How Feminists Attack The Traditional Woman

It is not uncommon to hear feminists boil their ideology down to the desire to facilitate choice for women, and allow them to select one or more of many paths in their professional and personal lives without fear of constriction by traditional sex roles.

These words are one thing, but do feminist actions believe them? It would appear so. Take, for example, the case of Michelle Obama. At the 2012 Democratic Convention, she gave a powerful speech introducing her husband. Though her words were generally viewed in a positive light when taken as a whole, this particular bit near the end of the address drew some controversy:

And I say all of this tonight not just as First Lady…and not just as a wife.
You see, at the end of the day, my most important title is still “mom-in-chief.”
My daughters are still the heart of my heart and the center of my world.


Michelle Obama’s address had taken many interesting turns that seemed to please feminist masses on their surface, from descriptions of her own mother’s perseverance against a racist patriarchy to the respect given to the role Barack’s grandmother played in his development. Her desire to own the title “mom-in-chief”, however, disappointed many:

It was, I think, the only off-key moment in the whole transcendent address…
…Here we have a Princeton- and Harvard-educated woman, one who out-earned her husband for much of their marriage, and could bring down the house at the Democratic Convention with one of the best political speeches in memory, telling her life story without a mention of her own legal career. A woman whose political instincts — ones that have been shown to be formidable — clearly tell her that her bona fides, her palatability, is still tied to being seen as mom and wife.

Michelle Obama is an Ivy League educated lawyer with a resume that includes work at some of the nation’s most prestigious firms. As the First Lady of the United States, she is without a doubt one of the most influential females on the planet. Many feminists took all of this in and began to plan her tenure as First Lady out for her: she was going to “lean in”, take on tough issues, be outspoken and transcend the traditional role of the first lady by not being a passive bystanding mom and wife committed primarily to supporting her children and her husband:


I am still trying to make my peace with Michelle’s culminating “mom-in-chief” line. The underlying sentiment is unassailable: “My daughters are still the heart of my heart and the center of my world.” But why does mom-in-chief have to be the most important thing this strong, vibrant woman tells us about herself as she flexes the strange but considerable power of the office of first lady?

Instead, Michelle Obama decided she’d rather be “mom-in-chief”, and the feminist knee-jerk reaction was one of intense discomfort.

Obama with daughters Sasha and Malia speak via satellite in Denver

Should that be the case? As I noted before, Michelle Obama has plenty going for her. With her education, work experience and highly visible, influential platform, there’s plenty she could do. No man, not even her husband, would be able to stop her from taking a path more firmly divorced from notions of “traditional” femininity. On the contrary, Barack would put his own political future at stake if he were seen to be doing so. Nobody has forced Michelle Obama to embrace the role of “mom-in-chief” ahead of others and circumstances have not done so either. She has just taken the role that she wanted to take. It was her choice, and she made it freely.

s-michelle-obama-pinterest-large640.jpg w=655

Isn’t this what feminists have said they wanted all along and continue to say that they desire? The ability for women everywhere to be able to choose, absent any coercion, the role they have in life? Shouldn’t Michelle Obama’s exercise of this choice be seen as a triumph for feminism? Michelle Cottle doesn’t think so. Quite the contrary: she believes that Michelle Obama is a feminist nightmare.

Recently, the first lady has been receiving a bit of bad press about her apparent lack of gritty and politically charged actions. Jennifer Steinhauer of The New York Times wrote that after nearly five years of evangelizing exercise and good eating habits, Michelle is finally moving more deeply into policy with her move to help with the higher education program. Cottle furthers this message by writing ‘enough already with the pining for a Michelle Obama who simply doesn’t exist.’

Cottle believes that Michelle has never been, nor will she ever be, a feminist or political icon because she copped out of taking charge in The White House and left her husband to dabble in politics while she took on the role of “Supermum”. Cottle states that the first lady is just ‘who she is’ and so will not surprise any of us in her last few years in her post.

Cottle is not alone in this thinking. Leslie Morgan Steiner, the author of Mommy Wars, wrote: ‘Are fashion and body-toning tips all we can expect from one of the most highly educated First Ladies in history?’ Keli Goff, a writer for African-American online magazine Root, told Cottle that she considers it ‘a national shame that she’s not putting the weight of her office behind some of these issues.’ Furthermore, Mrs. Obama is not helping us to think differently – she told us outright in her speech to the Democratic National convention last year that her most important role is ‘still mom-in-chief’, and she has appeared on multiple TV programs and news shows dancing, talking about children and giving us gardening tips. So, there is a backlog of evidence for anger against her.

Despite their insistence on the sanctity of female choice and portrayal of their cause as one that simply seeks to allow women to be able to live their lives as they see fit, feminists remain uncomfortable with women who decide of their own accord to abide by more traditional visions of femininity. Feminists want to portray both kinds of paths (the less traditional, more career-oriented tracks and the more traditional family oriented tracks) as equally worthwhile, but are inherently suspicious of the latter while remaining overly anxious to promote the former. So strong is this suspicion and anxiety that even Michelle Obama, a highly accomplished woman whose family has got to be considered one of the greatest allies feminists have, can’t escape scathing criticism and shaming for picking the “wrong” path.

President Obama And Family Attend Church

All “choices” are equal… but one is more equal. Given that reality, is there really a genuine “choice” available here at all as far as feminists are concerned? Or is this just another example of feminist hypocrisy, one in which they claim to advocate for one thing while actually demanding another?

Feminists work hard to try and promote the notion that they aren’t ballbusters out to “get men” and that they’re not advocating for discrimination against those whose political opinions aren’t clearly in line with the feminist vision of “the new woman” who seeks to “have it all”. This is one of the first things a feminist will respond with when her ideology is challenged by someone:

“Feminism is just equality! Feminism is just choice! That’s all it is – equal treatment and respect for ALL choices! How can you possibly disagree with that?”

And she’d have point. If feminism were solely about equality and the sanctity of female choice, it would be much harder to disagree with. I have no real issue with legal equality or respecting the sanctity of female choice and look at me – I’m a big, bad sexist “misogynist” writing for ROK! If I can get on board with such basic notions of gender progressivism, surely just about any American man can.

First lady Michelle Obama and kids walk at 2012 White House Easter Egg Roll at the White House in Washington

The problem is that this isn’t what feminism is all about. The words sound nice, but actions speak much louder and feminist acts paint a much less inclusive and substantially more hypocritical picture than they prefer to articulate. I don’t have a problem with women choosing to occupy non-traditional roles and being allowed to do so, but I can only maintain such an opinion on one condition: that those women who, for whatever reason, choose NOT to take a more progressive, non-traditional path and prefer adherence to more traditionally feminine goals, lifestyles, and points of view have their choices acknowledged and respected as much as those of their counterparts. I find modern western, mainstream feminism sorely inadequate in its satisfaction of this condition.

Despite feminist claims to the contrary, feminism remains, as a whole, highly hostile to those with more traditional and less progressive views on gender and life, even when said individuals show no real desire to force their view on others and have come to said views absent coercion. Most feminists pay lip service to the notion of “equality of choice”, but in their hearts they are deeply suspicious and largely disapproving of those who are not in line with what they believe a modern woman “should” be.


It’s ironic, isn’t it? Before feminism, there was generally only one acceptable model for how a woman “ought to be”. Women had little choice but to follow it or face heavy criticism. Feminists sought to challenge that model and did so successfully, but replaced it with their own vision of what a woman “ought to be”. Women now have little choice but to follow it or be guilted, shamed, and heavily criticized. We’re right back where we started.

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179 thoughts on “How Feminists Attack The Traditional Woman”

  1. Women deep down know that the outcome our their children’s lives is more important than some bullshit career. If you slave away at some firm till the wee hours of the night neglecting to have children or neglecting kids you already have is that truly fulfilling , I think not. Feminist are at heart angry lesbians , when Gloria Stineheim came along they were happy to have an attractive face on their lies but they knew where their hearts lay. It is not only family and career they despise , look at all traditional female roles. When cheerleaders at UCLA were asking for scholarships under title IX ( due to an injury rate higher than football per captia ) the feminist scouled and neglected to aid them. Feminist are for equality , as long as its their version of equality, and in that version men ain’t equal not by a long shot.

  2. Feminism has eliminated female choice and herded women into the workplace by force, not only by piling hate on house-wives but also by creating no-fault divorce.
    No fault-divorce was instrumental to forcing women into the workplace, because it eliminated the financial security provided by the husband: “if I choose to be a housewife, what happens if hubby disappears”.
    No fault-divorce eliminated trust between the sexes, and forced men into bachelorhood and women into the workplace, as neither side can trust the other anymore.

    1. I hear you. I’m sixteen and have pressure from all sides to get a career or at least a job started ASAP. Part of me would rather not have to work, would rather to be able to have children and a family and take care of them. My mother had that for a few years before the tradgedy. For once in her life she didn’t have to take care of herself and her kids by herself. My father provided that even if he was a bad man(baby raper). I wish everyday my father’s nature had been different so I could have had my mother in my life more(which I have now due to her disability from years and years of hard labor) and I would have had a father to provide for me, care for me, and protect me. No-fault divorce is crap. You have to build a lot of trust before you can even get into a relationship with that person now let alone get married to them. Then you have to build even more trust. And then a woman still needs a career at her back just in case.

        1. Yep. Kind hate his guts for it, kind of pity him for it. He’s a pedophile, did a six year old boy real bad. Hurt my sister too. Part of me wants to kill him for it but the other, more logical part, knows that would only destroy my life more than he did. His nature is the cause of pretty much everything bad about how my mom is. Not as in “it’s all his fault” no she had a choice and she chose to start drinking, chose to become bitter, ect.

    2. No fault-divorce is the main reason smart men don’t marry…
      Why would a smart man gamble his life’s earnings for someone who might sleep around when they get bored?

  3. We all know feminism is about marginalizing men for the generations of male preeminence in civilization. Nothing more. Certainly not the equality that is claimed.

    1. BECAUSE is the TRUTH, women aré noble beings While men aré full inside of testosterone, the hormone which makes them dangerous, most killers aré MEN

      1. So you are a hybrid? Who was your father? An animal or a human being, species-wise?
        What do you plan to do with your womb? Or are you waiting for technology to make it possible for women to be able to reproduce asexually, without semen? You’d get all the estrogen you need then, wouldn’t you?
        Since you are defying nature, I must ask you : are you a fucking retard?

      2. Little lady, almost all of the conveniences you have in your life were either created or built by a MAN. The only reason why you aren’t washing clothes by hand or living with a dirt floor, no electricity, no air conditioning, sanitation, or no running water is because of men. Stop being an ungrateful little tart and start thanking those who’ve made you’re life so much easier than it was just a century ago.

    2. Why ? Lol even nature will get rid of men eventually, read science and how the male sex Will disappear,we need to learn to do everything once you disappear, we dont need the strenght of testosterone with robots, men aré moré violent too, we women aré highly inteligent and have created best-selllers novels like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, El Tiempo Entre Costuras and best-selllers cómic-books like MAGI in Japan

      1. Hello Guest,
        Good luck with the robots things, few of you feminists want to be mechanics, engineers and technicians.
        Too little emotions, too much logical thinking and too much work involved!

      2. And who’s going to build those robots? You?
        Or is it going to be Michio Kaku and other male physicists along with male engineers and technicians?
        I think we know which is more likely.

      3. One thing is for certain: there is no stopping them; the womyne will soon be here. And I for one welcome our new female overlords. I’d like to remind them that as a trusted internet personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves.

  4. That one of these feminists called it “the office of first lady” tells you all you need to know. It’s not an elected position or even a job.

    1. No it’s not, it just means you’re married to the President. You’re roles are wife and since you probably have children, mother. Just as if she wasn’t married to the President, those two roles should come first. Being a good mother and wife are very important. I’m neither yet but if given the choice between giving up a career but being able to properly be taking care of my kids or keep the career of a million hours a week but have my kids resent me for never being there, I’d give up the career. That’s why I don’t want a career where I have to work a bunch of hours(i.e. doctor, lawyer, ect.). I want one with minimal hours, that’s why I like to write, I can make a career out of that but it doesn’t necessarily have to consume all of my time. Working from home I’d be able to stop whenever they need me or just want me. I will never hire a nanny. Because just like Michelle Obama, my primary roles would and should be mother to my children and wife to my husband. There’s nothing wrong with women who chose to have a career and no family. But there’s something seriously wrong with those feminists who thinks her children shouldn’t come first, because that’s just wrong.

      1. You seem level-headed and reasonable, which is something unfortunately more and more rare these days.

        1. Thank you. It does seem to be more and more rare. I went to a high school where reason and level-headed qualities were rare beforeI wanted to get home schooled because I didn’t like the way the courses were set up or the behavior of the people in the school.

        2. Sister men Will go extinct, by that time science Will allow women to have children by themselves, many species aré asexual, lolol do you expect us not to work still? I suspect men Will disappear in a decade even, scientists dont tell many things to not scare people, why do you think Feminism is stronger than ever? Because maybe we aré ver y close to the extinción of men, GIRL POWER

        3. There we go, use some bogus study with some bogus forecast to prove a point that’s been falsified with history. What you’re suggesting will lead to depopulation and the death of our wonderful society and culture.

        4. Dude, the fake radfem troll shtick is great and all, but better used on the youtubes or facebook.

        5. Feminism needs men to make it possible.
          Funding, physical labor, providing for women, and much, much more are provided by men.
          I have yet to see a case where a woman was willing to do nearly backbreaking labor in place of a man. Or willing to work the high-risk jobs men do to keep the basic necessities of life moving.
          “Girl power” sounds more like “Girl weakness” to me.

        6. Again I say, misandrist. If men go extinct, the human race goes extinct, same as if women go extinct. You need both parties to keep it going.

      2. Honey, your goal is admirable, but you have a lot to learn. You can’t be a good, full-time mother/home maker if you intend to “write” or “work from home.” My mum had four kids and was on her feet from dawn to late at night taking care of her husband and children. Cooking from scratch, baking, doing laundry and sewing, cleaning, shopping, helping with homework, reading to her kids at bed time, gardening, taking care of the dog, preparing for holidays and birthdays, car pooling, nursing sick kids, overseeing her kids’ play times and extra-curricular activities, enforcing dating guidelines and curfews … she did a superlative job because she never put anything or anyone above her kids’ welfare — except my father.
        Don’t give your kids a half-assed mother. Plan on “writing” after your kids are grown and out of the house.

      3. This may be somewhat premature on my part, but I absolutely disagree with “GetItGoing”. There is something off about the way you speak and I’ve been trying to put my finger on just what it is. You keep pushing you’re 16, and that may be true, but your speech patterns don’t suggest it – well unless you have some sort of mental disorder that puts you out of tune with social dynamics. Also, while many people are needy and we can on the surface chock up your posts to neediness, in your speech patterns that neediness is strangely absent. Lastly, many of your posts conform to a form of manipulation regularly employed by police officers, interrogators, con artists and the like. Again this is quite premature on my part and I usually wait till I have more information to put forward such assertions. But heh, it’s only the internet after all!

        1. Please read this. There is definitely something odd about that supposed female teenager who speaks as a male adult. Smacks of TROLL, from miles away.
          Weren’t women banned from commenting here, anyway??? What’s up with the moderation? Women or supposed women, who agree or supposedly agree with ROK should NOT be allowed either.

    2. Exactly, what Michelle Obama seems to have finally realized is that she has no official power. She can’t do anything, because she wasn’t elected. She just happens to be married to the man who was.

      1. I suspect these skanks are still going to get a love letter from the IRS (or loose their jobs) if Michelle finds out that they criticized her.

      2. But she does have power. She has the power of influence.
        Look at all of the things that Hillary did while what’s-his-face was in office. To say that Michelle Obama has “no power” is silly, because she is a positive role model to millions of American girls and women.

  5. What’s up with this guy Athlone, he comes across more feminine and beta than all the losers this site is trying to redeem…
    No one thinks Michelle Obama is a paragon of femininity, if anything she comes across as bitter, brewing with envy towards her successful husband and disgustingly masculine with a giant jaw and that weird scowling look that suggests she is always unhappy to have to take the backstage behind the president… In any other country but the oppressive police state U.S. the husband of such a weird ungrateful creature would be having multiple affairs or promptly dropping this bitter jaded woman…
    And then here we have an article which, behind a thin veil of very cliche and soft critique of feminism, actually is kissing Michelle Obama’s ass just because she was so generous and gracious enough to accept her role as a mother, dear God what a rare virtue !! Please, don’t wallow so deep in your total emasculation my western friends… Have the basic common sense and the balls to expect MUCH MORE from women, you deserve it, the universe deserves it, and I believe God and nature command it.

    1. It is rare for a woman to accept her role as mother. Many abandon their children nannies in favor of million hour work weeks. It is rare for a mother to be a real mother. I’ve seen many in America end up in a bad place because their mother or their father do not accept that role. So I applaud her.

      1. You’re full of it. It’s “rare” for a woman to be a real mother? “Many” abandon their children? What? The typical family needs dual income and mothers must work. Typically, they wait until their kids are school-age and work during the time they wouldn’t see their children anyway.
        Where are you getting your ideas from?

        1. This is the kind of quality you get when you allow s16 year-old girl to start commenting on a mens website mean for men only.

        2. Rare, talking about a majority of women who leave their children mostly to babysitters, nannies, ect. And many as in too many children abandoned. Just one child abandoned is one too many. So yes many. And I’ll let you know a little fact, I’m from a place where though families NEED dual income, there are plenty without it. Single mothers and fathers are left to work million hour work weeks just make ends meet. Others choose to get a well paying career, but still have to work a lot. It’s just what I see in my city. In my high school. Sure there are also plenty in my high school with two parents in their lives. They’re practically abandoned either way because parents tend to be more focused on their jobs then their kids. It’s just the way of things where I live. And yes, there are also dumpster babies or babies drowned or babies left on the street to die every single year. And you’re angry because I have a serious problem with this? I don’t know what people you know where it’s typical for them to wait until their children are school age, but I hear things from the teens both good and bad. You can provide plenty for your kids material wise from what I’ve seen and they still turn out horrid. You can still still be there when they’re before school age and you have a problem there too if once you get the career it becomes more important than your child. There’s few in the school I was going to that acted right. That’s why I’m home schooled because the people at my school, they act horribly. I know it’s not just parenting that’s the problem but that’s the root of it. It’s the way we of my generation grow up. We’re taught by media more than our parents. Too many women and men put their careers before their child. And too many put their wants before their child. Weed, drugs, sex, partying, that’s all I heard about in school. Acting out isn’t punished, it’s ignored in my old school. I don’t know where you’re from, but I’d like to live there, maybe the people act better there, care more about their kids there. I am can only go off my own experiences, and from my experiences, many parents where I’m from aren’t doing their jobs or raising their kids right. Also, I have a different definition of abandonment then you probably do. In my own personal opinion, abandonment is anything where you are not properly raising your kids. Frankly, I think women should stay at home and have in home careers if they want a career. Someone has to take care of the kids.

        3. I found the site through Tumblr, decided to do a little research, and I did. I decided the best place to get the news of what men want is from men. The best way to get it from men is to correspond with them. And do not look down at me for my age nor my gender. I explained my position to her on my use of the words “rare” and “many” I have my reasons for using them. You’re, obviously, free to read it. Now, unless you have anything to say that’s logical or useful to me, please do not respond. I have responded to insults before and it did not go well, so I shan’t be doing that again. Thank you, have a nice day(no sarcasm intended).

    2. Oh and children are even abandoned on the streets as babies, junkies sell their babies for a fix, they throw them in the dumpster even. So yeah, being a mother these days is a huge deal.

  6. From the perspective of a feminist woman, every traditionalist woman is a referendum on her own choice of feminism. Its a product of womens’ consensus mentality and their inability to think objectively. Since they cannot take themselves out of the equation and evaluate the motivations of others in an objective way, every woman who chooses the opposite of herself is, from her perspective, judging her own choice.

    1. That’s an interesting observation.
      It goes for everyone, but the assumption that women are much more prone to this effect has some explanatory power.

  7. What’s wrong with being a mother to your children? If a mother has children, she’s their fucking mother, why shouldn’t her utmost priority be to raise her own fucking children like any decent parent would and should? These Feminists, by saying she shouldn’t care about being a mother are quite literally condoning child abandonment. How sickening. Psychotic cunts should be lined up and shot. Oh yeah, woe is me! How dare a woman actually give a shit about her own flesh and blood right!? Wrong. Fuck these bitter cunts. Sincerely, one pissed off mother.

    1. I hear ya. If I ever have kids, hey never know where the future will take me I’m only sixteen, my primary roles will be mother and wife(I am NOT going to have children out of wedlock). Right now primary roles are daughter, student, and writer, in that order. I applaud you and Michelle Obama for seeing that being a mother should come first. My mother did that, doing her best to raise us on her own(my father got into legal trouble, got arrested for being a pedo, otherwise she would have done a better job and would have been home more instead of working 70 hour weeks). If I say so myself, despite her lack of being feminine and lack of a consistent man in our lives, she did her best. I learned to be more feminine from my oldest sister who never followed feminzai bs. They’re hypocrites and should be avoided. Brava Jen for being a good mother. You’re children should always come first. And Bravo to any man with children who realizes that providing for and caring for his children are important.

      1. Being a mom is the MOST important job in society. Bearing and raising kids is there anything more important? No. Replicating the species ? Kinda of important .

        1. Thank you for saying that because it’s true. What is more important that replicating the species and the rearing them in the right direction? Nothing at all. Being a mom is important but so is being a dad. Being a parent is very important.

        2. Being a researcher and discovering something valuable for all of humanity would come before even that, I think, because technically you’re potentially improving everyone’s lives, not just creating the opportunity for one more better one.

      2. Oh, bravo, glad you are not going to start a family without a husband. Yes, good for you that you are getting some education first….we ladies need that. Hopefully, you are not taking out a ton of student loans. I didn’t do much student loan borrowing, and am I glad I didn’t. Personally, I’d not marry most guys if they had a ton of student loan debt, and I’m sure most men feel the same about us. Although, I believe also that we should put our spouse first, children second for a stronger family.

      3. “I learned to be more feminine from my oldest sister who never followed feminzai bs. They’re hypocrites and should be avoided.”
        My “feminazi” mother introduced be to Vogue, wears makeup, and likes to shop. Chill with the generalizations, lawd. Just because not every girl wants to dress like it’s the 50s everyday doesn’t make them subhuman.

    2. I hear you! My goal in life is to be a stay-at-home-mom and because that’s the CHOICE that I make, a lot of women think I’m limiting myself, or not being “realistic”… Really? It’s so heart-breaking what women have become. Because I make a choice to want to take care of my family, I’m becoming limited in my life? It’s so screwed up when other women call you a “mail-order bride”, just because you have traditional, feminine, and family-oriented values in your life.

      1. ” My goal in life is to be a stay-at-home-mom and because that’s the CHOICE that I make…”
        This “choice” is being removed from the table by many smart upper class men…

        1. The men I know give their wives a choice, but they lay it on very straight. They actually go and calculate the money the woman earns vs the added expenses of daycare, maid service, cooking meals, dog walking, etc… If what she makes is less, they generally pressure her to stay home. If she only makes barely enough or just a bit more than those costs (which are not cheap) the guys generally say, “ok, so is all the pain of maintaining a career, extra commuting time for daycare, extra complication, is all that worth it?”
          Only with DINKs and women who literally earn >$150k a year are men automatically agreeing to letting their wife work. Even then, I think it’s a mistake. There is no substitute for thousands of hours of mommy being available to her kids.

        2. that depends how good the mother is… half the mothers these days don’t want or like to be mothers, they are overwrought, dump their kids infront of the TV, or in daycare even if they are stay home mums… (apparently kids need to socialise) and mom needs to emotionally masturbate on facebook…. so the pros and cons of shipping the mother off to work, or even plain divorcing her ass, go beyond traditional roles and into how messed up she is….

        3. Hrm, that is quite a race to the bottom…
          Do you outsource your parenting to someone else?
          Or do you let your woman let TV raise the kids?
          When you demonstrate how lazy some moms can be, I can see how in some cases, outsourcing is preferable.

        4. The men you know are remarkably considerate — or well off financially. Most guys I know are the opposite: they want their wives to work outside the home AND take care of the kids, because they can’t afford a private nanny/cook/cleaner/laundress/chauffeur/nurse/tutor/social planner.

        5. My brother and his wife both work. They don’t use daycare, they have grandma care. His wife did take a year off work for each kid.
          This is the way our family has done it for few generations now.

        6. That’s why polygamy is great – you marry say, 3 wives – 2 go out to work, 1 is a housewife. So then you have 3 incomes (yours + 2 wives’) to support a household rather than just 1 (or 2 incomes, but most of the 2nd income going towards ‘outsourcing)

        7. See “attachment parenting” women who are there for their kids, especially as infants have better adjusted children who fair better.

        8. um except there aren’t twice or three times as many women as men in any society so what to do with all the left over men?

        9. You make sacrifices. My wife has a degree from Fordham University and hasn’t worked outside our home in 8 1/2 years. We have 2 boys, 7 & 8. They are her main focus. As a man, MY job is to provide for my family. If I have to work harder so be it.

        10. Why can’t baby just scialise with mum, and daddy when he’s home? That’s not bad is it?

        11. Well, it will motivate them to better themselves so as to attract a wife if the competition is fiercer. Polygamy’s quite a good deal for women – it’s entirely their choice if they want to share a high-status man with another woman or 2 or if they want they can have a low-status man all to themselves. Yes, it will mean that some men will be left without a wife, but insisting that everyone gets their ‘fair share’ of things is called Communism.

        12. Um no. Communism is the abolishment of personal ownership. Monogamy is not that at all, quite the opposite. When creating a structure for a society you need two things competition and cooperation. Monogamy allows for both of those things perfectly. Men and women compete for mates but at the same time there does not exist this huge class of men that do not have mates and thus are less likely to cooperate and be productive in a society. What we have now, where people are walking away from marriage, is extreme “polygamy” and that is what most men are complaining about. Without marriage binding people to their partners, we have a society where a few alpha males have sex with most women and leave them with children that beta males are paying for in taxes and in creating the infrastructure that allows for the amount of women in the work place. We are also seeing low birth rates and high abortion because no one can actually care for their children in our current system.
          The assumption for men who support polygamy is that they will be the man with the 5 wives but the odds are stacked against them, they will more likely be the man with no wife and no children. And worst of all children will not be cared for properly if they even make it alive out of the womb.
          edit: interesting to note our “no marriage” system is more akin to communism because no one “owns” anyone else, we all “share partners”.

        13. I said that polygamy is a good deal for women, and you’ve kind of made my point in a roundabout way. You say that in a system where the choice is to marry monogamously or remain unmarried and pursue promiscuous sex (discounting asexuals, ascetics and other such as who may renounce sex for whatever reason) many women choose to share an alpha male. But under the current system, they cannot ask the man to commit himself to supporting them by marrying them because they know that he has other women who he likes as much as them and he cannot marry them all. Under polygamy, women get the best of both worlds – they can pursue men who are high-status enough to have other options while still aiming for marriage with him.
          I know that polygamy will mean many men won’t have a wife. To which my response is “Tough shit.” My line about Communism was making the point that whining “That isn’t fair – I deserve a wife too (even though I barely make minimum wage and am so out-of-shape I couldn’t fight my way out of a paper bag)!” is along the same line of reasoning as “That isn’t fair – us burger-flippers who do all the work around here deserve the same standard of living as the CEO of the company!” Which then leads to “To make life fair for everyone, everything must be common property and shared equally.” Hence Communism.

        14. Polygamy creates social disorder by creating that class of unmarried men who become a nuisance rather than a productive member of society so it is not the best option for anyone, especially children. Also polygamy limits the genetic variation in a community so that it becomes more susceptible to genetic disorders over time and increases the possibility of incest since more people are closely related, this has been shown to be the case in the FLDS mormon community where more children are born with disorders and where infant mortality rates are much higher. Polygamy is simply unsustainable for any community when practiced in large numbers. In fact historically speaking polygamy was really for the top .2% of wealthy kings and even royal families were known to be full of genetic disorders due to polygamy and incest practices designed to “keep the wealth in the family”, the common folk almost always had one at max two wives because they simply could not financially support anymore or leave a proper inheritance to so many children. And in no human civilization is polygamy the most common form of marriage accept when it is imposed by force as in the FLDS mormon pockets or some very remote tribes.
          And let’s be clear, polygamy is still a system which infers a sense of “ownership” on the parties involved and in such a marriage all the members are expected to be faithful and committed to the system. I’ll say it again, “free love” is a form of communism applied to sexual relationships NOT marriage because it is a system where there is no sense of “ownership” at all only a swapping of partners which leads to the spread of diseases, harmful hypergamy and resulting genetic disorders, incest as people begin to devalue biological relationships, abortion (what in the past was simply “child sacrifice to gods”), and low birth rates. It, like communism, has this overwhelming appeal to the idiotic masses who are too committed to their vision of utopia to see the damage in front them.

        15. Oh you mean those liberal non conforming mothers/women that are once divorced are very permissive with their parenting roles since when they were married she constantly “protecting” junior form any boundaries she wants the children to be raised “naturally” as in letting them make their own decisions, and then defending these awful decisions, my permissive mother destroyed my siblings, and my wife did the same thing to our children. To prove that they could do things their screwed up liberal non traditional feminist agenda? All the dysfunctional people out there that bordering on homelessness or are homeless were raised in this feminist non conforming fashion
          that their priority in life is to not to conform to society’ cause that is the basic message that mommy put across when raising them.So they instinctually can not take directions thru life. Like bobby dylan says “your gonna have to serve someone”

      2. You’ve made an excellent choice and decision. Stick to it. But don’t pursue a university degree or challenging out-of-home job, both of which will be wasted on your chosen profession of full-time mother/homemaker. That ol’ law of partial return …

      3. Thank you for your lady-like viewpoint, my dear. I’m sure your future children will be well-raised and loved.

    3. I hope every girl realizes that feminists actually hate women. What they want to do is to really destroy every feminine component in women. It’s kinda ironic, but if you think about it, it’s true.

        1. No kidding. Being thin & in shape, the fat feminazi-types in my office look for any excuse to mistreat me, and I understand their game though. They are bullies because they are insecure, too lazy to get their health in line, and I get that. I’m not rude to them, but basically ignore them. And, all these fatties can’t seem to stop bringing junk food to the office and stuffing their faces. Never eat anything at work you didn’t bring from home….really bad habit indeed. Me and my man are getting married next year. And, yet, I want to stay home at this time, be the domestic goddess, I have my finance degree, I know how to take care of myself in case something happens to my husband, but I understand where Michelle Obama is coming from…..she gets it as for what is important in life, that being a healthy, loving family, having time to be with her man at the end of the day. If we don’t have our health, we are poor indeed.

      1. Of course feminists hate women. It’s because its leaders are ugly masculine lesbians who hate anything feminine. Normal feminine women go along with it because the lesbians have more testosterone and so are more up for a fight and leadership positions.

        1. I’m just surprised Bathhouse Barry was able to impregnate a female. He’s truly a person of many talents.

      2. Yes even pregnancy is the horror of horrors now a days the things that make women different then men have to be eliminated or diminished in order to make feminists happy.

      3. That’s why I grew my hair all the way down my back, wear lip gloss, corsets, skirts, dresses, hula hoop, like fashion magazines, etc. I must be out to destroy femininity with my putrid concern for women’s rights. How horrid.

    4. Michelle clearly understands that her place is with her children – even more so as Whitehouse kids.
      Sure she could plough into politics, but she’d also have to deal with her kids smoking weed at 14 and getting pregnant at 18… She’s smart enough to know where her priorities lie.
      She’s also proof of a the fact that all a woman needs is a kick ass sucessful husband and although she’s probably the smarter one of the couple, instead of competing with her husband she’s set him up to be her complimentary partner (and a highly successful one at that). Obama may be a dud as a president but he’s still done two terms which is no mean feat.
      Once the kids grow up and her boy is finished fiddling with himself in the oval office, I am sure we’ll probably hear more from her, but I doubt she’ll be a hot button feminist since she’s also a mother and knows what it means to support her man and hold down a family.

      1. As it turns out, President Obama might be more of a traditionalist than some would suspect. Here’s a quote from his speech in Cairo, Egypt, 2009: “I reject the view of some in the West that a woman who chooses to cover her hair is somehow less equal”(
        A cynic might say his comment was inspired by a belief in cultural relativism (rather than traditionalism), which views all cultures as equally valuable, especially primitive cultures. However, even if that’s the case, the “back to the kitchen” argument is logically sound from such a left wing “progressive” point of view.

        1. Actually, that’s more like a typical politician saying whatever he thinks the audience wants to hear. Means nothing.

    5. The left-wing / feminists hate her for being a mother. The right-wing / TEA Party hates her for encouraging gardening / healthy eating.
      Who thought that being a mom would get you attacked by both wings.
      Left-wing? Right-wing? What happened to the rest of the bird?

      1. I don’t hate her for being a mom…I think she’s lovely. I personally don’t want kids, but if she does, that’s her business.

    6. And hopefully you’re raising your children with class and manners. One of the foulest things about American women is their toilet language.

  8. The feminist responses betray their vapid intellectual astrology. By all accounts the first lady is the archetype of the much fabled “Woman who has it all”, yet she garners the dismay of her puffy-fingered keyboard jockeying peers, who come down on her with mouth-breathing exasperation at how she prioritizes her responsibilities. Why? Its an affront to the uneven, insecure foundations of their worldview, which lack the rebar of reason and logic to hold up to the scrutiny of naked eye observations from high orbit, much less discerning thought.

  9. So, Roosh has an anal itch and decides to come up with #traditionalrolesweek. Who is the first faggot abiding? Athlone McCuckold. What a beta bitch. Will you also suck Roosh’s cock for 10$? Bitch

    1. He’s a black author and that says all you need to know. they will lift up any brotha or sista just because they’re black. They are as one dimensional as queers. they are myopic to see anything outside of the color filtered lens. Michelle is a welfare queen with a better pedigree than her ghetto sistas, but still a welfare queen. It’s easy being a mother when the taxpayers and affirmative action subsidize your every want and desire. we used to call this being nigger rich (living high off other people’s money), but white guys became pussies and now we’re supposed to believe it’s all good. And don’t think for a second that his last article featuring black guys with all white mudsharks wasn’t intentional to get another petty dig in at whitey.

        1. Please sir, do tell why. and oliver is a fag name, and quit typing like a valley girl. OK OK OK!!!

        2. Man, are you sure, Man, I come off, Man, like a high school, Man, pussy, Man, LOL. Quit writing like you’re speaking with all the OKs, Mans, and LOL’s. The only thing gayer is the way you’re white-knighting, pun intended, for a black author!!!

      1. What does him being black have anything to do with his arguments? He’s laid out an excellent case and written an excellent article that makes some very good points. There are plenty of black people that’ve added to our culture and society. You’re just a stupid, racist pig with his head stuck up his own ass.

        1. What does him being black have anything to do with his arguments?
          he is jaded by a lifetime of victim mentality propaganda and bias that can clearly be seen in his writing which skews to lifting up anything black for the sake of it/him/her being black.
          He’s laid out an excellent case and written an excellent article that makes some very good points.
          that’s your opinion, i see it differently in light of the observable truth concerning michelle.
          There are plenty of black people that’ve added to our culture and society.
          I stand corrected, you’re right, i too love saggy pants, shitty looking hair extensions, living on the down low, and king’s crown air fresheners. You forgot eli whitney’s cotton gin!!!!!!
          You’re just a stupid, racist pig with his head stuck up his own ass.
          I’m not going to sleep with you.

        2. wtf are you saying? Are you an equalist or a feminist? Or even worse, a democrat? Haven’t you ever heard of Human Biodiversity cult? You can’t be alpha if you don’t know these things.

    2. What a beta bitch.

      What? Athlone a beta? You mean, Athlone “No Girls Wanted A Black Nerd Like Me So I Became Alpha By Posting Animated GIFs and black-chick pics on the Roosh V Forum 18 Hours A Day” McGinnis?

    1. A smart man is willing pause and consider those things. No reasonable man could blame you.
      I’ll be honest it’s in the back of my mind, too.

  10. Michelle Obama and her daughters are all under the umbrella of Barack Obama’s power. HE was the one with the ambition to climb the political ladder. He is the reason she is the ‘First Lady’. HE is the reason their family is provided with the protection and security most families would kill for.
    Feminists don’t understand that when you marry or date a high status male, you are BLESSED to bask under his authority/power. What the hell is happening in this world when a woman can’t be proud of calling herself a mom or a housewife. Is producing and nurturing future generations so ‘evil’?
    No wonder so many kids are growing up so screwed up. Too many selfish, single mothers, too many women abandoning their duties of child rearing in hopes of climbing the corporate/social ladder to fulfill the feminist agenda.
    Single and/or inadequate parenting creates the very monsters that the 1st generation of feminists were paranoid about.

  11. ” But why does mom-in-chief have to be the most important thing this strong, vibrant woman tells us about herself as she flexes the strange but considerable power of the office of first lady?”
    The First Lady isn’t an office you deluded shrike. And vibrant is an essentially meaningless word.

  12. Ignore what they say, watch what they do:
    Michele Obama quit her job to become a homemaker to give birth to and raise her two daughters.
    Although she resumed working (part time) in 2002, when her younger daughter was almost 4, she has never been a full time worker since the early 1990s. Although the political wive could be considered to be something of a job itself, Michele famously didn’t leave Chicago while her husband was a Senator, spending 4 nights a month or less in DC.
    In other words, Michele became more or less the middle class version of a housewife. And she was Rewarded for it.
    What could Michele have accomplished grinding 60 hour workweeks at Sidly Austin that she did not accomplish by taking the traditional route? All she would have done is burned herself out and made herself unattractive to high value men, even while she racked up paper credentials.
    Michele Obama can perform all of the lip service about careerism, and she frequently does in her speeches….
    … But the secret of her success is that she married young, had children young, and supported her husband.
    This same excercuze could be performed for Hillary Clinton by the way. Don’t listen to what she says: her own daughter took her bad advice, married too late in life and can’t have grand kids. Watch what Hillary did: she moved to Arkansas for her man, and supported him through all sorts of trouble, and now she might be president because of this.

    1. She, Michelle, married at 28 and had children at 34 and 37. Earlier this year she celebrated her 50th birthday, there are women in their mid 20s that looks barely a decade younger than her.
      Chelsea Clinton was prolly born with a dozen STDs or more.

  13. Radical, militant, hard agenda-pushing feminists make my stomach turn. They may not know it, but their selfish, snowballed, indoctrinated views are nothing but a pitfall to what makes successful civilizations successful.
    This is a great article, and the clincher at the end really drives it home how the modern feminist ideology, in all it’s hubris, is really just coming full circle – but now they are their own worst enemy.

  14. Why do presidents all look such crap these days? I can do better off the rack at Men’s Warehouse and with a bit of alteration look sharp enough to cut steel.
    Where do these schlubs come from?
    And Mr. Schlub in Chief, if you’re going to put your hand in your pants pocket, unbutton your damn jacket and push it back rather than crumple it all upward.

    1. Trying to relate to the common voter. Johnny Blowhard and Sally Suckalot don’t know the difference.

  15. Feminists probably have such a big problem with Michelle Obama because she’s being disingenuous. She isn’t the “traditional woman,” and I suspect her pandering as being “First Mom” is nothing more than a front to increase her likeability among women (the feminists being the minority).
    Regardless, we all know she wears the pants in that relationship.

    1. I don’t think feminists care about dishonesty. Their entire movement is based on the lie of equality. They are just pissed she cannot be used as a figurehead for their movement.

      1. Feminists is about power.
        Not just power over courts, state or even society. It seeks power over even people´s minds.
        And thus, despite majority of feminists being nothing more than overly emotional, immature females and beaten “beta” slaves, despite all the failures, feminism still grows.
        Think of a growing mass of tumors,a lot of the tumors do not replicate and does not grow big but many does grow big and many does replicate. the general mass keeps rising as long as there is blood from the host.
        The solution is to tape your wrist shut, no more blood for it.

  16. Where is proudfemininewoman? I would like to debate her, Lol, c’mon woman, C’MON I AM HÉRE READY

  17. The ones bitching don’t have kids. You have to be bat shit crazy if you don’t understand that for a mother her children is number one priority.

  18. The meme that women had only one acceptable path in life before feminism is complete bullshit.
    Women always had choices. Those choices, however, came with significant sacrifices because they were usually competing against men who were highly motivated and highly specialized in their fields due to millenias of men being allowed to be men.

    1. thanks for this list man.
      related; I got in an argument with a feminist on youtube because she said a webshow from a male’s perspective was “blaming women.” I said “no it’s not,” and she went off subject into this feminist bile when I was just replying to her about the show. Then when I refuted every point she made, and mentioned that women freed slaves, discovered radioactivity and flew across the atlantic WITHOUT complaining about men, she called me “dangerously sexist” in the very first sentence of her reply to me. She didn’t reply again after I shut that one down too.

  19. “weight of her office”?
    I was not aware that First Lady was now a cabinet position.
    The First Lady has no real power.
    But I’m not surprised the feminist horde will push to create power where none actually exists.

  20. Look at the facial expressions in that wedding photo. It tells you everything….. We have a beta chump in the whitehouse.

  21. Great article. Hit the nail on the head. Most of the haters of Michelle Obamas speech probably dont have one tenth of the potential she has so try to overcompensate for their shortcomings.

  22. WTF, I come to this website and see some little16 year-old bitch posting long-ass comments every day now?
    Where the fuck are the mods?

  23. @ Jessica Valent: “I long for the day when powerful women don’t need to assure Americans that they’re moms above all else.”
    They don’t need to.
    But they can if they want to.

  24. Good article. I don’t consider Mrs. Obama to be conservative, but her comment was and was viewed that way by many, and her acknowledging the value of being a wife and mother was actually pretty nice to hear. As for those who are bitching about this being a “black writer”, I had no idea until I read the comments. Why do you care, as long as he brings good stuff at least part of the time. I don’t agree with nor do I like the tone of every single thing I read on here, but when that happens, I usually don’t bother with the comment section.

  25. I personally take issue with the “first and foremost, MOM-in-Chief” statement.
    I consider it to be attempting to bridge the dem and rep gap. On one hand, she isn’t deferring to her husband. OTOH, she is putting family first.
    A husband and wife’s first allegiance (not counting God if that’s a factor) should be to each other. Then kids. When kids are put ahead of spouse, all sorts of crap is gonna happen.

  26. I really liked this article. There’s more to be gleaned from it than the stuff that’s posted for sheer shock value.

  27. either she has made a choice to nurture her family independantly, or she has made the choice based on public opinion. her stated words on file indicates she has made an independant decision. either she made the decision for herself, as per her words, or she is a liar… it would have been argued either way, place no stock in criticisms of that nature

  28. No offense but this is a boring as hell week. Roosh ya better get some snappy articles boy, being lame after being banned by FB ain’t helping the cause. Aren’t there any new writers.

  29. ‘Michelle Obama is an Ivy League educated lawyer with a resume that includes work at some of the nation’s most prestigious firms.’ I call BS on that one. MO is a common simpleton who only got within a million miles of the Ivy League because she is black. Without affirmative action, Marxist professors, quotas and turning a blind eye, she’d be a nobody.
    Her sinecure at a law firm was abandoned as soon as she left. Even in that easy job everyone was shocked at how incompetent she was. Just google Obama and affirmative action for the truth. Just look at the woman. Does that say intelligent to you?

  30. This brings up some interesting points about the biological nature of maternal instincts and how that ties to personal morality. Looking at Michelle Obama, does anyone think she’s second-guessing her choices in how she raises her kids? I’d say that this particular teapot full o’ tempest only exists in the feminists’ mind. At the end of the day, male or female, any one of us who was raised in a two-parent nuclear family knows that a well-educated mom choosing her kids’ well-being over her own ambition doesn’t require much agonizing. If a parent is born with normal genes and a healthy mind, it doesn’t take much mental capital to realize that a career outside the home, however prestigious, is just a fucking job, while family is, well, family, and valued accordingly. If someone is agonizing over choosing career ambition over having a happy and loving family, Jesus Christ, what the fuck is wrong with them? They’re going to get exactly what they’ve invested in. A job that passes the time between breakfast and death, and relatives that know that they’re valued less than money-making opportunities.
    Given that, it really shows just how fucked up Feminists are, to even make such assertions.

  31. I usually stay out of US politics but after seeing her handle a heckler I think she is twice as capable as Barry.

  32. @Athlone – Great article, man.
    “Women now have little choice but to follow it or be guilted, shamed, and heavily criticized.”
    When a woman’s only tools are guilt, shame and criticism, no matter what path an individual woman chooses, there will always be a million more trying to drag her down.

  33. AM,
    “Despite their insistence on the sanctity of female choice and portrayal of their cause as one that simply seeks to allow women to be able to live their lives as they see fit, feminists remain uncomfortable with women who decide of their own accord to abide by more traditional visions of femininity. ”
    What feminists mean is that women are free to choose what they do with their lives as long as they make the choices the feminists want them to make….it is as hypocritical as it gets.

  34. The hagiography just can’t be avoided – she’s black, a woman, an ivy leaguer and a leftist. Most funny? Her vaunted “career” terminated in her last job of University of Chicago Hospital as the “Chief Diversity Officer”. A 300k a year job that hadn’t existed before she same along. My brother in law works there, with a PhD from University of Chicago himself, slaving away over the boring work of getting the statistics right for large scale research projects. He makes 80k – after 10 years and struggles to support his family in a very expensive place to work.
    My sister and brother in law are Progressives and active in Chicago politics. When Obama surfaced as a real possibility, I was there for a visit and was told that they were shocked that Obama was building a national standing. In the Chicago Progressive circles they ran in (she’s an Ivy grad with a masters as well, so they roll in some pretty elite circles), the Obama’s were considered corrupt lowlife opportunists. Dirty dealers and contemptible, and Michelle in particular was considered truly crass for taking the position at the hospital as it was clearly created just for her as a political favor from the Valerie Jarrett slime pit.
    I read some of the press about Barack and Michelle at the time and it was scathing. All three elections he’d won were via the worst kind of dirty tricks and smear campaigns. He was supported by Chicago socialist and communist parties and was associated with the most corrupt Chicago-Machine politicians (the new black ones, not Daley). Tony Rezko and Jarrett were considered the sleaziest of the sleaziest, and the idea that Obama could somehow just get a pass on all that was stunning to my brother in law, and was all over the papers. If he was anyone other than a black radical leftist, he would not have gotten past the national press.
    His lowlife wife is no better than Hillary Clinton. Her temper is well known, but just not discussed. Just wait till after they leave, the stories will come out from Secret Service and White House staff about her. She’s a role model for exactly nobody – even if she decided to play Mommy only when she arrived at the White House. She’s a fraud.

  35. Feminism– hating traditional women who didn’t waste their lives and are happier without man-hating childlessness so Feminists can feel superior.

  36. I do believe that some feminists argue that female agency should be what feminism is all about, but they are in the tiny minority. As far as First Lady Obama is concerned why do you think President Obama has had an open ear to feminist issues like the pay gap myth? It’s because of her.

  37. Ok seriously, everyone on this site needs to just STOP fucking talking about kids. Children should always be off limits. There’s another post where you show a picture of a 12 year old girl and talk about how ugly she is for cutting her hair. Your values are your values, whatever. But stop using pictures of children in your articles, stop talking about children, really…most of you should avoid any contact withchildren IRL altogether. not. fucking. cool. #stopdevolving

  38. She puts the Moo in Moochelle. But’s she’s the perfect wife for the biggest wuss ever to be elected POTUS.

  39. This author really understands the tick-tock of the feminists. Looking forwarding to reading more analysis from him in the future (right after I go back and read everything he’s already written on the topic.)

  40. Feminism and the fight for everyones human rights should be about choice. Some people will never get that. I think many feel very entitled and want to force their choices on others.
    My personal viewpoint and opinion is that children, partner and family should always come first. No job or career should ever be considered more important. I simply cannot understand how anyone can be annoyed or angry with a person who belives her daughters to be more important than her work experience. Of course work is an important way to earn an income, but it a job is replaceable. Children hardly are.

  41. That has got to be 1 of the most well thought out, and well written articles that I’ve read anywhere. The kind of piece that ought to be picked up by a national news service. (never happen of course, in these “enlightened” times) Outstanding. Thank you and I always look forward to reading your columns.

  42. You seem to create a very specific view of a ‘feminist’ not all feminists feel women shouldn’t have a choice to be a mother. You are creating an image of all feminists through your blog which is very very negative. Why not try looking at at the feminists who agree with women’s freedom of choice instead of gernerating hate for the term ‘feminist’.

    1. You seem to create a very specific view of a ‘feminist’

      I create a very general view, not a specific one. What I provided above is an analysis of the general attitude held by modern mainstream feminists in the western world (particularly the USA and Canada).

      not all feminists feel women shouldn’t have a choice to be a mother.

      At no point in this article or any other did I claim that every feminist felt that way.

      You are creating an image of all feminists through your blog which is very very negative.

      I am looking objectively at feminist words and (more importantly) feminist actions and deriving from that a general picture of their mindset. My conclusion has been that modern western mainstream feminists are, as a whole, wary of traditional gender roles and those who advocate for them. Modern mainstream western feminism is somewhat hostile to traditional ideas/perspectives on motherhood and the role of women.
      Are there modern western feminists who aren’t particularly hostile to these things? Sure. Are they the norm? No. I’m not going to ignore the forest for the trees in order to make you feel better.

      Why not try looking at at the feminists who agree with women’s freedom of choice instead of gernerating hate for the term ‘feminist’.

      I’m not the one generating hate for the term feminist.
      Women who call themselves feminists (and are accepted as such by mainstream feminists) while simultaneously shunning women’s freedom of choice, promoting hypocritical/delusional views on gender and occasionally expressing views that could be construed as just plain anti-male are the ones generating hate for the term “feminist”. All that myself and others here are doing is observing and explaining.
      Feminism is its own worst enemy. Feminists are their own worst enemy. No amount of complaining you do here at ROK will change that.

      1. You won’t see it in any dictionary, but in practice, “feminist” = “misandrist”. Men won’t listen to your bullshit anymore. If you self-describe as a feminist, prepare to be treated accordingly by men… It’s like a white guy walks into the ghetto and yells from the rooftop that he is in the klu klux klan.. you reckon he is gonna make any friends?

  43. At first I was like, “why did I read this article?” and then I read the comments and lord have mercy, braincells have died trying to comprehend the sheer level of homophobia, bigotry, misogynistic, anti-feminist bullshit here. I’m a feminist and I can assure you all that you’ve got it all wrong.. all completely and utterly wrong. Read a fucking book or two on modern feminism before you go spewing such contagious and harmful vitriol. Urgh.

  44. I just want to know, since when is being the president’s WIFE an “office”? THis is bullshit. Fucking the president does not qualify you for ANYTHING. Well, except fucking. And it’s doubtful the homo in the white house even does that.

  45. I’m not familiar with the feminist lobby in the US. However I am pro choice for women. I do think that western education systems are biased against traditional feminine roles;and push women too much in favour of careers. That’s why we face a demographic problem in Europe. More women should be encouraged to work part time but that also means that western governments should be implementing measures to help women make this choice. Pursuing a high flying career should be a choice for women but not the norm.

  46. Love it how feminists reckon they are “all about a woman’s choice”. But if that choice involves being a stay at home mum, that woman is absolutely mocked… hypocrisy! Basically, they are saying “all women should be able to choose how they live their life – as long as that life is being a fat, ugly, slutty, bitchy, BOSSY, bitter feminist who dies lonely and miserable, with nothing but her cats for company.”

  47. This is why feminism is so fucked up. The thought of your family being more important than narcissism, social media or working in a cubicle for a corporation is utterly horrifying to them. Very sad…

  48. I’m a religious and fairly traditional woman…and I get tons of hate from these hard-core harpy feminists. This article is spot on!

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