Disqus Commenting Change

I have just installed the Disqus commenting system. All old comments are currently importing to the new system and will appear within 12-24 hours. You can start leaving new comments in the meantime.

Disqus has many advantages in the form of sorting and voting, features that are helpful in posts that get over 50 comments. You can still post anonymously without a user account, but you do need to provide a random email address.

As you try out the new system, share your thoughts below so that in one month I can decide if it’s worth keeping or reverting back to the old system. Let me know if you notice any bugs.

63 thoughts on “Disqus Commenting Change”

  1. Not a fan of Disqus. It’s blocked at my work; I can’t even see the comments unless I’m at home.

    1. I will keep an eye on complaints during the one month trial period. The system is quite speedy, however.

      1. How long will it take for Disqus to start censoring comments because some feminist reported it as “hate speach”?

        1. My comments have been removed from Discus before, but only from certain sites which leads me to believe that that discretion is up to the account holder rather Discus itself.

      2. having used it for the last few days, its more difficult to navigate through older posts and you have to keep loading to view everything. find and search function doesnt seem to work on disqus like it did with the old comments system

    2. There are VPN Solutions that allow you to have a tunnel and all your work sysadms see is a numeric IP that varies as your provider places you in various server pools. I assume the server pools are clouds. Some of the biggest names are reviewed and recommended by TechCrunch and other major tech pages. As of now, I have not found any claims of mischief or anything other than what they claim to be. Some are free but use ads. Others have nomimal fees, $2 a month that you pay with a once a year payment. Perhaps there are some separation one should have from work sysadmins, not so much them, but their overlords. We are, afterall, a “hate” group.

  2. Very nice. I’ve been reading up on Disqus as well as other third-party commenting systems as replacements for the standard WordPress comments. Seems to be a lot of advantages to using them.

    1. Yes it also reduces load on the server because each time a user leaves a comment on WordPress, the cache has to refresh for that page, using a lot of server resources.

      1. “For some reason?” LOL!!
        The reason is: disqus scum doesn’t want anonymous “bully” men downvoting precious discourse from stupid cunts on the web.
        Now you know.
        I think we need a redder pill around here.
        And, btw, any fker dumb enough to believe that disqus doesn’t store all comments whether or not one is registered, is *truly* a dumb fuck and deserves to be tracked.
        OT protip: install flash cookie cleaner and and get rid of some bad shit you didn’t even know you had. LOL.

        1. Yes my response was tongue in cheek. Although it works both ways. Butch angry lesbians and mannish feminists can’t come downvote ROK in hordes without signing in.

  3. I tend to like Disqus when I want to follow comments on a blog post. I rarely remember to check back on individual posts (especially on blogs with a lot of traffic). Disqus emails me comments to posts I’ve commented on. That way if I want to engage, it’s easier.

  4. I dont like the idea of 3rd party siphoning of comments…espcially as you need to sign in and connect. hasnt anyone noticed this trend on the internte lately? google is asking me for my phone number. you have to sign in to EVERYTHING through facebook. and then own all of your information. when uncle sam signs his own warrants for said information, who knows what kind of bullshit they can dig up on you. respect internet anonymity!

    1. All comments you leave are also stored locally. If I ever uninstall disqus, nothing will be lost.

    2. actually have to agree. hate how everything online is getting increasingly interconnected these days. it’s soon to the point that you can’t say anything without fear of someone digging through your user or email history to identify or find something against you

    3. “Disqus” is a prime example of how the nasty f’ing misandrist *left* wants you “held accountable” for your words on the web.
      I can’t believe you would install this garbage, Roosh. People fucking comb this to find comments from people with unacceptable views, and, b/c storage is so cheap, places like SPLC , etc., can get access to this data and search and collate the shit out of it. And, no, it’s not f’ing as easy as setting up a “fake” Google plus acct.
      I run my shit through Tor and let me tell you, lots of lefty scum wanna know who I am. All you guys with “fake accounts” are dreaming. People have logged and tracked the shit out of you.
      Think it’s no big deal? just wait until the progg scum starts passing laws against “anonymous bullying.” Big trouble; big problems.
      Roosh get rid of this garbage and keep everything in-house. You are losing some of the sharpest guys in the sphere if you keep this shit.

  5. I think this is a great idea. It allows for anyone to upvote with out logging in but requires you to login to downvote keeping trolling to a minimum.

  6. Kings, slightly off topic. I can’t zoom/expand the pages here on my tablet like I can on other sites. My eyes ain’t what they used to be and the text is tiny.

  7. One thing i don’t like about the new system is how not all comments are displayed at once. you have to keep clicking “load more comments” to find the next bit and then the next bit, and for some reason the search function doesnt work on disqus comments

  8. I love Disqus, just testing out some functionality at the moment! Thanks for the post:)

  9. Boo, I thought this was recent with the 21st of feb date in Google, but it’s a year old and Disqus has KILLED off downvotes.

    1. Seriously. What the hell disqus. I just emailed them and told them I downvote the new downvote 🙂

      1. They even removed all the old downvotes, go to old CNN articles, no more downvotes on em. They are erasing history.

        1. to keep things positive, we wouldn’t want any negativity now would we? what is the point in keeping the downvote button if you cant see numbers?

        2. They should get rid of the up votes too. Then it would just be a regular commenting system that doesn’t give undue merit to the most ridiculous posts.

  10. I can’t stand no down vote tallying. It is crap, false, lying misdirection.
    I suppose nobody really invaded the Ukraine recently and nobody died in a capsized boat because those things are oh-so-negative vibe.

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