University Of Ottawa Bans Yoga Class Because Of “Cultural Genocide” Against Indians

Reinforcing the image of higher education as a three to five year way to mollycoddle young adults, the University of Ottawa has banned a yoga class designed to help disabled students. The cause, if you can call it that, is that the practice of yoga creates circumstances of “oppression” and “cultural genocide.” In layman’s terms, Britain colonized India (as if the regime it supplanted was somehow UN compliant in the 1800s) and Canada is a British-founded white settler country. It is unfair, according to the critics of the class, for yoga to be taught when it is a spiritual practice rooted in the Hindu religion.

Disabled students, who already face massive obstacles in accessing the social opportunities of campus life, have been dealt a cruel slap to the face by the able-bodied students who represent the University of Ottawa as a whole. Jen Scharf had been generously teaching the class for seven years in a bid to help these vulnerable individuals. But that is just too shocking to SJWs, who felt the need to get offended and complain.

The real cultural genocide going on in Canada

What an oppressively racist and culturally appropriating society!

The decision is bizarre for a number of other reasons, not least of which is that Canada is a profoundly (read: overly) multicultural country evidently obsessed with diluting its European roots. The founding ethnic groups of Canada as we know it, the British and French, have been joined by utter millions of new arrivals over decades. If any cultural genocide exists in Canada, it is against the ethnically or culturally British inhabitants.

Quebec’s French-speaking population has been able to assert itself as a distinct nation at risk of domination by English speakers and many, usually excessive privileges have been afforded to Canada’s indigenous tribes. In the meantime, descendants of the British and those Europeans who assimilated into the initial Anglo-Saxon culture are castigated for promoting their own ethnic Canadian identity.

Indians can be Indians, Chinese can be Chinese and, to a lesser extent, Serbs and other non-British Europeans can pay homage to their roots. What about British-Canadians? Any space associated with their distinct history is subsumed in a wider civic nationalism, which all the aforementioned groups are permitted an equal stake in. But when a group of mostly non-Indians, many of them disabled, practice yoga? The cultural police are called.

What about Indian Muslims and Muslims in general?

Is the University of Ottawa going to specifically ask any Muslims to stop practicing yoga?

Yoga has distinctly Hindu roots, so is its practice by religious or secular Muslims a case of false cultural appropriation or genocide, too? After all, anyone familiar with Indian history would know that Muslims have exerted disproportionate influence on the subcontinent’s political and social history. The Mughal Empire, one of Asia’s finest, involved a Muslim minority ruling over a Hindu majority for centuries.

If Canada, which has none of the fraught racial and spiritual relations of India, can commit cultural genocide over the practice of yoga, this argument is only exacerbated when we consider Muslims in both India and generally, whom Hindu nationalists have regularly faced in modern eruptions of violence. And should yoga be restricted only to traditional Hindus, not nominal, non-practicing “Hindus”?

The idea that Canadians are the descendants or cousins of British oppressors and therefore cannot “own” yoga relies on a very narrow and self-serving narrative. Tenuously linking people born white today and their possible colonial ancestors not only exhibits the same bigotry SJWs claim to be fighting, it ignores oppression arguments concerning Muslims and Hindus over hundred of years. Yet that is exactly the sort of nuanced, balanced appraisal leftwing do-gooders will never engage in.

Let’s return everything to where it came from, right?

Let’s give back Arabic numerals and stop oppressing them!

Isn’t the idea of the university a Muslim idea according to many scholars? It is said that universities as we know them began as religious centers of learning for Muslims. Just because mathematics and the sciences were studied there does not take away from their alleged cultural origins. So the University of Ottawa can by all means dissolve itself and stop such flagrant cultural oppression and minimization. And thus begins an endless series of debates and fistfights over who owns what and who can keep what. What is lost most of all meanwhile is common sense.

Once again, to appease the sensitivities of people who treat complaining as a sport, disabled Canadian students who want to engage in yoga for self-improvement, not mockery, have suffered. Real victims get a kick in a teeth by those who desperately want to be victims every day of the week.

This, my friends, is the world we live in.

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160 thoughts on “University Of Ottawa Bans Yoga Class Because Of “Cultural Genocide” Against Indians”

  1. I guess whites should reject Christianity because that culturally appropriates from the Jews.

    1. “I guess whites should reject Christianity because that culturally appropriates from the Jews.”
      Jews are white (other than a handful of Ethiopians and converts) and are apostates from Christianity. If the Jews weren’t white then they’d never have never been so successful at promoting policies that are the opposite of what they practice in Israel.

      1. I always thought Jews were Semites, you know, like Arabs. Still doesn’t explain the Jew hate over the centuries.

  2. This cultural appropriation nonsense must put all the white liberal fans of Buddhism in a tough spot. I guess we’ll have to take down all those TED Talks by whites about mindfulness and meditation now.

    1. The Dalai Lama did say a woman could succeed him, but only if she was hot. I’m not going to delve deep into the argument, but seeing he’s like a teacher’s pet for libs, that puts them in a bit of a moral bind.

    2. If we really want to talk about the ‘cultural appropriation’ of yoga, we should start with the people who are very overweight, take some form of exercise (zumba, yoga, etc) and somehow think that makes them ‘fit’, when in actuality it’s like something out of ‘Winnie the Pooh’:

      1. I am going to develop telekinesis just to high five you through the internet for this.

    3. TED Talks = Hipster wanking. If someone has given one, it’s a pretty good sign to ignore them.

  3. That would have been great to tell them they can’t use a base system of ten for counting anymore. Tell them they have to go back to Roman numerals.

  4. America’s black people will have to stop culturally appropriating English and learn how to speak their relatives’ languages in Africa.

      1. But blacks acquiesce to their oppression by speaking the white man’s language and taking white people’s names. Jeez, you can’t get a whiter name than Ferguson’s Michael Brown.

        1. However, Black Muslims did get rid of white names by using Muslim names like Muhammad and Ali, even when they took a type of Islam alien to established Islam. If that’s not appropiation, I dunno what is.

    1. Better yet, send them back to Africa if they hate it so much. That was the original solution of Lincoln.

  5. Here’s a glimpse of Toronto from the 90s. A segment of Speaker’s Corner (i.e., YouTube before YouTube).

    1. I miss Speaker’s Corner. The booth on Queen St. always had something strange going on. Probably because that stretch of Queen St. has always been a little odd.

    2. I knew Toronto was a weird place in the 90’s without even visiting. I just watched the kids in the hall.
      Also, I though you disappeared, Clark.

      1. No not quite. Got into a grad program I’m interested in and am rolling with that for now.
        I’ll get out of Toronto eventually but there’s still some stuff I want to do here.
        I grew up here so I’ve carved out my own little niche and made some red-pill friends. My main limiting factor is that it’s a damn expensive city to live.

        1. It’s like a multidisciplinary program focused on digital technology.
          So far been building robots (using Arduinos) and learning a bit about the tech sector.
          Next semester studying game design, fabrication, and visualization of data.
          So far I like it. All my peers are internationals so they don’t have the same pretentious attitude that many Torontonians have.

        2. “Next semester studying game design, fabrication, and visualization of data.”- I have no idea what this means, game design via an existing gaming engine? Anyway, good luck, maybe an article by you in a few months explaining the program?
          Reminds me of a an underrated flick(try to get by the fact the worlds most sought after game designer is a woman):

  6. This is insulting to yoga practitioners in India who actually want nothing more than MORE people all over the world to practice yoga. So can I not learn Kali now? Or Judo? Even though Filipino Kali practitioners and Japanese Judoka want more people to practice their art? How do SJW’s think ideas will ever spread or be improved upon? It’s truly so idiotic it is shocking.

  7. The underlying reason for banning yoga may be that it can be a path to self-improvement. People are supposed to be lazy consumer fucks: buy more stuff to fill the void in your life left by self-respect.

    1. Good observation. There are essentially only two life strategies: Improve yourself and your situation, or drag others down to your level.

    2. Actually, you might have a point there. A lot of people taking Yoga seriously and really making an effort to improve themselves start questioning the Social Conditioning that’s going on around them.

  8. The real ridiculousness here is that the people who are Indian believe they somehow ‘own’ Yoga. Come on. It was probably a handful of guys who invented it. All others are just sheeple followers without any sort of entitlement to it. If a government adopted Yoga in Eastern countries, that does not mean the government invented it. It just means that they saw a chance to profit from the inventions of citizens.
    Besides, even if they were entitled to it in some way, it is natural that the nation that invades and wins assimilates everything in the country that lost. Losers do not get to make any demands. Which only shows that the mindset that led to colonialization is no longer alive – if it were, this kind of protest would be seen as treachery and likely prosecuted with prison or death. Uproar against the government. I mean, come on, has it ever been any different?
    If you want to be all about peace and love, do not go acting as if you owned Yoga because you are Indian or as if you owned the concept of femininity just because you have a vulva. You have a right to speak for exactly one person in the world: Yourself. And if you want to be about peace and love, do not take away actually helpful stuff from people just because they are ‘evil’. True tolerance always sees the good in all people, especially in those who do ‘evil’.
    Yoga is cool stuff, by the way. The concept aims to release pent up energy, which can release and resolve trauma. This is how animals keep themselves from being traumatized after moments of terror or alike. They jerk around weirdly, thus releasing the energy. But you can imagine some Christian nuts screeching: Oh my god, he is moving so weirdly! Demonic possession! AAAAH!

    1. There is a simple solution: Give Indian people their Yoga and Kama Sutra back, but also take back all the technological advancements that White people brought to India. But Indians are not going to like that solution, are they?

        1. Yes, but I suggested it in a rhetorical way. Because we are playng the same game over and over again: “Black stuff for Blacks, Asian stuff for Asians, White stuff for everyone” We have Indians crying over some physical exercise, totally ignoring the fact that they would be 1000 years behind us technologically, if it wasn’t for the colonization of India.

        2. Yeah, but do you not see how this already plays into their frame? You can keep arguing this bullshit for a million years and never find a perfectly ‘fair’ solution. It is so much easier to just follow your gut and do what you wish to do, without justifying it. All that NOISE in the head. Fuck. Who gives a damn? It all plays into the paradigm that we all must be equally good, equally fair, equally oppressive, equally privileged. Fuck that. It makes life so complicated and pointless.

      1. you’re both off the mark
        I’ve seen this kind of thing first hand and I guarantee that more SJW whites care about cultural appropriation than actual Indians. Even the Indians who do protest were likely whipped up by white activists
        It’s like last year when there was a protest against people wearing kimonos, and it turned out none of the protestors were Japanese while actual Japanese turned up to counter the protest. A very strange scene indeed

        1. That actually makes sense, in a way.
          I would find it embarassing to protest for ‘my culture’s’ intellectual rights. Because I would not feel I own them.
          I guess SJWs see Indians as the owners of Yoga more than Indians do themselves. So, in a sense, SJWs are actually promoting and pushing stereotypes. All the while supposedly promoting multiculturalism.
          So what they really seem to want is not a country with a culture that all people willingly share. They do not even want a culture where everybody adapts to each other. They want a mixed state of coexisting cultures that are restricted to the stereotypes that the SJWs find cute and actually like seeing.
          So for the SJWs, the Yoga-practicing Indian is like a curiosity. An animal in the zoo that must be protected from exctinction. Ironically, the wild version can never survive artificially. So like the wild lion becomes different animal in captivity, but sustains the surface look of a lion, the SJWs want to have a little zoo in which the Yoga-practicing Indian exists and is not extinct, even if that is just possible as a pretense.
          How oppressive towards the Indian who may think that Yoga is stupid.

        2. “So what they really seem to want is not a country with a culture that all people willingly share. They do not even want a culture where everybody adapts to each other. They want a mixed state of coexisting cultures that are restricted to the stereotypes that the SJWs find cute and actually like seeing.”
          Bingo Tommy, you got it down to a T. The best way fur people to get along is to experience each others cultures. Fuck me, the SJWS complain constantly about people not getting along and multiculturalism, however, if they feel that a white person is embarrassing them then it’s not appropriate. Or something like this.

        3. You see most SJWs are white and being white guilt laden, they take offence and are embarrassed by any white person experiencing or indulging in foreign cultural activities.
          Similarly to teenagers who are embarrassed of their parents partaking in certain activities e.g. dad riding a BMX bike.

        4. While I tend to agree with this concept I am sure there are plenty of female Indians on the side of the sjws. Female Indians have been feminazied to a scary degree.

        5. the little zoo you speak of is the entire western world. SJWs want to bring down all that is good and just because they were offended when some guy called them ugly.

    2. “Yoga is cool stuff, by the way. The concept aims to release pent up
      energy, which can release and resolve trauma. This is how animals keep
      themselves from being traumatized after moments of terror or alike. They
      jerk around weirdly, thus releasing the energy. But you can imagine
      some Christian nuts screeching: Oh my god, he is looking so weirdly!
      Demonic possession! AAAAH”
      Yoga and Hinduism are the “slave religion” that you and your countrymen, under the influence of Nietzsche (probably in an attempt to engage in sodomy without feeling guilty about it), claim that Christianity is.

        1. “You are brainwashed and have no idea what you are talking about. I hope you will have a freer mind one day”
          Says zee German who doesn’t seem to understand the racial pyramid behind the caste system of Hinduism.

        2. I am not a follower of Hinduism. I despise any organized religion. But Yoga, apart from those religious components, is cool stuff. It is by all means ‘scientifically’ a good thing.

        3. Well atleast the Germans placed themselves on top of the racial caste system in their cultural appropriation, liberals tend to place themselves beneath every other culture lol.

        4. Yoga firmly rejects the notion of a caste system as Patanjali stated that yoga is indeed for everyone. It’s aim is to remove the conditioning of the material world. The caste system is a construct of the material world.

    3. According to Hindu texts the inventor of yoga is Patanjali. But the folks behind this absurd left wing course of action have, in fact, no clue as to the history of yoga. They just have an agenda to uphold and are completely unaware of the fact that they are setting in stone their place as ignorant fools. The truth always wins out even though at the moment we are in a dark age (Kali Yuga).

  9. When the British administered India some Indian sects burned a woman when her husband died, widow burning.
    The British disapproved of this and arrested, tried and hung the perpetrators who pressured the widow into suicide.
    Jolly good I say.
    I suspect the Toronto Students would have found widow burning “problematic” but gone along with it.
    If there is no Yoga then Viva Pilates!

      1. Depends. When the guys from Metallica were young and they made mixtapes (who didn’t? After all, no Napster), they paid tribute to whomever they ripped off. When others did it to their music, they were thieves. Not that it matters. After the Black Album, Metallica was utter shit. Not worth stealing their music.It’s like trying to steal from a nuclear dump.

        1. Good point. It is a matter of law and moral perspective. Which makes it sort of silly to argue about, perhaps aside from actually writing law and making decisions in court for the sake of having a predictable juristic environment.

        2. I liked Rammstein a lot when I was younger. I shall give it another try these days. Have you seen their porn music video? It is not really good, but funny in the way that it provokes.

        3. I believe ‘heads up’ is not a fitting phrase here, as that implies I am warning you of something in advance. Well, I guess it can be vaguely interpreted that way, but I still think it is a bit off from a language perspective.

        4. It stops at and justice for all for me. Black has its moment but even then it’s where they started mixing it with big radio in mind. All that rawness was gone

        5. Yeah, one of the appeals of thrash and it’s brethren speed, funk, death, and groove metal was precisely getting rid of blues and adding speed and aggression, a lot of it derived from punk. I do like the Black Album, but feel that Sad But True would have sounded better with a thrash sound.

    1. The real disrespect is, probably the same people who whine about racism and cultural appropriation are the same ones who wear yoga pants because their bff also wears them. Also, I am pretty ignorant about the subject, but my best guess is, assuming they do practice yoga, it’s probably a bastardized, Hot Pocket type of yoga.

      1. Haha. Girls will always do what their man does. They only whine because their men whine, I think. When I flipped a bird at animal rights protesters and shouted ‘Hey, animal fuckers! Eat shit!’, the men became angry and the females became joyful and flirty.

        1. Bad boy shenanigans never fail. Gold. And they also whine about patriarchy. Now if you excuse me, I’m about to raid my liquor pantry to make it extra funny.

        2. And thus we come full circle…in the coming ‘new’ world, “Bad Boy” behavior will be the guy with a job, a haircut, and an education but WITHOUT tattoos & piercings…he’ll eat meat and drink non-craft beer and watch football and his idea of ‘affirmative consent’ is the woman staying home and cooking for him.

      2. I know some great teachers through my travels in India who have maintained a dedicated yoga practice for 15 or more years. They still consider themselves to be students of the practice and just share the knowledge that has been passed down to them. In the modern American yoga studio, we have mostly housewives that took a three week course, pay a bunch of money to the “authority” Yoga Alliance, and then call themselves teachers.

        1. I did try yoga once. It didn’t appeal to me because, to be fair, they made it look more like glorified stretching than an actual part of a more complex philosophy.

    2. So was naming army helicopter gunships after tribes. “We’re naming this lethal mother****** after a bunch of lethal mother*******”. But, PC.

  10. “This, my friends, is the world we live in.”
    We’ve forgotten that the Left always eat their own: the French Revolution, the Night of the Long Knives, purges in Communist Russia, and Chinese Cultural Revolution.
    Sooner or later, they eat their own.

  11. This needs to be said again. Cultural misappropriation isn’t racism. If an eskimo wears cowboy boots it might look out of place to both eskimos and cowboys, but its not racist. Wonder if this was triggered by some hysterical bitch who runs an off campus yoga studio who was losing students to free university club activities? What’s next… only authorized and approved hindus can make vegetarian curry?

    1. Good point. Maybe the Eskimo looks dumb wearing cowboy boots, but it’s no excuse for such outrage. Ditto wiggers and Nick Cannon wearing whiteface.

      1. Sounds to me like the disabled were using yoga to build strength and independence and going off the lefty, oppression reservation, therefore the yoga had to go. Can’t have people managing their own lives.

        1. Yoga is indeed one pathway to self-realization. Which is why the elites have co-opted it (quite effectively I must say) and turned it into the latest instagrammable ego-boosting fashion statement.

  12. The irony here is the Indian govt is pushing hard for Yoga to be practiced all over the world with June 21 being crowned as International Yoga Day..
    You Gora’s are fucked up..

  13. Canada doesn’t have civic nationalism, it doesn’t have any kind of nationalism. This place is more like some kind of commune, almost impossible to feel loyalty for
    Either way the rationalization about Muslims in India is really besides the point. The people who banned the yoga are not being rational in the first place, they’re just acting out some form of compassion
    This means that the real discussion is how to remove these kinds of people from the university, not what to say to them

    1. Canada doesn’t have civic nationalism, it doesn’t have any kind of nationalism. This place is more like some kind of commune, almost impossible to feel loyalty for
      That wasn’t always true. There was a time when Canada was proud in its English identity, proud of being a colony of the motherland (except for the frogs, but, that’s to be expected). The further Canada has pushed away from it’s colonial British identity, the less they’ve had anything to believe in, and thus, are becoming one big multicultural mess. Jeez, even Switzerland has a national idea.

      1. ^ Exactly. We recently celebrated Remembrance Day at my Canadian high school (senior year) and held a pretty well done assembly.
        But as it went on I thought to myself, these Canadians, they fought and died for a Canada way different from the one we have now. They had a completely different culture and set of values from today’s multicultural leftist babble. It was a primarily French – British society. And I realize that it is now hard to identify with those brave vets – that’s how much Canadian society has changed in 50 years.

    2. We had a very strong one, although there was always a divide between east, west, and the french.
      Its sad to hear how disgusted my grandparents are with the current state of affairs.
      As far as I’m concerned as soon as Trudeau the first came in with his Marxist policies and NEP this country has been in a spiral.
      Yet with the nitwit voting pop, putting the guy with the nicest hair in power last election I can’t help think it was inevitable

  14. So this means vapid millennial females can’t pierce their noses anymore? lol
    Nothing more amusing than millennials trapped in the contradictions of their own faux morality.

    1. And can’t cut their hair like Native american mohawk, and use tattoos if you are white descendant and eat tacos.

    2. But are you encroaching on the women’s right to express themselves with their bodies? You mysoginist pig!

      1. It’s offensive to the aboriginal tribes in Africa. Tattoos are offensive to the Polynesian tribes in the Polynesian Islands.

    3. There will be plenty more opportunities for amusement as the only direction is down from here. This thing has to take a hard landing before we can return to any modicum of normalcy.

    4. Its like wea re the remants of the millennials that is least contaminated with this consesnese

  15. So is it ok for millennial bitches to wear the yoga stretch pants if they don’t actually do the yoga?

      1. Few things have ever made me regret my libertarian attitude towards people having the right to do what they choose.
        You Sir have just posted one…

  16. “It is unfair, according to the critics of the class, for yoga to be taught when it is a spiritual practice rooted in the Hindu religion.”
    So shouldn’t it be Hindus, not white people, that be offended by the yoga class?

    1. Concocting bullshit reasons that allow SJWS to weild their power right and left keep them in business and give them a purpose.

  17. This is funny because all Hindus I know are delighted when non Hindus participate in yoga. In fact they encourage it.

    1. I visited a Hindu temple with my wife who practices yoga from a yoga master there. I bought a copy of the Bhagavad Gita. The Indian people were so happy we were interested in their culture.

  18. Leftist cultural ghetto. There is now only one source of gurus and spiritual sustenance allowed in the west. Only once source of truth.
    That would be the gender studies class.

  19. The exercises of yoga came from danish military posture training that was adopted by indians.
    “The November Issue of Yoga Journal included an article by Mark Singleton, a Ph.D. in Divinity from Cambridge University, based on his book “Yoga Body: The Origins of Modern Posture Practice”. Singleton points out that virtually all of our current yoga asanas are derived from Scandinavian gymnastics exercise systems of the late 19th century.”
    So this whole debacle just falls flat on its face (as it usually does when SJWs are involved).

  20. Western people should reject yoga as it is all sinister Indian mind-body control. Probably

  21. Actually this could be a devious feminist plot to destroy any last vestige of pelvic control modern women might still have

  22. Another day, and another story of libfaggotry….
    In other news, astronomers have confirmed that the Earth orbits the Sun.

  23. Are you sure that’s yoga that they’re doing out on the campus lawn? It looks like they’re bowing to Allah. Hey, I didn’t just fall off the truck and THAT AIN’T NO YOGA. They’re bowing to Allah at high noon.
    Well let me show you what REAL yoga moves look like and these brass monkey positions should not be attempted by fat cows or any other member of the obese gastropod family. Do this AT HOME chickadees and NOT as some strip club in front of a bunch of wetbacks please.
    WOMEN hear me straight. You were put on this Earth to stay at home, tit feed, and please daddy. Like this:
    ”THE POLE” is symbolic of the ALMIGHTY DICK. Yet another code of nature cracked alas. Women keep THE POLE in mind as we make that long march back home to PATRIARCHY. Hail the dick!
    ”YOGAAAAH” love it
    Break a sweat daddy’s girl!,1298247040,2/stock-photo-young-pole-dance-woman-bright-white-colors-71595589.jpg
    And remember I DID say keep it at home. Yoga poles DO have a place in the home. Poles and tit feeding DO mix well. Yes they doo or my name ain’t Mcgoo:
    YEEOW! Cut that carpet mama! Keepin it in shape for daddy. It don’t get any better.

    1. I would say that this is more of a form of ideological cannibalism or purification.
      Opposing views have more or less been driven from the universities, but the SJWs thrive on conflict, so they initiate internal purification.
      Like the French Revolution, minus the guillotines (so far).

  24. OK anybody with a few mgrs of testosterone knows that Canada is a feminist shithole with their faggot chief saying it is 2015. Also universities are Marxists paradise. I agree with all of that. But who gives a shit about…. Yoga? If it is banned or what. Is it a scientifically proven method of gymnastics? Are there any scientific studies? I think not. It is a watered down magic- ritual movements of a foreign religion to European civilization, brought by hippies and other degenerates. Also promoted by the antichristian judeomasonic ruling elite of the West.

  25. Do any Indian here feel offended because white people chose to participate a stretching session that originated in India?
    If I was Indian, I would actually feel honored that group of white people were trying to practice my culture (even though they may get it wrong).
    What’s next?
    Can’t eat Chinese food because it’s considered offensive to Chinese?
    How about everyone stop using computer because it’s offensive to whites
    (i.e. Computer invented by White Englishman)
    Or… How about we humans stop breathing and stop existing because it’s considered offensive to other humans. The fact that you can be considered offended for anything just boggles my mind.
    Another political correctness gone out of spiral INSANE where common sense isn’t so common now.

    1. I’m Indian and I don’t feel offended. I’m not sure why any Indian would be offended, because other ethnicities practice our yoga.
      The only reason I can think of is that white people (specifically: the Western ones) have a reputation for fucking things up. Like how they turned the Kama Sutra into some sick porn shit, while the book discusses love in general. Only a small part of the book is about sexual intercourse. In Western countries you also have many versions of yoga that are so different from the original form, that it would be a disgrace to call it ‘yoga’.
      I think the majority of Indians don’t like it that their culture is being used and degraded, but I don’t think they would complain about it, because they have better things to do. Unless you do extreme stuff, like putting Hindu Gods on a toilet seat, because you think that’s art or rubbing your dick against buildings we consider sacred, because you think that’s cool. Nah…then you show no respect for things we consider valuable.

      1. Most white people don’t know jack shit about non-white culture and they don’t care. White people have always been vulgar towards other culture and that’s not going to change in a long time. In the mean time, non-whites can do the same thing and take a jab at white people’s culture. Let people do whatever they want to do. Offend someone? Who fucking cares. If Indian people want to take a piss and poo at American flag, by all means go for it; like I give a fuck. LOL

      1. I’m offended because they’re offended, that I’m Offended, that they’re offended, that I’m offended.

  26. as i’ve already said multiple times, if I catch an Indian doing CrossFit, I will beat ten kinds of hell into him… how dare he marginalize me…!!!
    this is a good way to run a society

  27. As a Canadian of British/French settlers, I will never apologize. My only hope is that there will be a war that wipes these shitheads off the face of the earth. I will survive because my founder genes.

  28. I remember the days even 10 years ago in college when being “Multi-cultural” was really trendy. It was like all-out to try and be another race, to “try it out”, which to me seemed fine. As a liberal I saw the people who did not want to participate in these trends as either crotchety and bad-mannered, or worse, the proverbial “racist”. I now see the colossal error of my ways, which was to believe that multiculturalism would work out in America.
    I believe though that cultural appropriation is an idea that is so stupid that white liberals might actually wake up. When tolerating and accepting a different race turns into being racist, then their entire jig will be up, and they’ll be pushed further into a corner. The alt-right grows every day and most white people (even at once hardcore leftists) are starting to turn a blind eye to the discourse and policy. And they have to, to look at it straight on would mean a direct questioning of their beliefs. They might for once in their life have to hold a socially unpopular position that might change their status, *gasp* how could such a thing happen?
    Here’s what I say to white liberals, you brought it upon yourselves and continue to do so. It is not the “racism” that lingers to the modern day, it is your naive, gullible, stupid, and bigoted disposition that multiculturalism will work. Even though historically it always had led to greater tension and ultimately an even greater failure. You might not realize it today, tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year, but at some point you’ll be like us and go, “Where did it all go wrong?!” I just hope you’re strong enough to join us.
    Edit: Also I think it’s wonderful that your Canadian tax dollars are hard at work to pass policies like this. To hire people and pay them good salaries to spread lies and hatred about your people. I’m sure you were told tall-tales about how those “well-payed” teachers will just be churning out doctors, lawyers, engineers, inventors, and other people who will lead the world. Now that we can see that is(and was) a lie, I feel even more confident to tell people to avoid college like the plague. I’m pretty sure these types of activities and protests are not increasing anyone’s mind and instead waste everyone’s time.

  29. The interesting thing about SJWs is that they unwittingly are helpful at times. Yoga is Oriental bullshit that whores in tight pants use to feel enlightened. If we tell them they are culturally appropriating curry culture, maybe they will stop RAPING OUR CULTURE WITH RETARDED FOREIGN SHIT.

  30. Next time I see a ‘cultural appropriating’ SJWs drinking vodka and we gonna have some serious words!
    Now how exactly do you identify SJW in a society? Do they come with politically correct and color appropriate name stickers?

  31. We need to stop teaching foreign language, its cultural appropriation. Or maybe charge a fee for each word based on its origin.

  32. This is so dumb. One of these thanksgivings we should just finish the job we started on the indians.

  33. The left is eating itself at a very rapid pace now. We of the alt-right must pounce upon their failures at every chance, and also keep letting them hang themselves with their own rope.

    1. Its already happening in places like Sweden and Norway where anti-immigration attitudes are growing more and more

  34. Pure madness.
    But I will add that I am staunchly against and critical of those so-called “enlightened” and “spiritual” white females who just want to wear tight yoga pants and take selfies aka whores, while embracing oriental and Hindu/Indian spiritualism but would never give an Indian male the time of day in the sexual market place.

  35. So fucking stupid. Advanced yoga is an awesome warm up for gymnastics or break dancing too. Both of which are my favorite workouts. I should go there and teach and watch all them injure themselves for associating stretching with genocide. So fucking stupid. Expect fewer athletes and failing the Olympics from that.

  36. Mughal Dynasty was India’s finest? WTF! That’s like Saying Barack Obama is America’s finest president. The Mughals carried out genocide after genocide of the native hindus. The writer is a moron!

  37. I’m really freaking disappointed. For years I’ve thought Canada was a country that had it all together, and even thought about moving there. Now, the past couple of years, and after reading things on this site, I see that it’s gone insane.

  38. After the debacle involving Ann Coulter, the University of Ottawa’s new nickname among conservative circles is “U of Zero”. This is one more reason why.

  39. With the title of the story I was not sure if it was Taxi Indians or Casino Indians you were writing about. Silly me, stretching on rugs never occurred in North America prior to white man showing up with his servants.

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