The 10 Most Overrated Female Celebrities

I’ve always said that the hottest girls in the world aren’t famous. Most men who have been around, I’d venture to guess, would agree. Yet, that doesn’t stop both men’s and women’s magazines and websites from coming out with annual lists of the “Hottest Women of the Year!” Invariably, these are little more than catalogs of the most hyped celebrities of the moment, and are compiled by people with no business assembling such lists: middle-aged women, gay men, and clueless chicks who think “empowered” you-go-girlism is somehow attractive to a heterosexual man.

Go to pretty much any major college campus in the US—especially those reputed to be party schools—and watch every single one of the girls on this list get blown out of the water repeatedly and unmercifully. And, that’s by girls just leaving the gym, in their Lululemon pants, their hair in a ponytail, and not a single drop of deceptive makeup.

And, before you say it: of course I would bang. But, given the choice, I’m going with the no-name college hottie over the aging celeb under an inch of makeup, or behind five Photoshop filters, any day of the week.

10. Jennifer Lopez

Despite the fact that her undeserved hype train is finally slowing down, this doesn’t preclude people from still including her on these “hottest” lists. She especially deserves mention because her famous “ass” remains one of the biggest fictions in all of ass history.


9. Jennifer Aniston

An aging divorcee who was somehow named Hottest Woman of All-Time by Men’s Health last year. She’s the supreme example of the media’s tendency to shove aging women—long after their prime—into men’s faces, thinking that this will somehow convince our boners that these women are more desirable than just about any non-fat girl 10 or 15 years her junior. Aniston, simply told, is middle-aged women’s wishful projection that female beauty lasts as long as male attractiveness. Jennifer Aniston is not unlike Cameron Diaz or Demi Moore—formerly attractive women being passed around between male celebrities looking to improve their image.


8. Kim Kardashian

The darling of American black guys, a chick who looked merely okay a few years ago and, even then, only with the massive layers of Hollywood magic. She’s lingered long after her somewhat attractive phase.


7. Emma Stone

A merely bangable girl who somehow gets massive points for her pre-scripted, and over-written, snark in movies. Most men, in real life, would classify both that and her deep, raspy voice as negatives.


6. Rihanna

Her ugly haircuts and pursed face have—appropriately—invited comparisons to a llama.


5. Beyonce

The supreme example of how hyped-up you-go-girlism can artificially boost a girl’s rating despite her merely okay looks. No one doubts that she can sing and dance, but her frequent inclusion—often near the top—in lists of the hottest girls around is obscene.

Super Bowl XLVII  Photo by Lionel Hahn/

4. Mila Kunis

The new generation—along with Natalie Portman and Katie Holmes—of cute girls who have actually passed their prime but only now are suddenly being listed as hot. As uncomfortable a truth as it may be for the editors of media magazines, Mila looked 10 times better when she was on That ‘70s Show. The factor that puts her on this list, but spares her aging colleagues, is her tragically non-existent ass.


3. Taylor Swift

One of the rare cases where habitual carousel-riding (sluttiness) has been called out by the media (thanks, in no small part, to an intrepid Ellen DeGeneres). This is a girl with a stunning face—though only at select angles—but whose beauty breaks down when you start looking around even a little bit.


2. Katy Perry

A chick who offers little more than a large set of cans—that undoubtedly have a deep sag outside of their harness—and a face that declines massively when you remove the pounds of make-up she piles onto her face. Her body is shockingly unremarkable apart from her famed tits.


1. Kate Upton

America’s current blonde sweetheart who, despite her being trumpeted as the hottest thing out there, is little more than a pair of tits on a milk-carton body. Upton boasts zero thighs, no hips, no ass, all on her massive 5’10” frame.


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239 thoughts on “The 10 Most Overrated Female Celebrities”

    1. I have an oldie but a goodie: Grace Slick from Jefferson Airplane. She did the hippie thing, but she has many pics out that show one great looking, feminine, slender, fine woman from the pre-obesity days. Do yourself a favor: don’t look at picture of her now. Mother nature is beyond cruel.

        1. Yawn.. I find it hilarious how this website overrates women who are a 6 at best and have the need to down women who have it all, beauty, charisma, talent, star power, confidence, and men and women wanting them and wanting to be them.
          You insecure internet faggots need to stop having platforms to say you’re horrible and gay ass opinions. End your lives.

      1. I would agree but all hippie chicks, despite general hotness, are ontologically unfuckable due to hippie bush.

    2. And im going to make an overrated male celebrity thread and leonardo de caprio’s old aging fat gigantic oversized head will be #1 on the list.

  1. I thought I was the only one who thought rihanna wasn’t hot…I don’t see any beauty in her at all. Beyonce has NFL linebacker legs and in many photos of her, she appears to be a wannabe white woman. I think another celebrity that can go on this list is Nicki Minaj…although I don’t know if she’s overrated…damn…is that really kim k?

    1. Nicki Minaj is not overrated, simply because none outside mental asylums would ever rate her above a dog turd.

      1. well, if you look at her hair and compare her skintone to her skintone from her destinys child days she is most certainly trying to be something that she isnt

      2. Most light-skinned black women want to be white. Black women are the lowest-rated in beauty among all the races/ethnicities, and very few dark skinned black women are thought of as sex-symbols.

    2. So just because a female doesn’t have pencil thin legs now they are suddenly linebacker legs? Seems to me that you have been brainwash into thinking that only skinny women are attractive and women with curves are ugly. Women with ethnic background have always had a little bit more meat on their bodies. I feel sorry for the women who ends up with you. God forbid she gains which will happen because it’s life. Hopefully you won’t treat her like crap and make fun of her body because it’s not a size zero. What’s going to happen of you have a daughter and she has curves are you going to call her fat too. It amazes me that people always praise people like Marylin Monroe for her body but when a female comes out today with that same structure she is called fat ?

    3. looks like youve just pissed off a bunch of ugly fat bitches. anyone who actually devotes time from their day to come to the rescue of their favorite washed up mediocrely talented celebrity is probably a basement dweller with nothing better to do. these women really need to get a hobby or something. im sorry but fat is not attractive. it never will be. so let these cows keep trying to shove the idea down our throats. theyll wear themselves out eventually. show me a “sexy” fat women and i will laugh in your face. its called a stairmaster. you should try it sometimes you bunch of cows!!

      1. So THEY need a hobby for defending average to beautiful looking women being called ugly but people who dedicate their time to writing articles about why women are never good enough for their precious smegma ridden dicks don’t… this stuff is borderline hate speech… why the hatred?

  2. I think Rihanna”s hot. But I agree with you guys on all of the rest of these women.
    Taylor Swift (who can’t sing, BTW) has eyes as squinty as Clint Eastwood’s and Beyonce is trying to turn her self into a white woman. I think she’s trying to make herself look like Daniela Bianchi (From Russia with Love).

  3. This list is spot on. Especially Kate Upton. Jesus fucking Christ is the chick overrated. If there was a way to give her the hips of 2004’s Kim Kardashian she’d be a perfect 10, though.

  4. Taylor Swift dumped her 1Direction boyfriend because he refused to get circumcised. Has a western woman ever shown a more entitled attitude than to boldly refuse to have sex with a man because his unmutilated penis grossed her out and he refused to get it “fixed”?
    Shoutouts to Kelly Clarkson, who the media tries to portray as a diva but she’s just too goddamned fat. Also her music is some of the worst shit I’ve heard in my life.

    1. Ya and had he done it, she would have lost all respect and still ended the relationship. You just can’t win with Western women. They are mentally ill.

      1. Yes, it’s actual mutilation. Not ‘scare quotes’ mutilation, but the real thing. It’d be mutilation if done to any other normal, healthy, functional human body part, so it’s mutilation when done to the male penis.

        1. WTH… Female circumcision is listed in Wikipedia as “Female genital mutilation” and as part of a series on violence against women. But male circumcision is a-okay! WTF.

        2. Female Genital Mutilation removes external female genitalia (that’s the clitoris). It can also include the complete or partial removal of the outer and inner labia as well as the clitoris and then the wound being almost completely sealed up only to be opened again for intercourse and childbirth. It’s often performed without anesthetic and can lead to hemorrhaging (often fatal), is mostly performed without informed consent and is known to cause a host of medical problems which can and usually do continue into later life.
          It decreases sexual desire and sexual pleasure (and can completely cut it off).
          While I agree that circumcision should only be performed with consent, it doesn’t damage sexual pleasure or desire (backed up by countless studies) and causes little to no medical complications.
          So yes, FGM is violence against women and it’s a million times worse than circumcision. So before you start whining about how men have it so damn hard, try educating yourself.

        3. You’re one of those people who like to be violated, aren’t you?
          And you are missing my point. It’s considered violence against women, but circumcising baby boys is perfectly a-okay. That’s pretty fucked up to me.

        4. Oh I’m sorry, I forgot everything is about America. USA! USA! What are you, a cartoon?

        5. The kind of “circumcision” girls suffer is equivalent to a man having his penis cut off (not his balls, just his penis). Male circumcision is about having the foreskin removed. There is no equivalence between male and female definitions of circumcision.

        6. Bullshit.
          The amount of skin removed is more for the male.
          Plus how can Snowflake know what’s she’s “missing” if it’s gone by puberty?
          Male foreskin’s nerves are more sensitive than finger tips and more densely packed than cells there.
          How is it not barbaric to remove a healthy, pleasurable body part for “religious” reasons, especially when the child is too young to protest?
          There are tribes that grind down healthy teeth, too.
          Probably some that also blind kids at birth so they can be “just like mommy.”
          Any parent who mutillates his/her child’s sex organs should have one of THEIR eyes plucked out.
          For religious purposes, of course.

        7. Doesn’t male circumcision prevent dieseases later on in life? I’m not sure if the same applies for women but it’s been used on men as a medical procedure for ages.

        8. Both male and female circumcision are forms of mutilation. Even simply piercing a child’s ears can be viewed as a form of mutilation. What makes any of these scenarios barbaric is that the child generally doesn’t have a choice in the matter. The adults are forcing their religious/cultural beliefs and preferences upon the child. But you can see that there is a gradation in the severity of the mutilation and thus you can make the case that one is more barbaric than another:
          Piercing a child’s ears would, obviously, be the lowest on such a scale. The practice is so common and easily performed that complications are rare. And assuming everything went to plan, simply removing the earrings and letting the holes close reverses the piercings and leaves little more than a dimple in the earlobe.
          Male circumcision would be next up. Trained professionals generally perform the procedure but complications can occur. The penis is still left almost entirely intact and fully functional. It’s also generally performed when the child is too young to remember the procedure. Great care is taken to minimize both the physical pain and psychological impact of the experience. But I believe that if this were a new practice in a newer religion (for example, if it was first performed among Mormons or Scientologists) that it would widely be viewed as unacceptable to outsiders. It’s simply been grandfathered in as an acceptable practice.
          Female circumcision is unquestionably the worst of the three. As mentioned in Chris’ reply above, much of the girl’s external genitalia is removed. The practice also commonly occurs at an age when the girl is old enough to remember such a horrible experience. Beyond that, for many women, orgasm cannot be achieved vaginally and removing the only portions of their genitalia that can facilitate sexual pleasure is depriving them of a fundamental human experience (which, by the way, is the actual intent of the practice.) So not only is it physically cruel and dangerous, it’s psychologically devastating.

        9. In addition to slicing and dicing the girl’s external sex organs, the gouged-out hole created is often stitched up after the fact, leaving only a small passage for urine. Later, when the girl is married, the husband forcibly penetrates the healed stitches to reach the vagina. This can kill the girl or leave her crippled.
          Circumcision may reduce sexual pleasure, but at least losing your virginity won’t kill you.
          This is one women’s rights movement I can get behind.

        10. I hate this foolish angry white male site and all that it espouses, but I just had to say something after I read your idiotic comment. You sir, are a fool.
          “The amount of skin removed is more for a male.”
          Actually, dumbass, the ENTIRE clitoris is removed from a girl when she is circumcised. That’s more than just skin. That’s an entire organ. The clitoris is the most sensitive part of the genitalia, surpassing all parts of the penis, including the foreskin and glans.
          You seriously don’t know what a clitoris is? Lol. I bet you’ve never been able to please a woman in bed. I see why you’re so angry!

      2. a circumcised penis is just as natural as a penis inside a woman that weighs 300 lbs. slicing the skin off nonconsenting infant boys, wow, misandry has been around for much longer than the modern feminist movement

      3. Regardless of your stance on circumcision itself, a woman demanding that a man permanently surgically alter himself for her whims is just about the most disgustingly entitled thing I can think of.

    2. Lol European and their retarded ways. Circumcision makes you bigger ever think that maybe that fucking 1direction fag had nothing under the table and she wanted to make him more presentable? Plus Taylor Swift is someone who gets around so its a god damn insult to attribute her to Western women when we (American men) in the US are disgusted with her as well

      1. Cutting your head off will make you more “presentable,” too. Looks like it worked for you.

        1. Well not sure making ppl headless horsemen makes them “presentable”. Maybe in Europe presentable has a completely different meaning; otherwise you my friend are clearly not a genius.

      2. Have the femanazis brain washed you this much? I can’t think of anything thing more misandrist than genitally mutilating (only) boys genitals before they can ever walk. But I guess you think this because your dick have been chopped up into a jew dick. I guess you don’t mind because you think it makes you “bigger” Just remember you’ll always be half a man. You exemplify how Hitler was right about thee u.s it’s half negrofied and half jewifyed.

        1. Also, Taylor Swift is a perfect example of the average ameriskank because she gets around.

    3. Where Where did you even g that? He was blatantly cheating on her if she is a slut then that guy was a hell of a manwhore he probably also let’s his friends shag his bum

    4. Hahahah thats actually hilarious if its even true. Men are so worthless😂😂😂😂 they should basically be servant level and be fed to the sea monster when they reach 36

  5. The only point I would disagree with is the claim that Beyonce can sing and dance.
    She’s mediocre at best on both counts.

    1. She has amazing coordination and powerful vocals… get over it… i don’t even like her much but she clearly does… i wanna see your perfect face, since apparently you’re too wonderful for any woman over the age of 12 who’s incapable of not looking perfect at every angle ever..

  6. I generally like Beyonce, but man, that picture captures her at her worst! Good job. Jay-Z needs to use that as his phone background screen….
    I’ve never much cared for Rihanna. She has, when produced right, a voice that really cuts through overdense dance mixes, but nothing about her is particularly inviting.
    I doubt Katy Perry wold rank above average in pretty much any high school or college in America.
    And most of the rest, are just old.

    1. You can see the origional reason for the hype in those older head shots. She has perfect facial structure, but no curves down below.

  7. Any celebrity chic that doesn’t have a phat ass is overrated in my opinion.

  8. Make up does wonders. I’ve always been annoyed by the media’s adoration of “hot” female celebrities. Most of them barely register on my boner scale even with makeup. Just terrible.
    As for the comment about Swift and issue with a non-circumcised man. If that’s true, I’m not surprised. I’ve had similar run ins with self-entitled brats in North America. Not surprisingly, they were all terrible in bed. Another couple of reasons why I love European women.

    1. So all of the 3 women you slept with here accounts for the 300 million person population, good to know that the idiot population elsewhere in the world is far higher than the American one

  9. All female celebs are overrated (and many male heart-throbs are secretly gay).
    I’m talking some rope and a 2×4 guys.
    I would leap over the lot of them to get at one ordinary SE Asian woman.

    1. What’s with people’s delusion about se Asian women? Newsflash women here are just as overrated and overdrawn with makeup as your celebrities stop fetishizing a whole fucking diverse group of countries based on a few dolled up photo shopped examples if you spend half a day in any se Asian country your delusion would be shattered and if you think having a se Asian wife would make your life easier then you should try meeting a se Asian girls family I’m sure that moment in he’ll will convince you otherwise

  10. good god that pic of beyonce looks…just…ahhh. And I think Rihanna’s hot, it’s just her 3-ring circus haircuts kinda ruin it. It is pretty interesting how mass media and groupthink can determine who is and isn’t seen as beautiful.

    1. yeah, we give women a hard time for falling for pre-selection, but men can be manipulated in similar ways.

    1. Yup. Comes to show how common better-than-Kate-Upton-level chicks are over there. What’s ultra famous here is serving coffee there.

  11. I don’t disagree with Kardashian being on the list, but I don’t think she was overrated back in 2004-2006. Dick-sucking lips, beautiful skin, hair, eyes, and proportions. Face was not a 10 but well above average even for celebrities, certainly compared to any celebrity with equivalent curves (the closest I can think of from that era is Vida Guerra). There’s no way her face looked that bland 8 years ago.
    Also I definitely give props to Beyonce for staying in shape.

    1. Nope. Kardashian isn’t above average (for a celebrity), she’s only above average for Wallmart. Of course, I’m projecting my tastes here, I hate it when women NEED to rely on makeup.

      1. White skin needs it. Good looking women….till you stroke their skin with the dorsum of your hand….leathery…so many times….
        A woman is beautiful when you wake up in the morning and her face gladdeth your heart, as she still sleeps by your side.

        1. Slow down there Casanova, if you meet a woman like that outside of your dreams please let the world know

        2. I know… i’m shocked by these comments… the worst of these over rated women are still average, not ugly. It’s impossible to never look a mess… impossible. And all these comments of age make me wonder if they prefer children. While most (not all) women and men have lost their looks when middle aged, they’re claiming girls in their 20’s and 30’s are old.. you’re in your most fertile prime from 20-35! Do they prefer children? weird… i’m assuming they’re all perfect model men… or maybe (more realistically) very insecure and bitter no woman wants them… i mean to be so nasty and viscous.

      2. Kim k looks pretty average to me but someone who relies on makeup a lot is kate upton have you guys seen her without her 20 pound makeup? She’s full of zits not to mention has blotchy skin most of the time and has a fucking mustache

  12. Damn, I thought JLo’s ass was better than that.
    Jennifer Aniston is Crap!
    Can’t belive that’s Kim Kardasian, still like her Ass somewhat. Black Guy.
    Emma Stone is Crap!
    Rihanna’s “four”head scares me.
    Beyonce? That’s the ugliest pic I’ve ever seen. Don’t like her so ambivalent about her looks for most part, like Rihanna somewhat.
    Mila Kunis. Would be hot with some ass, butt….
    Katy Perry=Crazy Yuck!
    Now Kate Upton is a let-down I wasn’t expecting, sigh
    Looking forward to UNDER-RATED list.

    1. Mila is more than just her looks, it’s her personality that’s also attractive. So I wouldn’t call her overrated.
      One MAJOR celeb that’s missing from this list is Jennifer Lawrence. Come on, she’s rated as the hottest (or most beautiful) or something in a couple of mags. She. Is. A. Dog.

      1. Yea but the she is not OVERRATED is she ?. You do understand the purpose of the post ?

        1. Of course I fucking understand the fucking post. Hence why I said, “…she’s rated as the hottest… [but IMO] She. Is. A. Dog.” Learn to fucking read before defending that dog.

        2. Agree, Jennifer Lawrence is the most over rated celeb this summer. every friggin meme sites has her quotes and gif images. There hd been like at least 10 post on Jen Lawrence on this July. Although i admire her,cuz she finished high school 2 yrs before her classmates (with 3.5GPA), acts well,has a fun loving character..but seeing her every friggin day on every website got me sick

      2. IMO Mila Kunis is still hot altough slowly declining because of age. Still, her personality and attitude is OK, probably due to Ukrainian heritage

      3. Mila Kunis is absurdly cool. That interview with a nervous young journalist was golden.

      4. Just another feminist with mediocre looks, a ‘strong, empowered’ woman we are meant to find attractive.. sorry, no

  13. Honorable mention to KATE HUDSON. No tits, cankles, dime a dozen body, forgettable performances, yet has captured the fascination of rock stars and major athletes. Call me old fashioned but I’d take her mother every time.

    1. Christ on a bike! I just googled her and the pictures of her now made me leap out of my chair in fright.

      1. Jane Birkin’s my British girl. I taught her French. You should watch my
        movie Slogan 1969. Clips of the same and others are available on
        Ugly as I was, for boys and men to learn, watch my body
        language in “Slogan”. I sit with Voltaire sometimes here, he tells me
        that I may have epitomized his line: “Give me ten minutes to talk away
        my ugly face and I will bed the queen of France”?
        I wrote a song
        Je t’aime. You should play it while wining with a girl at your place
        late evening. She will not melt…she will undergo sublimation. For further enlightenment please read and understand the lyrics.
        I watch the manosphere today……red pill, blue pill, alpha, beta, zeta… My days men did not take any pills, and we did not follow the greek alphabet.
        And please stop giving women numbers 1-10. Some one was talking about binary coding. 0 and 1 is better. We cannot waste our precious time cataloging women.

        1. Analogically she was My actress and I was the Director. I never said we did not make porn.

    2. More obscure boring bitches. And of course more boyish, skinny teenage looking women. Why don’t you guys admit you are insecure and you are intimidated by gorgeous, confident, glamorous and desired women? You have to go for the whores only 4channers and shitposters want lmao

  14. I think the continued pushing of aging starlets and casting couch harlots as “Most Beautiful Women Now” is part of the media’s subtle and subversive message to lead women astray and believe they can be beautiful and glamorous well into their 30’s and 40’s, just like their Hollywood Babylon idols. Most of these broads were certainly “all that” – no makeup or photoshop required – when they were 18-26.
    Oh, and Beyonce was certainly hot before she did a few roid cycles and hit the gym. She got more muscles than Jayz.

  15. Excellent list, swap Mila Kunis with Jennifer Lawrence, and you are set.
    As for the underrated list, though not a celebrity, the redheaded chick from the Wendy’s commercials gets my vote.

  16. This is a well thought out list that’s on the money and exposes the media machine’s malfeasance on what’s hot and what’s not.

  17. I have a thing for rachael weis, I can see most guys stating her as average. I think it’s recognised that Katie Holmes IS average, now she is anyway.

  18. Jennifer Aniston was still pretty hot until about 1-2 years ago. It’s very recently that she became not hot. I always thought she was awesome but now … yeah … she’s officially not doing it for me. Too bad about that. Nice person.

    1. Well its good to know that even people that live under rocks know something about the world

  19. Right you find unattractive pictures of the said girls and you dare criticise them. Well I hope you look like Apollo to write an article bashing these pretty women.

    1. Hey, your hamster is loose. Maybe you left it over at Jezebel?
      I suspect your logical leap is the effect of a brain addled by a high-fructose corn syrup diet.

  20. Celebrity bashing? Soon we’re gonna have an article titled “How to please your man in 100 ways”.. just sayin

  21. The remarkable thing about this is that nearly all of these women still have landed serious relationships/marriages to world class alphas. they are supreme “alpha women” by the old roissy metric (roughly defined as a woman attractive enough to get a super alpha to commit to them monogamously). Justin Thoreux (sp?) and Anniston is particularly stunning. The man is about 40, looks early 30s, is famous, rich, incredibly good looking. could have any woman he wants. incredible.

  22. You`re being harsh and bitchy.
    Jennifer Lopez – former 8, some pretty good songs, a sexy turn in Out of Sight, looked great in that Versace dress, now just plain old
    Jennifer Aniston – funny in Friends, merely a cute 7 at her peak, now old
    Kim Kardashian – was a hard 9, now aging
    Emma Stone – 8.5, agreed that voice is not great
    Rihanna – 8, also a great if overproduced and overexposed singer, weird fashion sense
    Beyonce – former 9, now aging quite badly
    Mila Kunis – former 8.5, now aging
    Taylor Swift – 6.5 to 7 range, never did much for me
    Katy Perry – 7.5, beautiful bright eyes, big cans, horrific chin
    Kate Upton – 8, nice looking girl with nice boobs, not all that special

    1. You need to turn off your internet gizmo, engage in social activities and travel a bit(but not to the places filled with people you see at home). Really gives a perspective.

      1. Complementing J-lo and Rianna’s music? He needs to buy a Black Flag record and grow some fucking balls.

    2. What? neither Mila or Beyonce are showing any signs of ageing? You’re tripping. It’s cause you decided they’re older you decided to see signs that aren’t there. and while JLo’s face looks older, her body is better than 99% of young women’s… i’m a young woman so i see other young women enough to say that!

  23. Celebrity women look like…GASP! REGULAR WOMEN you meet on the bus! Breaking news! Water is wet! 😛

  24. I would add to the list
    Zooey Deschanel
    Olivia Wilde
    Katie Perry
    Lady Gaga
    And move Emma Stoned up to the top of the list. Ugh.

    1. I believe Zooey Deschanel is hot. But I also take personality into account, and I just cannot stand her faux-nerdy/Manic Pixie-girl façade.
      Lady Gaga is up there with Lena Dunham when it comes to media-enabled mass delusion. How anybody can think such cows can even remotely be considered hot is beyond my ken.
      Olivia Wilde would be handy to have around if you need to crack a nut with her jaw or use her nose as a ball-peen hammer.
      Katie Perry, meh.

    2. Katy Perry is on the list, you fucking retard. Seeing as you are retarded, you will be forgiven for saying that Zooey Deschanel and Olivia Wilde belong on the list, as they’re both beautiful women.

      1. Olivia Wilde should absolutely not be on this list but Zooey Deschanel pisses me off personality wise so I would have to disagree and say that she does deserve to be on this list

  25. I never understood the big deal with celebrities. Fake beauty, fake people sustained by an artificial culture pedestalizing the mediocre.
    When I was in the Baltics, Ukraine and Russia, there were plenty of genuinely hot, thin, feminine women everywhere who were just as hot, and quite often hotter.
    Literally everywhere, and they were not “models” or “celebrities”. They were the gals working the tills at supermarkets. Selling fruit, or SIM cards, or souvenirs. Ir just walking around.
    Heck, when I was in Kreschatik Street (Kiev) I recognized two teen pornstars (well, one pornstar and one model from Met-Art) window-shopping with friends. I swear to god. Two of them, same day. Was so shocked I couldn’t even manage to get a photo.

      1. Shut up gazing is not a crime and opening is only an option when you know the language otherwise you look like a creepy idiot

        1. FYI English is the world’s second language and even if they don’t speak the language body language is universal.

    1. I agree. I don’t worship female ‘celebrities’. So they have a vagina. Whoopty doo. So does every other hot chick on the planet. Men don’t think the same as women, who get moist at any hint of ‘fame’

    2. Celebrities are genuinely attractive. Well most of them. They have an aura of confidence and star power. Your average day third world whore has an aura of being battered down and insecure which is why you’re probably drawn to them.
      There’s a reason why certain women with certain vibes and looks get mass praise while a lot only get praise from internet nerds on obscure parts of the internet

    3. Celebrity taps into our deepest genetic roots as human beings. Celebrity worship goes back to our tribal history, wherein particularly attractive and successful specimens of any given group are promoted to higher status and become objects of worship. It created hierarchies of social organization and led to selective promotion of survival strategies. Beauty of course isn’t the only way to achieve celebrity, but given our highly sexualized, visual, youth obsessed and consumptive culture, that is the one people most usually focus on.

  26. In her youth Jennifer anniston was very pretty – but kinda cold. I thought she was awfully cute “leprechaun”. She’s in the top 10% for her age group – but would be bottom 10% at Arizona State.

  27. COMPLETELY agree with you about Katie Perry. WTF is everyone going on about.

  28. I’d put Anniston and Kardashian at the top of the list. Anniston should have been sent to the glue factory shortly after she did “Office Space.” I’ve never been able to understand why she was the only one from “Friends” to have been put on such a high pedestal all these years. I mean, Courtney Cox hasn’t been in the media nearly as much as Anniston, and Lisa Kudrow seemed to quietly fade into the background, and do other, more productive things with her time than attention-whore.

  29. Good list. I don’t agree with Mila Kunis but that is just personal preference. She definitely has a far more appealing personality than any other girl on here.

  30. Good list. I don’t agree with Mila Kunis but that is just personal preference. She definitely has a far more appealing personality than any other girl on here.

  31. Great idea for a list, but poorly executed. You should have chosen representative pictures of each woman. All of us can look like shit in our WORST pictures; differences in hotness are determined by the distribution of pictures for each woman. If that is the worst Kim Kardashian can look, then she has outstancing bone structure, even compared to most college babes. And Kate Upton is fat there. BUT, in her original Sports Illustrated photos, she is her thinnest, and it is apparent why she is a swimsuit model. She’s 5’10” and has a 25 inch waist and 36 inch hips. Tell me that isn’t curvaceous and small (you have to know what those actually look like). Plus, she has a beautiful face and natural, large breasts. I check out women on my gorgeous campus a lot, and you don’t see Kate Uptons. Her waist is her failing, not her thighs or butt (not every person likes big asses, dude). And she is criticized for it, so, IN FACT, she isn’t overrated. She is contentious. Again, lists like this need to be made (why? I don’t know. For entertainment? To enlighten women?), but they should feature realistic pictures of the “overrated” women in question. If they are overrated, the argument should make itself.

    1. Lists like this are made to present an actual perspective outside of mass media and make us men feel special because 99.9% we are judging women who are galaxies out of the “normal” guys league

    2. I agree with you about kim k. But Kate Upton got even fatter the paparazzi ounce mistook her for being pregnant because she had gained even more weight lol. And she still doesn’t have tighs or hips only when they Photoshop her.

  32. How about you post a pic of yourself first and then we see if your opinion is valid? And yes I’m a male (and a fairly conservative one at that, mind you). But what you just posted is something I’d expect jealous 16-year-old girls to do and the complete opposite of “masculine”.

    1. Lol someone’s mad cause his “hot chicks” have been called out were just being honest

  33. Agree with most everything except Kate. Sure she is hyped but she is hotter, more feminine and more curvaceous than most of the thin, teenage boyish looking models in the industry. Are there hotter girls in the world? Sure, but those girls are nobodies, so why the hell would anyone include them in those lists?

  34. Thank you I agree with 99% of what you said though you left out Emma Watson the star of my movie who the media is almost forcing us to this is hot

  35. On one hand, America is in need of Kate Upton. For decades people had viewed the ideal body of a woman to the likes of skinny Victoria Secret models. Then Kate appears, with her massive frame,assless and boxy hips, and splashed over Sport Illustrated. Men all over went crazy for her, motivating women and teens to go for a healthier build.
    Thigh gap is a rage this season.. Kate Hudson’s pic needs to be pasted in every magazine to show the young gals that MEN LIKE WOMEN EVEN IF THEY DON’T HAVE THIGH GAPS.
    I dont care if Kate is a moraless idiot attention whore.. all i know is that she is a redeemer of women’s logic of an ideal body. People like Kate Upton should be Over-rated Over and Over and over, at least till the thin-is-beauty mentality disappears.

    1. men love kate upton because of her big boobs, not her fuller frame and no thigh gap thing. kate upton’s boob size is not even a common female’s breast size. it’s not an ideal body image either. only telling young girls to go under the knife and get the silicone.

  36. I have to agree with you on Kate upton. Nasty body. Not saying she fat but she has 0 curves on her huge square torso other then a pair of tits bolted onto that tree trunk.

    1. True yet some of her supporters who are males and denials btw still say that women are “jealous” of kate upton because she is “curvy” when it’s the opposite

  37. How in the world could you leave out Gwyneth Paltrow. That woman, even in her prime, was BARELY above average. She now looks like a very hard rode 50. And yet People magazine named her “Worlds Most Beautiful Woman”. I seriously thought I had had a stroke when I read that for the first time. Of course, last year they crowned drag queen Beyonce. I wonder how much of a payday People received from these two????

  38. Mila Kunis was way hotter when she was on That 70’s Show? Yeah, she was also only 16, pedo.

    1. “Pedophilia or paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children, generally age 11 years or younger, though specific diagnostic criteria for the disorder extends the cut-off point for prepubescence to age 13.”

      1. No you’re a pedo. You’re not as fertile aged 16 as you are in your 20’s according to science, and your brain isn’t fully developed until age 25… 16 is too young for men over 25 to be feeling sexual interest towards… that’ horrifying to be truthful. You’re messed up if you think little 16 year old kiddies are otter than women in their 20’s.

  39. With all the most beautiful or desirable list it’s all about whose career is hottest at any given time. I hate that it’s always ‘most beautiful in the WORLD’, because most ppl aren’t famous. I think female beauty last the same as male attractiveness. I’m glad kate upton is on here. Guys just like her cause they’re titty babies. I don’t think her face is that beautiful though.

  40. I actually agree with anyone here, except Katy Perry, everyone on this list is massively overrated, especially Taylor swift .

    1. January jones? Yeah she’s overrated so is emma Watson emma is just a stick and jennifer is kind of overrated she’s pretty average looking without makeup

  41. And WHERE IS OLIVIA WILDE ??? Olivia Wilde should be on this list because she has a boxy body, no boobs, a transvestite face, ugly legs and ugly face, not including that massive head, and year after year she is on lists about sexiest women since she was on House (even jennifer Morrison and odette anable looked and look better than olivia Wilde) it seems people like to overrated those actresses who need to put on her faces tons of makeup

  42. People who also belong on this list: Scarlett Johansen, Christina Hendricks, Olivia Munn.
    Underrated Female Celebrities: Rose Byrne, Emily Blunt, Christina Ricci.

    1. So basically “gamine” tomboyish type chicks.. gotcha
      What’s with internet dudes and their obsession with “relatable” boyish looking women? Hilarious

  43. Wow, some very harsh comments here. Let’s hope you are all perfect 10’s then. Really makes me feel so depressed that people can trash another person based on you not being perfect. I mean what ever happened to having a personality? No one is perfect, and I am sure what is hot to another person would be revolting to another. Its all about choice. Some men like legs, some like boobs, some like blondes, some like darker ladies. Okay I get it that someone female celebs do shove the ‘I am hot’ mantra down your throat but some of the comments on here were really uncalled for, and makes me think how some guys must think they are so hot themselves…without even having a media circus telling them so.
    Okay women’s boobs sag, or we get bellies and hips tend to spread out. But men lose their hair, get moobs, excessive nose hair, saggy willies. So they way I see it, we can all criticize but we are not better or hotter than the celebs; we all have flaws,so we should all try and overlook our flaws, ignore those we don’t find hot without trashing them, and concentrate on appreciating those we do find hot.
    As for the whole circumcision thing, it astonishes me…come on how do you know if Taylor Swift demanded that 1D Harry got his privates circumcised? Sounds like hollywood spin to me!

    1. I agree. I think they hate on women for ageing so much to scare us. Cause they know a young pretty woman is popular with men and that they can reject who they want, so they try to go on about age to scare you so you give in to dating them out of fear you’ll lose your looks and lose what they think is ‘power’. Of course it never works cause everyone wants their lover to love them till the end of time, not till their specific age schedule lmao.
      These women are nearly all beautiful with a few flaws or average looking at worst. They’re just getting a high out of bringing us down.
      The Taylor swift story is most likely bullshit to push the anti woman agenda.

  44. Oh my god this list is so spot on. High five to tuthmosis. Beyonce does know how to work with what she’s got. She’s made the best of what she has, which is commendable, but she still shouldn’t be considered one of the hottest women alive. And anyone who’s obsessed with Kate Upton is a drooling idiot. It’s fair to make judgment on people like that.

  45. It’s not true that women “past their prime” cannot be as or more attractive than younger women, especially since being young doesn’t guarantee good looks. The tone of your comments are misogynistic. I hope women stay away from you.

  46. please add Madonna to your list – NOT Hot – Never Was – Can’t sing without a vocal-correcting mic – aging badly – and good god, all that money and still can’t fix that gap!

  47. Where is Cameren Diaz? She is butt ugly and has the personality to match.

    1. She looked good in the Mask, has been on a steady decline ever since. She also probably has HIV (or Hepatitis at best) from A Rod

  48. I’d really like to see your pictures, it seems you’re all 10+ in here…
    keep dreaming that the Thai hookers or poor favela girls you bang are hotter than the likes of Mila Kunis or Emma Stone… you must be “real studs” if you need tips on the internet on how to get laid (sarcasm off)… certainly you can find unknown girls sexier than them, as I’ve seen myself in my Eastern Europe years, but that doesn’t mean they’re not attractive and sexy at all… and in the case of miss Stone, her husky voice, acting talent and cool personality (or at least public persona) certainly add a lot of points in her attractiveness… but hell, what do you know about a women personality and how that is a turn-on, if you can barely fuck drunk girls about to pass-out in shitty clubs…
    what a bunch of losers…

  49. Jennifer Aniston is a perfect example of women making the fatal mistake between “cute” and “sexy”, otherwise known as “girl hot” and what a man thinks is hot. Jennifer Aniston is like a teddy bear, girls think that we think she is cute. We do not. Sexy is what men want. It’s a guttural response that can never be faked. It’s what makes a man sperm churn.

    1. JA is just another carousel rider to me. Yeah, I’d bang, but that doesn’t make her special.. Sofia Vergara or Nigella Lawson though, they are beautiful specimens

  50. Now getting over my suicidal thoughts induced by this rubbish, I realize the author can’t even show his own misogynistic face and is probably a 40 year old virgin who keeps telling himself he’s too good for every woman who crosses his path or his latent homosexual tendencies are beginning to show. Yes, all said in one long rambling sentence perhaps with a raspy deep unappealing voiced.

    1. Well 5’10 is really tall for a women considering the average height for a women is 5’4

  51. The Beyonce picture is altered. If you look closely at her face, its not even her face. Its a face of a man. Those arms aren’t hers. Please. I see the driffrence.

  52. Yes thank you kate Upton is so overrated! Guys only like her because of her fake boobs. There all bunch cock suckers and keep denying that she’s fat even though she doesn’t have thighs or hips what’s wrong with them?!?!?!

  53. You make a lot of good points, but I’m sorry, I would absolutely love to nut all over Kate Upton’s face and massive funbags…

  54. By the way, has ANY woman in history had more celebrity cock in them than Jennifer Aniston? I can’t understand why anybody would worship this whore

  55. This pathology of thinking these women are hot ought to be called Marilyn Monroe Syndrome (it is rooted in the same disease that makes people think that the beatles were anything more than a mediocre pop band with sub par lyrics and very very talented marketing people)

  56. Of course, you are only ranking women on looks. Nah, forget kindness, intelligence, talent, and respect… after all those are TOTALLY unnessesary for females right??? NO girl I have EVER met would date someone on this site… Not even for a day…

  57. Wow, that sound I just heard was a nail being hit on the head. What happened to truly remarkable women, like the young Lauren Bacall, who had beauty, brains and, God forbid, a bit of mystery to her? Does anyone remember times like that? Hell, remember the 70s, when even women like Jaclyn Smith had beauty and actually wore clothes? What’s that other word I’m looking for? Oh, I know–talent! Bacall could act, singers like Toni Tennille didn’t need AutoTune, she was an underrated keyboard player and was beautiful as hell when she was young. I don’t remember her having to resort to showing her ass cheeks on stage, nor simulating oral sex on any quasi-phallic object that happened to be handy.

      1. It’s called Google, you ignorant fuck. Look her up. Wow, maybe you drooling halfwits are getting the celebrities you deserve.

        1. Nobody gives a fuck who she is. The reason why you’re naming whores nobody gives a fuck about is because you’re an insecure fag who goes for women little to no man desires.
          At least name some women who are attractive like Bridget Bardot or Raquel Welch
          Again, nobody gives a fuck about your shitty obscure hipster taste. It just makes you look pathetic and tryhard.

  58. I never believed that people in the 21st century could get away with such blatant sexism until I’ve read the comments section. I just humor myself with the fact that all this bitter people in the comments section and the writer of this article will never amount to half of what the people on the list have they’ll be wiping their tears with dollar bills reading your comments of how some chick you don’t know is prettier than them while masses of adoring fans cheer for them in the background. Lol

  59. Or lets bring up a different on how ugly fat old men are constantly overrated more than female celebrities. In fact just as men belittle and completely devalue a woman based on her looks alone and age, we as woman find ugly men especially OLD men to be very unattractive. In fact as an attractive female with not only good looks but high intelligence, I find myself slowly becoming asexual because men these days are incredibly low grade with exception of a few. Holy shit just had to get that off my chest

  60. And beyonce as well as a lot of these women or almost 90% of hollywood are illuminati donkeys who have become 10 times less attractive do to the presence of a demon who has taken over their body😃

  61. LOL men age just as badly as women. It’s all in the skin and bone structure really. Good skin + good features = graceful aging. You need to accept that to women, specially alpha women as myself a man is only as attractive as his wallet. Let me give you an example- there’s a few attractive hunky handsome men out there (very few) and they would all fuck me at age 50 just as much as they would fuck me at age 20. Some might even fall in love. But who cares about love anyway. However you, aging ballsack of a man… How many young hot girls would fuck you at 50? Only if you have $$$$$. I’m 25 and I only fuck men who are powerful and wealthy so that I can build my own wealth so that when I’m 50 I can have tons of plastic surgery and keep a few pool boys around while I collect alimony from my fat exhusband who’s paying 20 year olds to hang out with him hahaha. Life is wonderful for smart, beautiful, strong women. Unfortunately most are not smart or strong or beautiful or a combination of at least 2 of those traits. I have all 3. Ciao

    1. Exactly. Pretty much no young hot women, or even young ugly women want much older men. The few that do either want money or have mental health issues. Yeah some older men are hot. But tbh very few. Mostly famous millionaire actors. Never met in person a hot 40 year old man. If i was married i’d still love them at any age, but it’d be because of the bond. These men are secretly insecure because they get rejected a lot are too entitled to move on and get over it like the rest of us.

  62. This seems to have been written by an insecure man. The type who actually underrate any women who aren’t picture perfect. No need to overrate or underrate. It just becomes hypocritical. Not hard to appreciate the beauty of a person or feature you don’t prefer. Btw actual men(and women) constantly overrate women too, duh.

  63. So true. ive firmly believed this for years. Right on about beyunce and rihanna very very medicore to say the least. i wouldnt even give those two a glance on the street lol

  64. Kate upton was hot and skinny at one point.. (refer to youtube)
    but anyway..

  65. Are you kidding me ?????????????? Katy Perry is currently the sexiest and the most beautiful female musician out there in the music / showbiz industry (along with Madonna) though I agree with Taylor Swift and Rihanna’s inclusion in this list as both of their faces despite of good makeup and lightning processes look below average .

  66. Say what you will, at least Emma Stone has a more natural beauty, even if not the hottest by far. The rest, way past their primes. And Taylor Swift, she was never hot. But hey, you douches wanted skinny.

  67. Sorry you all can’t get laid and have therefore turned to criticizing minutiae of celebrity women’s bodies–women who wouldn’t touch any of you with a ten foot pole anyway. You’re all embarrassments to your gender….good thing most of you will never procreate.

  68. Accurate list, I honestly feel like the only dude in the world who doesnt think Mila Kunis is hot lol

  69. Danica Patrick. Has not won a race in NASCAR. She has won one race as a professional race car driver and that was due to a rained out race where she happened to be the leader at the time, Christmas came early Danica. The commentators will reach an reach for the most ridiculous reason to talk about Danica. They’ll talk about the 5 guys leading the pack then skip 29 spots back to talk about Danica, “let’s see what Danica’s up to.” What? Why? Nausiating. There should be some hilarious videos on YouTube of Danica covering her face like a little girl anytime she is in a wreck. Men will drive, see and avoid, try to save the car until they reach the point of no return. The brave Danica, on the other hand, covers her face. COVERS HER FACE! The best thing to do when operating an 800 horsepower vehicle that is in a sticky situation. Danica has become a media whore and in the spotlight for you-go-girlism. Shame on NASCAR. Sports amongst other things should be merit based. “Look at Danica racing out there with all those men.” Sorry, she’s not “racing,” she’s “driving” and just trying to get her car to the finish line in one piece, you-go-girl! The men are “racing,” maximizing the performance of their cars, driving the car on edge, aggressive and hungry for a win. They sure as fuck aren’t covering their faces, if it means saving their car to stay in the race or driving a damaged car to pick up some points. Kyle Petty (son of the great Richard Petty) used to be very open about how shitty of a race car driver Danica is. I cringe when I hear men talk about how “hot” she is. She has a manly voice, acts and talks like a man. Gross! She can be seen in pre-race interviews or camera shots of her walking around with a manly scowl on her face, ewwwwwww! Is she gay? Apparently not. Maybe someone should give her the Corocodile Dundee test because I think that’s a dude. Good luck this year Dan and don’t forget to put your hands over your face while you’re driving because they sure as hell don’t belong on the steering wheel of a race car. My regards to all the drivers and teams with several $$$ worth of damage to their equipment this year, “who the fuck is that driving all squirrelly up there?” Girl power!

  70. i totally agree with this article, though i think all celebrities are overrated in every way and i think our society puts way too much importance on these paid entertainers

  71. jennifer aniston isn’t overrated,she is one of the most beautiful actress of all time.

  72. Agree with this whole list. Beyonce should be the #1 overrated skank tho. The pic you have is clearly photoshopped but there are tons more of her on stage that show her pork slab body.

  73. This is ridiculous! How can your standards be so high??? Jlo has a perfect body, anyone can look strange from bad angles… same with Beyonce. It’s a bad pic. Jennifer A is plain but she’s always been plain. There are some beautiful older women, and tbh i couldn’t think of many men over 35 i think are attractive, maybe about 10 celebrities… so don’t exaggerate your male powers lol. You’re trying to big up college girls but since no one is 18-22 for longer than 4 years they aren’t likely to feel happy you see them as so easily disposable so it’s just as much an insult to young women as it is to older… Kate Upton’s body isn’t great but her face is perfect. Mila’s body is boring bt her face is perfect… also she was only like 28 when she was popular? That’s insanely young… like are you pretending we age that badly now just to boost your low self esteems? Katy Perry is meh, i agree there. Emma Stone is beautiful, she looks geeky sometimes, but everyone looks off sometime’s. Taylor swift is pretty but a little skinny/robotic. I think your standards are too high. You just hate women and want us to feel bad because you’re insecure and know you’re not the studs you pretend to be online lmao.

  74. oh my god its like as if i had made this list. I always used to think about emma stone as a super ugly bitch with obnoxious attitude and filthy lips, also aniston, kunis, portman, rihanna, kim etc. never knew about katy parry and others as always saw her in heavy make up and shit.

    1. He missed that weirdo who got her claws into Brad Pitt.
      C’mon….no list is complete without that weirdo.

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