12 thoughts on “ROK Podcast: Culture War Analysis With ROK’s David Garrett Brown”

  1. Thanks for highlighting my comment, Quintus! I really would like that guide (or equivalent) coming to reality. Keep up with the great job.

    1. Great broadcast. Maybe a little narcissistic, but enjoyed hearing my own comment too.
      Lots of funny and interesting folks. Good format. Will probably listen to it all again.

  2. I enjoyed that one. Better audio. The format is holding strong, with current events, guest segment, good articles, and good comments.

    1. The audio is indeed getting better and I’m also a fan of the format. I also like that Quintus addresses issues not necessarily having related article/s as well as following up on previous articles (such as the Chinese owned canal in South America).
      I am of the opinion that these podcasts need a short musical intro too. Something regal, announcing the entrance of someone of importance to the court. Maybe with trumpets.
      What do you think Quintus?

  3. Another interesting podcast. For your next one, could you go into further detail on what is currently happening with Europe’s “Nationalist” parties? I’m curious to know more on them, as there is very little media coverage on them outside the common “They are evil nazies!” route. Perhaps an interview with German/French and other European members of the ROK community to hear from those currently involved in the situation as well.

  4. I realize suddenly that I’ve had a small supply of Kratom in my kitchen cabinet for nearly a year now. My fears that it would be addictive were unwarranted, apparently.

  5. Back when gay marriage was being debated, me and another person went out and counter-protested a gay-rights protest. We were the only counter-protesters there. Nobody else was interested in defending traditional, healthy society. A good family friend had recently lost his job because he donated some money to Prop 8, because he was Mormon. There was no one who supported me and my Mormon friends. Just silence.

  6. You commented on the possibility of creating adding a geo-directory rating & categorizing countries by various neomasculine factors. I’ve been building websites just like that for 5 years using a very good open source software called JReviews. What the commenter described is very doable and also ports nicely to a smartphone app.
    Here’s a couple of examples of just such geo-directories

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