How Clear Should You Announce Your Sexual Intentions With Women You’re Attracted To?

When a man is sexually or romantically interested in a women, it is absolutely imperative that he is clear in his intent and that he communicates this to her, either overtly or covertly. If he fails to do so, the risk is that he will end up in friend zone hell, or at the very least will have to endure a lot of time-wasting before most likely walking away with nothing.

The good news, though, is that by being clear in your intent you can filter out time-wasting women, push things forward with those who are more receptive, and avoid awkward situations where the girl thinks that you just want to be friends when actually you want something more.

What Is Clarity of Intent?


What do I mean by clarity of intent? Simply that when you approach a woman that you are interested in, you must be 100% certain that she knows you are interested, rather than just stopping her for a nice friendly chat or to ask for directions.

A lot of guys get over the initial fear of the approach and become comfortable talking to girls. But these conversations fail to turn into phone numbers, and the phone numbers they do obtain fail to turn into sex or relationships. The reason for this? Because the guy didn’t have the balls to really put himself on the line and take a damn risk.



Rejection can be tough to handle for anyone, especially a beginner at game. But you must be prepared to be rejected if you want to meet women, either for relationships or for something more temporary.

Men who do not exude clarity of intent are almost always men who secretly fear rejection. But think about it this way. If you’re not having sex with her after you’ve approached and perhaps met up with her a couple of times, then she’s rejected you anyway. The only difference is that the rejection was more polite and spread out over a longer time period. So if you’re going to get blown out then why not get that rejection early? That way there’s less time wasted on either side, and you can both g et on with your respective lives.



A great many men pride themselves on being honest, but how many of them are genuinely honest in their interactions with women? Actually, I’d bet in most cases the most honest thing you can say to a girl is “I want to have sex with you, will you come back to my place?”

Social conditioning has falsely inculcated a view that human courtship needs to be a long affair, drawn out over several dates, that incorporates a lot of “getting to know you” and swapping opinions on books and bands and gourmet burger recipes. While this is a view of courtship that largely benefits women, men too have been hoodwinked into thinking that this sort of pattern is somehow more authentic, real, and yes, “honest.”

This is simply not true. In most cases, the way for a man to be honest is to express exactly what he’s feeling in relation to a woman and let the chips fall where they may.

Direct Or Indirect Game?


You may think that this relates directly to the age-old argument of direct versus indirect game, but that’s not quite the case.

For those who don’t know, direct game is going up to a girl (usually the approach will be cold) and telling her that you think she is hot and that you’d like to take her out. Indirect game is finding some sort of pretext to talk to her, like asking for directions, or where a certain landmark is, before transitioning the conversation to the personal.

To be clear, both direct and indirect game can work equally well—it depends very much on the situation. It would, for example, be inadvisable to go in full-guns-blazing direct with a girl sitting next to you right at the start of a long, transatlantic flight. But equally, if you see a cute girl and you have two minutes to talk to her before catching a train, you’d be better served by cutting your losses and going direct.

My point here, though, is that whichever method you choose, you must ensure that the girl knows that you are hitting on her. There is no value in getting her phone number and leaving jubilantly while she believes that she has simply met a new friend.

She may answer your calls; she may meet up with you. But when you introduce your D into the conversation and she’s not expecting it, it will be beyond awkward.



So how do you ask directions to the train station while showing clarity of sexual intent? Well, once you get the hang of it, it’s easy. You have to develop edge. You have to learn to carry yourself in such a way that you appear a sexual man who knows what he wants and has got it many, many times before.

There have been whole books written about how to achieve this, but I’ll give you a few pointers here. For a start, you must develop strong, unflinching eye contact. If you think about having sex with her while you’re looking at her then even better.

Your posture must be straight, commanding, masculine. You should take up a lot of space. You should be dominant. Your voice should be low and deep. Above all, you must touch her—start with a tap on the shoulder, a brush against the lower arm, and go from there. A man who gets laid a lot—and who is therefore attractive to women—is not afraid to touch. He enjoys it.

All of these things will position you as a masculine man who is sexually-aware and competent. If you do it right, then simply by looking at her and holding eye contact steadfastly, she will know what you really want and that it’s got nothing to do with directions the nearest Starbucks.

Own It

Don’t be the guy who collects loads of phone numbers but never gets laid. Far better to be the guy who gets rejected by hundreds of women but ends up with a gorgeous girlfriend at the end of the year. Far better to be honest and open, and to own your sexuality and your intentions with women. From now on, when you interact with girls, really make the effort to ensure that they know you are hitting on them.

It may mean you suffer more blow-outs in the short term, but long-term, you’ll definitely see that it works in your favour.

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223 thoughts on “How Clear Should You Announce Your Sexual Intentions With Women You’re Attracted To?”

  1. This article is dead on. It’s far better to be bold with a woman than timid.
    “Men lose more conquests by their own awkwardness than by any virtue in the woman.”
    Ninon de L’Enclos (a woman)

  2. “If you’re not having sex with her after you’ve approached and perhaps met up with her a couple of times, then she’s rejected you anyway. The only difference is that the rejection was more polite and spread out over a longer time period. So if you’re going to get blown out then why not get that rejection early? That way there’s less time wasted on either side, and you can both g et on with your respective lives.”
    Gold right there. You really have to put it into a man’s mind to get it.
    I also agree with the “edge” concept. You must look like you are made for sex not cuddling. Sometimes the behaviour is enough to give it away, like eye contact and proper touching, but having muscles, tattoos, bad boy clothes definitely helps as well. Being that kind of guy means getting rejected by girls who want a guy to talk to and waste time with, but if she wants to bang you will strike gold, so faster, sharper rejections but also quicker victories. The must have approach.
    So basically, you either lose or win, there is no in between. You cannot win without losing. So, it’s better to lose fast or win fast, to save yourself from heartache. No one lost a bang for being too clear about what he wants and escalating right away, but many lost it when it was the other way around.
    Also, great point about when to use indirect game and when to use direct game.
    Great article.

    1. “If you’re not having sex with her after you’ve approached and perhaps
      met up with her a couple of times, then she’s rejected you anyway”
      it’s been over 10 years since i’ve seriously dated north american women, so maybe this is true for most of them, i don’t know. my central american wife was a virgin when i met her and it took several months to get her into bed. she’s extremely religious, and i was the same when i was younger, so i understood her reluctance since she considered pre-martial sex sinful.
      what i’m saying is this might not apply to wife-material girls. i kind of hope it doesn’t, actually. hopefully there are a still a few girls out there who aren’t giving it up this easily. it seems like a lot of you guys interact exclusively with bar skanks and godless women who, admittedly, you shouldn’t be marrying anyway.

      1. Those are different scenarios. If you have a gf who wants to stay a virgin she just uses a different form of service. Like cooking for you or giving a backrub. As a whole, the point is, she invests in you. She isn’t using you for a free ride.
        Since NA women mostly dispense sex and nothing else, if she is not giving you sex , but wants you to buy her stuff and spend time with her, you are geting schlonged.
        You expect women to bring something more than sex ? What are you in the 50’s ? You misogynistic prick SMDH It’s 2016 y’all

        1. good reply. before i went to central america, my experience attempting to date north american women was overwhelming negative because of their deception, flakiness, narcissism and cruelty. however, there were three girls i remember who were very sweet and did things like cooking for me, like you mentioned. one was religious and considered herself a virgin (had blown several guys, but was saving her pussy for marriage). two others were just sweet girls who claimed they didn’t like to have sex outside of a relationship. i was pretty beta and didn’t know anything about game at the time, so i accepted a few weeks of hand jobs and titty fucking and so on. my religious background may have helped me accept this where a lot of guys wouldn’t have, since skirting around the issue to avoid technically committing the sin of fornication is pretty common in religious circles.
          had i been more alpha and known about game, could i have successfully pushed for sex with these girls without committing to an LTR? likely. i think a lot of “game” guys would have just lied and claimed to commit for the sex, but i consider such behavior dishonorable. might these girls have been lying to me and banging some alpha behind my back? entirely possible, but then why were they calling me up, wanting to spend time with me, cooking, and being generally sweet? what i’m saying is that there may be a few decent girls left in the US, but even if there are, you’re unlikely to find them clubbing or at bars, something all these girls avoided. and it’s important to note that they still would have been inferior relationship material to my latina wife, since they had all been with several guys before me and had been infected with feminism at least to some extent.

        2. Now the question is, what to do with american women ? There are very few mariagebale women out there. And we need integral families if the US is to survive. I would say it’s the same in West Europe. We got one hell of a problem on our hands.

        3. in a rough manner of speaking, you’re probably right. while i’d never use that exact phrase to describe how i felt about my wife when i met her, i did tell her that i was leaving central america in a year because those were my plans, but that she was welcome to spend time with me up until then. kind of a soft version of ZFG game, i guess, in that i told her up front that i wasn’t going to change my plans for her. it was only after i discovered ROK and the red pill that i realized i’d found my unicorn and decided to marry her.

        4. Much of MY problems. But, if you care about the future of US or Europe, that’s a different question

        5. I’ve come to the realization that its stress and pain that makes women behave well. This is why game works and why American women are narcissists, and many third world women, the essence of femininity. In South America, men treat women very badly, and they are some of the happiest women you can find. In the US women can do what they want, and they are miserable.

        6. I’ve always found in Latin women that Religion didn’t really stop them from having sex, so consider that you might be the one stopping yourself up here. When women are excited logic goes out the window.

        7. This true of my experience as well.
          We just treat them too nicely and we spoiled them. Now we just have to teach guys to treat them like they deserve and they will stop acting like ice queens in no time, good plan.
          It’s time to put them back to work.

        8. i know what you’re talking about. the chicks my coworkers were banging in central america were probably nominally catholic, but not of the type who goes to mass several times a week and takes the birth control rules seriously like my wife. most guys don’t have the patience for extremely religious women and will move on to someone easier after a week or two of no sex. like i said, i get the mentality because of my own religious past, so it doesn’t bother me. you have to actually care about the girl a lot. plus, i actually enjoy discussing the bible, the church, etc. with her, i actually would have been ok with never having sex, since i respected her beliefs and i’d dated girls with no sex in my own past when i used to be extremely religious. i imagine it’s all very different from what most guys have experienced out in the secular world.

        9. Thats a little like being a parent even, they say the way to get a child to internalize the beliefs you teach them is to use just enough force to get compliance, but never too much that it appears like bribing or excessive force. The real art is knowing that line you are talking about.

        10. Ironically, I was commenting based on my experience as a parent.
          Kids want to know where they stand with you, which is a very different thing from them being afraid that you are going to hurt them.

        11. Catholics operate on “Sin” vs. “Guilt” , thus in their paradigm, you do something ‘wrong’ a priest can absolve you and good as new. I’m not being snarky…the Protestant/Calvinst paradigm saddles us with judging others on their actions due to very complex theology that’s filtered down into societies sense of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ … this then leads us into considering a person that has led an otherwise stellar life to be unredeemible because of one ill advised act. [A perfect example is Donald Sterling, a man that won numerous awards from groups like the NAACP being publically pilloried for leaving a ‘racist’ voicemail which is really what everyone was thinking anyways.]; It also leads to the snark from our media at wondering how Donald Trump with his three marriages can be a ‘hit’ with evangelical voters.

        12. I’m saying in latin america the thinking doesn’t even get that far..they go to church and they fuck..and what?

    2. Great comment. You lose nothing by getting a quick rejection from a woman, but an attention whore can waste all kinds of your time and money. You need to force women into showing their cards as early as possible or you will be played by them

    3. My only problem with the direct approach, is while it demonstrates no fear, it doesn’t tend to reflect an abundance mentality. That whole..”I’m not sure if you are good enough for me” is catnip for the female mind.

      1. I don’t know. It’s important for her to get that idea, she might think you are just too shy to go direct. Woman in general love a man who takes what he wants. For modern women it’s better to be a quick predator.
        Your strategy might work if you are already high in her eyes. But that is not likely to happen unless you are famous.
        I’d say direct is better, watever drawbacks it may have, especially when you have little time to get the number.

      2. I’ve never been able to do the “indirect” thing. If I was attracted, I was attracted – and that’s that. It doesn’t mean I was rude though – I was always polite and friendly. But she always knew what I was up to, the moment I looked at her..

    4. Well I guess it the right approach depends on what you are looking for. If your goal is to have sex on the same day you meet, then sure, that would be the right approach.
      I never went for sex the same day, or even on a third date. Usually at least a month, and several dates. And eventually it did happen, a lot of it, all of a sudden. The point is that I did not consider any of those non-sex dates a waste of time. I enjoyed every meeting, or I wouldn’t have gone back for more. However there was always at least a hint of something physical going on even from the start; so it was clear this wasn’t a “just friends” thing. Maybe that’s what happens to people in the “friend zone” – they don’t go for any physical contact whatsoever, and send the wrong message.

      1. But it’s actually true LMAO
        Kratom removes some anxiety.
        What if he is actually giving legit advice, but you think he’s trolling ?

    1. Well, you don’t say that directly, you just imply that you want to bang her in a socially accepted way. Plus, I’m not as hardline against compliments as some guys here, as long as you don’t come off as a pedestalizing faggot. A guy in a suit or a guy in a gymshirt with tatoos saying, ‘I thought you were cute wanted to say hi’ won’t be seen the same as guy in a grandma sweater with hipster glasses, coming and hesistantly saying ‘uhmm … I … I wanted to say you were beautiful and … ‘. You get the point. You can make a compliment without looking like a pedestalizing beta if you look alpha enough, if anything, she will be endeared.

      1. The usefulness of paying compliments depends on what type of guy is doing it.
        Handsome alpha = complimenting is good when meeting a lower SMV woman who might be intimidated, it lowers her defenses
        Average beta = never, ever give a compliment except a backwards one, swear upon your beta father’s grave that a nice word shall never pass your lips when conversing with a human that has a vagina
        Disfigured omega = compliments are the only way to get a pity fuck or pity relationship, use them well and often

    2. I never compliment women on their physical attributes. To a certain degree, you are putting them on a pedestal off the bat. I find that negging works for me.

      1. You can compliment her outfit or how she wore her makeup by saying it looks good/nice or cute. That’s it. Short and brief and then move on to another subject. Don’t go on and on about her looks.

        1. Anytime.
          Negging would work on the low self-esteem girls that will only bring you problems later on. High value girls will take your neggings so far and then you’ll just be an asshole to her. A light compliment will help set her in a more receptive mood.

        2. I typically stay away from high value women-not worth my trouble. and when I am around them I employ asshole game since they are not used to guys not giving a fuck about them.

        3. Going after high value women means that you will need to be higher in value, which could benefit you to motivate you to be better.
          Go for quality after you’ve had your quantity.

        4. To me “high value woman” means a really hot thin club slut type girl. I’m not attracted to this type. If you mean by high value someone approaching my level of value, my response would be pure amusement, as such a thing does not exist in a woman’s body.
          That said, I do not like 9+ women, mostly due to their attitudes, sluttiness, and lack of compassion / emotion, so I never approach them, but I have heard that asshole game works wonders on them. Give me a sweet, kind, smiling 7 any day of the week.

        5. Good point. I initially thought about the club type that is dumber than a bag of rocks. My definition of “high value” would be old-fashioned and conservative, but those do not exist here in LA. The 8+ girls here in LA are totally caught off guard when you show them ZERO importance–it’s fun!
          Precisely! I’ll take the young, cute and sweet 7 for the long haul.

        6. Ummm … I wouldn’t comment anything tangible. Instead, “I just had to come talk to you. You’re adorable.”
          Or, if you can affect the mysterious vibe, “There’s something amazing about you, and I had to come find out what it is.”
          I thought these lines were preposterous, but then I asked a female friend, and she said she’d hook-line-sinker. Every girl wants to believe that there is something utterly special about her, and she’s waiting for someone, anyone, to notice it.

        7. Going through a large quantity of women helps you identify a quality woman. You develop an eye and an ear. Same as being a judge at, say, a dance competition. With enough experience, you can tell a winner within seconds.

        8. Disagree. Hot girl knows she’s hot, and you distinguish yourself by not acknowledging it. Your immunity to her charms is a challenge to her as well.
          Compliments are effective on girls who don’t get them often for the same reason.
          Then there’s the whole matter of you asking a female friend about this. Since they don’t know what they’re attracted to they sure as hell can’t tell you. Ask any girl what she wants in a guy and she’ll give you the definition of beta. You ask her if she likes beta behavior and of course she’ll approve – right up until you try it on her and find out it doesn’t turn her on.

        9. I think we’re in agreement. I said comment on something intangible.
          And regarding the “something about you” I said you have to affect the mysterious demeanor, like you’re psychic.If you’re all chirpy and shit like a timeshare salesman, it won’t work.

    1. Same. If you met in the street, during the day, there is no other way. You both have to go your own way, so you gotta be quick
      Indirect is when you meet her and have time to talk and stuff. Back in high school I was chilling in the park when I saw a hot chick, we walked around for 2 hours and then gave each other numbers and met later. Ironically, I had a date with another girl the same day.
      I can’t remember when I used indirect ever since.

  3. Troy, since reading your articles my game has improved immensely. I am far more likely to cold approach a girl than before and hearing about your experiences has improved my confidence. I still occasionally get that little lizard brained voice in my head that screams “RUN! DANGER! DANGER! RUN! RUN! RUN!” when I see a hot chick but I am doing better at suppressing it.
    In terms of making sexual intentions clear I found myself projecting sexually to this girl who was helping me in a store the other day. I didn’t ask her out because a) she was well aware but was not giving me the right vibe and b) I go to that store every week, I’ve put her in the Long Game category and c) she’s aaight.
    However, I have found by using very simple lines like “I think you’re cute and I want to take you out” these girls flush and look delighted even if they say no. If they say “no” it’s because they are married or have a boyfriend. But I am now finding it easier to cold approach than work girls in bars because you have no choice but to be direct in the street.

    1. I cold approach women even if I have zero sexual intent just because I’m in the right mood and my body tells me to go game and dominate a female. It’s really liberating once you realize that you can walk up to any stranger on earth and flirt with her. It doesn’t need to lead anywhere.
      If I’m feeling more introspective, which is probably 60-70% of the time, I just stay alone with my thoughts.
      I’ve always admired those guys who are cold approach machines. Not me — I’m a little too introverted. Batteries need longer recharging.

      1. The more you do it the easier it gets. Some guys really don’t care but I am like you. I actually prefer the long game which is why I like to work on girls in stores.

      2. The “machine gun” approach is one way but game has to be intrinsic and aligned to core personality traits as well my freind.
        Being introverted can work in your favor. As a prototype Alpha myself
        . I’m 6’5, I’m 30, I’m Jacked, I’m dark (African American). I have a nice place, muscle car etc blah blah. But I still use “Sniper” or “Snare” game myself when i don’t feel like doing much, or being noticed on every females radar (stalkers are real) and I think it’s awesome for Men that aren’t looking to just shoot shots to shoot them or introverts. Some guys have egos that can’t be crushed but many don’t and won’t. Arrogance is always a turn off. It screams over compensation. You build true self confidence by self improvement and personal triumph.Just because you hunt different you are still a hunter.

    2. When they say they have a “boyfriend” (whatever the fuck “boyfriend” means in 2016, mind you), you throw out to them “I’ve got a Golden Lab named ‘Sqeaky’!” or some shit like that. She’ll either look at you like you’re from Saturn or say something like “What does that mean?”. You reply, with a smile: “I thought we were talking about random stuff…” Then hand her your phone and TELL her to put her number in it, then press the dial button. Her number shows up. Now, TELL her to put her name in. Contact stored. Then close her right there on a date, instadate preferred. Tap that pussy for the win.

      1. When they say they have a boyfriend, say, “Well, he’s not here so give me your number.”
        This shows you don’t give a fuck and you’re calling her bluff if she was bluffing. If she’s not bluffing, then she’ll either give you her number or she won’t. If she won’t, then “Next.”

        1. In the day and age of Social Media what woman gives hard undivided complete commitment when you first meet her? Sure, the low hanging fruit, but if I’m not mistaken that usually means a woman with lower SMV than you, right?

        2. I get it frequently. I’m not sure these discussions on SMV have any basis in reality. But her telling me she’s married definitely suggests something less than commitment.

        3. SMV certainly has a basis in reality. The 30 year old Mel Gibson, or the 35 year old Brad Pitt both had a very high SMV that women instinctively played to. A low fruit, semi-chubby 4.5 who is bold will come on to any man she thinks she might get some dick from, even if he hides it, that’s what I’m talking about with the low hanging fruit.

        4. My point is that the only “clear and present undivided attention” usually comes from women lower on the SMV chart than a given man as well as the fact that women, especially high attractive level women, have a myriad of 1,000 guys at any given time giving her attention, there’s absolutely no need for her to display her attraction to you initially in a clear manner. The ones that do, great, but “no immediate complete commitment” isn’t a sign of no attraction, it just means you have to work a bit for it. The decision on if it’s worth it or not is up to you of course.

        5. Not interested in working for it mate. That’s for them to do for me once I’ve opened the door. You date women who want you to work early on, you’ll be working forever. It puts you on a hiding to nowhere.
          The other 1000 don’t matter. I’m in her face and she needs to respect that or I’m chatting to the next one. I’ve done it before, right in her face.
          So she better display that attraction or Mr. 1 in a 1000 is moving on. But in any case, saying she has a “boyfriend” is so far the other way from “attraction” only a madman would entertain it.

        6. Actually low hanging fruit is any woman that requires no actual effort on your part (not you specifically, speaking generally). Sometimes a 9 or 10 requires more than “Well, she responds to me immediately”. In fact, many times.

        7. 9s and 10s are 7s and 8s with make-up and a nice dress.
          We seem to be getting things twisted here. An “immediate response” doesn’t have to involving dropping to her knees and blowing me right there. But something in between a blowjob and “I have a boyfriend” would be OK for starters.

        8. Not interested in working for it mate.
          Game is all about “working for it”. That’s the whole point of learning the techniques taught here, even cold approaching and getting over it is “working for it”, which you yourself have indicated above you’re grateful to Troy for helping you with.
          Part of the fun of any kind of romance beyond a ONS., and sometimes even a ONS, is the hunt and chase. At least to me, but I always made a habit of going for broke and to hell with the odds. Had a 22 year old Jennifer Aniston (I like her, you don’t have to) were in my vicinity when I was in my mid 20’s I would have been throwing everything into the ring without hesitation. She isn’t gushing over me? Well then, she will be in a minute. Fuck it.
          You date women who want you to work early on, you’ll be working forever.
          For a ONS? There is no “forever” there, it’s one night. For a real relationship? You couldn’t be more wrong. Some girls, and they still exist, have a higher filter than “obvious attracted and throwing it out in the open”. Rejection for a woman is 1,000,000 worse for women than it is for men, so putting it out in the open is a huge risk for them, unlike us. My wife required a bit of gaming, and once the barriers were easily (laughably easily) overcome, it was a sure deal.
          1 in 1000, eh, no thanks. That’s your thing and I’m not criticizing it per se, but most guys here want more than a 0.001% batting average, heh.

        9. 9s and 10s are 7s and 8s with make-up and a nice dress.
          We have entirely different notions of 9 and 10 then. I do the “no makeup and dress” standard. While a 7 or 8 can “dress upwards” and look like an un-made up 9 or 10, it’s a farce by definition. There are no-makeup/dress 9’s and 10’s, but if you haven’t met one yet it’s hard to describe, when you wake up next to one and her “morning face” is still gorgeous, that’s a blissful thing.

        10. I haven’t met a single girl with gorgeous morning face but I guess that’s because you married her.
          You bastard.

        11. Well you said ONS not I.
          Maybe for you its work but for me its not. Its fun. And the minute a woman turns fun into work I’m gone.

        12. You say your wife required a lot of gaming to remove her laughably easy barriers? Hmm.
          You seem to be creating an entire scenario here that has nothing to do with me. Not only that you have leapt from “girl says she has a boyfriend” to filtering, gaming, strategies etc. You have focused on an unimportant detail of what I said and missed the entire point of my original post.
          Now maybe there are some things you wanted to share with the rest of us and that’s fine. But I don’t see why you needed to make me your straw man in order to do that.
          If you like “gaming” as you define it, well that’s all you bro. We all have different ways of getting the same thing. I’m happy with what I’m getting as I am sure you are with your situation.

        13. How does “a bit” translate, precisely, into “required a lot of”?
          The only detail you put out is that you only like low hanging fruit where the chick already shows interest. I’m simply noting that in this day and age that’s telling of nothing and is easily swatted away. It’s not this huge Herculean task that you seem to take it for.
          If you’re happy with the 1 in a 1,000 (using your numbers here), good for you.

        14. Yeah I never said anything about low hanging fruit mate that was you. As for 1 in a 1000 success ratio, again your words… I think you got it twisted here.

          How does “a bit” translate, precisely, into “required a lot of”?

          Depends on the emphasis, if you meant “a little” fine.
          I can see your approach is completely different to mine. I rarely require “a bit” of gaming once I have opened the conversation. I guess you could say I “pre-game” (clothes, gym, hairstyle, etc.) to look like the man girl’s want to sleep with. Most of the job is done before I open my mouth so “gaming” is rarely necessary. Or you might say what is normal “chatting up” for me someone else might interpret as game.
          But there are certain triggers for me and “I have a boyfriend” true or false, turns me off. Its rare a woman says this to me so I don’t see it as an issue. Did you wife tell you she had a boyfriend?

        15. Not interested in working for it mate.
          Which is the entire definition of low hanging fruit. If you can pick some things off easy without any real effort, where other of the same kind exist that require work, this has always been commonly understood to be “low hanging fruit”.
          Depends on the emphasis, if you meant “a little” fine.
          A bit of anything is “not much” under any standard usage of the phrase.
          As for 1 in a 1000 success ratio, again your words…
          Actually, they’re englishbob’s words, just a few posts above.
          “That’s for them to do for me once I’ve opened the door. You date women who want you to work early on, you’ll be working forever. It puts you on a hiding to nowhere.
          The other 1000 don’t matter. I’m in her face and she needs to respect that or I’m chatting to the next one. I’ve done it before, right in her face.
          You are starting to become rather dishonest Bob. In the future, pretend that everybody here DOES own a scroll bar with their browser and knows how to use it.
          I guess you could say I “pre-game” (clothes, gym, hairstyle, etc.) to look like the man girl’s want to sleep with.
          So do most active PUA types here, if their words are to be believed.
          Or you might say what is normal “chatting up” for me someone else might interpret as game
          That’s weaseling out of it and playing the “depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is” statist word game. If you Game, then you are applying a strategy to a target based on what you perceive about her, since that itself is a huge factor in Game. If you see a girl is interested in, dunno, dolphins (or whatever) and use that as a conversation starter, guess what, you’ve let “her” “dictate” your strategy at a certain level. If you walk up and talk about things she doesn’t give a shit about and blow her off when she walks away, well, good luck in that casino.
          Did you wife tell you she had a boyfriend?

        16. low hanging fruit

          You changed your definition of “low hanging fruit” to suit your argument, thus rendering it invalid.

          a bit

          We use it as an understatement here in Britain and that’s how I read it. Anyway I have already ceded the point to you so lets not belabour it.
          As for the 1000… No. Utilise your own scroll bar and you will find that not only were you the first to use this number you were also the one claiming this as my success ratio.

          That’s weaselling out of it and playing the “depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is” statist word game.

          There is a certain irony in your saying this given your fluid definition of low hanging fruit.Anyway, weaselling out of what? I have been rather exhaustively telling you how I operate and you seem to be immune to the idea that other people might have success using a different approach to the one that you hypothesise. But that is a the difference I suppose between an armchair general and the man actually fighting on the battlefield…

        17. LOL I was the same way when I was dating. Often enough there were girls interested in me.. if I was attracted to them as well, that was good enough for me; and it worked out for a better relationship anyway. Let’s say you chase hard after the girl, maybe finally get her interested.. then the entire relationship will probably be built on that chasing/running nonsense.
          Finally, what makes an attractive woman? For me, friendliness, respect, good manners – those things go a long way in making them attractive. A cold shoulder, disrespect and rudeness are not attractive at all, even if it comes from a perfectly formed body and a divine face.

        18. I guess I was never interested in “the game”, but in the result of it – a working relationship with someone I liked. I was also never interested in one-night-stands – having sex with a complete stranger never appealed to me.
          However, I do agree entirely over one point in all these posts: do not make yourself the beggar for the relationship. Better to stay alone for a while, than beg for it. Take the position of strength and try to overcome rejection, that’s fine. Take the position of mutual respect and good manners, that’s fine too. But the position of the beggar deserves no respect.

        19. “9s and 10s are 7s and 8s with make-up and a nice dress.” or with good manners.
          I would treat a woman only with good manners and respect; and if she does not value that, and/or does not know how to reciprocate, I just subtracted 5 points from whatever her 7,8,9,10 score was in my mind.
          What is good manners? It doesn’t mean we fall in each other’s arms right away, or ever. It means an unspoken agreement, that no matter the outcome, we will conduct this interaction in a civilized, mutually respectful manner, without the need to be rude or diminish each other, either while trying to attract, or while communicating that we are not interested. It means treating each other as gentlemen and ladies. Damn, maybe I was born in the wrong century 😉

        20. Once again, I’m pleased that you get what I am saying. This has been entirely my experience. You let a woman play these games from the off and she will be playing you like a fiddle forever. I don’t play, I take my ball and go home.
          What you are displaying here is that you have the self-esteem and confidence to know a) you are better than that, and b) you know you can walk away and find a better option than the hot chick who thinks she’s special.
          The other thing that these guys don’t realise is that continuing to talk to a woman who is playing games with you is actually a form of pedestalizing where you simply can’t walk away from a woman who either doesn’t want to talk to you or is playing you.

        21. True. It’s an old saying. “Women know who they wana fuck in the first 5 seconds. And will let you know it in the first 5 minutes” there is no magic words or jedi mind tricks. Make yourself the best option you can through self improvement and then sift through your options once you cast your net.
          Women hold the key to sex. Men hold the key to comittment. Once you get the sex how you play the game determines if she stays comitted. If she has been over sexed then she has been exposed to too much game and comittment is useless. No partners is great (rare) 1-3 under 22 is optimum. Any more then 3 she is Useless. She’s typically encounterd atleast 1 alpha in 3 tries if she is young and attractive. Alpha widows are only useful to other Alphas as breeding material but typically become part of the beta marriage pool. At that point you gotta find what you love and let it kill you. Or keep poon slaying and brick laying

      2. That’s great in theory but if she’s already dating a Alpha. Bullshit gets no play or she will entertain you for her own amusement. Remember women cuckold men they aint even fucking in their minds. You could just be reinforcing her mating choice by pondering over her after she stated her status. It’s not worth the time. If she is on the hypergamy ladder and you are a higher rung. She will NEVER state she has a significant other.
        Pick a better target.

    3. Isnt it crazy that we have that danger thought? You would think they were carrying a 45 or something.

    4. Plus, think about it, when you did this you made this chicks day. Unfortunately for me I am missing the little guy on my shoulder telling me to run. But in my experience the women will appreciate the attention and go out if she is available.
      I had a smoking hot Palestinian woman that worked in a US Army library call me two years after I hit on her in a library in Kuwait saying she was getting a divorce and wanted to hook up. Nike has it right, ‘Just Do It!” meaning she used a guy in the Army to find me in the States and he called me and asked if I remembered her then he gave her my number after I gave permission.

      1. I’m not sure about making her day. She had “bored bitchface” on. Which is why I left it for another day. I know where to find her.
        You never have approach anxiety? That’s pretty awesome dude. After decades I still get it.

      2. Palestinian woman= uhm no.
        Two years after you HIT on her (not date, relationship, marriage etc)= hell no.
        Used a guy in the Army to find you (!!!!) in the States= put your shoes on and run.
        It’s indeed a bit romantic, or charming, or whatever, the fact that she remembered you, and went through all that trouble and all that, as these ‘nice’ things don’t happen that often nowadays. But it does sound a bit weird that she would literally chase down a man who made a faint pass at her years before. Plus, Middle Eastern women never age well….^^

    5. or have a boyfriend
      Or not. That’s the go-to line that a girl uses when she wants to let a guy down “easy”. Not saying that regarding you per se, just noting that this is often the little white lie that chicks use as a stock phrase when she’s not interested. I rarely bought the line once I figured out the code.

        1. Not irrelevant at all. If a girl isn’t initially interested in a “I have a boyfriend” way then she either is NOT interested in a genuine manner OR you haven’t gamed her appropriately to create attraction. “I have a boyfriend” isn’t a hard and fast no, it’s a “maybe, but you need to try a different strategy”.

        2. My game is fine.
          Look mate, you can play these games with women if you want to but I don’t have the time. If the bitch is lying about having boyfriend then what the fuck do I want with her? She doesn’t define my strategy I do. And my strategy does not include dealing with women who tell bold faced lies right from the start.
          If I sound a little annoyed its not you specifically, I just get tired of people microanalysing my strategy when they weren’t there when it went down. They might consider the minute possibility that she’s actually telling the truth (crazy I know).

        3. Just one other thing about the “boyfriend” line. I’ve been through it a million times. Catching them out, finding out they’re lying. It leads nowhere because actually it becomes all about proving them wrong and not about getting their number. But frankly, their attractiveness to me hits zero the moment they utter those words. I’m not interested in girls like that.

        4. I don’t consider “she’s telling the truth” a valid metric because women have lying embedded in their soul. Men throughout history have noted this. If your criteria is “women who don’t lie” then you’re excluding 99.9% of women. Which is fine as far as it goes. The “I have a boyfriend” barrier is laughably easy to batter down with almost no effort, it’s not like some Herculean task.
          “She doesn’t define my strategy, I do” isn’t a workable situation. Sun Tzu was pretty clear that the environment dictates the strategy used, which applies to everything in life. If you have to, you lead the target to the proper environment to execute your strategy, but even that is responding to them at some level.
          I don’t organize a mass attack to be executed through a narrow passage where most of my force cannot fight the oncoming enemy, I organize and execute it an open field where I can take full advantage of the bulk of my troops, which means that if my enemy is poised for ambushing me in a narrow passage, part of my strategy involves drawing them out. In effect, I am reacting to them in order to execute my ultimate strategy.

        5. In what world do you have to prove them wrong? Maybe they have a boyfriend for real, big fucking deal she’s not married to him. Plow through it with ZFG and playfully mocking her or indicating that it really doesn’t matter because it’s about you and her.
          All women lie. There’s no getting around it. She may not be lying about a boyfriend and if you’re in for a ONS then great, but if you’re looking for more and use lying as your Eject Button criteria, well, good luck with that.

        6. Everyone lies (except me, I never lie).
          Its easy to prove them wrong. Ask them their boyfriend’s name and they usually fumble.
          But that was for when I was a kid. I don’t mess with that bullshit anymore.

        7. Your words seem to be contradictory. You would let your enemy define your strategy? Sounds like a plan for failure.
          Ghost we can’t have a valid discussion if you are going to decide what my position is. I never said “women who don’t lie” and you know that.
          Furthermore you need to stop treating the veteran like he’s a rookie. I know what I am doing and I’ve been doing it for nearly three decades. You have your way and I have mine. It works for me as I’m sure your strategies work for you.
          Now maybe if I was pressed (like when I was a kid) I might fight the “I have a boyfriend” battle. But I’m not pressed. I’m a past master who generally gets what he wants.
          So I have no interest in fighting that battle, playing silly little games with females, when I all have to do is cross the room and talk to another one.
          You need to respect that.

        8. Yes, everyone lies. Women lie as a natural part of their everyday interactions with everybody almost (but not quite) all the time, whereas men can usually (almost, but not all the time) retain some level of honesty in most interactions.

        9. You would let your enemy define your strategy? Sounds like a plan for failure.
          Get right with Sun Tzu then, he seemed to understand this quite well.
          You have an army suited to open field attack advantage, which involves using en mass and better morale factors. If you know the enemy is waiting at a closed in pass to get rid of your advantage, you lure them out of that position and into a position of advantage to your strengths. You have to account for them at some level, you don’t just get to say “Here is my blank default strategy, regardless of the opponent, fuck them if they expect me to consider them in my strategy!”

        10. In cold approach…If she says, she has a boyfriend but still isn’t walking away from you or the interaction, it is ON !!!!!
          Last 10 girls I fucked, 8 of them had boyfriends.
          If your SMV is high enough compared to her, they don’t think twice before jumping on your dick. She’ll lie about not having a bf if she thinks you’ve got enough value in her eyes.
          Four months back, I picked up this cute latina in a club. We ended up being fuck buddies. Then one night, she tells me, we gotta stop doing this, my boyfriend won’t like it. This is after pounding her non-stop for 3 weeks. Personally,I never bother to ask girls if they have a bf. The guy was out of town for a couple of months and this bitch rewarded him by cheating on him.

        11. “I have a boyfriend” is their wall…if they mention it (especially in that manner) it’s her way of trying to end the conversation. If she wants you she’s jumping on that cock even if she’s married.

        12. …which is why they accuse men of lying/cheating….it’s second nature to them so they expect it in all their interactions.

        13. I don’t agree that 99.9% percent of women lie. I’d say 70% is more accurate. That leaves plenty of space for guys like Bob.

        14. ah.. here are some critical differences between a war and dating:
          1) in war, you don’t choose your opponent – if someone attacks you, you can’t just remove yourself and engage in a different battle because you don’t like this one; in dating you can ALWAYS choose who you engage with.
          2) some guys do not think of women as “opponents”. I never did.

    6. Replace ‘I think you’re cute’ with ‘i like you’. ‘Cute’ means she’s not beautiful enough in your eyes, and saying specific stuff (‘you’re gorgeous’, ‘you’re hot’) is too much. The best is dropping the hammer of ‘i like you’ or ‘i really like you’ and ‘I wanna take you out’.

        1. Yeah she’ll usually get it when you say she’s “cute”. In my experience, women are pleased just to have your attention. It doesn’t really matter what you say. As I said above, I always get a positive reaction when I approach, even when the girl is married.
          The important thing is that you say something that you are confident with rather that racking your brains to say something clever. That can kill your confidence and give you major approach anxiety.
          Personally, I don’t like to tell people I don’t know that I like them. It seems insincere to me. But if that works for you, then by all means do it.
          Btw, the line I mentioned is actually Troy’s line, which I understand he uses to great effect.
          Honestly mate, I think you are overly keen to give out advice. You didn’t really read my initial post.

  4. One good thing to do when talking to girls is to comment about something very miniscule that she thinks no one else notices but that you noticed…for example, the other day I went to the pharmacy to pick up my dad’s prescriptions, and the pharm tech was wearing a thin necklace with some small chemical symbol charm (it caught my attention since I was a chemistry major)
    I asked her what was that symbol for as I was staring at it, she flustered for a second and then said “dopamine”. I told her she must always feel good. She was definitely flattered.

    1. Fuck that. You don’t want to come across as the sensitive type who notices things about her. That’s what beta orbiters do. She will be flattered but wont fuck you, just as she in fact didn’t in your case
      Next, you’ll be hearing her complain that she wishes her thug boyfriend was sensitive like you, and thinking you have a chance with her

      1. There is plenty of time to demonstrate your dominance later.
        That is a pretty normal indirect way to start a conversation with a cutie.
        What matters is how you say it. You only come across as a beta if you say it in a weak half-assed way.
        Plus if the girl is lower SMV than you, any thing you say will stick.
        You don’t need much game if she doesn’t have high status guys in her social circle.

      2. She didn’t fuck me because I didn’t pursue her. I’m married, so I left it at that. I like to flirt with women, and they always notice the ring.
        I’m not sure how pointing something out about her makes me a beta orbiter. That was the first time I ever met her, I don’t plan on hanging around her.

      3. There is nothing wrong with talking a lot. The “just friends” problem probably happens only if you strictly talk and try nothing else. Just mix it up with something a bit physical, for example just stroking her by the arm at first.. If she rejects even that, you’ll know she’s not interested in anything physical. If she is receptive, you can escalate as fast or slow as you feel is right, for both of you.

  5. Getting over the fear of rejection is harder for some men more than others.
    I guess there are many men, even in their 30s or 40s, who are still at least a bit traumatized by a cruel rejection by a woman while they were still teenagers.

      1. Yes, that fear can be very paralyzing and the most annoying thing is it can return if you dont constantly practice inner game.
        Long story short, I was horrible with women… latter in my 20’s I got better. Now that I have slacked off and am almost 30 the stupid fear has come back. Time to reboot the system…. 😉

  6. Agreed! Fortune favors the bold. I’m thinking more and more “Caveman/Direct Game” is the way to go. Fuck subtlety; it’s a time waster.
    She says “No.”? So fucking what. There’s another 3 billion-ish where she came from…

      1. make sure you wrap it. you can get molluscum contagiosum and herpes even if you don’t. but they won’t kill you so meh.

    1. There is something very liberating about keeping it simple. Seems to really help keep all the doubting voices in your head to a minimum since your just being honest. To be fair, allot of quote unquote ‘game’ actually got in my way because I would overthink things way to much.
      ‘What type of strategy should I use? What should I say? How should I say it?’ blah blah blah… just go in there and find out whats good.
      Thank God for websites like this where men can actually talk about men ‘shit’ for once.

    2. There have been so many times where I went in for the kiss and I got the cheek from a girl. About 5 years ago I learned to grab their face and make them kiss me. They get so turned on by caveman game.

  7. didn’t Shakespeare say “a coward dies a million deaths but a hero is always getting threesomes?”

    1. “The problem with quotes on the internet is that it’s difficult to verify their authenticity.”
      –Abraham Lincoln

  8. Except that 99% of women get creeped out by some random dude eye fucking them in public and aren’t interested in sex with a stranger. Unless you want someone who sleeps with random strangers all the time. You say you want old fashioned women with values, perhaps you need to reciprocate by taking your time and chances through the whole courting process too, no? Men who are unattractive (either physically or more often, personality wise) are the ones who get friendzoned. It has nothing to do with timing or getting your intentions across. If a woman wants you, she’ll want you even after 20 platonic dates. Believe me.

    1. “Unless you want someone who sleeps with random strangers all the time.”
      Like 90% of Western women?
      Sure, why not.

    2. First “random creepy men” are just boring, ugly men with no social skills. That’s not the auditory of this site. I will wager men here are above average in actractiveness and social skills or as some call it “game”. This is natural of men who seek self-improvement and believe in the natural order.
      2) IF 99% hate being approached I am either lucking out each time with that 1 percent, or what is much more likely, woman love being approached by attractive and confident men and you are just trying to pull a good old shit test
      “You say you want old fashioned women with values, perhaps you need to reciprocate by taking your time and chances through the whole courting process too, no?”
      – Nice try love, like we didn’t hear this shit a million times before. This is what I call ‘tradition shaming’, because women think that because we accept that the previous social order was better that means we will act as betas and will let women use as walking wallets and waste our time, or as Patrice O’Neil use to call them ‘time hoes’

      Here is the thing woman. Either you want a man or you don’t. Traditional women are no different than a simple woman in many regards. You either want a man or you don’t. We just want to know if you are available and if you are into us. That’s it.
      A simple yes or no. Nothing more
      You give us your number, we meet and then we decide where we move from there, or you say ‘no’ and we part
      We just want to know early on so we don’t waste each other time. If a man goes out with you without being clear he is sexual, you will call him a dishonest jerk, because he didn’t say what he wanted beforehand, which is what we are trying to do.
      Jesus, we are doing exactly what you woman asked us to do.
      If men aren’t clear enough about their intentions they end in the friend zone, and you call us jerks and liars for pretending to be friends in order to get laid.
      If we are clear about what we want upfront, you shame us like you do now.
      I swear with these woman it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      1. “I swear with these woman it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” Right back at you. What do you men want, a slut who will have sex with you the day you meet, or one of those nice, sweet, virginal “good girls” you’re always complaining about not being able to find anymore now that Western civilization has gone to hell in a ho’s handbasket?
        Because a girl can’t become the former without ceasing to be the latter. And if you really do want to settle down with a nice girl (assuming you can find one, I won’t try to argue they are plentiful) and have a family, now or ever, you’re going to have to learn a different kind of game, because if you next any girl who doesn’t sleep with you right away, then of course you’re only going to end up with sluts.

        1. Getting your intention clear doesn’t mean you have sex with her then and there. It means you determine upfront whether she is available and whether she finds you attractive. You offer her to date, she either says yes or no.
          Then we can go on 1 date or 10 dates.
          But I must be clear upfront that I am looking for a sexual relationship so she knows what I want and if we are both ok with it, or we respectfully part.
          It’s not about the courting period length, it’s about her knowing you want to have a romantic relationship from the beginning so she doesn’t get confused about your intentions.

        2. That makes sense, the confusing part I guess comes from how sex and love seem so totally separate now, after traditionally being intertwined. Which makes it all the more important for everyone to be honest up front about whether they are looking for a friend, a sex partner, or a romantic interest, which ideally begins with friendship but always with the underlying desire to (eventually) get physical.

  9. Direct or Indirect……Doesn’t matter.
    Make sure your non-verbals are tight.
    I have seen so many guys approach in a half-ass way and then complain about not getting results or direct game not working.
    Body Language and Tonality should be spot on. Couple this with the right mindset, and you can make any girl in the world wet down there.
    Its not gonna happen overnight.Took me around 5 years to fix my non-verbals. The fastest way to fix it, is to approach more and hit the field.
    2hrs a day, 5 days a week is more than enough.

    1. Yup…. and always remember clothes maketh the man…..subtlety is the key….. dress like every other hipster fool and watch the ladies looking the other way…

      1. Indeed.
        I was always the introverted, nice guy type. Still, I’ve always liked to dress properly, like a man, not like some teen with the hoodie, the shirts with flowers and the low pants that show your underwear.
        And let me tell you that where I live, 70% of the “men”, if we can call them that way, dress like that.
        I don’t. And lately I’ve noticed I’m recieving that little look the lasses give you when passing in front of you that tells they’re watching you, while usually they just pass in front of you and don’t even see you, like you don’t exist.
        Just my two cents on it. It may be down to the change I’m making on my attitude more than the way I dress, but certainly is noticeable.

      2. “dress like every other hipster fool and watch the ladies looking the other way” — whats that old saying? “Dress for the job you want?” — we should expand that to “Dress for the LIFE you want.” ; If you dress like smoking weed on the couch in your mother’s basement whilst playing videogames is all you want in life, then that’s how you will likely end up. Yes, Mark Zuckerberg wears a hoodie, but do you think he trusts his companies money to anyone that looks like they just woke up?

    2. I’m not trying to challenge you, this is just me being curious. How do you spend that much time a day approaching women? For me, i have an hour commute to work, spend anywhere from ten to twelve hours at work, drive an hour home. Plus I start work at 1PM. I’ve seen guys like Troy here and McQueen talk about setting a goal to approach 100 girls and I honestly don’t think I’ve interacted with even 50 girls worth being hit on in the last year. So I’m just just curious as to how one goes about setting that much time aside to approach.

      1. Let go of all standards of beauty. Literally talk to any woman you see. Use the uggos to practice. Then you’ll have the right mentality when a good one does cross your path.
        I had a friend who literally wouldn’t speak to a female unless he knew she was marriage material. That is the stupidest, most self-limiting thing a man can do in the sexual marketplace (and for overall happiness I might add). Now he’s married and hates his wife lol.

        1. Since I’ve been reading ROK, I have made an effort to talk to different people.
          I used to be somewhat like your friend, except I wouldn’t talk to any girl. Period. I knew she’d reject me no matter what. My buddy (who is married) took me to a country dance bar one time. If I had any sort of game at the time, it would have been like shooting fish in a barrel, there was so many woman there. Part of my problem though is I just don’t give enough of a shit.

      2. Personally, I have quit the 9-5 brigade and set up my own business. So time isn’t much of an issue for me.
        You could always approach on your way to work, on the subway, or during your lunch break. You don’t need to specifically dedicate hours if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle but approach whenever you see a bangable enough girl.
        I am not a big fan of this strategy since one needs momentum in cold approach. If your job doesn’t involve you being social like working in IT, analytics, etc., it becomes difficult to break through that zone and suddenly become social.
        Plus you can make up for all that lost time on weekends.

  10. I need a lot of work on edge. Being on the smallish side, I have a hard time feeling edgy when I’m shorter than some of the girls I try to talk to (especially if they’re wearing heels). I guess I need to work on my mental game.

    1. i know how it is…
      you don’t need any “mental game” here – just DON’T think about it. any single second you give any consideration to your height is a wasted time.
      most women DON’T CARE (not to mention the ones who find shorter guys cute).
      there are some women for whom it’s important that the guy isn’t shorter than them – but they are few and you can’t change it anyway – so it’s a waste of time to even think about it anyway.
      with shudder i recall all the mental energy i wasted on thinking about it.
      so once again this part is easy: once you detect a thought about your height – just kill it right away. it’s a waste and totally irrelevant.

  11. Yes, mate!
    I hate it when you are in the grey area with a woman….most of the times, if you are in the grey area (you don’t know if she likes you or not), you are thinking too much about her and get more and more infatuated with her…..and she probably likes having you around as a beta orbiter and texting you when she is really booored, asking for some attention and wants to be entertaaaaaained by you….Fuck that!
    I am far too old for that shit….you just have to be bold and come straight to the point….as you said: let the chips fall where they may, but let them fall! If she is not interested, accept it and move on without looking back!

    1. While guys can definitely follow the advice in articles like this to avoid the grey area, I’ve found that with foreign girls it’s easy as pie. Whenever I meet a foreign girl, it’s clear as night or day after a brief conversation whether there is sexual chemistry or not. But everything with foreign women seems to come naturally to me, it’s like you don’t have to try. Kind of like how I guess dating was in the 1950s and 60s.

      1. Me too. Europeans have always come easy to me — French, German, etc. While living in South America in 2014 it felt easy like Sunday morning with many of those women too. Here, back in the US… American women bore me. I’m spoiled for foreigners. Current girl is Spanish, here on a work visa.

    2. Usually it’s your body language that telegraphs to her that you’re physically attracted. In my case the attraction was strong enough that I couldn’t hide it even if I wanted to. That ruled out any possibility of a girl being “just a friend”.

  12. The girl above… what an absolute hottie and I love her tits…. how can queers not get a woody over that? I will never understand fags. Just leaves more rampant totty for the rest of us real men…..

    1. Honestly that’s why I’ve never understood gay haters. I wish my town was 50% gay. That’s just that many more horny lonely single women out there for me.

      1. Exactly. Let them live their lives of debauchery, fucking each other in the ass and dying of AIDS. We’ll get on with blowing our loads over those lovely tits…….

      2. We need to make a universal law that says half the men must be gay and that no good looking woman is allowed to be a lesbian… unless its a shared sexual experience with a man… yea, I like this reasoning!!!

  13. Saw the title and couldn’t help but think-
    Given the push to ‘affirmative consent’, pretty soon in California you’re going to have to be absolutely clear, not just in stating you want to have sex, but the delineate all the specific acts and get her to sign a written statement to that affect checking the box affirming she is giving consent ‘enthusiastically’.

    1. But is part of ‘affirmative consent’ being able to withdraw consent at any time? So after she consents she can can simply change her mind even after sex and then it’s …..RAPE!

      1. Buy property and make it known you are looking for a wife who understands her place is to cook and clean. I’d advise attending church to find a woman that has values vs just binge drinking herself into a strangers bed the next morning.

  14. As an old dude who never took that advice until my mid to late 20’s, I know this article is true. I spent so many dates talking far to much, trying to be sincere.
    Things went much better after I started to not be so reserved !

    1. well, but my guess is you weren’t entirely sincere. You were physically attracted to these girls, but probably did an excellent job of concealing it. I was never able to conceal it that well, and probably, better off for it..
      I have a friend who has an incredible poker-face for this sort of thing, he can joke with girls like they were guys. But it is so well-practiced for him, that it became a certain comfort-zone with him, and he seldom moves out of this shell. I’d say his skill is his curse.

  15. Women automatically see you as sexually motivated if you’re a confident guy. Sweet but also a dick. There are three types of men: the dick, the asshole and the pussy.

  16. I think its best to wait a little while before announcing your intentions. Really one reason why game works so well is that stress in women produces sexual desire because testosterone is produced in the adrenals along with adrenaline(in fact in women it is their primary source of Test). Of course if you are too repulsive while making that stress she wont be around to fuck you. Being unclear at first makes that hamster run full speed, and she can’t reject what you haven’t offered. Waiting a bit also makes you look less desperate, although a certain portion of women really respond to more aggressive males.

  17. Its all about the eye contact gents. Lock on & stay locked on. The woman swiftly gets the message you mean business and aren’t looking for a penpal.

  18. I was going to once again harp on the impossibility of a girl being both pure and easy to bed, and the dilemma of a good girl who wants to preserve her virginity for marriage yet would find it impossible to keep a man’s interest if he were following red pill advice to not waste time on a girl who doesn’t put out. But I think I may have figured it out. I’m thinking that, just like women want both a sexy alpha and a provider beta, men also want two different types of women: The sexy slut for quick and easy sexual gratification and the virginal “nice girl” to attend to their domestic needs and mother their children.
    And just as women have the fantasy of “reforming” a bad boy into a nice guy, and men have the fantasy of turning a whore into a housewife, men also have the fantasy of meeting a good girl and bringing out her inner slut for the very first time by the sheer power of his virility and masculine awesomeness. They imagine getting the best of both worlds this way, a devoted, faithful wife-and-mother and a bedroom vixen (but only for you and you alone).
    Now I’m not saying this is a bad fantasy to have or even that it never comes true. It is interesting to note that females don’t seem nearly as prone to having an equivalent fantasy about a pure virginal beta boy who they plan to marry for his provider-father skills and simultaneously enjoy the results of unleashing his inner manwhore for her and only her through the power of her feminine charms, it’s always transform the bad boy or marry the beta bux with no expectation of receiving sexual gratification with him.
    But this is just my theory as a woman. Am I anywhere near the truth, boys, and if not, what IS the deal with the whole “how can I get more girls to be slutty with me?/I hate that all girls are sluts” thing?
    And speaking of making your intentions clear, I think in an ideal world we would all be able to do this. But the (real, violent) rapists have ruined it for the normal guys who now must be ever-so-careful in expressing their natural healthy desire to make sweet love to a beautiful woman, lest they end up with a knee to the groin, a face full of pepper spray or worse. And the sluts have ruined it for the good girls, who must now walk a tightrope between showing enough interest in a guy to let him know she’s attracted to him, without giving the idea that she is up for a casual sexual encounter.
    So, as a virgin who is saving it for marriage myself, I can think of several scenarios with regard to my intentions towards a man. 1. An ugly jerk. I hate being anywhere near this guy for any reason and will go out of my way to avoid him. He has zero chance of getting in my pants. 2. A guy I find physically unattractive, but possible friend material (maybe husband material if I discover he has a great personality and/or a lot of money).ːI want to get to know this guy and investigate his compatibility as a life partner. I’ll never really WANT to sleep with you, but if other non-physical things line up you have a chance to marry me and have me bed you out of marital obligation. 3. A hot jerk. Yes, I will confess to getting the bad boy gina tingles a time or two, but since I’m not a bad girl, I wouldn’t act on them. If you are cruel, stupid, mentally messed up or otherwise lousy husband-and-father material but are sexy, you also have zero chance of getting in my pants (except in my fantasies). Now, if you are VERY cute and NOT very bad, I might date you for awhile to enjoy looking at and making out with you, but I will never consider marrying (and therefore will never consider sleeping with) you. 4. The nice, cute guy. This is the total package I’m not sure exists, the Holy Grail of Manhood. This guy stands a very good chance of getting in my pants, with enthusiasm on my part, but even you are going to have to wait for me to complete the process of evaluating your life mate potential and put a ring on my hand before the clothes come off.
    So if a guy I’m not married to clearly announces his sexual intentions to me, MY clear announcement of intentions is always going to start with “I have no sexual intentions towards you” but it’s an incomplete sentence and how I would finish it depends on the individual man. So, just how honest would you want me to be?

    1. “But this is just my theory as a woman. Am I anywhere near the truth, boys, and if not, what IS the deal with the whole “how can I get more girls to be slutty with me?/I hate that all girls are sluts” thing?”
      The societal context has changed, but human nature, specifically male sexual nature, has not. The deal of marriage leading to regular sex is no longer the standard, but the drive and desire are still there, so, you have the above paradox.
      I once slept with a girl who had just gotten married a week earlier. She married a “nice, cute” guy and they were each others’ first. I can only guess her motivation for basically throwing herself on me (there was no alcohol involved either). I thoroughly enjoyed our two sessions, but thinking about it later what she did really hit me, and I never would’ve figured her for doing something like that. It definitely woke me up to things women, even solid women with their shit together, are capable of.
      Not trying to brag, and I’m not particularly proud of it, but she told me that they didn’t have a lot of sex and that I did things her husband was afraid to do, but she wanted, because he was so nice. She told me later her menstrual cycle had completely changed after we did it. I didn’t know that was possible.
      My point is, as a virgin, your mind/psychology and your sense of your body and men is not what it will be once you have sex for the first time. Despite our depraved, secular world, sex remains a spiritual as well as physical act. Owning/dominating someone’s body or having that done to you does something to you. If you haven’t experienced it, it can’t be explained to you. Not saying go out and fuck a random guy right now; if you’re convictions about sex and marriage are that strong then more power to you. I’m saying don’t jump to too many conclusions or overthink what you want from a man at this point. You might have some kind of crisis like the girl I described above when you realize you have contempt for the nice guy you married, and you crave being degraded by a man who doesn’t care. Happens a lot. My two cents.

  19. About 15 years ago, I read a book by Chris Rock and in it, he wrote about being rejected by a woman he liked because he wasn’t assertive enough. The woman told him she was fucking another guy because he hadn’t hit on her, so she assumed he wasn’t interested.
    He said the experience taught him that if he liked a woman, “always let her know he had a dick and that he intended to use it on her.”
    I’ve used the same strategy and it’s worked well. Fortune favors the bold.

  20. “Far better to be the guy who gets rejected by hundreds of women but ends up with a gorgeous girlfriend at the end of the year.” Haha, that’s what happened to me!

  21. Ahh troy you really are the king of game im only 19 yrs old and while high school sucked i cant wait to go to college next year with articles like this its gonna be fun time

  22. Hey, Tiffany, Buffy, whatever, I know we’ve only always studied together, but I’ve always wanted you butt naked with your knees pinned behind your ears like Bugs Bunny while I reamed your anus. I hope this admission doesn’t ruin the mood of our future study sessions.

  23. “Social conditioning has falsely inculcated a view that human courtship needs to be a long affair, drawn out over several dates, that incorporates a lot of “getting to know you” and swapping opinions on books and bands and gourmet burger recipes.”
    Hit me like a tonne of bricks when i realized that i did this for the girls i wanted a LTR with but for the ones i deemed inferior, it was primal caveman wham-bam-thank-you mam.
    Take a gander at which one was more effective?
    A much wiser man than myself stated “Treat a lady like a whore and a whore like a lady”.

  24. Back in the 80’s when I was 20’s.. I had a harder time getting laid than now – in my 40’s.
    Now, they can’t get their clothes off fast enough and will do pretty much anything you tell them. Guys have it much easier now.

  25. I have a blind date tomorrow. I’ve been blue pill for my whole life. Discovered the pill almost two years ago. Been a struggle to change. This is my first date in many years. I’m going to jump head first out of my comfort zone and try this. Try to be more upfront with my intent. Wish me luck!

      1. It went good. Not great, because I was in my head trying to apply all sorts of “redpill” rules. She seems like a good girl. Works, has her own place, can hold a conversation. I have a second date with her tomorrow which must be a good sign. Thanks for asking.

        1. With your red pill knowledge, what are you hoping to get from this gal? At the age of 47, I’ve realized that I don’t need their good jobs and financial stability, I don’t like their tedious and banal conversation and I have no interest in being molded into their perception of a perfect boyfriend / husband. I simply want them to fulfill my sexual needs and I find they can be enchanting when they’re on their toes, trying hard to impress me, and being flirty / seductive. That’s a woman at her best: more femininity and vulnerability, and less feminism and vulgarity.
          Aside from the sex, I get all my other human needs fulfilled by male friendships, interacting with my dog and pursuing my hobbies. Instead of putting women on a pedestal like I used to, they now rank below my dog — literally — in importance to my happiness, and perhaps even below my vintage Porsche!!

        2. To be honest I’m not sure what I want from her. I’ve never been in any sort of relationship. My sex life has been lacking since the day I was born. So part of me wants to make up for it using what I’ve learned from the redpill over the last year. Thing is my beta mentality is still there for the most part. I was sorta hoping to use this as a learning opportunity. To apply what I’ve learned. In the other end I can see something meaningful come of this. But I’m not sure if that’s what I want. So right now I’m just going with the flow.

        3. If the beta is still strong in you and you’re particularly susceptible to “one-itis”, then let me make a suggestion that is not popular on this site: explore the realm of pay-for-play (P4P) for a while. More specifically, purchase your sexual experiences from an escort or some woman similarly classified. They are pros and generally good in bed; they try pretty hard to be fun and accommodating; you get to pick your ideal looks and body type; your relationship with them is clearly defined; they can offer you refreshingly brutal honesty if you ask for it; you can gain confidence with your sexual skills; and it’s almost always cheaper than pursuing non-pros.
          To minimize your costs per bang and up the adventure factor, travel to a different country for P4P. I prefer the proximity of Mexico, but Thailand, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Costa Rica and many places in South America are great options too. Hey, I’ve dated, lived with, and married many stunners, so I don’t mention P4P because I’m a hard-up social misfit who turns women off. Quite the contrary actually, but when I first tried P4P about 3 years ago, it completely changed my perspective in a good way. I convinced my buddy to partake too, and he was awkward / inexperienced around women even at the age of 42, and now his confidence and abilities are sky high, which he uses to date non-pros now. P4P is a fun, efficient and practical way to permanently remove the pussy from the pedestal in your mind.
          Side story: my first time in an upscale brothel in Mexico, and I’m sitting next to an obese American troll in his late 50s. No style, no class, no couth and not someone I’d normally hang with. But the guy has some $$$ and the girls are flocking to him. He picks the hottest chick, who doesn’t seem to mind his groping her. He winks at me and off they go to a room to do the deed. He returns 45 minutes later a little disheveled and with an enormous grin. He high-5s me as he walks past to buy a beer and I couldn’t help but laugh and feel happy for the guy. The old fat bastard banged a 21-year old dime for about $70 USD… I later did the same and it never felt more alpha. True story.

        4. I’m familiar with the P4P. I’ve participated in it quite a few times. This is I always feel massively ashamed afterwards because I had to pay.
          You’re right about the one-its. I have a bad history of it. Hopefully I won’t fall into that trap anymore.

        5. No need for shame, gent. You pay for pussy no matter what, but I’d rather know my up-front costs and not be scarred emotionally or psychologically. With a full life, a man only needs a vagina 1% of the time. Male friends are always much more capable of supplying the comradery, loyalty, humor and inspiration you need. With most women, after their pussy is pillaged, you get the pettiness, shallowness, banality, jealousy and childishness of their little minds. No thanks. I have a GF now, and I’ll admit that it’s always nice to walk into a restaurant / cafe with a hottie on your arm that’s not obviously an escort, but she causes me far more grief than she’s worth normally. Plus, she ain’t cheap either!!

  26. yeah, and always go for ethnic women (from patriarchal cultures) that are more easily intimidated into fucking you.

  27. What about those men (like me) who are sick and tired of rejection? Its almost if I am broken or defective in some way… At least I am being honest about my potential situation.

    1. in highschool, I was being rejected all the time. Until I realized, the reason it was happening, is because I obsessed and salivated over the prettiest girls in class, while ignoring all others. I can’t say that’s true in your case or not – but this was my specific problem. One I figured it out, it was much, much easier.

  28. Guys, from my experience+ the one of my friends, sisters etc., a guy has much more chances of hooking up with a girl (i.e. getting her phone number and taking her out, etc- not necessarily a one-night stand) if he shows that he likes her. You’ll automatically exude confidence if you just come at a girl. The more you like a girl, the more she’ll subconsciously feel attracted to you in return (unless you are repulsive looking, or have bad bodily hygiene or something of the sort), because that’s how us girls are wired.
    Believe me, whenever I read those articles about how men enjoy having women/girls make the first step….that happens only with whores or drunk women (which is pretty much quite the same). It’s unnatural and that’s why most normal girls don’t approach men.
    I’d say that the top reason men don’t get laid, or don’t get it as much as they’d want it, is because they are flakes as well. They call a woman three days after she gave them her phone number, take hours to answer, 99% text instead of calling, take days/weeks to set up a date….or swing to the other extreme, begin with dirty jokes and appalling stuff like ‘what’s your favorite position? hahaha!’. To then complain when women call them creeps.
    I’m not Ninon de L’Enclos but I’m a girl. Trust me. If you want a girl to respond quicker, act more decisively. Call her, text her, ask her out, be pushy. Show her you like her.
    If you want to act ‘alpha’ and be all prissy and ‘hey!’ with a girl a week after she gave u her phone number, make sure she’ll think that you’re a player and aren’t worth her attention. Like you’re most likely involved with someone, or just playing around. It’s ok with sluts as they won’t care even if your wife’s epidural hasn’t worn off after delivering your triplets the night before, but it’s not ok with normal girls.
    My take on it. You guys can dismiss it if you like.

    1. I don’t drink, I am not a whore, I think I am normal (if it is how you call it…)but do you really think you know women? In which category do you think I am if I am correct with myself and others (if it’s your representation of a regular woman) and if I ask men out? Oh wait a minut, I don’t need you to know if I am in a category, thank you 😉 be just careful I think you are getting this totally wrong. Men and women are not so different after all. We are both trying to know which way is the best to approach someone we are attracted to. After that, there is social pressure and stereotypes we have been raised with

      1. You can believe that asking a man out is a norm and that ‘social pressure’ and ‘prejudice’ stands against it, but it is nature. It is highly unnatural for a woman to throw herself at a man without him having made the first step or expressed interest first. Go online and read a bit or watch videos on Yt about men asked what they think about girls hitting on them. The answers are always ‘flattering’, ‘awkward’, ‘dunno…strange’. Not ‘normal’. I don’t have ‘to know’ women, I am a woman/girl myself. Go ahead and do as you please, it’s a free world. But asking men out and approaching them….not feminine at all.

    2. Sounds reasonable, and that’s pretty much what I did when I dated. None of that “I’ll pretend I don’t like you as much, so that you’ll like me more” nonsense. And none of that “I’ll pretend to just be your friend, otherwise I might chase you away” stuff either.
      I think all this “playing” advice works with specific types of people..

  29. Great article. It’s a fast and effective method to behaving like a rapist. Leave courtship and genuine conversation behind and grab her tits cause women love creepy sexual men who won’t take no for an answer!

  30. Really? So, you are showing pretty ladies in your articles (of course, who would like to be with you, except a gorgeous woman?) and you are expecting every lovely woman to say yes if you are more direct with her. I mean, really?? And what about them? Can’t them just be as well interested and show it as well? They are not allowed to say wether they like it or not, being with you? They are not allowed to choose you as a friend and nothing more? Or to ask someone out? Really, I am discovering this shitty website, and this is so lame. What are you expecting from women, just make babies? Just because they don’t need their brain to make babies? What is the point! Do you think you use yours for your d**k? Come on! Reproduction is not everything, it’s an option, we are something more, women and men included! Just grow up!

  31. No, no, no…. I find men like this revolting. If you want to get laid a lot, be healthy, successful, and happy. Be really confident and show compassion. We like that the most.

  32. Can someone please explain to me how this is not completely antithetical to the Word of God? If you claim to be atheists, then you don’t know better but to see woman like you do. But if you consider yourself a brother in Christ then we should know what women are worth Matthew 5:28, Proverbs 31

  33. I must say this article is spot in. Confidence is in deed the most attractive quality a man can have. It can easily override physical flaws in the eyes of a woman. Although many women preach against it being straight forward is your best option. There were guys I encountered that knew I was ok with a platonic and strictly sexual relationship at the time but chose to make me believe they wanted a serious relationship when in reality they just wanted the sex as wel . As much as this is a huge pet peeve of mine I understand they were like that because society trained them that they couldn’t use me for sex. Leading on that they wanted a relationship was their way of “paying” for the sex. It does NOT need to be like that. Let her be aware of the ultimate end game. It saves you time and her from potential heart break.
    Although those days for me have long passed I still have sex offered to me regularly. Mostly because I am a female truck driver and don’t look like one at all. There are many lonely men out here and they don’t want to pass the opportunity up. I can’t begin to tell you how much I prefer talking to those that are straight forward than those that beat around the bush. Despite this though I have yet to accept an offer. Handling the rejection is definitely the most difficult and I think it’s best not to take it seriously. If I’m approached directly but respectfully. I’ll directly and as respectfully as possible decline. If they become violent or disrespectful at any point I don’t bother holding up formalities.
    With this in mind…If you enter into a relationship (or god forbid marriage) for the sex (or pussy on tap as the boys do it these days) your significant other is no more than your own personal prostitute and you will still be just as lonely as you were before. If you want to sincerely pursue a woman for the worthwhile companionship it is best not to jump on the sex too early or she won’t take you seriously as a long term partner. Although if she keeps you waiting way past the appropriate time she probably isn’t that interested in you in the first place. Unfortunately you can’t prevent them from doing the stupid things society has conditioned them to do but there are ways to help the process.
    If someone doesn’t agree with everything I’ve said I’d love to hear your point of view. It’s how I learn the most anyways and I’d happily accept it. As expected I don’t know much of the male mindset when it comes to these situations so I welcome the input.

  34. Just reading this makes me want to go out and approach 10 girls right now just for the fun of it, only a few months ago the thought of doing that would terrify me.
    This website changes lives.

  35. Lots of times I want to be friends with a guy but he wants more. It’s kind of irritating because I like having guy friends.

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