Did The Media Drive Gay Black Man Vester Flanagan To Murder Two Journalists?

Yesterday, unemployed gay black journalist Vester Flanagan brutally killed two of his former colleagues at Roanoke, VA TV station WDBJ during the middle of a live broadcast before turning his gun on himself. Before he went on his rampage, Flanagan sent ABC News a manifesto in which he detailed his reasons for his crimes, namely his anger at “racism” in America and purported “homophobic” discrimination he suffered at his job:

It is unclear whose initials he is referring to. He continues, “As for Dylann Roof? You (deleted)! You want a race war (deleted)? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE …(deleted)!!!” He said Jehovah spoke to him, telling him to act.

As is typical for the leftist media, the debate around Flanagan’s killings revolves around gun control, with his race and his sexuality barely mentioned at all. Indeed, before Flanagan’s race became public knowledge, #BlackLivesMatter leader DeRay McKesson attempted to blame his killings on “whiteness,” and even after it became known that he was black, other #BlackLivesMatter supporters expressed glee at a black man killing white people in cold blood:

The questions that no one are asking are about the roles that Flanagan’s homosexuality and the leftist media played in inspiring his shooting spree. For years now, the media has been deliberately stoking enmity and hatred between blacks and whites through biased, selective coverage and outright lies about stories such as the Ferguson riots and the George Zimmerman case. Couple this with Flanagan’s mental instability—a likely byproduct of his homosexuality—and we have a toxic stew of racial resentment and murderous rage.

Are Homosexuals Ticking Time Bombs?


Despite the leftist media claiming that gays are no different than straights, homosexuals are prone to a host of deviant behaviors and mental disorders that are either less prevalent or outright nonexistent among heterosexuals. For example, homosexuals suffer from mental illness at a much higher rate than straights. It’s highly possible that Vester Flanagan’s mental state was related to his homosexuality, as he claimed to have suffered “persecution” for being gay in his manifesto.

Additionally, the leftist media has wallpapered over a wide variety of sick, antisocial behaviors that homosexuals engage in as a matter of course. For example, because homosexuals are incapable of controlling their sexual urges, they suffer from STDs at nearly epidemic rates.

HIV is largely a gay disease; gay and bisexual men account for over 60% of all HIV infections in the U.S. despite composing only two percent of the population. These catastrophically high infection rates are due to the staggering amounts of sexual partners gay men have, as well as their refusal to use condoms:

Prior to the AIDS epidemic, a 1978 study found that 75 percent of white, gay males claimed to have had more than 100 lifetime male sex partners: 15 percent claimed 100-249 sex partners; 17 percent claimed 250-499; 15 percent claimed 500- 999; and 28 percent claimed more than 1,000 lifetime male sex partners. Levels of promiscuity subsequently declined, but some observers are concerned that promiscuity is again approaching the levels of the 1970s. The medical consequence of this promiscuity is that gays have a greatly increased likelihood of contracting HIV/AIDS, syphilis and other STDs.

Additionally, the leftist media has openly hidden the fact that gay pedophiles are using marriage and adoption in order to procure prepubescent children to rape. In 2013, gay couple Mark J. Newton and Peter Truong were convicted of child sexual abuse after they had a son via artificial insemination solely so they could molest him and pimp him out to other pederasts:

Police believe the pair had adopted the boy ‘‘for the sole purpose of exploitation’’. The abuse began just days after his birth and over six years the couple travelled the world, offering him up for sex with at least eight men, recording the abuse and uploading the footage to an international syndicate known as the Boy Lovers Network.

Prior to their conviction, Newton and Truong were given fawning coverage in an ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) article on gay couples adopting children.

Given the demonstrably higher rates of mental illness that homosexuals suffer from as well as the creepy paraphilias they engage in, it’s not a stretch to say that Vester Flanagan’s murders were in part due to his sexual orientation. While not all gay men are potential murderers, Flanagan’s homosexuality-induced mental disorders were a clear motivator in his decision to slay two white journalists on live TV.

How The Media Inspired Vester Flanagan


Another ignored aspect of the Vester Flanagan story is the role the leftist media played in stoking his delusional rage and murderous fantasies.

For the past few decades, the mainstream media has consistently pushed a narrative of poor, downtrodden blacks in America being abused, discriminated against, raped, and murdered by whites. Irresponsible journalists will seize upon any story that seemingly fits this narrative—no matter how flimsy the evidence—in search of what Tom Wolfe called the “Great White Defendant.”

For example, the leftist media turned Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, black men shot to death while committing crimes, into martyrs victimized by white racism. It doesn’t matter that the evidence pointed towards Martin being a budding thug or the clear-cut evidence that Brown was a hardened killer (as shown by his attempt to tackle Darren Wilson and steal his gun); the media extensively covered these incidents, painting Martin and Brown as innocent victims of white bigotry.

By ginning up anger among blacks at purported racist mistreatment, the leftist media is actively helping foster a race war in America. The fracas over the Michael Brown shooting resulted in several days worth of race riots in Ferguson, Missouri, and now we have a gay black man openly stating that he decided to kill white people solely because the media told him that whites are out to get blacks.

The leftist media is eager to blame any case of a white man going postal on right-wingers. For example, Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof (mentioned by name in Vester Flanagan’s manifesto) was blamed on American Renaissance and the Council of Conservative Citizens. Isla Vista shooter Elliot Rodger was blamed on the manosphere, despite the fact that he was a part of the anti-manosphere forum PUA Hate.

By their own logic, the mainstream media and leftists have the blood of Vester Flanagan’s victims on their hands.

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529 thoughts on “Did The Media Drive Gay Black Man Vester Flanagan To Murder Two Journalists?”

  1. I can’t understand any person who actively wants a race war. But I’m particularly confused about blacks wanting one. They are literally outnumbered, outgunned and largely dependent (by percentage of their population) for survival on handouts that would immediately stop once such a war starts. The story of how this would go down is one of masses of starving, destitute blacks hunkered down in seige warfare while better armed whites massed enough forces to go house to house and finish them off.
    I have nothing against blacks, but in a race war I won’t get to choose sides. I wonder if more moderate blacks realize that the same thing holds true for them? We often talk of Muslims policing their own. Blacks and whites need to do the same. I don’t want to hurt anyone, but once you force me to fight, well, I’m ready for it. Let’s all do each other a favor and not go there.

    1. wouldn’t a race war more likely be something like white supremacists against the federal government? that would even the odds in the favor of to the anti-white side. i can’t see a scenario with literally all whites, including SJWs and white supremacists, taking the same side.

      1. True, but true SJW and white supremacists are small subsets of whites. I think the average white person honestly just doesn’t give much thought to race at all, aside from an offhand water-cooler discussion here or there on some sensational topic making its way through the news. They just get on with their lives and live a happy, oblivious existence. They may tow the SJW party line in public, but privately, most are more self-centered in their views than they would openly admit – and rightfully so – it’s perfectly rational to side with your own interests, particularly when people are being killed over their skin color.
        The vast majority of whites have never been forced to pick a side. If a mob of angry blacks comes rampaging down my street killing, burning and looting, many of my liberal neighbors may be in for a surprise. But I have no doubt that in this scenario, they aren’t going to pick up torches and pitchforks if they survive and join the black crusade against their own race. They’re going to come to my house, after making their way through a pile of dead bodies, and ask to fight on my side.
        I think what you’re pointing to is no different than the schisms that you would see on the black side of this hypothetical war. Not all blacks are militant and anti-white in their views either, and some would also be anti-government. But the core of both sides would be race-on-race, hence the fact that it would be a “race” war.

        1. Exactly. Most whites couldn’t give a hoot about race until the MSM started propagating their lies and identity politics. Normal people are getting tired of being told how evil they are and how bad white privledge is.

        2. but true SJW and white supremacists are small subsets of whites. I think the average white person honestly just doesn’t give much thought to race at all

          Do you think wars were EVER fought by a majority? The Red Army that overthrew the czar was relatively small. Size has nothing to do with it.

        3. I agree, and have acknowledged that in other comments by comparison to the insurgency in Iraq, which was relatively small but caused huge problems. My response that you are quoting was to refute the idea that whites would be fractured in a race war in a way that would work to the advantage of blacks. No such thing will happen. It’s a “race” war after all. As someone else said, even if only a third of the white population decided to actively engage in a race war, the black population would be completely fucked.

      2. sjws and WNs on one side hmmmm. Ah agressive ethnic males that dont treat women like princesses.
        Been on stormfront alot back in the day to browse, they are kinda the sjws of the right wing

    2. Trust me, black folks don’t want a race war. At all. Don’t let this gay man’s action or the liberal media persuade you to think otherwise.

        1. Who? Those rioters in Baltimore? No, they’re just looters and vandals of their own neighborhoods. Those #blacklivesmatter protestors and SJW’s? Nah, they’re mostly slacktivists who never even threw a punch in their lives. Like I said, it’s not there. We live in an age where lone wolves can get national media attention and every stupid kid with a Twitter account has a voice. What can feel like an budding problem is usually just hot air and one-offs.

        2. Are you serious? I’m a young Black man and have been around Black people my whole life and have not heard a single person talk about wanting a race war with Whites. I think someone is watching too much TV. The words and thoughts of a few Black people on TV don’t represent the majority of Black people just like the actions of crazy White folk like Dylann Roof and the Aurora Shooter isn’t how most White people think. In fact, a White person (Roof) was the one who brought up any mention of a race war in the 1st place, and now 1 Black Crazy man with a vendetta who responded to roof’s race war talks means all Blacks want a race war? I thought logic was more prevalent here.

        3. And every member of the congressional black caucus except maybe Mia love. But we all know that 95% of black leaders don’t represent all blacks.
          Any black person who did not support George Zimmerman is complicit in this shooting.

        4. I completely agree with you, but here’s where I think the problem lies: Roof kills a bunch of innocent black people and calls for race war, whites express shock grief and outrage and run to distance themselves from any such suggestion; Flanagan kills a few innocent white people and calls for race war and black folks show up in the comments saying “awesome, more of the same!” and black leaders don;t roundly and solidly reject this.
          Again, I completely agree that you are correct that no significant percentage of blacks wants a race war. But there is an optics problem when blacks can publicly support the idea of one and not be shouted down by other blacks as quickly and as loudly as a white person who advocates race war is shouted down by other whites.
          You’re right that the views of a few angry lunatics on TV don’t represent the views of the majority of blacks. But where are the voices that do? You’re here, and we’re having this conversation, which is a good start, but if the mainstream black community thinks like you, that needs to be front and center on the evening news. Of course, you and I both probably realize that this won’t drive up ratings and bring in ad revenue, which is another big part of the problem.

        5. I appreciate your position, but when Roof shot the Church people, the media story was: “white supremacist inspired by conservative rhetoric wanted to start a race war.” Everyone from Twitter SJWs to mainstream pundit-comics attacked and mocked Roof’s whiteness and his wannabe-supremacist ideas. Indeed, the entire white community was put on trial for Roof’s crimes. Now a gay black man intent on starting a race war slaughters two white people and the mainstream media take is: “Crazy, disgruntled employee snaps.”
          it’s bullshit. You grew up in a black community–do you deny that there is a LOT of seething, black racist hatred of white people among blacks today?

        6. You don’t think seething hatred of white people–and blaming white people for the plight of black America–is quite common in the black communities?

        7. I think this is probably somewhat common, though not in all black communities. But this is different than a desire for race war, which I think is pretty small. I think a lot of blacks can harbor hatred and resentment toward whites while still acknowledging that they want no part of a race war that would result in their annihilation.

        8. I understand where you are coming from, but I don’t allow the media to think for me so I don’t look at reality from their perspective. I didn’t hear the media attack Roof’s Whiteness at all, just his white supremacist views. I heard no pundit say he did what he did solely because he was a White man. Also, the 2 situations are different. Roof killed complete strangers whereas this Bryce Williams had worked with and had a personal grudge against the 2 he killed whether it was based in reality or not. So it is true he was disgruntled, but he was also racist and clearly had a victim mentality. Not defending him at all, but stating he was truly disgruntled due to his perceived treatment and firing. from the station, but once again, he was a racist as well.
          Of course there are some Blacks who hate White people but it isn’t as prevalent as you are making it out to be. Most Blacks aren’t going around thinking and talking about White people all day. Mostly the older Black people have the most racist views, but most young people don’t really give a shit about racism. I’m 24 and nobody I know of any race my age really gives a shit about race one way or another. We mostly make fun of it because we see how silly it is. My best friend is White and we talk openly and honestly about it all the time, it really isn’t a big deal.

        9. My first sense is that you simply aren’t being honest, but maybe you’re in denial. I just spent about five seconds pulling these links to articles–one of which begins with something like: “Roof doesn’t represent all white people, BUT…”
          And you wrote:
          “stating he was truly disgruntled due to his perceived treatment and firing. from the station, but once again, he was a racist as well.”
          My point is that the black shooter’s racism and desire to start a race war wasn’t even mentioned in the fairly lengthy article the New York Times wrote about the shooting. That’s absurd.
          I think it’s great that you don’t hate white people, and that your best friend is white. I really do. But I think you’re in denial. I believe that most black people think that they are the victims of institutional white racism, and that a very large percentage of blacks are seething with rage because of this belief. I hope you represent the future, but you don’t represent the present.

        10. Exactly. I don’t rap or play basketball so the media isn’t exactly interested in my views.I haven’t personally seen any Blacks supporting the guy. The vast majority I’ve see tried to disown him from the race. Obviously, racists are in every race so you will always have that element who supports racist actions by people but it isn’t prevalent. Also, all Black people aren’t represented by current Black leadership. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and others don’t speak for all Blacks. That is the main problem. What people call Black leadership only represent a portion of Black people. Conservative Blacks like Ben Carson are called Uncle Tom for promoting common sense solutions and are not considered Black leadership. Some people want to be a victim forever instead of taking self responsibility.

        11. I appreciate the discussion and trust me, I’m not in denial. You brought up just one article, I read many different articles that mentions and cite direct quotes from his racist manifesto. Not all journalistic entities act the same. Her is one that mentions his racism.
          Like I said, I can’t control how media writes its stories but not every outlet ignored that angle.
          I honestly think you are somewhat in denial if you think MOST Blacks are walking around seething with rage at institutional racism. Rage is a strong word. There are certainly many that do feel rage at it, but you can’t look at tv and a few protests and think that is the majority. The majority of Blacks aren’t protesting and feeling rage against Whites, most are just living their lives but that doesn’t get put on tv because it isn’t sensationalist or divisive.

        12. No, man, I’m not only getting my sense of things from TV, trust me. I agree with what you’re saying to a point–the media focuses on black people screaming and burning things, while most black people aren’t screaming and burning things. But that fact doesn’t automatically mean that black people–in my opinion, most black Americans–aren’t angrily living under the asumption that their potential as human beings is being marginalized by institutionalized white racism. In the deep hood this is definitely the case, and it’s just as true among black college students and ESPECIALLY among black academics. Maybe what you’re saying is that in between the examples I’m citing here is a black majority that doesn’t blame/hate white people for their lot in life. I hope you’re right, but I have my doubts. For instance, “The Talk” is presented by black writers as a universal black experience.

        13. That is exactly what I’m saying. Trust me, I’ve heard a lot of academic leaders and other Black leaders blame Whites, but the reaction from most Blacks I talk to is they don’t blame Whites for their problems. If you want my honest truth, I’ve heard more Blacks have problem with other Black people than White people. Those that get the press and the play are those who speak divisive and sensationalist content. That’s why I said it is mostly the older generation of people who hold those views much more often. I’m more interested in financial Independence than anything else right now myself, I’m working on that as we speak.

        14. Not when it comes to anti-white sentiments. A lot of the darker animosity comes out on this site when a white person dies to a black.

        15. You and I are also probably in agreement that what passes for “leadership” in any community, black, white or otherwise, likely doesn’t represent the prevalent view of that community. One of the things I find refreshing about ROK is that, the occasional lunatic race-hustler comment aside, you can speak honestly and openly with other men about race issues and how your side of the debate largely perceives them. If that discussion was allowed to happen more often in a mainstream format, I think most people would realize the sides aren’t as far apart as they are typically portrayed, and whatever divide exists is probably capable of being bridged without massive societal upheaval. Of course, that gets us back to the fact that this would largely put every media outlet out of business for lack of a product to sell, and so I’m not banking on seeing that discussion on the front page of the WP or NYT anytime soon.

        16. I agree, I think ignorance is one of man’s greatest enemies, and we are dealing with a lot of ignorance on both sides. Like you said, if more calm rational discussion took place, both sides can become more knowledgeable of each other and can do more to work together instead of blaming or asking for handouts. With the younger generation, I see this as becoming much more possible soon. A lot of Black people don’t think their our opportunities for them but they just don’t look. I’m working on financial Independence and I haven’t found a roadblock to my goal yet. People need to start utilizing more tools and sites like ROK to circumvent the MSM and talk to people directly instead of being fed a narrative. Also, people need to define themselves and don’t let others shame you into being anything different. I’ve experienced that being Black and not liking “typical Black things” like hip-hop. We can’t allow the media or others shame you into being anything less than your best

        17. A few seem to want the fear of one hanging over everyone’s heads. Take the poor and disenfranchised and tell them they are a victim of oppression and you basically weaponize them. Marxist, black and white have completely stabbed Black Americans in the back and twisted the knife.
          The media is seriously pushing the racial divide. Novelty and controversy. The MSM are a bunch worthless fucks and talking heads.
          I saw a youtube video with Thomas Sotomayer and David Duke. Long but interesting. Of course you know part of the subject matter. If you have time check it out.

        18. Yeah, with click-bait framing the narrative(s), media tries to play us for chumps, appealing to fears and furthering divisions. The last thing they, or the pols they’re in bed with, want is the independent thought of non-consumers. Don’t buy into what they’re pushing. This is the Red Pill.

        19. I just watched this video by Stefan Molyneux about how the average person becomes almost literally allergic to reason.
          It’s a nice ideal some of us have that everybody can be independent critical thinkers but history shows that those who value intellectual and personal freedom tend to be a minority.
          Most people just want to get on with life. To them reason and critical thinking seem to just get in the way. Molyneux argues that most people in fact find questioning the status quo to be threatening.
          I thought this was one of his better videos.

        20. What worries me are black college students. They are young and impressionable, and, in my opinion, academia is worse than ever with its endless hammering home of white privilege, institutionalized racism, the logic and moral correctness of rioting, etc.
          I mean, even Rodney King said: “Can’t we all just get along?” Nowadays, I almost never hear that sentiment. I hear “Check your privilege” and so on. The civil rights movement has gone from pushing for equality and racial harmony to a cultural marxist platform of perpetual revolution.
          If, as you say, the majority of blacks don’t hate/blame whites for their problems, then I sure wish some movement would emerge in their name. The problem is, as I’m sure you’d agree, that people like you are too busy working and taking responsibility for themselves to plan rallies and chase camera crews around for exposure.

        21. A lot of Historically Black Colleges especially hammer in that victim mentality. I know a few friends who came out of HBCU’s on full Civil Rights Mode. I do agree that the Black community needs to get better as a whole, but I think it is through self accountability, and education. Once you stop feeling sorry for yourself and never stop learning, there is little that can stop you from achieving whatever your dream is in America today. There was a time for protests and civil rights movement but they did their job. In order for Blacks living today to honor their sacrifice and work, they need to get the education and work to be better everyday, not going around blaming others because that solves absolutely nothing. But as you also say, I think a lot of us our still hard at work with no time to waste playing the blame game. I do want to say more eventually more publicly, but I need to walk the walk first by getting my financial Independence first.

        22. Mayby I get sucked in by the media which is something I try not to do. Just seems like the anger towards white people gets bigger every year fuelled on by a media that promotes white guilt which seems to get black people all rilled up constantly.

        23. I could just be believing the media to much but seems to me the black community has the idea of blaming white people rather than fixing their community. It’s easier to find a scapegoat than actually work on the problems. And the media definitely fuels that. I don’t live in America so mayby my view is based on misconceptions.

        24. I could understand your position, especially if you don’t live in America and only experience American media. Let’s just say, the media loves to portray the loud minority. There are those who scapegoat without a doubt, but they unfortunately get the most press. Also, most depictions of young Black men in media is negative and normally based in some hip-hop representation. Most sane thinking rational Black folk don’t get much press because we don’t fit the stereotype they want to portray. Those who think different from what is put out as the “Black Agenda” are “acting White” or are race traitors. Look at Ben Carson running for president. He is a Black Conservative and many people think Blacks voted for Obama due to race, but Ben Carson doesn’t have much Black support. Even though his life story shows how learning and working hard can bring you to success, he Isn’t Black because he is a republican and promotes self responsibility over handouts. That is just a glimpse into our sorry media.

        25. Yeah Stefan Molyneux is awesome. I thought his video on the stock market and economy is very well made and easy to follow too.

        26. blaming white people for the plight of black america when the anger is the result of the actions of the jews…

        27. I got skeptical of him recently because he keeps making these doomsday videos. I got the impression that he’s baiting for views by saying the sky is falling.
          But if you think this video is good I’ll give it a look.

        28. That makes sense, I think The American media has a lot of answer for as they seem to want to portray the worse parts of the black community while simultaneously blaming white people for it. At least that’s my perception of it from what I’ve seen.

        29. Yeah I feel like he does have to play a lot of games to attract more viewers by using catchy video titles.
          But this video definitely has some good material and substance.

        30. I honestly think it comes more from the media and acadamias constant putting down of white people when they commit a crime against blacks and the fact they ignore or downplay when a black person commits a crime against a white person. There’s no doubt the media and education system have an undercurrent of white hatred, I think white people on here are more angry at that than angry at black people.

        31. I guess. As I’m black, I don’t know what the thought process is. What I’ve noticed is a few of the regular commentators hang back on the race baiting articles and some of the consistent followers step to the forefront with a level of vitriol that makes me wonder how much hate was held within.
          To your statement, I can understand the ‘we’re not gonna take this’ sentiment of being considered the vile race while we lose our kins men. I recanted the use of brethren since that isn’t a word most white folk seem to use in regards to their fellow race members.
          As it still stands, I do find the gross media manipulations and outright rage that is expressed in the comments typically.
          Funny enough, thanks to the rage I’ve learned quite a bit about the general temperament as well as what erroneous arguments to watch out for. I won’t go into a debunking fest, but my favorites are the low IQ, criminal base, non black Egyptian, and black hatred slash envy of white. All of this is stated while everyone’s favorite vacation spot globally is the Bahamas. Last I checked, the Bahamas is a predominantly black populace covering a few islands.
          Whether you are right or wrong, and I do hope you are right, the media manipulation is palpable and almost as sad as the black lives matter stint.

        32. I don’t really have a problem with any race I just hate the PC treatment of whites and blacks in the media. Calling the black community on their problems and actually blaming them for many of shouldn’t be taboo in the media. Meanwhile it’s open season on blaming white people and making them out to be the big evil empire that represses everyone. I honestly don’t give a rats ass if someone is black or white but you can’t deny there seems to be an undercurrent of hating white people amongst the black community which seems that be fuelled by the media telling them they are victims all the time. That’s just the impression I get as a non American living outside The US.

        33. As an outside observer with no one race to claim as my own, here’s my take on the thought process: Resentment is an equal opportunity destroyer. Many hold race as an idol. Years ago, a friend introduced me to the major news aggregate that the self-identifying conservatives like to frequent. I thought “cool, lots of non-PC stuff, let the push-back commense”. I soon noticed a genuine hatred that was fueled by the selective, stylized headlines as the articles were rarely read, as evedinced by the comments. Click-bait feeds the hate. Social media is now part of THE media and it’s riddled with cancer. Folks on all ‘sides’ need to wake up and stop being part of the problem. Keyboard warriors should take note…
          “Fools give vent to all their anger; but the wise, biding their time, control it.” (Prv 29:11)

        34. I can see the argument you have and on a whole, you are right. However, this is a very distinct American issue. America has and always will be an immigrant powered nation. It drives our economy. It bolsters the replacement of the populace numbers. And now that we manufacture little, it is the fabric of our growth and inversely, our stagnation. So, when you speak of racial divide note, America is one big racial mixture.
          That said, American culture is not world culture, no matter what American ego would have you believe. The media in America has kept a few solid engines running such as blacks can’t get out of victim mentality. This is true. Yet it isn’t. Understand, American history information on black is sparse. There is no information on any black accomplishments from blacks to America, outside of those listed for black history month. This is by design. The notion of slavery worship serves an additional focus to cow tow the blacks born in America while dually lumping in blacks who have nothing to do with American history.
          Look at the education system in America. There are four sets of school bases. Those set up to groom the elite solely. Those set up to integrate the elite and non elite. Those designed to house the non elite and integrate. And those designed to program the non elite. All do program children, but some program children to focus on Yale and Harvard as this is their family legacy while others program their children to look outside at the newly erected prison systems and note where they will head. Here, the notion is all blacks are the same and they are wrong. All black training in America is roughly the same. But stating this is a black stigma is as solid as comparing an American White male to a British White male.
          Countries outside of the USA focus more on global preparation and intellectual pursuits while in America we focus more on titles and labels. Always filter your information from Americans as we typically, aren’t a well versed bunch in the pathology of cultures outside our own.
          On the main issue, Americans do blame much on whites. Where it is showcased as a racial issue, this is a continuous mental assault to keep it as such. Whites are hated as any group in the majority seat would be. Does this mean whites are hated? Maybe. I guarantee, just as many chiding remarks would be used on blacks if they became a link to power. The media is biased against white men, but the media is run mostly by white women, white men of corporate affiliation, and gay men. There is big business to be had from hating white males. Asking the bias to be removed at the consumer level is like spitting on your television screen; you better not damage your screen!

        35. I couldn’t agree more. I used to get up in arms about what I read then I realized, half (or more) of what I was reading on racial aspects was being promoted by perpetually angry people. Perpetually angry people are good for revealing one truth all the time. They rarely have new information as that may make them wrong at some point. And angry people are also perpetually wronged, rarely wrong. Given the chance they will always state the same thing. Red pill is about the truth not about being right. Some day I hope we all get there, but today ain’t it.

        36. Man,that video is a real indictment of the American voters who deal in ‘silo-thinking’.No wonder ‘betas’ can’t succeed with all these infuriating walking contradictions making up their own rules in a solopsistic collage of self-worship.

        37. Sorry guy, but I very much think you are vastly understating the racism many many blacks hold towards whites. I have experienced it from childhood, thru service in the Navy, and even now as a retired man. I have never, heard whites talk about killing the black race, like I have heard from many blacks.
          Hell, I married a Spanish woman, and I can personally tell you about the shit I have experienced. Just the other day, a couple of black co workers, were aghast at what Bill Cosby, and now Carson have been saying about blacks. I had to say, that I supported Carson, and he, Carson, was promptly called An Uncle Tom. So, I almost got in a fight with a co worker, as I told him, he was directly calling ME an Uncle Tom, because I supported Carson.
          To say that Black racism does not exist, is denial. But you are correct when you point out that the Blacks that the Media insist are our leaders, such as Jesse J, and Sharpton, are just pieces of shit, who do not speak for me. You don’t think there is something going on, when a black criminal is killed by a white policeman, and it is time to riot. Black thugs wipe out a group of whites, as in the “Wichita Horror,” and there is not a peep? When a black man can be shown shouting about killing all white babies?
          Don’t even get me started on the Victim culture. It is as strong as it ever was. I have probably been rambling, but I have to say I agree with the thrust of this article, blacks have no one to blame but themselves for many of their problems, but I am just an Uncle Tom, so what do I know?

        38. The problem with Flanagan is I don’t believe him. He mentioned the Asian mass shooter at Virginia Tech as someone he admired. I think he said what he did to garner sympathy

        39. I agree. I’m speaking more the the people who are lionizing Flanagan as a hero and chanting for race war.

      1. Right, they may not consciously “want” it. They are simply wild low IQ animals without agency. They will never be compatible with White people.

        1. Thomas “All Men are Created Equal” Jefferson actually advised against freeing the slaves in his only book, because he thought it would create all kinds of social problems.

          “It will probably be asked, Why not retain and incorporate the blacks into the state, and thus save the expense of supplying, by importation of white settlers, the vacancies they will leave? Deep rooted prejudices entertained by the whites; ten thousand recollections, by the blacks, of the injuries they have sustained; new provocations; the real distinctions which nature has made; and many other circumstances, will divide us into parties, and produce convulsions which will probably never end but in the extermination of the one or the other race.”
          -Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia (1785)

        2. All Jefferson is saying is that they fucked over slaves so bad, they are afraid of repercussions. So basically, he didn’t want to experience the consequences of his and the country’s evil actions. I love how you ignore Jefferson’s evil actions but our only concerned of possible retaliation.

        3. Was he wrong about blacks never getting over slavery? But Jefferson also believed that blacks were inferior. Read his book, it’s an interesting read. He wrote several pages worth of observations on black people. Here are a few relevant quotes.

          The improvement of the blacks in body and mind, in the first instance of their mixture with the whites, has been observed by every one, and proves that their inferiority is not the effect merely of their condition of life. (pp. 267)

          I advance it therefore as a suspicion only, that the blacks, whether originally a distinct race, or made distinct by time and circumstances, are inferior to the whites in the endowments both of body and mind. It is not against experience to suppose, that different species of the same genus, or varieties of the same species, may possess different qualifications. (pp. 270)


        4. I certainly agree with you there, that was the common thought among most Whites during that day which is how they morally justified slavery to themselves.

        5. “the blacks, whether originally a distinct race, or made distinct by time and circumstances, are inferior to the whites in the endowments both of body and mind.”
          Glad you agree with that, Vita, so do I

        6. If you can’t read, I won’t help you there but those who can comprehend can easily understand what my previous post stated.

        7. that was the common thought among most Whites during that day

          I can agree with you there, but I thought it was ironic that those quotes were coming from the man who wrote, “All men are created equal.” Clearly, he didn’t believe that was true, or at least Jefferson would believe people today are taking that statement out of context. Based on the second quote, Jefferson wasn’t even sure if blacks were the same species.

        8. The thing that must blacks refuse to acknowledge it’s that there were white slaves too. They were usually Irish and considered more expendable than the black slave.
          But what what is happening among white people is that we are tired of hearing about slavery and we are tired of hearing about their plight, considering that must of their plight is self inflicted.

        9. What isn’t acknowledged by American blacks, is that blacks were already slaves when white people bought them. They were being sold by either native blacks who captured competing tribes, or by Arabs in the Arab Slave Trade. The #1 commodity Africans were selling each other into slavery for was rum. Further, slavery existed since prehistory, and though white people participated in slavery as all races did, it was ONLY whites who put in the effort required to eliminate slavery around the world. The British banned slavery throughout their empire in 1830, and single handedly broke the Arab Slave trade. Slavery existed and was still legal in many Sub-Saharan African countries until the 20th century. It is still a problem there.
          As much as some blacks hate whites, it’s ironic because the average African American is 25% European genetics. So perhaps the blacks who still blame whites should also blame part of themselves. Very few whites are actual descendants of white slave-masters, but most blacks are.

        10. Then why do cops kill more whites each year? Blacks commit more crimes yet more whites are killed. Why?

        11. Genetically, Egyptians aren’t black. There’s a 3.6 million square mile desert that divides Egypt from Sub-Saharan Africa. Sharing the same continent doesn’t mean you share the same accomplishments.

        12. African American slavery wasn’t evil. Bad for blacks, yes. Evil? Nope. Stop being so superstitious!

        13. Another Black Muslim pipe dream. Neanderthals are believed to have language. Not only that the “Out of Africa” theory is eroding and still a theory.
          So where the fuck did Göbekli Tepe come from since it predates Egypt?

        14. The cuckservative anti-racist hero Abraham Lincoln basically said the same thing. He said that the negro and Europeans could never live side by side…… He was essentially saying that at some point if you did, they could turn a while nation into a nation of Africans due to their strong genetic inheritance.

        15. pOne of the biggest lies is that the white slave masters would muh dik the female slaves, which was proven false several years ago as DNA tests pointeded out. They found significant Irish ancestry in many of today’s African AmericansAmericans. Since Irish were slaves themselves, they found two likely explanations. One, that the African slaves raped the Irish female slaves and second, slave masters would intentionally have them rape the female Irish slaves for their own perversion. Some slave owners did muh dik the African slaves, but many of them were Jewish slaveholders, which is why they estimated 15% of the African Americans with slave ancestry had Jewish blood as well

        16. “All men are created equal.” dealt more with the fact that there was, in Europe, an Aristocracy and King who were above equal application of the law, and the fact that the English people in the colonies did not have representation in English Parliament and were therefore unequal to the English in England.
          The phrase has just been perverted today to mean that black and whites are equal, which from context was certainly not Jefferson take on the matter.

        17. It’s funny that Lincoln has been deified by the mainstream. He was NOT the person people claim he was. He bowed to Radical Republicans like Thaddeus Stevens who wanted to free the slaves in order to punish and demoralize the South.
          Early in the war the North offered the South the Corwin Amendment, which would’ve made slavery permanent and irrevocable. Yes, our 13th Amendment was almost the right to own slaves forever! Yet few hear this side of the story. Lincoln publicly supported it during his inauguration speech. The claim that Lincoln freed the slaves to achieve human equality is historical revisionist spin. During the Civil War, Lincoln told a group of freed slaves that he wanted to send them back to Africa. Here’s the real Abe Lincoln for you…
          “You and we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races. Whether it is right or wrong I need not discuss, but this physical difference is a great disadvantage to us both, as I think your race suffers very greatly, many of them, by living among us, while ours suffers from your presence. In a word, we suffer on each side. If this is admitted, it affords a reason at least why we should be separated.”
          -Abraham Lincoln, Address on Colonization to a Deputation of Negroes, 1862
          There are many other similar racist quotes that completely contradict the idealist image that the media has constructed of Lincoln. Don’t believe the mainstream’s historical revisionism. Read the original documents. The true intent behind freeing the slaves was to demoralize the South, of which 4 years of war inspired great hate towards them. The public relations version of history is that it’s because “all men are created equal.” As I mentioned in a previous post, Thomas Jefferson thought blacks were inferior and said they should never be freed. Lincoln knew this, as Jefferson was his hero.
          Lincoln sold the 13th Amendment as a necessity to end the war. Lincoln thought Southerners would appeal to border states for help, and the 13th Amendment was meant to extinguish all hope in the South.
          “I am very anxious that the war should be brought to a close at the earliest possible date, and I don’t believe this can be accomplished as long as those fellows down South can rely upon the border states to help them; but if the members from the border states would unite, at least enough of them to pass the thirteenth amendment to the Constitution, they would soon see that they could not expect much help from that quarter, and be willing to give up their opposition and quit their war upon the government; this is my chief hope and main reliance to bring the war to a speedy close.”
          -Abraham Lincoln, 1864
          Lincoln’s didn’t believe blacks were equal to whites, but nor did he think they deserved slavery. Legal equality wasn’t actually achieved until after the 14th and 15th amendments, which were passed after Lincoln’s assassination.
          Read more: http://www.history.com/news/5-things-you-may-not-know-about-lincoln-slavery-and-emancipation

        18. the only blacks native to egypt are the nubians whom live on southern egypt north sudan. many egyptians today carry african and euro blood, but egypt isnt a black civilization

        19. No Dodo, Egyptians weren’t black. If you want to read some real Black History, read Negros in Negroland by Hinton Helper.

        20. Now why don’t you post the pictures of the THOUSANDS of your racial cousins who have committed murder so far this year, in the USA.
          You don’t really care about your people, you worthless ape. Otherwise you would be up in arms about the blacks being killed by other blacks every day. You only care when a white kid or a white cop kills one of yours.

        21. Brah, don’t try to reason with someone from a group that has an average IQ of 85 in the USA… versus 100 for whites.

        22. Be careful! Negroes are criminal masterminds, and you DON’T want to get on their bad side.

        23. How then are wild low iq people currently guilt tripping whites everywhere into giving up their own rights.

        24. Blacks are descendants of white slave masters who raped their ancestor, rape victims have no say.
          The “Slavery” that went on in America is euphenism for genocide torture camps of black people. Africans couldn’t have sold each other because whites had no money and africans had no need for slaves, if they did, they’d be using them not selling them to whites.

        25. Irish were hired as the slave oversears, they would rtypically rape the slaves when night came down.

        26. LOL, modern egyptians are arabs, they don’t even claim to be linked to the ancient egyptians, they call themselves arabs because they claim their ancestors come from arabia not egypt. That being said, there is a major river called the nile river which actually goes all the way down to the congo and uganda and right into egypt, it is basically functioning as a highway in ancient times.
          That being said, if in a hot desert nation would not produce an indigenous black population in africa why would any cooler tropical climate? This is where the racist arguments fall apart. Besides the Egyptian ancients artifacts are all black.

        27. No they were not. They were worthless than black slaves because they couldn’t work as well on the heat. There were not overseers. Irish typically got the crappy jobs because there skills were low

        28. To be honest white people are messing up badly. And will get all that genocide and slavery back and then some. It is the way of the universe when you are up you are up and get to beat on minoritys. But eventually the minority’s are going to do the same back to the whites.

        29. You’re absolutely wrong. Irish people were captured and enslaved by English people as well. The Irish and English had a long standing feud in those times.

        30. Are you just grasping anything out of thin air to substantiate a feeble argument? Who gives a fuck who started Jim Crow? You’re going to believe that all white folks got together and somehow conspired against black people, which is complete bullshit. Whites don’t go to bat for other whites, like blacks and Hispanics do. Whites gather in their own ethnicities and sociomonetary classes.

        31. Hey Dumb Son of Nigger, how about you make a coherent argument for your case instead of mindlessly posting shitty propaganda followed up by insults.

        32. False! All people are evil, not just whites! Get your sick, black supremacist attitude out of here!

        33. “All men are created equal”, Jefferson specifically was talking ONLY about white, protestant, heterosexual, males…NOT females, or ANY other race, period. The constitution was written for the same, and no others in mind, until it was amended> which was a huge mistake!

        34. Niger…ha! who the fuck would do business with anyone from there, you goons are all con artists. BTW, the “entity” above is a reptilian, masked by a hologram, and posing as a white male.

        35. People forget that evolution goes both ways…while all men may have been CREATED equal, they did not stay that way…some devolved while others progressed.

        36. Most American blacks are descendants of white slave masters. That’s my point. The true genes of the slave master live in them, not me, so if they want to hate someone they should hate themselves.
          An average slave cost about $200,000 by modern standards. The beaten and abused slave is a stereotype. An injured slave cannot work. Most people wouldn’t take a crowbar to a Ferrari. It did happen, but not as much as people claim.
          Africans did sell each other into slavery. It’s historical fact. More specifically, they sold their enemies and criminals into slavery for rum and other goods. West Africa had and still has lots of natural resources, they just didn’t know how to exploit them for trade. Instead they would enslave a neighboring tribe they had a beef with, which got rid of their enemies while simultaneously enriching themselves.

        37. I’m not sure where you got the raping dozens of black girls thing from. He almost certainly had a consensual relationship with a mulatto slave girl. Jefferson didn’t even beat his slaves, which he thought was immoral. Instead he used incentives to reward them. Nice stereotypes tho. Sally Hemings, the slave girl, was 75% European genetics. We know her exact family tree. A contemporary account described her as “mighty near white” with “straight hair down her back.” This was before hair relaxer.
          Honestly, do you really think a man like Jefferson, the President of the USA, the revolutionary, the intellectual, the international diplomat, the architect of UVa, would’ve needed to rape a lowly slave girl? Women were hypergamous even back then. Let’s be honest. It was probably she who was doing the raping. Jefferson kept their relationship secret because it wasn’t acceptable at that time. He freed all four of their children after his death, the only slaves he did free. Interestingly, they would’ve been almost 90% European genetics. At least one of them was able to pass as white, as some of the modern Jefferson/Hemings descendants are white.

        38. So you’re saying dark skinned blacks came up the Nile, built the pyramids and everything else, then went back down the Nile and never built anything even remotely close to that scale and quality ever again? Later non-blacks moved in and took credit? That’s your argument, right?

        39. To suggest that contemporary Egyptians are genetically Arab and unrelated to the ancient Egyptians is an absurdity. The conquests of the 7th century Islamic Empire were carried out by the Arab population of the Arabian peninsula, a scarcely populated desert. They conquered a massive, densely populated area home to some of the world’s oldest civilizations. The population of conquerors was tiny compared to the population of the conquered. There is no historical evidence of any attempts by the conquerors to displace or replace the conquered populations, and such a thing would have been a demographic impossibility.
          Thus, most of the people called Arab today became so through cultural shift, not migration from Arabia. The current Egyptians are descendants of the ancient Egyptians. Some of the more tribalistically minded Coptic Christians there claim that they alone descend from the ancient Egyptians and that the Muslim majority are foreign invaders, yet such an assertion has no basis in genetics, you wouldn’t be able to tell who is who from blind gene samples.

        40. and shortly after writing that, TJ, retired to slave girl, Sally Hemngs, cabin for much boner relief.

        41. LMAO, so you think TJ, with ALL the power an Aristocratic land owning politician could have, limited his nookie time just Sally!? Men, given the opportunity, without negative consequences, you know, like to spread their seed! Monticello Man was getting juicy with more than one chocolate babe.

        42. So no one has ever crossed a desert!? No one has ever sailed north along the horn of Africa or south!?
          And you make a good point about sharing a continent but not sharing the same accomplishments. I don’t recall reading my western history books that ALL of Europe was ALWAYS thriving Greece was dominant
          London and Paris were built by the Romans.
          Spain was dominant for a significant period.
          So looks like those of northern Europe were far behind and that knowledge flowed INTO Europe from the direction of Africa…

        43. so you think TJ, with ALL the power an Aristocratic land owning politician could have, limited his nookie time just Sally!?

          Straw man fallacy. Where did I say ALL? You’ve misrepresented my argument because, let’s face it, can you win in any other way? I was talking about Thomas Jefferson. I’m sure there were slave women who were raped back then all over the South, but to claim Jefferson raped dozens of slave girls is a bunch of baseless accusations. If Jefferson did rape Sally Hemings, and I’m skeptical, then he raped a woman who was genetically far more European than she was African.

        44. Maybe those who were the smartest STAYED in Egypt or migrated further away!? Explain the Pyramids please in what is now Mexico? Are they found anywhere else in the Western hemisphere?

        45. Explain the Pyramids please in what is now Mexico?

          LMAO! Blacks built pyramids in Egypt AND Mexico? Yeah, that couldn’t have been different people. Their size, design, construction techniques, and civic uses were all different. However, since we call both of them “pyramids” they must have been built by the same people. 😉
          Are you one of those people who claim blacks built everything in the world, and then other races swept in and took credit for it?

        46. I can see that you want my family and me dead. I really don’t care about anything else.

        47. Yes and when they decided to racialize slavery in the late 1600s they turned the irish into overseears and they both raped slaves together.
          Also it has long been the claim of the racist that europeans bought their slaves, so if the irish were enslaved it was because europeans sold each other into slavery.

        48. Yes, whites will do anything to deny our culpability. They bring up slavery and get mad when their dirty laundry is aired.
          Yeah it is complete bullshit all whites sat around a table and made conspiracy to do bad to black folk, colonialism and the conference of berlin which was a conspiracy on how to carve up africa that every historian recognizes as a fact, should be forgotten. The history of how the racist who dividing up America on race and decided to enslave one race of folk over another was not a conspiracy against. Jim crow and the black codes, ending reconstruction, racist laws that discriminate against blacks in economic, housing, labour, law and justice all of which continue in one form or another today where the 8 largest American lenders have all plead guilty to discriminatory lending against blacks in the last 8 years, you’d have me believe is not a white conspiracy. If even when whites are caught conspiring and plead guilty to it you have me believe it isn’t occur, tells me you are more interested in covering it up, or you feel you are being blamed for something you may not have directly done so you want to deny its existence.
          Lol, whites go and bat for other whites all day long. Most blacks are so scared of being called a reverse racist, that they are scared to do anything for black folks. George Bush gave away trillions to white folks and white businesses, Obama and the Congress will give away hundreds of millions in rich corporate welfare all to white run companies this year. George Bush made white homesteaders tax exempt. But if Obama were to say, lets set aside just 1% of that corporate welfare money which Nike and Boeing and the other white companies get billions of, lets put 1 billion aside for black businesses, they’d crucify him.
          In otherwords, blacks have to pay tax, to support whites. They cannot get a dime back in what they put in.
          And since when do blacks go to bat for other blacks? When have you ever went into a town and saw a little african american town. I can show you little moscow, little warsow, poletown, jew town, greektown, little italy and so on. Black American so scared of being called racist there are 45 million of them and you won’t find a single african american town. Hell you’ll have a samoan or tamil town before you’ll have an african american town.

        49. I can look at all the pyramids of sudan which outnumber those in EGypt substantially.

        50. Because the white man raped their ancestors! it is like saying most victims of rape have a child whose father is a rapist, of course they do, the father raped his mother!
          The true genes live in the white descendants like Anderson cooper and ben stiller who got rich off of slavery.
          O yes the beaten and abused slave is a stereotype, slaves back then were sipping coconut juice and chilling under a tree. An injured slave will work or you beat him WORSE. H eis a slave he has no choice.
          Most people like their ferrari’s most whites didn’t like blacks. They chop off their own nose to spite their face, just like how it didn’t make sense that whites would hunt animals to extinction rather than engage in sustainable practices they didn’t care because they were ignorant back then as a group.
          Whites kidnapped, raped, stole, and have a history of selling each other and selling and buying Africans into slavery right here on American soil. The reason you have to go to Africa is quiet strange. That being said, whites were enslaving and selling each other from the days of Rome, so I am not sure what you prove except that white people have become so lazy and dependent on Africans to their work that they even had to get someone African to tie their own shoe laces and get their own slave. It really does just prove the point that America was built by black people.
          You ignore that plenty of the nation in Africa waged wars against Euros to stop the euro slave raiders and there was a conference in the 1700s in Ghanna where the 30 largest nations in West AFrica then met to try to stop euro slave raiding. But it matters not, one need look no further than st. patrick to see whites have a history of slave raiding.

        51. Don’t go to sleep, Hernan. Whitey is hiding under your bed.
          You,sir, are not a moron. You are a fucking moron. You are on the cutting edge of stupid in the thoughts you’ve expressed on this site. I think I may have lost IQ points reading your shit.
          You actually think that white people are actively conspiring to keep the black man down? They are doing fine enough on their own, they don’t need the white devil’s assistance.
          But I gotta go. I’m late for the evil white male’s monthly conspiring meeting.

        52. I’m still laughing about your comment on Africa. That’s funny shit. They couldn’t give that land away. It’s the womb of the most virulent diseases to plague this world. There’s no food and children are being eaten by flies. I bet the Dutch rue the day they’ve landed on that cursed plot of land.

        53. Jefferson raped black women.. All those titles just prove how he felt entitled to raping black women. Black women have never liked white men.

        54. If you have a historical ignorance I cannot help you. The walls of benin and the fort of erdo are 4 times the size of the great wall of China, it is bigger than the largest pyramid by several times. The achievements and constructs of many western, eastern, central and south african states are impressive in their own right. From Kilwa to Mali, to ethiopia.
          “The Walls of Benin City are collectively the world’s largest man-made structure.[21] Fred Pearce wrote in New scientist:
          “They extend for some 16,000 kilometres in all, in a mosaic of more than 500 interconnected settlement boundaries. They cover 6500 square kilometres and were all dug by the Edo people. In all, they are four times longer than the Great Wall of China, and consumed a hundred times more material than the Great Pyramid of Cheops. They took an estimated 150 million hours of digging to construct, and are perhaps the largest single archaeological phenomenon on the planet.”
          Non-blacks don’t try to take credit, only white Americans believe that argument. Arabs in egypt don’t deny this. Its pretty obvious when you see near white skinned arabs standing next to all brown skinned africans that the two groups are unrelated.
          To be fair however, the objective minded euro scholars point out that the romans and greeks did invade egypt in the ancient period and some of the rulers born in egypt would be technically egyptian. So towards the end it was much more multicultural.

        55. If you think it is an absurdity, go tell that to the people calling them descendents of Arabs. They call themselves an Arab republic and claim their ancestors are from Arabia. It is like you trying to tell me a person who claims to be white is a native indian despite their own insistence they are white.
          While it is true that they aren’t actually descendants of the proper arabs, Egypt was colonized by turkey for 800 years, and this is where most of the modern population originates from. For you to claim it was impossible to replace the population of Ancient egypt when between the various plauges and starvations that ensured from invasions wiped out near 80% of the population which never exceed more than a few million is silly. Why would Turkey not be able to replace the population in 800 years, when Western Europeans could displace an entire hemisphere of an estimated 100 million indians in 500 years or so?
          The vast majority of coptic christians are located in sub-saharan africa. The muslim majority teach they are foreign invaders descendent from muhammadian strain of arabia. Never mind Egypt was colonized continously from the year 600 bc by assyrians and persians then romans and greeks, then arabs and malmuks and turks then french and english up until the 1900s. There is no real reason to believe they have any relationship. They don’t even clam to.

        56. Then why did whites have to steal it? Why do whites fight major wars to steal it, tooth and nail murder and rape?

        57. Give me one reason given the history of whites conspiring to keep blacks down why one shouldn’t believe it? Are you telling me slavery, the conference of berlin, the jim crow, the discrimination wasn’t conspired they just fell out the sky, no one white knew about it?

        58. Stupidity, I guess. People will steal a toilet out they need something to shit in.
          But don’t automatically assume the blackies are the peaceful type. Majority of violent crimes are committed by them.

        59. Lots of words taken out of context. Jefferson became the first person to make a law against slavery in the united slaves.
          And that’s been debunked already as blacks assimilated into American culture(I’m myself am proof of this)

        60. Stop igniting race tensions, very few blacks even commit violent crimes. In fact the majority of blacks in jail are for non-violent offenses most of shouldn’t be law. Why the assumptions?

        61. Do you have ANYTHING else to say than slavery,the conference of Berlin and Jim Crow? It’s a like a broken record and its going on over two hundred years. Get the fuck over it! Black people weren’t the only slaves. Stop playing your little violin because no one wants to hear it.

        62. Whites countries fight major wars for the same reason that black people think white people are to blame for every problem they have in life.
          I’ll give you a hint. They are in control of ever big company,the media ,Congress and have The United States fight their wars.
          White people aren’t your enemy. But the government is. Be wary of the information you are taking in, lest you be a tool for someone else’s betterment.

        63. LOL, if white people want me to get over slavery then why don’t they take the picture of slave owners off all their money, why don’t they take down all those flags representing a slave owning republic and why don’t they stop celebrating slavery, wars fought over slavery and naming places after slave masters. I think it is blonde hair blue eyed white people who look like me who haven’t really gotten over slavery, not blacks.
          Blacks were not the only slaves, but they were the only slaves on American soil who were denied the most basic of human rights and classed as non humans who had their rights denied and genocide planned by the british white majority.

        64. LOL, the Republicans want us to believe the federal government is the enemy of the people when everyone knows state based tyranny is far worse than federal tyranny. It is far harder for the federal government to pass tyrannical laws than local state governments who continue to try to deny ID to people born in their state and marriage licenses to people who are legally entitled to them. No one is more tyrannical than state and local government.

        65. My bad, I thought you were talking about America.
          What planet are you on?
          Congress is making special deals with big companies to defile our land to derive its precious resources and you are still babbling sine inane bullshit about local government. You are a retard.

        66. If you can’t get over it, just fuckin move.
          But you are going to find that every country had slaves.
          Sorry to break it to you.
          Move on. You weren’t a slave, and neither was your dad or grandfather. Stop bringing up something that didn’t effect you.

        67. Sure. While British slave boats were capsizing their cargo of Irish slaves but kept the African ones because they were more expensive.
          Try reading the books you are quoting. Don’t enter a battle of wits unarmed. Your comments are as tired as a black comedian that only knows white jokes.

        68. Yeah and the state government NEVER make special deals with big companies to defile our land. The state governments are all FAR more corrupt than the national government, it is why you have govenors like Blagovich in PRISON for trying to sell senate seats. Corruption of the highest order. No one is more corrupt than state and local government.
          Local government is far more ccourpt than the feds, who aren’t angels by the way.

        69. No you fuckin move, you idiots celebrate slave masters, put them on the money, have civil war and revolutionary war re-enactments name ships, streets, buildings and universities and entire states after slave owners and tell others to get over slavery? Look in the fucking mirror.
          No slavery was like that which took place on American soil and Greeks still complain about being enslaved by other greeks across the ocean called turks. Heck Romans enslaved their own people 40% of Rome was slaves. Then they enslaved the slavs which is where the word slave comes from.
          Slavery certain did affect me, we in America are living off enslavement money.

        70. Where did the Irish slaves come from. Where the British kidnapping them or did whites sell other whites into slavery?
          The irish were slaves like most other people had historically been slaves. However they were still classed as humans. They were not genocided in the way african americans were. They got to keep their irish names, their language, culture, religion, history,, no one murdered them for reading a book, there was no such law that permited a british woman to bash out the brains of an irish baby. The irish were made to work for free but otherwise had it sweet. They weren’t getting genocided out of existence like the african americans were by white people. When they stopped enslaving Irish they got to join white America and reap all the white affirmative action goodies. From the Dawes ACt to the GI Bill,

        71. Then I don’t know to tell you. I don’t celebrate slave owners but I’ll be damned if I’m going to be held accountable for their misdeeds. I did not benefit from it and I’m not picking up the tab for it either.
          I’m white and I’m proud.
          If you don’t like it, fuck you.
          If you aren’t, grow dreads and be a laughing stock of the black people.
          You ain’t going to guilt me into anything with pansy ass whining. Slavery is long over. Move on.

        72. American blacks carry slavemaster genes in them. Sorry, it’s a fact. I’m not saying it’s a comfortable one.
          Slaves were beat, but not as often as people assume. For example, Thomas Jefferson didn’t beat his slaves because he considered it immoral. He used incentives and rewards to get his slaves to work.
          It’s funny how you focus on whites and slavery, despite the fact there isn’t one civilization in human history that didn’t own slaves. Sorry, white people didn’t invent slavery, but white people DID largely end slavery all around the world.
          Could you be anymore vague? That Europeans obtained slaves by raiding Africa is a myth. They wouldn’t go into Africa due to fears of tropical pathogens like malaria. Some Africans saw an opportunity to get rich as slave brokers, so that’s what they did. And they became rich. And other Africans copied them. What no black person wants to admit, is that Africans were complicit in their own slavery.
          Concerning the United States, see the Slave Trade Act of 1794 and the 1807 Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves.

        73. Well yes, compare Black American culture to African culture yes also to add Whites who live in the same area are hard to identity despite being a majority. 😛

        74. America’s predominant white culture couldn’t be more diametrically opposed to our country’s predominant black culture. If this weren’t the case race, in America, would be a non-factor.

        75. I seriously can’t tell whether you’re joking or not. America is not a melting pot and it’s clear you haven’t been here very long.

        76. I grew up between Detroit, D.C. and Chicago. Chicago in particular is still as segregated as the grid it was built on. Stop lying to yourself.

        77. Baltimore and Washington D.C. aren’t middle America buddy. Btw, I’ve spent time in LA, currently live in NYC and it’s same thing. The issue here is that you live in an alternate universe where Blacks have assimilated into American (read: White) culture, don’t lower property values, don’t pump drugs in their own communities and aren’t responsible for majority of violent crime despite being a minority. I need what you’re smoking on BADLY.

        78. LOL Than I probably read it as you being from Detriot or OR you’re cultural intolerant and see the difference.

      2. Once an invading army feels they have conquered a nation (people) the first thing they do is start raping the women. It’s been that way for thousands of years. Conquer, rape, pillage, plunder. With the election of Barack Obama, affirmative action, civil rights, preferential college admissions, etc. many feel emboldened that the nation is conquered or at least accommodating. The amount of WW being raped by black males between the ages of 18-35(about 3% of the population) is around 19,000/yr with some estimates as high as 32,000. The bodies are not piling in the streets, but I would say that those statistics would classify itself as at least a pretext to war, if not well into it by now.

    3. Yes. Unfortunately w/o government assistance (no pun intended) Blacks would lose a race war in a weekend. Which is precisely why the government generally stomps out “GTOW”-movements (e.g. Ruby Ridge, Waco, et al) before they gain any momentum. Imagine if a mass movement, consisting of former Military Personnel and Veterans, gained a foothold in the heartland? That would be very dangerous for the establishment, indeed.

      1. Your comment also points to another factor I overlooked in my earlier outcome prediction – the role of combat veterans. I served in a combat unit. It was easily 85% white, and the vast majority of the rest was hispanic. In the officer corps, it is even worse. They go out of their way to recruit women and minorities to fill quotas, and my TBS platoon still only had one black guy out of 45 people (incidentally, he was a really good dude, and we used to hang out all the time). By contrast, my platoon had three white women. Far from the traditional narrative that America sends poor blacks off to fight and die in disproportionate numbers, whites have accounted for 75% of the casualties in Iraq – slightly above their percentage of the population – whereas blacks have accounted for about 9.5% – slightly below their percentage of the population. Blacks, on the whole, have nowhere near the accumulated combat experience and training that whites have, which also works as a serious disadvantage for them in any race war. All of which is again to say, I have nothing against blacks in general, so let’s just not go there.

      2. Blacks have guns, but they’re absolutely horrible shots. They’d run out of ammo in no time. How often do you ever see a black guy at a shooting range? Did you see how many shots it took Vester Flanagan to kill, despite having a perfectly still target just a few feet away?

        1. My firing range experience where gang banger looking black dudes shows up concurs 100%.
          Last time it was a gold toothed, cornrowed, saggy pants brother carrying a Tech 9 with a 30 rd magazine.
          There were two old guys sighting in hunting rifles, and me practicing (for the race war?) with a SKS, Glock 19, and Mini-14.
          As the dude starting shooting, I couldn’t help but notice that the old guys strapped on pistols and were very aware of this guy. I too felt a strange compulsion to strap my Glock, loaded, to my waist.
          As he blasted through 30 round mags at 10 yards, I noticed that most of his shots were not even hitting the paper target, much less the center.
          The comments regarding the numbers, and the makeup of the combat arms in the USMIL are spot on.
          The only think keeping a good pogrom from kicking off right now is the government who is protecting the 3% who commit over half of all violent crime. Without those cops and governments, such criminals would have been dealt with long ago, in a manner proportionate to the crime they committed.
          Maybe public executions for heinous crimes aren’t such a bad idea?

        2. Not sure how you miss that badly. When I was taking my CCW permit class, we went to the shooting range where I shot a revolver they supplied. I wasn’t a perfect shot, but my spread was so tight that I actually shot through the same holes at least 3 times; I actually thought I was missing but the instructor told me I wasn’t. All shots were within the center mass area, and I suck with shooting handguns…much better with rifles.

        3. I didn’t want to be the one to say it but that’s another good point. Has a White guy ever, in the history of firearms, fired a gun sideways?

        4. If that woman was hit she could sure as sure take a shot like a boss. I’ve seen both videos and I swear he either missed like a mutha or the woman didn’t bleed. If you get stung by a bee your going to flinch.

        5. I saw both videos too. His shots were so bad a few people were claiming it was a hoax and he was firing blanks. Reminds of when two teen thugs got in a gun fight in my area. I didn’t see it, but heard it happen. I talked to a female who witnessed the whole thing. She basically said the two teens were in a heated argument with a group of friends. Both teens pulled out hanguns and unloaded on each other in the crowd. Not a single bullet landed on anyone present.

    4. The only people of color I’ve heard who talk about a race war are Nuwabians / 5 Percenters – extremists, the black version of the radical Odinists. Now even as a minority, I’m not a fan of white genocide and forced diversity if it actually is a thing, but black people have never been on the winning side of any race war, so I don’t get this either.

      1. I agree that any real desire for a race war exists only among a small minority of blacks. The real problem with this though is that it only takes a very small number of people to cause serious trouble. Look at Iraq. At its peak, the insurgency during that war numbered roughly 50,000 people. It only takes a very small number of militants to set off a much larger conflict. And the problem is that once you set it off, you force people to take sides. So while I agree that these types of militant blacks are a small minority, everyone, black and white, should vocally and openly denounce anyone who calls for race violence.

        1. We should stop discriminating on the basis of race by not discriminating by race. To me terms like “color blind racism” and “cultural appropriation” are divisive.

    5. “I have nothing against blacks, but in a race war I won’t get to choose sides.”
      This is a really profound thought. (No sarcasm BTW)

        1. Regrettably, there was much tension when the Europeans came here. However, it is the nature of humanity to expand and conquer, so you cannot blame them for concepts of racism which did not exist in the liberally ass-wiping notion that it is today. However, this is still a great country, albeit the many flaws. Without European mindsets, this civilization would never have sprang forth, don’t be so critical with your hatred of white people.

        2. What we really need to do, if those in charge weren’t interested in the principle of divide and conquer, would be to do what Brazil did – fuck all the races together. You get really, really attractive people because all the best genes come forward – I’m willing to do my solemn duty.

        3. OK…. but if we get deported, on the way out we get to destroy every single thing invented by whites… cars, computers, indoor plumbing, power plants, medical technology, modern agriculture, TV and radio stations, everything. We’ll let you and the Indians start from scratch, and see what sort of civilization and country you can build.

        4. yeah you’re right, i was typing from a secure network on my last post and the last thing I want is to be tracked by some beta schlub working for the cathedral for ‘hateful’ comments

        5. “What we really need to do, if those in charge weren’t interested in the principle of divide and conquer, would be to do what Brazil did – fuck all the races together.”
          Except that didn’t happen, I know Brazilian ideology says it did, but it didn’t.

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        7. Nope, bad idea…whites- highest I.Q. on the planet- whites have the ability when thinking to cross the corpus collosum and merge both hemispheres of the brain together. That’s why they invent everything and ADVANCE mankind. To race mix with other than Asians ( equal in I.Q. to whites) would be literally a sin, and downgrade humanity. THis is why the Joos want to race mix- to dumb down societies in western cultures, so they can better control the masses.

        8. Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQ. That’s why we look for a nice jewish girl to settle down with. Problem is you get all these childhood neurodevelopmental diseases in exchange for the improved brain function.

        9. Hurr durr white technology get rid of white technology if you don’t like white supremacy herpity derpity derp.

        10. Whites don’t invent everything. If it were that simple, whites would have been on the cutting edge of technological development since time immemorial. They weren’t. The ascendancy of the white man just happened a few centuries ago. For most of history, Europe was the poor, backward ass-end of the Eurasian continent.

        11. As soon as you switch off your air conditioner, throw it out the window and face this hot summer like a man. Because the air conditioner and freon-based air conditioner were invented by a black man.
          And so was the traffic light, so get rid of it and enjoy your safe ride home, master race.

        12. Europeans were in the New World 5k years before the Mongol types crossed the land bridge that opened up later.
          Those fugly bitches in the lower pic should have been working as waitresses or scrub women and never attending Uni which only gives the lower classes ideas about their own station a false importance.
          And don’t worry nignog our top females are loyal and not like the obese trash that you’re used to.

        13. Never happened. It’s only the lower classes that are all fucked up and mixed. The top people are all Euro.

        14. Oh shut up you jackass because you’re looking retarded. The Caucasian is the original race of man and has been inventing things before anyone even knew there were a few negroes and orientals on earth. Whites built the Great Pyramid 4500 years ago before there were any negroes in that area or mixed race Arabs, a new race in the world when some big butted fat white girls in Arabia had sex with some black buck servants.

        15. Jews are stupid. They have good memories but no sense or originality and everything they have is just a copy from Whites. And when you add that to being good con men and double talking liars they get ahead.Most people are wise to them now so they’re on the way out as a race.

        16. The tipping point has almost been reached in Europe. Soon the pendulum will swing back and the backlash will follow. Then the purge.

        17. Only jews advocate for whites to do this.
          The non whites get a slight DNA upgrade and the white genetic threat to the jews get diminished.

        18. The era of exaggerated jewish intellectualism is almost over.
          Hence their non stop media paranoid overdrive for the past 3 years or so.
          Had to end sometime.

        19. Good point. No jew has ever been successful in any creative endeavor – artistic, scientific, or philosophical.

        20. That’s the DUMBEST thing you could say. You assume WRONGLY you can get access to the key infrastructure of the country. LMAO, what a dumb post. cars, computers, plumbing. really that can’t be replaced quickly? Look at the places outside the U.S. that already import cars and computers to the U.S.

        21. Without European mindsets, this civilization would not have sprang forth you say!? Who the hell here in the 1600s and 1700s gave a damn!? None then asked Euros to come. See that’s why some disdain Euros…this manifest destiny attitude.

        22. I can’t disagree. But many of them will look at the Bush’s Administration’s invasion of Iraq as the first tipping point. Things were held in check since the first Iraq War until that fiasco ensued.

        23. Wasn’t Einstein a Jew. Admiral Hyman Rickover, the farther of the Nuclear Navy was a Jew. So really, maybe you STFU and stop dissing Jews!

        24. The whole is not exonerated by the exceptional few. Twinfusion is saying something that’s already well documented,and true. Do your homework. You’ll find it.

        25. Not necessary – they don’t have the IQ necessary to maintain it. Look at Zimbabwe. It might take 5 years, but they will soon live in the stone ages once everything breaks down without YT.

        26. I’m not going to deny that Oppenheimer was a psychopath, but I was thinking more along the lines of the polio vaccine or most of modern physics and mathematics. Still helps to be a self-hating jew though 😛

        27. The word nigger does not bother me, and mania seems unrelated, so, not sure what your post is supposed to do. Can you explain what you wanted it to do?

        28. Ashkenazi’s do not, another joo lie, they come in lower than whites and Asians. the Ashkenazi’s are very very crafty, and clever, with envy and evil and destroying humanity and setting humanity back as their main goal.

        29. THat’s right, you have all of those disease because….the Jews are a separate DNA race!, and it does not mix well at all with human dna.

        30. Very astute observation. That’s why it’s so important to avoid race-mixing and go marry your cousin – to keep the bloodlines pure.

        31. WOW!, touched a nerve on you did I?, and made a threat on me??, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAA! I don’t consent, get behind me satan.

        32. Doesnt seem likely. Europe during ww2 was more conservative,masculine,younger and whiter and couldnt get rid of the gypsys or jews.
          Now its more liberal,feminine,gay,sissier,older and more ethnic then ever and are against war torn aggressive guys from africa and middle east….Doesnt seem likely. Itll be likely hippy native americans vs aggressive europeans.
          They are at a tipping point and its the decadence phase, they are not gonna fight for a feminist system that demonizes men.

        33. The North American natives had been raping, killing and stealing each other’s land forever until the whites came over and did it more efficiently. Nothing to be bitter over, it’s the way the world has always worked.

        34. Can you explain what you wanted it to do?

          Educate you. Blacks aren’t Jews, the Egyptians weren’t Black and modern air conditioning was invented by a white man named Willis Carrier. Sorry, thanks for playing. Bye.

    6. If you want to know why white Southerners are obsessed with guns compared to the rest of America, the below population map explains exactly why. Southerners have been hunkering down in preparation of a race war since 1865. It’s not like it cannot happen. The black population committed genocide against whites, even those who were anti-slavery, during the Haiti revolution. If the American government ever becomes unstable, who knows what could happen?

      1. figured they like guns more cuz its more rural down there and less law enforcement to come around and help you

      2. “The black population committed genocide against whites, even those who were anti-slavery, during the Haiti revolution.”
        So are you going to ignore the genocide committed by whites against blacks in Hait? Or do you only when the blacks REVOLTED there? You know, they were chained, raped, butchered in the most horrendous way? I guess that part is irrelevant to your narrative right? And your history is lacking given that some whites were killed, but not at the level you’re trying to imply-

        1. “So are you going to ignore the genocide committed by whites against blacks in Hait? Or do you only when the blacks REVOLTED there? You know, they were chained, raped, butchered in the most horrendous way? I guess that part is irrelevant to your narrative right?”
          He’s right. There was no genocide against blacks in Haiti, just the usual slavery. The black genocide of the white population was effectively absolute. For a glimpse at what Haiti could have been, if the Haitian revolt had never occurred or had failed, one need look no further than the neighboring Dominican Republic.

        2. Ehhh, what’s up, PapaDoc? Interesting fact, a Haitian scored a pretty big goal for the USA in a distant World Cup (1950). He was later arrested and killed by Duvalier’s regime. The sad story of Hall of Fame, US soccer player Joe Gaetjens.

        3. so then would you care to provide your sources that states how many Haitians were killed to how many whites? It’s like saying the U.S. Committed genocide against Germany during war world 2. Who’s making that argument? You enslaved and killed an entire group of people for generations and then when they revolt all of a sudden they are the bad ones? White Americans are a funny bunch.
          Oh yeah forget the fact that the Haitians were in chains and being killed and putting through the worst form of torture possible. Yep white racists Americans have amnesia when it comes to the atrocities committed by their white ancestors. Oh also forget decades of embargo on Haiti paying a debt for obtaining their freedoms. Forget about the occupations by the U.S. And their interference in Haiti.
          So essentially you wanted the Haitians to remain obedient to their white masters? Lol I guess we could see that in black Americans in the U.S. They didn’t revolt how are they doing?

    7. To be honest if there ever was a race war half the whites would probably be against other whites, while other groups remain relatively monolithic and loyal to their race. You’d have to solve the leftist problem first.
      And I’d be willing to bet the concept of race struggle is believed by more leftists than actual racists. They just frame it as a “struggle against oppression” instead of a “war”.

      1. I don’t agree, but even if true, solving that problem wouldn’t be hard because they are largely unarmed as they believe the state will do everything for them.

      2. There won’t be any race war in the western hemisphere (at the very least it is highly unlikely. Every war requires organization. There’s no widespread network of “race war” promoters). A religious/cultural one? Well, you could kind of see the war on terrorism as one. The rise of ISIS puts emphasis on this thesis. Overall though I think life wouldn’t be too bad for men under muslim ideology. I’m very much with that french dude’s assessment of the situation: feminists would suffer, men would probably do quite well. Sure, you’d have to pretend to praise some kind of imaginary being called “Allah” and follow some of the rites and traditions, but that’s about it.

      1. Coal burners and mudsharks; the black man’s kryptonite. Those are some prime white women there, it’d be a shame to lose them.

      2. why does this matter so much, the average black american carries 15% euro blood. Basically a mulatto having quadroons.

    8. A racial war would be won by blacks. Whites make poor warrior and men. Plainly the same stuff. We have evolved to masculinity and fight. That’s why WW love black dick.

      1. “Whites made poor warrior and men.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the victim class perpetually complain about how powerful whites literally subjugated the entire black race? You can ignore reality all you wish, but a race war will be a disaster for blacks. History tells us that. Look at any incident where blacks have tried to rise up against whites. How many ever lived to even tell the story? Not many.
        And white women may love black dick, but black women love white dick too. I’ve banged a few myself.

        1. He´s just angry that he can´t afford the passage to Europe like everyone else from his village.

        2. surprisingly found a site like that once and all the guys on it were white, they dating or married to varies races of women but they like to get the same variety in their bulls. Is this becoming a common thing aomg whites? like whats hapeing to them?

      2. Lemme guess: Your name is Dindu Nuffin.
        As for “evolved to masculinity and fight” LOOL ! Every ghetto thug has constant delusions of grandeur.
        For those who want to understand the thuggishnes of negroes, I recommend reading “Garbage Generation ” by Daniel Amneus (PDF online). It is a critique of feminism but explains the antisocial behaviour so often found among blacks
        well enough (hint: matriarchy).

      3. “We have evolved to masculinity and fight.”
        Sadly, you need brains and intellect to win a war.
        That´s why you guys are doomed to fail. And if the white race should be gone one day, the Asians will rule over you.
        Face it.

    9. “I can’t understand any person who actively wants a race war. But I’m particularly confused about blacks wanting one.”
      Black are stupid, irrational and delusional. They also suffer from a lack of “future time orientation” which basically means they cannot, among other things, assess the likely outcome of a course of action ( I was talking to a prosecutor and blacks were consistently amazed that after getting arrested for armed robbery with conclusive evidence that they would be going to jail. They genuinely didn’t see that as the outcome of getting caught committing armed robbery).
      Of course a race war would end badly for blacks. They are just too stupid to realize that. And if you tell that to a black that is threatening a race war they will take it as a taunt instead of you looking out for their best interests.

      1. Don’t think this is so much a black thing as it’s a cultural/upbringing thing. I doubt these blacks that are arrested for armed robbery were raised in a good home. Granted, the crime rates for blacks are disproportionately higher than other groups, but it’s a question of nature vs nurture and I’m inclined to think it’s the latter.

    10. I find that strange too, actually first time hearing of a black talking of a race war, its usually white nationalists on stormfront talking about it. Understandably it be a stupid mistake on the minorities part, so I doubt they advocate it.
      Think hes just having a lame meltdown online and just stupid shit talking.
      If he wanted a race war hed most likely be in the middle of a street or mall firing at random whites…But instead he just settled for the 2 journalists that he seemed to have a vendetta against (dont know the reason havent read too much of it).
      Seems more like a disgruntled employee to me. Hopefully media doesnt exaggerate an over analysis those comments of his and acutally creating a race war.

    11. Don’t worry, you and white liberals will be pushed to the front lines. Your fate will be quick and the schadenfreude extra sweet.

      1. I don’t know what side you think I’m on, but it’s not the side of the “white liberals” who are currently fomenting a race war. I am a white man. If forced to fight in a “race war,” I won’t get to choose which side I have to fight on. But whites would win. That’s simple common sense if you look at the hypothetical in any rational, objective manner. Trouble is, any such victory is Pyrrhic, short of complete and total genocide. Once you decide that 12% of your population is the enemy and start to kill them, there is no going back to the status quo until they are all killed. Stopping short ends in a state of perpetual low grade guerrilla warfare against whites, which would be awful to live through. Yes, in an openly declared race war, whites could crush blacks. But after that, then what? I prefer not to live in a failed state like Somalia. After a race war, that’s what you’ll have, no matter who wins. I don’t know that I’d consider that “extra sweet,” nor do I think I’d be so smug about the fate of others, given that the same possibility exists for you.

      1. If this website promotes war between the sexes, just about every other website must promote the genocide of men. It obviously upsets you that men might actually disagree with your cherished feelings, but that doesn’t equate to a war between the sexes. Sorry.
        But, what the hell does a war between the sexes have to do with this article, or this comment in the first place? Why is this “interesting stuff”? I’m not seeing the connection.

    12. They’re actually not outnumbered if you factor in the muslim presence though, since they happen to be predominantly of a darker persuasion as well.
      You would be surprised at how hatred tends to breed solidarity among those who hate for a living.
      The KKK and the Nation of Islam actually called a truce in order to get Whites and Blacks to feud…which is why both support Obama in the way that he purposely stokes the fires of prejudice/racism by only making supporting comments whenever Black people are killed/murdered by Whites.
      Don’t forget, Obama isn’t above using the military as his own personal “hope and change” army.
      There’s also a plan to use local government to activate a “doomsday” scenario where Obama would seize control of local populations through the police.

    13. Some points you make are valid but handouts would be the last thing in a war anyone cares about. That’s a general statement of anyone.

      1. I don’t know. Urban blacks don’t grow their own food. When the supermarket no longer has any, and handouts aren’t coming to help you get it even if it was there, you’d be looking at mass starvation. As Napoleon said, an army marches on its stomach. Blacks would obviously need to try to secure resources, but how they would be able to do that is uncertain when they’d be outgunned, outnumbered and surrounded.

    14. Fool.
      The black and melanin people outnumber you in the world 11 to 1. We will destroy you easily. Your guns are no match for our 3rd eye and unity.
      Do yourself a favor and continue stay inside your homes with your (guard) dogs.
      We are the original people. The first and will be the last. If anybody will be finished off, it will be the pale “white” race. 🙂

      1. Yawn. In this country, blacks are 12% of the population, while whites are 75% – so here, whites outnumber blacks more than 6 to 1. So how is it relevant that somewhere far across the oceans there are other masses of blacks who: 1) have zero in common with American blacks; 2) certainly do not want a race war with white Americans; 3) are even worse armed than American blacks; and 4) could not get here to do anything to aid in this race war even if they gave a shit? Given that blacks engage in genocide of other blacks in Africa, I seriously doubt they’d give a shit about a race war in America. But even if they did, whatever “navy” they might send here to try to affect the outcome will be sitting on the bottom of the ocean long before it could reach the shores here. Again, a race war would be terrible for blacks, and blacks who advocate for one show how little they understand the strategic situation they face.

  2. It’s hard to see how our present course could lead to anything other than civil war and/or division of the empire.

    1. It will be civil war. The geography of North America, which makes it so wealthy, also makes enforceable borders impossible, which would be essential to long term divisions.

  3. I think racism is a fools argument but I’ll defend my “whitness” with my .45 and .308

    1. That’s a language even the dumbest street thugs and race war hucksters (ahem Louis Farrakhan) can understand.
      The Louis Farrakhan that just a couple of weeks ago made a public pronouncement (did you catch it on the MSM, No? Hmm) asking for 10000 black men to come forward to kill their oppressors.
      Now, who do you all think Mr. F was talking about?

  4. Diversity means chasing down the last white person. Freedom now. Freedom from enforced, genocidal ‘diversity’.
    “White Privilege: “The privilege of forcing this “inevitable brown future” into ALL & ONLY White countries.”
    Diversity is a code word for White Genocide. Nobody’s flooding Africa with Non-Africans and giving them free health care, affirmative action and special privileges.
    Only White Countries are doing it, only White children are affected, and only White politicians are allowing it.
    Diversity = White Genocide = SICK!!!

  5. Society always has a hierarchy, the only question is what is the character of those who are the most exalted?
    In our age, the highest among us are the poor, persecuted minorities, so is it any wonder they feel the right to take the lives of their ‘oppressors’, those uppity ‘straight’ whites who don’t know their place?
    The facts are very simple in the general view, of which this case is only a good example of anecdotal evidence thereof:
    1) Forced together, races, which demonstrate a very unique metaphysical character vis-a-vis one another, will experience ever-increasing conflict between one another until Yugoslavia occurs.
    2) People inclined to enjoy sodomy are sufferers of a far more endemic pathologism which makes them fit only for psychiatric institutions should they be unable to bury their entire psyche at the wishes of normal society.
    Will the mainstream ever accept these facts? Not a chance. But sane men will.

    1. “fit only for psychiatric institutions should they be unable to bury their entire psyche at the wishes of normal society.”
      Can you elaborate on this?
      [Note: open question, not a critique of your words.]

      1. Certainly. There have always been people who are interested in sodomy, though I doubt the existence of ‘sexual identity’ as such. Those interested in this perversion often experience other pathologies, such as interests in other forms of extreme sex, sadism, violence, substance addiction, etc.
        Throughout history, most have had to bury these desires for fear of both Church-imposed disciplinary measures, family ostracizing, and social outcast status. Thus, such people have had to maintain existences in conformity with what is expected of them. Those who have been unable to do this, have either ended up institutionalized or killed.

        1. Thanks.
          I would argue, however, as I have above, that participation in these deviant activities and the compulsion to engage in them, is a manifestation of underlying pathology (socially maladaptive for one reason or another, largely due to environmental not genetic factors), not the pathology itself.

  6. And the first reaction? Ban guns from everyone who didn’t shoot any innocent people.

    1. Exactly black on white crimes don’t get much media attention, he knew this so had to make it too public to be ignored.

    1. This is how the hamsterization goes – yes, he killed over gay rights, but gays have historically been the oppressed group, and so this is not a flag of oppression, it’s a flag of justice and should still fly.

    2. It’s a lone actor, not a movement. There’s no reason to think that his sexual orientation or race have anything to do with it. It’s somehow the fault of all cisgendered straight white men.

    3. I absolutely agree, I see that fucking flag and I immediately think of ignorance, intolerance, bullying, perversion.

    4. The idea of a flag glorifying two men having sex with each other is offensive.
      The way that symbol has been used to oppress my people, straight men, is causing me to be offended.
      IT offends me as much or more so than any battle flag offends any yankee or black.
      Therefore, if I follow SJW logic, then that disgusting rag should be taken down and burned on sight.

  7. All those people on Twitter saying how the world is a better place and so on need to be called out. Wonder if their employers know about their blatant racism? Or am I giving them too much credit by assuming they’re employed?
    Also, wouldn’t mind giving the gay flag the same treatment that the Confederate flag received. That thing is an abomination.

  8. I would certainly agree that if the “hood” ever “catches up with” George Zimmerman, the media will be guilty of incitement to murder. Ditto Pete Wilson.
    You also missed the other major media lie about homos — the supposed “pedophile” priests in the Catholic Church.
    Technically, pedophiles are attracted to pre-pubescent children. The boys abused by the priests had nearly all reached puberty. Those priests were gay males seeking young boys. Bernie Goldberg provided the gory details in his book “Arrogance” in the chapter “Original Sin.” Goldberg pointed out that the media was hiding the fact there are a sizeable number of homosexuals who like having sex with young boys. Recognizing the damage this would cause the gay rights movement, the media covered up the gay foundation and changed a story about homosexuals into one about pedophilia.
    When it comes to the media’s lies about blacks and gays, this article is only scratching the surface.

    1. That’s one problem I always had with this issue and have gotten into heated debates about on Yahoo articles. Only exception was with the Boy Scouts.
      People were actually trying to argue to let in gay scoutmasters because there are already straight scoutmasters sexually molesting boys. My simple statement left them all stumped because they were too busy kowtowing to the gay agenda:
      If they’re sexually molesting boys but claiming they’re straight, they’re LIEING! They’re at the very least bisexual if not a closet homo. You can’t be a straight guy AND like to fondle boys. That’s not how heterosexuality works there, skippy!

      1. Of course you’re right, if a man is molesting a boy then he’s queer.
        The idea of a homo leading boys, going on camping trips with them or showing with them is insane because he’s sexually attracted to them. It would be like a normal man supervising the girl scouts on camping trips and taking showers with 14-15 yo girls.

    2. And, frankly, a lot of that is consensual sex between gay priests and willing gay teenagers. Think what you will of that scenario, but it is not child molestation, in my opinion. A lot of these willing gay teens grow up to be greedy gay adults who see an opportunity to hit the jackpot.
      In today’s society, a heterosexual man who finds a nubile teenaged female attractive is a “pervert” but Alan Ginsberg is a gay icon hero–even though he was a member of NAMBLA.

      1. Yes you’re right. There is also a problem with people hearing about one of these gay priest cases and then claiming it happened to them too.
        The jew Media and Hollywood blows these cases up a 100x more than the actual occurrences.

        1. But the molestation scandals in the Orthodox Jewish world just don’t get much attention for some reason.

    3. Have you forgot that Spike Lee published Zimmermann’s address? Now, why would he do that unless he was encouraging violence and murder against him?Problem is that the address was wrong and an old couple lived there who had to go somewhere else for their own protection.Lee had to pay them money and there may still be an additional lawsuit pending.

      1. Unfortunately for the elderly couple, the settled the first time around for peanuts; something like $15k. Should have milked him for more.

  9. Black people are so fucking ignorant and backwards. The world would be a better place without black people, they’re fucking retards.

  10. In short, this monster is a creation of the left. Just like there is a growing number of anxious professors scared to mutter a word in fear of a student led inquisition as well as comedians refusing to perform at colleges/universities etc, this murder, is the left coming back to bite (or kill) the left. I’m extremely sorry those two women were killed, what an awful tragedy. But for all the leftist “liberal” assholes out there – this is your doing, you made this man. Today valid race grievances are largely synthetic produced in numerous institutions i.e. the media and academia, similarly homosexualism in both its grievances and just in general is synthetic. This man and his actions were entirely preventable given the simple fact that his outrage, his existence was synthetic. If he didn’t have the culture egging him on, encouraging his rage, stimulating his rage et al, this would have never happened regardless of his race or his orientation. And, minus these cultural forces he’d very likely be straight.

    1. All true. Assuming his manifesto should be believed – he blames his rage on Dylan Roof. Would he have even heard that name if he was not subjected to a barrage of race war stories from the media over the past several months? Now that the media has stoked the embers, those same embers have flared up and burned the very same media that helped to create them in the first place. All very sad that these folks died. But instead of getting the message that we should be careful what we wish for and encourage, I already see endless verbal diarrhea in the media rationalizing his actions because he is a member of the victim class.

      1. Barf. I’m so disappointed with the media. BUT, like with the planned parenthood baby and baby parts bazaar we now have firm evidence that the media and by extension liberal/progressives are standing on the side of a murderer (I think the evidence is compelling). I see peak leftism in sight now because how much longer can this go on? People, regardless if they’re dumb or asleep, should be taking notice.

    2. Sad thing is that most people don’t seem to realize that America’s race issues are manufactured and exaggerated by academia.
      In a rational world without such agitprop most of what the West calls racism would either be too insignificant to note, or simply considered normal in-group behavior.

      1. Bingo. And the same can be said for all the other ism’s, ists and phobias. Have you ever considered what aggrieved studies in academia really are? These institutions are just political unions. In our community, I suspect many men are just like what the fuck, I woke up and nothing is the same etc. Truth is when you look back and you see the evolution of all these “blank studies” you can trace the pathology of all this shit. Its a nasty monster because its more than just academia the media is the other head that pushes what these fucktard useless “academics” literally conjure up out of thin air. What else are they suppose to do? I hope and I pray that I’m right about technology (web based learning) will unseat this stronghold by disrupting and radically changing academia. I do know the student loan bubble is about to burst and there could be catalysts as soon as this fall. Knowledge from tire change to discounted cash flow calculations to philosophy is all on the web. Its basically free. So this current model of academia isn’t just antiquated its immoral and unjust.

        1. Maybe some day when student loans are no longer guaranteed and college enrollment drops, these bullshit social studies shut down and we return to a sense of normalcy.

  11. Article should have focused more on the role of the media. There is a connection here between gay / black and these killings (and the Charleston killings) and that’s media promoted identity politics. Gay promiscuity isn’t relevant

  12. Good article Matt, and you are right to call out these racist people on Twitter along with the media’s role in this guys rampage.
    But you guys need to stop sticking up for Zimmerman, what crime did Trayvon commit. How would you feel if Zimmerman was following your mother around in the dark? The kid had a right to defend himself and Zimmerman was a fucking coward.

    1. I seem to recall Zimmerman was neighborhood watch and that the neighborhood had been recently and repeatedly burglarized by black males.
      I doubt Zimmerman would have followed either your mother, my mother or anyone elses’ mother in the dark on the grounds such women aren’t normally involved in breaking and entering.
      I don’t — for the record — regard Zimmerman as a hero. At the same time, given he almost certainly jumped Zimmerman, Trayvon was not defending himself.

      1. “I seem to recall Zimmerman was neighborhood watch and that the neighborhood had been recently and repeatedly burglarized by black males.”
        That is, according to my understanding, correct. It just doesn’t fit the narrative so they quickly gloss over it.

    2. And I guess the bus driver had it coming too, eh? Trayvon was a violent burglar and vandal and gangsta-wannabe. He was on drugs and probably getting ready to make sizzurp with his 7-11 treats and creeping around a community where he was a guest,not a resident, at night iwith his black hoodie up. Zimmerman had every reason to be suspicious. Trayvon has no reason to jump him and viciously beat him.

    3. Listen to me. The way the media depicted the Zimmerman incident is the EXACT opposite of what actually happened. The evidence used in the trial supports this claim. Trayvon Martin racially profiled Zimmerman (remember the “creepy ass cracker comment?). Trayvon Martin then stalked Zimmerman and confronted him. Remember, Zimmerman stopped following Martin at the request of the non-emergency dispatcher so, if there were any threat perceived by Martin, it ceased to exist. And so Zimmerman stops following Martin but they somehow meet up. Clearly Martin was following Zimmerman. THEN Martin assaults Zimmerman. Zimmerman falls and Martin mounts him in an MMA style “ground and pound” move. Zimmerman calls for help twice while armed. Eyewitness testimony and phone records support this. THEN Zimmerman shoots and kills Martin. This is EXACTLY what happened. If you don’t believe me then read the trial transcripts that present this evidence.

    4. He assualted Zimmerman, for simply being asked a question.
      He got George on the ground and proceeded to bash old George’s head into the concrete.
      That in my view, and in the view of Florida Criminal statutes, is considered an assualt with deadly intent.
      And when someone is trying to a kill a person (Tray on george) the one being attacked has the right to use whatever means necessary to save his own.
      Trayvon fucked up and fucked with the wrong guy. He assumed he saw just another out of shape (true) whimpy white dude (whimpy but not white) who would cower or not fight back (flat out wrong).
      To accuse George of racism is to ignore his advocacy for the black homeless man that was killed by the white police chief’s son. For doing that he earned the ire of his local blue heroes. And yet somehow, after reviewing all the evidence and talking to witnesses, they still declined to charge Zimmerman with a crime.
      It was only the politically ambitiuous prosecutor and the flame fanning media that created the ‘crime’ committed by Zimmerman.
      And after all this time, you still believe the MSM narrative that was originally published?
      Wake up man. You were lied to during every phase of their coverage.
      In fact, regarding this incident: people who have seen the POV video, do you notice the lack of impact on the female reporter being shot at point blank range?
      I thought it a little strange. Then add the immediate gun control narrative coming out.
      It stinks like Sandy Hoax IMO.

      1. There was absolutely no impact, no reaction, no blood or penetration and the view conveniently goes dark so you can’t see anything.
        Nobody even glanced/made eye contact whatsoever for the entire time that he was approaching which is incredibly unnatural considering he was observing them as he approached. They would have felt his gaze and made eye contact even if only for a split second, it’s human 6th sense stuff and they’d need to be either trained or prepared not to look.
        Very unnatural especially if there was nobody else around (they might not have looked if the place was busy but this was clearly not the case).

    5. People only stick up for Zimmerman in the sense that the case maligned him as a racist and used that as an excuse to blow things way out of proportion. He is certainly not a clean-cut guy, but the media didn’t really care about that in the first place.

    6. I think it was a bad idea for Zimmermann to follow people around in the dark but normal people who believe someone is following them (or just walking in the same direction perhaps) would try to walk faster and get away not double around and attack the person.Once Martin attacked him Zimmermann had a right to defend himself. And btw, Zimmermann’s mother is what is known as a Zambo in Peru, 1/2 negro and 1/2 Indian.

  13. Interesting how its been the American media fanning the flamea of black hatred of white people with their biased and selective reporting and its two members of that media who lay dead.

  14. Blacks should be wary of what they are doing. Whites and Hispanics outnumber them by a wide margin. Hell, even if only a third of the Whites in the US decide to start a real race war, Blacks are screwed.

  15. Here is a Chicago journalist’s immediate take on the vicious murder of two white people at the hands of a hateful gay black racist intent on starting a race war:
    Peter Nickeas
    Chicago, Illinois · 20 hrs · Chicago, IL · Edited ·
    The difference between the shooting this morning in Virginia and every other act of gun violence is that the internet had to see the fear on a woman’s face as she realized she was about to die. There is a regularity to violence in urban areas. Today everyone saw what violence looks like, except the victims are usually a little younger and have darker skin.

    1. They don’t call it Shitcago or Chicongo for no reason.
      And to all liberals: how’s the most restrictive gun laws in the country working out for murder rates in Chicongo?
      How many shootings last week? 50 or so?
      Yeah, that gun control works so well.

      1. We’ve got concealed carry now, baby. Some say it has resulted in a drop in muggings, etc. Not long ago, a Chicago Uber driver saw a gang banger firing on a crowd, so he rolled down his window, pulled out his legal handgun, and dropped him.

  16. “Flanagan’s mental instability—a likely byproduct of his homosexuality…”
    Matt: I think you have cause-and-effect reversed here. Homosexuality is a likely by-product of mental instability. He grew up in a cult, one in which the members are told that they are the chosen ones. Members of cults, with middling intellects, who are fed such crap tend to believe that they are sainted and to ignore their own pathologies, failings, etc.
    Homosexuality is a by-product of pathologies within family relationships – domineering narcissistic mothers, dismissive fathers, etc., and the rise in homosexuality is super-fueled by the feminist triumphalism of this society.
    Flanagan appears to be the by-product of a toxic soup from way back – a narcissist striving for approval with a burning hole in the middle of his soul.

  17. “You want a race war? YOU GOT A RACE WAR”
    How does that even make sense? Don’t they realize they’re literally taking orders from a white supremacist? They’re following his commands, doing exactly what he wanted them to do..
    I don’t even

  18. Without reading the whole 23 pages, I think we can draw from the “manifesto” that Flanagan just threw in the race-war thing because he was kitchen-sinking – depressed, disillusioned narcissist mad at the world that he didn’t get his “due” and basically mimicking others who acted out before him.
    What, exactly, did he have in common with the Virginia Tech shooter (except, maybe homosexuality) or the Columbine two (except alienation from the herd)?
    Seems he played the race/gay cards whenever his “dorky” (as a former employer referred to him) personality got him into clashes with colleagues, rather than that he actually believed the b.s.
    And, we already know from, I believe, that same former employer, that he was a poor performer who only lasted as long as he did because of the race/gay cards – “an African-American gay man.”
    So, Parker/Ward are victims of Affirmative Action and Identity Politics.

    1. I wish people would just stop playing the perpetual victim game. Get your head out of your ass, research on how to improve yourself to attain what you want, and work on on achieving it. Jesse Jackson and Louis Farakhan does his followers no service perpetuating this victim mentality. They don’t provide them any hope if they keep telling their followers there is no hope.

    2. I read that over 60% of all known serial killers are gay.
      And we know that gay men make up ~2% of the population.
      I sense parallels to another demographic anomoly in crime statistics, wherein a small percentage of American men (blacks aged 16-49) commit over half the violent crime.
      And the liberals want to take my gun and call me a ‘knuckle dragger’?
      Looks like if we can control these two tiny subsets of our population, that our country would be a much nicer, safer, and more peaceful place.
      Our ancestors didn’t have their customs for no reason. They didn’t loathe or hate certain things because it was cool.
      Everything they did had to do ultimately with survival.
      To ignore those traditions (much as we do with our male female roles) is a deadly mistake.
      Innocent women, children, and elderly are paying for it every day in this country.
      Google Colin Flaherty.

  19. “A light-skinned black man.”
    Certainly not an expert here, far from it, but if both of Flanagan’s parents are black (i.e. not of obvious mixed-race), he would appear to be a genetic anomaly. His facial freckles look similar to those Albino kids of white/black parents who have black features but white skin, blonde hair (Afro) and freckles.
    Such colouring would not have made his life any easier, either, and would account for him claiming to have racist feelings against BLACKS, as well as whites and Latinos.

  20. Frankly I’ve had it with all the propaganda about the wonders of black people, versus the propaganda about the alleged deficiencies of white Southerners. Blacks repel civilization, while poor rural whites can build themselves up when you give them a break. I have watched northwest Arkansas develop from a step above Dogpatch to modern suburbia in the last 40 years, without any demographic displacement of the native white population. The hillbillies there gentrified themselves, in other other words. Blacks just seem to lack the ability to do this for themselves, no matter how much money you shovel at them.

    1. It’s not that they lack the ability, they lack true leadership. The young men lack mentors. I’ve seen young black men with their hip hop attitude and dress come in as a temp worker and they know what good work is. Show them appreciation on good work and they can be encouraged.

      1. When it comes to leadership, here’s a case where I will actually blame white people. Black “leaders” are anointed by white liberal journalists. And these dipshits systematically laud black racist cretins and savage true black intellectuals who have conservative beliefs.

        1. Because in their world view, conservatives are not people. Every read what the little moppets said about Condi Rice her time in office?

      2. While it’s true that they can be improved there is still a ceiling (in general) for the population at large, just as there is for Whites, it’s just a higher ceiling.

        1. The belief in the existence of a ceiling IS the problem. This is what Jesse Jackson and feminists spew to the masses. Their poison eliminates any hope for their followers. They’ll say you can strive to better yourself but it will be futile because of the ceiling.

    2. Completely ignoring history. Blacks have been doing that in this country for a long time, but each time it was purposefully destroyed by racist Whites. Have you ever heard of “Black Wall Street” in Greeenwood Tulsa, Oklahoma? The Black community here was so successful and affluent, they were financially better off than the nearby White community. 1 day, a young Black man was accused of assaulting a White elevator operator (Charges were eventually dismissed) and Whites used that as an excuse to raze the entire Black city to the ground in hours and massacring many Blacks….Over a FALSE accusation. Once again, they burned and bombed the entire Black part of the town over a lie. Please learn some history before sounding like a dumb ass. You act like Racist Whites just allowed Blacks to live and thrive in peace for the entirety of the U.S. Hell, Blacks couldn’t even sit in the front of a bus or drink from certain water just 60 years ago, learn some history

      1. I grew up in Tulsa, so I know the official version of that story. What does an outlier like Tulsa’s black community in the 1920’s prove? Blacks have devastated one formerly thriving white American city after another when they become demographically & politically dominant in them, which rules out the violent racist rednecks as an excuse for failure. Why don’t we see Greenwoods all over the place instead?

        1. You miss the point entirely. First, I stated I was giving 1 example, and it was just to point out a thriving community destroyed for no basis. The reason we don’t see Greenwoods all over the place is because of what happened there. It was a beacon of hope for Blacks in the country, and once many saw how quickly their hard work was destroyed and those professionals received basically no aid for what happened, it discouraged others in the country. Why would you spend years building something up knowing Whites could tear it down at any moment with no repercussions? You completely miss the psychological warfare. It wasn’t just an attack on Tulsa, it was an attack on any thriving Black community, it sent a message. Stop acting like this was some localized event with no repercussions country wide.

        2. Negroes have to be the biggest babies and manginas on earth.Do you know how many people on earth have had everything they built or owned destroyed or taken away by some government. They just rebuilt it or did something else and became prosperous again.

        1. Yawn, same tired unintelligent argument. So me bringing up one specific instance in history that can be verified in any history book means I’m blaming all White men for everything? Please learn reading comprehension before you reply next time, I know the American average is the 4th grade level, but I know you can do better if you try.

      2. Blacks blame Whites for slavery, when it was Black Africans who first sold Black Africans into slavery. It was Arabs and Jews who ran the slave trade. Before the White man, Blacks knew nothing but brutal slavery at the hands of their fellows. Before the White man, Africans did not even have the wheel. Yes, Whites bought slaves, but so did Blacks; as end product purchasers. And in the end it was not Black slaves but free White Christian men who fought killed and died to abolish chattel slavery in the west. While many slaves fought to defend their plantations and their masters, such was their loyalty.
        The causes of Black disfunction are the Negro Pathologies:
        1, Low intelligence.
        2, Low moral fiber (goes hand in hand with low intelligence).
        3, Low self control.
        4, Low future time orientation.
        5, High self esteem (racial vainglory).
        That’s it in a nutshell. Toodles.

        1. You seem to be lacking in intelligence. You act as if these traits are somehow endemic in Black people as opposed to any other people based on what? Because you say so? Any idiot can make a random list with nothing to back it up. Any of these traits can be had by ANY human. The fact that you generalize so easily clearly shows your lack of intelligence. In reality, Black people are like any other people, they all have different thougts, beliefs, and characters. There is simply so scientific backing to generalizing the traits of any specific race because scientifically speaking, there is only Homo Sapiens Sapien. Most of the traits you listed would be based largely on culture and upbringing, not some genetic trait.

        2. I’m sorry if my facts hurt your feelings. I don’t apologize. The races aren’t equal, and can’t be equalized.
          The so called “civil rights movement” was created by Communist Jews to destroy White Christian Society, using Blacks as a weapon. It has been remarkably successful.
          Note that the movie Straight Outta Compton is produced by Jews, and Jerry Heller the man who created Ruthless Records is a Jew, spreading the gospel of anti-White hatred.
          We are not all Homo Sapiens, created to be creators.
          There are a lot of non-sapient homos in this world;
          some are Homo Serviens, purposed for slavery.
          According to the code of Manu, the darker the color of your skin, the lower your spiritual station in life.
          “Slaves dream not of freedom, but of becoming masters.”
          “Slaves don’t make good citizens” Cicero

        3. I don’t know anything about that, but since you brought up the move Straight Out of Compton, I’m going to rant:
          Has anyone seen that movie? The previews looked absolutely idiotic. The one scene that did it for me was when the one white guy said, “I don’t know anything about rap/hip hop, but I know you’re something special.”
          HOW THE FUCK WOULD YOU KNOW? You just admitted to knowing nothing about the industry!

        4. Don’t worry, you didn’t hurt my feelings, I’m not a child so words don’t really bother me, just stating facts. I’ve never heard of Homo Serviens, you must tell a scientist quick! You will surely get a Nobel prize for such a discovery. And I never knew the code of Manu was the code of life haha. There are a lot of codes out there that say a lot of stuff, doesn’t make any of them true. Muslims wholeheartedly believe in the Qu’ran, do you? Some people believe in Voodoo, does that make it correct? If that is your best argument, then you obviously have nothing.

        5. I don’t believe in Koran, and I don’t believe in Voodoun,
          but I do believe in the validity of IQ statistics,
          and the correlation between IQ and moral fiber.
          I also believe that only free men have moral agency,
          and slaves don’t. That’s the difference between them.
          The term Homo Serviens is of my invention,
          and it describes naturally slavish men and women.
          It is much needed, and like the recent word “Cuckservative”
          I think it will gain much traction.
          I’m still talking facts, and you’re still talking feelings,
          and trying to ridicule me with equality bullshit.
          So I wonder, are you really a Black man,
          or are you a White female SJW in disguise.
          Just wondering?

        6. You are the one throwing out sweeping generalizations and you call that facts? I’m simply pointing out that most of your “facts” are mostly due to environmental factors while you are arguing that these traits are endemic or genetic. You are the one trying to push your beliefs in things like the “Code of Manu” as a fact of life, I simply stated many people have many different beliefs, doesn’t make them correct. I’m sorry for responding to your response to me listing 5 traits YOU claim to be “The causes of Black disfunction “. Don’t try to flip the argument when you were the one pushing baseless claims and I simply asked for any credible source. All you can say is you made it out of your imagination. Congrats but real Science in the real world doesn’t work that way. You make a claim, back it up with evidence. And if me claiming that there is only one race scientifically speaking is me “pushing an agenda”, that is all the more telling of your mental processes. I never knew citing real life science was pushing an agenda but I can clearly see you don’t care for Science, just fantasy like your made up race of Homo Serviens

        7. 1, I didn’t make up a race, I created a term, two words of Latin foundation: Homo Serviens.
          2, Real science does and always has sprung forth from the imagination; particularly the convoluted imaginations of exceptionally intelligent, insightful, and aware individuals of endogenous personality type.
          If you wish to learn more, look up Dr. Bruce Charlton’s blog on IQ, personality, and genius. Being a Med School Prof, he explains the praxeology of genius far better than I can.
          And by the way, not all Africans are slaves; one out of six are masters. But slavery inheres to Africans like jungle-rot, and they will never transcend it. My condolences.
          I could be wrong, but I think you’re not a Black man,
          but a White female SJW, blogging in blackface. Toodles.

        8. The fact that you generalize so easily clearly shows your lack of intelligence
          Being able to generalise is a sign of intelligence you fool. Only negroes and females are unable to generalise and think every exception is the rule rather than the other way around.

        9. In every place on earth that was Caucasian and where the negro had moved in and ruined society they have these codes and Whites are always on the top level.In India it’s the caste system when this White area had an influx of negroes over the centuries about 2500 years ago and there was mixing-mulattoes, quadroons, octoroons etc These then became castes (from the Latin castus)
          You see this White preference all over the world even in places where whites are a tiny group, and where they are always the ruling elite.Whether in India, Malaysia, Indonesia etc etc

        10. He’s too dumb to understand what was obvious with the Homo Serviens. Of course that’s not a species but the White people of Egypt and the Mid East did consider the negro who migrated north beginning 3k years ago to be of the servant class. The Hebrews referred to them as ‘beasts of the field’

        11. Negroes live in all environments around the world so their characteristics are inbred or genetic.

      3. Yeah, I’ve heard about ‘Black Wall street’ about a gazillion times lol Some business owners and a few professionals from the fraction of the 1% negro population. The rest were typical negro dummies like the elevator boy who tried to rape the white female. Negroes have poor impulse control and should never be around white females because they end up getting themselves into trouble.
        Where do you learn ‘history’? From Wiki where the articles sound like they were written by some smart white 16yo but are pretty deficient in real facts.
        My advice to you boy is to go study and get off the Net and smartphone. You don’t need them. Everything you need to know is in books written by white men so stop wasting your time with Media jew propaganda. You’re not experienced or intelligent enough to be able to separate bullshit from facts and the Net is just detrimental for boys like you.

  21. The man was mentally ill. I still dream of knee capping the twats that did me wrong. This idiot obviously didn’t get the memo about moving on and learning that life is not fair and after being fired for the third time you might wanna talk to a therapist. He was obviously too narcissistic to entertain his role in his dismissals.

      1. I didn’t want to kill them, just knee cap them so every morning when they wake up in pain they will think about me.

      1. Been covered several times on RoK about lesbian and gay relationships having a higher domestic violence rate than hetero relationships.

  22. I also find it encouraging to see some pushback against this gaslighting to try to normalize gay male behavior. If male homosexuality emerged today as a previously unknown disorder, where men displayed this obsessive-compulsive drive to suck other men’s penises and engage in anal intercourse, often with strangers they meet in public restrooms, seedy clubs and other venues, we would rightly see it as a self-destructive mental illness.

    1. Just wait, pretty soon they’ll be rallying to release Jared Fogle too since he assisted young American girls in exploring their sexuality.

  23. The media is certainly culpable in this. A simple check of facts with the DOJ disproves the entire narrative. I think we will just see an escalation of this type of thing. I am not a believer, but the scum in the MSM that caused this, better hope there is no afterlife.

  24. As homosexuals are more prone to mental illness than heterosexuals,
    so are Blacks more prone to mental illness than Whites.
    The average American Black has an IQ of 85, with only 1 in 6 having an IQ of 100.
    It is with higher IQ Blacks that the negro mental illness rates snowball.
    I was in Mensa during my high school years (1963-66).
    There was only 1 Black in the Seattle Mensa group during those times.
    He was granted a full scholarship in chemistry to the U of W,
    but in his second year he became hopelessly schizophrenic.
    He is now a blathering fool who cannot speak in whole sentences.
    There are no excuses for Vester Flanagan’s actions.
    His morbid racial hatred and sexual perversion are moral leprosy.
    My heart goes out to his victims and their loved ones.

      1. No, I am neither bigoted nor white, but a renegade Jew for Christ,
        who is the eternal enemy of the Synagog of Satan. Who do you serve?

    1. Now for the truth BLACK PEOPLE (and yes, it hurts):
      -70 percent of all newly diagnosed HIV-positive women in the United States are black women
      -Only 10 percent of youth gang members are white
      -48% of ALL African American women have genital herpes
      -Almost 50% of all cop-killers are black
      -93% of all black murders are committed by OTHER BLACKS
      -90% of ALL INTERRACIAL crime is committed by blacks against whites
      – In 2012, there were more black babies killed by abortion (31,328) in New York City than were born there (24,758), and the black children killed comprised 42.4% of the total number of abortions in the Big Apple, according to a report by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
      -Although blacks make up only 13.6 percent of the U.S. population, they account for 50.3 percent of all diagnosed cases of HIV.
      -Almost 1 million white Americans were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by black Americans in 1992.
      -35,000 white women are raped by black men EVERY YEAR in the united states alone. 0 black women are raped by white men. Literally, statistically ZERO.
      The black community is in a lot of trouble and it can no longer be ignored, NOR can it continue to be blamed on whites. Stop the insanity.
      So, are facts “racist”?

  25. Intentional or not, the media and academia have turned many minority communities into lifelong victims who believe they’re advancing their own interests with activism instead of actually advancing their communities.
    My message to other minority groups is to never trust a liberal, no matter how genuinely well-intentioned they are. No race or ethnicity has ever gotten anywhere by protesting or with activism. You need ethnocentric, materialistic, ruthless self-interest in order to get ahead. The liberals try to turn our communities away from open ethnocentrism and capitalism because they fear actual progress.

    1. This is why the Chinese get ahead in many parts of the world. No victim mentality, just dedication to their cause.

  26. Sad that a person that desperately needed help did not get it. Sad that he had no friends or mentors that could have saved 3 lives. Don’t blame the tool, blame the operator.

  27. Black males are bizarre creatures. On the one hand they hate whites and blame racism for everything, yet at the same time they desperately chase any white (or non-black for that matter) piece of ass that walks by them. That’s what happens when your entire culture is organized around the MUH DIK mentality.
    In the unlikely event that a race war did happen, Black America would be wiped out. Their only hope would be an alliance with Hispanics, but I’ve yet to meet a Hispanic who doesn’t hate blacks.

  28. So a black person, who is gay, kills two white journalists on television and this is cause for a race war yet whole communities can get rubbed out in the night or black women can go missing in the parks of New York and the cry is why are black people so ignorant for being outraged? How long before the hint is gotten that hate only gets hate?
    And to all claiming whites will win a race war, have you forgotten the allegiance white women have? White women need minorities to keep their fight alive. Even if by some miracle, enough whites win this war, without enough bodies to replace the population as a whole, you leave yourselves open to a possible back assault from another minority. And feminism is the white woman’s war on white men. It affects all men in the West, but make no mistake, in the majority of minority led countries, feminism isn’t shit. All women are like that, but betrayal by women is a huge affair in the West because of the culture fostered by white people.
    The ‘Left’ has given you all a few appropriate targets and off you go to attack, what exactly? The low IQ negroid you claim you can rub out in an instant? Maybe I’m missing something but if the collective admission is so willing to get baited into self destruction, then the ‘Left’ has already won.
    Make no mistake, this isn’t a sides choosing commentary. In America we are the west and we have a duty to protect our land. Until the day white men start manufacturing enough to create an economy not centered on credit, or on the backs of migrant workers who are eroding the credibility of our economy, white men have no basis to call this their land. Hell, it might even be credible to start a fight to end the war going on media manipulation.

  29. This psycho fag had motive to hate on those he killed: they were White and straight, two things he despised per his own lifestyle.
    Not all Blacks are violent and not all homos are potential murderers, but the media is helping increase the ratio by purposely putting out news stories that (falsely) depict White on Black racism, or the ever popular “homophobia.”
    Every person is responsible for their own actions of course, but when you have a disinformation agenda driven media purposely trying to stoke the fires of hatred for fun and profit, the fact that you start to see more psychos on the news shouldn’t be taken as coincidental. The fact of our heavily medicated lotophagic useful idiot youth shouldn’t be lost on any critical thinker as well.
    Obama has successfully pitted Whites against Blacks (through racial policy) Hispanics against Whites (over illegal immigration) poor against rich (class warfare) homos against heteros (bias for homosexual agenda) socialists against capitalists (fiscal policy) progressives against conservatives (economic, social, foreign policy) and so forth. This is THE most divisive president in US history. He has done more to make people pissed at other people than any other president before him.
    Is it any wonder that things are as screwed up as they are? A president is supposed to bring people together, not tear them apart.
    I’ve said it before and i will say it again: If he isn’t the antichrist he has the bastard on speed dial.

  30. I did not know this guy was gay. This article on ROK is the first place that I hear that fact. The media has a definite agenda in trying to turn gay people into these harmless teddy bears that are always unjustly being stepped on by white heterosexual men. But facts mentioned above have always been known by our parents and grandparents. Gays are deviants that act erratic. They are prone to mental illness. Before the mental health field got infiltrated homosexuality was listed as an illness on the DSM.
    Now with the pervasive news cycle, we’ve have our proof: we’ve seen this behavior in three men: the Amtrack conductor who crashed in Philladelphia months ago, Bradley “Chelsey” Manning and now Flannigan. The point is that we can’t trust gays in serious postions and jobs where lives are at stake, or information services, like the media or PR. Just let them work in Hollywood, Music or Fashion.

    1. You forgot to include the fag pilot (Andreas Lubitz) who crashed the plane in a suicide/murder attempt.
      Homos should have to take a sanity test before given ANY kind of job that involves putting people’s lives at risk.

      1. That’s right, thanks. I forgot about Tomato Andy. We are going to hear about so many of these guys in the media, in the next few years…and I’ve already lost count!

        1. The sad part is, so many more people are going to lose their lives so long as these sick bastards get employed in positions that require taking other people’s lives in their filthy hands.

  31. I’ve seen plenty of ISIS videos. Sickening shit where young boys are killed like cattle. It might sound strange, but that’s ISIS killing other Muslims. Still murder. But that’s the world they live in. But I haven’t seen this video. Killing 2 innocent unarmed people while doing their job. That’s too much for me this week.
    The difference with police killing a black male is that the black males that are shot are criminals, this is just not the case here. Don’t know if it was a racist act, I guess not really. But for the copycats it will be.

  32. Black men aren’t gay only crackers are gay. That’s a bullshit that never happened.

  33. This man, together with people like Thomas Sowell should be the “leaders of the black community.” To bad they are held back by liberal white leftists, who paint them as uncle Toms.

    1. ironic thing is when they follow western progress-ism to change their peoples culture they become the uncle toms

  34. Religion (specifically, Judeo-Christian) and confused loyalty are the main reasons for this transient weakness in white solidarity.

    1. Oh shit, the trolls are in force today. You really believe that bullshit or are you getting paid to say it?

      1. When it comes to supporting one’s race, blacks actively are encouraged(by whites and blacks) to express racial solidarity. Whites are discouraged (by everyone) from expressing racial solidarity. This proclivity for guilt and masochism seems to be hyperexpressed in the white community. It is very much related to the idea of being born a sinner and cleansing your sins through acts of “virtue”. I do not believe it is in my, or my fellow white’s best self interest to extend man-made morality to those who do not share our self-interests. What do we have to gain by associating with people of color? Nothing. What do people of color have to gain by associating with white? A lot.

    1. Get lost you racist piece of shit. Flanagan was a fag and a racist idiot and he’s burning in hell as we speak.

      1. No he’s not, he is a paid actor, now has a half a million in the bank, and a new identity. Daniel, this was staged.

    2. He was a guy who kept fucking up and didn’t learn from his mistakes. His ego didn’t allow him to shut up and learn. Good thing he was black and gay because he wouldn’t of had an excuse for being an arrogant asshole.

      1. There’s really no such thing as a gay negro. They’ll stick their dicks into anything like they did in Africa before the missionaries civilised them, or at least trained them.The ‘downlow’ is the norm for them and they don’t even think of it as sex. They don’t think they are homos because they have a wife or gf. They are a defective race of mutants because even chimps don’t have homosexuality. Never assume that everyone on earth is the same because there are evolutionary failures in the world and the negro was never meant to be more than a simple minded servant, like a donkey. In the Bible a ‘beast of the field’ means the Negro field workers that had migrated into White territory about 3k years ago to Egypt and Arabia.A Caucasian laying with a beast of the field as it says in the Bible meant death for both of them.

        1. The old and new testament, written for the white gentiles, has over 157 versus telling us not to race mix with blacks- facts, if you don’t like it, take it up with GOD.

  35. Our problem is modern Society is too tolerant of perversion and immoral behavior and constantly works to provide excuses with those who practice them readily embraces the foul and the unnatural. Our liberal establishment makes martyrs out of thugs claiming they are victims of whatever (if they’re black or Hispanic they are deemed Victims of ‘Racism’, if they’re white well there’s always class warfare to wage, if they’re female there’s ‘sexism’ liberals hate masculinity and soft women, Mother they have turned into Obscenity worse than Slut), if they’re perverts well society is ‘homophobic’ or ‘transphobic’ which really is that our elite are Normalphobic and really can’t stand a healthy moral orderly society. Look what they have done to Marriage as an institution once a instrument of social stability now roach motel for strong men and something they now work to redefine to legitimize perversion.
    Let us get real this happened along with things like it not because guns and knives are readily available but because Liberals can not stand a society where Men really are Men who work hard fight hard and remain true to the code of masculinity and Women really are female, soft and gentle, so have created the modern environment of anarchy, perversion and readily available excuses along with ‘victim’ status to those who embrace the unnatural and misbehave trying to protect them from the natural disgust of that of our society that is still moral and healthy. Look at our ‘modern’ world, liberals have made the Seven Deadly Sins into the Seven Alternate Lifestyles.
    Guns are not to blame, this would have happened if this guy chose to use a knife or got into a truck and chose to drive them down. Tools mean nothing, for those bent on evil anything available can be used to wreak havoc.

    1. Wouldn’t say Liberals so much despise the very nature of man and women as much as they know that the societal roles, norms, and culture must be usurped in order to gain power. The class/race/sexuality/religion/gender warfare is meant to split us apart; divide and conquer.

  36. These niggers want a race war? 67% vs 13%. Those odds definitely aren’t in their favor. The moment you cut off all gubmint assistance they’d be too busy killing each other to even plan a strategic attack.
    Let’s face it, these dindu’s idea of a race war is just them yelling and stealing shit from stores n shootin sum crakaz. They know fuck all about combat.

    1. The fuck dude? You could have made your point without using the Klan speak.
      Damn trolls, always trying to make us look bad.

        1. Just to let you and others on here know, even if i’m technically considered a “minority” i’ll stand with Whites to my last bullet and fist if a race war ever comes.
          I’m not a “hyphenated” American i’m an AMERICAN damnit, and i’ll stand with anyone who doesn’t base a prejudice against any person of color, White or Black.

  37. Watch for a bunch of racist Blacks pretending to be White racists and vice versa to shit all over the comments section.
    The trolls are out in force on this one..has there been a media mention of ROK again?

        1. Except there is no such thing as radical islam. All islam is the same. In the west they say otherwise because their numbers are few.

      1. Nogs are violent and stupid that’s the point.Can you imagine Eric Clapton punching some girl who got on stage and was just dancing. If the girl was annoying stop playing and get her off. He had to stop anyway to punch her.That nog with the stupid looking Afro is lucky that her bf was an omega mangina because a real man would have kicked his negro Hottentot arse.

    1. He was completely in the right, tho. That white bitch sexually assaulted him. On camera.
      If a man had decided to rub up against a woman for his own sexual pleasure, the feminists would be cheeeeeering her slapping the shit out of the pervert.

  38. I can’t believe anybody who has done one minute of research on Sandy Hook believes that what happened yesterday wasn’t a staged event.

      1. Not that I would expect you to watch the whole thing, but here one of the better breakdowns of SandyHook. There are other, longer ones. This country is fucked any way. There is no turning back. But if you really want to understand why America has a reputation for mass shootings happening all too often, and you think it is a problem with our culture, then you owe it to yourself to watch things like this. And its only going to start happening more and more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzrdmZnWhPA

        1. Don’t believe all of it, but cool vid. Definitely dubious goings on… obvious photoshop fakes.

      1. If you believe every narrative and every story happens as presented on tv, I can’t help you. If don’t believe that there is a methodical agenda to remove guns from the law abiding public in America, I can’t help you. If you refuse to do any research on truth and are just happy continuing to be ignorant, I can’t help you. If you don’t believe that divisions of the military perform psychological operations on the public, I can’t help you. You can’t believe people would entertain these ideas, we can’t believe you don’t see what is happening right in front of you.

        1. I don’t so don’t assume i do. I just don’t buy into all the “loose change” bullshit that 911ers love to chirp about.
          Listen to someone else for a change, possibly someone who has done even more research on this than you have: not all conspiracies are legit. Some are actually funded by the government themselves as part of their “disinformation” protocols aka putting out something of intentional bs in order to have people hop on it in support, in order to discredit their beliefs overall. I was in the military, i know how they operate. The government is always 1 step ahead of you…your “facts” may indeed be compromised and bereft of truth if the US government itself helped legitimize them. The did it with Roswell with their lame “weather balloon” excuse and the CIA has used David Icke to great effect to fool the conspiracy zealots.
          I will be happy to entertain what “theories” you have regarding this, so long as you don’t get as pretentiously condescending as you did here.

        2. Then you would love listening to Bill Cooper, the only person to correctly predict in June 2001 that something big was going to happen and that it would be blamed on Osama Bin Laden. And then of course he died under mysterious circumstances.

        3. I read “behold a pale horse” so i’m already familiar with him.
          As i recall he was shot to death over a “tax evasion” charge. I’m not going to say if it was a set up or not, all i’m going to say for sure is that i don’t believe in coincidences. Too many people that have pissed off the government have died coincidentally.
          As far as 911 goes, i believe the US government knew it would happen and allowed it, i don’t however believe that US government agents demolished the WTC themselves.
          I lived in Queens NY at the time and i had a friend who worked in downtown Manhattan who saw the second plane hit from street level. He isn’t the type to tell tall tales.
          Anyway we were discussing Flanagan…what makes you think this is a false flag event?

        4. Its not just me who thinks it. Millions of Americans believe this. Unfortunately, that’s about 1% of us. From what I’ve studied, (and I’ve spent over 3 years studying it), Columbine was the last true mass casualty shooting. Everything since, i.e.: Elliott Rodgers, Gabby Giffords, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Charleston, Virginia Tech, Roanoke are all staged CIA psyops. The UN Gun treaty signed by Kerry happened on Aug 24th-26th. The shooting happened on the 26th. The American public are the only ones still with the right to own guns. That needs to be eliminated for the UN to be able to govern under Agenda 21 (Now Agenda30) the way they want to. They are trying like hell to get the public to demand it so they don’t have to do it by force. Whenever one of these happens, there is usually a training exercise going on nearby at the exact same time. The US Military advertises for ‘Crisis Actors’ for these events. Sandy Hook was a big test. But they left so many things wide open. They learn from their mistakes every time. There is MOUNDS of information about this online, yet everyone just sees it on tv, assumes it really happened and goes on with their day. Just Google the disaster of your choice followed by ‘psyop’ or ‘hoax’ and start studying. There’s some bad info out there, sure, but there are too many things that will put doubt in your mind. Especially when you compare it to the Columbine incident. Now that school is back in session, expect to see more of these. September is going to be a very interesting month. They usually do one about every 6 weeks.

        5. Daniel, you have a lot to learn bud. Bldg 7, watch the videos….if 1+1=2, etc, if Bldg 7 fell under its own controlled demolition…THEN THE ENTIRE EVENT WAS STAGED! yES, thousands of people are in on it, mostly the press and politicians.

        6. He saw what appeared to be an airplane…it was a 100 yr in the future technology advanced hologram, and all of the people on those flights are still alive, and were paid off, and given new identities. The already implanted explosions time coordinated with the advanced hologram plane and exploded as the plane appeared to hit the tower.

        7. Oh please. I don’t know how old you are but I’m almost into my 40s and I’ve had time to explore almost every single post 911 theory since it happened. You have a lot to learn if you think that a controlled demolition is going to have the same sort of physics related reaction as a plane striking from several hundred feet in the air.
          I was in ny the day it happened. Were you?
          My friend worked in manhattan in a coffee shop very close to the wtc. He saw the plane hit…did you?
          Don’t presume to lecture me just because you think you’re this street level scholar on the 911 issue. Call it a day.

        8. Oh lord…the “it was a hologram” theory…haven’t heard that one in awhile.
          But ill bite. Where can I find one of the survivors, since you’re so sure they’re alive? Ill contact them. Are you cia? Nsa? Where are they?
          At least you didn’t say it was a psychic projection lol.
          Can we at least agree that the government allowed it to happen?

        9. So what you’re saying is, EVERY SINGLE SHOOTING since Columbine must be a false flag event…really? Sigh…
          I’ve been reading up on it, and i see a lot of remarks but no real proof. I see a video that supposedly shows a white hand yet i don’t see that same white hand in the original video. You and i agree that the timing with Kerry’s agenda is too coincidental, we just disagree on the circumstances behind the shooting itself.
          One of the victims survived the shooting…is she in on it too? Would you really let yourself get shot in the back as a paid actor?
          Come on Man…there are 2 types of wild public shootings out there. The ones that are the result of diseased minds, which is common with homosexuals (Flanagan) and the ones that are caused by government “projected suggestion” techniques in combination with anti depressants, which are goal oriented manufactured murders.
          Want to know the difference? Ever notice how almost every shooter tends to be White Caucasians, which gives obama’s government the excuse to use the racism card along with gun control? Whenever the shooter isn’t White they push gun control but they won’t play the race card for obvious reasons. What they want is gun control and they want to depict Whites as racists so that when the Tea Party, NRA gun favoring types protest they can write them off as “redneck racists” or some other such drivel in order to garner more support for gun control laws from the non White population, so they won’t have to do it by force as you mentioned. This is also why they are purposely flooding the country with non Whites and non Christians. (besides to change the racial demographic) It’s all a means to a very bad ends.
          A guy like Flanagan doesn’t play into their preferred narrative, which is why i believe this shooting is legit. The fact of a parent of those shot being in favor of gun control doesn’t automatically mean they are “actors” since they can simply be doing so because of a knee jerk emotional motive similar to the Long Island shooting involving Colin Ferguson. The “facts” regarding the Flanagan shooting being a hoax seem to me nothing more than circumstance and wild rumors being passed off as such, to the amusement and benefit of the government, just as it was with the wild rumors and exaggerated circumstances related to 9/11. You are playing right into their hands.
          I don’t believe in the whole “crisis actor” scenario either. I think that’s one of the false conspiracy theories purposely put out there by the government moles among the researchers in order to discredit the whole movement. Think about it: why go to all the trouble to hire a bunch of actors who can slip up later on when It’s much easier for the government simply to use someone with already established mental disorder (like the guy who murdered Chris Kyle) and use PS psyops on him in order to motivate them to murder whoever they want. That way there’s no loose threads involved in the form of witnesses, which would be the case in “crisis actors” that you are referring to. Most often the guy who does the shooting ends up getting shot and dies, which takes care of that loose thread. Even if he lives, he can simply be written off as a “lunatic” who was “depressed” and taking medication for it which covers their tracks. Since PS is virtually undetectable no one would know that he was being driven to madness by projected suggestion techniques, which takes an already troubled mind and pushes it to the brink of insanity as the person being auditorily attacked believes they are hearing “voices” driving them to kill.
          Dude you can believe what you want, just know that you might be getting swindled in doing so. I’ve been in the USMC, i know a few things you probably aren’t aware of, and i also know that as smart as you guys think you are, the government is even smarter. Whenever the government allows itself to look stupid make no mistake, it’s because they have a bigger picture in mind. These people employ minds far more devious and ingenious than you, chess masters who already have the endgame in mind while you’re still planning your opening move.

        10. I’m expressing an opinion. I’m not trying to convince anyone. Believe what you choose to believe.

        11. OK i respect that. Just know we agree on some things, just now on how those some things were executed. I hope that’s good enough.

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