Human Resources Have Absolute Power Over Male Workers

Names and minor details have been changed, but otherwise this story is 100% true:

My friend Greg is an eminently employable fellow with a graduate degree in an in-demand field. In his management-level position paying well into six figures, he was responsible with overseeing both technical and customer-facing facets of a business. He was also forced to work alongside office managers who were retail-lifers that resented the salary and power commanded by a younger man. Greg’s particular office manager was a late 30s twice-divorced single mother, who had been terminated from her last job for having sex with a subordinate on the premises. Despite her worthlessness as a person, Greg’s relationship with her was cordial leading up to the incident that cost him his job.

The Incident

One day, a young girl was sent on a temp job to be managed by Greg. The girl was incapable of doing even basic tasks. Greg’s office was understaffed to begin with, but he had to put up with someone who made stupid mistakes that could have led to serious liability for the company. Nonetheless, my friend was patient with her for a while, until he decided to be honest after she made the same mistake several times in a row. All Greg said was “This isn’t difficult. I need you to start doing this the right way.” The girl started crying immediately and wouldn’t work for the rest of the day.

Greg explained the situation to the office manager divorcée and asked her to send the emotional girl home because she wasn’t contributing anything and was causing a scene. Greg was forced to grind out the rest of the day solo. He chalked it up to a bad day and thought the matter was finished.

The Statement

When he arrived to work later that week, Greg was barraged by district, regional, and loss prevention managers. Unbeknownst to him, the two women had discussed the matter and gave a statement to HR that Greg was a terror to work for and created the nebulous and dreaded “hostile work environment” for females.  My friend was astonished — he had a clean record, never had a formal complaint, and had in fact increased profitability at his location. The death blow came when the office manager alleged that Greg had called her a certain offensive word for the female anatomy. The young girl subordinate lied and corroborated this story, and he was promptly terminated.

Greg asked for notice, explanation, or rebuttal. He was afforded none of these things. The company maintained that they did not owe him an exit interview and because he was in an at-will employment state. He also requested a formal hearing and was turned down.

The Aftermath

Greg collected only four weeks of unemployment before he found another job, but was later sued by the company for the money because he was terminated for misconduct. He didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a lawyer to fight for a piddling $1700 in unemployment, so he elected to defend himself in the case. He attended a hearing via conference call, where the crying girl didn’t even show up. The office manager and company personnel assailed his character until Greg was allowed to ask questions to the sworn-in office manager:

Greg: “Did I ever directly or indirectly call you that word?”

(there was a long silence on the line)

Judge: “Answer the question please”

Office Manager: “Well…I don’t remember.”

Judge: “You gave a statement and another employee corroborated it. Did it or did it not happen?

Office Manager: “…Well…it didn’t really happen EXACTLY that way…but he made me feel really bad at work.”

The judge confirmed that he never actually said the word that got him fired. Greg was allowed to keep the unemployment he had collected to that point, but never received reinstatement, compensation, or even an apology from his old company despite being fired for allegations were obviously false.

Greg was obviously pissed off and considered suing the company for wrongful termination, but ultimately did nothing. Many employers in his industry ask about prior wrongful termination suits in job interviews, and a friend in the industry advised that it was doubly damning if you were fired for creating a work environment hostile to women. He investigated the possible monetary settlements and, factoring in the attorney fees and extended litigation necessary for a relatively small dollar figure, decided to move on with his life.

A woman replaced him at his position.

Corporations are now so bent on political correctness that they will take an unsubstantiated claim from a woman and end a man’s job or even career over it. This is a frighteningly common occurrence in a society that protects perceived “rights” of women in the workplace at the cost of truth, honor, or justice.

Things ultimately worked out well for Greg. He has a skill that is highly-paid and in-demand, so he was able to find another job almost immediately. Most men who are victims of HR terrorism are not so lucky. The moral of Greg’s story: if you must work a corporate job, always cover your ass at work and remember who your true masters are. If you wish to keep your job you must document everything and fly as far under the radar of the female-dominated culture as possible, because there is rarely a good way to fight back.

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163 thoughts on “Human Resources Have Absolute Power Over Male Workers”

    1. Not really. He cut his losses and went on to better things. Sort of like a crazy woman, so instead of staying with her, you dump that shit and get something better.
      But, this will be one of the biggest pushes behind the MGTOW movement. Men will see this garbage and just throw their responsibilities under the bus, the social contract that they relied on is broken, so why bother?
      Make-work industries will survive for some time, but they depend on the heavy engineering that men predominantly do. Once that base is gone, the whole house of cards won’t last long.

      1. Exactly. Greg was in a hostile environment. Chances are, any of the other males higher up the food chain were scared of the sisterhood and compliant with its wishes or just gay dudes, who in the modern, corporate, PC culture are as much a part of the sisterhood of entitled victims as the rest of the lot. Recognizing the no-win situation and punching out for newer, better things is not beta at all. Greg left unbowed with his honor in tact while the place he left will collapse under its byzantine conduct codes designed to protect the unskilled and unwilling from the consequences of their own dysfunctional personalities.

        1. Greg didn’t leave unbowed with his honor in tact. Stop rationalizing. He got falsely accused, humiliated, fired and sued, and once proven to be in the right, he refused to countersue to get what’s his.

        2. Most men (alpha or not) would rather wash their hands of this kind of shit and move on than grind out a costly, time-consuming lawsuit. Women love to sue over stuff like this because they love to be cast as the victim, and they have no compunction tying up the legal system if it means the possibility of a big payday. Pushing back against an army of feminists and accommodating betas guarantees you nothing but lost time and legal fees. It’s a big world out there, better to move on and find better people to work with. That’s the best way to “fight the system” but it has to be done by one man at a time.

        3. What would you have done differently? Fought the fight until someone cried uncle? How much time/money/resources would you be willing to sink into this to prove your point?
          I’m not saying that Greg was screwed, he was. It’s just that even when you are screwed in life, it’s important to know when to lash out and go after those that wronged you or move on.

        4. Your post made me realize that most women have more of an alpha mentality than most men. Most men will rationalize their way out of confrontations using beta virtues like honor and ethics for excuses.

        5. Honor, morals, and ethics have nothing to do with it. It’s about self-interest. And suing is one of the most passive-aggressive forms of “confrontation,” not to mention a huge expenditure of time and money. It requires a victim mentality, not an alpha mentality.

        6. You’re rationalizing again. Countersuing someone who sued you is not a passive-agressive confrontation. Hell, even suing someone is not passive-agressive behavior (I really doubt you know what passive-aggressive means, btw). Also, there’s no such thing as a victim mentality when you ARE the victim. If some guy ran you over, would you be suing him for damages or would you use the rationalizations you just gave me to remain fucked?

        7. you said people who are mistreated should sue or they are “beta” so then that would imply that anne frank should have sued. according to your logic then, why shouldn’t she?

        8. How much experience do you have in these types of court cases? It sounds to me that you have none.
          He did the cost/benefit and decided it wasn’t worth it. The government courts are not some magic justice machine. They are horribly inefficient. The only people who come out ahead in these scenarios are lawyers. If your time is valuable, you aren’t going to spend it trying to recollect some crumbs, and you’re certainly not going to try to be reinstated at the same faggot factory that screwed you over in the first place.

        9. He most likely wouldn’t have to go to court. Any decent lawyer would be able to get a quick settlement out of this case.

        10. Does he really deserve his job if his employers didnt want him? Of course not. Employers should be able to fire anyone for any reason.

        11. Also, employment imo is a two way agreement. Both parties should be able to cancel at any time, unless it was agreed otherwise. Greg should not be able to get compensation because thats totally bogus. Businesses should not have to compensate people they fire no matter how bad the reason is.

        12. I’m still waiting for carson D to reply to this.comment which will never happen.

        13. +1 The modern feminist is often times more alpha than the modern man in that modern men lack the balls to really speak up.
          The most alpha guy I know is a pro cage fighter, he actually lacks certain social skills and always post shit on facebook like “women need to learn to drive” and all sorts of racist/sexist crap. He talks to women like they are below men on the food chain and bangs hotter girls than anyone i know (part of that is because he lives in Florida).
          But modern men play by society’s rules, we have paychecks and employers who google our name. We use risk/reward in making decisions. I dare you to say sexist things under your own name and see how that affects your employment/business. Even feminist lose their job every once in a while for posting something stupid on facebook…

        14. I’ve already answered the question he asked. I don’t like repeating myself.

        15. Vice is always weakness. If women’s narcissism and manipulation were “alpha” and “strong,” then they would be building a better world. They’re not. They’re running everything into the ground, because narcissism and manipulation are the defining qualities of people with no real substance. Honor, morals and ethics are the defining qualities of people with substance, who have enough self-discipline to cultivate and channel their substance in productive ways. No mere manipulative narcissist will ever build anything worth having. But a man who realizes that arguing with a narcissistic slattern is a waste of time, and therefore promptly gets on with his life and finds something fulfilling, is a man who knows how to rule himself and to build, for himself and others, things of lasting value.
          Read Plato’s Gorgias – Plato does an excellent job of indicating how honor, morals and ethics are not “beta” at all; I won’t deny that there are counterfeit virtues – false humility, false pacifism, false forgiveness – and that these are just as bad as the aggressive vices. But all true virtue is by nature aggressive, masculine, proactive. It is characterized by self-discipline… the kind of discipline that renders a man capable of becoming better, and not just becoming more entitled. That, after all, is what modern women are: entitled and narcissistic. These are not “alpha” characteristics. They are the defining characteristics of their absolute weakness and incompetence.

        16. I would say that “taking action to get what’s yours,” is usually less manly than cutting your losses and getting on with life. Real men rise above being victims, even when they are victims. A girl can cry if she skins her knee; a boy bites his lip and gets on with playing. Likewise, a chick can sue over nothing; a man may choose to just get on with living.
          What is definitely more manly than either, is having the discernment to know when an injustice is being done, that is much larger than yourself. In that case, fighting the injustice is not a personal response to victimization (an effeminate desire to “get even”), but a truly righteous quest to right wrong. Usually lawsuits are too small-fry. I think the time has come for men to start doing something about these cases, but I think the action needs to be much more drastic than mere lawsuits.

    2. Working females like betas. I just put that facade at work and gain good favour with female staff which seeped out to HR. I save alot of real social stories for bros at work. 🙂

      1. No female likes betas. And there’s really no such thing as a working female. The animal part of their brain is too powerful.

        1. Laughably false, working women love nice guys. And there are plenty of working women, look at any company or firm. Are there women there? Do they perform tasks for a wage? Yes? then you my friend have found a working women.
          Nice guys at work get a lot of preferential treatment over more “macho” guys by working women. Nice guys aren’t loud, mean and confrontational, which are all things that women don’t deal with effectively. Different kinds of people require different management styles, guys thrive off of competition and discipline, to get the most out of female workers you need to put them in areas where they are going to thrive ie networking,marketing,communications,HR.

        2. Spoken like a true woman.
          “Working women love nice guys” have got to be the most hilarious line ever on this site.

        3. For sex, yes, but if she can gain some of his resources or some other benefit, then she loves the idea.

        4. Carson not every relationship is about sex. In terms of that domain I completely agree however in the working world that sort of attitude gets you fired fast. In the workplace and other professional settings the nice, friendly, talkative guy is going to have the ladies eating out of his hand while the badass aggressive douche is going to be taking his talents to an unemployment line. Ask anyone with corporate work experience and they will agree. The key to competent management is understanding what motivates people. As a whole you can motivate men with competition and camaraderie, look at male dominated fields like investment banking and engineering. For woman the goal cant just be to outdo each other on the sales board. You gotta pander to them a bit or really put their asses on the line. “People who dont hit XYZ numbers will be talked to and possibly let go.”
          In the end the face paced high stakes jobs tend to go to men who thrive off of the pressure of the situation. While slower paced more detail oriented jobs or ones that have more face to face interaction tend to go to women. It works pretty well.
          The guy in the story got in a women’s face at the office and was surprised when he was cut lose. Fucking stupid, it was the alpha thing to do and his ass was on the street as a result.

        5. @ Carson At first I thought you were trolling these comments, but the video is classic. Unfortunately the truth is probably that most of the guys who have trouble with sexual harassment are simply normal or below average looking and lacking exceptional charisma. I have multiple friends who have gotten away with sleeping with girls @ work, sleeping with coworkers, and all sorts of vulgar comments and jokes but they were all attractive and/or exceptionally charismatic.

      2. Depending on your situation, this can make sense. I recently accepted an offer that I procured by acting beta in my personality and alpha in my skills. The ones interviewed me were pretty beta and the only woman was a “career” woman.
        Yes, I lied. And I will keep this mask on as long as it serves me some good.

      3. No they don’t.
        I’ve been told from the ladies I work with that I “get it” and they hate the betas there.
        And by get it…I mean I say what I want them to do…or I tell them what I am doing.

    3. If he was beta he would have kissed ass and just tolerated it. Which he didn’t.

      1. If he was alpha, those women would’ve kissed his ass instead of talk shit about him.

        1. why would greg want to waste timing “dragging everyone who wronged him through the mud for shits and giggles”? Thats just a waste of time. I have a feeling he’s doing much better now…

        2. Because alpha. Bowing in defeat to those who tampered with your livelihood in order to save time is beta rationalization.

        3. Not really; reaction is, in many ways, a sign that you are already emotionally subjugated and passive before the people who have wronged you. For crying out loud, read Homer’s Iliad. The whole point of this, one of the greatest works of manly literature in all history, is how effeminate and despicable it actually is, for all these men to insist upon their honor to the point where they get dragged into pointless rage and drama over situations that don’t warrant it, just because somebody wronged them in one way or another. Even the gods are depicted as being completely ruled by their irrational urge to “get theirs.” An alpha man is above everything, including his hot-headed desire to “get even” or to have “revenge.” An alpha man is not a guy who “gets whatever he wants,” but a guy who is so self-possessed and free from enslavement to material things and emotional impulses, that he always acts in the ways that most precisely serve him and justice. A strong man knows that what he “wants,” and what he should have, are not always the same. Men who feel the need to retaliate, tit-for-tat, whenever they are wronged, are insecure and are slaves to their fleeting emotions and passions. The strong man sizes up a situation, detaches himself from his wounded pride and sees what is actually best, and chooses that with a full and unstained heart. Allowing your emotions and wounded pride to rule you, is a weakness.
          Now, there are times when a man absolutely should stick up for himself – hence the old phrase on many a crest, “Nemo me impune lacessit:” – “No man shall assail me with impunity.” Fighting costly battles with little pay-off to return to work with horrible people who are not worthy of your company, is a prime example of letting your wounded pride rule you like a bitch, goading you into making stupid decisions that are not in your interest. I honestly think a man would act with greater morality, if he hunted down the false accuser and the impudent HR official and dumped their bodies in the company lobby with a friendly note explaining the reason for their fate. I don’t know that I would really have a problem with it, if consequences started becoming lethal for these people that casually destroy people’s lives. The time is coming for men to bring fire and war on the evils of our time… but we should do that because it is righteous, not because we’re looking to “get ours.” But all that aside: to sue for nothing, out of mere wounded pride… that’s a very weak, irrational, effeminate activity.

  1. Alternately, live and work in Asia. Pregnant or unpleasant? Fire her. From wrong ethnic group? Ugly? Might get pregnant? Pay ’em less or don’t bother hiring. What do you think photos on CVs are for?

  2. In the NHS of the UK, 70% of medical students are female and there are more women doctors than men, even though women take more time off (for family). THis is part of the reason why the health service in the UK is going through the floor; they work less and mis-manage more (the other being mass illegal immigration). Women are a horror to work with as they spend a lot of time bitching and causing conflict than actually working – and I’m just talking about the female doctors here (NB females in the US seem more ‘evolved’ as I have met quality Canadian and US doctors).
    The end result of this gynocentric society is mis-management at all levels and in all sectors of society – hence the current malaise of the West.

    1. The soviets actually gave up on gynocentric policies because of how inefficient they were. At this point it’s like our society is just determined to self-destruct. Reality will eventually catch up to female fantasy land. Eventually.

      1. Any proof links?
        Soviets never gave up on gynocentric society.Modern Russia is a pussy whipped country.

    2. The problem is with English men and women. You see the same behavior in America, when you look more so at ethnicity instead of gender. English ethnic doctors I had, male or female, treated me horribly compared to other doctors of different ethnicity’s.

  3. Corporations have been feminised for years… This is nothing new. A man should really have his own business though. Only hire men.

    1. And keep it small enough that federal affirmative action quotas don’t apply. If it starts to get too big, form a second, separate company.

  4. I liked your article because this does happen, however theres a couple things I think everyone should be made aware of. First off, HR is such a broad term nowadays. Some companies ‘recruiting division’ are simply called HR. Some receptionists are the single ‘HR employee’, and sometimes board members (director of HR) controls the whole damn thing. A lot of companies HR departments ‘get it right’, while others are filled with divorced man hating women. I think the important thing to note is that Greg’s company ultimately didnt value him. It’s good that he cut his losses, the HR department sounds like none of them knows a damn thing about law or even went to college for that matter (and nowadays you need a degree to be in HR since theres often many legal matters that arise).
    Good for Greg, he moved on and got out. This wasnt an ‘HR issue’ rather just a “Company issue”.
    My take away point: on interviews or when researching a company, learn about the career ladders, if the high up positions are full of old single women…thats a warning sign to run far far away.

  5. I work in a management position in international sales, based in Europe. Since my department’s job is to launch products into U.S. markets, I interview and hire primarily native English speakers (coincidentally, the pool of expatriates eligible for open positions consists mostly of American females who moved there because of boyfriends)
    I had the idea one day to post everyones individual revenues on a large blackboard in our somewhat secluded wing of the office. The result: 3 months of consistently high sales from all of my male employees, and 3 months of consistently low sales from my female employees. The men made a small fortune in commission, month after month, based entirely on their own drive and initiative.
    I was then approached by HR and told that the practice of putting individual revenues for all to see is (roughly translated) “degrading to women” and “counter to our country’s culture of emancipation”.
    Despite record-setting revenues as a result of the competitive atmosphere, I was forced to take the board down and was told to apologize to my female colleagues in front of the entire team.
    Instead, I wrote my resignation on the “female sensitivity guideline” paper handed to me and walked out with honor.
    Like the article above suggests, maintain your honor above all costs and never bend or cave in to the mindless heap of feminist trash thrown upon us every day when we walk in the office.

    1. Did they give a response to that? If only all men acted that way, we would not have this mess.
      Women have an insatiable need to bitch about anything and everything. Letting them work HR of businesses anywhere is like a husband denying his authority over her and wondering why she always tries to dress him.

      1. Big response actually – formal apology from our CSO, which I made sure to thank him for from my work email at a rival/competitor.
        Last I heard, those girls (both in sales and HR) lost their jobs and were forced to go back to the U.S. without visas. Take a principled stand and people notice, even if you may not directly benefit from the results.
        The problem isn’t that women work in HR, the problem is that women work. Period. I have three sisters and want them to have the same opportunities that I do, but the hard truth is that they simply can’t hack it in competitive business environments. Never have I had a male employee cry over an honest reprimand, call off 3-5 days per month because of cramps, or fake harassment claims to gain political favor or sympathy.
        When I walk into an office and see a woman in a position of leadership, I first grumble a bit, but then think to myself, “at least this company believes in charity.”

        1. LOL, thanks for the response. Good to hear. I hope everyone here follows. I have, and I will again if necessary.

        2. At two of my previous jobs, about half of the women I worked with ended up getting pregnant (at both jobs). Meaning they did less and less work as the pregnancies progressed until they gave birth and quit. Then I get called out by some over-the-top flamboyant gay white knight for explaining why I don’t like working with women (the pregnancy thing being only one of the many, many reasons). At least I kept it trill.

    2. When I was getting my MBA, the women students complained when the professors would publicly post grades and test results.

  6. Here is the real moral of the story. Start your own business. Keep your number of employees below 15 (outsource as much as you can) to keep the EEOC out of your hair, and make sure your business is not in a state that has anti-discrimination laws. Do all that and you can run your shop like you want to. That or go off-shore…

    1. This right here. I ejected from a director job in corporate America last year after having enough of the gyno-culture dysfunction. I would be the lone male in a room of 20 mid-level and senior managers, and would still hear carping about “the glass ceiling” and other absurdities from six-figure, passive-aggressive harpies with the largest senses of entitlement I have ever seen in my life. Had a non-performing temp make a five figure mistake after several weeks of absenteeism and lots of counseling. She was knocked-up of course, so when I terminated her contract, I got slapped with an EEOC suit from her. Her performance was irrelevant. I only canned her because she was pregnant, apparently. I beat the suit because I documented everything three times over and kept our HR people in the loop at the first hint of trouble from this clown, but the way I was perceived as guilty by the organization until proven innocent was disgusting. No more of that.
      I now work in a field that has a physical fitness requirement and have an LLC doing some cool stuff on the side. I make less money, but spend my days in the field, outdoors, and doing things that tax me physically as well as mentally instead of sitting in conference rooms playing fuck-fuck games with insane people.
      Sometimes you gotta Go Galt.

    2. I do that – it’s better by far – however you still wind up having to deal with clients, paying clients who become important, who put ditzy secretaries and rude HR chicks in charge of dealing with things they shouldn’t be – there seems to be no avoiding the pompous mindlessness, the rudeness, the entitled, shameless bad taste and idiocy. Remove women from the work force.

      1. That really is the only solution. Jack’s advice is better than nothing, but the ultimate goal has to be prohibiting women from working in anything other than nursing, teaching, childcare, etc.

        1. hmmm? No TY. Sometimes I wonder if bigots like you are feminist trolls? The problem is the all girls club mentality. Break that mentality and the problem will solve itself.
          The only way to to move forward is to sue. I know it may seem uncomfortable, but if enough guy’s sue, corporations will be forced to change their policies.

    3. Do you mind letting us know which states don’t have those laws? Are you in a state like that?

  7. I worked retail for a number of years in a managerial position and I am now thankfully in a more male-oriented industry. When I was in retail NOTHING was good enough for any woman…and it never had anything to do with the actual job or maintaining a profitable business. They would complain about the smallest of trifles while the men shut up and did their work. I never told anyone but I consciously hired men–they were mostly teenagers in this field, so not really boys per se–because women were too much hassle.

    1. Thank you for introducing me to the phrase “male-oriented.” Really was looking for a replacement for the off-putting “male-dominated” term”

      1. P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }
        And what is wrong with dominance? Women love dominance, which
        rank-and-file men lack not oversupply. A man is successful or not by
        his ability to dominate. Finesse with beat crudity, of course. There
        is only one alpha to a woman, and it’s usually the gubermint on
        behalf of elite men we don’t see and have more pussy than they care
        to feed much less date or screw.
        Like Saul Alinsky said, don’t mince words. Civilization is
        dominance by the able. Conquest is amoral like the universe.
        Political bros create a moral code for themselves, and the rest of
        morality is poppycock.
        Male Conquest!
        Male Dominance!
        Male Popular Sovereignty!
        That is the esssence upon which
        civilization is made.
        There is no need for centralized
        control to exclude women from the workplace. Let the ecosystem clean
        itself naturally WITHOUT excessive gubermint control. For now, stop
        trying to help corporate businesses economically. Help them
        politically and help yourself economically if you are in that
        situation. Caring about the bottom line of a feelings-industry
        company is like jumping in front of a bus to save every princess in
        America. Not one will know or care who you are.
        Q.E.D Dominance is not a dirty word or
        a dirty thing of itself. Feminine dominance, garbage.

    2. How about hire decent human beings? Really, when you hold women’s feet to the fire they often shape up quickly. You just have to act like a human being(you see the concept of masculinity in America, or to “be a man”, was created by traditionalist women to enslave men. Mothers for generations intentionally raised their sons to be codependent so as to ensure a home and hearth for another woman. So with older women, when you bring gender into the equation, at a sub-conscious level, they think you are lower then them)

      1. I disagree with the first part of your comment. Why would they “shape up quickly” when there are ever-escalating levels of white knights and bureaucracy all too willing to indulge such solipsism? It’s hard to make a stand against this stuff when everyone else is normalizing this antisocial behavior.

  8. The mention of “temp” made me cringe a bit. It brought up old and painful memories of when I was a temp for a time in my 20s.
    Not surprisingly, the worst temp jobs I ever had was when I worked in an office setting, with women. More often than not, I got cut from the job barely a week into the assignment because I had pissed of some older woman who had been there for more than ten years and was just skating by because she leaned on her hubby’s earnings.
    The best temp job I remember was one involving labor. Painting, hauling trash, a bit of carpentry work. What originally was to be a week-long job turned into three weeks. The secret? I shut up and did my work, and the owner was a man working with men.

    1. Hey man. I can relate to some of those experiences. The best job I have ever had was working in a warehouse. And you are right. Getting along with coworkers was easy. They were all men.
      Women are born to make babies and nurture their families. Period. Office jobs and cultures are feminine. Let us work on developing real skills like engineering and foreign languages for example, and boycott all the business schools and other bullshit manufacturing departments.

      1. Warehouse jobs are some of the best. You tend to work alone and can see the results rather quickly.

        1. We had no supervision. Only deadlines.We spent 1/3 of our time smoking weed. Listening to music all the time. The man who paid us was very laid back and would only ask us how we had been doing by the end of the day.

  9. Go google “Adria Richards” if you want an example of how little it takes to get fired if a woman decides some remark you made makes her “uncomfortable.”
    For those who’ve not heard of her, she attended a tech conference a few months back and overheard two men making an innocuous joke about big “dongles”. The men weren’t speaking to her, it was a private conversation, and obviously the “dongles” refer to male sexual organs and not female.
    Never the less, she decides to snap a picture of the two men, and send out a tweet witht he message:
    “Not cool. Jokes about forking repo’s in a sexual way and “big” dongles. Right behind me #pycon.”
    The result, the guy who made the joke gets let go from his job.
    This is how little it takes these days- one off color remark, one joke at the company happy-hour that gets interpreted the wrong way, and you can suddenly find yourself in hot water. And of course, if it happens in some public venue like the Adria Richards case, your shame/infamy gets to live on forever as an employer is just a Google search away from discovering all about your past transgressions against the sisterhood.

    1. Richards is also an example of how fight back against that entitled, self appointed hall monitor bullshit.
      When the story got out, a shitstorm of nerd rage convinced Richards’ employers to boot her ass to the curb as well.

    2. It’s so odd for me to hear of a constrained work world, because engineering school is so free. As far as I could tell in my undergrad, it was the most free department at my university. At age 17, in my Orientation week, the Sophomore guys (and a few gals) running the events sang incredibly lewd, non-PC songs and drove us off campus to a bar known for being frequented by bikers. The next year, they took people off campus (you can get away with more off campus) and had mud wrestling, including women in bikinis. And eng chicks are so chill. There was one complaint about Orientation Week events, by a self-described feminist, in my entire school experience, trying to reform the rampant potty humour and pranking. One bloody complaint. And what she wanted was “equal representation of lewd songs such about men by women.”
      And in Montreal Massacre week, held to talk publicly about how violence toward women relates to female representation in engineering (I kid you not; this is the implicit thesis), the student newspaper has never found a single female engineering student to complain about a “chilly male climate”. Every quote (that I’ve read, at least; I should qualify that) is how much they like the environment of engineering. The boys are cool, etc.
      Tech companies have sold their souls if they fired someone over a joke. That bitch should be slapped upside the head for ruining the fun for everyone.

      1. Adria Richards isnt an engineer, she was an “evangelist” which is basically a one man PR expert. She was probably some ditzy marketing or communications major and her job entailed going to events and promoting her company. If she understood her job, to make friends and network and promote her company, this never would have happened.

  10. Feminists live in some delusional bubble where they talk like men have ALL the power. Even if he had called her a cunt or something, that’s not grounds for termination. I’ve taken and given much worse insults at work, in direct confrontations, not what may or may not have been said behind someone’s back. Everyone just shrugs them off.
    Female privilege is the ability to inflict real world consequences based on your hurt feels.
    Female privilege is having people pity, or even care about your emotions.

  11. I was fired from my job 3 years ago for almost the exact same reasons. Unsubstantiated claims about a “hostile work environment” I was creating for a female co-worker who also happened to be a minority (Hispanic.) As a white male, I had no chance of saving my job, just like Greg in this story.
    The long and short of it is this. This “lady” I worked with was very vocal about being a far left feminist, anti-White type of person. An Obama worshiper, Cesar Chavez fan, etc. Of course, I wasn’t allowed to say anything back to her or voice my own views in the “new” America. But I did anyway.
    Even though I still to this day don’t see anything wrong with what I said, nor was anything I said any more “insensitive” than her views, I was shuffled out the door with the famous “we’ve decided to move in a different direction” BS because the gelded General Manager wanted to avoid a lawsuit either way.
    So, I know from experience that women hold all the cards at work.

    1. “Hugo Chavez”, not Cesar. And Chavez died some months ago of cancer (part of the sudden “wave” of cancer in South American leftist leaders). I still don´t understand why you need to be from the Right to see the faults with American Feminism and the workplace. I am a Socialist, proponent of Market Socialism, and a huge supporter of Marx as a scientist, and still I see what is happening. What people in this site call Cultural Marxism does not have too much to do with anything Marx ever wrote or thought (if something, it is known that Marx was a player when he was not trying to make science).

  12. Lol, all Greg needed was a decent lawyer. This shit would never fly if he had one.

  13. Either this story is bullshit or Greg is the world’s biggest pansy. That woman basically admitted in front of a judge that they got him fired under false pretenses. Why did he not sue?

    1. Exactly. I don’t care how time-consuming it would’ve been, if he sued the bitch (and if he had a decent lawyer,) he wouldn’t be in this situation.

    2. It is usually easier to look for new work than to get embroiled in a lawsuit.
      Considering that a lawsuit could drag on for years and drain your life in the process it may be best to just put it behind you. Doing well is the best revenge.

  14. In some ways, all of this is a good thing. The reason for this is that as they keep getting worse, they will be completely unable to deny it, or shame others into going along or else. Everyone will get sick of them, and then ask how did they get here.
    That will be our moment. We will inform them, if they don’t already know, how feminists and the herd mentality of women conspired together to ensure that all taxpayers, mainly men and men getting the worst of it, paid for the 75% of the law is built to subsidize them into the work force. Simultaneously denying that women cannot work without being subsidized regardless if they have the pill or not. Even women who opt out of children for one reason or another need subsidies and top shelf health care to work. Women who have always worked regardless will not be phased at all by a return to old patrilineal ways of doing business. They will probably be glad most of them, and not mourn the loss of their more wayward sisters.
    The other cool thing, even though we must wait for it, is that a dark age (loss of intellectual/information/knowledge will be almost impossible. When all men realize that our ancestors scorned and ridiculed women for the reasons we see here in the manosphere, women are not going to be too pleased in the West when everyone, including other women, tell them to STFU.

    1. “In some ways, all of this is a good thing. The reason for this is that
      as they keep getting worse, they will be completely unable to deny it,
      or shame others into going along or else. Everyone will get sick of
      them, and then ask how did they get here.” yes learn to enjoy the downward spiral

  15. At this point, there is nothing we men can do to save America. We need to just drop out of society, let women be “independent” and support themselves. Once these corporations have 100 percent female employees, they will very rapidly go out of business.
    Just let women have their way, and they will destroy themselves. IN the meantime, drop out of society and go your own way.

    1. Women are competing for jobs but are not creating them. Other than
      providing a mass market for their vanity products, they are not forging
      new industries or technologies. They are marginalizing that small
      percentage of men who passionately innovate, destroy, and create ideas
      and take the risks to drive them to actualization
      Though men shank me and insult me, only men provide me with
      opportunity. Women can only insult me and deprive me of opportunity.
      Only men, and only a small fraction of them, take the risks that create
      industry and opportunity. Women can only serve as mere functionaries in
      man-created structures. When an organization becomes feminized, priority
      shifts from efficient and profitable production of goods and services
      to development of labarynthine rules for the comfort and security of
      women. Ossification and organizational death are inevitable.

      1. ” When an organization becomes feminized, priority
        shifts from efficient and profitable production of goods and services
        to development of labarynthine rules for the comfort and security of
        women. Ossification and organizational death are inevitable.”
        Well said.

        1. Frenchification would be a better term. By using terms like wussification, feminization and other such terms, you invite conflict when no conflict should be had.
          The problem isn’t with the biological nature of the workers, but with the conceptual actions and in-actions of some workers that contribute to a hostile working environment for men.

    2. They are already destroying themselves. Sitting at a desk in front of a computer, commuting inside a metal box, listening to cacophonic street and office sounds on a daily basis hurts your health.
      Plus the conflicts, the alcohol, late nite parties and processed food…
      Fuck, we gotta do something. Office Women are suiciding in mass.

  16. This happens to men every day. The employer will 99 times out of 100 always fire the man even with little to no evidence to back up a claim. All that most companies require is two or more complaints filed against the same employee within a reasonable amount of time. That’s it. HR will do an “investigation” which will involve formalizing the complaints and then you get the axe. Why does it always work like this? Well, an employer has a legal liability if reports of sexual harassment are treated with “willful disregard”. You can’t have “willful disregard” if you get rid of the man every time. It makes it look like the employer is being anything but. In fact most courts would probably consider the practice to be “progressive and pro-active”. (I mean why would a woman lie about something so serious….)
    Sure, depending on the State, a man fired in such a manner most likely has several solid legal claims. But, the problem is prosecuting those claims in civil court. Unless you have some legal training it is usually cost prohibitive. Even if you can get legal fees as part of your damages you are still going to have to front tens of thousands in lawyer bills. To make it even close to effective your damages would need to be $100,000 or more. Most claims that you would be able to make and prove in court won’t come close. Also, don’t think once you lawyer up and start making noise about a lawsuit the insurance company will want to settle immediately. Maybe 10-15 years ago they would be happy to give you a few thousand bucks just to go away. But then everyone started doing that so the insurance companies have gone back to vigorously fighting lawsuits. The only time you are going to get any type of settlement is 1) if the facts are absolutely horrible for the employer and 2) your request for damages seems reasonable in that probably no more then 1-3 months of salary paid out as liquidated damages.
    If you do find yourself in a situation where you are unjustly accused of harassment and fired make sure to document everything and talk with an employment attorney. He will lay out how good of a case you have and how any lawsuit might work out. But, absent extraordinary facts and circumstances, your best bet will usually be to give your former employer a very reasonable pre-complaint settlement offer. Sign all the paperwork and take your few thousands bucks and walk. Dismiss any fanciful ideas of getting justice after your day in court. That is just not going to happen unless you are independently wealthy and can front the legal bills.

    1. It isn’t just restricted to work. I’ve had women try to kick me out of my own apartment via legal technicalities for minor issues such as not liking the noise that the laundry produces.

    2. Fuck that shit. The day you catch wind of an HR investigation should be the day you find yourself “injured” from repetitive stress or some other bullshit and file a workers’ compensation claim. Alternatives: blow the whistle if you have any dirt on your company; go on any protected leave. Any of the above puts HR on the defensive, as you can leverage a potential retaliatory termination claim a hell of a lot better than you can pursue an ordinary wrongful termination after the fact. It might save your job. Dishonest? Sure. But it’s your choice: hate the player or hate the game.

  17. This is a sad and rather common situation. The worst part is that Greg would generally not have any legal recourse or wrongful termination claims against the employer for being terminated, however false the accusations were.

  18. Be careful guys; you are smart, educated, productive. This will make you envy of the whole welfare mooch world of all kinds of sexes. Most of the wealth created by hardworking men could be one day inherited by some slime female, texting yahooos on the face book. One advice, you know something better than others, or skills superior, never share with others, use it your advantage, be selfish always!

  19. This is why the “man up” shaming tactic is so disingenuous. He WAS manning up by working hard at a job that gave him a good income, yet he was fired because he hurt someone’s feelings.
    Note that even men who are smart by avoiding marriage are now suffering, by merely working with women.
    Men share their stories. There is a delay between events like this and action, but you have to wonder what outcome is in store for a society and economy where they are being treated this way.

    1. Yeah, I believe the wonderful libtard play is called “Cities on Fire, and we don’t mean queer!”

    2. Even beta nerds are getting the message. Here’s an open letter to Jeff Bezos:
      “One day that all changed. Our experienced team leader was transferred
      to a different department. A few of the temps, who had been on the
      project since X-Ray’s inception, applied for the now vacant position of
      project manager. I was convinced the position would be filled by one of
      two individuals who had trained me and acted as point people for
      questions and concerns when the manager was in a meeting. None of the
      temps who applied for the position got it, which most of us on the team
      found confusing because they were basically already doing the job.
      An outsider was brought in who knew nothing about X-Ray. I was later
      told the new manger was hired based on management experience. She spent her first week being trained by one of the temps who had been deemed unqualified for the product manager position. After spending a week training the manager, and being her go-to person for the next three
      weeks whenever there was a problem, he was let go because he reached the maximum of eleven months on his contract. Since the new manager never completely grasped the program, she asked a select few of the oldest temps to train the newest temps. It seemed to me that these people were not chosen based on merit or capability, but more like she was putting
      together her own collection of “cool” kids. The best way to be put in a
      leadership role was be a pretty girl or a dude who used liberal amounts
      of Axe hair gel.
      As experienced temps left and new ones rolled in, the breakdown
      began. Temps who had not paid attention in training were now training
      new temps. Different temps were teaching different techniques and it
      wasn’t long before the quality of work suffered. As witness to the poor
      quality, I made a few attempts to express my concerns, but none of my
      suggestions were implemented. When one of the higher-ups checked our
      work and realized that mistakes were being overlooked, performance
      scorecards were implemented….
      … By my final month, it was difficult to care. I did quality work. I was
      one of only a handful of employees who didn’t need their work checked
      before pushing it to live status, but as far as the rest of the team was
      concerned I’d lost my enthusiasm for the project.”
      This is how MGTOW.

  20. It’s just like having an alpha female as a supervisor. Your maleness is reason enough to be treated like crap.

  21. I was working on the HAMP review for Promontory reviewing mortgages for abuse by lenders. Prior to my hire they hired underwriters to do the review (note: no college degree, black single mothers), after seeing the volume of work they brought in lawyers and MBA’s to get through the mortgage documents. One of the ghetto single mothers, Patrica decided she wanted me and did what ghetto people do and treated work like the high school dating scene.
    I rebuffed her advances because she was disgusting, had a shitty ghetto attitude, wore her religion on her sleeve, and was a single mother. She never had a chance in hell with me . I let her down nicely , but she took rejection poorly. She accused me of trying to steal her I phone charger (Ghetto), then went on to tell me that god would punish me as he had others who crossed her (Ghetto). She then went out of her way to curry favor with our manager who was a soft bitch himself.
    When our work metric for the month came , out of 350 employees I was number 2 in production, She was 297. I began to completely ignore Patrica , and focused on keeping my numbers high. This enraged her , and she continued to act out in any way possible to get my attention.
    Finally after a grueling day she started again with her bullshit and I told her in no uncertain terms that I was not attracted and to fuck off. She and the other women conspired to get rid of me and called my legal staffing agency and said the magic words “hostile work environment”. You already know how this ends. The experience changed me for the better, I understand now in this world you must make yourself female subordinate to survive the corporate world. I turned my back on working for someone else and I am in Medical School in a three year MD/PhD program ready to do my own shit, be it intellectual property or practicing medicine I will not deal with these bitches on their terms again!

    1. something is missing here. Feel like we’re not getting the whole story or the true story.

      1. The Sherlock Holmes troll shows up to solve a mystery in the comments section. Whodathunkit?

      2. Absolutely true, real company name, real ghetto bitches name, only my name was changed because trolls suck.

        1. Why didn’t you tell her “I’ve started seeing somebody”? The man version of “I have a boyfriend”. Why did the other women take her side? Something’s not adding up here, sorry.

        2. Not only did let everyone in the review room know I was seeing someone (I do not date in the workplace, If you fuck with women were you make your money, you fuck up your money) I flat out ignored her, gave her the coldest of shoulders and made it evident that I was completely uninterested in even talking to her. She would not take fuck off for an answer. Vaughn, believe it or not , sometimes women take rejection poorly and get vindictive. I have had it happen before, just never in the workplace. The most fucked up thing about it is she was not even remotely on my level in terms of looks, education or attitude. Everything I find distasteful about ghetto ass women she literately embodied. Does that add up?

        3. I had this issue as well and sent Roissy a message about it hoping he would post an article; no dice. Basically I asked Roissy if if was best to pursue a sexual harassment claim on a woman as a preemptive measure to her making one on you. We all get caught up in being MALE victims of harassment but truth is it works both ways. I learned that “harassment” happens the minute one party gets offended. Y’all can be sleeping together, dating, whatever and the minute one person gets offended and voices concerns its harassment and the other party’s fault.
          It’s a pussy move that lacks any accountability but when it comes to the workplace, much like “dont shit where you eat” I have a “dont fuck around with your livelyhood” mentality and will do anything it takes to not get fucked. I asked Roissy what he though and never got a response. Pre-emptive HR harassment claims would make a good thread on ROK

        4. 1. Why should he have to? I’m sure the company probably had a sexual harrasment policy. A normal person after getting a polite “no” would have stopped further advances.
          2. They are women, of COURSE they are going to take her side, because vagina.

  22. This article is right on time. I remember a couple of years ago, I taught night classes at the local community college in my area, and I taught classes for almost two years, until one semester a loud, obnoxious, and aggressive Black single mother was placed in my class. She was unmotivated, difficult, and would disrupt class constantly. At first I even tried to appeal to her conscious, by stating she should become motivated to succeed if not for herself then for her child. This suggestion was met more disdain and aggression from her, until her antics were so over the line, that I called the security guard and the administrators to remove her from the class. She left cursing and slamming the door while leaving the building. My colleagues asked me what happened after she left, and I my side of the story.
    I was placed on suspension while HR reviewed my case, even with eye witness statements from other students, then during the meeting I was told I was terminated because I was “confrontational” by asking her leave, and she lied by saying I cursed at her. I never had a complaint nor any confrontation in the two years at this local community college. She went around bragging that she got me fired, and weeks later I saw her on my lunch break standing on the corner with her child in the stroller, smoking Black n Milds with the local thugs shooting dice. Apparently she had dropped out of night school, and this is who I lost my job behind and my tax money is wasted on.
    The “hostile work environment” is created by women today not men. On previous jobs I’ve worked women gossip, spread rumors, argue, make excuses, and do everything under the sun except work productively. HR is a tool used now to punish men who don’t get in line with the program. Extreme feminism has crept into the workplace and it is costing men their very livelihood at the expense of the “you go girl” toxic culture that exists with women today. I’m currently working on a certification in my field of study so I can create my own business to control my economic and employment status, because I can’t deal with the man hating misandric working environment anymore. GYOW as a man is becoming a necessity even in the work place now.

    1. I can barely imagine a scenario where a male would complain about a “hostile work environment.” Even in the most extreme situations that might warrant it, I suspect he’d be shamed into “manning up” (i.e. ignoring it), especially if the complaint was lodged against a female coworker.

      1. I can imagine a scenario like that, if he were gay or… I’m sure can probably think of a few others.

      2. I was in a hostile work environment once in my blue-pill/non-masculine days. I was a researcher with a female manager/supervisor. She was known to be a psycho bitch from hell but nobody in the university did anything about her. She used every opportunity to denigrate and humiliate me.
        Her husband worked in the same field and our research project used his data. I resigned when she ordered me to write in a paper that her husband’s results were statistically significant when they weren’t. There was no statistically significant difference between his results and the control data set. When I refused and resigned, she told me I had a ‘moral duty’ to continue working with her.
        I had an exit interview with the dean of the faculty. I laid a complaint of attempted academic malpractice and a toxic work environment.
        Nothing was done. The approach was to ignore her.

      3. I did, but only in retaliation after I fought off a false accusation. I got a good, female lawyer who thought HR and Feminism was bullshit, then proceeded to use that company’s rules against them. It was fucking great.

    1. I know a girl who just accused her boss of harrassment, he took a photo of the mess she left behind after finishing work. She is always on sick leave and is late. They can’t fire her because it’s a huge multinational that does things like hire intellectually disabled people etc.

  23. Infuriating story. I am sensing that it is a bit biased, and I hope to god it is, cause man what an blood curdling story.

  24. How do I not be in gregs situation if I am faced with an incompetent female?
    I cannot think of way to run her hamster and get her to do a better job, any suggestions ?

    1. If an HR lady is headed in your direction with a body in tow you can be sure that is is an attempt to dump an incompetent on you. Try to resist if you can find any way to wiggle out of it.

  25. One of my female employees has been pregnant for almost 2 months and has already taken 14 days ‘sickness’ due to the pregnancy. She is one of life’s milkers of a situation, you just knew she would and the next 7 months are now going to be an ongoing struggle.
    In contrast however, I have another female employee who has worked through major illness and treatment.
    Point is that it depends on the individual as to how exploitative they are of the system. But it certainly takes the biscuit when someone does this and exploits a system that is in place solely to protect vulnerable people.

  26. Yup. That’s why men need to get out of jobs and leave this BS of running so called companies to the ladies.
    Eventually, they’ll all get run into the ground.
    What’s worse, is the men in leadership positions who’ve adapted to the form of femmi-terrorism in the workplace and do everything to keep men from being men at work. Since they also lack a penis and balls to make simple decisons against female ineptitude and misbehavior, the are really on different. I’ve had it happen to me where I had to call in my team over a weekend to make up work that one stupid female didn’t complete. In my frustration, I used the term “dicking around” to describe the inaction of another division. Well, you thought I had used the “f” word like gangsta rapper.
    the following Monday am I was in HR’s office with my absentee manager (a co-called male) only to be handed my severance package and let go.
    I’ve even found this anit-male, HR Bs a real obstacle when working for myself in a consulting role. Same situation — office over populated with stupid girls who can neither do the work nor manage their time. They are only their because their female compadres chose them over a qualified male to equalize the workplace, or some beta male with a hard-on for the girl made the decision to hire her. I can’t tell you how many incompetent females I found sucking up the company’s money, contributing nothing, and creating HR nightmares in the process. This is in the software and IT industries.
    My only solution is to build your own business offshore, in a place without so many silly laws and attorneys to beat you up with them. I also recommending to never hire women for anything that a man can do.

  27. Luckily all my dealings with HR shrews have made clear their incompetence, but I haven’t run into any active malice

  28. The only male HR person I’ve ever dealt with relied heavily on testing and other objective criteria. Shocking, I know.

  29. My firm had a sexual misconduct lawsuit just like this one, but worse. It ended up destroying the company completely. The woman who filed it was batshit…I mean really a kook, alleged that a burned piece of bread in the toaster was creating “toxic chemicals” in the air and therefore we should be shut down by OSHA. Filed the lawsuit in a city 100 miles away that we had never even visited. Broke every legal rule in the book. But the judge would not do anything about any of this.
    The key to remember is that the legal system is utterly corrupt. Judges routinely allow things that they are officially no supposed to. The reason is, they simply want to see more lawsuits to keep their lawyer buddies employed. I didn’t believe it could be this bad until I saw it myself.

  30. Interesting in my workplace how HR warns all the men about off colour jokes, but when our new office manager promptly started having sex with one of our accounting staff, HR turned a blind eye. Even though our HR policy strictly forbids inter-office copulation between staff. I guess some are more equal than others, and some behaviours more acceptable than others.
    But he is their new golden boy hiring and management don’t want to look stupid I guess.

  31. No, they have complete control over suckers–which is most men. If you don’t show some fiscal rectitude and don’t try to fight for your own freedom, you will be a slave to the people you work for. It’s really that simple. If you have some sort of freedom, you simply just quit. If you’re not a slave, you have the choice of quitting any time you want. No sensible person even puts up with bullshit anywhere close to that.

  32. This is so incredibly true! I currently work in an organization that has 100% female leadership (it’s a public institution). There is constant drama, discussion of ‘feelings’ and assorted left-wing clap-trap every single day. We male workers all do our best to fly under the radar. We’ve discussed this amongst ourselves numerous times. One effeminate young man who always chose to be ‘one of the girls’ was recently canned, and we all postulate that it was because of his efforts to act like he was part of the gynocracy. Funny thing is, most of our female coworkers have admitted at one time or another that they hate having female bosses. We just stare blankly because we know if we agree they will turn on us at some point. It is so sad that in a female-dominated workplace everyone has to constantly look over their shoulders. When I’ve had male bosses the work environment was so much more above board. (Except for the time when an affirmative action hire was put into power.)

  33. This is why I wear a spy camera disguised as a pen EVERY DAY at work! EVERY interaction I have with co-workers, customers, and bosses is recorded. I recommend every other man who cannot play a minority/gay ‘Get Out of HR Jail Free’ card do the same!

  34. Several years ago I applied for and was given one of two positions with my local government. The position was a technical position. The other identical position was given to a woman with technical education.
    Approximately a year after being hired I was out for a coffee with my supervisor. He and I had the same educational/training background and he had mentioned that he had wanted to hire myself and another similarly trained person for the two positions that had been open. I asked why hadn’t he done so. He told me that HR had told him to hire the woman that was currently in the other position because she had met the minimum qualifications required for the job, even though there had been at least 2 other better qualified men that had applied. Their reason being that there were few women in the field and hiring women for non traditional jobs one of the policies of the current government.
    After 3 years my supervisor retired I applied for his position (and so did my female workmate) and won the competition. After 5 years I quit this position and started my own company using my experience and training I received there. Now I am doing well and very happy with my life.
    My female counterpart, performed with mediocre results until she quit to take a job that was in her words “less stressful”. I can’t help but think that some poor guy got screwed out of a good job that could have led him to starting his own successful company like myself and several other men from the department did.

  35. Great article. This is why men need to run their own business, or only hire men if they have the ability to hire and fire. Working a government job in Australia should be avoided for your own mental health. The toxic politics women bring to a workplace must be avoided at all costs.
    And you can bet fat, ugly HR feminists will always want to hire a woman instead of a man…

  36. One by one, I’d track both those bitches down and fuck them up. There are lots of ways. See, broads pull this shit because they believe the fellas will do nothing about it. They think they can shit on anyone they want without consequence. I’ve arranged divorces, embarrassment with children and their mothers and strife with their husbands and wives to co-workers, some male, some female that fucked with me at work. This is people’s lives these folks are fucking with. And for what? They do for sport and spite. That’s women and pussy men. They actually believe there is NEVER a consequence, they behave with impunity. Well, sometimes there is a consequence.

  37. Just had two layoffs at my job. Now, there are more women than men and the product is getting crappier by the day because women are only good at making power points and having meetings; and not actually troubleshooting tech problems. So, it is down to a few men to fix all the bugs but to be honest, there are too many to actually fix with such few men. Sucks but this is the way it is

  38. Going back to the late ’80s my first and only regular office job was working in a bank. At first it was a gas because I was in my early 20s and settling multi-million dollar securities transactions. My second day on the job I co-signed a $20 million cheque. On a few occasions I had to complete a $50 million bond deal with only a 5 minute window or else the client would lose more in overnight interest than I made in a year.
    The fun ended when I got moved to a different desk that dealt with small investors and their advisors. No more 8-figure deals or extended phone calls to Europe or the Cayman Islands. All of a sudden my client load went up by a factor of 5 plus I had to deal with whatever idiots were giving them advice. I actually spent an entire afternoon resolving why $0.15 was missing from some old lady’s dividend cheque. It was brutal.
    There was an identical desk and the bank hired girl fresh out of college. She was 22 and had a degree in sociology or something. By the end of the first week she had three crying fits where she left her desk and go to the washroom. As for me, I took a full time position with the army as unit quartermaster a couple of months after.
    Twenty years later I was a lawyer. In 4 years I had three professional complaints against me. All of the complainants were women (one female lawyer and two ex-wives of my clients). The complaints went about their merry way through the bureaucracy of the regulatory body until they landed on the desk of a man, at which point the WTF? factor cut in and the process came to a halt.
    I’ve met some really talented women in my life but generally they don’t deal with stress well and will run to the nearest, sympathetic authority figure (be it a cop, an equity officer or an HR manager) when things get rough.

  39. Your conclusion is partially bullshit. Greg should have sued. That is the only way this shit will ever end. I imagine a company asking about prior lawsuits in an interview would be actionable. There are victims and there are volunteers.

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