Sharpen Your Tribal Instincts To Lead In Modern Society

In the olden days, when civilization was strictly hierarchical, a man’s value and status was determined by his lineage or how he could ascend to the top. There were many problems with this, namely bloodshed, foul play, manipulation, and nepotism. However, the hierarchy did serve a purpose: to bring order and structure to tribes. Those leaders who seemed to be just and competent were able to expand their civilizations and gather many resources (and vaginas).

However, these days, such outright thirst for power and resources only signals neediness and weakness. What happened? What changed? More importantly, what must the modern man become to lead his modern tribe to the promise land?

In essential, my argument is that the evolution of a freer society will necessitate a man to use age-old intuitions to shape the new world according to his standards and values. He does so by defining what his modern tribe means to him, and to sharpen and channel his aggression to protect and further its influence.

What is the modern tribe?

We are ancient beings living in a technological world. Although we surround ourselves with technology and would like to believe that our days walking the plains of Africa are far behind us, the truth is that our brains still contain the beliefs and impulses of those days. The more we try to repress this, the more troubling they become to us. The more we distract ourselves with frivolous activities, the more depressed we become.

The answer is not to abandon technology altogether (though some have taken this extreme route). The answer is to realize that technology is a tool used for us to express our purpose. So then this expression of purpose becomes the core of what I define as the modern tribe. This tribe is not defined by a set of particular physical traits, or physical boundaries, or by our chosen names.

This tribe is defined by our ideas and how we carry them from inception to fruition.

Who belongs to your tribe?


Through this purpose, and all the trials and tribulations that it, and you, will go through, that your intuitions as a modern leader will sharpen and harden into true personal power that you can use to influence others. Who are the others? They are those who hold and cherish the same values and ideals as you do. They deserve to be protected and taken care of by you. They serve your purpose just as you serve their well-being. They give you something to live for, and if necessary, to die for.

Understand that the modern tribe is constantly in flux according to new information and ideals. However, your core set of values will remain constant and hardened. At the outer edges of this tribe, there are the people who share hobbies and interests with you. They interact with you in a fairly regular basis, but at a low amount of engagement. At the middle layer of your tribe, those who labor alongside you, but don’t necessary share all of your visions and objectives. They are here because your interests overlap with them for the time being. Once that change, they will no longer be there.

At the core is where those who believe in you and your beliefs sit. These people are often not who you grew up with or share demographics with at all. They may come from an entirely different set of circumstances. However, they share a common set of values and beliefs with you. Robert Greene remarked in his book the 50th Law that he and 50 Cent share more ideals and visions than anyone of his other close associates ever will. Your job in life is to seek out these people and work tireless with them.

What does it mean to be a leader?

Through my years of schooling, university, and even a job at a top consulting firm, no one has been able to concretely describe to me what a leader truly is. It was not until I got into game that it became overly clear to me than a leader is someone who seeks moments of danger and overcomes his fears through them. There are other traits, such as confidence, charisma, vision, etc., but I can always argue that these qualities are developed through the constant facing of one’s own vulnerabilities. The thrill of overcoming one’s own fear is so exhilarating that it injects pure adrenaline and endorphin to the brain, creating feelings of fearlessness and untold personal powers.

The leader of the modern tribe needs to have the initiative and authority, which comes from the Latin word author, which means to create ideas, to seek out challenges and overcome them. Without it, he is simply an empty throne. This is true today as it was hundreds of years ago. To breathe meaning and life into your purpose, you must embody it every day and every moment. Any lapse in consciousness and others will find a way to attack it. Or worse, your own mind will find a way to subvert through a myriad of distractions and procrastinations.

What do we worship?


Whether or not you subscribe to a religious belief, your brain is wired to find something to worship. Even when religious icons and dogmas fade, new brand symbols and mottos will drive you to value them even more than life itself. Instead of resisting this desire, which becomes a form of worship itself (think of the anarchy symbol), you can create and channel this desire into a positive and self-fulfilling one.

Think of the goddess Athena. She embodies wisdom and stoicism in how we face our challenges and enemies. She is a worthwhile ideal to worship if your values align with hers. The matter of fact is that every tribe will need some sort of symbol or ideal to worship. And as the de facto priest, you will need to be careful with how you craft this form of worship. People (including yourself) always need something to believe in, something to fight and sacrifice for, so why not make this symbol a positive and truly transcendent one?

What is your brand and icon?

In this modern tribe, where every aspect seems chaotic and changing, you need to have a brand and symbol to strive for. To expand your sphere of influence, you will need to be an entrepreneur without the bloodshed or greed. You will need to lobby and hustle. You will need to defend and challenge. You will need to grow and suffer a little bit because of it. Actually, make that a lot of suffering. They don’t call it a passion for no reason.

In the true entrepreneurial spirit, you will seek out new ideas and people to invest in. Seek out those who share the same values and styles as you. This is the hardest but the most rewarding aspect of being an entrepreneur in the new world.

What about the feminine?


As you channel all the forces of conscious to create and define your modern tribe, which can be liken to a masculine force (defined by logic and consciousness), there will be positive and negative feminine forces which encourage but also damage your ship. Feminine forces are free-flowing without rhyme and reason. These forces are very attractive for truly masculine forces. However, without proper management, these forces can also be damaging. Just as the wind can propel a sailboat, it can also create a storm to knock it down.

The best approach to this force is to establish clear values and boundaries for them to flow into and around. The positive forces will propel and inspire you, while the negative forces will simply flow around and away from you.

I speak of the feminine force in general (instead of women) because these forces can also come in the form of other irate and irrational men. They exhibit lack of consciousness and self-control, and their needs will pull you along and destroy your ideals if you are not careful.

Why should you establish your modern tribe?

As Dr. Nathaniel Branden stated in his book, The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem,

A life without purpose is hardly one worth living

As you work to find a sense of purpose and meaning to your days, you will find that you need help from others as well as well to lead others to do the same. These desires are not by chance. This is how men have learned to lead and cooperate with others through centuries of evolution. Naturally, this mind meld creates a sort of tribe (or cult, in some extreme religious ideals). These tribes were divided between geography, and consequently, similar physical features.

However, to overcome modern challenges and establish a sense of purpose that we all need to live fulfilling lives, we will form virtual tribes and niches. Ultimately, however, every man will be his own tribe, his own brand, and his own set of values. Though he may share it with others and encourage them to do the same, he alone must face his demons and depend on no one else to do it for him.

That is what it means to live in a modern tribe, and become a modern man.

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67 thoughts on “Sharpen Your Tribal Instincts To Lead In Modern Society”

  1. This article comes at a good time. (And I never had an original idea in my life).
    As our society continues to collapse, more and more over the last couple of years I have been feeling a need to develop a “crew” (though tribe is the term used here). What I mean by “crew” is that I’ve been keeping tabs on and watching friends who I would deem useful for “saving” and supporting based on their mindset and skills.
    I think this is how people are going to survive the coming times.
    You see a good crew where everybody can contribute without sucking the resources out of everybody else. I have observed a good crew has these elements:
    – Flexible mindset. Someone who has the resources and ability to pack it up and spend a week somewhere else for any reason.
    – Good health but need not be perfect health, basically any health “problem” on which the individual has a handle on and no need for “constant care”. I have seen one too many “Prepper” types (few people are full blown preppers BTW everybody really just wants a pantry and a gun) talking the big talk about “going off grid” but there they have “wifey” who is fat and on prescription drugs and “always going to the doctor” and NOBODY is “going off grid” with “big fat wifey who needs her meds”. I roll my eyes when I hear these guys talk big talk knowing full well their “off grid” is still going to have to be within driving distance of a doctor. (and yes, good health also means “not obese”).
    – No Prozac usage or “need” for medications or drugs either by addiction or poor health. You don’t need to be dealing with people on SSRI withdrawal or “if I don’t get my insulin I’ll die in a few days!”. These people are “un-fieldable” and I don’t mean that in a wholly combat or actual field sense.
    – NO drug heads. Not only are they unreliable, if they get caught they will have “prison and no drugs for you” dangled over their heads and they will turn on everybody else. However an EX-drughead who knows how to get in and out of dirty undersides of society might be useful – just keep an eye on them.
    – NO zombies. No sports fanatics, no “did you hear about what Kim Kardashian did yesterday?”. No iPhone every 2 seconds. These people are a liability.
    – No one-trick pony. A good crew has people with multiple skills. As Heinlein once said, “specialization is for insects”. And when I say skills, I say “any range of skills” for example in my fledgling crew we have a lady who has “the gift of gab” and we use her to talk to businesses and other people requiring cold contact and such and especially when we deal with other men. She’s also capable of being gregarious and dressing to impress. She can get just about anything from any man, but she has other skills. Another fellow in my crew is a pilot who can fly everything from single engine to airliners. (Shit. I just realized I describe Face and Murdock from the A-Team). My crew also has a blacksmith, marksman, mechanic etc.
    – Connections. Even realtors can be useful when you consider connections. I have people with connections through media all the way to the state supreme court in my crew.
    – and yes everybody should be able to shoot but I’m not talking “Rambo” here. You don’t want to lose crew because of some carjacker or other assorted cretin but you also have to consider that our declining state is going out like a werewolf trying to tear out throats on the way down and if a time comes when it’s “get on the truck or else”, a good crew can be capable of dealing with that. (A 12 man fire team can be quite capable of a lot of things)
    Finally, I recently read an article about the “REAL” feudal system and that makes me think:
    You see the world is full of people who will pledge fealty just so they can farm and live in their cottage and raise kids (Betas?). If you have a crew or tribe that is capable of securing a region, you can be “lord of the manor” so to speak. One of the reason why the state wants to be alpha dog is because they don’t like individuals bringing us back to the kind of natural law and “old law” that the article describes. The state wants to tell us how bad that all was while robbing us through weaponized democracy (millions of tyrant kings voting robbery and murder while hiding in voting booths). So if things fall apart, there will be capable crews with leaders (Alphas?) securing regions and there will be people falling in line to “serve” them. Suit wearing parasites in some office somewhere become irrelevant and they can’t have that.
    Thus the idea of a tribe (or crew) should not be taken lightly. I have seen other works implying that as the model of centralized monolithic government loses legitimacy “tribalism” is going to be how people survive. Seeing this article pop up here is more evidence that such things are on peoples’ minds. It’s a good thing.

    1. Very well put. I suspect many of us have done similar planning. My years of hanging with blue collar biker types (not druggies, as you mention) has been networking of exactly that fashion. Ex-soldiers/combat vets, hard edges, quick thinking, good at survival, trustworthy and loyal.
      Well done man, great thoughts one and all. I figured you read Lew too.

      1. I’ve done more than read Rockwell. I was once quoted on LRC and Infowars simultaneously by my real name. Didn’t need coffee that day let me tell you.

      1. Heh.
        I used to think the dark ages were all cool and all that, having to deal with kings and brigands, highway robbers, etc.
        Look at us now. Not what it’s all cracked up to be. Not as interesting or exiting as it was back in the days I played D&D and popped pimples.
        The reality is outright terrifying.

    2. “I roll my eyes when I hear these guys talk big talk knowing full well their “off grid” is still going to have to be within driving distance of a doctor. (and yes, good health also means “not obese”).”
      Haha, maybe they are staying obese to live off their lard for a while.

      1. It’s funny to say, but I’ve actually heard people advocate that. Kinda myopic if you ask me, but hey, their life.
        “Poor fatties” – Zombieland

        1. I refuse to buy into the collectivisation of medical costs. Once we accept that notion, say goodbye to every voluntary dietary choice you ever wanted to make, and say goodbye to firearms. Every tyranny can be justified in the name of “saving health care dollars”.
          Nah, I’ll work for repeal of Nazicare instead.

        2. In Canada I actually appreciate the public health-care system quite a bit.
          But like I’ve said in previous posts, America is humungous and complicated… I have no idea how you guys can institute that during a recession…

        3. Even the government admits we’re 12 trillion in debt. With unfunded liabilities and derivatives that shoots up to well over 100 trillion dollars. 100+ motherfucking trillion dollars. Recession or boom, we could tax the entire world at a confiscatory 100% rate on every single human interaction and we still could never pay that off.
          We can’t afford the spit necessary to open a shoe shining day job in a train station, let alone this crap.
          Besides, it goes against everything America was founded upon. Yeah, I know lots of things are, but that doesn’t mean I throw in the towel and give the victory to the barbarians.

        4. Meanwhile, we’re worried about the clothing choices of our greatest scientists.
          Enjoy the Decline…

        5. Indeed.
          Not sure if I’m enjoying it, but I sure am enjoying the lowered ammo prices for the time being. Which is pretty close to the same thing nowadays.

        6. ”We can’t afford the spit necessary to open a shoe shining day job in a train station, let alone this crap.”

        7. I have lived in countries that had national health care systems.
          I can tell you this: those were not “in the process of busting out” countries. Meaning that the people where were not being bombarded with commercial after commercial selling them drugs. Their vaccines didn’t have heavy metals in them. A lot of legal FDA approved food in the US (additives and GMO) were banned in those countries. In Germany they’ll turn to chamomile tea first and see a doctor if they can’t shake the cold for a couple of weeks. In America it’s straight to the doctor over every little thing. Only in America have I seen “every old person is on some prescription of some kind”.
          You see Joe Blow needs to be killed slowly because like most Americans there’s still plenty of residual wealth in his possession. He might still have that classic car his dad had. He might still have that piece of land he inherited. He might have a lot of stuff left over back from when it was possible to have a steady job. So Joe needs to be made sick and dependent and sell off everything paying for overpriced meds (notice the health care “only covers so much”? especially if you are “not poor enough”?) while fighting the cancer or other disease he got from the foods or medicine for 10 years before he dies. People who already have nothing? Well, just take the money from those who still have something.
          Europe is already “busted out” – the people don’t have residual wealth, so they can be GMO free, have REAL health care (PREVENTIVE) and be left alone. Their populations are already reduced by war, their wealth stolen already. I knew Germans who could speak of vast wealth of their great grandparents and when I asked “what happened?” the explanation started with “Well, two wars…”.
          National health care in America would be a nightmare solely because it’s fully emplaced and intended to rob everybody, kill off people who can’t pay taxes, and suck up every last bit of wealth left over from back when we were actually keeping our money and free to save it.

        8. Yeah $168 for 500x 55gr 223 at Cheaper Than Dirt is the best price I have seen in YEARS. Of course I remember when you could get 1000 for $120.
          But I reload my own ammo anyway.

        9. We pay for their obesity directly or indirectly.
          “The CDC puts the annual per capita increase in Medicare spending attributable to obesity at 36%. Medicaid comes in at 47%.”
          Source: WSJ 2009

        10. 0_o That made a lot of sense… Never really thought about that before.
          When privatized health care has monopoly, it is in their best interests to continue to make people sick… so the people buy their shit…
          Pretty sure in Canada we don’t import milk from the US. Doesn’t pass our FDA regulations.

        11. Instead of the actual achievement…I agree it’s sad.
          It will take men to fix the problem and “right the ship”. Women will only look to follow and look for answers.
          It’s always been that way.

        12. Tyranny and be justified using just about anything if one is devious enough to know how.

        13. Ghost, have you hear of the book ‘The Creature from Jekyll Island’? Its a very informative look at the Federal Reserve and how the Central Banks make it impossible for its victims to ever get out of debt… Every time the economy collapses makes it easier for the power elite to consolidate wealth and resources at an unprecedented rate.
          Scary times we are living in…

    3. Another important attribute is loyalty.
      You’ll want to have at least one man in your crew that you know you can trust. At least one man who doesn’t sell out easily.

        1. Indeed.
          If you can’t find such a man I’d say at least try to take notes on what drives different men.
          Some sell their friends out for love, others for money, others for freedom, others for ideals, and yet others simply for a good time.

    4. Out of curiosity, where do you live? I would not mind linking up and getting down for the get down… its def getting to a point where we need to be actively getting ready and merging our resources (mind, body, spirit as well as finances and skills) together.
      Oh and just out of curiosity, you said…’She can get just about anything from any man, but she has other skills.’ Did you ever sample any of these said skills? ‘Wink, Wink’…

    1. No, it was a scam, when I went to buy it the cashier wanted to charge me $12.99 and I’m all like “Dude, it says $0.50!” but he wouldn’t compromise and I was all like “Fuck this, false advertising mother fuckers” and left it there at the register.

    2. Pretty sure its just the 48 Laws of Power with 2 more laws and a blurb about how awesome 50 cent is.
      The man is a marketing master (he even has his own video game). I’d just get the 48 Laws of Power personally.

      1. I’ve read it, it’s quite good actually. It focuses primarily on fear, insecurities, anxieties, etc. and how to overcome them. 50 cent is simply used as an example in the book (he doesn’t even write anything, just quotes) to describe how he came back to power after he got shot 9 times.

      2. I second that. I’d recommend ’33 Strategies of War’ by the same author as a better companion piece to ’48 Laws Of Power’.

  2. This is what happens when feminists run society……..and you have a home Secretary who is a man-hating feminist.
    “Julien Blanc ‘denied visa to enter UK’: Controversial ‘pick-up artist’ barred following petition signed by thousands”……
    So men from around the world………boycott Britain….boycott British products…..boycott everything British…..tell everyone you know to do the same….make it visible and overt!

      1. I did not.
        I know it was off topic…but nevertheless a piece of news that affects all men….for example: the writers of this blog and many other manosphere blogs could now (based on a feminist petition) be denied entry to the UK…

        1. Indeed I’m more interested in getting OUT of such a country than getting in.
          But be forwarned: if your travel can be restricted on a SJW campaign, how soon before your “citizenship” can be revoked? The neocons already tried that with terrorism charges to set the precedent.

        2. I know, that’s a revolting thing isn’t it. Even the Soviets didn’t claim to own your life to that degree.
          Which is why you should *never* go through official channels for that kind of thing nowadays. Screw this faggot government.

        3. Your ire is certainly NOT misplaced… Tyrants appear to come in all shapes and sizes it would seem.

    1. Yeah it’s totally sickening. They banned him here in Australia as well. It angers me to no end that radical Islamist’s can preach their bullshit hate mongering, calling for the deaths of the very people they are co-habituating with, and are not silenced nor banned from entering the country. Yet a man who offers misguided advice about picking up women is banned. What a pathetic world we live in.

    2. So men from around the world………boycott Britain….boycott British products…..boycott everything British…..tell everyone you know to do the same….make it visible and overt!

      I’ve been suggesting this for the longest. Feminists are already doing this shit and it’s time we did the same; Money talks, bullshit walks.
      I stopped using Mozilla products after Brendan Eich was railroaded and if RoK had a “Don’t Buy” List of companies who are contributing or a party to this Feminist/Marxist fuckery, I would 100% Boycott the shit out of their products.
      If the Manosphere has even half as many male followers as we believe it does and everyone followed suit, they’d would have no choice but to start taking the movement seriously.

      1. Oh God I wish I didn’t follow that link. She even quoted Huffington Post. Looks like we do have to fight fire with fire, I think listing companies to boycott would be a good next step

        1. Too funny. I read that article and the companies to avoid (two of the companies being Hooters and Miller Coors).
          It wasn’t as if feminists, in droves, were contributing to these companies, anyways (what a fucking laugh). We don’t want women in these two places (as customers, anyways). I enjoy drinking beer with men and having the “eye candy” at Hooters (so feminists…stay the fuck out).
          Besides, the women at Hooters know exactly what they are getting into. They use their “assets” to their benefit (ugly feminists need not apply).

    3. And boycott shallow, petty women who are British accent whores. What the fuck kind of “standard” is that to seek out in men? Oh wait, it’s not a standard, it’s a criterion! Typical of American women to have no standards but to like a man more for inconsequential bullshit he was born with (accent, height, skin color) instead of what he actually worked hard for!

  3. ” It was not until I got into game that it became overly clear to me than a leader is someone who seeks moments of danger and overcomes his fears through them.”
    Leaders are those who seek out personal responsibility for outcomes. They *want* to be responsible for the results of a venture, good or bad. Most people, followers, actively avoid responsibility; it’s why group consensus is inferior to single-person leadership – because the very existence of the group gives people an excuse not to take responsibility for their actions. This is not to be confused with merely volunteering for something, absent that volunteering meaning that a particular issue is seen as your problem and success or failure laid on your shoulders alone.
    In the Oval Office there’s a small ornament that encapsulates this philosophy. It has been there ever since Harry Truman introduced it, rightly so since it’s the sort of aphorism that should be influencing the guy with his finger on the nuclear button. It sits on the White House desk, and says, famously: “The Buck Stops Here”. If you would be a leader, you need to embrace all the implications of that statement – both those that inspire fear and those that inspire greatness.

    1. Agree. If you want to be that leader, then you have to make the call and live with it.
      I see people on an everyday basis (yes, even those “empowered” women) have such a hard time making decisions on the simplest things (and these women are in management).
      These women want to be in charge but they don’t want to carry the burden of the responsibility of possibly making the “wrong call”.
      I was always taught that this decision making (good or bad) is exactly what makes you a good leader.
      In war, men die…decisions have to be made. You win wars but you lose lives…..those are tough decisions and many have to live with them.

      1. That is 100% true.
        I have been shocked many times to see powerful women in management absolutely inept at making decisions or taking responsibility. Just not in their character. They will however let you lead for them, as long as you make them look like the leader. But they won’t say it, because they are so f’n vain. And would roast you if you fail. But, left to their own devices, indecision always leads to failure 100% of the time.
        I have spent so much time in professions that demand good leadership, and I have not met a woman that is a good leader once.

  4. I need to get in the game and start finding/creating a tribe. My family are almost all exclusively communists.

    1. Good luck, not a lot to chose from these days. Most people think like communists, even if they would never think themselves that way.

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