American Cultural Trends And The Future

Sometimes at ROK, we publish satirical pieces designed to direct attention to deeper issues. Leftists refer to them as troll pieces, but I think that just shows their own willful ignorance. We are not merely trying to gain attention to cure ourselves of boredom; we are trying to change the world. Many articles are tongue-in-cheek, and in fairness, sometimes that can be difficult for the reader to discern. Therefore, in the interest of clear communication, allow me to state that this article is not satirical, trolling, or a joke.

A woman who gives birth without a husband or live-in partner and chooses to raise the child is only acting in her own best interest. It is one thing if she gets divorced when her kids are a few years old. Since they’ve already begun to develop, one could argue that it’s best not to separate the child from the parent. But when your child is born, if you are an unwed mother, then the only morally defensible thing to do is to give the child up for adoption.

Dickensian orphanages no longer exist in America. The Catholic nun is a Hollywood myth from a former time. There is a huge surplus of financially stable but infertile couples who wait years to adopt a single child, and many of them are never able to. Mr. and Mrs. Smith can do a far better job raising your offspring that a daycare can. It’s an open secret how poorly-developed the American childcare industry is. If you want any hard evidence that women should seek to be housewives, read that article in the last sentence.

Unwed Mothers Are Unable To Mother

But what if the mother is financially well-off and can afford good childcare? After all, that article argues for higher quality daycare instead of gross reduction. Or what if she has a strong support system with her parents? Doesn’t matter. Maybe a boy or girl can develop well without a mother, but he or she will be damaged for life without a father constantly around. There are people who were raised without a father who did well for themselves, but this is in spite of their unnatural family structure and not because of it.

A boy needs a father to teach him to be a man, and a girl needs a father to make her feel protected. Everyone in society has a different definition of “a real man,” but notice how everyone still has a concept of it. You rarely hear people use the term “a real woman.” So does a girl need a mother to teach her to be a real woman if we have no concept of real womanhood? What does a mother offer to a girl that can’t be given by a man? The leftist reader is drawing a blank, because as soon as he answers that question, he will admit that there is an innate and hence obligatory gender role for women. How much more worthless is an unwed mother to a boy!

One could claim that a mother can provide a sense of protection and provision for both boys and girls, but again, that can much more naturally be provided by a father by virtue of his outer physiology. Small kids aren’t intelligent, and your high-paying job or MBA won’t impress them when the monsters under the bed try to attack them, to use a kindhearted example. They haven’t been socialized yet, and so they still have the animal mindset that might is right. So no, children cannot be properly mothered without the context of being fathered.

What about grandpa? Doesn’t he provide a father figure if the mother lives with her parents? It is still not the same, because he will be subject to the mother in every circumstance involving the child. Grandpa is ultimately employed as mommy’s nanny. The child still does not have a true father figure. If the mother wants to give up the child to be adopted by the grandparents, then wonderful. But under no circumstances in modern America should an unwed mother keep custody of her infant.

Be A Hero

Why then would an unwed mother keep custody of a newborn infant? Because she can’t imagine herself living without the child. My father made the same argument when he knocked up his mistress in an extramarital affair and decided to break up my family to marry her. The reader may scream that a parent is entitled to his child, but that only confirms the self-centeredness element. Who else is benefitted beside yourself? If you know that your infant will be far better off with another couple (especially if you are already in poverty), then why will you not do what is in the best interest of your child?

Furthermore, couples seeking to adopt are so desperate that they are often willing to negotiate an open adoption, meaning that you the biological parent can still interact with your child! You do not have to be completely out of the picture. Instead, you are making an adult decision about your incapacities. This way you can both be involved with your offspring and have the child develop into a functional human being. Everybody wins in an open adoption.

“But it’s still so difficult for a woman to give up custody!” screams the reader. Then be heroic. You want to be “an American hero”? You want to do something selfless and earn your good person membership card? Do what’s in the best interest of your child and send him or her to be with someone else. But do not use your infant as a security blanket. The love of such a woman is a selfish and cheap love. It is not love but at best mere deep affection.

“Women should be able to do what they want!” is the next argument. That just shows what an objectively terrible person you are. The difference between being a child and being an adult is the difference between choosing your wants and choosing your shoulds. And just so the on-the-fence reader doesn’t accuse me of misogyny, I’ll say that is true for both sexes.

People shame the modern man-child Peter Pan for good reason, but they never consider that what drives a 28-year-old man to live in his parents’ basement instead of enrolling in vocational school is the same thing that drives a career woman to pursue her dreams of cubicle serfdom and martini brunches. Both involve doing what they want, and the difference between those wants is only incidental.

Damaged Goods

One could argue that the child will naturally be better off with his biological parents than with adopted parents. Perhaps that is normally true, but the detriment caused to the child will be far worse with Jane Slut than with Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Actually, I’m willing to be fair and say that not all unwed pregnant women are sluts. Maybe your husband died in a car accident when you were eight-months pregnant. Still it doesn’t matter.

A generation ago, Chuck Palahniuk wrote in Fight Club, “We are a generation of men raised by women.” This feeling of loss causes the men in the book to drop out of society and pursue anarchy and nihilism. Although the actions are somewhat of an exaggeration, the sentiment of loss is much the ubiquitous state of the modern male, and this quote is as easily applicable a generation later. It’s ironic that early feminism fought for prohibition, since today it causes liquor sales to soar.

If my parents had not divorced, I never would have developed the emotional baggage that drives me to write, especially for a site like this. Read my work and try imagining it written by a happy, stable model citizen. This article is a product of a career mother and an androgynous father. They separated when I was six, and I can’t fathom how much more antisocial I would have become had they divorced during those crucially developmental first five years. So, feminists, if you don’t want your children to grow up to write for Return of Kings, then either stand by your man or release your infant to more qualified candidates.

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345 thoughts on “American Cultural Trends And The Future”

  1. America is facing the collapse of society, socially, economically and politically.
    Today’s man has now manifested itself into a metrosexual, effiminate hipster, where the man is now the trophy husband, and the women is now the masculine breadwinner.
    Ayn Rand, warned that feminism is an evil, and she was right. This evil cancer has led to the destruction of masculinity and today’s man is a sign of the decline of our civilization.
    Men are now tatooed from their neck to their bottom, wearing skinny tight clothes, listening to EMD all day and displaying feminine characteristics in their behaviour. The rise in masculine, aggresive career women and single mothers was the major indicator that that man as we once knew, had started to die.
    I believe that being called a mysogynist in this day and age, really means you are being branded a war hero, because for too long, women have waged war on us.

    1. “The truth is man longer has a true function to serve in society anymore.”
      Man’s role in modern society is to earn so she can spend. Makes for a bleak life with no meaning. Fight Club needs to be the movie metaphor of the manosphere, not The Matrix.

      1. Bingo. As Dr. Warren Farrell phrased it: “men often feel obligated to earn money someone else spends while they die sooner–and feeling obligated is not power.”

      2. Just last night I overheard my co-workers talking…
        My one buddy works like 3 jobs and has practically zero time to himself… The other guy commented “Must be nice to be rolling in all that dough”.
        My friend responded “Somehow I manage to burn through all of my monthly savings in one night. I’ll wake up and be like how did I just spend $400 getting fucked up last night?”.
        The lifestyle we have requires spending and luxury to justify itself… Otherwise where is the satisfaction of working in most jobs? Most people I know are not starting families. And most young guys know they aren’t contributing to anything of real value…

        1. The lack of value and meaning in work is a huge problem in contemporary society. All the substantive value has been drained from work. Now work is just something people engage in purely for status and materialist gain. There is no sense of pride in doing a job well anymore unless it pays big.
          Is it any wonder that men in particular become alienated from the world of work?
          Even a guy like me in education struggles to find meaning in what I do because of all the political correctness. I’m exhausted at the end of day teaching kids for what purpose? Most of them don’t want to be there, and most of the teachers don’t give a damn either. It’s just a way for them to scrape together a vaguely middle class lifestyle

        2. Most of those kids probably don’t have a future either. Schools are nothing but a conveyor belt to keep the masses busy and distracted by feeding them garbage which they will never use in their lifetime.
          As a teacher, you should teach them the real facts of life and how the world really works. One day, they will be grateful to you.

        3. Proper Marxist aren’t you? A word of advice; whenever you find yourself whining that “life is hard”, go back through the history of man and see if you can find a better time to live.

        4. Get the fuck out of education, and do something meaningful with your life. You’re clearly not cut out for it, since it’s such a feminist regulated system in your country.

        5. yeah it’s crazy how people do that, as if going out is a worthy way to spend your time and money. Then those people look at me like i’m a weirdo becuase i like to spend my weekends making extra money working on cars so i can build my own project cars.

        6. Englishbob, you should read more widely and think a little more deeply about the world. The question I posed was an existential one that has nothing to do with economics. Only drone-like Anglo conservatives see it that way, and you wonder why the rest of the world laughs at Americans? Think out of the square. Not everything is black and white.

        7. It’s either sales or education for me at this point of my life. I hate sales and I’m not a good enough bullshitter to talk my way into a high level great sales position. I make less teaching but I find it more rewarding. That should give you an idea of how much I hated being a salesman, even though I was reasonably good at it.
          You are correct though, education is best suited to P.C types and wannabe ‘progressives’.

        8. This is a stupid and childish response. Instead of acting hurt grow a pair and at least have the courage to stand by what you said. Then we can begin a proper debate.

        9. I do have the courage to stand by what i said. You just have no idea what I’m talking about, hence you try to throw a label on me. Who is the one being childish here really?
          If you can’t tell the difference between an observation and a ‘whinge’, or an existential point vs an economic one, what more can I say to you? What exactly are we meant to be having a discussion about?

        10. One of the most attractive aspects of Marxism is that it echoes the complaints of the common man about the lack of meaning in life, work etc. It is a very emotional argument that everyone can relate to. You may not have studied Marx specifically but the Marxist approach is rife throughout society and politics. Many people do not realise that they are channelling it because it comes to them after many degrees of separation. However, it is an seductive evil that must be stamped out. Hence my forceful comments.
          The reason you have the impression that there is no purpose in your teaching and that most of your students don’t want to be there is because the students are forced to be there. You will not receive much gratitude from a slave. If people sought you out to teach them I guarantee you that you would find it much more fulfilling. I teach willing people and it is a fantastic experience.
          Public schooling is a Marxist/Socialist construct and it is no surprise than many teachers display a Marxist ideology even without realising it.
          Sadly, the Universe is cold impersonal place and cares nothing for you and I. Therefore, the only purpose in life is the one you make for yourself.

        11. I have studied Marx, unfortunately. I had to write an essay on dialectical materialism back in my undergraduate days. Sure, the universe is a sad and impersonal place, I can get on with that. I try to make the most of a bad situation. I don’t see that as complaining, just stating things as I see them. I have chosen the profession I am in of my own free will. I’m not blaming anyone. It is what it is.
          I have taught at private schools too. The main difference is that there is less behavioural issues and higher expectations from the parents(because they are paying).
          I also disagree with you that these emotional based complaints all necessarily derive from Marx, or that agreeing with them makes you a Marxist. What’s the alternative? Accepting the typical Anglo-puritan view of work? That is also a slave mentality. I’d sooner side with Marx than Calvin, although truth be told I have no use for either 😉
          The best we can do is try to find value in whatever vocation we choose. That is not easy, but the struggle can be rewarding.

        12. The economic system in the USA is set up as a “Rent Seeking” platform for those that control the majority of its wealth, PERIOD. To believe any differently is nothing more than mental gymnastics, used to justify why we are strongly coerced to live the way we do.
          The “Owners of Capital” want wage slaves DEAD before turning 60. Best case scenario for them, is for someone to work 60+ hour work weeks from ages 16-60, put all of their money into a 401K, cars & home mortgage, neglecting to go to the doctor for decades and then suddenly drop dead of a heart attack; all before they can drain their 401K’s and start using earned social security & medicare benefits.
          Due to the way our current economic system works, we CLEARLY have too many people being born and not enough desire on the behalf of the “owners of capital” to employ them for the sake of having a stable and safe civilization. In the United States, for example, its clear that the “owners of capital” have chosen NOT to employ people on a large scale, preferring “tent cities” and “jailing the homeless”, INSTEAD of providing more “make-work employment” arrangements.
          Up to the 1940 a person could get just about any job with an 8th grade education, but today you need a BA or Masters for entry level. Why?
          Because the government & big business figured out a long time ago that populations would certainly increase over time, but due to technology advancements, the availability of jobs would not expand to meet that population growth. There is a DEFINITE reason they don’t want people dropping out of high school and then at the same time, encourage those same high school graduates to attend junior college, then a 4 year university and finally a Masters degree or PhD. Government strong-arms this concept because it DECREASES the amount of people looking for full-time employment at the SAME TIME, chasing after jobs in a market that CANNOT provide employment for everyone whom is looking, able to perform, qualified for and willing to work.
          Look at it this way, when people could get a job with an 8th grade education, they went out and did it as soon as possible (opportunity cost). Then jobs got scarcer and the minimum requirement became a high school diploma, adding 4 more years of people NOT Looking for jobs within their cohort. Then jobs got even scarcer and the minimum became a 2 or 4 year college degree, adding an additional 2-4 years of people NOT looking for jobs within their cohort. Now jobs are really scarce and may require a Masters or PHD, adding an additional 2-7 years of people NOT looking for jobs within their cohort. Basically due to the way the economy has been structured TODAY, we are looking at young people within their cohort whom are NOT looking for full-time, career type, employment for 4-15 YEARS, beyond K-12, all while they finish more school!
          This has been done ON PURPOSE, to keep the number people seeking employment lower. In 1920 after 8th grade everyone who was able, went out to look for work and typically found it. That’s simply NOT possible today under any circumstances. Easily accessed welfare will soon add another 1-3 years of people within a cohort, to those “not seeking employment”. Note this will NOT be to the specific detriment of society, but as a means to continue to mask the illusion that jobs and upward mobility are still available. So, if someone gets a graduate degree and collects 1-3 years of welfare on top of than, that’s ONE less person competing for scarce jobs. The extra years of welfare are then acting in the same way to the larger economy, as the previously increased minimum education levels for employment. The real goal is decreasing the number of able-bodied applicants out on the job market at the same time, but also not decreasing the supply of “potential workers” who’s mere existence drive wages down for EVERYBODY. Keep in mind this cohort of people “not pursuing full-time employment” also includes those in Prison, Government pensioners/SSI and the disabled on government assistance. The reality is if everyone needed to go out and “get a job” or “start their own business” TODAY, as many “capitalists” and “entrepreneurs” suggest these days, we would ALL be making 0.25 cents a day. THIS RACE TO THE BOTTOM EFFECTS THE SELF EMPLOYED WAGES AS WELL.
          The “owners of capital” have already decided, FOR US REGULAR PEOPLE, that there are going to be LESS jobs available in the NEAR future, due to increased automation and modern corporate labor, cost-cutting, strategies. These measures eventually will affect and include ALL contract work, ALL self-employment opportunities and ALL small businesses, NOT JUST payroll laborers. Its easier to “pay less” or “nothing at all” to contracted or indentured “labor” when there is another willing laborer/slave, waiting in the wings, to do the work for less or nothing at all. In the past when there wasn’t enough money to go around to pay both wages & PROFITS, the “owners of capital” simply brought in more indentured servant immigrants (Irish, Italians, Chinese, etc) or flat out used slave labor (Blacks, Native Americans, domestic prisoners, POW’s, etc). The only difference between now and then is the “owners of capital” can’t LEGALLY have slaves or indentured servants. The mechanisms today that replaces slaves and indentured servants are the following: longer than needed formal education for basic employment, off-shoring of labor, forced retirement, prisoners and welfare
          The largest “recorded” wage increase to happen in history, for non-land owing, wage-laborers, post the introduction of fiat currency, was after the black death pandemic, in the 14th century, especially in post-pandemic England
          But, how was that possible?
          Because “the owners of capital”, post the black-death-pandemic, still needed wage-laborers, but there was a HUGE shortage of able bodied people. So, in order for ANY work to get done, they had to pay the peasants and other undesirables, more money, SIGNIFICANTLY MORE. This principle is still at work today, when you take the time to recognize that sizable portions of the population are actively discouraged from participating in the full-time labor market. This is easily done, by throwing people in prison, forcing them to attend formal school longer and allowing more people to claim themselves as disabled or collect long/short term welfare
          After the Black Death ran its course, in the 14th century, a Peasants Revolt was triggered by the “Statute of Labourers 1351”. By 1381, the sustained wage growth for non-land owing, wage-laborers was rising so quickly that the English parliament, a few decades post the Black-Death, under King Edward III, introduced the “Statute of Labourers 1351”. This statute was used by the “Owners of Capital”, as an artificial means to drive down the wages of non-land owning peasants. Despite market conditions signalling the need for increased wages
 The Statute of Laborers; 1351 (“Statutes of the Realm,” vol. i. p. 307.)
          Think about that for a minute, the MARKET signaled that wages should have been higher, due to actual labor shortages caused by the Black Death, but the “owners of capital” still didn’t want to pay it, so they wrote a law saying why they didn’t have to conform to demands of the market. That’s where we are today, a form of Neo-feudalism, driven by Fascist ideology and practices. Remember the USA a former “slave owning nation”, that fought “tooth & nail” to maintain the legal right to own slaves; even turning indentured servants, whom by contract, were set to be released in 7 years, into indefinite slaves through legal loopholes.

      3. nah mang, fight club is about a charismatic psychopath enlisting entitled white men into his quasi fascistic ideals.
        Totes about white male hegemony.

        1. You sound like a brainwashed feminist idiot. It’s examining the unconscious existential malaise that men experience in a society that forces them to repress their masculinity. This affects all western males, but white males in particular have been the primary target of this agenda.

      4. Both films have relevant points.
        One focuses mostly on the conflict within oneself, the other is centered around the struggle against a system.

      5. I am not a fan of all these men crying, as I say survive, adapt, and conquer. Stop crying and change things.
        Fight Club was a stupid movie by the way. The Matrix is a better overall metaphor, Men can challenge the PTB. In fight club, men hide in run down buildings beating each other senseless. A great metaphor for USA men today.

    2. Hey check out this video of this highschool student getting up from his chair, telling his shitty teacher how shitty she is at her job, and then walking out on the class kuz he isn’t learning anything… If this isn’t RedPill than I don’t know what is.

      1. I agree to a point but when he said that the teacher should not only be engaging but be entertaining as well and this is where I disagree. The problem with this generation is they want to be entertained constantly, and part of learning is about delaying instant gratification. The interest and rewards of learning should start with the parents teachers can’t work miracles. No amount of teaching will make a dumb kid smart.

        1. I agree with you that you can only expect so much from teachers…
          But can’t we expect SOMETHING from teachers? I’ve had good and bad teachers in the past and some of them are clearly there just because it is an easy pay-check.
          Luckily I went to a highschool with great teachers, but I remember some real shit-for-brains in elementary school.
          The value of a good teacher is worth the money in taxes… a good teacher cares about the students, teaches them human values, is encouraging, wants to hear their questions.
          When teachers are just burnt out and school is just day care… don’t you think there is something wrong with that system?

        2. The pressure to be entertaining is noticeable in the teaching profession. So much of teaching is centered around this dubious idea of ‘engagement’, which is essentially figuring out ways to capture the short attention of kids with minds like sieves.

        3. Like I said teachers should teach but it’s not their jobs to be clowns as well.
          How I would fix all this:
          1. End all government funded schools but states would still have school review and testing boards.
          2. All schools are now private and must compete for student dollars.
          3. Money from government grants follows the student for 10-12 years K1-2 and 1-10th grades.
          The government grants each student 10000 dollars to attend the school of their parents choice.
          2 years of kindergarten if needed but 1 for most.
          Unused year goes into a college fund account.
          10 years for school, the year is longer but still enough for 3 weeks spring 1 week Christmas and 1 week Easter breaks and 10 1 day holidays.
          if a student is smart and graduations say 2 years early then that money is put in a college fund account and can be used for college.
          But this will never happen thanks to Teacher Unions.

    3. Agree 100% plus it seems that men no longer have men sanctuaries to vent and pass down knowledge and philosophy to the next generation.

    4. we’ve had the collapse of communism, now we are going to have the collapse of socialism, which is basically invisible communism where you have to take more care of the government’s shit…. make no mistake, they own your car, house, wages etc…. just try not paying your taxes and see what happens…..
      and you thought you were living in a free society….. go buy yourself a gun you’re gonna need it…. be sure to save the last bullet for yourself, you might need that too…

      1. Better make it two bullets. What if the one is a dud and you’re stuck in a room full of zombies?

    5. The alt right needs to become more unified, offering a fairly cohesive criticism of the status quo.
      It will probably start with anti-feminism since women voting for the status quo will need to be fixed.

    6. The future will be hilarious when feminism has Naomi Wolf who doesn’t believe ISIS exists. Believes the killing of westerners a fake and Ebola not to exist. When feminism has friends like that who needs enemies. If rational men stepped out of the debate for a day these feminists would understand that the white devil is an angel and that 1950s America is sweet compared to the bitter after taste that is 3rd world patriarchy lol

      1. I have to say, Naomi Wolf has a point. Obama has wanted to hit Syria for a while and has tried all sorts of things (like the false flag chemical attack). Nothing worked. Then up springs ISIS, ISIL, IS or whatever the fuck they are called with a bunch of decapitation videos. Hey it worked before why not now?
        And so, Obama is now hitting Syria to his heart’s content. Now I don’t think that the videos are fake but I do question the true identity of the perpetrators.

        1. Ok. But you miss the point he wanted to hit Syris to get rid of Assad. Now it seems like we want to keep Assad in power. The chemical attack thing was strange and from what was mentioned by people there it was identifiably perpetrated by the Saudis. Who hate Assad but seem to realise that IS. Wants to rule Saudi Arabia too. That’s the thing with a caliphate. It’s imperialistic it wants more and more land.

      2. Before you criticize Naomi Wolf, take a look at her film, End of America. It echoes and amplifies much of what is said in this article, and backs it up from a historical perspective (did you know that the terms “Homeland” and “Enhanced Interrogation” and even “Blackwater” were ripped straight from the Nazi playbook?) I understand she became famous for writing a book on western women called The Beauty Myth, which I have not read but seems to criticize cosmetic surgery, pornography, and the fact that women, while they have more material goods than ever, are psychologically unfulfilled. Seems reasonable to me. And ISIS and Al Q are western government creations. In the long run, they develop into a real group as people join this mysterious “rebel” group but there was no such entity a year ago.
        From End of America, the 10 steps a fascist group takes to destroy a nation state:
        Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy
        Create secret prisons where torture takes place
        Develop a thug caste or paramilitary force not answerable to citizens
        Set up an internal surveillance system
        Harass citizens’ groups
        Engage in arbitrary detention and release
        Target key individuals
        Control the press
        Treat all political dissidents as traitors
        Suspend the rule of law

        1. Naomi Wolf is a Marxist to her core. She doesn’t give a hoot
          about liberty and personal freedoms. You do realize that Fascism, Marxism, Socialism and Communism are extremely closely related doctrines all designed to control
          the masses. Marx provided the seed corn for much of Hitler and Mussolini’s fascist ideas. Read the first 200 pages of “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” and you’ll see Hitler greatly admired Socialist methods and borrowed heavily from them (although he despised the Socialists/Communists for their denial of nationalism, Jewish ties, and as competitors for power in Germany). Hitler’s original (and never modified) 25 tenants of Nazism are chocked full of Marxist ideals. So to be taken in by Naomi Wolf’s “America is becoming fascist” charade is naive in the extreme. Naomi Wolf and her Leftist/Marxist cohorts seek the same totalitarian future for America that Hitler, Stalin and Mao sought for their own countries. Multiculturalism, Political Correctness, diversity, social justice, gay rights, feminism, and the entire litany of Leftist ideas are all in lock step
          (or goose step) with Marxism. Just go on YouTube and check out “The Frankfurt School.” Naomi Wolf and her ilk could be Frankfurt School distinguished grads. Your 10 steps, written as a portrayal of Bush policies, are in fact, what Obama and the left are doing to America to a level exponentially higher than anything Bush and Cheney tried. The massive and unprecedented NSA spying on our
          citizenry under Obama, combined with using the IRS to squelch free speech, and Obama’s Lawless Executive orders are truly Hitleresque/Stalinesque. Bush was a “shop
          lifter” of personal freedoms, but Obama is an “armed bank robber” of them.
          And when it comes to Al Qaeda and ISIS being American
          creations . . . wow . . . where to begin? How about start by abandoning the mindless deceit of Naomi Wolf, academia, Hollywood, Obama, and the left, and pick up any version of the Koran or the Hadith; both are packed, page after page, with references to dominating the infidel and advancing Islam through the sword. Al Qaeda, ISIS and every other Islamic group (Hamas, The Moslem Brotherhood,
          Hezbollah, etc.) is dedicated to, first and foremost, advancing Islam. Go read what they say about themselves; don’t take my word for it. And to be a good Muslim is to follow the Koran and Hadith, word for word, without exception. So, the “moderate Muslims” I bet you know are really just, bad Muslims, little different than a “Catholic” that never received the sacraments and doesn’t go to mass.

        2. To read the above as “bushisms” or “obamaisms” misses the point. The list was created when W was in power and it is as every bit as true today. Only by looking past the red team / blue team false dichotomy can one get to the truth. Statements like “and by the way, which exactly of Bush’s fascist policies has Obama undone” implies an allegiance to Obama because Bush did some things that were rightly criticized and exhibits the logical fallacy of false dilemma.
          I will go ahead and make this prediction: the next president of the USA is going to continue the items on this list, and likely escalate them. I can say this with confidence without knowing whether the next leader is a member of team Democrat or team Republican because it simply does not matter. Further, the powers that be, the owners of this country, do not care about ideologies. They do not think or act in terms of “what is Marxist” or “what is fascist”–they simply grab power and reduce freedoms and use a variety of methods to do so. One cannot expect to beat them if one pigeon holes their actions into neat groups or classifications. I don’t care if Naomi Wolf is a cannibal. The ideals she discussed above and the film End of America is valid and prescient.
          As to the religious issues, I am going to leave those alone as I do not find it productive to discuss fairy tales and it is getting off the manosphere theme, but I will point out that if the cause of these problems is simply the religion one has adopted, then the world is in dire straits because Islam is the #1 organized religion in the world.

    7. But for all the talk of women ‘becoming’ men, there is one area where they haven’t taken on any male trait at all; innovation. There is absolutely none. It’s a blank. They march around, growling and glaring and barking and shooting whiskey, fighting etc. But they never innovate or problem solve at all.

      1. Women aren’t “problem solver” which is why many of them can become CEOs of large “American” corporations.
        Do a great job, fair job or shitty job and they all get paid, regardless. A CEO is a perfect position for a woman.

        1. There is a big difference between a CEO who founded the company vs a woman with many academic credentials who speaks well being put in charge.
          Given the clear record of yahoo, Xerox, HP, etc.. the few companies with women CEO’s have done very badly I don’t think many others will follow suit.
          You’d be surprised how many fortune 500 companies were built by male dropouts or otherwise little academic qualification. All women can do is get masters degrees then bitch when the fact is they lack the mental faculties for starting their own companies.

        2. Good point. Plus the founder will cherish the company more versus someone who is just ‘taking over’. I really don’t see many female CEOs doing well (now or in the future) because it takes a man to lead. Women are trying to fight it but it’s their very nature (biology) that they are fighting against….not men.

    8. Equality is code word for communism. If things don’t change at the earliest in the next 10 years? We’re going to be looking like Europe, shit… We already are.

      1. We’re going to look a lot worse than Europe my friend. Despite their economic concerns, they don’t go shooting and looting when things get tough.

    9. What the fuck are you talking about? Men’s role in society is simple. It is what it always has been: to innovate and dominate. If you can’t do that in this world, you’re just another slave to the kings. That’s the way it’s always been. The only problem now is that feminism is making it harder for men to realize that, or to realize the inherent power true masculinity has over all of society. Don’t be fooled: even aspies like Zuckerberg have realized this and used it to their advantage. The true power of masculinity isn’t doing what others do. It’s tearing down everything that already exists and replacing it with your own paradigm, because you ‘re just that much better than everyone else. Women lack this capability. That’s why there are so few female fourtune 500 CEOs or dictators. You have to pick up your shit, build something useful, assemble a team, and fuck everybody else. That’s the path to success in this world, and the whole foundation of every single society.

      1. “What the fuck are you talking about?”
        Read my post again.
        I stated that feminism is a cancer. All that talk you give about power of masculinity, is dead, thanks to feminism and mangina policies.
        Its more easier to talk about innovation and the power of masculinity, but in reality, men are being crushed by feminism. Be it being raised by a single mother, misguided and trapped by the feminist entrenched education system, fucked over by the feminist influenced family courts or not being offered a job thanks to the feminist assholes known as HR, feminism is an evil force.
        You want men to be men and go to war, be my guest. But in reality, you are fighting a losing battle. Men are now choosing to go their own way because as men, we know that we are not going to win this war. Its pointless. Society has collapsed and hence, you are witnessing the errosion and decay of our civilization. I am glad there is a place like ROK to share your views, but unfortunately, when you try to speak about the red pill outside the world of the internet, you will get ass fucked.

        1. It’s called actually going to war. At the very least, if we’re going down, we should go down with a fight, like the 300 spartans. Giving up is not an option. Our sons will have to live in this world if we choose not to be evolutionary dead ends. If we choose to be evolutionary dead ends, the feminists win, and masculinity will erode until males are the weaker sex, after which only drones will exist. We must stand and fight until the death, or better yet, practice the hudna that Muslims use to build their forces, until we can finally take back what we created.

    10. We brought it upon ourselves and therefore we deserve it. Everybody start learning Chinese and Arabic, stat!

  2. “It does not occur to them to simply get to the point by phone and thus save themselves time, for they do not value time itself.
    They work some job which probably is either just bearable or downright contemptible. And to justify and cope with that, they turn to intense indulgence of some kind: porn, ecstasy, or who knows what.”
    This is going to sound really stereotypical but Confucius said that an inch of time is worth more than an inch of gold, because you can’t buy an inch of time with an inch of gold (or any amount).
    BTW. No job is contemptible. I would say the problem is that people sometimes refuse to do a job that they consider contemptible, and that is a much bigger problem.

    1. Plenty of jobs are contemptible. Mainly because it is clearly made evident to the worker that they are disposable despite the fact that he needed an impeccable resume to get in and do something a monkey, or machine, could do. Which he is also told is coming someday. Don’t forget HR departments, low pay and few raises, and the impossibility of job mobility in the modern economy, and yeah, it’s easy to hate the job you have. Because you’re stuck and have to like it.

      1. Right but you just have to ignore it if you don’t have a lot of money, and pound the pavement until you get something that you feel is more right for you.
        I mean not everything in life is always going to go your way. Just because you change old people’s diapers or make coffee for a living doesn’t mean such a job is inherently bad. You are still getting money, saving it and investing it.

        1. The problem is not having to suck it up, the problem is having been lied to.
          The 20-year old movie “Reality Bites” was perhaps ahead of its time.

        2. Yeah but people have to adapt to change. Life is shitty, the problem is you have to pursue your own interests in order to make it not so shitty.
          For example if you live in the US, watching movies about slum areas around the world could give you a perspective on what life could be like.
          I’m not saying count your blessings, but more like diversify. For example we have internet access. what kinds of things about computers can you learn? What kinds of things can you sell online?
          It’s about thinking about things in an entrepreneurial manner rather than waiting for an employer to give you the perfect job. Rather than a problem, think of this as an opportunity. Like Nassim Taleb said, be antifragile.

        3. OK, let’s reason. Basically, the gist of your argument is “man up.” Do the shit job and don’t complain b/c other people have it worse. Well, that’s feminist speak for you. Shaming language, and it doesn’t fly here. If conditions in the USSA made it that simple, there wouldn’t be a ROK for men to post articles like this. The world of work is a shitty place for men right now. Made doubly so by the lies we’ve been told. I know, because like everyone else here I swallowed the lies and it gave me flaming diarrhea. I talked like you when I left college. You’ll change your tune too when life smacks you in the face. Then the rest of us will say ‘welcome to the club.’

        4. He’s just saying that you need to hustle a bit to find a career which you enjoy and matches with your talents. The world of work doesn’t have to be a shitty place. Look at Roosh. He makes income. Personal training is a good option if you like fitness. Fixing cars is cool if you’re into that. All these jobs you should be saving up to eventually OWN that gym, that body shop. Corporate America sucks huge balls, we can all agree. Pursue your own endeavors, preferable in small business so you deal with less BS and create a work environment that you enjoy.

        5. Good example. That movie was made during (or right after) a recession (90s) so it was good for the times…and is a good example, today.

        6. It definitely could be. Think about an internet business. Mobile, can register it in a tax haven, make your own hours. There are also many small businesses who accept mostly cash payments, which allows them to dodge most of the taxes. You can also write off “expenditures”. It depends how much you bend the rules. I’ve seen $500k+ businessmen get financial aid for their kids in college. If they take $300k in cash, write off an extra $125k for BS, all of a sudden they’re making $75k as far as the gov is concerned. Cash-only businesses will have a huge future.

    2. Agree, tho I understand the author’s original point.
      In early manhood I worked lots of ‘crap’ jobs but did my best anyway, and tried to learn from them anyway. When I see others with ‘crap’ jobs, doing them well, I try to figure out a way to compliment, tip, or somehow support that person. They’re a good bet to succeed later when given more responsibility. These are the ones (male or female) that you want to encourage and aid.
      Working menial jobs — as long as they aren’t intentionally degrading jobs, like many office environments — builds self-confidence, humility, and responsibility. But modern people often expect to start at the top, or in the middle, w/o paying dues. Cheers.

      1. Same here. A ‘dead end job’ is far more of a path to freedom than no job at all.

      2. Very true. Many young people want to go from their parent’s house straight to that lifestyle (skip the hard work, school, time, etc…). It’s part of the reason why you see so many still living at home.
        The jobs (any job) will teach you something (if anything, life lessons) but people want everything right now.
        Could you imagine if people, today, were cut off from credit and had to save for something? They would go insane just waiting (and saving) to get it.

        1. Yeah. The new Culture of Offense allows people to bypass the dues-paying part, and go straight to being ‘rewarded’ for their Victim Credentials. This is especially true of females, and of course their parents love this, precious princess goes straight to the head of the class. She’s the valedictorian (though twenty boys in her class had to be held down in order for her to ‘win’). Affirmative action jets her right into the Good Job. Etc.
          I guess the femfascists knew exactly what buttons they were pushing when they named their organization NOW! lol

  3. “On the other hand, forcefully simplifying and misinterpreting the
    contexts of things, and reading into them what is not there in order to
    advance one’s interests, is as natural as eating and drinking, though
    rarely recognized “. > this is out of control and has been for a while now. i recently witnessed a chick in a club screaming that a bouncer was a racist. the reason being he wouldnt let her dance on the spiral staircase leading to the d.j. booth, which was a safety/ fire hazard. the fact that he also told a white and a hispanic person the same thing wasnt even registering in her mind : the guy was a racist. it scares me to even consider where this mentality is leading us.

  4. The other generation always says this “things weren’t this bad in my day”
    You’re getting old.

    1. But that doesn’t change the fact that it might be true though. Things can definitely get worse.

    2. Generations didn’t really become distinctly different until the 1900s. So “the good old days” are a recent phenomenon. Things are deteriorating at accelerating rate; I’ve seen it in my lifetime and I’m only 26.

      1. We have basically hit the point of no return … There is only hope to be found in the unborn … The current crop can’t be redeemed. And considering who it is we have raising the unborn … I won’t hold my breath.
        If that’s too harsh for you, go take Prozac.

    3. That’s because there’s a cycle. Things do in fact get better or worse over time. But everything from employment statistics to real wages to birthrates show that there is something wrong in Western society and we are living in a period of decline relative to the immediate past.

  5. And, since you culturally colonized us after the departure of De Gaulles, we, in France, are heading that way too.
    Great article.

  6. What’s more likely that what the author suggests is that we collectively identify and purge the traitors from within in order to begin the healing process as a country.

  7. Yes, our society has grown soft and decadent, but it’s unsustainable. The status quo is currently being propped up by money and old glory.
    The best that could happen to this country is World War III.

    1. If WW3 happens, expect Canada’s and Mexico’s populations to explode from all the Americans seeking asylum in those 2 countries.

      1. Americans illegally immigrating to Mexico is a leftist’s snarky wet dream…. although the last time that happened Texas became a state

    2. Then the fem-state drafts us into the military. If I get drafted, I don’t know if I’d flee to Canada or Mexico. I’d probably go through basic training to get my war face on, let them ship me off to Russia or wherever. Then I’d collect a few paychecks, take my gun and be like CYA I’m living here now!

      1. Coming to Canada wouldn’t help much unless you mean hide in the forest.
        We have tonnes of natural resources (i.e. water, forestry, minerals/oil, biodiversity, ice) and a tiny (though highly-specialized) military.
        Fleeing to Canada for what??? So you don’t get drafted??? Dude if WW3 happens, Canada is going to have to side completely with the US or else the world (including the US) will just rape us.
        Sounds distasteful but I’m pretty sure that’s the truth.

        1. Neither Russia nor China nor north Korea has the blue water naval or air power to reach continental north America and sustain operations here. We will destroy ourselves internally if we do at all.

        2. Fair enough. Just saying in case you were packing your bags.
          Maybe back in history Canada was such a safe-haven but now that we’ve become such a highly integrated global economy I wouldn’t consider Canada as so independent. We spend tonnes of money trying to fit in with NATO and the major economic players that we neglect to deal with improving our own country.

        3. Even if they had those kinds of naval forces, wouldn’t it just lead to nuclear stalemate?
          I wouldn’t be surprised if these countries wouldn’t instead go for a longer-term kind of invasion. For example, Canada’s whole west coast is highly populated with wealthy Asians. I think immigration itself will basically allow the East to overtake the West lol.

        4. We’ve already destroyed ourselves. Just because there is a country called the USA doesn’t mean it actually exists in the old sense any longer.

        5. The modern USA is a cargo cult of the old. We venerate our Constitution, praise some long dead presidents, send people to buildings in Washington, pay taxes, and expect things to go well. They don’t because the culture that produced this country is nearly extinct among everyone from the highest elite to the poorest worker.

        6. I don’t think it ever existed in the old sense, it’s just that you see what’s going on and can no longer swallow the lies. Maybe back in the late 1800’s it existed as you wish it exists.

        7. If you’ve read Chinese classical strategy, they definitely favour the long game. Also retreat is not a moral failing to the Chinese, it’s a tactic. The Chinese will not take an opponent like the US head on, they’ll do so indirectly or be manipulating other aggressors to do it for them

        8. You’re into this stuff? Like I mean… history, war, strategy, etc.? Pretty interesting.
          I got a copy of Sun Tsu’s The Art of War but I haven’t had a chance to get into it yet. Seems like The 48 Laws of Power but time-tested.

        9. Yes, I am. My goal in life is living every day in accordance with the principles of the old warrior-scholars, to adapt the philosophy and wisdom of the old martial ways to our contemporary everyday living. Naturally, in addition to training my body everyday, I train my mind by reading history, treatises on strategy, and philosophy.

        10. Very cool man.
          I don’t know where I heard of the idea… but I heard that warrior’s have a special kind of heaven. I think they called it Valhalla… Like normal people go to heaven or hell… but great warriors get to transcend and go to a third plane where their spirits continue on the warrior’s path.
          I always really liked that idea… the way of the true warrior is very respectable… and once the warrior is free of fear of the external world… the warrior has to transcend himself… A battle no one else can measure or understand… but nonetheless… others will sense the disposition of a man who has found peace with himself, and who does not fear death.

    3. actually i disagree… it’s the old crusty generations of selfish baby boomers that are holding the youth back, to keep themselves comfortable…. in Scotland 80% of those under 25 voted for independence…. they wanted the inspiration of taking care of their own shit…. all the old farts voted no, because they are scared to lose their UK pension…….

      1. Born in 1950 in the industrial rust belt United States. Born in one rust belt city raised in another. Eventually made it back to the city of my birth just as the industrial economy there was collapsing. From 1984 to 1996 I worked, went to school (two undergraduate and one graduate degrees), worked and went to school, worked two jobs, worked two jobs and went to school. My reward was two near fatal illnesses. In the midst of all that work and toil I lost touch with two of my kids who both went horribly bad in their own separate ways, although one is a college professor. They are my two daughters who loved the popular culture more than their family I could name several of my friends who frankly did not survive the early 80’s recession. I come from a blue collar environment although my work was white collar. Blue collar boomers were out and out savaged by the death of American industry. We’re not all a bunch of selfish yuppies holding back the younguns, many of whom frankly are glass eyed stupid and boring. In PC society you can blame everything on white men. On WN sites you can hate on the blacks and the Zionists. Here it’s the boomers who ruined everything. Even the so called manosphere is fucked up. I’ve been pretty objective about my so called generation, which is actually two small generations. The born in 1946-54 crowd is distinctly different from the 1955-64 group. Oh well carry on. We are a monolith and we did everything. Just like the Jews did everything and blacks are responsible for all violent crime on the planet. Enough already.

  8. A collapse is maybe what we need to set shit straight again. Not sure if we will see civil war – too many hipster fags like sucking government cock.

    1. The relatively high-income but materially unproductive classes will probably jump ship as they always have during times of unrest. Hipsters especially are pretty mobile (always changing neighborhoods and apartments). They have no roots and are afraid of the right to bear arms, so they’re likely to be militarily irrelevant.

  9. It’s the end of American exceptionalism, people. The more feminist this country becomes, the weaker it will be. Imagine a thoroughly feminized America standing up against Al Qaeda or ISIS! It will not only be hilarious; it will be tragic. I can imagine FemAmerica telling ISIS: “In the name of eqwalitee, we fire 2 rounds of ammo, and you do the same”.

    1. Feminists and beta males want American to be more ‘evolved’ like a European country that’s lost its way, like France.

      1. Give it another 10-20 years… until the demographic problems in Europe (i.e. shit economy, no one starting families or having children) start to make it look like an undeniably sad place.

        1. Which part?
          As I understand it quite a few young Europeans are having to leave their home in order to find any kind of gainful employment.
          In Italy for example, the marriage rates are declining and grown men are still living with their parents not starting families.
          Same thing is going on in Japan as far as I can tell… a noticeable chunk of their population is refusing to start families.

        2. Agree Clark, Europe is in bad shape and heading towards a demographic winter. Southern Europe will suffer the most, because their birth rates are low and their economy is shit. They tried to follow Northern Europe but their economies just aren’t strong enough to offset the decline in general birth rates.

      2. It’s easy to hate on France, but they may have their shit together culturally more than Americans. Last year 1.5 million Frenchmen took to the streets to protest homosexual “marriage.” When’s the last time American “conservatives” put their foot down like that?

        1. Yep. The French moderates are leaving their country before the war starts. The Jews are scared shitless there.the Muslims burn down streets and towns but there seems to be a turning wave like UKIP. There are some crazy right wing neo nazi French groups starting.

        2. No, that sounds a lot like Israeli propaganda.
          The rich jewish-zionist elite wants the everyday jews to be scared shitless of the nationalist movements and of the muslims, because they want them to migrate in Israel (they need more people downthere to pursue the colonization).
          This same elite is also trying to create an ethnic war in France, between Christians and Muslims.
          An ethnic civil war is still better for the elite than the revolution that is likely to happen in France.

        3. At any rate if there is an ethnic war in France and from the Frenchmen I’ve been speaking to this seems to be of some likelihood. Then the Jews may well worry that they might be caught between a rock and a hard place. Granted the rhetoric from the French Muslims.

        4. Not really, because the “clash of the civilisations” scenario will be presented as the good “Judeo-Christians” (which is a shameful lie, talmudic judaism being the antithesis of christianity, especially catholicism) against the bad “Islamo-fascists”.
          The same corrupted jewish-masonic elite will survive, maybe they’ll leave the country if things get really spicy, but the dumb and scared muslims turned into islamists, set against the dumb and scared christians-europeans will result in a terrible blood bath, that will allow the rulers to avoid a real revolution, in which they could loose their priviledges.
          The only jews that will get hurt in this, will be the everyday jews, the ones that don’t really matter, not the ones in charge.

      3. We, at least, are strongly opposing your gay marriage and gender-neutral education bullshit.
        We have a growing nationalist and traditionalist movement that should worry your NATO presence in Europa.

    2. Al Q and ISIS are largely media and government creations. They are NOT the most important issue facing you now. I’m surprised that someone reading ROK can’t realize that.

  10. All hope is lost for a collective revival … The current population is far too degenerate and selfish. Any society that puts pleasure above purpose is a matriarchal system, and by definition, and will devolve.
    Our elders have failed to give us anything of value to esteem or respect. The socialism and narcissism of elder generations, who control all major institutions, effectively prevents any possibility of upheaval. The 1960s were the end of America … It takes decades of the collapse of social institutions to set in.
    I don’t blame young people for going YOLO. It’s not like they have a family, religion, or country to celebrate and structure their lives around.
    Anyway I encourage young men to walk away, not despair, and live a great life … To do this you will need resources, so the top priority after identifying your purpose in life is to get a good job. Be adaptable and think unconventionally.
    Walk away, become a self sufficient man (meaning you are happy unto yourself), have no regrets.

    1. What’s a good job? If by that you mean well paying, they are becoming harder to come by.

      1. I’m an engineer, but if I could do it again I would go into the trades, work in oil, or seek a public sector job.

      1. They bought the ticket that said “you can have it all” but forgot to read the terms and conditions. And there will be no refunds.

        1. The “you can have it all” theme started in the midst of unprecedented prosperity. We forgot about all the hard work and discipline involved.

        2. That’s one ticket out of many. We can’t blame others forever… Women bought into the lie along with men. No one forced women’s liberation down our throats. We lacked discernment…. As simple as that….

    2. I agree with most of this comment except I think it’s up to us (men) to “wake up” the younger generation. It won’t be easy, it will be hard but that’s what men do.
      They take on these types of challenges and they overcome these types of obstacles. If anything, that’s one thing that older, wiser men (history) have taught us. We need to take our country back.

    3. I dont care much about the people, they can make their own decisions. Its the culture that I hate to decay and decompose. Art, music, literature, dance, film, and all other creations are our humanity. They have been so polluted that calling anything art these days is a joke.

  11. Watch. In case after case in the media, things that are not real are treated as if they are real. Things that are minor, so minor they would have been entirely ignored 50 years ago, are treated as earth shattering signs of some epidemic or another.
    And, when something is real, and horrible, and deserves our attention? The media can hardly bare to cover it, keeps things shallow, and refuses to analyze or show the real ugliness.
    Take a couple of examples. First, Donald Sterling. It’s no surprise that an 80 year old man, that is filthy rich, and chases much younger women (who he probably can’t even fuck due to his age and poor health), would say things not perfectly politically correct when being recorded – without his knowledge – in the privacy of his own home. We are all racist to some extent, and we all keep things lose in our own home. Was there really any surprise there?
    Fuck no. Yet, the media covered it 24×7. They went into incredible detail on every tiny little point of the matter. It was covered not only on “news” programs, but on sports channels, entertainment channels, and so on. Then the pussies in the media were so proud of themselves when Sterling was forced to sell his private property (the franchise).
    Take another example: ISIS. What ISIS is up to tells us much about the human condition. It tells us much about religion, fanaticism, and the extent that young people will go to. It tells us about war and peace. It informs us about the eternal and existential questions of humanity.
    What does the news media do? It covers what is happening only in the most sterile of manners. It refuses to show anything that might upset people conditioned to softness (e.g., most Americans). Most of what you see are stock video of jet fighters taking off from aircraft carriers and various artificial graphics. Whereas in days past there were network reporters with the balls to go right into the heart of the conflict and report on what was actually happening, today only a few free-lance reporters will go anywhere near the conflict (and they are considered crazy for doing so).
    We have this level of depravity in the media, while we have a celebrity President that is especially skilled at promising things that are impossible but telling people what they want to hear and believe.
    THAT is the decline of a once great country.
    The reality of the human condition is available to see if you are willing to search for it and then see it for what it really is. You can see it in a man like Putin taking Crimea and holding it forth to his people as a prize, and they fucking love it. You can see it in the young men of ISIS, who are angry at the Western world, going totally fanatical and believing that if they die in the fight, they will go to heaven and met by 72 black-eyed virgins. You can also see it in a woman lovingly making dinner for her man even in the worst of conditions in a war torn country.
    But you can no longer find reality in America. Just a mass delusional fantasy.

    1. The Sterling situation was unbearable. That woman should be in jail. I hated seeing him on CNN groveling. Tell everyone to fuck off and suck your nuts.

    2. the sterling thing is a wake up call that should terrify all of us. no one is under any obligation speak a certain way in their own home. he is allowed to be a huge asshole if he chooses to and too goddamn bad if the public doesnt agree with his views. the fact that he was punished for something he said in private at his house is huge sign of the times.

      1. Agree on the Sterling point and he shouldn’t apologize. The only reason that I can think of on why he did apologize is because he prays at the church of ATM (money). Money in this country is first and foremost (yes, even before education…don’t let any politician tell you otherwise).
        People sell themselves out (values, morals, etc..) all for money (and the good life).

        1. youre absolutely right. people in the public eye do and say all kinds of stuff they dont really mean in order to save their $ and reputations. they know the NBA doesnt want the consequences that result from bad PR . if my dumb ass walked into a shareholders meeting, grabbed the mic, and proceeded to give sterling’s little speech i would understand the backlash. but if i wake up tomorrow and decide i dont want to associate with asians/ whites / hermaphrodites / whatever anymore, i want to be able to discuss that at home without fear of repercussion. in this case it looks like the PC police know no boundaries and its unsettling. they now have jurisdiction in your living room.

      2. “Sterling” received the “punishment” of having to sell his crappy team for FOUR TIMES MORE THAN EVER PAID FOR AN NBA TEAM. Some punishment. Poor guy.

  12. The level of narcissism in today’s society is insane. I wonder how long it would take for people to off themselves if they didn’t have the influence of the media feeding their ego.

  13. Nearly half of the American population is eagerly anticipating the end of the world. Is this the newest national sport?

    1. Yeah that’s bullshit. America isn’t going to collapse. But its culture trends accelerate for the worse.

      1. I hate to burst your bubble, but America already has collapsed.
        Moreover, America, along with the world will face its ultimate final economic collapse sometime in the future. We don’t know when it will be, but it will happen. It is inevitable.
        America has dug itself a spiralling out of control debt that will never be paid off. On top of that, with the endless printing of worthless money by the Federal Reserve, this will ignite the final collapse.
        What happens when you print money without backing it with any gold?
        Think about it.

      2. Just depends on your definition of collapse. Was the Great Depression a collapse? 9/11 was a collapse in NYC. Mass panic in the streets, everyone stuck on that island. Ferguson collapsed. These things can happen on a broader scale.

        1. I`ll tell you what will be the colapse. The future generations. Just start observing and analyzing people on the academic environment, doctors, engineers and such, it`s depressing, nobody cares anymore, not even the majority of professors who only care about the impact factor on their papers.
          Like it was pointed out by someone else in a comment above, everything is about being “cool”, nobody really cares about the significance of their activities, nor show any love for it.
          Roads, bridges, buildings, proper medical care, power plants, fuel? It`s hard enough to keep these fundamental services that sustain whole modern civilization working with older generations still here, people who still give a fuck (not as much as they should i think). But now just look at the average teenager roamign the strees of the Western Worldl, mindless cretins and nothing more.
          Wait 20-30 years my friends, and you will be seeing the collapse on the front seats.
          By the way, im not from the U.S but i can tell you, its not the US, its the whole Western world.

    2. Not like anyone would survive. People calling for a collapse have no idea what it takes to survive without society there to bail you out. It seems like people have this wet dream about what the end of the world would be like…. Make no mistake only the truly strong will survive

      1. People who want collapse are losers who want the whole system to mirror their own lives.
        The idea that collapse leads to rebirth is historically inaccurate. Often it leads to a worse situation or nothing at all.

        1. A collapse does lead to a rebirth – example of Rome, collapse only took approx 1200 – 1500 years. so anyone wanting to see the rebirth is going to be disappointed.

      2. None of these omega boys on here who are hoping for some collapse will themselves survive.These are just losers who believe that they will benefit in some way but the reality is that the real Boomer Alphas will just liquidate these liabilities and dead wood to improve society as a whole. These omega losers have no idea what will happen to them when push comes to shove and I can assure you that it won’t be like those kid video games you like to play and fantasise yourselves as some big macho alpha lol Mommy won’t be around to send some grass down to the cellar to feed you and we’ll simply unplug the entire Net so you won’t even have that nasty gay anal sex porn to jerk off to.We’ll exterminate you and take the 20yo old females as breeders to use in our new omega free society just as Moses and every other group of real men did since the beginning of time. If we keep any of you around it will be as eunuch servants who have been castrated first although it will hardly be noticeable since your T levels are 1/2 the Boomer’s levels now. So keep smoking that wacky weed, eating crap and getting manboobs at 22, and wasting your already watery looking semen jerking off to gay anal sex porn.

    3. Not anticipating the end of the world. Anticipating that this country is about to get what’s coming to it, for better or for worse.
      ‘Murica is only 5% of the world’s population, and Caucasians in America only 3%, even though they consider themselves the center of the universe.

  14. It has been said that if a certain critical mass is reached in regards to the 9/11 event – i.e. 12% of the american public believing it was a deliberate inside job with outside (Israeli) help, then we can stop the downward slide dead in its tracks.
    It will probably take a coup by the (uncorrupted) high military command which would result a restoration of the constitution, abolition of the federal reserve, sealing of the borders, the abolition of dual-citizen members of government, impeachment of Obama as ineligible, the breakup of mass-media ownership, etc. has a lot of good stuff concerning the above, and they say it a hell of a lot better than I can. But yeah, a lot of military peeps have taken the red pill too, at least in regards to 9/11.

    1. ask yourself: why was 9/11 necessary?
      Don’t count on the military to get “justice” for what happened; it was a strategic move to have a free ticket to do whatever the fuck in the middle east. 9/11 took place so our military could protect the interests U.S. corporations (and yes, Israeli interests as well – probably the #1 priority). The veterans that care about 9/11 aren’t high enough ranking to do shit about it and the ones who are high enough ranking realize it was done out of necessity.

      1. 9/11 was also necessary to ram the Patriot Act down our throats. Turrism. ‘Murica.

      2. Out of necessity for the Jewish/Zionist agenda. Unlike you there are jew-wise guys high up in the chain of command.

        1. Like it or not the U.S. agenda is the Zionist agenda; they have far more control over the government than the actual citizens of the country and there are no signs of that ever changing. Better to give up on the fantasy of a legitimate U.S. government and just understand you are a lone man with no representation and no real say on how you’re governed – just like every other man in the history of civilization.

        2. The citizens have guns and the Zionists by number are a very small percentage of the population. I wouldn’t be so sure of a hopeless future as the internet is fast changing the game. We could very well see the emergence of a national or worldwide red or purple pill “populism” soon that would put these fuckers out of business – hopefully without any kind of Samson option being utilized.

        3. The citizens (a small minority of people who actually care about this shit, probably <5% of the population) – Have: guns.
          The Zionists – Have: Nukes, drones, control of the greatest military in history, control of the Western media, control of the U.S. government, and control of the entire banking system.
          This war ended in 1945, the Zionists won.

        4. And you think the american military is going to follow orders once they realize the score?
          We may have to agree to disagree on this one.

        5. We definitely have to agree to disagree if you think the U.S. military will do anything other than follow orders. As long as the television doesn’t outright tell them the reality of 9/11 they will do what they are told, and seeing as how the Zionists own the media I would say it’s a safe bet the U.S. military would have no problem fucking up a relatively small group of “domestic terrorists”.

      3. Out of necessity for the Jewish/Zionist agenda. Unlike you there are jew-wise guys high up in the chain of command.
        Dr. Alan Sabrosky of the Army War College: Israel DID 9/11

  15. This decline is necessary. People have bought into whatever it is their being sold. So it is what it is.
    I do appreciate that there is at least a website like this, hopefully it reaches some young impressionable men in a positive way.
    But really and truly, those of us with our eyes open know that we’re getting played.
    things may get a lot worse before they get better.
    I can see how it is that my lineage survived through all the bloody and diseased genocidal history of our planet. So I’m thankful for my circumstances.
    It is only disheartening to think of how worthless a lot of the females have become. In too many cases, you could argue that taking an ex prostitute as the mother of your kids would not necessarily be much worse than what the market already has.
    But I guess that too is all apart of the BS.
    There’s still hope though, this site has pointed out that things are much different in other parts of the world; filipines here I come.

    1. No! Don’t come here.. Coming here in the Philippines is all part of the BS too. The Philippines is an extremely corrupt country. And all Filipinos are liars, that would include myself too (I lie all the time because it’s almost impossible to get things done when you are honest here). More than half of the women here must have fucked prisoners who buttfucked other men. During the time of martial law in the Philippines, druglords were publicly executed – and when the most heinous druglord was executed- girls from the Assumptio College, an all girl Catholic school, drew their handkerchiefs to wipe on the blood on the fucking criminal in order to impress other girls in their college. AWALT.

  16. “In other words, human beings thrive when, having transitioned to civil society, they still retain the strength and hardihood that they had in the prior, more severe state. This is what gives rise to periods of superb art and high culture”
    That’d be late-Fifties and Sixties America (and the affected West) by the transitional generation, the Boomers, who despite the usual naivete and arrogance of youth produced art un-matched in global history. That’d be the Boomers who the Gamesters love to degrade, tossing out the baby with the bathwater. Waah Waah! the Boomers ruined the world! It’s not perfect for Me!
    The purpose of the matriarchy isn’t to reform masculinity, but to extinguish it across generations. Left in its present condition, our gynarchies will finish that job within the next generation or so. Men no longer will behave like males, nor women like females. Actual men and women will all be dead, unable to transmit their ‘sexism’. The SJWs and Leftists (and many ‘conservatives’) consider this Progress and Saving Women from Abuse.
    I feel like an alien in this culture, as it has almost no relation to the nation I grew up with. When I have a problem with some guy nowdays, instead of facing me directly and settling it, they instead regress to the passive-aggressive vengeance techniques so common amongst females. They’ll pretend nothing happened… and then later call the cops, the apartment manager, the government, the school principal, or some other version of our ubiquitous and well-paid Authorities. Their manhood is ceded to the Authorities. They’ve become de-facto females.
    As the generations are incrementally conditioned to feminism, boys and men actually forget how to be masculine, and deny or suppress whatever remnants of masculinity arises from their biology, in favor of what they ‘should’ be as males. That’s the end-game: if they can continue to convince us to castrate ourselves, then they don’t even have to expend effort to build their Brave New World.

    1. Well said. I can’t walk around in a crowded place nowadays without actively shaking my head at what this society has become. The increased masculinity of women, and femininity of men is a depressing thing to behold.

    2. Nah, boomers are the root cause … They are the wealthiest generation in recorded history according to every metric. They, if anyone have been steering the ship and have the ultimate power to change things… But life has been too good for them.
      As lil Wayne said, “fuck yall, I’m doin me.” That’s a boomer slogan.
      Boomers are clowns … They only care for Hendrix, smoking a blunt, getting paid, and getting laid. They don’t care about high culture or what comes after them. They have assigned Gen y and x the task of paying all of their medical bills, retirement income, public pensions, and utility expenses.
      Every institution that their parents built and handed to the boomers in pristine form, from healthcare to education to housing, the boomers utterly vampireized destroyed.
      Anyone who is a boomer apologist is worst than a year white knight.

      1. You sound like some 20 something retard.It’s idiots like you who ruined everything the Boomers gave you.The Boomers knew more about high culture from childhood, unless they were some clodhopper in Podunk, then you will ever know if you began now and studied for the rest of your life.Millennials and Gen Y’s are the pussy generations who need blogs to teach them how to talk to a girl lol You wouldn’t even have that little toy computer you like playing on if it wasn’t for the Boomers.There is not one thing that any of you have accomplished or invented outside of some kiddie crap like Facebook.5 times as many of you are fat slobs who can’t even tie your own shoe laces and despite the fact that travel is dirt cheap today you haven’t been anywhere outside of Wallyworld. In fact, millenials are so stupid that they can’t even understand a Boomer whose IQ’s were the highest averages even recorded in history and apparently have now reverted to the mean again sort of like the generation that proceeded the Boomers. They say that if a person’s IQ is even a standard deviation above another person’s that the dumber person will believe that the smarter person is the dumb one lol It was necessary for the Boomers to dump all of that garbage and nonsense from their parent’s generation and you’ve all benefited from it even though you’re too stupid to know or appreciate it, mostly because you either know nothing of history outside of what you see in some stupid film or were not taught it.You should get down on your knees every day and thank the Lord that the Boomers existed because otherwise you’d be living in grass huts.

        1. We will be living in grass huts…..after Social Security and Obamacare bankrupt us.

      2. “They have assigned Gen y and x the task of paying all of their medical
        bills, retirement income, public pensions, and utility expenses.”
        Wilson, FDR, LBJ and Nixon were not Boomers, nor were they elected by Boomers. These are the people involved with creating the above.
        “They are the wealthiest generation in recorded history . . .”
        Boomers in Europe and America died of starvation as children. Something that interested me was reading a 70s movie review written by a Millennial – she said that she hadn’t realized how poor people were back then. Maybe you should watch more 70s movies.
        Boomers elected Reagan, the economic conservative President. Xers elected Obama, the flush everything down the fucking toilet President.
        I’m not apologizing for Boomers, I’m simply putting them in perspective. The worst generation is the one that brought us WW1, some of whom were dead before it actually happened. Most of what ails us came out of 19th century Prussia.
        The next worst were the Jazz Agers. Watch more unedited Betty Boop cartoons. Read The Razor’s Edge. Look into the causes of the Great Depression – and its supposed cures. Throw in a history of the Wobblies as a chaser.
        Most of what is blamed on the Boomers was actually done by Greatest and Silents, for instance – Hendrix and Friedan.
        The worst that there has ever been aren’t actually there yet; they’re in primary school right now. Their only possible salvation is that they fucking hate Millennial guts worse than Millennials hate Boomers. They could end up swinging the other way, but as the they utterly lack competence at anything they’ll have to learn the hard way; it isn’t going to be pretty. Watch your back; while you’re facing what you perceive to be the enemy behind, something from the future might be gaining on you.

        1. It is going to be very interesting to see how the young generation reacts to their environment.
          They’re either going to be industrious and intelligent by way of information technology… or turn out to be a bunch of idiotic narcissists by way of information technology…

        2. Wilson, FDR, LBJ and Nixon were not Boomers, nor were they elected by Boomers
          Millennials are so stupid that they can’t even figure this out or that Boomers had to be 21 to vote and were too young to even vote in the late 60’s.
          Hendrix was just a musician and is irrelevant to this topic.
          The “greatest generation” (some nonsense made up in the 80’s by a newscaster were the worst.Depression era kids who were only too happy to enlist in the army for the 3 hots and a cot and to get away from the crappy boring farm in Podunk.
          I don’t know if many Boomers died in the US from poor nutrition but I guess there were some backwaters where it may have happened.And of course everything cost twice as much.

    3. Some good points here. I think you have to take the good with the bad (when discussing the Boomer generation).
      They brought us many good things but they also had a lot of baggage to go with it. I’m right on the line at my current age and I’ve seen how things have changed since the 60’s. The many people “in charge” – from politicians to corporations – have sold this country out. They keep the masses “busy” with a bunch of nonsense and in the end we find out there is no more “American Dream”.
      The latest generation got the worst of it being sold on college (versus trade jobs) and now are in debt with no jobs or careers to payback the loans.
      The best thing for everyone, today, is to turn off the TV or put down the mobile phone. Start paying attention and take back your country.

      1. Agree. No question the Boomers as a WHOLE failed utterly and betrayed themselves and the nation. But that doesn’t invalidate the unparalleled music, film, etc. that some of them produced. Truly a mix. Certainly the social and political ‘leaders’ of that generation also failed miserably, as we see from the evidence before us.
        God places ‘guiding spirits’ or influences over nations, whether it’s the U.S. or Turkey or Japan, but the people of each generation choose, to some extent, whether they will follow such guides. The spirit that influenced America from the early Fifties to around 1970 is not the spirit that influenced America thereafter — and largely this was a matter of The People’s Choice, especially under a political system which grants Power to the People! (a chant from the Sixties btw).
        For those of us over age sixty, it’s easy to discern between the U.S. during those two periods — essentially, they were separate nations. To take just one example, say, music: the spirit that produced folk music and the ‘first fruits’ of rock-and-roll is NOT the same spirit that produced death-metal, glam, and rap. Listen to the songs. The difference is vast and obvious.
        And this example carried over into all other aspects of American culture, which nosedived after the early seventies . . . with Big Feminism leading the way in the corruption of government, schools, law, media, and even art. A feminine spirit was chosen to replace the masculine spirit of the Fifties and Sixties.
        Rap, like punk, isn’t really a musical form — it’s a POLITICAL statement in musical drag. That’s why modern music is ruled by demographic groupings (i.e., politics) and is calculated by corporations to appeal to those demographics. NOT to create the best art. When I was a kid, we all listened to transistor radios, with the Top Forty, and baby your song had to be really good (or unique) to break into the Top Forty and be played nationally. Might take years just to produce ONE great song. Merit and authentic creativity ruled; not politics and demographics and clever commercializations. A disc of rap ‘songs’ can be written in one day. Not the same.
        Expand the music field to the rest of the U.S., and it’s clear that the national spirit of the past four decades, as chosen and accepted by The Almighty People, has nothing to do with the spirit influencing the nation in the late Fifties and Sixties. And by consequence, the nation turned its back on its sons and placed all power and authority into the hands of its daughters. And the results show.

        1. Yep…I do agree. There is enough blame to go around and I’ve always felt that if you take the “long road” not only is it more rewarding but you learn so much more about life. The short road, today, has left many scratching their heads and wondering why they are not happy.
          I thought about times when each house had one TV. Well, the good thing about one TV is it can bring people together – not to just watch it – but also to have conversations, meals, etc…it brought people together. People take advantage of the many TVs in each household in the present. I think many valuable lessons were lost – as a result.

  17. Did you challenge a guy much smaller than you to fight in order to impress this wonderful girl you picked up? I know in your last article you said that turned on the girl you never actually fucked…

  18. Cultural trends are going to include women who are so fucked out by the time they hit 30, that the average marriage will drop from 7 years to 3.5 years or just the minimum time to squeeze out a baby and perfect a claim for support payments from the male. The feminist logic continues to play itself out.

  19. There’s a reason we call things “First World Problems” now. We lived in the safety and comfort of the 21st Century, in little cocoons where Nothing Bad Ever Happens.
    I used to joke, when someone complained about a particularly insignificant problem, that “….the Men of WWII had Real, Serious Problems, like Guys Getting Dead. Now, if you or I make it to the bank *and* the dry cleaners in the same day, it’s a great day…”
    Of course, that doesn’t even register, now, b/c banking can be done almost completely online and the dry cleaners pick up and drop off.
    We’re going to see more “ticky-tacky” stuff, too, b/c the folks who go into government have to “look busy”, and, let’s face it, all the “good” laws are taken.
    Murder? Illegal.
    Rape? Illegal.
    Armed Robbery? Yep, illegal.
    So now, we get “slow zones” to protect fucktards who don’t look before they wander into traffic, and “trigger warnings” on, well, everything.
    Recommended Reading for Solace:
    Kipling: “The Gods of the Copybook Headings”*
    Kipling: “If”
    Shakespeare: St. Crisipin’s Day Speech
    *The amount of Knowledge in this one cannot be underestimated.

    1. So true…we are spoiled rotten. We don’t know what “real ” problems are.
      If the store runs out of gelato people decompensate….

  20. I”ve said that Hurricane Katrina was the best thing that ever happened to New Orleans. Katrina drove out all the thugs forced them to go to points elsewhere
    ( Houston) . Devastated areas were rebuilt . NOLA received billions of federal dollars to build hospitals and infrastructure. The world NEEDS another apocalypse/Katrina/zombies to “wipe the slate clean”….

    1. You mean niggers right?? Dont be a pussy just say it… lol. I like return of kings, but yall go outa the way to make things divisive. Exactly what they want too divide n conquer

      1. I can’t speak for the OP’s idea here, but, since I agree with his point, I’ll chime in. Sure, it was a lot of, as you say, “niggers” that were the thugs driven out of New Orleans which is why it’s a better city today. But, what he said is more true, it was the “thugs” who got driven out. Yes, the majority of them were black. But there were plenty of white, Mexican and other races driven out too. All of them trash.
        I’m an equal opportunity racist. I hate all useless thugs/trash equally, black, white or other.

      2. I am inferring from your dialect that you are black. For the record, YOU just made the original comment about race. He did not say a single word about black people. During Hurricane Katrina, many businesses and homes were being looted, a lot of chaos was being caused by the residents of New Orleans. I’ve never looked into the race of all these people, but if they were black, that’s not fluffybiskuts fault.
        The word nigger is never used in articles on this site and hardly used in the comments-except you beg for an excuse to fly the race card.

  21. I recently went into a huge “big box ” sportsman’s store ( think Bass Pro &/or Cabelas). They had NO .22cal ammo. I asked the store clerk why ( a fella) and he said without hesitation “because of the political situation” all the ammo was being bought up as fast as produced. Folks are scared.

      1. Curious… What do you mean by “half life”? I’ve personally fired .22 LR that sat in a cabin with a caved in roof for 30 years, and they fired just fine.

        1. And someone, somewhere else, has a box full of misfires.
          That’s the way it is with probabilities, which is what the concept of half-life is based on.
          I did, however, misstate the case. 6 months is the recommended “use by” to prevent an increase in the rate of misfires; the half life is, therefore, much longer than that.
          If you can can them in nitrogen the storage life goes way, way up. Intrusion of atmospheric moisture is the prime culprit of degradation.

        2. Nitrogen storage sounds like a great idea. Military Ammo cans with some silica gel work well enough though. I suspect that .22 misfires more because of cheap manufacturing than from degradation though.

    1. This is true, but it is silly. Who are you going to murder and how is this going to make things any better?

  22. Here we go again. General Mills is floating new diversity ads to gin up phony racism/sexism controversy as a way to distract the public from the fact that they make billions pushing low-nutrition low-value sugared cereals on the EBT market. The latest phony “outrage” features a white gay couple and their black daughter.
    That small box of Cheerios sold at the convenience store is a lousy deal for taxpayers as it amount to about $0.47 per Cheerio. A sane society would provide essential foodstuffs out of container trucks along with subsistence rations of salt and oil but no, we give our poor EBT cards for use at the many profiteering convenience stores and liquor markets run by (drumroll) Arabs and Asians who know a great business deal when they see one.
    In the last episode of this commercial campaign we had a lovely mixed race couple and their adorable child pushing Cheerios. Naturally the libero-sphere exploded with rage about “racists” who didn’t like it. Talk shows fumed. But no actual racists even cared about it while phoney racist sock-puppets on comment boards allegedly posted hurtful remarks as evidence of how terrible white people were for not accepting inter-racial marriage. The stupid ads even made a dig at black women, who are in crisis over the lack of black husbands in this country, by pushing the meme that educated white women make better wives for working-class black fellows.
    To top is off, black people don’t even like milk, which is required for cereal consumption.

    1. ” . . . subsistence rations of salt and oil. . .”
      Give them eggs and 80/20 ground beef. It contains subsistence salt and the saved tallow drippings are better than any commercial oil. It’s used to fry the eggs, or dandelion greens can be used as a matrix to make it directly consumable.
      The only problem being is that it doesn’t make a lot of money flow uphill. There isn’t anything better than government credit written against the middle class to pay premium rates for sugared cardboard for that really.

      1. All welfare is corp welfare- all of it. It immediately gets spent back into the economy, keeps crap goin…Wallmart even admitted profits would take 6-7% if the welfare state went poof…

    2. black people don’t like milk? But Carmello Anthony was the milk spokesperson!!!!!!!!!!
      Lol, but really they don’t? Oh and that is just a strange ad, almost like the company is being subsidized to put it out, it can’t possibly improve sales more than it hurts sales.

    3. Food stamps are a subsidy administered by the Dept of Agriculture for the food producers. Every country produces grain for export even places where there is periodic starvation in certain locales and if the US goverment didn’t keep the prices up in the US with demand the farmers would go out of business.Perhaps 10% or more people receive foodstamps and most buy their food at supermarkets not ghetto bodegas. And btw, those Asians and Arabs run these places not because they are smart but because the good locations are already taken and the ‘hood is the only place left.Profits are not that great due to pilferage and shoplifting not to mention getting your throat cut which is why some of these places have that bullet proof glass and the workers don’t even come into contact with the customers and get food, are paid and hand things out through a little opening.The BANK where I live doesn’t even have this and you could just jump over the counter if you were inclined to.
      Cheerios and these other cereals are not bad for a kid and do contain enough nutrition, sugar is added because cereal tastes like crap and people will just add it anyway. Read the box for nutrition details, just whole oats mainly.
      Of course these ‘racists’ are just liberal Regressive agent provocateurs but the typical Internet millennial kiddie is too dumb, naive and brainwashed to see this;they are not sophisticated Boomers.
      80% of negro females are unmarried and although the men would like to get a white female they are never going to get an educated or more upper class one unless they’re very wealthy and even here there is no guarantee. The average negro male IF he gets a white woman at all gets the lower class fat fugly ones who no one else wants. There’s a reason that people believe that stereotype , because it’s true.
      Negroes,Asians and most of the world are lactose intolerant after the age of 5 when their lactase levels drop and they can’t drink milk. Even in Europe where lactose intolerance isn’t the norm there are 20% of people who are intolerant. It usually comes on later in life when I guess all enzyme levels are being effected.

  23. I split my time between Canada, Mexico and the U.S. — I’ve also travelled widely in Europe and even lived a year in Asia — so I feel quite justified / qualified as a well-traveled, middle age / middle class man in offering up the following opinions and observations: there are no people on this Earth that I’ve come into contact with that I dislike more than Americans, especially the women, but also the men. The main reason is because Americans (especially blacks, but ultimately all races that spend any significant time in the country being subjected to the “culture”) are the most slavish to the ridiculous fucking concept of “cool.” Cool is the most important concept in American culture now and completely overshadows such antiquated cultural memes such as hardworking, innovative, exploratory, creative, just, moral, ethical etc…
    Interestingly enough, cool behavior and trends always seem to be terrible for your health, immoral, unethical, deviant and/or look completely clownish or totally marginal and trashy, but Americans can’t get enough of it. They have been destroyed by constantly seeking to be cool and even muttering the word “cool” every third word (the other two words being “awesome” and “absolutely”). As such, Americans always appear to be acting irreverent, phony, arrogant or slightly cocky because they always think, despite enormous evidence to the contrary, that they are the coolest fucking cats in the room. They have high intelligence about the latest cool trends, cliché riddled phrases, faggy / slutty fashions and their sports teams, but are complete morons when it comes to everything else, especially in their perception of how every other culture views them. Although incredibly, the delusional state created by the quest for coolness has them actually believing the exact opposite — that they are still an intellectual force to be reckoned with on this planet!!! Still a righteous force for good!!! Still the world’s Sheppard!!! The irony and shamelessness never ceases to amaze me and actually prevents me from going out more often and mingling with the natives of Arizona, who I expect are a rather above average lot compared to the rest of their countrymen — I can only imagine how much worse it is in lesser states…
    Now I realize that the vast majority of guys reading this are American, and I must admit that I have two American friends (culled from the hundreds I’ve met and interacted with) and banged more than few Americunts, but the truth must be told regardless of its unpopularity. I expect scolding replies, but the fact of the matter is that the U.S. is an amazing physical land mass that’s being populated by increasingly more shitty people who are proving to be worthless at best, and corporate fascists / international psycho killers at worst. I look at the average American and see a bloated carcass filled with preservatives, stimulants and prescription drugs — although always holding some corporate branded sugary beverage in their fat hands and wearing cheap white running shoes; dressed in some ill-fitting, overly casual, completely inappropriate ensemble that street beggars from the 1950s wouldn’t have been caught dead in; covered in piercings, awful tattoos, stupid haircuts and plastic wristbands (pretending to support some bogus cause). Their minds constantly distracted and filled with propaganda via some flickering video screen, big or small –TV, computer, iPhone, etc. Their dull eyes quick to gloss over at the mere whisper of truth on any topic, particularly anything to do with politics or health. Their obsession with Hollywood, NFL/NBA and the latest reality shows just distractions keeping them from taking stalk of their desperate situations. It’s gotten so bad that I can no longer set foot in a Walmart no matter how cheap some shit is because the impact that so many worthless losers make on me really shakes my faith in mankind — seriously.
    However, if you are somewhat intelligent, self-aware, relatively fit and comparably stylish in the classic sense, then as a man you can easily slay gaggles of crass Americunts, even the most feminazi of the group, and even ones who don’t completely resemble wildebeests. Shit, add some game to your gender relations and you likely can’t muster the time or money to nail all the mangled pussy trying to ensnare you. But honestly, I just can’t stomach it anymore. It’s just wet and sloppy American meat to surround my dink with at this point. However, travel north or south of the U.S. and faith in humanity is restored, even by an old Mexican security guard patrolling a deserted beach or a young Canadian landscaper trying to put himself through University. Talking to these people is enjoyable. They are a different, nay better, cut of humanity outside the U.S. borders and this fact is becoming painfully obvious. The concept of cool is killing American culture, destroying everything that this once great country stood for. Stinky and rotten to the core it has become, but the country still has decent roads and bearable airports to transport you to foreign places where the people will once again restore your faith. You will want to befriend the men of these lands and seduce the women with a new-found passion. You will want to eat the healthier foods and partake in fun simple activities that are not satanic themed. It feels good to escape the American gulag once in a while because the “culture” has become so toxic — which is all by design or course.

      1. Thank you gentlemen, although I should have mentioned that this site (and a few others like it), which was founded by an American and is American-based, does give me some hope, occasional insights and real enjoyment. Let’s hope that we as men, regardless of nationality, can band together and make things right. Cheers

        1. Replace “cool” with “egocentric” and you would be 100% correct. Don’t think that for one minute that some of the assholes and cunt you run into are doing it for show. They REALLY only care about themselves and what’s in it for them and the impulsive, infantile behavior is just a symptom.

    1. Wow…just…wow. I am black, and often while growing up, I’d wonder why there was no sharing of knowledge. I’d read the newspapers for info, check encyclopedia for facts and get some classical readings for expansion. America is a scary place for anyone with half a brain.

      1. “In the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is King.” – Desiderius Erasmus

        1. My father shared that quote with me while I was a child. It isn’t until you leave the country or hang around what is dubbed the smartest minds in America, do you see how short-changed the rest of the populace is. And even then, those minds are mediocre compared to the smart minds of other nations.
          Makes me thankful I have foreign lineage.

    2. Spot on. I recently realized that I have to go to another country every month or two, even if it’s just Canada, to restore my sanity. If I don’t, I almost feel like grabbing a revolver, and just getting it over with. Lol

      1. Yeah, I love the SW U.S.A. from a geophysical perspective, plus there’s lots of retirees (which I find is generally a good thing) here, and you get tremendous bang for your buck (houses, cars, food, clothes) but I have to escape to find other peoples frequently in order not to lose it.

      1. I’ve been to many U.S. states, most of which are worse in terms of the people. California, for example, I’ve grown to loath.

      2. I love all of the non California part of the SW. In fact I loved California too before it became the poster child of American PC lunacy.

        1. California in the 60’s was little “L” libertarian paradise. 70’s forward it grew rather rapidly into leftist socialist “paradise”, mainly due to a lot of imports from the east coast bringing their diseased control freak philosophies with them.
          And now Cali is exporting the grandchildren of these east coast liberals to other states as they flee the destruction of their own stupidity.

    3. Some valid points, but I think that 21st century British might just edge out Americans for the douchiest on the planet

      1. I haven’t been to England since about 2001, so you may be correct, but it would be a very tough task indeed.

    4. Agree, the obsession with projecting a ‘cool’ image has become deadly in the U.S. Even the goddamn president tries desperately hard to win ‘cool points’.
      American used to be a place of doers. Now it’s a place of bullshitters where people are constantly rewarded for blowing nothing but hot air.

      1. Agreed. Notice how the top priority for most American parents is to appear cool to their kids, and make sure that their kids appear cool to society at large. It’s not only pathetic, but very destructive to the parent / child relationship. All middle class American parents that I know always try to be “cool friends” to their kids, which backfires because the kids eventually lose respect for the parents authority and leadership.

        1. Exactly. The reason America lead the world for so long in science and industry is because they put their heads down and worked harder and smarter than others. They also had the advantage of not being as affected by major world wars, so the opportunity was ripe for the taking and they utilized their best talents well. Yet instead of powering ahead, they created a decadent consumerist society that has now gone on to become the world standard.
          It really boggles the mind to compare America today to the America of the early to mid 1900’s.

    5. I’m an American and I do not take offense to your post, good sir. My experiences in south America are congruent with yours.
      I’m an expat and I will say it does concern me to see how the american disease is making its way to other cultures. In Argentina for example they are adopting some of the same retarded laws and regulations regarding people – it is now legal for gays to marry, as well it is permitted to legally ‘declare’ your gender i.e. the gender you identify with BS. And just last year there was some slut walk or similar incident where some churches were vandalized by pissed off naked cunts in Buenos Aires.
      We are also seeing a shift in behaviors in Colombian women in their native country.
      American sponsored NGOs have a lot to do with this of course.
      It’s one thing for the US to go into a heavy decline, but unfortunately so many other countries want to emulate america that I’m hoping America bottoms out so the flow of destructive thinking gets cut off from making its way outside America’s borders.

      1. It’s bad enough we’ve poisoned our own well, and now we’re exporting it all over the world.

      2. Good points, and I see this too. The interesting thing is, in the parts of Canada and Mexico that I’m most familiar with, there now seems to be a backlash against typical American BS. Growing hatred / disdain for excessive tattoos, piercings, narcissism, obesity, recreational drug use, satanic music, Hollywood in general, militarism and even overt corporatism as demonstrated by Starbucks, McDonalds and many others. This is not in the majority of peoples, to be sure, but a quickly growing faction. As such, I enjoy talking w/ American expats who have pulled the heads out of their asses — great perspectives, albeit painful to realize.

    6. Very good points. Much of how this country has been “shaped” has to do with big money interests, the media, entertainment and the government. They all want to keep you busy (distracted) so that you’re not concerned (thinking) about all of them stealing from you.
      Hopefully, this site (coupled with a few others) will be a start of a revolution in critical thinking (again) in this country.
      We need more men to wake up the others, to bring them to the table and to “show” them what’s really going on. I agree, if you’ve traveled or lived abroad (W. Germany here in the 80s and traveler) then you know what he’s saying is true.

      1. Yes, and researching the history of “cool” and how it was and is pushed on Americans so strongly (some other countries too) gives you an understanding of who the puppet masters / manipulators are. Let’s face it, the psychopaths who have come to control the West couldn’t tolerate the 1950s American cultural mindset because it was too strong, proud, and full of conviction to completely dominate and subjugate. They needed to destroy the family in order to isolate and emasculate strong men who had/have the ability to dethrone them. In addition to taking over the media, Hollywood, publishing, education, government and controlling economic/monetary policies, these psychopaths use our women as pawns, against us, which explains the seemingly paradoxical creation and spread of feminism by certain powerful men.

        1. Carlin was a gifted angry comedian in the mold of Lenny Bruce and Mort Sahl, two of the trailblazers that changed American comedy from light hearted laughs to deep stinging commentary both social and political. Still in the end for all his ranting and railing against the “system” his views were in my estimation that of the typical New York liberal.

        2. Sorry I can’t agree. When I listen to Carlin I am impressed by his fearless angry delivery, but at the same time I remind myself that his philosophy seems totally in tune with Barack Obama’s “spread the wealth” mantra. Just saying I hate the fucked up USA doesn’t cut it with me.

        3. Yes C. Hitchens made a great comment that when reading Noam Chomsky and his hate for America when you consistently underpin this as your mantra you reaffirm other people’s right to hate America. Such as the Osama Bin Laden’s of the world.

        4. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people label an idea they don’t agree with a vague broad term (“liberal” is a popular one these days.. in decades past “communist” sufficed). Why don’t you explain what about Carlin you disagree with?
          No one is perfect, and no one has the exact thoughts and opinions as I hold, but I find Carlin to have been one of the wisest, funniest, wittiest and insightful of my lifetime.

        5. I realize I hit a raw nerve with you on Carlin. Maybe this will help.
          I think that it is important to note that Carlin’s work is a link to trail blazers like Lenny Bruce and Mort Sahl who injected politics into their routines. Most of them were social critics coming from the left of the aisle. In the end, I agree that Carlin was one of the best with a powerful fearless delivery. However I prefer a more cerebral approach. It’s dated so it may not be appreciated here.

        6. I would say that TJ would despise the country he helped found today, and find it far more repulsive than the British Empire was in the 1770s.

        7. Agree with everything in the hollowverse site. Note: criticizing conservatives for being greedy (they are) and warmongers (absolutely true) does not imply that one supports Affirmative Action or some other silly nonsense that the other party offers. This is only assumed in the silly political realm of America, the only modern democracy where there are only 2 political parties.

        8. You know yesterday I watched Carlin’s 4 groups we should do away with routine. Funny as hell. I can recognize his great talent while not getting snowed by his politics and philosophy. I think on certain political, social, and economic issues we are not on the same page. It’s OK. Men can disagree like men. One of my favorite comics is Lewis Black, who I’m pretty sure is a socialist. Good comedy is a way of dealing with the unfairness of life. The good ones hit the raw nerves but make you laugh. I just don’t always agree with the antidotes.

    7. I could nitpick this or that but your brutally blunt post is for the most part painfully true. The saddest thing for me as an older hand here is that I’ve been alive to witness the collapse from the time it first got traction.

      1. I agree. Out of sadness, I’ve claimed for years that the American negro is the most denigrated and devastated specimen the world over. When you compare how rich and proud traditional West African culture is and compare it to the current sick African American cultural matrix, the fall from grace is the most extreme I’ve ever witnessed — even worse than the native Indians of Canada. The main difference between the 2 is that no native Indian thinks their peoples situation is cool in the least, whereas the vast majority of AAs think that rappers, gangstas, pimps and ballers are the ultimate expression of black coolness.

      2. The music industry created a market for that, for lack of a better term, shit. Made it “cool” threw money into it, made it controversial. There are a lot of good black people that are shocked and appalled at this I’m sure. The most pathetic thing I’ve seen is “wiggers.” Too many awesome black artists are being buried under the weight of crap from gangster rap.

    8. This is spot on. The only areas I would add to is:
      1) our food quality is absolute shit (especially meat). Genetically modified foods, which are not legal to even sell in Europe, cannot even be labeled as such in the USA. The chickens are fed growth hormones and antibiotics and chemicals so that they grow huge floppy breasts and are killed at 6 WEEKS OLD at full size. If you eat the chickens you are ingesting those same chemicals. Fruits are so much more flavorful and delicious (and orders of magnitude cheaper) abroad. Meat abroad (especially chicken) tastes like a completely different animal as compared to the USA. Beef is sprayed with live viruses, in an attempt to kill the rampant bacteria. Food quality is based on the principle of what is most profitable, not what is most healthy. And then there is almost universal fluoridation of the water in USA.
      2) Second is our education system, which used to be best in the world. Now, I think we still have some decent engineering schools, and surgery schools (although we graduate far fewer engineers and many of them are foreigners living here temporarily) but where the majority of school money in the past was grants, the majority now is student loans, made by private industry and guaranteed by Uncle Sam–and they cannot be wiped away with bankruptcy. The average student loan debt is $30,000 and rising. The quality of the education is declining, and institutions of higher learning are turning into diploma mills. There is a complete loss of any “liberal arts” education, where one is exposed to history, philosophy, logic, and the arts. Note that your typical American TODAY was raised with a GOOD education system…we will have to wait several years to see the effects of the awful system we have today.
      3) Finally, is the US system of government which has most of the negative components of a monarchy without any of the benefits, where the people, roughly a dozen times in their life, are given the opportunity to pick which of the two oligarchs will run the country. Legislators have a <10% approval rating (you have to wonder what was the approval rating of King George in 1775). Lobbyists completely dominate politics. War is the primary agenda of the political class, with cronyism and insider dealings a close second. Every decision is made for the short term and there is no thoughtful debate or reason. The trend is for the USA to decline, and trends are the hardest thing to reverse. The saddest part is America is doing nothing to enshrine any western liberal institutions that may protect it when it no longer has the economic, political, or military might to force others to behave in a just manner. International law is ignored, the UN is marginalized, sovereignty is violated. These will all come back to bite it in the ass when it is on the receiving end, and these institutions are not around to protect the ideas of justice, fairness, and good.
      I personally can’t bring myself to interact with, much less pump and dump these gross unattractive Americunt creatures and do my best to abstain until I take trips abroad and can spend time with a real, feminine, classy woman. I do the light occasional dating in USA but can and do go months and months and months without contact with these Americunts. I chucked at your statement that interacting with a Mexican walking the beaches is more enjoyable than your typical American–ironic since the prevailing opinion in the USA is that “illegals” from down there are somehow inferior. They live in a horrible government perverted by the drug war, and even then, have risen above the class of your typical American. I especially liked the statement that video games and porn will never cross your mind abroad. They occupy my time in America but certainly I have not thought about them once when abroad.

      1. “I personally can’t bring myself to interact with, much less pump and dump these gross unattractive Americunt creatures and do my best to abstain until I take trips abroad and can spend time with a real, feminine, classy woman.”
        Amen. I wholeheartedly agree. I have been running a little harem here in America, but now I’m giving that up. It’s like eating a bologna sandwich vs. filet mignon. I’d rather just wait for the foreign filet mignon on my next trip.

      2. Another painful but spot on assessment of our current state of affairs. I officially gave up hope on this country in 2008. This was reinforced again in 2012. Often I would ask myself why aren’t 50 million people in DC storming the gates and overthrowing this government. Then I remind myself the people elected it and this is the same group that stands on the command of Kanye West and keeps up with the Kardashsians.

    9. I completely agree. Americans of any race, but especially Caucasians and double especially Caucasian women are the worst people I’ve encountered in my travels, too. Now that I’ve traveled enough to see the differences in cultures and people, I’m absolutely nauseated thinking about how disgusting Americans have become. It used to bother me to see this country sinking into the abyss, but now I welcome seeing these arrogant fucks take this place off a cliff. I just gotta make sure I get the fuck out before it’s too late and they drag me down with them.

  24. The fuck is “borderline” personality disorder? It’s either you have a disorder or not, there is no in between.

  25. I suggest everyone read The Fate of Empires and the Search for Survival by Sir John Glubb. It’s fairly short and easy to find online.
    In short the history of empires is a paradigm and we are nearing our end [he was a British author though, not American]. Here are his stages:
    “The stages of the rise and fall of great
    nations seem to be:
    The Age of Pioneers (outburst)
    The Age of Conquests
    The Age of Commerce
    The Age of Affluence
    The Age of Intellect
    The Age of Decadence.
    Decadence is marked by:
    An influx of foreigners
    The Welfare State
    A weakening of religion.
    (f) Decadence is due to:
    Too long a period of wealth and power
    Love of money
    The loss of a sense of duty.”
    A lot of societies have gone through decline in the past and the pattern repeats itself, from the Roman empire to the Caliphs of Baghdad, to the British

    1. Time is not linear. It is cyclical. Darwin is wrong. Societies rise then fall because that’s the way the world works. No one is infallible and America is no different. It will end, and something else will take its place. Those who know history won’t be shocked, but the plebes will be.

        1. Darwin gives us the idea that time is linear and man is constantly evolving. Literally every day you wake up is the most advanced mankind has ever been. And everything that came before you is less advanced. Except that his idea doesn’t hold water if you look at history. Everything is life is cyclical. Rising, falling, changing. Glubb’s history is impossible with Darwin. The pyramids and Socrates are impossible. The falling of empires is likewise. And yet Darwin is taught in every school in America. Besides, his book (which nobody reads) was about advancing favored races of humans, not animals, but that’s a topic for another day.

        2. I think you have an incorrect interpretation of Darwinian thought. We aren’t “evolving” in some teleological sense where we’re evolving towards some idealized end point of humanity.
          Darwinism just really refers to natural selection. If strong men are the best fit for the current environment (e.g. during a war), it is more likely that they will reproduce relative to weak men. The next generation will therefore be the sons and daughters of strong men, and based on how genetics works (see Mendel for introductory genetics), these genes that code for strength and muscle man will be passed on. Through these gradual iterations of successive generations, the gene-pool gradually changes and sometimes new gene combinations (or genotypes) will lead to novel phenotypes (or new noticeable characteristics).
          The Theory of Evolution aint pretty my friend… but it will always be the central concept of biology because it just helps us understanding sooooooo many natural phenomena.

        3. We’re going to have to agree to disagree.
          I don’t care about Darwin as a person to be honest… the Theory of Evolution however is a scientific Theory… not a hypothesis… a theory…
          There is no linear evolution or anything like that… If that’s what he thought than he made a mistake. The Theory of Evolution is true on its own merits and explains practically ALL findings in the biological sciences. Unless a better theory or idea comes along (there is still room for genetics and evolutionary thought to evolve… heh…) the basic theory of evolution is the best we got if one wants to understand the living world….
          I don’t care if Darwin ate his own poo… doesn’t make the theory any less true…

        4. Then how do you explain the scientific validity of genetic testing? Chimpanzees and Homo-Sapiens share 99.5% of their DNA with each other, in other words meaning we’re separated by half a chromosome. The DNA evidence itself is enough to indicate a common ancestor and path of evolutionary progression. If you refute this, then what happens when a father wants DNA testing to prove that his progeny may or may not be his? If it’s good enough in your eyes for paternity testing then why does it fall short to confirm Darwin’s theory?

        5. And everything is made of 100% atoms. Oooh we’re all the same. Black people and chimp talk. Lmfao

  26. Yeah, well when it all falls apart, and given your scenario, it will, then what’s left of civilization will find value in the skills of the forgotten man of the ’50’s. The first to go will be the beta male and his “adroit” feminist counterpart. Darwin is alive and well.

  27. Every whinny sheltered leftist little emasculated hipster faggot in America should be lined up against a wall and shot. Those snark passive aggressive little shits are the most pathetic excuse for “men” i have ever seen.

  28. Alphas tricked women into wanting “equality” that they could be as skilled and powerful as men.
    It’s like when Huckleberry Finn tricked another boy into painting his fence, “Painting this fence sure is fun, I’ll let you do the painting if you give me a nickle.”
    And women took the bait.
    Before if a man was earning $20/hr, now both men and women have to work for $10/hr, double the labor half the wage.
    Also double the taxation because now you’re taxing the woman’s salary.
    And she is “earning her own money” so it increases consumption to have women buying themselves stupid shit they don’t need at %30 off.
    All in all a big boost to the corporate economy and a good FUCKING to regular people.
    Betas who had the expectation that at least they could buy affection by supporting a wife, now can’t even have that, she will live with you for x years, take your shit and leave you for alpha cock.
    Women’s suffrage made it easier for the powers that be to manufacture consent, since women would vote for anything that promise to give them more benefits. “Free abortion!” Vote purchased with public funds.
    In this way the %1 rich and powerful who control society engineered Feminism and paid for it thru covert funding from govt funds, the CIA funded Ms Magazine and Gloria Steinem, the Rockefellars funded NOW, the Ford Foundation funded Feminist Majority.
    And now women are beginning to realize in horror that they might have to support themselves as big daddy government funds get thin.
    Fuck women with a rusty screwdriver ass to mouth.
    They’re nothing but liars, schemers and betrayers, if they all crawled tearfully on their knees I would still run game on them, and pump and dump.
    Every time a PUA dumps a woman, she hurts.
    Did she ever consider that when she did the same to a beta man, that beta men also hurt?
    She only cares about HER suffering. HER power. HER well-being.
    Women don’t do STEM because they can’t do math? They can do enough math to figure out what the divorce settlement will be, their math skills are probably better than ours.
    Women don’t do STEM because it’s honest work and you can’t bullshit your way thru.
    They do HR because they can be on Facebook 8 hours a day.
    And they’ll still bitch about “pay gap” and “maternity leave” like some dude should work while you take 3 months off.
    I no longer care about “societal stability.”
    Fuck this society that has no care or concern for men.

    1. All of that conspiratorial stuff is right on point… But your vitriol for women is misplaced. They are simple creatures, and don’t know any better. Most are just lacking any firm male discipline to show them a more noble path. It’s our male ancestors who allowed for suffrage who deserve our animosity.

      1. Agreed. James you got to remember the emotional drive that makes women basically children when it comes to decision making skills. They have no sense of purpose or honor, so the massive divorce and alimony cash and prizes are like a sale at Macy’s to them.
        The oligarchs want it this way. As long as indentured men rant on women on the internets, they won’t be forming mafias to come after the banksters.

    2. Exactly. It’s difficult to feel invested in a society that doesn’t give a damn about you.
      As for your point about betas in the past, it’s definitely true. Sure they had to be providers, but at least they married a woman who was in her physical prime. Most betas now have to accept women in their 30’s and beyond. I’ve had women who rejected me in their early to mid 20’s present themselves to me now in their mid 30’s. They get very surprised when I claim to not be interested. Why would I be? What’s in it for me? She will most likely look like shit in 5-8 years, and I’m going to be the one putting my home–my sole asset–on the line, which could later be stolen from me.
      Forget it!

      1. Once a woman tells me she has kids (no matter the age)…I’m out. I’m not raising someone’s bad ass kids.
        It’s pretty bad when she has kids but to be in her 30s and 40s with kids….where the hell is the upside for me (at all)?

        1. The ultimate sign of disrespect is for a woman to try to get you to raise another man’s kids. . It’s so rude. It’s like walking up to a person on the street and trying to hand them a bill for 250k which is what a kid costs roughly and expect them to jump at the chance to pay that bill.

        2. Yes, and her well worn hole is definitely not worth 250k when all her eggs have either been fertilized by deadbeats or dried up already.

        3. Yep, spot on.. But we all know that women are selfish and self centered so anyone will do to help raise her kids. He just needs to have a wallet (at that point) and all is good.

    3. OMG soo sad! *giggles*. Now be a good member of the Slave Gender and mow the lawn!!!…*Wonders if she will *ever* stop laughing at what we’ve done to the simple minded, yet brawny (makes them better workers!) half of the population w/o 99.9% of them even soo much as protesting.* Well, they *are* like really compliant in all those military movies…”Sir, yes, sir!”…Lol…

    4. Tom Sawyer was the one who tricked others into painting his fence with the “It’s a great time” ruse. Just an FYI.

  29. The cause of civilization decline is dirt-simple: lack of contact with objective reality.
    When civilization is run by genetically weak, infantile, entitled, solipsistic, nihilistic, anti-world, anti-reality, sheltered, narcissistic, lizard brain, anti-culture, hedonistic, parasitic, degenerate r-types who have never had to deal with the real world it begins to die. These parasitic sum-humans who call themselves “progressives” want to enjoy the benefits of civilization while destroying the very political, economic, and religious institutions, cultural customs, responsibilities and obligations that allows it exist in the first place. An comedic tragedy in other words.

    1. Very good explanation. All the advantages, none of the responsibilities. All the heroisim of ‘saving’ their pet victims by allocating other peoples’ money.

  30. This effectively summarizes…pretty much everything that has been keeping me awake at night for the last few weeks. Good read, thank you.

  31. A few things;
    1) Spot on about American men talking like fags, and women talking in deep raspy voices. It’s not even exaggerated and one of the reasons I avoid Americans in general. They’re shameful to be around.
    2) If you guys ever go to a feminist website there is so much infighting and hostility between women that feminism is entirely inoperable over a long term. The only reason if works is because it has the help of whatever make elites profit or benefit from helping push it.

  32. America is going through a transition but ultimately technology will even the playing field for men and women. With VR, sexbots, and artificial wombs women will no longer be required for men to reproduce and it will break up the pussy cartel. And in a post-monetary society with robots and automation doing most of the work and lowering the price of goods and services to dirt cheap women no longer need beta-providers to get what they need and can also pursue badboy sexbots and vr to satisfy themselves sexually. I think in the future, men are going to be so freaking jaded from all the realistic sexbots and vr, that even attractive women are going to have actually develop interesting personalities and become more spiritually evolved. With technology being advanced enough through nano-bots and gene therapy we can wipe out women’s ugliness, oldness, and fatness to even the playing field amongst women and knock natural born “hot women” off their pedestal. Now that will end up forcing people to actually form genuine relationships based on love and spiritual connection rather than just financial and sexual exploitation.

    1. Won’t it just make everyone more interested in intersecting with their sector than a real human being?

      1. Have you ever seen Blade Runner w Harrison Ford? How do u know a robot with advanced enough AI, doesn’t have a soul? The she-robot stays young and fit, doesn’t complain or bitch and you can probably fuck it and make a baby with artificial womb technology. But this probably gonna happen way in the future like 30 years from now.

        1. There is no true scientific understanding of consciousness yet for that statement to really matter.
          All you’re saying is that with technology we can live in a utopia where all our basic human desires and needs are met.
          I say we’ll just have to wait and see if that is possible. If you bought ten of these robots and have orgies every evening eventually that would even get boring.

        2. I’m not saying it’s gonna be for everyone. Some people would probably want to live more traditionally and some people would want to try a little bit of everything.

        3. I’m not saying it wouldn’t have a significant impact on society… we’re well on our way to this sort of end… in Japan the herbivore men prefer virtual tamogochi fucking girlfriends over flesh and blood girls…
          Just saying, I doubt it is going to lead to true happiness for men… maybe it’ll help out some of them though… maybe there will be health benefits who knows… Meh who knows maybe it’ll be awesome lol.

    2. Every now and then discussion of sexbots and artificial wombs pop up in the manosphere.
      It’s great to dream but let’s be *realistic* – if sexbots and artificial wombs were ever invented, they would quickly be legislated out of existence by our fem-centric society or would be made available only for females.
      Yer not gettin’ any of that sexbot poon!

      1. Plus I think radical lesbian feminists would actually benefits from these artificial wombs.
        Nothing to rejoice about that.
        Again “Brave new world” is almost the manifesto of the progressivist thinking.

    3. Also, Konstantin Leontiev predicted some shit in the end of the 19th century
      “There would be a bloody revolution in Russia led by an “anti-Christ” that would be socialist and tyrannical in nature, and whose rulers would wield more power than their tsarist predecessors. He said that “Socialism is the feudalism of the future”. He felt that only the harshest reaction could prevent this scenario. Leontiev also predicted that Germany would grow strong enough to make one or two, but no more, wars and that China would one day threaten Russia’s power. He also claimed that technology would one day lead to universal destruction.”
      I always was a bit skeptic about technology leading to universal destruction bui i came to realize that maybe he wasn`t talking about physical desctruction…

  33. I dont want to sound like a heartless prick, but its situations like this where we either laugh or cry. Im gonna laugh. Laugh at the ridiculousness of the world and its fucked up degeneration. Sorry guys, I wont be a part of this corrupted world and neither should any of you. For the love of god, live your lives to the best of your ability and be free. Man was never meant to be caged, be that spirtually and or physically.

  34. Look it’s gonna happen we started out as an agricultural economy, then an industrial economy, then a service economy where women took over, and now we’re going through the birthpangs of an automated economy where robots are going to do the majority of the work. Men are losing jobs and becoming economically obsolete and with driverless vehicles, AI, and automation we’re going to lose 90% of our jobs due to technological unemployment. The next few years it’ll be a mixed economy of robots, higher human skilled workers who haven’t yet been automated, and the masses of unemployed. Men with no jobs makes it hard to have a family unless we can somehow use government money and instead of wasting it on wars and welfare, have people do some sort of paid volunteer work to help clean up the messes we’ve made to society and the environment from the past 100 years of modernization. Shit, pay people to clean up the oceans or plant trees not sit on their ass. Pay them like $5/hr to do paid volunteer work that actually gives back to society. $5/hr might actually be worth something when robots have made everything dirt cheap. Imagine 30 cent cups of coffee at Starbucks by eliminating all the human workers and automating it from production to distribution.

    1. Engineering and skilled trades will never cease to exist. You can’t automate certain tasks.

      1. You’d be pretty amazed at the technological advances that are on the way…
        You are right that certain jobs cannot be automated… for example… skilled trades, engineers, programmers, service economy jobs (i.e. jobs where the point is to interact with a person like waiter or masseuse).
        We’re going to have automated tasks performed and everyone else is either going to be part of the technology frontier… or they’ll be part of the service sector… Most likely prostitution and all sorts of mindless entertainment will become popular…

      2. Engineering is a great profession. But then again, it depends on the area of engineering. For an engineering firm to be a success, it needs to be able to secure contracts. This depends on the volatility of the market and how competitors are working.
        A lot of engineers have been laid off because companies have failed to secure any contracts, especially during the recent economic crisis. There is no job security, in any industry and that includes certain sectors of engineering.
        But nonetheless, it is a great profession. One of the last and true, masculine and productive professions, in this horrendous female driven service sector economy.

    2. “Imagine 30 cent cups of coffee. . .”
      I remember 25 cent gallons of gas. The 25 cents was paid in silver.

  35. It’s with an odd sense of satisfaction that I find myself agreeing with both the premise and rationale of these posts. The future is here and it ain’t bright.
    I, much like the author, am progressing through my early 30’s. And being much the same age & mindset of the author, I have borne witness to the de-evolution of the American female. The girls I dated and slept with in high school and college were by no means angels, but even they had a sense of self-worth and decorum. Hooking up was a matter of practice on college campus, not a game or competition for women. They did it because they thought it’s what made guys happy and they wanted their men to be happy and come back for that happiness.
    But the author is right when he says the modern American females have degraded into a base creature who treats her body like a man. Simply a tool for receiving pleasure. Nothing more or less. The future? a husband? children? a household? Not even a second thought is given.
    Much as I hate to admit it, I think it will take something catastrophic in America to hit the reset button on our society, our culture and how the sexes operate. Catastrophic change where many will die and every technological/societal advancement is shattered. Nature hits Alt-Ctrl-Del….we go back to square one, day one. Ashamedly, a good part of me is ready for that day and I feel it may be the only way to right this ship. When the people are the problem, nature has to be the solution.
    International terrorsim? Natural disasters? Pandemic infection? Who knows what it could be?
    But, as I’ve borrowed from a well know source before: Civilization dances to a 3 part drum beat: barbarism, civilization, decadence. Our generation is living at the tail end of the decadence drumbeat…and the next drumbeat is soon to begin.

    1. I’ve read somewhere that there are signs of an intense solar activity period starting, generating solar winds and the like, which will wreak havoc with most man-made technology systems on Earth. There’s the EMP.. I will be watching the night sky, should I be lucky enough for it to happen in my lifetime.
      Combine that with widespread Ebola or WW3 in close temporal proximity, and it’s not that unfeasible.

      1. Yeah, a solar flare with global EMP effect….
        Can you imagine being on a city street when everyone looks down at a blank smartphone screen? When street lights go dark? When the TV’s go black? When everything with a computer chip shorts out?
        The Dark Ages pt. 2

  36. Nice work. I always enjoy reading your stuff because there is no sugar coating, it is exactly what it is and you get straight to the god damn point.
    Bravo..and on point here.

  37. It’s hard for me to see how we’re not going to be in a ‘more severe state’ really soon. I used fear a collapse, now I’m beginning to think a purge is necessary on a lot of levels. Collapse may be our only hope for proper course correction.

    1. Unfortunately this won’t be the case. In the event of an economic collapse, what will happen is the elite will go into exile, while the masses will be fighting against martial law and detained in those FEMA camps you hear about.

  38. This is on track, for the most part. Two points to make: we have been undone intentionally, and it couldn’t have happened if good men weren’t either co-opted, or were asleep at the switch. And it’s been going on (this downward evolution of western civilization) since at least your great grand-fathers’ times. Second, the great war wasn’t so great. None of this could have happened if legions of male soldiers hadn’t served witlessly as pawns for their respective states (think “teams” sports fans) in endless manufactured conflicts that always only embellish and enlarge the state at the expense of the individual.

  39. What is really frightening is that there are so many people out of work (over 100 million in the USA alone) and with no hope or opportunities available for people.
    Yet the government is somehow very quiet and ignorant about the issue.

    1. I live in a country where up to 30% of under 25s are unemployed. And this country is relatively easy to get a job by world standards. Now with alot of people not included such as those studying I would think the true number would be closer to 50%. Less than parts of Europe such as Spain but alot of people. These people have alot of debt too. Yet still try and party up. At sound point the days of having fun on another’s dime runs out. These numbers though are not dissimilar to Great Depression Europe and USA. I just don’t foresee how it can be solved.

    2. The government boasts of job creation every month but many of the jobs being added are minimum wage (food and retail) or part time. Not exactly great but good enough for propaganda purpos

      1. True. This is why I tell people to never believe anything that government or government departments tell you. They do not mention the fact that in some countries, people have to now work for welfare. As a result, they stop claiming social security and they will be counted in the statistics as being “employed.”
        On top of that, “employed” statistics will not take into account the fact there are people who are underemployed, and are seeking full time employment. Nonetheless, they will be counted as “employed” in the government statistics.

  40. I’ve noticed that most men going through the ‘metamorphosis’ (red pill) are of a certain age gap, somewhere between mid-twenties to about 40 years old. I’m 34.
    These, in my opinion, are men caught in-between generations, as they could see the previous generation still have / had enough semblance of a healthy functioning society, whereas the younger ones either were born / conditioned into conformity to the actual social imperatives, or have some innate game that allows them to see through the cracks and work the system to their advantage whilst being able to fit into it – everyone else will have a tougher time.
    Imagine how it must be for someone to be brought up into a system that basically exploits them to death, and they accept it as the norm, not knowing any different…

    1. I took the red pill when I was 21. It really was one of the darkest periods of my life. Lashing out at people, no direction, how much I was lied to, realising how fucked up our society was, how evil people truly are and that you are truly on your own in this world.
      That was a long time ago. To this day, nothing has changed, except to know that I am truly awake.
      I love my mother and father for bringing me up with love, but at the same time, deep down, I cannot forgive them for giving me life in this toxic wasteland known as Earth. Nothing is getting better in the long term, but worser and worser.

      1. All the same. However I see it as a my path to navigate the wasteland to nourish lost souls. To clean their wounds and allow people to
        Enter a new sanctuary.

      2. You ever wat Battlestar Galactica? What was the line? “What has happened before will happen again…” Nothing we can do, we were born into the Fourth Turning…

      3. I don’t think it’s the whole planet. I mean yes, there is bad going on everywhere, but it is MUCH MUCH worse in the west. I can’t possibly imagine giving life to a child in America. I could possibly do it abroad. Be thankful that even today, America is one of the wealthiest nations in the world (although declining rapidly and we have no way to reverse this). Use this to leverage yourself to a good life in a better society.

    2. Age range sounds about right. people your age and older especially remember the last great decade- the 90s- rather well. Tech advances were helpful, but not overly intrusive on your personal time. Humans arent meant to work in a literal real time environment in a global economy. Its madness…

  41. Ah, I don’t think its going to that bad. I really don’t. The “hipster” and for that matter much of the cultural trends we see today are fads and they’re one style change away from oblivion just like bell bottom jeans and gangster look etc (circa 90s). Yes, its bad, but, in other times and places they said things would last for a thousand years only to see it last for only a couple more. And I think its bad because of the oppressive nature of this “culture” i.e. disagree with them and – inquisition! But in the long-run that’s not their strength, today, for instance, the red pill has the moral highground because we’re the oppressed. We are…especially using the very measures of victimhood established and espoused by the left, and that is their bedrock. Moreover, “check you privilege”? Only anointed special interest groups are privileged today and it ain’t men or red pillers etc. Then you have a plethora of issues ranging from the undeniable failure of applied progressive doctrine (foreign policy to the fucking border etc, etc, etc,) to the emergence of disruptive technologies that will soon displace and destroy key progressive institutions such as the media and academia…both of which, oh by the way, are demonstratively ass fucking their hipster cohorts in various ways. Masculinity is not dead…far from it, its just been perverted, for now. If it was dead because of technology and blah blah blah, then why are women embracing the masculine persona? You see, not dead and still very useful. The real question is why are men embracing the feminine persona? Never mind the brainwashing single moms etc, I get those are the causes. I mean practically speaking…why be feminine and weak, especially, in today’s failing environment? No, boys and men will be forced to reconsider, just like the rest of the M’s out of practical necessity and that force might as well be the lunar tide.

    1. The real question is why are men embracing the feminine persona?
      It is because the environment is getting more Yin (feminine). This is due to:
      1. Increased pollution and radiation
      2. Spending more time inside and excessive bathing
      3. Attitudes like victims mentality, resentment, entitlement mentality, moral relativism
      4. Popularity of vegetarian diets
      5. Loose sexual behaviour. A focus on sex, even joking about it, is much more yin.
      6. Drug use, alcohol and eating a lot of fruit
      7. Eating sugary foods
      8. Silver-mercury amalgam dental fillings and root-canal filled teeth
      and many more. Factors that will only increase in the future.

      1. I know, I get that those are the causes, but, humans still have the capacity for reason and logic, drugging and pollution notwithstanding. women, for instance, are playing the part of being “masculine”, which is very much driven by mass media, so, its a pathetic display of monkey see monkey do conformity, not, genuine masculine strength et al. Oh and they’re not being called out on it, like men and boys were and/or would be. Its fake, and we all know that. My point is that boys and men have to realize that being feminine is getting them no-where, in fact, it royally fucking up their own lives. For that reason alone, it can’t last and won’t.

      2. LOL whats wrong with fruit!
        I would take out fruit and replace it with fluoride in your list and then we are in agreement.

        1. One reason for this is that today’s fruits are even more yin than those raised 100 years ago thanks to hybridization, use of superphosphate fertilizers that make all our foods much more yin, and the use of pesticides that are common on fruit, even organically grown fruit. Even natural pesticides are often very yin as they are made from yin plants and herbs.

  42. You know what? Now that I know this dude’s age, I have so much respect for this guy. I believe age is definitely a credibility factor, perhaps not all people of a certain age think and act a certain way, but most do. I do recall the game changing now a days. Back in the 90’s and especially early 2000s, women were totally more feminine and other things. Women would try their hardest to keep a man, and don’t tell me about texting. It was more about phone calls, and texts would always come in rapid fire! None of that, wait 2 hours, then if she doesn’t message you for a whole day you double that, scientific bullshit that they have now. If a chick texted you, especially if she texted you a few times……………..she wanted to either Fuck or LTR. Also, chicks were less flaky. If you approached at the bar or even in day game, if they didn’t like you, they would say, “sorry, I’m not interested.” These days we have to read between the lines. Chicks use to cook and clean, wear heels, yadda yadda. Damn, I am just a couple years younger than this writer, and I feel old having to look back on this stuff. But within the past 10 years things changed drastically.
    Although times have changed, I have to remember that this is Rome. So I say, “fuck it,” and do as the Romans do, play the game of this generation’s Zeitgeist, otherwise I won’t survive.

    1. If anyone can see this movie, please do, it is called:
      It fits the author’s two articles.

      1. Idiocracy is a popular film amongst the red pill community. This along with Office Space are two red pill awakening films for the manosphere and are highly recommened to watch if no one has seen them.
        Mike Judge is a genius when it comes to observation.

  43. As technology continues to dumb us down…

    Do you really think tech is “dumbing us down”? To make such a statement you have to reference that time when we were all so smart. I actually think tech is making us smarter. It is giving us access to a greater amount of information that is available in a snap. Of course this requires a certain about of critical thinking to separate nonsense from sensible content. This is where [real] education comes in.

    There’s no perceived difference between the way men were raised to be in the 50s and “bullying.”

    Actually there is. Picking fights with people who can’t fight back is not dignified or honorable. It is “bullying” and bullying is in my opinion, cowardly. Being assertive is standing up to the bully and not letting people push you around. It is not taking advantage of people that you can push around. And bullies always take a fall at some point when they pick the wrong guy.

    1. Yes I agree technology is an overall improvement, but technology also makes humans lazy. Meaning instead of sharpening and honing our own cerebral capacity through actual learning, my generation and posterity will be more inclined to make their higher cognitive functions solely dependent on technology. For instance, I’m an early millennial and was taught superb penmanship (left handed to boot, which makes it harder) and spelling skills. Now that computers are so advanced, human children will grow up typing before they write, and as a result I am seeing more 20 somethings with the handwriting of 1st graders.
      I’m sure the case can be made that calculators and computers have made humans slower to mentally process mathematical calculations even the very easiest. Social skills and conditioning is another skill that will be butchered in the graveyard of technology vis-a-vis ‘social media’. Have you ever tried having a conversation with a millennial in a coffeeshop, especially a millennial female? Once they stop texting, it seems their cognitive reflexes go into a state of panic and they quickly have to go back to their qwerty keyboards of safety. I think the only solution in the future, would be to teach future hi-tech western children real social skills and even penmanship to make them somewhat well rounded. Another generation of socially awkward millennials is unacceptable.

      1. This is always the trade-off between technology and the benefits of manual work. Since we have created machines to do work for us, we do less work ourselves which can result in muscle atrophy and mental slowness. Who takes the stairs now that escalators and elevators are available? It is true that taking the stairs will make you fitter but the elevator is faster and more efficient. Likewise with calculators. I could sit down and work out the answers to complex math with a pen and paper but it is much quicker to do it with a computer. Quicker implies greater productivity and greater wealth for all of mankind.
        I think the key is, for the individual person, to now consciously attend to your health when it the past you would not have needed to. I also think we need to accept that 80% of people are virtual idiots and they always have been. Rather than lament this fact we can focus on how our own personal life has been improved and how we can best manage our interaction with the fools in society.

  44. You know what, guys? Fuck it… Until systemic change is brought forth by a mass movement of people, there is nothing you can do about this perceived decline. There is understandably, quite a bit of hate around here, but unless you use that to fuel your workouts, those sorts of emotions won’t do you any good. Now, I might be retarded, but I meet a multitude of friendly people, and I believe it’s foolish to walk around with nothing but animosity for your fellow man. If you have a bad attitude, that’s what you will get back from others. Sure, quite a few people are chubby, slightly dim-witted, and self-centered, but they’re all facing their own battles too, no need to hate. Women are definitely out of control, but this can be countered quite easily with a bit of forethought and self-preparation. Dress sharp, exercise, and find a couple other ways to improve yourself and become a just a little more interesting. There is no need to focus so much on the negative. Then again, unchecked consumerism, rampant disregard for nature, and a cultural shift away from honorable virtues is going to bite us all in the ass at some point, but bad attitudes have never solved anything. Good article, just some emotionally charged comments.

    1. There is isn’t going to be any change. This is the end. Period.
      The elite are fulfilling all the major prophecies in all the mainstream religions such as Christianity and Islam, and paving a pathway for the Anti-Christ. All the signs have been fulfilled and the demise and errosion of Western civilization is happening at an accelerated rate and will continue to do so.
      Save yourself by distancing yourself from the poisons of mainstream society.

    2. I do believe there is a difference between being positive and negative. Also, make sure that you’re a realist. Too many people in our society today are commenting about people being negative. I would say make sure that you are aware of what’s going on. You don’t always gave to focus on something negative but don’t let anyone (especially a woman) try to manipulate you into thinking it’s “negative”.
      Learn the difference between being negative and a realist. Sometimes it’s tough but sometimes it needs to be said out loud.

  45. ‘Now the many negative responses to my last article here on ROK suggest to me that today even most so-called red pill men do not know how to distinguish between this old school code and what blue-pill-types simplistically and inaccurately call “macho posturing,” done out of “insecurity,” perhaps because you were “abused as a child.”’
    That is something I have noticed in the comment section as well. And as your last article righteously brought to light many young men don’t know that redpill extends from just women but into every aspect of one’a life, whether some, school, work, family, etc. Men must live by a code in order to be civil. “There’s rules to this shit” (Notorious B.I.G.) Meaning that there is a way that a man conducts himself in relation not to just women but society as well. As you pointed out in the other article when the dude let his women run her mouth, a true believer on the redpill would have called him on it. But the amount of commenters who could not accept that this was an acceptable act was unbelievable. People in general will try to pull a lot of bullshit on you. Redpill advocates being in control of situations.
    The biggest issue that I notice when trying to introduce redpill beliefs to my friends is their utter lack of being able to posses let alone maintain frame or their regression back into bluepill. Our fathers failed us in regard to raising men, but we know that. The biggest impediment to this movement is weak men who once believing to proclaim truth, merely resonate their previous beliefs, yet willfully ignorant of the dichotomy.

    1. Most of those guys don’t want to create any friction so they’ll just go along with it (or pretend they didn’t hear it). The one thing I will not tolerate is a woman talking shit to me. If she belongs to a man, then I’ll tell him to come get his woman before she gets in too deep.
      You have to stand for something at some point.

    2. Thanks. To be sure, all human movements are full of pretenders and frauds, and most people don’t know they aren’t the real thing, nor are they commonly perceived as such.

    3. Personally, I do not come between a man and his woman, no matter who’s wrong and who’s right. It is not my place to “call another man on his shit” if it doesn’t affect me and if I don’t know the guy. Unsolicited advice is unwelcome advice no matter how it is packaged. And interfering in a strange man’s relationship is liable to get you into trouble.

  46. With regard to women, I think your problem might be self-selecting. I mean, you’re going after easy lays and complaining that they aren’t dainty little flowers of femininity. How’s that song go? “You can’t have one without the – other…”. So try bedding girls who don’t use words like “stroke game” I think you’ll enjoy the results.
    The rest of the article was damn, good though. Especially the part in the beginning about our national hatred for straight-talk. I am constantly seeing this in my own office. Been called into the boss’s office a few times each year for being “overbearing” with people and not being a “team player”.

    1. I hear you. I hate that bullshit (especially in corporate America) when you’re not a “team player”. Fuck that…we get paid individually to do a job. I’ll start acting like a “team” when I get “team money”.
      You hired me to do a job…not fucking entertain everyone as well.

    2. You mean “traditional feminine women”? Sorry, Sir–I live in the U.S., where most women are vile cunts, whether they talk like Donna and her friend or not.

      1. ‘Murican here too, bud. Just sayin my experience with women has been different.
        Other than that point of disagreement, though, good article. Keep em comin.

  47. Some sad truths here. The real change began in the 70’s, I lived through it. For example feminists brought anti-discrimination suits in New York, claiming economic estrangement, in order to close all the men’s clubs. I believe it was the blogger “The War Nerd” who coined the term “slaughter of the males” to describe the 70’s.

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