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Jezebel vs ROK: Internet Traffic Grudge Match

I’ve been looking over the internet analytics of feminist and manosphere web pages over the last year and the information is pretty surprising.  Take a look at the data and I think you’ll agree that the future looks bright for the manosphere.

1. Growth

If you look at the traffic increase in Jezebel over the last year, it’s respectable. Some months views are up and some months views are down.  Overall, it’s showing about a 66% annual growth.


Now, on the other hand if you look at ROKs—even if you throw out the first and last month as outliers—the growth in its viewership has been meteoric, around 3000%. Could this be being people are starting to respond to the manosphere’s message?


2. Demographics

So what kind of diversity does ROK and Jezebel have?  If you look at data, you won’t be surprised that there aren’t many men hanging out at Jezebel serving as beta orbiters to Lindy West. Somewhat surprising is that everyone reads Jezebel at school. Is it now required for a women’s studies major?


If you check out ROK’s sex ratio, it’s surprisingly close. Could it be that the message is starting to reach women, too?


3. Related Interests

I checked the “audience also likes” metric at Quantcast. ROK readers were pretty much what you’d expect. .


Now I want you to take a wild guess what the Jezzebeans hold nearest and dearest to their hearts.  Is it world hunger? Community Service?  Rape culture? Domestic violence?  No, no, no and no. Most of us already know that modern feminism is a giant shit test and its adherent don’t really care about the nonsense they spew.  Quantcast spills Jeze’s dirty little secrets…


So while Jezebel feminists whine about fat shaming and street harassment, they are deeply concerned with makeup, clothes, and horoscopes. The same people who want you to believe that women make 77 cents on the dollar also look to the stars to tell them of their future.

Here’s a horoscope for Jezebel readers: you will meet a charismatic man. Though you may not be initially attracted to him, he will ignore your tantrums,  put you in your place, and turn you on with his dominance, giving you the rough sex you desire. Then he will go home and log on to his favorite web site, Return Of Kings.

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