The Tyranny Of Technological Control Is Becoming A Reality

There’s little doubt the ultimate goal of globalists is to roll out a Global Technological Control grid, in which everything and everybody is connected – and monitored – by a computer network spanning the entire globe. Essentially, the dream of the elite is to unfurl a system of electronically enforced Communism via subcutaneous microchips. Of course, the elite and their cronies who possess what Aaron Russo called the “KMA chip” or the “Kiss My Ass chip” will be exempt from the micromanagement of daily life everyone else is forced to adhere to.

The elites’ dream and commoners’ nightmare of a “Prison Planet” is being done in degree. That chip in your new credit card that’s supposed to enhance security? A rudimentary step towards getting a chip placed into your hand for all purchases as cash is eliminated. Incidentally, I noticed a fast food restaurant I recently visited inside The Matrix is now scanning all money because of supposed “fraud” but one can envision a system in which even cash itself is electronically monitored with paper-size chips in order to track how you’re spending it.

That Big Brother sensor Progressive insurance has been attaching modest discounts to in order to get people to start welcoming second by second monitoring of their driving habits? Another piece of the puzzle. (Incidentally, many trucking companies already have cameras that monitor drivers’ behavior 24 hours a day. How long before cameras are mandated inside passenger vehicles?)

Google and Facebook monitoring and storing every keystroke you ever make online? Yet another piece of the puzzle. Here’s how a couple more emerging technologies play into the scheme.

5G, Global WiFi, and RFID

Once scoffed at, RFID is already emerging in everything from credit cards to Passports – the next step is putting the chip in your hand

Expected to be online by around 2020, 5G is the next generation of communications that will facilitate the coming Internet of Things.

Beyond the terrestrial cell networks which will be able to monitor tens of millions of electronic “brains” inside everything from our wallets to our cars to the products we buy, there are plans being hatched by billionaire Elon Musk to make WiFi ubiquitous worldwide via satellite. Newsweek hailed the announcement as yet another undeniable consequence of the all-important word “progress” without detailing any of the inherent risks:

Musk announced the scheme to launch a network of geosynchronous satellites, allowing high-speed internet access all over the globe. Musk told Businessweek: “The long-term potential is to be the primary means of long-distance internet traffic and to serve people in sparsely populated areas.” It would not only provide internet for the millions of people without it in remote or impoverished areas of the world, but, in theory, also make current connection speeds quicker as light travels faster in space than it does in the fibre optic cables used now.

Translation: There will soon be no escaping the reach of the central planners and micromanagers in the corporate-government complex. As everything humans do shifts from physical reality to being mediated by an electronic “middleman” the potential for abuse of power becomes an enormous concern.

Nobody listened when Aaron Russo sounded the alarm about the RFID agenda a decade ago:

The ultimate goal that these people have in mind is the goal to create a one-world government, run by the banking industry. Run by the bankers. And the whole agenda is to create a one-world government where everybody has an RFID chip implanted in them. All money is to be in those chips — there’ll be no more cash. And this is given me straight from Rockefeller himself; this is what they want to accomplish. And all money will be in your chips. And so, instead of having cash, any time you have money in your chip, they can take out whatever they want to take out whenever they want to. If they say “you owe us this much money in taxes,” they just deduct it out of your chip, digitally. And, if you’re like me or you, and you’re protesting what they’re doing, they can just turn off your chip. And you have nothing. You can’t buy food. You can’t do anything. It’s total control of the people.

Those who went along with Russo’s frightful vision of the future were called nuts, crackpots, and cranks. However, even those who once scoffed at these warnings are now being forced to take a second look as globalist designs become more obvious by the year.

Internet Of Things

Progressive car insurance will give you a modest discount if you’ll let them monitor everything you do on the road

These emerging communications technologies will be the backbone for what is the truly threatening risk to the freedom an autonomy of mankind: the Internet of Things.

The Internet of things is the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles (also referred to as “connected devices” and “smart devices”), buildings, and other items—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data.

It sounds harmless, right? Except when one sees one of the goals is to take human decision making out of something as benign as driving to work. As revealed by WIRED:

If there’s ice on the bridge, the same sensors in the concrete will detect it and communicate the information via the wireless internet to your car. Once your car knows there’s a hazard ahead, it will instruct the driver to slow down, and if the driver doesn’t, then the car will slow down for him.

But it goes deeper than that. Facebook and Google can already predict consumer behavior by monitoring your behavior online. Imagine when there are sensors that track everything you purchase, everywhere you go, and even everything you say with voice recognition technology. The control grid assumes even more power over our lives. The Waking Times gives us another piece of the puzzle:

The deeper level is really about the construction of a total technological control grid whose ultimate purpose is to know what you’re thinking and feeling, and then be able to change what you’re thinking and feeling so as to control your actions. In other words, complete technological slavery. Like many aspects of the worldwide conspiracy, most people who push forward their particular aspect of the overall agenda have no idea of the deeper ramifications or where the whole thing is headed.

Ultimately, the Internet of Things will be a world-size robot. Bruce Schneier writes for Forbes:

You can think of the sensors as the eyes and ears of the internet. You can think of the actuators as the hands and feet of the internet. And you can think of the stuff in the middle as the brain. We are building an internet that senses, thinks, and acts.

This is the classic definition of a robot. We’re building a world-size robot, and we don’t even realize it.

This world-size robot is actually more than the Internet of Things. It’s a combination of … mobile computing, cloud computing, always-on computing, huge databases of personal information, the Internet of Things … autonomy, and artificial intelligence … It’ll get more powerful and more capable through all the interconnections we’re building.

It’ll also get much more dangerous.

Some would say that’s been the plan all along. To take individual human decision making out of the equation and let all decisions be made – and electronically enforced – by the collective. We are closer to realizing this dystopia than most people understand. To the elites, Ayn Rand’s freedom, reason, and individualism are so passé.

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  1. Hard to believe that when I was a kid, computers were little more than a novelty. Now, I am somehow uncomfortable if I don’t have a cell phone connection. God forbid the power goes out.

    1. It’s always good to unplug now and again. There are psychological conditions of addiction associated with social media and techno gadgets. So it might be advisable for men to get out, turn off the phone and go hunting, or fishing, or hiking for a day or weekend or longer.

      1. My brother stayed at our campground with his wife and kids for about six months. No power, no cell phone coverage, bathed in the creek. I can’t say they loved it, but I can say the kids grew immensely.


    2. I had some mild exasperation when the site failed to load properly in my preferred browser. So I took a walk and wailed on the heavy bag.
      When any external factor dominates your life, you must deal with extraneous and constant stresses.

      1. Speaking of, Roosh and admins, I’m not getting any content in my Pale Moon browser as of Saturday night. It seems to load (if I clear my cache, I can see it for a half-second on refresh), but it disappears. The front page, for example, loads the page selector right under the title banner.
        No idea what could cause that, but it’s interesting. I’ve got a workaround using other browsers, but it’s an odd problem to have.

        1. Others are making similar comments about ROK over at RooshV. Roosh is advising that people turn off ad blocker.

        2. About a month ago, some gay troll commented with a link. When I opened it there were faggy assfucking gifs which are not allowed on ROK. The comment may have been removed since, but seconds after that, my android began buzzing and a popup for ‘android virus center’ which is some snakey tapeworm app that looks like an antivirus advertizement. It is really a bogus redirect that doesn’t stop covering Roosh’s page until you close the browser (stop) and clear cache and clear data. Then restart and reopen. Re sign-in if you have to but clear the history and data mainly.

    3. I met a 95 year old man recently. He was telling me that he remembers, when he was a kid, living in a house with no electricity. He remembers when they got one electric light fixture – a single light bulb – in his house as a kid. No one else in the neighborhood had electricity.
      Now, he carries a computer in his pocket more powerful than the computers used on the Apollo rockets to put a man on the moon. He can instantly see and talk to people in virtually any part of the planet with the touch of a button. He has experienced cutting edge virtual reality, and has directly interacted with the precursors of artificial intelligence.
      Just consider how far of a gap that is for one man to experience in terms of the advancement of technology, and human change… not to mention social and cultural change.
      And then think about what kids who are being born today will see, how much the human experience will change by the time they are 95.

        1. I didn’t say the future would be better. Whether life was better in 2011 versus 1969 is a quality judgment. But its undeniable that technology has advanced significantly in that period of time, and that the human experience has changed in a lot of big ways. I mean, now we have an infinite number of genders, FFS.

        2. Just seems the wonders of technology are being squandered on newer quicker ways to buy shit and be entertained, rather than actually advancing the human enterprise.

        3. Agreed. We carry around those super-computers in our pockets, but I bet we’d have a hard time putting another man on the moon if we had to.

        4. From the Wright Brothers to the moon in 66 years. We have tapered off on any actual inventions to simply improvements (communication, TV, etc..) on existing tech.

        5. The rate of technological advancement is directly proportional to the political freedom one enjoys.

        6. You thought tptb would let the little people advance humanity in meaningful and great ways?

          They want control over obedient consumers, that is all.

        1. Aye, that shouldnt be difficult to fap to.
          But seriously, coming from humble beginnings can really help a person understand what is truly important in life.

        2. PJ way to go brother! I just signed up on Thai Cupid two days ago. It is insane the amount of messages, over 100 already. Have you written any posts about your adventures there?

        3. No point, guys in the west just think you are lying (I would have too). You have to come here to understand the sexual insanity (and intensity) that is SEA.
          PS. Never send money, hand it to them after ……. and web cam first.
          PPS. Filipino dating site even more insane, and photos more genuine.

    4. Thats why Im not a fan of cloud-based computing. If the power goes out, I will still be able to stare at my CD and DVD cases by candlelight. Im ahead of the curve!

        1. When the grid goes down, you can come over and read my Battlestar Galactica DVDs- I have em all

        2. Looking at all the crap I’ve got scattered around, I think I may have the parts required to make a small steam-powered AC generator.
          I figure all I need is to rig a boiler to a turbine, regulate the voltage a bit, and feed it to an AC converter. That may actually be doable…
          (starts doodling)

      1. I remember seeing one for the first time in a store. I couldn’t get over the brilliance of the rainbow on the reflection.

        1. $12.99 for a 10 song CD! Now a ten song album stored remotely on Apple’s server is a mere…$1.29 a song! progress!

        2. and the data compression actually makes the music sound worse- wax if you can afford it

        3. And digital download is compressed mp3 and the CD is lossless audio. Buying CD is Buying HD music. People are retards, one of the benefits of buying digital downloads was the price. But you can download a game for 60$ and the physical copy is 60$ that´s bullshit. There is a push to kill physical media, it cost less to produce but you sell it to the same price as the physical media so more profit. People are retards. There is a push to kill CD, DVD, BluRays but oddly not books for some reason books is the other way around Ebooks cost a shit more than paper copies in fact for books there is a push for not going all digital. Weird.

        4. I still buy CDs, but let me ask you this: when I import it into itunes so I can put on my phone, do I lose sound quality?

        5. Yes. But if you use a high bit rate it is almost impossible or very hard to notice the difference, you need to be super analytic and have golden ears, 128kbps is cancer, 128kpbs mp3 sound like shit. If you are going to RIP your CD music use a minimum of 320kbps or go lossless with FLAC (open source), WMA lossless (windows) or ALAC (apple). With 320 kbps MP3s you will be fine. If you use FLAC or high bit rate in your smartphone you will not notice the difference. To notice the difference you will need to enter in the land of the audiophiles. Lossless music, DAC, Headphones amp, and $200+ high impedance headphones.

  2. People are acting as if the globalists are losing ground, but perhaps that is just to make people more relaxed? It seems they are heading in the direction they want. The bible even predicts a one world government, so my question is, is this future inevitable? And perhaps this “fighting back” at return of kings is simply futile?

  3. In most of the Orwellian and other dystopic visions of future government control, it was generally assumed that a totalitarian government with an army of jack-booted thugs would impose this level of control on the populace at gunpoint. Few guessed that we would actually choose to willingly place ourselves under this level of control, and keep asking for me. We are being seduced into buying our own shiny new shackles and prison cells because they are marketed to us as safer, more convenience, better or cooler.
    The self-driving car is a perfect example. No longer will it be as simple as hopping in your car and going for a drive. Now, your car will be tracked everywhere it goes. The stops you make, the people in the car, the music that you play… even your conversations in the car will be easily tracked. Think about how that will be not-so-subtly used to control you.
    Running late? The smart car won’t let you speed because that isn’t safe.
    Want to take the long way around for a scenic route? Nope, that’s excessive and unnecessary pollution.
    Want to cut through a neighborhood to avoid traffic? Nope, the smart car has been programmed to obey scheduled traffic patterns in order to reduce congestion.
    Want to stop at McDonald’s for a cheeseburger? Well, your smart home reports that you had pizza for lunch, your smart car knows you didn’t go to the gym today, and you have exceeded your recommended caloric intake for the day. The smart car drives you to a salad place instead.
    And the vast majority of the people will bitch and complain about it all, even as they stand in line to buy version 2.0 for 150% more cost will 200% more control.

    1. The solution to the self-driving car is pretty simple: stop buying new cars. I drive a car made in 1965, and besides the fact that it looks sexy and hauls ass, I can fix every possible thing that goes wrong with it myself for stupidly low costs.
      Maybe they’ll legislate that ability out of existence at some point, but imo if you don’t know how to fix your own car (or worse, you buy a car that is basically a big computer that doesn’t allow itself to be fixed), you’re not redpilled.

      1. Yes, that is a solution. For now. Unless they decided — for your own good and safety — to make you install a box in your car to track you, etc., in order to get auto insurance, inspection sticker, etc.

        1. Vermont tried to pass a gas mileage tax, where a tracker is installed in your vehicle and you have to pay a certain price per mile. Shot down, obviously, but still a scary thought.
          They also have a new inspection system where you can’t shop around shops to find one that will pass it: your car, license plate and pass requirements are logged into a central database. Only reason my car passed was because the last folks to have it inspected were the previous owners.

      2. Insurance premiums will be prohibitively expensive for non-automated cars. Also travel lanes might become restricted access to automated vehicles only.

        1. So don’t buy car insurance. How many times have you needed it since you started driving? You got me on the travel lanes, evil wins again I guess.

        2. Correct on the premiums; only the very wealthy will be able to afford to drive a non-automated car

        3. Driving without car insurance is incredibly foolish. Notwithstanding the cost of fines, penalties, and impound fees for failing to meet even state minimum requirements if you get caught by the fuzz, you’re also opening yourself up to huge liability if you get into a crash without it. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d rather not be sued into financial ruin or have five to six figures of medical bills I have to pay out of my own pocket.
          Car insurance is not a commodity or utility and its necessity is not measured by how much or how often you use it. It’s there to shield you from liability you would otherwise incur at your own expense when you get into an accident involving property damage and injury. I pay my car insurance quite happily, and I hope I never have to use it.
          If you drive your car on public roads, you need insurance. Period. In fact, most states now require proof of continous coverage before they even let you register your car and letting your policy lapse usually tends to result in the state mailing you a cheerfully worded notice that unless you provide proof of current insurance, your registration will be suspended or revoked. If you refuse to buy car insurance, that’s fine. Just don’t drive on public roads.

        4. Also if you make payments they will notify the bank and if you keep lapsing they will tap it on to your payment through the banks carrier.

        5. Bikers ain’t gonna cotton to that.
          You mess with gun owners, you go down in America. Same with bikers, we’re just quieter on the newstands.

        6. Why have accident insurance for driverless carsat all if they’re supposed to be accident proof? No reason whatsoever.

        7. “I’d rather not be sued into financial ruin or have five to six figures of medical bills I have to pay out of my own pocket.”
          And that’s why you’re a slave. And I say that as respectfully as possible because I’m one too by going along with the scam that is insurance. I’d just rather enough of us wake up and tell them to fuck off. But clearly that can’t happen when the slaves are defending the plantation owners.

        8. Sure, if you get pulled over. How many times has that happened? I’ve been driving since 1992. It’s happened twice, both of which could have been avoided had I not been a stupid teen.

        9. You seem to be operating under the misguided and fallacious notion that driving is (or should be) a right, not a privilege. Since it is, and ought to be, a privilege, if you choose to partake in it, you have to meet the requirements for it. Your claim that that meeting those requirements is somehow tantamount to “slavery” is equally misguided and fallacious as you aren’t being forced against your will to purchase car insurance. You have the choice NOT to purchase car insurance. Simply cancel your policy, park your car and keep it off public roads, and make use of other readily available means of transportation. You aren’t being forced into anything and other options are available.
          You can also possibly avoid car insurance while still being able to exercise your driving privilege by checking with your state’s DMV for requirements on making a surety bond deposit with the state in lieu of insurance. While the price tag on that is pretty high (California was $35K when last I checked), there is that option as well.
          In short, there are alternatives and contrary to what you might think, slavery doesn’t even enter into the realm of discussion on the matter. If you want to play the driving game, you have to play by the rules. Don’t like the rules? Don’t play. There isn’t some whip cracking slave driver forcing you into anything.

        10. Actually it’s spoken like a guy who’s been hit a couple times by idiot kids who thought the same way you do about car insurance and actually refused to buy it. They usually change their outlook on it once the state finishes ripping them a new one with fines, penalties, loss of their cars, and the very real possibility of being sued in civil court to pay for damages and injuries they caused.
          Should you ever wind up in an accident, you’ll be thankful you were smart enough to have car insurance.

        11. Pretty much every small town cop, and every single state trooper, in the US has a data terminal in their car that can run plates. You’ll get pulled over all the time if you have no insurance.

        12. No, it would become stratified. So premiums for automated cars would be much lower than non-automated cars.

        13. There would be less total accidents and less average accidents..thats downward pressure on insurance.

        14. And motorbikes….”.The big auto companies — and a few techies like Google — are locked in competition to see who will dominate the coming self-driving market and the automated transportation future. The companies may imagine that cities will buy whole fleets of autonomous cars which will replace the privately owned vehicles that clutter up the streets and parking garages”
          ”A recent report from Fox News included some interesting facts, in particular that a human driver needs to take control of the car on average every eight-tenths of a mile. That frequency of human intervention doesn’t seem very self-drivey”
          You can bow down to it..I won’t be.

        15. Uh-huh…and the same mindset was said about firearms and automobiles. Adapt and overcome or die. Those are the options.

        16. And if I’m never in an accident, I will have wasted many thousands of dollars for nothing. Hence the bullshittery of insurance.

        17. Ah I see, didn’t know that. It’s amazing how much of a police state we’re living in, and people seem completely fine with it.

        18. The right to travel is enshrined in the Constitution. Travel is a constitutional right not a privilege and that includes the means by which we travel.
          You have bought into the plantation mentality hook, line and sinker. Why do you believe it’s a “privilege”? Because the pols said so this last 20 years?

        19. Where does it say in the constitution or anywhere else that the “means” of travel is included in the right itself? You assume an inclusion where none exists.
          Moreover, the right to travel is not impinged upon by imposing regulations on the driving of personal cars on public roads. Countless people across the country survive just fine without a car, exercising their rights to free travel through the use of other readily available means of transportation. Requiring people to demonstrate financial responsibility through the purchase of car insurance or a surety bond on deposit with the state in order to drive a personal vehicles on public roads in no way impinges on anyone’s rights. Requiring that the vehicles themselves are in good working order is in no way an infrignment of anyone’s rights.
          Arguing against this under the false pretense that your rights are being infringed because you can’t roll your jalopy down public roads without insurance and expect to be able to walk away from any related incident where you would be liable for damages to people or property is an infantile position to take. Doubling down on that idiocy with the assertion that anyone supporting a system of regulations and financial responsibility over the use of personal vehicles on public roads is somehow rubber stamping the approval of slavery just makes your position that much more untenable.

        20. Depends on the type of car. And over time, it adds up. I’ve been driving for 20 years, and have wasted many thousands of dollars for nothing on the scam that is insurance.

        21. Terminus,
          What you describe as a ‘right’ is actually what you mean when you say ‘privilege’.
          A ‘right’ is not something which can be taken away.
          Your ‘right’ to speak, cannot be taken away; oh sure you can be silenced, but you still had the ‘right’ to speak. Even if you choose not to.
          Same for self defense. Whether another person says, “oh no, you must let the other guy rape your wife and murder you,” you still have the ‘right’ to end him instead. Whether or not someone may attempt to enact punitive measures after the fact.
          Same for driving. If you have a car, no one can deny your ‘right’ to drive it. There are no registration or licensing for driving private vehicles on private roads. This is only done on public roads, at least nominally, to ensure a modicum degree of safely functional vehicles and competent operators on public thoroughfares.
          This concept may seem minutia, but it has massive implications when considered in all realms where such terms are bandied about.

        22. I’m actually in full agreement with you on driving. The point I was trying to make involves driving personal vehicles on public roads. If you’re on a private road with your car, by all means drive it without insurance and even a license. If you’re on public roads, you need a license and insurance for exactly the reasons you described. My detractors were making the dubious claim that they have a “right” to drive personal vehicles on public roads without demonstrating financial responsibility through the purchase of car insurance because of some misguided notion that such requirements infringe upon their right to travel.
          So yes, in the conditions you describe involving personal vehicles on privately owned roads, you absolutely do have the right to drive without needing to meet any requirements mandated by the government. But when it comes to public roads, there is no case law that supports the argument that driving on public roads without meeting reasonable requirements, such as maintaining car insurance, having a valid license, and a reasonably safe car is a right enshrined in the Constitution, nor is there any case law that supports the argument that those requirements are a violation of the same.
          Ultimately this little debate highlights a small part of a much bigger problem in society where people quick to claim they have a right to something without consideration for any responsibilities that go along with that right. I liken this mentality to that of a teenager still living at home with parents and yearning for the day when they turn 18 because they’ll finally be “free”. It takes some longer than others to realize that the only freedom you get when you hit that magical age is the freedom of responsibility. Unfortunately it seems that our declining Western civilization is producing more and more of the people who expect rights but want zero accountability and none of the responsibility that those rights confer.

        23. You are actually wrong on travel rights. There is case law from SCOTUS on the issue of restricting the means of travel without restricting the right to travel. Do you really think forcing people to abandon constitutional protections (4th Amendment) to exercise another constitutional protection (Right to Travel) based on the means of travel is actually reasonable? You must forfeit your rights to get to NY in 5 hours because you could otherwise walk in 3 weeks? That is the very definition of unreasonable restraint upon a right. If you don’t have to produce ID to vote, as it might infringe a constitutional right, then walking 3,000 miles to exercise your right to travel appears to be Nuclear War in comparison.
          Reasonable regulations would include requiring insurance for drivers of cars. However, even the walkers pay for the roads via taxes.
          Get back to the books and argue from a factual and legal point of view with some logical consistency in the future. It will strengthen your arguments. I think I would probably agree with you on many points but I can’t quite figure out the paradigm you are operating under.
          The actual law is pretty much available online via google and you don’t need Westlaw or Lexis for general arguments unless you are a practicing lawyer and need to be sure the cases are not distinguished or overturned.

        24. I am not wrong about travel rights because my argument is only that driving itself is not considered by any state to be an inalienable aspect of that right, nor is there any case law that sets any precedence on either federal or state level that invalidates state laws governing the use of personal vehicles on public roads. Simply put, no state anywhere views driving a car as part of an inalienable right to travel and that perspective has not changed in the many years I’ve been driving, nor do I expect it to change in the near future.
          That is the extent of the point I’m trying to make. Driving personal cars on public roads is not a right. It is a privilege and is subject to reasonable regulation at the state level and such regulations do not infringe on someone’s right to travel, especially since there are plenty of other alternatives to driving which are readily available that don’t involve walking for three weeks to get to New York. Your choices are not just walking or driving.

        25. These infringements are real. Travel is a right. Unreasonably restricting the means of travel is impinging upon that right.
          Just because the State’s pile onto the “driving is a privilege” argument does not make it permissible under the US Constitution. It really says as more about the fact that it is lucrative to charge $55 for driver’s license, $400 for vehicle registration per year, etc.
          Public roads are a public resource, meaning they belong to the people, not the government. Most Americans actually pay taxes and have the right to use the public lands and resources.
          Do you believe that the Military defending our borders, children being educated, being provided with a jury trial, police stopping thieves from robbing you are also just privileges where the government can pick and choose who benefits?
          Think it though a bit more…

        26. So we’re supposed to just let anyone drive whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want because driving should be a right? John Q. Blindasabat should be allowed to drive even though he can’t see five feet past his nose without a magnifying glass because “driving is a right”, and the family who just had their kids run down by him are just shit out of luck because he was exercising is right? Or how about the guy who pounds back the sauce at his local pub and, with a flammable level BAC, exercises his right to drive home and crashes into a family in a minivan? Is the family shit out of luck because his right to drive trumps their right to not have their car totaled? In a system where driving is this inalienable right, how do you determine responsibility for damage to property, injury to persons, or even total loss of life when it’s a free for all on the public roads? It certainly couldn’t be the fault of the guy who caused the incident, because he was just exercising his right to drive. Who’s at fault then? Who determines that and who pays for the damages?
          Moreover, while I don’t believe either of us has an expert oponion on how any of the states allocate revenue from their tax income, but I do know that I pay a tax on each gallon of gas that goes into my car to help pay for the roads. So does everyone else who gets gas for their cars.
          The problem with your rationale on driving as a right is that it is based on no small amount of selfishness. You believe you ought have a right to drive without any regulations or restrictions but it seems as though you’re not understanding that other folks have their own rights too. There is an inescapable aspect of responsibility that must be assumed when you exercise your rights.
          Finally, some of the examples you mentioned are not rights at all. They are services provided by a government who collects taxes to pay for them. Jury duty would be a good example of a right though. You have the right to a trial by jury because someone else took the responsibility to be juror.

      3. Look for new laws to all but eliminate vehicles like that for anything but a display. All about ‘fuel efficiency’ and being ‘environmentally safe.’

    2. Self driving cars are gonna destroy the action movie biz- no more Fast n Furious or Lethal Weapon- style chases anymore. Everyone’s cars will just turn off or drive them to the nearest precinct. thats a lame action movie IMO

      1. They still will have action movies. Only the evil bad guys will have a non-automatic driving car. Most likely driven by a white guy while a woman cop takes him down in the end of the flick.

    3. It’s healthier to cycle, and you don’t even need a road.
      Why are Americans so lazy that they can’t do anything (or imagine life) without a car? Then you wonder why everyone is obese!

      1. You have no context to discuss American life. You’ve lived your entire life 10 feet from other people, Your opinions are invalid.

    4. You know what else is a perfect example? Shit like the Amazon Echo, voice activated smart TVs, Kinect/PS4 camera, and other surveillance devices peddled as trinkets that are harmless and benign. People are actually paying money to bug their own houses with 24×7, always on surveillance devices because of some misguided belief that such things are convenient.
      Yet they really are bugging your house and recording your every word spoken and your every move. Mountains of data is compiled on your daily habits in your own house, not just in your self driving car. And this isn’t just some wild conspiracy theory either. Police in Bentonville, Arkansas have successfully subpoenaed Amazon for days worth of audio recordings from an Amazon Echo device that the alleged suspect had in his house:

    5. The tech might be created but the legal issues will take a long time to muster out. Just saw a smart car drive right through a red light. First KILL and the lawsuits start.

    6. Instead of 1984, where Information is heavily regulated and controlled, we are in A Brave New World, where Information flows so freely and abundant that none of us give a damn.

    1. I’ve heard that theory from elsewhere that the “mark” is a computer chip implant. Not convinced, but it is plausible..

        1. THE wackiest book of the New Testament. and a last minute addition I believe. Probably to appease some kooks….

        2. I don’t think it was horrible, imagine you, being John, a nomad by trade, never seen anything that approaches technology, then being shown a vision of today (or several thousand years in the future) and trying to describe it to your fellow nomads.

        3. It’s the curse of Cassandra, in a way. Prophecies make perfect sense in hindsight, but until they come to pass they’re enigmatic.
          I know of about 5 distinct schools on the events of the Last Days. Two suppose a rapture event, while three think the whole “caught up in the air” thing happens after all is said and done.
          The honest theologian must say, “I have my hunches, but I don’t know.”

      1. The word in Revelation translates to either “on” or “in”, apparently. A mark in the hand or head made no sense until recently.
        The interpretation has merit, but it’s a hard prophecy to decipher.

  4. So what’s the solution? Or is this article just lamentation? We sure as hell can’t go back to living in mud-huts or log cabins lit by oil-lamp. I realize this article does not advocate that, but where is the line?
    It seems to me by many of the articles here that my only option is to try to make $1 billion + to become elite or be a slave to a degree.
    An please nobody pitch a spiritual (jesus/allah/buddha) answer as it will fall on very deaf ears.

    1. I think a good line to cut is allowing yourself to be tracked If that means shutting off your smart phone, that is what it means. Problem is, what about those gadgets that track you without your knowledge?

      1. One of the points of the article is that turning off your cellphone (even assuming that stops it from tracking you, which it might not), is that with the internet of things — everything around you will still track you.

        1. The IoT concept is sad and flawed. Not only does it fundamentally weaken security, but it also requires power and resources to do essentially nothing of value.

        2. I hear the retort “but I am not doing anything wrong, why should I care?”….problem is, we are not in a bubble. Maybe you are not doing anything wrong, but what about the next politician who is really a good candidate, had a phase of saying the “n” word during college?

        3. See, I have a hard time believing that they are just shoving computers and increasingly high-tech systems into washing machines and thermostats for no reason.

        4. There are reasons, but little value. At least part of it is preying on idiotic consumers by selling a “more advanced” system that fails to improve on the core functionality of the product.
          Some, as we continue to learn, is malicious, as with the TV watching you and your data being open to anyone with a back door.

      2. My knife, wallet, and clothing are chipless. So, if I desire, I can escape the etherial cloud of wireless connectivity.
        Now, I must isolate if I want to be free of others’ devices. Such is the curse of modernity, I suppose.

        1. It just came to my mind when you said that you would be free of others’s devices. In a self-driving uber world, if you don’t have your smartphone you would never be provided transportation. I don’t think that in the near future it will be possible to live without connectivity at all.

      3. Why worry about being tracked?
        I’m happy for them to know when I’m sitting at home, visiting the 7-11, or in my local brothel. What harm does it do me?

        1. probably not a problem, unless you do something that piques the government’s interest (like run for office, or be part of a political movement), or your government becomes corrupted.

      4. Outside of an iZombie, what tracks me without my knowledge? I ride a 2005 motorcycle unless it’s icing out. Phone at home and…debit card for lump sum withdrawls that they see but…where’s the tracking outside of that?

        1. None of the above. Your spirit. Mine. And the structural constraints that continue to favor gynocentric interference.
          Technofascism is the most backbiting, feminized shit there is. Totalitarian systems from East Germany to Cuba depend on rats, informants, stoolies, and snitches to punish thought criminals and idividualists– which all of us here are. But our own gynocracy replaces the Informant on the street with the consumerist shit we carry around with us 24/7. Every time you check your texts like a chick, your pay with a piece of your soul.

        2. Spiritual at least in a broad sense, I’d argue. In a duality perception of reality, man is both beast and angel, with the beast being flesh and the angel being mind and soul.
          Whether you consider soul as an unconscious aspect of mind is immaterial to this point. We can use it to mean the collection of biases and ideas that color our thoughts and perceptions, as well as our emotional states.
          As such, this war is for the “souls” of men. Men tainted by base lusts (that is, an external focus on possession and perception rather than a reflective meditation on self) are miserable and weak, and they make all manner of evils rampant.

        3. There is a difference between believing in God or a higher power and following a religion. One does not require the other.

        4. Granted, I would wish that all men served my Lord in spirit and truth. But if nothing else, let every man accept the spiritual nature present in all men.

        5. True. But keep saying that and two years later you’ll be an “old, out of touch man” like me. This shift is rapid and merciless.

        6. Have you been said that? How often? Something that struck me once I came to the US is the combined use of the word creepy but also outdated with old by women. While innocous at first, it clearly signals the extreme feminization of American culture: making male aging despicable, assigning a perishable characteristic on men that was formerly only attributed (for an evident reason) to women.

        7. All the time man. All the time.
          “What? You don’t have social media? WTF?”
          “Why won’t you carry your phone most of the time?” (even from the wife)
          “You erect a wall in front of you, you wont let people in!” (meaning I don’t exist on social media, or I don’t confess my life in public all the time).
          The world is changing, you’re exactly right, and every year it gets more weird. That you notice now as a young man…I admire that…and I pity you. I’m “old” and can deflect, you’re going to be pelted mercilessly most of your life. But stand strong.

        8. What is more sad about this is that most men individually accept this reality and swallow the “female imperative” that Rollo Tomassi says. We are quickly and irreversibly becoming a cuntocracy. Young men like me can only aspire to become clowns to sluts these days. Men these days we are mere accessories to women’s lives, despite some PUAs affirming the opposite.

    2. Even the rich are slaves. All men are slaves to some master, at least to some degree.
      I think our classic teachings still ring truest here. Lift and eat healthily, so that you don’t need to rely on the system for your health. Seek an antifragile lifestyle, so that you can continue to live even when it’s more difficult. Seek virtue (which is, in its etymology, the essence of man). Discard that which is of no profit and build on that which is profitable (not only in money, but in friendships and possessions).

    3. Work, save, invest, buy land, rinse lather repeat, by 50 or so you can retire to many acres in the countryside (outside of CA and NY) in peace.
      We aren’t going to save the world, but we can save ourselves.

  5. Skynet happened a long time ago. The Machines won, Humans lost.
    The takeover was so efficient and subtle that they never bothered to inform us. Other than servicing the machinery, we are insignificant.

  6. Even mere IT hobbyists know “the internet of things” is notoriously vulnerable to intrusion. Asymmetrical software and hardware in separate devices all communicating, and all as weak as the weakest link in the network. As it expands, the first generations of the technology will be a horror show.

    1. Amusingly, there’s a bigger problem of bandwidth and accessibility. There’s only so much traffic any system can handle, and many routers start to suffer with only a dozen or so connections. We extended IPv4 yo IPv6 because we ran out of numbers for devices, but that’s only part of the problem.

        1. Heh, it is kind of funny.
          In all seriousness, for those playing at home, IPv4 was a numbering convention for Internet-connected devices. It was composed of four 8-bit numbers, with a total available set of 2^(8*4) digits – approximately 4 billion numbers.
          We cheated a bit by having all devices on local routers use a small range of specially-allocated numbers (usually something like, but it was a stop-gap. Frankly, with so many devices connected to the networks, we did in fact run out of numbers.

        2. All designed with 2-3 year batteries, so even if you try to avoid buying every new model that comes out, you’d be lucky to skip 3 generations.

        3. The wikileaks ‘revelations’ have been fucking hilarious to me, honestly. Virtually everything they’ve released regarding technology has been publicly known for nearly 15 years, if anyone had the inclination to look.

        4. My father has been doing things to thwarting the ‘revelations’ for years: taping integrated webcams, fully unplugging computers, etc.
          Except for probably the car assassination thing. He got a new truck and man is it computer-y.

  7. The solution is to support companies against this stuff:
    1. Buy silver coins instead of dollars
    2. Shop at farmers markets
    3. Buy old cars, restore them
    RESIST! The NWO can’t happen without our consent.

      1. And, in this case as in many others, failure to resist is consent. It is not enough to say, “I despise this;” we must act on that.
        Now, I am not calling for armed revolt or any such destructive act. Rather, I call for each of us to live our lives in accordance with our principles. In this way, we might be an example to others, and so rob the machine of its momentum backed by silent consent of the controlled.

        1. You’d be surprised how impactful one man can be. Just from my blog alone I’ve gotten hundreds of emails from men thanking me.
          If you really want to change the world, LEVERAGE the existing technology! Create a YouTube channel, a blog, sell an information product, just do something.
          Abandoning technology altogether is almost as bad as welcoming its tyrannical oversight. We must use it to fulfill our ends, not have it use us to fulfill the elites’ ends.

        2. They all come out mainly to say they now hate the site, thank the site, or comment when a SHTF moment happens to the site.

        3. Makes me wonder if something similar to the old business maxim ‘For every customer who bothers to complain, 26 other customers remain silent’, holds true for website commenters.

        4. I read once about a 1-in-10 rule.
          1-in-10 people told about your site will visit.
          1-in-10 of those will click a link.
          1-in-10 of those will buy from that link/share an article from that link.
          Probably a bit of a stretch, but it paints a picture.

        5. If you want to change the world, buy a gun and shoot a politician/banker/judge/Jew/policeman/rich man.
          I don’t care about changing the world, I just don’t participate all that much.

    1. Also get a motorcycle. No motorcycle can be self driven by smart devices and it can’t be smart keyed. Plus they’re faster than the goons in their squad cars.

        1. An older diesel engine is all mechanical with nothing electrical other than 12v going to the glow plugs and headlights. Once running, not even a coronal mass ejection can stop it. There’s no electronics to fry. If you can find an older diesel Volvo or VW Rabbit or Dasher, the diesel feul is like oil and will store indefinately.
          Newer gas cars can be deactivated in emergencies or manufactured crises, so during times of globalist purges in the civilized fishbowls, there will be dead inoperative cars everywhere. The place will look like a junkyard and that’s when you know it’s time to head for the hills in your diesel VW. Gasoline oxidizes but 10 year old diesel oil will fire right up. Keep some kerosene to thin it in ultra cold weather.

        2. You’re not wrong.
          It just struck me that I’ve restored an old carb bike in my garage, and the wiring is exceedingly basic, so I’m riding without computers. However, most of the folks out here ride modern bikes with computers to regulate their fuel flow. If there’s any wireless reception on those things (which seems likely), there’s probably a remote exploit.
          Kind of terrifying to think about.

        3. Also old points ignition systems weren’t all that bad. It’s been ages since I adjusted one. A simple 100-150cc dirt bike with gravity fed feul tank and carb would rule in a disaster zone.

        4. well, we have hit peak oil, why not shift over to this to minimize the havoc it will/has created?

        5. A mountain bike is even easier, and doesn’t need fuel.
          I always wonder in all the post apocalyptic movies and books nobody uses bicycles. I can do 100Km/day on a bicycle for less effort than 10Km/day walking.

        6. Peak oil was supposed to happen in 1995. 20 years later the oil supplies and reserves are higher than ever. Just another lie we were fed to make us live in FEAR.

        7. Incorrect- was projected to occur around 2000, happened late 05-early 06. The “reserves” are bollocks, all that matters is how quickly the oil can get to the market. You think we are in the ME simply bc we like to wage war?

        8. Absolutely right about bikes. Post apocalyptic bike tires would be hard to make though. Keep all spare tires coiled up in 5 gal buckets with lid closed and they won’t dry rot. I’ve heard of mountain bike survivalism where you patch tires with tree sap. Keep chain and bearings oiled. It’s hard to make a new chain out of jungle ferns and Tarzan string. Even a walmart cheapie bike is a cadillac compared to a Gilligan’s Island bike.
          This is just one among many other assorted machines used in a plant that makes bike tires:

          – – a machine not likely to be found in the jungle but rather within earshot of a major functioning airport, a spaghetti bowl freeway interchange and a shipping port with hi rises, mobs and miles of paved streets jammed with wage slaves, street lights, urban grind and checkered with entire blocks designated exclusively for prostitutes. In a post apocalyptic scenario, cities will be like big graveyards. No manufacturing will be possible and your extra bike tires, bearings, chains and cables will be gold. Keep them dry with your gunpowder.

        9. Fracking!
          You’re still in the ME, because big corporations and other vested interests suffer from financial inertia.

        10. I cycle over 3,000Km a year, my bicycles are all at least 6,000Km old, and I’ve never needed a new chain. Bearings are mostly sealed lifetime units these days. Changed the tires on my 9 year old bike last year (not wear but perishing).
          How much spares do we really need for our lifetime?

        11. A young woman came up to me yesterday (while I was having breakfast) and ran her hands over my bare legs (Lycra cycling shorts and top), “ooooooo strong” she said.
          When did that last happen to you?

        12. No conversion needed to run on vegetable oil, just pour it straight in.
          (I used to run my old Peugeot 205 Diesel on that in the UK summers 15 years back) NOTE: Doesn’t work on common rail diesel engines (post 1997).

        13. Eeeh maybe 10-15 tires for a lifetime then for one man/one bike. Keep in dry bucket with lid along with 2 tubes of quality moly teflon lube and pack of 250 tire patches & jar of cement. A tsunami won’t affect a floating indestructable 5 gal bucket with the handle tied to a tree. Also old bikes pile up in cities like coat hangers and end up in the police impound and up for sale by the truckload each year. A 3-4 ft high pile o bikes should provide enough parts for a lifetime too.

    2. Not to mention Ludditism. No, it doesn’t work but smashing shit up is therapeutic
      Having said that latter-day ludditism would involve something like a cyber attack / viruses or even an EMP.

    3. Jon Anthony, we’re very much on the same team based on the comments I’ve seen here. I could not agree more.

  8. Some say this Chip could be the Mark of the Beast. The Bible mentions that no-one will be able to buy and sell without it, and we are already barrelling towards a cashless society. I urge you not to take it. If you do, you condemn yourself to the Lake of Fire by showing that you would rather submit to the petty earthly things than God.

  9. “Ultimately, the Internet of Things will be a world-size robot.”
    Gosh. Golly. Golem.
    Golems always without fail, fuck up and run amok. I think the elite know that. Part of the fun is seeing the whole thing blow up, and come to shit. The best laid plans and all that…..includes those very well plotted after all. The elite know that. In the pits of their stomachs. They will at first succeed, and then they will undermine the machine they have built from within.
    The war will start in Heaven. In fact it already has

  10. I got a new (used) car recently and had to get insurance. One thing that surprised me when getting online comparison quotes was that the policies that required a black box were vastly more expensive than all the others – sometimes about 3 times as expensive.

    1. You’re right. Insurance tables puzzle me. Older fully depreciated cars are the cheapest to insure. Another puzzling thing with insurance policies is accident and loss of life reimbursement. The tables will say:
      Loss of hand – $15,000
      Both hands – $23,500
      One leg – $30,000
      Both legs – $45,000
      One eye $6,000
      Right arm, one eye and both legs – $85,000
      And get this last one . . Loss of life $40,000
      So two legs, one eye and a hand is worth more than your entire life?? The scaling is totally rediculous which is why I religiously don’t buy any insurance other than the required basic auto coverage to keep the state troopers off my ass. I totally ignored Obamacare and sometimes when you ignore something, it does indeed go away.

      1. I find it odd that hands are worth less than legs.
        You take away my legs, I learn to use a prosthetic or a wheelchair.
        You take away my hands… what the hell do you do with your life from there?

        1. “I’m thinking about getting metal legs. It’s a risky operation, but it’ll be worth it. “

  11. We’re fracked. The masses are lazy and stupid and we are subject to the sheer momentum of the crowd moving in this direction.
    Before we are old most of us will need to leave our beloved America.

    1. You don’t leave your stronghold.
      Going to a foreign stronghold and then when your own people start attacking it, thinking that your new foreign buddies there will not see you as the enemy, is not a good plan.

  12. If Terminator taught us anything it is “the future has not been written. There is no fate but what we make ourselves.” Yes I know it was just a movie! 😉

    1. That was also the message in “Back to the Future.” I think what we need to be afraid of is that the globalist scumbags will have the power to force everyone to make the choice between accepting the fate they have chosen for us or to accept the fate of being dead as the only alternative.

      1. they are particularly adept at persuading the sheep that the future they have chosen for humanity is a singular thing called ‘Progress’. The ineluctable motor of history always seems to favour communist loving billionaires for some reason

        1. Control freakery is always driven by fear. If you have a boyfriend who wants to tell his girlfriend when she can and can’t go to the toilet, or whatever, then (rightly) that’s condemned as being ‘controlling’ but when the elite work tirelessly to dominate and control every aspect of the lives of everybody on the planet then that’s progress, and it just can’t be stopped for some reason

    2. “If Terminator taught us anything it is “the future has not been written. There is no fate but what we make ourselves.” Yes I know it was just a movie!”
      Valid point.

  13. I’ve commented on this before, but one of the reasons this inexorable progress towards the NWO can happen is that the TPTB are very good at insulating their own policy making echo-chambers from the very reasonable concerns that are raised by the public. The Trump phenomenon is of interest to me, beyond the actual day to day politics of his administration precisely because it was the first time perhaps where our proletarian concerns reached the policy making level. Part of that included what previously (and to some extent still) would have been considered to amount to conspiracy theory
    I see a lot of the last few years indeed as the elite adapting to concerns, conspiracy theories and other forms of dissent that they could not otherwise hope to contain. One concern though is all the revelations from Snowden, Wikileaks etc about the progress of and abuse of surveillance and technology. Even though these things have sometimes caused a flap in the media, they generally have produced absolutely zero concecssions from governments / elites. The revelations about surveillance, misbehaving intelligence agencies etc has not in any way put the breaks on this abuse. Within the de facto policy environment the elites have simply doubled down. The same goes for concerns about technology. The technological elites, social media companies, social media countries are completely immune from the concerns and criticisms that are voice in the media and on the internet. Indeed one might even suspect that voicing stuff in the media / internet is simply used as a means of safely introducing new ways we are going to be fucked up the arse. If they – the PTB – can admit to all the evil in the world, and still nothing happens, and still they do not have to alter course in any shape or form, then the more those concerns, and that dissent effectively amounts to powerlessness.. We have moved from the stigmatisation of certain types of knowledge and dissent to the harmless absorption of such knowledge into the thick gooey ether of internet chitty chat.
    What needs to happen somehow – I have no idea how – is that concerns about surveillance, about abuse by intelligence agencies or politicians, and with reference to this article, concerns over privacy, self-determination / independence of being and freedom generally come to be felt tangibly at the level of policy-making in such a way that TPTB cannot proceed as planned.
    If there are concerns that freedom, independence, privacy etc. all things which fundamentally constitute what it is to be a human (rather than a post-human trans-fem-bot under the Satanic Hive Imperiium) then those who are elected to represent us must be addressing such things within the legislature etc.

    1. Yes but as has been mentioned the masses hate to be thought as luddites….the politicians will talk about progress, jobs, living standards, etc., even though some futurists speak of 40% of the labour force being replaced in the next 20 years by tech. The masses just want circuses…….

      1. that’s true. We’re all supposed to get loads of leisure time and / or live on that giant space cruiser / pleasure boat like in Wall-E or something but the reality is automation is going to a lot of damage to societies. That’s not to say that Ludditism is the answer, or that the logic of efficiency and productivity that automation etc might represent can every be stopped in its tracks, but it can be regulated and directed. They don’t let mad scientist create human animal hybrids (beyond zygotes or whatever) so why are other forms of technological progress somehow beyond regulation / control – the reason i would say is that the people who want it (and will make money from it) are the ones running the show, not the people who will be affected, who as the majority should be the ones running the show, at least democratically speaking. The long and short of it is that ‘progress’ is simply a rhetorical ploy for steam-rolling forward the elite agenda.

        1. I still believe in the innate animal instinct in humanity. The tribal, rebellious, fighting spirit that evolution has imprinted in human DNA. I know he is oft misquoted but even if he never said this it is more relevant today then in Einstein’s.
          “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity”.

        2. yeah, good quote. I think it is very clear that technology appears to be in control of us rather than we in control of it. We are mastered by our own creations, rather than ourselves the masters. In many sense this can be understood as not merely technology, but as our very desires run amok, since in a quite deep sense the technologies we have produced represent our desires, were created in the first instance to fulfil our desires. At a societal, supra-individual level, it is a form of addiction. Individually, we are addicted to the internet, facebook, whatever; and as a society we are addicted to innovation, unending consumerism, and our own commodification

        3. I suspect the future will be more ‘Blade Runner’/’The Running Man’/’Soylent Green’ than ‘Wall-E’.

      2. I actually work on that sort of thing. From what I’ve seen, most people who work on computers are semi-luddite, anyway.
        We’re a bunch of guitarists, singers, carpenters, gardeners, farmers, and outdoorsmen. You learn how computers work, and how many people are exceedingly bad at making them work, and you just get an urge to go fishing.

        1. Most computer geeks I have known are socially inept virgins whom never move from mom’s basement and have no skills beyond World of Warcraft.

        2. We’ve got those, but it’s just been my experience that most of those who work in an engineering capacity for any length of time spend a lot of their free time as far from the computer and chair as possible.
          I’ve known the kind of person you describe, but I could fit their comprehension of the computer in a matchbook without taking out any matches.

      3. I find it amuing at how the elites continually both want to “tech refresh” and layoff as much “fat” as possible in their workforce and then complain that there aren’t enough “qualified workers” available and need to make the west into a third world country (because look at how well overpopulation has done for the third world!)
        Amusingly, the leftist film industry loves to portray such a dark future even as they are beholden to it with their support for unlimited immigration and the idiocracy welfare state.

    2. Posthumanism is non human. Posthumanists cannot therefore be human. Therefore humans of our species cannot be ruled by posthumanists because we cannot rightfully be governed by non humans. We take the bodies of other species about us and make hamburgers to eat, fur coats for our cold women, fur caps for our heads and shark toothed neclaces for our nubile surfer girls. What can we do with the post humanist elites since they forefitted their proper human designation? Maybe start by putting them in a zoo.

      1. post-human is a way for humanity, or rather a select (i.e. elite) part of humanity, to elevate itself above humanity – to evolve and effectively to become God-like – by acting reflexively upon ‘itself’. I say reflexively upon itself, but in fact if an elite acts upon the non-elite then it is not really reflexive. The elite-who-would-be-their-own-Gods both want to evolve themselves (i.e. into Gods or something more God-like) and to control the rest of humanity, that is to re-create them. It is this two-fold action that is troubling. Self-improvement is always reflexive in nature – we act upon ourselves and therefore improve ourselves / evolve etc – in that sense improving ones mind by reading is not entirely different from say kitting oneself out with bionic arms and laser vision – for instance, but when that reflexive action, involves acting upon those other than oneself – which is what progress mostly is – when in other words it involves the elite acting upon the non-elite then what you have is a control system, a slave system.
        The long and short of it I guess is that by definition, you are right – if one is post-human, one has left ones humanity behind somehow. A gentler reading would be that we are talking about a kind of ‘meta’ position – in occult terms an ascent to a more elevated plane (or higher dimension) but even here there is no clear sense that ones feet remain rooted on the ground. Unfortunately the notion of post-human does appear to imply non-human, and given the elites insistence on removing us from our bodies, removing our gendered selves, then it does appear they are trying to re-create us as an almost different species.

        1. It’s like a processing, a recycling operation with complete disregard for our individual and greater conscience. An invasive tapeworm or a colony of leprocy fungi isn’t much different. Their allegiance isn’t to our species and they’re irrelivant to our specific DNA code. They want to neuter and alter it. Like a virus, they should serve as a signal to our immune system as a species to contain them and reduce them to ruptured dead pathogenic corpusciles floating amongst pus and excreta.

        2. You put it very colourfully, but I’m not sure I quite see it that way. There are always elites and non-elites. They aren’t necessarily two discrete classes, even if those at the top of the tree may have a very different perspective. I’d rather think in terms of exploitation than parasitism, although both facets of life are to degrees endemic to societies. However things can get toxic and elites can become so cut off from the rest of humanity it may seem natural to them to spin off at a tangent towards an entirely different branch of evolution. I think the danger here is the same which HG Wells appeared to warn against when he imagined a future bifurcated into a race of Eloi and one of Morlocks. Such a future is in my opinion a real and present danger within any evolution towards a post-human future. Both branches – the elites and non-elites, the masters and the slaves risk losing their humanity, and once all glitter about ascent towards the divine, and a god-like status wears off, in it isn’t a very rosy future for anyone I’d say

        3. The elites have insulated themselves completely. Their bottom line is cost and they will naturally try to guarantee their own survival at any cost.

    3. There is one opportunity presenting itself and that is Decentralization via Blockchain Technology. It’s what the Bitcoin network has been built on. Instead of having a central authority like a bank, a lawyer, a government storing YOUR information, that information is given to each and everyone on the Blockchain Network. The only person who will have access to your “Block” of assets is you – encrypted the shit out of (apparently un-hackable). Now before we get into the hooing and hawing, allow me to continue.
      So everybody on the network has everybody elses Block along with their own. A “Distributed Ledger”. So in the event yours happens to go down there are millions of backups available. This premise renders hacking the Blockchain Network unfeasible as each and every person on the network needs to be hacked in order for the data in the Blocks in the entire network to be altered and compromised.
      A few real life examples should expound how this technology relates to the OP’s concerns. Voting. Each vote would be accounted for and counted as a “Block” and every single voter would have a copy of who you voted for instead of it going to a central polling station where Jeb Bush’s second cousin twice removed from his mother- is CEO. Another example. President Dick Harry is tabling a new bill. Instead of Charles Schwab and his group of goonies all pinching off a piece of the pie for a nay vote, that bill will be transmitted to every single citizen on the Blockchain Network to be voted on.
      Of course this technology presents itself with many challenges like how can the public rest assured that there are no backdoors into the software of the BlockChain Network? Is it really full-proof from hacking? How will decisions be made for the network if it’s totally decentralized? One thing is certain – EVERYBODY is getting on this from VISA, banks, even National Governments. But remember…
      Decentralize the Future.

      1. Ever see “sneakers?” In that film, the NSA wanted to get hold of a magical chip that could decrypt any communication without the encryption key. It was the holy grail.
        So if there was a way to easily punch into the system and get the key (and with cloud computing, it would be possible to hack certificates and individual keys), then such measures would be moot. In addition, hacking systems could simply get the encryption key direct from the users themselves.

    4. I was watching a documentary last night about the “Ashley Madison” hack where a corrupt company selling a service to help people cheat on their spouses was made up of 95% men who were trapped into chatting with fake profile “fembots” who wasted their time long enough to get one or two billing cycles out of them. The site also kept all the customer data illegally (after claiming they would erase it) that made itself a prime target for extortion which is precisely what happened.
      When the company didn’t comply and the data was leaked, some customers committed suicide over the exposure. Some that don’t see they have much to lose are suing over the fraud of being induced to subscribe to a service because a fembot claimed to be interested in them.
      Nonetheless, the service opened up under a new name “Ruby” and claims they won’t use fembots anymore. So every one of those customers is telling the firm: “We don’t mind you totally effing over us.”

      1. Think I heard about that. Surely the founder himself can be sued. Interesting that these fembots could pass for real

  14. Fuck this. Luddite and builder here, its obvious technology is not beneficial for everyone with who has current control over the economy. They will not control my destiny. To those shills of you who believe all hope is lost, then you are just a part of the problem of anally-receptive sheep stock ready to be herded into the slaughterhouse by the big-nosed miscreants.

  15. yep…i stick with my laptop,and my flip phone. thats as far as i want to go. my truck still has hand crank windows,and an FM radio. if i had it my way id still have an old tube TV,but unfortunately they dont make them anymore. to hell with all this technology. the more technology youve got the less freedom and privacy you have. i firmly believe that to some point technology improving is good,but once it reaches a certain point it is bad. moderation. weve let technology take over.

  16. Because of technology, I no longer have to pay for books, music, films, Tv series, letters and can keep in contact with people all over the world and buy stuff online, cheaper than sold locally, even though I’m in the middle of the jungle. If they want to watch me, who gives a fuck, I ain’t all that interesting.

    1. In the films Starship Troopers and Ender’s Game, a military government had a similar day-to-day life for the citizens. People became apolitical and merely digested whatever they were told hoping they could just fit in. Indeed, they were “uninteresting.”

  17. But what if I’ve been using technology to look up Templar anthems and Christian music?
    *Deus Vult intensifies*

    1. expect a knock at the door from the men in black???
      wake to a loud bang at 3am that is S.W.A.T shooting the shit out of your front door & arresting you under the “all heterosexual white males are rapists/thought terrorists act of 2017” ???
      either way, bad news all round im afraid.

      1. I know a white male leftist who buys into all the “check your privilege” nonsense and then… he got laid off after an H1b asked his other H1b supervisor to get him fired.
        And of course, he refuses to wake up and take the red pill because after generations of believing the was “special” and better than others (either privileged as a white male while throwing others under the bus to feel better about himself), he can’t handle the thought of him being a dupe no better than those he betrayed.
        In 1984, there was a character like this as well who went to the “ministry of love” with Winston after his own children betrayed him and he happily accepted his lot to be tortured rather than give up his love of Big Brother. In The Matrix, most people are assumed to not want to leave the Matrix after decades of familiarity with an environment that has controlled them (and after all, probably a better daily life than what “freedom” now offered.)

    1. I have. It’s not even close to what’s being discussed. 1984 had large pockets where you could escape tyranny.
      Enough said.

      1. Hmm, one of my favorite books. It’s my impression in 1984 that the government had put a great deal of effort into closing those pockets quite effectively. All three governments at perpetual war with each other (seemingly) would not welcome “traitors” with open arms or eventually would return them for torture after the alliance had switched. Forests were covered with listening devices. The Thought Police had spies set up everywhere. Privacy was only temporarily available perhaps in a corner of a room where the dual view TV couldn’t peer into or maybe the bathroom but even then, frequently being “off grid” could alert the authorities to heighten surveillance.
        What was chilling about the book is O’Brien’s summation of the purpose of government power: More power. Wealth and human improvement were not as important and merely side goals (or even distractions). O’Brien’s elite apartment in the book was not luxurious by our standards but that wasn’t the point: He was better off than most of humanity that lived in squalor and couldn’t do anything about it. This is why both of the left and right elites are now huge globalists out to make the world into a 3rd world cesspool: Because those cultures celebrate a wealthy elite living amongst misery and poverty. They hate the idea of a middle class. in the book, Winston was technically in the middle class which would be the lower class of today.

  18. “I see the mark of the beast on their ugly faces.
    I see them congregate in evil places.
    I say me know them a wicked
    Me know them a wicked”
    Peter Tosh.— mark of the beast

  19. this is a great article on a truly terrifying subject.
    not even John Carpenter nor James Cameron could make a horror film that would be as scary as these topics.
    but standing back and looking in as a whole and seeing the well planned & orchestrated destruction of western women, nuclear families, gender roles, the flooding of the first world by 3rd world roaches & even western men, all the pieces of the puzzle are starting to really come together.
    i wonder if Neil Young’s song ‘rocking in the free world’ will become somewhat of a nostalgia piece, because not only are people no longer rocking, they are a 5 second attention span zombie, but there will also be no such place as this ‘FREE world’ he speaks of…
    yep trying times and again great article.

  20. In this sense, Varg Vikernes’ survivalist videos become more and more interesting to take seriously.

  21. This isn’t far off, if someone(govt/Russian hackers/etc) takes an interest in you and what you are doing they can already track most of what you do and where you go, the gaps can be easily filled in.
    The only thing holding up complete surveillance capability is that all these systems aren’t connected yet but, they will be.
    Traffic cameras, GPS in portable devices,OnStar,license plate readers,bank/credit cards, store safety cameras somebody can already watch almost everything you do,after all it’s for “keeping us safe”.

  22. In the 1980’s I read a book by Fredrik Pohl called ‘Venus Inc.’.
    It was a dystopian future society driven by corporations where no individual had the freedom from advertising or marketing.
    I remember the part where advertising was beamed directly to your eye.
    Now we have the planned train windows that transmit advertising directly through your skull when leaning against those windows.

  23. There’s no need to “chip” money. As the author indicates, eventually the technology will be available to scan the serial numbers of money and track it that way. This would make money laundering particularly difficult.
    There were two main rationalizations for current monitoring such as bank account deposits and withdrawals: drug dealers and terrorists which came largely from the right. The left didn’t seem to mind because they have their own purposes, of course.
    It just occurred to me that President Trump could turn this around for his (and our) own interests: Various businesses that hire illegals tend to use fake social security numbers of various tax dodges that can be tracked in this manner. Their children going to schools also tend to have a profile (unvaccinated, on school lunch program) “Big government” can sometimes work as the left now frets over daily.

  24. “And no one could buy or sell anything without that mark, which was either the name of the beast or the number representing his name.” (Revelation, 13:17) This Biblical sentence may be exactly on point. Some hypothesized that at least one aspect of the beast is the global banking system. Thus, the mark or number of the beast would be our credit cards, or more precisely, the chip. As the Revelation says, in a globalized cashless system, having no chip in your hand means you cannot trade anymore. The bright part of the story consists in how the beast gets thrown back into hell. The darker part… well, look at all the destruction mentioned in the Revelation, not to mention the period of electronic slavery, and you’ll understand why it has been dubbed the Apocalypse.

  25. Interestingly enough, Revelations mentions a lot of this.
    Whether this is Biblical Prophecy unfolding before our eyes, or the Super-Elite class simply using Revelations as a guideline, it is some scary shit.
    Either way, for Freedom Lovers the answer is simple.

    1. If the elites use revelations as a guideline, then it is still self fulfilled. G-d makes no errors

  26. There will not be a need for surgery with the size of chips that are probably coming.
    A microscopic tattoo or skin implant would be enough, to small to even see with the naked eye eventually.
    You might imagine newborn`s being tagged by decree of some law passed on a false pretext,sold to people by the media.
    Scary stuff!

  27. Technology will only control us based on how much control we choose to cede. My laptop, on which I am writing this is my only real technology (and my cell phone) that I utilize. I have had a cell phone since 2005, and a laptop since 2006. If needs be, I could easily rid myself of both. It would make it difficult to watch on-line porn.

  28. They say be careful what you wish for. This is exactly that.
    You wanted a technology to advance, well now you get the downside that comes with it.
    Enjoy the demise.
    The only people getting the reap of the benefits are the technology nerds who cash in their work and get millions of profits while the losers are the masses who line up to buy these gadgets.

  29. Elon Musk is starting a company that will make electronic brain implants for human/computer interface uploading and downloading of thoughts This will make it easy to assemble zombie armies. The individual will become only a neuron in the brain of the coming planet sized robot

  30. As far as 5g is concerned, I hope you all like cancer and infertility, because we are going to get A LOT of it. To be honest, I am slowly turning evil. I may begin to root for the downfall of this piece of shit species. Let them die and be reborn as eternal slaves. Or just nuke the fucking place and be done with it. I hate my parents, grandparents and all the other myopic slaves who got us into this. If the filthy normies do not do anything even when their very innards are being fried by the oh so much faster and ubiquitous FREE INTERWEBZZZ then I may just decide to assist the globocucks in their depopulation agenda. May as well vent my frustrations a bit before we go into eternal stagnation! Hopefully I get a nice kill count before I am killed.

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