Female Police Officers In Belgium Are Easily Disarmed And Murdered By Islamic Fanatic

Two very physically unimposing female police officers have been murdered in the Belgian city of Liege, killed by an Islamic extremist on temporary release from prison. This same man, Benjamin Herman, also made quick work of another male, a 22-year-old bystander, who tried to intervene. The women were stabbed from behind, quickly disarmed, and had their own weapons turned on them by their attacker.

The price of pretending that women are as capable as men

Herman, apparently a career criminal, then took a female civilian hostage and was later neutralized by special forces, but not before he wounded another four officers. Even if the deceased assailant was not a timid, bespectacled accountant or pen-pusher, the consummate ease with which he terrorized Belgian police without assistance is extremely troubling.

A group of similarly inclined and well-organized men would probably be capable of routing most of the police stationed in Liege (or any other politically correct West European city) before tactical or special forces could respond.

This woman did not deserve to die, but why was she tasked with protecting the streets of Belgium?

Official and unofficial gender quotas in police forces and militaries get people killed. We have said this before here at ROK and I am certain we will be forced to say it again. Soraya Belkacemi and Lucille Garcia were, very alarmingly, reported as being aged 53 and 45 respectively. Though police officers are not invincible and the pair were certainly ambushed, those tasked with protecting society should not be so readily disarmed. In the main, they are being opposed by fit and hardened young men, many of whom have used a gun in a real situation more times than law enforcement.

Belgium already has a severe problem with Islamic migrants (and converts like Herman). Nevertheless, the response of authorities is to populate the police force with women and other unimpressive candidates, people whom 99% of reasonable individuals would identify as soccer moms, not law enforcement “professionals.” Entire societies are currently at risk as a result.

It’s time for extreme honesty, but not schadenfreude

The Orly Airport terrorist who took a female soldier hostage.

I take no pleasure in the death of these women–nor should anyone else. Yet anyone who argues that their gender, age, and physical condition (or lack thereof) didn’t play a role in their deaths is kidding themselves. We saw a comparable incident at Orly Airport just outside Paris last year. Which soldier did the attacker here decide to disarm? The female one. Again, she had her own weapon turned on her.

If anything, political correctness in police forces and militaries is becoming more brazen. Whereas previously a dainty young woman would be paired with a much larger and more intimidating male partner, police in Belgium are now pairing old women with each other. What could possibly go wrong with such inspired, rational decisions in the name of diversity?

I can concede that the issue isn’t only a female one—plenty of unsuitable men benefit from the reduced standards that accompany female quotas, official or implicit. But the weakest link is always going to be groups of ill-equipped women of whom much less is expected.

Here are some “great” examples of how public safety is being deliberately sabotaged across the West to satisfy feminists:

So what happens when things truly go wrong in the 21st century West?

In a real societal emergency, don’t rely on emergency services, law enforcement, and the military

When the shit really hits the fan, all the chickens will come home to roost. Years of underperformance in recruitment and enforcing basic standards are going to render fire departments, police forces, and militaries highly ineffectual in dealing with nationwide or even just citywide emergencies.

Despite the professionalism of many able and dedicated first responders and soldiers, their efforts can only be diluted and severely undermined when many of their colleagues have no place in helping to protect society.

Remember, feelings don’t defend society, competence and skill do.

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124 thoughts on “Female Police Officers In Belgium Are Easily Disarmed And Murdered By Islamic Fanatic”

  1. I can almost imagine how the altercation started:
    The 2 police bitches spotted Benjamin sitting on the bench looking at white teenage girls(has a misogynistic look to him, the girls he’s starring at look kinda young, their feminist values compels them to act):
    Benjamin(thinking to himself) : Look at these infidel whores revealing their assess as if they were bitches in heat, maybe l could kidnap one when it gets dark(poor soul spent too much time in jail, he never knew there were soyboys out there willing to offer their wives for free, if only asked)
    Police skank: Sir, we would need u to show us ur ID
    Muslim(shouting in arab): How dare you speak to me as if u were my equal!!
    Police skank: Oh my Gawd! Did he just mansplain? Sir, u are under arrest! Marie, grab him.
    Benjamin loses his mind from being insulted by a lesser being & starts killing everyone.

    Everyone in the area gets injured or dies, the end!

    1. I’m not keen on the police, they generally oppress the people of civilized nations and are used as shock troops against the civilian population.
      The weaker they are, the better it is for me and other RoK readers.
      (I’m a bad guy by the way)
      Employ middle aged women in the police and army as much as you like.

      1. He he John, enjoy Germany and France!
        Germany: Female Police use machine pistols without mags…
        And Nizza normal police have an amount of 50 training shots with their old FN Highpower pistols….a year!
        And they were confronted with AK47!

        1. John, they say, it’s not important for me to hit the center, but to destroy the target at the range 😎

      2. They are preparing for defeat of the west it’s going to get worse until USA and UK have army generals with a pussy then after that they will let China come in

        1. The UK military is actively recruiting unsatisfactory non-performers.

          No straight white men need apply.

      3. “I’m a bad guy btw”
        Almost spilled my drink reading that. Thanks for the laugh.

      4. Calling the cops is for pussies. Taking matters into your own hands is manly. In any third world country who the hell calls the cops? The town mayor might call OUT his cops when there’s a riot, but good luck calling friendly Mr Policeman to retrieve your snatched purse. The cops are busy collecting tarriffs, running drugs and trolling roadblocks, shaking travellers down for money to ‘pass’ the roadblock, unless it’s Mexico where they’re all federales.
        In 1st world countries, the ‘friendly Mr Policeman’ is such a joke. Cops are busy serving protective orders and collecting bounty for apprehending and jailing fathers for child support blood money. Drug roadblocks are also common and sometimes they pick like a lottery a random car to pull over and tear apart when a K9 wags it’s tail. Nothing found but your seats are all tore up.
        I notice a recent crop of new female police cadets driving squad cars. I’ve noticed they have a certain spot on a town road where I’ve seen the bitch cops several times with a car pulled over and the occupants sitting in the grass with their hands behind their head like they’re doing sit ups. The contents is all over the ground and another bitch cop is walking a K9 around the pile. Other dumb bitch cops meanwhile try to remove the seats. They’re so stupid they don’t even know how to unclip the common rear seats and they wouldn’t even know front seats are in with a 30 torx bit. They’re like “ugh this is so hard” “Suzie how do these damn seats come out?”
        Meanwhile a big fat motherfucker mangina cop with a black moustache is instructing the bitch cops like a girl’s softball team. He’s like “ladies today we gonna learn how to pull da seats out of a Volvo” . . . . it was only a practice. And they really tore up someone’s car and found nothing. I’ve seen several cars torn up in that same spot and then let go. It’s a practice spot and those low IQ retard cops don’t even know they’re a part of the same corrupt system that cartels and runs in the drugs that they rarely find in their random stops.
        So in the 1st world countries, the ‘friendly Mr Policeman’ who saves kitty cats from trees is a myth like the Easter Bunny. The good cop doesn’t exist. If you are wronged, get your own hands and fingernails dirty and by all means be a man and solve your own problems. Men have been solving problems since the beginning.

      5. JD
        Agreed. Most police work is about power and control over the sheeple masses. Small amount of their work is about policing. Let them scoop up the low hanging fruit idiots who just haven’t figured it out.

    2. They should’ve killed the migrant after his first offense. A few dead migrants in the street instead of female cops would send a better message.

    3. You are imagining it perfectly wrong. Feminism APPROVES colored migrant males ogling – or raping – young white females, so that could not have been the thing compelling them to act.

      1. But he was a convert to Islam, not ethnically Arab, so they thought he had white privilege at first glance.
        In other words, they assumed his privilege…

  2. Caving in to SJ causes and agendas will result in the deaths of men because of the failure of the women to do the job with the ability and required strength agility and determination needed to get the job done in the face of adversity. Men should be mad as hell that they are expected to be sacrificed on the alter of progressivism without so much as a peep in disagreement. such that at any time or any place, that you as a MALE is deemed an acceptable loss by death, in order to merely EMPLOY women in jobs they can neither physically do nor mentally do.
    Yep, men should revolt wholesale, if only they understood the danger of the cancer of progressivism, feminism and affirmative action. It is as deadly as having woman just outright murder you by shooting of greviously attacking you using frying pan knife bat or broken bottle or a gun to shoot you while you are sleeping or stab you death from behind in an ambush attack while her friends or family are engaging you in conversation, unbeknownst the threat slipping up from behind. Affirmative action at all is preplanned murder at a future time of their choosing.

    1. I think the absolute worst is female firefighters, considering a female cop can AT LEAST call in her white knights (male cops) to get the job done if she’s in a sticky situation.
      Imagine people dying horrifically in a building fire because female firefighters didn’t have the strength to lift or drag unconscious 200 pound men out of harms way, not to mention having her emotion-centered brain caving under the pressure and stress.

      1. Yes, a firefighter needs strength most women don’t have. Life or death situations are not the time to make believe the genders are equal.

    2. DNJ,
      Not sure I agree, it usually just harms the women silly enough to take the jobs.
      I’m pretty sure I can take care of myself, relying on state employees to protect you is generally a form of suicide.

      1. We are all responsible for ourselves , first and foremost, but making other unnecessary collateral casualties is why I have the heartburn with this nonsense.
        @Reality, both of my kids are volunteer fire fighters/ working on being EMT as well, and I admit both are not going to physically perform even close to then levels of the men. Personally I would rather see them weight train and bring themselves up to the male standards, but they are volunteers, and right now the level of cowardice by men where I live to NOT want to be firefighters is staggering, so Ill take what I can get knowing something is better than nothing and the situation CAN improve. I was a former fire fighter myself so I am prouder than hell they chose to do this by themselves, but yes, I would want fully capable men do the job instead. In general, until fully trained they do not do interior attack or interior rescues, but they still do the training for it until they meet the age and training qualifications to do. I’m glad we do not live anywhere with building more than two story high, but to get certified they must do the firefighter skills test on the four story towers, there is no difference between the female standards and male standards for qualification. All candidates MUST meet the same standard, where we live. no there is no body carry down the stairs there is only a 180 pound dummy drag event on flat ground for 50 feet in full gear.

        1. DNJ,
          “I would rather see them weight train and bring themselves up to the male standards”
          Pure virtue signalling, women can’t be trained to be as strong as men, they just don’t have the bone mass, to hang the muscles on, or the heart and lung capacity.

        2. @John, why would i wish failure on my own kids, even if the likelyhood is slim they would ever match up to men, id always want for them.to reach the best they can be. Itt is volunteer and men are not stapping up to be fireMEN. so nothing is better than voluteers doing their best? that is not virtue signalling at all, that is being realistic about the situation.

        3. DNJ shouldnt you be training them to be decent wives? Hell how old are they, send them my way. I’m in the market for children.

        4. DNJ,
          You’ve already failed them by not successfully directing them into more feminine pursuits. Women need to choose careers/activities with reality in mind, reality = red pill, fantasy = blue pill. Your girls are operating in fantasy la la land.

        5. @ whoever…FFS. What part of volunteer do you dicks not understand? what part of men not stepping up to be FIREMEN did you miss? what part of take what i can get to do the job because soyboys and cowards in leiu of MEN to step up did you not understand? Hello, i type in english, the common language on this board. must be nice to live in your perfect neighborhoods.

        6. @ John. You know what I’m I can’t see that I failed them because they’re not prostitutes in your neck of the woods, in fact they’re not prostitutes at all so I can’t see how I failed them. on the other hand they are my kids and I didn’t abandon them because of the circumstances, oh yeah, the messy divorce, by your own admission. i never let the bitch win, so ive always had my kids. tell me about my failure, hypocrite. please do. I’m so very glad that I’ve raised my kids to be something better than fucking prostitutes. so now this is the point that you’re going to tell me how another Denizen of the freaking manosphere has done not a goddamn thing right according to your freaking standards and somehow weight up against your perfect fucking life that you’ve admitted to on here. I figured some douchebag hypocrite would come out and say some fucked up shit like that to me eventually. congrats.

        7. DNJ,
          I’m not claiming any sort of success or alpha status, I’m a bad guy, degenerate, loser, user of women and taker of alcohol and recreational drugs. I accept what and who I am, but that doesn’t stop me pointing out the flaws in your arguments. You are one of the guys propping up the system, while I’m doing all I can to make it break faster and sooner.
          We posters on this site are dissidents, our governments/police/army see us as the enemy, and we shouldn’t pretend otherwise. Stop supporting all those who view you as the enemy. Let your country burn to the ground, but keep your children out of the fire if you can. Let your government fall, let the foreign invaders conquer, there is nothing there that you need to defend, your way of live has already gone.

        8. @illanon. i trying to raise them to not be like their peer group and be decent people but at the same time not artificially handicap them (like i was to be a white knight, and that blew up big time in my and my brothers faces) to survive in the world that hates them for so many stupid reasons and will sabotage them every chance. i damn sure would traffic my own kids to the likes on here, but give less than damn how other raise thier vagina turds. i dont raise scum but im not going to raise them on some other persons preplanned path of selected destiny either. What is it that was said on here before? As men we dont get to pick our cards only how to play the hand dealt us? Why would i hamper thier future by not teaching them to do the same.

        9. @ John, you said” I accept what and who I am, but that doesn’t stop me pointing out the flaws in your arguments. You are one of the guys propping up the system, while I’m doing all I can to make it break faster and sooner.
          We posters on this site are dissidents, our governments/police/army see us as the enemy, and we shouldn’t pretend otherwise. Stop supporting all those who view you as the enemy.”
          Well, I am not “propping up” anything. I am simply trying to survive it with the least amount of hassle I can, to be a positive influence and the only likely ally for my kids, being that everyone is trying to take advantage of them for their own purposes and damn their own desires and direction. So outside of those two things that motivate me, I give less than f**k if the rest collapses and burns on itself, least of the womanly contradictory existence of the manosphere, that near as I can tell is shaping up no different than the feminist one, only different goals but the same MO . My interest in me and my own. If it were for similar opinions of some of the posters, I likely would be on here at all because the Red Pill is turning into a very very bitter one the more see of the whining male elements that act just like the women they despise. I’m trying to make a difference solely in the sphere that concerns me and mine, I cant change human nature with all its bullshit contradictions it exhibits. you among others play that hypocritical passive aggressive game too. Well damn, im glad your opinions and judgements mean as much to me as the feminist crowd who attacks as well. If you got a criticism, best make sure it is anchored on some sort of meaning solid footing first. From what I can see you have none given your most recent post back at me.
          Your post, “I’m not claiming any sort of success or alpha status, I’m a bad guy, degenerate, loser, user of women and taker of alcohol and recreational drugs. I accept what and who I am, but that doesn’t stop me pointing out the flaws in your arguments. You are one of the guys propping up the system, while I’m doing all I can to make it break faster and sooner.
          We posters on this site are dissidents, our governments/police/army see us as the enemy, and we shouldn’t pretend otherwise.” after posting this trash “DNJ,
          You’ve already failed them by not successfully directing them into more feminine pursuits. Women need to choose careers/activities with reality in mind, reality = red pill, fantasy = blue pill. Your girls are operating in fantasy la la land.”
          Who the f**k is going to take you seriously with this passive aggressive bullshit….GFY.

        10. DNJ,
          Your fight isn’t my fight,
          I’m OK in the country I live, women don’t have the vote, nobody does, it’s a military dictatorship. There are no slutwalks here, if they dared, they would disappear into detention centers where they would be raped to death by soldiers and police. There is no feminism, I own my wife and daughter, they bow to me when they enter or leave my presence. I’m too old to fight your fight in your country, it doesn’t matter to me, I’m doing OK, I have a wife half my age naked in my bed every night. I have sex with her when I feel like it, no need for her to be ‘in the mood’. Yeah, I would like my home country to be different and more like where I live now.
          You are the one suffering True Forced Loneliness. I sympathize with you, but I won’t fight for you.

        11. @Deplorable Aside from the fact that training women is a waste of money to begin with, even if they can make a standard, just like you see with over half of women dropping out of their STEM fields even though they got a degree, the fact is you are forgetting about the psychological and health effects male jobs have on women too….much more to this story than just physical strength. Also, the more women focus on “careers” the less time they focus on raising the next generation of children, if they even have children. Dudes like you who defend their daughters careers are probably the people who are most responsible for the age of feminism we live in. It always innocently starts off with, ya feminism is stupid, but my daughter is different she can handle being a worker, it is her choice, she won’t turn into a whore in college, and so on and so on. Men like you literally are the guys who opened the gates to feminism.

      2. John said ” You are one of the guys propping up the system, while I’m doing all I can to make it break faster and sooner.”
        So pray tell, John. How are you doing all you can to make the system break faster and sooner by hiding out in a non-western country? What are you doing from Thailand that helps us with the degenerate status quo in the West?

        1. I’ve withdrawn my financial support for the western system. If all white men were to do the same it would collapse very quickly. As I said to DNJ, I’m too old to fight a war that I no longer care about.

  3. I’m seriously starting to think just sit back with some popcorn and watch the show, whilst Rome burns.
    Anyone who actually tries to fix the problem or speak out about it publicly gets shut down, or gaoled by the authorities.
    I’m hoping that central European countries like Slovenia will go well with anti immigration politics and show that its Okay to stand up for your own country, and save it from invasion by stealth.

    1. Hungary is a great example of this. They basically gave the finger to the EU and have pretty much completely shut down their borders to migrants. Why is this? Because most so-called “refugees” are in reality economic migrants – people fleeing their shithole country in droves to a utopian welfare states.
      Eastern European countries recognized this trend pretty quickly, and took appropriate measures. What countries in their right mind would want to accept potentially violent, non-working, non-educated welfare babies?

      1. Even if they were refugees from hostile places, they need to go to neighboring countries, as per UN law. Also, the world is going to shit thanks to the fact that low IQ and degenerate cultures have access to modern food production and medicine so they are able to breed like rabbits…in other words, most places will turn into warzones eventually, so if you let “actual” refugees in than eventually you will get destroyed anyways. Borders and protecting your demographic have never been more important. People in the third world are going to suffer and die and there is not much you can do about it.

      2. Good to watch the Hungarian President/Prime Minister telling the EU to piss off. Small countries are over run in minutes by 3rd world refugees who add nothing to the country or society.

  4. I think beat cops, who should ONLY be males to begin with, should resign themselves to either desk, crime scene investigative, or administrative work for the rest of their careers once they reach age 45.
    Considering it’s primarily 15 – 35 year old males who they will be primarily dealing with as far as crime is concerned, they have just GOT to have the physical strength and stamina to be able to put up a small chase or scuffle (ie. hold their ground if the suspect is resisting arrest etc).
    That’s friggin ridiculous a 50-something woman is a beat cop. Who is she gonna chase down and tackle if the need arises?

    1. I swear, the only thing stopping the masculine renaissance RIGHT NOW is because so many men like us are deathly afraid of losing our jobs (and therefore our incomes) for either speaking out or acting out.
      Leftists have almost total control of HR, Tech, and the Twitter doxxing mafia.

      1. Exactly on point.
        HR is ruined by female envy, rage, and jealousy. I have the scars to prove it, hence the move to small company/independent/self-employment.
        Their heads are all full of snakes.

      2. Reality knows reality. We live in fear of losing everything. Our homes, families and livelihood if we don’t bow to SJW PC. I don’t see it changing any time soon.

        1. It will change the day you realise that you are going to lose your family your job from them anyways

      3. @reality
        I have had to quit one and lost two jobs in the past 3 years because of working in Vaginistan with the lipstick Taliban. The latest was the buzz cut deaf lesbo HR twat. The look on her face when I didn’t submit and told her that she was basically full of it was priceless. She just couldn’t believe that I didn’t cry, apologize, beg forgiveness or submit. I quit rather than risk my professional license because of these harridan cunts. I really hate HR people, especially the HR men who are limp wristed betas.

  5. So does my heightened situational awareness, concealed handgun carry license, and SIG Sauer P239 make me a spec operator according to Belgian society?

  6. A sad reality, but wimmin are NOT “kick-ass grlls” and cannot perform manual and violent tasks as well as men. Despite the agenda being strongly delivered by popular entertainment, women do not belong in combat forces, women do not belong in fire/rescue/leo positions, women do not belong in positions of leadership.
    I said it.
    Swallow and get over it.

    1. Keep them out of the jury pool, too. All a defense attorney has to say is “he had a troubled childhood” and the tissues come out of their purses.

      1. And further down the article, they admit it’s not even an actual Army infantry unit, but some kind of RAF base-security outfit.

    2. This is 100% true, and may God have mercy on the west. So sad.
      A few lessons learned if you’re young, the 1st put forth by Mr. Brown:
      1. Women lack the requisite constitution for combat, like they lack the constitution for pure honesty, cogent arguments, and practical thought.
      2. STAY AWAY FROM ISLAM. It’s a barbaric religion, designed for conquest and nothing more. If you determine it has strengths, learn them, but reject terrorism and terroristic ideals.
      3. Based on 2, if us Patriots were accepting of death like islamists, there could be no stopping us. Being afraid of an inevitable death is weak, and it is this strength that enables islam to destroy the west.
      Those poor women never had a chance.

  7. They wanted to be men, and they died violently as a result. And having two 50-something women walking a beat in a country with many troublesome Islamists is insanity. This was bound to happen. But I suppose the liberal, Euro-fag solution will be to hire MORE women, and have patrols of three or four instead of two. I have virtually no sympathy for these women who wanted to play the role of men. No more than I have sympathy for white girls who take up with black men and end up beaten up or dead. Sorry. As adults, we all have to live, and sometimes die, by the choices we make.

    1. ” …hire MORE women, and have patrols of three or four instead of two.”
      Instead of one muslim disarming and killed two female police officers (plus the white knight who tried to help) we’ll just see gangs of two or more attacking in the future.

  8. That picture of these two smiling middle aged female cops reminds me of that photo of the female defense ministers of small European countries guaranteed protection from the US military anyway.
    They are just useless figureheads to satisfy some friggin quota or agenda.

    1. The should have been school marms, babysitters grand parents or cookie makers.

  9. I think it’s my turn to post this old gem. Take in the abundant truth, fellas.

    1. The thing is, that guy never even tried to hit or throw punches on these women “bounty hunters”. Guess he did not want additional assault charges to be piled on him. He just passively ran away and those 3 stupid bitches could not do shit. Pathetic.

      1. Ha. Best part? They’re in hot water over this very ‘bust.’ Ironic justice.

  10. i managed bars – last century.
    Bouncers must be big, and happy go lucky.
    Roid heads have roid rages and hurt people. And did.
    Small guys with fighting skills use them. and hurt people. And get scared easily, go to blows quickly, have bad attitude, rubs off on crowd – incites violence..And did.
    Big Rugby players, that are tough, but happy go lucky are the best. Avoid trouble in the first place. Have nothing to prove, love getting paid to talk to hot groupie chicks. And can handle if it happened – but never did.
    Chicks with guns are the same -have one tool – and its a shooter…many look very much out of shape – i.e. short and fat…
    “Police Academy” has become true…
    Big, assertive old style cops are what is needed…

  11. The only way that wamen can have some physical semblance of soldiers or police is to have them steroided, otherwise they are just suitable for drinking coffee and chatting with their cofemale friends about who is going on vacation to dubai or the last romantic novel they’ve read.

    1. Steroids are mostly cosmetic.
      They will not strengthen ligaments, or even improve martial skills.

      1. Yeah, but atleast that way u can be somewhat intimidating compared to a regular old spinster like lookin lady who leaves u with the impression that she loves to tend to her cats.

      2. They are not mostly cosmetic; that’s why athletes use them a lot.
        They do not improve ‘martial skills’ but they improve fighting ability.
        Fighting skill and ability are two different things. Gorillas have great fighting ability even if they don’t have black belts; they can take a lot of abuse and dish out a lot as well.

    2. Every female cop I see, my instinctive automatic thought is: “A token bitch paid on my tax dime.”

  12. The two women police officers look like they should be either kindergarten teachers or nurses. That is why they died. It really is that simple.

  13. “This same man, Benjamin Herman, also made quick work of another male, a 22-year-old bystander, who tried to intervene.”
    Death by chivalry once again.
    Like William said, it’s time to stop the blind intervention on behalf of females, especially since they’re the cause of much of society’s ills.

    1. white knights deserve to die. they are the enablers of the worst of feminism…

  14. Justice minister Koen Geens, who described Herman as a “multiple repeat offender”, urged caution over reports, saying “there is very little consistent we can say about that”.
    “He is not a clear-cut case, on the contrary,” Mr Geens said. “He certainly was not someone who could clearly be qualified as radicalised. Otherwise he would have been known as such by all services”.
    He was neither Muslim nor a terrorist but definitely a hardened criminal and a repeat offender.
    Learn to write properly – stick to basic truths.

    1. you are probably right, if he was Muslim in Muslim dress and beard. He would have been left alone. Probably they suspected him of being another soyboy who will cuck himself in the presence of the mighty of two female officer. They were wrong.

    2. He was heard yelling Allah Akbar. He was radicalized in prison.
      Why would anyone believe a government official that is well aware of the narrative in countries like Belgium?

    3. He was a convert. Radicalized in prison. And ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

  15. Don’t forget those two thots who “passed” US Army Ranger school, by being allowed to fail where men would have been dropped, walked through the navigation course many times in advance, lower fitness standards, more rest, and many other special advantages.
    That these two thots would parade their ill-gotten Ranger tabs around after such a circus proves how devoid women are of shame.
    Shame requires principles, which women are incapable of.
    So they must have propriety artificially imposed on them by fear.
    That is patriarchy.

      1. I read that a while back.
        It was quite a surprise.
        I’m so used to the Green Berets Rambo propaganda = #1, no questions asked best of the best.
        But obviously that’s a thing of the past.
        I look at those Green Berets ambushed and killed in Niger and wonder if they were a product of this substandard training.

    Belgium jails are so nice than no “repeat offender” gives a shit.
    A US inner-city high school is tougher for a white kid is worse than a Belgium prison.
    So he does not give a shit.

  17. Imagine how simple and easy life would be if we took away women’s rights? When I see a woman at work I think that job could of gone to a man who would done it 1000 times better.

  18. “Here are some “great” examples of how public safety is being deliberately sabotaged across the West to satisfy feminists:”
    You can now think twice about flying.

    1. EEOC laws apply to fucking surgeons. yup. Local hospital in my mid-sized city hires “diversity” hires to perform your fucking surgery. Guess what? Specifically the diversity hires ONLY are responsible for nearly 100% of malpractice cases in their departments. I was banging a surgical tech who said whenever anyone they knew personally had a scheduled surgery, they made sure none of these doctors hacked and slashed their friends. Welcome to America.

      1. That is troubling.
        As society becomes more and more diverse one must become more and more independent.
        Most surgery corrects preventable problems such as cardiovascular disease, and your chances of cancers too can be substantially lowered by making intelligent lifestyle choices.
        The normie circus is failing and it’s time to gtfo.

  19. I was a cop for a while (feel free to hate on my ROK article about it) and I’ll make two points:
    1. An ambush attack, in a free society, is almost impossible to survive. If someone wants you, they’ll get you.
    2. Women police officers are a menace to their partners and the public. 90% of them have no business behind a badge. In contrast to only about 40% of male officers who are in the completely wrong profession.

    1. I won’t hate on you or your article, brother. I like and respect the vast majority of cops, based on my formal and informal interactions with them. I was rejected for jury duty recently cuz I expressed pro-police sentiments in the group interview for choosing 13 jurors. The defendant was accused of being a prior-convicted felon with a gun. Take a wild guess what ethnic group he hailed from?

    2. Yet i’m seeing this more and more in Europe. Started about 4/5 year ago. The police force is getting gradually more female. Police is actively recruiting among females and minorities. There are two main reasons: political and financial. To dodge accusations of racism and sexism the police wants to diversify. Many native (and minority) men do not want to become police officers because the pay is too low. A police officer in Europe makes between €1500 and €2000 a month i.e. twice minimum wage. The two women in this story are minority females…one is Spanish origin (Garcia) and the other Arab (Belkacemi). Definitely not native Belgian names (either Dutch or French).

    3. 100% of them have no business behind a badge or in a military uniform or in the firefighting department.

  20. I would suggest to carry out a harsh deed against such females:- Let’s gather some men and put a fire department on fire when it is completely filled with female fire fighters inside. Then after sometime, the civilians would come to rescue them and then they would claim to the world that if these weak firefighters could not save themselves, then how can they save us?
    Let these women feel the brunt of harsh reality. I would suggest repeating such acts from time to time until these women decide to quit.
    At least that way we can train those females for real situations if they do not resign from such jobs.

  21. And the key word is………………………… inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority, inferiority,
    As long as men don’t dare to understand and accept that word, society will always try to place women aside men as “equals”. And we are NOT different but equals, and we are NOT equivalent.
    Sexism/oppression are MYTHS. Accept that word if you are a man, deny it if you want to PRETEND you are a man.
    You know who says that word more often? Feminism. Why?
    Because it is used to manipulate men’s EMPATHY, and because men don’t want to be evil towards women it is that men have associated that words as “men being evil” “machismo is evil” “men want to oppress women”(for no reason, with no logic) but as long as men don’t dare to face reality and accept “female inferiority” physical and mental, then you can bet that society will keep saying that men are evil, sexists, oppressors, and will insist in trying to emasculate YOU, while women will keep degenerating with prostitution/porn, HATE, divorces/THEFT, TECHNOLOGY, laws, “freedom” to murder infants and many other “RIGHTS” that were INVENTED exclusively for them to be “EQUAL”
    This site suffers the same cowardice you would expect from weak males.They don’t dare to say the truth as it is, without rhetoric. So get this in your heads, there is no other way. Either you directly accept that women are inferior or you accept that YOU are a true oppressor for having the tendency to abuse women
    CHOOSE NOW or be another coward with a false sense of morality seeking for validation.

    1. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to understand women are inferior. Not sure where you were going with that

  22. Street cops should not be armed.
    it will stop real criminals as well as
    ever increasing gun laws decreasing
    school shootings. Armed street cops
    are only for the law abiders to be put
    under the oppression of Government.
    **no seriously; it will be safer to have
    disarmed cops and Constitutional Carry

    1. Yeah, I’m sure that Mudman and Squirt Boy would be impressed by unarmed mall cops.

  23. If you really need to employ them so badly give them a desk job. Let them fill out forms do some data entry. No sane person puts two women on the front line….definitely not two middle aged ones. BTW: both this guy and his brother are known violent criminals and drug dealers.

  24. More victims of the far left, just like those children in Rotherham. When will the left understand that these policies are getting ppl hurt and killed?

  25. In the mainstream media they completely underestimate or ignore the fact that they were female officers, just to be politacally correct, and this is fatal mistake.

  26. Terrorist should have slit these bitches in a slow painful way & film it then post the video on Internet. People need to get some trauma specially the spoiled & privileged white women who are living in a fantasy world.

  27. Why are women and barely eligible males allowed into police, fire fighter, and military service?
    Because the west is enlightened beyond belief.
    This should go to show the fallacy of gun control. A determined man can whip a policeman or military man, take his weapon, and he’s in business. Truth is, if Hermann could have avoided being barricaded, he could still be at large as we speak. Naturally, I’m glad he’s dead.
    Many of the people who enter law enforcement and military service are looking for a job, plain and simple. Few perceive the danger until it is too late.

  28. Americans scream for their chains.
    Americans are so fearful, brainwashed, dependent, or ignorant that they think like children and justify every law and overlook every abuse carried out by the government. They believe government workers are kind gods who can do no wrong. Americans would rather blame the victim of government abuse than the government. Americans feel that the government can run their lives better they can and that safety is more important than freedom.
    Americans feel that the correct response to tyranny is surrender. Americans believe the only ones who support freedom are spammers, trolls, shills, bots, racists, junkies, CIA employees, traitors, nutjobs, Communists, or Fascists. Americans think freedom only benefits other people. Americans believe that they will never be a victim of tyranny. Americans think the only possible way to solve any problem is force.
    Americans are so fat, degraded, and drugged up that they eagerly allow themselves to be molested to ride a bus, offer their fingerprints to get a driver license, and open their bags to be searched so they can ride a subway.
    If Americans are asked about the US debt, they respond that it doesn’t matter because it is not real money and doesn’t need to be paid back. Americans say the US should start a trade war because there might be a war. Americans say tax breaks are theft. Americans think the post office should lose money. Americans believe roads would turn to dirt and people would be forced to ride horses if there was a smaller government.
    Americans feel everyone would be raped, stabbed, or shot by homosexuals if the US was a free country. Americans think people should be arrested for withdrawing money from their own bank accounts because they might do drugs. Americans say beer taxes should be raised to stop people from drinking. Americans don’t mind having their faces scanned for a facial recognition database. Americans think the US had freedom because it became rich first instead of getting rich because it had freedom. Americans say responsibility means obeying unconstitutional laws.
    Americans think tyranny that happened last week is no longer relevant. Americans claim politics is not news. Americans say good is evil. Americans believe making a profit is theft. Americans think only white people are allowed to have freedom. Americans believe learning history and rebelling means that you will remain a delusional puppet of the police state. Americans think that they live in a free country if they can get away with breaking laws. Americans think having food stamps means freedom. Americans think tyranny is acceptable if you live in a republic. Americans think the government should decide what the truth is instead of the media.
    Americans think police officers who don’t arrest suspects should be executed. Americans feel that computers should be outlawed because technology and high productivity leads to low wages and low prices. Americans believe the police state is necessary because dangerous machines and chemicals exist. Americans will say that the USA is collapsing because there is too much freedom.
    Americans think people should be arrested for feeding the homeless. Americans think car owners should be jailed for warming their cars in their own driveways. Americans say the police should be allowed to shoot unarmed people in the back. Americans think porn should be banned because naked pictures destroy society. Americans believe the government should force them to buy things. Americans say the government should increase housing regulations to make rents unaffordable for black people.
    Americans think the government should force car companies to install airbags that deploy airbags with knives inside to kill drivers so that they will drive carefully. Americans believe people should be jailed for filming public buildings. Americans think endless wars are fine because US bombs are just gathering dust. Americans support government secrecy because the USA has enemies. Americans think taxes create more jobs than the free market can. Americans think government workers deserve high wages because they work hard. Americans feel that the economy should be destroyed to save the environment. Americans say that regulations encourage people to start companies.
    Americans feel that everyone accused of crimes are guilty. Americans say people should be in prison to keep the unemployment rate down. Americans would rather increase punishments for victimless nanny state laws instead of repealing them. Americans think the desires of neighbors are more important than the rights of property owners. Americans believe the government owns everything because the government is the people. Americans think billboards should be banned to protect the scenery. Americans want protesting to be outlawed because protesters might break windows. Americans think forcing people to stand for the national anthem means freedom. Americans say people are helpless so they need the government to force them to do everything. Americans would think a president who wants to restore the Constitution is a dictator.
    When asked about gun control, Americans say it’s needed for safety. If asked about free speech, Americans respond that no one should be offended. Americans think Muslims don’t have religious rights because Islam is not a religion. Americans say asset forfeiture is fine because the police have been doing it for years. Americans defend NSA wiretapping because it’s just metadata. Americans believe TSA groping is good since they have nothing to hide. Americans say torture is okay because other countries do it. Americans even say the Bill of Rights should be abolished because George Washington owned slaves!
    The collapse of the USA is disgusting and shameful.
    Those who still support the government are just tools for the elites.
    The US deserves everything coming to it.

  29. A city in England (don’t remember which) built a cry room for their menopausal female officers. Welcome to the new world.

  30. It’s not time for schadenfreude? Damn, that’s a tough one. Must…resist…schadenfreude……

  31. Police in western Europe. When you are a 5.6/7 feet male they won’t hire you so fast. But when you are woman with that height they overlook that. “Your mouth is the biggest weapon” I’ve heard police officers say. Yeah, maybe in the fifties it was, but times have changed. Sometimes I see policewomen walking on the street which I could disarm in 5 seconds if I wanted. With a 80-90 kg male that’s a different story.

  32. I agree that women probably shouldn’t be beat cops, but saying “Entire societies are currently at risk as a result” is borderline histrionics, especially given that even a lot of male cops are either overweight donut eaters or trigger-happy Rambos. In fact most cops in general, regardless of gender and ability, shouldn’t inspire a sense of safety and order in a self-sufficient man. Cops aren’t your friend, and generally view civilians now the same way that the military does: we’re all potentially deadly terrorists on a battlefield, instead of citizens with rights.

  33. Something as simple as “you must be able to row a 100 pound barbell 5 times” as a grip strength test would be a great way to weed out weaklings (man or woman) who could have a gun taken from them.
    I don’t mind very strong/athletic women being cops/army. They would be in negligibly small numbers if standards were kept in line with men’s. The problem is gender quotas, they always drop standards, they can’t keep up.
    That and also feminism makes them want to get pregnant or cry rape, we can’t cater to that. Starship Troopers didn’t have that bullshit so it worked.

  34. I could probably do 4 push ups if I wanted something enough and I’m a very unfit female with lots of physical ailments. I find it difficult to believe that I would be allowed into the military, but it then again with how things currently stand it wouldn’t surprise me.

  35. Please send us terrorists back but make sure you give us our Visa and lawyer monies and rents back. Respectfully I agree and support how you don’t appreciate your women being touched very very cool. Why did you let us in your countries in the first place?

  36. Ya, I have written about this before myself. Female strength is substantially below that of male strength and it is quite unreasonable to expect them to perform well in situations where it is extremely important. Such as the police, the military, and let’s not forget fire fighting. Even though it is quite obvious that such differences exist, in this age of lies and denial it has to be demonstrated through actual studies. So, here you go an excerpt from the book smart and sexy by roderick kaine which has a section on those differences with various studies used as supporting evidence.

  37. Probably the easiest way to get yourself a weapon – just disarm a female with one.

  38. If the gendarmes recruit women they should be young and attractive. I think the whole point in recruiting them is so the older male officers will have more convenient access to sexual partners. These women weren’t really good candidates but maybe they had certain talents. They certainly weren’t any good at handling criminals 🙂

  39. This is more reason to allow Europeans and Mexicans to own guns in their own countries. Also proves the value of the US 2nd amendment. Cops will not show up in time if a thug decides to invade your home. More reason to train and own a gun.

  40. Well, they’re police officers; a subhuman breed of fanatics devoted the Law. I’ve personally seen my friends beaten and shot in front of me by the hands of these degenerates. They deserve everything they get, and more. Like genocide.

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