How Feminist Censorship Introduced Me To The Red Pill

Red pill awakenings take many forms. When I was in college, I wrote an article for the student newspaper about an alleged sexual assault. It was one of those situations where a woman got very drunk, had sex with a guy and woke up the next morning with either hazy memory or buyer’s remorse.

At first, she said she was raped. When university police tried to go over the details with her, she changed her tune — it had been consensual after all, she said. This was all outlined in police reports.

Cops have told me this is a common situation on campus. The girl will wake up from a night of drunken sex at a frat party with little memory of what had happened the night before. She’ll realize she had intercourse and feel violated. When the cops press her for details, her memory sometimes comes back to her. If it doesn’t, there are often multiple witnesses, male and female, that remember what happened.

As you can imagine, alcohol blackouts — the loss of memory associated with getting shit-faced drunk — make it extremely difficult to separate these cases from forcible rape. One officer told me, (off the record of course), they were hesitant to press forward with charges that are hard to prove, likely have little merit and will result in a ton of negative publicity for the accused.

But this girl was persistent. She took it to the disciplinary committee, to see if she could hit the guy that way, but the committee — headed by a woman — said there hadn’t been any rules violations besides underage drinking.

She later filed lawsuits against the university and the defendant’s fraternity.

When I wrote about it, I mentioned she had been intoxicated. Police reports said her BAC was .107 when she got tested — the morning after the party. She also told the disciplinary committee she had been drinking heavily.

I pointed out that, according to state law, women who are that drunk can’t really “consent” to sex with a man. Any sex with them is legally considered rape. The police were trying to make it seem like they didn’t have any basis for criminal charges, but technically, they did.

The mere mention of alcohol angered a campus feminist group that accused me of blaming the victim and being part of “rape culture.” Even though it was fact, they felt I shouldn’t have mentioned it.

One email in particular, from a student claiming to be an assault victim, really got to me. She said I was a part of a patriarchal society that shames rape victims, she said, and she wouldn’t be shamed. She actually praised herself for being strong and courageous in speaking out against it. She later wrote a letter to the editor in a similar tone.

I replied somewhat angrily (I was a pretty typical college liberal at the time), and few things seemed worse than being accused of sexism and support of “rape culture.” I told her she had completely missed the point. The inclusion of her BAC made the victim’s case stronger, not weaker, I said. Had she even read the article?

She forwarded my reply to other members of the group, who acted shocked that I had been so cruel to a sexual assault victim, even though she was the first to make personal attacks. She wasn’t content to say she didn’t like the framing of the article — she accused me of being a patriarchal rape supporter.

They wrote letters to the paper and took to our Facebook page to complain. The Facebook argument was pathetic, with many women buying into the narrative that the story was trying to “blame the victim.” I wondered how college students could have read the article without understanding the gist of it: police could’ve filed charges, but chose not to.

This was a shock because I was hopelessly naive about sexual assault, feminism and “rape culture” at the time. This experience showed me how illogical feminists are. Their feelings and sensibilities seemed to be more important than the facts of the case. This group was mad at me for writing the truth simply because it made the victim look bad.

The whole thing showed me a lot of the flaws I see in the feminist blogosphere every day — the lack of reading comprehension, the use of sexual assault victimhood as a shield against criticism, the lack of accountability, and a radar for anything that could be mildly construed as offensive.

As time goes on, that sphere continues to grow. It seems Slate and The Atlantic have been completely taken over by entitled, perpetually-offended females. Judging by the misandrist dreck spewed on university campuses, it’ll only get worse.

The more time passes, the more I regret my role in the article. Having sex with a drunk woman who consents to sex is not rape. The defendants in the case probably weren’t guilty of anything except sleaziness and poor judgment, at worst. He is lucky to have escaped jail, although his name was dragged through the mud.

The experience taught me some important lessons about writing about sexual assault accusations. But I took a more important life lesson away from it: feminists are full of shit.

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93 thoughts on “How Feminist Censorship Introduced Me To The Red Pill”

    1. Clare, it depends on degree. See my first comment above. If a man is *really*, that is more than just moderately, the mechanics of sex would be impossible for him. That would be mean, if he too were blacked out, it would take non blacked women (women who actually still had some wits about them), to assert themselves over his body, in which case it would be rape.
      As long as two people are active participants, it is not rape. Tipsy and moderately drunk people can actively participate, but those who are *really* drunk, cannot.
      In cases of “drunk rape” the rapist is always less drunk than the victim. He or she has to be by the very mechanics of it.

      1. Sounds like you are just making stuff up, since sex is mechanically possible for both men and women even if they are completely trashed. Relative drunkenness is impossible for courts to objectively determine 99% of the time anyway, so in practice rape happens when a woman says it did, unless the guy has an alibi. Alcohol is only brought up so that she doesn’t have to present any evidence of force or keep her story straight.

        1. Technically and legally? Could be. Depends on the particular circumstance of each event, what were the details?
          Did you consent?
          Were you conscious during it?

        2. Hey bitch, why not get drunk and experience blacking out for yourself? Then you can talk. Otherwise, FUCK OFF! Your feminist trolling is so fucking annoying. I hope you get gang raped by 10 Black dudes with AIDS.

  1. “As you can imagine, alcohol blackouts — the loss of memory associated
    with getting shit-faced drunk — make it extremely difficult to separate
    these cases from forcible rape. ”
    If someone is “blacked out” they cannot consent to sex, therefore it would indeed be rape. There’s a huge difference between tipsy and moderately drunk, and then moderately drunk and blacked out.

    1. What the author meant by alcohol blackout was the next morning when you don’t remember. This is AFTER the fact. Consent was given (or not given) DURING the intercourse, but the next morning, there may or may not be a blackout. What you meant by “blacked out” is something else, I think you’re referring to someone being passed out laying motionless, (am I right?) and if so, that’s completely different, that would indisputably be rape, but that’s not what the author meant when he was referring to an alcohol blackout.

      1. I’ve never been drunk so please explain to me what would cause a “black out” the next day if the person drank an amount of alcohol that rendered them coherent and conscious enough to consentually engage in sex.

        1. You are a fucking idiot then. Drink until you blackout with friends and they will tell you about the stupid shit you did. Until then, fuck off. Yogi? Faggot.

        2. For someone who has never been drunk you were sure willing to lecture people on how it works 2 hours ago.
          Either do some field research (get completely shitfaced) first, or refrain from lecturing on topics you know nothing about.

        3. When you drink a lot, you will become drunk, which lowers your inhibitions and causes you to do things that you might not otherwise do when sober, like run around naked with a fishbowl on your head for the laughs (or have sex with a girl who, when not under the influence of alcohol, you would think very ugly.) If you drink even more, you may pass out. Either way, when you wake up, you may or may not remember what happened the previous night when you were drinking. That’s simply one of the effects of alcohol. Men and women can be quite physically capable of sex, and yet not remember a thing the next day. You can meet “Sarah” at a lively party, get to know her for a couple of hours, have sex with her, and then wake up the next day in your friend’s bed with honestly no idea who the girl is who is next to you, or how you got where you are. She may or may not remember you either. She may not remember you, even if she was handling her alcohol well and was not utterly shit-faced.
          There are only two solutions to this conundrum. Either we become puritans and prudes, and say “Well, best not to drink at all then, lest we perhaps do something we might regret,” or those who say “alcohol is a gift which we have enjoyed for thousands of years, let’s have fun, enjoy ourselves, and not take things too seriously.”
          The feminists try to have their cake and eat it too, by believing that women should be able to have fun and not take things too seriously, able to drink as much as they want, but believing that men should be obliged never to do the same, or that if they do, and the pair do something the girl perhaps might regret, men should be held rigorously responsible and harshly punished. Men are always “drunken louts” and “horny perverts,” but women are never “drunk sluts,” they are “poor girls who were taken advantage of when they were in a position of weakness.” They want their “equality” to be recognized, by being allowed by society to drink as much as a man, but they do not want the responsibility which comes with it, of having to own up to their actions in the morning. Men are rational and will say “yep, I was drunk, I did it, let me deal with the consequences,” but a woman will tend to think with her emotions, get upset, and then immediately try to blame it all on the man, for she, poor angel, could never have actually consented to such a thing!

        4. Ovid American Yogini • 13 minutes ago

          you drink a lot, you will become drunk, which lowers your inhibitions
          and causes you to do things that you might not otherwise do when sober,
          like run around naked with a fishbowl on your head for the laughs (or
          have sex with a girl who, when not under the influence of alcohol, you
          would think very ugly.) If you drink even more, you may pass out. Either
          way, when you wake up, you may or may not remember what happened the
          previous night when you were drinking. That’s simply one of the effects
          of alcohol. Men and women can be quite physically capable of sex, and
          yet not remember a thing the next day. You can meet “Sarah” at a lively
          party, get to know her for a couple of hours, have sex with her, and
          then wake up the next day in your friend’s bed with honestly no idea who
          the girl is who is next to you, or how you got where you are. She may
          or may not remember you either. She may not remember you, even if she
          was handling her alcohol well and was not utterly shit-faced.
          Who on earth would want to go through such hellish experiences, what to speak of willingly and self inflicted?!
          People who get drunk really aren’t rational thinkers at all, are they?
          Another pat on my own back for staying clear of it all.

    2. “blackout” doesn’t mean “passed out” Yogini. It means you can’t remember what happened the day after. Blackout drunk people are still very much awake during a night of debauchery, so cool your panties.

        1. WTF, have you never drank before? You are functioning when you blackout but the part of your brain that stores short-term memories is impaired. So a woman can consent to sex but didn’t remember it. Was she raped? HELL NO! She’s just a retard.

        2. “WTF, have you never drank before?”
          A few sips here and there as a youngster. It tasted awful so I never bought it.
          For short term memory to be affected I surmise an awful lot of alcohol would have to be drunk, which leads us full circle back to ….
          able to consent or not?
          I know some people who drink a glass or two or three but their memories don’t become impaired from that. So again, how much alcohol are we talking about here, and if its enough to affect memory, is it enough to affect ability to consent as well?

    3. I’ve blacked out a few times. I was very much active, but completely unconscious. Ever wondered how you’d act while awake and unconscious? Have a little too much booze and ask your friends later for details on what you did.

      1. Corvinus,
        “Ever wondered how you’d act while awake and unconscious? ”
        “I’ve blacked out a few times. I was very much active, but completely
        Interesting. I’m not quite clear on how you could be unconscious yet active simultaneously. Do you mean your body was doing things but your mind had checked out i.e. you were completely unaware of what of what your body was doing? Is it something like an involuntary response such as when the doctor thumps your knee and your leg automatically moves? Something like blinking of the eyes? Would you say you were capable of informed consent in that state of mind? Capable of informed initiation of sex? I’m trying to wrap my mind around such an experience and can’t so if you could please explain further.
        “Have a little too much booze and ask your friends later for details on
        what you did.”
        There’s no point. I prefer clarity and rationality.

  2. The crime here is that while drunk….
    A man is fully responsible for his actions, be it homicide, rape, robbery, etc,….
    A woman is fully responsible for her actions, similar to the above, except when it comes to sex. Then she can always come back and claim rape, regardless of whether the man was drunk as well.

  3. Seriously? Prior to the red pill you didn’t think there’d be serious backlash and repercussions? SERIOUSLY?

    1. Coupedevillain:
      I agree with the sentiment of your post. I applaud any mangina/feminist/lefty sympathizer who sees the light, but at the same time, I really can’t understand how anyone who has the cognitive ability to see reality for what it is could have once been one of them. How could you have been so foolish? In light of the fact that many future turncoats are operating the feminist machine as we speak, I’d go as far as to say that’s it’s almost unforgivable.
      If even smart guys fall for it, what chance do we have really? Men appear to be their own worst enemies.

      1. Blame him for what he was taught as a kid? Why would a 17 year old kid not have internalized what he’d been doused in since age 6?

        1. This is how I look at it too. Heavy indoctrination from early childhood when the boys don’t have a strong sense of self as a defence against psychological manipulation is how it happens. Look at kids raised in cults as a reference.

  4. An illuminating essay. Really shows the hysteria and groupthink that undergirds a lot of feminist bullshit.
    The idea that women can’t be held responsible for the decisions they make under the influence is preposterous. If that were the case, then you shouldn’t be able to charge them with DUI. You can’t tell me that women can be held responsible for the decision to operate heavy machinery under the influence, but can’t be held accountable for the decision to operate the dick while under the influence. It’s absurd on it’s face.

    1. “The idea that women can’t be held responsible for the decisions they make under the influence is preposterous.”
      Especially when you consider that these same women will be in the business world in a few years drinking at happy hours along with the guys. Should they not be responsible for their decisions in the workplace, too?

    2. As an adult student back in college after 7 years in the Army, your words are some of the most comforting I have heard in some time. I seriously believe that is the trend. I didn’t recognize that being the case when I went to college the first time 10 years ago.

  5. Sorry you got trashed in college over this.
    Here are some additional lessons besides “feminists are full of shit” you might take away from this experience …
    1. Sayre’s Law – “Academic politics is the most vicious and bitter form of politics, because the stakes are so low.”
    2. College kids are full of shit.
    3. Meanwhile, outside the university bubble you were in, the cops basically just ignored the law as you rightly pointed out, possibly giving a rapist a pass because they felt like it. That’s how it is in the REAL WORLD, where REAL POWER and REAL CONSEQUENCES are at stake… not just the hurt feelings of the feminists.
    … and oh yeah your hurt little feelings too.

    1. I knew it would not be long til some fat feminst dyke troll would soil the forum. Sorry pig vomit, but adult women are responsible for how much they drink and any college female should know her limit and abide by that. Getting shit faced and fucking somebody then turning around and screaming rape is lame.

      1. OMG that’s so funny … well, I do like women, that much you have right …
        Here’s another drunk girl that would have had her case blown off by the cops if it hadn’t been for a group called Anonymous …

        1. The leaked photos from the Steubenville case present a clear case of conscious and active people assaulting an unconscious and inactive person. See the photo above as an example.
          Its one thing to argue against false rape cases as cover ups for regretted consensual sex, but don’t blur the lines with clearly obvious rape cases.

        2. It has yet to be proven that she was “raped” so far, all there is are fuzzy claims of “assault”. Knowing today’s culture, what does that mean? Somebody kissed her? Slapped her ass? Put her legs up and simulated sex while she was fully clothed? Grabbed a titty? NONE of those are rape.
          2nd, if you don’t wanna be known as a hoe and a drunk slut…Don’t act like one.
          When society stops making excuses for females acting in a manner that then allows there to be so much ambiguity of the facts when they later claim rape, there will be next to no false rape claims.

        3. there is something wrong with a society where girls are constantly being told to protect themselves and make smart decisions in these types of situations, but yet no one is teaching the boys to respect their peers, male or female. in every single one of these “gang” rape cases, where is the boy who says “clearly this girl is too drunk to make an intelligent decision, so instead of taking advantage of her I’m going to take her home?”

      2. clearly you were drunk when you wrote that comment. or extremely ignorant regarding the issue at hand.
        basically what you are saying is loosely equivalent to saying that people who drink and drive deserve to die, because they should’ve known their limits or followed the law? forget what should’ve happened–where is your compassion for your fellow man, regardless of their sex?
        also, women in college are not even really adults..most are under the legal drinking age until their senior year, and many of these publicized rape cases happened to high school and middle school students… do you hold them to the same standards as your so-called “adult women”?
        also, your argument could be more effective if it made any sense whatsoever and was backed up with anything other than your own opinion. i could have done without the pig vomit visual. also you spelled “feminist” wrong…and the fact that someone is or is not “fat,” “feminist,” a “dyke” or a “troll” is completely arbitrary and unrelated to the comment that has been made. so not only are you a misogynist, you are so clearly homophobic. open your eyes–this is the 21st century.. even the gum on my shoe has more respect than that..

  6. Excellent article by yuumuraj who learnt some important lessons that he just passed on: “feminists are full of shit”:
    “ANGRY white females are clashing with migrant taxi drivers – forcing the industry to develop cultural training on dealing with drunk, aggressive and assertive women. … “Australian women can be more aggressive and assertive than some new drivers might be used to in their own culture.”
    “Mother of four, 27, jailed after accusing men of rape because she didn’t want to be in trouble with her parents for coming home late from club.”
    “More than half of girls aged 15 and 16 say they drink to excess at least once a month.”
    “Student spared jail after making false rape claim in bid to try and get her boyfriend back.”
    “She finally confessed she had lied because she didn’t want her boyfriend to be mad at her for getting home late.”
    “And, really, how could 18 women be wrong? … The jury found him unanimously not guilty on every count. … He was denied bail and has spent the last nine months in Wandsworth prison in conditions he describes as ‘medieval’.”
    “A WOMAN has been ordered to stand trial accused of breaking into a man’s home and raping him.”
    “A teenage girl whose false rape allegation led to an innocent man being beaten up and another man sent to jail was let off by police with just an £80 fixed penalty notice.”
    “Mr Green’s action alleges Ms Roarke, with Ms Tague’s assistance, came up with the rape story to explain herself to her boyfriend.”
    And the beat goes on and on and on.

    1. “ANGRY white females are clashing with migrant taxi drivers – forcing
      the industry to develop cultural training on dealing with drunk,
      aggressive and assertive women. … “Australian women can be more
      aggressive and assertive than some new drivers might be used to in their
      own culture.”
      Perhaps alcohol should be banned? I mean a simple plant is banned because of its potential to make people “high”, despite the fact you never hear of people dying from it, killing others under its influence, becoming angry and agressive on it, or raping or being raped on it, so why not alcohol?
      Or perhaps laws on the number of drinks a person can drink?
      This is a public nuisance and safety hazard of epidemic proportions so why is marijuana illegal when alcohol is not?
      Should the both be illegal?

      1. Your username includes “American”, so you are either a complete idiot or lying about where you’re from:
        Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution:
        “Section 1. The eighteenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed.”
        Eighteenth Amendment:
        “Section 1. After one year from the ratification of this article the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors within,
        the importation thereof into, or the exportation thereof from the United States and all territory subject to the jurisdiction thereof for
        beverage purposes is hereby prohibited.”

  7. I went to UNC-Chapel Hill. You talk about an anti-male, anti-white, anti-reality environment. I would never in a million years recommend anyone send their son to that school. It was an extremely hostile environment. The daily tarheel ran a whole series of testimonials, anonymous of course, from women on campus claiming to have been date raped. One in particular I’ll never forget, claimed she had been raped because her boyfriend went into her backdoor without applying lube first.

    1. Ahhh, UNC-Chapel Hill – a/k/a Hypergamy U., where women bitching about the girl-heavy ratio will still only consider dating just 20% of the men on campus! (And, of course, of the men they choose to include in the favored 20%, half of them are chosen because they already have girlfriends…)
      “Hostile” probably doesn’t enough begin to describe what the betas there feel.

  8. There was a Health and Fitness class my sophomore year of college. One morning the university felt it was important to invite a group of feminist activists to hijack our class and show an hour long film on the dangers of date rape to all 200 some odd members of the course. There was scene after scene of men dropping roofies in unsuspecting coeds mix drinks. Men penetrating unconscious girls. Men high-fiving after a night of successful pillaging.
    I had a doctors appointment that day. I had sat in the back row so I could leave without making a scene.

    1. When I got up and left, one of the feminists literally chased me down the hall and demanded to know where I was going. I told her I had an appointment. She said that the film was more important. I kept telling her that it was out of my control, but she kept saying stuff like, “Its really important that you watch this film.”
      I think she asked for my name at one point. Can’t remember for sure though. Lol. She followed me all the way to exit, brow beating me the whole way.

      1. should have told her you were going to masturbate and she was welcome to help provided she explicitly consented first.

  9. I am a fat, feminazi troll that has nothing better to do other than cutting my upper thighs and feeding my cats.

  10. “Patriarchal Rape Culture” has kind of become a bit of a running joke with me and my friends. It seems like it’s every young feminist’s “Go-To” phrase in argument. Try asking one of these young ladies to actually, specifically define that term and you’ll get ALL SORTS of wonky answers. Hardly any coherence among them at all.

    1. It’s all fun and games until you– evil penis wielder– get accused of [insert impropriety du jour].
      Institutionalized feminist injustice is widespread now, and affects all American men: insane college sex assault “star chambers,” blatant workplace sexual harassment double standards, VAWA, incredibly biased divorce and child custody proceedings, etc.
      Tumblr feminists might be cute in their strident idiocy, but the joke’s on us, dude!

  11. So according to feminist logic, If i get drunk then sign a contract, it doesn’t count since I can’t form consent?
    Great, next time I go to a store and buy something, I’ll be sure to drink first.
    I can then return the item forever since the contract is null and void since there was no consent.
    Manosphere is on to something when they argue that today’s feminist’s don’t want EQUALITY, they want ADDITIONAL RIGHTS AND PRIVILEDGES.

    1. Wong, they want nothing of this petty nature. They want nothing more or less than…utter and absolute power !

  12. In 2000 I was on a jury deciding a case like this. A freshman female student cried rape after blacking out at a weekend rush party. Two male students were charged. At trial, several people said they saw the guys walking her out to their car where they took turns with her. Witnesses said she and Guy1 were going at it but were barely conscious. Guy2 was reportedly enjoying himself while taking advantage of her condition. Interestingly none of the 12 eyewitnesses stopped them.
    Guy1 and Guy2 were idiots and talked to the police without a lawyer and we got to see the interview. On the tape, Guy1 basically said, “I had a 12-pack between 6 and 11PM. She and I made out and probably did more…I can’t remember.” We (the jury) agreed that it was not fair that Guy1 go to prison for stuff he did while blacked out while the girl was blacked out too. We acquitted Guy1 because of this.
    However, Guy2 couldn’t stop talking on the tape and admitted doing everything short of banging her. He didn’t go to prison that day was because one female juror – who had a son about Guy2’s age – couldn’t bring herself to vote guilty unless someone actually saw his dick penetrating this girl. We convicted him for basically touching her sexually without her consent…something short of rape.
    I felt for the girl – I had three young girls myself – and besides the trauma, she probably lost her athletic scholarship over the underage drinking. What sticks with me to this day was the attitude of the jury during deliberations. It was a VERY diverse group: white, Hispanic, black, indian, male, female, college age, professionals, veterans, hippies, grandparents and every one of us spoke of times we had done stuff while drunk that we’d regretted later. It chilled us all to think that we could have either gone to prison or sent someone there under similar circumstances.
    So yeah, the cops & DA might accuse you of rape because of drunken sex but real people still own the jury box. If she’s too drunk to consent, you can be too.

    1. You made a bad call with guy2. Whether he was less drunk, or more drunk, you had daughters, or all sons; the supposed victim allowed herself to get into a condition with two other individuals in a comparable questionable condition and did something stupid. The lesson for ALL of those involved was learned the day after. How it even got to the point of legal justice was a travesty in and of itself.
      And what the hell does having 3 daughters yourself got to do with some chic acting like a drunk whore and getting involved in a drunken 3 some. That behavior deserves no pity. If anything it should motivate you to make sure YOUR daughters don’t become drunken sluts and drag some future supposed “rapist” through the ringer in a pathetic attempt to absolve herself of blame for her obvious idiocracy.

  13. This is why I won’t even bother talking to a girl that is shitty drunk. I know a lot of guys that like go after those women for obvious reasons but it is not worth it IMO. Of course, when you are intoxicated it becomes much more difficult to judge their level of inebriation. And naturally, if you ask them how drunk they are they always claim to be less messed up than they really are.

    1. “This is why I won’t even bother talking to a girl that is shitty drunk.”
      Correct. Its in the best interest of eveyone that you avoid drunks.
      I thought this has always been clear to adults of reasonable intelligence.

      1. Shut up, you judgemental teatotaler. Why don’t you go to a lady’s dress forum and talk about something you’re knowledgable about.

      2. You clearly haven’t been on a college campus in some time. Some of these schools, pretty much every girl in the party or bar is wasted and it is not that easy to discern when you are not sober yourself. And if you think women think this through, or that many men don’t target them, you are mistaken.

        1. “And if you think women think this through, or that many men don’t target them, you are mistaken.”
          Your use of the word “target” is very telling.
          And I agree, excessive drinking is problematic for both sexes.

  14. Last year we had an intern from my old university. He was one of those busy-body political types on this and that do-gooder committee to pad his resume.
    One item on his resume was “1 in 4 Educational Committee” or something. I asked him what it was. He said “It refers to the 1 in 4 undergraduate women who are victims of sexual assault before they graduate. We’re working on awareness.”
    I asked him if he really believed that. “Yes!” he said. “It’s a big problem.” He believed it completely.
    It was then that I realized how bad things have gotten on campus since I graduated 20 years ago.
    This is not really about a sexual assault problem. It’s about money and power.
    Feminists have a powerful incentive to exaggerate and fabricate their claims. If they can get everyone to believe that this is a huge problem they get more money for bullshit make-work jobs like “awareness educator.” And more rules. And more power.
    It won’t stop as long as they are rewarded for doing it. This is the corrupting power of incentive.
    You can bet your bottom dollar that all men in America could be locked up after they classify funny looks as “sexual assault” and still they would scream they need more rules and more money.
    It’s the “Emperor Has No Clothes” on a massive scale.

    1. Stuff like this always makes me think back to “follow the money.” Individuals care, but organizations don’t. Their purpose is to make money and increase their power, not to prevent or raise awareness about an issue such as sexual assault on a university campus. They do it for funding and to attract the individuals who will funnel them money while they’re at school and hopefully after.

  15. Men should judge women more.
    Not like on sexual partners or anything like that, but literally like a judge in a courtroom listening to arguments. If women make claims, like a claim that there is such a thing like “rape culture”, men should simply ask for proof and evidence that’s all. If there is too much anger, too much strawman arguments or too many appeals to emotion, the case is dismissed or the ladies are held in contempt. Since arguing with them is pointless, since they don’t tend to respect the rules of logic which are essential for having productive arguments, let’s just sit and let them convince us to their side, rather than argue with them and waste out time.

    1. In the real world it’s not like that. If they have the last word, they’ve won. And their betas would make sure to thrash you. I prefer the Sean Connery approach of “slapping her when you’ve tried all other alternatives”.

    2. Let me rephrase that. I agree that men should be more critical about what women say. But you have to remember, women always want to have the last word. To them, having the last word implies that they’ve won (even though you know you’re right) and they will walk all over you. Look at our current situation, I think women have more rights today partly because there are so many women’s groups. Aren’t you tired of hearing the complaints of women’s groups everyday? Where are the men’s groups? I’m not saying we should all join MRAs, because that would lead to the same thing as feminism, only it would be called “menism”. But I think any time a woman raises an issue, men should be there to voice their opinions too. We should let ourselves be heard. Isn’t this what being a man is? When did we become such timid creatures? If logic doesn’t work, then fight fire with fire. Let’s talk about our emotions. If we think something is unfair, let the world know we feel it’s unfair. Long story short, even if you know you are right, “just sitting down rather than arguing with them” only let’s them walk all over us.

  16. I remember first reading Roosh, and thinking ‘this guy can write, but damn he’s bitter. I don’t really think its as bad as that’.
    Discussing dating advice on some random website, the question of why general confidence doesn’t transfer well to daring came up. I pointed out that while confidence is general (I deserve a hot woman), entitlement is specific (I deserve HER). It’s easier to pull a stripper/cougar/foreign student/etc if you pulled one before. Hence the importance of spending time hitting on the groups of women you find hot, to build the reference points.
    Holy Jesus, you’d think from the replies that I spent my free

    1. (Cont. because Disqus is shit. Its SHIT, Roosh)
      Time giving ‘How to Rape’ seminars to sex offenders. Rape accusations galore! Never mind this advice, like 90% of dating advice, is aimed at men who are a little too timid in their actions, a little too socially anxious in their interactions. No. The prevalent thinking was “what would the drunken arsehole in the club do with this advice?”
      Don’t worry about him, love, he’s getting laid already. With your drunken friend.
      Next up was an article that blamed the recent US shooting (the kindergarten one) on ‘misogyny’.
      Whilst I don’t agree with large chunks of Manosphere content, the unbelievable stupidity of the people with a neo-feminist viewpoint makes me quite sympathetic, and shows me exactly why Roosh is who he is.

  17. The larger lesson I’m getting from this blog post is that trying to reason with feminists is like trying to reason with toddlers.
    THIS is why Ben Franklin and the gang did not let women vote and did not want them part of the conversation. Lesser men thought they knew better. They didn’t. Now we have to suffer for it.

  18. I know this is off topic, but I was thinking that we need an article about how music can affect girls to be against us (or for us). The other day at my gym I unplugged my headphones for a sec and the first thing I’m hearing is Beyonce’s POS “irreplaceable”. That bitch has probably caused more damage than most of the feminist that we talk about in here.

    1. Yea and “run the world”. Saw an interresting comment that youtube vid, saying “world dont run by sucking cock alone” on.

  19. Here’s what I learned from the law of torts – a reasonable person has a responsibility of not doing things that can harm you (another person). So if a person gets drunk and crashes his car into yours, he has to pay you. But if you were drunk too, that means contributory negligence. You both were drunk (negligent), so damages have to be split between both of you. So, every reasonable person should remember not to drink too much, right? Because of consequences. But women, women are “special”. They don’t have to face the consequences of their actions and they don’t have contributory negligence for getting drunk with a bunch of guys. Women are incapable of predicting the outcome of their actions. How many women you know who takes measures to protect her own safety? How many women you know who carries pepper spray in her handbag? How many women you know walk through a dark alley even though she knows of another way that is better lit? It’s biologically ingrained in a woman’s mind that her safety is the responsibility of men. Well, not if you choose to got out into the real world. Real world = real consequences. And then they cry “rape culture”. Hahaha, if rape culture was real, no woman would be able to walk the streets without being raped. I raised the issue on Facebook about women not taking their safety seriously enough and the reply I got from a female “friend” was, “Shouldn’t men be more honorable, knowing that women should feel just as safe as men do in the world?” Yeah, what do you think I do every day, bitch?

  20. …there needs to be some delineation between blackout drunk and unconscious. College girls rely pretty heavily on the “I-was-so-drunk-I-don;t-remember” defense, even if it means smashing your car, puking on your dog, or fucking your friend. That whole line is bullshit and i no excuse for a man and should not be accepted as an excuse from a woman.
    Thant said, taking advantage, sexual or otherwise, of an unconscious person, whether its fuckin an unconscious chick, blowing an unconscious dude, shoving a broom-handle up someone’s ass when they’re passed out, or just stealing beer money out of their pockets is a fucking crime.
    It might be high time women get over this I-can-drink-as-much-as-most-guys” fantasy and start thinking on the potential consequences before getting ten different shades of fucked up. Yeah, if you DO actually pass out, it WOULD be rape and you WOULD be a victim….it still won’t take the miles off of your blown-out wizard sleeve, so plan the fuck ahead.

    1. “College girls rely pretty heavily on the “I-was-so-drunk-I-don;t-remember” defense”
      Lack of memory doesn’t hold up in court. In court they rely on rape kits and witnesses.

    1. “And the end of the day it’s the facts that should matter.”
      And at the end of the day it IS facts that DO matter.
      Like I said below, courts do not accept “I can’t remember what happened” as evidence of rape. Rape kits and eye witnesses are evidence.

  21. I think there should be an automatic “heat of passion” defense for any accused rapist that has not been physically marked. Then we start teaching women the biological and mental capacity of a man in the heat of passion, especially when drunk, and that it’s a biological fact sometimes weak protestations don’t get through, so they must at least scratch a cheek with their nails, or something equivalent, so the jury can be sure the man has heard her protestations.
    There is a rape trial going on in my state where the girl and the guy were watching movies and making out and they went into her bedroom, with her roommate next door and had sex, and cried rape later. Bullshit. We have to teach women they absolutely must cause some type of physical harm to a male (as the only type of message that can physically “get through” the heat of passion) if they are going to cry rape later.

    1. ” Then we start teaching women the biological and mental capacity of a
      man in the heat of passion, ESPECIALLY WHEN DRUNK, and that it’s a
      biological fact sometimes weak protestations don’t get through”
      You’re suggesting that passion’s heat is hotter when drunk?

      1. No but inhibitions are weakened and judgment is impaired. No matter what it is, if I’m stone cold sober I’m more likely to listen than if I’m drunk.
        Still, women should be taught it is a sign of respect to a man to “leave a mark” if it’s time to stop and he’s not hearing it or otherwise “getting her signals.”
        New campus mantra for women: “give him a scratch on the cheek not a rap sheet.”

        1. “Still, women should be taught it is a sign of respect to a man to “leave
          a mark” if it’s time to stop and he’s not hearing it or otherwise
          “getting her signals.”
          How is it a “sing of respect”?
          And all the arguments here make a clear case for outlawing drunkenness, if not alcohol altogether.
          I never hear of people attempting rape while high on marijuana. I also never hear of “black outs” where one has a wild night of god knows what but then forgets it the next day, all from marijuana.
          So why is marijuana illegal when the obviously dangerous “drug” here is alcohol?

    2. Ok, if one has to punch in the face and a loud “stop” is not enough for you, that is absolutely your problem. I’m against the all “drunk sex equals rape” thing, but ignoring people verbally withdrawing consent is indeed rape.

  22. Reading this made me angry. I’m glad you escaped brother, and with more knowledge about the feminists and their insane thoughts than you had before.

  23. Ah, the Golden Moment when the internal contradictions of the liberal culture become clear and one starts a journey of discovery rightwards. My turning point (as a Euro) was the Pim Fortuyn case. He was obviously a good liberal so how comes everybody called him a fascist? Figuring that out was the first step.

  24. “I wrote an article (that I conspicuously won’t link to or quote) that people misinterpreted and I acted defensively and got in an e-fight with feminists and read feminist blogs that reason via emotion and, denying that I ever reason via emotion, also act “highly illogical” so feminism and all feminists are illogical and full of shit QED.”
    Sounds legit.

  25. It was sex if she was drunkenly consenting and going with it, it was rape if she was unconscious or near it. Why people can’t tell the difference between these two things? These arguments enrage me when nobody asks the question “was this person conscious?”. The difference is all there.

  26. People are waking up to radical feminism. It seeks to make all male sexuality illegal and wants bigger and bigger government to reeducate the population.

  27. Unfortunately, since we are born into a feminist society, we become feminists by default. It usually takes an act of that magnitude to wake us up.

  28. It isn’t just that they’re full of shit. It’s that feminism has become a corrosive moral panic operating on the non-logic of a lynch mob. It’s actually a danger to a free society. Two years after the writing of this article and it’s only gotten worse. It’s become like the satanic panic of the 1980s.

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