10 Reasons Why Liberals Are Barbarians

A question you may have asked at some point is: Why are civilized men and women in the West facilitating the decay of their own civilization? This, however, is a fallen question, because one of its premises is false. Those who facilitate the destruction of their own civilization aren’t really civilized people at all. They’re barbarians.

The term “barbarian” has been with us since ancient Greece, used to describe people with a set of behaviors and character traits antithetical to those that produced Western civilization. According to the ancient Greeks, barbarians are “like children, unable to speak or reason properly, cowardly, effeminate, luxurious, cruel, unable to control their appetites and desires, [and] politically unable to govern themselves.” They are also lazy and undisciplined.

Here are the ten traits of barbarity:

1. Childish


Barbarians are naïve or ignorant, either lacking real-world experience or dismissing it in favor of their own private fancies and superstitions. You can see this in SJWs’ proclamations that all cultures are equal and that multiculturalism is good. They make this claim because it’s a nice idea, even though world history and the European migrant crisis show that multiculturalism is, as Angela Merkel finally admitted, “a grand delusion.”

2. Lazy

We Can Haz Government Handouts (2)

Barbarians are lazy, and they seek to have things without producing them. SJWs create welfare to give to people money that they didn’t earn. SJWs also create affirmative action and anti-discrimination laws to alter workplace demographics. Instead of creating their own companies to hire women and minorities, they use the government to force existing companies to do it (By the way, crony capitalists are lazy too).

3. Undisciplined


Barbarians lack discipline themselves, and they do not instill discipline in their children. SJWs project this pathology onto society, working to undermine the cultivation of discipline in the children of others.

For SJWs, physical punishment, rigorous schoolwork, and systems of competition and reward must be eradicated from every home and school.

4. Unable To Speak Or Reason Properly

Unable to reason

Barbarians have difficulty with reasoning skills such as logical analysis and extrapolation. SJWs pervert words and pervert reasoning in the pursuit of sophistry. An example of this is SJWs’ use of “hate” and various “phobias.” In response to a utilitarian argument against Syrian mass-immigration, an SJW’s first move is to proclaim “Islamophobia,” a sort of incantation to dismiss arguments and shut down the reasoning process.

5. Cowardly

Cowardly (02)

The scarcity of physical danger in Western societies means that there is little opportunity for physical cowardice. The SJW is foremost a moral coward. He shirks responsibility and duty. He has no love of truth, and is ready to speak and behave dishonestly whenever it suits him. He does what is easy, rather than what is right.

In the US, feminists enthusiastically perpetuate discredited myths about campus rape and wage gaps. In Europe, SJW government officials abandoned their duty to protect their citizens by opening the borders to over a million migrants. Even worse, they continue to put their citizens in danger by harboring and accepting new migrants, all while colluding to suppress information about skyrocketing numbers of rapes and other crimes.

Also, safe spaces.

6. Effeminate


In addition to their appetites, barbarians are moved primarily by their emotions. For example, SJW have irrational maternal feelings that lead them to infantilize women and minorities. They want college instructors to provide “trigger warnings” for their classes because they view college students as young children whose feelings must be protected at all costs, rather than as adults who need to confront uncomfortable topics in order to grow.

7. Luxurious


Barbarians seek comfort and decadence. They live beyond their means in their personal lives, and in their political lives they support their government doing the same. SJWs support the government borrowing money to pay for endless welfare and pet projects (like $3 million to study why lesbians are fat).

8. Cruel


The cruelty of SJWs is often indirect and non-physical. Examples include trying to get a man fired for his views on feminism, or twisting the law in an effort to bankrupt a family-owned business for their religious beliefs.

9. Unable To Control Their Appetites And Desires

Unable to control their appetites

Barbarians act on their every compulsion, whether it be for food, sex, or the desire to buy something. The barbarian’s motto is “if it feels good, do it.” SJWs have pushed for gay marriage, slut-walks, and “fat acceptance,” all celebrating unfettered indulgence in bodily appetites.

10. Politically Unable To Govern Themselves

Unable to govern themselves

Barbarians create societies not governed by laws, but rather by the whims of those with power. SJWs warp and ape the rule of law, creating the law of the ruler. The rule of law means having a clearly articulated set of laws that are dutifully enforced. In contrast, the law of the ruler is inarticulate and capriciously enforced.

An example of this is judicial activism, used for things like overturning state-level constitutional bans on gay marriage because, you know, reasons.

The Big Picture

The fundamental difference between civilized men and barbarians is that civilized men build civilizations, while barbarians cannot. Firstly, so long as they possess barbaric traits, barbarians will never build their own civilization. Secondly, whenever barbarians manage to conquer a civilization, that civilization falls to ruin.

Lastly, whenever a civilization allows decadence to breed barbarity within its borders, that civilization begins to decay. Note the similarity between the words “decadence” and “decay.” The word “decadence” originally did not refer to the opulence of ancient Rome at the height of its power, but to the degeneration that such opulence produced.

Going Forward

Firstly, know thyself. Once you know the traits of a barbarian, it’s worth asking if you can find any of them in yourself.

Secondly, know your enemy. You have a clear metric for identifying barbarians by simply looking for barbaric traits and asking who undermines civilization. Ideas, behaviors, and trends contributing to the decline of Western civilization might appear to be separate, but they are merely different facets of the same barbarian ethos.

Lastly, decide where you stand. In your political lives, wherever you have a voice or a vote, you can choose to defend and advance civilization and its values. In your personal lives, you can choose to live as civilized men, and to pass on civilized values to your children.

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172 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Liberals Are Barbarians”

  1. Well stated. All their pompousness, self righteousness, and smugness is nothing more than a mask for their own machiavellian, hedonistic mentality and resultant self loathing.
    They’re terrible people on the inside and they know it deep down.

    1. They’re inherently insecure and use the mask of feminism, social justice and bogus racism to justify their own short comings and failures. None of these folks contain an ounce of original thought nor can critically think. This is why they’re so belligerent on silencing those who present an opposing opinion. Logic and common sense undermines next to all their views and therefore collapses their paradigm.

    2. This applies to every liberal: “No matter how loudly you scream, you won’t drown out your conscience.”

      1. There’s better discussions on the forums. That said, if you want proof that your average rank and file leftist is just a hedonist you don’t need to look far: almost all the positions they espouse boil down to some form of advocating for consequence-free vice. Better yet do what I did and chat with someone who was active in the hippie movement.

        1. Cool screen name. I’m not sure if I qualify as you average leftist, but do you have some examples of what you mean ? I’ve been interested in hearing more about conservatism, but as you may guess it’s not so easy to find non confrontational discussion.

        2. No time now, I’m about to go to bed(was in bed, but had to get up to take care of some urgent emails).
          It’s hard due to how tribalized everyone is these days i’ll grant that. I’m also not really “conservative” in that sense since my beliefs are closer to classical liberalism.
          As far as the positions I’m referring mostly to the social issues. America’s left-wing has consistently agitated for drug legalization, abortion, government intervening on behalf of sexual behaviors which would be deemed “deviant” in most societies, the breakdown of the nuclear family, the removal of any stigma against obscene behavior (best observed by comparing movies over time and paying attention to the subtle social messages included within), for the removal of religion from the public sphere (barring anti-religious “art” such as a crucifix in a jar of urine), and so on.
          Not something I can concisely cite, but my assessment of those positions comes from having been a news junkie my entire life. I pay attention and have a long memory.
          I actually agree with legalizing drugs, but we do so for different reasons. I want it because, while I hate most drugs, I don’t feel its my right to have my opinion legally enforced. They want it because they want to be able to use them more.

        3. I see, I will definitely agree that a lot of the left’s social priorities don’t make any sense, and turn off people that would otherwise be on their side. Feminism, pushing of ‘fat is beautiful’ rhetoric, and the strange social issues on college campuses lately are all examples of the left going off the cliff. Moreover, they have no clear relation with the left’s economic agenda, e.g. universal health coverage. (Nothing involving urine should be considered ‘art’ by anyone.)
          I liked Roosh’s article ‘We Are Nothing More Than Distracted Sheep..’ which pointed out that the only bones the public gets tossed are social ones (drug legalization, gay marriage etc) that don’t threaten elite power. So, in a sense the rapid movement on such things lately might be indicative of a campaign of distraction from the elite agenda.
          Drug legalization has always been a non starter everywhere, and that it is even being considered looks very suspiciously to confirm Roosh’s view.

  2. Let’s not forget trend riders. Most of these people really aren’t true liberals. They are doing things just because the media says that it is popular, trendy, and sexy. Once the tide continues to change, many of these liberals will then become hardcore conservatives.
    The media has said that it is sexy for women to be loud and obese. Once people have had enough of that, the virginal, in shape woman will be found attractive again and will once again emerge.
    When the pendulum swings, it must eventually swing equally hard in the opposite direction.

    1. Also most of them are cowards as well. They never do anything without the backing of a crowd.
      They sit on facebook and twitter 24/7 awaiting instruction from the latest degenerate…Frothing with anticipation for the next Miley Cyrusism so they can find meaning in their failures.
      Currently, I am still waiting on the Cologne Slutwalk.
      Because there is actual danger involved, I know it will never happen. Even though women were actually assaulted by immigrants, they’ll sit quietly and try to sweep it under the rug, because facing the immigrants will mean actual risk. Meanwhile, they’ll demonize any western man who sits with his legs more then 6 inches wide on a train, calling it a patriarchial micro-aggression against women.
      I can respect people with other opinions and insights because that’s part of being human. I may learn something from you and you may learn something from me, but these sjw’s are ridiculous and I cannot see myself respecting them anytime in the near future.

        1. As I listen to Rubio in debates, making citizens think the apocalypse is coming because Obama won’t say “Radical Islamic Terrorism,” I just laugh.
          Because there’s silently a part of me that wants ISIS to conduct a few raids in the U.S. simply so these out of touch American SJW’s and Feminists can get a REAL taste of Rape Culture and Violence Against Women!

        2. Funny side note about Rubio.
          Go back and listen to Democrats from the not too distant past (their policies) and they’ll sound just like Rubio (today).
          I can tell which half of these politicians belong to which party, anymore. They all seem to belong to the same party.

        3. They’ve become one party. The idea that DC works for us is a complete joke. Anyone who still believes this is on crack.
          DC has become a cesspool where large corporations and lobbyists pay to play. This is why so many intrusive laws keep coming out of that place. It’s an insurance for these large companies, lawyers and feminists groups to stay well funded.
          And Rubio. Anytime the guy is asked a question, he turns into Radical Islamic Terrorism. As I listen to Cruz, Bush and Rubio … it’s beyond obvious these guys want a continued open checkbook for the military. It is time other countries step up and the middle east deals with it’s own problems.. I am so sick of this never ending activity in the middle east provided by my tax dollars.

    2. “the virginal, in shape woman will be found attractive again”
      They were always attractive and always will be.

      1. They were always attractive and always will be.
        Oh I know and I completely agree.
        The media just doesn’t think so right now. A woman with fat rolls that looks like the Michelin man will now not only get on the cover of a magazine, but will also have a feature done on her.
        It’s like Bizarro world now.

        1. Us men need to look at this bizarre state of fat is beautiful and laugh out loud and point out the stupidity of it all. Roosh tried, with good intentions, to convey the message that obesity is not healthy on the Dr. Oz show. He was vilified on national TV. You can’t help those who doesn’t want to be helped.

  3. Excellent article!
    Liberals have the upper hand right now, but their own immaturity and unwillingness to accept any basic level of responsibility for themselves and low birth rates is exactly what will cause their downfall. They will simply self-exterminate over time by conservative families who have more children and take greater care to raise them with proper values.
    All young unmarried men should be encouraged to:
    1. find a proper wife (traditionalist conservative religious)
    2. move to small town or semi-rural environment (isolate from large cities a.k.a. liberal cesspools)
    3. become self-sufficient (run small business or become a farmer and encourage bartering)
    4. make 4 to 6 babies (strengthen our numbers and outbreed them)
    5. homeschool/private religious school/red-pill school them (raise them with real proper values).
    If enough motivated young men start doing this in small tribes of five in co-ops (for social reasons and to complement varying skillsets), we are possibly 20-25 years away from a massive correction.

    1. I agree with you, but this is very unpractical these days. None of them are doable. No 1: Impossible (or very unlikely to succeed), 2: One has to be where his job is unless he wants to become a farmer (which I don’t), 3. Depends on 2. No 4 depends on 1. So I don’t know.. this would probably work for 1% of men out there.

      1. I respect your points, but here’s what I think:
        1. Very difficult, but not impossible
        2. In a small town, you can run a decent business or run one online. Wife can work from home, too (mine is right now)
        3. follows from 2
        4. follows from 1
        5. follows from 1
        Overall, you’re right though. Few men actually have the mindset to make this work in the first place, and even fewer will actually end up doing so.

        1. It’s not the mindset man, it’s just very hard to uproot especially when you are way into your life. Maybe for younger dudes. I lived in a very small town for almost a year.. Problem with that is (and in a way it’s good), it is very difficult to be accepted exactly because they’re all very family oriented, and everybody is related with everybody else.
          People are nice but distant in the same time.

        2. Yes, what I’ve written in my OP is mainly targeted for unmarried, young men. In a sense, it contradicts the very theme of this website.
          It takes a long time to be accepted in a small town as they have a very tribal/family oriented mentality specifically for the reason you outlined.

        3. Yes, once you get in you are set. From my experience, they invite you out and they’re very nice people but in 10 months nobody entered my apartment. Very difficult to live that way. I had to eventually leave back to the cesspool of the big city.

        4. Going at it alone will definitely be difficult, but that’s why I specifically mention motivated men go at this in tribes of five, exactly for that reason.
          In the end, it’s really all comes down to intelligent strategy and willpower.

        5. That is key to making this all work.
          When you’re on your own, you can easily get discouraged. After all, we are social animals so we do need the company of like-minded individuals.
          Lone-wolfing this is between very difficult to impossible and not recommended.

        6. We’ve got 1, 2 and 5 down. It is all a matter of what one thinks are priorities when children are involved.

    2. Liberals have the upper hand right now, but their own immaturity and unwillingness to accept any basic level of responsibility for themselves and low birth rates is exactly what will cause their downfall.

      This is why the smarter liberals take over institutions like public k12 schools, or mass media outlets. While they don’t breed, they can, and do, greatly increase their ranks at the expense of children of people who let them do that.

      1. Many rational folks who generally lean left see what’s happening and can’t believe it. Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Maher are two examples of those who lean left calling out this madness.
        College campuses are the greatest example right now. Irrational degenerates demanding admins who support freedom of speech and “fail to see their ‘white privilege’” be FIRED.
        The only thing which gives me pleasure watching this is seeing those who created this insanity — academia nutz — finally being eaten alive by their own absurd ideologies!

        1. It’s like the movie where the mad scientist is cornered and set upon by the monsters he has created.

        2. Good point about colleges. We’re going to see segregation rise from all of the BLM nonsense taking place at these schools. Private schools (no govt money) will open up and will only allow in those they want in (to learn, become educated)…not bullshit like these SJWs or BLM marches.
          Many students are so dumb when it comes to BLM. They should be marching in the black community because that is the place where they should matter the most.

      2. The reason Liberals want open borders is because, thru Abortion, they have decimated their own numbers…they are in a silent panic because they calculated their victory would be complete by now after they established their stranglehold on the media and education.

        1. And they also know that even if shamnesty never passes, each time a third world poor illegal on every form of welfare pops out a kid here, they will be a US citizen and a lifelong leftist voter in 18 short years.

    3. I have to say that this sounds insane to me.
      1) The idea that I need to look for a proper wife and marry her is crazy in a world that makes all the things a wife is good for readily obtainable except for a mother for children….children that not only do I not want…but that I think is totally wrong to bring into this world…if you believe differently and live your life that way then I support you as each man must make his own decision, but I am not going to play my life by your rules any more than you should play by mind.
      2. Moving to a semi rural environment would be absolutely terrible for me. I hate that life. I live in a large city and I am able to isolate from liberal douchebags
      3. while owning your own business, being a farmer or bartering are noble, they are not the only path. I can use my skills and talents to do things that make me self sufficient in other ways. I don’t need to conform to a small town / farmer paradigm
      4. I want no babies and I am not going to have them to try to outbreed a bunch of third worlders. I am not going to ruin my life just to fail long run.
      5. Homeschool is insane. Proper parenting ought to insulate a child from the pitfalls of their school public or private. I know some people here disagree with me and I respect them and their opinions…I respect them without sharing them. THat is the benefit of not being an knee jerk psycho liberal…I can actually hear another man out and respect what he has to say while not agreeing with him or flying into a rage.
      I don’t want to go back to bonanza. I don’t want to ride horses and protect my homestead. I am a city boy and it is a choice that I remain such. I don’t shit on farm people…but I really dislike when they shit on urbanites…it strikes me as hypocritical.

      1. I respect your opinion.
        A viewpoint very different from the prevailing norms can indeed, seem very radical, very insane. But whether it actually is insane or an intelligent strategy is for each person to decide for themselves, depending on what they want out of life.
        Also, this strategy is about saving yourself, not Western civilization. One can’t save anything unless they’ve saved themselves first. Saving civilization is the cumulative effect of many men saving themselves and the recipe outlined on top is for exactly that. One man alone who’s not in a position of power can’t save an entire civilization.
        1. If you don’t want a wife, that’s your choice; if you don’t want children, that’s also your choice. I’m not here to indoctrinate anyone with my worldview of a model society. However, if one does want a wife and does want children, then what’s written above in the OP is very pertinent.
        4. If one sees having children (or anything written above) as ruining their life, then this won’t work for them because that’s not what they want out of life. You have to actually value those things for this strategy to be applicable.
        5. Homeschool is not insane and is in fact actually growing in the USA. More than 3% of kids are homeschooled right now and that number is actually increasing rapidly.
        I’m not shitting on all urbanites; however, most liberals do congregate in large, metropolitan cities.

        1. Agreed on most everything you say here (I stand by my thinking that Homeschooling is dangerous, but since I don’t have children my opinion is irrelevant whether right or wrong).
          This is why I love this forum for discussion so much> It is nice that people who disagree about things can speak about them rather than fight about them.
          As for lefties congregating in large metropolitan areas, it really depends. Back when I was a philosophy professor I would have agreed with you. Everyone I ran into was pretty much ready to lead the communist revolution. However, now that I am in a corporate world and the people I associate with are generally professional business men who have a stake in free market economy rather than collective welfare handouts then it is different.
          I don’t go to a lot of college bars but I imagine the ones in NYC are not much different than the ones in Bloomington, INdiana. Mostly drunk kids trying to get their rocks off and a small number of annoying (prob lefty) political types. I go to hotel bars where I can listen to jazz on a piano and have a martini or good scotch. The women I meet want to buy, not ban furs and the men are more interesting in the funding of well dressed blondes than the funding of civil projects In my new York, it doesn’t seem very liberal at all. I know that if I go down to a coffee shop in Greenwich village I can find the lunatic fringe and if I go to a faggot bar in the west village I will be surrounded by degenerate queers…..but I wouldn’t be caught dead in those places and they wouldn’t be caught dead where I go. New York is very big and very segregated. You can stick to your own with minimal effort.
          I don’t know if that is the way of other big cities, but when I visit Chicago and go to the Palm Steak House to eat a rib eye and drink a bunch of scotch I don’t see a bunch of SJW’s and degenerate pillow biters I see people talking about global markets and sexy bitches so my general assumption is that the urban areas have a little something for everyone and you can pick and chose without interacting with the others.

    4. Also a **must** for all young men is: Learn the “martial arts”, not necessarily “oriental” martial arts as the term is popularly used, but general survival skills, basic hand-to-hand combat, and most importantly, wherever you live, GET your firearms licenses and your firearms, many firearms, and plenty of ammo. “Liberty” is a meaningless concept if a man can not defend himself or his family.

      1. Absolutely. Men should learn some form of hand to hand combat, and also how to shoot guns. Pay no attention to the Canadian dude I was arguing with recently who thinks swords are better than guns.

        1. Bladed weapons and guns both have their place and advantages/disadvantages.
          Guns have much longer range, obviously, but that is really it primary advantage over knives/swords.
          Knives never need to be reloaded, never jam, never run out of ammo, and you don’t even need to be aiming it directly at a person for it to be lethal.
          If someone is in (real) close range with a gun, you have a chance of grabbing it and pushing it out from in front of you. You can’t even grab a knife without seriously hurting your hand.
          Guns are a great equalizer, but I wouldn’t neglect having a knife as well. The more tools, the better.

        2. I’m planning on getting my gun license, but I would like to learn how to throw knifes. Seems pretty cool, and since I live in New Jersey (some of the strictest gun laws in the country) it might be a good idea to learn.

        3. “swords are better than guns” WTF?!? Who is this guy, Mad Jack Churchill’s descendant, or something? Mad Jack was a balls-out insane British Major who was the *only* officer during WWII who used to carry his sword with him, and charge the German lines with it … to the astonishment and disbelief of both the Brits and the Germans.

        4. throwing knives are great, if you practice.
          also, the majority of them come in 3s.
          if you get good enough at it, you can get pretty accurate within a apprx 10ft radius.
          combine that with a small can of pepper spray, you can handle anything short of a gun. and sometimes even then.
          so, if you cant carry a gun , there is no need to be naked.

    5. wife and children will only make you vulnerable. they will use them against you to hurt YOU. it´s not wise to make children into the upcoming Nazi World.

    6. 2 and 3: absolutely agree. After I graduated college I went from the Atlantic to Pacific. Lived in Portland and Seattle. Large cities are bastions for irrational liberalism — Endless spending on frivolous crap while increasingly raising working folks taxes to fund it. Absurd campaigns by the City of Seattle such as banning the use of “brown bag lunch” and removing the use of “man” from words.
      I moved back to Maine about 1.5 years ago to help family close grandfather’s medical practice. I had intentions of settling in Portland, Maine as I love seaside communities and the town has great nightlife. But coming back, I was in disbelief to discover how Portland, Maine has been over run with feminists and social justice wankers. I absolutely cannot be around these types anymore. I’ve noticed in the last couple months my gravitation to the smaller areas by the lakes.
      Regarding number 3: Absolutely. I am in the process of restarting a business. My elitist family members who work at big companies and vote (D) every election — but can’t tell you why or any of the issues — seem to look ill on me for not wanting to join the ranks of slaving in a corporate job/ playing by feminist HR rules.

      1. That is the best place to be (in my opinion). You should settle in smaller towns because it seems to be less “corrupt” with SJWs and feminism. They are closer communities where that nonsense doesn’t thrive at all.

    7. I hope to do these someday, but at the moment the outcome doesn’t seem bright. Who knows. In ten years or so maybe things will get a bit better. But I don’t know.

        1. The 1. and the 4. The 2. is already done.
          I think I’m one of these people gifted for celibacy and chastity.
          I also think I can help better by remaining on my own.

    8. Didn’t realize my dad was also a commenter on this site.
      This strategy unfortunately won’t move the needle of national elections as the ‘pure’ breeding grounds you advocate all exist in red states.

  4. I’ll put my hand up to one of these: childishness. Anyone in their thirties without a family is necessarily immature. Being responsible for another human being makes you grow the fuck up. I’ve seen it happen to my mates, and I’ve seen it not happen to me.
    What about you blokes? Anyone else man enough to name his own Achilles heel?

    1. I don’t think you need to have a family to be mature. There are other ways of being responsible. The point is putting something before you….at my job I am responsible for hundreds of people, some people get politically involved to the point of taking responsibility for millions. There are lifers in the military who are quite literally responsible for the life and death of thousands of men, Having a family is one way to accomplish this, but not the only one.
      That said, I like that you have owned your own weakness and in the spirit I will own mine. On this list, Luxury. I wouldn’t say I live beyond my means, but I do like unnecessary luxuries and take an almost indecent pleasure in accumulating them (if they are objects) or experiencing them (if they are high end pampering and vacations.
      I truly consider this a great vice because it is part of what enslaves me. I can walk away from my career, my city, pretty much my entire life but I will have to leave behind creature comforts that I have become used to and don’t want to lose.

      1. It’s funny how our weaknesses are so different. I’m repulsed by the idea of responsibility but I can’t see the allure of material things. I don’t own big stuff because I frequently move. I hate being pampered. I see the salaries of some professionals and I think, what? I could work that job four years then retire.
        Probably the best person to help us to battle our various weaknesses is one who shares it and has overcome it.

        1. It is funny, but I suppose each man has his own vices and virtues. Who we are…I mean, really, the person we are is such an intricate matrix. Like you point out our differences just here. I enjoy my responsibility. Even in college, though because of scholarships I didn’t have to, I held down a full time job. I have always been the responsible one. When I go out to dinner the assumption is that I will pay (be is with family, friends or dates) and I deal with situations every day that require hard to make decisions with no clearly good answer for a lot of people. It is simply my comfort zone.
          Funny thing: I love MRI’s. I just had one not to long ago for some AC Joint pain so it was head first down to my knees. I loved it. No mobile phone and totally disconnected for just a little while. However, as nice of a break as that was I couldn’t imagine being disconnected.
          The truth is that you and I will have differences and we will be different from the next man and that is what makes any tribe (on a small level or a large massive city level). If we all had the same virtues and vices we would be totally useless to one another. My vices don’t really interfere with my life and I don’t let them get the better of me and I don’t think I would trade them. The connected nature of things means that with your vices you may lose some virtues.
          It’s like Tennessee Williams told playboy…if I got rid of my demons, I might lose my angels too

    2. I’d agree that if a person sees value in raising a child right that can become a great motivator to grow up. But the person has to want to do that.
      Case in point, the slothful dependent class in the USA spits out litter after litter of feral children and doesn’t do a damn thing to raise them properly at all, and then we get to deal with them. As soon as they reach sexual maturity they repeat the cycle.

    3. agreed. i’m in my mid-forties and just starting a family now. struggling a bit with having lived like a college kid my whole life and having to be more responsible now.

  5. To quote the very first line of the piece:
    “Why are civilized men and women in the West facilitating the decay of their own civilization?”
    The author does a fine job of delineating the attributes of this evil and vile threat as we slowly and painfully descend into the pits of a new dark age, but the question still remains as to “why”? …
    In my humble opinion, because by whatever coarse and vulgar term these degenerates go by, whether SJWs, leftists, liberals, socialists, progressives, etc etc, they all suffer themselves, and subsequently infect others, with a **virus of the mind**, an almost demonic virus that, like a rat that gnaws away even at the most sturdy ropes until it’s completely eviscerated, so does this toxic virus eat away at the core of an individual’s conscience and intellect.
    The virus enters the minds of the susceptible host by preying on and exploiting one of the most basic human wishes: that of a utopia, or creation of heaven on Earth. Once the con has its foot in the door, then comes the crucial step of denying that there’s such thing as Truth. Thus, “relativism”, whether moral, ethical, aesthetic is at the very core, the epicentre of this demonic viral infection. From there on, all the other attributes inexorably and logically follow.
    To say that it’s one the greatest threats that Western Civilization has faced is no hyperbole or exaggeration; we have already witnessed its destructive powers in “isolated” countries throughout the 20th century: Russia, China, Cambodia, Cuba, etc etc, and Nazi Germany which was really a socialistic movement primarily, though with a nationalistic bent; hence “national socialism”. Today’s mutant virus is far more pervasive and dangerous because it infects *every* Western country … and most crucially, it’s not imposed by force, but rather the subjects willingly accept the ignorance or the viral infection.

    1. You’re right in that progressivist barbarity spreads like a virus. However, there is a little more going on. Basically, progressivist ideas can spread (like a virus), but they can only take root in a susceptible host. This susceptibility is immaturity, a product of too many people living too sheltered from the blood and misery of the natural world. In the first draft of this article, I included an expanded definition of childishness. You can see how this is at the heart of the other barbaric traits.
      Childishness: They are afraid of
      suffering; they either fail to comprehend their own mortality, or they cannot face
      it boldly. They are petty, lacking a greater understanding of what’s actually
      important in this life. They are undignified; they act without decency, and
      their self-esteem rests on the valuation of others rather than an innate sense
      of self-worth. They are superficial; they value appearance above truth, and
      immediacy above the long-term and the big picture.

    2. Some good points here. One only needs to look to history, facts or stats to see how and why many are divided along certain lines (for good reason). The problem with liberals is they don’t want to use data, history or facts (unless it’s used for their cause, their narrative).
      An example: The reason why you shouldn’t have a pet tiger is because it can kill you. You can have any feelings you like about it but one day when you turn your back it will attack you and kill you. This fact is reality (something else that liberals don’t like to deal in).
      Certain groups, certain cultures just don’t mix well but liberals go with feelings, first.

  6. Not religious but this has never been more true:
    “Let no man deceive himself. If any among you think that they are wise in this world, then they must first become mad so that they may become wise. For the wisdom of this world is madness before God.”
    Letter of St Paul to the Corinthians

    1. I am with you. I am not religious in the slightest…even somewhat anti religious. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of wisdom in the old stories.
      Whatever you believe or don’t believe of what is in the torah, the new testament and the philosophy of the fathers of the church…divine? not divine?…it represents the best wisdom of its day. While many of the ideas strike me as horribly dated (don’t tell me what poly blend I can wear and if you try to stone me from growing different veggies….etc) it was compiled by well meaning people who were the absolute best and brightest and ought to be looked at as an excellent source of wisdom.

      1. Agreed sir. This why i enjoy this site, the responses you get are mostly educated, thought through and concise. Had i posted this on yahoo i would most probably have been virtually stoned or lynched.

        1. I found this site a few years ago while living in the feminist hell holes of Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. I was in awe to discover a forum where like minded men had set-up shop. After going through the anti-male liberal education system of the 90’s . . . this site helped me realize there wasn’t anything wrong with me for objecting many of the liberal/ feminist points which I’d been taught over 2 decades.
          Ultimately my greatest fear is forums like this will be shut down. Slowly … it’s happening. Feminist and Social Justice Wankers are defining opposing views as “hate speech.” They’re also stumping to get ANY questioning of their (false) “stats and data” online defined as “harassment.” It’s slowly happening. Look at the case in Canada for example: A male questioned irrational feminists on twitter. He was arrested and for 3 years has not been allowed on the WWW. Now here come’s Facebook. Announcing they’ll remove any posts in opposition to refugees. The 1st Amendment is under assault and it is surely only a matter of time until sites like this are targeted and shut down.

        2. There was a DDoS on the site last year….trust me they have it in their sights.

      2. Such as treating your body like a temple, eat crap it will make you less healthy and same with doing drugs.

        1. Leviticus 19:28 KJV (I’m King James bitch!) Ye shall not make any cuttings in the flesh for the dead, nor print marks upon you, for I am The Lord.
          I’m nonreligious myself, yet I agree that our bodies are our temple and we must do our best not to profane it in any way. Wish those filthy Christian bikers that pester me on occasion read it. Also, the only God can Judge me bitches.
          Also, everything in moderation. Proverbs 25:27, 1 Peter 5:8

        2. 100%
          Fitness is an ersatz religion to me. I pay very close attention to how much water I drink, how much protein, fat and carbs I take in, I go to the gym 6 days a week 2 times a day and do something physical on sundays.
          It is a very large part of my life that I write about, I think about, I relate to every day topics such as slowing down my mind and acting with intention in business and personal relations the same way I address a deadlift. There may not be a god in my schema, but there is def something that is larger than me.

        3. I must say, I’m envious of your dedication. 6 times a week twice a day is impressive, I was like that in my early to mid twenties. I have no excuses but I can’t even begin to think about how I could get my energy back to that level.

        4. I find that after a few weeks it hurts more not to go than to go. To be fair, I have, other than work, nothing but time to dedicate to me.

        5. My main problem is there aren’t enough hours in the day, but its still a piss poor excuse. I’m getting back at it, just sucks starting over again.

        6. Can always make time if you are willing to sacrifice other things. I get to the gym at 5 am for my fasted cardio so I can get to work at 730. I eat at my desk rather than go to lunch so I can get out by 5-530 and be on the floor for my weights by 7.
          Sounds crazy but I know people who go to happy hour until 10. They will spend more time in a bar than I will in the gym and then ask me where I find the time.
          Different if you have a family and have to be a presence for your kids and wife but I’m persona non grata.

        7. I was thinking about the time/sacrifice thing a little more.
          I had a conversation with some guys I know. They both drink daily (not to excess, but after work cocktails and Friday/sat night out). One of them smokes (mind you in new York that is a $14/pack habit). They were teasing me because I go to the fancy and expensive gym here. How do you pay 250/month for a gym membership that’s so stupid.
          Well I drink one night a week..usually just a few cocktails, cook all my own food and maybe have a glass of wine on sunday. My 3000/yr gym membership is much cheaper than this one guys 5000/yr smoking membership and at 10-12 dollars per drink I conservatively estimate that where they spend 14k/yr in booze my annual consumption is closer to 5k.
          But I am paying all this money for the gym.
          Money and time are both commodities (with time being worth more because it is non renewable). Having unlimited would be great, but we don’t. What we need to do is budget. When we budget we make priorities. If someone makes drinking and smoking to the tune of nearly 20k a year a priority they will have to suffer in other areas.
          Likewise with your time. If you really take stock of what you spend your time on and reprioritize, you have all the time in the world for the gym. People ask me how I spend 3 hours a day in a gym. That is only 12% of my day though. I go a little extreme but if you wanted to train 1 hour a day 5 days a week that is only 3% of your week. Really, not at all too bad especially if you consider replacing your television consumption, you happy hour time, etc. etc. etc.

        8. It’s all about how I prioritize my time. I had the same obligations and responsibilities when I was working out everyday; job, women, side work. I just replaced my hour or so I set aside for exercise with an hour or so of doing nothing and relaxing with a drink which in turn sets the tone for my night. Not that from that point on I’m getting hammered, but my motivation is gone and I’m ready to cook dinner. As I said before, I don’t have an excuse but I am tired of it. I’m wrapping up a few personal projects in my garage and restoring a friends motorcycle then I’m going back to focusing on my health instead of wealth. I’ve been able to save a good amount of money but I can’t take that to the early grave I’m digging myself.

        9. HA! I totally understand about the early grave. There are days when I go online and just look at the silk lining in coffins.
          One way I have saved time and money is one sunday I wake up early and get to the gym when it opens for my fasted cardio. Then I have some eggs and then cook all of my breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks for the whole week. I buy the Chinese take out containers from my local guy for a few cents each, weigh and measure my food, package them and then label them with a sharpie. Monday–Breakfast Monday–Snack 1 Monday Lunch Monday Snack 2 Monday Dinner Monday Snack 3….Tuesday etc etc. Then I take all of my smart shake shaker bottles and add the suppliments. I only need one bottle with 2 extra attatchments for each day. They are also pre-labelled. By sunday around 2 PM I am finished.
          Before bed on Sunday night I put all the food for monady in a bag along with my Monday shaker cup. Monday morning all that is left is to take my morning pills, toss an ice pack in the bag and leave. This winds up saving a lot of time because for the rest of the week I don’t have to ever wonder what to eat. If it is lunch time on Thursday I am eating a box that says Lunch-Thursday. I know my calories, my macros and probably save myself 5 hours and god knows how much money and annoyance during the week.

        10. Shit man, you’ve got a good system down. I plan out my meals too but I have to cook every night because I can’t stand leftovers. Whatever I make for dinner I’m having for lunch the next day and thats it. I keep a steady supply of water in the garage, at my home, and at work so I’m always hydrated and never have to spend $1 on a bottle of water at a convenience store. Always bring fruit with me so I’m not eating sugary garbage in between meals. I honestly don’t mind cooking but I know there are going to be nights that I sure as shit don’t want to cook. I plan at least 3 meals that take little prep work and cook fast for those nights.

        11. Not a bad plan. I found this water bottle that holds a quart of water. I usually fill it at home and drink it by the time I am done with the gym. Then I can fill it at the gym from their fountain and again from the water cooler at work.
          I am with you on preferring a home cooked, warm meal. No one wants to come home from a grueling day and either eat some cold poached chicken or microwave some chicken and broccoli. Can’t really fault you. It is just a sacrifice I made.
          Just to give you a clue on the upside of that sacrifice, here is a pic of my fridge. It is from a while back, but it always looks the same.
          On the top are my preloaded shaker cups and on the bottom snacks like almonds or tinned tuna etc etc.
          This must have been before my current program because I am eating extra meals now. Still, while it is nice to have a good warm fresh meal when you get home, the ease of this gives me the extra time I need.

        12. also, no, no I am not a serial killer I swear…I am just very organized.

        13. You’re borderline OCD! I’m over the line, my fridge is pretty much the same way minus the containers. I’m highly organized but where the fuck did I leave my keys?

        14. yeah…you should see my workout logs. Bernie Madoff didn’t keep logs as detailed as mine.

        15. I am in nyc. I am unsure about the meet up. I have a job where I need to avoid any possibility of being in the news. Especially now when I have a very “charged” project going on.

        16. I didn’t consider that media coverage could possibly be at the meet up. Now I have to re-consider.

        17. It’s probably not. Really a long shot. But I’ve never been gambler. I’m not trying to save the world either.

        18. Did you know that too much exercise can be as bad for you as no exercise at all? You may just be wearing yourself out sooner. I know many athletics that die young.

      3. I’m with you on this one. The stories in religion sounds far fetched and not credible, but they do represent wisdom. Their intentions were to pass the wisdom to future generations through tales and fables.

        1. Agreed. I am all for everyone understanding both biblical stories and the interpretations from the church fathers and the philosophers — both those who were friendly and those who were antagonistic to them. We all can learn from sources like this.

      4. I salute your objectivity, gentlemen. Liberals are unable to glean any value, or even small truths, out of something they don’t like. They demonize and convulse on reflex.

        1. Yes because their narrative comes from believing something and then looking back to pick what suits the narrative that leads there rather than being genuinely curious about this odd little world of ours.

    2. We are in an ideological war. From a Marxist viewpoint, an atheistic mind is already three-fourths conquered.
      The Naked Communist, Chapter 12

      The left has the “not religious” in their crosshairs with respect to propaganda. Thanks for at least taking note of the wisdom of the Bible.

  7. Simple indoctrination of the masses before the slaughter… simple stuff really. Many morons are gonna be quick to dismiss all these things as conspiracy theories… but it really is simple.
    1. Divide all races, weaken and or destroy white men. (Who aren’t the 1%)
    2. Cull the population to lower number, therefore saving the environment.
    3. Brainwash remaining population into submission.
    Our world has reached a technological revolution never before seen in the known history of man. They don’t need laborers or McDonald’s workers. Robots can replace the useless humans, meanwhile saving and conserving the environment.
    We are seeing the very beginning of this movement into a world free of poor and ugly humans. Eugenics will begin shortly after the death of all the unwanted.

    1. Except for the fact that main destroyers of the environment are our so called “elites”…

  8. You aren’t describing the Barbarians. You are describing the Romans. They became so immoral and weak that the barbarians could overtake them. The barbarians were more moral that these idiots.

    1. I thought that too but, in my opinion, the author covered himself in his last point, that barbarians cannot govern themselves politically. Rome fell to the barbarians and nothing meaningful followed except constant decline and anarchy. Western Europe did not begin to get back on track until, roughly, the 13th century.

      1. Barbarians were tribal. SJWs are children of empire, and wish to have their stupid rules enforced around the globe.
        Of course, in the rare case that I am in Starbucks, and I see the tatted up chicks in tight dresses getting their $14 adulterations of coffee, I think ‘Barbarians!’ The poor education in America lends itself to this sort of thing.

  9. They will use Christianity does it also when arguing about Islam.
    No matter how many facts your throw at them they will not admit Islam is Islam and there is no such thing as a moderate.

  10. More defeatist bitching in the comments as usual. I suspect it is mostly from middle-aged men, but still pathetic.
    What happened to all the adulation for men of the past who stood and fought insurmountable odds? A lot of ROK users seem like washed up divorcees who are too lazy to try to turn the tide because “all women are degenerate” or “the system is too powerful.” If our forefathers had the same attitude Western Civilization would never have existed.
    If you want to talk about being an alpha male or resisting the modern world, then at least be willing to fight. 1920s Germany and Austria were as much or more depraved than the United States is today. That didn’t stop the nationalists from rising up and changing society.

    1. You’re conflating the *descriptive* with the *prescriptive*. No one is whining or abdicating the need to resist, to fall like men defending cherished values, standing up.
      It’s impossible to address a problem until one clearly knows *what* the problem is, and thoroughly understands the nature and extent of the dilemma. That is, the “descriptive” element, or diagnosis, comes first. That’s what this article, and subsequent thread, is really about. The “prescriptive”, or “what do we do about it”, can be debated, but it’s not the thrust of the piece being addressed.
      Although I don’t entirely disagree with you about effecting change, no person endowed with common-sense can deny that in the present day, given the inconceivable immensity of the security apparatus in place, ‘the full-spectrum dominance’ as the Pentagon planners refer to it, it’s near impossible to reach a level of critical mass to change the system without completely being annihilated. Two things that most are unaware of, even the informed: how truly and mind-bogglingly advanced the surveillance system is, and how “if and when” really threatened, what the “system” is capable of doing, as well as to what lengths it will go to exterminate the threat. Proportionally speaking, never in history has there even been such asymmetry of power between the State and its people. That’s not hyperbole, if people only knew.

      1. “Proportionally speaking, never in history has there even been such asymmetry of power between the State and its people.”
        Back in the old day, a group of thousands of angry peasent farmers with pitchforks and guns could pose a serious threat to the state.
        However, I think we’re still a couple of generations away from full-spectrum dominance.

        1. Excellent points, though I wish I shared your optimism regarding “full spectrum dominance”. Yes, I grant that we’re not fully there yet, but frighteningly close. With the new massive NSA centre in Utah now being fully functional, the surveillance capabilities have skyrocketed beyond what we can even imagine. As well, when the psychopaths behind the scenes, the real hidden hands of power, feel genuinely threatened by a viable movement, I’m of the belief that they will *not* hesitate to unleash a real “shock-and-awe” on the populace that will pale in comparison to the flames of Hell.

        2. “As well, when the psychopaths behind the scenes, the real hidden hands of power, feel genuinely threatened by a viable movement, I’m of the belief that they will *not* hesitate to unleash a real “shock-and-awe” on the populace that will pale in comparison to the flames of Hell.”
          This is true. All governments eventually resort to pogroms and genocide if they sense any threat to their hegemony. At the same time, this will be difficult to do if everyone is scattered out in rural settings compared to a large city where the whole population is concentrated.
          Only time will tell.

      2. It’s the Illuminati of course. We should all wear foil hats so the government reptilians can’t read our minds.
        Your post if full of contrived, excuse-generating gobbledygook, Keep pretending “The System” is too powerful and you will accomplish nothing. .

        1. You’re obviously an ignorant buffoon, a complete moron incapable of forming a coherent argument. Frankly, there are dozens of sites where fucktards like you can go and spew your garbage. That’s why I’m such an advocate of banning scumbags like you around here, and keeping these boards pure and legit. You’re obviously completely uninformed, full of shit, and just a plain old douche. As I always like to quote an eye-talian saying … “get da fuck atta hea”, ya fucking douchebag. Take your moronic nonsense to buzzfeed or some equally degenerate site; you cunt. (What bothers me the most is the pussy arm-chair general aspect of your nonsense. Why don’t you lead, tough guy? Go ahead, take your AR-15 and shoot up the FBI building or the Pentagon, and see what happens. Ya, thought so … you’re too much of a pussy yourself, but you’re advocating others to do it. What a douche.)

        2. I was referring to the faggots complaining about feminism and advocating not having children. You started an InfoWars.com rant about surveillance. Never said anything about shooting feds. I suggest you take the dildo out of your behind and cool off for a while.
          I’m Italian myself, so you can’t really quote me.

      1. yeah but thats still a life motto for most of them,
        “if it doesn’t hurt anybody it´s good.”
        Babylon = “Let us make us a *name *shem *authority” let´s live after our own authority/our own rules, doing what we think is right. something that is easy to live by. we need an easy Jesus.
        That is the Babylon system explained. Believe means obedience to the God of the Bible. disbelieve means no obedience God.

        1. I don’t drink much, I don’t smoke and I don’t do drugs, yet I’m atheist. Yet where I live there are two things in abundance: places to buy alcohol, and churches. Perhaps that is so people can get shitfaced on Saturdays and drag themselves on Sundays to beg the Lord forgiveness. Coincidence? Now it would be unfair to say that all religious people are like that, but seeing as they are the “moral” crowd, they have a lot to live up to, ergo, more scrutiny.

        2. these “religious people” -If any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth not his tongue, but deceiveth his own heart, this man’s religion is vain.-
          they follow that easy jesus. = their own doctrines = they do what they want = Babylon

        3. I know plenty of believers who take that same view “if it doesn’t hurt…”
          Btw, if it doesn’t hurt anybody, does it matter?

        4. i’m speaking from a religious viewpoint, followers/slaves of Jesus are not allowed to do whatever we like just because it doesn’t hurt anybody physically. the world = babylon = unbelievers = people who are not obedient to the gospel of Christ can follow their own laws/morals/opinions/guidelines and will die in their sins and go to Hell. Israel = Slaves of Christ get beaten/scourged into obedience against our will because we are not asked. this is called predestination. “For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son” “For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.” God hates everybody else who is not one of His elect family.

  11. You knew I was going to say it:
    The British Empire built by our predecessors during the Victorian Era was the greatest achievement of civilization in history. Although Victoria was a woman, she upheld the values of Great Britain rather than trying to destroy them. When she was crowned queen, she still lived with her mother according to social custom (until she married Albert). Albert and Victoria set the example of morality for people to follow.
    The Empire didn’t start to decline until WWI when social order in Britain suffered a major upheaval: men were gone from the household to fight at the front and women toon up their jobs in factories. This massive social upheaval doomed the Empire to the cesspool it is today. What was once the greatest Empire in history fell not to invading armies but to miscreant harpies who refused to return to the kitchen once the war was won.
    America must not make the same mistakes as our predecessor did.

    1. With that being said, we must avoid sending our men again on useless deadly wars like 100 years ago.

      1. Britain should not have gotten into WWI, much like how we abstained from the Franco-Prussian War 40 years earlier. I am probably in a very small minority being against British involvement in WWI but supporting involvement in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

        1. Great Britain would probably still rule the world if they had stayed out of the two world wars. I blame Churchill.

        2. Staying out of the first would have given victory to the Germans and prevented the second. Given Hitler’s stated intention to invade and subjugate Great Britain itself, abstention from the second would have been unwise, even if it could have been prevented by abstention fro the first.

        3. There was no way Britain could avoid fighting. Germany attacked Belgium, whose independence was guaranteed by Britain.

  12. Actually this article more aptly refers to socialism. What SJWs and feminists espouse socialist tenets rather than liberal. And then they call it liberal.
    I am not sure that a utilitarian based argument is the best one to use against immigration. It is essentially the same argument used for it.

  13. Wanted to comment on the latest Oscars-are-white-therefore-racist ‘outrage.’
    Last year the world was the BLMers’ apex of intellectual thought on campuses that took the form of bullying, intimidation, harassment of anyone and everyone. No credible arguments made, just childish tantrums. Remember the moron who said ‘universities should be about making us feel safe’?
    So around comes the Oscar nominations and blacks were shut out. Perhaps everyone not infected with sjw white guilt were just sick and tired of these people? They had the chance and BLM proved that they just want power without the responsibility.
    F*ck Sanders.

    1. Interesting that the narrative that there are no black nominees at the Oscars. What was overlooked was how Jews are over represented in the Oscar nominations. It’s almost as if non Jews just lack the talent to write movies, direct movies or even star in them.

    2. I agree. To me it seems like we are going in reverse (back to segregation) thanks to movements like the BLM and SJWs. People (even some leaning left) are getting sick and tired of these groups always playing the victim.
      Life sucks at times, it’s unfair at times but that’s how it is…for everyone.

  14. Off topic: that first picture and the “my clothes aren’t my consent” sign – that is a prime example of a bullshit assumption that needs to be challenged.
    Where has it ever been argued that a woman was asking for it because of how she dressed? Dig into these types of assertions, and it usually boils down to some woman illogically assuming that just because cops asked her what she was wearing they were implying she deserved what she got. BULLSHIT ALERT!
    The actual reason cops ask what you were wearing is to begin collecting evidence. It might help a rape case if they can find witnesses to corroborate your story. In turn, it might help them find witnesses if they can provide them your description.
    But see, that’s the real problem. Most of these “rape victims” know there is no corroboration, either because witnesses will not support the story, or because the story is a complete fantasy and there are no witnesses. Details allow falsifiability. Falsifiability undermines the “always believe” narrative. Therefore, any effort to collect details must be resisted.
    These cunts can’t come right out and say that they want to be able to lie with impunity to railroad innocent men, so you get this carefully constructed diversion that plays to emotions and your sense of fairness. But it’s all a lie. Sure you don’t deserve to be raped just because you’re dressed like a skank, but no one said otherwise.
    The really infuriating part is that the woman in the picture likely isn’t the nefarious dipshit who constructed this narrative. Instead she actually BELIEVES it. That makes her even more dangerous because she will doggedly reject truth, no matter how well supported, in favor of her nonsensical and emotional belief. As a result, she actually makes it more likely that women will be raped because: 1) she frustrates attempts to locate and prosecute real rapists; 2) she destroys victim credibility; and 3) even to the extent that there is any truth to the idea that rapists rape because you wear revealing clothes, she encourages women to engage in behaviors that she believes put them at risk.

  15. Disagree with the author that most leftists really believe what they’re saying about diversity or all cultures being of equal value, etc. These are nice platitudes they like to say to justify/cheer on their party position, but they know they’re inconsistent as hell. The left often refers to Western Europe, and Sweden in particular, as the gold standard of civilization. They don’t believe that, say, Syrian culture is of equal value to Europe.
    So why do they tolerate the invasion?
    It’s due to them doubling down on a political strategy to defeat the right in the USA. It’s like a game of chess to them. The right in the USA are the king and if they can take out the Kapitalist USA, then from there, they can be in power to make the world into Sweden/ABBA era. They also are really into “face” and image and don’t want to give credit to the right that they’re right on ANYTHING so admitting that genocidal anti-white male policies has been a bad idea would be worse to them than death.
    Feminists are dupes. After all, they’re products of western chivalrous patronage that has spoiled them and taught them complain and gripe to get goodies. They are much like children. Male feminists are slimy opportunists. White knights out to get laid.
    The rest of the male population is just keeping their head low.

    1. Yes. The media, police, etc…are all withholding information regarding attacks my these illegal immigrants because they don’t want to give the Swedish Democrats (nationalists, far right) any fire power. It’s a “win at all cost” for them.
      Meanwhile, the taxpaying citizens are being lied to, being put in harm’s way, etc….by many of these public servants.
      These people (police, politicians) should be arrested for treason at this point. The people are no longer served by them.

  16. I’m surprised the link to that Angela Merkel quote isn’t getting more attention at ROK, or even it’s own article. This lady basically fucked her own country, let her women be raped, destroyed their national identity, and is now throwing up her hands and going “Oops!”? What a scumbag.

    1. What do you expect from the old wench who is an ex-commie cunt? Seriously, the was in the East German communist party for a few years, and there were rumours she even worked for the detestable secret police, the Stasi.

    2. Honestly, they are trying to “double down” on it first. Look or listen to the mayor (a woman) of the city (Cologne). She insists on women in that city taking up a code of conduct as to “not get raped”.
      You can’t make this shit up. Women turning on women. Both Merkel and this mayor should be arrested for treason at this point.

  17. In response to a utilitarian argument against Syrian mass-immigration, an SJW’s first move is to proclaim “Islamophobia,” a sort of incantation to dismiss arguments and shut down the reasoning process.
    “Islamophobia” is a made-up propaganda word, it describes no phenomenon of any significance, and anyone who uses it as a weapon is an enemy of both civilization and humanity.

      1. Precisely. “RACIST!” and “BIGOT!” are often just intended to silence views that diverge from the “Approved Narrative.”

  18. So many paranoid people on these boards. The minorities, the gays, immigrants, Muslims, feminists, everyone is out to get us!

        1. Hah, that’s funny. Stalking, way to really up the ante there. I make one comment on your stupid ass statement yesterday and another on your stupid ass statement today and somehow in your convoluted mind that’s stalking.
          I do enjoy trolls on this site, because they always have the cognitive capacity of a baked potato. Keep on posting. I love the laughs.

        2. Hey, if the truth hurts…writing a multi-sentence post in response is one way to minimize the claim. I like the effort though…keep up the good work.

        3. The truth I spouted is in my post…I’m basing it off the comments made on this page…read my post again, I never mentioned anything about the article. Reading comprehension 101. Also the truth is in reference to your stalking….ugh, you really do have the intelligence of a barnacle

        4. Actually you’re reading comprehension is the one that is lacking. Most of the comments below are discussing certain facets of the article or going off onto other subjects completely. Very few are expressing concern that the big bad libs are coming to get us. If you actually came to seek understanding, you might grow as a person…who are we kidding? We know why you’re here.
          Also, since you have admitted you were talking about the comments below and not the article, can I assume you agree with everything presented? Or did you even read it?

        5. So wait, you just admitted that there are those on here who are “expressing concerns the big bad libs are coming to get us,” the contention behind my initial post, yet I’m the one who has reading comprehension issues? Jesus, you really do have the acumen of a doorknob.
          And that’s not even a reasonable, or logical assumption you made in your last sentence. Do you enjoy jumping to conclusions without justification?
          Maybe you should change your name to abashed, because your lack of logic is downright embarrassing.

        6. Boards is plural, not limited simply to this page. This page falls within that definition.
          You’re welcome and enjoy your day!

  19. Lot of problems in the West would be solved by removing ALL welfare. It enables laziness and irresponsible behaviour. And attracts migrants from the 3rd world.

  20. To call them “barbarians” is an insult to barbarians.
    Real barbarians picked up weapons and actually did something.
    These SJWs and leftoids are mentally ill cases who will fold like a house of cards in the slightest breeze.
    Imagine if it became “rightist doctrine” to promise, NOT threaten, promise that if a day comes when the left gets it’s red death squads, then the right will not sit and wait for the red army to come (the mistake the White Russians made), but will “go hunting” on their own. Outflank the minions, and go straight for the leftoids who sent them, straight to “Leningrad” to burn it to the ground.
    Do you think the mentally ill leftoid crowd could handle that fear? For them it’s all fun and games when they think someone else in a uniform with a gun will do the dirty work for them. It’s fun and games when they think they can snark safely behind friendly lines with no personal risk.
    But the minute the prospect of their mochafaggochino getting spilled arises, they break down.

    1. The biggest paradox of feminism – they hate patriarchy, but want the big daddy government(consisting of mostly white males) protect them.

      1. was thinking recently, they have really broken a social contract, belittling men who tend to have the responsibility of fighting and dying in wars.. Trying to deny laws of the universe like if you go up a dark alley in the bad part of town you are vulnerable to crime regardless of gender, even if you’re a woman.. If they didn’t have the backing of the mainstream at this point in history they’d be nothing. And that will change sooner or later as surely as day follows night. Even the MSM is starting to turn on them http://www.welt.de/debatte/kommentare/article151084213/Erstaunlich-wie-Feministen-die-Realitaet-ausblenden.html

      2. Yes and after a year of insulting President Trump feminist Mika falls apart when Trump mentioned she came to his party with her face bleeding from a face lift. Now she is the victim of an alpha male telling the truth about her. Funny!

    2. SJW’s specifically and left-tards in general exist for the singular reason we cannot “pick up weapons and actually do something” about it.
      The day we became “more civilized” than that is the day these “warriors” got to weaponize their mouths using emotions as ammo. Before that, anything close to their buffoonery would have had them at least expelled or shunned by the tribe and at worst put to death. It was that day the weakest of the species can take down the strongest and most fit to survive, and we continue to suffer under the same paradigm today. That’s their justice: make everybody as weak, vulnerable, and useless as they.
      You are 100% on point: any conflict (real or perceived) leaves them even more broken than their normal state of helplessness. If the day ever comes where there is real conflict they will turn to the very dogs of war they love to beat in during times of peace. It’s the very men they want to disarm they expect to take up arms to defend their pointless way of life.

  21. Another thing about liberals – they’re assholes. Honestly, practically all the liberals are know are fucking jerks.

  22. It’s #2, 3, and 4 that gets me along with a missing point – they have no honor.
    They are intellectually lazy, never really using logic or wanting to know where their stupid ideas ultimately lead. And they are willing to lie, cheat, and steal to win. Honor and honesty are foreign ideas to them.
    Their support for the Clintons has never wavered – although they know Bill is a serial molester and Hillary flaunted the law with her email hiding schemes. They just don’t care.

  23. No, they are not. The barbarians were humans, and had at least a rationale behind their culture.
    Degenerated animals is a better description for liberals.

  24. Another thing they’re anti-merit. Take this recent dust-up regarding the oscars. Frankly, I love to see the in-fighting. hollywood is incredibly leftist, but, apparently still not good enough. Just like with academia, which is going through a similar situation with crazed students demanding safe spaces, screaming at professors etc, hopefully these idiots will just implode themselves. Look, I’m fine with a Black man or woman being nominated. And, given hollywoods penchant for liberalism etc, I am very certain they are 100x that. But, the simple truth is there just weren’t any Black folk nominated this year, period. That’s not good enough! So, lets see what happens, maybe they’ll ban the oscars, which will be great since we want to see hollywood die. But, at the heart this is anti merit. Its, well, who gives a fuck if they didn’t earn it, there should be some Black nominees etc, which is the same fucking attitude behind there should be diversity in medicine, STEM, the military…everything. Never mind if they didn’t earn it…earning anything through legitimate means is some kind of an ist or phobia. Good luck with that america.

    1. Yes the bitch slapping is just getting started! Jabba Pickt Snit, Willy Snit, Spank Mee, the Auntie from Rotten Prince, that Arquittuie alien hag, I think Kooney has weighed in. Looking forward to see it kick off.

    2. When you see this type of shit happening (in Hollywood, California of all liberal places) then you know your society has a disease.
      I guess the industry will now have to pander to certain groups to just get films made (doesn’t matter if they are any good…we just have to have affirmative action now for the film industry it seems). Then, they’ll have to nominate so many people (another affirmative action move) just because…to be fair (doesn’t matter if they are any good). This is the very reason why the bar is set so low today and it’s sad.
      We no longer reward the best. Everyone has to feel good, first, and everyone gets a trophy. You only have to do “C” grade work, you’ll get the nomination and you’ll eventually get a trophy for your average work because everyone needs to feel good.

      1. Its a race to the bottom. People at the top of the bell curve (average – remember right side is where you want to be) will, for the near term, relish the fact that they went from being a C-B student to an A without having to do anything. But, C-B people are smart enough to realize in the intermediate to long term that the A grade now means nothing and therefore they’ll be back where the started, presumably, unsatisfied with themselves. The real benefactors are people too stupid to realize that under these conditions being an A student means nothing, so, they’ll continue to live it up and only insist on more and more. Again, because this makes them feel good and superior. Hence why this leads to the bottom. What scares me is that today its a certain race insisting on being included but what about tomorrow? We have a whole progressive stack to work through. To your point hollywood awards will devolve into a show highlighting representatives of the stack i.e. Blacks, women, black women, homosexuals, “trans” sexuals etc. But, IMO, this is demonstrates the death of traditional media. The awards will hopefully be meaningless because hollywood should, theoretically be meaningless given the alternatives of the alternative media. But who knows. You can’t run an institution, hollywood/media, a company or a fucking civilization by making the inferior the superiors.

      2. Well given the propaganda that passes for entertainment in virtually all movies these days I’m inclined to say “Good Riddance!”

  25. “Even worse, they continue to put their citizens in danger by harboring and accepting new migrants, all while colluding to suppress information about skyrocketing numbers of rapes and other crimes.”
    And yet the likes of Alex Jones are just totally off the mark about where all this shit’s headed.
    Not even 70% right!

  26. dont quite agree – barbarians are still humans acting in self-interest
    liberals are either the immature or just social parasites

  27. I would disagree with calling liberals barbarians for barbarians despite many flaws actually believe in strong family values and tend to be quite clannish and even tribal where liberals are lazy selfish self serving cruds more in common with the Orcs of Tolkien than any real barbarians. Barbarians live on the fringe and lack education where liberals are ignorant by choice.

  28. The opening paragraphs describe millennials to a T. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if history relegates the term “millennial” to refer not to a particular generation of youth, but to everyone of the early 21st century.

  29. “Firstly, know thyself” γνῶθι σεαυτόν.
    To answer this question you must know what it is which defines who you are in the first place? It’s similar to the mystery we encounter each and every morning when we awake. How each of us has that unique unitary sense of being Waldo and not Roosh after a seven hour period of unconscious activity within a couple of seconds of awaking is a profound mystery. It shouldn’t happen, instead, we should be merely creatures that go to sleep at the end of each day, and, arise again the next day as creatures who have just a form of generic functional awareness, but, certainly why we have this durable sense of “I” that’s mine and mine alone, with its own sense of self and personality is fascinating and it’s something that even most higher mammals share with us.
    One of the questions that science has never satisfactorily answered in my mind relates to the mechanism by which memory enables this durable sense of “I” to exist as a defined reference point that cannot be substituted for by anyone else. However, I think this sense of self-definition has become extremely diluted as the traditional bonds of religion, community and the notion of a common “understood” culture have disappeared. In a world where anyone can be anything, where everything is permitted without a sense of limitation that allows a unique self to form through this natural resistance, where teenagers desire and project their emerging sense of self not into reality, but into the holographic simulacrum of the hyper-reality of the X factor for example, it’s really difficult to know how valid the ancient maxim γνῶθι σεαυτόν can be relevant to today’s generation .

    1. That thing after sleeping you mentioned… I thought I was alone with this shit and it drove me nut.
      I call it my “reset” . Like I’ll sometimes wake up like I never got red pill and got NO game at all. Hard to explain really. I’m a down to earth guy.
      Depends a bit on whatever happened the day before. I’ll fall back in a very no lessons learned passive state of mind from the past.
      Then I gotta earn my game again by having the proper reaction to whatever shit test life and girls throw at me in the first few hours and then it all flows naturally till the next reset .
      Fun part is it gets easier and faster every time and I so utterly despise being vulnerable like that it often emboldens me to give z fucks and bust “that” move or say “that thing that will anchor me back in my favoured groove.
      Sounds totally crazy, I know.

      1. It depends on the level and depth of our sleep too. When I say unconscious, I really mean in the sense of not being conscious in the everyday embodied sense. I’ve always been a vivid dreamer, I dream in lucid colors generally about people and about motifs that have little if any relationship with my daytime self (although on the verge of waking the dreams take on a more mundane aspect). They’re fascinating and intriguing and rarely relate to the Freudian description of dreams which I believe from these experiences is fatally flawed on an array of different levels. I sense, even though I can’t explain their exact symbolic meaning that they’re tied into issues at the very foundation of my being, occasionally, during the day, I’ll get a “flash” through a word, smell, or someone’s expression of some dream from the previous night. Over the years, they’ve progressed from their original banal narratives to ideas that appear mythical and numinous.
        When, I awake some mornings, I feel vibrant and “just excellent” for no apparent logical reason, but, when I examine it more, often it relates back to the quality or types of dreams that I had the previous night. I tempted to believe on occasions that perhaps we view life the wrong way around, wouldn’t it be strange and uncanny, if the real work of our minds and souls was that which happens in our sleeping hours and that our embodied, empirical, everyday self was the real sleep that our true self needs?

  30. The first picture of the “slutwalk” says everything. All of those people in and out of frame are substandard. Hell, look at the bitch tits on that fat ass male feminist. He’s never kissed a girl and foolishly thinks that by protesting in solidarity will earn him respect. Ha, if only he knew that even those land whales will say nice things right to his face but will think hes a worthless pussy…because he is. Hey fatso, go do some Paleo and hit the gym hard, come back with ripped abbs and girls will pay attention. The females are no more remarkable. Everyone there is left side of the sexual appeal bell curve. I find these slut walks to be fascinating as much as they are disgusting. Because its not the attractive women or even the stripper attractive types that we see. No, its some frumpy looking girl that, like her male feminist friend, never kissed a guy and has never been laid. “My close aren’t my consent”…?? what the fuck are you talking about lady, keep your fucking close on, no one, not even rapist want to fuck you! This slut walk could have happened in Cologne Germany on the New Year and nothing would have happened to any of them.

  31. Thank you for this, especially the last section.
    I have always had a problem with liberal politics. Skewing social studies with extreme experimenter bias, advertising perverse agenda by creating click bait articles. Their voices seem the loudest when they are anonymous hence twitter and tumblr are a festering pile of liberal faeces . The fact that they are obsessed with equality makes it all the more hilarious.
    It is a fact; not every man on this planet is born equal. Some men have greater physical attributes, some men are intellectually superior, same goes with relationships. Heterosexual relationships are the absolute core foundations of society and always have been,this whole homosexual acceptance is just a gimmick to please a group of easily swayed invalids of society.
    Stick to and live by your principles; time has a purifying quality to it, soon mistakes will be realised, future civilizations will look back at this and shake their heads in disbelief.

  32. Another non religious commenter here. One thing I’ve always liked about ROK comment threads is the lack of conflict between theists and we atheists. I usually loath the smugness of my fellow atheists. Most of the atheist commenters here see the sociological and personal benefits of faith. Some of my favorite articles here have been on religion.

  33. Pretentiousness, self-righteousness, and lack of objectivity also fit their ilk…

  34. Honestly, comparing liberals and SJWs to barbarians is an insult to barbarians.
    It was the posterity of the barbarians who went on to found industrial civilization. The Greeks went on to be the peons of the Romans, then the Turks.
    The Greek elite simply thought that they were the greatest creation of the gods they didn’t believe in, much like many Americans think the USA is the greatest nation on earth, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. By the time they figured out they weren’t actually hot shit, it was too late to save their civilization.
    If I had to choose between taking a bullet for a “civilized” feminist and taking one for Daryush Valizadeh, a son of the great “barbarian” empire of Persia so resented by the Greeks, no prizes for guessing whom I’d choose.
    (Oh, and by the way—the empire of Roosh’s namesake, Darius I, was far more civilized in every way that matters than the Greek empire that followed it, respecting the rights of their vassals to worship their gods as they thought best among other things. The Jews were freer under Persian rule than they ever were under Greece or Rome, just for example.)

    1. To clarify, I don’t claim that there were no non-Western civilizations. Certainly ancient Persia, ancient India, and ancient China all had great empires. The legacy of this can still be seen in India and China today, who have a great deal of social cohesion despite ethnic, linguistic, and religious variations among their populations. (Compare this to the tribes of sub-Saharan Africa, whose ethnic, linguistic, and religious differences continue to be a source of conflict today).
      Regarding the fate of Greeks and the success of European barbarians, this only proves my point. Greeks were conquered by Rome, which was already a thriving, sophisticated Republic, not some horde of savages. However, as Horace said, captive Greece captivated Rome. The Romans were heavily influenced by Greek culture and philosophy, and continued to expand and develop their civilization. Only when they turned away from civilized values did the Empire begin to decay and then collapse. During the Dark Ages, the remnants of Roman (and hence Greek) civilization continued to exert a faint influence upon Europe, but so much had been lost. However, early Muslim scholars had preserved many Greek and Roman works they had seized from their conquests of Egypt and the Byzantine Empire. During the Crusades, Europeans re-discovered ancient Greek and Roman culture and philosophy, sparking the Renaissance.

  35. I’d argue with number 10. Given the stance of most SJWs and leftists today, I’m sure they’d find no qualms with living under Sharia law (despite its inarguable barbarity), and an org in the UK called Left Unity actually stated they saw saw “progressive potential” in the medieval savages that are ISIL.

  36. People have made a lot of great comments about this article, and I’m glad it’s gotten a good response. I’ll just add a few things to clarify some issues.
    1. Although this article focuses on the barbarity of liberals, the sad truth is that barbarity has spread throughout our culture to infect people of all political affiliations. Behaviors that were once considered degenerate and uncivilized have become normal, even though they threaten the long-term stability of Western societies.
    2. Several people have pointed out that barbarians were not as bad as the liberals of today. I agree. In the past, barbarian societies had to face the harsh reality of a violent world without the safety and technological convenience of our own times. Because of this, they established laws, customs, and codes of honor to maintain their societies. Civilizations, by contrast, require even greater discipline and sophistication of intellect, commerce, and law in order to develop and grow.
    3. Although I talked about barbarians and civilized men in black and white terms, there are many shades of gray. Barbarity weakens a society, whereas civilized values strengthen it.
    4. Since writing this article, I’ve thought about what’s the difference between a society and a civilization. The difference is that a civilization is a cultural and ethical foundation that undergirds a society in a way that cultivates individual and collective potential, allowing both to flourish. Many different societies are part of Western civilization, and they adhere to the same foundational culture and ethics to varying degrees, with varying results. In contrast, some societies have cultural and ethical foundations that squander individual and collective potential, leading both to languish in a state of stagnation, resulting at best to a subsistence that is highly susceptible to forces outside of that society’s control.

  37. What is sad here in Coastal California is these Progressive SJW Trustafarians have rich parents who insulate them from the real world.

  38. That guy on the left in the top picture has serious endocrine problems. Serious girl tits. No wonder he empathizes with feminism.

  39. Politicians have no monopoly on lies, deception, exaggerations and more. You have to have people that want to be lied to, we all have our particular type of poison to partake of. Any biased writer will pick and choose quotes, definitions and explanations when it comes to promoting a given agenda. Rome is cited for its decadence and moral decay that caused its ruin, more than 150 years after Rome adopted Christianity. Though Greece has no monopoly on man-boy action, it is the best known. Where does that leave the barbarians? If by that you mean those that eventually took Rome, it took time to make their presence known as first they were recruited into the military where they were exposed to all things that the empire had to offer. Instead of benefiting from their proximity to the empire, they were held at arm’s length. Its hard to keep growth going when you lose territory and access to markets. The eventual result was that central authority disappeared with nothing to keep everything going. There are more functional ways to evaluate the past, moralists with an agenda need not apply.

  40. The author forgot about hatred. It is a chief doctrine of the left.

    “It is impossible to conquer an enemy without having learned to hate him with all the might of one’s soul.”
    — Joseph Stalin
    “We must hate. Hatred is the basis of communism. Children must be taught to hate their parents if they are not communists.”
    — Vladimir Lenin

    Also, for any Bernie Sanders fans: The original name of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union was the Social Democratic Party of Russia.

  41. Something I have wondered for quite some time but have never managed to figure out: why do liberals receive the same ‘respect’ from the layman – in the sense that they are acknowledged as having an established political view – as the conservatives? What I mean is, many people view liberals and conservatives as two sides of the same coin: just different methods of politics and societal organisation, each with its pros and cons, each potentially with valid arguments. But, when you look at the things that liberals stand for, I wonder why they are given this acknowledgment? Liberals are generally in favour of:
    – ‘any reason’ divorce
    – feminism
    – abortion
    – homosexuality
    – transgenderism
    – many other policies which destabilise our society
    When you look at this list, rather than merely say liberals only have a different political view to ourselves, should we not be saying they are downright evil?
    However, maybe it could also be said that the abolitionist movement was liberal, so (unless you’re in favour of slavery) the left is not ‘necessarily’ evil. But at the moment, it sure appears to be.

  42. This whole website would be hilarious if it weren’t for the fact that it’s meant to be taken seriously.
    Reading these comments is a bizarre experience too. It looks suspiciously like there are individuals having conversations amongst themselves under multiple screen names. That may just be because it’s so unusual to be confronted with this level of ignorance and stupidity in every day life, but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the author of the article is faking conversation here to make it seem like a legitimate exchange of ideas had been sparked.
    It’s just so difficult to imagine that there are this many people who have managed to navigate their lives into adulthood while being this oblivious to reality. One would, it seems to me, need to be incredibly isolated from the rest of the world to see it in the terms described here. One step out the front door would have to shatter the above beliefs, assuming all (or most) of one’s faculties are in tact. This is not to mention the frequency with which the above article directly contradicts itself in consecutive sentences. It really is all over the map.
    My visit to this website has been… well, altogether confusing to be honest. I get the sense this entire website could be a hoax/joke that is working out really well.

  43. Wow…
    In terms of debate this article is pretty much bulletproof. It’s actually kind of clever (if by clever you mean incredibly stupid): If you just skip all levels of reason and logic, make big statements without providing any evidence or support for the things you are saying, and keep the straw man you’ve built free of any meaningful identity then all anybody is left with is “nuh-uh! YOU are!”
    It also means you have produced a meaningless piece of writing, but as long as these morons keep lapping it up it’ll continue to be produced!
    Here’s a great counter point:
    All the supporters of Roosh and this website are disgusting pigs with the IQ of a dried piece of dog shit. It’s too bad they don’t smell as good though (the dog shit IS dry, afterall) because I’m sure they want to be at their best for their hot dates with their uncles tonight. Bottoms, every last one of you. Always taking the uncle D right in your used up A.

  44. Have y’all ever heard of confirmation bias? This article is rife with it. Humans are much more nuanced than this characterization.

  45. My God, for the first time in 40-something years Democrats control most of the government in Indiana. They didn’t have a plan because they honestly didn’t think they’d win. But since the election last year all they’re talking about is gay rights. The Republicans put out a pretty progressive gay tolerance bill this year, and it’s not strong enough for the Democrats, who want it to include protection for men in dresses to use womens bathrooms. They’re totally nuts.

  46. Did you know that conservatives use welfare more than liberals? Therefore, point number 2 would be invalid. Not to mention none of this has true scientific evidence regarding this entire article.

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