The Truth About Gym Game

Few things in life truly emulate the cartoon depiction of holding a carrot on a stick as motivation. The gym is that one exception. Any man who has spent a significant amount of time at the gym knows what it’s like to see the emergence of spandex pants in the winter, and booty shorts and sports bra’s in the summer on fit bodies in the gym. It’s the ultimate form of beauty for anyone into fitness, and yet like a strip club you’re quickly slapped with a do not touch policy. One could take it a step further and push it towards Hooters where you know there’s cleavage, but don’t you dare get caught staring. Yet despite all these rules and stipulations, many men still decide to attempt game in the gym, usually while failing miserably. I’m here to save you some trouble by simply saying, don’t waste your time.

The gym isn’t your normal venture. The typical rules of alpha and beta don’t apply in a conventional manner. Think of the gym as the Bermuda triangle of game. As such, in order to achieve success you’re going to have to do a lot of things that will most likely waste your time and only cause frustration, possibly some deep embarrassment.

How To Succeed

Conventional forms of game will not work in the gym because of two key factors. The first is that every man in the gym thinks he is macho whether or not he really is and therefore tries the same lame routines that work in the bar, as the majority don’t develop the true skill set needed for day game. The second is that men flocking to women in a gym puts women on a pedestal. While it’s no mystery that women always want to believe they are in control, most of the time game is just a manipulation of their perception. In the case of the gym, each mans compliments only further amplify the size of the woman’s ego which will further squander your chances of banging her.

The real key is to do two things. The first is ignore her entirely until she becomes a routine member. This does two thins. One is it eliminates any potential single time users that you really won’t ever see again. Two once she becomes a regular it sets yourself up as a common face that she is prepared to interact with. Stage two is the most backwards things you will ever do since learning game, but it works; be her friend. I know shock-waves have been sent through the universe with this one but trust me this is the only way, and a normal beta will fail miserably at this.

 In order to successfully game a woman in the gym is an extremely long drawn out process. People who actually look good at the gym are there to work on looking good and therefore don’t want their workouts interrupted much. This means your social interaction is going to be at a minimal. You’ll be lucky to get 10 minutes of conversing within one gym session. That means you’re going to have to re-establish yourself every single time for several weeks before the brief conversations become normal. The bright side is that by the time they become normal it’ll be easy to get her number and even easier to start hanging out outside of the gym, and ultimately get the bang.


Why It Isn’t Worth It

There’s a few key reasons why it’s not worth your effort but trust me, they’re all worth paying attention to. What you decide to do is ultimately up to you. You also might say that they aren’t that out of the ordinary compared to normal women, and that’s also somewhat true.

The first is simply that it takes too much time to game a woman at the gym. If you’re going regularly and the opportunity presents itself then sure, go for it. But actually knowingly putting forth effort towards a woman in the gym is not worth your time. Statistically speaking any woman you meet is at pretty bad odds for being successful, but that’s life. The key is as men we find ways to minimize the effort while maximizing the number to get a high quantity return on minimal effort. Gym game is going to be maximal effort for minimum quantity.

Secondly, if you do make it far enough to get her number she’s likely a head-case with an extremely large ego. if she’s an attractive woman from the gym she’s used to getting all the attention in the world which means if you withdraw that attention, and you will because you read this website and know that no woman deserves that value, she’s going to bail immediately. She’s also not likely to give it up very quickly so you’ll be playing this yes princess charade for a while. Any man with any sense of humility knows that no woman is worth that bullshit.

Lastly is simply the humility of the whole concept. While if you succeed and things go well and by some miracle nothing goes wrong with the whole ordeal you’ll be looked at as awesome, if you screw up the repercussions will be ten-fold. Every woman whom your girl socializes with during cardio, which women do often, will hear about it.

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Ultimately the decision on whether or not to go ahead with gym game is your own choice. Personally if it naturally occurs for the interaction I’m not 100% opposed to it, but I’ll also be damned if I ever deliberately put forth the effort towards it. I had been curious for some time and eventually tried it out of boredom. If you want my opinion though, gym game is just simply too much effort for too minimal of a reward.

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67 thoughts on “The Truth About Gym Game”

  1. You just opened the door for someone to write a “Gym Game” book. Looking forward to a future McQueen article about “getting the gym on lock”, which includes how to get gym memberships for free, how to get gym staff to give you supplements for free (or a deep discount), how to get in with the personal trainers so the chicks in the gym see you as high value, etc.

    1. I would definitely buy a gym game book, and I no longer buy pickup products. The gym and college campus are the only 2 places left where I consistently see 8s and above. I bought Day Game to use on college campuses and malls because even though I live in a metropolis, bars and clubs are no longer worth the: time, effort, money, or risk of jail, or run ins with criminals i.e. parking lot shootings and bar fights (I have a few interesting stories). This article is wrong in 2 ways:
      1) Most girls rotate, its worth it to attempt pickup because of the revolving door. Much like a bar, you’ll probably never see her again. Congrats you just let an 8 or 9 whom you’ll never see again get away.
      2) I RARELY ever see a guy macking on a girl at the gym. Especially the attractive ones! I’ve seen trainers flirting with hot girls – often their customers, but dont see regular gym patrons flirting amongst themselves. The few I have seen are typically older men and women flirting together. That hot 24 yr old semi-fitness model might get checked out a bit but rarely if ever gets approached.
      The trick is how to game in such a way that:
      A) consistent and works and
      B) doesnt alienate you from other gym patrons and staff who may go the extra mile to cockblock if you gain that reputation as a sleazeball.
      @ Mikael thanks for the article, I completely disagree but you’ve opened up a very interesting subject. Maybe a few posts with tips of approaching girls in the gym will emerge from this.

      1. I say even a reputation as sleazeball can be beneficial. If you ask out a girl and a person or people come to her afterward to talk about what a dick you are the chances probably just swing more in your favor. Also this ever existent fear of being labeled a degenerate because you show interest in women is very counterproductive. The guy who hides interest is more likely to get the bad reputation. People naturally respect a guy who goes for what he wants.

  2. Ok..
    Then don’t do it. I don’t. I go to workout. It’s my self improvement time away from other stuff. I prefer to be indifferent, then to actively game women at the gym anyway. It creates mystery even as a regular.
    On a relationship game side note: Id rather have a woman who is into keeping fit, while she is fit. You definitely don’t want an average girl who could potentially blimp up and never have the willpower to hit the gym on her own.

  3. I would just suggest not making gaming your focus at the gym. Always place yourself in view of a hot ass though when aerobically training when ever possible. Also I don’t believe in befriending, how about just hitting on them normally if the opportunity presents itself. You could also take a class at the gym specifically to game women. In the end you shouldn’t rely on any one place to meet women.

  4. I respect the article, but for me the gym is one of the few places a man can go to enjoy a workout, improve himself and think. It’s a place of detánt away from dealing with cunty bitches and gynocentricity, and man bashing zeitgeist. The last thing I want to be staring at is some piece-of-shit attention whore prancing around with a string bikini pretending to be working out. A half naked skag in a gym is simply there for the validation. No fucking thanks…

    1. though i agree with this, there is a startling number of douches [these are guys that dont take gym seriously and are skinny little shits that thing they’re hard and subsequently cause 90% of all trouble. compare this to the long time lifters and old men, who are powerful respectful and gentle giants] that come in do 1 set and have some bitch groupie next to them like an idiot for 15 minutes in between sets.
      those guys encourage it and those girls certainly encourage it. its terrible
      compare that to the Eastern european girls that come in on occasion who are all business.

    2. Couldn’t agree more. I go to the gym to work out. To. Work. Out. Like I really want to hit on someone when I am soaked in sweat and smelling like a gym locker.

    3. Good article still, but agreed.
      Entering the gym with the right mentality is half the battle – unless you roll in thinking “I’m gonna beat the piss out of myself here today” your workout will suffer. It’s better to focus in the gym and use the results approaching girls elsewhere; women in a man’s place of work are only distractions.

  5. This article is stupid. You’ve basically said avoid all women that work on their bodies because they receive too much attention already.
    Do you avoid all attractive women because they are hit on more often?
    Return of Kings is becoming a parody of itself.

    1. >Return of Kings is becoming a parody of itself.
      not exactly, its just that there’s not a lot of Quality control for writers.
      you still get the ball out of the park articles but some lesser ones in between.
      Quintus for example routinely puts out thought provoking articles, as do others

      1. RoK is clearly falling apart, the writers are starting to attack each other on their articles.

      2. RoK is clearly falling apart, the writers are starting to attack each other on their articles.

    2. Did we read the same article? What I got was picking up a woman at the gym put her at her highest value. picking up that same woman outside of the gym puts her at a lower value. thus you get the same chick while putting in less effort if you just don’t do it at the gym.

  6. I prefer there be no girls around when I train. I’m at the gym to get stronger not beat off to some chick in spandex.

  7. If you’re a daily gym goer such as myself and usually go at the same time you will also be forced to deal with this girl or prepare to deal with her if she’s also a regular goer. While this may be ok while banging, odds are things will go sour and id rather not deal with the ramifications of that and interrupt my gym routine.
    The gym is my fortress of solitude. I don’t want distractions.

  8. This is pretty decent. The gym is there for work not play. If you wanna get your dick wet it should be done outside of the gym. Good someone pointed out that gym game is a waste of time.

  9. I’ve worked in gyms for over 15 years and of course been a member of other gyms and I can say this is right on point. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ignored, and waited, ignored and waited only to eventually strike up a convo after seeing someone in the gym on and off for about a year, and eventually hooking up. Gym game is really a game of focus on your workout and wait. Eventually you have to close the gap, this starts with the occasional “hey”/”hello” which can go on for weeks or months. The less anxious you are the better, and eventually builds to a short “how’s your workout going?” and then to a “what are you working on/working towards” type convo. Its all about the slow burn. Of course like all game you are not doing this to one woman but slowly grinding away at every single prospect in the place. I promise somebody is going to break, soon the floodgate will pour open. Patience, is the secret, I was working this program before I even knew what game was lol

      1. it’s definitely do-able, but it depends, if you are a regular dude trying to game a personal trainer chick then it will be tough. With staff you don’t have to wait because they are always ready to talk and keep you on board, sell you something etc. I say it’s regular game and be as fit as you can

        1. Yeah, it’s a trainer. She always goes right by me whenever I’m lifting and walks slowly. I’m afraid though that because I’ve given her the ‘I want to fuck you’ eyes without approaching I’ve missed my opportunity though.

  10. Personally, I’m not into gym game for the simple fact that if things start to go bad down the road in the dating, sex, or relationship front; I have to see this chick again when I go workout.
    However, the only way I realistically could see gym game working is if the gym is in a city you are just vacationing in like Vegas or Miami for example.
    Moral of the story, gym game on vacation and not at home.

  11. Women are irrelevant when I’m at the gym. It’s my temple. I go there to unwind and push personal boundaries not ogle some tart in pink nikes.

    1. Yup. I actually made this mistake the other day and now I have a clinger that I have to see at the gym every day…

  12. I have only banged one woman I met at the gym in 15 years of regular attendance, simply put they do not like to be interrupted while doing intense shit. Banging girls who go to your gym when you see them out and about, always a good thing.

  13. if you want to run game at the gym,
    you should become a personal trainer.
    Personal trainers get laid by their trainees at ridiculous rates.
    Otherwise, running game at the gym will just
    take your focus off the reason you should be there:
    to increase your own personal fitness & strength.
    Listening to some idiot spitting bad game trying to pick up the
    one hot woman working out in a room full of sweaty men is the
    most annoying thing I experience at the gym.

    1. I certainly hope personal trainers are good at gym game, because they sure as fuck don’t know anything else.

      1. The personal trainers are far better than the ppl they train but way below the regulars at my gym, so if they’re banging their clients they look like they’re slumming.
        P.S. Brock, thank fucking god someone said it.

      2. The personal trainers are far better than the ppl they train but way below the regulars at my gym, so if they’re banging their clients they look like they’re slumming.
        P.S. Brock, thank fucking god someone said it.

      3. They don’t need to be particularly good at game. When a woman is paying you to help her improve her body, to touch her if needed to correct her form, to criticize her physique (to help improve it, of course) getting them to sleep with you on top of that is like shooting fish in a barrel. Seen it many times.

  14. Has the author banged any women he met at the gym? Meeting women at the gym is something everyone talks about but almost no one actually does. And of course, keyboard jockeying is worthless.

    1. I’ve met women at the gym. It’s pretty easy actually since I’m there as part of my routine. Day game works well.
      I’m there to test my mental fortitude and get some muscles as a side effect.
      Why do you think they are there? So that they can make the bait look good to snag a man.

      1. I failed to clarify, I meant fuck women met at the gym. Have you fucked any of these women?

    2. Wow RoK is falling so far off the tracks that it’s writer’s are starting to attack each other. Questions of the longevity of this site are starting to look a reality

    3. Did you even read the article? He says it’s not worth it, and it’s a waste of time. I would guess judging by the article he hasn’t fucked but has tried. So how is that being a keyboard jockey?

      1. Not fucking = Keyboard Jockeying. Anything less than sex (or a blowjob) is meaningless, and cannot be the basis of game advice.

        1. OK I can dig that, but isn’t he saying not to? Since it’s more trouble than it’s worth considering you’re at the gym to better yourself?

        2. IMO, in this case, the harder the challenge the better the reward. It is possible, especially if you look better than 99% of all other members and all trainers – and especially if you’re friendly and social.

    1. Waste of time. Ballroom Dance class will at least give you some proficiency for getting out to a Salsa bar or someplace where you can actually touch women and talk to them. Yoga class maybe you can smell their farts when they do the “wind-relieving pose”.
      However, I recommend learning the basic yoga poses for maintaining personal flexibility. I try do about half-dozen postures every day to stay limber. I learned it long before this idiot “Pilates” craze.

      1. Whoa now. I respect and enjoy your posts, but I don’t think you understand how beneficial Pilates is for a woman’s body. Probably the best workout a female can do to maintain optimal form. From my experience in Southern CA.

        1. OK, I’m a crabby old crank and am resistant to new-fangled trends.
          Pilates is probably great but personally am annoyed at the the corporate slickness as if they invented something that has been around for millenia. And when I see “Massage Envy” I grip the steering wheel in rage.
          I was the last guy in my town to get a cell phone.

        2. OK, I’m a crabby old crank and am resistant to new-fangled trends.
          Pilates is probably great but personally am annoyed at the the corporate slickness as if they invented something that has been around for millenia. And when I see “Massage Envy” I grip the steering wheel in rage.
          I was the last guy in my town to get a cell phone.

        3. OK, I’m a crabby old crank and am resistant to new-fangled trends.
          Pilates is probably great but personally am annoyed at the the corporate slickness as if they invented something that has been around for millenia. And when I see “Massage Envy” I grip the steering wheel in rage.
          I was the last guy in my town to get a cell phone.

  15. Grasshoppers, please. Gym chick will not bang you because everyone in the fishbowl will observe it and the aftermath may mean she can no longer come to the gym, so she won’t risk it.
    Stay outta venues where they get an public ego stroke from rejecting you. Recommend avoiding gyms and developing ballroom dance proficiency. You can get buff through good-old-fashioned calisthenics and save yourself the money. In the old days gyms were populated by guys in ragged tshirts and converses and now it’s just a big co-ed social scene. If your goal is female companionship gym membership has a low return on the money and time investment. In the time it takes you to drive to the gym and get suited up you coulda already had a decent workout. If you truly like lifting weights then a gym that supports that would be worthwhile. Or if they have a decent swimming pool and you like to swim. Otherwise examine your motivations and be honest with yourself. Many of my escapades were ego-driven so I am just as guilty as anyone.

  16. We’d be too busy actually training to run any sort of game. Hell, it would be hard to run any sort of game between sets when you are seeing stars or feel like puking.

  17. This isn’t a great article. It’s only coming from one perspective. If you want to game, you can game almost anywhere. To do it at the gym, you have to make adjustments like with any unique venue. Clearly, gym gaming hasn’t worked out for the author but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t work out for anyone else. A real seducer could make it work. I guess not every article posted here is written by someone who is an authority on the subject. I have picked up girls from the gym before and it wasn’t hard. I know guys who have who aren’t even players. So just because it is outside of your reality doesn’t it won’t work for anyone else.

    1. I agree with what you’re saying but I think the idea is that if you’re in the gym, it should be to get swole, not to get chicks. You really can’t do both, unless you’re going to be in there for about 25 hours a week, which it what the author was trying to say…it’s a waste of time

    2. Exactly, and it really depends on if the particular woman wants game. It’s not impossible for the woman to want game at/from the gym. It’s the authors perspective. If you’re confident enough to be okay with talking to a confident woman, and she’s into you, then by all means. Author is making it sound impossible…. it’s not hard if everything with you is right.

  18. This article explains all the dirty looks I get at the gym now. Im always chatting with people whenever I have a free moment. Its like people have been conditioned to be assholes to each other, and Im not talking about you slight pleasentries that come along with any social interaction. Sure Ill tell some schumck off if they deserve it, but this level of assholrey takes the cake. Apparently freedom no longer exists in the Republic of the United States of Amerika. The worst is when you make a joking comment off hand and people get defensive. Its like people arent able to take a fucking joke anymore or engage in any intelligent conversation about anything. Im sure if alcohol was involved though itd be easier for people to make excuses to get together and hand out. Its pathetic really.

    1. of course freedom exists – you’re free to chat with people who are trying to work out, and they’re free to give you dirty looks.
      see how that works?

    2. people who are at the gym to seriously workout don’t want to be bothered by your chatter.

  19. Thanks for saying what a lotta people don’t have the balls to say. Zimmerman kills Trayvon and there’s outrage about it but a black man killing another black man just gets justified. Or people don’t talk about it. Fucking cowards man I swear.

  20. small weightlifting gyms > mega-corp gyms – in terms of getting liftz and squatz
    mega-corp gyms are catered toward women and getting fancy machines

  21. Woman go to gym to have long, loooong talks with each other while they are slowly biking. Not my problem, no woman @my gym.
    Swimming pools on the contrary, are perhaps the best places to meet girls.

  22. There is a time and place for hitting on a girl in the gym. And I think your success depends more on simple commonality (oh you are from Mexico? I speak spanish!) than on your ability to ‘game’ her.

  23. Yesterday, I saw a hot chick in short shorts and tight tank top working out. I was working out near her and was thinking of asking if she had a bf. But when I looked at her, she had an expression like, “I know you’re looking at me!, yes and other guys are too”. Right then I knew that this was a lost cause. She was just getting free validation.

  24. I’ve been working out at my gym for over a year. During that time I’ve seen a lot of women come and go, but there are a few regulars that I see almost daily. All these girls are 7 and above in the looks scale. Here are some of my observations about them.
    -A hot redhead wannabe alternative model. Super fit girl that has the tendency to wear the least amount of clothing possible. Downside is that she’s covered in tattoos all over her arms and chest. Half her ass hangs out from the bottom of her shorts and she doesn’t wear underwear underneath. Seen a few dudes try to approach her but she just waves them off. I got her talking but realized that she wasn’t all that interesting.
    -Super fit 19 year old personal trainer. Highly competitive, loves to show off, and probably the fittest girl I’ve met. She’s friendly and will talk your ear off if you let her. I did ask her out (and she said yes), but flaked out and never brought it up again. Found out she got back together with her ex. She’s your typical gym/weight bunny that loves the attention that all the guys give her and her 1000+ twitter followers. Will probably become a spokes girl for a nutrition/fitness company in the near future.
    -Busty brunette. A super hot brunette that will get up all in my personal space while working out, stare at me in the mirrors, but ignore me if I try to talk to her. Took over a year before she finally approached and had a conversation with me. Tried asking her out, said she had a BF (even though she was single.) After that I pretty much ignore her.
    There are a few good looking latinas, some older ladies, and a married woman that hit on me one day when we were alone. I’ve learned though that gym game isn’t the best, especially in a smaller gym like mine when it can become really uncomfortable. While I wouldn’t be opposed to dating a woman in there, its not the reason I go. I just chalk’em up to eye candy now and get on with my day.

  25. The Gym have so many hot chicks, I feel like entering another country, but the fact is most of them are in their 30s or more, because women only start caring about their bodies once they start to deteriorate, there are a few young girls there too, but still, the gym is filled with MILFs! I don’t know if its “too much effort”, but those women look like things you only find in magazines, its a sanctuary of thin waists and big round asses.

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