If Rape Culture Is So Normal, Why Haven’t You Ever Witnessed A Rape?

When was the last rape you witnessed (and did nothing to stop)? If you’re like me and 99.99% of people in the Western world, you have not seen someone committing rape and therefore never had a chance to stop a rape. Nonetheless, we are accosted nearly every day with claims by feminists that rape has been normalized because of “rape culture.”

Unsurprisingly, SJWs assert that society normalizes rape when every alleged rape you hear about involves a private situation away from others who could conceivably intervene. Rape is so normalized that no one ever does it publicly.

Now compare the idea of “rape culture” with a host of other crimes. Although such acts are illegal, men punching other men, all too often to the point of permanent brain damage or death, happens in public all the time. In my native Australia, the senseless killing of 18-year-old Thomas Kelly, felled by an unprovoked assault, highlighted the propensity of men attacking other men, usually without any explanation.

During my lifetime I have observed perhaps 100 cases of serious brawling and criminal assaults in nightclub precincts, hotel bars and other related places. I have never seen either a rape or other sexual assault. Can someone please explain this contrast?

Women objectify themselves so, um, rape culture?

Action: individual woman self-sexualizes and self-objectifies. Result: society promotes rape culture. Right.

With 9,999 out of every 10,000 alleged rapes and sexual assaults involving private locations, feminists have no evidence that rape is normalized. So they clutch at straws within straws and claim that the objectification of women in Hollywood, print media, music videos and elsewhere is an embodiment of “rape culture.”

Promiscuous women who parade themselves on Instagram are usually forgotten, but even those girls featured on patriarchal billboards and in television advertisements, who are handsomely paid to exhibit their lithe bodies, are used to make sweeping statements that society promulgates the acceptance of rape. Modeling and other industries, run by disproportionate numbers of women and gay men, thus become key scapegoats in this claim that heterosexual males prop up the so-called epidemic of raped women.

Although SJWs, typically socialist, dismiss the idea of the positive “invisible hand” of capitalism, they adore the notion that hundreds of millions of men in the Western world can either secretly coordinate or faithfully follow the whims of this overarching rape culture. With varying levels of intelligence, professional success, social status and other markers, these men manage not to rape women in public, all while keeping the underlying conspiracy going.

The degree of calibration this would involve defies belief. But it is the supposed trump card of those advocating for social science theories so warped that they make moon landing conspiracies look well thought out.

Rape culture is Orwellian Newspeak at its best

Rape culture is so prevalent that women can organize in groups of several dozen or hundred to protest rape culture. That makes perfect sense.

“97% of rapists never go to prison” is a perfect illustration of how surveys, which twist the definition of sexual assault to include, among other things, catcalling, men asking for sex and other non-events, are tailor-made for continual accusations of rape culture. You may have heard before that war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength. Likewise, according to feminists, rape is a crime but it’s a crime which can feminists can conclusively determine without a criminal investigation and trial. And rape culture exists because feminists, magically, can determine how many rapes occur. Except, conveniently, none of these normalized rapes occur publicly.

It additionally speaks volumes that feminists can conjure up statistics about how many rapists don’t go to jail, but refrain from indicating how many men are prima facie rapists. The problem these feminists face is twofold: 1) claiming many men (10-20%) rape a woman or two each would backfire spectacularly and 2) claiming a tiny number of men commit all SJW-defined rapes (and thus are responsible for raping between a dozen or 20+ women each) is clearly preposterous.

While feminists do not challenge the need for evidence in armed robbery, tax evasion, and other trials, allegations of male-on-female domestic violence and rape should be conducted on complainant testimony or otherwise rape culture is in full swing. In the meantime, that sticky situation of how rape almost never occurs publicly, unlike many other categories of crime, is left untouched.

Rape culture is the biggest hoax of the 21st century

If rape is so normal, why aren’t women raped at SlutWalk events under the eyes of police?

Holding onto the coattails of David Icke’s lizard people thesis, rape culture pundits such as University of Connecticut alumnus Holly Wonneberger are maintaining that the viral video of a drunk male UConn student demanding mac and cheese to eat is comparable to sexual violence. Reminiscent of South Park‘s proposition that Family Guy episodes are written by manatees pushing “idea balls” into a machine, feminists take any news event or trend and repackage it in a way that supports their self-serving narrative.

Male-on-female rape exists, typically perpetrated by the smallest minority of violent men on the smallest minority of women, yet “rape culture” is nothing but a fairytale designed to keep professional feminists and their followers angry, akin to the Two Minutes’ Hate in 1984.

Or perhaps SJWs just haven’t cracked the door codes to where we heterosexual men have our secret subterranean “how to rape with impunity” meetings.

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234 thoughts on “If Rape Culture Is So Normal, Why Haven’t You Ever Witnessed A Rape?”

      1. Someone should just tell her that being raped is the last thing she needs to worry about. No one would even want to look at her. Her weird hair color just screams for attention.

        1. since when is rape a compliment? since when is rape seen as an act of lust – it’s a violent crime comparable to murder.

      1. I’ve started calling it “clown hair” in real life in public. Trying to start a meme.

        1. I’ve asked at least one heavily tatted skank “You like the Smurfs as a kid I take it?” She was loud, mean and bitter most of the evening, it wasn’t like I was picking on some random broad.

        2. I told a cute girl in her late 20s I know, whose got a few discrete tatts, a very thin tiny nose ring, but otherwise 7ish in looks, who did the fuckin pink-bluish & purple tri-color accident; “your head looks like a chemistry experiment exploded out of beaker.”
          Next time I saw her it was dark brown. Slut shame, fat shame, and vomit-looks shame too. If done harshly, it seems to work… for me anyways.

        3. Makes sense “clown game” works, who are we dealing with anyways? Off to join the circus for some puss.

        4. “Clown Hair”. Congrats, you just made a difference, because a guy you’ve never met on the Internet will henceforth refer to it as clown hair. Well done.

        5. I have a whole list of old words I want to bring back into common usage: bastardy, wench (and wenching), harlot, etc.

        6. Did you know piercings in ancient times was used to tag something that is your property the way cattle nose and ears are pierced

        7. Haha i always thought feminists dress like ronald mcdonald, beetlejuice or the wicked witch of the west

    1. Makes you wonder, how many men are after this gem? When you know that answer, her enthusiasm for “rape culture” makes a lot more sense.

  1. Rape is another bogeyman pushed relentlessly by the Thought Police guided by the Cultural Marxist diatribe. These privileged pampered white skanks have everything handed to them on a silver plater lined with platinum.
    A wild romp on the cock carousel? Check
    Freebies from Daddy Gubermint? Double Check
    Power to slander innocent males? Triple check.
    Yet none of these bitches say anything about the real misogyny in Middle East. Oh yes that would be rayciiist of me. sorry forgot to check my amazing White privilege for a moment.

    1. Screw them, all women are selfish overgrown kids (no offense to male children, who actually have a strong chance of growing into actual adults, in both the literal and figurative sense). No one cares about womens’ fragile, weakling bodies except for the purpose of consensual sex (oh, how murky these waters have become, eh?); I would bet that the vast, vast majority of male humans since time immemorial couldn’t get an erection even if they wanted to so as to perpetrate an actual violent rape (except maybe the sociopaths in the prison system who rape other GUYS)! Of course, those rapes don’t fit the feminine imperative so they are irrelevant at best, at worst, a fodder for jokes because women have no real empathy for anyone except for their own hollow selves.

    2. Middle-eastern men aren’t even misogynists. They just make people butthurt.They simply desire order, and a woman running her mouth at black woman speeds does NOT produce order by any means.
      Maybe they over do it by slapping a woman one too many times for minor infractions, but hate women they do not.
      Whenever feminists whine about “rape” in first-world countries, it is wrong to counter them with “well wutta bout wimmin in 3rd world?” because you’re simply playing into their frame of “women’s problems should be at the forefront of public discussion over men’s problems.”
      The counter should be along the lines of “how dare you advocate the destruction of a man’s livelihood based on a woman’s irresponsible choices.”. Completely reframe the debate to issues men go through. Enough of us do this collectively, and the narrative WILL change.

      1. There’s truth to that. If a woman is sufficiently occupied with a relationship, she doesn’t worry about mythical beasts or conspiracies against her.

        1. See I don’t fear a “post apocalyptic” world for a reason because all the “factories” shut down.
          The TV trash factory, the endless pumping of bad ideas, and finally the factory food. All of that stuff serves to make women mentally and physically obese.
          Get rid of all that, and the human race sloughs off the mindless morons.

    1. Haha. You just enlightened me with that comment.
      Consider this: When people who are incapable of self-sovereignty have too many restrictions lifted (in this case women), they’ll find the proverbial shackles to put back on themselves, and since the government is only playing Half-patriarchal figure (i.e. no accountability for women, only safety nets and free everything providership), they seek out, or in this case “invent” non-existent problems for themselves to fear. Simply because, they can’t regulate themselves with absolute freedom.

    2. Interesting ideas but I think there are more subtle and sinister sociopolitical motives at work here. If you dig deep enough you’ll find prominent feminists have ties to CIA as well as the Rockefeller Foundation. Women are merely pawns advancing the agenda with little to no awareness of the long term implications of their actions. They’re pushing rape culture because their handlers have instructed them to do so. All by design.

  2. Gavin on Rebel Media recently made a great vid. He said that its these whinny little girls, he calls them babysitters, that are in fucking control! Its truly chilling, but these insecure, banal, imbalanced, immature harpies are literally in control of the america and increasingly the west. They are hysterical and are basically out of legitimate things to cry and complain about because thanks to the dreaded patriarchy they have very comfortable lives and they should all be walking around saying thank you for everything at all times. No, instead these narcissist want to “change the world” when it needs no changing nor do they have any authority to do so, because, after all, its them and its part of their entitlement. And the thing is, just like we’re seeing in homosexualism, these people will never stop – they are seriously public enemy #1. And why is that? Answer: look at the picture above, look at the people that showed up to the LA slutwalk where Milo got kicked out of. Look at them. These are the left side of the bell curve. Ultimately, its not over slut walks or rape culture or patriarchy or queers or “gender” identity or the progressive stack…its really centered on these people’s insecurities with themselves! For each unit of hate that these harpies spew, for instance, every “shut the fuck up” “big red” famously said is really their own hatred for themselves manifesting. Ole Red, is pissed that she isn’t a 10, blonde, has a perfect body, and above, gets the attention and accolades for it. Why do you think there is a “body positive” movement? They become so brazen with power and delusional that now they’ll change the definition of beauty so they’ll finally get the quarterback to pay attention and choose them over the hot 10. But, will be left if they keep going? There will be no quarterback, their hate for men and their insistence to marginalize us and “equalize” means that the quarterback of the future will be an individual just a pathetic as them, because, we’re all being dragged down to the lowest common denominator. Where’s the QB? Who knows, probably gay or so oppressed he’s now become the pathetic thing that these women naturally are.

      1. I use the word “rape” a lot in real life, over trivial things. It was uncomfortable to do at first, but it gets a lot easier over time, and it’s fun when other people start joining in with their own examples of stupidity.
        “You didn’t fill my beer to the rim! Beer pour rape!”
        “OMG! Mine either, and she didn’t put it on a napkin. Wet bar rape!”

        1. I actually do it face to face, in real life. At the bar, or at a charity auction event (biker), etc. Even used it with the neighbor a couple times (he’s one of us, philosophically, he laughed).

        2. That’s what made it uncomfortable at first. I’m semi-well known by a lot of people in my community so when I pull things like that I give a big, lazy “cowboy” type smile and they do the “Oh, it’s Jefferson being funny again! ha ha!”. It helps that I speak low, slow and with something of an “old West” twang, so delivery always has a bit of an edge to it that makes people smile anyway, even if I’m being deadly serious. Kind of how like an Englishman can say something serious, but if he says it in a light airy way with a smile Americans will almost always laugh thanks to training by Monty Python. Same thing. My grandfather did the same thing, he could say outrageous things and people would still laugh since he was so good natured.
          If you encounter some clown haired harpy who gets in your grill, give her an “OMG! Confrontation rape!”.

        3. I like this approach. If they are redefining the language, and rape now means things much larger than forcible sex, then instead of fighting them, either:
          (1) Ridicule them
          (2) Adopt their own silly language

        4. Indeed, make it so absurd that it no longer makes any sense. Hypothetically you could get to a point where it comes full circle:
          You see a hot girl and say “Yeah…I’d rape her” and when people gasp you just act incredulous, “I DIDN’T MEAN LIKE FORCIBLY HAVE SEX WITH HER OR ANYTHING! GEEZ!”

  3. You’re being too rational here
    Women will always use offenses against their body as a means of obtaining social power, whether they know it consciously or not
    Their purpose is to exaggerate outrage – you cant reason with people whose intention is to be unreasonable for personal gain, the only appropriate action is to shut them down
    i.e. media and societal attention should no longer be focused on rape, as it isnt a particularly significant crime in developed countries

    1. The problem is the media/society IS still focused on rape because these women (and I use the term loosely) are creating huge, idiotic spectacles out of themselves with no regard to reason or logic. The question is how do we shut them down when the main media outlets give them free reign to spout their nonsense?

      1. The media focuses on it because it serves to expand government power. Government controlled by those who own media.

    2. Rampant rape is equvalent to rampant child pornography. Enjoy this illustration from Doug Stahnope.

      1. Another good example. I’ve watch countless hours of porn, yet to see a single one with a child in it. Perhaps .01% of all porn produced in the world has a child in it. And perhaps of that .01%, .1% of that porn has a “real child” in it (pre-pubescent, the kind of shit that gets the kiddie porn sickos off). It’s just not a “real problem”, and, even though it’s terrible for those kids, most of the hysteria around it is just that. Hysteria.

        1. By definition, if any actor is 17 years and 364 days old, it’s illegal. I saw a documentary about Traci Lords back in 80’s and she almost had the industry killed.

        2. She was 16 and at the time they had to remove all of her videos from the video store.I’m pretty sure though that the age of consent in Europe was the age you could do porn, or at any rate no one tried to stop it. I don’t watch porn but I think that in the early 2000’s there was Dutch porn where the girls were 16 which is the age of consent.
          Forget porn. What you’re seeing recently where a girl under 18 is a ‘child’ and a nude pic ‘porn’ is just plain insane because nudity in itself was never considered porn regardless of age.There are some naked pics of Brooke Shields from when she appeared to be maybe 12 and I guess that you could find them on the Net if you looked.At the time no one was being prosecuted or even gave much of a damn because nudity is not porn.After these puritanical femtards began to get involved and it was fairly recent I knew that they would go overboard but by pushing this ‘protect the kids’ bullshit and creating hysteria you have what you see today.I predicted everything you see today because once you take femtards, or even females, seriously and give them any power they will abuse it against men and turn into little nazis.Men always need to be dominant and the ones who make the rules and females the followers or you will have problems when you go against nature.Men will always make rules to protect females but when you give them the power they will abuse it. The same thing applied to even trivial matters like the drinking age which I opposed because you’re an adult at 18 so it’s unconstitutional to make it 21 but they get away with it. This had nothing to do with DWI because you don’t have to drive and drink and also many people live in cities where they don’t drive at all. The real purpose was to restrict the pussy from older men (and men in general). Whenever you have a drinking age there are always people younger with fake ID so if the age is 18 you’ll not only have 18yo girls in bars but some younger and men used to shag them.You have to understand how these females who demand these laws think and never go along with anything a femtard wants. Always oppose it.

        3. Funny you should mention the ages of consent there. I was talking in work recently about new laws/guidance around revenge porn/child porno.
          Effectively, due to consent being 16 yrs, and anything under 18 yrs being child porn, you can have sex with someone legally, but send each other naked photos and you are distributing child pornography!
          Even worse, if someone sends you a picture of someone under 18 (doesn’t even have to be overtly sexual or naked) you have committed an offence. In other words, if someone sends you a picture of themselves, but you never asked for it, or don’t even know them, if you report the picture arriving to the police, they can arrest you.

        4. Only in the United States.
          There is a great deal of “muh kiddie pronz…” sourced from countries with AoCs that are lower than the US. A woman can have a completely legal and consensual career as an adult actress in her home country, but immediately becomes a horrible victim of the evil penis-lord rapist oppressors as soon as her image crosses into our borders.
          Even in the US it’s legal to fuck at 16 (federally, and in most states), but if you take a picture you’re the worst kind of felon that deserves to be raped to death by monkeys in prison forever till you die from it.

      1. I’m replying to you because you’re at the top of this comment section and I want my words to be seen:
        This may be the silliest article I have ever read. There are countless normalized sexual activities. None of them are performed regularly in public, and on the very very rare occasions that they are, they result in immediate incarceration – regardless of if they are consensual or not. This is why sexual activities are performed in private. Full stop. No matter how normalized they are. No matter how consensual they are.
        Does anyone here seriously believe that rape *never* happens? It is the view expressed here that every girl who says she has been raped is lying and really wanted to have sex. This is the very definition of rape culture. No woman could feel comfortable coming forward in this atmosphere, and no man could feel guilty forcing himself on someone if he believed this to be true. You can’t see the forest for the trees. You *are* the rape culture.

    3. “Women will always use offenses against their body as a means of obtaining social power, whether they know it consciously or not”
      The current breast cancer awareness (pink ribbon overexposure) is a branch of this. It runs deeper than, “let’s remind women to get mammograms,” etc. If that was the case, then there would not be the month long “in-your-face” element of marches, protesting, public displays of pink. It’s women taking this issue and turining it into an implied injustice.

  4. The insanity of these “rape culture” harpies is too obvious. In less enlightened times, they would have been scheduled for electroshock, if not a lobotomy. There’s no need to fear that we’re all going to be herded into men-only gulags, but there is a need to fear that the notion that words have an exact public meaning is being destroyed.
    Everyone who babbles about “the patriarchy,” “rape culture,” “the objectification of women,” “social justice,” “white privilege,” or any of the other Leftist shibboleths is complicit in the destruction of our ability to communicate. Should that go to completion, we’re genuinely doomed.

    1. That was the thesis of Orwell’s entire later half of his life, the destruction of language by the Left. Rand also noted it quite a lot, her famous “A=A” axiom is based on refuting the evasion of identity that the Left has been famous for for nearly a century.

      1. “Politics and the English Language”. Essential Orwell reading, if you read one thing of his, read that essay.

        1. Aye. When people ask me about C.S. Lewis I recommend The Screwtape Letters reflexively. To hell with that idiotic wardrobe.

    2. I wish there were a patriarchy, rape culture, a pay gap, and all the other bullshit fantasies that women have invented. All of this would actually be an improvement on the lame-ass environment Western societies are leaving for our future would-be kings: our sons, the only hope for humanity’s future (as it has always been).

  5. Closest I ever been to “rape”:
    – When I was 14 a friend’s sister had rape attempted on her by some local scrappy kid nobody liked. She beat the shit out of him. Nobody ever saw him again.
    – I had a girlfriend who claimed to be raped but further investigation revealed she was a turbo slut who allowed herself to get gangbanged. She even ran away from home at 15 to become a stripper and to keep her dad from finding her and putting a stop to that she told a handful of beta simps that her dad molested her her whole life so while she’s pole-dancing and slutting it up at 15, he’s got a handful of beta simps trying to find him and kill him. (Yeah after I dumped that megacunt for that and even more sordid shit I discovered I spent the next year in a permanent face-palm).
    – I have an ex to also claimed to have been raped before I met her but the kid looked so much like a coworker of mine and the “rape story” had more holes in it than a UN flag at my favorite shooting range. I never found out the truth but I solved that problem anyway (notice I said “ex”).
    Rape culture is bullshit. It’ll become the next “I was diagnosed bipolar” and “I’m gluten intolerant”. Every woman will claim she was raped when it’s trendy enough, and use it like a permanent period to justify being a cunt. Those hamsters are spinning right now and every bitch who tied one on and got laid is going to turn it into a rape. Every one of them will have “the incident” to refer to and get teary-eyed over when arguments don’t go their way, or to have “a connection” with each other when solidarity is needed for just about any purpose.

    1. I’m actually a ‘victim’ of rape. My friend and I were out one night and we picked up some broads from another town. As we were driving back with the girls, I passed out in the back seat next to the girl I planned on having coitus with. When we arrived at his house, I woke up and I remember my dick feeling sore, at the time I didn’t give it much thought but my friend told me a bit later that the girl that I was with started to jerk me off/get naked ; and started to ride me in the back seat WHILE I was passed out. I actually found the story to be quite funny as I knew girls could be very sexually aggressive but this was something new.(I also realized that my dick has a mind of its own)
      With that being said, I understood that there is a huge double standard when it comes to sexual assault and rape.

      1. If having sex while blacked out is rape, I spent a large part of my 20’s and early 30’s being raped. 8% beers should come with a trigger warning.

    2. Every other chick I have dated was molested by a family member, stepfather, blah blah blah. When I was more blue pill, this worked to gain sympathy for them. Now, I just assume every woman I get close to will have some sob story about being abused by men in their past. It is like a badge of honor or something for a huge percentage of the adult female population, the ultimate victim/whoah-as-me ploy). Grain of truth or not, I could care less anymore. So glad I don’t have a daughter who would probably turn out to be a psycho fruit loop; good luck to any dads out there raising little girls, particularly if your “baby momma” is a nutcase.

      1. “Baby momma” aka wife is old school traditional. Daughter has a good role model. Plus neither one of us puts up with shit from the daughter the few times she’s tried it. There is no “Daddy’s Princess” in this household.

        1. You are impressive because you still enforce the traditional model and didn’t fuck it up like some of us with trying to create a family with broken whores, (myself included) pre-Red Pill or not. That is very admirable.

        2. Your daughter may actually turn out alright from what you have said, that would be a hell of an accomplishment for you guys in my opinion with all the forces working to circumvent that with little girls nowadays. It is hard enough with my sons, but sons, you know?

        3. You’re fighting a daily battle with Disney Empowered Princess culture, that much is certain. On the bright side, she won’t be marching around in slut walks holding “I’m not smart enough to make my own choices, I’m a victim!” signs in a couple of years, so it’s worth the fight.

        4. Yeah oldest girl is real big into Sofia the First which is the typical Disney Empowered Princess garbage. Fortunately, she’s only 3 so she just likes dancing to the songs and really doesn’t care what’s actually happening. They do need to be weened off this nonsense though before she gets old enough to actually start comprehending the messages.

        5. I would throw the TV out the window. If I ever find a wife (unlikely) and have children, rule number one: No television, only books in the house. Rule number two: Internet for use of adults only. Rule number three: Children to listen to Irish music, Classical musical, and traditional European music only.

        6. Your wife sounds like mine, brah. But I will admit mine is from a small town in western Europe, and not American. That probably helped.

      2. thanks, I’ll need it, 1 daughter, mom not only a nutcase, but rich as fuck, it’s been a nightmare thus far, believe that. However, daughter’s turning out “ok,” not quite as well as I’d hoped, but considering the shit, that by age 7 she’s already been subjected to, I think she’ll pull through alright.

        1. I have two boys. In the past couple of years “I’m so glad I don’t have daughters” has escaped my lips more and more.The forces dedicated to turning them into whores are so powerful and concentrated. Worse than the forces trying to turn boys into feminized neuters.

      3. My daughters have turned out great. With good parenting, it is possible for girls to turn out OK even with the vile culture and never-ending bad influences we have in the West.

    3. I just dumped a loose plate 2 weeks ago who claimed to be raped by her grandfather as a child. I was on the fence about buying the story. Turns out, I think she was just using that as an excuse to justify her tubo-slut likliness, or at minimum, typical hypergamy. I just sat back and watched her behavior, the story told itself. If a girl was really raped, I’d think she’d hide that to future guys she was seeing/fucking until many months with them and serious consideration to an LTR.
      90% of “rape claims” after the fact, are just a girls way of saying:”Excuse me for my slutty lies and gaming you, trying to turn you into my mark, my clueless chump, just in case you figure it out, you can then blame it on my rape, and not my conscious decisions to be a base feminist whore, because after all, I was damaged goods in the first place, but I told you that, so I had an excuse all along.”
      It also can be used as an excuse to deny sex at any point with a guy, as if she’s having a “rape flashback,” or the lingering feelings of how she felt after being raped. Granted a small handful are legit, but the cops themselves will tell you not that many actual rapes, with any evidence, occur. Real rape is up there just shy of murder.
      What it boils down to is women have been primarily empowered by being handed control of EVERYTHING, not only her body per se, but of men in ANY way possible. Rape claims, accusations, and stories are all just a Hail Mary form of maintaining and exercising that control with an iron fist.

      1. There was an article here on ROK a while back on why we should not date (and especially not LTR ) women who claim to have been raped.
        I point out “claim”. If it’s certifiably proven that she got ambushed, subdued, and raped flat out, I could CONSIDER a pass (I would have to see what kind of damage was done because head cases are a liability too). But just about every bitch who claimed to be raped but that story never goes into how she had to identity the perp in a lineup, or how hard it was to take the witness stand, then I call bullshit on the spot.

      2. The way they have redefined rape into anything they didn’t CONSENT to, he probably made her wash the dishes against her will.

      3. 90% of “rape claims” after the fact, are just a girls way of
        saying:”Excuse me for my slutty lies and gaming you, trying to turn you
        into my mark, my clueless chump, just in case you figure it out, you can
        then blame it on my rape, and not my conscious decisions to be a base
        feminist whore, because after all, I was damaged goods in the first
        place, but I told you that, so I had an excuse all along.”

        Beautifully stated.

    4. I dated a hyperslut when I was 20. Maybe a week after we broke up she called me crying that she was raped. Oh, raped while smoking dust in a car full of homies. She claimed to have gotten a rape test that night, but interestingly enough, never got the test results…hmmm. Come to find out she got gangbanged by these dudes for some dust, probably woke up slightly sober and regretted it. Maybe 6 months later she was stripping to support her dust/drug habit.

      1. Yeah, mine claimed rape after I ghosted her for about a year after realizing she was a gold-digging slut. She calls me crying one night about having been ‘raped’. I was super beta back then and welcomed her back. After she was found out to be lying about the ‘rape’, I never accepted her back again. She later got pregnant and promptly dumped and abandoned by her new man. She called me back again, I assume with another story, but I ignored her. The red pill was in full effect as the White Knight in me had been killed after the last go round. I think she started stripping later as well.

        1. It’s depressing to think that the girl you dated and the girl I dated aren’t the same person. Just the norm now I guess.

      2. Yeah you see I’m the guy who would end up on dates with bitches like that afterwards, but at least as I got older, they would actually openly brag about it to shit test me.
        I “failed” those tests. Check please!

        1. You’re a nice guy! I wouldn’t even bother with the check, I’m sure she could have sucked her way out of it.

    5. Every woman will claim she was raped when it’s trendy enough, and use it like a permanent period to justify being a cunt.
      By claiming to be raped a girl that noone pays attention to, now suddenly can become a hero.
      She is showered with attention for being strong.(Trust me, I’ve witnessed enough fake rape stories to see how it plays out)
      Of course, you can never question her on a story that is likely full of inconsistencies, because then you are a rape apologist. It’s the perfect scam.
      You are definitely right about the cunt part. I dated a chick who claimed false rape and during most arguments (when I was winning) she’d bust out the “You don’t know what it’s like to be raped!” card. (Even when the subject was about who was going to clean up some doggy doo.) Of course, all of that stopped once she was outed.

    6. I had a girlfriend who claimed to have been raped too (not by me). Turns out she was a pathological liar. Manipulative bitch used me. Stayed at my house for free, ate my food, drank my booze, contributed nothing in return. Even the sex was lame. Probably fucked my roommate. Useless cunt drama queen. Such a fool I was.

    7. When I was 17, I was staying in a friends house when his aunt came in , straddled me, jerked me off etc. All while her husband was next door, and her two nephews were sleeping on the floor beside me. She also had a few kids. I never consented, but I didn’t resist and didn’t have much of a say in the matter. I told my friends what their aunt did, and we still laugh about it. When I was 19 and living in a homeless shelter, one of my mates girlfriend and my girlfriends sister, came into my room (for whatever reason I left it opened that night) and when I woke up she was kissing me and had her hands all over my dick. Again, I didn’t resist. She admitted what she done, but a while ago I asked her about it and she said it never happened lol Now if I had done that on two girls, I would be in prison.

    8. “spent the next year in a permanent face-palm”
      That’s a compelling (amusing) picture. Good prose.

  6. I liked how the government in Russia dealt with feminist extemists “Pussy Riot” – a few years of unpaid labour in a State Penitentiary, after that Cossacks publicly whipped them and some Conservstive Citizens poured paint on their face at McDonalds.
    Now, they’ve found their safe haven in the West. Russia is too hostile to them.

    1. Goddamn right… Go Russia and Putin. Tyrant/corrupto or not, he cares about retaking the mantle of greatness for Russia and he cares enough to enforce basic cultural norms to retain Russian civilization; this concept is outright revolutionary in our day and age.

      1. Good. If the WEST compares Putin to a villain, then that means Putin is doing the right things.
        I think Putin is an A-hole, but he’s a good leader and works for his country and his people which is exactly what a leader is supposed to do.
        This is unlike our “commun(ist)ity organizer” and his army of control freak faggots and spineless bought-off congress (most of them blackmailed over anything ranging from crooked business to secret gay lifestyles while publically being all about “family values”).
        Putin 2016! Seriously if he came here running for president I would vote for him. I’m thinking of making bumper stickers.

    2. The femen, who seem to be stylistically the same as pussy riot, were funded at one point by George Sorros, similar donors continue to fund them.
      After nearly 90 years of communist suppression why was the first priority of these women an attack on old churches?

      1. They attack tradition. They are funded by the same “chosen” people who stood behind “Russian Revolution”, those who represent the core of today’s banking system. These people hate tradition, unity and homogenuity. They want a world without borders free for their assets to flow.
        Orthodoxy is the basis of the Russian society. Thus, its the main aim of those crazed feminists manipulated by their kosher masters.

  7. You guys heard of yet another scare tactics they came up with? “Rape Stare”. Now, men will be harrased for looking at women. Can you imagine the accuzations? “Aaaas! He rape-stared me!! Arrest this perv!”

    1. I honestly think 99.999% of this foolishness is restricted to college aged girls in college. People in the real world don’t have time to invest in inventing imaginary enemies, we have to go to work.

      1. You’re right yet lately I saw this add campain in the metro informing men that “groping and saying “you’re sexy” are not OK. So even on your way to work they’ll brainwash you.

        1. I’d love to rent space next to such an add with “That’s not what your mom said!” on it.
          Because I’m immature and have a juvenile sense of humor. But there it is.

        2. Calling them sexy is weak game anyway, treating them like shit works way better and they love/need/crave it anyway.

        3. Those aren’t legit posters. Radical sjw’s go unopposed pushing something that appears to be a standard public service poster. A truly legit poster might read like ”vaccinate” or ”got milk” or ”buckle up” or ”have your correct fare ready”.
          SJW’s could post slick printed shit that says ”don’t approach females who don’t know you” ”do your part and STOP RAPE”. Most people would take neatly posted signs at face value not even realizing that they’re not legit and unconstitutional and even worse they SHIT on scripture.
          Without any statute justifying tasing any male who asks a random female for the time for example, one precident of a man being taken down by a herd with a bogus sign behind them and the rogue fems pull the guns of the system in behind them.
          Women, especially unkept ones had this same kind of kanaiving pull on issues even before they had the vote. Similar to how a certain sjw tried to groom or rally certain canadian goons in suits to legitimately oblige her campaign and have a result of something harmful befalling Mr Roosh. It was like enforcing agenda under color of law. Grandfathered long enough, color of law becomes established law.
          A liberated woman is a power like the devil let loose, always has been. Just because a posted sign message is neatly printed and not graffiti doesn’t make it legit and doesn’t mean it wasn’t put there by the devil.
          The brainwashing metro signs may have been approved by the metro authority. See if there’s room for a ‘better’ sign adjacent that reads ”Responsible men gather their chickens”. The artwork is up to the imagination. You’d be amazed what floats without opposition.

      2. Except in the corporate world, when a lazy useless broad is a actually called out on her poor behavior, shit productivity. Then the hamster that may have went dormant after feminazi indoctrination in college starts dusting off its cobwebs and spinning like an Iranian centrifuge again.

        1. Oh, right, I do understand that it morphs and translates into something else later. I meant more the ones who stand around sniveling about ‘rape culture’ on their ‘slut walk’. That kind of thing is truly for exceptionally bored women looking to be a trendy-victim.

        2. As I like to say, today’s modern woman – and I don’t mean the fulltard feminist, just your average basic bitch – “cherry picks” 3rd wave feminism’s prizes abounded to her, but pretends they don’t benefit at all. << EVERY woman does this, regardless of age. Which is a huge part of the reason the USA sucks for quality relationships.
          All women steal from feminism’s trophy case. It’s already been indoctrinated into society. Most of them do it unknowingly, because of herd mentality. The dangerous ones are the shape-shifters who play both sides knowingly.
          Any time I’m bangin a new girl I try to find something, anything I can seriously use against her just in case she flies off the handle and tries to pull some b.s.

      1. Louis CK was spot on with his bit on First World Problems. He’s mega Leftist nevertheless

      2. I can honestly say if a cop tried to arrest me for “rape stare,” or “man spreading,” I would fight him. IDGAF, that’s just too damn far. I’ll take a record and jail sentence before accepting that shit.

    2. Rape Stare? I guess I’m guilty of that, 256789 counts of rape stare. What would the verdict be? 4 life sentences?

    3. This has been the case for decades. Women choose to dress in a manner that will result in men looking at them but have insisted when men they don’t want look at them it is wrong. Attempting to criminalize this would not be all that new but the next logical step.

      1. What’s f-ed up is in the past part of the enjoyment women got out of the non-desirables looking at them is the satisfaction of blowing them out on approaches, cat calling, etc.
        The problem is, now that attention cache gets filled so fast on their smart phones, where they have total control, they can’t handle the spacial awareness skills required to deal with “attention overload” in the real world, especially from undesirable men. So easier to just throw them in jail and discard their lives.
        Imagine if men had that power right now, to just crush any woman’s life and ruin her hopes of ever having freedom or normalcy just because … well.. she wasn’t alpha enough. Unfucking believeable

        1. This hate of the wrong guy looking goes back at least two and half decades. That was when I was first exposed to it. Cellphones were too expensive and most people hadn’t heard of the internet. So it’s just getting programmed into more women if it is worse now.

  8. Another thing about my thesis on the coming education disruption. In addition to the superior technological options of today, I’m in my mid 30’s, remember the good old days about college? I recall it starting maybe mid High School where our or are friends brothers and sisters starting telling us how fucking awesome college was. The crazy parties, the fraternities and sororities, hooking-up, getting wasted. Today, and especially compared to my time, college looks to be insufferable. Never mind the very real dangers for men in college to include their very real marginalized status (openly oppressed and discriminated out i.e. must let women in) and, of course, the ridiculous “rape” definitions presumption of guilt loss of all due process rights. As well as the kangaroo courts that preside over these incidents. For fuck sake not too long ago kids would have pig roasts with kegs and kegs and kegs of beer. Huge legendary parties. Shoot, UMASS lit a sofa on fire and threw it off the top of one of the towers. Today, its fucking rape culture, feminists, queer, trans awareness rallies. Pig roasts, drinking beers, interacting with the coeds or making stupid posters standing around the quad and fucking complaining. These sjw’s ruin everything they fucking touch.

  9. “Rape culture” is a fictional moral panic with the goal of censoring medias that men like.

  10. I’ve met dozens of girls that claim to have been raped. All of them lies. I’ve also been around enough to have triple digit notches. I’ve been falsely accused by women who play victim and want revenge for the pump n dumps. Bitches be crazy. Now I qualify them with a list of psychological questions that they’re usually to dumb to understand. I approach them all like I’m selling a car.
    This is literally women playing victim and dumb sjw women falling for it. It is a culture of bullshit in which the con artist victim uses people’s good nature to shit on some dude. It makes no sense because it’s backed up by so many lies. The sjw think they’re legit covering for these nazis, but in the end they’re murderers too.

    1. Did u ever get into real troubles because of false rape accusations? If u said u nailed over 100 of them sluts, there shoul’ve been at least few who went bananas.

      1. Yep there were a few that formed a click for revenge in hs. Then I had one convince a bunch of my weak suck friends and got booted from a few parties. Had one that got me hammered for a week straight slept with me 4 times and then denied ever wanting to do it when her bf came back. Had another stalk me after we broke up then put a stalking order on me, then she put me in jail for a day. The da saw through her blatant forgery and bullshit though. So many crazies and I’m pregnant lies and false I love yous I’m taking a break. It cost me life up until now. Had one stripper that spooned me for 2 hours then accused me of trying to fuck her while sleeping because her other friend was also in the same bed and they both wanted my nuts that night. Had a few try to pull the abortion scam. Yes I am the epidemy of what I would say was damaged goods in a women. Now I just focus on me. Too many headaches and when even the hottest chick says certain red flags I can lose a hard on and initiate the boot in seconds. Survival instinct.

    2. Sounds like the makings of a filtering list to me. How to out a lying slut in 4 easy questions.

      1. Yeah goes like this. Are your parents still married? No red flag. Ever been abused? Yes instant disqualify. Still talk to your ex and you don’t have kids? Yes disqualified. Do you have hobbies? No disqualified. Do you text a lot and get needy? If yes disqualified. If women are branded sex objects doesn’t that make men success objects? If no disqualified. Does sex happen in the first 3 dates? If no disqualified. When’s the last time you got laid? Have to learn microexpressions foe this one because they lie. If they lie disqualified. If anytime in the last week disqualified. Do you have kids? Yes red flag. If she stares at her phone and is wrapped up in txt constantly disqualified. If she gets the slightest bit snark or demanding over your things in the first few months. Disqualified. There’s more.

  11. Thats how Feminists are treated in Russia. “Pussy Riot” after some conservative Citizens poured paint over their faces:

    1. Those girls are gagging for a shagging.Why do you think these females are always doing these antics like walking around in some ‘protest’ with their tits hanging out? Learn to read between the lines.You young boys aren’t giving them enough dick and fucking that’s what they’re really protesting.It’s one big ‘shit test’ as you like to call it and they’re separating the men from the scared little pyjama boys.Once you have her interest and you know she’s asking for it just go ahead and fuck her even if she protests.It’s like in those old films where the girl is struggling and she may even smack the guy but he just takes her and she gives in because that’s what she wanted in the first place.Be bold,and act like you don’t give a shit about some stupid rules made up by some college spinster femtard because you’re above all of that childish crap and are your own boss and you’ll get laid.Don’t act like you’re running scared and need permission for everything like some 2yo.Do you think that if they were really protesting rape (something that is virtually unknown) that they would be acting and dressing in slut walks as they do? As Tommy Sotomayer would say it’s all about DNA-dick ‘n attention.
      A female who isn’t fucked enough becomes neurotic and crazy and there’s a lot of truth to that Hysteria theory of the 1800’s where females would do all sorts of crazy things and even faint for attention and where they would go to doctors with complaints of something wrong ‘down there’ so he could use the speculum on them.He’d massage them and they even invented the vibrator later for ‘treatment’.Men were probably just as shy as many boys are today and needed to be bolder. You have to remember that females are always thinking of sex and how they look to attract men for it but many men miss their subtle cues which makes the female frustrated because it is not in her nature to just ask for sex.So get cracking boys because we geezers can’t do all the work and we have to calm these girls down with a bit of the old in-out in-out. Also remember that females need some excitement to get their juices flowing.

      1. sure but have you noticed the growing obesity problem? most rational men can’t get it up when in the presence of that.

  12. I once did the tragic mistake of going to group counselling back when I had “depression”. I put it in quotation marks only because once I started working out, making and meeting goals, and getting laid, this “depression” seemed to go away like lightning. Of course back in that time I didn’t realize that America is an insane asylum and not fitting in was a sign of sanity. Almost every single girl had their own “rape” story, each one had so many holes in it, it was insane.
    Not one of the stories went like a dirty hobo in a back alley holding a knife to them. They were usually a friend or acquaintance who after a night of drinking they decided to have sex. That’s fucking it. When people would ask logical questions their answers would become even more absurd. I remember this one vividly, where when asked how they let the room, she said something along the lines of that she punched him after and left. Wait what? Why didn’t you just punch him before, are your fucking serious?
    It gets more ridiculous, these people are looking for ATTENTION. They know their body will grant them the most attention and they might as well use it. Unless it was incestuous or a dirty back alley hobo then I assume the story is 100% bullshit. They always withhold details that would make their story crash and burn faster than the Hindenburg.
    Don’t believe her lies!

    1. Even the most normal girls after loosing an argument would resort to either crying or segway into something completely irrelevant not to loose face. Women are illogical and conniving in nature.
      I think some of them get wiser only much later in life when they’re not bothered by PMS mood swings and sex drive.

  13. Rape culture is a manifestation of female desire. Few men have a natural desire to take a woman without her consent. If anything, on a primal level, we are indifferent to the presence of absence of consent, given the size and strength difference. It is only the fear of law, social disapproval and other men that even gives us pause to ponder the matter of consent.
    Women, on the other hand, affirmatively desire to be taken without their consent. I have never known a woman to not fantasize about rape. Granted, this could be a reflection of my own choice of company, but it is what it is. Women have really not changed much over the last few tens of millennia, and the whole consent thing is kind of a recent development.
    So, I have no doubt most men have committed what could be characterized as rape, but no charges were ever filed because . . . well, all’s well that ends well. It has been said that one can not rape the willing, but I would argue that it is in fact much more difficult to rape the unwilling. In truth, whenever we sweep a woman off her feet without first getting a signed and notarized waiver of liability signed in triplicate, we are committing rape, however happy she may be. This is precisely what our women want – for men to initiate and take complete responsibility for sex.
    So, the problem is not rape, per se. Nor is it a patriarchy a problem. The real problem is that women are not oppressed enough. Regardless of what women secretly or openly desire, the rape of a woman is a crime of theft perpetrated against her father or husband.
    Therefore, men ought not to allow their daughters and wives to roam the countryside dressed like whores, inviting rape. Allowing women to come and go and do as they please is to confer freedom and independence on the very people who most despise freedom and independence. It is like storing your most precious family heirlooms uncovered in the back yard. It is like painting your deck with interior paint. In short, it is stupid.
    It is feminine and petty to criticize women for their false accusations. A man should be logical and try to understand the under-currents. The strident feminist railing against “rape culture,” is not and never was a valid complaint against a true social ill, but, in fact, a cry for help. Yes, women do secretly desire to be raped, but they also desire to be oppressed and protected by someone who cares for them. It is the responsibility of men to understand these covert signals for what they are – a desperate yearning for leadership.

  14. I got raped once, a stripper grabbed my junk while I was standing in front of the stage after I paid her 20 to grab my junk and put my face in her tits.

  15. My asshole just got raped by liquor shits. There’s a higher standard of evidence for that than “real” rape.

  16. “Rape culture” as portrayed by SJWs is becoming like a new religion, something to believe in which is not based on any evidence whatsoever. That’s why believers in the religion of “rape culture” act like religious fanatics.

  17. I think some people simply lived to be heckled and for no other reason. Of course, it’s NEVER day-after-regret “rape” if the guy is hot enough, rich enough, famous enough… Or maybe it is if he doesn’t text back and she realizes she got fucked and chucked, search me!

  18. What an utterly worthless article. It gets the whole concept of “rape culture” so utterly wrong that it serves no purpose other than provide intellectual circlejerk fodder for the already convinced.
    The notion of rape culture does not postulate some grand patriarchal conspiracy to sexually subjugate the women. Rape culture is simply a catch-all term for any and all social phenomena that (in the feminists’ minds) have the net effect of either increasing the number of rapes that happen or increasing a rapist’s chances to get away with it, regardless of anyone’s intentions.
    Now, I’m not arguing the validity for the concept, quite the opposite in fact, but clueless articles like this one serve absolutely no purpose. Other than demonstrate our cluelessness, which isn’t helping win the war of ideas.

    1. You reap what you sow. I don’t have a hell of a lot of respect for guys whose one defining raison d’etre in their sorry existence amounts to sticking their knobs into some anonymous member of the opposite sex every night of the week. Grow up and be a man and stop your jerking around, is it any wonder you have this pantheon of troglodytes spitting venom at you boys.

  19. Rape culture? American women wouldn’t know anything about it. When the Red Army pushed back the Wehrmacht they raped over 2 million women… and some kids and men. The Japanese Imperial Army raped Korean, Chinese, Phillopeano and even Anglo women (fall of Singapore). Read the “Rape of Nanking”– 6 weeks of an orgy of murder by bullet, bayonet and sword. More dead in one Chinse city than both atomic drops on Japan.
    Ancient times rape was SOP of most armies.
    Western women should read up. Rape? You have no idea.

    1. This is hardly an intelligent argument is it? Because certain armies did it, well,hell that’s alright, isn’t it? Well trained armies don’t do this, the allied forces didn’t go around raping every man. women and child across north Africa and Italy when they had the Nazis on the run in 1943/44. They could have, but they didn’t, why because they had discipline and they didn’t reduce themselves to something less than human.

      1. he is not saying it is alright. (and you know that) He is making a point of what rape can be. The rape culture thing is saying what we have now is like what he is describing from history (and you knew that too) I think you are just here to maintain the status quo and keep everybody’s mind right

        1. The tone and content of the whole article seems to be implying that it’s alright, even acceptable, to be ambiguous on these matters. I don’t agree with the whole “rape culture” argument that we somehow live in a society that’s overtly conditioned in this particular manner. It’s bogus and untrue. However, I think the arguments in the article start to become very ambiguous around real cases of rape that are firmly based on the legal principle of consent. When both people on the left and right muddy these waters for their own agendas then you’re skating on thin ice.
          Incidentally, even the picture and the caption in this article implies that because a woman dresses up sexy that she somehow is acting like a slut who deserves to get what’s coming. It’s analogous to a burglar deciding to rob a house with force because it was just too attractive to resist. I find there’s a lot of double standards and hypocrisy around this issue. You call them sluts when they dress up and look well (which women should do), and then they are fat, ugly bitches when they don’t, and when they’re sexy they’re just disposable sluts anyway. Then, the additional sanctimonious lectures about women not being wife materiel, because they’ve had other men. What do you want? A pure whiter than white 25 year old virgin, who yet must be a sexy slut in the bedroom too. None of this is coherence, honest and worthy of a well rounded man.
          Status quo- I don’t need to belong to groups, clubs and organisations that tell me how to think about the way the world is. I know a lot about the world at this stage in my life and I can make up my own mind based on my experience of it.

      2. The allies just fire bombed Berlin and basically made Germany a countrywide funeral pyre. Women and children?? Pshhhh who cares! They’re all nazis anyway!

        1. Your assessment is unfortunately very true. Dresden for example was leveled and incinerated by the British long after there were any useful and strategic reasons to do this (in February 1945). In my opinion what happened in Germany from 1933-1945 and the aftermath must remain one of the most tragic and painful events in western culture.

    2. Don’t have to look to far back in history to find barbarianism towards women, in modern times the middle east has Isis rounding up sex slaves, meanwhile the modern western woman claims rape when a guy sitting on a park bench in a hoodie creeps her out a bit, modern western woman has never had any hardships to face but she’s convinced western society that she’s a victim.

      1. “to find barbarianism towards women”
        Yeah no. Women had it easy… in the same situation, Men would be tortured and killed indiscriminately, whereas women would not. Distinctions existed and some women survived.
        There is no way an intelligent man can see this and say that women were treated “barbarically” compared to men.

        1. Not sure if your up to date with what’s happening in the middle east but ISIS was rounding up sex slaves and those that refused were killed, I wasn’t arguing Men have it easier than women, or comparing Man to woman , I was comparing the easy life of western woman to the lives of women around the world.

        2. And of course you realize that in those same places, men are murdered at a significantly higher rate. You must also realize that it was even worse back in the day.
          I have no sympathy for the women in Islam, they can leave quite easily but choose not to. Within the tenets of Islam they lead easy, comfortable lives… men do not. Things are not different there and to attempt to argue otherwise is pure insanity.
          You did not specify in your original comment about west vs. islam, because you did not mean west vs. islam, you are trying to save face because you fucked up and got called. It’s that simple.

        3. I’m not sure what point your trying to make, and I am in no way trying to diminish Male suffering around the world, i’m just simply saying that Western woman has the easiest most privileged life going, but she Cries Victim-hood the loudest.

  20. I can’t believe any woman who’s said she’s been raped anymore. Two women I can believe, because they were both homeless at one time, and quite likely did run into some real bad guys. Another would later describe some detailed, consensus sex acts she had with guys. Although this would have happened more than 20 years ago, she calls herself a “feminist,” so who knows.

    1. A liberated ‘feral’ woman doesn’t know where she is at any given time. Even a tamed and nursing mother doesn’t know which way is north half the time, but she’s 100% cognent and aware of what her milkers are for.They’re all herd beasts.
      The herd has too much power and is too fixated on the males who aren’t controlling them individually but should be. The herd is barely aware of our position in space, our resources or anything pertinent. They only loom over us with a toxic vengence. The herd is naturally giving us a wake up call to snap them back in line and control them individually. The timeless order of patriarchy is in their blood too.

  21. It’s a religion. They believe with 100 % conviction in an entity that cannot be proven by any fact or logic.

    1. If you’re not sure about the point of women it probably means you’re gay. It’s not difficult to figure out.

    1. Great example of why countries with legal and regulated prostitution breed better, more rational women.

      1. Yes, because the regular women have competition and have to differentiate themselves from the actual prostitutes.

        1. Exactly. I’ve been to several countries where women could choose it as a career choice, not out of economic desperation. (The fact that there were TONS of fucking women doing it tells you something about women’s mentality of liking to be whores when they don’t actually have to be.) The governments regulated it, they paid taxes, yadda, yadda. And there was no social stigma. OK.
          So the non-prostitutes don’t play mind games, no shit tests, none of the crap that goes on with American women. They see men as partners in life and there’s no need for them to view them as just wallets to drain as they move on to the next. Now, that’s not to say that outstandingly beautiful women don’t gold-dig. That goes on everywhere. I’m just saying that when women see that the “pussy pass” isn’t going to work for them they behave themselves.

        2. (The fact that there were TONS of fucking women doing it tells you
          something about women’s mentality of liking to be whores when they don’t
          actually have to be.)

          Yes. I wish more people would see and understand that.
          I also agree that once Pussy Passes are null and void, women worldwide will act with more commonsense.

  22. It used to be that the most radical of feminists subscribed to the notion that all normal hetero sex constitutes ‘rape’ on the man’s part and that normal hetero marriage amounts to ‘slavery’ for the woman. Those fems were few and far between but have exploded in numbers lately.
    It seems today that the booming soc marx/fem/sjw crowd classifies a sex act as rape whenever the man makes the booty call and isn’t paying a professional ho to consummate the act. They’re trying to make men universally submissive or in effect what they’re attempting to do is to STEAL OUR INHERENT NATURE and then ascribe it to themselves. They want to CHANGE THE SEX OF MAN as a species.
    Rape cannot occur while clothed, but clothed people ‘grind’ on a dance floor, like they were having symbolic sex while clothed don’t they? Remove the clothes and enter the spring break party in Aruba or even a typical Miami beach in July. Not much clothes and only a string away from bare snatch. Not many rapes on the beach are reported by fugly man haters, they’re not allowed there. In fact a pale Toronto blubberwus with ass pimples would be ‘EYE BEATEN’ right off any beautiful beach. I’m sure the fuglies can feel being ‘EYE CRUCIFIED’ whenever they enter enter a pool full of Heffner mansion stock. It’s no wonder they’re bitter.
    But these ‘rapes’ that occur in the shadows. It isn’t ‘rape’ until they put their clothes back on and some hamster cries rape. Let’s take the clothes out of the picture now and observe a spring break beach party, booze, jelly shots, nude groping. Who if anyone gets charged with rape? Well, maybe later when the crowd is back in cold Boston and clothed and warm until your sweaty nuts choke, then all the hamster regrets and rape accusations unfold. So it’s true, CLOTHES CAUSE RAPE HYSTERIA. Keep it nakee clowns, keep it real. Actually I mean dominate your woman and keep her pure and nakee in your castle.
    Point #2. NUDE BEACH. Ever been to one? It’s a gyno dominated atmosphere. You’d think that flopping your junk would signal the herd to the alpha wildebeast but not so at the gyno beach. Even alphas there walk about like their dick is a sleeping appendage. Boing it at a hottie and see the ‘we don’t do that here’ movement against you begin. It is the ultimate forced beta think school around there at the nudie beach. Ask even a wrinkled wallskin lobster for a light with a boner and watch the shit fly. Shit you gotta choke it with rubber bands and go around like you ain’t even got a dick unless SHE says so. It’s pathetic. Same at the ‘gentleman’s club where men must sit like they’re hogtied voluntarily.
    Conclusion, we men need to control what our women wear and then we’ll begin to get a handle on all this ‘rape hysteria’.

  23. Only rape iv’e ever seen is on video online, a paki dragging a young teen white girl into some bushes and raping her!
    But can’t say that, RAYCISS

    1. Meanwhile Daddy has given her a privileged life, and now that she’s “Enlightened” and off to college she has learned to hate her Race and the white male,…Have you ever seen somebody hate their race and gender-opposite more than the white woman?

      1. Lmao dude this puzzles the fuck out of me too. The only theory i can come up with to this white self-hatred is the millions of men with spines who died in WW1 and 2. The type of men who wouldn’t let the USA turn into a whine-a-thon heirarchy system.
        The baby boomers were the single-mom generation right? A bunch of white dudes like Joe Biden who grew up without a father, thus in turn worshiping a woman over the authority of a man.That’s the only theory that makes sense to me.
        When i see rape hysteria culture i think “white women disorder” LOL.

        1. That’s a Good point, yes I often think that all the good Men died in the 1st and 2nd WW, and the Genetics of cowards were passed on who didn’t go and fight, there definitely was “Mother whispering in her sons ear” going on.. mothers whispering to their sons teaching them Beta Ideals and transforming them into beta’s when the Father wasn’t around. These Tainted Males now go on to promote the Matriarchy like Drones and society goes down the tubes because Matriarchies are extremely, extremely inefficient.

  24. This ridiculous assertion that “rape never happens publicly, unlike many other crimes therefore it’s not common” severely hamstrings what would otherwise be a great article.
    Sex is the thing that makes it different. You don’t see consensual blowjobs happening publicly very often either. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist.
    Honestly every other point you make is good and this repeated assertion is almost ruining the rest of the sense in the article.

  25. Personally, I like most other moderate, level headed men, despise rapists. They’re treated as the lowest of the low even in prisons by other men. The bottom line is that if she doesn’t consent to it and a guy forces himself on her, well then legally it’s called rape, whether you agree with it not, that’s the law. A guy who does this losses all self respect for himself and has reduced himself as grown up member of society.

  26. Its like MADD, the day there are no drunk drivers is the worst day in the world for them, because they lose all their power and have to close up shop. Luckily feminists can just spin things and falsify studies, etc and claim things are worse than ever.

    1. ie. They just fabricate drunk driving fatalities out of thin air. Broadcast it on prime time news daily.
      Let’s see Mothers Against Applying Makeup Driving. Ain’t gonna happen.

  27. True, not a whole lot of public rapes going on, but you know what there is no shortage of, False Rape Claims in the Media.

  28. We don’t live in that culture anymore. We had the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, we make laws through agreement, negotiation and diplomacy these days, because, it’s what works best. People talk causally and almost romantically about the greatness and virtues of war especially when they’ve never experienced the aftermath of it. There are occasions when war is justified, but, these should be the exceptions. I don’t see how our culture can learn anything from the Murican troops and Genghis Khan, it was a completely different epoch to our own, so we’re not comparing like with like.

    1. Full on war is a mess and a bleeding or wasting of human resource. Even the war’s celebrated commandos and leaders waste away quickly after the war’s close, similar to how a star gladiator athlete will upon retirement oxidize and age instantly from all the steroidal quick fix sports medicine and pain pills. You get burned up in battle.
      Like anything else, war is essential but only in moderation. When tyranny begins brewing and seeding itself, sometimes all it takes is a little slap or shock to reset institutions and contingencies back to center. Sometimes just calling out and heckling an unfit ‘leader’ in person creates enough of a wave to keep a lid on them. The individual warrior can effect a timeline early on moreso than many fold robo soldiers when events mature to critical.
      Every man has some effect on his surroundings but all too many men echo that they will await a ‘fall’ or calamity when forces of wood soldiers for sandbags will be called in. Flex a little and be a little bit of an individual warrior. It’s all in the masculine character

  29. I want rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers and Methodists…but no fucking rapists.

  30. History is written by the victors! Valletta, what a great city. The Nazis also put them under siege too.

  31. I swear anytime its a slow news cycle its like they draw straws and pull up with the rape wagon full of dubious stories and roll with one of them. I know 2 women that were in fact raped the last 25 years…, actually abducted off the street and then …. and none of them ever acted like the stupid cunts parading on tv claiming they were violated. If they are on TV, they are full of shit, and thus doing women who were assaulted a huge disservice… Rape culture is a plot cooked up by Marxists / feminists / men haters to keep real men subdued, helping to destroy our culture…. Sorry, not sorry but its true.

  32. Women who were really raped. 1. Feel an overwhelming sense of shame. They do not talk about it or publicize it, (and they certainly do not carry a mattress around campus like some kind of spectacle).. 2. Experience violence: Bruises, scars, broken bones, etc. Real rape leaves scars because a woman who really does not want sex will FIGHT BACK her attacker. : Unless they had too much to drink or were drugged. Then you have to ask yourself if a woman knows she is carrying a responsibility owning a vagina, why get drunk ? Keep control over your food and drink and the company you keep.. Problem solved. 3. Women who were really raped do not bring it up in conversations, fights to gain sympathy or manipulation of situations. If you have such a woman observe [strictly for education] and then remove her from your company quickly. 4. Women who were raped DO NOT like sex, or are very reserved in their sexual encounters… They have walls, and barriers after such a traumatic situation, they are not turbo or super sluts. If the woman has an addiction to drugs, all her claims of rape were either A. payment for drugs . or B. Were not given drugs by the person who claimed they had in the first place and were “stiffed”…

    1. I really do not understand why they feel ashamed or embarrassed. Women that have actually been raped deserve sympathy and have nothing to feel ashamed about. When a woman says that she was raped years ago but didn’t want to say because of the shame, automatically, I think she lying. She is doing it to elicit sympathy or destroy a man she hates.

  33. We don’t witness rape because “rape culture” does not exist outside the hamster minds of the rank and file feminists unless you subscribe to their definition of rape. A definition that is basically any consensual sexual encounter that occurs where the woman might regret her actions at any point in time after the encounter took place. In the delusional mind of the feminist, it is better to lie and cheat your way to victim status and destroy a man’s life than to admit a mistake and risk the possibility of being labelled a slut.
    What I do find hilarious, though, is that none of these women parading around with their “stop rape culture” signs and protesting their imagined offenses realize that in order for them to actually get raped, men would need to actually find them at least passably attractive first. You can’t “rape” if the very thought of your “victim” in any sexual way causes your boner to evaporate.

    1. “in order for them to actually get raped, men would need to actually find them at least passably attractive first.”
      The funny thing is that these women really DO think they are 8+ when in reality they’re 3s and going lower by the day.

  34. Have any of you studied Carl Jung and the archtypes and Freudian theory? I think you should and follow up on Bernay’s books on public relations, manufacturing consent, shaping public opinion and propaganda. Just like the art of war it is THE guide books for politicians, businesses, and the global elite for shaping public opinion. The global elite care about money. Feminism means two workers for the price of one. Who do you think funded it getting off the ground? Who owns the media and perpetuates this bullshit?
    What does money equal? Resources and agendas. If everyone had simple opportunitis to have 6 figure incomes you’d have thousands more small businesses and new voices being heard. You need money to be heard loudly. All this bullshit is smoke and where there’s smoke there’s fire. Don’t take it from me. Look for yourself it’s written everywhere. The unemployment margins changing to not include the majority unemployed. The average income being listed as household income to appear higher. The news not talking about suicides. Feminism, manufactured race wars, the Iraq war, etc etc etc, un trying to take our guns, blah blah blah
    If you understand archetypes you need only create a space for those archetypes to go and they will flock. The true fear is of the people because if the people decide it happens. If the people are divided by left and right with no middle ground then we are easily manipulated with enough resources. This has been going on since Sumer. Do you really think anything changed? Each generation is smarter then the last with more up to date info and intelligence. Evolution. Each previous generation clings to power through social processes. This is human existence because it is what we made and what we accept. As long as you have global elite trust fund babies with more resources then most countries your going to have to deal with things like radical feminists. It’s because one dude who is heavily removed from the type of reality we live in can hire a bunch of twats to say whatever said dude wants. The same people who bankrolled the fucking nazis. That’s right . . . Fem nazis is an appropriate name. Their ideology is just as crazy. Now who’s more fucked? Hitler or the bankers funding him knowing full well wtf is up, but hey they funded us too so fuck it right?
    It’s so frustrating watching you guys fall into the bullshit archetype traps. Even worse watching good women turn nazis and they think they’re saving the world.

  35. “Can someone please explain this contrast?”
    Sure, be happy to. “Real rape” (the kind that leaves you with a few black eyes, teeth missing, and other physical scarring and mental trauma) is about as rare in society as getting run over by a train. The only groups that actually should worry about “real rape” are men in prison (by far the biggest group raped) and crack addicted prostitutes. Everyone else is better off worrying about dying of leprosy, it’s far more likely.
    According to the “new definition” of rape, I was raped twice so far this month. God I hate it when I wake up getting a blowjob. But, rules are rules, and, since I was asleep, I was obviously not able to give consent.
    Rape has been redefined to such a degree that you we’ve all “witnessed” a “rape”. We’ve likely all been party to a “rape”. Remember that time you were out with your wife and you were both smashed drunk? Well, that’s certainly a rape; in fact, perhaps two counts. That’s right, you may have actually raped each other, you dirty fucks you.
    Feminist mantra has to be very careful now because they are starting to realize that the “1 in 4” or “1 in 2” or whatever they fuck nonsense they are spouting now is getting to the point of totally unrealistic. What if I told you that 1 in 100 men had slept with a porn star? You might believe that, because, perhaps you’re not friendly with 100 men to a degree that they’d tell you. It would seem, on the face of it, to be a number that MIGHT make sense. What if, instead, I told you that 50% of men had slept with a porn star? Well, now you’re going to start to ask questions. I’ve never slept with one, am I strange? I’ve never heard any of my friends talking about going balls deep in Jenna.. Hmm.. Then, if you’re intelligent, you’d start to do some math. There are a limited number of porn stars out there. If 50% of men have slept with one of them, a little math figures out that each porn star is sleeping with at least 50 new men a night. And then, if you’re rational, you’ll say “BULLSHIT”, laugh, and move on.
    Well, women are claiming that 1 in 4 are raped. That means, by proxy, that either some guy you know is raping 100s of women between his lattes and Powerpoint presentations or, alternately, that a good proportion of your friends are rapists. Do either of those seem reasonable to you?

  36. Very interesting article. I never knew that it only took 18 minutes for the Texans to wipe out the Mexicans in that historic battle. That’s quite something.
    I visited Dresden a couple of times over the years, and the rebuilt city is simply soulless in comparison to what the city once was. How could it not be. Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Slaughterhouse-Five and W.G Sebald’s essay, After Nature, portray and analyse very succinctly the utter senselessness and cruelty of what was done to the citizens of Dresden by the allied forces. This was not the allies finest hour.

  37. It’s statistically impossible for the number of rapes they talk about to be actually happening. And it’s a slam to every man on the planet, because they make it out like every man is a rapist, and therefore a psychopath. Because only psychotic people use sex as an excuse for violence.
    And anyway, the way women are, they sit around and shoot the shit about rape the way we guys do about football. And then there’s the constant fact about women’s rape fantasies. Most women talk about their hottest sex moments were when they felt like they were being subjugated and abused. Of the many, many fetishes out there, most women get turned on by the “Rape Game.” They like pretending to be taken against their will.
    Follow the money, who’s benefitting from this? It is only recently that people started listening to these wing-nuts and giving them media time. For generations society knew that women used this ploy against men and sensibly ignored them. And now suddenly it’s exploded to society in general. The media doesn’t want to cover real news that could rock the boat for the people trying to control society for their own self-interest. And it’s easy money because there’s no research or anyone calling for facts. Shit, you want to make a million bucks? Just write a book about some of this crap and about how women are raped in the womb and every man is a drooling criminal.

    1. Maybe this is why with modern Western women today, claiming to have been raped is like a badge of honor. Women fantasize being raped and secretly desire it. Then to brag about it stirs envy among other women who was never raped and probably never will be.
      Stirring envy amongst other women is the ultimate drug for women. From dressing up to driving the most expensive cars to that engagement ring on her finger. All just to make other women jealous.
      Guys, they don’t do it for YOU.

    2. Ah, yes. Fifty Shades of Grey. The book for women who still view think only slutty girls orgasm and are terrified to touch themselves. I refuse to read it on principle. If I want porn, it’s easily accessible, and I don’t have to waste my time reading through a twilight fan fiction that somehow managed to be abuse the English language even more than Twilight itself.

  38. There needs to be some clarification here. Rape culture (on adult women) is certainly out of hand and largely propaganda to further various social agendas, but rape / molestation of little girls and boys is endemic in certain circles and families in the United States, Canada and many parts of Europe. And by little kids, I don’t mean 16-17, I mean from the ages of 3-9.
    Largely associated with Masonic and Satanic-related families (multi-generational now), molestation of children creates lots of social issues that are blatantly seen all around us — gender confusion, homosexuality, hypergamy, promiscuity, self-mutilation (piercings, tattoos, dyed hair, cutting), multiple personality, depression, suicide and so on. This is not a myth. I know of some who must participate in this sordid way of life in order to gain wealth, influence and security. A very large proportion of high level politicians, bankers, judges, law enforcement and alphabet agency people are involved in pedophilia rings. It’s what binds them together (along with their Masonic oaths) via shame, guilt and fear of discovery (blackmail). These people are encouraged very strongly to offer up their own children to others, although incest is a common theme also.
    The “convenient” thing about extreme trauma-based sexual abuse on young children (which was discovered back in the days of Babylon, by the way) is that it fractures the child’s mind (compartmentalized alters) such that their predominant day-time persona has no recall of the horrific events. They show lots of tell-tale signs of abuse, but they cannot recall or verbalize the events. However, memories of experiences from the multiple personas eventually bleed through into daytime consciousness during the person’s late 20s to mid 30s. That’s when the perps have to either kill the victim, hide them “underground” or institutionalize them. You see this kind of cycle ALL THE TIME in the music / movie / entertainment businesses.
    As such, I think many more people are “raped” as little children than is commonly perceived, although the adult woman’s perception of her sexual encounters is often delusional, misinterpreted and confused with much earlier forms of abuse. When she cries “rape” as an adult, it’s obviously often a false accusation due to feelings of guilt or financial incentive, but not always without some connection to legitimate childhood issues. Keep that in mind. Also be aware that at least 80% of male homosexuals were abused (sexually and/or emotionally) as young children. And perhaps not coincidentally, approximately 80% of sexually abused children grow up to be abusers in some capacity, even though they may not be consciously aware of it. I was once married to a woman involved within this “culture of abuse”, so I have lots of first-hand observation and insight.
    Do you see how this can become an endemic vicious cycle within a few generations? In the United States and Canada, this “culture” apparently began in earnest (as a planned social agenda) post WW2 (late 1940s). A very similar cycle of abuse and deviant behavior rampaged in the Babylonian, Egyptian and Roman Empires. Do you see the connection to modern times? Food for thought.

    1. Umm… The FBI actually conducted a series of studies in the nineties following the popularity of hypnosis and recovered memories. They established that no such Satanic cult activity exists in the US. It never has.

      1. We all know how ethical, moral, honest, open, transparent and righteous the FBI and other alphabet agencies of this world have been… Time to wake up from your deep slumber, me thinks.

        1. You’re baseless theory merely shifted blame. It doesn’t seem to actually lower the numbers at all. There’s no secret satanic or Masonic ritual abuse responsible for all the evils of the world. People are simply attempting to acclimate themselves into their new roles in this country which have shifted quite a lot in a short period of time. Women feel uncomfortable and insecure with their new found strengths and abilities. Men are establishing new boundaries with women because of these changes. Insecurity tends to causes a lot of accusation and misplaced anger.

      2. I conducted a study (sponsored by the NSA) and concluded that womyn with blue hair have no ability to interest men with their vapid opinions. And their tattoos cause cocks to go soft faster than the mention of Lorena Bobbitt.

        1. I suggest you encourage a new case study. I hate to think such horribly flawed findings might, one day, be taken as fact.

  39. I saw this somewhere else:
    I saw a disgusting display of patriarchy on the bus yesterday. It was sweltering and the bus was packed full. An obese lady had to stand due to the lack of seats. She looked very uncomfortable, she was sweating and shaking a little, her “I don’t care for your misogny” tshirt was tight and chaffing. The people sitting were pretty much all male. An old man noticed her having a hard time and being a gentleman, asked if she would like his seat. Not wanting any trouble, the landwhale muttered “o..k-kay” .
    “Sorry miss, I didn’t hear” the old, middle class white man said threatiningly.
    All male eyes were now locked onto the woman.
    “I…” her lip trembled.
    The males started grunting softly. Some craned their necks, leaning forward on their knuckles to see the action better.
    Her eyes welled up in fear, she was trying desperately to remain standing but…
    “Yes please”
    OOOH OOOH AHH AHH!! the bus broke out into a frenzy! The alpha’s of the group began beating their chests. An adolescent swung from the handholds, high on his first taste of oppression. Stripped of her dignity the woman sobbed in her seat.
    That’s right, I witnessed a real, live, RAPE.

  40. Additionally, how many of you gave had another guy confide in you, at any time in your life, that he wanted to rape someone or fantasized about raping someone? Not one single person has ever said those things to me.
    Rape culture is bullshit.

    1. Wow, that’s… I’d never really thought of that and that’s a really good point. I’m going to use that argument from here on out because that’s a slam dunk right there.
      I have also never had a single guy confide in me that he wanted to brutally rape a woman in a dark alley or anything like that. And yet I’ve had guys talk to me about how they wanted to kill someone, but never rape… and of course, murder is a lot worse than rape. Rape culture is a myth.

  41. The line keeps moving. If I go back 20 years there were times where my actions, by today’s standards, could be considered rapey. Then again, by today’s standard of yes-means-yes affirmative and ongoing consent, my girlfriend and I raped each other multiple times over the last few weeks. We were sleeping together and in the morning I grabbed her tits and gave her a hug without first waking her up and obtaining consent: THE HORROR! We were riding on my ebike and she kissed me on the cheek without asking for prior consent: THE HORROR!

  42. As young women continue to binge drink at incredible numbers, even worse than most young men in my opinion, we are going to hear about rape culture, otherwise known as regret culture. If girls were shamed into being more responsible for their actions then perhaps they wouldn’t be so eager to turn into alcohol induced sluts.

  43. Kublai Khan did conquer Afghanistan; the only one to do so. They gave him shit and he ordered that every living thing be killed (men, women, children, and livestock), all the wells filled in, all the buildings burned and torn down, and even the plants and wild animals destroyed. Afghanistan is still feeling the effects of this conquest.

    1. And it will only get worse, then all SJW will be bitching why white men aren’t doing anything to stop it.

  44. You must not have spent much time around college feminists. They sit around telling rape stories with as much bullshit and bravado as men talking about their catch on their last fishing trip, one-upping each other to show their dedication to the Feminist gospel and witness each other’s victimhood.
    It’s literally part of their cult initiation. Every feminist has to be a “survivor.” That’s why they constantly invent new “rape.” Stare-rape, thought-rape, eye-rape, asked-out-for-coffee-in-a-lift-rape, etc.
    They desire rape. It’s their greatest fantasy. But of course only the sexy, passionate, by a hot guy rape.
    But having-two-wine-coolers-then-consensual-sex-with-the-entire-lacrosse-team-but-I-don’t-want-people-to-call-me-a-whore rape is just as serious and the Tyrone-beat-me-then-raped-me-in-an-alley-at-knifepoint rape. And don’t you dare forget it, shitlord.

  45. Ever notice countries with more fat women have a stronger feminist presence but countries with thin attractive women have near zero feminism

  46. There are those groups of idiots who have managed to record rape with their iphones to post on facebook, but that doesn’t actually support a claim that “rape culture” is a thing. People say things like, My mom would murder me and with shows like CSI, murder is everywhere…. and we don’t have “murder culture.” So, I looked up the feminist version, and while the legitimate rape argument is asinine, the idea that women shouldn’t be taught to defend themselves to prevent rape because men should be taught not to rape is every bit as ridiculous. If you don’t accept rides from random strangers, why the hell would you depend on random strangers to protect you?

    All these FEMINISTS and their WHITE KNIGHTS and MANGINAS holding down LADY LIBERTY and BUTT-FUCKING HER for all they got. They strap on all sorts of fucked-up policies and wacky ideas and SCREW THE SHIT out of our YOUNG MEN.
    There is INDEED a RAPE CULTURE– it’s just not the one they would have you believe. RAPE CULTURE is foisted upon us by FEMINISTS.

  48. They title should be If Rape Culture Is So Normal, WhyDon’t You Know A Person Who Has Been Raped” I don’t know a single girl who has even been sexually assaulted either. Some sneaky bitches are twisting stats here

  49. The saddest joke of rape hysteria fails to recognize that when drunk, most if not all men lose the ability to maintain a hard on. They also fail to recognize that most if not all men when confronted with a hysterical / crying / drama queen / also fail to get hard or maintain an erection. So where are all these super men who are able to maintain wood and rape these women with their super pricks ?

  50. That broad with the sign claiming she was raped in a parking garage stairwell? Don’t know about the US, but in the UK most places like that have CCTV which would have corroborated her story. Combine that with a DNA test from a rape kit and she could easily have put her rapist behind bars. No “But I wouldn’t have been believed!” excuses; with the CCTV it won’t be a he said/she said case. If she didn’t go to the police and her rapist went on to attack other women, then she bears a large amount of responsibility for their rapes.

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