5 Lines That Potential Wives Cannot Cross

In the modern west the proportion of marriages that end in divorce is very high, up to 50%. The good news is that it does not follow from this that YOU have a 1 in 2 chance of divorce, no sir. Your chance will at least be reduced, because you are smart and will make the decisions that mitigate some of the risk.

So, you meet a girl who might actually fit the bill. If you’re looking to increase your chances at maintaining a stable family unit, here are five red lines to establish from the moment the relationship starts.

1. You don’t reject me, ever

This first one speaks for itself. Under no circumstance can you accept the idea that she gets to choose if or when to satisfy you or choose to sabotage your joint fertility. Like the other red lines, you need to establish this one well before you sign on the dotted line. Practice this from day one and make it clear before you actually marry and the chance it will be accepted long-term is very high.

If you meet resistance on this matter other than for a very good reason, just quote the line to her. If she continues to protest, then simply next her. Only give sex when it suits you. Making her miss out just a little will only make her keener, so don’t sweat, it establishes the basic theme. You control the time and frequency of sex, not her.

This rule is not just important to the fulfillment of your biological needs. More importantly, a woman who will deny you sex early on will only use it to gain greater power over you in the long run. Simply realize this is not a woman you want tethered to your life, and move on.

The obvious exception to this is the first time you have sex. Typically she will control the timing of that for obvious reasons. From the second time onward, any poorly-reasoned denial is a red flag.

2. I make the decisions, not you

You can’t operate as an effective unit unless there is a clear decision maker. You are that decision maker. As a rule of thumb that means that all decisions about things outside the house are in your sphere. If she wants some responsibility, it’s ok if she chooses how to cook the eggs.

You shall manage money competently and save to create future wealth. After demonstrating that you are a safe pair of hands it will be a lot easier to maintain discipline in this area. If you leave her with power over spending decisions she will squander the lot, so don’t give her the option.

I feel bound to point this out, but it should go without saying. You are not going to make this one stick unless you make decisions which are genuinely aimed at mutual benefit. Once you establish a trust that you will make responsible decisions, most girls will happily follow your leadership. Any girl who doesn’t is just asking for the door. As a gentleman you are ever-ready to open it for her.

3. Contraceptives and abortion are murder

Yes, that’s right. When you are selecting a wife or are married you don’t accept such practices. Why? Immediate children, more children, short gaps between children. These all increase her dependence on you and the loyalty that comes with it.

Sluts and pleasure-seeking women will next you right away if you insist on applying this rule. We are looking for a wife, right? So that’s a good thing. This rule may require some short delay before having sex. That’s fine, we are chasing a good partner for the next 50 years.

If she is marriageable don’t be afraid to make her pregnant before marriage. There is nothing like a baby on the way to increase your bargaining power. Since you are sincere in your search you are not harming her. You are helping her by overcoming her female propensity to waste her fertile years on a career, bad boys, and antidepressants.

4. I don’t touch children till they can walk

Yes, that’s right. Mothering is for mothers. If she tries to insist, just feign incompetence. It’s not hard and no girl can resist taking over.

If she claims she has other responsibilities that just means she doesn’t have enough time for those other responsibilities. Being a mother is a full-time job and her first priority. Any work, sport, church, or whatever that she can’t handle just has to go. Yes, that means everything up until the youngest child enters school.

It’s important for your children that they have her full attention. There is no one on Earth who will do as good a job. Child care services are not acceptable substitutes for a mother’s time, so don’t let her use them. If you are worried about your family living on a single income then either don’t get married, knuckle down, or harden up.

Breast feeding is good for children and increases her bond with your children, so make her do it for one year. Then make her stop. Otherwise it might delay the next child and make her search for alternatives to being a wife and mother.

5. You have left your old family and joined mine

Don’t actually say this one. Just make it clear that her family and friends from before are not important to you. Their opinions do not matter. Don’t spend a lot of time with them. Show them exemplary politeness, but only the required respect and minimum interest.

If she is worth having as a wife then she will get the message and simply attach herself to your family. Under no circumstance should you think that you can establish relations on a win-win basis with such people. They will turn on you the moment there are problems between you and your wife. When that happens, the less influence they have the better.

Now ask yourself how she will find the chance to stray?

Just imagine the situation. Wedding. Pregnant. Child born. Full time mother. No career. Breast feeding. Stop breast-feeding. Constant sex. Pregnant again. Repeat. There is little opportunity for her to get away from the children and her commitment to you, let alone consider alternatives to marriage. By the time the youngest child is in school her SMV relative to yours will have dropped, and you are safer. There are no guarantees in life but this is about as close as it comes to a solid gold one. So, follow these rules and enjoy your traditional marriage.

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768 thoughts on “5 Lines That Potential Wives Cannot Cross”

  1. “If she is marriageable don’t be afraid to make her pregnant before marriage. There is nothing like a baby on the way to increase your bargaining power.”
    Disagree with that. Divorce-rape victims ALWAYS think their ex-wife was marriage material. You can be the most red pill, alpha, BMF and get this wrong. It’s not gonna help you any in the legal system where you are completely screwed in the west. As has been reinforced here time and again here, IF you want to get married and have children in the west, you better do you due diligence. I would recommend at least a good couple years of marriage before children to confirm the selection.

  2. I am 28 years old, have been married for four years. It hit the rocks about two years ago and in desperation I searched for answers on the Internet. The red pill did save it for me. At one point I blamed my wife but she is a decent girl and hell we were both brain washed by the communists, I mean family crushing progressives. You can’t take an ancient institution like marriage and live according to subject to modern society rules. It just don’t work fellas. You may as well be like the black boys running around banging bitches like buck deer and eating off their food stamps.
    All bullshit aside yall #5 is extremely important. Who the fuck is telling her to do this, do that, without considering you or your concerns? Her fucking parents. I ignorantly started out very friendly with them, ok with them coming over all the time, wagging their goddamn chins at my dinner table, and having full control of her mind. ( I don’t want to sound sick here but someone will have control of her mind either her boss, her parents, or you. Might as well be the husband right? That’s the way it was for millennia).
    One of the main points that did save my marriage was crushing her parents like ants. Now they come around whimpering like submissive puppy dogs because they know I am not to be fucked with. If they are dealing with me or mine, the know they are like fat asses walking on thin ice. And that is how it should be.

      1. Racial? Didn’t mean to wad panties just calling it like I see it. this is all about reality remember? Besides I didn’t mean disrespect, they may have figured out the best way to live under our current social situation. Whether you get there from 500 years of bigotry and oppression or 40 years of feminazi rule logical outcome appears to be the same. I don’t want it for any of my fellow humans with dick and balls though because it will ultimately evolve into women completely ruling the world.

        1. Make insulting comments and it comes right back to your face. That’s reality. Best you stay behind your keyboard. Its safer.

        2. Are you black? If so, I would ask if I made a false accusation. I want black men to succeed like I want other men to succeed. If you are white, go suck a dick. You are hiding behind your keyboard too because we both know we could be hounded for being on such an evil site.

        3. I am black. Point is I don’t act as you describe and neither does any black person I know. I realise that sadly, there are many young black men who are essentially, broken but I don’t believe every other black man should be maligned for this. The reason for my strong reaction to you is that there is no shortage of real racists on this site who will turn every article into an attack on black people.

    1. You did the right thing. Excess influence from in-laws, and in many cases, one’s own parents, WILL doom any marriage.

    2. How did you lay down the law?
      I’ve seen this dynamic play out personally. In-laws can be completely wonderful if you’re really fucking lucky or they can just see you as resources to extract.
      And 99% of women will always always listen to what people say… even if those other people are losers. Gotta hold frame.

      1. it is a rather long story but I will say this. First thing is the wife has to know it is either you or the parents. If she chooses the parents I can’t help you there bubs I reckon you just married th wrong gal. Get a divorce while you are young, don’t have shit for wealth, and hopefully no kids. I believe God will be on your side and will reward you later on. But if she chooses you then the next step is to sit them down, look them in the eye. Tell them specifically where they hve overstepped their bounds and the consequences that both you and their daughter have suffered as a result. Let them know this is their one warning and the next will mean they are no longer welcome being involved with your family. (This depends on the severity of their transgression- my scenario was pretty chronic and serious). If your natural persona is a masculine man as long as they have known you they will pay attention.

        1. Can I ask you, was the mother-in-law the ring leader? Was the father-in-law just going along with the dominante she beast screechure? Just curious.

        2. It was the father in law. They had a traditional marriage for example I hve never seen him wash a dish that is why I let them in close- thought they would be a good influence. But he had a different agenda. He is one of those do as I say not as I do apparently.

  3. Personally, I would add another point to the list- I would not allow women in the workplace.
    It all begins with women in the workplace. As long as feminism exists and encourages more women to enter the workforce, then divorce statistics will continue to remain high. There are now more women than men in the labor market, and thanks to radical feminism and liberal policies, more men are now starting to either become the trophy husband, or committing suicide as a result of not being able to secure employment thanks to HR departments and their constant discrimination against men.
    In today’s world, women are now becoming masculine, aggressive, trying to reverse the gender roles, bringing sexual harassment suits, stirring up dramas in the workplace, abandoning their kids and outsourcing them to daycare and always pointlessly, challenging men. And you wonder why divorce rates are high and boys are growing up to become effiminate?
    As I have said, I do not believe women should be in the workplace. I believe in the traditional gender roles- men go out to work and the women takes care of the house and children. It is this, which helps to maintain the nuclear family and create stronger family bonds.

  4. Make sure she has had no prior sexual partners before you. In other words, she is a virgin when you meet. Studies have shown that women with no prior sexual partners before their husband will stay with him more than 80% of the time.
    Those are pretty good odds. #NoHymenNoDiamond

    1. Worse.
      Studies indicate that the appearance of your child is influenced by her previous sexual partners. You are not the only father to your child.

        1. I thought that too (i.e. they have only studied insects). But, when they are say “we don’t know [that] this applies to other species” they are just being good scientists. They don’t know because they haven’t tested other scientists.
          But here’s the scary part. Aristotle theorized this affect in humans. And this was considered true until the science of genetics was developed. Now we have the first hole in our previous understanding of genetics.

        2. There isn’t evidence this happens in humans. It also doesn’t specify the time elapsed between mating partners. I would imagine if it applied to humans at all, it would only apply during the same menstruation cycle.

        3. No there is not empirical evidence. But there is theory (which to be fair I have not examined). But it is worth further examination. After all, why do we have a natural inclination to prefer virgin women to sluts and why do we feel a certain disgust at knowing our woman has had more than one cock (yours) in her?

        4. I’ve never heard of this. Please enlighten me.
          The mother stores some of the genetic material of the alpha for later use? It alters her own chromosomes somehow?
          I don’t get it.

        5. Because women are an investment and and sluts are riskier investments than virgins.
          PHD student Jolle Jolles of Cambridge University’s Zoology Department said: “I would expect telogony to be possible to a certain extent via behavioural effects, i.e. women who were previously in a relationship with a wealthier man might have a better body condition and therefore might be able to invest more in their offspring.”

        6. I think its more primal than that. Nobody intellectualizes why finding out their girlfriend has been with 31 dudes fills them with disgust and essentially ends the relationship.

        7. That’s an interesting way to put it but you don’t need to be an economist to feel the revulsion.

        8. I could but into the argument if “his fluids” are still present, but what kind of selfrespecting man is having kids with a girl like that?

        9. You got it buddy. I love sluts as much as the next guy, but I certainly wouldn’t buy her a house. Maybe a mai thai and a hotel room for the night.

        10. Because she is not YOURS. Psychologically, she is simply not yours, no matter how hard you try. Only fucking chumps believe a hoe can be made into a housewife.

        11. Like art, or really anything of value on this planet. If it is easily obtainable, it is not worth admiration or great effort to obtain. A simple fact of nature in which women are not immune.

        12. lol, as funny as this is, I’m trying to understand the genetic behind this because it does not make sense. Is the embryonic alleles cause recombination or something to where it leads to smaller eggs? strongdata/10

        13. Stick to girls no older than 20. That is what I do. Even 20 is a bit old for my taste. Keep it white and tight.

        14. Well, that’s interesting if true. I hope to see if any actual study is done on this.
          There is a growing awareness of “epigenetics”. Your DNA responding and changing to the environment is basically what it’s all about. For example, why did the colonists in the original 13 US colonies end up with a different accent than their British forebears?
          Things like that.
          I also have a theory that much of the autism we see has some relation to women waiting too long to have kids. By her 30s, after a lifetime of crap food, medications, and GMO, her DNA is too damaged to have a healthy child. So even if on a health kick just before and during pregnancy, the damage is done.
          The same could also be said for male seed, though with millions in each load the numbers game plays for better odds.

        15. It’s an evolved countermeasure to human female brood parasitism. You don’t intellectualize why lions are scary, why rotten meat smells and tastes bad, or why that uncontrollable urge to step back wells up in you when you stand on the edge of a precipice. It’s evolution speaking directly in your ear ”DON’T DO IT BRO”.

        16. Epigenetics is pretty fascinating.
          I bet correlations have been drawn on that topic linking mothers’ age to probability of autism…
          Too lazy to check right now but that is certainly not impossible.

        17. What? Are you even remotely cognizant of the female reproductive system and the location of its parts?

        18. Another awful thing is the women that decide since they “are getting fat anyway” they might as well eat junk food throughout the pregnancy, poisoning their unborn child.

        19. Exactly. So we don’t need to postulate, “hmm how does this affect my woman’s market value”.

        20. Since you missed the point, I will restate. Have you ever heard of an ovarian pregnancy?

      1. The data merely suggests there are other non-genetic factors too, as we’ve always suspected, which influence the child a woman will produce.

        1. I’m much taller and bigger than my older brother but we do look alike in the face. What does that mean?

      2. In my experience, I could tell they were my kids right away, not that there was doubt. But seriously, if they don’t look like you, there should be no hesitation to do genetic testing. I couldn’t imagine nurturing kids that didn’t resemble me.

    2. While I think it is a good idea, good luck finding that. Outside of extremely religious families, where the girls are much more likely to be interested exclusively in someone else of the same religious background, there is almost no one in America that hasn’t had premarital sex with multiple partners. Even from surveys it is less than 5% so if that is a parameter for marriage, most guys aren’t getting married.

      1. Find a muslim girl whose older brothers won’t behead you and her in an honor killing. Easy peasy.

        1. Any Muslim family where the girl is religious enough to stay a virgin is one where the brother will kill you for being a non Muslim.

        2. I’m not really willing to convert to Islam. But yes, that is an example of a demographic that would enter the marriage a virgin.

        3. Her definition of virgin is that her hymen is still intact. She takes it up the ass from multiple guys and she’s still a “virgin”.

        4. That’s probably the 4 out of 5% on the surveys claiming to be virgins. So now we are left with ~1% of actual virgins. Further reinforcing the difficulty of finding virgins. And of course, women don’t count anal or oral in their number of sexual partners either.

        5. I only know one virgin in her 20s, and I wouldn’t touch her with someone else’s dick.
          That being said, I doubt that she is a virgin by choice.

        6. I know about 3 or 4. They’re attractive and are seemingly normal, but religion has strongly influenced them. Then again, I don’t live in the USA.

        7. I’m Muslim, and you’re so wrong lol. If a Muslim girl is a virgin, it’s cause she’s religious. So she ain’t marrying anyone that isn’t Muslim, crazy brothers or no.

        8. I’m just kidding man. I have dated Muslim girls and yeah,you are right about the marriage thing. But I prefer them to “Christian” girls.

        9. Not really so, while religion helps out as an enforcer, most of the Muslim girls in the US that I have been around that were saving them selves, came from communities that were simply very patriarchal and close nit where everybody new everybody else. These girls were thought, from the moment they started walking that the worst thing they can do is have premarital sex. Second worst thing, marry someone outside the community. Of course, this is slowly changing too, as does everything in the west.

        10. Sure, they’ll become victims of an honour killing once he found out she’s not a virgin because her brothers got there first.

        11. Yeah, but in that kind of family you can be almost sure that she’s had a clitorectomy when she was little.

      2. I think there’s a little wiggle room when it comes to premarital sex. It’s one thing if she’s slept with two of her past LTRs, completely different than getting pumped-and-dumped by 10+ dudes in college.

        1. Maybe not wearing short skirts with naked privates could prevent such mishaps.
          They ought to teach that in school.

        2. Beware the women with a complexion that glows to much, baby-soft skin, and anti-gravity properties in the pectoral and posterior areas. She may have consumed plenty of bukaki, too, if you can detect that mouth smelling a bit too clean, like she washed it with diluted bleach.

        3. It seems like everybody is soured by the same girl, the materialistic college slut. Why not ignore these “privileged” idiots? Haters like strongsloth take it over to the other negative extreme. That is not the way to happiness by any means.

        4. I think that wiggle room should exist because it would make sex awkward for her in her wedding night. But being pumped and dumped by 10+ dudes is another story. That’s if she wants to be considered marriage material, of course. Finding virgins are very rare nowadays. Some experience is good but if she’s been with a lot of guys, she’s not tight anymore, especially if she has kids already. Then that means you gotta fuck her harder.

      3. A woman who has had 5 long term relationships is in a different category from a woman who has been with 50+ men. You won’t have the same opportunity to mold her as you would a virgin, but she still has capability to pair bond. The issue is all women lie and refuse to tell the truth except under anonymous screen names online where their real behavior comes out.

        1. That can and does backfire – sometimes that actually DO “turn into a different person” once they finish puberty (around 19-21 years old).

        2. Of course it can, marriage can backfire at any time, place or age as women are constantly becoming different persons. Guess what, when they looks decline by 26 and again by30 and 35 they keep changing. It is alot easier to deal with a 16 y/o than a 30 y/o who has been around the hamster wheel.

        3. Unless it’s a 16 y/o who, after 10 years or so decides that she absolutely must spin the hamster wheel and get a ride on the carousel…

        4. All you do is confirm my point that by 26-30 a woman becomes MORE DIFFICULT to manage because by that point she is spinning the hamster more.
          Your comment is a 16 y/o after 10 years will go spin hamster. So what do you think will occur to the 26 y/o? She will be that hamster spinner foolish.
          At least at 26, the girl mightnot be smart enough to screw you in every which way she is legally entitled too, she might just want to get away and be too ignorant to hire a lawyer to smash your balls in.
          A 16 y/o is going to be more idyllic and more likely to think this 1 man can be the man for life. No 26-30y/o attractive female who has taken an army of cocks is thinking this.
          If you are looking for a wife in the west, you have to go young otherwise you are wasting your time and will marry a cum dumpster. Every time you walk down the street there are probably multiple men who cummed on her face giving her the wink and you don’t know. The older chicks have been with so many other men that they really only settle on a man, they never truly marry out of love. How can you love 1 MAN after you’ve fucked a whole football, baseball and basketball team?

      4. “there is almost no one in America that hasn’t had premarital sex with multiple partners.”
        Yes, in many cases, all at the same time.

    3. The jury is out on whether marrying a woman as her first lover is what leads to stable marriage, or if stable girls are just less likely to be promiscuous.
      My guess is that its a mix of both.

      1. It’s obvious that that works.
        The problem is young men don’t have the resources or stability to tie down a woman at 17 to 20.

        1. Why is it obvious?
          I’m thinking some girls just naturally have more of an inclination to cheat, desire to play the field.
          My guess is that personality differences will play a role to some extent.

        2. I would speculate that having variety in sexual partners increases the likelihood of playing the field as the individual has more relative comparisons. Basically reinforcing choice. We have all seen the chart depicting the inverse relationship between sexual partners and divorce rates in American women. I also recall reading how Roosh and other players eventually realize their lifestyle makes it difficult to commit to just one girl given the variety they have experienced. Of course, the opposite happens to others where the variety becomes almost meaningless after tasting all the flavors.

        3. With regards to your last point, I think men can separate emotional and sexual interest in a woman.
          Banging some new chick doesn’t cause him to lose respect to his wife, with whom he has a deeper attachment and love for.
          A girl cheating on her husband is another story. Never met a woman who could cheat on her bf and still have the same level of respect for him.

        4. I’ve encountered males with high notch counts that become committed and are mentally stable. Never found the opposite in women. I don’t think a girl can have large numbers of sexual partners and be committed and mentally stable.
          Cheating, by it’s nature, implies involvement in a third party without disclosure to a previously involved party. Deception is disrespectful 100% of the time. Claiming otherwise is just male hamsterization to me.

        5. I have a whore-dar (whore radar).
          I can easily tell if a woman is a whore by her mannerisms. I’m telling you not all women are whores (contrary to red pill philosophy).

        6. I too have a whore-dar. Though I always referred to what sluts emanate as “slut rays” and I could always detect slut rays.
          Still though, some women are stealth models who don’t emanate slut rays and the whore-dar won’t pick up an signal. These are the worst of the worst for at least a slut has some honesty. I’ve dealt with “angels from heaven” who turned out to be the worst pit demons.
          (some of them were great homemakers and cooks too – which is why I cannot judge a woman on such skills any more)

        7. Exception, Kent: Some broads do it by agreement with the guy, ie, by agreement in advance (not after the fact BS). “Open relationship” types of things.

        8. Why? Well, let’s see. Hardon 26 hours a day, ability to blow a load 9 times a day (at least). Vigour of youth, vitality, optimism, naive thinking that everything turns out for the best, etc. and so on.
          You just might be a bit bitter there….

        9. Do you think it is possible to remain “alpha” in an open relationship? You’d have to not care about the girl that much I think… or end up her beta bitch…

        10. Not necessarily, it depends on mindset of both people.
          If the woman has pair-bonded with the man, and can separate ‘sex’ and ‘love’, and the man is some kind of perv who doesn’t mind (or gets off on it), and vice versa, then it could work.
          Definitely not recommended, though.

        11. “Never found the opposite in women”
          I have, but rarely, two out of hundreds in around 35 years of paying attention to these things.

        12. It’s hella complicated, but yeah, it’s possible. The first clue is whose idea it was.
          Think of the pimp-whore relationship. A lot of what we think of as “The Game” was invented by pimps. In fact, a lot of the terminology came directly from pimp culture.
          Many open relationships start out as the girl’s idea. Those are doomed unless the guy and the girl both want her to be dominant.

        13. There’s a third possibility: The guy uses the girl’s desire, and his acceptance of it, to control her.

        14. I think in principle it is possible to have it in a “non pathological” relationship. If the pair bond is sufficiently strong, and both are able to think through the issues enough, they can get there. The hurdles are huge, though: The man is viscerally threatened by infidelity, and the woman is viscerally threatened by fears of abandonment.
          Often what transpires is the man talks the woman into it, she is initially reluctant, and then when she finds out she can be a slut and keep her pair bond – the best of both worlds – she is off and running. Of course, she finds it much easier to get willing dick than he does finding willing pussy, and so he is left wondering what happened. Relationship destruction ensues.
          I could see a couple of other scenarios in which it might work. In one, the man is much more attractive than the woman, so they each find it equally easy to find partners. In the other scenario, he simply has a much lower sex drive than her, and does not mind her partners outnumbering his by a factor of ten to a hundred to one.
          This imbalance issue is often addressed by doing couples-only swapping, but that doesn’t work very well for long. It’s cumbersome as hell.
          The only stable scenarios I am aware of are with one of the partners being highly dominant. My knowledge is limited, though.

    4. LOL!!! Thats the best hashtag of all time. turn off the internet now, because it cant get any better than that gem.

        1. one of my dad’s greatest lessons: “don’t be a nigger.” as chris rock says, there’s a difference between black people… and niggers.

        2. That little hood rat whore got EXACTLY what she deserved – she’s very lucky that all she got was an open handed smack as it could have been FAR worse for her. And what’s with the moron defending her dumb ass !?!

        3. Report in New York Post stated the bush bitch beast and her friend were charged. So was the 8 ball jacket guy and his friend. Ah yes, the evolution of the African American.

        4. Yes, I have never seen a white woman act so unruly. They are such angels so I keep three on my pedestal.

        5. I’m not so harsh on the mangina. At least he committed to a fight. It played out how it needed to, but he got into the mix. He may be a better person for it. His dude-brain has the capability to learn from it. Note the difference in guys and chicks, the two dudes had their brawl, but then, it ended clean and square.

        6. Was 8-Ball from the eastern block? If so, a nice dose of old-world testosterone to illustrate in front of the American castrati.

        7. There is no excuse to help that bitch. She got her well deserved slap from mr 8 ball, and then mr 8 ball stopped. Thats when mr mangina stepped in, you know, before the cunt could start hitting him again with a heel, which she did anyways, while said mangina was defending her. If he had just walked in and only saw her get slapped, ok I guess. He saw the whole shit show unfurl from the beginning and still has the nerve to try to defend her.

        8. Well, she asked for it, so she got a taste of her own medicine. That, by far, is the most retarded thing I saw. Of course, she’d get slapped. Heck, if a girl slapped me, I’ll do the same too. I don’t give a shit about this whole ‘be a gentleman’ crap anyways. Girl wants to be treated like a guy, fine with me. I’m not putting her up on a pedestal because she has a pussy. I don’t give two shits what’s between your legs, if anyone does that, they’ll get what they deserve.
          Stupid uncivilized people in the subway! They all act like kids in a fucking playground! The girl especially acts like a kid!

    5. HAHAHAHAHA! What a great hashtag! Wow, if that went mainsteam, fem nazis everywhere would have their heads explode.

    6. If you have slept around, you have no right to demand a virgin. You don’t deserve someone who has saved herself for you if you haven’t done the same.

      1. Nonsense. Why should it be symmetrical?
        Women make babies, men don’t. That’s asymmetrical to start with.
        Chastity has been prized in women, and not men, since long before anyone was paying attention to such things. Why would a sudden burst of wishful thinking make it otherwise?
        Now, if you were two lesbians, you might have an argument, which makes me wonder: Is lesbianism the end game of feminism?

        1. Fairness. A concept alien to the boys in here. It has become “otherwise” since women started getting too sick of your shit to put up with it any more.
          One cannot “become” a lesbian. I’d say use some common sense, but that too is in short supply in the Piglet Nation.

    7. Yup it is just lain easier to marry a girl who has had no sexual partners. 80% chance of succes, you will not marry more than twice statistically on the worse day

    8. Ha! Thank you for giving me that one!
      The only I was able to come up with was one that girls should follow:
      If you’re not going to wed me,
      you’re not going to bed me.

    9. If she’s a virgin, get her to the procto and ear, nose and throat specialist, stat, for confirmation of her chaste nature. Diamonds and hymens are a scam, anyway.

    10. Pray tell, how do we know she’s a virgin beforehand? Women are very good at lying about this sort of thing…only way is to physically examine her hymen??

      1. Hymens are different for different women. Unless there’s a huge difference in the size of her and the guys she’s having sex with, it can re-tighten if she abstains for awhile. So basically, checking out her “flower” is a BS method for a BS standard. Virgin or not, if you don’t respect your wife, you’re both going to be in for a shitty marriage.

    11. Good luck finding a virgin who is marriage material (8 or higher). Virgins now-a-days are either religious freaks, there is something else wrong with them or they are just ugly.
      And I disagree with that 80% stat. If you do happen to find that needle in the haystack, she’s going to want to experience other dicks after she gets bored with yours — perhaps out of curiosity.

    12. Only sexually immature girls have a “hymen”. It’s not virtue, but biology, darling. Intercourse does not remove this, but time. If you are having sex with a girl with a hymen, you’re a pedophile.

        1. You might want to find another line of work if you’re going around making bizarre comments such as that only prepubescents have hymens.
          Or are you a feminist biologist, so you are rewriting to fit your beliefs?!

        2. Lilly SS is correct, women can retain a hymen even after child birth. They are not just in prepubescent girls.

        3. In fact the hymen never really goes away – it may be torn and withdraw, but nothing about it really disappears, exactly. Kind of curious that it exists at all; is it an artifact of vaginal development in utero?
          Did the hymen become politicized while I wasn’t looking? Well, I guess if gender is a social construct, you can wish the hymen out of existence, too. People have too much time on their hands.

    13. All good and well, your advice…. too bad you’re pushing diamonds though: they are a known scam.

    14. would you accept a born again virgin? I was brainwashed by feminism 🙁 forgive my past please.:(

      1. Marie, while I am delighted to hear your rejection of feminism, I have to argue that there is no such thing as a “born again virgin”.
        This does not mean you cannot find a husband. What I was doing when I first made that statement was to set a high bar for everyone.
        For men, they need to have high standards in the women they date so that women as a whole will become more feminine.
        For women, they need to set a higher standard for themselves and their fellow women.
        I wish you good fortune in your life. Know that most women have had around 3 sexual partners by the time they marry, so this is not a rejection of individual women, just a call for a higher standard for all of us.

  5. If she tries to insist, just feign incompetence.

    This. Women cannot resist doing woman stuff for you. A chick I am seeing saw me ironing shirts in my manly way, ran over, showed me how to do it and then happily ironed four of my shirts while I chilled out. When she had finished, she rushed over and rewarded me by riding my dick.
    What a nice girl.

    1. I disagree. I’d be concerned if my husband took no interest in our child, refusing to hold it, afraid of burping it or it spitting up on him. I’d think he had emotional issues from his own childhood. Secure men don’t evade responsibility. And yes, being a father, even from birth, is a huge responsibility.

      1. Secure men don’t evade responsibility

        Its not my responsibility. I’ll take care of the roof, clothes, food. You handle the important stuff.

        1. “You handle the important stuff.”
          Honey, I am not married to you. And my husband’s views are more in step with those of redpillrebel. You’d be a wise man to heed his opinion if you aim to be happy and successful in marriage, work, and family.

  6. This is a joke right? This article HAS to be a joke!
    “5 Lines That Potential Wives Cannot Cross”
    LOL….Once you signed that marriage certificate she can cross whatever line she fucking wants…..PERIOD….and she has the power of the state to back her up.
    Marriage is her frame….her shit test….and you FAILED.

      1. Location dependent but common-law marriage makes you susceptible to the same risks. And the advice of having children before marriage is highly risky.

    1. Yup, good luck trying to control and act like a big boss while your wife can do whatever she wants. She doesn’t like something? She can leave and take the baby. Why would anyone get married in the first place?

      1. There is a remedy for this. You simply ask her (before the wedding) what she thinks should be done to an ungrateful woman who will not submit to her husband and decides to destroy everyone’s lives with a frivolous divorce. Quietly let her answer. When she asks you what you think should be done, you very flatly, without smiling, tell her that the leader and protector of the family should methodically butcher each family member in their sleep, starting with the wife, and ending in a murder suicide-spree with the neighbors and the cops. Do not smile. Be very serious.
        (Then check for moisture, it might be time to get it on!)

        1. Gratitude? For being offered a life with a psycho? The only “moisture” you’d get from a sane woman is a cold sweat.

        2. Why are you calling my wife mentally retarded? Do you hate all women? Or just the ones that don’t agree with your radical woman-hating handicapped-hating views?

    2. Seriously.
      The author has never been married.
      “Sluts and pleasure-seeking women will next you right away if you insist on applying this rule. We are looking for a wife, right? So that’s a good thing . This rule may require some short delay before having sex”
      That last part of the quote, really. More like wait forever before having sex, but that in itself could be a good thing because getting married is STOOPID.

    3. Having a family is not for the feignt of heart these days, but it can be done. Those of us who really want kids and to be able to raise them as best they can, this may be a risk worth taking.
      I married young and pre-red pill and have had my share of difficulties, but he is giving good advice for sure.

    4. Bullshit. It’s entirely possible to keep frame in a marriage, so long as you had frame control before you signed as well.

    5. Yeah the state is what you are married to once you get married. Meaning it’s a raw deal.
      If the women don’t like that, then they can change the law. Of course they, having no sense of justice, will never do that.
      Therefore civilization has to collapse at best or at worst, people will come in who don’t buy into the same crap and this new culture is not going to want to pay the social security and medicare of a generation or two of aging cunts and their 20 cats each.

    6. Yes. Just don’t marry. It’s an outdated system that’s stacked heavily against men. Women have the laws, courts, law enforcement, and public opinion in their favor. Just today I saw a divorce settlement where hubby is forced to pay one billion (yes, with a ‘b’) to his soon to be ex-wife. Fucking crazy shit.

    7. Then all the cred to those who are tough enough to fight the stupid marriage laws. Are you? Am I?

  7. I don’t agree with point 4 at all. Father’s play a very important role in life and I see it as something great to raise a child. All this bullshit about not touching the child until a certain just makes me think you’re too fucking lazy to look after your own spawn. Be a fucking man and raise the baby well. A real father would try to spend all his time with his flesh and blood. Every other point is very valid, but being a good father isn’t a fucking 9 to 5 job. Being a good father requires commitment. The first word I said as a baby was “Papa” and I feel much much more love for my dad than my mother because he spent every waking day and night with me from the time I was born. Denying your children the love they require is not masculine.

      1. I see nothing wrong in doing baby chores. All of life is compromise. If you’re responsible in making a baby, you’re responsible in taking care of it. From what I’ve heard, having and raising a baby is a journey. We, as fathers, need to be with them every step of the way, not just drop in and out as we please because we are afraid of losing our “manliness.” Being responsible and caring towards your children is the essence of being a good man and a great father.

        1. Bring me the boy when he is ready for manhood. Until then, I will not be feeding, rocking, burping, nappy changing or any feminine stuff. There will be no dilution of masculinity.

        2. How is a boy who is exposed 100% to a woman for the first X years of his life going to be “ready for manhood” as compared to a boy who has exposure to his dad for some of those first X years of his life?
          Do you really want a woman providing 100% of the interaction, rearing, discipline, and instruction for a boy during his formative years?
          That’s not a good way to build a man.

        3. Exactly my point. Children are molded from the day they are born. We have to be there from Step 1 in order to build a good human being.

        4. You seem confused. When he is ready for manhood I will make him a man. Until then, he is a boy and his mothers responsibility.

        5. Man, I don’t know about you, but I love seeing the happiness and innocence of babies. Makes you feel like the world really isn’t a shithole, at least for a little bit. Being a man doesn’t mean to deny happiness. Do what makes you happy. Agree to disagree

        6. Even a woman with the best of intentions is incapable of not spreading a female-biased way of doing things onto a boy who doesn’t know better.
          You will waste your time having to unteach such a boy of these female ways of thinking, as opposed to being able to move forward directly into making the boy a man.
          What if all the time your wife was dealing with your son, the son would throw tantrums and act up? Would you, as a man, be in a better position to teach the boy “that is not how a man behaves, under any circumstances,” versus a woman? A woman cannot and will not have that kind of teaching authority over a boy.
          Boys naturally want to do/be what their dads are. They will emulate, almost to a T, what their dad does, whether it is for good or for bad.

        7. Case in point, my then-3 year old son was about to bawl out crying at a children’s party for no good reason. The mothers at the party were saying BS like “it is ok to cry!” I have no doubt that every single one of these mothers were sincerely loving people who would give their lives for their kids. But the message they were sending to my son was absolutely the wrong one, even though they had the best of intentions.
          He took one look at me, and I was shaking my head no and giving him a stern negative look and he piped down.
          A dad cannot have, and possibly will never have, have that kind of authority over his son if he doesn’t assert it early on in his son’s life.

        8. By impregnating her you’re a job creator (her mommy job), you are also hiring a new employee (your child). No need to do the janitorial work when your business needs tending. No wonder there are so many women in offices… The blue pillers are taking her home employment away.

        9. You and I have different definitions of ‘father’ then. Being a dad is something you can not describe with such base terms. An employee? Bullshit. Stop hamstering bro. Being red pill does not equate to being an asshole dad

        10. ADHD is modern PC-speak for “I am a shitty parent and I won’t properly discipline my child, so you must excuse his bad behavior because he won’t help himself.” I base this conclusion on the fact that most ADHD “victims” seem to have no problem focusing on activities and behaviors that benefit themselves personally.
          Most dads won’t sugercoat bad behavior as being some sort of modern PC nonsense, we’ll apply appropriate correction to such bad behavior before it gets to the point where someone else can brand it as a BS fake disease.

        11. You didn’t. However, the way you describe a father is exactly like a part-time dad. I know a lot of friends who suffered from the lack of loving dad. Being a father is full-time job with few benefits, but do it right and the world is a better place

        12. My father wasn’t around much when I was growing up as he was working all the time to provide. He still was able to instill a sense of virtue and personal responsibility for my actions. He finally had time to fully take me on in manhood apprenticeship when I was in my teenage years (the time when most young men are vulnerable to becoming scumbags). So then he laid down the law and made sure I wasn’t a fuckup. If that’s not fatherly love I’m not sure what is.

        13. Not even going to show him how to put up his dukes to defend himself from the other little nose-pickers in pre-school?

        14. That is fatherly love, no denying it. But do you think it would have benefited you to have seen more of him? That’s what I’m talking about. Your dad was able to do much with limited time. What could he have done with even more time?

        15. No, because I was raised primarily by women I know all of their tricks, lies, insecurities, etc. They are funny little creatures and I have great psychological power with them which has landed me a nice heap of benefits with them over the years. I treat them with respect and know how to put them into their place. Also, I paid extremely close attention to his every behavior because I had limited access to his teachings when I was younger.

        16. I’ll say this: I went to college on academic scholarship for psychology because I love it, had no plan to go into the field after, maybe someday but that’s for the future to tell.

        17. Mate, she’s not going to have my son until he 18, just until he can walk. A toddler is too young to explain “how a man acts”. No woman is going to “feminize” a boy. Even single mothers can’t do this.
          In my opinion, there is nothing more feminizing for a boy than to watch his father doing woman’s work (man feeding a baby). You said it right here:

          Boys naturally want to do/be what their dads are. They will emulate,
          almost to a T, what their dad does, whether it is for good or for bad.

          Don’t show your son you acting a like woman. He only needs one mother not two.

        18. At no point am I saying don’t assert your authority. I am saying don’t act like his second mother minus a pair of breasts.

        19. No. I provide the discipline and instruction. She handles the feeding and cleaning his shit.

        20. Surely however you’ll be playing with him to some extent, helping gel his personality? The hours spent around the Fisher Price pretend workbench with my son as he hammered the living shit out of everything was probably the first positive masculine thing he can attribute a lot of her personality to. It pays off to have some time with dad, but I do agree that having ever-present helicopter beta dad is awful.

        21. I use to work in corrections. Our jails and prisons are full of people who focused on, “…activities and behaviours that benefit themselves personally.” The problem is these “victims” are breeders and the cycle continues.

        22. You understand I am not proposing that you not be a strong father, or not being involved. Merely that you don’t involve yourself in motherly duties. I think we agree here.

        23. I’m all up for playing. It’s just this “modern man” stuff that I am not up for. I don’t think there should be any “sharing” of duties. I am more a “division of labor” type guy.
          And I love Fisher Price.

        24. It was kind of the same with my Dad. He wasn’t around much and I could go days without seeing him (this became weeks and months after the divorce) but his presence loomed large. Somehow he was there without being there.

        25. I missed your point then, my bad. Right, the “Modern, caring, effeminate modern dad” thing needs to be shown the door.

        26. I’ll be ready when they hit five years or so.
          Damn skippy, that’s one hell of a long gestation period your girl has there Bob. heh

        27. I recall giving my son the “Men don’t cry except in very few instances” speech (death of a family member, death of family dog, your barn burns down). Reinforced it again at age 8. It’s stuck ever since.
          Moderns fly into hysterics when I mention that to them. It’s why I mention it to them, because I love seeing them melt down.

        28. Lol… I studied a bit of anthropology at school. One of the things observed was that it takes a man about give years to achieve the same intensity of emotional attachment to a child as the mother does. And of course by this time the child is fully weaned and ready for instruction.

        29. For example, getting up in the middle of the night to care for the crying baby. I REFUSED to do this, as it would ruin the next day, in which I needed to be on point for in my job, and frankly, it was my Wife’s job, and I appreciated her for it.

        30. It is a manly attribute to be able to shoulder hardship and difficult circumstance without drama. This is just one of the attributes neccesary to win your woman over as her leader.

        31. Well … as long as I can clean up after me dog and still be considered a man. But I won’t pat me dog. There will be no dilution of masculinity.

        32. Real love, the love between father and child, is about sacrifice. If you are not willing to sacrifice your comfort for the betterment of your own flesh and blood, you are not fit to be a father. Being cold and selfish, to the detriment of your own, is not masculinity.

        33. I care for my wife, and she cares for the child. The child does not suffer, but gets the best of comfort. Creating and caring for a family is not selfish, far from it, my walking/talking children experience my love and devotion every day. But my friend, I understand my role, as does my wife.

        34. I understand your point of view, but I would not begrudge my baby of waking me up in the middle of the night. I am, by nature, a problem solver, so I would personally tend to my child. If you need something done right, you gotta do it yourself

        35. My wife is an excellent care giver, and she wakes up at the first cry. I wouldn’t ask her to wake up early and work as an engineer would I? I would however gladly cook dinner and let her nap while I play with the kids when I get home though.
          Don’t let Disnep frame the perfect father for you. That shit is female fantisy garbage and causes far more strife in relationships by framing impossible ideals in peoples heads. We don’t all have to fit the mold of the perfect, doting, sensitive husband and father to actually be good fathers.

        36. I wasn’t going off of the Disney frame, I was going off my dad’s actions with my baby sister. He would do anything for that baby, no matter how tired or unrested he was. It’s something I wish I will be able to do when I have children of my own. We all have different ways of raising our kids and I won’t be as arrogant as to say that there only one right way to do it. I think that we shouldn’t be concerned about the ‘being a manly man’ dynamic when in regards to something as pure and innocent as a baby.

        37. aCTUALLY, red pill men are inherently ass holes. that is what gets you the hot attractive women under 25, being a complete asshole to them. And once you stop being an asshole you lose the girl. Its pretty simple.

        38. Doing baby chores is like your wife watching football and drinking a 6 pack while having the boys over, patently unattractive and bound to drive you away from her

        39. Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.
          -Proverbs 22:15

        40. This one is huge. You need to be on your game to bring home the bacon. I never understand guys who get up for this when their wife is on maternity leave.

        41. Agreed. It makes no sense at all. It is her job. To me it is a shit test, and Disney fueled rom-com addled, shit test. My Wife pulled that shit many times, and has since stopped, and focused more on her role in the family, and we are all happier and more cohesive because of it.

        42. Yes. In fact, I think she should sleep in the room with the baby away from you so you can sleep.

        43. Well….. I’ve seen 60 year old widowers, who has lived as ‘task-divided’ as you suggest. Once their wife dies, they cannot run a household or even feed themselves. Pitiful! I teach my children that men can do most everything, but at the same time letting them know in clear terms where his main tasks are.

        44. Only a clown cannot run a household. The role of a man is to be head of his household and manage affairs accordingly.

        45. What about in adults? I was diagnosed at 5 with ADHD, to this day I cannot focus on tasks. It is a very real chemical imbalance, though I agree a lot of times it is misdiagnosed. But for those that do have it, calling it fake and a lack of discipline is not fair.
          In my case I was well behaved in school, sat still, listened to the teacher, had a little trouble with talking to much but that improved by 2nd grade. But I couldn’t focus on anything, once I was put on my meds my grades improved. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA, Ritalin was a huge help in that department.

        46. HA, she stopped because she realized that the only person she can rely on is herself. It’s a huge topic among moms with so called “alpha males” like on here. They have no respect for these men that they have married, and then had kids with, the husbands think their jobs are done. And the wives, tired of trying to make gold out of rust just give up and do it all on their own. But they talk behind your back, and make their distaste for you well know.

    1. I hardly ever saw my father as a child. I feel much more love for my father than my mother because he acted as a man should. He was focusing on providing a roof, food, clothes, not wasting his time making goo goo noises over my crib.

      1. That’s not entirely the same thing though. Not touching is a silly prescription. You do not have to be a doting pastel wearing mangina to enjoy spending some time with the kid(s).

      2. We learn the higher values of Man from our fathers, work ethic, dedication and sacrifice as you described being some of them.

      3. My kids slept in our bed until they were weaned (avg. 2 years each).
        I rarely sleep anyway, due to my profession, so I was the night shift nappy janitor. [By the way, the diaper only becomes odiferous after they start eating ‘regular’ food].
        As an aside, you might know that proper breast feeding (at night, especially) causes ovulation to stop, and marital relations were quite enhanced by letting her sleep better. Also, it made her want another son, too, as soon as the prior son was weaned.
        So, what we got from this is that my many sons got close to me, and could speak in several languages and think at very high levels since a very young age, not to mention use all kinds of tools and instruments, all the while I provide ‘roof, food, clothes’ and a good example of how to work to live, not live to work. No problem when they’re bigger now for me to go away for a few weeks at a time for work.

    2. Yes I was pretty disgusted with that myself. Fathers should imprint their child as quickly as possible from the moment they leave the womb. Let their presence be felt and let it be a strong one. Having a wishy washy dad like I did I think is sometimes worse than having the one that pumps and dumps and has bastards all over the land. This “traditional” shit sometimes has more rules than the feminazis do. You can be the head of your family and still rock your baby to sleep. We talk about the wreckage of feminism but what about the collapse of fatherhood, and yes I know the two are related. Being front and center in your child’s life does not make one a beta wuss.

    3. Really, babies simply don’t give a shit about fathers. The kids do though, very much so. Don’t get me wrong though, I like babies, but as fathers, we make our impact later.

      1. So my 8 month old sons crying till their father holds them is them not giving a shit?

    4. Thank you, this evening when my husband came home from work, he took over dressing one of our twins so i could get the other bathed. Little things like that mean the world to not only me, but our kids as well. Because my husband takes an active role our babies are so excited when he comes home.
      This list should be renamed “How to be controlling, and emotionally distant while holding a women hostage”

      1. Especially the money. She needs to stick to a budget, clip coupons, make meals from scratch and even do some sewing if she knows how. In this “new economy,” so called, people who want to thrive need to run their lives like business or financial projects.

        1. One of the most valuable characteristics a man can vet a girl on is her finances. Does she have good credit, tries to limit debt, live within a budget, etc.? I believe it’s very telling of her decision-making and dependability.

        2. Right on. My son’s girlfriend went and got her prom dress from a second hand store, for like $20. It was beautiful and I couldn’t see a qualitative difference between it and what other girls were wearing that night (lots of his friends came to our house). Good financial head on her shoulders.

    1. This is something I got from my dad, he always made it clear to my mom that her having a fatocalypse was simply out of the question.
      Thankfully my mom takes pride in her appearance.

    2. Fatness is the epitome of human failure. Male or female. If you get fat, you look 5 to 10 years older.
      By 2018, supposedly 75 percent of Americans will be overweight.
      I get mocked by other men for being a vegan … to which I call them out for being an ugly pile of lard.

      1. Orange, your comment and “vote” counts reset to zero often and do not accumulate. What gives?

    1. Great input. Clearly you’ve been raised well to provide such thoughtful and reasoned commentary on something you obviously understand thoroughly.

      1. using sophisticated and concise language doesn’t make you sound any smarter buddy

        1. Actually, friend, it not only sounds smarter, it is.
          All you type of clowns kind of remind me how you guys are statistically quite likely to have grown up in a “single-parent” home, or with one of the married people not biologically your parent.
          I feel your pain.

        2. I grew up in a home with both my parents and I think this article is fuckin’ retarded as shit. It’s misogynistic to the full extent for multiple reasons
          e.g. Rule one is describing how to be manipulative and controlling in terms of sex and never considers what she wants with the exception of the first time you and her have sex.
          Rule two basically tells you she’s your house pet, not a person, and her decisions never matter.
          Rule three is all sorts of fucked up. It never gives a reason why contraceptive or abortion are murder as it claims for one and also suggests impregnating a woman just so you can keep her. I could write a book on why rule 3 alone is wrong and fucked up and retarded.
          Rule four Contradicts various scientific findings in the field of psychology, specifically child development. It suggests a method of parenting that is unhealthy for children.
          Rule five Basically tells you to, again, be a manipulative jackass. This time saying to cut her off from people she cares about and has known her whole life just so you can win in decision making and in arguments. It’s telling you to put her in a traumatice abusive situation.

  8. All this would be great but for one fact. The state can and will step in to dictate the terms of your marriage whenever possible (through dictating the terms of any divorce)

  9. I rather just co-habituate than marry. Marriage is just a stupid waste of money on a pointless weeding. And like
    thesickmanofeurope_co already said, marriage is a shit test.

    1. I have wondered about this: marriage has two aspects. For the religious out there, they can be married in a church and seen as husband and wife while not legally married. I wonder if this is a viable option. Anyone have any insight?

  10. Sounds more like a troll article. I was right there with you until line 3.
    3 is stupid (at least the part about contraceptives) unless you plan to have 10 children.
    4 is terribly self limiting. Why would any father worthy of the name not want to hold their child? Sure let her do all the dirty work if you’ve got a housewife-breadwinner division of labour, but to avoid all contact until they can walk is just sad.
    5 sounds like the prelude to abuse. Abusers often isolate their prey. You see women do this by nagging their husbands until they stop seeing their friends. Isolating someone from their family is just wrong.
    You also missed: racking up more than 5000 in credit card debt, cheating of any kind, and whining like a child about anything.

    1. “5 sounds like the prelude to abuse. Abusers often isolate their prey. You see women do this by nagging their husbands until they stop seeing their friends. Isolating someone from their family is just wrong.”
      This makes a lot of sense but be warned. Some peoples’ families are more fucked up than you can imagine.

      1. His point wasn’t isolation. He was saying that you must incorporate her into you family and not the other way around. She has left her family to join yours. This does not imply isolation. It implies a new identity on her part and that she must come fully into your sphere of influence.

      2. There are exceptions of course. If your inlaws are Mr. and Mrs. psychopath, with the narcissism cousins thrown in, then absolutely cut them out of your life. If your darling rejects this, then next her (you don’t need such drama in your life). My problem with the article is that this is a starting point for the auther, rather than an extreme choice, regardless of the woman’s family mental health.

  11. I agree to the other points but #4 is dead wrong.
    I delivered both my sons. From the moment they came into the world they were ready to interact with the old man.
    You think that’s beta? I can still kick anybody’s ass on this forum.

  12. “Abortion is murder” waahhhh
    This isnt the pro-life rally, go spout your moronic bullshit outside of planned parenthood with the other autistic fucks.

  13. Line 5 would apply depending on the quality of family your wife comes from. If she comes from a good, decent, traditional family that would respect the hierarchy of your marriage, then cutting them out of the picture would be a bad idea. After all, extended family (if they’re decent) are great for your kids. However, if she comes from a shitty family, then cutting that poison out of your family’s lives is a good idea.
    By the way, a good bit of old-school wisdom that’s been lost in our modern society is the importance of family when pursuing marriage. The quality of someone’s family is a strong predictor (but not determiner) of the quality of that person later in life.

  14. Not to hijack or rain on this article’s parade, but if you want marriage advice, quit trying to make a modern western woman into a marriagable woman. You can’t drive a dump truck in the Daytona 500 no matter how much you tune the engine.
    It doesn’t matter how many rules you implement, western women are high risk because they know the divorce laws are stacked entirely in their favor.
    You can be a model husband, do every single thing right, go so far above and beyond what’s required of your husband role that God will make you a saint when you die, and still get taken to the cleaners because she wakes up one day feeling a bit unfulfilled and decides it’s time for a change. Bam. There goes everything and you can’t stop it because the state is enforcing it.
    Two rules:
    Rule 1. Don’t marry a western woman
    Rule 2. Marry one from a culture where femininity and family are still treasured as core values. ie, East Indian, Philippinos, etc.
    This is not to say everything will always turn out peachy, because any marriage is a risk, but the odds are far more in your favor than starting with a western woman and trying to make that work.

    1. That’s is a stupid analogy. A dump truck would not even be considered for the Daytona 500. A fat woman should not even be considered for marriage.

  15. This is actually horrible advice:
    1) She can reject you if her reasoning is valid. If she has to get up at 6am and I wake her up at 4 to fuck, she can say no.
    2) Not too bad but, why would you choose to marry a woman whom isn’t capable of making sound decisions in the first place? Treat her like she is an advisor and you are the king. Value her opinion.
    3) Don’t have kids, that is an easy way to trap yourself financially. And an even faster way to plummet her sexual value.
    4) Seriously? You are going to have to help. Kids are fucking work. You wanted them, help raise them. Don’t be a dick.
    5) If you have a good, family oriented woman, this will not fly. Being married means you are a part of her family. They will be involved. Don’t like it? Don’t marry her.
    I repeat, terrible advice and a sure fire way to make yourself a part of the 50% whom gets divorced.

    1. 5) If you have a good, family oriented woman, this will not fly. Being married means you are a part of her family. They will be involved. Don’t like it? Don’t marry her.

      A married couple should not be cut off from their respective families but there are lines in those relationships that do not get crossed once you say the vows. Allowing in-laws, or even your own parents, to have excess influence when it comes to child-rearing is always a recipe for conflict, and eventually disaster.

      1. I agree with that. No one other than the biological parents should have excess influence over a child. Anyone else crossing that boundary should be shut down immediately.

    2. If you wake her up at 4 to fuck and she says no show her the door. Pull the covers off, tell her to get dressed, show her her to the door, close the door behind her. Is it really so hard?
      You know women who make sound decisions? Or that are not completely selfish?
      You missed the point on 4.
      Last set you own boundaries. Some men will be ok with much input from their inlaws. Most men will not. Set your boundaries early.

      1. Actually yeah, I do, my wife is one of them. No, I am not going to show her the door. Getting pissy because I don’t get the answer I want from an unreasonable request is something most women do. And what is the point of 4, since I have seemed to miss it.

        1. Let me rephrase his point a bit.
          A woman can say no, and sometimes does. Sometimes, it is for valid reasons. A woman suffering the flu should not be put upon by a horny husband, that’s just rude on his part, feminism/politics to the side.
          If she says no, and for nothing but trivial reasons, and it begins to become habitual, it’s door time.

        2. You must have found that unicorn and you seem like you are in a happy relationship. Congratulations not many can pull that off.
          Showing her the door only applies to the very beginning of the relationship, when it is important to show your limits and expectations. Further, it shows her that she is replaceable and that it will be her free will to leave. I’m not sure how that is getting pissy. a man should never get pissy.
          As for number 4, the article implies that the mother is a stay at home mother, and as such she should be more than capable to attend to her full time job, (as the man does his). If she is not, that is the man’s fault for choosing her-should have picked a more industrious wife. there is no reason to be involved with the chore aspect of raising children until they are 18-24 months old.
          Again I applaud you for finding a woman that makes sound decisions; however, you cannot tell me that they make rationally sound decisions. one sound decision does not make up for the 99 irrational and unsound decisions.
          Last you countered your own argument about waking up at 4 and wanting sex as you later called it an “unreasonable request”. If you think its unreasonable, why make the “request”. In addition, a man never requests sex. lol If you wake up at 4 in the morning and want sex, flop you dick on her face, if she’s hooked on you, she will not say no. Don’t be afraid to exert your dominance.

        3. Hahahahaha I can dig it. Yeah, I have been really fortunate. I see what is out there and all I can do is shake my head. Women these days are fucking children in a woman’s body.
          Oh, telling her your expectations early on saves a lot of headache in the future. That’s what I did. Good post.

      2. sorry buddy but women weren’t created to cater to your shitty requests. your reasoning is illogical and I suspect that you’ve never actually been with a woman for a long period of time.

        1. You also scored your first “bet you don’t get laid”, which is one of the Golden Insults, worth at least 4 points! You’re on a roll, man!

  16. Author: Can you also advise us on how to survive the acts running across a minefield, self-immolation, and swimming amongst great white without a steel cage? Because they all relate to this!

  17. I agree with most of the advice above, however, this one; at least in the USA, is simply not true:

    3. Contraceptives and abortion are murder
    Yes, that’s right. When you are selecting a wife or are married you don’t accept such practices. Why? Immediate children, more children, short gaps between children. These all increase her dependence on you and the loyalty that comes with it.
    Sluts and pleasure-seeking women will next you right away if you insist on applying this rule. We are looking for a wife, right? So that’s a good thing. This rule may require some short delay before having sex. That’s fine, we are chasing a good partner for the next 50 years.
    If she is marriageable don’t be afraid to make her pregnant before marriage. There is nothing like a baby on the way to increase your bargaining power. Since you are sincere in your search you are not harming her. You are helping her by overcoming her female propensity to waste her fertile years on a career, bad boys, and antidepressants.”
    Children DO NOT increase a wife’s dependence on her husband, at best, it’s neutral, at worst, they are a strong incentive to get divorced.
    Why you ask? Ahh, the lovely concept of “presumptive child support”; present in nearly all states, coming along to buttfuck any man who thinks that having a child makes a woman dependent on you.
    See, presumptive CS is the idea that, based on income alone of both parties, CS payments are set at a specific level. This basically means that your wife, after child number one, can go online and figure out how much that child, and any future children are worth to her in a divorce. And the numbers are shocking. My wife makes a good living (well over the median HH income for our area by herself). I make a very good living, quite a bit more than she does. My “presumptive” payment amount for a SINGLE CHILD is over 2000/mo. If she has childcare expenses (because she wants to continue working as a single mother), that number can climb to almost 3K a month. Add another kid and the number is a bit over 3K a month just for the CS payment.
    Children are like a lotto ticket that women can cash in at any time and know, before they do so, exactly what that ticket is worth. And, no, you can’t protect yourself from this with a prenup.
    The balance of power shift after a baby is just too much in favor of the woman anymore; unless you’re the uber-alpha, you’re not going to keep frame, her vagina will dry up, and, at best, you get begrudging sex when she’s not too tired to oblige (at worst, you’ll be like the majority of married couples in the US, having sex 2 times a month). That’s a LOT of fucking money to spend for 2 fucks a month, and, if she leaves, it’s a whole lot of money to spend for no fucks a month.

    1. Finding a girl who likes children and would rather care for children can alleviate the issues you bring up. Find a girl that has few skills outside of the home and she is already potential. This takes work man. These girls are few and far between. The kind of women you describe would have show red flags earlier in the relationship. Quit your bitching.

      1. It does not matter if she acts on it or not. It’s the same as a guy carrying a gun, you walk with more swagger because you know you could kill a motherfucker who messes with you even if you have NO intention of actually pulling the gun and doing it.
        When women have children, they are handed a gun with the hammer cocked and loaded at their husband’s head. It’s called presumptive child support and unless you are insane/poor/incredibly wealthy, you have to worry about it. There’s nothing you can do to stop her from pulling the trigger. And, if she does, you’re totally fucked without any real “work” on her end to fuck you.
        A woman liking children does not mean that she wouldn’t rather raise them without the husband around. And, even if does, it’s hard to keep your frame when you have a gun pointed at your head. I know some people don’t think about it/worry about it; good for them. A lot of them will wind up with crippling CS payments for the next 1-2 decades.

        1. Your rebuttal is very convincing. but instead of living in fear of being metaphorically shot, why not hold your frame and help her to lower the hammer safely, then take the gun from her and tell her you will put it in a safe place. She will thank you for taking control of the situation. don’t let your woman burn out of control. If you cant hold your frame, sit back and examine yourself, and don’t let some irrational bitch destroy everything you have worked so hard to create.

      2. “These girls are few and far between.”
        Not so. there are scads of sub-80 IQ girls to be found in adult day programs for the mentally challenged. This will not only answer your demand for a girl with no skills beyond spreading her legs on command, but will nicely take care of any pesky challenges to your authority.

  18. You marriage haters need to chill. I don’t judge you for your stance but damn those of us going for the traditional family like these type of articles. Remember we are all on the same team which is both losing and the underdog so don’t caste us out yet. Besides you field playing alphas won’t ever reverse shit. If your married brothers succeed in our mission we can be pointed to to show why feminism needs to be killed. You fuck sluts while we take good women and shield them and our children from the progressive ideology.

    1. Plus your endless bitching is kind of lame. If you change a couple of key words it could sound like Jezebel comments bitching about the patriarchy. Not hating here just constructive criticism. God made women for you, to be your helper. It is up to you to take a control of the situation. It ain’t easy as in the past but it is still very possible. I should write an article about my experience. I ain’t nothing special if I can do so can most of you

    2. Perhaps I am misrepresenting the opinions of some, but I think there is a good percentage that wish marriage were a legitimate option but aren’t willing to risk it in their current situation given western laws and women. That usually adds fuel to the marriage haters sentiments.

  19. If you don’t think this is possible, it’s because you grew up with crap parents who had a “modern marriage”

  20. I’ve seen this method work in my own home as I was growing up. Great article.
    Having her join your family is incredibly important.

  21. 3. Contraceptives and abortion are murder?
    Abortion is the extreme of murder I believe yes, but claiming contraceptives is aswell is stupid
    Certain points in the article I can agree with but other points are insane like point three. Check out the horror of what point three produces.

  22. For those that complain, try to keep in mind that this was the standard model of marriage in America from Jamestown all the way up until the 1950’s.

  23. 3. Contraceptives and abortion are murder?
    Abortion is the extreme of murder I believe yes, but claiming contraceptives is aswell is stupid
    Certain points in the article I can agree with but other points are insane like point three. Check out the horror of what point three produces.

    1. U ever think of pulling out and blowing ur muck on her face/tits? Try it sometime rather than blowing up her cooch. She’ll thank you as she looks up with your jizm dripping over her eyelids and down her chin….

      1. hahaha 🙂 That is on the to do list for sure, thats like the icing on the cake 😀 I once told a girl who saw my dick I’m going to rub it all over your face she was so turned on by that statement. Dominate and Sexy is where its at peeps!

  24. It’s almost like we have reached a point online where the answer to everything is “be the alpha, take command”.
    Is this advice being given by unemployed men who have never been in an LTR with a woman?
    The modern work place, as well as marriage, doesn’t allow you to set the terms. It’s not like hooking up in a bar.

    1. I’m married and have set these terms (except the “don’t touch your kids until they can walk” thing). Been married since 1991.
      Your problem is that you’re looking for permission. If you provide a decent income she can in fact afford to stay at home and take care of the child, be rested and ready for you to return from work at the end of the day. You may have to sacrifice getting a new Corvette every year at first, but who gives a fuck, it’s worth it.

      1. As always some logical sense to the prattle in the comments section
        I am dating a girl now and have done these things. As for number one, this is really important. Not only does this work for sex but can be extended early on in the relationship to other things as well. Cleaning, cooking, buying you items for dinner etc. if done so early on she will submit to your will and there will be very few arguments or disagreements. This lead directly in to number two. One does not even need to state “I make the decisions,” just make them. The rest, if I get married that was already my plan. But agree with what you said about showin affection to toddlers.

      2. “If you provide a decent income she can in fact afford to stay at home”
        Because Vagina! (Standing ovation)
        Take note gentlemen, even though women have every opportunity to study as much as men, even though women have every opportunity to get a job as men do, and even though most jobs and most colleges are biased in favour of women….
        YOU still have to provide for her.
        Get it? You have to make her have her cake and eat it too. Understood? DO NOT let her lift a finger. Whenever cognitive dissonance strikes, remember what Bill burr said – Being a mother is the most difficult job on the planet.
        Duh! She is changing diapers for crying out loud. She deserves everything!
        Fucking pussy worshippers. Pathetic.

        1. The attack on traditional married men is unwarranted.
          MGTOW works for some, but it’s by no means the ideal.

        2. Get over yourself, cupcake.
          I wanted a traditional family. I screened for it up front. With one just turned adult and another not far behind, and my financial success to date working spectacularly well, I’d say that my plan is working out better than anything you could concoct.
          If you want a sneering career woman who will dominate you, and based on your post I know she will, the have at it. I’m certain that keeping her in the corporate environment will make her nice and feminine, and will allow your children to grow up as functional human beings instead of adult-children who lack functional role models from their upbringing.
          If you think being a mother is “not lifting a finger”, then I can only draw the conclusion that you’re a dyed in the wool feminist, even if you don’t realize it.
          Now, you get out there and find you a nice femi-cunt lawyer, pop out 1 to 2 kids, shove them in daycare and watch your days pass until they’re about 8 when she then divorce rapes you. Have fun!

        3. I would get over myself, if not for the hilarious irony that it is you who can’t seem to get over himself for even a split second. Listen to yourself talking.
          You speak as though, working like a mule, being a slave for a woman, is the most honorable thing a man can do.
          You seem to pride yourself for being a slave! Lol
          It simply cannot get any more pathetic than this.
          “I wanted a traditional family” – Maybe you were born in the time when women did not have what men have, so letting her sit on her ass all day and working your ass off for her was acceptable. But now that the times have changed, you cannot go around misguiding men into paying for their women.
          So she acts high and mighty because she works? Cool, end it. Divorce her. At least then you won’t have the shame of being a mule for her for decades.
          If god forbid your “traditional” wife divorces you in the future for whatever reason, and gets half your assets, imagine the colossal fool you will seem when you realize that all throughout you sacrificed your life for her and all that she did was enjoy.
          And yes, being a mother is NOTHING. Nothing compared to an actual job. In addition women actually like doing housework. Didn’t know that, did you? So you’re actually paying for something that she enjoys as it is!
          Look, be as traditional as you want. I have no problem with that. It’s after all your life. My point is only that keeping in mind how times have changed, do not go around preaching that men pay women’s bills in this day and age. That’s all.

        4. If god forbid your “traditional” wife divorces you in the future for whatever reason, and gets half your assets, imagine the colossal fool you will seem when you realize that all throughout you sacrificed your life for her and all that she did was enjoy.
          Which could easily happen. I do not delude myself. So we split the finances and, since there is only one child left who needs “support” I put in a 2 year stint and badda bing, done, and still very well off financially. Then I get to go date 24 year olds. OR, she doesn’t read Eat,Pray,Love, we stay together, and get to see grandchildren roll in. Either way it’s a win.
          And yes, being a mother is NOTHING. Nothing compared to an actual job.
          Ah, I was right, a feminist. I see. Well, thanks for playing.
          Why you would want men to shack up and impregnate a modern crop haired, angry career woman is beyond me. Fuck, better to sterilize yourself now and ensure that you never have children than do that. THAT is where a lot of the problems and divorce rates come from, career women and their disassociation from family via their surrogate-family aka careers.
          As to “pack mule”, I’d be working to support myself in this field with or without a woman. I can already retire if I so choose (and may consider such in a few years), so it’s not like I’ve wasted the time and am going to the grave poor. If I can support myself, I have no problem supporting my kids/family. If you don’t take some pride in being able to take care of your responsibilities, that’s not my problem.

        5. “Ah, I was right, a feminist. I see”
          Saying that being a mother is nothing is being a feminist?
          Are you retarded my friend? Seriously?
          Do you realize how much of a white knight you sound right now? No of course you do not. You are too dumb to realize it.
          I’ll explain now, try and understand – Imagine we live in a world where half or more than half of men are like you. Completely willing to work their asses off and becoming slaves to women.
          Now think what does this translate for the woman. For whatever time period she wants to, she can keep shouting “I don’t need a man” Hurr durr, and work and provide for herself.
          And yet, this very woman, if were to change her mind and wanted to relax, she can find one of the fools like yourself, get married, quit her job, and enjoy her life thoroughly with a slave paying for everything she wants!
          Now then, she also has the assurance that her life is 100% set. Why? Because if a day comes when she wants to kick out this slave and find a new one, she knows that the moment she kicks him out, she gets half of what the slave had.
          So if we have a proportion of men like you, life for women would be a dream. Just like it is right now. They would have their cakes and then eat them and then have some more. All thanks to the slave mentality like yours.
          Do you actually worship women this much that you would let them have it from both the sides? Why would you do that man? More importantly, why would you do that to other men?
          Why would you not want the woman to be RESPONSIBLE for herself for once?
          Why would you want her leech off of you? Realize how stupid that is? Willingly letting a woman mooch off of you?
          I think I understand what your problem is. You have yet not made the transition to the current modern period. You are stuck in the 40s wherein it was acceptable to be a slave. But then there were other perks for men that aren’t there now. So you see, it’s not the same anymore.
          And I actually pitied you when you tried to downplay her taking half your assets just like that. It’s like YOU WANT to be in this situation, and your will make that hamster work overtime to spin any rationalization to make it seem you are not the loser here. Well my friend, sorry to inform you, you are, you are a great loser.
          You craftily avoided the part where I said that you would look like a massive fool BECAUSE you have been a slave for her all these years.
          If she was working, and not sitting on her ass enjoying your hard work, then you would have looked much less like a fool. And then it would have been OK to downplay the ‘her taking half’ part.
          Regardless, no amount of common sense will change you. I see that. Like I said, be however you want to be, just do not promote the idea of men paying for women in today’s time. Especially when a single income for 3-4 people is not sufficient in most cases these days.
          And quit with the “feminist” bullshit name-calling man. I hate feminists more than you. Come on, I expect better from you ghost. You know better. Cheers

        6. You are being hard headed, not reading my posts for understanding, and continuing to apply your own world view. In addition you’re throwing out ad hominem.
          There’s not a lot more to say to you, frankly.
          Enjoy being the last in your line.

        7. “Enjoy being the last in your line.” I already have a kid.
          Like I have said twice before, my only point is that we must not encourage the younger generation of men to become slaves to women. Times have changed and so should our advices. Paying the wife’s bills is not a good choice to make. She must take responsibility for herself.
          Regardless, this has been over-stretched as it is, so well, it’s better to not waste time on it anymore. Cheers.

        8. A woman remaining a housewife is not necessarily a problem if she dedicates herself to her domestic duties properly. However, and as you appear to have correctly suggested, the likelihood of this occurring is quite poor. It is akin to investing in a stock whose potential for profit is a mere 5-20%. Under the present politico-economic and cultural circumstances, avoiding marriage altogether is a substantially more logical and profitable course of action.

        9. traditional men existed in a traditional society.
          Provide for a woman if it suits your taste but he does point to a double standard.

        10. If she doesn’t stick to it, this is partly the husband’s fault for letting the standards fall. This is, I think, rather covered in the article in a generic sense.
          With modern American women though, your chances are nigh impossible, I do agree with that.

        11. Ok, to be clear, I do not actually advocate marriage in the West, to a Western woman. Those days *are* over. However, men moving and living abroad in non-man hating nations, can take some real value from this article.
          I think we’re probably both on the same page, but I didn’t full spell out the context of my approval with this article. My marriage works because I found a unicorn in a time when unicorns still actually existed. So things work well. Men today, well, hit a traditional nation and move there, and then this will work for you too.

        12. “With modern American women though, your chances are nigh impossible, I do agree with that.”
          The above was the context in which I was speaking.

        13. Yes, now it seems like a much better advice. And since we do realize how low the probability of finding such woman is, advising men to bear the burden of their wife in this day and age should be off the cards obviously. I hope you now understand why I had to intervene. In the traditional nations, I believe you might be right in that if one person earning is enough for say 3 or 4 then it could work. But still, it is always best that we advise men to make women responsible for their actions and themselves. This would greatly diminish the femicunt problem I believe. Also, I strongly believe that the best way to get women off of feminism is to make them experience the hardships of what it means to be a “strong and independent” cunt, I mean woman. When they will have no man to provide for them, and will have no fallback OPTION of a man to provide for them either, it is then they will realize it was all an illusion and they were much better off without feminism.

        14. Perhaps more importantly, the implementation of equality of opportunity (as opposed to the equality of outcome paradigm that is currently being enforced) would provide a significant wake up call to women who have experienced tremendous benefits via the legal system and interpersonal white knighting on the part of the so-called blue pill male. Once women experience such equality many of them will likely be quite unsatisfied with the outcome. Case in point:

        15. You truly are a deluded man. He (Ghost) is a Provider, not a Slave, and his hard work has paid off for him immeasurably. He understands the risk, but doesn’t need a pussy pass to be lazy and bail for fear of being ‘taken’. He runs a good offense. This works. His wife isn’t going anywhere, because he is a good leader. She doesn’t need to stray. That’s how it works in functional families, my young friend. He is also working hard for the greater good of others. You love tossing forth labels – femcunt, slave – I have a better one for you: HUMANE.
          You guys kill me. You refuse to ‘man up’ and help strengthen the family unit. You’d rather whine and be victims. I don’t agree with every aspect of traditional roles run at the extreme but I don’t need to. Since broken families are becoming the norm these days, I have the courage to respect a hard working man who gets in done without whining.
          Stop blaming and start doing.

    2. “The modern work place, as well as marriage, doesn’t allow you to set the terms. It’s not like hooking up in a bar.”
      I think a lot of the older gents don’t understand this.
      Whether you have any leverage to be “alpha provider” depends on socio-economic situation. If you’re broke-ass and she’s making all the money… guess what… you aint making all the decisions. Go ahead and try.

        1. I am not hard headed enough to say that compromise is ridiculous.
          But no I don’t have enough faith in women to go down that road.

      1. It’s not just economics, its the social environment. Your woman will resist your attempts to be different or go against the norm.
        I said before, in America (perhaps Canada), there are quite a few guys who imagine themselves to be alpha because they have a job paying 100k plus. Or they have had job stability for 20 years.
        When the cultural and economic fabric evaporates these “alpha” men will be whimpering in the corner.
        I readily admit that I act like a beta at work to survive.

        1. Such pessimism. If you don’t have a hand full of backup plans and think that job security is “real” then you deserve to wimper in a corner.
          Shit, ain’t no employeed man alive over the age of 30 who has not been laid off or fired or quit a job.
          Have contingency plans, and don’t let fate take charge of you. If you go down, go down fighting and flailing.

        2. With all due respect, you’re out of touch. You’re not a millenial white male. 20 years ago, your view would be correct.
          I have a decent paying job in engineering, but I have considerable student loans. Many of my friends have very good degrees and are likewise struggling to tread water.
          Many of us, to have any long term viability are encouraged to self finance MBAs or continuing education. We are passed over in the promotion process by women and minorities.
          What’s happening is truly disgusting.

        3. “Your woman will resist your attempts to be different or go against the norm.”
          Recently Jim Carrey gave speech at a college graduation where he talked about his Dad taking the safe route. He said seeing his Dad fail taking the safe route impacted his life decisions. He said if you can fail doing something you hate why wouldn’t take the risk failing at doing what you love.

        4. Have you been reading any of the articles? Get the fuk out and travel the world. Fuk your MBA, more debt and you’ll just line yourself up as another cog…. get a motor bike…. become self sufficient…. whatever…..work in a bar…. pick up chicks… foreign…

        5. I can lose my job as fast, if not faster, than a 20 something. What universe do you live in? Companies adore dropping the old guys (we might accidentally retire and leave them on the hook for expenses, after all) and bringing in 20 somethings for less wages.
          Your student loans are your fault and you incurred them. That’s not something new, student loans consumed GenX’ers too. Me, I worked in a factory on 3rd shift for 5 years while taking a full load of courses during the day. I *refuse* to let others dictate my life, and those who own you through debt, own you.
          I agree on the minorities/women being promoted. Start your own company (-ies) and remedy that yourself.
          You are still the master of your destiny no matter if you are or are not a Millenial. I cannot tell you the number of good masculine type job fields where they are screaming out for help from somebody under 35, because nobody in your generation has the gonads to do manual labor.
          You enter marriage on your own terms, but first you have to set those terms and you have to be ready. If you don’t want to spend the time doing so, it doesn’t matter what generation you’re part of, you’ll fail.
          Good luck brother, honestly, you can do it.

        6. I think his point was that the MBA route and more incurred debt is probably the wrong way to go about building that wealth.
          MBA’s are a dime a dozen and not worth two copper pennies rubbed together. Many successful businesses are started by men with hardly any college training.

        7. “We are passed over in the promotion process by women and minorities.”
          Corporate bureaucracy is killing true production and efficiency. I highly recommend reading any of Jack Welsh’s businesses ideas. He fought for years as CEO of GE to get rid of any corporate bureaucracy.

        8. Not at all, but you better enjoy the ride, too much time spent feeling sorry for oneself is a terrible affliction. Building lasting wealth is a tough road, believe me I know. You can spend years working your ass off and next thing you’re 45 with little to show for it and maybe a bitch wife and screaming brats in the back seat…. have fun…..

        9. Again you fail to understand the corporate culture. I’m not some liberal arts degree dude going for an MBA OUT OF LAZINESS.
          The MBA is not an accomplishment for engineers or accountants.
          It’s a signal to employers that you are willing to be a bigger beta hoop jumper than the next guy.
          That’s how the system now works.

        10. I feel like I wold like you if I met you in person.
          But online, I want to punch you in the face. LOL.
          Most of your advice is pretty sound tjough, so I appreciate your comments.
          I’m actually looking to get out of engineering into a manly trade.

        11. Hi, yeah, I work in the fucking corporate culture. I’ve been working in it since you were running around in scooby do pajamas, and I know precisely how it operates today.
          Here’s the facts. Your high debt incurring MBA is less important than the HR femicunt’s BA/BS. Especially if you’re white. If a female/minority gets an MBA, there goes your upward mobility on the corporate ladder. Then what? Wait for them to retire? Hit another career track in your company hoping that women and minorities don’t apply (hint: they will)? You are putting yourself in debt based on a false promise started in the 1990’s regarding MBA’s. Your debt will sink you if you don’t approach this objectively and examine the actual situation dispassionately.
          BTW, The system also supports you going out and making a business of your own. Plenty of wrench turning pipe monkeys and wood cutting day laborers still start up and succeed greatly, most of them with only a high school degree.
          Were I a Millenial white male, I guarantee you that I’d be doing an apprenticeship with men who still work with their hands, with the end goal of starting up a company. “Men”, real ones, are a dwindling resource. That entire market segment is devoid of talented up and comers from the Millenial generation. It is a ripe, golden opportunity to become a quick millionaire.
          Or, follow the Office Space MBA route. Good luck beating up that printer that keeps saying “PC Letter Load” and having the two Bobs decide that your job can be outsourced or dropped.

        12. I’m glad you are saying this because I actually have a trade job open to me right now (high paying right from the start) … the only thing that’s holding me back is a sense of regret at having put so much energy into completing my degree.
          Thanks old man. I suspected what you are saying is true … trades is where the opportunity is. Can’t be outsourced, automated, or given to incompetents.
          I’m going for it.

        13. “Were I a Millenial white male, I guarantee you that I’d be doing an apprenticeship with men who still work with their hands, with the end goal of starting up a company. ”
          This is great advice. I would be doing the same if I was younger.

      2. This is why you pursue excellence in your vocation/career/self owned business. Do not enter an arrangement with the cards stacked against you from the outset, and always have three backup plans in case something falls through. We’re men, we plan and execute shit, we don’t simply sit and accept what life hands us.

  25. This is ridiculous. I usually love articles from here but this one goes way too far. I’m not sure if its a joke but I can’t imagine people would actually take most of this advice.
    I do agree that the man should be the primary breadwinner and decision-maker, which is why I agree with #2. Multiple women who I’ve been with have supported my “I make the decisions, and if you disagree, tell me” approach. However, #3… no contraceptives?! What?! Maybe I don’t actually want 4-5 kids…
    This seriously reads like a list of something fundamentalist muslim husbands would do. You can be a dominant man in a relationship without making her have 5 kids and make her forget about her family.

    1. Actually I think I still have those comics. Conan comes back from his typical 6 issues long quest, and a divorce lawyer-barbarian is in their hut. he tried to serve conan with divorce papers, but conan cut off the guys head instead.

  26. All of them but number 4. There’s nothing wrong, at all, with holding junior on your knee and bouncing him up and down, or blowing belly farts on his/her belly making him/her burst out in pure joyful laughter or putting your daughter down for a nap on your chest as you rest in a hammock in the summertime. Those are in fact some of the most tranquil and beautiful memories of fatherhood. Deny them at your own risk.
    That said, I do agree with the notion that she takes care of the child as the primary care giver since she’s built for, well, giving care. But don’t ignore the child and “not touch” it, that’s just silly.
    The rest, spot on.

    1. Totally agree. Maybe the most vivid memory which will remain with me to the day I die, is of holding my son on my chest minutes after he was born. Holding that tiny bundle against me (he was indeed tiny, being born 4 weeks premature), and watching him open his eyes for the first time, filled me with feelings of pride and protectiveness like I never experienced.
      Hell, for a man to shun that – not enjoying contact with his own flesh and blood when it’s at its most defenseless and pure- either means there’s a human component missing in him, or that he simply doesn’t have children yet.

  27. If the only way you can keep your wife is by pretty much holding her hostage and using your own children as a tool for that, then you are a loser of such immeasurable proportions…

    1. The kids are “his” children when he is “holding her hostage”, but “her” children when she decides to take half of his net worth, house, earnings, etc. I think you like cake and you like to eat it..,,

      1. Did I ever say it’s okay for either parent to use the child as a bargaining chip for whatever they want? No, her using the children to take half of everything isn’t right. Also, I’m surprised at this article – a lot of people were lamenting over how unfair it is that courts give the children to the mother and how that is unfair to men. But here we see why that is an established model – women should deal with kids. So I don’t get if you want things in the courthouse to be equal when it comes to custody or not.

        1. You implied that a guy holds his wife “hostage” by having children. This is where you don’t make the connection that having children is a vocation for both parents. A husband and wife will take their roles seriously and will have different functions within the family. All the happy families I see around me have defined roles for husband and wife. All the fuked up families are fighting for dominance or the man has abdicated his role as the dominant player…..

        2. No, implied that what the author is suggesting is holding her hostage, not ”a guy” or all guys, who have children.

  28. If you’re dealing with two people who have college degrees, the rate of divorce drops <25%, which is still high, but not 1/2. Another factor is that the people who get divorced once get remarried and then divorced again and that process sometimes repeats itself 3-4 times, which can really drive up the count.

    1. There are also cultural differences to account for as well. You’re probably going to find a very low divorce rate with Asians. In my community, which are generally all educated and white, the divorce rate is ~ 12% which is only 2 points higher than the average in the 1950’s. Go to a trailer park (of any color) and I suspect the divorce rate skyrockets. Go to the inner city and I doubt you’ll find anybody who got married in the first place, despite the plethora of children running around unattended.

    2. Dalrock goes into this.
      He argues that a lot of it has to do with college girls getting married later… so their SMV is already lower. Bigger risk to jump back on the carousel.

    1. Sadly that guy got off easy. Even as unfair and as vile as that ruling is, he can still live on the $19 billion he’ll have left.
      Most divorced men of far lesser means can’t part with that percentage of their income or savings.

  29. I must say, though a little over the top, the sentiment is exactly accurate. I am not a guy, so I only ones truly object to is deliberately trapping her by getting her pregnant before marriage and not interacting with your own children. That former shows you have absolutely no respect for your woman, or any faith in yourself as a man. If you need that trap, perhaps you need to be a better man than you are or find a better spousal option. The latter shows that you do not know how to be half a team. If you don’t help her, you had best be hiring someone.

    1. Yes the insecurity is strong with that one. Men like this end up “buying’ a so called virginal foreign bride to be his subservient little woman. Soon after cranking out a few bambinos and cooking, cleaning and being a poorly paid sex slave this girl wakes up when she looks around her and sees she doesn’t have to put up with it, leaving the aforementioned ,now balding, chubby and even more insecure man with noone and usually not even his kids. For the rest of his days, he will have to purchase female companionship on short term basis unless he finds another desperate foreign woman. Sad isn’t it? They don’t equate buying human beings and enslaving them as they take advantage of a person that is down and out. The five points brought to mind the methods used in islam, but mature men realize that when they play a “game” like this to trick a woman, usually the woman is not in it purely for “love” either and feels resentment. Marriage should not be a business, call it prostitution or slavery if you’re using the above criteria. Most marriages are for love, companionship and shared dreams that the two people engage in together, Men and women have different roles in that marriage so they each bring their own strengths to it. That’s my opinion, but some people want a wife or husband they can control and manipulate, few people enjoy being controlled after a while and end up biting the hand that “feeds” them.

      1. Dead on. This man wants control and isn’t man enough to earn it. A complete man will be respected by a mature woman without any of the tricks. I am married to a man who is so highly respected that instead of losing him when he wanted to quit, they created a position for him. I know full-well that I ride his coattails in many respects.
        When I was looking for a spouse, I was looking for a man who was a better man than I. A man who truly believes and takes to extreme the points in this article is a little man indeed and not a better man than I. 🙂 The winds blows both ways and this man seems to have no idea how to relate to humans. He wouldn’t make a very good friend, either. Self-centeredness to this extent is to be avoided by adults of either sex.
        That said, I am a very old-fashioned woman who sees the seeds of truth in this piece. Seeds. A woman who has many sexual partners before marriage truly needs to be under the magnifying glass before she is chosen as a spouse for a stable marriage. The same goes for a man. What drives or drove these people to leave little bits of themselves all over town? If it was simply immaturity, then one just needs to check for maturity. Otherwise, it’s a serious gamble because it signals a lack of boundaries that indicate a lack of valuing oneself in a woman. In a man, I dunno. I ain’t one.

        1. I don’t waste a lot of time responding to this type of man . At this point he is desperately trying to figure out what a “real man” is. I attribute his view to either youth or just immaturity which might also explain his inability to relate to humans. It’s no big deal and he probably will grow out of it, but it could be harmful to those he preys on, but then again they too will mature and gain wisdom and if he doesn’t grow with them, he will be the one left alone which is something that he really does not seem to want to happen. If we knew then what we know now, right? LOL

        2. You give him more credit than I. I think this article was just designed to get a reaction and is only barely sincere.

        3. i guess these days, knuckledragging men get little more from me than a yawn. They have nothing to offer me and anyone that has to purchase love, sex and/ or loyalty is a natural repellent to real women and to real men.

        4. No kidding. Purchasing sex is just pathetic. I guess I have met enough men of a certain age who still believe this extreme tripe that I don’t chalk it up to age. It is the result of insecurity. Yawning is really more attention than they deserve. 🙂

      2. Sexual slavery of women does not actually exist in the West. Quite the contrary in fact. However, financial slavery and child-hostages are unfortunately quite common and are typically perpetrated by the female. The reason for this is rather obvious given the political and cultural realities of the present Western paradigm. Western culture has always been gynocentric, if in varying degrees.
        Presently, it is so extreme that marriage for a man is typically not only a poor investment but can be exceeding dangerous, not only personally but in a legal sense. Given that women regularly utilize their own children, the police, and the court system as weapons against their husbands it should be quite obvious that the men are typically not the pathetic ones in this situation.
        The content of the article is providing direction for men who might not realize the minefield that modern Western marriage has unfortunately become (although I personally disagree with #4). Unfortunately, having any expectations out of women is incorrectly translated as “slavery” despite the fact that women always have a list (typically quite long) of expectations of their potential or actual husbands.
        Fortunately, an increasing number of men are beginning to avoid marriage since it has become a losing investment. While avoiding marriage will have, in my opinion, serious deleterious effects on the family unit in the long term it has become obvious that this institution has already been destroyed by individuals who utilize the state apparatus to serve their respective politico-economic agendas.

      3. “The five points brought to mind the methods used in Islam”
        How many Muslims have you met that practice this sort of
        marriage? Because as Muslim I can tell you this is not the case amongst a lot
        of us.
        First, the sorta of dictatorial leadership he talking about is not present in Islam and is not present in a lot of Muslim marriages. You usually won’t see a marriage like that except in rural areas. And that’s only because they have twisted the idea of a guy being leader into a dictator. Yes the husband is the primary decision maker but Islam doesn’t say he shouldn’t be open to the
        ideas/opinions of his wife. I have seen the latter in a lot of marriages around me (for Muslims living in US and South Asia) and with my own parents.
        #3This one should be quite obvious as men and women in Islam
        can’t have sex outside of marriage and so the guy can’t get a woman pregnant to ensure her compliancy. Now the idea of getting her with child right of the bat after marriage is not oppressive to Muslim women as they don’t object to the
        idea. A major part of getting married is to start a family. Of course some couples do wait for different reasons but usually not for very long. Some might wait because they’re finishing up with either college or university and men who marry them know this. It’s decided before they get married. And yes birth pills
        are used in Muslim countries for either the reason I stated above or to not have a dozen kids. There are exceptions where women are forced to have kids and I do not agree with it and it isn’t allowed in our religion.
        A father shouldn’t play with his kid when they’re young.
        Again I don’t see this happening around me and I am currently in a Muslim country. The fathers I see around me are interacting with their babies or toddlers. Also how did the idea of dads not being involved in their kids life when he/she is young become a rule that is practiced solely or mostly by Muslims or is anywhere in Islam?
        You have left your old family and joined mine. What he says
        in this point is a HUGE NO, NO in Islam. Islam prioritizes the importance of not only the immediate family but extended as well.
        Your statement makes all our men seem like abusive
        psychopaths and the women dimwitted. May I suggest that you get to know more Muslims or visit a Muslim country (and don’t visit just the villages). Sorry if I sound rude but frankly it’s getting trying to see the same old BS being directed towards Muslims. And I am not secretly trying to convert you here but if you would like to verify what I have said you can listen to a very respected Maulana in the Muslim society who talk about relationship between a husband and his wife. Maulana Tariq Jameel.

        1. Well well well. That didnt take long. I am on the Return of Kings site in America and throw out one comment about Islam and Allah summons a Muslim woman living in a Muslim country, of course, to create an account solely to respond to me LOL Your total of one comment is to me! Who is creating these profiles which seem to be no more than parody trolls. Seriously? Ha ha ha. Shalome Aleichem to you.

        2. Oh darn, I forgot I was suppose to sit quietly and let an american first lie about my religion and then let another american come and defend it. Shoot, what was I thinking.
          Funny how you’re not disputing anything I’ve said and only trying to ridicule me. Are you one those feminazis ROK keeps talking about? The ones that can’t discuss a topic worth shit?

        3. Feminazi? Moi? i think not. Since you’re claiming you have read this site enough to know there is from time to time a mention of feminazis, you could at least check someone’s Profile and read a few of their comments ( you now have two) If you did this small thing you would have known my views on feminazis. It will also save you from making a fool of yourself by lashing out at the wrong person. you dont want to bring dishonor to your male relatives and or husband. Not ridiculing you , I don’t know who the heck you are and frankly think I may create a profile using the name Americanfemale and troll a similar website in a Muslim country. What would such a site be called? Return of Ayatollahs? I just find it queer how these brand spanking new accounts spring up on this site.

        4. It took a while for me to reply because I had hard time getting away from being oppressed and all.
          Oh did I confuse you with them? Maybe it’s because you talk about stuff you don’t seem to know much about. This clearly shows when you compared this article with Islam and if I’m a fool for saying that is incorrect than okay. As for lashing out against the wrong person…well I don’t even know what to say that. No, actually I do. You make an incorrect statement about Islam and when I correct you, you belittle my religion and me and come off as total asshole because a Muslim had the temerity to tell you that you are wrong.
          Yeah I think it’s a bit corny too but I couldn’t come up with something else at the time. Let see if I can come up with another name. What about ‘Muslims are not welcome here.’ You know If you do find one and it says something that is not true about western countries or your religion than yeah be my guest and “troll.”
          All insults aside my only issue with you (and anyone else who thinks like you) is that you label marriages between Muslims like they are some sort enslavement for women….they are not. When women in marriages are treated badly it’s because their husbands are assholes. These men have taken what has been said and twisted it to suit their own needs. And sadly ill treatment of your partner happens in every religion and in every country. It’s wrong to say that it’s exclusive to Islam.

        5. You sound a little bitchy today. Don’t put words in my mouth. I did not say ill treatment of partners is exclusive to Islam. You’re obviously quite defensive of your religion. Islam was invented by a pagan bandit . He was a misogynistic, homophobic pedophile. The West has been in denial of your “religion of peace” and they muslims have gotten away with too much because of our political correctness. Now that obama has appeased the islamic nutjobs and brought beheadings to America, they are waking up and smelling the falafels.
          If you want to convince people your “religion” is peaceful, start rooting out those that you claim “hijacked ” your religion. No doubt many muslims aren’t the bloodthirsty devils we see right now committing 99% of the terrorism on the entire planet. It seems as usual, everyone likes to bash America, but when their own people are on yet another killing spree in the name of allah in their own countries , all those cowardly America bashers want us to come in and clean up their garbage. The same ones who cheered when the twin towers were destroyed and all those people were killed.
          I know plenty about Islam, but I am not here to talk to YOU about it. As I said, it’s quite interesting how parody trolls just spring up on this website. Take your propaganda somewhere else.I don’t CAIR to read anymore . http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/

  30. Stop marrying and making children for fuke’s sake !!!
    I won’t share my meal with the fruit of your selfishness when ressources are all gone.

    1. The fruit of my selfishness can shoot a wing off of a fly at 100 yards, reload, hunt, fish and grow food. He can cut down trees, plane boards and hammer wood. He can rip apart a transmission and put it back together again and it actually *works*. He is going to college for engineering next year and has a head on his shoulders that is quite capable of single handedly leading the rebuilding of a new, vibrant community.
      The second fruit of my selfishness can cook from scratch despite being only 15. She can hand and machine sew clothes and often does. She worships men, hates feminism in a very real visceral way (and is punished by social society at her school for it, yet holds fast). She can shoot without a man hand holding her and knows how to gut fish. She’s demure, feminine and likely the mother of a future generation of great men.
      My selfishness created them. They will not ask for a meal at your table, but you may one day find yourself asking to come into their community for safety. Reject them at your own peril.

        1. I’ve never seen the value of extinguishing one’s own line. There have been far worse times in history, and every single one of us is here today because our fathers chose to create a family despite the horror they were witnessing in their daily lives.

        2. “There have been far worse times in history”,
          That could be seen as true, if one refused to consider the never seen accumulation of deadly shit under the carpet, that is going to blow up some day. Nuclear weapons, overpopulation, overconsumption of the ressources, and the fact that, -your awesome children out of the lot-, my generation of western men is probably to most unable to survive tough times in the entire history of humanity.

        3. “Nuclear weapons, overpopulation, overconsumption of the ressources,”
          This existed in my father’s, and grandfather’s generation.
          my generation of western men is probably to most unable to survive tough times in the entire history of humanity.
          Social memes are passed on through acceptance. Your generation has little exposure to actual positive male role models. So provide one, and convert other “guys” back into men.
          It’s gotta start somewhere.

        4. “This existed in my father’s, and grandfather’s generation.”
          Like I often say to my own dad who often says exactly what you’re saying : It’s not because we’re falling very slowly, that we’re not going to hit the ground very hard.
          “So provide one, and convert other “guys” back into men.”
          I agree with the idea, but I’m going to be humble here.
          Before I start to convert other guys into men, I must already make one out of me.
          My parents are very intellectual people from the boomer generation, and although they gave me a good access to cultural things ( such as my knowledge of your language, for example), I think they were too soft with me.
          So, since teenagehood, I’ve been having this need of always getting into things that’ll toughen me up : boxing, muay thai, the army (falling from my peaceful nest into the six months basic training in the French infantry was probably the hardest part of my life) …
          Despite all of that, I think that I still have a lot of the post modern’s man flaws, and I hate myself for that.

      1. I never doubted the quality of your offspring, family man.
        We’re more talking about quantity here.

        1. We’re more talking about quantity here.
          I’ll admit that I may have missed your point. Can you explain this with a bit more detail?
          Or did you mean quantity as in “beta men creating hordes of idiot drones with no skills”?

        2. “Or did you mean quantity as in “beta men creating hordes of idiot drones with no skills ?”
          Yes. I don’t think everyone should have the right to reproduce himself, just like everyone should not have the right vote.
          There should be a series of tests or something similar, used to determine if one is able to raise his children properly.

  31. What fantasy world is this author living in?
    Under the feminist state, there is no such thing as “traditional marriage” anymore. That ending 30+ years ago.
    Marriage now is a state of debtors prison for males. The marriage contract is not between a man and a woman (not even between a man and a man for the faggots out there). A marriage contract is between a man and the The State. Any good divorce lawyer will tell you that.
    You need to get that through your thick head and get over your denial.
    Any man that agrees to marriage between himself and The State is a fucking idiot.
    If you really want a traditional marriage, you have to get out of The West. That takes some work. You have to go to one of the few countries left that have not been ruined by feminism.
    Think about this: You want to know the true nature of the war between the West and Islam? Forget all the bull shit about radical Islam and “protecting our values” and all the other crap the media feeds you. The true nature of the war is that Muslims want to maintain their traditional lifestyle (this is true of Muslim men as well as women). So the true war is between The Feminist State and Islam.
    No self-respecting man in The West should be supporting that war. Let the Muslims alone and they will have zero interest in attacking The West. Think of it this way: Back when the US had traditional families, Islam did not fuck with us.
    You will never hear this perspective in the western media.
    Note: I am not advocating becoming Muslim. If you want to do that, move to the Middle East or to Indonesia. Personally, I find Islam to restrictive of men, expecting all that prayer shit and so forth. All I am saying is you can’t expect Muslims to not fight back when The Feminist State is fucking with their traditional family framework. Men in the West stand to learn a thing or two by the way Muslim men fight back against Western invasion (and not they get the full support of Muslim women).

    1. Marriage in the US is beta no matter how you look at it. If you want to get “married,” do a commitment ceremony or something. There’s no argument for a state-sponsored relationship/financial contract.

  32. Hey guys, I have an idea. How about the woman’s father, and her husband, work together to promote the success of the marriage.
    The father could raise the girl to be modest and respectful towards men and learn domestic arts. When she is old enough, the father could then screen the woman’s suitors to find one who will support her and any kids they have. Then when she is married, he could stay in touch with her and her husband, and talk to her from time to time and make sure she doesn’t run around doing skunky stuff and screwing things up. In return, the husband would take care of the woman and treat her well.
    In other words, we could have actual COOPERATION between different generations of men.
    We could even have a club of older and younger guys to meet regularly and talk about this kind of thing. We could call it, oh I don’t know, maybe something like — CIVILIZATION.
    Of course, this could never happen in America where the older generation has conclusively told the younger to go f**k themselves. But maybe in some other country.

    1. “Of course, this could never happen in America where the older generation
      has conclusively told the younger to go f**k themselves. But maybe in
      some other country”
      Never mind the nitwittery in the rest of your comment,

    2. The father could raise the girl to be modest and respectful towards men
      and learn domestic arts. When she is old enough, the father could then
      screen the woman’s suitors to find one who will support her and any kids
      they have. Then when she is married, he could stay in touch with her
      and her husband, and talk to her from time to time and make sure she
      doesn’t run around doing skunky stuff and screwing things up. In
      return, the husband would take care of the woman and treat her well.

      Besides giving birth, I don’t see much responsibility for the mother in you scenario. I do see however that she is amply rewarded for…well I’m still not entirely certain.
      Of course, this could never happen in America where the older generation
      has conclusively told the younger to go f**k themselves. But maybe in
      some other country.

      Oh knock it off you pussy. The Greatest Generation had their fathers hand them a war to go fight and die for in Europe and the Pacific ocean. And you’re bitching because somebody is telling your cupcake arse to get up and actually do something besides FB updates? Good lord almighty.

      1. “Besides giving birth, I don’t see much responsibility for the mother in you scenario.”
        The whole point is that the mothers are responsible for giving birth and nurturing babies, and the fathers are responsible for creating civilization.
        “The Greatest Generation had their fathers hand them a war to go fight and die for in Europe and the Pacific ocean”
        When I say “older men”, I’m talking about the fathers of HBs. WWII vets would be a little beyond that point.

      2. See how he takes the role of a victim.
        Oh woe is me, if only the older generation didn’t stick it to the younger generation…it’s all their fault!
        I agree. Pussy.

        1. How is it being a victim to say that people need to cooperate to improve marriages? If you think you can fix things all on your own, go for it. I maintain that older men have roles to play in society and are not simply there to cash SS checks.

      3. I think when he said “older generation” he was referring to the baby boomers not the WWII generation. Simple misunderstanding.

    3. Wouldn’t work. Men idolize their daughters, they princess-ify them immediately upon birth.
      And the wealthy fathers make sure their daughters go to university/college, get a good job (doctor, lawyer, pharmacist, or vet) so they can support themselves.
      Or they give them a portion of the family business.

        1. The wealthier dads do. Because they are more apt to stick around.
          These girls look the part but do not act the role.

      1. “Wouldn’t work. Men idolize their daughters, they princess-ify them immediately upon birth.”
        Ok, then how did it work in the past? The divorce rate wasn’t *always* 50+%.
        I remember reading a book written c.1900 where the author expressed shock and dismay that one out of every TWELVE marriages ended in divorce.

        1. Because they no longer see their daughters as a bargaining chip, but instead a human being. They wish for their daughters to be super successful, and will do anything to make sure it happens.
          It used to be they’d send them to private schools to ‘train them’ , now it’s completely being liberalized schools.
          I went to a private school and we didn’t have one home economics. It was an activity you could do after school, but you had to specifically choose it.
          It’s a shift in mentality that those basic skills are not longer needed. Sewing, ironing clothes to look presentable, cooking – the basic home economics are key to surviving.

        2. Nobody’s talking about daughters being a bargaining chip, it’s about promoting LTRs that benefit all concerned. And success can be defined by being a good wife and mother as well as by being a superlawyer.

    1. Yes, abortion is murder.
      If you’re actually going for a quality woman instead of a club whore, the second point is also true.
      Meditate on this with something other than ‘lolwut’ on your mind.

    2. You really don’t want to marry a woman that has a history of abortions, that would be a red flag for whorish and or narcissistic behavior. What kind of woman would kill her own child? Please don’t give me this rape incest scenario it’s statistically impossible for every abortion to be the result of rape or incest. What is so hard about going nine months and putting up that child for adoption? That would be a selfless act, Oh never mind.

  33. The woman just goes for the best financial mcdeal package, once she is 30+ she finds the male with the most income she can sell herself via vanity to so that she can quit working and have him pay for everything, than once he is done paying, she looks for a better deal and leaves, since he will be paying for her expensive divorce lawyer to ensure he really gets sacked, society will tell you that you deserve it since women are professional victims and other men like to see other men get screwed because they are sadistic
    I guess there are 3 standard package mcdeals for women :
    deal#1 Bluecollar bodybuilderbigdick joe , average – high income,usual sense of humor
    deal#2 romanticbillthescholar personality profile:, business owner, possible trust fund recipient, a bit beta- , possibly decent physical characteristics
    the beta male sucker, usually some sort of PHD involved, income 70-150 , extreme beta, Personality profile: mother issues, extra sensitive
    Women will usually resort to mcdeal #3 if the other two options are exhausted because she is approaching 40 and did not age well with the alcohol every weekend

  34. Australian economist? To bad not an Austrian economist. I love me some Austrian economic theory.

    1. Austrian economic theory is hogwash, it’s a bunch of Austrian Jews teaching the next great thing. Economic freedom is achieved by having our own central bank that issues interest free loans to our own government. The Central bank must be subservient to our elected leaders. We had this system until the founding of the Federal Reserve.

      1. Absolutely, people honestly think they’d be better off under an economy led by Murray Rothbard rather than Milton Friedman? Both believe in an economy where the most unscrupulous debtors are allowed to poach the economy and do as they please. What’s never discussed is Germany’s economic model, specifically the economic miracle that took place under the Third Reich. Free Banking does not work, it’s a philosophical disposition that will make it harder to access credit in the real economy. Germany’s economic model as was Lincoln’s, was to have a central bank with no private shareholders to lend money to the government interest-free while also remaining autonomous enough to mitigate bad over-zealous free-spending governmental policies. Austrian economists hail from the same school as the Frankfurt School of Philosophy. That man should not be united with his clan, his nation and ultimately his family, that he is a law unto himself with no responsibility to the welfare of his nation’s wellbeing, only to that of his pocket. It’s a fundamentally subversive philosophy. Ayn Rand did as much damage to the American psyche as Karl Marx did to the West and Russia. Both were subversives that were worthy to fall under the sword.

        1. I agree with your comment and I’d like to add that although Ron Paul opened my eyes to the dangers of the Federal Reserve his love of the Austrian School of Economics is greatly concerning. Not to mention that he named his son Rand Paul obviously out of his love love of Ayn Rand. Ron Paul along with the Austrian Economists want to go to the gold standard which puts the money back into the very same banks that run the Federal Reserve. How can he not know that banks have huge holdings in gold?

        2. Ron Paul should have stuck with medicine. Gold is an albatross around the real economy. There’s absolutely no feasible way to peg a nation’s currency to gold and expect credit to go to entrepreneurs and other areas where it’s needed. A limit reserve standard is practical. Again their arguments are mostly philosophical by corrupt Russian emigres and ‘Austrians’. Again, referencing Germany, they found a way to symbiotically harmonise capital, entrepreneurs and labour in a way that benefited all three. Use capitalism where necessary and social policies to raise labour when necessary. In the end you had companies such as Bayer, Adidas, BMW, Porsche, IBM and Mercedes combining with a high-salaried labour market. Most countries back then didn’t allow their sovereign debt to be free-floated on the international market. Give me Germany’s model which eradicated homelessness, raised the middle class overnight and created wealth in the process over the other guys who want to create a new feudalistic system for bankers and financiers.

        3. The reason for German success is only partially due to their system, and has more to do with their group disposition.
          Who invented, or at least advanced or perfected organic chemistry, modern engineering, rocket science, fuel efficiency, vehicle design, theoretical physics, mass agriculture and medicine … ?
          Not to mention their contributions to art and music, which tower above the rest of the European continent after the Middle Ages. Did I mention Schelling, Hegel, Nietzche, Shopenauer, Kant ….
          Anyone who hates Germany is rather silly, because no other group has contributed a fraction as much to making the modern world possible.
          Bunch of evil Nazis!

        4. Paul isn’t stupid, he’s just tooting a line which had made him a pseudo rebel celebrity. His attack on central banking is somewhat legit … but then again, would the Baby Boomers have been as wealthy as they were without it?
          He actually isn’t a rebel at all, he fits the status quo of corporate finance. The Austrian School, almost like the Marxist economic theories in Canada, are completely different in practice.
          What none of these theories take into account is that the needs and aims of man are not strictly economic, and believing so, they create systems which can easily be taken over and redirected. Just to use Plato as an example, an ideal Marxist or Misean state would be a robust body without a head.
          There is no example in human history of a lasting empire built in economic theory.

      2. Austrian economics is currently hogwash as you stated correctly because we live in a monopolized and crony money system in which is backed by law (and the barrel of a gun). They accuratly describe real economic conditions, effects and cycles better than anybody else, and their system is the most honest and fair.
        Elected leaders aren’t competent enough to run anything, especially a money system. That much power can never be given to a few. The US did quite well without a central bank, and many influential people reckognized that a central bank could never be anything other than a blood sucking parasite.

    2. Fully agree with you. Austrian economics is a far better model of the way things actually work than any other existing economic model. Mises, Rothbard, Menger, Hazlitt and the other Austrian economists are clear, logical and consistent thinkers in an otherwise muddy and opaque science.

  35. This is a perfect recipe for Conduct Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder.
    We are seeing these disorders appear in younger and younger children. It is usually in families who have a foreigner for a mother. And the father is strictly traditional.
    Perhaps this worked in the past, but it does not work in the 21st century.
    Unless you want a call from your schools Psychologist (yes schools have psychologists) I suggest you take some parenting courses and ownership of the children you bring into the world.
    Also when the child sees his/her mother being treated degradingly this further amplifies the chance for a ODD or CD coding.

    1. Setting ground rules and defined roles is not “degrading”. No more so than some guy whistling at a girl on the street is ‘rape’.
      Wait…you’re a feminist aren’t you?

      1. Look I am just calling what I see.
        I dislike seeing young boys being called into my office for potential coding of a CD or ODD.
        A boy that was recently coded, we met with the parents and he (the husband) commanded the room and his wife.
        I specifically asked a question to his wife and as she was about to answer that, he told her not to answer it.
        If you don’t want your children seeing someone like me, you better home school or learn the ways of the 21st century.

        1. My children have not ended up in the office for any kind of code, and both receive high marks in school, are very social and well adjusted. I’m the accepted face of the family in public. We both have roles we’ve agreed openly or through acceptance via habit to fulfill, with mine being masculine and her’s being feminine.
          So much for the rules of the 21st century. I prefer “the rules that have worked for us for tens of thousands of years, and still work for us if we follow them”. The concept of temporal politics, in my estimation, is a concept that needs to go away.

        2. Not all families.
          But I have seen a trend in the past 6 years.
          I am genuinely happy that your kids didn’t have to be coded.

        3. The reason they didn’t have to is because it’s not nearly the problem you think it is.
          Look, I appreciate your honesty and conversation. What you’re doing however is what most professionals in a given occupation do, that is, taking your day to day work reality and extrapolating it to society as a whole. Talk to a social worker some time and you’ll find her telling you that nearly everybody is messed up psychologically. Talk to a nurse who deals with cancer and she’ll have a nearly iron bound sense that nearly everybody dies or is going to die of cancer. It’s called confirmation bias, and nobody is immune to it.
          Kids “coding” because the father is acting masculine is not the epidemic that you seem to think it is. Mine aren’t the only kids who “haven’t coded” yet have strong, masculine fathers at the head of their families.

    2. Having kids young, expecting your wife to dedicate herself to you and the kids and setting expectations is psychologically damaging to children? Hehehe, good one.
      You know what is shit? 30 something selfish career woman has child, then a month later hands him or her to a complete stranger with formula for eight hours, then picks them up, puts them in a crib and watches the kardashians. Some years later she divorces, latch keys the kids, pays for affection with an ipad with internet connection and no filters at the age of 5, and then by age 6 has them on psychotropic drugs for ADD or something like that. Later, the kid watches mommy bring home random dues from the bar and deals with her alcohol problem. Perfectly acceptable in todays society though…

      1. Both are extremes and are not acceptable ways to raise children.
        Perhaps you should educate yourself and find out with CD and ODD are. Then you’d see the parallels between making your wife a slave and your son getting coded.

        1. The problem is that the example he gave is so prevalent that any random person in these united States can see it nearly everywhere.

        2. Haha, my kids go to an private international school and my son performs outstandingly according to the teachers and the girls in his class go nuts for him. We are the first example. No need to research shit.

      2. You know what’s even more shit? Your description of children in America is FAR more common than the description given in the article.

    3. “Perhaps this worked in the past, but it does not work in the 21st century.”
      Why would does the timing matter? If this stuff was so bad, wouldn’t it always have been bad?

      1. Okay. I will say it.
        It’s because you can’t beat your kids. No one can beat kids.
        Not the teachers and not the parents.
        My dad told me that if he spoke out of turn in class, he received a ruler to the hand. It taught him discipline.
        The family structure was supposed to be a hierarchy. Husband – Wife – Children. Now it’s not that anymore.
        So we need to adjust our lives.

        1. You can’t beat them, but beating was never really accepted. Corporeal punishment however, was, and still is in most place.
          “So we need to adjust our lives”
          See how that works? Posit the left as the new paradigm, posit that human beings are at fault instead of the ideology, demand compliance with the ideology. Nearly Hegelian actually, now that I look at it.e

        2. You can’t use any form of punishment.
          Or you’ll have Child Protection Services at your door step.

        3. Nor could you ever. Men who beat their kids nearly to death like the fictional Huck Finn’s father soon found themselves ostracized from the community. Kinda like, hey, Huck Finn’s fictional father.

        4. So these problems aren’t caused by families with strong fathers and foreign mothers dedicated to their child’s care…they’re caused by lame liberal policies that make it a crime to discipline a child.
          btw, you absolutely do not need to beat your kid to teach him how to act. My grandparents never hit me. Never yelled. I’m 6’7″, my grandmother is 5’1″ and I still listen to her when I’m at her place.
          Screw adjusting our lives, adjust society. It’s broken.

        5. Right on.
          I haven’t hit my children in anger (nor in any other emotion other than a friendly chuck on the shoulder when my boy does something cool). Never needed to, they understood authority from a young age, as most children do. Metting out consequences for bad behavior, while recognizing and rewarding good/honorable actions, early and often makes hitting unnecessary.
          Screw adjusting our lives, adjust society. It’s broken.
          And can I get an a-to-the-fucking-men here, brother!

        6. “Metting out consequences for bad behavior, while recognizing and rewarding good/honorable actions, early and often makes hitting unnecessary.”
          It’s shocking how simple it can be if you start early enough.
          Tell them what to do, tell them the consequences if they don’t do it. Consistently enforce the consequences if they are called for, and recognize the good behavior. It’s not rocket surgery.
          Too many parents want to be their kids best friend first and parent second, so they ease up on the consequences and the restrictions thinking their kid will like them better.
          That won’t work. Children learn very quickly who they can steamroll and who they can’t.

      2. Thank you. As I mentioned, this whole concept of “temporal politics” needs to go away. It’s an invention of the progressives, as if history and human nature were linear and things “that worked then no longer work today”. It’s a very rigid, binding view. People are people, always have been, always will be, and people in 2014 are prone to the same behaviors and reactions as those in the year 990 A.D. Pretending otherwise is silly, imho.

        1. Indeed. Progressives are under the odd delusion that they can re-engineer human beings, that is, change human nature. Such a view is not only utterly futile but extremely arrogant.

    4. Unless you want a call from your schools Psychologist (yes schools have psychologists) I suggest you take some parenting courses and ownership of the children you bring into the world.

      So in other words, if you don’t emasculate your boys and teach your girls to embrace being easy, the government will intervene.

    5. Huh? You try to use buzzwords but make no sense. Our goal is to keep families together, raise masculine boys and well behaved girls. It’s obvious 21st century parenting styles are not working (just visit a school if you don’t believe me).
      Also, if positive masculine leadership roles are “degrading” to women, you seriously need to rethink your world view and pretty much everything you know about sociology and nuclear families.

  36. So I don’t agree with everything, but I love the general ethic so much. If men started acting like they had a dick in their pants, feminism would end in a generation.

    1. I married very young, to an older woman with an advance degree, born in long island new york, raised by a working mother and constant tv programming. Sorry, it was pre-red pill.
      Long story short, good women can be molded to your will, and traditional roles are good way to find balance and happiness in your family. His advice provide lofty but worthwhile guidlines for the aspiring family man.

  37. Oh bitterness. Bitter manosphere guys are so sad. I bet this guy doesn’t put his money where his mouth is.

  38. over the counter morning after pill +
    smart phone dating apps providing women 10 new men to fuck every day +
    no fault divorce laws rewarding women with house and support payments =
    divorce rates trending around 66% in California

      1. Yea given the behavior of young women Ive observed, 50% seems low, I figured its gotta be pushing 2/3

  39. Love the sentiments in this article, however this is nothing more than hunting for unicorns. Even if a woman in the West obliged (with duplicity), there are no legal underpinnings to keep such an arrangement in place. In fact some scum lawyer in a divorce/child custodial proceeding could turn rules, 1, 2 and 3 into a case of ‘psychological and child abuse’. Thus is the state of affairs. The rules in this article, are in-fact encouraged in family oriented countries such as Russia or Iran where the ‘pater-familias’ is still honoured socially and protected legally. The reality of the situation is that you’d be walking on legal eggshells everyday in an arrangement like this, and that’s all this would be in the West is an ‘arrangement’, some novelty, much like dressing in costume during Halloween. Go elsewhere young, the West is in moral and spiritual tatters. On this Veterans Day, I would like to ‘sincerely’ thank the US armed forces for protecting and bequeathing us the current system we are now being terrified under.

    1. I wouldn’t blame vets for this Lance, most fought long before this crap inserted itself in our culture, or at least before it was obvious. The rest thought they were doing the right thing. Mistakenly, granted, but no man is born “awake” to red pill or the reality of society, especially at the age most men join the service.
      Nowadays of course there is no excuse, even the blind can see it.

      1. Apathy and banality are no excuses. Absolutely not, everyday some Western academic in some leftist bent university will probably expound upon the ‘collective guilt’ of the German people as a whole for the atrocities of the holocaust. If young German boys and girls are wrongly affixed with the crimes of a few, than these servicemen should know they are to somewhat liable for the state they currently defend. As opposed to other countries where young men join out of legitimate patriotism to protect valuable social institutions such as the Russian Orthodox Church or the concept of ‘pater familias’ in Iran, most Americans join out of the need to escape desperation and poverty. They join for coin and oppress the rest out of their want for coin. That should be a crime in of itself.

        1. Two wrongs do not make a right. Young German boys and girls have no business being blamed for the sin of their forefathers, nor do vets of wars past need to accept the guilt of generations that came after them. That’s silly.
          Not knowing something is not “apathy” nor “banality” most of the time. Sometimes, you just don’t know. You didn’t evade the information, you didn’t avoid the information or say it wasn’t important, you just don’t know due to lack of experience.
          Again, today, sure, your words make perfect sense. You cannot attend a public school and NOT know that it’s highly anti-male. It’s just there, right there, telling you you’re a worthless male from day one, reinforced by media. That wasn’t so decades ago.

        2. What’s there left to defend? iPhones? There use to be a day in this country even with discriminatory attitudes, where a man could take his son to a game free of political correctness and pink ribbons, talk with him about real masculine issues, coach him over his first fight, inculcate him into his future, roughhouse him, and mold him into a man unmitigated by a woman’s influence. Patrimony and patri-lineal descent are dead. A man has no line that couldn’t be broken up by the state to defend anymore. America as you’ve known it, is dead. This was one of the many reasons men had to pick up the rifle in days past. Again, that America is dead. You and I are, are just passersby in a nation unrecognisable, much like Russia was unrecognisable to a Tsarist loyalist in 1950.

        3. I don’t disagree with anything you just said. Where I disagree is in blaming men who fought WW2 as being somehow culpable for bringing this state of affairs on our heads.

    2. Vets don’t have any say in the current system. They might help perpetuate it, albeit it indirectly, but they aren’t like police officers- direct beneficiaries and enforcers of the system. But thanks for the well wishes.

  40. Haha only the fucking beta’est of betas wants to get married, and I don’t just mean in today’s times either. Even in super-patriarchal times, marriage is an institute that has only ever benefited women so you can take it and shove it up your ass.
    I’m gonna say something probably not popular here but god bless feminism. Not third wave false rape and alimony rape is okay kind, but liberate ourselves from marriage kind. It completely freed men from the trap known as marriage, and the only kinda losers complaining about it are those 80% who are invisible to women. By no means I’m not in that top 20% either, but fuck me you are free to amass loads of wealth and dedicate time to working out to become just that. Life is a competition if you don’t like it fuck off and stop whining already.
    These old geezers on here promoting how blissful marriage was back in the day and how super alpha they are can piss off too, they are like feminists trying to sell it to young and impressionable people when the reality is misery loves company. You will always be a walking ATM machine and sent to an early grave in any marriage, and you will have to pound that crusty 40-year-old ass when you have loads of good years ahead of you. Yeah marriage, great fucking deal.
    You want a girl who loves you and stays with you through bad times bla bla bla, but feminism has exposed they are always looking for a better deal. They just couldn’t get away with it back then, is that someone you really want in your corner messing shit up? No thanks.
    Make your money and enjoy the benefits feminism has given you, and stop crying like a little bitch. I dunno what I’d do without my ‘Where are all the good men articles’.
    You talk about society collapsing when men check out, but all the elites will do is start turning plumbers, trash collectors into the new ‘it’ thing in magazines and media and women will follow hook, line and sinker.
    I completely agree they have gone too far in some cases like yes means yes laws and all that shit, but frankly I’d be happy with just making them accountable for their decisions. If they dont wanna marry that’s their business, as long as I don’t have to pay for their “I’m a single mom, don’t need no man’ benefits I don’t see where the problem is.

    1. Your fathers and grandfathers, that long line of betas that you sneer they are, looks on at the wonder they have created, and shake their heads.
      You’re young and have no fucking clue what you’re talking about, and you mix it with arrogance and snarkiness. This is not unusual in youth, expected really, but it still makes those more experienced roll their eyes and sigh a bit.
      Go amass loads of wealth dude, your line ending will be of no consequence to this earth. Enjoy.

      1. Keep selling the false dream to all these naive young men on here. If they wanna believe it that’s their problem, and I wish you luck with your recruitment drive. I only shudder when I think of what they could have been without the anchor of a wife and kids constantly weighing them down.

        1. Actually, cupcake, I tell young men today not to marry. This includes my own son. I’ve stated this on many threads. The only men I’d advise getting married would be men 30+ years ago, and then only if I had a time machine to take me back to that time. I don’t. Or, men who move to other countries which do not have man hating laws, where this article would then apply 100% (hence why I agree with the article, in limit scenarios).
          Next time, you should know your opponent before you type.
          I only shudder when I think of what they could have been without the anchor of a wife and kids constantly weighing them down.
          They may have been giants. And you, for certain, would not exist. If you’re constructing an argument in self loathing, you’re doing a fine job of it so far.
          You can choose not to marry. That’s your right. What pleasure you derive from coming into a discussion and sneering is known only to you and God.
          Like I said, when your line ends, nobody will care. Later dude.

    2. The problem is that some men want children and saying they have to move out of the west in order to have a stable family life is an absurdly demanding requirement that didn’t used to be the case a few decades ago.

      1. Yeah no arguments there that’s a pretty tough deal. Why not date richer women though? Do a bit of blackknighting. We like to talk about bias of family courts but you can make them work in your favor if she has a higher income.
        This site spends forever talking about game, and while I know women are typically repulsed by men with a lower income, shouldn’t there be more articles on how to lure in them rich career gals?

        1. I’d be all for seeing articles about that but I think you already identified half the problem with that; rich women don’t want nonwealthy men. And even if they did, the percentage of available rich women is very small. Without any reasonable options available (marriage in the west is very dangerous and moving out of the west is a major lifestyle change) men are left with opting out of the system or banging sluts. Yes, some men will be satisfied with those roles, but many will not. Ultimately, when this is purportedly heralded as a “progressive society,” people become upset when they can look back on what past generations had and not have the same or better, that’s what you are seeing here.

        2. There is a third option that’s unavoidably the 700 kilo elephant in the room, and that is armed insurrection. However, in the age of drone warfare and push-button cruise missiles another ‘1848’ would be nearly impossible to accomplish. The only option would be the military itself turning the sword inward on the body.

        3. Well, the term progressive is a complete joke anyway and used to keep the useful idiots (feminists) under the thumb of the elites.
          Think it just depends on what is defined as a legacy. Most people are going after the genetic, but whenever your kids die you will be forgotten about completely anyway.
          Write a book, build a company, do something else. There are plenty of ways to leave a legacy.
          Who is remembered more, Grandpa Joe or George Orwell?

        4. I would categorize any sort of revolutionary efforts in the same terms as having a “collapse” and systemic changes in the system. Of course, like you identified, we don’t know what would evolve out of that so hopefully it would be an improvement over our current system.

        5. Agreed, the first two options are discussed quite at length here on RoK, 1. Revel in the degeneracy or 2. Emigrate… but that looming 3rd option is not a foregone conclusion. However, I do not believe that most American men dispossess the stomach for sacrifice, so America’s collapse will be a long protracted decline. The American psyche is not one of selfless altruism and sacrifice witnessed in warrior cultures such as Sparta, Imperial Japan, the Third Reich or even the USSR. Americans are a fundamentally selfish and non-cohesive group of people.

        6. Thomas Jefferson was right.
          The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be exercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all.

        7. ” . . . drone warfare and push-button cruise missiles. . .”
          Work great against fortified positions and aircraft carriers.
          Against guerillas in the field they are little more effective than a bullet and a damned sight more expensive.

        8. The Afghanis probably wouldn’t agree with your assessment. That’s the place where high tech empires go to die at the hands of nomad tribes wielding 80 year old Enfield .303 bolt actions.

      2. Surrogacy, compared to the cost of a modern wedding, the cost of pregnancy (maternity clothes and other expenses)the cost of surrogacy is about the same. Although the author is right that daycare is not as good as being with their biological mother it is much better than growing up with ONLY their biological mother after she divorced you out of your children’s lives. You can also buy breast milk from milk banks in many parts of the country. If you save up enough money while you are in the 22-35 year old range and don’t let a SAHW waste it on shoes or other useless shit you can stretch it out a long time. You can live quite cheap with a two bedroom apartment or house and one car.

        1. Yeah you’ve got to be pretty fucked up to wanna raise a kid without a mother. Can’t go chastizing single mothers for being single parents and then go do the same thing. Kids without both parents are usually fucked up.

        2. In the west if a kid is growing up in a single father household it is usually because A) The mother died or B) The mother let the father take the children because she didn’t like the children in the first place or C) The mother had a problem such as substance abuse that was so obvious that even biased family courts would not give her custody
          None of these scenarios would be a factor in single father surrogacy. Also, if a man did not have every intention of raising a child to become a well-adjusted individual he would not pay the money to have a child in the first place.

        3. He can have the best intentions in the world. Im sure sometimes single mothers think they have the child’s best interest in mind when they divorce-rape the father. The fact of the matter is that single mother or single father households are disadvantageous for the children and not optimal. Sometimes reaching an optimal isn’t possible but in this case it is very doable and was the social norm only a few decades ago.

      3. Agree. It’s a shame because it used to be something that many wanted and both worked towards (men and women) in the past.
        But the brainwashing, over the past decades, has just been ridiculous. Corporate America and the government (U.S.) wanted more customers plus more people to add to the tax base – so everything has been “catered” to women (to get them out of the house).
        Spend more, make more and pay more taxes…it’s a win-win for the two…a lose-lose for the family.

  41. Wow. So to be wife material, she has to be willing to be controlled and abused. Separating her from her FAMILY? That is the MO of an abuser.

        1. She’s literally trolled this site for the past year. While it’s satisfying to see the articles getting under people’s skin, the mods should be a little more diligent.

        2. Absolutely, cunts and manginas are allowed to troll these comments with impunity while we have to tolerate it and ignore it. I do wish the mods could modify the current rules with what actually goes on here. Ignoring these types just encourages them.

      1. Another woman…more delusional thinking.
        How many men out there, today, are controlled – not only by the woman – but by her family stick their fucking noses in their business?
        Isn’t that abuse as well? Nah…can’t be…it’s only happening to men so it’s not a problem.
        Fucked up.

  42. OK here goes.
    1. Ridiculous. There are times when she’s going to be sick or tired or the mojo isn’t right. That’s fine, just make it up to me big time soon, OK?
    2. I will talk to you but the ultimate decision is mine. Especially with regards to money. Only one captain of the ship is allowed but the captain doesn’t have to be named Queeg.
    3. That is the way it should be.
    4. I already gave my views on this earlier and it isn’t in the affirmative. That child needs its father, its strong father from the moment of conception.
    5. I’m fine with her family unless and until they try to start dictating what goes on in my marriage.

  43. I notice that cunts are being allowed to comment and people respond to them. It’s not my site but I thought cunts and faggots had no voice here.

    1. They want to put in their two cents but when you engage them in debate they prefer to call men who disagree with them misogynist or something like that. I don’t know what that word is but I hear it a lot. Just angry hags who majored in Women’s Studies sucking on the government tit.

      1. Agree. Women want to be equal to men and they want to keep all the goodies they get from the government (like preferential treatment on government contracts, loans or programs for schools, etc…).
        They don’t want to give up any of the “good stuff”…they only want to be equals when they have something to gain.
        I say bring home all the men from war and start signing up these women (and make it mandatory to sign up for Selective Service at 18).
        They want to be treated like a man (equality)….start showing them what it looks like on an everyday basis.

    2. I checked in with Roosh on this. Starting with the “tattoos” article, there were so many women coming around, he felt enforcement was impossible, so he let it go.
      Personally, I hate to see guys getting into arguments with women, but whatever, it’s not my site.

  44. I can not in good conscience support marrying and having children currently in the western world. The state and wife have too much power over you in that situation. At least let men know the full picture of marriage before laying out some rules that almost no modern entitled female would agree too and even if she did the power the state enables her will tempt her to break those rules.

    1. Indeed. You have to be very careful because men have much to lose. Our laws and courts still “bleed” for the woman (over a man) like the woman can do no wrong.
      My brother is a perfect example. His ex left him (and my niece) – she actually left the state – to avoid paying child support. He supports and raises my niece as a single father.
      A man does this and it’s the classic “man walking away from his responsibilities”.
      You rarely hear about women doing it but it does happen in the real world…or society just doesn’t want to accept it (let alone report on it through the MSM).

  45. Very old Stones 60’s song.

    Here I am
    All alone and all dressed up to kill
    ‘Cause I’d much rather be with the boys
    Than be with you
    Here I am
    With the gang, I don’t care where you are
    ‘Cause I’d much rather be with the boys
    Than be with you
    I hold up my head up high when I walk down the street
    Now I’m a man, I’m standing on my own two feet
    Don’t try to call me ’cause now I know the score
    And now I know that I don’t need you anymore
    Don’t put me on
    It’s over now, it’s no good looking back
    ‘Cause I’d much rather be with the boys
    Than be with you
    Who’s fooling who?
    It’s over and you’ve had all your headache from me
    ‘Cause I’d much rather be with the boys
    Yes I’d much rather be with the boys
    Yes I’d much rather be with the boys
    And the boys they would much rather be with the boys
    Than with girls like you
    Girls like you
    Girls like you
    Girls like you

    1. To piss off a feminist even more she should read today’s other article about Thai women. That oughta chap her ass! Har! Har! Har!

    2. Actually, feminists laugh their ass off at the idea that someone writes stuff like this. The whole article can be summarized as “I am such a loser that in order to keep a woman interested in me I have to trick her, abuse her, and make it impossible for her to leave, because no woman would ever choose to be with me of her own free will”. Way to go, “alpha”!

    1. Guys here don’t hate women. We’re merely indifferent to their horseshit. That’s completely different from having physical desire for a select few of them.

      1. And, let’s be pretty fucking honest here…we’re talking about mostly women who still believe in the feminist narrative that “they are still victims”.
        Feminism had it’s time…and it’s over (like the unions). Both, useful at one time but it has reached a tipping point. Women complain today (and still only blame men) for all of their problems.
        Example: I don’t blame a man for not getting the same salary (or women). I blame myself for being a shitty negotiator.
        The tab is here…time to pay up and get out.

  46. I just realized that the author seems to have mommy problems. Him and the parade of boys who actually believe anything they see from a half ass author. I must be on the weird part of the web. Pussy envy at it’s finest..

    1. No one envies your cesspool hole or your daddy issues you got from your western decadent slut mother.

  47. Yay for misandry. Men are disposal. You ruined the world, rape children, think your privilege needs more privilege, etc etc. The only thing men provide is wack d***k and a headache. I’ll rather be with women. Men rule the world, but women control it. Stop whining like the little bitches you are.

    1. ” Men rule the world, but women control it.”
      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not without a global HR department you can cry to! Hell, even your Hilary broke down and cried after she was given soft ball questions about Benghazi and she was secretary of state!

      1. Women control it…as long as an “HR dept” is around to run to…otherwise, no they don’t.
        Let out “police state” fall and we’ll see how long women hold onto that control.

  48. If such drastic measures are required for you to hold a woman’s interest, maybe you’re not that interesting.

  49. Hahahaha another great piece of satire from Returnofkings! I’ll have to share this one in my feed.

  50. In lieu of responding to each girl who feels it’s necessary to post here, I’ll make one blanket statement: A woman cannot know or define what it is to be a man. Trying to do so creates societal disorder, dysfunctional families, effeminate boys and slutty girls (in other words, the state of the U.S today).
    Take your ladybits elsewhere this is a discussion between men.

    1. In lieu of responding to every ignorant jack-ass, I’ll choose you. “A woman cannot know or define what it is to be a man.”–Very true!!
      Likewise, a man cannot claim to ‘know’ or ‘define’ a woman and, even more foolishly, be ignorant enough to think that the dominant techniques described here will lead to anything but dysfunction. Disrespect leads to resentment, which leads to stonewalling–and the killing of healthy communication.
      A relationship, you see, requires ‘relating’ to each other. There are actually couples who happily stand the test of time (I am but one).
      Strategies unveiled in this article – of the ever-disturbing control-freak – only perpetuate more apathy, more red flags (what the hell happened to this insecure lunatic??) and the sad yet honest sentiment shared by many men on this site: ‘I’ll never get married.” You can blame and drown in victimhood all you want. Or, you can be courageous enough to face what actually ‘works’ in a healthy marriage.
      Stop whining and acknowledge – if nothing else – the nature of social media. If I choose to post an article about dimwitted teachers in the Northeast, I’ll be prepared to ‘face the music’ when educators write me back. If I choose to write an article about the sorry state of youth coaches in our society, again, I’ll be prepared to face the music when they write me back.
      If you don’t want to hear from women, stop writing about them. Women comprise a central focus of your analysis and discussion here. Don’t be surprised or discouraged by their presence.
      Pardon me for defining you by your body parts but… GROW A SET!

        1. well, i suppose i could comment on your photo as well but I’ll hold back. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?

      1. This is a site for men only. Your opinion and sense of entitlement to be heard are of no concern to us.

        1. Doesn’t look like the mods are banning anyone. That’s alright, because it doesn’t look like any women are changing our minds.

        2. Not sure if anyone has the intention of changing your minds. Broadening them would be nice but, hey, knock yourself out with apathy. Your choice.

        3. Not sure what your obsession with this site is about then. 200 comments in two weeks? Either trying to change our minds or attention-whoring. I’ll leave it up to the jury.

        4. “no one ever said no to daddy’s little shit before, so I’m staying where I’ll get the only attention an ugly idiot like me can get from men, otherwise I wouldn’t be here!”

        5. Oh my. There really is a connection between your name and your intelligence. Please cut your losses and Drift….

        6. No men texting or phoning you to go out, huh loser?
          Take the hint, even manginas don’t want your sorry ass!

        7. Since I’ve been married to my soulmate for twenty years I’m unconcerned with your thirteen-year-old tactics. (Texting to initiate a relationship??) You truly are a bottom-feeder.
          Those of us with a healthy self-esteem do not dwell on things like up-voting ourselves. Our viewpoints garner respect all by themselves.
          “Even the manginess don’t want your sorry ass”—- I’m not sure if I can even wrangle with that kind of stupidity, Be well….

        8. Wow, you’re still here craving more abuse from me? Yeah, you middle aged married women are the worst, especially at the office. That’s where you harass all the men and pretty young women, from cock blocking to trying to destroy mens livelihoods for not kissing your fat wrinkled ass. Then the day comes when your karma hits and you cry to everyone that your pussy husband finally got fed up and dumped you for a human female half your age! Hey, if you bitches can stalk men around the office to bother your man can chase women, that’s only fair. I might even be the one who fixed him up with my lovely Asian wife’s sisters. We all fake sympathy because of your HR ties but that slapping sound you hear is an office full of people high fiving each other! Being the spoiled predictable weak worthless little shit you are, you’re powerless to defy my prediction that you need the last word. That’s why I’m not going to bother reading it.
          P.S. “meow”

        9. And yet, the elevator continues to drop. There is another level of stupidity.
          1. Not every middle-aged woman works in an office. That is the beauty of multiple intelligences.
          2. Though my body shape is irrelevant, since you’re fixated on using it as a reflective debating tool, know this: I am the same weight that I have been since high school, 112 on a good week, 115 when I’ve cheated a bit. I have danced and worked out my entire life, resulting in a body that puts most 22 year olds to shame, despite that I’m double their age. Fitness is an integral part of my life. This adheres to my positive approach towards life more than it does having to compete with other women. My husband would be the first to agree that there’s nothing saggy about me. Half the time it is me trying to convince him of how pretty I think other women are. It’s called being secure with yourself, little man. If he chose to cheat (men cheat on beautiful and ugly girls ignoramus – it’s an intimacy problem having nothing to do with us) then it would be HIS loss.
          3. Your defense is not abusive. It’s simply a poor reflection of what young men these days are becoming. Please stop dumbing down to fit in. (I mean that sincerely).

        10. Ouch, looks like she owned you. Must hurt for a sad excuse for a “man” like you to get beaten like that by a girl.

        11. I posted that 19 days ago then went right back to my business of speeding up the demise of you western assholes trying to pass for humans, let alone women. You see, I (for a fee) introduce the beta chumps in your friend zone to REAL women from South America, Eastern Europe and Asia. I’M the reason you see far less gainfully employed eligible men for you! Even if my clients end up divorced YOU women don’t get jack shit! You will soon see all western men with their adorable foreign brides giving you the finger for being creepy by snarling at them. There will be a major war between the scorned western women and you feminists they hold responsible for their loneliness. We men and our hotties are going to eat popcorn and watch you all kill each other!
          Who owns who now, baby!
          Fuck you!

        12. You left out “…adoring foreign brides…”.
          That is the part which most pisses off the fallen among western women.
          Thanks for another reality check!

        13. Have you considered talking to a psychiatrist, or a doctor of your choice? Paranoid schizophrenia can be treated adequately these days. God bless you.

        14. “Ouch, looks like she owned you. Must hurt for a sad excuse for a “man” like you to get beaten like that by a girl.”
          Like Rambo said, you drew first blood so take your blasphemous “God bless you” and shove it up your fat loser ass.

    2. Remember, we have a no-responding to women policy here. Let them visit, let them read, but do not engage in discussions with them. There’s nothing to be gained, there is much to be lost.

    3. Funny how this statement appears, but when conversations concerning feminism or women happen, there are plenty of MRAs and men like ROK readers who are very happy to join the conversation, and try to add their two cents.

  51. “Immediate children, more children, short gaps between children. These all increase her dependence on you and the loyalty that comes with it.”
    Uh… what? Until she decides to divorce you, maybe, and then you serve her for the rest of your life.

    1. It would be great to see a study regarding how many women initiate divorce (frivolously) when they have 3 or more children.

      1. I would be willing to bet that the more children a married couple have after three decreases. I can’t imagine a woman being so selfless to have 10 kids with a guy to suddenly decide to start having an affair. There is a direct correlation between the size of one’s family and the likelihood of divorce. Of course women and men who have larger families are usually more religious and take marriage more seriously. With the advent of career women, good luck finding a woman who wants to have a large family.

  52. Marriage is a broken institution. As long as women have the option to file for divorce and steal your life’s work, marriage is simply not an option.

    1. Well, one’s ‘friend’ can go insane and murder him, so I guess one might try picking better friends? Same with marriage…

        1. No, only about 2% of any population is that insane. But yes, 50% or more don’t go insane, but figuratively ‘rape-torture-murder’ (any or all of the preceding, literally in the many cases where the spouse succumbs to suicide at some point) their spouse in frivorce, so do the math again, friend.

        2. Yes, so why “pick better friends (wives)?” Fuck wives. Again, zero benefit to putting your name and assets on a government relationship contract. If sweetheart decides to hit the road, she can take her wardrobe and makeup. Not my retirement plan.

      1. That’s a lame derivative of the “you’re just not seeing the right girls” rebuttal. Furthermore it misses the problem at hand.
        Only an idiot would sign a legally binding contract that obligates them to provide for the other party’s lifestyle, allows the other party to take their assets and leave at any time, and holds the other party to no objective standards. (That’s why women get away all of their stupid behaviors. No one holds them accountable.)
        I don’t care if she’s a saint. I still wouldn’t make that agreement.
        If you want to gamble with your earnings, and quality of life, go right ahead. I’m just going to enjoy my relationships and not let women into my wallet.

  53. I think it’s really sad that you feel the need to resort to such desperate tactics to keep a woman around.

        1. It was all common sense except ‘4’ (not touching kids until they can walk).
          Good fences make good neighbours, clearly defined, agreed upon roles make a good marriage.

        2. Not if they agreed on them in advance. Clearly defined, agreed upon roles make for a good marriage.

    1. ROK specialise in trying to find the most extreme ways to say ‘women are shit’ 1000 times over.

  54. I usually like articles on ROK. However, this article is complete and utter shit. I just thought I should point that out. It’s almost as if it was written by that retard Billy Chubbs. The dude in this article sounds like some control freak wannabe Alpha. ROK needs to stop letting idiots post articles, because some articles are REALLY good like the Tattoed Women are Broken one, but others totally suck like this one.

    1. This one is of exactly the same calibre as the Tattoo’d women are Broken – fucking bonkers!

  55. Well the article represents the template that clearly worked for centuries before feminism took over. So despite what programming society has clouded you with, a wife doing these things is fulfilling her duties, as harsh as it may seem.

    1. Good points.
      I’d have to recommend only getting married in the case where both parties bring the same amount to the table (financially).
      This way (in my opinion) is the only way, in today’s society, where a man is protected. Women want semi-equality. They only want some of the good stuff that men have while not being held accountable for any other behavior. Yes, they want their cake and eat it, too.
      A side note:
      and protect yourself (men) against women who do decide to have children
      but want to opt out of their career later on. At that point, the
      balance of the relationship has changed (tipped in her favor). I don’t
      see anything wrong, in our present condition, with having children out
      of wedlock. That piece of paper (and our court system) is meant to only
      protect her (not you, the man).
      You should always be
      responsible for your kids…but you shouldn’t have to support a grown
      adult (ex-wife) because she decided she didn’t want to play house any
      longer (or work).

  56. This article does not apply to men in their 20’s & 30’s …
    Of course if you are looking for a wife for some crazy reason, & you do think you want to purposely have kids then perhaps consider some of thee things that look good on screen but are actually quite hard to instill into the mind of the Yankee female.

  57. Good article ! Mr. Strongsloth wrote an article of a valueble read. When I was speaking this type of things with my former friends, I would get responses like :
    ,,Oh come on, there’s no chance you’ll ever have a virgin wife.” – male friends
    ,,You got something againgst a women that express their sexuality?” – female friends
    ,,My family (hers) will always be more important than everything.” – ex
    Factors which made all of them worthless, but I did not know this at the time.
    It’s incredible, all our societarian problems seem to lead towards the sluts. Point to the sluts, then other problems come out (feminism), point to the feminism and other ramifications pop-up(j3ws, mas0ns, etc.)
    Good work !
    Cheers !

      1. You just felt compelled to give me a diagnosis. I ask myself, could you have withheld yourself ?

  58. Why did RoK publish this? It’s clearly a troll post whose purpose is to confirm all the worst things people think about the manosphere.
    If you have to trap a wife into not divorcing you, then marriage is clearly not worth it. Find another hobby.

    1. If ROK published it I assume they think it is just fine! I have read a few ROK’s and they are all as ghastly as this!

  59. allright, most of this rant leaves only one option, converting to any overly-religious community you can find in your vicinity.
    Does marrying a virgin really hold so much appeal? sex will be mediocre at best. Sure all the ladykillers here, will go on about “teaching her the right moves” but if you have been with a couple of women you know that it doesnt work this way.
    She being a virgin at (lets assume) 25 means she never really had any interest in sex, kindling that flame will be way harder than u think, sex for her will be for procreation only. Blowjobs? The bible and the Quran probably frown on that. How to teach her? Will you sit her in frnt of you porn stash and grade her performance afterwards?
    To religious types of any color, sex is a sinful must (for having kids) at best. Any non religious virgin of 25 years is probably a headcase.
    ROK should rather come up with a general guide on what is acceptable for woman of certain ages and for the man tyring to woo her.
    I’d say,
    18: one partner (teenage LTR of a few month or more, high school sweet heart)
    21: 2-3 partners (first LTR, college fling of a few weeks, maybe a one night stand)
    25: 3-6 partners (at least 2 LTRs among them)
    28: 7ish (3 LTRs/ tricky territory, as you enter the age range where you shouldnt marry her anyway)
    anything less than 30 years old with more than ten notches is probably out of consideration for any serious commitment
    I do not get all the angst concerning her sexual experience, as long as you are the more experienced one you can only profit from her knowing what turns on guys and what turns on herself.

    1. Virgin’s are the most idealistic women for wives, they represent purity. Her lack of experience spreading her legs for random guys is what makes her attractive. Why would any guy want an experienced woman? A girl who knows how to lay there while some guy pounds her? What’s so complicated about that? You tell her what you like she tells you what she likes. That’s how sex works. You don’t need her to tell you what her last boyfriend liked. It’s sluts who defend the experienced woman claiming a guy wants a girl that knows what she’s doing. I want a girl that knows how to cook, clean, take care of children, run the house while I’m at work. If she can’t figure out what I like in bed I’ll teach her.

      1. I get the “idealistic” part, I’ll even second it to some extend, saying I like my women less experienced than myself, other than that your comment reeks of internet ladykiller bs
        no man who has bedded a variety of women would rather have a virgin over a somewhat experienced one. the whole idea of “teaching” her the right moves is illusionary at worst (we are talking about a hypothetical woman who has made it into her twenties without giving it up, religious or other issues will be abuundant in her) or an emotional tour de force at best. She’ll end up crying feeling inadequate to please you or abused by you, simply because she has no point of reference in her sex life.
        just remember yourself and your first feeble attempts at sex. were you good? compared to today? could you make a woman come?
        i want a girl who knows men like blowjobs and who knows how to give them, i want a girl who wiggles her ass a little while wearing sexy underwear for me, because she knows how to push my buttons. i want a woman who has orgasmed before, because for women thats something they have to learn.
        Sure marrying a virgin means you have all the time in the world, but in reality if your sex life doesnt start on roughly the same note it seldom becomes fulfilling for both parties.
        And all she needs for these little things is the experience of one or two boyfriends, thats hardly a slut in my book.

  60. Solid article. Your points are spot on and so is the chronological sequence of events to cement her dependence.

  61. The title of this article should be changed to, “Five Reasons Not To Marry a Misogynist.”
    If this honestly what men have in mind when it comes to marriage, no thanks. This isn’t love – this is slavery. Women do not exist to serve you. If you want to know why so many marriages fail – it’s because men have completely unrealistic standards when it comes to marrying a woman. I understand that all people should strive to be healthy, attractive, intelligent, cultured, and family-oriented – but you should also try and be a good person, and good people don’t oppress/dehumanize others based on arbitrary reasons. Good people enjoy their children, their careers, and value their lives. Having been in a nine year relationship before, I can assure you that you eventually get bored with your significant other. I don’t care how interesting of a person you are, if you don’t go after what you want in life, you’re NEVER going to be happy.

    1. If you want to know why so many marriages fail – it’s because men have completely unrealistic standards when it comes to marrying a woman.
      You have any thing to support that argument?
      Women initiate a vast majority of the divorce filings. 70% of them in fact. Of the remaining 30%, 15% are men filing, 15% are joint filings.
      Almost half of all marriages end in a no-fault filing by a woman.
      Who has unrealistic expectations?

      1. The very thing which supports his argument is, ironically, what you all refuse. The voice of women – the one that counts the most if you are to write full articles on them – is what supplies a foundation for data. You expect women to embrace how a man’s biology is different (most of us are on board here) yet you fail to have the courage to observe a woman’s biology. She is biologically wired to be a caregiver. Yes. But she is not biologically wired to allow her IQ to lie dormant at the expense of housecleaning exclusively. If I were going to write an article on how to win a football game, my interviews and data would be comprised heavily on the voices of quarterbacks, coaches, and players who know how to pull out a win. If you want to preach on what’s best for a relationship, you need to address both sides of the coin. Biased arguments like these run the risk of readers dismissing them as satire or bullshit. I get that it’s a ‘man’s point of view’ but just leave it at that. Just don’t expect to sell those at the target of your angst. There is nothing more invigorating to a healthy relationship than mutual respect: That’s something both women and men (who have stood the test of time) will endorse.

        1. Mutual respect is to know your role. Women, as you say, are caregivers and emotionally-driven. Caveman ranting aside, a man SHOULD select a wife who can ably advise him, and she should not have married him if she cannot keep her mouth shut when her advise is not taken.
          The problem here is that American women do not advise; they insist, they demand, they harangue, they nit-pick, and they leverage, and when their man is no longer capable of making even a simple decision, its off to family court, because who would stay married to such an indecisive pussy?
          Men here aren’t just “bitching”, half of what goes on here is men helping other men understand that the very destructive relationship pattern that has become the standard in America is not “normal”. If a man has never really, truly abused his wife and kids, (not “ignored” or “made to feel inadequate” or any of that other made-up victim-speak) but has been blind-sided by a miserable marriage or a trip to marriage counseling, or even divorce court, chances are his confusion is the only reasonable result of a feminist-run society. He needs to get it off his chest, but more importantly, he needs to understand how to respect himself and his place in society in a way that doesn’t hinge on feminist approval.
          if you want to see that as “misogyny” or “sexist” or “wrong” or whatever, then just piss off, this conversation was never for you anyway.

        2. This makes sense to me, with a few exceptions. Delivery is huge. Women should not demand or insist anything. They should simply ask knowing that they’ll win some and lose some or ‘not have to ask’ knowing they are being honorable and reasonable. That is life.
          Neither partner can win every time. That’s the problem with control.
          You try to force something but, like a square pushed into a triangle, it
          never feels right and it never ends smoothly.
          Marriage requires negotiation, along with a keen understanding of how important that ‘request’ is—especially when the greater good of others is involved.
          Women have no problem following a ‘good leader’. That is the truth. A good leader makes good decisions. He is also a good listener. In fact, the best communicators in our society are noted by their ability to listen, not speak.
          And this is where I think your argument falls short. The tone of your statement about a woman needing to ‘shut up’ if her advice is not taken suggests apathy, not a willingness to acknowledge that a ‘relationship’ consists of two viewpoints. Think about a time when you were told to ‘shut up’ either verbally or non-verbally. Didn’t that make you resentful… unwilling to open up? Didn’t it make you shut down out of fear of more rejection? You may win the battle by telling someone to shut up. But you always lose the war, as is evidenced by the frustrations here.
          “I know this is important to you, but it’s just not in me right now” is what a smart man (likely one that’s also been married a long time) will say while ‘getting lucky’ later. It’s not being a kiss-up. It’s using ‘her biology’ to get what you want. You’re asking women to understand how men are wired. We will. Do the same for us. We don’t have to compete. We both can win.
          Gender straightjacketing (know your role) only leads to resentment, as it is unrealistic. From the highly masculine football coach to the effeminate watercolor painter, a spectrum of good souls lie in between. To accept where it is that our partner lies on the range is to choose love over pride.
          We don’t need to ask each other permission for doing something we love.
          I don’t have to approve of every one of my husband’s hobbies, nor does
          he, mine. The point is not to limit/control each other, but to have the wisdom to know that, by stepping back to celebrate our differences, we create a means to man the field together. He can play third while I’l manage center field. No need to compete. We’re on the same team.
          I think that many men are jaded by being taken advantage of and I sincerely believe that if you asked these bitchy, whoring, satanic (whatever else you call them) women why they walked, and why they behaved so irrationally, I guarantee you, they wouldn’t say it was for the money.
          You absolutely have to dig deeper. Likely, they have built The Great Wall of
          China around themselves after being ‘shut up’ enough times. All the shit you see flying is an allusion. It’s not the truth. But don’t take my word for it. Ask them. I don’t believe women are as shallow as you make them out to be. I think they layer themselves in distractions, materialism, blah, blah, blah, because what they are truly looking for is something you’ve kept at bay, far away from their reach (which is rather ironic when the whole idea of getting married is supposed to be about ‘becoming one’ and sharing your life).
          Women want to love and be loved, just as men do. It’s not that complicated. Love is patient and kind. Love is slow to anger. So if you’ve been burnt, ask yourself this : Were you patient? Were you kind? Did you truly listen? Did you blow up or try to get to the bottom of the issues?
          There’s a cost to everything. If you’ve sold the desire to express love for your pride and ego, then you will lose the war.
          But there’s no reason why we both can’t win.

      2. the “unrealistic standard” is to expect your wife to put even a fraction of the effort into the family after she gets her “mommy” box checked. True to the stats, my ex popped out a few kids and by early-30’s, started looking for the door and a severance check; modern marriage is a 10-year retirement plan with a great chance for 2nd career for most women.
        And I’m saying that from both sides of the equation; I’ve had a wife up and split on me and run off with the kids and I’ve been the “fun-loving guy” that made a good 8 or 9 different wife-and-mothers decide they needed to “find themselves”, usually while I had them wearing a dog-collar in an hourly-rate Motel 6….”unrealistic” is expecting anything different.

      3. As a girl – the most common complaint I hear from other girls about their spouses/boyfriends/baby daddies/whatever are the following; lazy, unambitious, angry, miserable, cheating, unappreciative, doesn’t want to be involved in the family whatsoever…it’s the same crap over and over again. I know men love to knock women up and then work a sub-par job so their wives/girlfriends have to do ALL the cleaning/parenting/picking up the financial slack/maintain a certain level of attractiveness…and in the end, their “other half” does not care one bit. Guys are boring, and lazy, and ungrateful. They’re so mean to their children and it’s like they’re not even apart of the family. They take their wives/girlfriends for granted. I’ve seen BEAUTIFUL girls get cheated on and treated like crap…so yeah, usually the woman will often have a very good reason as to why she wants a divorce/break up. I was in a nine year relationship with my child’s father…it was awful. Being around him was akin to dying. So I left, and I’m so happy I did. And to be quite honest, if all men are like him, then yeah, I’m 100% okay with it just being my daughter and I. Men always think that there’s something “better” out there, and they give into temptation, destroy their family, and end up regretting it.

    1. You’d think wouldn’t you? But I have read about 5 ROK rants, and they each vie for maximum amount of misogyny, with the least awareness of how real male/ female relationships work.

  62. Damn good advice here for the traditionally minded redpillers.
    It’s true that fulltime motherhood, one income, and a regularly pregnant state (and sex) will keep a woman from getting bored and straying. Be sure to look for a habit for organization and follow through in your potential wife; this will allow your house to be well disciplined and run.
    Idle women’s hands are the devils workshop…

  63. translation:
    1. I will rape you
    2. I will control your life
    3. you are not allowed basic reproductive rights
    4. I will not take responsibility for fathering my children, however I will control the way you mother them.
    5. I will isolate you from your friends and family
    You realize that you have described a relationship which is sexually and emotionally abusive and manipulative right? You’re a potential rapist and abuser, and you should be locked up.

    1. Sounds like what the judge told me in divorce court. Love it that you freedom-demanding femme-types are always the first to vote to “pre-empt” crime by locking people up.

    2. Lolzozozololozo.
      Who left the loony bin open?
      Look at this specimen.
      Who in his right mind wanna wife up this “thing”
      Imagine coming home to ms nutterz,
      spending couple hours with her charming personality,
      you would call Spanish Inquisition to stretch you on the spiked rack for shits and giggles
      Dr Mengele laboratory would look like Hamptons

    3. your hair… what is this mess on top of your head ?
      And i´m sure your name is Keisha Gawker and not Mawer. And nobody would rape you so dont have any fear you ugly idiot. Man are not that stupid!

    4. Thomas – So you clearly do acknowledge that the proposed marriage as described is rape? Only beautiful women are raped? Hmmm, I think that there is a logic fail there.

    5. Keisha, always remember, when men attack your appearance and your personality for expressing an opinion, it’s clear evidence of their utter lack of manhood.

  64. RE: ”After having a few children ‘repeat’.”
    When I read to that point, I got a little antsy. More than one child AND NO SISTER WIFE IN THE PICTURE YET. Come on, in this day and age you need to live in a barricaded fortress and drive a tank. Your family must be fortified along the same lines. The time to begin panning FOR A SISTER WIFE is BEFORE the first child is born.
    A polygamous family is one hell of a strong inter family support structure and is one hell of a hard rock that the feminist bitch system CANNOT BUST. You want have all the insurance for your family and it’s success that you can provide.
    WHY DO YOU THINK MOST STATES OUTLAW POLYGAMY. Because it is very difficult for the state to undermine, subvert and bring about any simple dissolution of a polygamous union. The more horses pullin’, the harder it is to stop the wagon. Because it has been proven that only SWAT or military action can break a polygamous klan. That’s one hell of a strong and resilient union if you ask me. No sweet talking SOCIALIST SERVICES BITCH can coax a protective polygamist mother into their trap. They prey on poor single mothers that are overburdened and who don’t have their loving sisters to watch their back.
    MONOGAMY IS MONOTANY. If only Andrea Yates had known this. (I agree she’s not the best example) Realize still that you’re dealing with a hamster, but a loving and supportative one(s). God bless polygamy.

    1. How can one become a suitor in a polygamist area? Like you said Im sure theyre very wary and suspiscious of outsiders..
      And can you bang them all at the same time?

    2. You think women are like hamsters? You do know that hamsters prefer a solitary life and meet up to mate, and then go their separate ways again? THAT would be vastly preferable to what you are suggesting.
      Polygamy came about because of a male shortage incurred by frequent wars. Please leave the Old Testament alone – it is not a rulebook for the modern world.

  65. Five things that men who are mature enough to marry know:
    1) each one is the sexual property of the other. It is your sacred obligation to meet the needs of your spouse to protect you both from sin.
    2) the man is the head but his wife is the neck. He cannot turn in a direction that she does not support.
    3) the family starts with the spouses and exists because of their relationship. All children owe their lives to the prior existence of their mom and pops love. That relationship is first always.
    4) it takes two parents to raise a child. Together, is better than alone or apart. He/ she who smells, detects or otherwise first senses an issue that needs attention owns it. Tag you’re it.
    5) you have left your families and formed a new one. Your new family is first and foremost always.

    1. #2 is feminist bullshit. The wife is supposed to support the husband in all matters by being his helpmeet as long as he isn’t asking her to sin.

      1. It isn’t feminist at all you idiot! This is obviously deeply conservative BS, paying lipservice to the idea that a woman might actually have an opinion of her own.

  66. Wow dude your on it. Our marriage is almost like that. Single income, no day-care. yada yada. But I feel as though years of feminist indoctrination is too much to overcome, even in this ideal situation. The conundrum is that it’s hard for women appreciate being treated like women.

    1. So you think that women should appreciate being treated like slaves? Because that is EXACTLY what this article is suggesting. The conundrum is that it is hard for men like you to treat women like people.

    2. Of course it’s hard, if your idea of treating a woman like a woman is treating her like a brainless brood sow.

  67. This article is pure crap. Perfect recipe for ending up with a bitter landwhale of a wife who resents every breath you take and will have your ass handed to you in divorce court. If you find a woman worth marrying-up, then give her the respect you demand for yourself. Here are my alternatives:
    1 – Commit yourself to a quality sex life by being an attractive mate, mind and body. It is not, contrary to hypothesis promulgated here, all about draining your balls. She needs to want it too, or the whole exercise is a miserable power trip. Dont be a shriveling beta bitch..be a man. Keep in shape. Know how to fix the plumbing and the cars. Keep a decent income. Be a fucking man. She’ll be all over you with lust.
    2 – Marriage is a partnership. If you do your job right (being a man) you will be in charge of man things (what car should we get next? How should junior hold the bat? Which water heater is the best?) and she will be in charge of lady things (which cake do we get for a birthday party? Do we go to the PTA fundraiser?). Don’t be a dick about it, be supportive and positive and natural gender roles will assert themselves.
    3 – When its time to control breeding, get a fucking vasectomy! Its about 500 bucks, hurts your sac for a few days, then its over. You are in control, no drama, goal achieved.
    4 – Invest your energy in raising the kids..they need your love and your guidance. When they turn into teenagers, you will miss the little babies so much it hurts. If you were a distant asshole, the pain will be yours, nobody else’s.
    5 – Family is family, for better and worse. Her’s and yours. Are you gonna dis your own parents if your spouse doesnt get along? Of course not.
    Personal anecdote: the Senora’s dad was always a bit weird…we’ve been married for 12 years and neither her nor I never could get close to him, though we tried. Finally about a year ago, and after a bottle of scotch between us, it came out that he was a Navy seal in Vietnam (called frogmen back then), and saw some horrific shit. We stayed up till sunrise talking about life and the way of things, and we are much closer now. He had never shared that stuff with his kids, it was too painful. Is that a life connection I should have dismissed because it was “her family”? Fuck no. He’s still a weirdo, but probably the most bad-ass dude I know.
    Kids: don’t listen to shit like this author has written, its for insecure fuckups who cant manage to maintain healthy relationships in their life, and think having a big power trip and throwing tantrums is the same as being a man.

    1. I agree with all of this – apart from the completely gratuitous ‘bitter landwhale’ reference. I think it is far more likely that this kind of ‘man’ will ‘attract’ a weak and fearful woman with no self esteem whatsoever. Her size should not be relevant, but of course being ROK she CANNOT be fat, and she MUST be under 20!

    2. ^^^THIS is a man. The ones who think “being a man” is all about control and domination are just a bunch of swaggering pigs with the emotional maturity of toddlers.

  68. /! 19yo non-feminist girl /!
    I usually enjoy rok’s article, but this one got me mad. But when I translated it to my fiancé, he said that it didn’t sound that bad, and he explained it to me. Actually, this whole list sounds awful because it’s only ice cold facts. The man looks like a sociopath. There is no mention of love, support and warmth, only “sex” “obey” “shut up”.
    If it was written differently, it would have been better accepted. Don’t forget about the sweetness of a pure woman, and the love you can share together 🙂

    1. Don’t you think the fact that there is no mention of love or warmth is a good sign that this man IS a sociopath? So glad you have a big strong man to explain the article to you, but you are both fucked in the head, just like the writer of this article!

      1. That man probably is a sociopath since he didn’t mention love like it didn’t matter, I never said he was a good catch!
        Also, I never said that we were going to follow those rules… I hope your heart will soften a bit, your comment was way too harsh just for that in my opinion.

        1. What is it that you think a feminist is, that you are “non”? Surely you don’t believe the misogynist propaganda being pushed in here?

  69. This is biblical.
    Regarding #4, a father is supposed to teach his children in the way they should go, so ignoring them just because they’re in diapers isn’t an option.

  70. The only kind of woman that could marry a man like this would have to be an Andrea Yates personality. How they would get to marriage in the first place would be a supreme act of guile and deception, similar to the one Ronald Shanabarger perpetrated . Either way, any children as a result of that period of slavery are going to be as damaged as their parents, if they do make it to adulthood.
    Surely it would be easier to look at relationships as pleasureable (rather than one person in it living in a state of permanent terror), and your female partner as a person? Surely? No, of course not, this is Return of ‘Kings’ (LOL)!

  71. This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever read. There are so many divorces BECAUSE of assholes who think like this. A wife is not property!

    1. Woman was made for the man. A wife is to be her husbands helpmeet. That doesn’t mean slave. She is to have a quiet spirit as she references her husband. As such, he will be motivated to be a leader for her

  72. What about falling in love and taking care of each other? Raising a family together. Having sex because you both want to show your love to each other with intimacy. Going thru this world together as equal partners, having each others backs. How about taking joy knowing that each other is fulfilled emotionally whether they work outside the home, or stay home with the children? Marriage of equals. This is the way a true partnership works. You sir, are a mindless twit who wants a doormat for a mate.

    1. Wow that sounds fantastic. Where is the universe that women ever behave like this again? Ain’t my experience

  73. Us census divorce rate 55%.
    Us kangaroo divorce courts will def fuck you over.
    Pren-ups are tossed like spent condoms.
    Your kids will not be yours anymore ,
    daughters will be turn in to the skanks like their mothers,
    boys will grow to be emasculated faggots.
    Settling always reminded me of dead particles floating toward mud.
    Signing paper with used vagina,that says “now everything is hers,stuck for 18 years for child support and alimony”
    is like giving loaded gun to Ted Bundy.
    It is 2014,cunts,you are strong independent womyn.
    You don’t need any paper.
    Gentleman,buy a fiddle,let the Rome burn.

  74. 1. She must not change from her sweet virgin mindset after married
    2. She must not be ascared of a full frontal penis
    3. She must not take antidepressants before 25 years of age
    4. She must know how to cook basic meals and a holiday dinner
    5. She must never weigh more than me
    6. She must not let her looks go to shit
    7. She must know how to clean a tiolet

  75. I wonder how many divorces are caused by weight gain from either gender. I’ll research that some day.

  76. What the hell is this? This article is all well and good, but very flawed. Seriously, this may work in the beginning and all, but I highly doubt it.
    If you kick your “impregnated” gf or wife to the curb, what are the repercussions? Divorce? Paying for umpteen kids you choose to have because you couldn’t wrap it or have her on the pill? Please, this sounds more like a death sentence and being stuck in a financial hell till it freezes over, or until the last of your progeny turns 18+… (There are now stories of parents in the USA being forced to pay for their kids college… even if divorced)
    Why would you want that? A gold band on your finger? The ability to take your wife and kids out to a restaurant? A wife that will give you constant sex when you want it (good luck on that)? Because a book told you this was a good idea? Religious or familiar obligations? A traditional marriage? Yes sir, those are all great ideas right there! And as a bonus prize- “Here’s your sign!”
    All blue pill and feminist propagation poppycock says I! Look around the world and see where it goes and you fit in. Your not part of the solution, your part of the problem.

  77. Man, this is great satire.
    But this is great advice for anyone who feels this way. A woman has the right to know if her prospective mate is a serious asshole before contemplating marriage, and this list performs a great service for her.

  78. these abusers guides are hilarious for what they reveal about the average douchebros abject stupification at his own obsolescence. the species has moved on morons. best kill yourself sooner than later. the rest of us need the space.

  79. I am so glad my husband of 27 years was secure enough to want an intelligent, independent woman who is self employed and earns a lot of money. Because we chose fun over having kids we get to do a LOT of fun stuff. Just getting back from an elk hunt at a $1,000 a day 5 star lodge in Chama, New Mexico. But if you aren’t man enough to deal with a woman like me, then by all means trap some mousy breeder and get stuck in some middle class suburban nightmare!

    1. So if someone wants kids that’s bad?
      I thought feminism was about empowerment and choice? It seems everytime a woman chooses being a wife and mother the long knives come out and the women who wanted something else start taking shots at her. What kind of choice is it when choosing a more traditional role leads other women to take all kinds of cracks at you for choosing something different than they did?
      Why’s she gotta be some “mousy breeder”? She can’t be a loving wife and excellent mother instead of some clown trying to brag on a forum about how much money she supposedly makes in an effort to prove her worth to a bunch of strangers?

      1. Only a woman with extremely low self esteem agrees to live in an abusive relationship where she is isolated from her friends and family, has zero control over her body, finances or life choices due to being married to an insecure control phreek right out of the early 1900s. I have no issue with stay at home moms but I do have an issue with men who are looking for the right kind of woman to control! This creep is deliberately looking to burden a woman so much that she has NO CHOICE but to stay with him.

    2. You spent $1k a day for a hotel in New Mexico? And you’re afraid of other people being stuck in a middle class suburban nightmare?

      1. Lodge, guide, etc. My point being, a 2 income household with no kids gets to do things like that. This author is deliberately seeking a wife who is barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen with ZERO say about the most basic elements in her own life. Any normal woman reading this misogynist tripe laughs at how incredibly backward this line of thinking is. We also know that REAL men, secure men are never threatened by strong, independent women who can pull their own weight financially and are probably more astute socially so as to better promote their mate’s interests. As a divorce lawyer since 1996, I have seen so many passive women who broke away from controlling men. There are no guarantees that can divorce proof your marriage but if a couple is on the same page regarding finances and child rearing they are better off. This author shows NO RESPECT for his potential mate. Pretend a smart woman might be attracted to this Neanderthal, she is smarter than he is and in a much better position to control the money and make decisions for the family. Despite being smarter than this author, he would never benefit by her superior mind due to his backwards thinking.

        1. Even more shocking, a majority of the men preaching on marriage here, have not been able to hold a successful relationship, let alone a long-term marriage. As I’m sure you’ve seen in your practice, dominating a woman at the expense of her happiness will earn a man a few high-fives in the locker room. But he will lose the big games every time, whining later (and ruthlessly on sites like these) that she’s taken all that he’s worked so hard for. How much has he invested in a loving relationship?–one can’t help but wonder.
          With all due respect to the sincere men here who chose to approach marriage as a true partnership (with mutual respect for each other’s needs) and were burned – I say to them – Her Loss. Move on and focus your energies on how to pull out long-term wins.
          Sadly, many of these control-freaks can’t seem to get out of their own way. Their egos, inflated with hot air, are a hindrance to their manliness. They cling to cynical cultures like these for validation in the same way most disillusioned gang members turn to drugs. A thoughtful look at what actually ‘works’ in a healthy, happy, long-term relationship, would be both humbling and enlightening to them. But, alas, such courageous men who understand the complexities of intimacy – the strong men- are labeled and scorned (at least they can’t handle it like a man. You won’t see them spewing vulgarities).
          Sigh. It’s a shame that some men just can’t keep up.
          Best of luck in your work. You certainly have job security…

        2. Real men are threatened by strong, independent women as potential wives-look at your bread and butter. For the record, I am not on board with the article. There are no potential wives. You are well aware from your occupation that marriage is a scam, a wealth transfer from men to women. This “mysogynistic tripe” was not written for women to read. It’s written for young men such as myself to avoid this matriarchal financial scheme called marriage. The last person I want to be seeing when I’ve built up significant assets is you.

        3. Pre nuptial agreements can protect your separate property and define support obligations. Your choice of marriage partner is THE most important decision you will ever make! Following this guy’s advice will result in having a weak wife who would be totally unprepared to take care of the family should something happen to you. Strong, educated women make better PARTNERS. Don’t you want someone who has your back? As for the institution of marriage, I always thought it was a trap to control and pacify the population, in the same way religion does. Had my husband been less traditional I never would have married, so I understand your reluctance to marry!

        4. This is biblical.
          With the exception that fathers are to guide their children in the way they should go, so they are not to be ignored.

        5. “As a divorce lawyer since 1996”
          “Just getting back from an elk hunt at a $1,000 a day 5 star lodge in Chama, New Mexico”
          “But if you aren’t man enough to deal with a woman like me”
          Goyim, this is what happens when you let us run your country! HAHAHA 🙂