you be called gentle and delicate” she is too highly loved for blacks and browns to ever succeed at anything for they do so in LUST violence and a bad attitude. goodness is loved… so they are NOT loved. “I will starve them with drought.. and thirst slay them (Africa0 BECAUSE you “conceived” them in DISGRACE (72% born out of wedlock/cannot join a HOLY family at all) only by mercy can abominations /bastard/out of wedlock/out of Gods laws..join a holy family.. otherwise they are just pets with wisdom (high enough IQ to buy and sell/mark of beast doesntmake you LOVED)breeding…so only by repentance can a wild farm animal with mark of beast .iq enough to not go naked anymore… as in Africa… well God said he will suddenly lower their IQ… as their punishment for acting so heathen to HER his daughter,,,,,

        100. agreed and they cant die fast enough,. if breeding in lust and hate was their weapon and their numbers are high then they also need to die at as fast of a rate.

        101. just more proof that breeding wasn’t where its at… every religion speaks of a female who gives birth not by the flesh… breeding is self will… “she who is unmarried and never gave birth has more children says your God” only by mercy….. for those who “breed” Jesus says “woe to you AND YOUR CHILDREN (so he meant breeders) when they shall begin to say “blessed is she who NEVER gave birth” “when abominations(human sins) are in the HOLY place (virgin) except I come when I do NO FLESH shall be saved………………….. its all so obvious. you are not gods or at all important when you breed ANY color compatible or not…its about God in heaven and his HOLY daughter on earth and how people hurt her and wont get away with it no matter how much self will/out of gods will breeding they do to hate God! they only breed HATERS and retarded folk…. that drink smoke curse fornicate and all that..they are NOT important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        102. gorillas act better.
          daughter zion has NO CHILDREN..and gets SAVED from her “many tormentors” “no tresspassers ever again through daughter zion”get over it men.. the woman who does NOT breed is highly protected… FROM YOU.

        103. its father daughter love it says… so black men and white women etc has no place in father daughter love unless the father approves of the groom for his bride.. anyone else is a worthless self breeding bastard child….

        104. I have no problem at all with them being wiped off the earth. It should start with their kids because they’ll just grow up to be thugs. No education, living off the state. Most black mean had rather sell drugs instead of working a job. I hear so many black men bitching that they can’t find a job. Well if they knew how to act in public and their mothers had taught them how to dress maybe they could find a job. Black men are so stupid that they can’t even buy pants that fit or for that matter their too stupid to buy a belt. The only time I enjoy seeing black men with their pants hanging off their ass is when I watch cops. To watch those stupid fuckers try and get away from the police is fucking hilarious. After over 200yrs. of freedom black men still can’t get their shit together. I’d be willing to bet that in a hundred yrs. from now they’ll still be crying racism. Grow the fuck up black boys. Stop blaming white people for the fucked up shit that your race does. I mean you see those fucking animals rioting. They aren’t rioting for a cause, their rioting so they’ll have a reason to loot and steal things that their too lazy to work for. Just typical of the race. What complete losers..

        105. The American Psychiatric association says that adult blacks have the emotional maturity of a 14 year old white child. I find that extremely generous.

        106. You’re so freaking jealous! All that money and power and you still can’t keep your women out of theblack man’s bed.That’s because you’re just a couple of inches away from being a bitch yourself.You were the first wig wearing bitches…drag queens from the start.With your cascade of curls flowing down your backs….pretty ruffled blouses…white stockings…and tight pants(all to telling,)stuck up your candy asses.Your women want a man….not another bitch that will put on her clothes when she’s gone.Bruce Jenner is just one of millions!Your vile nasty asses brought disease’s to America that nearly wiped my people(native american) off the face of the earth. Your power lies in your ability to engage in sadistic and inhuman behavior…uncommon in human nature.,That’s why named among you are some of the most notorious mass murderers…serial killers…and genocidal maniacs ever known to man.Every race that has had the misfortune of crossing paths with you…have reaped the whirlwind of your greedy and sadistic quest for power.And you’re the moral authority?lol!!! Gtfoh!!! You’re the biggest hypocrites on the planet! You do everything you accuse others of doing….to the tenth power.You have your common thugs(like everyone else) but your main perpetrators have power…and commit their crimes(with impunity)behind a mask of respectability.

        107. Most whites are narcissistic sociopaths. I have seen humans and animals retaliate or react to things.But I have never seen any group of humans or any other creatures….so persistently& maliciously evil against those unlike themselves. In this country American means white.Everybody else is just a hyphenated ethnic.Even us “,Native Americans,”.

        108. Please STFU! You’re complaining about drug dealing in the “hood?,” Something that doesn’t even affect your ignorant ass at all! Here’s a news flash for you.All drug companies are nothing more than corporations for legal drug Cartels/Lords.last year they paid doctors(glorified drug dealers)over 280 million to push their poisonous products.It doesn’t matter if it makes your insides explode. Their profits far outweigh any money they pay out in lawsuits.The whole system of prescription drugs and using doctors is just one gigantic con!They are funding billions and billions of dollars each year in media advertising.They’re controlling the budgets of these companies by running so many ads.Because of this….the media companies keep their mouths shut.It’s a brilliant con…because it involves so many different parties.The FDA makes sure these ads remain legal…they even make sure dangerous drugs stay on market …even when they’re killing people.But you go ahead and worry about what’s happening in the a good little brainwashed media puppet.

        109. That’s right…you’re the biggest thieves on the planet! You just want to divert the attention to other people.white men are the biggest domestic terrorists in the ,USA.Meanwhile….all the douchebag tea party types can’t stop hyperventilating over Muslims.Your hypocrisy knows no bounds!

        110. Jene is a Jackass who can’t handle the truth. Most of the black race is clueless. Message to black women. Black women if you can’t afford the kids you already have, stop having more kids. Get the fuck up and find a job. We white tax payers are tired of our tax money supporting you,your kids, mom, dad sisters, brothers. Stop going to ” da club” and teach your kids the value of hard work and sooner or later maybe you people will get your shit together but I doubt it.

        111. Yup, recessive genes that created and ruled all of the Roman Empire and western civilization. Created all of modern civilization. Yup those sure are recessive genes. The dominate black genes chuck spears and live in conditions that have literally not changed at all for thousands of years. No modernization, no inventions, no philosophy, no nothing. Yup, those sure are dominate genes there.

        112. Go back to africa you worthless knigger. You are a non-producer piece of garbage. You are filth. Never met a knigger that was a good christian or catholic. They are always the secular “mate and impregnate like animals” types of trash that have no understanding of family and values and morals. Kniggers are nothing but animals. Anywhere there is a large population of kniggers or brown skins, there is always crime and filth.
          And as far as white trash females dating kniggers. It’s like gays. They only make up 1-2% of the population. MOST white girls hate kniggers and would never date one. But you will always find the 1-2% that will mate with a knigger, or an animal, or gorilla. So when you go out to the bars or clubs or grocery store, you’ll see the occasional white girl with the knigger boyfriend that thinks she’s doing something so “kardashian trendy”. But you are only looking at the 1-2% of trashy low IQ degenerate white females that are stupid enough to go after a knigger. Just like occasionally I do see black women with white men.

        113. Crawl back to Europe you pus sucking…shit eating maggot.!!! Because of your extreme narcissism…you can’t see the depth of your depravity.Most of you are sexual deviants anyway.I’m happy to see white women dating men of other races.I just wish you would scream and holler at them for messing around with underage boys.What’s up with that sick sh* t? Sending nude photos to kids…having sex with them…even getting pregnant by them.I know there’s probably no difference in penis size between a 13 yr old ( white male) and a 30 yr old…but that’s no excuse.!!! Tell them to stop.!!!And do you really have the nerve to bring up the Catholic Church.? I never got the concept of confessing your sins to sinners. And especially so-called men of God who rape children…or their silent collaborators who allowed it.

        114. This isn’t true.Blacks can be bred out faster. That’s like saying if a white and black had a child the child would be more black, this really is nonsense

        115. The mixing also isolates the child from any particular race. I’m a mix race where I didn’t have a problem making friends but I never really fit in cause of being a mix. I also noticed this with other mix race friends.
          At the end of the day it’s biology, we stick to our own kind (race) where the elite want us to be isolated and not in strong race groups hence the mixing.

        116. I think that is awesome I am a white woman and I would be please if my kids date or marry white, asain, or hispanic individuals. I don’t care who my kids date as long as they are not Black.

        117. I would be proud if my son brought home an Asian girl. Asians are awesome. As long as my kids don’t bring home blacks I am happy.

        118. Asians, whites, hispanics, and middle eastern women can be pretty. Black women are the only women that are ugly.

        119. Well at least whites aren’t as ugly as black people with their nappy hair, obese bodies and pig noses.

        120. Hello I am a 44 year old white women… I spent my 44 yrs in relationships with white men… Have 3 beautiful daughters all by white men…. I now am with a black man… He is my world… My everything… My twin flame… My soul mate… He completes me I complete him. Where I am weak he is strong… Where he is weak ( which is very little) I am strong… We didn’t even start out attracted to each other… I worked with him for 6 mos and hardly ever spoke to him. But as fate would have it we started talking and growing attracted to each other… We have been together for almost a year now… And it is amazing….
          No matter who my daughters date I want them to be loved , cherished, taken care of , respected and treated like the ladies I raised… My man takes great care of me in all ways… He is also 11 years my senior… We are each others 1 st out side of our race…
          And I have to say when I look at my king I don’t see his color I see his love…

        121. Hello I am over 40…. No where near looking like a hag….. Nor am I fat… Thank you… Not all Americans are the same… I love my country as any person should.. Doesn’t mean I am just like my people… The creator made us all different and unique…
          Poor Panda’s I feel bad for them they are black , white n Asian… They must b so confused…. All this racial bs is crap…. People are people.
          . N it takes all kinds to make the world go round

        122. Lol!!! are you freaking kidding me??? Most white people look like the characters on Family Guy.!!! I don’t”ever” see any of you that are worth a second glance.No Brad Pitts… Johnny Depps… Angelinas…or Kim Kardashians (Kim doesn’t even look white,)Most of you are average…or just plain ugly…with an occasional attractive one.I have lived among you my entire life.Believe me… you’re not all that.!!! You just think you are….it’s, part of your extreme narcissism.

        123. Read my post again. I said EAST Asia – the original asians aka orientals. Philippines is in southeast Asia. Besides them being mexican look alike brown mongrel race, they should never be called asians. Because they are not.

        124. But even as blue eyes give way to brown, lighter eyes will maintain a certain allure, said Carolyn Kaufman, who teaches evolutionary psychology. When people see something pleasurable, their eyes dilate, Kaufman said. Dilated pupils signal happiness and are, in turn, considered attractive. Since they are easier to see on lighter eyes, they have a natural appeal.When people see something pleasurable, their eyes dilate, Kaufman said. Dilated pupils signal happiness and are, in turn, considered attractive. Since they are easier to see on lighter eyes, they have a natural appeal.

        125. You are either really horrible at math or have lived in a cave all your life. I’m probably older than you by a good margin, and even in the 1960’s you definitely had more than 2% of the white girls at the upper tier 1 universities shagging black men. Today most college going white women are at least open to sex with black men with far more than 2% having explored sex with black men. Any university that has highly educated and or intelligent black men attending, you can bet they are shagging non-fat white women.
          You think out of say, 15,000 women attending a national university her in the U.S. that only 300 would be shagging black men. (input the sound of crickets and the visual of sorority coeds looking at you like you’re clueless!)
          ((chuckle)) You’ve a lot to learn about women if you’re a guy, and a lot to learn about reality if you’re a women.
          It’s ridiculous when white men try to tell other men what we do, or don’t like, have or haven’t done. One reason why most people only see black men with fat white women (most white men are also with fat white women, especially in the South) is because they do not frequent places where more financially independent people go. I wouldn’t likely ever run into you in my neighborhood market.
          There isn’t a white, asian or black woman in my entire community that would feel comfortable being caught having dinner with the likes of you. You might be nice, but by what you have said here, I wouldn’t want your son dating my daughters, and if you have a daughter that thinks the way you do, I’d be embarrassed to have my son bring her home.
          Thank goodness for gentrification!… keeps the trailer parks, ghetto, and associated mentalities (Exhibit A) from putting the area in a state of steady social, aesthetic and economic decline.

        126. truthbetold says: “I never got the concept of confessing your sins to sinners. And especially so-called men of God who rape children…or their silent collaborators who allowed it…”
          You would be 100% correct. Confession to a sinner is such a silly thing. Textbook example of why they’re called “sheep”. Thankfully many young people are seeing the lunacy in most “religions”.

        127. All I want to say to you racist fucks is thank you! Thank you for giving me something to laugh at. Funny how you CHOOSE to see (and believe) the inaccurate stereotypes of blacks that are mostly perpetrated and inflated by the media (because we all know you red neck fuckers can’t read/comprehend). All of these false “black” stereotypes that you hateful racists spew really just shows your lack of awareness, education, intellect, and strength. Lack of strength because you don’t have the ability and/or the mental capacity (or you’re just too lazy) to seek the truth. The type of white man to believe anything, to follow, thus the type of white man to fall for anything. Seriously, I bet you ignorant haters of brown skinned people have never been anywhere outside of your little hick towns haha. Sad that your blue collar white parents were too poor & stupid to know how to use their “white privilege” for their benefit (or at least a vacation haha). They were probably too busy hating a fellow human being over different skin. And smaller cranial cavities, maturity levels of teenagers… Do YOU even believe that garbage? C’mon now, I’m sure you have some sort of a brain… Stop being a coward who follows his racist friends and think for yourself for once. Blacks as a whole are on the rise socially, economically, and intellectually (cdc by the way). And on that note, I think I’ll take my 32 year old black ass back inside my 5,500 sq ft home to fuck the shit out of my super sexy, country music listening, vanilla candle burning, Hocus Pocus watching blond haired, blue eyed white wife who I GUARANTEE looks a million times better than any piece of racist caucasian pussy you could ever muster up in your little hick town.
          And truth be told, YOU’RE broke down racist asses are the main ones eating up MY TAX DOLLARS collecting unemployment & food stamps because we all know red necks are just a bunch of lazy construction workers who can’t keep steady, consistent work.
          P.S. My beautiful mixed children are without a doubt, the most popular kids in there schools that all of the other kids have crushes on (ESPECIALLY the white kids). So while you’re struggling to put gas in your vehicle or food on the table like the pathetic racist dumbasses that you are, I’ll be on vacation with my kids.

        128. All I want to say to you racist fucks is thank you! Thank you for giving me something to laugh at. Funny how you CHOOSE to see (and believe) the inaccurate stereotypes of blacks that are mostly perpetrated and inflated by the media (because we all know you red neck fuckers can’t read/comprehend). All of these false “black” stereotypes that you hateful racists spew really just shows your lack of awareness, education, intellect, and strength. Lack of strength because you don’t have the ability and/or the mental capacity (or you’re just too lazy) to seek the truth. The type of white man to believe anything, to follow, thus the type of white man to fall for anything. Seriously, I bet you ignorant haters of brown skinned people have never been anywhere outside of your little hick towns haha. Sad that your blue collar white parents were too poor & stupid to know how to use their “white privilege” for their benefit (or at least a vacation haha). They were probably too busy hating a fellow human being over different skin. And smaller cranial cavities, maturity levels of teenagers… Do YOU even believe that garbage? C’mon now, I’m sure you have some sort of a brain… Stop being a coward who follows his racist friends and think for yourself for once. Blacks as a whole are on the rise socially, economically, and intellectually (cdc by the way). And on that note, I think I’ll take my 32 year old black ass back inside my 5,500 sq ft home to fuck the shit out of my super sexy, country music listening, vanilla candle burning, Hocus Pocus watching blond haired, blue eyed white wife who I GUARANTEE looks a million times better than any piece of racist caucasian pussy you could ever muster up in your little hick town.
          And truth be told, YOU’RE broke down racist asses are the main ones eating up MY TAX DOLLARS collecting unemployment & food stamps because we all know red necks are just a bunch of lazy construction workers who can’t keep steady, consistent work.
          P.S. My beautiful mixed children are without a doubt, the most popular kids in there schools that all of the other kids have crushes on (ESPECIALLY the white kids). So while you’re struggling to put gas in your vehicle or food on the table like the pathetic racist dumbasses that you are, I’ll be on vacation with my kids.

        129. Whites are stupid because they’re too coward & chicken shit to fight real men. Instead they have to shoot up innocent children in schools. Whites are stupid because they can throw the word nigger around while they’re behind a computer screen but we all know that face to face, you stupid white cowards are little scared bitches that won’t utter a word.
          The bottom line is this, even after years (more like decades) of blacks suffering from the overt oppression from white people-blacks (such as myself) have still been smart enough to become more successful than you, and more respected than you! Plus I fucked your sisters haha

        130. I’m a 32 year old black man and I guarantee I’ve accomplished way more than anyone in your racist family.

        131. And what’s your argument anyway, that one can tell the color of a humans skin thru bone marrow, DNA, etc..? So what!!! We’re all human. You being white doesn’t make you more human than me. Just like you can tell the characteristics (fur color, breed) of any dog through DNA. They’re still dogs at the end of the day. One dog may be gray, the other one brown, one may be big, one may be small but none of those characteristics makes a dog “more dog” than the other. I wish I could meet you racist fucks in person and bring you around my colleagues and business partners (real intelligence) who are both black and white so you can see just how smart you’re not, and just how dumb, ignorant and misinformed you truly are

        132. If anything, blacks ESPECIALLY here in America are being wiped out ever since they have been brought here.

        133. Right, as if that entire statement wasn’t racist at all. The fact that you find black stereotypes and some scientific fucking fact to be otrageous, but then make a stereotype about white people okay is absolutely ridiculous. I am an African American. Literally. I was born in Kenya. Raised in Kenya. I am now an American Citizen. Your blatant racism astounds me. It’s just….. wow. As the kids say ‘I can’t even’.

        134. While I don’t agree to everything he has said, those facts came from the CDC. No research, huh?

        135. I can’t wait until one of your children marries a black person and leaves you because they realized how terrible of a person you are.

        136. its not monkeys nor apes, its an ape like species that has since evolved and the ‘original copy’ no longer exists.

        137. and you were created when an alien sneezed on a human blueprint. i.e. you are fucked up

        138. There is no age limit. And learn to be a decent human being, how about that? Instead of telling me to wash my mouth out, you could not be a disturbing fuck and a perverted psychopath. Try that.

        139. Oh my gawd!!!Where did you learn too talk like that? Are a drunken sailor or a crazy fouled mouth truck driver.

        140. ‘oh my gawd’ lets just shut the hell up, how about that? Where did you learn to talk like the way you have? As if women were just at your disposal. Objects. Mere things. Obviously, you aren’t all that bright, and you don’t know when to shut up.

        141. You’re one angry idiot. NOW GET YOUR A ZZ BACK IN THAT KITCHEN AND MAKE MY DINNER WOMAN!!!!

        142. Right. Get your lazy butt up and do it yourself. I am no idiot, I am probably smarter than you. I obviously have better common sense, some decency, morals, manners, etc. etc.

        143. African-American!? … lol now that’s funny. Now as a black man from Africa I can safely say there is no such thing. One is either African or American. personally I find poltical correctness extremely racist. CDC findings, white supremists, black ‘victims’. Everyone here including the writer of this article is full of shit. We are mostly products of our enviroments and up bringing. I have ‘white’ friends that are more African than me and black friends who behave like ‘white’ people. my point is that it’s not a racial thing it’s all external factors and how we choose to react to them. I can’t get over that whole black lives matter bullshit, so a few white cops kill a couple of black kids and all of a sudden black lives matter what about when blacks are killing blacks, and then you have and I quote (from a KKK member I saw on youtube) “crazy white people with fire” burning crosses and having sex with family members claiming to be good christians spreading hate. Crazy thing is those people don’t represent an entire race. All you racist idots on this post should stop and take a look in the mirror and ask what have I contributed to the human race. As for the mess that Afrika is in, this is what happens when an entire world loots and wreaks havoc on one land. I am proud to be from Alkebulan and I would call you African because your heart beats to the drum not because of the colour of your skin. So you my dear, in my eyes are probably an African who is a citizen of the US. I don’t know about Kenya, but here in Zimbabwe we have two types of local white people, we have Zimbabweans and we have Rhodesians. I hate no time for the latter. Zimbabweans see themselves as Africans where as Rhodesians still have that foreigner mentality and white supremist attitude. White Zimbabweans are more African than blacks in America.

        144. The only reason I say ‘African American’, though most of the blacks in America don’t trace back to Africa, is because people get extremely butthurt when you say ‘Black’. I’m sorry for any confusion. And yes, I know, my uncle is ‘african american’ because he was born in Libya, then moved here to the US. He is white.

        145. not really… more blacks aborted than were born on nyc. and dangling fried chicken makes them line up at planned parenthood…blacks don’t want to live… and that’s why they don’t like seeing white people.. because it reminds them whites do want to live…also to say you want to destroy something by BREEDING with it is the most mentally disturbed retarded animalistic comment yet. I wouldn’t want black dna in me! and yet you would do that? (stop lying you just want brushable hair… and to keep the niggerly attitude with it) but you know deep down due to a holy love your kind cannot accept.. that even a straight hair dna gene would jump off your nappy head and hit you in the face! it doesn’t want you and that’s OK. it unravels and is whole again everytime and that makes you negroids insane!!!!! that’s when “savage” comes out.

        146. cdc he says.. don’t forget the 1 in 2 negro hiv rate.. (homo ones) 50% aren’t you reading your free pamphlets we made you for free? on how not to get hiv? that rate means blacks are TRYING to get hiv through sodomy… with each other… blacks cant even get their sodomizing right… due to low iq.. whites have 1 in 880 hiv… blacks 1 in 30….. how is it possible to be that dumb? its all self hatred.. but too bad when you find out you weren’t even worthy to hate! the body itself expels you… it has a brain that says engage in risky behavior and just die! and you obey it…

        147. typical negro!!! talked of her like an icecream flavor LOL if she only knew!!!! gross!! look monkey has iq and brags about size of house ahahahah hilariously disgusting and sooo STEREOTYPICAL there is nothing you can do groid.. you JUST fulfilled all our stereotypes dumdum!!! I read that laughing how youre begging to be “recka-nized” LOL sound like a 12 year old!!!

        148. black men will never be men. and your black negresses wont allow you to be with a white woman.. when you are..she undoes it/unravels it… YOURE the negresses bitch don’t forget.. its different for blacks! most of you black men wish a negress never shit you out.. so you look for white women to try and prevent that shit.. of what you are.. its black aborted fetal dna remnant tissue that has any white person acting like an abomination…. we all know that now. its out… you can all run soon.

        149. everytime I did meet a black pastor/religious leader he couldn’t keep his nigger in check longer than 20 seconds!!! theyre only POSING ..well worse yet ..they didnt even seem to KNOW theyre REPULSING you while trying to sound “spiritual” theyre actually vomiting filth and sin at the SAME time.. and flirting with you and saying underhanded things.. bunch of retards!!!

        150. lets not forget the groids attack on white mans psyche.. he does/has gotten the beautiful intelligent white female too (so so rare) she may have been under a “spell” but she is the only one that has both sides men panicking now… the rest you all call worthless… you call all those white women trash low iq whores and the black women are called filth by both men.. black and white… but ONE woman..has you all this way I explained it above (abortion)

        151. why do all negroids have porn potty mouth? youre all the same now… all filthy minded and filthy mouths… negroids love sodomy and porn.. your 1 in 2 black HOMO hiv rate is proof.. retard that’s 50%!!! whatever you say curses you and your kind and you know that because you are aborted dna tissue.. and it was the ONE justified abortion on earth…

        152. yes many non blacks are now adopting the negroid whore lifestyle.. thing is many repent.. blacks stay that way to old age…

        153. that’s just negroid looking for his baby daddy.. blacks truly are shit skinned due to sodomy…

        154. once again negroid ruins his whole case of being respectable.. im sure when you meet god and have to say that.. well.. he will say I see why you are shit skinned… fing someones sister is respectable? (to negroids it is! ) see a monkey in a suit is still a POOP in clothes lol…

        155. we all know niggards cant stand the attention muslims are getting now because IT TOOK SOME FROM YOU LOL…we all know that!!! we consider it a phenomenon but it revealed your true bitch status!

        156. yeah sure but some retards are attracted to children too for such beauty.. theyre ANIMALS look even arabs and blacks TODAY marry kids as young as 6 and 8 and try to have sex with them.. theyre not human… they are abortion dna so they are attracted to it…

        157. youll still be flushed from the top of your nappy head to the bottom of your crusty feet.. decay… 6 feet under forgotten as the loser who said porn like things about whites… a soul in decay and aborted. yuck .

        158. have you been sodomized or something? only men who have been raped desire for it to happen to others out of hate and anger… sodomy is the one unforgiveable sin.. but its also unforgiveable to even talk about it …. (also because you talk about it it will happen to you if it hasn’t already.. I know its all worthless mens biggest fear! but you do bring it upon yourself)youre the one who will be forced to like it though.. self fulfilling prophecy. 1 in 2 black homo sodomy hiv rate.. whats wrong with them butt loving shit skin colored folks?

        159. funny how much God loves his “malfunction” race the most lol..with grace beauty charm intelligence ability to blush and feel shame manners art music literature medicine architecture and JOY… while blacks starve and eat poop cakes but are not “recessive” I think you all are arrogant and maybe keep EARNING that starvation lifestyle? while whites are demure and thankful and charitable and show compassion and pity on you?

        160. its because whites have souls! even the not pretty ones are LOVED by their husbands.. blacks buy hair and wear makeup and get butt implnats and try to sell themselves but no black man will ever love one! blacks are narcissists you talk of dna and looks (when all agree blacks are the most butt ugly on earth) yet you still speak on looks which is why God will keep cursing you with butt ugliness which repels your men and have them a 1 in 2 hiv rate for being homo! (cdc says 50%) they WANT to die and be with men that’s how ugly you are INSIDE…and out.

        161. there’s something SO awkward about black men in brightly colored suits.. like rise of the planet of the apes.. I always feel a sense of embarrassment when a black man is in a suit and actually BELIEVES he made it…. it just looks stupid and stands out like a sore thumb.. I feel the shame for him that he himself cannot feel or know yet…. we just let you play act like simpleton avatars for a little while.. we had no idea itd go to your heads! didn’t know you thought you could STAY..Didn’t know youd get angry and emotional when you found out we WANT you to leave..didn’t know you felt emotionally tied!? and as our children!!?? (retarded demented ones!)

        162. I guess you’re talking about the stereotypical “black” lifestyle; which frankly is a lifestyle as diverse as any other race of people in the U.S. which you may or may not realize depending on your income bracket. I’ve come to the conclusion that most people in the U.S. I’d rather not have as neighbors, irrespective of the colour of their skin.
          “Negroid whore lifestyle”? (chuckle) Like I said, there’s no better “fence” against undesirable neighbors than high real property prices, rising interest rates, and stringent loan criteria… which maintains neighborhood standards and keeps out undesirable neighbors; to include over generalizing outward racists… 😉

        163. youre yawning but youre not important. poor thing. who told you,you were!!?? ? they LIED TO YOU,born out of wedlock? “suffer not a bastard among you”

        164. The “white” man comes from Neanderthal Man. Everyone else comes from Cro-Magnon Man. The white man is white because he spent many years in the darkness of caves, covered in hair. Everyone knows that darkness creates light skin, just like fish from stained water are all white, regardless of what color the type species should be. The Black man, or original man, is the far superior man. It is only the white man’s brutality (he has never peacefully assimilated with anyone else on earth), that has made him what he is today. But, without the race-mixing that allowed the white man to stand erect and emerge from his caves, he would still be Neanderthal, not homo-sapien. This can be proven by simply looking at the man-made wonders of the earth that have been for hundreds of thousands of years. They are found on the African continent and the Asian continent. Proving that these men had intelligence long before neanderthal emerged from his caves. As you travel further, and further away from these continents, northward into Northern Europe, you find less and less creation, until you reach a point where there is none at all. This is where the white man comes from.

        165. This entire diatribe means nothing. You should learn to communicate using the English language before you post in any forum.

        166. humans make me sick but I am healthier than most! because I speak truth from a good place that none of you have.

        167. Lol no you’re not. You’re definitely out of shape mentally so physiologically you can’t be far behind. It must be hard thinking about all the bad stuff that happened in your life and you never got over. You grew more and more bitter to the point where the only way to make yourself feel better is to be angry and bitter.

        168. You’ll live a hell for a life until you die alone. That sounds more factual than anything you’ve been saying.

        169. And they are a night and day difference between intelligence, laziness, and violence.

        170. …to fuck the shit out of my super sexy, country music listening, vanilla
          candle burning, Hocus Pocus watching blond haired, blue eyed white wife…

          Ha ha! Awesome!!!

        171. My suit isn’t bright bitch! You must be color blind (how ironic). I don’t do bright suits, only black, blue, browns & grays. Nothing bright about navy blue sweety. You just think it’s bright because I look damn good, and when something looks this damn good, of course it’s naturally gonna stand out. I make this suit and you know it! Hell, this perfectly tailored suit & I make each other! I bet you couldn’t afford one of my socks haha! And funny how all that blabbin’ you did is coming from a bitch who won’t even show her face. Like really, you’re hiding behind some ugly ass flower & you wanna try to talk shit lol???🤔 Kick rocks bitch.

        172. Clearly you’re blind and you must not have read the racist piece of shit white trash I was responding to. Oh, you don’t see his comments because you’re a racist white trash piece of shit yourself lol. Well, you wish I desired to be “recognized” by your ignorant ass. That’s what you tell yourself so you can feel good about your miserable existence. I am highly respected and VERY recognized (more so than I want to be). And “if my wife only knew…”??? Haha She was standing right next to me looking over my shoulder as I typed. She was laughing the whole time and totally repulsed by the racist white trash (like you) that still exist. No secrets in this relationship here bitch! My wife & I have an amazing, honest, real relationship; you wouldn’t know anything about that. NEXT

        173. You racists always try to bring God into the picture LMAO. As if God isn’t gonna hold YOU accountable as well. Do you really think the same God who judges me isn’t going to hold you accountable for calling me a negroid, a monkey, a poop in clothes??? Get the fuck outta here! NEXT

        174. negroid you still didn’t understand that by needing your wife to laugh and tell me about it proves you are abortion dna and also saying “next” at the end looked so homo and also very “black female bitch like” that im ALMOST positive she wrote this ..or you have homo and sodomite tendencies.. don’t lie and tell me she you don’t take it up the ass… you sodomize your wife and call it love.. you all do that… 50% black male homo hiv rate is proof enough..your black females to SURVIVE take it up the ass to keep breeding!!! to keep you away from men……”next” lol very feminine for a male to say… its in your blood… gross.dont ever tell whites about your abominations… its why we will end you…all homos all sodomites even with “women only” you are sodomites…

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        176. not sure why they don’t accept the truth of what they are.. those ovens were meant for “jews” and that meant blacks.. they always put wrong race in the ovens.. blacks always knew it was meant for them and they dodge it…

        177. I work construction and make over $100,000 a year I’m not lazy so shut the fuck up

        178. That’s nice how you talk about your wife. Most white men wouldn’t downgrade their wife like that

        179. Sorry, but Catholics dont confess their sin to sinners, but to God through sinners, as Jesus charged to do in John 20:23. Don’t be biased. thanks

        180. Jesus died to reconcile sinners to God.After he died for our sins he said we could go “DIRECTLY” to the Father…and ask anything in his name.We don”t need another human being to do that now that he made the sacrifice for us.

        181. They are not Black(Negroid= Flat nose,shit type of bones,flat ugly leaps,no eye color) ,
          They are Brown, If a White guy/girl have sex with a brown guy/girl they will produce a very very light skin child(most attractive one, no difference between white) you can google pictures of them

        182. Didnt you see one type of monkeys dont get together with other type of monkeys?

        183. Listen man nobody loot anything from Africa there was nothing, Middleeast/Asia has more natural resources than whole africa but they dont complain

        184. Ow yes i was specting something like this from a ugly ass look at his face lol

        185. Nver hard of any African became white while he is in the dark for many dayz lol 😛

        186. “The American Psychiatric Association”…. (shakes head) … as if that means anything to intelligent people. That’s about as bad as “9 out of 10 dentists prefer Crest toothpaste”. Meaningless.
          What adult blacks? Adult black men and women with professional or advanced degrees in tech, finance, law and or medicine? Or adult blacks who live in public housing? Just give a link to the research from a reputable source that did proper research, representing various (black, white, asian, & hispanic) stratifications of financial and social demographics. What is the % of blacks with such alleged emotional immaturity compared to whites of the same socio-economic class? … and so forth. It could be an interesting study if done properly. What’s the research statistics background of those who actually conducted the study? The research was published? Where?
          I find most of the general public immature whether they’re black, white or otherwise.

        187. Actually he’s on the right track though the generalizing is cringe worthy. However, when describing the state of the black race and black cultural expectations today, he’s *generally* correct. The horrible stereotypes come from too many people doing the very things that degrade their entire race. Fix that, and you’ve fixed a lot of the racism that exists against Black Americans.

        188. … and you still don’t get it. Here’s the bottom line of THAT reality to which you’re trying to speak about. I’m going to give you an overly simplified stereotype that has its roots in a healthy measure of accuracy.
          Ready? Here we go…
          Black guy: typical (doesn’t apply to everyone) black culture doesn’t put an emphasis on education nearly as much as white, asian and indian (from India) families, etc.. It’s culturally “ok” for a black woman to be a ** 3rd generation ** resident of the public housing complex. It’s not ok for other races of people. It’s embarrassing, and not something that’s socially acceptable… living in the projects for years = mooching off the system because you’re a sorry person is what it amounts to for the rest of society. Selling drugs while your mom, little brother and sisters still live in the projects means you can’t do basic math either; means that you can’t figure out that most drug dealers make more having a regular job. Black guy sells drugs on the street and can’t make enough money to buy a house on the nice side of town, put his mom up in a nice apartment, and send his brothers and sisters to college.
          White guy: White guys/girls parents bring their child up in such a way that getting an undergraduate college degree is the MINIMUM standard, and going to grad school equates to what one needs to enter the workforce if one wants to make a decent (not great) bit of money. Living in the projects is about an unacceptable as living in some ratty trailer park on the trashy side of town. Unacceptable! White guy wants to sell drugs to, so he’s the “weed man” in college, using the money to save for graduate school. White guy graduates college and is accepted to Med school or Pharmacy school where he studies hard, gets a minor in chemistry and later goes to work for “big pharma” making $95,000 per annum to start because he has M.D. or PharmD. after his name.
          In 10 years, he’s making $147,000. He owns his own home. Kids go to private school, and he’s married to another professional.
          …. Meanwhile, the black guy is still working the projects, has been shot twice, kid brother has dropped out of school and runs the streets, and his sister is pregnant for the 3rd time and doesn’t have a high school diploma. The white guys kids have a predictable future. The black guy and his mother, brother, sisters, and baby(ies) mama(s) also have a predictable future as well… food stamps and housing projects.
          See the difference? Both sell drugs. The white guy does it legally and has a professional degree (required to do it) and gets paid accordingly. The black guy gets paid less than some 24 year old white girl sill attending law school, who’s working a summer job at a Chicago Law firm.
          Wake up.

        189. Wait, it’s “shocking” to you that blue eyes are increasingly rare? Is natural fire red hair increasingly rare as well. I don’t know one member of my family who has blue eyes that actually cares about preserving something as silly as eye colour. That’s just the dumbest thing I’ve heard all week. You honestly mean to tell me that an eye colour being increasingly rare to you is a big deal in the human race?
          It’s genetics for crying out loud, traits come and go. So what? All animals go through genetic changes. The problem with you is that you’re tunnel visioned on skin colour and not the human race as a whole. Human becoming more susceptible to death-by-influenza is a big deal. Humans having less % of blue eyes is just petty. Do do us humans have an *increase* in green or brown eyes? Decrease here, increase there big deal. We’re still humans and aren’t being debilitated for less humans across the board having blue eyes.

        190. That is simply because blacks cannot have human offspring with any race of human beings. It is genetically impossible.

        191. Blacks cannot ever evolve into human beings. They missed out on the necessary DNA required to do so ages ago.

        192. We took advantage of your failed species because it was just too easy.
          We would have been foolish not to do so.

        193. Not in my neighborhood(s); black, white, yellow or brown doesn’t matter since Africans, Middle Easterners and Chinese are common. Your assertion, which is generally a middle to lower tier true-to-life stereotype, is based on the demographic that focus more on race than class. I’m far more concerned about one’s education and culture than something as silly as the colour of one’s skin. I could not care less about your skin’s pigment. The only colour people are overly concerned about where I’ve lived is the colour green. 🙂

        194. How do you feel about the fact that being black almost guarantees them to have an IQ at least one standard deviation than any race of human being?

        195. You’re asking what I’ve already answered. I’m neither concerned about skin colour nor interested in race bashing. Most things in life (and most programs of study in higher education for that matter) do not require a notably high IQ. IQ isn’t a problem in the black race, a culture of apathy, irresponsibility and a failure to have the drive to engage in personal furtherance (the last plagues most whites as well). Fortunately, I’m surrounded by neighbors who are more concerned about their careers/business than anything else and wouldn’t care what colour you are if you move into the community as long as you keep your yard manicured, spaces clean, do not make any noise, and have children that emulate their parents’ good example.

        196. The issue here isn’t anything to do with a “noticeably high IQ.”
          The issue is the black species and their noticeably low IQ.

        197. I disagree. Noticeably high or low isn’t relevant in my life be the person white or black. I don’t have much contact with those with noticeably low IQ (white or black) and those with average to noticeably high IQ (various races) are pretty much par for the course when I’m home out west. IQ makes for good “Bell Curve” fodder, but the truth of the matter is for financial success/independence, the average person *irrespective of, but relative to his or her own race* easily has the mental tools to succeed; financial success is mostly predicated on whether or not one has the formal technical training in the respective area in which one wishes to financially excel.

        198. My bank account proves otherwise.
          You probably live month to month, while I haven’t had to work in the past 12 years, and I’m only 36. I’ll never work again, and neither will my children, or their children’s children.
          So, how are you and your spawn doing?

        199. After you get more (or some) years of business under your belt you’ll probably realize that how much is in a bank account isn’t “proof” of anything. Few people of means would make such a ridiculous statement, but that’s another thread. I wish I didn’t have to work, but unfortunately I have to in order to live how I live. I consider myself fortunate to be able to do the things that I do and not having work a traditional “job” as opposed to doing what I enjoy which can require frolicking on beaches whether in the Bay Area or along the Florida Gulf Coast… or plodding through a field of beans or corn in the midwest.
          You can bet that my grandkids will work as long as this grandmother has a say. I believe in young people attempting their own hand at business and learning the accounting, legal, technical and people acumen that accompany such an undertaking. I’m not handing any child/grandchild of mine a lifestyle on a silver platter.
          You’re “only” 36? (chuckle) are you sure that’s boast worthy in 2017 considering there are scores of teenagers who’ve accomplished the same and probably considerably more? 😉
          Best in life to you; I hope you do well.

        200. ohhhh, someone is an even bigger jerk than you and it turns you off? bahahahahaha! so typical!

        201. Jennifer, we white husbands have no chance. My wife went black and I understand why. He is going to knock her up and I will accept that and raise the child. What is wrong with that?

        202. You don’t need wipe anyone out but love them all and make the human race a better one for all…Be blessed!

        203. Good to know…please, write more on ways to make the human race a better one.I believe you can,and I believe in you! Looking forward to reading from you…Shalom!

        204. first you tell me
          “Have fun having to work.”
          then you say i’m a stupid gold digging whore
          make up your mind

        205. Do you possess a vagina?
          Then you are a good digging whore.
          Glad I could have been some help.

        206. That pic is so appropriate, such niggerism.
          At least you aren’t trying to fool anyone!

        207. bahahahahah!
          “Today, seven Jewish Americans run the vast majority of US television networks, the printed press, the Hollywood movie industry, the book publishing industry, and the recording industry. Most of these industries are bundled into huge media conglomerates run by the following seven individuals:
          Gerald Levin, CEO and Director of AOL Time Warner
          Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company
          Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Chairman of Seagram Company Ltd
          Edgar Bronfman, Jr, President and CEO of Seagram Company Ltd and head of Universal Studios
          Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO of Viacom, Inc
          Dennis Dammerman, Vice Chairman of General Electric
          Peter Chernin, President and Co-COO of News Corporation Limited
          Those seven Jewish men collectively control ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, and Interscope Records.
          Most of the larger independent newspapers are owned by Jewish interests as well. An example is media mogul is Samuel I. “Si” Newhouse, who owns two dozen daily newspapers from Staten Island to Oregon, plus the Sunday supplement Parade; the Conde Nast collection of magazines, including Vogue, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Allure, GQ, and Self; the publishing firms of Random House, Knopf, Crown, and Ballantine, among other imprints; and cable franchises with over one million subscribers.”
          I could add that Michael Eisner could depart Disney tomorrow but the company will remain in the hands of Shamrock Holdings, whose principal office is now located in Israel”.
          “If you had to pick a community as an example of making wise financial decisions achieving financial freedom who would you choose?” Yeah, come on, fellow Jews – what’s the problem when we ARE all rich and control America? I mean, it’s a stereotype, but it’s also #facts.
          Guy Oseary

      1. I hope you all realize you’re agreeing with a FEMALE here…one who is attempting to use racially motivated pseudologic to try and influence your opinions and passions here.

        1. Ah, a sweaty Hasbarat finally arrives to try to recapture the Zio-approved narrative. Things seem to be falling apart of late, don’t they Schlomo?
          ‘racially motivated pseudologic to try and influence your opinions and passions here’
          Ignoring the hypocrisy of a Jew accusing me of emotional manipulation and racial motivations, I’ll remind you that this isn’t the Guardian, faggot. There’s no overly passionate sheeple in here, mostly just White men who care about the civilisation you’ve ruined and want it back. Your shilling here is a waste of your time and everyone else’s.

        2. Using the classic ad hominem attack to character assassinate your enemies through deliberate strawmans? Where have i heard that before…you learned your Reischstag lessons well, Frau Lerner!
          I’m not a Jew you racist simp, let me save you the trouble of using the proper epithet to describe me. I’m the SPIC who is calling into question your racially motivated aryan nation bs on here. I’m not so clouded by social justice progressivism that i see every single Jew as the enemy like a cunt like you does.
          Take your shit elsewhere goosestepper, and take your KKKCunts with you.

        3. Keep up the good fight. This neo Nazi rhetoric from the trolls who have taken up residence on this site is turning the comment section into a shit tank. Tis a shame

        4. This is also what happens whenever an article based on religion gets published, the atheists come out to swarm and leave their droppings all over the page.
          I’m tired of seeing these 3rd Reichstag fascists try to silence people who disagree, they come here to shit all over the comments section and probably so that leftist sites like the SPLC can more easily classify ROK as a “hate site” like they tried to before.
          I hate bullies and bullying here and in person. I will fight these useful idiots no matter where they manifest.

        5. “I’m not so clouded by social justice progressivism that i see every single Jew as the enemy like a cunt like you does.” So you’re a cuckservative.

        6. I’m not so clouded by social justice progressivism that i see every single Jew as the enemy like a cunt like you does
          Wtf does that even mean?
          Social justice progressivism is a jewish creation. Duh. Why would a belief in that turn you into someone jew-wise?
          You’re not one of these half-wits who thinks that the left is anti-semitic are you? Oh dear.
          Because the modern left, by and large, is a jewish creation.

        7. No. Your Dad is the cuck, your Mom is the ‘servative’, serving her stank up at the gloryholes.

        8. Roll a blunt and go back to World star hiphop.
          Youre making a fool out of yourself here

        9. You’re the fool here, but more importantly, your bleachedmud ethnicity is spinning in the bowl, on the way out.
          Blame it on the Jews, Asians, Latinos, Blacks – but it’s clear pale Eurofeces fail no matter what ‘genetic’ advantage they think they had.
          Assume you’re right, bleachedmud is so superior, look at you impotent losers with all your ‘advantage’ losing the world (even your bleached ugliness) to us darkies.
          I don’t even have to say, “Get fucked”, you already are and you even admit it.