Beowulf Is A Mystical Red Pill Bible

Someone mentioned Beowulf the other day. Like many contemporary windbags I felt I had the authority to comment on it, but I quickly realized I could not recall a single element of the story. I “read” Seamus Heaney’s translation of Beowulf in university, and my Irish dad had always proudly raved that it took an Irishman to translate the most important piece of Old English literature in history, but I was ashamed to admit I couldn’t remember a thing about it.

However, for some reason I knew the ins and outs of how extraordinarily sexist it was, thanks to my feminist university indoctrination. Grendel’s mother was a woman, women are in the background of the narrative, blah blah, patriarchy. It is only years later, after taking the red pill, that I am waking up to the fact that this book was treated with outright disdain by the cultural Marxists running the show in academia. I resolved to take a step towards undoing this social programming and revisit it. I was not disappointed.

Cultural Marxists have declared war on literature and tradition

I was assigned the task of reading Beowulf for an English elective I took in third year at a Canadian university. It was, unsurprisingly, taught by an elderly feminist who openly hated it. She was hell-bent on using Beowulf to prove its author and all white males are evil and biased. This class was basically a crude open-air dissection of great works of English literature. Want to know how it ends? You find out men are bad.

No matter how hard I tried I could not find this discussion engaging, so I tuned out. I blamed myself for being a lazy unmotivated idiot (unlike all the women in the class, who seemed to be doing so well) but now I’m not so sure. After taking the red pill, I am waking up to the fact that I was only allowed to be walked through these great works of literature with feminist intermediaries holding my hand, shielding me from the contagious bigotry.

We weren’t even really encouraged or required to read the original literature for the class. The actual works themselves were much less important than the mandatory articles about the male gaze and castration theory. Come essay time, as long as we could mine a random quote and inject it into a new draft of the same basic essay we all wrote over and over for every course we took, with the thesis that had the words “white”, “male”, and “hegemony” in it, we were guaranteed a decent mark.

In short, the many criticisms of Beowulf amount to the incredibly evil and biased fact that that the hero is a white jarl (the Norse high caste) and therefore extremely biased and not to be taken seriously. Because of this, rather than analyze the work in its own right as a rare and valuable glimpse into an otherwise dark and cloudy past, we were encouraged to deconstruct it, asking “but what does this say about women?” at every opportunity. When it came time to write the final exam can you guess what all the questions were about? Gendered analysis of Beowulf. Any other analysis was not an option.

Beowulf is a classic for a reason

Recently, I did in fact read Beowulf, and I am happy to report it is nothing short of transformative. Read a little bit every night before bed and it will transform your consciousness. It is not the self-congratulatory drivel they made it out to be in feminist academic hugboxes. It is an ode to the very notion of manhood, honour, legacy, heroism,  and the tragedy of male disposability.

To the SJWs who say that Beowulf is literary masturbation of upper class males I say this: Beowulf’s high status is directly related to his willingness to sacrifice himself for the good of his society. His sacrifice is the only thing standing between existence and complete obliteration for his kinfolk.

Beowulf has real social value. In a world that is plagued by dragons and marauding beasts, anyone willing to face them who is not you is your new best friend. The dragon or the serpent is not a fantasy—it is an apt metaphor for the real, deadly challenges that faced old Norse society. And the skald (bard) makes it clear Beowulf was seen by his kin as nothing short of a divine gift from God for his feats. So-called “Big Men” like him had real value, not imagined value. This is not some invention of the male ego. The warrior archetype is real and in demand, even today, and it is this fact that is so empowering to contemporary men, and the one that feminists can not stand to acknowledge.

In short, Beowulf deserved his high station. He was not some sociopath who relished pointless killing, but rather appeared to be a very thoughtful and even humble character who took the notion of honour insanely seriously, and was willing to lay down his life without hesitation for his kin. The truth is we all owe our existence to men like him, and a functional society recognizes this fact. That is why these men get sagas written about them, while the names of the men women who waited out the conflicts in palisaded hillforts, minding the children, are lost to history. It’s a tradeoff that needs to exist, or there is no incentive for men to step up and put it all on the line.

The debt of gratitude to the dragon slayer

There is a reason the male warrior is such a compelling archetype. We will always find him engaging, no matter how much SJWs try to destroy and mock him in today’s lecture halls and tumblr pages. Human beings love male machismo and bravado. No matter what we may claim to believe, when we see that video of that Kurdish boxer beating up five punks in a streetfight, we are filled with primal satisfaction. We are wired this way, and for good reason: it saved our lives. You can declare war on patriarchy, warrior ethos, even the notion of maleness itself, but the sacrifices and legacy of the past will always be a part of you.

If you are a man, especially but not exclusively one with Northern European heritage, you need to check out this piece of literature. Read it slowly. This tale of the Anglo Saxon skalds is an echo of red pill truth from an ancient time, a timeless testament to the debt of gratitude we all owe to the dragon slayers. The language is rich and beautiful, and there is something almost mystical about the interwoven motifs of fire, serpents, metal, blood, and honour.

I will leave you with Seamus Heaney’s reading of his own translation and a little bit of verse. Enjoy—and tonight, I hope you’ll all join me in raising a horn of mead to the Beowulfs.

Then he addressed each dear companion
one final time, those fighters in their helmets,
resolute and high-born: “I would rather not
use a weapon if I knew another way
to grapple with the dragon and make good my boast
as I did against Grendel in days gone by.
But I shall be meeting molten venom
in the fire he breathes, so I go forth
in mail-shirt and shield. I won’t shift a foot
when I meet the cave-guard: what occurs on the wall
between the two of us will turn out as fate,
overseer of men, decides. I am resolved.
I scorn further words against this sky-borne foe.
“Men at arms, remain here on the barrow,
safe in your armour, to see which one of us
is better in the end at bearing wounds
in a deadly fray. This fight is not yours,
nor is it up to any man except me
to measure his strength against the monster
or to prove his worth. I shall win the gold
by my courage, or else mortal combat,
doom of battle, will bear your lord away.”
Then he drew himself up beside his shield.
The fabled warrior in his warshirt and helmet
trusted in his own strength entirely
and went under the crag. No coward path.


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117 thoughts on “Beowulf Is A Mystical Red Pill Bible”

  1. I love Beowulf. I remembering reading as child thinking “This is the greatest story ever.” I want to read it again and apparently there is a movie out about it. I have to watch that as well.

  2. I wouldn’t consider myself a “cultural marxist”, but a feminist, and I adore classical literature. You don’t have to always agree with the mentalities of the ages to enjoy the story(for example, Victor Hugo’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”). This is modern, but I also love “1984” because the thought police can be related to anyone who tries to silence you; it’s not exclusive to any ideology.

    1. Yeah. I don’t get hung up on the ‘ideology’ at all. I think that part of it gets way overemphasized so that lit. profs can politicize things. Just go on the journey. Get on the Pequod and go whale hunting. Go into the jungle and look for Kurtz. Go hang out in the Southern woods sixty years ago. Don’t worry so much about what it ‘means.’

      1. Or just don’t allow your interpretation to be pre-determined by the professors’ rubrics. I hate being expected to interpret a relatively abstract/random poem precisely the same way as some scholars, when the author sometimes never stated the intended meaning to begin with

      2. Part of the problem is the tendency in the last century to “deconstruct” everything, and find the ties that bind it to or comment on the present day. Like little literary puzzle for the “cool” kids.
        Tolkein hated those, and I utterly agree that while a story may comment on things that exist in the outside world, it has to work as a story, in and of itself, in its own world.
        This is why it’s so important to the literary wanna-be’s and social justice types to make everything in poetry or prose about the political. Because to them nothing is self-contained, EVERYTHING comments on the outside world. That’s why a woman not portrayed as a saint (say, in “Gone Girl”) raises so much ire among feminists, because having a woman portrayed as bad might make people think women could be bad in real life, and we KNOW there are no sociopathic, narcissists out there willing to destroy lives with false accusations and social bullying.

    2. The hell??? The mods fall asleep? Why is a femicunt posting on ROK? Shouldn’t you be on HuffPost or Buzzfeed or some shit?

      1. I’ve spoken with an article author on here. They can cut me off whenever they like; until then, I’ll express myself as much as I want to. But keep your horseshit insults coming, they truly deter me.

        1. Honestly what do you get from posting here? If any of us post on one of your jezebel sites we’d get censored or banned in an hour. It’s happened to me numerous times. Do you like feeling special? You get to be the one magical vagina spewing nonsense on a men’s site? You’re such a special snowflake now.

        2. Oh, it’s not a total sausage fest. A few other women comment on here from time, and we all know that plenty of women(feminist or not) read the comments. By merely stating that I have a vagina and am a feminist, the reactions I get prove the need for feminism. So keep fueling the fire with petty insults; you’re helping my cause.
          I don’t really read Jezebel or feminist sites, but if you could restrain yourself from being a misogynist while you type, I doubt they’d ban you. Go on, put your big boy pants on and try making a comment without “vagina spewing”, “cunt”, “bitch”, or “feminazi” as insults, or advocating the degradation of women. You shouldn’t get hate.

        3. Yea you’re the exception to the rule. Delusional feminist to the core. Enjoy your cats and lonely existence.

        4. oh please.. STFU already, you stupid feminist cunt.
          You think you’re really intelligent when all you do is spew the same old feminist propaganda and viewpoint. There’s absolutely nothing new or original in what you’re saying here. We’ve heard it all before, and there’s plenty of places where we can listen to those same banal, feminist talking points and worldview if we want.
          this site isn’t the place for that. you and your boring, banal feminist worldview and comments aren’t welcome here. Go away and do something more productive. You’re not changing anyone’s minds here.

        5. Feminism has power, yes. they were able to change the court in ways which benefit them, changed the media, and so on. But here is something feminism cannot do: changing the hearts of your so-called misogynists. you can change their environment, yes, but not their way of thinking. and thats why feminism will ultimately fail. You can waste you lifetime by trying to change parts of the society you dont like, or you start enjoying life as it naturally is.

        6. Or show others the misogynists for what they really are, avoid them like the plague, and live happily without being subjected to abuse and shit on a daily basis?
          That’s like saying that anti-racist movements will ultimately fail: there will always be racists, and we can’t change all of their opinions, so it’d be better to submit to slavery and Jim Crow laws than try to overturn them.

        7. “You’re not changing anyone’s mind here.”
          Not the misogynists, but it’s impossible to detect who’s reading it, and what their opinions are 24/7. For all we know more feminists are being created as a result of this site’s existence. But yes, keep on with the insults.

        8. Which article author did you speak to that is letting you hang around on RoK???
          The whole point of this site is to create a space where men can discuss issues relevant to men, without a gynocentric point of view constantly echoing in the background.
          Having a woman on the panel is going to degrade the comments section into attention whoring by everyone. It is going to constantly take up space that should be used for discussion between men.
          This isn’t an anti-woman point of view. I enjoy the company of women. But I come on RoK to talk to guys about shit that guys talk about.

        9. …except anti racist just means anti white these days. in many ways those movements are failing because of their failure to recognize racism in its own right, and their inherent disdain for white maleness and selective victim worship of classes they approve of (erasing any history of white slavery or slave ownership by non whites). Thanks to cultural marxists from the frankfurt school, the SPLC, the ADL, and various other shady organizations, this nonsense is mainstream, and it manifests in real violence and accepted and lauded hate speech every day.
          I am most certainly not a racist but in many ways I am fed up with this movement that labels me as evil because of my perceived role in slavery, and my apparent privilege, which is used as a justification by minorities with chips on their shoulder to express open hostility, and even normalize violence against whites as justified karmic retribution for an eternity of senseless racism, and benefit from endless welfare entitlements with all the satisfaction of a professional victim.
          I want to accept your presence here but for every one comment I can accept there come another five that just seem like typical feminist damseling/elbowing their way into male spaces and demanding attention.

        10. “and live happily without being subjected to abuse and shit on a daily basis”
          this hit the nail for me. i wish i could live that way, without feminised woman doing this shit to me. but since this doesnt seem possible, i have to fight feminism or.. i dont know. happiness seems impossible to achieve those days when you are always attacked for being masculine.
          im sick of receiving hatred for being a man.
          why cant we just go hand in hand? is it that hard? im taking my role, you are taking yours? you give me ecstasy the ways you can, and i return the favour in ways that only a man is capable of?
          woman and men will never be equal, the two genders are both unique. id really like to get my hands on a lady who is fine with me expressing my masculine nature. seems impossible here in germany. feminism brainwashed them into the attitude of only wanting things, but they are not willed to RETURN something, since giving something to a man means WEAKNESS for alot of woman these days.
          i dont really know what to do. overseas is not an option. but the most woman here are neither. and yes, you could think “just one unhappy misogynist more”, and close the case. but think about the female too, that one who is denied the joy that i can bring. the losers of feminism is not just me (men), its BOTH genders.

        11. The site is intended for masculine *cis-gendered men, not simply “men”. Nevertheless, here, like every other site(to my knowledge, correct me if I’m wrong), it’s impossible to totally limit the membership by sex. I could just as easily spout misogynistic comments, claim to have a dick and be accepted with open arms as easily as I can declare that I’m a feminist with a vagina.
          Tl;DR insisting on sexual exclusion is pointless online. You can invade the Huffingtonpost, Jezebel, or what have you, as much as you want, and keep creating accounts to troll them if it suits you. I’m not here to troll, but the point remains that this site is no different.
          All of that aside, as you can see if you read the comments sections of any article here remotely regarding women, when you get a group of “masculine cisgendered straight men” together to openly exclude women and talk about “manly” stuff, you end up polarizing their opinions of women(mostly to be wholly negative outside of physical appearance =P) and treatment of the opposite sex. This goes beyond game and getting laid, but their general perceptions of all women in their everyday lives that don’t conform to the ideal they’ve consumed from the site. As a result, you get multitudes of good ol’ boys mentally(sometimes verbally or physically) chastising women who don’t obey their standards of femininity.
          Hence, I find no reason to respect the “boys only” law.

        12. My mom is super feminine, and she’s a feminist. She also runs her own business, has charisma, and likes to lead others.
          It depends on what kind of feminism you’re talking about. Radfem’s are the ones that the site tends to focus on(to exaggerate feminism as a whole and get more giggles from “enlightened” users), that see everything masculine as “toxic” and think that PIV sex = rape, and so on.
          You have to get out of this site on occasion and look up other feminist ideas if you want a more well-rounded view. I for example, think it’s shitty that it’s so difficult for equally(sometimes more) capable dads to gain child custody simply because judges rely on gender stereotypes to determine that the woman would innately make a better parent. That’s one example of how sexism can come back and shit on both parties involved.
          I think that the “disposable male” phenomenon is fucked up, and that boys shouldn’t be raised to believe that the only way to die “honorably” is on a battlefield or in some other huge violent scene.
          Both of these are serious issues to me; both of these matter. But so does female genital mutilation, which is infinitely more dangerous than traditional male circumcision; abortion rights, which allow women to avoid bringing unwanted children into the world(hence much less pressure for food stamps and other programs); and rape(it happens to guys too, but which sex is most able to physically force it?)
          Anatomical and physical sexual differences are reliable, but otherwise, differences between the sexes become vaguer, reduced to personal stories on sites like this and generalized attitudes based on experiences and information fed to the observer. Men tend to have more spatial intelligence, women more communicational, I get that, but it’s not anyway as reliable as “a male has a dick. A female has a vagina”. I think that society functions best when we judge people based on their actual abilities, and not our preconceptions about them due to genitalia differences. If a woman is ridiculously strong, she should be considered for strength-related jobs she applies to. If a guy has good interpersonal skills, he should be considered for teaching/counseling jobs.
          We can argue until the cows come home whether the sexes are innately different beyond genitalia, but the honest truth is that people will do what the fuck they want as much as they’re able. So don’t balk at women who don’t like the door being held for them, or who lift weights. Stop expecting women to fit into your narrowly defined ideals of “womanhood” and you’ll become happy much faster.

        13. To be fair, i’ve had the pleasure of having worked in the outdoor adventure profession with a few women who were every bit as good (better at times) & professionally sound as a competent male.
          Didn’t complain about getting uncomfortable in foul weather, physically & technically met the requirements, kept their heads under pressure & even able to patch me up when i took knocks & injuries.
          They earned my respect on merit. That they happened to be female was just a detail. Anectodal evidence to be sure.
          But it makes it easier for me to accept the merits of your points in your next to last paragraph above.
          Having said that, a lot of your other comments lean heavily on attention trolling.

        14. I don’t intentionally troll anyone here. I try to act civil, and if they show an ugly side, it provides more evidence for other people reading that the effect of the male-exclusive site isn’t wholly good for its users.

        15. …and thus successfully thrust yourself into a designated all-male space devoted to male issues and interests. And then are surprised to learn you aren’t welcome.
          Actually, I welcome you as an example of what happens when men try to maintain their own spaces: it attracts gadfly women whose only consideration is to destroy the all-male space by her presence. This is not something feminism invented, but something popular culture, history, and legend indicates happens over and over again. Women simply CANNOT STAND the idea of men talking without their sanction, oversight, and review. Your mocking, sarcasm, and fundamental INABILITY to understand our perspective is an excellent example why men NEED male-only spaces. You don’t get us. You want to pretend you’re trying, but you just want to be important.

        16. I can “get” where you’re coming from, believe me, but in terms of women, I have to cut off any positive attributes that don’t involve shitting out children, sex, or looks. If the authors cut the articles on girls/women(the majority of which are dehumanizing and polarizing), I’d actually agree with a lot of the site’s purpose. I like the articles such as the one about dealing with death, or another farther back criticizing one of Orwell’s lesser known novels. Even the ones about disciplining yourself and (god forbid) staying active and healthy, in a masculine way, are totally fine. They’re about making yourself healthier and less susceptible to slovenly couch potato mentalities.
          But that isn’t enough for the site. To stand out from other men’s advice blogs or fitness sites, they have to go out of their way to demonize women. This allows guys who just “need a laugh” to degrade any woman in his life who hasn’t measured up to his standards.
          It’s no better than the extremist radfem blogs the authors claim to despise.
          I don’t stand for hypocrisy, so I refuse to kowtow to the “boys only” club rule. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again: the mods know who I am by now, and they have every ability to shut me out whenever they see fit.

        17. How about you don’t balk at women who think whistling is a compliment? You are so full of shit you fucking cunt!

        18. the thing about this site is, if you take some satirical articles aside, that it tells how the things really are. but yes, i often think its a bit exaggerated too. but MANY articles here are a mirroring my experiences, what worked with woman and what did not. the “problem” is, that at its core, RoK speaks the truth.
          its also nice you had a mom who was reliable. mine was an utter failure. even as a little child with only 4 years of age, i REFUSED to come to her when something was up. that woman had absolutely no clue about life and made other lifes worse as well. father was not present, he was forced out of the family when i was only 2 years old. my mother talked shit about him more often than not, so my internalized picture about men was that they are shit, and since im a male i also i thought i was shit. females on the other hand seemed absolutely incapable of doing something on their own. and also seemed to make the world an absolute shithole, taking whatever they like and refusing tho GIVE something back. with those pictures of men and woman, you just lose interest in dealing with people anymore. i became pretty violent and sought pleasure on my own, which had its peak at puberty.
          at puberty, the start of interaction with woman, or rather girls.. well, it was the biggest betrayal i experienced up until now. the advise from my mother was “be nice, give her flowers” and so on. i think you can imagine how well that worked out, but just incase you cannot: i had ZERO success with that behaviour. however, i discovered some pieces of something, which should later become known as redpill knowledge, and since that worked fine, im doing it until today. i have known not one single woman until today who is capable of dealing with freedom, or responsibility, or… wait. i actually met one. she was the chief of medicine an a hospital where i was taken care of. that woman actually had a clue about power, and could deal with it. and by the way, i was taken care of because i developed a full blown borderline personality disorder, thanks to the feminist-touched parenting of my mother, the kindergarden teachers, and teachers in school. my needs which i had as a little boy were punished if i expressed them, and obedient, rather female like behaviour was rewarded. even as i grew up i felt that this was uttlery wrong. i refused to play the role i was forced into, and became shunned for this. do you notice something? i was forced to take a role which i hated. i think you recognize this from somewhere..
          and about rape: i can assure you first-hand: rape happens to males as well. and with that im not talking about the joke feminists made out of the term “rape”, im talking about the real thing. do you think i was taken serious? you dont have to bring up examples of female genital mutilation, which doesnt happen in the western society. you have alot to solve here, before bringing up things that go wrong in other countries.
          “Stop expecting women to fit into your narrowly defined ideals of “womanhood” and you’ll become happy much faster”
          i expect woman to be feminine, and by that i dont mean she has to birth children, stay in the kitchen or whatever. i expect her to be a nice human being, who understand that her nature thrives in a more passive way, and that mine as a man thrives if im the active part. thats all i expect, and i also expect a few kind words from time to time. but guess what: its nowhere to be found. the effects of the feministic agenda in our society didnt just destroy my family, my childhood, it also destroyed the present by creating brainwashed cunts who think they have to try to opress and punish every masculine behaviour. so tell me, why do we need more of this “feminism”? i really think that close relationships are one of the things most worthy on the planet. feminism poisened that successfully too. if you really want to make womans life better, then maybe take a look at the boys too. because if you dont, this will backfire at you.

        19. “The site is intended for masculine *cis-gendered men, not simply “men”.”
          See that right there? That is exactly why this site was intended as a place of refuge from feminists.
          Men want information and guidance on becoming more masculine, to improve themselves. The way men solve problems is by asking direct questions and getting clear answers; this site exists as a means of transferring information clearly, concisely, and with a minimum of rhetoric. RoK was founded on the idea that men can develop themselves and become more than they are. and to inspire them to do so.
          tl;dr anyone using terms like ‘cis-gendered’ isn’t interested in helping anyone other than themselves.

        20. But it’s exclusionary to anyone who doesn’t have a penis. You completely ignore anyone without one that also wants to be recognized as a man, because “it’s unnatural”. Hence it’s not helping all men; it’s helping men with dicks who want to believe that women are the enemy.

        21. “But it’s exclusionary to anyone who doesn’t have a penis. You completely ignore anyone without one that also wants to be recognized as a man..”
          Because those people are women.

        22. i doubted u would have an answer. i showed you the ugly side of your saviour, the feminism, and u didnt even bother to respond. i opened myself up to you, and you decided to ignore this rare phenomenon. and then you wonder when males stop showing emotion to a woman?
          i also think youre a hyprcrite; because you demand we stop pressing you (woman) into a role you dont want, but when i show you that feminism pressed ME (male) into a role that didnt fit, you just ignore it. with that behaviour you lost every shred of respect and trustworthyness there was.
          im done with you. in our little chatting you proved everything right this site is promoting. but let me say this as a “parting gift”: i couldnt recover from my past and im fucked with my BPS. but this BPS also has benefits. its very easy for me to reach the hearts of the people around me, and im able to touch woman on a level far beyond any game. im targeting feminists. not on a big scale, but i go after woman who internalized the feminism agenda, which means double standarts against males. i crushed one`s heart utterly, today shes only a whiny shade of what she “was” before we came close to each other, isolated, fat, depressive. another one i was together with commited suicide already. those two woman talked in a similar way you did, full of demands, but not willing to see the hell feminism creates for males. and no, its not just the radfems who make this world a shithole. they thought they were strong. im not feeling any remorse, and im far from done. keep spreading feminism, and you keep creating monsters like me. and trust me, im not alone.

  3. Learn Old English and read it in Hard-mode. I would recommend learning the origins of any language, you get the feel of real life and how they used to act. Now days language loses all meaning, but reading the Old English tales (and via linguistic structure) of how society operated gives you a respect for how hard life was. A simple example, King comes from the same origin as kin, for the King was leader of kin. In the tribal world your leader was your kinsman and was there to lead for the benefit of his own related people. This is totally opposite to what we have now. Or the records of Ælfric, which is the easiest Old English to go through, you learn of the roles that even small children had to work in, such as the life/death occupation of boar hunting.

  4. I don’t like the this ‘cultural marxist’ term. It’s too vague and nobody knows what it means
    Just say equalism. It’s stronger and makes liberals jump because its very mention puts their very core belief into question
    Also request link to Kurdish boxer beating up five guys

    1. He did it to protect his wife’s honor. Fighting for bitches is blue pill… Even if you are a pro

      1. Fighting to protect your family’s honor is exactly what Beowulf is about. I think you missed the point of this article.

        1. Except the entitled whore that this boxer married isn’t worth fighting for. How many dicks have you sucked Lilly.
          Stop justyifying white knightism for damaged goods.. cause that’ not the point of Beowulf

        2. I have always said, there are some women worth fighting for, but none worth fighting over.

      2. He lives in a very patriarchal society where honor, especially family honor, is everything. Somebody insulting your wife in your face is really like insulting you and your whole family. That’s very different then some beta standing up for some random, spolied, femenist cunt.

        1. So patriarchal that his wife had sucked 10 dicks before she got married and that some other men sensed she was DTF when he wasn’t around.

        2. Assuming that is the case (would be useful if you provide a link to the source), then he was an idiot to marry her in the first place. But that does not change the nature of the society, family honor etc. Every society throughout history, even patriarchal ones, has had whores in it.

        3. Come, now; you’re both right. He should beat down the men that wanted to get with his wife, and if his wife got down with them, he should give her a whipping, too.

  5. I love seeing ROK continue to bring up/push people into literature. Of all the bullshit that progressives have done, claiming literature as their own is about the worst. So many males in our culture see literature as a leftist, feminine pursuit and it’s totally inaccurate and tragic. Reading literature is a far more rigorous, challenging and constructive activity than most any other form of entertainment, if done correctly; therefore, it’s a masculine endeavor for sure.
    -Conan Doyle
    -Edgar Rice Burroughs
    -Joseph Conrad
    -Sax Rohmer
    -Cormac McCarthy
    The list goes on and on. This stuff is a miracle and it’s a shame that boys who naturally gravitate to the right will learn to avoid literature like it’s an EBT card or something. So misguided. Thanks ROK for sticking to this fight. Literature does not belong to the left.

    1. Lefties can’t write worth shit
      Someone recommended Ursula K Le Guin and I couldn’t stop laughing
      It was like an 8 year old girl projecting her fantasies into words

      1. I read LeGuin a long time ago as a kid but I can’t remember. I wouldn’t have known either way. What’s more aggravating to me is how leftist multicultural worship absolutely dominated literary fiction for fifteen, maybe twenty years and it’s hardly over. So many stories are the exact same;
        (Insert random country/culture) person immigrates to American and feels like they are ‘torn between two places’. “I went to the neighborhood picnic and I couldn’t decide between the hot dog and the (chalupa, hummus, taco, schnitzel, falafel, churrasco, fan, kimchi, yakisoba). It’s the same story again and again. An immigrant’s auto-hagiography presented through minor adjustment struggles–with a strong insinuation that the struggles are to be blamed on loathsome whites. Endless examples of the same story. It has nearly killed literary fiction, at least for the people who want to read the current offerings. I’m lost in 1880-1950 or thereabouts.

      2. I actually thought there were some neat ideas in The Left Hand of Darkness, but the actual writing quality of that book was awful. It was part of a science-fiction class I took otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten through it.
        A good book written by a woman (not necessarily a leftist) IMO is Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

      3. When I was a kid I read this book by Margaret Atwood where she wrote about an alien race who shared everything. The book was intended for adults.

    2. I love Cormac McCarthy. The books The Road and No Country For Old Men are better than the films, which are still pretty damn good

      1. Amen. I’ve yet to get started on Blood Meridian though. Heard great things about that one.

    3. Maybe its time for an alternative literary prize, based purely on merit and which would be about continuing the canon of the great literature rather than destroying it.

      1. LOL, I can already hear the harpies getting cranked up about the patriarchy wants to exclude their “labor” and “talent” from from the Alternative Literary Prize.
        The labels sexist, rapist, abuser, neanderthal etc. are already on their way as we speak.

        1. Well they do keep talking about rape culture don’t they? They’d probably end up calling it rape high culture and end up trying to gain admission to the elite club that excludes them

    4. May I also add Furin Kazan? It’s a translation of a Japanese Classic about warfare in 16th century Japan. Very red pill, but distinct from the Viking values referenced here.

    5. Now THAT is a good selection of authors. And I absolutely agree with you that every boy growing up should read these stories. I feel sorry that I didn’t grew up with them, instead growing up with video games and stupid comic book heroes, but I’m catching up.

  6. Putting it succinctly, the feminists/SJW resent the implied obligation to the ” manhood, honour, legacy, heroism, and the tragedy of male disposability.”

    1. Yup. Robert Howard’s Conan, Kull and Citizen Kane are extremely well-written, basically literary, super adventures. What a genius. Most people hear the name ‘Conan’ and immediately assume anything associated with it is meat-headed but that’s so inaccurate. Howard could write at a very high level. Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan adventures are in the same boat. Literary writing skill though not such a literary topic. Awesome.

      1. I’m reading solomon kane currently. Little heavy on the racial undertone but i enjoy the stories.

      2. Love Robert E Howard’s stories. And I’ve been getting into Edgar Rice Burroughs’ stories as well. Simple but highly entertaining.

  7. Damn – need to move that up the queue.
    I’ve occasionally read the classic prose works, but my love of classic literature beyond Mark Twain and history (the Anabasis is one hell of a read, and the Afghanistan it paints is still recognizable today) lies mostly in poetry, especially that which has heart and life and blood and thunder. Especially Rudyard Kipling.
    And the opening lines of the Iliad are also sheer poetry.
    I even did regular recorded poetry readings for a while…. my computer died and I left it by the wayside, I just returned to it and am fixing up the hosting, but take a look at in the next day or so.

    1. And then there are the three most powerful opening words in the literary history of Dead White Men:
      Call me Ishmael.

      1. While Moby Dick doesn’t draw me much, I’ll grant you there’s a good argument for that position. It’ one hell of an opening

    2. μῆνιν ἄειδε θεὰ Πηληϊάδεω Ἀχιλῆος
      οὐλομένην, ἣ μυρί᾽ Ἀχαιοῖς ἄλγε᾽ ἔθηκε,
      πολλὰς δ᾽ ἰφθίμους ψυχὰς Ἄϊδι προΐαψεν
      Blood and thunder, indeed.

  8. Great article. and very well written.
    I would agree completely that hero myths involving male bravado and courage are powerful achetypes. .because they have a core truth to them.. unlike the feminist garbage of female protoganists in movies and books (see The Hunger Games with Jennifer “buttplug” Lawrence for example).
    Hero myths that have male figures going out into the world and slaying a “dragon” or monster are true on a primal level.. because they reflect a biological and cultural reality that feminist garbage just doesn’t. Firstly, because of the obvious biological reality of males being stronger it’s almost always males who bear the burden of going to war and defending their town, villlage or civilization.
    Secondly, males who take risks that involve slaying a “dragon” or exploring a new territory, etc. are rewarded for their courage and risks by rising in the dominance hierachy, and thereby, having the pick of the most attractive and sexually desirable females. Human females, like most primates, mate across and over the dominance hierachy. T his is what hypergamy is really all about. Women are attracted to men who stand out.. and rise above other men.
    For men, taking the risk to slay the “dragon” and risk their lives.. makes sense. Sure, in many it doesn’t pay off. .and men suffer the consequences.. through loss of life or other ways.. but when it does pay off, it pays off big time. and in the most important and primal way, which is to attract a sexually attractive and desirable female mate.
    For women, this just isn’t true. Women rarely are the risk takers and fighters.. because they are bearers of children and quite simply biologically the weaker of the sexes. It makes no sense for a village or community to risk their child-bearing women to fight in wars.. it’s asking for demographic suicide.
    Secondly, the risk and reward payoffs just aren’t there for women to endanger their lives and be courageous and slay the “dragon.” It is a detriment in terms of mating opportunities for women who stand out and become “exceptional”.. because of the female hypergamic nature. The more successful and accomplished and high status a woman is, the FEWER men she is willing to consider good enough to be her mate. This is exactly the opposite of high status men.. who don’t care about a woman’s status.. career.. .success.. etc. .when looking for a desirable mate. For men, what is important and what they respond to is youth, beauty, and fertility.
    Check out this excellent lecture by Jordan Peterson that touches on the archetypes of the hero myth and the truth embedded in them:
    Jordan Peterson on Slaying the Dragon Within Us

    1. True. Even the boldest of valkyries, Brynhildur Buðladóttir, refused to open her legs to any man who couldn’t defeat her in a duel.

  9. If every man had a little Beowulf in him, then:
    1). The government would be a fraction of its size
    2). Metropolitan police departments would dwindle to tiny eschews of community servants who pick up trash and carry lollipops for handing to children
    3). The actual genetically predisposed manginas and divorce attorneys would be shiftless beggars on the outskirts
    4). The term ‘patriarchy’ would be obscure and seldom used since it is currently used mostly by its detractors. It would go without saying that FATHER RULE is inherently ‘the way’ and would naturally be DONE in course without mention.
    Also another Nordic great and pioneer: ERIK THE RED
    Good recommended reading for primary homeschoolers or after school de programming.

    1. 4) is kind of silly. Both men and women wielded power, but they both had their own defined roles in germanic society. They didn’t look up to or down on womanhood, manhood or such, because quite frankly, everybody needed to work together to survive.

      1. During pax germania or teutonia perhaps, when men and their frau’s ride the ‘see saw’ and peace and crops are abundant. But the balance turned over in weimar germany or modern femicunt germany spells ensuing disaster. The hard rectifying force of patriarchy is as ingrained and is strong as the life force of our species and tribe itself. Patriarchy will come to the rescue once again.

        1. We were talking about the culture that was described in Beowulf, right?
          Since it takes place in Sweden/Denmark, and is written by Saxons, the Weimar republic doesn’t really enter into it.
          And why is it wrong that women and men worked together as equal but different partners?

    1. It seems to me to be a cruder form of Macchiavellianism shrouded in Norse Pagan imagery. At first glance I resent this misrepresentation of Norse pagan culture with the name Ragnar Redbeard. This philosophy is fundamentally different from Norse sagas because it doesn’t allow for a notion of honour in the equation. I mean unfortunately this might is right thing is a real dynamic and it’s how the world works often so it’s hard to dismiss it outright without actually reading it. I don’t know can anyone verify that this is worth it? Has anyone else read it?

      1. Yes, and I take its advice and apply it to itself:
        Question everything. Adhere only to the truth. Deny everything and whatever remains standing is the truth. Adhere even to the truth with reservations.
        Read it in that light and you shouldn’t have any problems with being led astray. I’ve linked below to the pdf so you can begin reading it right now for free.
        I’ll start you off on the path with a freebie to chew on:
        The Norse sagas are not the truth.

  10. Ah yes…I read that book in grade school and the male teacher taught the class made the story engaging. Those are the two reasons why I enjoyed that book.

  11. Awesome analysis. Traditionally, story telling was used to instil values and examples in the new generations. Even taking a look at old fairy tales, you will find plenty of dragon and wolf slaying stories. They breathe life into values and concepts like honour, courage, sacrifice, and above all that a man must *become* a man through strife.
    What sad times we live in, that our young people get brainwashed with cultural marxist, feminist and progressive BULLSHIT instead of these classical values. This article gives us a very important message: Learning to value again the classical masculine literature is yet another step we all must take in claiming back our manhood.

  12. I’ve never read Beowulf but have always meant to. I once worked with a very disadvantaged guy who surprised me by showing me a translation he was doing of the original text. He hadn’t got that far, but that isn’t the point. Its written in old (and very strange) english, and just not the sort of thing you just decide to translate. I always wondered what motivated him to do that, and maybe there are some clues in this very evocative article.
    Lowering the tone slightly, the film, the Thirteenth Warrior is I think (quite loosely) based on this tale, and regardless of what you think of it as a whole features one of the best depictions of a warrior king I can think of: a guy who says virtually nothing, but leads with absolute nobility of character and ultimately heroic self-sacrifice. The lingering image of him dying in triumph on his makeshift throne as though in ascent to the halls of Valhalla stays with you long after the film itself.

    1. The Thirteenth Warrior ( is on my top 10 list of movies for men. I particularly like the way the story of Beowulf is blended into a coming of age story, with the twist that the boy who becomes a man is an adult, raised in a soft environment that isolated him from the rough and tumble of the wider word, a pampered and somewhat womanly poet of the court who becomes a bard of the battlefield.
      How totally appropriate for today’s young men who are seeking a way back to manhood after their feminist dominated upbringing.
      Pay particular attention to the role of women and how his dealings with them shapes the path of his life. It’s a little blue pill – red pill treatise on its own.
      “Did she finish you off, or bring you back to life?”
      And of course:
      Lo, there do I see my father,
      Lo there do I see my mother, my sisters and
      my brothers,
      Lo there do I see the line of my people, back to the
      Lo, they do call me, they bid me take my place among them,
      the halls of Valhalla, where the brave may live forever.
      And if you ever start to wonder if you have it in you, remember, the line of your people, even the least among them, were, each in their own way, some tough sumbitches.
      Or you wouldn’t be here.

      1. It’s a great movie, and more subtle than one might at first think.
        It does indeed have a kind of coming of age vibe to it, which I suppose belongs to the bildungsromans tradition – i.e. a narrative of becoming / education. At the same time it’s an ‘ethnographic’
        narrative of sorts – of the stranger encountering an alien society from the outside, who learns to respect his hosts, learning to speak their language and more metaphorically the language of being a warrior – the red pill reality of blood and honour. That ethnographic ‘outside to insider’ approach is I think an appropriate one for the story. The hero-king depicted may have been born and bred to be a warrior , but for those, like the narrator, who encounter his example they must be made in his example however much they may retain their outsiders ‘non-native’ perspective, at the very least for the purpose of
        telling the tale.

  13. I think Tom Barry’s presentation of Beowulf illustrates well the difference between a “true alpha male” and a simpleton douchebag.

  14. Any men with any interest in the free exchange of ideas should know what a gag this site has become. These clowns are deleting comments and banning people faster than any feminist rag out there. This has become one big circle jerk with zero tolerance for any deviation from the party line. Fuck you, Return of Queens, I gotta feel bad for anyone that thinks they’re part of any kind of free thinking here. I’m out.

  15. Trolling RoK with:
    ” . . .misogynists . . . avoid them like the plague . . .”
    only serves to show that you can’t even do that with any degree of competence.

  16. Your experience of studying Beowulf was so different from mine in a US university. It was presented to us as the foundational epic of English literature. I came away thinking the hero was a bit dramatic and emotional and tended to go on at lengths that lost my interest cogitating on his future actions instead of acting. But, after all, it is an epic poem. In any case, not once was any feminist theory brought up as relevant to the literature of folks from 1000 years ago.

  17. The film ’13th Warrior’ was made after Michael Crichton’s book ‘Eaters of the Dead’, which was in turn inspired by Beowulf. Recommended if you’re interested in adventures of real men.

    1. Not especially relevant, but; when they filmed 13th Warrior in Prince Rupert, BC, the people making the movie ended up calling it ‘Eaters of the Crew’. Guess filming almost exclusively at night in the rain made for some bad days.

  18. If you want this Lilac to remain a permanent fixture in the comment section then by all means, reply to her. You are arguing with a spoiled rotten seven year old child sticking her tongue out at you saying “nyah nyah, you can’t make me!” Ignore her and she will get pissed and turn up the heat to bait you, continue to ignore her and she will give up and leave to troll other sites.

  19. Why is everyone engaging in discussion with that cunt “Lilac Haze”? Judging by her posts she’s batshit …
    Didn’t Roosh say some time ago that responding to cunts was an automatic ban from commenting here?

  20. Looking for a truly transformative work? Read Julius Evola. Beowulf, the Iliad, the Song of Roland, the Aeneid, etc. are all good places to start. Evola provides the overarching narrative, the religio-philosophical background which all emerged from.

  21. This article is valuable insofar as it recommends an incredibly historically significant work of early English literature, but lacks real critical analysis of the seemingly ‘straw man’ type feminist literary criticisms to which it alludes.
    The writer implies that the criticisms of Beowulf presented from this feminist viewpoint, specifically that those criticisms decry the texts tendency to glorify a patriarchal society, somehow represent a larger threat to the validity of the work itself.
    I assert this is functionally false; that Beowulf is and will always be a staple of the modern English literary canon, firmly demonstrating the masculine patriarchal values of the period in which it was compiled by monks from a series of oral traditions. Not only does a retroactive attempt to analyze Beowulf from a modern feminist perspective yield a comparatively small addition to our contemporary understanding of it (early Norse warrior societies didn’t care a great deal about equality for women? No shit.) but I would assert that such efforts to do so represent the vast minority of criticisms leveled against the piece, primarily authored by feminist undergraduates of an uninspired inclination.
    This conceptual construction of a obviously innocuous issue into a seemingly larger societal threat against the sanctity of manhood is indicative of a larger trend within ROK articles, namely that it is not enough to support something exclusively on its own merits; one must also acknowledge a greater threat to the sphere of masculinity.
    “Cultural Marxists have declared war on literature and tradition”
    Have they really? Well shit let’s get a fucking army together and… Oh wait.
    You what that statement smacks of? Alarmist thinking and emotionalism. Playing into such notions is a very trite and reactive way of engaging with the world: holding the assumption that everything that one disagrees with or that provokes contradiction to one’s preconceptions on a subject is inherently linked with other such nuisances in a broader plot to undermine one’s happiness and quality of life.
    To the writer: if you can field evidence that feminist thought is destroying the validity of Beowulf on a widespread academic and cultural scale, then please present it forthright. If you cannot, I would humbly suggest that it is irresponsible, lazy and does a disservice to the thoughts of your readers, to arbitrarily create an implied chain of causation where none exists. Instead might I recommend fielding genuinely interesting and discussion provoking question for readers to consider without resorting to feminist bashing; because honestly who cares what they think about Beowulf.
    An interesting article topic, which I would like to see in the comings days might be:
    How can the Red Pill values present in Beowulf be applied to better a man’s daily life in the modern age?
    To react in fear or anger to a feminist position is childish and emotional. Intellect and reason should always sooner be the companions of an accomplished man.

  22. Beowulf is a transitional bridge between the Nordic gods and Christ. In this way the warrior caste of English were brought to civilization.

  23. An aside — if you like the sound of this, try the little book “The Legacy of Heorot” by Niven, Pournelle, and Barnes. It’s a science fiction story whose theme is essentially the need for warriors like Beowulf, and the ‘dragon’ of the story is like the xenomorph from Alien on steroids.

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