Airbnb Is Changing The Game For Love Tourists

One of the hardest parts of being a love tourist is finding comfortable lodging on short notice for a decent price. Now that Airbnb, a vacation rental site, has gone global, you can roll into almost any city in the world and have a nicely decorated apartment to discreetly bring back girls for love making, often at cheaper rates than hotels. In exchange you get not just a place to sleep but a home with fully equipped kitchens and private bathrooms.


  • The site allows you to triangulate an area in the city that you want to stay in. This is very handy if you know the spots you’ll be primarily running game. Always do research on the nightlife before trying to find an apartment.
  • It’s easy to hit up multiple landlords at the same time in search of a better deal.
  • There are a huge number of listings for all major cities in North America and Europe.
  • Apartments usually have no identifying marks that tell girls you are staying for the short term.


  • It’s best suited for short stays. Monthly rentals are too expensive.
  • Airbnb rapes you with a ridiculous fee of up to 12%. When you see pictures of their luxurious offices, you get an idea that not all that money is going just to maintain the site. They’re setting the stage to be undercut by a competitor like Wimdu, Housetrip and Roomorama.
  • Owners may give you a bad review if you make too much noise or leave vaginal blood on the sheets

The key to using Airbnb is to find desperate landlords who are new to the site and will give you a low price in order to get paid and reviewed. If you’re staying for longer than a week, you’d be a fool to not shop around and ask for discounts. There are a couple strategies to booking long-term and you should pick one that gives you the best price.

In the past I would have to depend on just a handful of agency rentals that were poorly designed and sometimes located in undesirable parts of town. Now I can go to a city and live right next to the nightlife zone. While Airbnb is not cheap, it will increase your options.

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  1. Air BnB is awesome, just booked accomodation for my second trip so far, however you’re right, I might try Wimdu, Housetrip or Roomorama, next time to see if I can get a better deal.

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