The One Campaign That Will End Obesity Once And For All

There is no denying that western people are inflating. In North America, over 50% of the population is overweight, which means that their body mass is such that it might pose a health risk. The cost of health care is going up while the available resources are going down. There is an epidemic and if nobody finds a solution to it, the economy might go towards a slow painful death.

Many have tried to find a cure. There are a million books on the subject with a new exercise program or diet every year, and the truth is these books are centered on the same old and only way to lose body fat: good dieting and exercising. But the elephant in the room is being ignored. The real reason they fail is because there has always been a simple lack of motivation for overweight people to go through all these changes and maintain them. It’s time to change that now.

Enter this new revolutionary health campaign to convince fat people to lose weight: send your extra calories to Africa.  Save the children.

The math

There are roughly 500 million people in North America of which 250 million are obese. Let’s grossly estimate they have on average 25 pounds of extra fat. There are 9 calories per gram of fat and 454 grams per pounds, so 25 pounds x 454 grams x 9 calories = 102 150 accumulated calories per big person. If we estimate that a child needs between 1000 and 1200 calories a day, then the extra body rolls of one obese American could have fed one African child for three months. Indeed, according to, 5 million children from all over the world die each year from malnutrition, of which about 1.25 million are Africans. Therefore, 250 million of overweight Americans  and Canadians eating huge excess of calories yearly could easily feed these children, plus a lot more, considering that not all excess of calories are stocked in the body.

In fact, they could feed and sustain everybody down there. There are about 239 millions of starving people in Africa if we include adults, which is less than the total number of overweight people in North America. The other way to approach the situation is to realize that the average American eats about 4000 calories a day, which is an extra 2000 unnecessary calories that could feed an entire other human being. If we add the numbers, the 250 millions of overweight people could use their extra calories to feed the 239 millions of starving Africans just from their excessive eating. Isn’t that shocking?

Of course, the enemies of wisdom don’t want you to hear this kind of truth. The information is distorted and buried by the fat acceptance movement who claims there is nothing wrong with being fat. They spin it with their fatalism and try to convince us that obese people are huge due to a genetic illness or that it’s not their fault, it’s just someone else’s fault. They also pretend that only their appearance is being judged, in an attempt to make critics look superficial, while their laziness and selfishness are also in question.

While I don’t advocate attacking fat people personally, it’s another thing for society to tell them being fat is not a problem, that big is beautiful and that the only thing they need to do about it is learning to accept themselves as they are. If society keeps this misinformation up and running, they will never change, and the next stage of delusion will be them being proud of something they shouldn’t be proud of.

Take a good moment to assess the ampleur of their extreme privilege when they parade and demand society for their right to be fat and accepted. People around the world can see them on TV and on the Internet, and millions of those people are preoccupied with whether they will have a job and a salary tomorrow morning. When these people get down on the streets, it’s to militate for freedom of speech or access to food and water. They can see these fat American women flaunting their flesh around proudly and loudly like an accomplishment, while parents who watch them might not even have enough to feed their own children.


Complains she is a victim and demands society to accept her gluttony. It’s not her fault if she has so much food available and can’t stop eating it.


Works all day to ensure her children have enough food. Does not complain. Might even smile more than western women.

Obese people, every time you put ice cream in your mouth, remember that a child is dying in the dirt waiting for food that will never come. So, you need a good reason to lose weight? Finally you have a motivation to do so. If you can’t do it for the sake of your own health, for your appearance or for lowering the burden on the health system, then at last you can be a hero and do it for the children. Stop eating excessively now, and take the money you would have used to buy your extra chips, doughnuts, cookies, chocolate or cupcakes and donate it to African children. You will feel great about it, and you can repeat the good deed every year for the rest of your life. It’s a miracle: you will be cured of your obesity disease and at the same time you will save others.

As for the fat acceptance lobbyists, think for a second about your actions and your responsibilities towards society. If you took all your energy, effort and resources away from trying to convince people to eat everything they want and invested it into encouraging them to donate instead, not only would you eradicate obesity in America, but you would also save Africa. You would be deemed geniuses for that idea and be saluted for it instead of being seen as over privileged western buffoons. I urge you to encourage your peers to generosity and charity instead of selfishness and gourmandism. Together we can. If only 0.5% of overweight people participated every year, all the African children would be saved. Donate your extra calories now.


Sick by choice


Sick without choice

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197 thoughts on “The One Campaign That Will End Obesity Once And For All”

  1. That first image. Does she know she has absolutely failed in life, that there is no point of return?
    Disgusting waste of oxygen. Someone should put it down, call it euthanasia if you like. More of a civil service.

    1. This. Fucking Disgusting.
      I just had a new idea to go with the author’s idea. Send the obese people to Africa and have them march around African towns. The benefits will be threefold: 1.) Burning fat from the heat/walking 2.) Feeling bad for the starving children 3.) Getting killed or beaten by the locals who think that these fatasses should be dead

      1. I like option number 4.) Getting killed and then made useful for the first time in her entire shitty pathetic existence via cannibalism.
        Although given she was probably a feminist I feel bad for whoever eats that disgusting, albeit cooked, pussy that echos similar to a cathedral at high marrow.

        1. No, that would be unhealthy for the cannibals. Although, maybe occasionally as a special treat would be OK.

        2. Feed a starving village for a week! Pay for a fat person to fly to Africa.
          I’d donate to a campaign like this.

      2. I remember a story where a fat girl went to Spain as part of an exchange. She had an old lady (or 3) make the sign if the cross, say something to her and hurry away.
        Now that’s some fat shaming.

    2. Actually she could stop eating so damn much and do some serious exercise, fatties actually have managed to do that.
      But she most likely won´t do that, most fatties won´t, eating remains the priority, which is why fatties are such disgusting subhumans in my view.

      1. She’s too far gone. At that stage it is just best to let the odious heffalump die of some heart condition.

    3. If only we could somehow clone Hitler and have him turn his genocidal rage on the dregs of modern society.

  2. Thanks for showing me this monstrous fat acceptance-landwhale while I’m eating.
    It’s my own fault though, should’ve seen it coming in an article like this.

    1. Sir, you are wrong!!!
      Fat people are the Mack Trucks and buses of the human race. That is more accurate. Lol

      1. Sir you are wrong!!!
        Fat people have no such mobility, so fat people are voltswagen bug back in the day.

        1. No, a fat person is the catpiss smelling guttered wreck with no wheels up on blocks in the front yard of some redneck’s front yard kind of car.

  3. This is the biggest thing that drives me up every wall around and even motivates me to go build another wall just to go up it…. Is that people, regardless of the occasion but especially so with food, will bring up an argument that goes like this “Well that kid in Africa could use it more”… While I would never argue that they don’t need it more, the line of thinking is utter bullshit. Take a second please:
    Fat feminist cunt: I would like an ice cream
    Reasonable Man: You know that ice cream you are ordering could save the life of an African kid?
    Fat feminist cunt: Oh ok I guess I will order it anyway
    Reasonable Man: Why? Don’t you care about Africans?
    Fat feminist cunt: While I may be a disgusting horrid piece of filth that has its own very existence seen as pitiful that doesn’t change the fact you and I both know that if I stop for a second and NOT order this ice cream that African will still not get the ice cream in my place… You people act as if we don’t eat something it is shipped to African kids… It is not, so there is no logic in that. How about asking if I want to give .49$ instead?
    Reasonable Man: I can’t believe a fat feminist cunt was able to provide an argument so decent, well I guess they are the leading expert in justifying their own fat.
    So unless you can explain to me how a some fat asses not eating will actually help anyone, other than themselves, then I this entire post as worthless… No offense, I actually like the post and the point, but ever since I was a young tyke my parents would harp over and over again saying stuff like “Finish your peas, you know there are kids in china/whateverhottopic that don’t even have peas” and while I was obedient in young ages I would always wonder how the hell me eating foot in front of my would be even remotely beneficial to the Chinese kids, same logic for anything involving this argument. I hope you respond to my comment as I would be interested to see if you could take way this mindset, or even better provide a different viable reason for weight loss so I can bookmark that article whenever I see a fat cunt make a post.

    1. If you examine the post, it’s advocating donating the 1000s of dollars these fat cows would save on food. The money would probably end up with a cannibal warlord, but that is another issue

    2. You are wrong. Sure, if you don’t eat a corndog it won’t get magically shipped to Africa. But if you send the money off to Africa it could definitely feed children. Is there corruption in Africa? Sure. That’s why you need to give to the right charities. Those with supervision and confirmation. People have been seriously spending time and effort in ways to directly get the money to people who need them. I suggest you look at the Effective Altruism movement for one example. If all these fat feminists got together and donated, it would add up to serious money. Plus the average american girl would be much easier on the eyes. I 100% agree with the message of this article.

    3. You’re making the same mistake most men make when going after feminists, you’re applying your standards of logic as a man to them.
      Just posting spliced photos of American land whales next to starving African kids will do the deed. No words are even necessary.
      Sure, they’ll rationalize it to no end and try to seize the victimhood high ground; that’s what they do. But the image, and the gut reaction it inspires, cannot be undone.

    4. Actually, it does work like that. No, the food you did not buy does not go to Africa, however if fewer people are buying high-calorie foods, desserts, fast-foods, etc… those corporations respond to a drop in demand. That drop in demand in America means that food is CHEAPER elsewhere in the world because the dollar is so strong. This in fact DOES MEAN that people in Africa can afford more food. So actually, you’re quite wrong in your assumption. The economy does make that happen.

    5. I think the article is just meant to create an image in your mind of how fat and monstrous the fat feminist are. The excess fat is enough to feed an entire continent, boatloads of fat departing from New York towards Africa.

    6. If you pay taxes less fat Americans will mean the money you get taxed for obamacare subsidies is less.

  4. How the hell do these women get so humongously fat? I still have difficulty wrapping my mind around it. Is food that cheap in the US?

    1. They sit on their asses all day and eat….everything that is bad for them. Their idea of working out is standing up. They play the victim of everything and refuse to take responsibility for themselves. They are their own worst enemy.

    2. They spend a lot of money on food. It’s not like they’re buying good food, either. They’re not gourmands. They just eat and eat chips and other snack foods. It’s totally gross.

    3. Fat women in the US (and most countries by now) have the luxury of having money to spend on food because they get *child support*, so it’s a double crime: 1. being fat and 2. Getting child support $$.

    4. Usually frozen / convenience or junk food. Frozen pizzas, high fat, high sodium, slick packaging cheap. Ice cream. Pop is a big one. Chips. Anything that has a cooking process that doesnt involve much more effort than tearing open a bag or opening a box or wrapper.

      1. It is more. The article said North America, which includes Canada, and our obesity rates are lower than the US and Mexico.

    1. No, the article said 50% of the North American population, which includes the USA and Mexico, the first and second fattest countries in the world, respectively. Canada actually brings down that percentage (it would be higher otherwise), but still we’re (Canada) in the top ten.
      As a sidenote, I expect that the 25% of Canadians who speak french in Quebec bring down our fat rates, as they are particularly style/image conscious (Montreal women…..oooo la la!).

    2. i’m only shocked that it’s just 50%. i reckoned it would be around 2/3 but hey whadda i know

  5. “There is an epidemic and if nobody finds a solution to it . . .”
    . . . nature will take its course, as it always does.
    “. . .this new revolutionary health campaign to convince fat people to lose weight: send your extra calories to Africa. Save the children.”
    So, the “new revolutionary” solution is a 50s revival? When I was a kid back in the Garden of Eden (Levittown) they would tell me to finish what was on my plate because there were children starving in Africa.
    I would push my plate forward and say, “So send it to them.”
    Didn’t work then, ain’t gonna work now when we actually do send them mountains of (albeit crappy) food.

    1. Love you KFG, pretty much the exact same as my post 🙂 Glad to see I wasn’t the only to pick up on that.

    2. Dumbass, you’re not supposed to Fedex your leftovers to Africa.
      You’re supposed to appreciate your good fortune at having a full stomach, a luxury that many people do not have. That’s what your parents were talking about. Too bad they didn’t slap the shit out of you for being an insolent little cunt.

      1. Bullshit! Why should we have to celebrate are own good fortune just because others don’t have it? Don’t you see how backwards that logic is, if you are so pissed off about our fortune and those who lack it then do something to get those who lack it to our own fortune instead of being that kid who is thankful with the a playdo while the kid next door has the entire collection of nerf guns.

      2. As it happens, Mr. Holier than Thou, my childhood starvation was severe enough that even being hospitalized and fed through tubes barely saved me, and I have carried the developmental damage my whole life.
        But even so I had enough sense to know that mindless gluttony was the answer to no question I had a need to ask.
        Eat what you need, but no more. That is what being grateful is about.

        1. We should do an ROK meet-up just for shits and giggles. You could interview me as a representative of the lesser sex and then report your findings in an article.
          Either way, you should definitely lend your writing skills to this site. You write very well and there’s a shortage of quality material here.

        2. “We should do an ROK meet . . .”
          Saints preserve me.
          “You write very well . . .”
          My English professor stepfather is swelling in his grave with pride. Either that or it’s just decomposition gasses. Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

    3. My parents always told me the starving children were in India.
      Ok, so somebodies parents were lying…

      1. Fortunately, many of those that actually receive what hasn’t been skimmed off by graft are actually smart enough to feed that shit to their animals.

        1. still helps though. healthy/fed livestock gives milk and meat and whatever else. so it’s not all to waste

  6. “Enter this new revolutionary health campaign to convince fat people to lose weight: send your extra calories to Africa. Save the children.”
    “Therefore, 250 million of overweight Americans and Canadians eating huge excess of calories yearly could easily feed these children…”
    “The other way to approach the situation is to realize that the average American eats about 4000 calories a day, which is an extra 2000 unnecessary calories that
    could feed an entire other human being.”
    “Of course, the enemies of wisdom don’t want you to hear this kind of truth. The
    information is distorted and buried by the fat acceptance movement who claims
    there is nothing wrong with being fat.”
    Yes, yes, yes. Fat people and fat acceptance is immoral, thanks for the article.

  7. If you want to help Africa, leave the continent alone and let them solve their own problems their own way.
    I don’t really care about the obese, escalate the fat acceptance nonsense so they’ll hurry up and remove themselves from the planet.

    1. Bingo!
      It is counter-intuitive to hack economists and non-economists but Africa is so fucked up due in large part to all the ‘aid ‘ they receive.

      1. True. Necessity is the mother of invention. Necessity might also bring some structure. Hard to really say though.

        1. That is true.But what I was alluding to is this:
          Part of the aid funds the corrupt,oppressive governments thereby hindering people from prospering, and charities simply make people dependent on them.Also , many of the charities are nothing more than fronts for trafficking,or simply take aid and live off it without using it constructively for those to whom it was intended for.
          Anyways,this is a whole other topic . Those doing ‘social work’ and who pat themselves on the back for working to uplift the poor or those who oppose sweat shops are actually deluded and cause far more harm than help.
          Bottom line, don’t give to charity.It has the opposite effect of noble intention.
          Also,fat acceptance is a form of charity and with precisely the same opposite effects.

        2. Yes, exactly what I meant. A lot of that aid goes right back to the country that donated it in the first place. When the aided nation buys equipment and hires “experts” where do you think they buy them from? The donor country of course.
          Also, you think Africans don’t know how to solve their own problems? You think some Sally Struthers bitch knows better than someone actually living there? It’s racist.

        3. “Also , many of the charities are nothing more than fronts for trafficking”
          What kind of trafficking?

      2. In the book “Shaking Hands with the Devil” a former aid worker explained that warlords will destroy wells and farms. They then steal aid food as its easier to rule by deciding who eats than by merit. The proven to be stupidest charity is the heifers one as they send milk producing animals to places where the majority of the people are lactose intolerant since they didn’t evolve drinking milk.

        1. Sub sahara Africa didn’t even have written language or the wheel 400 years ago.

      3. The problem with this:

        escalate the fat acceptance nonsense so they’ll hurry up and remove themselves

        is that it will take 40-80 years for the fatties to do themselves in….
        and in the meantime, all of us will pay higher health insurance premiums because of all the extra medicine and procedures they’ll require.

    2. Sadly, due to the way Government rewards failure and punishes success, healthy productive people will be forced to subsidize unhealthy unproductive people. Since we will be in the minority we will be outvoted.

    3. Bill Gates makes a pretty good case of why that’s not correct, backed up with facts rather than just guessing. The evidence comes from countries that first world countries used to provide aid to and are now doing fine. Also, think of it this way: as soon as a country is out of poverty, they have money to spend on improving their country, so then they start contributing to the economy of first world countries through trade.

    4. +1
      Finally, someone else who gets the bending but not breaking laws of nature and the false promise of institutional solutions for incapable individuals, both there and here.

  8. Good try. But women do not care about other people unless it’s something that might change the balance of power: go to africa, and the poor african women need protection from the predatory western male. The shrieking will no end take. Send food over there to save them. Meh, why ? if they die, less competition. THAT is how they think. Bitches.

  9. I’m a slender, tall woman who enjoys feminine outfits and is probably judged attractive by men. Reading this article, I remember having a difficult time at the university finding female friends when I was stranger and even after that (girls constitued about 30% of the students, the majority were boys). It was quite odd because the social isolation (“female bullying” if you prefer) that I suffered was unprovoked. The person who hurt me most was a cold fashion-obsessed, model-hating girl with some twisted feminist convictions. It took me a while to realize how the things worked in that place.
    Female jealousy (and male leering, but that’s another subject) made me de-feminized my appearance at times… such a shame.

    1. Male leering is a gift, if a man takes time out of his thought process to give a look then be thankful.

    2. “and male leering”
      Dont worry about that. When you hit the wall that shit stops abruptly and permanently.

      1. Don’t be so hard on her, the male leering will continue forever… It will just be looks of “God why you are here you damn eyesore” or “God you should of died when you were hot”

        1. Ya its good ole fun. They will become Mrs. Invisible even to the beta bitch boys. That’s karma coming down hard on you.

  10. When you say, “While I don’t advocate attacking fat people personally”, I think you are right, but we should certainly attack obesity in general. Consider the national shaming campaign against smoking over the past 10-years. It’s been extremely successful at producing healthy outcomes in the population, and a similar public shaming movement against obesity could have positive results.
    The biggest obstacles to such a movement would be the food industry lobby, and the fat-acceptance feminists. Taking on just one of these would be difficult enough, if not impossible. My thinking is that it would take a real “Nixon in China” moment, where the only way to accomplish this would be if it were spearheaded with a Democratic president.

  11. I personally look at it as a duty. If I don’t buy Ice Cream, then the price of Ice Cream will go down and all those people using EBT will get more Ice Cream and thus more have more medical problems.

  12. Gotta feel bad for the waiter in the background of pic 3- you know that warthog fucked him out of a tip when her 8th refill of sweet tea didn’t come quick enough. She appears to have a wedding ring on too- unbelievable. I wouldn’t give that jiggly bitch yesterday’s Wall Street Journal to use as a blanket if she was freezing on a fucking park bench- yet somehow, she found a guy to wife her up.

    1. She might be butt ugly, but that is no reason for her to ruin her health and get so larded up. Even butt ugly chicks get laid, and can be fun to lay, when they have rockin’ bodies.
      Gets me thinkin’ though, of how much lantern light I could get out of her blubber.

      1. I’m not convinced that is a chick, looks a lot like Herbie at work but with smaller man boobs.
        If you did go the lamp oil route – – – That’d be a long “boil down” to render the lard.
        I had a girlfriend once, face was a 6.5 but bod was a 9.5 . . . and she liked some adventure too!
        “Don’t worry honey, it’ll be fun”
        “Well . . . OK”
        The end of the night both of us had big smiles . . . and she even made the sandwiches!

  13. Time for some Al Bundy wisdoms:
    Fat Lady: ” I need shoes.”
    Al: “The blacksmith’s right around the corner.”
    Fat Woman: “How dare you say that to my face!”
    Al: “Well, I’d say it behind your back, but my car’s only got a half tank of gas!”
    Al: “A fat woman sloshed into the shoe store today. Said she was retaining water. I told her not to worry the dam of cellulite should keep us all safe for the next few years!!!”
    Fat Lady: ” You’ll be hearing from my lawyers.”
    Al: ” Is that the firm of Haagen & Dazs?”
    Fat Librarian: ” Could it be that you don’t have the money. Could it be that you’re a failure like I always knew you’d be.”
    Al: “Could it be that the nails that hold you chair together are from the planet Krypton.”
    Lady: “I want something to go with this dress.”
    Al: “A bubling cauldron?”
    Lady: ” You’ve got a lot of nerve.”
    Al: ” I need it to get this close to your feet.”

  14. It’s honestly gotten to the point that I think of morbidly obese people as subhuman creatures.

  15. maybe convince fatties to donate the $ of whatever they were going to spend on junk/over eating to a African charity

  16. While reading the first paragraph I thought your plan was to send all of the overweight people of North America to Africa so that the people there could eat them. I think it’s time for me to leave this diseased country.

    1. “Average obese woman gets just 1 hour of exercise a year.”
      I had no idea that Devil’s Food Cake was that heavy.

      1. i propose we invent weighted spoons and forks. they’ll be fat but whoaaa look at those biceps!

  17. Women don’t like fat shaming because it nullifies their use of childbearing as an excuse to let loose, over eat, and get fat. My ex is living proof that a woman can have kids and still retain her 20s figure.

    1. Not only that but it will also nullify the eating for two myth, where as when pregnant it is more like eating for 1.1155, meaning eating you are gaining 0.1155 to feed and effectively treating it like a 11% increase means doubling it… Fuck imagine if your budget was like that, would an 11% increase in come justify spending double on your budget? No.

    2. Personally, I’ve always felt they don’t like it because it is really about fear of increasing competition. Nothing a so so woman likes more than competing for men with a bunch of fatties. If fat shaming were commonly and openly done in media, all women would need to put in a much greater effort at maintaining a gym body.
      I see someone has kindly posted my greatest hits above. Don’t forget to visit Lower Uncton!

  18. Yeah, I’m commenting a lot here, but obesity pisses me off in both men and women; moreso with women because they expect us to love their “with curves” bullshit. Fuck that. I went to Russia in 2000 and got myself a nice thin little hottie, and now that that relationship is over I’m going to the Philippines to get a mid 30s hottie who is 5’1″ and 95 pounds. 😀 Even before the Rooskie, all of my girlfriends were fit and trim.
    Fuck fatties!

    1. Why aim for mid 30s in the Philippines?
      I have no idea what your age is, but shoot for late 20s at most.

      1. In the Pinas girls from 20-37 years old can sometimes be almost indistinguishable – their skin, their attitude – most of them age very gracefully.

    2. What Eric said below but I also just have to add… As a man if you are going to waste time on women you might as well let the bar at 25 max unless she is hotter than 19 year olds.

  19. I don’t know if anyone has hit on this yet, but isn’t selfishness a part of the gluttony these obeasts practice? Fat people would not give up there excess. They have no sympathy nor empathy for the hungry.

    1. I would also like some citations because I believe the average american is closer to 2800-3000 calories per day on the higher end.

  20. Off topic of ending obesity, but does anyone here get pissed off when fat women pretend to have big breasts as if that means shit… Seriously, I have seen fat women with K cups, FUCKING K CUPS, and not a single person in any direction that would look at her for more than 1 second… People don’t realize that big breasts are only good if you yourself aren’t big… I like small breasts on petite short Asian women to be honest, but even men with my breast preference should agree on this.

    1. fully agree. you what what the saddest thing is, though? small tits on a fat chick. how the F does that happen? hahaha

  21. They’ll never get skinny as long as there are men who will say stupid things like “I like a girl with a little meat on her bones”. They are the reason why women are fat. Stop sleeping with fat women and you’ll fix the obesity epidemic.

    1. When men say they want a little meat they mean this:
      That picture is what defines a little meat, as in, she could stand to lose a little on her waist and hips but still looks good… Granted her tits aren’t me ideal but whatever, this is meat on the bones…
      However there are men out there who geniunely find fat women to be hot…. But those men are either sick and twisted sexually probably from an abusive feminist single mother, black, and/or the possibility of finding the most repulsive shape on the planet to be hot because of his own warped view on his beta self.

      1. “. . .there are men out there who geniunely find fat women to be hot….”
        To run with one of my comments from the other day; the cover is not the beef.

  22. Holy shit. The fatty in the last pic is wearing a necklace made out of a SPOON AND FORK! Talk about commitment.

  23. It would be better to burn the food in a giant pile than send it to Africa. Why would you want to send more food to Africa. Africa has one of the highest birth rates in the world and a constant problem with starvation. The more food you give to Africa the more they breed.
    Why would you want to do something like this to encourage Africans to breed more. The African people are just as sick by choice as the fatties: they don’t have the impulse control to stop overbreeding. Well, that and they’re lazy and indolent and don’t make enough food. Last time I saw a report 90% of the black run farms in South Africa were nonproductive.
    So don’t feed the Africans unless you want to unleash more misery and poverty on the world. Charity is for the person who is going through a temporary hard time outside of his control. Africa has a chronic problem that its people lack the intelligence and/or self control to stop breeding and to build a working civilization. Let them evolve or perish by their own hand.

    1. Sending food and medicine to Africa only gets us more Africans with drug resistant diseases.

  24. Fatties are no different from meth-heads.
    They are scum. They are addicts. They are undisciplined. They are stupid. They are worthless.
    Fat Fucks,
    Eat a bullet for your next meal.

  25. Eat motherfuckers, eat.
    I want the US to get fatter. The fatter the average American gets, the better I am in comparison.
    This is a zero-sum world. I gain by achieving AND I gain when others lose.

  26. As much as I love being the “misogynist” and “racist” that I legitimately am, you need to end farm subsidies if you want to fight obesity. A Hamburger should not cost less than a salad and it would not if Uncle Sam stopped giving tax money to beef farmers.

        1. When was the last time presidential candidates ran on ending farm subsidies? Too boring for the average voter to grasp. And besides… Iowa going first means a candidate can campaign on ending them after it’s over if he so chooses.

      1. Guess what beef subsidies get spent on?
        You can’t fool me young man, it’s corn subsidies all the way down.

    1. I guess you didn’t see the videos from when the food stamp card went down for 8 hours on 10-12-13 in 16 states.

    2. Most of the salad components have more subsidies than the hamburger. Besides the problem isn’t the hamburger, but the french fries that come with it.

  27. Come on men, do you really think an intelligent appeal will work with these people? FUCK NO. Obesity and gluttony is caused by a variety of things, but it comes down to GREED. These motherfuckers don’t give a fuck about anyone else. If they did, they would be ashamed of even breathing the oxygen that normal people do. As harsh as it sounds, what these people need are work camps. Currently, they are a massive tax on the entire economy and social system. Put these assholes to work. They aren’t human. Don’t treat them as such.

      1. Shit, I really did come across as extremely totalitarian. I need to re-evaluate my language.

      1. Africans have 50+ countries all to themselves in Africa. They have 2/3rds of the Earth’s natural resources.They have the biggest and best piece of agricultural land on the plant, the continent of Africa. Africa has the largest population the World has known.
        White people are 8% of World population. Africans clamor to live among us as ‘minorities’. WE are the minority.
        In the USA an African is the President.
        I don’t think there is anything else left we can do to help the Africans.

      1. but disease in this case is aids so starvation would be a non issue relative to the population explosion if there was chastity. One would essentially take care of the other. That disease is more preventable. Unfortunately western women REALLY make sure they can feed themselves before they procreate.

      1. No. Give Africans nothing and let them sink or swim on their own.
        This white man has no burden and I do not want to see my tax money sent to worthless people on ther other side of the planet.

  28. Brilliant yet again!
    Fat acceptance? No way. Fat women are selfishly denying starving children in Africa food. That is not social justice, feminist dear. That is social rape of African children. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  29. My small suggestion is that instead of trying to feel* Africa, people should be taxed on every BMI point over 25 by 2% and by 5% for every BMI point over 30 and get a reduction for every BMI point lost. (2% reduction if the loss is over 30 and 5% reduction if the loss is under 30). When a person has a high BMI but its because they’re heavily muscular the body fat percentiles start applying.

  30. All I can say is thank you for that article. I have never heard the issue of obesity/over consumption put in this light. It would be great if obese people could read this and be really, really honest with themselves and their own driving role in their condition – no matter how painful that may be.

  31. Oh my god, a revolutionary new concept to make fat people reconsider: think of the children in Africa.
    This blog makes me so glad we have people thinking outside the box.

  32. I don’t genuinely care much for Africans, then again I’m not a liberal. However, I absolutely love the idea of clubbing fat liberals over the head with the guilt of “African kids die because you put that ice cream in your mouth.” Even though it makes no logical sense it will still penetrate deep in to their brains because it’s the same kind of statements they habitually make. Wonderful.

  33. Junk food acts like a drug! Compare to illegal drugs which is looked down on, junk food like smoking 50+ years ago is accepted by our culture. Just like smoking today, the government will start campaigning to stop bad eating habits cause its costing our country to much money due to health problems. Obesity is linked to every health problem the human body can experience. Experts predict within the next 15 years the average overweight percent will jump from 50‰ of the population to 80% in Western society! I worked out years ago, if u want to feel good and be happy everyday, u need to eat healthy and exercise everyday. The other option is to be a junk food junkie and just like a drug addict, eating is your HIGH!

    1. Yea the transport costs for a gallon of fuel to remote bases in Afghanistan brings the price to over $800 per gallon.

  34. I feel physically ill when I see the pictures of those fat women. Thankfully no man would want to breed with them so their fat acceptance will see them being dragged out their houses by a forklift when it comes to put them in the ground.
    Being fat is never healthy, its disgusting. Being thin is sexy, being true to the perfect phsyical form is attractive. That is why I made the choice to lose weight,if you want to attract people of value you have to have value yourself.

  35. Definitely don’t send the cupcakes and other crap to Africa. I can’t imagine anything more cruel.

  36. Spreading modern medical practices, sanitation concepts, and construction technologies is great, but aid to Africa in the form of food is a waste and just means more needless suffering in the long run. Not to mention that we’ll just make them fat on non nutritious foods while their neurological systems and muscles are wasting away. All calories are not equal.
    The best way to promote health is to promote accurate diet and exercise information, not the government’s bullshit, and to create a society that is extremely anti-fat. In parts of the world they stone adulterers to death. Does it completely end adultery? No, but it reduces the size of the problem. If we didn’t hire, date, fuck, or encourage fatties, then they would be rare.
    Societal encouragement and acceptance is the root of the problem. In America, we don’t just tell people it’s okay to be fat, we shame them for being thin and healthy. That’s modern America for you, so backwards that being a health nut is considered rude and inconsiderate to fat people because you make them feel bad about themselves. If a girl is on the thin side in high school, adults worry that she has an eating disorder. If a girl is 40 pounds overweight in high school, she is a perfectly unique and beautiful snowflake that needs to be encouraged to shine and glimmer in her own individual style. This culture is beyond salvation and sprinting towards destruction.

  37. I agree obesity is a huge problem, however I don’t think writing an inflammatory article does much to help. The issue is extremely complex, and obesity is an effect, not a cause. There are studies where obese people can maintain body weight on very restricted calorie diets. Is it realistic for someone to maintain forever at 600 cals a day? Doubt it.
    The accumulation of stress, lack of sleep, polyunsaturated fats, lacks of variety of nutrients, lack of exercise, and yes overeating all play a role in creating a super fatty, but it seems that just eating less food doesn’t work as the majority of those that diet end up regaining more weight than was originally lost – the so called set point theory.
    I’m not obese because I stuff my face with vegetables, meat, eggs, fish and fruit, and I don’t get cravings for snack food. There isn’t any willpower involved, I just eat a lot of “healthy” food, with no refined vegetable oil.
    And I maintain a healthy weight at around 3,000-4,000 calories a day. Calories are a shitty measure of anything other than the energy it takes to increase 1g of water 1 degree Celsius.
    I’m not pro fat acceptance, I just think if people had good information about how to maintain a healthy body weight everyone would be happier.

    1. You’re right when you say it’s hard but that just sound like excuses to me. If I weighed 300 pounds and my life was terrible as a direct result of it, I would find the information I need and the effort I need to lose the weight. I don’t want to attack fat people personally but rather shame their behavior, and expose their sense of irresponsibility. It’s not something to be proud of. Added to the problem is the growing numbers of fat activists. They spit propaganda that is damaging to society and we want them to shut their mouth.
      I would gladly give people advice on how to stay fit, but the information is already out there, everywhere. If you’re willing to change, finding information won’t be the hardest part. Only people who don’t care learning about it don’t know it. By the way I don’t know how tall you are but 3000-4000 calories is a lot. To make a comparison, former MMA world champion Anderson Silva was eating 3700 Calories during his training, and he trained 6 days a week for 8 hours a day.

      1. I think we agree on more points than disagree. Fat activists aren’t helping. People that are 20-30 lbs overweight shouldn’t have much issues with getting to a healthy weight, but truly obese people have serious metabolic damage and the traditional advice of stop eating so much, do a lot of exercise and get some self control isn’t going to work. They have created a true diseased state.
        Would you tell someone with AIDS to try harder to get better? Sure if they exercised more control originally, not sharing needles, engaging in high risk sexual encounters or getting shot and receiving a blood transfusion they wouldn’t have aids. But once you got it, it’s too late and you need a better strategy.
        Extending the analogy to obesity, we have a general idea of how people become obese, but we don’t yet know how to reverse the damage. Just doing the opposite doesn’t seem to work long term.
        5’9″, 190lbs 32″ inch waist at the navel. Bjj 4x week, weights 3x and ride a bike for transport.

        1. Well I disagree. Obesity is not like aids at all. Of course if you take the extreme examples where they need a forklift to get off bed then OK. But obesity is defined as BMI over 30, and from memory it’s roughly 30% of the population. The vast majority of obesity cases are reversible. If they can walk, then they can lose weight.

      2. Silva’s basal metabolic rate is 2000 C. A moderate training rate that can be maintained for 8 hours burns 400 C/hr above basal.
        That’s 5200 C/day, not counting anything he does when he’s not training.
        Putting the hammer down can burn over 1000 C/hr.
        I’m rather smaller than Silva and in season I couldn’t maintain on 3700 C/day with only 2 hrs/day training.
        Either Silva’s training is done at a walking metabolic rate (on average) combined with sleeping 16 hrs/day, or you have been fed bad information.

      3. I would say the root problem of obesity is that these people are depressed. They have let themselves go and are in a state of massive depression – all of them. In the 50s, women may have drank more to combat depression or like most parts of the world just suck it up. But these women, instead of picking up the bottle, or popping pills, decided to overeat. Why do they overeat and gain such a plethora of weight? I would say because overcoming depression, eating well, moving, and rewiring your victim mentality is a lot harder in the short run but it pays dividends in the long run. Eating taco bell three times a week and sitting in a chair as a secretary for tech companies office for eight hours a day and going home crying while watching American Idol is easier in the short term but will bring misery in the long run.

  38. I think that the acceptance of fat in America is appalling, yes, but you need to get your facts straight if you want your opinion to have any authoritative voice. Fat people are not burdening the health system. The FDA is screwing the entire country: endorsing food that is KNOWN to make us sick, so then we can turn around and go to the doctor, who prescribes you pills that were produced by Uncle Sam.

    1. Obesity is a huge burden on the health system, did you known that if your BMI is over the healthy range allowed your health insurance rates go up? Why do you think that is? Being overweight has several known health risks. Blood pressure problems, cardiovascular, lungs, organ failure, really the list goes on and on, not to mention that it just looks disgusting. I love people for who they are and try to look past their physical appearance, however when I see an individual who is obese I have to wonder why they became that way and why don’t they care enough about themselves to make healthy decisions.

  39. I don’t think fat women care about the health system, their appearance, their own healths or for starving children. All they care about is the next chocolate cream cake they’ll eat and the next desperate fat fetishist cock that will bang them

    1. I don’t think they even care about anyone banging them since it seems as if it’s a physical impossibility especially for number 1. Wouldn’t a guy have to be huge to get past it all? How could they even hold a position? Naa.

  40. In the US fatness is a lower class trait. I’ve never seen a fat female in my upper class area. And why no pics of fat negroes here because most of them are fat and they should be sent back home to Africa.

    1. Upper class? You? I’ve rarely seen a more lowly comment.
      Unless you’re part of the original indigenous peoples of the Americas I guess you better take your own advice and “go home” to Europe or whatever hole you crawled out from.

      1. This white man is home.
        My people did not conquer the “native” scum and build this country to “give it back” to anyone. If Tanto wants his land back, he can come and take it.

  41. I would never ask a White person to stop eating so as to encourage more breeding in Africa. This article has gotten that much wrong.

  42. Both of the African women pictured, as well as their babies, look healthy. The first one has quite a sturdy, robust physique and the “sick without choice” one looks healthy, happy, and quite pretty. Both of the babies have that plump baby fat on ’em.

  43. The woman holding the sign “I need fat acceptance because….”. Fill me in. Is this a movement or something? What’s it about? Fat people are already accepted, they comprise at least half, if not more, of our population. Now, if someone is being bullied and abused because they are fat, that is wrong and should be opposed. Is that what “fat acceptance” is about – ending bullying? Then I’m for it. Or do they mean something else by it? I know a lot of fat people and I never hear them using this lingo. So if someone could please clue me in.

  44. A subject i know something about. Calorie/volume consumption is only part of the overweight & obesity problem in “civilized” countries. The other part of the problem is machined convenience, of which Americans are vehemently fond. I also believe these problems are compounded by the pharmaceutical industry.

  45. As a fat girl who mostly reads this site out of bile fascination, I feel oddly inspired by this post. I’ve been thinking a lot about how all of my money seems to go into buying food, and this challenge intrigues me. I don’t know if I’ll have a lot of money left to donate (I make slightly above minimum wage at a job with variable hours, and my finances would be a mess even if I ate nothing) but I’m willing to cut my food consumption in half, tally my finances, and see what I have left at the end of the month. Surely there should be something left over to donate.

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