Germany And Sweden Redefine Consent To Put More Men On The Hook For Rape

The German parliament has passed an new law redefining rape. “No means no” is the new ground rule which means that a rape could have happened even if the victim didn’t fight back. Saying no is enough.

Sweden is set to have a similar law in place very soon. The government’s investigator has announced that she will propose a new law where it will be enough that the person says no for it to be counted as rape. With our current self-proclaimed feminist government, it seems likely that the new definition of rape will find support.

Sometimes it’s necessary to change laws


Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

Recent sexual assaults committed by immigrants have affected the debates in both countries. We’ve lately had several cases in Sweden where groups of asylum seeking boys molest young girls at music festivals. The attacks on women in Cologne on New Year’s Eve have without a doubt brought the issue to the fore in Germany.

The MPs in the Bundestag stood up and cheered when the vote was passed by a large majority on Thursday. The new German law also classifies groping as a sex crime, and makes it easier to prosecute assaults committed by large groups. It also makes it easier to deport migrants who commit sex crimes.

It’s certainly important to change laws that do not sufficiently apply to the crimes they’re supposed to combat. In the new European reality, with immigrants enriching our societies with rape games like taharrush, we should do what’s necessary to make them pay for their barbarism.

But the question is if this new “no means no” law will actually make any difference. The reason they wanted to change the law was that many men allegedly got away with raping because the evidence wasn’t enough to convict them. Assuming that premise is true, will the new law put more criminals behind bars?

Won’t bring new proof to the table


As many experts have pointed out, you’ll still be left with cases of he said, she said. The woman will claim she said no, the man will say she did not. In some rare cases, there might be video or audio evidence confirming her story. But most of us don’t videotape ourselves at every point in our day.

A new law won’t magically bring new evidence to the table. We’re still left with the problem of proving something that only two people, the supposed victim and perpetrator, can really know the truth about. That’s why we’ve traditionally required physical evidence like bruises or a black eye. But even then, we can never know for certain what caused those injuries. A mentally ill woman might have inflicted them on herself.

I don’t expect the new law to really make any difference when it comes to proving that a rape did or didn’t happen. What I do expect is that it will make German and Swedish men more cautious and hesitant when they’re going to have sex with a girl, especially one they don’t know very well. Questions arise like, what if the girl says no first and then changes her mind? Does a yes after a no negate the previous no? What if she says no in a playful way, pretending she’s hard to get, and afterwards claims that she was being completely serious?

You can’t even expect them to fight back


Common sense will also tell you that a woman who doesn’t want to have sex with you will physically resist you if you cross the line. If I was a woman being attacked by a rapist, I can’t imagine simply laying back and taking it. I would do anything in my power to stop that from happening, including fighting and taking a beating. At least I could say that I did all I could.

But apparently you can’t even expect women to fight back anymore. You can’t expect them to really react in any forceful manner when a perpetrator tries to penetrate them. In 2016, women are so independent and strong that they let themselves get raped without fighting back at all.

My suspicion and fear is that more men will be convicted of rape under these new laws, regardless of whether they’re guilty or not. Feminists have made it very clear that they want us to take a woman’s word as fact. If she said she was raped, it would be misogynist to doubt her. With feminist ideas seeping into universities and curricula, it’s only a matter of time before judges start putting these ideas into practice (if it isn’t already happening).

That’s why I’m calling this a trap set for men. I expect that there will be more cases in the future where the judge simply trusts the woman’s testimony, not demanding any further proof. No need to show bruises or any other observable evidence—whatever she says, it must be true. After all, why would she lie about something so horrible?

If German women themselves don’t kill your boner, this new law will surely do it.

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154 thoughts on “Germany And Sweden Redefine Consent To Put More Men On The Hook For Rape”

  1. > Open the door to migrant criminals
    > Allow migrants to molest/rape with impunity
    > Redefine consent laws for everyone
    > New laws put native men in fear and lock more of them up
    Problem (how to weaken men) -> reaction (allow migrants in) -> solution (clamp down on natives).

    1. Men have been attacked and undermined for decades. And they meekly tolerated it.
      Those who stood against criminals in government were not helped by men at all.
      They were expected to fight on with their own limited resources against overwhelming odds.
      There is a strong argument men deserve what is happening to them for refusing to support those brave souls who were willing to take on criminals in government against impossible odds.

    2. Roosh, have you seen the reports that suggest there was over 2,000 men that assaulted 1,200 women in Germany on New Year’s?

    3. Ah, the Hegelian dialectic in action.
      Somehow, I think the migrants will be getting mulligans for their miscreancy, after all, we must give them time enough to read all the pamphlets and watch the slide shows that teach them what are no-no’s in the west, mustn’t we?

    4. The agenda is not to weaken men, that’s a side effect of technological advancement. The agenda is divide and conquer – Europeans vs Muslims, men vs women, Black vs White etc.
      It never fails!

      1. The intent of the EU & Merkel is to destroy nationalism and make the EU into one big Soviet Union.
        I see how they’re using the muslim “rapefugees” to effect that agenda but what are they going to do with ’em after they’ve served their purpose? Surely Merkel doesn’t believe that they’ll magically become “Europeans” too and, by then they’re going to be a significant chunk of the Euro population.

        1. This is the clearest analysis I have come across on any website.

        2. That is what their doing. However, thanks to the UK leaving the EU, Merkel has had to put her United European Socialist Republic plans on hold temporarily, to prevent other nations from leaving before the plan can go into full swing.

        3. Huh?
          Germany was the happiest and wealthiest nation inthe world under Hitler
          Abortion made illegal, age to own guns lowered to 18, crime eradicated, families subsidized to have more kids. From the poorest to wealthiest nation I three years with no gold and less than 10% military GDP. Bankers jailed
          The richest in the world sent their kids to be educated there. Hitler defined nationalism and made it cool.
          Italy and Japan followed suit. World Jewry then declared war and went in the move to get them to war

        4. I’m pretty sure Mussolini started the whole fascist nationalism thing, and Hitler initially aped him. Mussolini had been in power for quite some time in 1933, and I remember reading that Hitler appeared quite intimidated by Il Duce when they first met.

        5. With a decade or two, it’s going to be so bad in Germany, people are going to ask themselves if Hitler was right all along.

        6. Decade?
          You should take a vist to websites like DS, TRS, CC, RADIX, AMREN

        7. “age to own guns lowered to 18”
          Except that they forbid gun ownership, as every other dictator did. Fuck off with your bullshit

      2. what about just breeding too much.. population control? for any particular group to never outnumber another seems fair…if we were to equalize all..but no one trusts anyone so they breed like crazy and ended up in poverty

    5. They let off migrants for demonstrable rape of children all over the EU but Julian Assange is a rapist fugitive than needs to be brought to justice. Again, this is another tool to stifle dissent, to emasculate, to silence

      1. Usually they don’t report it because they don’t want migrants getting any worse attention

      2. Of coirse its their fault. They are the ones who decided to go along with this idiotic shit.
        Imagine a child who is watching a TV show about degenerates smoking crack. She is a girl child so she thinks “wow! Smoking crack is so healthy and awesome. If I smoke crack then I will become Xena warrior lesbian and everyone will love me because the television authority actually SHOWED me this ON TV!!! Xoxoxoxox”
        So she runs to daddy and says “daaDYYY, can I smoke some crack? Pleeeeeease?” In her childlike mind this is all true and good.
        If the father goes along with it, she will invite drug pushers and pimps and other criminals into the place. Eventually everything goes to shit as it nearly always does when you put women in charge.
        Now, whos fault is it? Is it the fault of the girl child, or is it the faukt of the father who went along with all her retarded girl-bullshit?

        1. I thought about the time when I was 5 and I went with my dad to the gun shop. I saw a 357 magnum and wanted him to get it for me. Good thing he knew better. 5 year old + 357 magnum=nothing good can come of it.

        2. lol all of this is what males are famous for doing!! every singe word! women are less likely to act out what they see on tv.. that’s boys all the way… girls have sense.. and as mothers.. they are the ones to say don’t watch that..or watch I alone and be turned off by it… oh well sorry you feel that way. you should go join islam,. you need “rules” and lots of them to behave. poor strange creature!!!

        3. Girls have sense ?!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa Too much and way too funny.

        4. not when they give birth to you nope none. but we are clearly working on that (its an abomination for a parasite to come from a female womb and then make comments like that) you fund planned parenthood and we rather just prevent it and have the ultimate sense! girls learn.. men stay same.. any county a man wants to live in (isn’t piss poor third world) is a country with birth control… and women with sense. youd beg clinging to skirts to stay… than to go where men only rule lol. theyre crying right now and you want to go join them??? no problem. girls read what you wrote and go to planned parenthood. to get some sense.

        5. wish your mother had some sense though. she allowed you to come from her? she will pay for that. she will get sense. since sense is desirable to have right?

        6. are you a foreigner?
          you sound like it.
          all the same teenage gutter mindset even when 20 30 40 50… are your parents cousins?
          forced marriage?

        7. why where men rule its poor and third world and where women have rights and birth control there is money..and you all come to live with us?
          sounds like youre an abortion…..

        8. Well let me let you in a secret Suzuki, my bitch birth mother was a drunk who fucked a man from a bar hook up. She was such a notorious drunk I was taken from her for safety reasons. She never looked back as she fucked off to get drunk and fuck again. My adopted mother was a mean bitch who was so incredibly abusive it took me thirty years to get clean from all I went through. My wife of ten years got fat, I paid the bills and sent my step kids through school. She cheated on me for a year and told me to find my own place two weeks before christmas. I had just taken her and her entire family on a trip to Hawaii for three weeks and footed the bill. My experience is not singular, many men have absolute shit experiences with women. I could go on and on but you have swallowed so much feminist misandrist poison there is no point. Your idealism is not stronger than my real life experiences. Women have learned, to make men miserable any way they can, feminism is only about granting women priviledge while ensuring men have no rights at all. I can counter any of your talking points with facts, stats and ex-feminist statements of their own experience and realizations.

      3. To be honest, those swedish sluts deserve their fate, and even worse.
        I see that kind of sluts every day here. They come to this country (which is 80% non white) to be enriched with recreational drugs and black/brown dicks.
        Most white women, especially women from countries like USA, UK, Sweden, Norway, Holland, and France are fucked up beyond redemption.

        1. only God sees hearts and will save his loving daughters.. but not any human male.. a human male cannot “redeem” a human female. that’s Gods job. just don’t get in the way when he does and do not get jealous! for that would be strange!! ive actually known and seen far too many (most) males get jealous when a female IS redeemed.. so he has some deeeep personal issues there!!! holy moly!!!

        2. Dude, I wasn’t using the term ‘redemption’ in the religious sense…..

        3. Yupp !! tThere’s nothing greater than a stupid broad brainwashed by the SJW ??

      1. Firstly, the ones coming en masse to Europe aren’t immigrants. Calling them that is an insult to immigrants.
        Secondly, what are those pictures supposed to prove? that my boy band PM is an idiot puppet of the elites who hates traditional European culture? We don’t know that? Why do you think he was ‘elected’?

    6. Germany is probably doomed as a national culture/identity for all of the various reasons postulated here before. Their guilt over World War 2, their never-ending leftist governments, their womens’ wholesale embrace of careerism and pitiful fertility rate and importing half of what remains of Assad’s Syria means within 20 years (or less), this once proud civilization will be a quasi-Third World state in the heart of Europe. At least they still have good apprenticeship programs for the ever-diminishing number of native German youth… That is something, sort of, um… Right?

      1. There’s still some hope for Europe. Bad news is that immigration is growing. God news is that non-western population is still around 10% and even less if you include eastern countries.
        We have seen what happened to Zimbabwe and to South-Africa under black regimes. The next one going down is US, which is almost 50% of non-western population right now. With a bit of luck, Europe will learn with the fall of US to Third World.

        1. With the fall of white rule in Rhodesia, a good 90% of Rhodesian whites moved to SA and Aus. SA gladly accepted them. Rhodesia never actually ‘fell’, but it changed its name to Zimbabwe and gradually deteriorated under black rule. Rhodesian whites often testify that they could have held Rhodesia forever. White population peaked at 280,000 in 1975 comprising a mere 4% of the total population of over 7.5 million blacks. The blacks weren’t slaves. They were paid for their labor and they owned their own homes in the black districts. Rhodesia forbade black slave trading within the tribal districts. The country became known as the ‘Breadbasket of Africa’ under white rule.
          You could say that every Rhodesian white was a white nationalist. At 4% they had to be. And they could have held the place forever if it wasn’t for the ‘kwine’ betraying them, pulling out and years of UN sanctions demanding that the white Rhodesians hold an open election and usher in Mugabe. Plus the Soviets were arming the bush rebels. Christian missionaries were stirring the pot as well with empowering blacks in a bad way. Nationalists had much resentment for the anti white-rule stand of many judeo christian missionaries.
          Today less than 28,000 whites inhabit Zimbabwe, mostly farmers. Previous to white rule, black tribes engaged in nothing more than subsistance farming. White man turned it into the breadbasket for the largest continent on Earth.

        2. where’s that video of the pastor talking about how black people have never had a great city in 3000 years?

      2. they probably won’t be able to compete with France and Sweden in the race to the bottom..

    7. Yes. And this isn’t limited to sexual criminal law.
      Extremism laws etc. are getting stricter as well.

    8. > Open the door to migrant criminals
      > Allow migrants to molest/rape with impunity
      > Redefine consent laws for everyone
      > New laws put native men in fear and lock more of them up
      > Blame old white men for the patriarchy and white privilege

    9. Your bulletpoint outline of events is how I saw this. This legislation is somewhat of a kneejerk reaction to the actions of a bunch of foreigners let loose in their countries. These refugee foreigners where foisted on the German & Swedish citizens and now the bad behavior of some of them is also resulting in new legislation being foisted on the local citizens (and the erosion of rights for the local men) as well. We’ll have to see how the EU judges handle the zero evidence he said/she said cases.
      The legislation as I read in another article did not seen to hack into men’s rights & protection too badly but the bit I found disturbing was how you could be charged with sexual assault if you are in a group of men and one of the others gropes a woman. The woman just has to ID one of the group and every man in the group also gets charged by association as having the same intent.

    10. Consent law or not, almost all persons in jail because of rape are muslims. There is no chance we are going to see more western men locked in because of rape.

  2. Said it before. Keep every single text message, whatsapp message and email she ever sends.
    After any sexual contact, text her saying how great it was and get her to reciprocate.
    Look after yourself. Eternal vigilance etc.

    1. Only limits the damage, those records might only get noticed after you’ve lost your job and are on trial. The cops and prosecutors have their orders. And who knows if it is even enough, feminists say that women might not know they were raped until a lesbian enlightens them, and white knight judges are happy to believe that the poor female was deceived, giving them an opportunity to demonstrate their own status to the ladies and reduce the competition by one male.

      1. True the women’s advocates job is to turn the woman against the man. It was never announced the day when the bitchsystem completed the construction of its grid across the land. It was all incramental. Law abiding citizens allowed it by blindly championing authority, any authority. Many dumbed down people have to be told how to vote and have developed no cerebral hardwiring for any logical or emotional processing of the matters regarding the regulation of larger groups of people outside their immediate circles. They’re ‘small worlders’ or ‘codependent’ personality types. A good 30% of people are codependent. They cannot function outside of being someone else’s spouse, sidekick, partner or butt buddy.
        MOST CAN’T RESIST at least meekly or begrudgingly following authority, especially the codependent individuals. Jews that marched into ovens were largely naive law abiding broods with codependent mother matriarchs that couldn’t see the forest for the trees. They had their heads so far up the ass of their own cult tribe and tradition that their culling was mathematical certainty. Their population graph was dependent only on external conditions and political climate. Not a circumcised man can lead an entitled bitch past a point of no return to her accustomed comfort zone. Hey, the entitled bitch scenario has creeped to ensconse all the western areas that dickchop their men. Western whites are living and becoming pseudo jewish. When western white men get circumcised, they begin to live similarly to the jews replete with entitled bitches snapping orders and their men having no testes or guts to wholesale reject civil laws, bitch laws, random orders and sea-bottom level henpecking. Chopped goys become ‘jew-gentlemen’.
        Getting oneself out of the parasite conundrum and peeling oneself off the back of the host and forging ahead independently and self sufficiently, shucking the dependent matriarchal parasitism requires a FULL HEADED UNCHOPPED DICK at the lead. Matriarchies peak and shrink. There’s no running from anything when your women all have jewish princess pipe dreams with men that all have stubby dicks! ”hey stubby, share that reuben in foil with me before our group showers and gets de-loused”
        The chopping must cease.

    2. And where would you store all this garbage? Doesn’t the GOOGLE keep records of every digital transmission ever created anyway?

      1. Yeah, but like Forney pointed out, Google is Big Brother’s/SJW Asylum’s preeminent tool for suppressing all that used to be good.

    3. This won’t help you under the new law.
      If you don’t have a text message that says: “Everything that happened between 20:00 yesterday and 6:00 today when I left your apartment was consensual and there never happened anything against my will.” you don’t have nothing.

      1. why are men so worried about rape? false accusations you mean? wow. why not just only have sex in marriage ? or ask God to make you so you don’t need sex.. since you don’t really breed anything for real or whatever……… strange days.

        1. Not too up on the marital rape laws are you? If a woman decides she feels violated about the sex she had with her husband six months ago, he is guilty of rape. The marriage license means nothing. The trade off of his hard work for her sexual access is long gone. Now it is his hard work for nothing from her, and that is exactly how women want it and vote for it. Men are waking up and saying they don’t want to willingly enter into slavery to a woman anymore.

  3. We can pretty much conclude that feminists are total morons beyond logical redemption.
    First they invite in the rapefugees despite being accurately warned that women will be harassed in public spaces and that vulnerable working class girls will be raped. Germany has more Pakistani “refugees” than Syrians. The manly compassionate solution to the refugee crisis in Syria would be to grant temporary refuge and accurately check bonafides, including native speakers that can check accents.
    The inappropriate and ineffective response is to redefine consent such that boozed up cougar women that are have an alcholic blackout during consensual sex that turns out to be embarrassing to their reputation (because it discloses their vulgar behaviour) get to ruin a young White males life by scapegoating him. It won’t be rapefugees that are in any way inhibited by this.
    The problem and the solution have nothing to do with each other.

        1. Can they add a Greek letter after Omega just for this guy?

  4. Sweden barely seems to have any men. Instead, it has feminists and eunuchs.

      1. he’s alright but im not looking to traffic dna like so many seem to be these days…

    1. Indeed.
      After watching the Euro 2016 in France, I really fancy to pay Iceland a visit, I was impressed by the masculinity the players demonstrated and the chants of their fans! Huh! Huh! Huh!

  5. Why are the ones who get the least amount of sex making laws regulating it? Their repulsive selves are enough to prevent it from happening.

    1. india is set to have 1.6 billion and surpass china by 2050 and they aren’t allowed to talk about sex its taboo LOL

  6. Women wanted this. Let women enjoy it. Just convert to Islam when appropiate and we’ll get our patriarchy back for 50 more years, until jews come up with a cultural marxism 2.0 to continue ruling the world.

    1. I always wondered that if women found rape worse than death, why do they take it so passively? Nothing is stopping Swedish women from organizing and fighting to the last woman against those migrants to avoid the fate worse than death.
      Besides in the movies, 130 lb women in heels and spandex always know 7 types of martial arts and can take Tyson and Holyfield at the same time and have them pleading for mercy in no time. I’m sure these migrants will be a piece of cake.

      1. ”I always wondered that if women found rape worse than death, why do they take it so passively?”
        What women bred more? The ones who were passive or the ones who fought back?
        No doubt many of those raped women are probably rabbits.

        1. That’s true. The genes of the submissive women survived while the resistant women never got to breed due to being killed.
          I’ve always wondered as far as game goes, for the first time in history, women are the choosers. Men were given physical strength, women were given manipulation and fame seems like a type of manipulation. But most men need help with game as it was never needed in our past or else, the non game genes would’ve died out by now. On the other hand women have adapted quite well to rape and in that scenario they are the chosen. So it makes me wonder how common was rape in our evolutionary past?

    1. “So the message is if you’re a white heterosexual male in Germany”
      I will be very curious to see how the system treats the muzzies on this law. Somehow I think they will get a free pass – while the native male german population gets more incarcerated.

      1. Ze Germans are very adept at getting poolside before everyone else……:)
        Aren’t there German enclaves in Argentina, Paraguay and other South American countries. I remember watching a tv show about it. There was a town in Paraguay, I think it was, that looked exactly like a Bavarian mountain town, log houses, etc.

    1. The *intent* part.
      How much of communication is non verbal?
      You can say “no” and still mean yes if your intent and actions betray absolutely everything that’s coming out of your mouth.

      1. If you are old enough to have sex, you should be able to figure this out. If in doubt, DON’T. Easy peasy.

  7. So if I tell my girl she needs to be punished for mouthing off to me and she says, with a grin, “No daddy,” just before I smack her ass and bend her over the bed, am I guilty of rape?

    1. Yes. Except that appears fake and choreographed unfortunately. Most of the hits, especially stomps seem pulled and there is no follow through, intent or emotion. It’s clearly a demonstration.
      With that in mind, watch it again, and then note the reactions of the crowd. They are casually observing and not freaking out as they would if real violence was taking place.

    1. Now post a video of the traitors who are killing and bombing these countries for GOD( gold, oil , drugs) and pushing the people of those countries to the Europe .
      Remember there are always two sides to a story .

      1. That’s terrible footage. War and conquest brings out the worst in people. Common decency is thrown out when people are being killed left right and centre and you are about to die with nobody to answer to. Last time I checked, the “migrant crisis” was not a war or an invasion force… OR IS IT?

        1. Every time there is conquest there is rape. Its like something primal that activates when there is conflict.
          Its not something civilized men should engage in.

  8. Well German government, that’s all fine and dandy, but most of those “refugees” don’t speak German anyway, and that will probably be their defense.

    1. It already is and the precedent has been set. Rapefugees caught in the act of raping a child freed and not prosecuted because “he didn’t know better”.

  9. I’m sick of talking about all this shit without creating solutions.
    If Killary wins and this garbage goes full-throttle in the US, what are we to do? Do we flee or fight? Do we create sexual consent forms and cameras in our bedrooms? Do we protest? Take up arms.
    The time has come for us to start brainstorming how we will handle these challenges. I fully expect the problems covered on ROK to be the defining battles of my life, and I’m willing to dedicate the rest of my life fighting it.

    1. If Hillary wins it’s game over. There will be nowhere to go and nothing to fight for. The left’s victory will be complete.

      1. Fuck that, that’s fucking bullshit. I’m a man. I build society. I fight. I shoot. I’m strong. Every other group of people is weaker than I. I’m not going to be abused in a country where people like me are the majority.

        1. Dude. Be serious. If Hillary wins, all we can do is sit poolside and wait for the collapse.

        2. I definitely see where you’re coming from, but I kind of disagree. It all depends how much we have to lose. White men can “sit poolside” because we have too much to lose financially, reputation wise. If the tables turn and suddenly we are up against the wall, the fight mentality will be different.
          I daresay that Hillary might not even be that horrible economically, I’d expect her to outperform Obama. It’s the social issues that this site covers that we’d really have to worry about.

        3. Yeah. If Hillary wins then the country has revealed itself. At that point it’s no longer my country and I will have no more obligation to the USA than to Ghana or Chile. Let it set you free to the world and go have fun. It will be a blessing. Enjoy your world, smoke stogies, drink single malt, indulge in 19 year old pros, hike beautiful mountains, swim in the lagoons and then bow out staring into the sunset. If you give an ounce of your life to the collective, after it’s shown its hand like this, then you are a fool.

        4. 8 years of Hillary and there will be about 3 million (?) more immigrants to Texas. She has 8 years to get illegals their voting privileges, so maybe 6-7 million Latins in Texas to vote democrat who hadn’t been. They will be voting to save their lives, literally in many cases. Texas goes Democrat and it will be a long, long time before the Republicans win another election with all those Texas electoral votes working for the Left. Republicans always count on the Texas electoral votes, but it will be gone soon.

        5. Fantasy stuff there Graft. You shoot? LMAO. So go shoot someone and head off for your 40 year stint. They want you to be a fool like that. You’re strong? PX90 or something? So what? You’re not going to be abused? You likely already have been. You’re paying for your own demise. You’re a slave. It’s already happened. The Left won the culture war about 40 years ago. We just didn’t know it yet. Reagan was the last of a decent culture’s energy. Like a snake still writhing after it’s been killed. Now we’re seeing the full implementation of the Left’s destruction, all paid for by the upper middle class, working away 60 hours a week and commuting 20, all to fund the left. Passport, son.

        6. I don’t understand that mentality (western) white guys seem to have. I always hear white guys complaining how the state is set up against them to take care of moochers. Why not listen to Aaron Clarey and use the broken system to your own advantage? (Not saying anything against you personally, Graft. Just commenting on patterns I’ve seen.)

        7. moochers? do white men support their wives? or expect them to work.. just curious.. I haven’t the slightest clue anymore these days at all.i don’t think anyone should support all these blacks with a 70% born out of wedlock rate…you marry you have kids you have a house.. anything else seems like a liability..caring for someone else’s offspring.. and bad decisions..which now just look to be on purpose as a weapon.

        8. I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again:
          Clarey is a broke loser who has no business giving advice to impressionable young men.
          The broken system can’t be used to our advantage. Even all of these “welfare queens” live pretty shitty lives. Your best option in the United States is to grind it out with a high-paying career, preferably a sales job, and move towards business ownership or expatriation.
          No offense taken.

        9. Fair enough for you to be calling my bluff like that, but again, I have too much to lose at this point. I’m young and have a lot of things going for me-I’m not going to do anything to fuck that up. If I get hit with a false rape accusation and have to register as a sex offender, or I become unemployable due to being doxxed, I’ll have a completely different mentality. I won’t have anything to lose.

        10. That’s all righteous. Don’t make any sacrifices for a country that not only isn’t sacrificing for you, but actually is using you as a scapegoat. Keep being smart. If you’re on here discussing the stuff then you are way ahead of the game.

      2. If Hillary wins, they will be coming for you. If not state-sponsored black thugs, rapefugees, or Mexicans, it’s the state itself. Better prepare.

      3. what were you fighting for? no one knows…?
        maybe should’ve made it clear and had women on board with you? do you have any God?

    2. Solution is to move to another country or just invade another country and use your guns to get consent from them

    3. Just like Lenin said “A spark shall ignite the flame”. I believe there will be something that will trigger whites to action. For now the masses are dormant, but the reactionary element has always been only a few percentages of the population.
      Im sick just like you of all the degeneracy, but the boiling point hasn’t happened yet. Maybe BLM activists will blow something up and that will propel normies to action. Maybe the Trump movement will be that event, I dont know, but we dont have much time left to wait.

    4. Some constructive protest is needed on this. The left are quick to silence with labels like “nazi” and if anyone protested against reforms to sexual crimes law I’m sure they’d be labelled “rapist” as if that were some kind of career or artistic pursuit like pianist or podiatrist. It is all so incredibly dumb, in business and in law you have the writing on the page AND the parties to the contract. The lie and elephant in the room which we need to fight is that race is meaningless and has no effect on anything. Just as a rottweiler and a chihuahua are both equally dogs.. The women who you see on the streets with the signs “no means no” are rape victims etc who were probably confused or provocative angry people from the start. No consent forms, the lunatics who are running the asylum need to be attacked and exposed for what they are.

  10. Every time I think Germany and Sweden can’t possibly cuck themselves any harder than they already have, they always manage to outdo themselves.
    I’m lost for words. Truly I am. I just cannot give a fuck anymore. If western Europe simply wants to cease to exist, let it.

  11. Isn’t this just a deterrent to prevent native European men from pursuing their own women so that “migrants” can knock them up instead because of their free rape pass?
    Would mass MGTOW, either knowingly or not, lead to the same result?

  12. At this point I do believe I’d applaud govt-sponsored mass murder of all Muslims/Middle Easterners / Africans in Europe.

    1. Give government that power and you’ll never get rid of your government. It would be like inviting a fat and lazy chick over to watch TV and not re arranging the furnature first. I would recommend the European nationals learn the Zulu pincer formation mentioned in the previous article for blockading the concentrations of refugees, enclosing the pincer, moving the formation to the border or to the sea and releasing the pincer in an outward direction. Anyone who grew up and was involved in marching band knows how to step in unison in a tight formation. Euro men have to tighten it up and beef it up.

    2. Wittle Michael Mair so tewwified of the big bad Muslim man? Want daddy government to commit mass murder to make you feel better? Maybe piss ants like you should crawl back in your caves before you are stepped on.

    3. Only the males. I want to keep their females. I love brown girls.

  13. Once upon a time I thought all the social rule changes and law changes were just out of stupidity. That women thought they could stop the harmful men with these things but didn’t realize that such men didn’t care about rules and laws in the first place and all they stopped were decent men who actively tried to behave in a manner considered respectable. However as I grow in wisdom I see and learn that many things are by design. And I am coming around to the idea that this isn’t an error, well maybe with supporters who don’t think, but not the people who come up with it. Rather it’s by design.
    The respectable men, the men who build society are being taken off the playing field deliberately. The conditions are being created to where it becomes more and more hazardous and risky for them to seek a physical relationship with a woman so they will do it less and less until there aren’t many such men left in play. Who will be left? The rapists, the overly assertive, the manipulative, that’s who. Either it’s to create the image of men radical feminists want or it’s for some other reason. Some sort of social engineering? But it has to be deliberate. There’s no way that people cannot recognize all they are doing is discouraging good men, raising the risks on them but not the men who are the supposed problem.

    1. It’s an alien subversion, slow and sanitary. Gradually we bury the last of our strong and dismantle powerhouse industry, grade the spot and plant evergreens upon it. Totally by design. No one of our own species in their right mind would advocate eliminating the strong and pursuing the mad drive to make the weak perpetually dependent. They’re making a big ‘woman farm’ of our species here on earth. The ‘womanfarming’ of earth and the alien terraforming of our atmosphere. A new line of vegan homosapien pliable dumb brown dogslave mutant hybrids is around the corner. Vegan Halal enters the picture.
      Men must rebel now more than ever before against the alien forces. Only men have the spiritual acumen to throw off an alien force. All men are required to hurl the lizard bug bitchforce incarnate from this orb and off the back of our species of many tribes. If you’ve got balls at all, you’re a soldier. Even dickchopped men still have balls but to TRULY LEAD, the unchopped full headed dickmen have the neuro dicksense and receptivity to navigate this revolt. But regardless ALL BALLS against the wall in this one. Jews and Muslims with their chopped dicks won’t lead but they’ll be essential in following the lead. So it’s all balls ATTEN-HUTT! Look at the neo con jews in defense cabinets under Regan and Bush1. What an omen.
      It still stands that our scourge and nemesis is alien. The more you call out and face off an enemy that’s whitewashed, clouded and only peripherally visible, the clearer you can see it. Keep focusing on your peripheral view and it closes in. Then you can see fully the alien beasts full screen and head on. It’s a little exercise to do resulting in a extra range spectrum of ‘vision’ being gained like with the sunglasses in ‘They Live’.

      1. Metaphorical aliens, yes. It’s the same type of people, the so called elite that thinks they are different and better than everyone else playing the same cons they have for the last six thousand years with modern tools and knowledge. Paranoid as ever they will lose power and wealth if other people have a chance to build their own wealth.
        They want to kill the wealth engine or rather make something only large corporations have access to because it threatens them.

  14. How much you wanna bet the woman holding the “do not touch me” sign at the top of this article is someone we wouldn’t want to touch even if we were paid to?

  15. It’s completely and totally fucked! We had homogeneous populations, people who could look each other in the eye and had a sense of trust, the previous laws were enough and then they brought in a mob of third-worlders. The lawbooks worked with the native populations. I have always marveled at how in many parts of Germany, children take public transport and walk around cities by themselves as it should be, rather than all the fear in countries like the US.. It’s all about equality, that means, any advantage that European countries have, like lower crime, more sensible rape laws which allow a normal and natural interaction between the sexes of course need to be standardised to the same level of fucked-upness that you have in the US. Even though they haven’t closed the trans-Atlantic trade agreement, they’re well on their way to trying to “homogenize” the west. It’s sick,

  16. Its a shit test for the men. Currently they have two groups of men who want access to their incubation mechanisms. Which to choose? Create a totally insane law, and see which group decides to self-filter, and which group ignores it and has the necessary levels of testosterone to be worthy of planting seed.
    The sociopaths and sneaky fuckers among the whites will also ignore all these laws.

  17. If a woman was threatend (or in shock) and didn´t fight back, it was already rape and the courts punished the perpetrator. The woman just had to proof that she was not able to fight back.
    The majority of people, who are supporting “No means No” have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.
    The next step is: “No means No, but sometimes yes doesn´t mean yes.”

    1. This already means that any kind of sex that isn’t a commercial transaction is or can after the fact become rape.
      Remember, prostitution is legal in Germany.

    2. Why wouldn’t a woman fight back against being raped since they say it’s the worst thing that can happen to a girl?

      1. I think being killed is worse than being raped and even the most hardcore feminist will do anything to survive if her live is threatend. It is just human.
        Reasons for not fighting back: the guy has a weapon, she is afraid to be killed, the woman is paralyzed from shock. This may sound stupid to some people but this really happens.
        Some women describe that their mind became blank and they were not able to move. They did not even understand what happend at the moment. Maybe this is an old reflex to protect the woman from being killed and mental harm.
        Feminists try to abuse this fact to turn every regret into rape. It is really disgusting. Rape is no longer a horrible crime. Everything is rape: a long stare, drunken sex they regret, non drunken sex they regret. No one will take it serious anymore.

        1. I’m sure most women think being killed is worse than rape. Though their acceptance of rape betrays them. I knew of women who just went along with it when the guy only got verbally aggressive.

  18. I applaud this new German law! My only complaint is that it still allows men to discuss their side of the story in front of a judge.
    Why not convict them straight away? Why would a woman lie about such a serious crime? To damage a man’s good reputation or seek revenge?
    Pleeeasse, we all know a woman wouldn’t do that, would she?
    Seriously, this situation has to get even worse, so that all men will wake up and do something about this!

  19. The new law is even much, much worse than it was described here.
    First a clarification:
    You already didn’t have to fight back in Germany. That is
    a much repeated misinformation. For the German speaking readers:
    Read the articles by federal judge Thomas Fischer in “Der Zeit”.
    It has already been rape if the “victim” was in a “defenseless
    situation” which already could be about everything. Being alone in the apartment
    with your alleged rapist already constitutes a defenseless situation if the
    “victim” could describe her “fear” etc. good enough.
    There has been massive opposition from judges (including two chairman
    of the highest German criminal court), lawyers and even some public prosecutors,
    but the experts commission, that advised the parliament, constisted of feminist
    “victim advocates”. This is how bad it is today. The parliament won’t listen
    to the highest judges and honored law professors, it will listen to short-haired,
    ugly women in their 50s who did never get laid and young hipster feminists.
    One of the professors, who supported the law, a feminist law professor gave this
    interview:!5315782/ (This is a far left newspaper and even
    their reporter wasn’t too happy with the law..)
    She clearly stated, that in 99% of LTR both partners will be guilty of rape under
    the new law (touching someone who was going to go to sleep etc.). Her solution is simple: of course nobody will report these rapes. THIS is how laws are made today.
    What makes this law even more dangerous: In Germany you don’t need objective
    evidence to convict someone. The testimony of the “victim” is enough, if the
    judge thinks her testimony is more credible than that of the accused.
    I’ve been told that this isn’t possible in the US and that it is a speciality
    of German criminal law.
    Recently a music professor was convicted for sexual assault because her accuser told, that he touched her under her skirt 6 years ago. No evidence, no nothing, just the word of woman 6 years after the alleged incident.
    It is now written in law: If a woman thinks she was raped, she was raped. This
    is peak feminism. In the past you could have easily been convicted because of
    the word of a woman, but at least she had to lie and you could tell the truth.
    Now, about every man (and woman, but before any of them get convicted, hell freezes
    over) that is sexually active will rape someone in their lifetime under the new law.
    And if you want to defend yourself in front of the judge you won’t be able to tell
    the truth, because normal sexual behavior is now criminal. You will have to lie,
    to not get convicted. This is a whole new quality.
    I never wanted to leave Germany, because I love this country, but I now don’t see
    a future here anymore. The inmates run the asylum.

    1. Well, the intent of the government is crystal clear to me.
      Germany must stop having sex unless it’s paid for with a receipt since that at least still should count as positive proof of an agreement and therefore consent.
      So if you don’t want to only have sex with hookers, you need to move. Or at the very least take a trip over the border to hook up.

      1. Oh, they changed the prostitution laws on the same day as well.
        Hookers now have to be registered and you go to prison if you visit a prostitute who “is forced to work”.
        And they had the brilliant idea to introduce the obligation to use condoms with prostitutes…
        1-2 years and prostitution is illegal as well.

  20. I think this law is to target migrants. Not every infraction will be prosecuted. I’m sure if every German man goes about his normal aggressive routine of hunting women he’ll deal with normal rejections rather than arrests. I don’t believe the fatherland has the campus rape hysteria or feminist harpies like we to in the homeland.

    1. Must be nice to live in your alternate dimension.
      Every infraction by Germans will be prosecuted to the max, and every one by rapefugees will be forgiven under the mum of “he doesn’t know better” and will be let go, probably with the instruction manual they give out for how to fuck German women.

  21. Holy shit, they are spreading the feminist shit to the Middle East too…
    Check this video out, it’s from Vice, yes I know, but ignore the tone of it and go to 15:30 to hear a male feminist in Kobane Syria, followed by a German feminist there running a school. Bwahaha we should ship all the feminists to Syria…

    1. Feminism is happening over there with the Kurdish female soldiers and some Arab female soldiers who join them.
      Great way to subvert our enemies I suppose.

  22. for emotional reasons and defeat and Stockholm syndrome, past abuses etc.. yes a woman may not resist physically but say no verbally.. so what? what man wouldn’t stop when he hears no? these men have daughters? I have no idea. strange how sexual desire can override life itself and happiness joy respect etc.. its like men want to f their way to never having had a mother! that’s what ive already seen happen……

  23. the western world was based on white man? the founding fathers? (freemasons)? most say spiritually the power is in a single female who is up for grabs…and many try to have her or control her and always lose…(she has father -daughter covenant.. must love as a daughter,,impossible for all ….)
    why do all things wrong all the time?

  24. As in the USA, Europeans think they can have open borders but still maintain the veneer of civilization if they authorize a sufficiently intrusive and authoritarian state. They are mistaken. Look at California.

  25. This article reminds me of my Criminal Law class during law school. We studied Murder, Manslaughter, and then we got to rape. I found myself quite frustrated, because almost all the cases I encountered seemed to be of the “he said, she said” variety. Did the suspect penetrate without consent? Such a difficult crime to prove many times.

  26. Hmmmmm, wonder if these laws will be enforced against their Islamic invaders, oops, I’m sorry, I meant poor, oppressed refuges? Naaaaaaawww! I mean they’re just being all “culturally authentic” and all, Western nations have no right to enforce their social norms on them, why that would be “cultural imperialism”.

  27. Females there have almost achieved their goal of avoiding all responsibility for themselves.

  28. Groping as a sex crime? Imagine trying to squeeze through a narrow space and a fat obese she pig getting in the way she can cry rape just from you brushing past her hair.
    Fuck women have been rubbing their bodies on street preachers and telling them for stop touching their breasts to try and frame them

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