Why Do Black Women Love Scandal?

ABC’s “Scandal” is a political drama about a woman named Olivia Pope who, having graduated from Princeton and Georgetown Law before serving as the White House Communications Director, now makes a living running a firm that protects the public images of the American political elite. Pope had gotten that position in the White House as a result of her work on the presidential campaign of Fitzgerald Grant (later President Grant), who she had started sleeping with. The show largely centers on the maintenance of this affair and the “deep love” that exists between these two characters (in addition to all of the scandals Olivia continues to deal with).

“Scandal” has generally been received favorably by critics and is a ratings success for ABC, but what is unusual is the source of this acclaim: the show’s most extensive and vocal support comes from within the black American community, specifically the black female community. So addicted are these females to the show that their devotion to it has become something of a meme in black America.

Black men are not nearly as enthusiastic about the show as their female counterparts. Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t think that this aversion to Scandal on the part of black men really comes down to race. I’d go as far as to posit that the show’s interracial relationship is irrelevant (I certainly could care less), as there are other issues here. What truly perplexes me about this black female devotion to Scandal is the fact that the show seems not to be in line with the stated objectives and concerns black women are most vocal about. In fact, it seems diametrically opposed to them in some cases. Take the following issues, for example:

1. “Black Men Won’t Commit”

Black women are vocal critics of black male failure to man up and marry them. They lament the black man’s supposed unwillingness to commit and make a woman a wife, and state that he is often too willing to treat her like a mistress and fail to offer her the respect she deserves. There is a reason Beyonce’s “Put a Ring On It” became such an anthem among black American women—it reflected these longstanding critiques, which commonly find their way into mainstream discourse in American media. Long story short, black men are often accused of taking black women for granted, and black women resent this.

Meanwhile, in Scandal, Olivia Pope is a side piece that Fitzgerald Grant is never actually going to marry, a reality that places her in precisely the same position that black women continuously scold black men for putting them in. Scandal is depicting precisely the kind of relationship dynamic that black women claim to hate and, somehow, this doesn’t seem to bother the women who adore the show and aspire to be Olivia Pope.


2. “The Media Too Often Portrays Black Women As Jezebels, Not Wives”

Black American women have been vocal about their portrayal in the media for a long time, claiming that their characters are all too often portrayed as overly lewd, promiscuous, immoral whores with sexual attitudes that run completely counter to the “proper” conduct of a lady. They have also claimed that white women received the opposite treatment, with their stereotypes labeling them the “proper” wives and ladies. Black women do not hide their resentment of this alleged double standard.

Scandal does them no favors, as the show appears to do nothing to contradict (and, I contend, actively reinforces) these stereotypes. The show’s lead character is a black female, and her involvement in an affair with a married politician is central to the story. In fact, Pope’s character history seems to add even more fuel to the stereotypical fire black women have been trying to extinguish with regard to their sexuality. Olivia Pope is an extremely well educated woman: she went to prep schools for almost the entirety of her early life before undergrad at Princeton and three years at Georgetown Law. She did not grow up in a money-scarce environment and is far from the stereotypical hoodrat you’d expect to be associated with the “Jezebel” caricature black women have been fighting. Olivia Pope is supposed to have “class”.

And yet, despite all of that, Pope is still a sidepiece. She did not need to be: unmarried, eligible suitors were present in her life, but she did not want them. In fact, she turned them down specifically because of her desire to remain a married man’s mistress. She voluntarily maintains her status as a side-piece despite his continued marriage and the presence of his family. All the while, Grant’s wife Melody hasn’t even had an affair, remaining loyal to him despite his infidelity.


Pope appears to be the much maligned black “jezebel” of old, whose allegedly uncontrollable lust and sexual appetite resulted in her engaging in actions that directly countered the ideal of the “proper” lady and could be considered immoral (ex: willingly maintaining very active sexual relationships with married men), while Grant’s wife looks like the “proper”, moral white lady standing by her husband. It would be difficult to draw up a situation more in line with old racialized American gender stereotypes.

Again, it would be another thing entirely if Pope was an uneducated chick from the hood. In that scenario, you’d be able to put her behavior down to her lack of schooling or class. This is not the case, however: Pope has always been well-off and is incredibly well educated. By showing that even the most affluent, well educated and professionally accomplished black women will, when given the choice, elect to remain the sidepiece instead of becoming the lady, Scandal does a great deal to affirm and promote a powerfully negative old stereotype of the black female.

3. “Black Men Are Irresponsible”

Black women are vocal critics of black male failure in the household. Too often, black women say, black men step out on their children and their families. They cheat all the time. They are either never there at all or they’re there but getting some on the side and not committing to fatherhood the way they ought to. This type of “dog” behavior is not ok and is undermining the stability of the black family, they contend. Black men “need to do better”.


In Scandal, however, Fitzgerald Grant is a cheater who spends much of his time stepping out on his family for Olivia, his sidepiece. This obviously compromises his ability to fully commit to his responsibilities as a husband and father, and negatively impacts the stability of his family. Legions of black women love the relationship anyway. Odd, considering the fact that it involves a man engaging in precisely the kind of behavior that they have long voiced their distaste for.


4. “Black Men Overlook Black Women”

Black women are vocal critics of black male mate choice. They lament the notion that educated black men with options all too often select women of other races, shunning women who look like them. These men, they say, seem not to place enough value on black women, or simply don’t consider them good enough to stand by their side. By not making black women (and especially educated black women) a priority, these men devalue black females. Some go as far as to label this “abandonment” an act of disloyalty on the part of black men.


Olivia had a man who is (at least in the show’s universe) the most powerful black male on the planet. Edison Davis is Pres. Pro Tempore of the Senate (3rd in line of Presidential succession) and likely one of the two or three most powerful legislators in the United States (he would need to be to receive and hold that kind of title, especially as a black male—note the dearth of black senators in the US today). The guy is the definition of the kind of “good black man” that black women spend so much time complaining about, the kind of man they say all too often doesn’t make educated black women enough of a priority.


But Edison doesn’t seem to fit that mold. He wants a black woman, and he wants her to be his wife. He knows all about her intellect and all of her degrees, and still doesn’t shy away from the prospect of marrying her. And, again, he wants her to be his wife, not his sidepiece. What happens to him?


Pope blows him off (not once, but twice) in order to remain the primary sidepiece of a married man who won’t wife her up and who is stepping out on his family (including his pregnant wife). Her explanation? A strong desire for “painful, difficult, devastating” love which Edison is just too decent to provide.

Legions of the show’s black female fans cheer this on: they hate Edison with an almost unreal passion (he really doesn’t appear to earn quite the level of disgust they have for him) and are happy to see him blown off in the way he was. Scandal’s depiction of this relationship and the fanbase’s reaction to it just doesn’t seem in line with the complaints black women so often have about the educated black male’s lack of respect for his educated female counterpart as a romantic partner. The explanation Pope gave is odd as well give the tendency of black females to complain about the pain and devastation their lovers frequently leave them with (via infidelity, lack of emotional support, failure to support children, etc, etc).


None of this makes sense. Why are black women so devoted to a show that depicts one of their own in a relationship with a man that involves all of the dynamics they’ve been vocally campaigning against for generations? Tulani Elisa at the Huffington Post has her own ideas as to why Scandal is so revered by her demographic:

Shonda Rhimes has written a character that depicts black women as they see themselves and more importantly how they’d like society to view them.

…Scandal shows us a woman that we can in some ways relate to and even more so aspire (loosely as it may be) to be like.

…once a week for 60 minutes we’re able to engross ourselves in ideals and excitement of the ever so complex, charming and clever life of a strong black woman.

Sounds about right.


Perhaps the most salient romantic advice I’ve ever read in the manosphere comes in the form of this simple saying: “Watch what they do, not what they say”. Though apparently very simple and straightforward, this statement is remarkably profound in its ability to actually illustrate the legendary female inability to articulate their actual wants and desires. Scandal’s popularity among black women merely provides further evidence of this within the context of the black American community.

Black women say they are bothered by men who take them for granted, cheat on their spouses and fail to fully commit to them romantically, but their action (adoration of Olivia Pope’s character and pedestalizaton of her lifestyle) shows us that such things bother them much less than they care to admit. The same goes for their relationship with modern hip-hop: black women say they are disappointed by the rampant “misogyny” in certain crude hip-hop lyrics, but are among the most vocal supporters of those artists at the end of the day. Once again, action proves superior to the spoken word in its ability to illustrate the true wants and desires of a female.


Scandal shows black American women being what they want to be and living the kind of life they want to live. That life is one filled with the very things they noisily complain about: disloyal men stepping out on their families, a lack of wedding rings and the continuous justification of the very old, pervasive negative racial stereotypes about their sexuality they claim to oppose. In Olivia Pope, the modern educated black woman of today has found a visual representation of what she really aspires to be: a well-dressed, career-focused, permanent sidechick with a whole bunch of degrees.

More power to ‘em, I guess.

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328 thoughts on “Why Do Black Women Love Scandal?”

  1. Long story short, black men are often accused of taking black women for granted, and black women resent this.

    I’ll let my man Too Short rebut
    “If it wasn’t for the groupies or for the oral sex they gave me,I’d treat you all like ladies”

    1. If you really wanna go old school, check out Slick Rick’s “Treat Her Like a Prostitute.” Come to think of it, that might have been my first exposure to Red Pill/game as a wee lad.

  2. Ironically, White women often treat black men better than they treat white men. Is it any wonder why they are desired?
    Black women get up in arms over a successful black man marrying a decent white woman… enough so that it has NEVER been sitcom fare (despite the frequent opposite) It’s like, somehow, they realize that their physical appearance, attitude, language, intellect, morality, speech rhythms, aggressiveness, and even personal odor are completely and utterly repellant in the vast majority of individuals.
    Yes, there are attractive ‘slave race’ women, but they are almost universally heavily ‘white blooded’.
    Note that this does not apply to AFRICAN women… many of them are utterly stunning and charming. But somehow the USA managed to get all the culls.

    1. Goddamn Brig, that’s fucking grotesque. Trying to get me to throw up my meal and shit.

      1. important tip, don’t eat while perusing RoK… you never know when someone’s going to throw up a picture of an Average American Woman.

        1. There is a significant difference. American blacks are on average 20-30% European, Haitians, well, they are not.

        1. True. Russia is home to one of the world’s harshest HIV/AIDS epidemics. People on ROK still find them attractive. But nothing moves your pecker like race-hatred.

        2. That number is low as Russian health authorities are denying the problem despite its obvious spread, Russia has the fastest spreading hiv in the world right now. In about a decade Russia’s population will implode when it becomes so widespread that it will be too late to stop. By 2024, russia will have the most aids in the world.

  3. Feminism is the manifestation of female greed and female stupidity. Feminism is the symptom, female nature is the cause.
    If we seek to cure feminism, we must address the underlying cause.
    Until and unless we come out of the politically correct cocoon, we will not be able to acknowledge this painfully obvious reality.
    We must remember- Political correctness is also a product of feminism, so if you abide by political correctness, then you abide by feminism.
    ‘Misogyny’ and *Sexist’ are tools to silence opposition. They are the extensions of female defense mechanisms and involve shaming the opponent to deter him.
    Since females cannot physically intimidate males, the next best step is psychological intimidation, which is why words like misogynist and sexist are abused frequently nowadays.
    The frequency of the usage of the words misogyny and sexism is directly proportional to the proliferation of feminist ideology in the society.

  4. This comments section is going to get ugly in a hurry. I think I shall sit this one out until i see how it goes. Obsidian or Just 4 Guys is where this should be, RoK and race just are not a good mix. I will study pathology with Dr Satter for about four hours and if the discourse here is not crazy I will chime in.
    Predictions for the upcoming 4 hours in one paragraph : Fucking niggers cannot keep a good woman, that nigger is in the senate because of affirmative action, all nigger women want white dick. Muh Dick, Bix Nood, that nigger bitch went to Georgetown Law because of affirmative action, Some historical version of fuck niggers, Athlone McGinnis is a race baiting nigger, Atlanta Man is a nigger, Atlanta Man is a nigger troll on Athlone’s dick. Fuck Obama, white power, white nation for whites, go back to Africa nigger, HBD. Jews. I love Putin. Jews again, also Jews.
    Lets see how it goes. I am usually right about these things.

    1. Atlanta Man Paulie Boy • 18 hours ago
      Your ass then. White women are hands down the biggest winners in affirmative action.
      Atlanta Man Guest • 18 hours ago
      I am black with a BBC. I am in medical school I study a lot and this is my only outlet. I fuck my white girlfriend plenty though so some of what you said is correct

      Bix nood.
      Afro-mitive Action
      Muh dikk

    2. @Atlanta Man: Absolutely, you hit the nail on the head. You forgot one part though, which is sure to appear. “Why oh why can’t we have just one suburb that is whites only.” Also Joooos control everything and Rupert Murdoch and JFK are Jewish.

      1. “”Why oh why can’t we have just one suburb that is whites only.” ”
        We can price them out … until HUD hears about it and moves them in with Section 8.

      2. Jews DO control almost everything you putrid wart.
        You sincerely deserve to be vivisected.

        1. If your hypothesis that Jews control everything is true, then you are about to be vivisected, seeing as how we have such awesome power. We even have access to ROKs IP log, so look for some Jewish enforcers to show up in your basement later today.

    3. Today black women, tomorrow the world. Black women are the vanguard.
      I am investing in cat-related businesses.

    4. Though I get your point, even I say “fuck Obama.” He hasnt done shit for black people.

        1. it pisses my mom off that I’m pretty vocal about being dissatisfied with both Bush and Obama. No mention of the fact that I’m not a Bush fan either, but to be fair she grew up in the racist era and so sees what she wants to see in Obama, and not the pro-gay, pro-black death via gun control and abortion that he is.

        2. Man that comment is so damn insightful… maybe my “white privliege” (ha) prevented me from realizing that before now. Makes total sense though

      1. Damien please do not expect anything from a politician. the POTUS is just a figurehead. The POTUS runs nothing, the House and Senate run nothing, the courts run nothing. Clinton=Bush=Obama=Fun show for the public’s amusement. You live in a modern empire, you are fortunate to have been born in the one that just happens to be on top at this point in human history. Enjoy the show, do for yourself and your family, get laid. That is all the power you have control over in this world. If you want a politician to help you become rich and pay him, otherwise it just ain’t happening.

        1. I don’t think that will happen for me. back then girls at least dissed you to your face when you tried to chat them up. now they don’t even notice you’re alive because they’re too busy with their smartphones.

        2. I do not know where you live but if you work out , work game, and move to Atlanta it would be hard not to get laid.

        3. “get laid” typical ni99er monkeyshines, “muh dik muh dik!”

      1. Typical hypocrisy from Atlanta Man. You see, blacks and other non-whites have a right to be racially conscious but Whites only have the right to self-loathing and self-hatred and if you White and wish to preserve and ensure the survival of your race and civilization you are beta (btw, only non-Alphas sit around all day arguing over the definition of an alpha,gamma,delta,ect.) and you are a loser sitting in your mother’s basement jerking off to interracial porn. You see, they are incapable of debating an issue on it’s merits, either because of low IQ or an inability to control their emotions. They also view any criticism as “racism” rather than failure on their part (uh, sounds pretty beta to me) and then immediately attack in a rather childish manner those that disagree with them. Rather pathetic.

        1. Whites only have the right to self-loathing and self-hatred
          That is incorrect, any race can hate themselves. Furthermore I think you are raceist because you do not like NASCAR, Formula 1, or Track and Field not because you hate black people.

        2. Yes, any race can hate themselves but it is only Whites that revel in self-hatred and we are denied a right to racial consciousness while it is encouraged (as if it needs to be, racial consciousness is natural and healthy). To deny this is ridiculous. Attempt at humor noted though it is lost on me.

        3. So you hate yourself? You can only control you, have white pride and do your thing. Also, fuck you that shit was funny. When was the last time you got a massage, long time more than likely, that why you are so uptight. You are a massageanist, no happy ending for you!

        4. Obviously I don’t buy into the narrative, I am proud of who I am and my ancestors, “those that do not pay respect to their ancestors will pay no heed to their descendants”. “Massageanist”? That was funny.

        5. a loser sitting in your mother’s basement jerking off to interracial porn

          The very popularity of interracial porn is, in and of itself, proof of how emasculated and spiritually beaten-down the Western white male has become.
          I doubt very much that sizeable numbers of black males sit around, getting off to videos of black women being pounded by white men.
          I doubt very much that large numbers of Asian males sit around, getting off to videos of Asian women being fucked by black or white men.
          No. Who is, far and away, the largest audience for videos that feature all manner of white girls — almost always presented as blonde and, thus, “pure” — getting “defiled” by black men who look as if they were just released from the big house? White males — emasculated, self-loathing, sexually invalidated, multiculturalism-indoctrinated lumps of misdirected energy who are so well-trained — so thoroughly brainwashed — by decades of the Project: White Guilt agenda that they actually applaud and enjoy the concept of their own racial displacement and cultural cuckolding.
          These sad specimens actually get off to the implied concept of their own wives and daughters whoring themselves out — and offering up their bloodlines, their family legacy — to black men willing to retrofit themselves into some sex-crazed “mandingo” role just for the chance to spite that amorphous Privileged White Male whom they’ve been taught since birth to finger as the culprit behind every job they didn’t get, every random stare they might have gotten from a department-store security guard, every banana peel they might have slipped on.
          Interracial porn is nothing less than the Mortys and the Levis who run the “jizz biz” flipping off white males with a shit-eating smirk; and untold numbers of white males simply lap it up with their dicks in their hands, while drooling for seconds.
          Consider that.

        6. Excellent observation and yes a large part of the reason jews are predominate in porn is to demoralize Whites. Al Goldstein (“screw” magazine) openly admitted this in several interviews. That said, I detest porn and strip clubs and all the men I associate myself with agree. I hate porn not only because it is destructive but also because it preys on the weak. It also corrupts the mind, body, and soul (literally). I don’t need porn to get it up and I don’t need it as a substitute for real thing. I have no problem getting laid though I am not promiscuous. Agreed, Western White men have been emasculated BUT this is changing. I have been amazed at the racial consciousness that exists among the millinials (sic). They are rejecting their deracinated parents and the tyranny of cultural Marxism.

        7. Lots of race have self hatred. Hell just look at Scandal, why is a black powerful women rejecting a rich powerful black man in favour of a MARRIED white man WITH CHILDREN?…. Perhaps she has some self hatred that any white man is better than a black one.

    5. This comments section is going to get ugly in a hurry.

      You kidding me? That’s exactly what Aff’lone “I’s an Educated Negro” McGinnis is counting on with his articles here at RoK.
      McGinnis posts race-based articles that make for instant click bait >> Non-black commenters chime in with “politically incorrect” statements about Da Kneegrows >> Black posters point to said non-black posters and cry, “DAASS RAAAY-CISSS” >> Overblown reaction from non-black posters in the comment thread only hardens McGinnis’ belief that he’s got HATAZ and DEY JUS’ CAN’T DEAL WIF’ A STRONG BROTHA, YO >> McGinnis eagerly sits down to pen his next juicy bit of racial click bait to piss off DA HATAZ >> The cycle repeats itself.
      Time for another Manhattan on the rocks.

        1. There’s also no need for you to post selfies in response to every bit of criticism you receive…
          (See what I did there? *ba-dum-CHSHHH*)
          I kid, McGinnis, I kid. Have a drink.

      1. And of course don’t forget the tell it like it is sarcastic keyboard warrior who sees right through tws “facade” and spills the beans on the race baiting and pats himself on the back for being such an unexpected “wild card”. Make it a double, lol.

        1. sarcastic

          Sarcasm is a feminine response. I was being quite sincere.

          keyboard warrior

          The general understanding of the term “keyboard warrior” is that it signifies one who acts like a tough guy and threatens or verbally lashes out against others from the safety of the internet. I merely made a cogent observation of the chief value that Athlone McG’s articles have, thus far, brought to RoK. I just heard a buzzer sound. Means you need to try again.

          pats himself on the back for being such an unexpected “wild card”

          Not at all. There are plenty here who notice the same things that I’ve noticed, and tend to comment accordingly. Besides, Atlanta Man already predicted that there would be those with disagreements in the comment thread. Not much of an “unexpected wild card” then, am I?

          Make it a double, lol.


        2. I agree with this comment as well as your initial comment.
          Someone correct me if I’m wrong but this post is more or less a collection of YouTube clips, silly memes and surface observations barely bound together by a motif just as easily applied to women of another race.
          The author had the option to explore one of many, highly conspicuous [and universal] themes of female degeneracy [e.g. women as closet masochists] but went for shock value instead.
          The result:
          An extremely one-dimensional post devoid of anything remotely resembling substance.
          Athlone’s best posts have had nothing to do with race. Race doesn’t define us as men and he wasted his own time by phoning this one in.

        3. Thing is, Athlone is still a kid. And it’s clear from his purple-pill (at best) writings that he lacks the life experience that would give him some crucial perspective on many issues. So everything that he writes — more or less — comes from the limited vantage point of a black college kid who thinks that someone else is ultimately to blame for all of Black America’s problems; who thinks that any questioning of the people responsible for promoting the very ills that brought the manosphere into existence is “anti-Semitism”; who thinks that his juvenile preoccupation with TV soap operas and pop stars makes for “unique insight” and that anyone disgareeing with him must be a “hater” or a “white nationalist.”
          I often find these days that it’s the dialogue with fellow commenters that keeps me coming back to RoK — not the increasingly redundant and occasionally poorly-written columns. Someone recently commented to me here that all we seem to be doing in the manosphere is going in circles, regurgitating the same thoughts and revelations about human nature that have already been digested.
          And I realize he had a point.
          What we’ve been getting with RoK as of late are columnists who seem stuck in their narrow grooves of existence — repeating the same essential points over and over, and relying on our familiarity with their established online personas to carry them along without ever being forced or challenged to grow or break away from their ideogical comfort zones.
          Thus, you have Athlone the Intelligent Kneegrow Ivy Leaguer with his “unique perspective” on All Things Black and his inexhaustible supply of animated GIFs and Wikipedia stats that tell him he’s always right and never has to consider the POV of someone who just might have more years in the game of life than he does.
          Thus, you have a guy like Christian McQueen, with his recycled supply of Humblebrag Anecdotes passing as “tips for men” and Instant Seduction Techniques for Guys Who Just Happen To Work With Celebrities And Have L.A. Club Connections — and, oh, don’t forget to buy his new book on the Best Pickup Lines To Use On Coked-Out Models The Next Time You’re In An Exclusive Beverly Hills Nightclub.
          Thus, you have a guy like Tuthmosis, who seems more interested in childishly baiting internet feminists than in communicating with his fellow men, and whose next insightful piece for us red-pillers will probably be something along the lines of, “13 Ways To Pump and Dump a Handicapped Bitch (What? This Thing Actually Went Viral?!)”
          Thus, you have the regular posters over at Heartiste, who (despite some of the ‘sphere’s best articles) never met a topic that they couldn’t reduce to “Jews, niggers and libtards, oh my!” within ten comments or less.
          Thus, you have a sizeable number of minority posters in this corner of the ‘sphere who, in the face of the red pill’s lessons about transcending pointless antagonism with one’s fellow man, seem unable to wean themselves from the blame-whitey opiate, and unable to resist hollow “U mad whiteboyz? We b fuckin’ all yo’ wimminz” chest-thumping.
          Thus, you have the great majority of regular posters at the Roosh V Forum, who — when they’re not being banned at the drop of a hat — never seem to tire of revealing themselves as some of the most blue-pill guys ever to fuck a few sluts and call themselves manospherians.
          Thus, you have a guy like Roosh himself, who seems absolutely dedicated to his refusal to follow the red pill any deeper than the nature of women; who bemoans the erosion of Western values while ignoring the fact that a true return to a pre-feminist West would leave nomadic (and decidedly non-Anglo) pump-and-dumpers such as himself in the cold.
          It’s all becoming a sad fucking joke with increasing levels of bitch-like feuding and dudes posting teary goodbyes, and enough feuds between manosphere bloggers to fuel an entire year of pro-wrestling storylines.
          So, yeah… maybe that guy who responded to me was right.
          Maybe we are more or less just repeating personal talking points here while locking ourselves into these rigid (and often adversarial) viewpoints that betray the manosphere’s stated purpose as a support network for disillusioned, like-minded men.
          Maybe it’s only inevitable — natural — that many of us will take what we need from the ‘sphere and then simply move on. Back to the real world. Which is the only place the red pill can have any true effect, anyway.

    6. Racist betas are on the rampage worldwide. On chinaSMACK.com, Chinese omegas were raging against a pretty Chinese woman who married a rich Indian. Here’s a featured comment:
      “Most of the comments on this board are a reflection of the sickness in mankind’s heart. “The race of Man is weak”. Only weak people define themselves by their race or the deeds of others. Both of which require neither effort or challenge.
      Quit bitching. Your shitty situation is understandable but also better served by looking in the mirror and seeing the root cause of it all is yourself. Rise up to the challenges that this awakening will reveal or continue in your own self-loathing and soul-destroying decline.
      You get in life what you allow. Otherwise make your stand. No Man who has got his shit in order would ever complain about other people stealing his countries women, take any shit or would he ever complain about A’s dating only Z’s.
      You know why?. Because it is not a situation he will ever care about or find himself in. “Why the hell would you want someone who doesn’t want you?, unless you’re psychotic”
      Sort your shit out…don’t accept anything less than a woman who loves you regardless. Never bow to Tyranny or Greed and defend the weak. Most of the shit that comes out of people mouths is not worth the toilet paper you use to wipe your ass, and that’s after you have flushed it down the toilet.”
      Does this comment apply to you? Take heed.

      1. “Only weak people define themselves by their race or the deeds of others. Both of which require neither effort or challenge.”
        Like wearing a Michael Jordan jersey because chicks dig His Airness.

        1. Ridiculous. Genetics play a large part of who we are, where we come from and where we are going.
          Genetics is not as simple as apparel. Apparel has nothing to do with bone structure, muscle, brain mass and immune systems.
          If people are different, hiding those differences behind pathetic slogans only makes people victims of their weaknesses and ignorant of their strengths.
          The age of race shaming is over. A person is, there is no need to define it for things speak for themselves.

      2. “Only weak people define themselves by their race or the deeds of others.”
        What the fuck does that even mean you moronic platitude pusher.

        1. It means weak people define themselves by the things they don’t control. Like the color of their skin or what other people do.

        2. It means the comment applies to you. It means you fear change; you are a coward, a simp, a nonentity, naked except for the deeds of others. Your weakness and cravenness are evident whenever you step onto the internet and flail and wail in impotent rage.
          Every single one of your comments is a cry for help, a plea for relevance. But nay, no relevance for you.
          Does this black man’s response validate you? Do you feeeel noticed?

        3. I think it’s pretty obvious. That comment means that:
          Whatever skin color you have, it is nonsense to take pride in the achievements of other people who had that skin color, or think you are better because you have that skin color. Those people were not you, and their achievements are theirs, not yours.

        4. Just because you can stand around with your dick in your hand doesn’t make you a man.
          You Beta, Delta, Homo, She-Male? I already know you’re not Alpha….

        5. Right!! Its their forefathers achievements…. But that doesnt mean anything I guess… hmmmm….

        6. “Just because you can stand around with your dick in your hand doesn’t make you a man.”
          True. Men are not born; they’re created.

        7. “moronic platitude pusher”
          One of the best fucking comments ever on RoK.
          Describes wayyy too many commenters here…

        8. Totally agree.
          Because I am white I have never taken pride in other achievements of white people.
          In fact after watching dozens of incompetent, dumb black, asian and hispanic failures get promoted at my job ahead of me – I proved to my managers that even though I was hindered by my whiteness that they should overlook that as well as the superior quantity and quality of my work and should allow me to finally advance in spite of all those shortcomings.
          It was all on me.

        9. @Kane, weakness is relying on the government, say through a government program that regardless of your merit or lack of, that forces business and social institutions to hire and promote you at the expense of others that are more qualified. You are typical. Rather than debate the issue on it’s merits you immediately revert to childish name calling. Your lack of the ability to offer a cogent argument and especially your lack of self-control are telling. “Flailing and wailing in impotent rage”? You do not even recognize your own hypocrisy……projection.

        10. and should we not take pride in our ancestor’s achievements (That was a rhetorical question, your opinion matters not)? I don’t spend my time debating what is beta or alpha or gamma or delta because, well, that is beta. You know what else is beta? Relying on the government to improve your economic prospect by discriminating against your betters.

        11. You should take pride in your family and their past accomplishments. A white man invented the polio vaccine, that aint got shit to do with you. Deion Sanders is the greatest cornerback ever, I enjoyed watching him, but I am not elated he is black and internalizing his accomplishments. I think I will accomplish my own shit , have a son and tell him to keep accomplishing shit for the family name and pride. Hit me up when you cure cancer.

        12. I don’t remember reading that Kane supports affirmative action, but of COURSE even if he would have posted something about the Dow Jones average you would have used THAT as an excuse for the same tired old rant, that litters this site.
          Take that shit to Roisy,the choir there can’t have enough preachers.

        13. Actually, Sanders was a receiver, not thrower.
          And…..there’s no need to quote your own improper English.

        14. White women benefit from AA more than any other group.
          The GI Bill, essentially welfare, helped middle class white-men when it was passed.
          Government also helps corporations through TARP and bailouts…corporations with white equity owners…any gov’t bailout is welfare. Did those corporations merit that welfare?

        15. I love these white people talking about a fantasy world where Blacks and Latinos have an easier time in the job market. This goes against any meaningful stat that you can find but they will preach it.

        16. You are not so stupid that you cannot recognize the analogy so act like it. We have a common enemy, the big brother government , but you are so focused on your petty racial bullshit grievances it is pathetic. When they come for your guns and ammunition and leave you defenseless remember to say Bix nood, Nigger , and jungle bunny while I fight to bring us together and form alliances to defeat the oppression that is building steam with false flag attacks, racial angst , and propaganda. They have turned our woman against us,destroyed marriage, and crushed us with debt and you want to talk about white superiority. You are a puppet , you have no power, and you think this is ameliorated by talking shit to your fellow Americans about your racial superiority. you are nothing, you stand for nothing, and you separate yourself from your fellow man based on race while the elites laugh and cash checks and reduce your ability to defend yourself with aggressive anti gun legislation, bankruptcy reform, and debt slavery. The sad part is I would fight to the death to prevent your freedom being stripped and try to ally with you but you would be to busy telling me how inferior I am because some German discovered aromatic compounds and I should go back to Africa which makes you better than me. You will be on your knees when the US government comes down on us all and you will still find a way to hamster it niggers,,jews, and not your lack of ability to coalesce against a common enemy. The saddest part of it all is you don’t even get we do not have to agree on everything to fight for something. Instead of writing with a dick , think with a brain. I am not the enemy, I am your ally.think about it with the big head.

        17. “Petty racial grievances” my ass.
          I do agree that pointless antagonism between different races of men is a waste of one’s vital energies, but the plain fact is this: white culture, white achievements and continued white existence are under a coordinated cultural attack, and have been for decades now.
          You are correct in your assertion that the Powers That Be don’t have any good-samaritan concern for any other races or ethnic groups.
          But other ethnic/racial groups are merely collateral damage in what is clearly a campaign to weaken and demoralize the only group of men capable of fighting back against the one-world socialist mind rot currently eating away at the Western character; the only group of men capable of forming a distinct, united majority with a history of self-reliance and nation-building — all those qualities which give the lie to Big Daddy Government’s “stay on our tit and you’ll have milk for life” brainwashing.

          while I fight to bring us together and form alliances to defeat the oppression

          Sounds great, bro, but that isn’t the reality that I’ve seen. The reality is, as I’ve said, that undiluted white manhood is under attack and, far too often, men of other races and ethnicities are all too willing to be used against us, as tools and weapons in that very attack.
          Whites have, by and large, bent over backwards to scrub the stain of oppression and intolerance from our racial character. We’ve opened our workplaces and our neighborhoods and even our homes to you. Whites turned up at the voting booth for Barry O in record numbers. We’ve voted for politicians who enact quota after quota on “behalf of” blacks. We’ve re-wired our own natural instincts and convinced ourselves that basic self-preservation is now “racism.” Time and again, we throw each other under the bus for not displaying the “correct” new-world attitudes and beliefs.
          And what do we get in return? Surliness. Rudeness. Being told — louder and louder, and in increasingly belligerent ways — that enough is not enough; that, no matter how much we try to accommodate you, we’re still racist, still privileged, still tainted with the stench of supremacist attitudes.
          I won’t even go into what’s become of many of our once safe, middle-class neighborhoods, or many of the cities that our ancestors built from scratch and worked to sustain, only for these once-thriving metropolises to crumble into crime-infested war zones within the space of mere decades.
          I base my views on the world around me, not on ebony-and-ivory pipe dreams.

        18. He was responding to a guy that sought to engage him in a debate regarding affirmative action but of course Kane, like you, refused to debate instead falling back on name calling.

        19. ? Suppose white women have benefited more from AA than any other group (which is not true, it was designed specifically to raise up the “poor, downtrodden black man) the FACT is blacks and other minorities benefit from affirmative action at the expense of White men.

        20. Race isn’t just skin color. It is bone structure, bone density, genetics, brain size and etc.

        21. Many have tried to create a big tent(myself included over the years), that big tent isn’t big enough for Afro centric revisionism and the New Black Panthers mind set. If you think people will put up with the typical racist, leftist/marxist race shame game, think again.

        1. Possibly because their very existence brings out so much hatred from people who insist that there’s no racism problem in America. Blacks and Jews care because their very lives depend on squashing racial supremacy whenever it raises its head.
          Black, Native American and Jewish holocaust survivors agree: never again. The same idiots who deny the Jewish holocaust and deny the black holocaust insist that anti-racist is code for anti-white and that “white countries” are being invaded by nonwhites.
          When you inquire about which “white countries” are supposedly being invaded, they include the U.S., completely ignoring the fact that over thirty percent of the U.S. population is nonwhite. To these morons, nonwhites don’t count.
          Setting the record straight, here’s a shortened list of Nonwhite Countries that Have Been Invaded by Whites:
          USA (nonwhite country, invaded, natives wiped out, land stolen, blacks enslaved)
          Canada (same)
          Australia (same)
          New Zealand (same)
          Most of Africa
          Most of the Middle East
          Most of Asia
          Truth: WN is an attempt to repeat the sins of old that resulted in the deaths and enslavement of hundred of millions of innocents. They glorify Nazism and seek to whitewash Hitler. Never again. Is that clear?
          Even after all this historical thieving and killing, and contemporary attempts to repeat, most black people including myself do not bear ill will toward whites. We treat people as we are treated. And, as several of the posts on this site bear witness, sometimes/often that’s not very well at all.
          We shall not hold sons accountable for the sins of their fathers but forgive us for noticing when a few WN sons seek to raise the dead.

        2. Thats FKN FUNNY!!! Did you NOTICE , that Most if not all the countries you named, that were invaded by whites were also civilized by them!!! haha,,, idiot racist….

        3. So civilizing raping and pillaging?
          THE PITCH: Hello, people. We have come to civilize you and not to mass murder, enslave, or concentration camp you. Trust us, you’ll like it.
          Sounds civilized. Next up, bombs for democracy.

        4. That, ironically, was what was meant by European conquerors when they used the word “civilize” amongst themselves. Likewise, “pacify” the natives meant wipe them out rather than work out a peaceful solution.

        5. Don’t be inferior and you wont be exterminated.
          What stopped Africa or non-native Americans from developing technology on par with Europeans?

        6. I notice you conveniently avoid two points
          All other western white nations being over-run by other races.
          The fact that the white race was 25% of the world in 1960, now around 16%, and forecasted to be less than 10% by 2050.
          Now, some may call me racist for posting this, but they are just the facts.
          Fact is, right now, globally, blacks and Hispanics outnumber whites, yet we still insist on giving them more rights over whites in the western world, and immigrating more of them in the name of “equality”.
          So, this begs the question, at what percent of Global population will whites attain these same “rights” and be considered a “minority” for purposes of all of these benefits?

        7. And they have good reason to, when your ancestors were kidnapped, raped, maimed and genocided and put into forced labour camps for hundreds of years due to the color of their skin and no other reason, denied basic human rights for another set of hundreds of years; and then you have prominent and famous people saying we should go back to genociding blacks and enslaving them, then perhaps you would have a reason to care about race.

        8. They did, in many cases their technology was more advance, it was african books used to start oxford university in England. Europeans didn’t even know about vaccines, anti-septics, germ theory, chemistry, algebra or fractals until they invaded African lands and took the knowledge. The difference was Africans and Asians didn’t use that to wipe whites off the face of the earth.

        9. White race decrease is from whites choosing to have less children and Indians and Chinese who had population explosion. Frankly if it wasn’t for the 1 child policy, there’d probably be 3 billion chinese by now and they’d be about half the world alone.
          Blacks do not outnumber whites globally. By 2050, blacks and whites will basically just swap places world wide in terms of racial percentages. And most of the hispanics classify themselves as whites on the census (65%+) even the “meztito” looking ones.
          So are you proposing we have white only immigration…. again? What I find bizzare is that you are in favour of the past discriminatory measures against non-white but then turn around and want to “enjoy” the benefits of being a minoirty?
          The minority are economic minorities.

        10. Genocide much? There
          is no such thing genetically, culturally or historically as “white
          The only thing
          unifying “whites” is anti-white racists, and those who actively cheer
          the genocide of the various Caucasian races and the utter destruction of all
          Caucasian communities/nations.
          If you really want
          to play the “who was here first” game, ample evidence suggest the
          first humans, first homo sapiens sapiens to inhabit the Western hemisphere,
          where a Caucasian people that where eradicated via mass killings and rapings by
          the supposedly “first people”. The Aborigines themselves admit they weren’t the first “people” living in Australia. They even remember how they dealt with the first Australians: they hunted them down and ate them.
          Asiantics pillaged Europe for almost a thousand years off and on. Routinely
          invading into Eastern Europe to rape, murder and kidnap Europeans for slavery.
          For centuries,
          black North African muslims invaded and raped across Siciliy(that is why some
          Italians kind of have really dark skin. One of my Italian American buddies told
          me about the mass raping of Sicily), and until the 1800’s continued to invade
          Southern Europe to capture white slaves: Women for harems(sex slaves) and men
          to be gelded and used as body guards.
          Look at it from this perspective:Caucasian’s have never had good relations with other racial groupings before the Caucasian Sub-Species interacted with Sub-Saharan Africans.
          Me? I am German American,
          technically also Pennsylvania Deutsch. Parts of my heritage moved to
          Pennsylvania during the Colonial era, while the other German parts immigrated
          to Pennsylvania up until around the mid to late 1800’s.
          As a typical
          21st Century African American I bet you don’t know what that means (German
          American’s in American history). To you, because I have light colored skin and
          blue eyes(especially because I have blue eyes), you think I owe you something,
          or it gives you a “right” to engage in falsehoods and propagate
          bigoted statements.
          I could get into a
          long winded rant, but why deny you the pleasure of looking it up yourself? I
          will give a hint though, over 5,000 German Americans were lynched in the South
          before, during and after the Civil war (So God knows how many German raced
          individuals were lynched in American history, from colonial to now. Besides the
          “natives”, by law, Germans were among the first race to be
          discriminated against).
          With all due respect,
          if you’re going to list all the genocides, why not include the Holdrom as well?
          Or the Genocide of Mediterranean Caucasian’s in Turkey?
          How about the
          hundreds of small genocides going on between the various different Sub-Saharan
          racial/ethnic groups as we speak?
          Never again what?
          Blacks are busy eradicating “whites” as you call them now, in South
          Africa(For the record, the Boers arrived in South Africa right before/ or at
          the same time as Sub-Saharan African’s arrived, and have just as much of a
          claim, since the Sub-Saharan Africans/blacks utterly murdered the real natives
          of South Africa, an Aborigine like people).
          The fact you only focus on acts that maximize your sense of moral
          umbrage, and focus that umbrage into a blade to be used on “whitey”
          is very telling. What you really mean by “never again” is, never
          again will you allow “whites” to have a community, let alone a nation
          of their own.
          Or is “Never Again” merely a line to be
          used instead of “shut up whitey”? Kind of like how feminists use “patriarchy”
          or “mansplaining”. You don’t obviously believe in “never again”, as through
          denialism you endorse Caucasian genocide, and systematic racial violence
          against Caucasians(and Genocide as defined by international law).
          Either way, I can’t
          help but to wonder if you were alive in the good old South during the 1800’s,
          or alive during WW1, how quickly you would have joined a kraut lynching mob?

        11. Hmmm? Raping and pillaging? Not so much as you would think. More so like bringing Iron Age people into the Modern Era while exploiting the living heck out of them.
          The British, French and Dutch didn’t do anything in Africa that Africans didn’t do to themselves regularly. What they did do though, the citizens of their country’s(except the British) demanded an ending to.
          The rapings were mostly a result of psychopaths having power over other human beings, and now that “black” psychopaths are calling the shots in Africa, the rapings continue but go along with machete’s to the limbs.
          Blacks never were sent to concentration camps. Even in Apartheid South Africa. Ironically, Sub-Saharan Africans lives where longer and more enjoyable living as 2nd class citizens in an Apartheid State, than first class citizens in a majority Sub-Saharan African ruled nation.
          The only concentration camps built in Africa, were meant for Boer women and children.

        12. Most natives(aside from Latin America) died from diseases similar to how Europe was nuked by the plague over and over for several centuries(which ironically was a Godsend, as the plague wiped out small brained Caucasians and gave a natural immunity/resistance to many different virus’s/bacteria to the Caucasian survivors. That is why some Caucasians are immune to AIDS).
          Aside from that, native population wasn’t the first people. They only became the first people by hunting down and eradicating the previous first peoples.

        13. White is a concept that has it’s origins in Pax Europa. Or rather the desire of some catholics and European rich/monarchs, to create a unified Europe among peoples of greatly different ethnicity, culture and history.
          In a more American centric, it means Anglo hegemony over everyone else. Aside from Anglo Scott’s, every race in America at one time or another, faced discrimination and or outright raping/murder/enslavement, at the hands of English-Scottish American’s.
          The whole white thing went into over drive after the 2010 census revealed Germans, or those who identify as German, as being the largest group of people in the Union.
          So of course “whites” Anglo Scotts and Irish to a degree, would want to downplay race/ethnicity and claim it is purely “cultural”. It is in their self interest to do so.
          Just like it is in your self interest to try and say a light skinned Columbian is the same thing as an Anglo, Scott, Irish, Jewish, German or Polish individual.
          The truth is, law’s, flags and lines on a map, do not make a nation: people do.
          And I cannot help but ignore the sense of glee that seems to ooze from your words at the thought of Caucasian races becoming a minority and then face genocide(there is not a single case of any other sub-species of humanity tolerating a Caucasian or Caucasoid minority anywhere, ever.)

        14. Honestly, probably:
          a) too much competition.
          b) too little competition.
          European civilization is not built off of ancient Rome or Greece, but built off of the Germanic tribes that conquered Western Europe and brought an end to the tyrannical Roman Empire.
          Sub Saharan Africans had no real competition. Sure Sub Saharan Africans had to deal with islamic slave raiders and the regular inter tribal war. The Pre-Columbians though, simply ran out of time.
          You see, the Western hemisphere wasn’t open territory when they arrived. A peaceful Caucasian people lived on the land. Heck there are legends that the pre-columbian people only wiped out the last “white” tribe, 5 years before conquistadors arrived(legend about the Inca’s). Carrying out genocide with stone age weaponry is a bit time consuming.

        15. Just because someone in an afro studies department told you that, doesn’t make it true. Then again you use the term “African” pretty vaguely. African could mean Ancient Egypt under the native Caucasian Pharaohs(Ancient Egypt was largely a multicultural society. Most “blacks” there today where brought in as a result fo the islamic slave trade), or perhaps the Egyptians under the Greek Ptolemaic rule?
          And Fractals? Really? Ancient Sub-Saharan Africans discovered them too? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Your insane. It wasn’t fractal’s, nor germ theory, or even Chemistry that enabled “whites” to nearly conquer the world. It was saltpeter.
          “Whites” were the first to truly utilize the stuff for warfare. Sure the Chinese had some interesting rockets, but in the end a combination of gun’s, cannons and over two thousands years of constant invasions at the hands of Africans and Asians;coupled with constant in-fighting, global conquest was a forgone conclusion. The compass though made it a whole heck easier(I think the muslims invented that, not sure).
          Go to a library and study real history. Every person should have a certain degree of pride about their race/Sub-Species. Just because black history over the last few hundred years isn’t that great, doesn’t give you license to rewrite history.
          The Sahelian Kingdoms are of note. They became incredibly wealthy due to gold mines I believe and traded extensively. Also had one of the second largest Empires of their era(largest being the Mongol’s).
          Ultra P.S
          The “Scramble for Africa”, didn’t begin until the late 1880’s. Aside for South Africa, few parts of Africa were under European rule.

        16. What force labor camp? Anything “whites” did to “blacks” was a vast improvement over what “blacks” did to “blacks”. I know it is a bitter thing to read, but what is happening now in Africa has always happened.
          The only factor that limited mass genocide in Africa was the establishment of empires. Either African empires like Ghana or foreign empires.

        17. What do you mean white went into overdrive after the 2010 census? Why would that result in Anglos and irish wanting to downplay race?
          You might want to look about where the irish come from if you are going to say they are above spaniards. And how are jews who are not even from europe white?
          Caucasian races already are a minority the people of the Caucauses are just georgia, azerbaijan, armenia and part of turkey and south russia. If you mean Caucasian as in facial features then again what sense does that make when the original caucasian are black africans and dark brown indians? If you look world wide the majority of people with a narrow nose aren’t white of central asian descent. If the word caucasian hardly makes sense to refer to white people because the inventor of the term, a German called Meiner, didnèt even consider most white europeans of today caucasians, he thought the slavs were an inferior race and non-british were dirty whites mixed with mongol.
          The history of white people has been to invade other peaceful peoples of color, when the leadership learns to be preaceful likely the coloreds will tolerate us more.

        18. Just because someone in stormfront told you that doesnèt make it true. Original Caucasians are black. Even the royal family of Georgia the abachdize claim they are of descent of the abache african general.
          Whites would just burn to death under the sun of ancient egypt, but all the objective evidence points to the egyptians as being a black skin africoid peoples.
          The Ancient Greek as Ptomemies were black as well. The non-black of egypt today are brought as slaves under the muslim and ottoman turk rulers of egypt during the colonial period followed by french and germand and english invasions. In fact the non-black malmuks who ruled egypt were white ottoman slaves who rebelled and invaded egypt. The word malmuk actually means slave soldier.
          Actually it is you who is attempting to rewrite history, no ancient writer ever described the ancient greeks no romans as white, but they did describe the slavic slaves (word slave comes from slav as they were all the slaves) as such. And the reason white slavery is called such is because white germanic women were used by the black roman and greeks merely as sex slaves, and such being white became synonymous with being sex slave.
          The whites really need to stop stealing non-white history for spanish to black to asian and native indian. The white history is very thin prior to the 1830s and as such the whites must steal countries from the coloreds that they have no association with like rome and greece.
          The white man should focus on his post 1830s history which is the only one he has rather than trying to steal the black history. Even your white god napolean came back as an black african in dna testing with e1b1 dna. Which of course is no surprise really. From the sun king to the black prince to napolean to niger val dubh, the european elite were blacks with white serfs. Which is of course why whites invented race theory.

        19. Yes there are the ones of the congo that murdered off 20 million people at the hands of whites. Then there are the ones of the americas were blacks were forced into abour by the whites. As for the boer ones, the majority of people in those camps were african allies of the boers.
          Blacks could never kill as many blacks as whites have, they do not have the ability.
          The problem is Africans are not as racist as you are nor as whites have been historically, they cannot see things in racial contextes like us whites can.
          How many millions of whites were killed in south africa in the last 10 years?

        20. fuck you n!99er loving b!tch … If it wasn’t for YT you wouldn’t be pawing on your sailfoam.

        21. “small brained” WTF? It’s a proven fact that n!ggers have smaller brains than humans. They have no pre-frontal cortex, which controls empathy, impulse control, and future time orientation. NONE of which the n!gger has.

        22. “the coloreds will tolerate us more” you f&cking faggot, I hope the n!99ers play the knockout game with you real soon.

        23. So Jim Crow, housing discrimination and hundreds of infrastructure created to keep Blacks in line and out of mainstream society was all done because no one else cares about race? LMAO.. #Idon’tSeeColor.. yeah right

        24. How do people that come from caves civilize others? Stop getting high off that wh!te supremacy BS….Ancient Africans helped Europeans develop plumbing. Prior to that you were throwing your sh** in the streets catching the plague.. STFU

        25. The ghetto is a concentration camp idiot.. Think outside the box.. And who are you to bring anyone into the modern age? All this technology and you still can’t figure out how to get your numbers up besides lying in the Census and including lighter skinned non whites in your number count.. GTFOH.. When the Tsunami hit the coast of Thailand it was the natives who survived because they knew enough about nature and living off the land to go their arses to a higher ground. The so called “civilized” mofos got got..

        26. Who proved it some idiot YT who got paid to spit non-sense? YT is the one with no empathy how else do you explain how his miserable ass tries to wipe out every other race but himself? Go drink a gasoline cocktail.. lol

        27. When people can see the majority of them living in poverty for hundreds of years like the races you just referenced.. We need at least 100 years or so to see the shift and that’s after the year 2050..

        28. When you’re busy fighting for survival you dont’ have the luxury to think about such things.. smh

        29. Let’s just exclude the Nubian Pharohs from Sudan. The depth of the white supremacists mentality is mind boggling sometimes. This is what you do and have always done, re write the history books to make yourselves the superiors and rape and kill all those who know better.

        30. nope.you’re lying.google “shark island” concerntration camp in Namibia.It was meant for the extermination of BLACK Herero tribesmen.

      3. Too bad most racist betas are mama’s boys, and I’m glad I’m seeing the wrongs of those, to the point I keep my own mother in check.

    7. Anyone who goes “Jooooooos” deserves to be stoned. ANd by that I mean you.
      You dumb animal, has it ever ocurred to you that maybe, people are onto something with that Jew thing?
      Newsflash: almost all of the current social ills can more or less be traced by to Jews.

        1. Destruction of Western civilization and morality, and a 5 decade long push for the soft genocide of white gentiles?……Mehh just a little.

      1. Yeah he called it, he provokes it and then blames those with a differing viewpoint for instigating racial antagonism all the while launching their grade insults at those that call him his hypocrisy.

        1. lol…You WN guys just hate it when you get called on your predictability.Youre like women with how cliched your posts are, only instead of little dick or faggot, it’s hbd this, guvment that, jews blacks jews. You guys are so trifling.Remember, from what I have read on this site, Alpha doesn’t triffle.
          Anyway stop your whining, it’s not very manly….”Wah wah…wah..if I ONLY we still had slavery I’d at LEAST have me young bed wench..wah wah…wah…”
          Suck it up. Men of value don’t incessantly whine, and bitch, they adapt, adjust, and accept. And if they feel shorted they take action, instead of crouching before a keyboard or tapping on his iPhone to blame others for his failure as a man.

        2. Again, you refuse to engage in intelligent debate instead resorting to name calling because either you lack the intelligence to engage in a legitimate debate or you are incapable of self-control or both.

  5. Never seen Scandal, but it’s become a foregone conclusion that I won’t be able to get a black woman out on a Thursday night due to that show.
    Regarding point number 4, I was walking in a park yesterday with my girlfriend, an attractive petite white woman, and we caught quite a few death stares from angry black women in the park. I’m a 6’2″ black guy and fairly good looking. The funny thing is that I’ve easily been on dates with 5x as many black women as white women since I’ve moved to Atlanta, but we rarely last for more than a couple of dates. Sometimes they’re not interested but often I’m not interested, as black American women usually turn me off in short order. More often than not, whatever issues black women have with black men are in their heads, and those of us that can easily date outside of our race will continue to do so.

    1. The fact is that more attractive people – no matter what race – will have more option and be more likely to exercise them. The same holds true for black women, esp. wthose with a more quiet/subdued demeanor, fit, intelligent, etc. Also, both black men and women catch flack for dating outside of their race. My fiancee is white and I deal with comments, side-eye from black men fairly regularly.
      WRT Scandal, I’ll admit that the idea of a Black woman being acknowledged by the mainstream culture as desireable was exciting at first. The novelty wore off sometime by mid-first season. Now the show is painful to watch and Olivia is annoying as f***.

  6. I don’t agree that race doesn’t something to do with it, but it’s hard to disect being that it’s the president of the USA that ms pope is involved with, but I have seen black women who are loud and disrespectful to black men but turn on the charm and hide the tattoos and batt the eye lashes when it comes to white men particularly if they’re ez on the eyes.
    Im a New York born latino of south American descent currently living in L.A. and being in these to multi racial cities you see paterns in in respective demographics, and time and time again the most attractive,and or educated black women seem to have eyes for Caucasian men more than any other race including their own, and quite frankly it’s not just black women.
    White skin in latin culture is actually more coveted by women than men despite the stereo type that Latin men perfer blondes. It’s a bs stereotype pf which I don’t understand the origin of, but it’s the complete opposite of reality.
    Same goes with Asian women, obviously, but Latino and black women who normally are cold and bitchy , and very masculine in behavior towards their respective men, are suddenly accessible, alluring,and demure,and proper toward the white male equivalent,and it has to do with historical, and media representation, which earns them this kind attention whether the individual earns it or not.
    Any that’s my two cents worth. I haven’t really shed light on anything, just an observation,and I’m not trying to be a race troll or anything like that but I always ask myself, why are white men so pissed off when they see a mediocre, to flat out ugly white woman(in most cases) with a non white,while, all they have to do is be white, regardless of class, and they can pretty much have their pick of the litter when it comes to the the most attractive, in their prime women of other races, and you don’t see men of those cultures do half the whining these men do.

    1. it’s not about sex, it’s about money, and freedom.
      Sure, white guys get their pick of the litter. and they are also the first ones the IRS comes after.

  7. I’d sooner put my dick in the garbage disposal than a negress.

    Blacks—In 2011, the overall rate among blacks in the United States was 1,194.4 cases per 100,000, a 3.8% increase from the 2010 rate of 1,150.4 cases per 100,000. The rate of chlamydia among black women was over six times the rate among white women (1,563.0 and 232.7 per 100,000 women, respectively) (Figure O). The chlamydia rate among black men was over nine times the rate among white men (787.7 and 82.3 cases per 100,000 men, respectively).
    Chlamydia rates were highest for blacks aged 15–19 and 20–24 years in 2011 (Table 11B). The chlamydia rate among black females aged 15–19 years was 7,507.1 cases per 100,000 women, which was almost six times the rate among white females in the same age group (1,301.5). The rate among black women aged 20–24 years was 4.8 times the rate among white women in the same age group (Table 11B).
    Similar racial disparities in reported chlamydia rates exist among men. Among males aged 15–19 years, the rate among blacks was 11.1 times the rate among whites (Table 11B). The chlamydia rate among black men aged 20–24 years was seven times the rate among white men of the same age group (3,662.0 and 516.4 cases per 100,000 men, respectively).

    1. I understand your sentiment, although personally I think this has more to do with socioeconomic status than ethnicity.
      E.g., I’m willing to bet good money there’s a higher incidence of venereal disease among the poor than the middle or upper class. Thus, since many blacks are poor, you get the correlation cited from the CDC. I’m willing to bet that whites and latinas who gravitate towards the poor end of the financial spectrum probably have roughly the same incidence of various VD.

  8. I alone recognized that General Mills courts phony controversy with the Cheerios ad showing the white wife and responsible black husband solely to distract attention from the fact that they make billions pushing low-nutrition cereal products on the EBT market at huge markup. Black people don’t even like milk.

  9. But wait, wasn’t it the black women running around screaming
    1. I don’t need no man, I’m just gonna “do me”
    2. I’m a mother and father to my child
    These women do their best to convince the world that marriage, men and fathers aren’t necessary, even raising their own sons to believe this, then complain because black men listened.
    The black woman elected to celebrate temporary relationships. The black woman elected to diminish men in the black family. The black woman destroyed black marriage. Never let a black woman tell you otherwise. If they are angry about the lack of marriage prospects coming their way then send them to the people most responsible, their mothers and grandmothers.

    1. The black culture in America was nothing more than a prototype for the rest of the country.
      Apparently, the experiment worked.

  10. Black women love this show because they want white male attention and they can see themselves in Kerry Washington, a lot like women who watch The Bachelor. If a white woman were playing that role then Scandal would never be talked about among black women.
    It’s just that women don’t normally vocalize their desire in a clear way and definitely not in a way regarding taboo subjects. Some of them are trying to normalize WM/BF relationships but I’d imaging that most know they’re ice-skating uphill. White males are the alphas that they crave but cannot easily obtain. So, in Scandal, they get to live out the fantasy.
    It’s the black woman’s fantasy just like 50 Shades is the “empowered” woman’s fantasy.

  11. Real talk, this article alludes to something very prevalent in our modern culture. There has been a great re-shifting of sexual desires ever since the first French women during WWI starting fucking African colonial soldiers and White American GIs started sticking their dicks in fertile Japanese pussy during WWII. I have to say the biggest sexual losers in the sexual marketplace in the western hemisphere are Asian men and Black women (on the average). White men pretty much have made in Asia and Latin America but are starting to lose out with their own women to black, Arab and Latin men. White men have historical precedence on their side which makes black women or other foreign women believe these historical benefits will confer over to their biracial children. White men on the aggregate would rather have white babies, problem is the average white woman, Jewish media or no Jewish media are deciding to have fewer white babies.
    To my own benefit there has been a recent glorification of the biracial kid, or half-breed, whatever you fuckers like to use. I’ve noticed, I’ve been able to pull from multiple races with noticeable ease, with the exception of Asians. There is a biological definition for this, call it the “exotic factor.” Humans are very attracted to those with opposite DNA with noticeable exceptions. Supposedly, the greater heterogeneous our DNA is, the better for fighting off diseases etc etc. However, this racial opposite attraction does not extend in large numbers to Asian men and Black women, for whatever for reason. Of course I want race preservation in places like Germany and Scandinavia, no doubt. But it cannot also be denied, that if some cute Euro girls or even White American girls throw pussy in my face (which has happened) that expecting guys like me to throw off the advances of your women is fucking absurd. For who? You! Lol… I mean would you give a fuck about some Japanese cockblocker, if some fertile young Japanese girls wanted your white cocks? Fuck no. This is a source of great consternation, but one that we should fully take advantage of, there are winners and losers in any marketplace, but if you can reap the benefits why care?

    1. It’s a desire for Hybrid Vigor.
      unfortunately, asian men have all the markers for ‘undesireable genetics’. Short height, small penises, low testosterone and personal aggression,low risk-taking, low competetiveness, high cooperativity.
      It makes them very industrious, and extremely valuable trading partners… what it doesn’t make them is sexy. However, Outliers that display more masculinity CAN and DO have the ‘exotic factor’ going for them… Bruce Lee, for example, could probably have fucked any woman on the planet.
      Black women (american blacks) Tend to display all the characteristics of a ‘problem woman’, added to the simple fact that they look uncivilized and masculine. broad noses and foreheads, low brows, excessive masculinity… which turns most men off.
      Frankly, the same genes that make Black men appolonean gods makes black women demonic freaks. However, Hybrid Vigor is EXTREMELY good for creating powerful, intelligent individuals. Jesse jackson is a half breed, and he is smart, attractive, powerful, and charismatic… the fact that he has the ethics and morality of a scorpion doesn’t change his hybrid genetic value.

      1. Very true, this is why if a white man fucks an Asian woman, he can produce a “Keenu Reeves” racial prototype that will be attractive to all races, or the case with “Boris Kodjoe” a half German and Black guy whose appeal is broadened with all races of women. The modern white man really have their ancestors to thank for all their sexual luck in Latin America and Asia. The concept of the Aryan conqueror is very attractive to them, but the majority of white guys in the cities are fucking hipster manginas. Who knows what the future holds, but at this point everyone wants to fuck everyone, and it’s clear there are some big winners and big losers.

        1. well, bear in mind that ‘middle european’ geneotype is only about 800 years old… we were ‘hybrid vigor’ at a time when virtually every other landmass was racially homogenous.
          Basically, your generic ‘american white’ is a hybrid of german, Hun, turkic, eyre, Angle, Saxon, Roman, and Goth…. all stewed in a sea of constant, ongoing violence, an incredibly inhospitable climate, and a number of other factors that made him into one of the most creative, capable, and healthy sentients on the planet.
          So yes, you could say I am a race supremacist… except that I think that becoming ‘the best’ requires an ongoing level of hardship, natural selection, and constant racial interbreeding in order to create ‘superman’. The ideal man would have the intellect of an asian, the creativity of a briton, the athleticism of a black, the beauty of a latin, the stoicism of a russian, the toughness of a gaelic, and the basic good nature of a pacific islander.
          I despise ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘multiracialism’ because it encourages maintaining a SEPARATION between the cultures… the original ‘melting pot’ that made america great required adding your culture to the greater american mix, not keeping discreet pockets of cultural separation. Homogenity is strength, but Homogenity must be constantly hybridized to avoid stagnation.
          That’s why I desire space so much… because it is the last frontier, and the only place where ‘supermen’ are likely to develop… here, people are too proud of their diversity.
          And that’s why I hate Barry the traitor to humanity…of all his sins, dropping NASA was the one I will never forgive, and would love to see him hang for, because I believe in doing so he has doomed the entire species.

        2. I actually believe most of this. I would add, multiculturalism doesn’t work. America’s culture should be distinctly European. European culture has shown itself over the last 600 years to be superior. However, I don’t think under a free system, we can prevent the intermixing of the races. I think naturally, people will gravitate towards what they like. I would add, it should be incumbent upon the fathers to ensure that any man for their daughters be stable but also possess genes that will strengthen the gene pool of their posterity. I mean if one’s daughter naturally gravitates towards black or Latin men, the father will can influence her to marry a white man, but that white man should know she’s sure to fuck black and brown men behind his back. If I had a daughter I wouldn’t let her procreate with some ghetto thug nor white trash. I think Eugenics should be brought back, but instead of negative eugenics, we should have positive eugenics.

        3. If I were a totalitarian despot, I would only permit ‘approved breeding licenses’ between people of different racial backgrounds. That way I am sure to produce some hybrid mongrels powerful enough to depose me… the eventual goal 🙂
          Immigrants would only be permitted in the country provided they married, and bred, with a citizen of a different ethnicity than them. Wanna cross the rio grande? it’s simple, open your legs for a white guy and put a ring on his finger… Hell, if you are a truly valuable addition, we will FIND you a wife to allow you to move here and add your fappage to the genetic stew.
          You are right, though, the core culture would be ethno-european, because that culture was the most hybridized, bastardized culture imaginable… it’s already set up to take advantage of new breeds of humanity moving in and setting up shop.

        4. I normally don’t comment over long threads but the racial and cultural future of this nation state, does make me ponder. I mean it’s a risk with mixed race children sometimes, but some editions are very valuable assets to humanity. I guarantee you in the coming 20 years, you’ll see more of my kind. However, I accept America and my culture as “European.” I have no reason to spill balls over the internet, but the disease factor is somewhat true. I’ve only had the flu once in my life, never had the chickenpox and I usually recover from colds after one or two days. There will be a lot more mixed race children, with white ancestry choosing the dominant European culture over the weaker cultures of the other parent. However, I think it’s entirely possible for us all to be eugenic supremacists without being bigots. Humans naturally want to be the best in everything, therefore we want to fuck the best.
          American whites have been a smorgasbord of races since 1900, all the slave and Indian fucking produced some very valuable assets to the military that produced discernable differences between the performance of American soldiers in the Pacific and the British soldiers. The American Marines and soldiers were better equipped to handle the heat, terrain and fighting conditions of the Japanese Islands, the British were not. The were not only better fighters but taller to boot. The performance of the Marines on Okinawa could have been labeled an athletic triumph. Even the man who went to one of the Dakotas to set up a whites only community had his DNA tested and it turned out to be 10-12% black. Again hybrid vigor can produce some very great ubermensch for humanity, the selections just has to be the right ones.

        5. I think some racial mixing is only natural and probably necessary to evolution. However, I do think the majority of the women who mix do tend to be of inferior quality of their own race (if not inferior in looks, then in intelligence or mental health). A lot of these women wouldn’t mix if they could get the most attractive specimens of their own race. This doesn’t just go for white women either so I’m not being a hypocrite here. I’ll admit most of the Asian women that white men attract due to “white god” factor are probably lower quality overall in one way or another as well.

        6. I think you need to reconsider the concept of unattractive white women pursuing black men. This is true, but these women pursue the dregs of society, the miscreants and ghetto illiterates. This woman here is Doutzen Kroes, she has a mixed baby with a black man. Clearly this woman could have any man on the planet. The paradigm you spoke of, is rapidly changing. I feel sorry for Asian men the most, because they few sexual options outside of their own. When I go to Europe, is especially France, the Netherlands and Germany, I won’t lie, the sexual marketplace becomes very easy for me, and I’m not talking about the haggard fatties either.

        7. I’m not saying every white girl that ends up with a black man is low quality. Obviously, there are exceptions, especially if the black guy has status or wealth. The tides may be turning but culture can only do so much. The Western media has done everything it can to help black men’s image in the Anglosphere and it’s definitely paying off. However, it doesn’t change that most women still usually pair off within their race (even Asian women in America, and we all know how badly the Western media has fucked them). On top of that white men still have history on their side. Being the oppressor is sexy as hell and dark triad as fuck.

        8. Right, slave and Indian fucking built America’s great soldiers. This is some hamstering bro.

        9. I think the media propagates the image of the ghetto black male. White women on the average, that I’ve noticed, aren’t really attracted to the pure bred types, except if these guys are Jamaicans with dreadlocks (that’s another story). However, in the average state college or city, a lot of these white girls from lily white families pursue a lot of mixed guys with noticeable hybrid features. I had a few pregnancy scares myself in Europe and here, when I visited some of these places. I never really killed it in Asia, but all my white colleagues did. With all things being equal, the races of men, with various sexual options are whites, Latin men, blacks (hybrid types especially) and some Arab and Persian types. The media aside, there are biological reasons for this. If it was just about race mixing, Asian men would have far more luck with white and Latin women, but they don’t.

        10. Lance, I agree with much of what you say but the fact is 97% of White women marry White men. Whites engage in interracial relationships/sex the least among racial groups.

        11. Oh very true Paulie, no denying that. Whites still segregate themselves and rightfully so from the ghetto cultures of other races. Many highly educated blacks and minorities separate themselves from these types too. However, most white girls will marry within their own race due to familial pressure from their families, however I’ve been to numerous college campuses here and abroad and I can tell you, who they fuck and who they marry is an entirely different story. As cities become more integrated, I’ve seen two types of racial prototypes, Half white and Asian children (white man, Asian woman) and half white and black children (white woman, black man – hybrid types usually).

        12. People of mixed race are not going to identify with European culture and civilization. You are the exception to the rule. How many light skinned blacks exaggerate stereotypical black cultural traits to prove their blackness? How many blonde, blue eyed “latinos” identity with mesitzos instead of their own racial kindred. Rejecting White culture and ancestry is incentivized in the U.S. in the form of affirmative action, a pat on the back by cultural Marxists,ect.

        13. There’s definitely a genetic reason for why certain races of men are able to more easily date outside their race than others for sure. You and I both know that women allow the media to dictate what’s attractive to them much more than men do so that’s why I mention it. I understand whites, Latin men (not sure exactly what you define as “latin”), and blacks having options but what makes you think Arab and Persians do well? I think that’s a pretty niche market.

        14. In that sense I agree, but the tide is changing. I think the reason why racial hybrids haven’t identified with European culture and civilization, because it was cut off to them, legally until about 1970. This created some animosity. However, with many of these same hybrids seeing the blatant inferiority of ghetto culture, that the liberal media so exalts, surprisingly many are identifying with European civilization. I grew up on Bach, Mahler, Mozart and Beethoven and playing playing the piano and most white chicks (the very easy types), automatically believe I’d start “spitting” some degenerate ghetto shit, I mean it’s good for parties and workouts but it’s not cerebral music required of serious thought. There are many people of my generation who’ll never know what a polonaise, etude, concerto or waltz is.

        15. Agreed but I don’t think that more than 5% of American white women have sexual relations with black men. I live in Houston which despite what many on this board believe is very cosmopolitan (port city, one of strongest labor markets in country). As you mentioned, the races self-segregate so much so that now the lesbian mayor announced today that she is forming a task force to prosecute, well, persecute businesses that “deny racial and sexual minorities” (funny, because in Houston Whites are the minority) from “discrimination. White women tend to ostracize their peers that engage in interracial relationships and it is not just in Houston though it is certainly more pronounced here. That said I know it is more common than 10-15 years ago. I also agree with something you recently said, many White men have become more passive. Obviously, this repels, disgusts women. White men can complain endlessly about white women but the fact is the reason that some white women have turned away from white men is because of white men surrendering what is theirs, as you said (and I have often thought) how the hell are modern scandis descended from the Vikings?

        16. Oh the number may be that in Houston, because let’s be honest, it’s still Texas and the South. However, worldwide this is shifting dramatically. The average black you may see in Houston maybe some ghetto coon with gold teeth, highly undesirable to any woman except if it’s a rapper (another story). Even in the South, this is becoming common. The era of globalization is not only an era in which material goods are traded, but sexual encounters as well. The Bel-Air “Carlton” types are starting to pair up these days with great looking white chicks, not just the fatties anymore. However, the desirable educated black men (hybrids or Islander types) are doing very well with upper tier white women.

        17. Then why is it (and this is not rhetorical) are blacks increasingly seeking to distance themselves from European-American cultural values and societal norms? There seems to be a regression. To be fair it is not just blacks but every other race as well. Asians are becoming increasingly hostile. I have noticed this in California as well as here in Houston. All races, with the exception of some “latinos” (and this may be a bit distorted from living in Houston and knowing many Tejanos), view Whites as a common enemy.

        18. I always find the darker the Latino the more he/she negates their blackness and vice versa.
          Back in nyc the black Dominican women loathed black American or African men,and claimed to be of arawak(native Caribbean equivalent of Cherokee) descent despite how obvious their blackness was, while light skinned,and in some cases blonde haired blue eyed Puerto Rican women adored and exclusively dated black guys and proudly identified themselves as black even though some of them had no real knowledge how much if any black genes they had in their roots, but this has been a phenomenon unique to gen x Puerto Ricans, an up, not before.
          While the same is said for Dominican semi Caucasians, the Dominican half of the island of espanola are notorious for having the “improving the race” mentality especially ever since a president from the 1940s actually encouraged white Spaniard men to come and sleep with Dominican women to whiten and better the race.

        19. You can’t really compare Houston with the rest of the US though. Texas is probably one of the last bastions in the US where white women are still firmly loyal to white men. Probably because 1) It’s the South. 2) Cowboy culture makes the white men who live there more masculine.

        20. This is true. I mean the darker the women, the more they want European or Europeanlite cock, to confer those physical attributes to their children. The more light these women are whether European or other areas, they want a little dark meat, but not too dark where it destroys the predisposed European phenotype and features. It seems the women have a sense of fucking their way into having the perfect little genotype babies. Every woman wants to produce a superman or ubermensch. Women don’t give a shit about the intrinsics of a man’s work, only that they exude domination, no matter if it’s a 9.59 in the 100 meter dash or any extreme athletic, financial, warfare (especially war) or whatever else prowess. She’ll conflate this with your genotype, and if attractive enough, she wants to breed your litter.

        21. I thought I mentioned that Houston was an exception because is, despite the influx of third worlders, still very much Southern and yes collegebrah, you are correct, White men in Houston are more masculine, much of that is probably due to the history of Texas but I have noticed the same thing in Boston and have always assumed it was due to the tribalistic, hyper-aggressive Irish.

        22. I agree, as stated above I thought I qualified my view of interracial relationships. That said I have seen the same thing in Boston and other cities where for historical and cultural reasons European-American men are more aggressive and assertive. The bigger issue for the survival of European peoples is the declining birthrate which is a sign of a decadent and weak, self-loathing people/culture. Still, I don’t see the emergence of some multiracial “race”. For most people of whatever race there is a drive to reproduce with your own whatever your attraction to those of another race.

        23. I think the drive to reproduce within your “own” becomes attenuated (at least by the women), when they stop seeing that culture or male genotypes as being dominant. Women are attracted to dominance and brute strength masculinity.

        24. “Breeding up”, common throughout Latin America and as Lance said it is all about who is perceived as having power but to be fair to women (one of few times I have said that) all relationships are based on the power dynamic.

        25. I’ve heard that about Boston as well but it doesn’t make that much sense to me since I always thought Boston was extremely liberal.

        26. College campuses are the main breeding ground for the Ivy League/MIT Marxist indoctrinated elite. The traditional Bostonian culture is heavily Irish-Catholic (culturally Catholic not actually religious) and tribal. Irish men in that city still possess that masculine élan that keeps their women in check. However, that combined with the liberal predisposition to keep voting for Kennedys and other liberal types is strange.

        27. Lance beat me to it. The Irish hate the Harvard/MIT DWLs as much as they hate the Brahmans. They are not ideological liberals, they are conditioned to voting democrat because at one time the Boston Brahmans were republicans.

        28. Unfortunately not true. I live in TX and a lot of the White Dudes here are Blue Pill as fuck.

        29. Everything is relative. Men in Texas are hyper-aggressive compared to men from, say, New England.

        30. How do you explain the superiority of the Wehrmacht? American troops didn’t face the Germany’s best as they were fighting the Bolsheviks. Anytime the allies, even with complete air superiority, faced the Wehrmacht (much of it ranks composed of old men and boys) on anything close to even terms it didn’t turn out well for the allies, when confronted with the Waffen SS…..

        31. The superiority of the Wehrmacht, particularly the Waffen SS, came from the Old Prussian Officer Corps. Men like Manstein, Guderian and Rommel were fucking military geniuses of megalithic proportions. Germany, especially Prussia has a history filled with having to fight larger enemies with less. Whether it was Frederick the Great’s “oblique order” or Blitzkrieg against numerically larger foes (Fall Gelb), the Germans (NordDeutschen) have militarism written into their blood. The Waffen SS was conscripted from mainly the countryside and not only were a certain racial phenotype with the Teutonic order of Germania but were bred to be pure killers. Oh, brings tears to my eyes. This is an incredible part of my makeup as a person, my DNA. Marvelous columns of thoroughbred Aryans, killing everything around them. Germany cannot and can never be compared with the rest of Europe. It is unique in the eyes of history. A little Spartan Teutonia, having fought the entire world twice, and nearly beat the world twice. Gott Mit Uns…

        32. However, despite my Prussian élan, the Marines did not fight in the European theater of combat. It would have been interesting to see a Waffen SS vs. US Marines grudge match. The US Army (Special Forces excluded) during that period in time, shit even today, has some of the most poorly trained and out of shape NCOs and officers out of a lot of first world professional grade armies. There’s a reason why there was “that” scene in the Patton flick, with him slapping the soldier etc. I guarantee you, that wouldn’t have been a Marine.

        33. The climate of Europe is not inhospitable and has varied over thousands of years. The real difference is that there are seasons compared to the tropics and a Winter.
          And btw, Asians have a much lower IQ than Caucasians in general and just above the negro. Only certain areas have IQ’s similar to Whites and those were all originally Caucasian areas until the sub Saharans migrated into Egypt about 1k BC and then into India etc. As reference, the Great Pyramid was built in 2600 BC, 2k years before most people even saw a negro in East Africa. Every major religion was established by Caucasians from the Yahweh Hebrew religion to Hinduism to Buddhism etc etc Black Africans only had primitive animism until they learned from Whites.
          IMO, 10k years ago at the beginning of modern human history when the pop. of the earth was 1m there were only 2 distinct human species. The Homo sapiens sapiens, which were the Caucasians and an offshoot of them we call the Mongol race. And the tiny sub Saharran race on the west coast of Africaf a closely related species called the Homo sapiens idaltu

        34. The Wehrmacht arguably had the best non-coms and junior officers in the history of combat, trained to a razor’s edge in the post Versailles German army.

        35. sad to say, because it’s not all whites by a long shot…but white people really, truly are a common enemy of non whites in several ways. at least the upper class of white people worldwide are. no denying that one.

        36. This comment here reminded me of something I’ve been wondering about for a while now. Do you think a lot of the white women being into black men has a lot to do with the way white men have generally been targeted by all the liberals as the reason for their ‘oppression.’ I get that there are a lot of other factors going into it, but sharing a common experience like ‘Oh poor us, the both of us have been oppressed by white men our whole lives?’ Does it bring them closer do you think?

        37. Oh no, not at all. One thing that is pretty much representational of women over all races, is that they hate weakness in any man (at least the ones they want to fuck). The advent of the sexualization of black men (certain types) stems from the “big dick” (Mandingo) belief of white women and society and our perceived masculinity. This has become preferable to many white women, while they’re undergoing their whoredom in college (their best years). Don’t get me wrong, most of these girls will marry inside their race, because she wants to be a good girl for daddy and also there are more compliant white beta males who’d be more than willing to take the leftovers, if the girl is even semi-attractive. Hell, they’ll even take her along with her bastard children. But no, in a nutshell, she’s not drawn to some bullshit “struggle.” If this seems the case, this is just a conversation piece to break the ice, to get the fucking underway.

        38. I will let you in on little secret, well, it’s no so secret, White people , most white people especially the “upper class” are pathologically self-loathing. They hate themselves and others and I will use a term much used on this site. “pedestalize” none-whites. “Upper class”” Whites advocate economic and social policies which are displacing their racial brethren in the lower socio-economic classes. Example, who is pushing amnesty which will further inundate this country with more tens of millions of non-whites all in the name of cheap labor? Middle class whites have a misguided sense of “fair play” that is leading to their destruction. Whites that immigrate to non-white countries would certainly not be treated as wells as non-whites in White nations.

        39. I share you admiration for the Waffen SS, greatest warriors that ever existed and the real reason the Bolsheviks didn’t make it to the Atlantic. I respect the Prussians, they were after all responsible for the unification of Germany (though they fought, literally, to keep Austria out of the Reich, that was a mistake). The creation and training of the Waffen SS was truly revolutionary. The SS was envisioned by (?) (can’t remember his name, he served on the Western front) who came to the conclusion that the war had devolved into trench warfare in large part due to soldiers being forced to endure meaningless drills which taught discipline but not how to fight. He came up with the idea of the soldier as a “hunter of man”, athleticism and strategy (chess was encouraged as a pastime) were paramount and more importantly the belief in a sacred brotherhood tasked with a historical mission, a you said, modeled after the Teutonic Knights. Initially the Prussians/Wehrmacht were hostile toward the SS, in part because they feared it and in part because of the typical snobbery that someone with a von in their name possess (there was much consternation because SS men felt no need to show deference to Prussian officers simply because of their social position), but they quickly learned to appreciate the fighting abilities of the Waffen SS. My heroes are Henri Fenet, Skorzeny, De Grelle, the SS. Their exploits are the stuff of the sagas and eddas.

        40. I don’t think the marines would stand a chance against the SS. The marine’s selection process was not even close to being as stringent as that of the SS and more importantly the SS felt they had a destiny, they were tasked with a historical mission, the destruction of judeo-bolshevism. The SS had an espirit de corps that is unique in history………”My loyalty is my honor”, “to deal death and accept death without reservation”. I can’t see the marines fighting to the death, to the last man in the hall that was Berlin April 45.

        41. They’ll never be another fighting force quite like them. Joachim Piper and Michael Wittmann were hands down the best SS men in history. The SS was envisioned by Himmler if I’m not mistaken. It was a slap in the face to the Old Prussian officer corps, who really possessed little respect for the cerebral capabilities of that “little Austrian corporal” aka Der Fuhrer and his posse. The Prussians were smarter and attended military academy. They did possess enlightened tendencies, such as preference for the French language, since the times of Frederick the Great. The nation state of Deutschland was formed by Prussians, Bismarck and Kaiser Wilhelm I and was led by Prussians.
          In fact the assassination attempt on Hitler, could have been called a Junkers Prussian revolt against the military ineptitude of Herr Hitler. To a point, they were right. To target a city and entrap an entire Army Group that was designed for open field, quick maneuver combat was idiotic. The military fell with Hitler’s ineptitude, and the Prussian officer corps understood this. They were the brains behind the operation. The SS were diehards, regardless. However, there were some fine, fine Wehrmacht units, such as “Der GrossDeutschland” made up of very elite panzergrenadiers. The Austrians and SudenDeutschen were really apt for theoretical military applications. Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Du kommt aus Deutschland oder Osterreich?

        42. Pacific Theater, USA won that shit with very little help and faced the 40’s equivalent of the guided missile, Kamikazes. Quite sure Hitler would have capitulated to our military might. Even if we had to Nuke Germany. Hitler was so geeked up on Meth he started a war on two fronts, just silly. Furthermore he should have just left Japan out to dry when they started shit with the US, he hit the needle instead and made a speech that spelled his demise and it was a wrap.
          Nothing against Hitler,because he and Russia were going to have it out regardless no matter what happened because Stalin planned to invade Western Europe, but you do not start a new war until you finish an old one.

        43. actually asian men are top in colombia and mexico and latin america as a whole.and no george lopez looking latinos are worse in the ladder than asian men.its only the more european/mediterenean/middle eastern looking latinos that get mad love from all races of females.and thats more because of their goodlooks not their race.

          light skinned black women don’t even like lightskinned black guys,let alone white women.lol
          for most women the darker the better.they want that moris chestnut/Idris Elba.lightksinned guys are univerally considered lames and feminine.thats why they have to go overboard with the tattoos and gangsta acting.
          I’ll tell you this:High yellows are nasty.it looks nasty and wierd.

        44. well eurasian bitches and mulatta bitches are generally the finest females out there,so thats a good thing.we need to create eurasian and Mulatta females in labs .
          they are divine.sexiest females out there .

        45. The Red Army was responsible for 75% of the Wehrmacht’s casualties. The best of the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS was engaged on the Eastern Front. Hitler had no choice in launching Barbarosa. We now know from declassified Soviet files (a Russian historian recently published a book about, he has done a couple of lecture tours regarding the reason Hitler launched Barbarosa) that Stalin was within weeks of attacking Germany when Barbarosa was launched. It explains why 3 million Red Army soldiers were taken prisoner within a couple of months. Hitler’s mistake was not concentrating enough armor in the center but he was rightly concerned about being flanked. Barbarosa also failed in part because of the late rains, Wehrmact got bogged down. Hitler was a solid military strategist. Remember that all his generals that he was crazy to launch an offensive through the Ardennes. Perhaps his biggest mistake was allowing his admiration for the British to prevent a quick end to fighting on the western front. The British and French were helpless at Dunkirk, if he would have ordered the panzers forward the british and French would have been annihilated.

        46. Yes, how could I forget Piper and Wittmann? Skorzeny had the easy going, wreckless courage of Goering. I have raid that Goering enjoyed playing test pilot. Skorzeny was the architect and executioner of the rescue of Mussolini (gliders? Wow). Degrelle started the war as a private, ended as a general. Hitler said of him “if I had a son I would wish him to be like DeGrelle”. Fenet lead the remnants of the Charlemagne Division back into Berlin (they could have easily escaped to the allies) where all but a few died in hand-to-hand combat. I have to disagree with you regarding Hitler’s military prowess. He readily adopted the Mannstein Plan despite the objections of those Prussian Generals. Operation Barbarosa was brilliant, it only failed because of the vagaries of the weather (the rains were late, delayed the start of the offensive). His one mistake was not concentrating enough armor in the center but he was terrified of being flanked and he knew that the supply lines would be overextended. Regarding St.Petersburg, I agree with you to some point but how can you leave such a force in your rear (and if St.Petersburg would have been captured Germany would have had a port)?
          LOL, I am SudenDeutschen on my father’s paternal and maternal side. I am Schwaben on my paternal grandfather’s side, my paternal grandmother was descended from Upper Austrians. I don’t speak German. I had two years in college, passed by the skin of my teeth. I am monolingual though some Spanish, rudimentary………at best. I am assuming you are a good Prussian?

        47. Agreed, weakness repels women. Biology, they are driven to pass on the best genes. “Perceived masculinity”? I am 1/2 southern Italian and playing the “Italian card” works (I have met South Americans, not a drop of Italian blood that try to play it).

        48. You forgot Wagner (my favorite composer, “Tristan und Isolde” literally caused death by rapture), Strauss, and Bruckner. Beethoven’s 7th, Op.92 epitomizes “Sturm und Drang”. You should read the letters between Cosima and Wagner. Most are unaware that it was the loss of Wagner’s friendship that caused Nietzsche to spend his twilight years holding conversations with an equine and revel in Bizet. Wagner, in one of his letters to Cosima, recalled how Nietzsche stumbled across St.Mark’s after Wagner told him “Parsifal” was inspired by his sincere belief in Christianity.

        49. “A little Spartan Teutonia”, have you read about the Leonidas Squadrons? “Gott Mit Uns…Jawohl! Though Catholic I attended a High Lutheran church recently, one of the hymns was “Our God is a Mighty Fortress”. The celebrated Mass in German until 1954 and still occasionally celebrate in German.

        50. The typical white American as much as they want to pretend they are all white is mixed with black.

        51. Actually its the reverse, the oppressor is associated with daddy and girls rebel against their fathers or live at home until they are 50. Girls love the bad boy, and the media say x race is bad only makes girls crazy for them

        52. You are grossly deluded if you think the number is that low. White women who criticisize each other for fucking black men are like white women calling each other whores or sluts for sleeping around with a guy “too soon” they all do it if the right cock comes along. And you should know women’s childish brain causes them to tease things they love. They love cock and being slutty for the right alfa cock but will turn around and call each other sluts.
          And if Houston is a minority majority city that can affect the interracial demographics intensely. I have noticed whites in white minority areas tend to be adverse to mixing. In some countries like Jamaica that once had small white minorities whites would rather abandon entire lands they occupy worth literally millions of dollars than to stay and mix with Jamaicans.
          In a country like South Africa with a white minority, you don’t see much racial mixing and the whites tend to have a more negative view of race mixing there. In heavy white majority countries of europe, race mixing attitudes towards blacks tend to be much more relaxed. In some places with very few blacks like Scandinavia, East Europe or Australia black men enjoy a bit of a one up over locals.
          That being said much more white women are fucking black men than you can ever imagine. Regardless of what racist garbage you hear come out their mouth, if the cock is large and its alpha they will fuck it, even if they pretend or claim they dislike black or latino guys. I’ve seen girls talk smack about blacks saying they dont like black guys to later catch them fucking one in my dorm.

        53. those of us from west virginia know this quite well… we are all mutts, and proud of it, although we do identify as predominantly ‘white’.
          One of the ironies is that mixed-blood appalachian hillbillies, despite their rather… primitive lifestyles, have the highest state IQ in the nation, including the ‘cultural elite’ states like new york and washington.
          It kinda makes you proud, to know that your people have blown that off.

      2. Hybrid vigour only applies to plants and even then only for when you cross them the first time. Following mixing causes weakness. In human populations you would be more likely to see what’s called out breeding depression (weaker mixes) than you would to see hybrid vigour.
        It does not surprise me that mixed race individuals would like to see more people like them for obvious reasons. However the idea you will get a master race from it is stupidity.

        1. apparently you have never bred horses, or dogs, or rats, or mice.
          Hybrid vigor is VERY real, and is responsible for fantastic horse breeds like the Morgan. Known vigorous hybrids are carefully bred as racehorses, and gelded to prevent them from becoming established breeds… but often a particular racehorse’s basic genetic stock is more-or-less entirely a professional secret.
          Hybrid Vigor and improved outbreeding is a subject you apparently know very little about, I strongly suggest you refrain from commenting on subjects in which you are completely ignorant.

        2. I’m calling this B.S out. Show one study that proves hybrid vigour in humans.
          It’s just observational bias at best and fueling the myth so that half-castes feel better about themselves.

        3. Call it out? Onus on the accuser. show one study that proves that genetic outbreeding does NOT improve a species.

        4. Most genetic diseases in humans are caused by people reproducing with people similar to themselves. Tay Sachs, Sickle Cell, Diabetes(non acquired), numerous conginital gastrointestinal carcinomas are a direct result of racial inbreeding, there are more but I am not going to give a pathology lecture in these comments. theoretically the most viable way to avoid congintial genetic defects is to reproduce with someone outside of your race. On a related note pheromones exist to aid you in not sleeping with a close relative, to understand go smell your mothers nape of her neck, it may be comforting but you should find it sexually repulsive. I have shit to do but google genetic inherited diseases and put on your thinking cap. Now note this does not go into physical or mental superiority, just lack of genetic congenintial defects. I am in Medical School getting an MD/PhD in Biotechnology with a focus on genetics with viral and bacterial vectors. in undergrad I took genetics 1 and 2 ,and human genetics so I am not pulling from anus. I know I am an anonymous commenter on RoK so google and verify the info about genetic congenital defects, do not take my word for it.

        5. This is true. I have no dog in the fight, but what you say is scientifically true. The fallaciousness of the early racial theories were used to serve the state. However, Cultural Marxism aside, humans become stronger and smarter when there’s a genetic concoction of various racial phenotypes. It’s like a number line, the closer you are to -1 and 1, the worse your genes will be, the further away, the better. Europeans, even the Third Reich was a genetic admixture of Hun, Goth, Visgoth, Latin (Romans) and other racial types. And to Travis’s stipulation that Northern Europeans have a propensity to be immune to HIV/AIDs is because their ancestors evolved without CCR5 on their white blood cells due to the Bubonic Plague. This was probably the latest development in evolutionary biology. I guarantee you it was not because, they were “keeping it within the race.”
          White men have always fucked various women around the planet, shit even started a new race in South America. However, white women are now venturing out and fucking other races, is not so much about a loss of genetic superiority but a loss in power. White men, during the apex of white domination were able to fuck their slaves and other conquered women, while keeping Mrs. Ice Queen on the leash. She’s off the leash now, and women will gravitate towards power and authority, wherever it may lie. It’s a scientific fact, that fucking and breeding within one’s own race is closer to incest, that’s why Jews have so many “Jewish only” diseases.
          I would recommend, reading Alon Ziv’s “Breeding Between the Lines.” He’s a Jew, but he also mentions Jews branching outside of the tribe, to avoid traditional Jewish inbred diseases. Ultimately keeping it “all in the family,” is more so about power and wealth formation than it is about genetic mutation and adaptation. Below is a picture of the “Hapsburg Jaw,” a notorious European royal condition that was caused by too much consanguinity within that dynasty. Also the Romanovs having ties to Queen Victoria’s “Saxe-Coburg und Gotha” House, developed hemophilia in the males as a result of “keeping it within the family.” This is actually his official royal portrait and is not a joke (I would also note the semi-cross eyed look), this is an actual painting of Charles II of the Hapsburg dynasty.

        6. While hybridization has its merits you must also realize that there are downsides. Just like when you mix say a German Shepherd and Doberman you will certainly get some benefits from both breeds but at the same time you will lose a lot of what is unique about each singular breed. It’s the same with humans, there are certain unique characteristics and phenotypes that are unique to certain races that would be either completely lost or greatly diluted through miscegenation.

        7. Charles II of the Hapsburg Dynasty is one attractive man, Alpha as a mutherfucka pulls all the bitches. I mean actual female canines when I say bitches cause dude is unfortunate genetically. Damn, portraits are supposed to be flattering.

      3. Jesse Jerkson is a moron, it’s just that the average negro is so stupid that he looks good by comparison.He sounds like some stumblebum with loose false teeth who has taken too many percodans.
        And btw, there’s so such thing as hybrid vigour when it comes to race and was something people a 100 years ago falsely believed.You’ll notice that in IQ’s in black Africa compared to normal White IQ’s are low and in the US where most negroes have some White blood the IQ’s are somewhere between. This means that the White in the breeding couple lowers the IQ of the offspring compared to a normal White, while the black improves the IQ compared to normal negro IQ.
        Hybrid vigour means that the offspring ends up better then both of them which would mean that the IQ would be higher than the White’s IQ and this just doesn’t happen on average. It doesn’t even produce a healthier person physically. The mutations occurring in Whites like the Delta 32 mutation carried by many Whites will make them immune to HIV. The mutation that allegedly protects against malaria in the tropics is worse than the disease and can result in sickle cell anaemia.It appears to me that the mutations among Europeans are beneficial and effect health in a positive way without any ill effects even when both parents carry the gene for it while in black African the mutations lead to more health problems when both parties have them and mate.For example. if both carry the gene for sickle cell then the child will have it while if both parents carry the Delta 32 it will confer complete immunity to the offspring for HIV. If a strain of HIV became more virulent and contagious it would wipe out the world including most of Europe but still the last people left standing would be Whites who were completely immune.

        1. First of all, Jesse Jackson may be a moron compared to a lot of the commentors at Red Pill sites, but many WHITE people are also morons compared to your average red piller… We are doomed to be a minority ad infinatum simply because the vast majority of us are well above average, and yet reject the psychological wizardry of the ‘intellectual’ movement. Yes, we often disagree with each other, and can also be wrong (I have been wrong many times) but I would not hesitate to place the average blogger and blog commentor’s IQ in the 120-140 range.
          Jesse Jackson’s IQ is well above average. You must remember that his parents were STUPID, and while the average white IQ is 106, the average american negro IQ is around 78. (compared to sub saharan africa mean IQ of 71)

      4. also lack of brow bones and midface projection,lack of facial dimorphism and body dimorphism(broad shoulders,v taper etc),I mean asian men have very very narrow shoulders…
        with black women its mainly the nappy hair and the ape–like features.men like women with long,soft hair and black women don’t have that.dark skined black women with good hair and finer features or even just proportional features do very well with men of other races.Yoruba,wolof,fulani,hausa women are very attractive.most africanamericans are descended from ugly sierra leonians,cameroonians,congolese,ghanians,togoans etc cuban black women are hot (yoruba descent)
        I doubt anyone would reject these african women

        I doubt anyone would reject those women….

    2. I am curious Lance, you are an excellent writer and very perceptive. What is your view about your own parents coming together.
      When comparing data on non-Hispanic white mothers of white children vs. non-Hispanic white mothers of mulatto children, the NLS survey data creates a distinct profile of white mothers of mulatto children. The profile strongly supports the common stereotypes about these women that are held in both the white and black communities.
      White females with mulatto children are significantly less educated. They perform significantly worse on the ASVAB test. They average a higher body mass index [BMI]. In personality test scores they are, on average, more difficult, more quarrelsome, more stubborn, and less dependable. They are significantly more likely to say that they “lie and cheat often.”
      When rated by interviewers, white females who report having black sexual partners are rated as less attractive, not as well groomed, and having less desirable personality traits. They are dramatically more likely to test positive for chlamydia or trichomoniasis. They perform worse on vocabulary tests.

  12. For 50 years, “Great Society” onward, black women told black men “I don’t need you. I’m married to Uncle Sam’s white ass. Beat it.”
    So they did!
    This is just the end result of 5 decades of being demeaned and dismissed
    for Uncle Sam. Trillions of dollars and quadrillions of insults have led to this.
    Now a majority of black women, 55 percent, have never been married.
    55 percent is also the percent of black pregnancies that are aborted.
    This is the world black women chose and they have no right to bobble their heads and say “Where are all the good black men at?” while they spend White tax money and stick dildos up their twats on a Thursday night fantasizing about being some married White man’s jungle bunny.

    1. Has very little to do with the “Great Society” or any other government program. What don’t White women have 80% illegitimacy rates. “It takes a village to raise a child”…African proverb. The European version “It takes a mother and father to raise a child”. Blaming it on a government program negates personal responsibility.

  13. Alright, it’s here just like you said it would be! And so far, it looks awesome. Gonna read this one today for sure.

    1. As I said in the article, I don’t think race is the key factor in black men’s opposition to Scandal.

      1. Athlone let’s face it, the non-ghetto type black men who are reasonably desirable could give a shit about Scandal or black women watching it. Those guys usually fuck women of other races.

        1. Exactly, which is why I contend that any lack of enthusiasm for the show displayed by these men is not necessarily about the interracial relationship at its center. I think the other issues I outlined in this article are bigger factors.

        2. Why are they f*cking women of other races? because of “necessity” or is the reason independent from the general quality of black women? If the first is true black men’s opposition to Scandal problably has a strong racial component. This being said the series has managed to expose – yet again – a deep (psychological, emotional etc.) divide between the sexes in this particular racial group i.e. black men and women are definitely not on the same page. Quite interesting to witness these phenomena in the black community. They are testing grounds. Generally what happens to them within a few decades transports to the wider public. Sad sight hot mess but interesting nonetheless.

        3. I think it has more to do with the fact that non ghetto black men are typically shamed call names such as sellout, weak, and a traitor if he doesn’t relate to or want to date the typical American black woman. If he doesn’t want to date Aquaneisha with 5 kids from 5 different criminals, but dates IR he receives hate from black women. Black women can turn around and date IR and no one will shame or ostracize her for her decision. It’s the cultural double standard not the race that bothers black men. Had the show been a Black man as President with a black wife as FLOTUS, and he was cheating on her with a white woman all hell would’ve broken out across social media and media in general from black women. The typical race baiting, victimology would’ve been in full force.

        4. “Black women can turn around and date IR and no one will shame or ostracize her for her decision.”
          That is far from the truth.

        5. I’m one of the men you described. I despise ghetto black chicks, to the point that I have to really control my temper with one of my sisters who has adopted the attitude. I have one other sister who is the complete opposite, masters degree, married to a nice beta biracial guy.
          I went to a birthday event for a close male friend (beta) who hooked up with a black single mother. Typical ghetto trash, although not the extreme type. She was there with her ghetto friends and I didn’t really interact with them. One of them liked me, I was aloof and avoidant and got called an Uncle Tom, lol.
          They know I have money and live in a nice neighborhood. The chick who insulted me? Was a ghetto mother of 5. Your post was very accurate.

    2. In regards to black female + white male couples: as a black man, I don’t give a fuck who these women spread their legs for. Any man, black or white, who cares about such nonsense is a pussy worshiper, racist beta fool.
      No Man should be concerned about who’s fucking who. Every Man should be concerned about who he, himself, is fucking.

      1. Agreed, but the push for miscegenation in the media is over the top. If it happens, fine, but let it happen naturally. It doesn’t need to be artificially propped up like it’s some glorious thing.

        1. I actually agree brah. I mean for the purposes of science and positive eugenics, without the media promotion of miscegenation, I think people will actually gravitate towards the best members of opposing races. There’d be obvious losers, Asian men, Black women, most SE Asians etc. But I think it would provide a testing ground to see what would happen, without any pull neither right nor left between those of different hues and what they’d produce.

        2. Lance, in all due respect, I know you have been advocating positive eugenics, but the last time eugenics was last endorsed (be it selective or not) was concurrent during Victorian England, to the point even Mainland Europe and the USA jumped to that bandwagon.
          As for the “There’d be obvious losers, Asian men, Black women, most SE Asians etc” comment, that’s very strongly apparent in the Anglosphere. During late 19th Century/early 20th Century USA alone, a lot of Asian men were BANNED from bringing in their own wives; Filipino men were hit the worst for this. Meanwhile, black women have been left behind in droves because of concurrent single white female feminism. As for SE Asians and worth mentioning Japan, they have embraced the warped notion of “marrying your own” as a sign of misplaced nationalism.

  14. You don’t need to analyze a TV show to know black women don’t care that black men behave that way. If they didn’t want black men acting that way, they would lock vaginas and shut it down.
    You do have to hand it to Shonda Rhimes. She knows how to peddle emotional porn.

    1. Being a beta male provider male in the Black community is extremely frowned upon by Black Women. 50-60 years of statist Liberalism providing government welfare and handouts to destroy the family unleashed Black female hypergamy and irresponsibility upon the community. She didn’t need to pick the hardworker black male at that point, she could now reproduce with criminals on the corner and the government would pick up the tab. This has kept the Black vote in the Democrats pocket ever since. The phenomenon is now creeping into other races and cultures of America hence Charles Murray’s book Coming Apart. The black community was nothing more than a social canary in the coal mine for Western Feminism.

  15. I am white. My gal is black/Latina and not from the US. Her attitude is, as you might guess, superior to that of your average black American gal.
    Black women in the US merely a microcosm of the larger society.

    1. If you are reasonably good-looking, I hope you took a page out of Matthew Mcconaughey’s book and got yourself one of these, all else is folly.

      1. Mine is close. And I won’t disagree with you – might as well get a Ferrari.
        However, unlike Matthew, I have zero intention of bringing her back to the states (they live in Austin). Three episodes of Oprah, and she’ll start bitching about glass ceilings and the media objectification of women.

        1. I agree the media has a clear animus against tradcon European culture, and this we should all oppose. My mindset is take the best of everything and forego the rest. European culture, customs and norms are superior, no secret, flat out. But the sexual marketplace is wide fucking open for Euros and White American gringos in Latin America and Asia. Sure it’s dwindling in Europe, and has become extraordinarly open for guys like me, but get what you can. I mean let me have my “Doutzen Kroes” types. I mean I killed in Latin America too. You don’t think Brazilian or Colombian men get pissed when they see you guys killing it? Fuck yeah, they do. I have gradually accepted, in a free and open society, there is absolutely nothing that can be done to keep people from fucking each other. I guarantee if these kind of women started grinding on Anglo cock, there’d be no more bitching about white women pursuing other men. And let’s face, do you really want to deal with them these days?

        2. I think that the idea is that they want to breed thoroughbred White offspring with women that haven’t been tarnished by offbrand p3n0rs. I doubt that they mind going balls-deep in attractive women that happen to be of different races. I feel the same way, except that I’m specifically after NE Asian women only for fun, and I’m Black and feel that I should breed thoroughbred offspring with a tall, Black woman.

        3. Fuck that, most successful black men feel that they “settle” with black women or if politicos, marry black women for political purposes, case in point, Barack Hussein Obama Jr. You can’t tell me despite the man’s Marxist political stripes, he couldn’t have done better than Chewbacca aka Michelle Obama? We all know he married her for political purposes. With the sexual marketplace being globalized, it’s clear what options different races of men and women possess.

        4. “breed thoroughbred White offspring with women that haven’t been tarnished by offbrand p3nors.”
          It is pretty much this. Although at this point I don’t know if I’d even want a long term partner even with a quality white woman who hasn’t indulged in “offbrand p3nors.” I would simply want one of these women for the purpose of having my children because I know she would have strong white genes. If I could achieve this through surrogacy it would actually be preferable. I don’t want to be locked down to just one bitch, even if she is quality.

        5. I concur. The world is changing rapidly. What is good today might be ruined tomorrow. Also, some beneficial changes might arrive in once ruined zones. Either way, we only live once and it is short. Happiness is fleeting and we have to have the guts (and creativity) to grab it while we can, forgoing how it might make other people feel.

        6. Dude Colombia (and Brazil) is filled with Afro-Latinas. Way better than african american. Though I do prefer whiter looking women that look more like Carmen Villalobos. One thing about Colombian women is that they are open to hooking up with men of any race. Hell theyll even hook up with other Latinos (Argentinans, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans etc).

        7. Yes, it was done for political expediency. Supposedly Wright made the match, Obama was reluctant but Wright told him was necessary for his cred as a black man. Obama is an interesting guy. Deserted my both parents but had the good luck to be raised by his White, wealthy grandparents and attend the best prep school in Hawaii. “Dreams of my Father” is an interesting read. I have seen and read couple of interviews of his half brother, pretty interesting.

        8. His college girlfriend was a bad white bitch, fine as hell! I am not into fat chicks but if I had a chance I would knock up Meghan McCain in a heartbeat, you would be set for life! Same with Chelsea Clinton, either Bush daughter, or a Rothschild. When money and power are involved it ain’t love it is a partnership.

        9. Barack Obama was was raised by whites, and primarily dated white women up until Michelle Obama. Being the shithole that is Chicago, Chicago has a large black population. Strike one was he an outsider breaking into politics in a black city. Strike two he had dated or been married to another race of woman, he would’ve been considered a sellout and traitor by black women, who are the largest Black base for Democrats, and he would’ve never broke through Chicago politics to make it to Illinois Senator then President. Wright did make the match as he knew Barack needed her to solidify his blackness in Chicago. They’re barely photographed or seen together anymore, and white house staff have reported the constant fighting between the two. I guess he’s getting his unhealthy dosage of strong independent black woman. Power couples are made and the Obamas are no different.

        10. Chelsea Clint? Meghan McCain? Not enough money or power in this world. Well, McCain would make for a grudge fuck.

    2. “My gal is black/Latina and not from the US.”
      Then she would classify as afro-latina. And yes they are far superior to African American women.

  16. Oh look another show I didn’t know about because I don’t own a TV nor have netflix.

  17. I wouldn’t say it’s an inability to articulate our thoughts and desires, but more that we don’t WANT to. If I want my man to fuck me raw, I don’t want to ask him to do it or tell him to do it, there is zero fun in that. Then he’s only doing because I asked, not because he’s man enough to do it in the first place.

  18. I’m not sure if this demographic fits, but I have an african co-worker. (She came to Australia 5 or more years ago.)
    We flirt with each other now and again but when I mentioned I had a girlfriend she blantantly stated that she didn’t care and that african girls were used to sharing men. We also talked about a friend of hers and his “girlfriend” (both african) of whom the girlfriend is sleeping with several other men, posting facebook pictures of herself kissing them, while this man vehemently rejects his friend’s attempts to shake him out of pedastalizing her. We agreed he wasn’t going to change until she dumped him or he made a personal decision to get better, but my co-worker shows a surprising amount of honesty and understanding of her female psyche.

  19. Scandal is a show written by a black woman and backed up by a black woman who was a secretary in the bush I whitehouse.
    the entire show is a total fail of beta males and empowered go girls mixed with a liberal spoonful of completely unnecessary melodrama.
    they manage to make the president a limp wristed beta, with a hen pecking wife who is smarter than he is… the ex CIA agent is a limp wristed beta with issues and damage.
    two episodes was more than i could manage.
    this kind of scripted ‘true to life’ television programming is rotting the brains (especially of women).
    people define their life according to these shows, they take unrealistic role models and compare themselves to these people like they really exist…
    there’s no way on earth that a fluffy sexy chic like Kerry Washington could both fall in love with the president and hold down a high powered legal career…. the whole thing is beyond science fiction.
    the only male in the show with a head on his shoulders, is gay and married and adopting a baby….. jesus christ.. if was anymore politically correct the president would be a transsexual black man with AIDS.

    1. You managed two episodes? You deserve a fucking Purple Heart. I managed to make it through 20 minutes of that bullshit, only because some girl who I was about to screw, was watching it on her Netflix account.

      1. Same for me. I got about 20 mins in before I stopped, and deleted it from my downloads.
        And now I regret that I wasted 20 mins that could have been spent doing something far more useful… pushups, jerking my cock, sleeping,..etc.

  20. I got burned by black women my entire life. Even the not so great loud hood one. The decent educated ones were always taken or wanted that hard core prettyboy / badboy. I threw in the towel on black women, I go for latinas primarily. Black women are mean as fuck and don’t give back not even half of what they want. F’ that

    1. Lmao… no black man of serious value and attractiveness would ever give a shit about what a black woman thinks. I hate to say this, it even pains me to say this, but black women are not that high on the sexual totem pole. It’s become common knowledge from just sheer empirical observation that white women (more so on the East and West Coasts) and other racial types make themselves available to black men of value. Most successful black guys are guilted into marrying their own. Don’t get me wrong, some black women, usually the hybrids are sexy sometimes, but overall the drama black women bring into one’s life is not worth it.

      1. “I hate to say this, it even pains me to say this, but black women are not that high on the sexual totem pole”
        Right. Satoshi Kanazawa, google him, has written an article about black women being the least sexiest of all women because they have the greatest amount of testosterone in their system…and he concluded that black men are the sexiest for the same reason.
        Men desire women who are vulnerable, light or tan (in skin), and feminine…traits sorely lacking in black females.
        Women desire men who are tall, dark(er), and handsome…traits present in black males.
        Asian men and black women are the biggest losers in the SMP.

  21. Why is it that every woman bash men of their own race? Black women rant on Black men yet theyd love to be a white boys sidepiece.
    Asian women claim their men are cheaters and dogs
    (I thought Asian men were the worst with women)
    Colombian whore Sofia Vergara openly bashes Latin men
    And we all know White women arent happy with White guys since they’re fucking Black dudes.
    Dont get me wrong. I really dont have a problem with interracial dating/sex. But the way women bash men of their race is ridiculous.

        1. You seriously believe everything you read on thedailymail?!
          Please do us a favor and swallow a bullet.

  22. Great analysis of the show and its display of the internal contradictions of women. My impression is that strong women of any kind only exist on TV. Sometimes I think that women in general can be put off by a successful man because they don’t feel worthy. They will deny this to themselves of course and blame the man for dating someone else.
    Another point. I have heard this myth about successful black men only dating “white” women. Fact is, I know plenty of successful black men who only date, or are married to, black women. I do have one friend (SBM) who only dates white women but thats what he likes, not because he has a particular problem with black women.
    I imagine the reason most black men don’t watch the show, is not because of the “inter-racial” thing but simply because its sounds like a bunch of junk. I mean really, who has time for this crap? I’ve only heard of it because of this article.

  23. “In Olivia Pope, the modern educated black woman of today has found a visual representation of what she really aspires to be: a well-dressed, career-focused, permanent sidechick with a whole bunch of degrees.”
    The problem is that in order to achieve that kind of life, black women need to provide a stable household environment that is free of drama, adversity, and full of loyalty. This requires a high tolerance of and/or even embracing betaness. Unfortunately, they are more allergic to beta than my thick glasses wearing nephew is to peanut butter and pollen.
    That’s why dramas such as Scandal are wistful dreams that will never come true or reflect reality.

    1. Not just that, but with successful black men (not ghetto coon rapper types) having their pick of the litter with white women, here and abroad, most don’t give a shit about black women. Not only that, but belated comedian Patrice O’ Neal was right, “white women are 20-30 years ahead of black women in doing nasty shit in bed.” Not verbatim, but you get the gist. In all my encounters with “les femmes blanche,” I’ve never had to ask once for fellatio (without reciprocity as well), or had them complain about me pulling their hair. The same is true for Latin American women, but outside of Brazilians, there is usually a reluctance to be sodomized. That is why in the sack, in my experience, White, Arab/Persian and Brazilian women take the cake for the “best whores in the bed” award. Of course there are exceptions, but at this point, in the sexual marketplace, no bullshit, white women have achieved in what we call in military terms, “full spectrum dominance.”

  24. Protip: works that stand on their own should be in italics (tv shows, movies, books, plays and musicals). Works that cannot stand on their own because they are part of a larger whole go in quotation marks (episodes of a tv show, chapters of a book, poems). So the title of the show should be in italics (Scandal) but the title of the pilot should be in quotation marks (“Sweet Baby”). Just some friendly grammar tips

    That should be the tagline for this abhorrent show.
    I will admit, I had not even heard of this program, so I decided to watch ep1, and now see why women’s answer to many situations is to be a bitch. Because this is what they see and admire on TV.
    So, to dissect 4 scenes in the first 20 mins, all with women relating to those around them in an utterly bitchy manner.
    1. You roll into a bar, to meet a charming, polite, handsome, well dressed professional guy, who offers twice to buy you a drink. And right from your first sentence, you be a bitch. Belittle the guy, his age and his job, tell him you didn’t really want to meet him because you “don’t do blind dates”, and make sarcastic comments about his parents.
    And only when you realize he has something to offer you (a job), you bother to talk in a manner even close to being polite.
    2. You go to do a tradeoff with 2 Ukranian gangsters armed with guns. So what do you do, you be a bitch. You shortchange then $3 million on the deal, and threaten their freedom. But its ok, because you are a invincible femen warrior, and being a woman makes you immune to getting your head blown off.
    3. You go to illegally view a crimescene, and are stopped by a cop. So what do you do…. be a bitch. Threaten his marriage and family.
    4. You are deciding whether to take a client on with your firm. The 2 men next to you (and one woman), tell you ‘don’t do it’, based on solid logic.
    But, you go with your gut and take him on, because you are a woman, and you run on pure emotions. And when one of the men questions your decision process…., you be a bitch. Turn to him and tell him how pretty and smart he is… “so pretty, so smart”.
    This is a truly horrid show, and it depresses me that some women might extract role models from this stinking piece of television sewage.

      1. Yep – the same in Australia.
        Standard adverts on TV always seem to represent domestic situations with the man as a bumbling dufus, who only gets his shit together with the help of his slim sexy wife…. who just stands there rolling her eyes.

  26. After Athlone’s article asslicking jews the other day, I find myself wondering what the tastes of black bishes have lost on a manosphere blog. The whole article comes across as off-topic, not what I’d expect to find in this blog.
    To me both jews and blacks have as much to do with either education or learning about women as hitting my dick with a hammer has to do with sex, and as subjects of conversation they are equally tasteless.
    From personal observation black females look like the one depicted below far more often than the rare beauties shown in the article, and even the black boys prefer to fuck white women over their own skanks due to both looks and manners of said groups of females – what is also alluded to in the article – so black women would IMO be the target of sexual advances in rather exceptional cases.
    Really people, who gives a fuck about black skanks anyway?

    1. Mate you realise that most white women in America are fat right? That essentially they look like the white version of this woman?

  27. Black women love the idea of a black woman “winning” over a white woman, especially if it involves obtaining a white man in the process. In reality, white female/black male relationships are much more common, but go on Amazon and look up interracial romance… all the best-selling books star a white male/black female, and black women can’t get enough.

    1. I doubt it. You know who media obviously has been pushing one type but not the other non-stop for many years but look around. It still hasn’t really stuck.

      1. That’s because the average black in America is conditioned to be a fucking loser. No woman of any race likes an illiterate, degenerate and broke loser. Black women, obese white women and poor Latinas take these types (the scraps) because they’re what’s left after white women and similar racial types take all the successful/good looking black men.

    2. It’s true.
      Look at ALL the Broadway plays…Aida Miss Saigon, west side story, M.Butterfly. All those shows are about non white women involved with white men. Let’s be honest; If you’re a white man in the world and you’re not enjoying the privilege that comes with it, like being pedestalized by most of the women of other races, and instead choose bitch about Jose and Leroy fucking mediocre white girls on a website, then you my friend have failed in life.

  28. I do not understand all the hate for this article. This is not some nonsense article made to get clicks. This is a very serious article about a very serious issue in the black community- the overall shittiness of the women, who make marriage undesirable and impossible for the black men. I thoroughly enjoyed how Athlone dissected the phenomenon of black women liking scandal to make his case, hitting the nail on the head at every point.
    What is there to hate? Put a smile on, guys.

    1. Any article that has to do with black people has its comments filled with racist stuff. You get used to it after a while.

  29. Point #2 is nonsense. Blacks, both men and women, are rarely portrayed in any negative manner by the fictional media, indeed they are usually portrayed as so perfect as to be inhuman. The only place that some might be portrayed as less than perfect is in black films.

    1. I thought about this and I think you have a point. It did used to be that Blacks were portrayed as pimps, crooks and hookers but lately this has become very sensitive politically. Black fiction tends to be more self-critical so in that case you will see a lot of negative characters (although they tend to get their comeuppance).

  30. I grew up in the NYC area, and have been around large numbers of black people my entire life. From my personal observation, I can telly you that black women can be very sexually aggressive, and many of them will pursue white dudes. Gloria, a black high school classmate, walked up to me one day while I was talking to our female English teacher. Gloria proceeded to stick her index finger in my chest, turned to our English teacher and said, “I’m gonna take him out and bang him.” The English teacher doubled over laughing. I turned red and said nothing.

  31. Lozozlo Bozlo Dozlo
    1. Blackz menz wontz commitz – becoz Beyoncez lookz likez a fuckingz prayingz mantisz wiz 2 blackz niggraz behindz herz looking likez puppetz cockroachez inz datz vidz
    2. Thez Mediaz Tooz Oftenz Portrayz Blackz Nigrazz Asz Jezebelz, Notz Wivez becoz Blackz womenz arez likez Beyoncez Prayingz Mantiz inz realz lifez wiz a breathz likez smellz likez a dumpz inz thez toiletz
    3.Blackz menz arez irrezpoziblez becoz zhey arez bornz fromz blackz irrezpoziblez niggraz. Kidz rezemblez theirz momz inz characterz.
    4.Blackz menz overlookz blackz womenz becoz blackz womenz azzholez arez notz vizzible forz analz becoz everyzingz iz blackz dzown. Whitez womenz azzholez arez diztinctz fromz theirz cuntz zo itz eazzier to aimz forz herz lovelyz pinkz anusz. Blackz womenz anusz lookz likez a rottenz blackz eyez fromz a ztreet brawlz.

  32. So, this is what this “Huge hit” of a show is about? A woman being a side piece chasing after a man that wont commit, and turning down a good provider so she can have Painful love insted of something stable that is stable?…. Then shit. Cut the MS a check. Y’all can write a whole show on this content with at least 5 seasons…..
    Great article man. The breakdown of the race undertone was A1 (Breaking Bad reference)

  33. This article fails to point out the core of the problem that most of those points can be traced to three generations of fatherless homes. Out of wedlock babies raising out of wedlock babies a vicious cycle indeed.
    And the system (child support, welfare, Obamacare, double standards etc…) that rewards these women for making irresponsible choices is another deciding factor.
    Under the law of most states within the USA If a “black” man does not pay child support even for a baby that was later proven not to be his then he goes to jail no questions asked out of wedlock babies has become a black women hustle.
    Tommy Sotomayor a representative of a fatherless America has basically declared war on this issue and the majority of his fans are black women that are sick of this crap.

  34. Does Athlone McGinnis have any other tv-recommendations besides Scandal, House of Cards, and Game of Thrones?

    1. I don’t recommend Scandal. I do recommend both House of Cards and Game of Thrones (the latter being the best show currently on TV, IMO).
      As for additional recommendations, I would have to mention Ray Donovan, Boss (Starz show cancelled in 2013, undeservedly so), Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Wire, Rome (HBO show cancelled before its time), Boardwalk Empire, Homeland, The Boondocks, and Magic City (also cancelled well before its time). Blue Bloods is decent as far as network TV goes; the Chicago Code was much better, but was also cancelled before its time.

  35. Just more Oprah-Lite chick crack from resident Afrocentrist, Afflone.
    What kind of man would watch a single episode of this show, let alone read a lengthy article about it that looks like it belongs in Cosmopolitan?
    Worst writer on RoK, bar none.

  36. The reason black women like this show is a mystery? Really? The reason is right in front of you. It’s a fantasy. A black female being the love interest of a powerful white man. That’s it. Now go ahead and make it more complicated so you don’t have to see it for what it is.

  37. Just thought I’d chime in with a black guy’s perspective from Melbourne, Australia.
    Firstly there’s no where near the amount of blacks prevalent in the US, so there’s no real “stereotypical black image” here. However due to the South Sudan conflict, Australia has been taking increasing Sudanese refugees and the few suburbs where they congregate is starting to gain a reputation of being of lesser class.
    That being said, being black here is kind of a novelty. I’ve found that it’s a welcome change for most girls. The current girl I’ve been seeing for the last few months confided that she’s always wanted to “try” black men (like where just another flavour of ice-cream.lol) but hasn’t been able to due to limitations.
    But I’m also aware that having an African sounding name and representing my culture adds to the intrigue more than just being black.
    In a nutshell, there’s always a certain attraction to the different.

  38. “What is unusual is the source of this acclaim: the show’s most extensive and vocal support comes from within the black American community, specifically the black female community.”
    Yes, it is unusual that TV show written by a black woman, with a black woman as the star, broadcasted in a country where black women are rarely represented on television, would actual appeal to black women. Who would have guessed that?

  39. O come on athlone, black women, like all women are liars. Claiming they want one thing “good man/nice guy” etc when they really want the alpha cock. In fact most women would rather be single than marry the nice guy and be the side piece to the alpha than the first place to the nice guy/good man. Black woman claim they like Scandal because it is the only show with a black female lead who isn’t precious. Fair enough I suppose. As for perpetuating stereotypes. Liberal media are the experts of racial sterotyping to make division so none of this should be surprising. I also do wonder, Athlone does it exist a possiblity that black woman are not a monolith? Is it possible that there exist a sizeable minority of low self esteem black women who enjoy scandal and enjoy being treated like the side chick and called bitches and hoes. But that the majority silently disagree with this type of behaviour? I find it difficult to steotype large groups in a way representing millions of people in things like this.
    That being said, I have no clue why Athlone would even bother to continue to make post on racial topics here given all of the animosity against blacks and jews, this just seems like a comment bound to get the white race trolls in here posting racist comments like Atlanta Man described.

  40. sheboons are filthy diseased monkeys with rotten worn out hootchies. Mhmmm with a head bob. They love to chimpout because they have nothing else in their sh!tty lives. No man, no job, and no life. Just a niglet paycheck with hopes of sh!tting out a pay raise. No humans would touch a stink @ss sherilla.

  41. I saw Anchorman 2, and the same situation applied: a black woman (acted by Meagan Good) has an affair with the white man (Will Ferrell). I looked around to see a black hairhat’s reaction (2 seats under me) at the end when the white man stays with his whife when the short love affair ends, nothing happened. Either she did not see the message or just ignored it. I will be honest, I loved that part where the white man (Will Ferrell) stayed with his wife in the end and showed that she was just a past time during his separation with his wife, I really did. In addition, I am going to say this and I don’t give a fuck who dislkes this: even though I dislike Scandal and have never watched it (and never will), it will be music to my ears when I hear that it turned out in the end that the president literally falls in love with his wife and even have a child together even though the main person behind this show is a fat- ass black hairhat.
    PS: It annoys a bit me that black girls around my age always talks shit when a black guy prefers light- skinned women over black women but then they talk about this show minutes later. All this coming from a nonblack girl, a Latina to be exact.

  42. Im puerto rican(the black kind not the spanish ),Louisiana Creole and half nordic.I am not attracted to most black women.but they are whores.they have a fetish for white men and they claim theya re loyal to their own men.wich is a crock of shit,they just are regulated to black men.and even then they prefer the alphas of theirr ace,not the betas and omegas.you gotta be a buck with a huge schlong to be desirable to them,even the ones that claim to prefer black men.

  43. Athlone McGinnis, I applaud you writing this article. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I see all the time on Facebook from one of my friends and hear it all the time elsewhere. And honestly, it is quite hypocritical. What you have written is exactly the reason why I absolutely REFUSE to watch this show. This demonstrates to not only Latina, white, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Native (and anyone else I may have forgotten) young girls and young adult women that it’s OK to be a sidechick, but it shows this to the demographic that Olivia Pope represents….young black girls and young adult black women.

  44. We can thank Shonda Rimes’ fat ass and her fantasies for this shitstain of a show

  45. Actually, the most powerful man in the show is Pope’s own father (more powerful than the president). Another black man she hates. Ironically, many black women wither hate their father or never knew him and therefore hate him, mostly since their mothers say “he ain’t shit”.

  46. “Scandal” is the result-another result,that is-of dumbing down EVERY aspect of life,but PARTICULARLY racial discussions-to an 80-perhaps 75-IQ level.

  47. Atlanta Man,why do you think “Chump” may become President? Because of what I described below!!!!!!!

  48. The White knight fantasy is at work here. The hypocrisy is perfectly written in this article. ABC also is ok with mixed couples if the guy is White.

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