Enjoy The American Decline

ISBN: 1480284769

Very few men are connecting the dots of politics, feminism, and economics, but there is one who is making a writer’s living out of it: Captain Capitalism. His new book, Enjoy The Decline, describes how you must emotionally detach yourself from America’s decline and pillage what you can.

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, the United States is in terminal decline. Making it even worse, is its inevitable demise will not be at the hands of a stronger foreign force, but rather at the hands of its own unfathomably ignorant citizens brainwashed and duped by its own unfathomably evil citizens. It is an internal cancer that is eating away at our beloved nation and despite our best efforts it is spreading.

He believes the biggest accelerator of our decline are entitlements in the form of social security, medicare, and welfare…

If you do not support yourself and rely on the production of others you are by definition a parasite… This, by default, makes the people who work and pay the taxes to subsidize these parasites the host or slave.


70% of your tax money goes to other people, meaning the government is not an agent of governance as much as it is an agent of wealth-redistribution.


The US government has gone from a minimalist-governing entity that served the people by leaving them be and letting them be as productive as possible, to a tool of the parasitic classes to confiscate the wealth of the productive classes.


The social contract between producers and parasites is no longer one of temporary, emergency assistance, needed solely to ensure an economic parasite returns to production as quickly as possible. It is now a political class of slave-masters that purposely, knowingly, and actively vote to live off of the producers.

This book is vehemently anti-socialism, believing in a “sink or swim” philosophy where money should not be taken from the strong to support the weak, especially since it’s the weak who will vote for politicians to give away more taxpayer money. We’ve reached a point where the American people will never vote for someone who will reduce benefits or promote a hard work ethic.

It isn’t the government or the state that you are fighting as much as it is the stupidity of the other 299,999,999 Americans. You by your little lonesome, no matter how right and correct, cannot overcome such odds and will have to suffer the consequences of the majority’s ignorance. Acknowledging these lopsided odds allows you to let go and enjoy life.


…any increase in the size of the government has to be paid for by its people, thereby necessarily lessening the individual.

He delineates between liberal and conservative men…

The difference between the psychologies of liberal men and conservative/libertarian men is that of competition. Conservative men embrace competition. Liberal men avoid it. Conservative men want to achieve excellence. Liberal men want to achieve equality and fairness.


The reason why liberal men are against competition is usually because they are uglier and weaker. Thus, it is in their best interests to have an egalitarian society where they don’t have to compete. Consequently, better looking and stronger men favor free market ideologies because they can leverage their strength, looks, and tenacity to improve their lives.

Women get the brunt of his attacks, especially those who put career before family…

If your career is more important than your children languishing in some daycare facility, that screams to the world, “I’m more important than everyone else, including my children.”


If you pursue a career and it doesn’t pay off, you have done nothing more than waste your youth and cripple your financial future.


You don’t have to be a model every day, but if your husband isn’t pawing at you at least one a week, then you are failing.

As for the solution, Clarey suggests a life of minimalism where you keep your income and tax rate low to avoid the fruits of your labor going to feed parasites. He advises on how to pillage the treasury to get government benefits that others are taking advantage of and how to execute his “Smith and Wesson retirement plan” for when it’s time to make your final exit. He also gives some tips on how to survive (or not survive) a SHTF scenario. He ultimately believes that the key to a nationwide problem lies with the individual and his choices. It’s better to safely spectate the decline instead of becoming victimized by it.

You may think that he’s proposing a fantasy lifestyle, but if you read his blog you already know that he practices what he preaches. He dropped out of the rat race to pursue travel, write, spend time with friends, drink good liquor, and pursue his own hobbies. He seems to be sincerely enjoying the decline.

The book has three weaknesses. First, it talked almost exclusively about the poor parasites, not the finance parasites who require trillions of bailout money to stay afloat and who do just as much—if not more—harm to the country’s balance sheet. Second, minimalism doesn’t make the vagina wet. He already has a girlfriend, but for men trying to get laid, you need modest income to access women, go on dates, and provide a comfortable bed where sex can occur. I think he understands that with passages like this…

Do you have any idea how marketable you are if you are over 30 and: (1) Don’t have kids, (2) Never been married, (3) Never been to jail, (4) Don’t live at home, and (5) Have a job.

Third, you will get passed by if you adopt a lifestyle of minimalism. Those closest to you will achieve more and make more money than you. Are you ready for that? There is money to be made even in this shitty economy and the verdict is out on how much you can make before it starts to negatively impact your happiness.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the book. It made me think hard about the future and what the best course should be for men like me. While he adopted a course of minimalism in America, I have adopted a course of minimalism-lite in Eastern Europe. As different as our lives are, I think we’re both enjoying the decline in our own way.

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  1. Another term, and better terminology, for wealth redistribution is legal plunder. The greatest threat to the US is not other countries, as pointed out above, but the US government. Another literature to add to your reading list, for anyone interested, is The Law by Frederic Bastiat. He makes a clear, coherent, and logical argument on what a government’s purpose is. And as this was discussed in Samseau’s post last week on what it feels like to betray your country, I totally agree that we must collapse to rebuild to become reacquainted with our country’s original metaphysical, ethical, and political philosophies.

  2. Making a living with your own business is the best thing you can do right now, in my opinion. The time of getting a good education and then landing a solid job is over. Besides, being your own boss is so much better than working to make someone else rich. The feeling of accomplishment when you see a business you created from scratch become successful is also one of the best feelings in the world. A business can be anything; having a successful site, being a writer, being a coach or starting your own company in a trait you love.
    On a slightly different subject, this quote is very relevant to the rest of this blogpost:
    “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist
    as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist
    up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves
    generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the
    majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits
    from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will
    finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by
    a dictatorship.”—Alexander Fraser Tytler, Cycle Of Democracy (1770)

    1. I agree; businesses – especially retail businesses – allow one to play games with the taxes.

    2. The sentiment of the Tytler quote is spot on, however, it is not a real quote.

  3. I’m a big fan of Mr. Clarey’s work. Glad to see your review. His Smith and Wesson Retirement Plan is pretty good.

  4. “If your career is more important than your children languishing in some daycare facility, that screams to the world, “I’m more important than everyone else, including my children.””
    I love that.

    1. Better make sure the father of your children makes enough money to support them, then, since this guy is so against any kind of social welfare.

      1. Make it a bit easier on the guy, by not taxing half his income away, and many more fathers could do just that.

      2. When I was a kid my family was on welfare. I think if I had the choice between not having children and working, or having children and being on welfare…I wouldn’t have children.
        If I were going to have children, I would make sure that I’m able to stay home. I understand not all women have the ability to choose because they get knocked up “accidentally” and the fathers aren’t involved/don’t make enough money, but I don’t think that’s the type of woman this guy was talking about.

  5. As an Economist living in a fairly socialist but a wealthy Nordic nation I must note what utter bullshit this book is. Already the numbers and statistics are just wrong. Actually it is kinda funny how this text gets its msg across for the reasons why the USA is on the decline by voicing the very ideology which is the reason, albeit trying to blame it on the liberals.

    1. I’m with you. Wealth is being redistributed upwards; a CEO makes far more relative to the bottom workers that he would have 40 years ago. Minimum wage workers aren’t “weak”, they’re just getting shafted by globalization and increased technology.
      The long term trend in GDP is upwards, but the long term trend in relative wealth of the “parasites” is downwards, despite the fact that us “parasites” make all this wealth possible.

      1. When people aren’t taxed to death and the gov’t oversight isn’t jacking up the prices of everything, people will be able to afford not to take shitty paying jobs. Part of the reason CEO’s are making so much and paying out so little is because no one can afford NOT to take a job, even if it sucks.

    2. …and you, whatever “Nordic” country you’re in, your biggest concern should be the feminists and muslim immigrants beating the shit out of your neighborhood. The points outlined above are so on-the-money it fucking hurts.

    3. mr economist from a nordic country.
      fuck you. live here asshole. we are talking about america here. most of us can see that our decline really began the minute that the government dropped its conservative philosophy and began meddling in social issues.
      you capitalize the E in economist because? what is it a title? did you get a boeastful grin and decide that you couldnt help but press the shift key? did your anus pucker just a little?
      also, for the sake of logic and fair argument if you are going to claim a number or stat is wrong you should probably cite it, rebut it and cite your references.
      i know im trolling here a little but fuck you cocksucker i dont like your tone.

  6. I wonder how much longer the USA has until it finally has a brutal debt crisis?
    5 years, 10 years, 15 years?
    Eventually, the music is going to stop and the USA will be in the same position as Greece. There is simply too many people who benefit and vote based the government benefits they enjoy like medicare, social security, medicaid, food stamps, etc…so there is never going to be true “entitlement reform.” There may be tweaks here and there, but we are never going to really get to the bottom of the problem, and the economy will eventually suffer for it.
    Oh, well. I guess you in some ways at least coming to terms with this fact is better than living in a fantasy world.
    Enjoy the decline, fellas.

    1. The cool thing about “debt crises” in 1-percenters-own-all societies is, they really don’t mean all that much. Since only rich people own anything to begin with, obviously the only people who will nominally lose out a bit, are rich people. Who will still be OK. All the roads will still be there. As will the factories. Planes won’t fall out of the sky, ships won’t sink, crops won’t fail etc., etc…….
      But, “assets” will fall in relative value. As in, each lot of land will buy fewer bowls of rice than before. Making rich guys less so. Untenable wages (from union “contracts” and percentage of asset appreciation ties) will fall. Etc., etc. That’s it.
      In other words, who the heck cares? Cheaper houses are cool, as they require less work to buy. Overpaid leeches getting a paycut, the horrors, the horrors…..

  7. A few responses to your weaknesses:
    “First, it talked almost exclusively about the poor parasites, not the finance parasites who require trillions of bailout money to stay afloat and who do just as much—if not more—harm to the country’s balance sheet.”
    As a former finance professional he covered this in depth in his first book “Behind the Housing Crash”where he fully exposed their corruption and stupidity.
    “Second, minimalism doesn’t make the vagina wet. He already has a girlfriend, but for men trying to get laid, you need modest income to access women, go on dates, and provide a comfortable bed where sex can occur.”
    While this is true, you have to remember that there are places in the US where the cost of living can be really low, which I think is the case for Minnesota. A low income can be stretched much further there the in cities like Washington DC.
    Also he was a very successful player in his twenties earning less than $20k a year as a security guard.
    Your third point is spot-on however.

  8. America’s decline probably more a symptom of other countries rising, which is normal. Every man was young once, and every man gets old one day.
    The author should also note that ruthless competition, greed, ambition are much more potent drivers for a civilization’s overall success than “compassion”, “equality” or other such moralist concerns. “Social progress” absolutely nothing when your competitors are richer, stronger, and more influential than you. If liberals would put their feelings aside for a second, they’d understand that. But they won’t.
    If the US really goes down the tubes, I have another home to return to. Good luck, fellas.

    1. Perhaps an overpriced condo in one of Chinas ghost cities? Better bring your filter face mask..

  9. I’m in the middle if reading this book right now so it’s nice to see Roosh’s thoughts on it. I pretty much agree with the three points being made.

  10. “Being passed by” is hardly a weakness and is more of an appeal to some sort of innate vanity and consumerism. Those of us who live minimalist lifestyles truly do not give a damn what others have or what others do in their lives so long as they’re happy. I live on under $12,000 a year comfortably and have money to spend if I wanted to.

    1. Until some scumbag social climbers gets jealous, and decide to influence their unrestricted government to make your way of life illegal. Instead, they’ll help by providing you ramshackle shithole under a freeway, build by $100,000/year public union labor (10% of the cost), and regulation navigating lawyers (90%).
      Minimalism in consumption is perfect, as once you know how to live comfortably on next to nothing, you are so much freer to do whatever you feel like. But having enough resources laying around that you can buy weapons, or order a and pay for a hit on someone unusually scummy even by today’s disgusting standards, is still a big plus.

  11. Erm…thank you Roosh for pointing out the ridiculousness of just focusing on the ‘non-productive’ class, as source for Western decline. When in reality, most Westerners are no longer ‘productive’ simply because there is far less need for Western production. Automation, offshoring, and globalization have made MOST people in the West involved in either consumption or tertiary production/distribution. Walmart doesn’t ‘produce’ anything…it is merely a giant distribution node. As the future becomes the present even more jobs will be removed from productive industries as automation/efficiencies become more robust. So, in the end, what would this book advocate when 99% of production is done by robots or Chinamen? Culling the non-productive ‘parasites’ for being born in a time when their labor was not in much demand?

  12. How would one know if the predictions are correct or incorrect? What has to happen? In other words, are they falsifiable? People are always predicting doom and gloom.

    1. Economics, being a philosophy more than an empirical science, doesn’t benefit from being bent out of shape into some sort of exercise in empiricism.
      This is where Macroeconomics fails. Instead of being economics applied to large groups, it has degenerated into little more than half-clever curve fitting; while covering behind sophomoric appeals to relevance-by-association to empirical science. Resulting in the validation of the quip that “Macroeconomics is to Economics, what Astrology is to Astronomy.”

  13. I agree that this book is total bullshit. Yet the US is in decline but it has little to do with the poor. That’s classic libertarian moron talk. Yawn.
    What’s causing the US decline today is the same that caused it in 1929…a massive theft of assets by a group of absolutely evil giant speculators, aided and abetted by corrupt politicians. These people are the true parasites, stealing not Billions, but Trillions of dollars from the savings accounts of honest citizens.
    Yeah I pay a lot of taxes to the poor, but that’s puny compared to what I’m losing to the banking, insurance, and legal system.

      1. LOL! I was just going to mention fiat money. Laugh if you will, but people who actually saved are really getting screwed by Bernanke’s fiscal policy, which is in place to appease the 1 percent. If the stock market corrects, there won’t even be that for the middle class.

        1. Interest rates are at 1% in large part to finance the federal deficit, which is mostly (~70%) transfer payments to old and poor people. The government would be broke at a higher interest rate.
          Of course the other argument is that we are in a deflationary cycle and the central banks really aren’t driving down interest rates much. Regardless, they are definitely artificially propping up government debt.

    1. I have to agree. A cursory look into the debt and spending characteristics of the US government reveals just how disproportionate the criticism of underachievers and “parasites”. True, national resources are wasted on this segment, even creating incentive’s for it as a lifestyle. But that slice of the pie is slim in comparison to voracious military spending, government largess and generous benefits to the corporate elite.

      1. Unfortunately, what you say is fantasy. It is transfer payments and social programs that are set to bankrupt the USA. You can zero out military spending and corporate pork and the math on the impending fiscal collapse barely changes.

        1. You could completely eliminate SS, Medicare and Medicaid, and it would only drop the budget deficit by one third.

        2. I question this claim, and really we should factor in HUD and all the myriad other great society programs. Secondly, it’s irrelevant to the original point that transfer payments and healthcare spending are set to explode and bankrupt the nation. There is simply no way out via taxes or cuts to discretionary programs. The social programs and transfer payments must be dramatically curtailed.
          Here are a couple decent articles that go over the basic arithmetic:

        3. we were in a surplus in the late 90s, and we began running deficits after the Bush Tax Cuts and the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. there seems to be some correlation.

        4. That internet bubble popped just about when Clinton walked away. It’s better to be lucky than to be good.

    2. If the poor really got that much of other people’s money, they wouldn’t be so poor anymore, now would they? In general, if one is looking for who is stealing, it pays to see who the money ends up with. Some destitute dude, regardless of intentions, obviously didn’t get around to stealing much.
      What’s really happening, is that the true leeches use “helping the poor” as an excuse to create programs, like money debasement to fund government deficits and asset bubbles, union privileges, government procurement programs, zoning laws, franchise laws, “free” middle/upper class goods like college education etc., etc., as an excuse to support programs that primarily benefit themselves and theirs.
      Instead of being a good, well indoctrinated progressive, and viewing the world as a struggle between the “rich” and the “poor”, it is much more accurately viewed as a struggle between those that create more than they consume, and those that consume more than they create. Some wealthy people, say non-credit-dependent entrepreneurs and inventors; and many poor people (who doesn’t consume much) fall in the former category. Finance dweebs, public union trash, lawyer scum, regulation profiteers well connected zoning law beneficiaries and welfare leeches all fall in the latter.
      The way to sort it out, would be to get rid of all means of redistribution. As long as there are means to redistribute the fruits of other people’s labor, it will be profitable for leeches to do whatever it takes to get themselves into position to do so in the direction of themselves. Only by removing the means altogether, and let the chips fall where they may, can one truly be done once and for all with that particular scourge on humanity.

    3. @Lemon Your view is narrowly economic. You can’t be economically productive or self-sufficient untily you are politically productive or self-sufficient. The oligarchy runs a tax farm, a business that combines private credit and government taxation. The late Roman Republic is classic example. The poor DESERVE to be tax farmed. They ASK for it and here in this America they drag me along. They are the enemy because a dictator is a dime a dozen once the masses are too incapable of philosophy and the thinking necessary to let civilized economization of resources by an ecology economy that rewards those who can. Both groups must be removed for civilized freedom, unless the elite can rule themselves effectively once we are gone. The Romans did not once the Cathaginians were gone, so I doubt it, but they conquer, and conquering the other is necessary to be civilized. Always has been. The Romans were civilized. Most never were.

    4. Total bullshit?I’m surrounded by parasites where I work and live.From the hoodrats riding the city bus carrying there EBT cards to the people with kids getting all there money back at the end of year just because they have kids.What world are you living in?

  14. another pack of idiots calling social security an entitlement. you’re damn right I’m entitled. I PAID FOR IT.

    1. Thinking this is how the big-government types keep you defending what is essentially a Ponzi scheme.
      You’ve paid the government for a lot of things. In the end you’re not going to get hardly any of them.

    2. “A fool and his money are soon parted” take that with your social security ponzi scheme

    3. All you ever did was hand your money to a bunch of grade a scum who lied to you. Are you “entitled” to get money back from Bernie Madoff too?
      The Government, any government, is just shorthand for a bunch of armed thugs out to grab as much as they can for themselves and those able and willing to aid them in the personal ambitions. That’s all they are, were and ever will be. There are plenty of scumbags out there who would have no problem promising you a million ten years from now, if you give them hundred grand today. So what?

  15. “The reason why liberal men are against competition is usually because they are uglier and weaker”
    I lol’d at this simplistic fantasy to explain things.

    1. The ugly part is hard to square off with reality here in Tinseltown. Also, the corollary that liberal places like New York and California is somehow not populated by competitive people….:)

    2. Seriously, with a quote like that, I can’t take this book seriously. Childish.

  16. usa should stop spending cash on policing the world and influencing their culture n poltics on othyer nations……its ruinin them an pissin them off…world would suck if they became more american

    1. When ‘their’ culture advocates genital mutilation and/or only publishes 12 books a year other than the Koran…shit needs to be changed by somebody

      1. As long as “their” “genitally mutilated” women still out reproduce our barren ones 3-to-1, whatever they’re doing obviously ain’t that bad…

      2. At first I thought you were talking about the USA, with that whole circumcision business the Jew slaves do.

    2. The USA sure should. Just as they should stop policing and influencing their own population. It’s ruining them, and ought to piss them off too.

  17. Why do you waste your time with this bullshit?
    Another fucking moron libertarian pretending he has a system of government all figured out that NOT ONE SINGLE SUCCESSFUL NATION IN THE WORLD USES. If libertarianism/pure laissez-faire capitalism is so fucking great, how come the only countries where it’s actually in effect are complete fucking shitholes? The Somalias of the world. Not too much government interference there. Instead you get roving hordes of barbarians engaged in constant armed conflict. Maybe this fucking idiot should take his goddamn Smith & Wesson, smuggle it up his ass for the flight over and live in Somalia for the rest of his life. There’ll be no more bitching about the government at least.

    1. OK we get it man, you love government control of the economy. Every day must be like living in a dream for you.
      However you might be interested in knowing that Somalia is run by the system that you are advocating. Until recently it was a democratic republic (same as the US), and now it’s a federal parliamentary republic, with a president and PM and everything.
      So now that we have established you don’t know what you’re talking about, perhaps you will politely fuck off and go back to Daily Kos you faggot.

      1. Oh look! Another libertarian moron…this time one who copied and pasted the words “democratic republic” and “federal parliamentary republic” from WikiPedia.
        Here’s factual knowledge for you, you fucking fool. Not that you’ll actually use it since it’s obvious with your brand of asshole the opinion cart pulls the factual horse instead of the other way around. The provisional government in Somalia that you looked up on WikiPedia was established in 2012 (That’s less than a year ago, just so you don’t need to open your calculator.)…and guess what, the place is still an ultraviolent shithole. One whole year later. With a per capita income of $600 annually – which, put in perspective, is slightly more than what someone would pay you to think, or do research. Here’s another bit of knowledge your meager brain has yet to absorb…governmental systems and economic systems aren’t the same fucking thing, retard.
        The point above though, which it’s no surprise your stupid ass missed, is that there is not a single successful nation on this earth that runs its economy on a pure laissez-faire capitalism model or a libertarian model or government. Name one, you shit-talking little pussy. I won’t hold my breath.

        1. And there’s not a single 15 foot tall athletic basketball player in the NBA. Such guys must really suck at that game, mustn’t they?
          The USA, in it’s quickest growth stage, was much freer than it is today. In the past 50 years, the most spectacular economic growth has come in Hong Kong and Singapore. Which where comparatively freer than other countries over the same period. Just like 7 footers tending to outperform 5 footers in basketball hints that 15 footers may be darned good at it, freer countries outperforming less free ones, provide hints that free countries will really outperform, not?

        2. We should be careful when we’re talking about a country’s “growth”. For example, the USA “grew” dramatically in the Gilded Age…but most of that wealth went straight to the top, while children worked for pennies a day to have their arms chopped off in factories.
          the whole country as a whole grew in the 1940s-1960s though…when taxes, spending, and regulation were high.

        3. The mythological growth of the 40s (wtf, it was ww2 and a massive contraction in gdp in the first years after. Not that it really matters), 50s and 60s, weren’t all that impressive by any other standards than what came after it.
          Compared to the growth from 1870 to 1890 (two decades starting 5 years past a disruptive war) (150%), the growth from 1950 to 1970 (around 100%) aren’t all that much. Per capita, things are closer, but still favors the 1870-1890, despite economists greater likelihood of making more favorable hedonic adjustments at all in the latter period. And besides, growth is growth. Focusing on per capita growth, makes such nonsense as killing off the population a great economic policy. Whether before or after birth.
          Another issue is, since 1950, a significant portion of total promised remuneration has been in the form of empty promises. Not cash. As long as people believe me, I can get them to work an awful lot, and spend even more, by promising to pay them each $1million 10 years down the line. Of course, once the sham is up, the delusion of wealth will no longer prop up spending and activity. Backing these hidden debts out, growth was even lower.
          Then there is the issue of ever greater portions of spending being done or dictated by government, or by laws not explicitly endorsed by each citizen. Which makes each dollar of GDP worth less in terns of utility, than if everyone could spend them as they saw fit, according to their own priorities.
          Hence, all in all, while the ’50 – ’70 period may look like wonderland compared to what has come afterwards (and perhaps compared to the Credit-Boom-then-bust-Depression-then-Total-War in the two decades preceding it; over a longer horizon, it was just a slightly less depressing two decades forming part of an overall trend downwards.

        4. “The provisional government in Somalia that you looked up on WikiPedia was established in 2012 (That’s less than a year ago, just so you don’t need to open your calculator.)…and guess what, the place is still an ultraviolent shithole. One whole year later.”
          Somalia is run and populated by Black Africans. Black Africans have demonstrated themselves to be incapable of successfully running anything remotely resembling a Western society, country or economy.
          “The point above though, which it’s no surprise your stupid ass missed, is that there is not a single successful nation on this earth that runs its economy on a pure laissez-faire capitalism model or a libertarian model or government.”
          There is no nation on earth which runs on a pure laissez faire capitalism model, successful or not successful. Why is this? Because governments are run by statists, and statists have every incentive in the world to dislike an ideology which severely hampers and restricts their power. Duh. In democracies, the masses have the power to change this (theoretically), but the vast majority are too stupid to understand the economic basis of libertarianism, which is by far the most intellectually sophisticated of any of the major political ideologies. Therefore, the statists continue to rule, since the masses are too stupid to understand how economics works.

      2. In Somalia, the “Federal” Government still only controls what in the US would be the equivalent of central Washington DC.
        Ever since the Somalis woke the heck up and figured out what use government is, they have been booming. Heath care is better than ever, cell phone usage is almost unexplainable. Hot clubs with expensive table service in Mogadishu….. There’s money there now, in private hands. And medicines are cheap, since noone gives an f about “counterfeiting.” Under Barre, Somalia was the worst place in East Africa by a margin. Now it’s probably top of the heap (a small heap, but still). In only a few short decades. It’s also a player internationally, getting more media attention around the world than almost anywhere. Meaning, what Somalis do matter.
        It’s still a poor country by US standards, since the US had a hundred+ years of relative freedom to hone institutions and accumulate capital before the progressive rot started for real, but Somalia is growing, while the US is stagnating.

    2. Leftist, Liberal talking points dude; open your eyes, step away from the Feminist/Marxis Matrix…
      Sing, O goddess, the anger of Achilles son of Peleus, that brought countless ills upon the Achaeans. Many a brave soul did it send hurrying down
      to Hades, and many a hero did it yield a prey to dogs and
      vultures, for so were the counsels of Zeus fulfilled from the day
      on which the son of Atreus, king of men, and great Achilles,
      first fell out with one another.

      1. It’s called the truth, not talking points, asshole. And if you have a counterpoint, express it. Otherwise go back to jerking off to The Iliad. All that Achilles man flesh obviously gets you going.

    3. LOL political arguments. This isn’t a post to argue all the political leanings. It is one to identify that our path of destruction is set, our doom is upon us, and this post is about practical ways to accept that fact and then operate in a specific manner to have the most enjoyable life possible in light of these facts.
      politicalfags need to find a different forum.

    4. “If libertarianism/pure laissez-faire capitalism is so fucking great, how come the only countries where it’s actually in effect are complete
      fucking shitholes? The Somalias of the world.”
      1) Somalia isn’t libertarian, it’s anarchist. Big difference. 2) Libertarianism only works with white people of Northern European descent. Most definitely not Blacks. 3) You cannot divorce a system of government from the people who run and administer it, any more than you can divorce a country from its inhabitants.

  18. How are poor people and muslims contributing to the decline of America/West? If anything, it’s the higher upper class manginas and white knights in office that push femcentric polices onto men.
    The manosphere should be better than extreme right wing paranoia.
    Liberals are white knights
    Conservatives are white knights
    Socialists are white knights
    Democrats are white knights
    Republicans are white knights
    We are alone, gentlemen.

  19. “70% of your tax money goes to other people, meaning the government is
    not an agent of governance as much as it is an agent of
    Excellent sentence, especially if “other” includes the welfare parasites and the upper echelon low in number but heavy on finances parasites.
    Recently I was faced with the fact that the taxation is way way worse than I thought:
    And also the news about the 10% tax on the bank accounts in Cyprus. things are getting interesting.

  20. dude its simple. make all the money you want, dont pay taxes. if you fill out article 7 i think on your w2 you dont pay shit. that or claim 9 points. then, IF the irs comes to get it, which is unlikely if you never file a return or own a business, file bankrupcy.
    you dont leech, and you pay very little at the end with a little bit of a pain in the ass to deal with. and you can make all the money you can handle.
    and its easy to live minimally and still make money. shit it helps when you need to blow some chash on something important, like impressing pussy or top shelf booze or fixing your car.if you live well under your means on the daily, you can live well above your means when it counts.
    as for the shtf scenario, stock up a handful of guns and a shit ton of ammo. not to defend yourself, mind you, but to pillage other peoples shit. what the fuck else are you supposed to do? die? fuck all that dude. let the paranoids stock up your food for you, and then go take their shit. easy as pie.

  21. Roosh is totally correct in steering our attention also to the finance parasites, who stole at least 100 times more money from the people (via the government) than the “welfare parasites”.
    I’d add a 3rd category: the middleman parasites, i.e. social workers, administrators, trade unionists, lawyers. Not all of these people are parasites, but an unduly large number of them are.
    I do believe, though, that the government has a somewhat larger role to play than that played by a minimalist state. Some welfare is good for the economy (and society) in the longer run. Monopolies and oligopolies (especially if not exclusively those who dominate markets based NOT on excellence but on government intervention, corruption, and fraud) should be broken up to facilitate better market competition.

  22. Tocqueville called it all those years ago. Democracies always fail because the people vote for the party that gives them the most goodies. Roosh, how about “Democracy in America” for your next big book?

  23. I can’t wait until we produce tons of our own domestic gas and natural gas, make huge advances in biotech, and have another boom period. You cynics will see.

  24. Is it just me, or does Captain Capitalism seem like a miserable prick? He makes Roosh look like Mr. Sunshine, and as far as I can tell he has basically nothing going for him accept his middling blog and meager book sales. He spends all day fighting strawmen and calling other people worthless parasites, while contributing nothing to the world accept his bitter, mediocre writing. And, like other libertarian-leaning decline fantasists, he is forever wedded to the idea that the world is going to shit and it’s everyone else’s fault.
    Fuck this guy.

    1. Yeah, until a couple of days ago, many Cypriots thought the decline was a fantasy dreamed up by miserable pricks.
      The corporate and individual parasites destroying America are not strawmen, and they cannot be defeated because they will soon outgun and outnumber the producers.
      The Captain has written (contributed) a book that many find valuable. I’ve read his blog and he appears to be enjoying the decline as best he can. Perhaps, you are the one who is bitter.
      “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

  25. True socialism SOCIALIZES the means of production (land and education).
    The welfare state is basically another form of charity, not socialism.. Why doesn’t USA socialize education and begin taxing corporate marketing expenses?
    Tax-free corporate advertising, a bureaucratic system of education, and the welfare state keep the people tamed and ignorant. This is obscurantism specifically repackaged for the free democratic man.

  26. The book sounds more like a negative bullshit rant rather than an insightful and critical view on America’s place and path in the world.
    Though competition is fun and has gotten us this far, there’s significant evidence that shows systems focused on cooperation and egalitarianism thrive over those heavily focused on fierce competition. I’m planning on writing some blog posts to explore further.
    ~ http://theprometheanman.blogspot.com

  27. Being a resident of Eastern Europe it’s always a lot of fun for me hearing the crying of these Americans that are predicting doom and how people should get out of US.You know what would be a good thing?If they make a law that US citizens can switch their citizenship with citizens from other countries.I would gladly give you my Eastern European citizenship so you can enjoy our beautiful women.I would gladly make that sacrifice for you and move to that shithole country called USA.

  28. “Enjoy the decline” this guy says.
    That’s like saying, “buen viaje al infierno.”
    Have a nice trip to Hell.

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