We Are The Most Sexist Website On The Internet

Our hard work has finally paid off. Totally Dublin, a second-rate culture blog for the city of Dublin, Ireland, wonders if we are the most sexist site on the whole internet

An even more disheartening (because you can’t even blame it on the WKD-induced brain mush and null emotional maturity of college students) website is very much active and depressingly serious Return Of Kings (includes the extremely popular articles “How To Be With Four Women At The Same Time (Because One Is Never Enough)” and the equally grim ‘You-Go-Girlism Is More Toxic Than Feminism: The Insidious Effects Of Irresponsible Female Ego-Boosting”).

We only get a small mention in the mostly incoherent article written by Laura Gozzi, but I think I speak for the writers here when I say we appreciate the fact that we are being recognized for our slavish efforts to bring masculine truth to the ignorant masses. I hope that in 10 or 20 years the content we are publishing today will be seen as “common sense” or “obvious” to the next generation, though I’m not holding my breath.

There is only thing left to ask you, dear reader: WYB Laura Gozzi?


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83 thoughts on “We Are The Most Sexist Website On The Internet”

  1. First comment! – would not bang, might enjoy a blowjob from her though while I close my eyes and meditate.

  2. No, WNB. Not worth the trouble of 2 minutes of talking beforehand or even the post-orgasm effort of kicking out of bed.
    Even on Roosh’s previous phrasing of it: “WYB? [Photo] As in if this girl knocked on your door in a few minutes from now to ask you for sex”, the answer is 90% ano.

    1. What would you get if you banged this chick-ee?
      A pain in the neck and an IQ of three.
      Ooompah, looompah . . .

    2. What would you get if you banged this chick-ee?
      A pain in the neck and an IQ of three.
      oom-pah, loom-pah . . .

      1. The oom-pah loom pah are actually very well trained factory technicians and workers. Together they have the power to overthrow Mr. Wonka and his investors and socialize means of production and education. With all the information and technology they master, food production techniques would be available to everyone within months.
        This would put us halfway from the destruction of hierarchical systems of political organization like representative democracies and police states.
        The oom-pah loom-pahs do not resemble feminists in any sense. The feminists want to go against nature, the oom-pah loom-pahs may work in factories but they have valuable knowledge and we only need to instill that sense of freedom and dignity in them.

        1. Fuck all of the organizations which hold unjustifiedamounts of unjustifiedpower.
          Power cannot be transferred. It must be destroyed.

  3. Kudos to you Roosh!!! If there are any R O K or RooshV blog readers who can have sex with her and aren’t afraid to show evidence, then do so. Stop complaining ladies. You feminasties did this to yourselves. Reap the grapes of wrath you have sown with feminastyism. Did you really think there wouldn’t be this response when you instituted divorce rape of men, humiliated and harmed male humans in school and work etc., and had sex with bad boys instead of nice guys because they made your ginas tingle? You never thought of human males as having souls who could be psychologically harmed, and now you are surprised that men if they want anything to do with you at all are using you ladies as sex toys. Thank feminsatyism for that one, ladies. You made your own bed, now lie in it.

  4. I’m not surprised an article this pathetic came out of an Ireland-based publication. As the saying goes, Irish women take to feminism like a fish takes to a bicycle.

  5. “for our slavish efforts to bring masculine truth to the ignorant masses”
    Lol, nailed, that’s what she probably meant by “depressingly serious Return Of Kings”

    1. It’s on the right track. Not enough vitriol and spittle-flying, however, to see that it’s really hit into the center of her dark heart.

  6. On a binary scale, Laura Gozzi’s a solid 1.
    On the hypocrisy side, I found this:
    …depressingly serious Return Of Kings (includes the extremely popular articles “How To Be With Four Women At The Same Time (Because One Is Never Enough)”…
    to be hilarious when you consider what major mass media tells the women. Just this weekend I was subjected to the movie “This Means War” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1596350/
    In it, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy play a couple of powerful CIA agents who are going after the same woman. In the movie, this woman (played by Reese Witherspoon) is overtly encouraged by her friend to sleep with and date two guys at once, claiming that “guys do it to us all the time.”
    This was a major hollywood movie, but somehow, it’s terribly sexist to encourage men to do the same on a website. Hilarious hypocrisy.

    1. I’m waiting for the movie-ization of Reese’s recent traffic violation. In it, Reese’s character, after a guy takes her home from the bar, pumps and dumps her, says:

  7. Not surprised something like this hasn’t come out of Ireland already.
    The place has been destroyed by Feminazism.
    Our women are probably among the most stuck up, entitled idiots you will find on Planet Earth.

    1. What redeems you is that little accent over the letter “e” in your name. Now Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, give us a song, won’t you?!!!

        1. No, no, brother. I meant it as a compliment. It was meant as a warm reference to the Irish language’s inflections as marked by those wonderful little accent marks. Sorry for the confusion. We Romans tend to be opaque in emotional moments, you know. Cheers to you in Hibernia.

        2. Aha! Nice to know someone outside of Ireland is aware of the finer aspects of Gaeilge. Kudos to you man.

  8. I’d hit that, for the cause. Edit: Not a reference to “the (actual) cause”.

    1. Yes man, you are right. The culture of bars, business/diplomatic meetings, etc., is basically built around the consumption of alcohol (and maybe a little Coke from time to time) and all the pleasures that derive from it (e.g. that desire for and enjoyment of power over people and events).
      Contemporary feminism is about empowerment. Alcohol is a drug that fits perfectly into this form of ideology.

      1. We should all smoke weed and bake our brains under the green sun of universal freedom that is @.

  9. Came home, logged on, and saw this. The best news of my entire day. I’d like to pop the champagne cork and pass the bottle around to our moderator Roosh, all the staff writers at ROK, the irrepressible commentators for helping make it all possible. And I’d also like to thank our enemies, without whose help none of this would be possible. SAUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. [Quintus Curtius, my comment is not aimed at you, but putting this in as a reply to your comment just serves my interests best.]
      “Most Sexiest” is like “Most Biggest” … duh … another bonehead writing mistake appropriate for a website which might win the title of “Most Full of Illiterate Writing Errors … and Proud of It”
      (or at least, peevishly resentful of having the sloppy, careless — or just woefully ignorant — writing errors pointed out).

  10. I think you should give her credit for seeing Cosmo as the sexistist, though she ridiculously believes it is a tool of the patriarchy to suppress and exploit women for the benefit of men, when it obviously covers women’s interests and panders to female bigotry. She’d probably say that those feminists sites discussing the extermination of males are a plot by men to make themselves seem important.
    Would bang, but only in the skull-fucking fashion

  11. Depends. I have a strange feeling that bandana is hiding one hell of an adam’s apple.

  12. Naturally she’s mediocre looking, but fuckable. Not ugly, but not hot. Just kind of typical. I’d fuck her but only if it took minimal effort to get her in the sack. From the amount of bitching she seems to do, i doubt that would be the case. Maybe she’s mad because her man suggested anal sex one night after spending too much time on this site. It’s obvious though she possesses little to no sense of humor, her looks are not stellar, and to to “even that out” she obviously thinks she is vastly more intelligent than she really is. A typical feminist in every way shape and form. Entitled for no reason.

    1. And not to mention that she views the media as complicity sexist, so society must be, when it is, but not against women, but against men. She takes google searches to be indicative of our society at large, cosmo for fuck’s sake? What baout in universities and class rooms? what about in offices and lectures? what about in politics? naturally her feminism has led her to ignore all these things so she can gleefully attempt to emasculate ONE of a HANDFUL of sane sites that cater to men’s needs? And this girly doesn’t get it, and her failed excoriation is just another reminder of the load of cum she needs to swallow next time.

  13. On the WYB question: probably, but she’d be a cold fish at first. No fun at all. You can see it in the following: overly conservative mid-90s clothing (uptight white on red); tussled hair shows lack of attention to proper female grooming, which bespeaks of hidden entitlement attitude; complacent, smug, smirk reinforces the underlying entitlement vibe. And yet, those limpid eyes indicate a possible predisposition for sensualism under the right circumstances…She just needs to let go of her conditioning a wee bit….

  14. Would bang. Come on, guys, let’s be real. Even without a body pic, she looks to be a solid 6.

    1. Guys gotta separate ideology from bangability. If she lost 20 pounds and had better makeup she could be a 7.
      She’s nothing special but there’s no law that says feminists aren’t worth banging. No use having revenge on bitches by pretending they’re not working giving dick.

  15. No. Looking at her face I get the impression she smokes, so she probably stinks like hell.

  16. Would bang but would sneak out the window and not call the next day….She’s a bit of an enigma. Can’t read the clean cut librarian look. She’s either a cold fish/ horrible bang or wanton-sex crazed Banshee…

  17. Her lack of an upper lip is an indicator of high testosterone. (So is the combative personality, of course.)
    That could be why, despite having generally well-proportioned features and healthy skin, eyes and hair, she is still sexually unappealing, especially to higher-status men, who prefer femininity.

  18. That is the girl you bang and deny- disavow – refuse – repudiate – disclaim – negate you ever did fuck her !!

  19. Congratulations RoK!
    Dont get complacent now and try and coast on this achievement though, theres always room for improvement. Keep aiming for the stars!

  20. Hey what the fuck? What kinda pussy ass wannabe alpha there is moderating the FB page if you ban me for criticizing a couple of dumb articles? Can’t continue to like a page which blocks my comments. Your’s truly -Jarmo Nikander

  21. How dare men pursue sex with multiple lovers.
    Don’t they know only women can do that?

  22. The first point she criticizes is a post about being with four women at the same time? This is very thinly disguised female imperative. Apparently, she would prefer that men be helpless in love with women and just glad to be able to secure some monogomy. The alternative is sexism now. She might as well just have said, “This website is sexist because they don’t hate male sexuality.”

  23. No. Irishwomen are second in their ugliness, bad attitudes and all around irrationality and craziness only to black Americans. To cap it all, they’re the most repressed and frigid women in Europe.
    That’s a big reason Ireland has levels of emigration rivaled in the States only by Detroit. Irishmen know better than anyone that Irishwomen are not worth sticking around for if you have any other options.
    Trust me, I’m Irish and I am gladder every year I left that madhouse behind.

  24. HAHAHA! Feminist whining is the reason I’m here. Whenever feminists whine, truth isn’t far.
    Keep up the good work!

  25. Bitch has got “anal” written all over her. I just love grabbing the back of a woman’s head while she whimpers in staccato.

  26. “The pendulum always swing” I am hopping these holds true socially, and that my grandchildren will not have to deal with the feminists of my generation.

  27. When someone calls me sexist I take it as a compliment. It means I’m sane enough to recognize and accept the differences between men and women and treat them accordingly.

  28. Also the tables are turned. According to a sexist website that women aren’t allowed to join, all women are more perverted than men (even though I’m pretty sure all genders are equally perverted, not one more than the other) so I’m apparently a pervert despite having a conservative mind?
    It’s called MGTOW. I hate it and I hope it shuts down.

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