Inside The Mind Of The Social Justice Wanker

A social justice warrior, or SJW,  is a person who has made it their mission to rid the world of perceived social injustice. Ironically their methods are often zealous, manipulative, and unjust. The range of “ills” that SJWs campaign against is endless. It could quite literally be anything like sexism, racism, inequality, animal testing, or meat consumption. SJW’s are always on the extreme fringes of the politically left.

The social justice warrior term is a misnomer, for the SJW does nothing more than pester and bully from behind a keyboard. They are actually cowards. It’s important to note that people who actually want to improve the world, however naive their beliefs may be, are going to third world countries and offering their time, knowledge, and manpower to improve the lives of others. These are not SJW’s, but aid workers, comprised of teachers and doctors who risk their lives as they combat disease, illiteracy, and famine. By comparison, the SJW is a couch potato whose level of contribution ranges from retweeting lies to ranting on Youtube about sexism in video games.

I henceforth propose that the term SJW should be changed from social justice warrior to social justice wanker. An SJW can be either male or female, however the latter is far more common and enjoys a significantly higher degree of influence, as there is always a ready stream of beta male orbiters available to do the female SJW’s bidding.

SJW’s confuse justice with spite, harassment, and vengeance. Take for instance the donglegate case. Adria Richards, a feminist SJW, released a picture over Twitter of two developers she overheard making a dongle joke during the PyCon software convention. As a consequence the two men were fired, one of whom had three kids and wife to support. This latter triggered the notorious hacker, “for-chin”, to take over her website. Following the dongle gate case, her employer sacked her.

As mentioned earlier, the SJW’s do not care for real cases of racism or sexism which can be found in developing nations. As one blogger put it:

“Modern feminists and Social Justice Warriors, having fixated on the flaws of the highly progressive and rights-sensitive culture of the West they are embedded in, have a tendency to see Western culture as soiled and unjust, while other cultures have greater authenticity and deserve respect. Thus it is when you discuss the genital mutilation practiced by some Muslims on girls or the pogroms against the Muslim Rohingya people of Burma by Buddhists, their outrage is muted by a desire to agitate only against the villains in their own parent culture. They take to Twitter to emotionalize the kidnapping of hundreds of young girls by Boko Haram while failing to exert their outrage on behalf of the hundreds of boys killed in similar incidents.”

SJWs display the traits of religious fanatics. Just like a cult, they indoctrinate those that are most socially vulnerable. They isolate them and extract resources from them.

“The modern definition of a mind control cult is any group which employs mind control and deceptive recruiting techniques. In other words cults trick people into joining and coerce them into staying. This is the definition that most people would agree with. Except the cults themselves of course!” –

Weak-willed people are specifically vulnerable to SJW ideology, as they have a pathological need for a sense of belonging. Once they are in, they are about exclusivity and not inclusivity. They spend time and energy making themselves stand out as the most oppressed of the group in order to gain standing. They do not wish to end the perceived ills they claim to fight for, because they thrive on it! It makes them feel relevant. The newly-indoctrinated SJW becomes belligerent with those around him, and will start to alienate friends and family.

An anonymous ex-SJW described his (?) experience:

“I was pretty strong into the “social justice” crowd. Looking back, that whole thing seems like a cult. It lures in vulnerable people, especially young people. People who are going through puberty and trying to figure out their sexuality. People who might be dealing with disability or mental illness, or those whose family is breaking up.

It sucks them in by spoon feeding the idea that they are special and worthy. It guilts them if they don’t treat everybody else as special and worthy too. It starts forcing you to see everybody as being in a hierarchy Then it gets you to alienate yourself from your friends. Your friends sometime makes racist/sexist jokes? Cut her out of your life. Got any conservative friends? Cut them out of your life. Got any friends who are white straight men? Cut them out of your life. They are oppressors. Constantly berate people if they slip up, because everybody else must be held to the same standard that you are and no other ways of thinking are ”right”.

Then it tells you to start criticising and trying to change your family. It tells you to “call out” any little thing they do “wrong”. It warps your perception until you are a victim and constantly on the defence. It breaks you off from everybody and makes you feel awful for things you cannot control, and then, if you disagree or start questioning, it cuts you off from the only support you have left, and you are attacked and viciously berated. Maybe if you grovel enough they’ll let you be redeemed and come back, but if you will never be allowed to forget the one mistake you made.

Eventually I found anti-SJW blogs, where people were actively critiquing these concepts and the SJW culture. Originally I felt nothing but hatred for them, but then the words started to sink in. I started questioning whether this was really “right”. I saw how so many people leading the crowd were hugely hypocritical. I realised that I had been causing the problems in my life, not “oppression”. I apologised to my family for how I had been acting and I am lucky that they still supported me. I had lost a lot of friends, including some people I was very close to. It has taken me a long time to rebuild those relationships. It was a very bad period of my life, and one that took me a lot of effort to drag myself away from.” –Source

The SJW cult is socially driven by the collective, as there is no leader. In order to pull rank within their movement, SJWs accuse others of being less revolutionary than they are, and thus framing their own as heretics or anti-revolutionaries, just like in the French Reign Of Terror.

The SJW movement is a neo-inquisition, shielding itself from scrutiny by using the old card trick of accusing their critics of sexism, racism, and other -isms. These people are in no position to deal with justice. They are single minded, they do not accept rebuttals, and they respond to criticism by character assassination of their critics.

SJW’s are notoriously single-minded and cannot cope with criticism. When they are confronted on their ideology they resort to censorship.

Social justice wankers are characterized by their narcissistic personality disorder. They get mutual validation and reinforcement from other SJWs. They have a hive mind mentality enforced by sessions of groupthink.

 “The majority of these people show disturbing signs of narcissistic personality disorder- anything said is reinterpreted as accusation and attack on them, those accusations are instantly reflected back at the accuser, they are incapable of assuming responsibility for their own actions or their situation, they see themselves as morally perfect, they constantly redefine and invent dismissive language and rhetoric to suit their agenda, and they always underline how they are being unjustly persecuted.”

The next time you see someone making outlandish claims of victimhood in the name of “social justice,” keep in mind their ulterior motives. Avoid the wanker’s influence at all costs.

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197 thoughts on “Inside The Mind Of The Social Justice Wanker”

  1. do you consider anti- police brutality and anti- mass incarceration activists as SJWs in the same category?
    I would consider Adria Richards as very different in character from Cato Institute’s Copwatch, for example.

    1. that’s because most of the people in Govt. are SJWs…. with the wanker part being emphasized….

    2. Being watchful for police abuses of civil rights does NOT make you an SJW by default.
      Cato, for the most part, is about freedom and the constitution.
      Can you imagine an SJW talking honestly about the constitution? I can’t.

    3. I think the SJWs in question are the tumblr kinds who see oppression behind every tree and put a premium on being professional victims

      1. ”Women and homosexuals are prohibited from commenting here. They will be
        immediately banned, and anyone who replies to them will also be banned.”


        Women should not be validated for going into a male space.

    4. Copwatch includes actual work, filming and such. Now I am not 100% on the cop watch thing, not all cops are crooked, Ferguson is an example of how a police officer was dragged under by P.C.B.S because of the subversive notion. that “all cops are pigs”. It is just not the case. There is as much need for organisations and watchdogs keeping an eye on police brutality as there is a need to trust the police to do its job.

      1. Actually, I think it was more the notion of “Al sharpton desperately trying to appear relevant” and “Take focus off of criminal niggers by trying to prove crackers are worse.”

  2. I henceforth propose that the term SJW should be changed from social justice warrior to social justice wanker.

    No need. We already have a word for SJWs, they’re called demagogues.

  3. They are single minded, they do not accept rebuttals, and they respond to criticism by character assassination of their critics.
    (They) are notoriously single-minded and cannot cope with criticism. When they are confronted on their ideology they resort to censorship.
    (They) are characterized by their narcissistic personality disorder. They get mutual validation and reinforcement from other(s). They have a hive mind mentality enforced by sessions of groupthink.
    …sounds familiar, huh?

    1. SJW’s are leftists, leftism is a highly emotional set of ideals and values that have little basis in fact or reality, ergo, it is by its nature feminine. It’s no mistake that most SJW’s are shrill, shrieking women.

      1. It is important to recognize the flaws of both extremes. While it is true that there is no such thing as a completely objective judge, often the things we target with our criticism is also something that reflects our own nature. Is the social justice movement flawed? Yes, very. But the characteristics of the SJ movement that this site picks out and admonishes are actually remarkably similar to the ones that the MRA movement embodies.

        1. I do not believe that this is an MRA site. If I remember correctly, the MRA movement is headed by women and employs feminist tactics.

        2. this isn’t an mra site, go cry to paul elam
          besides, even if this place exhibits similar characteristics, there is a key difference: We’re right

        3. But the characteristics of the SJ movement that this site picks out and admonishes are actually remarkably similar to the ones that the MRA movement embodies.

          This isn’t an MRA website but I’m sure the similarities found in MRM have absolutely nothing to with it being a countermovement (read: backlash) to feminism. -__-

        4. Technically it could fall under the umbrella, but it’s sort of like… the next stop on the train starting at AVFM, passing through Matt Forney and the spearhead, a short stop here, next stop Taki’s Magazine, after that the radish, final station Jim’s Blog.
          Your journey towards the Dark enlightenment is complete, young one… and guess what? we really DO have cookies.

      2. “Particularly on the Left, political thought is a sort of masturbation fantasy in which the world of facts hardly matters.”
        – George Orwell

    2. The reality of a riot, LA, London, St Louis, has a tendency to thin that herd.
      Once a Leftie sees the lumpenprole looting or raping, the sight can never be erased.

  4. This shit was going unchallenged until gamergate. Once they infested gaming publications and then directly assaulted gamers and tried to brand them with their bullshit “isms” they got more push back than they expected. Adria Richards learned the hard way and that should have served as a heads up to the SJWs to leave people alone in gaming and technology. Here is a weird kind of analogy; remember Steven Segual was a big action star in the late eighties and early nineties, then he became an environmentalist and tried to impose his views in a string of failed movies. Remember Kirk Cameron became a born again christian and tried to incorporate that into his television show and the viewership plummeted. Both of those guys learned people don’t want your politics in their entertainment, they just want entertainment. The SJWs thought they could get away with giving awards to shitty games (Gone Home), promoting shitty games on steam (Depression Quest), awarding finger waging cunts who spew venom (feminist frequency) with ambassador trophies , and getting a bunch of people who do not even fucking play video games to shit all over our hobby and the people that love it(#notyoushield) and it was all going to hunky fucking dory? Seriously?!
    Fuck SJWs they overplayed their hand.

      1. You realize that all your Gamergate thing did was make a larger proportion of the population realize what creepy, misogynistic little boys this sector of the gaming population is, right? No one who wasn’t already a member of your club was convinced in any way of your agenda. Everything besides “this particular woman was a bad girlfriend” was delusion and fabrication.

        1. Is that what you think, cunt?
          Go play any game and see what the general population is like – all misogynistic by SJ standards
          In fact ppl who even dare insinuate equalist faggotry are piled on by the rest
          Suck it up

        2. Yeah?
          How many guys outside american liberal bubbles believe in feminist horseshit?
          equalists make angry virgins look manly by comparison

        3. You argue like a SJW woman, emotion and insult no facts. I am not a virgin, I am not white, I do not live in my mothers basement. I am a gamer and I resent people trying to pollute my hobby and push their agenda on my entertainment. I did not care about femfreq, I do not care who Zoey fucks. I do care that Steam pushes her bullshit game when other games were more deserving of their support. Gone Home sucked and did not deserve an award. And what kills me is by supporting substandard games by women you hold hard working women who actually make good games back. A woman was involved in Halo, a kick ass game, think she would ever attach her name to some bullshit like Depression Quest? If you really want to help include women in gaming and programming judge them as you would a man when they submit projects for awards anything less is the soft bigotry of low expectations. By the way David I am black so when you respond “check your privilege”(sarcasm , fuck your privilege, talk to me like you would anyone, that is how adults communicate.)

        4. Sñr.Alvaro, he determinado que su cuenta de Disdqs la usa
          únicamente para sembrar incordio en esta website. Todos sus comentarios son flamebait. Apenas censuramos en el ROK, sin embargo used no tiene intención de debatir sino de molestar.
          Por favor lea detenidamente las reglas de ROK.


          Si usted continua persistiendo en derailing
          disqus comentarios será bloqueado.

        5. Mr.Alvaro, I have noted that your entire discus thread exists with the sole purpose of derailing disqus comments. We hardly ever censor comments, notwithstanding, your actions prove that you have no interest in debating but flamebaiting.
          Given your dislike of this site, I must wonder why you insist on returning here, time and time again.
          Please familiarise yourself with the rules page.


        6. I agree. I support gamers, period. If you have to identify as a ‘girl gamer’ or ‘woman gamer’.. you aren’t a gamer period. You just want attention.
          I only included the video because i support it’s overall message of not letting SJW’s attempt to brush Gamergate under the rug by claiming it’s just one big misogynistic white privilege machine making noise. The fact that so many people of all skin colors, creeds, sexuality, nationality etc.. and including a fuck ton of WOMEN came out to support gamergate and decry crony journalism and not letting SJW’s use them as a shield from criticism was just awe inspiring. I’m sure many an SJW suffered from PTSD from that hehe

        7. Stop being a stooge for females while they laugh at you behind your back, clown. Haven’t you heard, women already have a pussy and they don’t need another one, Mr. White-knight.

        8. I’ve seen you around here before, and honestly, I don’t know why you haven’t been banned. You are either a troll, a faggot or a woman, all of which aren’t welcome here. I already deal with emotionally charged, Ad Hominem digressions from cognitively disabled faggots and women irl; I don’t need it here, too.

    1. The nerds offer strongest resistance because they never gave a shit about what girls thought of them to begin with
      what irony

      1. No. Women treat nerds like shit. So nerds do not want to hear “respect women” from the very same people that treat them like shit.

      2. Very true.
        Social outcast until the herd decided games were cool and girls could game too.
        I find it depressing that you can be called a ‘gamer’ now for playing Candy Crush on your fucking iPhone.
        I grew up with an Atari 2600 and an Apple //c.
        I was fucking around with 1200 baud modems and BBS’s before the internet existed.
        I was adding ram/graphics cards in my 386 DX/40 on my own.
        I was tinkering with autoexecs and configsys’s trying to eek out every last drop of Bill Gate’s 640k of ram before higher memory access was allowed.
        I built my own fucking gaming rigs from the ground up.
        I spent a small fortune upgrading my rigs to run the latest and greatest graphic cards, driving hardware sales that pushed video game companies to push even higher more insane levels of graphic fidelity and detail on each hardware evolution.
        I was fragging fuckers in DOOM competitions. I was hunting T’s in Counterstrike beta right up to Source.
        I was there at the dawn of the 3d Voodoo gfx revolution all the way into the Nvidia/ATI war for graphic supremacy.
        Each and every one of these fucking social justice warriors can go fucking lie down on the train tracks. I loved gaming, and paid the price in being socially ostracized and outcast during the period of the tech revolution/evolution that would ultimately end in everyone having more processor and graphic power on their phone today than a room full of computers would have 20+ years ago. Only now that the fruits of our passion and labor (and years of enduring the ‘loser’ catcalls) end up in the convenience of playing some stupid phone app.. you now have the audacity to call yourself a ‘gamer’ because it’s now convenient and cool with no social penalty?
        Just fucking die already. No respawn for you either.

        1. I was going to write a reply but you said everything I was going to and probably better than I would have put it.

        2. “loser catcalls” is a fucking genius expression… where did you get that or is it original?

        3. oddly enough, i just made it up on the spot since my gf sent me a text 5 minutes earlier about getting a catcall while waiting at the bus stop. i told her she should be thankful of her genetics that she gets noticed. she still didn’t like it.
          so i applied the reverse. ignored guys who get attention, but the kind of attention they don’t want. would rather be ignored than noticed in this case.

        4. I would like to add that 8 year old toddlers risked serving prison time in Greece among rapists and murderers during the 80s, for their heinous crime of playing pac-man in arcade rooms. Now THATS sacrifice!!

      3. Quite a perceptive point. The average 17 year old girl will always be far more interested in her social standing, boyfriends, attracting bad boys than in maths, games, computers or anything like that. Indeed they mock and laugh at the guys who withdraw into that world.
        And now, complete with beta male games journalists, they turn around and demand everyone kiss their asses.
        I’m not a gamer but I am very glad that the gamers pushed back even with almost all the mainstream media against them as well as it seems much of gaming journalism.
        The SJW types are always lurking. I read the telegraph in England, a fairly serious newspaper for the most part, and it sometimes has articles about games and technology and I’ve seen articles by a man called Nathan Ditum, whingeing and moaning about why there aren’t more women in tech, coding, start-ups, about the way games characters are different for men and women (shock, horror, it’s almost as if men and women are different) etc. I thought it was a weird thing to complain about in what is mainly a hobby and interest for boys and men so I read up about him and found out he’s married to a far-left feminist extremist called Sarah Ditum who somehow has a “career” as a professional offence taker on twitter as well as churning out articles about how oppressed she is by white men. So suddenly her ideas, filtered through her beta male provider, are in the pages of an apparently respectable newspaper. They’re always there, we should be more assiduous in calling them out and I say thanks to the geeks, gamers and the rest who have done.
        The male brain is much better suited to maths, for the most part, than the female, as well as problem solving, logic etc. This coupled with the way teenaged boys get trampled over by teenage girls wanting older men/ bad boys (who themselves get angry when they’re 35 and find those guys then chasing 18 year olds!) all means that among say 14-19 year olds, very few girls will become obsessed with or successful in coding and maths etc and therefore they don’t study those subjects at uni. This naturally is reflected in the industry as a whole.
        I don’t say this to diminish women. They can succeed in many areas (and some do in coding, the door is open to them, there are no restrictions at all – indeed some companies such as Apple and Google pathetically state openly they will favour women candidates) and of course have a higher calling in children and family life, but they will never excel at maths in the way boys and men do. Watch out for ever more articles demanding 50/50 splits in coding courses at university etc.
        We need to all fight back – thanks to the gamers for making a start. To return to Terry Xu’s point, it is likely in part because they were treated like shit by girls all their lives and also the gamers are by nature into maths and logic and easily see through the distortions, bad statistics and just plain strangeness of modern feminism.

        1. ”I don’t say this to diminish women.”
          Don’t apologize for your views. Truth is truth no matter what others thinks. Women make inferior men. Men make inferior Women.
          If the latter 2 statements are offensive. You need to just accept it. Its like being angry at gravity for breaking your legs if you fall from too high.

      4. ***Cue Pokemon music***
        “Wild Girl used pussy on Beta! Its super effective! Beta is confused, Beta is in the friend-zone!”
        “Enough Beta! Return! Nerdy-guy I choose you!”
        “Wild Girl used pussy on Nerdy-Guy! No effect! Girl’s pussy dried up!”
        “Use rape-attack Nerdy-Guy! No effect! Nerdy-guy is tired! Nerdy-Guy fainted!”
        “Wild Girl is bored! Wild Girl’s iPhone ran out of battery! Wild Girl died!”
        ***End Pokemon music***
        Stay tuned for the next episode of Pokébitches.

      5. Because the girls never gave a shit about them to begin with. Egg chicken, chicken egg. Gamers were invisible, until something made gaming go pop.
        My correction, girls would not even make a gift of their shit to the nerds.

      1. I like when was hauling around his fat bloated carcus pretending he was a Sheriff. Real believable.

    2. That was a Master Takedown, that ROK helped with. You know the first time an employer catches and employee with their hands in the till, its never the first time. Don’t think this was the first time Feminists have faked “attacks” to curry support.

      1. Master Takedown? of an anonymous internet user? I’m sure his life is destroyed now.

    3. Steven Seagal never recovered from the Nineties. In the Eighties he was lean, fit and used excellent fighting technique in his movies. In the Nineties he got fat and lazy and began using camera tricks to hide his poor technique. Now he is obese and slow. His movies are now an embarrassment.

    4. SJWs are just females who complain all the time and their white knights.
      Just ignore the females who complain all the time.
      White Knights, however, are the real problem… Without them the complaining women have no power.
      White Knights are useful enforcers of healthy morality in a sane society, but today’s society shits all over them, and they shouldn’t be fighting for that. Also, white knighting signals to women that you are easily controllable: which is a turn off that makes it less likely for you to get laid.

  5. Equality is the shaky foundation upon all left wing thought is built. It is taken to be some kind of ultimate virtue, when there are no such absolutes.
    Equal rights, fine.
    Equal compensation for equal work (as defined by results), fine.
    Equal treatment, depends on situation.
    Every other form of equality is undesirable. People are not inherently equal. We want a world where at least some people will excel, tower above the rabble and drive mankind forward, be it through ability, strength, or wealth. I’d rather have a pyramid that reaches new heights, elevates at least a portion of the population, rather than a flat line where everybody is mediocre or worse.
    It’s no surprise that most SJWs are young, naive, and idealistic kids who’ve yet to realize that the world is not a nice place, life is not fair, people aren’t equal. The fact that the leftist elites in colleges must rely on children and victims as their support base tells you volumes about their ideas.

    1. Leftists become the kind of friends that hate you when you are doing well for yourself… it is threatening to them… rather than take your invite to focus on self-improvement and rise up they will find ways of bringing you down to their level when you least expect it.

      1. This is exactly why there are zero articles on any feminist site that deals with women improving themselves in any way. Its all about bringing everyone down to their level so they dont feel so ugly/dumb/fat/poor. I dont know a single attractive SJW, male or female.

        1. Agree. It’s the foundation for the “fat acceptance” and other acceptance movements by feminists (and white knights).
          Don’t improve…just keep getting fat and everyone should accept it.
          It’s delusional and dangerous thinking by that bunch.

        2. This quite a salient point. I did a quick Google search on “female improvement” and got “Did you mean: female empowerment” and literally not one link to something relating to self-improvement for women, all of it was how others (re: government) can improve things for women. (
          Same search for “male improvement” and dozens of links for self-improvement – habits, steps, tips, guides (as well as the inevitable penis enlargements).
          It’s just one example of how some men attempt to improve themselves for the better, whereas most women want others to change their attitudes to benefit them without doing anything.

      2. welcome to the entire philosophy behind the progressive movement. Their treatment mirrors Caligula’s ‘death machine’.

      3. Nothing bothers a leftist more than when you tell them that you have a gun “because you can”. They always ask in that tone that you need to make an excuse for it, on the manner that you must win their approval or have a reason they agree with to do anything.
        I tell them that real liberty does not require someone elses approval or permission.
        I once stopped a woman in her tracks with that statement. She got that flushed “turned on” look.

        1. “Did he just get away with saying that!!!??? Must….. fight… patriarchy… dammit my pussy just got wet again…. FFFUUUUUAARRRCCCKKKK!!! “

        2. sure she did. i bet you think a lot of the women you talk to get that turned on look don’t you?

        3. That’s pretty much it. I once had a man child tell me that he didn’t need guns, not even to take out a home invader or rapist. His girlfriend dumped him that week. He thought he was impressing her.
          Freedom is right there for those who are ready to just take it. No excuses, no “need” for this or that. I do it because I can and answer to nobody. The control freak statist/feminist/SJWs cannot stand it and if they bother with words, I make it worse for them and remind that that all those words changed nothing.
          They actually think their feelings matter.

        4. “That’s pretty much it. I once had a man child tell me that he didn’t need guns, not even to take out a home invader or rapist. His girlfriend dumped him that week. He thought he was impressing her.”
          This is amazing lol
          I’m not an American so I don’t know as much about it as I should. I guess what you’re saying is that to own a gun as a civilian (even though its perfectly legal) is looked down on by the social justice wankers?

        1. This is certainly a basic human trait. We get jealous of each other. I just think that leftists (specifically SJWs) see this jealousy as a source of virtue.

    2. If I’m a supervisor hiring a computer programmer, I don’t care if they’re black, white, purple, or have three legs.
      If a supervisor cares if their employee is black, white, a man or a woman, they’re caring for their personal prejudices more than their shareholders – and the shareholders are the most important.
      60 years ago, employers couldn’t hire qualified black people, and they had way less productivity.

      1. Institutional racism has held back American economic potential?
        America is very nearly done with under the assault of racial equalitarianism.

        1. You are just a shit starter, I actually thought you were trying to have a discussion. You are a time waster. Everyone on this thread ignore this person, nothing constructive to be gained here. Daniel it was a total blast wasting my cognitive energy on you, enjoy your life…

        2. *egalitarianism
          At one time, there were very real barriers to hiring a black, Hispanic or Asian guy in a mainstream business. But today, minorities especially South Asians are an integral part of Silicon Valley.
          Tell me how America is very nearly done with because an Indian guy and a white guy have the same chances in today’s tech.

        3. For much of its history the US (period of rapid and aggressive growth) structurally racist against non-whites.
          Now? Mired in debt and crushed economically.

        4. Have you run the numbers on the US economy? A 1914 type cataclysm isn’t far off.
          And are you talking about HB1 visas? have you worked in the industry yourself? Technology is technology. No one with a good idea is going to stopped from making the programme/design/product.
          That’s simply never existed in enlightened university system, still less in commerce.
          Jim Crow had specific aims.

        5. Yeah, the economy has improved SO much since 1960, hasn’t it? Tell me even ONE single invention that has been made since 1950 besides refinement of existing tech.

        6. I am masturbating right now, in my mothers basement, enjoying my white privilege, while rubbing my neck beard and penis simultaneously. what do you have on sexy?

        7. One might expect a correction from the post ww2 Pax Economica (50% of GDP to around what?) but the fall has been precipitous. The change in social structure might be connected, though a cause and effect is always tough in economics and sociology, and Americans can look at the last 40-20 odd years and feel that something has BADLY gone wrong.

        8. I love how you type Danielle, put your finger in your ass for me, I am watching anime porn thinking about how you smell..

        9. In case you didn’t know, there is a rule about speaking to chicks. It’s not permitted. I understand the temptation in this particular case. I also like debating ignorant people. It’s fun watching them trip over their enormous flaws in logic. You can easily go to a site like Salon or Huffpo and embarrass them at will, especially in the area of economics (they don’t know jack shit about econ). Just acquainting you with the ROK protocols. Peace!

        10. Buy some bleach. Ebola has landed in Houston. A filthy Muh Dik such as yourself is probably a vector for the virus.

        11. oh my god. i love the internet. it’s a goldmine for stupid insults. that’s about it.

        12. Mired in debt and crushed economically.
          So is Japan(99% Native population) and the more homogenous Eastern Europe.
          The increased availability of birth control(too many people retiring, too few to replace them) is the real reason for the debt crisis.

    3. The liberal agenda is to make you think on their terms and eventually normalize certain behavior.
      You are to use politically correct words, you have to respect everyone as equals (even if they are lazy pieces of shit), you have to sympathize and agree with their BS (the “plight” of women and how the feminist movement is completely non-biased), and basically have the starry-eyed world-views that a child has (“guns are bad, they kill people”)
      They are a disease and the reason why we are becoming weaker and weaker with each passing generation. Kids nowadays are more narcissistic than ever, while having no grounds to think so highly of themselves. But, under the liberal agenda, they are a valued part of society for being an ‘individual’ and an individual is ‘inherently the same as anyone else and whom deserves respect’.
      Thus this makes people feel special for simply existing, and this inevitably leads to an entitled mindset.
      God help us if Hillary and the Democrats win the next election.

  6. I just watched that skit of Regine and Daniel Craig… I don’t know if I can read this article now… that was too much I’m trying to eat breakfast here…

  7. Genetic inferority mixed in with modern artificial sheltering of the mind form the real world and constantly raised with Disney fairy tale like beliefs that tells them that they are special little cupcakes that deserve everything they wish even thought they never accomplished anything in their short, pathetic lives creates this extreme sense of narcissism and entitlement that eventually manifest itself into what we call an Social Justice Warrior. A group of people who have never done anything for the world or society they live in yet demand that the entire world and everyone in it bend to their will. Arrogance to the greatest of extremes humanly possible. Their entire vocabulary consisted of: Shitloard, Neckbeard, Sexist, Racism, Misogynist, Homophobes, and every other ism you can think of. Words have no real semantic meaning to them, they are not words that reflect a reality
    in any way. To SJW’s words only exist solely as weapons on anyone who dares tell them that their beliefs are infantile, childish nonsense that have no reference outside their (small) imaginations. Truly the scum of the earth. Hopefully natural selection will take care of these degenerates and hopefully they never get to pass down their pathetic, undeserving genes.

    1. Modern artificial sheltering is due to the advancement in science and technology.
      Genetic inferiority? I suppose you’re a eugenics fascist?

  8. Listened to the radio earlier about a guy that owns 9 pubs in Dublin saying he prefers to have Irish people front of house in the pubs as they are suited to producing an Irish atmosphere in the bars. Later in the day a female SJW, head of the immigrant council of Ireland comes on with the usual blather about what does being Irish mean, etc…luckily the interviewer wasn’t taking the usual SJW multicultural horseshit and told her to go into any Indian or Chinese restaurant and see how many Irish are working there. The SJW fuktard proceeded with her groundless figures and conclusions (17% of the population born outside the country, bullshit, its more like 10%), hardly letting the interviewer have a word in edgeways. These people get into all these made up jobs, bleeding taxpayers dry, polluting the air with their fuked up theories and fuked up language. They should be derided at every available opportunity.

    1. These people who deride the markets and constantly try and tax to help the megarich by default. 1/3 of all businesses could fail within next 10 years due to economic uncertainty. I really want to see if these people will survive. The culling process is long overdue.

  9. This piece is funny as shit. With no irony, you make a series of criticisms of all activists but yourselves, none of which apply to any other kind of activist any more than they do to you guys.
    I especially like “SJW’s are notoriously single-minded and cannot cope with criticism. When they are confronted on their ideology they resort to censorship. Social justice wankers are characterized by their narcissistic personality disorder. They get mutual validation and reinforcement from other SJWs. They have a hive mind mentality enforced by sessions of groupthink.”
    Those four sentences, if you replace “SJW” with “MRA,” would be the perfect glib analysis of Return of Kings.
    And if anyone believes that the “anonymous ex-SJW” quote is real, I feel truly sorry for you.

    1. This isn’t an MRA site.
      Bad shot and wrong target. An iron rule of marksmanship is to be sure of your target before you pull the trigger. You sir, are a bad marksman.

      1. Guys, stop answering it. The name Alvaro is fake, it doesn’t seem to understand Espanol. The word “creepy” up above is a dead giveaway: it’s a cunt.

        1. Right, it’s been a while since I replied to “him”. Once you see no change in behavior and no remorse for being a fool, you figure that the person is here only to stir shit.

        2. and “bitter little men who can’t get laid” is another.
          Also she “feels truly sorry for us”.
          Females sockpuppeting as men are commonplace but their girl-talk quickly reveals them. No man masquerades as a female on feminist sites but there have been a few times when I wanted to adopt the name “Mehgyn B. McFeministing” and join some feminist conversations.

    2. You: hurp derp drp
      This isn’t an mra site and we’re not activists
      You’re here, aren’t you? Go try dissent on a feminist blog

    3. Everyone have their opinions. You dont have to be a SJW for that. Difference is that they are not able to defend their opinions with anything else than butthurt emotions. Never logic.
      MRAs DO defend their opinions with logic. They do not try to shame anyone who dont agree with them, or get them fired, which is SJWs preferred strategy.
      You cant really compare the two. Btw we’re not even MRAs here though there is an overlap.

    4. You do realize ROK did like a full week of articles deriding MRAs right? Go google it then come back and edit your comment.
      Then on top of that, you don’t have any actual criticism to discuss. Give examples of what you are describing and then a conversation can occur.
      Here is my question though, how come none of your ilk are intelligent? Your comment above, as I explained, is dripping with misinformation and stupidity.
      Another question, why are you here if you hate the website so much? Don’t you have anything better to do?

      1. Judging by his feed, @David Alvaro:disqus has been trolling RoK for quite some time. Just flag his comments and hope the moderators eventually ban him.

        1. Thanks for being a living example of the point I was making by quotin that paragraph. Censor him! He’s defying the groupthink of the hive mind!

        2. Fuck you, you’re a living example of what this article is all about. Hive mind, group think…guess what punk you ain’t perfect or morally superior. Now go away and cry.

        3. Dave, I’m a rationalist. Contribute something of merit to the discourse and I’ll change my tune. Until then I’ll be waiting for you to be blocked.

        4. You have nothing to censor, since you contribute nothing but bile and insults. Censorship of ideas is an evil, telling a stupid person waving his dick around on the street corner to find some other place to be retarded on the other hand is a benefit to the whole of society.

        5. Alvaro seems like a white knight general, but I agree with him on the “ban” thing. It’s useless to ban anyone. I’ll go a step further and say it’s childish, immature. Sounds like some shit women and kids would do. If Alvaro gets banned, he’ll just post again as a guest. Banning him will have done nothing.

        6. Guests accounts were disabled for that exact reason and the number of trolls dropped dramatically but more importantly, @disqus_kv8ywC1edF:disqus is no different than an angry female troll who only argues moot points and uses insults to derail any meaningful discourse we might have. If you think preserving one of the few male spaces left for honest dialogue is “childish” then you may have more in common with Dave than you think.

        7. Oh I was unaware that they disabled guest posting abilities. Still, if he’s dedicated enough, he’ll make another account. Or five.
          Also, this is the internet. I’m not too concerned with preserving a space that’s digital, where if I don’t want to see a comment I can just scroll past it. That’s why all this banning hoopla, to me, is childish. Not like real life, where the importance of male-only spaces cannot be understated. But again, THIS RIGHT HERE is the fucking internet. Big difference.

        8. It’s hardly a space for honest dialogue when you ban anyone who isn’t agreeing with all of you.

        9. Have you read his posts? Has he presented one valid argument that doesn’t end with insults? Yes or no?

        10. It has made a multitude of personal attacks, all of them extremely predictable: virgin, mother’s basement, can’t get laid.

      2. You’re so right dude. That’s why academia is so full of anti-feminist intellectuals and so devoid of progressives.

        1. Ya I am sure your gender studies professor is a rocket scientist. You know they say if you are not a liberal in your 20s you have no heart, if you are not a conservative in your 40s you have no brain. Perhaps it’s time to grow up?
          How come none of these super intelligent academia post on this website. Is it because they have better things to do?
          Btw, are you going to walk back your comment about MRAs or are you going to let your stupidity stand?

        2. You guys can use “SJW” to lump together all people with different politics from you, and I’m stupid for calling you guys MRAs? I guess the difference is that a tiny percentage of MRAs are specifically active on legitimate policy issues, while this is strictly a community of bitter little men seeking scapegoats to blame for their celibacy or lack of success. Is that better?

        3. Sñr.Alvaro, he determinado que su cuenta de Disdqs la usa
          únicamente para sembrar incordio en esta website. Todos sus comentarios son
          flamebait. Apenas censuramos en el ROK.
          Por favor lea detenidamente las reglas de ROK.


          Si usted continua persistiendo en derailing
          disqus comentarios será bloqueado.

        4. Seeing as no one here subscribes to same views as MRAs, using your logic, we’d call them SJWs as well but we don’t because the matter deserves a more nuanced view. Further, I doubt anyone here would quality as a celibate. Btw, I’m still flagging your comments but in the meantime, troll harder.

        5. Sorry to burst your bubble, buddy, but no one here cares about ‘Mens rights’. They acknowledge that no one deserves any ‘rights’ that they are not willing to take or die to defend. The closest we come to MRA is being tired of dumbshits like you defending the rights of special interest groups.

        6. My mistake. I get all the self-help cults for people looking to blame anyone but themselves for their inability to get laid confused.

      3. Jackson: for examples, see every single response I got to my posts here. Every single claim made in the article about SJWs (except that they are mostly female) has been abundantly demonstrated by your peers in this community.
        Even if you stand behind your sociopolitical beliefs, any of you who claim to be guided by logic or rationalism (and not the people who are threatening to shit in my mouth and so forth) should at least be able to acknowledge that these attributes are shared by any monolithic group, and the code of conduct for this website essentially prescribes most of them.

      1. I don’t know, self-awareness? I’m not offended at all. I think it’s beyond hilarious that your little cult is so myopic that they not only could read something like this and not perceive their own reflection, but could not even see that when so many of you leaped to prove my point by doing exactly what I suggested in response to my comment.
        You are criticizing your opponents by pointing out that they do things that not only do all ideological groups do to some extent, but which you guys do almost exclusively.
        It’s extra funny when you guys do it, arguing that you are the only men who are truly masculine while in the same breath whining to the mods to protect you from the ultimate abuse of someone inserting anything out of lockstep with your group therapy sessions. You are the most sensitive, scared, insecure group of macho men ever.

        1. This is a forum where people discuss ideas relevant to a certain ground base. It may differ from a SJW in that we hardly want to change the dominant culture, we don’t want to save your soul from the evil that is feminism. In the same way that a SJW may want to save some insert cause.If you choose to be here its of your own volition. You try and promote self awareness but at the same time are not aware that you are as unlikely to change my mind as I am to change yours.

  10. Social justice warriors are inferior people trying to force others to treat them like they are special. What did society expect from a feminist generation of babies who were all told they were special and that they all deserved a medal. I remember in the 90s rush Limbaugh making fun of these millennials and saying how they would be when they got older. . He was spot on. .

    1. Shush with the millennials. These fuckers are all ages. Plenty of Gen X bitter women. Mostly women lol.

  11. I have had to go through an entire process to make new friends that reflect my new more positive attitude and outlook on life. Do you know how fucking difficult that is among older millennials? Where everyone is either a mangina or have their personality so entrenched in this social justice shit it’s beyond belief. The other problem is that even when people agree with my attitudes, they usually have an extremely negative outlook on life, and those people can be just as toxic. Thankfully I found a bunch more friends that offer myefar more in terms of fulfillment than most other things in life. That anonymous story from the ex-sjw is one of the most powerful signs on how it is exactly like a cult. It takes into account what many(including myself) have noticed among people in the “Social Justice Warrior Club”.
    One amazing sign of cult-like behavior is the microscopic lens they’ll put your life under(big brother is watching) and drag you down for any minor slip-up. If you try and apologize for the incident it doesn’t matter, there will always be more hardcore members who will talk shit about you wherever you go. The video below is a great example of this behavior. They don’t care ultimately, as I’ve said numerous times, social justice warriors are simply UNHAPPY people. Even if everything in the world was perfect they would still find reasons to be unhappy, so don’t listen to them.

    1. Ugh, the whole making new friends thing. I can’t stand wading through this minefield of leftists. Luckily, I was a part of very conservative strong male institutions in HS and college (with a multitude of like-minded men), but I hear what you’re saying

  12. i was an SJW. i’d spew that shit all over facebook, real life, whatever platform i had access to to intellectually cum all over the brains of every willing listener. jesus christ. how embarrassing in hindsight.
    the turning point for me was when i moved to NY to work for my dad. he had just finished erecting a building in williamsburg, but there was still a lot of work to be done before he could rent the spaces out and capitalize on a booming williamsburg market.
    for those of you who don’t know, williamsburg is like hipster heaven. i didn’t know that when i got there. i was a sporty asian kid. i looked nothing like these white, for lack of any other suitable word, dufuses. they all looked like they were going to the gulags but in their best getups. (you know what a hipster looks like; i won’t spell it out here.) of course, nobody was actually going anywhere. i learned early on that only a handful of them worked. and the ones that did work worked one of just three jobs: retail, coffee, or food. that was it. the rest lingered about in cafes with their bullshit lattes, guitars, and standard 13″ macbook computers.
    now, mind you, i was a leftie. che, marx, mao, all those guys. but here’s the scary part: so were these hipsters. we were comrades, brothers and sisters in the same fight against the powers that be. i started to feel uneasy about that relationship, because i never saw them do anything else besides sit in those cafes, type away on their computers, and take 20-minute smoke breaks in between. i wasn’t sure i wanted to be thrown into the same group as them.
    i felt uneasy, but my dad fucking hated them. said they were “trust fund babies,” which was why they could afford to do nothing all day and still make rent on time every single month. still i defended them, even though i was silently judging them. it was identity crisis step one: denial. i told my dad that it’s okay for people to be different, to pursue other things like art and equality through social justice. my dad said fuck that shit.
    then the vandalism began. the bottom exterior of my dad’s building is straight black. black front door, black commercial space doors, panels, etc. etc. one morning my dad and i went to check out the building and the whole bottom was covered in spraypaint. windows, doors, everything. my dad said fuck and told me to scrape it all off. i asked who did it. he said who else. it was the hipsters. i got a small blade and scraped the graffiti off, inch by inch. it took me almost an hour.
    the next day, some fucking asshole(s) coated a new layer on the windows and doors. my dad decided to leave it alone this time. after all, the building wasn’t finished yet (no gas, water), so nobody was living there. big mistake. over the course of the next few days, the graffiti piled up. the front of the building looked akin to a NYC underpass wall. my dad told me to buy paint and paint over the whole thing. i did.
    the very next day, more graffiti. this wax on-wax off cycle repeated for nearly a year before i packed my shit and headed for asia. (for sure they were still vandalizing the property after i left.)
    i used to think vandalism was cool. after all, it was a great way to manifest a “fuck you!” to the man. as a kid, i egged houses, cars, people. i spraypainted on small businesses. i peed on people’s fences, grass. my friend once took a leak in the candy bowl on halloween. but after my experience in williamsburg, i saw things clearly for the first time. capitalism is not evil. my dad is working his ass off to get this building off the ground. he isn’t just some rich scum playing golf every day, spitting, condescending to those working for him. and my hipster brothers and sisters! these supposed SJWs! what good were they, except for loitering, littering cigarettes, and vandalizing property that was built with good old-fashioned sweat and toil? i couldn’t keep the relationship with these faggots. i myself couldn’t keep being a leftie.
    and that was the start of the end of my SJW lunacy.

    1. It is of great comfort to see that some young men still have the capacity for maturing. Well done and welcome to the land of the rational.

    2. Ah yes, the dreaded North American caviar communist, also referred to as the communiste bourgeois. I’ve known quite a few throughout my lifetime, handlebar mustaches and all. They’re social conformists in the worst sense. I remain the lone dissenter in a building full of Mercedes-driving Obamaphiles; The irony is nauseating. Congratulations on escaping their clutches.

      1. These people are opportunists as Noam
        Chomsky detailed: the Bolshevik Lenists view that the intelligent must rule the stupid masses and give them total guidance. The corporate capitalists view very much the same. The most toxic mix I’ve noticed is those from the aristocracy that give up on their religious beliefs while being religiously educated to be the saving grace for the poor. Their SJW is off the chain. These people would go on SJW trips where they spend a couple weeks at a 5 star resort and a night slumming it and think they made a world of difference. Because now they will tell the world if their experience.

    3. I wrote this article for on the fence sitters like you to understand the hypocrisy of SJW mentality. Thank you very much for sharing.

    4. It was the same trust-fund crowd that kicked off the Hippie scene back in the 1960s. Naive youth who wanted to join the counter-revolution did not fare so well as they had no annuities to support them while they pretended to be proletariat bohemians.
      The trust-fund hipsters eventually moved on to “communes” and from there to management positions at Encorpera.

    1. You don’t know how sneaky they are really.
      It’s a great way to get money for nothing. Certain women like the idea of a blond blue eyed boy building wells in Africa.
      The world wants to be deceived, let it be deceived.

  13. Anyone trying to help Africa is a fool.
    Go there if you must. But do so to fill your pockets.
    The only way to improve the world is look after your own shit, look after your family and possibly look out for your friends and neighbors.
    Patriotic self sacrifice is there on the list but somewhere next to honor and loyalty to your (self select a community you identify with and live in. )

  14. Not one change has been made for Boko Haram since the SJW’s made their Facebook posts. Joseph Kony violence continued despite thousands of SJW posts. SJW posts are useless. Useless. Much like the liberal mindset, they are avid “talkers”, but never really do anything. They never take risks, never stick their neck out there, and never affect any real change. Any change that matters mind you, since the only thing they accomplish is to harass regular people and continue to play the victim.

    1. Of course they are, similar to how ice bucket challenges will not change a dam thing as it relates to ALS. Its all ego masturbation, which is even more grotesque, since these people latch onto a worthy cause masquerading as “selfless” when all along their intentions are selfish…they might as well be lamprays. What do you expect, this is an inept, neutered generation that is kept in a stasis of illusions, not only of physical reality, but of themselves, namely their true value, which has been artificially inflated. Because in another time, talking, emoting, whining and crying incessantly about some unpleasant condition or issue i.e. Boko etc, would have been swiftly dealt with by courageous men who new talk is cheap. You know, coincidentally I watched Victory at Sea on youtube around June 6th (D-Day)…at first I felt nostalgic then I felt dismay, it was disheartening to see what we used to be.

      1. and that’s why i support legalized slavery. What better way to show someone their true value than to actually pay it?

    2. It’s called fundraisers one of liberal methods of making money after feminist rape claims and hate crime accusations

  15. SJWs could:
    -Start a business, hire only females/whatever oppressed group
    -Create scholarship funds for whatever oppressed group
    -Males: mentor, tutor, teach whatever oppressed group how to be men
    -Females: Provide birth control for inner city women, teach them not to be sluts, help babysit/raise children of sluts
    -Cook food (cheap rice/pasta), deliver en masse to homeless
    -Donate x% of their salary (whatever x% they want to tax rich people)
    -Adopt 9 children from whatever oppressed group
    -Create a weekend/after school program for whatever oppressed
    -Go to medical school, become a doctor and provide free healthcare
    -Promote the church, the largest charitable org in the world
    -Promote traditional families which would make most of these problems go away
    -Be creative, I thought of this shit in about 80 seconds
    What SJWs actually do:
    -comment on Jez and Huffpo
    -beg the gov to steal more money from producers
    -troll MGTOWs when all we want is to get the fuck away from them!
    -Protest all day even though a days work at min wage could feed a family for a week
    SJWs share a feeling of inferiority with their pet groups. Instead of utilizing their resources to help their oppressed groups, they shame people with resources and try to bring everyone down to their level of inferiority.

  16. re: ”hit back and you go to jail”.
    There has to be a strategy for dealing with the forces of government controlled by the man bashers. Like :
    *Drawing fire and then ducking – like ducking when the woman is about to punch you and she instead hits the mangina cop standing behind you.
    *the bullfighter – jump to the side when being charged by manginas and hide your provocative red rag causing them to crash into each other like keystone cops. Bullfighters put out alpha tingles to a great radius.
    *not overtly looking like you are fighting in public – smiling and not enunciating when returning verbal retorts
    *appearing not to fight – look like you are giving a friendly handshake when in reality you smile while delivering a vice like finger breaking ‘superman’ handshake
    *also an elbow can gouge like a rod with your hands clasped innocently over your belly so as to look like you are full from eating perhaps.
    * * *
    There is actually a form of fighting which originated in the Caribbean which combines DANCE with KILLING BLOWS ! Fights in parks would ensue and then turn to dance moves when the popo’s (police) cruised by. The dancing would camouflage the violent blows so the gladiators could continue fighting and not be noticed by the law and arrested. The crowd was of course hip to the game. So there it is THE CROWD AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT.
    We have to separate the pro government women from the pro-life pro-man pro-natural order remnant of women. That’s how you tell the keepers from the scrap. Save the ones who resonate with we the people – the crowd. PITCH the ones that pig squeal to the government or women’s services. Treat them as traitors.

  17. If you take a look at the comments on Roosh’s video, these chicks are serious whack jobs. They will scream at you saying that mental illness shouldn’t be a reason for limiting their ability to post videos (DOESN’T MATTER!) while simultaneously saying that an accused, not convicted person should lose their ability to post videos. Yeah seems reasonable. Meanwhile they appear to be incapable of saying anything without cursing.

  18. I encounter SJWs often. This article describes/explains them perfectly. Narcissists, religious fanatics, berating others, character assassination, cowards….all of it.

    1. No, but he was a victim of SJWs’ policies across the past four decades or so.

  19. My first major encounter with an SJW was a blog of a Black man, or shall I say, queer-identified mulatto, that lived in Taiwan when I was researching anti-Black racism in the country. This “brothette” took offense to me sympathizing with his inability to gain the affections of a Taiwanese woman, that right before his very eyes treated a White man to dinner. not yet knowing that this individual was a queer, I put myself into the situation, knowing that I would indeed be jealous of a White man getting a free meal and some balls-deep action while I would be left to frig myself.
    My reasoning in this scenario was incorrect, as instead of wanting to enter that Taiwanese lotus pod as I would, he was furious that he would not have his intestines thoroughly ravaged by the White man’s member. I found this ideology to be quite unnatural, and to a degree, frightening.
    Despite this individual’s desire to have his anus pilfered, or his insatiable lust to guzzle from the pricks of heterosexual Black male celebrities, I was a sinner for desiring a normal, run-of-the-mill Taiwanese woman to enjoy. Not only was i a sinner, but I was also a fetishizing piece of shit that promoted White supremacy by wishing to plunge my member into the crevices of an Asian woman, the same gardens that the white supremacists would want to deny me access to. I just did not “get it”, and to this day, my mind is not sharp enough to comprehend this logic.
    Of equal interest and vulgarity is his partner in crime, a chunky Chinese-American woman with a disturbing nasal voice and habit of using the idioms of Black women as portrayed in 1990’s sitcoms. this wretch claims that her goal is to crush White supremacy once and for all and stop men from fetishizing Asian women, yet her favorite pastime is hopping on various White pricks. This Skrillex-haired vermin finds it distasteful for the oppressed shaft of a heterosexual Black man to rise and find refuge in the delightful gardens of the East, whilst devouring the discharge of the very same genitals of the oppressor. An interesting and vile character indeed.

  20. Ok guys, I’m fairly new to this site (I am African) and have
    been enjoying the articles and commentary… but my bullshit detector is going
    into overdrive.
    The Authors on this site ( Sorry to single you out Mark but
    I just reached critical mass on this article. ) claim to be red blooded alpha
    males etc. , but then they blatantly indulge in an activity called tweeting!
    WTF guys, little birds tweet not men! Sad and pathetic it is. Tweet tweet
    You at the same time feed the monster that enables the SJW twats
    you try to draw attention to with your “tweeting” . Hell guys, your red pill is a myth if you can’t
    spot the hypocrisy in this. I would never even consider an account at anything
    as pussified as a service called twitter (Surely the name tells you that this is for girls?), even my dogs would lose respect for
    me never mind my wife!
    Your government can only dream of pulling the kind of psy-ops
    campaigns you allow twitter and its feminists to indulge in at your expense,
    the choice is yours, the media companies (I am involved in media and media
    people are the devil) are laughing all the way to the banks.
    Take a new “Red Pill”, make it one from Amsterdam
    that makes you feel good and stop feeding the beast and its advertisers.

  21. Fantastic article. I just broke ties with someone a couple of days ago, who although an old friend, had become EXACTLY as the cult member described above (male feminist, communist and SJ wanker, castrated passive aggressive little bitch).

  22. “It’s important to note that people who actually want to improve the world, however naive their beliefs may be, are going to third world countries and offering their time, knowledge, and manpower to improve the lives of others. These are not SJW’s, but aid workers, comprised of teachers and doctors who risk their lives as they combat disease, illiteracy, and famine.”
    Great point, Mark. People who really care about any issue try to do something about it, whatever that may be. Everything else is bullshit talk.

  23. Next time you see a SJW at work remember Jesus parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector. Read about it in the bible and then think of the SJW as the Post-millenial Pharisee who prays to God every day “God I thank thee that I am not a man or even like this white privileged male. I was raped by my boy friend, abused by my father and beaten by my mother ….”

  24. The most popular and powerful SJW topics include anti religion, animal rights, feminism, LGBT rights, and racism on blacks. They use victimization and sob stories as the way to garner members. The most victimized groups ironically get the most power.

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