5 Ways To Start Fighting Back Against The Onslaught Of Liberalism

After taking the red pill, one tends to become cynical. All around us there is degeneracy; in the news, on the streets, in our literature, and in our media. It’s infesting the minds of our youth, and it’s getting worse every day.

“Will this degeneracy ever end?” “Will we go the way of the Roman Empire?” “Will we enter into a new era, as Huxley and Orwell predicted?” These thoughts race through the minds of unplugged men at a blisteringly fast pace.

The truth is, we don’t know for sure what will happen, my friends. The gargantuan beast that is liberalism seems to have an endless supply of foot soldiers to do its bidding, an infinite amount of idiotic pawns, and an unfathomable amount of power. It may very well end up taking over the world, ushering in a new era of femininity…or it may usher in a new era of masculinity, as those who see the truth begin to fight back.

In the words of Steven Covey: “Proactive people focus their efforts on their Circle of Influence. They work on the things they can do something about: health, children, and problems at work.” So, let us focus on the things that we can do to stop this plague of political correctness and deviant behavior; this is the only way that it will ever come to an end. Do not spend your days focusing on how horrible the monster is, but rather focus on what you can do to slay the beast.

Here are five things that you can start doing right now to wage war against the blight of progressivism:

1. Embody masculinity


“For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.” -Arnold Schwarzenegger

We want to eliminate all weaknesses; a major weakness is hypocrisy. Despite the leftists’ rampant contradictions, denial, and hypocrisy, they will gleefully point flaws out in us and play the victim card when we call them out on theirs. We must eliminate all of the discrepancies between what we practice and what we preach.

You preach about the values of masculinity, but aren’t even physically strong? Fix that. You talk about the value of confidence and integrity, but are meek and talk behind others’ backs? Fix that. You talk about the importance of game, but aren’t actively practicing it in your relationships? Fix that. Do all that you can to embody the archetypal man; not only is this good for you in and of itself, but it will also make it far more difficult for feminists to attack you.

2. Take control of your finances


“Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.” -Benjamin Franklin

You will never be a free man until you are out of debt and have your finances in order. As long as you depend on someone else for your earnings, you will never be free to say what you wish or act as you wish. Even if you’re only taking baby steps, do something; everyone has to start somewhere.

If you haven’t already, start by getting out of debt—this in and of itself is a gargantuan task for many Americans. Create a budget: figure out how much you earn each month and how much you spend. If you’re spending more than you earn, cut back. Stop wasting a bunch of money on stupid shit like cable TV, expensive dates with women who you barely know, or your 10th pair of Nikes.

Once you’re out of debt, start saving money for the future; you never know when you will be blindsided. Case in point: about three years ago, I was unexpectedly hit with a false rape accusation; I had to shell out for a lawyer to avoid going to jail. This is just one of the many injustices that could easily happen to you, so start saving.

Once you have some money saved, start working towards becoming self-employed by generating alternative sources of income. There are many ways in which you can do this: Fiverr, day trading, freelancing, and consulting just to name a few. Do whatever you have to do to attain 100% control over your financial life.

3. Don’t argue with idiots

Angry feminist

“Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” -George Carlin

Back when I had just begun to see the problems in our society, I felt as if I had a duty to share this knowledge, and rightly so. However, rather than making an effort to only converse about the detriments of feminism with people who are on the verge of swallowing the red pill, I tried my damnedest to convince closed-minded morons of the truth.

I very quickly learned that it was a fool’s errand.

You will never convince hardcore leftists of the follies of their beliefs; they simply don’t listen to logic. Every statistic, example from history, or analytical piece of evidence that you present will be met with an emotional appeal of some sort; a plea to victimhood, framing you as an uncaring bastard, or a simple ad hominem.

So, rather than trying to convince brainwashed liberals why they should change, try to sway those who are on the fence to join your cause. The second that you realize somebody is having an emotional response to what you’re saying, point it out; if they acknowledge their mistake, continue your discussion. If they don’t, literally just stop talking and walk away. Some people are so entrenched in their own ideologies and thought patterns that you can do absolutely nothing to save them. Focus on saving the people that you CAN save.

4. Boycott everything which supports feminism, liberalism, or progressivism

NFL Feminism

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” -Anna Lappé

Changing the minds of others is a great way to fight back against the scourge of liberalism. However, there comes a point where you must vote with your dollars. Hit the feminists where it hurts the most. Stop watching the NFL. Don’t watch biased, liberal news stations. Rather than supporting massive conglomerates, which almost always have feminized, politically correct workplaces, buy produce from your local farmer’s market, to support hard working men in your area.

Instead of pirating a manosphere ebook, actually buy it so that you can play your part in creating a stronger demand for masculine literature. Cancel your membership to Planet Fitness and join a local power-lifting gym. There’s plenty of ways that you can vote with your dollars, even if you don’t have that many.

5. Treat women like they should be treated

Male vs. Female

“A man’s word is his honor. The feminine says what it feels. A woman’s word is her true expression in the moment.” -David Deida

Treat women as if they’re emotional little children; they are, after all. This doesn’t mean to abuse them or treat them poorly, it simply means to acknowledge the limits of their intellectual capacity.

Learn what shit tests are and how to pass them. Learn how to tell when a woman wants to be kissed. Learn how women think so that you can better game them. Stand up for yourself. If a woman talks shit to you, don’t just cower away like a dog with its tail tucked between its legs. Be open with your sexuality; if you see a sexy woman, don’t hesitate to hit on her, tease her, and express the fact that you’re attracted to her with your body language and facial expressions.

Most importantly, however, encourage your woman to act feminine. Reward her when she is feminine, and punish her when she acts masculine (don’t take her out to dinner, don’t buy her things, express explicit verbal disapproval, or even kick her out of the house if she won’t stop).

In summary, we must all do our part in fighting the horde of degeneracy which is invading our once great Western culture. Some men have the power to influence politics, some have large amounts of money which they can put to use, and some run blogs. I understand that not everyone has the resources or the time to do these things. Everyone can, however, implement the five principles which I have laid before you, and for the sake of the West, I hope that you do.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh’s book Free Speech Isn’t Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

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247 thoughts on “5 Ways To Start Fighting Back Against The Onslaught Of Liberalism”

  1. You cannot win head on when fighting with libs, communists, feminists and similar plagues. Why? Because they don’t follow any rules, not even their own. They cheat to win and enjoy the process. Your value system is their weapon against you. They don’t care about the qualities of an individual or how many virtues you are trying to embody, they win their fights with numbers, and don’t care if their victory actually produces an inferior society, it’s victory by any means with complete disregard to anything apart from their own agenda. We need a new way to fight them.

    1. indeed, too many men still naively believe the left is interested in rational debate

      1. Reasoning is a late development in brain evolution that sits on language ability. It is not mature enough to be trusted by evolution. Animals make complicated decisions and form allegiances, form heards and packs without it, nurture young, play without it. The kind of reasoning documented by Socrates and Plato required them to have goodwill to each other in order for it to work, St Augustine said you must help your Oponent. Christianity, unlike Sunni Islam is based on progressive reason rather than revelation so this was important.
        Fundementalaly we are dealing with an emotional and tribal process. Moral reasoning see,s to be there to manipulate others into accepting our behaviour and join us.
        The preceding Pope Benedict warned of dehellenisation, the loss of Greek reason, in our civilisation.

        1. “Reasoning is a late development in brain evolution that sits on language
          ability. It is not mature enough to be trusted by evolution”
          “Christianity, unlike Sunni Islam is based on progressive reason rather than revelation so this was important.”
          So you are advocating Islam over Christianity? Oh my god I just used a syllogism

        2. “Christianity, unlike Sunni Islam is based on progressive reason rather than revelation so this was important.”
          You’re wrong about that. However, the Latin church following the example of Blessed Augustine and building upon his errors became Roman Catholicism. Once Rome fell away from Orthodoxy, it no longer had contact with the real living Holy Tradition, and they immediately degenerated into Scholasticism (Peter Lombard, Thomas Aquinas, etc) and trying to reason their way to God. An Orthodox theologian is a Saint who has experienced God directly, they have seen His Uncreated Light, they know Him. Heterodox theologians know of God from reading books by men who have read other books by men who read books about God.
          The Blessed Seraphim Rose wrote:
          “Absolute truth”: the phrase has, to a generation raised on skepticism and unaccustomed to serious thought, an antiquated ring. No one, surely–is the common idea–no one is naive enough to believe in “absolute truth” any more; all truth, to our enlightened age, is “relative.” The latter expression, let us note-“all truth is relative”-is the popular translation of Nietzsche’s phrase, “there is no (absolute) truth”; the one doctrine is the foundation of the Nihilism alike of the masses and of the elite.
          “Relative truth” is primarily represented, for our age, by the knowledge of science, which begins in observation, proceeds by logic, and progresses in orderly fashion from the known to the unknown. It is always discursive, contingent, qualified, always expressed in “relation” to something else, never standing alone, never categorical, never -absolute.”
          The unreflective scientific specialist sees no need for any other kind of knowledge; occupied with the demands of his specialty, he has, perhaps, neither time nor inclination for “abstract” questions that inquire, for example, into the basic presuppositions of that specialty. If he is pressed, or if his mind spontaneously turns to such questions, the most obvious explanation is usually sufficient to satisfy his curiosity: all truth is empirical, all truth is relative.
          Either statement, of course, is a self-contradiction. The first statement is itself not empirical at all, but metaphysical; the second is itself an absolute statement. The question of absolute truth is raised first of all, for the critical observer, by such self-contradictions; and the first logical conclusion to which he must be led is this:, if there is any truth at all, it cannot be merely “relative.” The first principles of modern science, as of any system of knowledge, are themselves unchangeable and absolute; if they were not there would be no knowledge at all, not even the most “reflective” knowledge, for there would be no criteria by which to classify anything as knowledge or truth.
          This axiom has a corollary: the absolute cannot be attained by means of the relative. That is to say, the first principles of any system of knowledge cannot be arrived at through the means of that knowledge itself, but must be given in advance; they are the object, not of scientific demonstration, but of faith.

    2. Essentially these people are psychopathic. Consider the great “leftists” in history. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao and so on. Murderers and criminals all. These people were quite ready to sacrifice millions to realise their ends. They were, of course, completely irrational but they followed a certain logic. That is, what path would lead to the greatest power for themselves? Anyone standing in the way of that was to be liquidated.

        1. I understand what you mean but that is the Socialist argument. Leftists are socialists yes? Communists are socialists yes? National Socialists are…?
          Don’t fall into the trap of this false spectrum between Left and Right. That’s what they want. What we are dealing with is the centralisation of power in the executive which is what leads to tyranny and atrocities.

        2. Hitler was also very anti-Communist and pro-German Identity.
          Sounds pretty right.
          National Socialists fall under their own sort of classification.

        3. National Socialism would fall into the lower-right side of that picture.
          Socialism in regards to National Socialism, in my opinion, would be the economic policy while Nationalism would be the political policy. I don’t use Socialism as a partisan meaning.

        4. Shit you got me there.
          What a fucking guy you are.
          There’s no way I know what those 4 words mean.
          You win sweetheart. Here’s $10, go buy yourself something pretty

        5. Keep it. Go get my name tattooed on your left ass cheek. It’s how all of my wanna-be bitches seem to advertise these days.

        6. Yeah, always bugs me when people pretend like Hitler was a leader of the left, when in fact The Second World War was the greatest military struggle of left versus right in all of history (to whatever degree you can simply someone’s position to a one dimensional description). Note: That doesn’t mean Hitler was necessarily good or better than Stalin.

        7. National socialists were… all linguistics aside.. the biggest enemies of the communists in the world. Hitler had all of mainland Europe conquered, and chose to throw it all away by attacking Russia because for ideological reasons he was strongly opposed to communism and Bolshevism. If he didn’t care about defeating Communism the Reich would probably be alive and well today.

        8. There is no way the USSR and the US would not have attacked Germany, the US had been imposing an embargo since 1933, the Soviets had already fought the Germans in Spain. Time was working against Germany once the war started in 1939. Much of the logistics of the German military belonged in the 19th century, they had no chance of winning a major industrialized war.

        9. While the Russians did support the Spanish Republicans, and Germany supported the Spanish Nationalists, it did so along with Great Britain… I don’t think you can look at this proxy war and determine on what side parties would fight. Besides I don’t think it was Russian troops it was more like sending aid and intelligence and weaponry. Kind of like the USA may support the rebels in Syria giving them weapons and money, the same rebels who attacked Paris, but it’s not going to actively line up and start shooting the French army.
          Also, I’d say if there was any “good” side in the Spanish civil war, Germany and the UK were not on it.

        10. The fascinating thing about this chart… consider the extremes. There aren’t really anarchists to speak of, can’t say there are many tribalists although perhaps Trump is growing that area. Which leaves “world government / international socialism” and “fascists / N Korea”. The ironic thing is the only thing you have to do to change these two supposed “extremes” and “opposites” is change the definition of what a country is. So if the USA just conquers all the continent, becoming more “international” it can then appeal to national socialists while really being a movement of the international left. Same thing with the Third Reich. If you didn’t like national socialism, just wait… as soon as the German government controls the European Empire, it is an international power and you should love it.

        11. Sorry dude but nationalism is not a trait of the right or left. Both can be nationalists. Hitler was only anti communist due to it being an international moment. There is no right wing version of socialism and Hitler was a socialist

        12. That is the official story. In fact, Stalin helped Hitler into power and once there trained his tank corp and gave him the blueprints for obsolete tanks. Later on, once Hitler realised that Stalin was about to attack, he beat him to the punch. In a way, you could interpret this as Hitler actually saving us from a Soviet dominated Europe. If not for Hitler, we might all be speaking Russian.
          Note that while Hitler was a National Socialist, Stalin was an International Socialist. He wanted a Socialist revolution in every country. Helping Hitler to power was part of that strategy.

        13. Yes its a nice picture but to me this is talking about different species of duck. Ultimately they are all ducks.

        14. I think it’s debatable as to why North Korea was placed in the bottom right of that graph. I know there economic policy is highly socialist, but their governmental policy is also both communist and nationalist.
          National Socialists are hard to pigeonhole. They borrow policies from both the left and the right, but there is no doubt that they are nationalist first.

        15. I’d say based upon the impact of the German people. Hitler was ‘better’.
          Stalin essentially forced the entire Russian population into perpetual slavery to the State with the exception to those who were in the ‘Inner Party’. There was no winning in Communist Russia.

        16. That one is easier to read, but there is a serious omission, the word “nationalism” isn’t there

        17. Nationalism would be at the top of this picture.
          Nationalism implies National identity, tradition, etc.

        18. What I mean to say is that there’s no better superior choice or real difference in general between a left authoritarian and right authoritarian. In this *specific* case, Hitler was clearly the preferable of the two, and in almost every case, the Russians were more ruthless than the Nazis. But that it was more due to their personalities and cultures. In other words the next time there is a fascist versus a socialist, the “lesser of two evils” could be either one.
          Also, Hitler treated you pretty well as long as you were on his side. The Soviets, killed or imprisoned millions of their own people. In fact, one reason there were so many early Soviet losses is because Stalin had purged and killed so many of his military leaders.

        19. Absolutely. When I read 1984, I couldn’t believe that it was a parody of what went on within a Communist Dictatorship (Soviet Russia at the time). Absolutely terrifying. I’d never be able to sleep if I could at any minute be declared an enemy of the state and be taken in the middle of the night by the secret police.

        20. I figure you’re up in the Great White North but the off-brand CometTV network, which is in all 50 states, is airing the second 1984 movie today in a couple hours. Don’t know who picked this for Thanksgiving but I’ll bite. The football choices today sucked, anyway, and this is one of the only days I watch TV 🙂

        21. Have you read the book? I highly recommend it. One thing to realize is that Orwell never has ‘good endings’ to his books. Even though he was a champion of the left (by SJWs), he’s actually a right-leaning libertarian in ideology. He was very pro-gun and freedom.

        22. “National socialists were… all linguistics aside.. the biggest enemies of the communists in the world”
          Arguably because communists are internationalists. Stalin complicated that by turning communist into a “one country” thing, which arguably compromises the communist ideology. The other element of course was the strictly ethnic definition of Hitler’s nationalism, something that the jewish people were seen as threatening I guess

        23. Not an accurate spectrum, liberalism (classical) should be on the right. Todays liberalism is just an euphemism for international socialism.

        24. I’m a huge fan of Animal Farm. I only read 1984 once, and was too young to really get it. I’ve never read Brave New World. I need to read both of those before year end.

        25. Don’t you mean Animal Farm (Snowball and Napoleon = Trotsky and Stalin)?
          I concede I might be wrong here….

        26. What do you mean by later?
          Stalin went back and forth on this point depending on who he was talking to. His primary concern was power and he was careful to manipulate whoever he was talking to. That said, in the Thirties, there can be no doubt about his commitment to International Communism.

        27. Since I understand National Socialism I will try to explain.
          1 The primary gaol of National Socialism was the well being of the people, the volk or race. All choices were decided on whether it was good for the people/race as a whole long term.
          2 The National Socialists didn’t care whether a function was performed by private industry or a government organisation so long as it worked, They did like competition and encouraged it though this was tempered by their natural tendancy to regulate much as progressives did today.
          3 The National Socialists hated conflict between capital and labour and class warefare. This they saw as the work of communists trying to stir a revolution and as well as greedy employers.
          They would use government to harmonise capital and labour, if necessary to bang heads together. This is basically the 2nd core of National Socialism.
          4 They were socialists in the sense of providing healthcare, pensions. They preferered to provide work rather than the dole. Unemplyment wasn’t a problem and prewar Germany went through a phase of compelling students to work as maids and cleaners prior to employment as there were severe shortages in these areas.
          5 National Socialism wasn’t about race hatred, they were quite happy for other peoples to practice their own forms of government. Due o the redrawing of borders by the victorious allies after WW1 the Germans did have very tense conflicts with some neighbouring countries and the Nazi inherited these. What they saw was the mis treatment of Germans on land that had been annexed into neighbouring countries such as Poland & Czechoslovakia. Jews were certainly regarded as a threat and they were removed from news and entertainment media, jurisprudence, banking power essentially anwhere they had influence over Germans.
          A Black person in Germany had all the normal rights certainly moreso than in the USA. I have a book with photographs of Black German soldiers in the Wehrmacht invading the Soviet Union, mainly biracial. Small numbers means no sense of threat. As you can imagine they were concerned that business people and tourists felt welcome. Himmler tried to get the Japanese declared as White out of admiration till Hitler put a stop to the nonsense.
          The whole movement lasted barely 12 years in power, nearly half of it in a war. Much of the behaviour of the Nazi’s in power I think can be understood as a reaction to conditions such as the disorder of post WW! Germany, then Weimar Germany seemed decadent and prostitution was rife to many. Book burnings were of communist and revolutionary books, pornography etc. An attempt to restore order.

        28. Animal Farm was a parody of the icons of Communist Russia while 1984 was a society and way of life like Communist Russia. Perhaps both I suppose.

        29. I’m not sure that Stalin was a Socialist at heart.
          I think he just used the Revolution to become the new Tsar.
          In practice, under his “reign”, Soviet Russia had relatively traditional gender roles, patriotism was common, etc.

        30. An incredible book on this topic is:
          Stalin by Edvard Radzinsky
          It is the first detailed account of Stalin’s reign by a Russian Historian who was granted access to Stalin’s private archive after the fall of the Soviet Union. It details his psychopathic life and deeds, and goes into great detail about how Stalin was beaten to the punch by Hitler. Moreover, this book clearly describes the mental illness of communism that consumed the Russian population during this period. He ruled with an iron fist of terror

      1. lol – you would probably have got more votes if you’d dropped Hitler and Mussolini from the list. You’re right though, totalitarianism should be opposed in all its forms and its the commie left that embodies it at present

        1. Yeah there’s a certain level of apologism and denial concerning Hitler and Mussolini on this site. But when you read their works there is no doubting their commitment to socialism.

    3. Great summary. Going logical on them is useless. They only understand a military boot up their ass.

    4. And that is why the conservatives (this definition will include the Ted Cruz type) will never win or change anything unless they treat the liberals as something less than human (eg cancer or zombies).
      They can’t be bargained with.
      They can’t be reasoned with.
      It’s either you or them: better that it is them.

    5. There in lies the ticket, they fight in numbers. If you think about that, what does fighting in numbers allow you to do? Why do bees or ants, fight in numbers, yet a mantis attacks as an individual? This is what is at the core of our fight; the hive mind.
      We don’t need a new way to fight. We need additional means to fight. Separate the drones from the hive long enough to disrupt their thinking patterns, then nullify their methods to return to the hive for refueling.

    6. This is why you give them a taste of their own medicine.
      Dumb down your logic and simply command them.Do and say whatever you want to.
      You do need the ZFG attitude down to pull this off. Shove down red pill wisdom down their throats without giving any explanation.

  2. The lefty agenda is basically a suicide cult.
    If I had the time and inclination (and skill for that matter) I’d write an in-depth book on the subject from a psychological perspective, because I’m convinced most leftists/SJWs are depressed if not openly suicidal.
    Leftists hate themselves and project outwards. That’s the crux. They usually can’t say what they think outright, so they express anger through certain causes.
    But get them to the point where a leftard is completely defeated on logic and they’ll crack and say something like “because humans are evil and deserve to die” etc.
    This is their true position. Everything good in the world should be annihilated, because they themselves are so fucking ill-disciplined, cynical, empty, ugly, bitter and twisted.

    1. Dude, you can’t even discern between two of the most common homonyms in the English language–“write” versus “right?”
      Ignorance and indignation are no substitute for . . . well, anything.

        1. A typo from a verbal input to boot
          Obviously a Jezabel fuckwit trying to mix it with the big boys

        2. 1. Learn to type. You’ve got free time.
          2. Learn to proofread. See above.
          3. Take the dick out of your mouth long enough for your lazy-ass software to interpret what you’re saying, cupcake.

        3. I was too busy getting blown by your Mum to worry about such things
          When she finished me and popped her teeth back in, I manually corrected it…. cupcake

        4. My mom’s been dead for years, so you’re a liar. Paying a 50 year-old crackhead to blow you is just sad. Get yourself down to the clinic to get tested ASAP.

        5. you should focus on the content of the message and take heed because its spot on. grammar nazism never goes over well in any non-mainstream forums.

        6. I don’t know, did I?
          (Hint for those who can actually read and comprehend the English language: NO.)
          Jog on, fuckwit.

        7. You can’t even be bothered to capitalize words properly. No one should take you seriously. I certainly don’t.

        8. You haven’t managed to say one single thing that’s original or even halfway entertaining during this entire exchange. And yet you keep going and going! Pathetic.

        9. Looks like you got an unmarketable degree in English and need to troll like a grammar bitch because you’re not qualified for anything else in life.

    2. Check out The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics. Makes a very strong case that they are just acting on dumb animal instinct without knowing why. Which if it is the case, makes them enemies and traitors. The fact that they may not understand their actions is no excuse. A rabid dog can’t help being sick but still needs to be put down.

      1. I can’t fully get behind the animal instinct argument.
        Animal instinct is to survive. These people are out to destroy themselves

        1. A stupid creature fowls its own nest; only one completely devoid of intelligence destroys its nest.

        2. r-selected environments include predators that prey on the species indiscriminately. A very strong rabbit is just a bigger meal for a hungry owl. Likewise, they are inviting aggressive immigrants to emulate this condition. They don’t care if they risk dying as long as the K-selected people among us risk the same fate.

        3. I think your are referring to “The Evolutionary Psychology of Politics r/K” by Anonymous Conservative, its very insightful but the ideas need to be developed further which he will. I got more out of Johnathan Haidts “Righteous Mind” which is also evolutionary psychology based but ignores r/K ideas.
          We need to step beyond understanding and analysis into effective action, action that changes minds.
          The ‘neomasculinity’ ideas Roosh has developed are profoundly important. In order to transform society and our relationship with women we must first transform ourselves. Taking the red pill makes us more assertive.

        4. englishbob: OT, but I must thank you for a musical recommendation made some months back… “Good King Bad” and “Beyond The Blue Horizon” are both pretty great listening.

    3. This really hits the nail on the head. Leftys feel they have no incentive to improve themselves, so they just progressively become lazy and ultimately the worst versions of themselves. The only thing left for them to do is attack winners.

        1. exactly. socialism/leftism is the ultimate projection of one’s internal own mediocrity to the world, draggin it down in order to feel better (fit in an ill society)

      1. You see, liberals really has no contribution to society in a productive way. Their “activism” is their contribution. Little do they realize that it is a destructive contribution.

        1. liberals really has no contribution to society in a productive way.
          Hence why so many of them in university do useless and crappy degrees that don’t hold water in the real world. Which is also the reason why they have so much time to protest about issues that don’t exist.
          Those that undertake study that will actually benefit society like science and engineering are far too busy and grounded in reality to follow their bullshit.

        2. They do degrees that allow them to manipulate culture, emotions and opinions. That is what art does. Many of course are useless, as you say, but many do succeed in an area. These are liberal breeding or brain washing grounds. Check out the degrees offered at Goldsmiths university where Baha Mustafa, the Syrian diversity officer who tweeted the #KillAllWhiteMen hashtag and was not fired.
          Do not underestimate the smarter ones.

        3. I think you’ve hit one nail on the head. Some lefties contribution is deliberately and consciously destructive. They have developed a different cognitive map. Our primeval sense of disgust developed out of the omnivores dilema of avoiding unhealthy foods, then avoiding disease due to unhygienic social and sexual practices. Finally we develop a sense of disgust to protect important “sacred” institutions such as religion, marriage and even race. For lefties concerned with fairness and are highly tribal about it. For some reason when they see the consequences of people own stupidy and crime they tend to blame males, lighter skinned males most of all.
          Taking the red pill I think involves acknowledging the lefty can be potent, the study the creation and destruction of culture obsessively and act on it.

      2. >”The only thing left for them to do is attack winners.”
        In Star Wars Anakin Skywalker was prophesied to “bring balance to the Force.” As Darth Vader, he did… in a way. There were far more “good Jedi” than “bad Jedi” so he made things even again… by killing thousands of them.
        The left operates the same way. They know that they can never change evolution to make their pet minorities smarter; they can never change culture to make them behave; they can never fix entire nations. The only way to bring about “equality” is instead to destroy everything good and “bring everyone down to the same level.”
        You’ll see them speak of “ending white privilege.” This is not about helping minorities, but harming whites to bring them down.
        Liberals follow the sci-fi short story “Harrison Bergeron” like their bible. Handicap everyone- only then can we be equal. Destroy our local economy. We live too well- we need to be more like Mexico. Punish the rich so we all can be poor.

      3. After taking the red pill and seeing the truth with my own eyes, I realized the futility of self improvement when the enemy has absolute power to destroy you at any moment.
        Any gains you make can be wiped out in an instant. What gains are made, anyway? What is the incentive for self improvement?
        Make more money = more money funneled into the enemy’s hands through taxation and other methods.
        Gaming females = further inflating their ego while further lowering their value. And you still have no chance of a stable wife and family.
        Strength training = you’re never allowed to use it. Self defense is not even a defense anymore.
        We can not self-improve our way to a sane world.
        Freedom is bought with blood and gunfire.

    4. I watched some of Neptune’s Daughter last Night, it’s a Stupid old Flick from 1949, but the Quality of People in the Film was very good, also everybody seemed to have a sense of Purpose and Adults acted Like Adults act, Nobody seemed to hate themselves. Fast Forward to today’s movies and Nobody has a sense of Purpose, all the adults act like teenagers and everybody hates themselves for being Exceptional, when Did the Great western Countries start to Hate themselves for being Exceptional? Enter Liberalism.

      1. You don’t have to go that far. I’ve been watching the late 70’s-early 80’s Buck Rogers episodes and the attitudes and femininity of the female characters was shocking compared to the tough girl crap of today. The females are hot, feminine, strong but also show a tender side and genuine attraction to men. I grew up watching it and am glad, but it really struck me how far along the left hand path (lol) this country has come.

        1. I remember those episodes and having a huge crush on that one hottie who played the femme fatale on the series.

        2. Princess Ardala… I remember her well. Colonel Wilma Dearing was even easier on the eyes in my opinion.

      2. “Fast Forward to today’s movies and Nobody has a sense of Purpose, all
        the adults act like teenagers and everybody hates themselves for being
        Exceptional, when Did the Great western Countries start to Hate
        themselves for being Exceptional? Enter Liberalism.”
        1054 when the Latin half of Europe separated from Byzantine civilization. That’s why the entire history of the USA has been in the wrong direction, it was founded in Leftism, we’re just seeing the final stages of it. There is natural order of monarchy, theocracy, patriarchy, and then there is rebellion against the natural order. That is all.

    5. Leftists are the ones who see the world through racial/gender scopes and they will never tire of;
      1. Projecting their racism/sexism on to the right
      2. Overcompensating for their racism and sexism with identity-based pseudo heroism.
      The more tingles they get from no. 1 and 2, the more acute their racial/gender viewpoint becomes, the more they need to repeat no. 1 and 2.
      It’s the first (and last) successful perpetual motion device.

    6. I am about as far left as you’re likely to find, but I’ve been reading sites like this lately because I am burned out on feminism and on the nonsense going on with college protests. What is sort of interesting is that comments sections in both far right and far left publications say very similar things – the other side is brain dead, hopeless etc. I’m not convinced that there’s so much difference between the two sides as one would expect from the over the top anger and name calling I see on both ends.
      It’s also strange how certain things that don’t belong together are being lumped into ‘left’ and ‘right’ categories. If I believe we need strong anti trust legislation, what does that have to do with thinking pictures of women in bikinis are ‘degrading’ ? Similarly on the right, belief in the free market doesn’t imply one favors muscular global militarism.
      Bottom line, there is a lot more drama than there is actual distance between left and right.

      1. Welcome brother,
        If you are not a misogynist it is the aim of feminism to make you one.
        The psychology of humans is very similar and we are prewired to form gangs or tribes yet we still have some universal core values.
        As far as man hater feminists Roger Devlin has written an article called ‘sexual utopia in power’ and ascribes feminist anger to the frustration caused by the breakdown in monogamy that occurred after the sexual revolution which failed to give the agitating percentage of women what they wanted, escape from marriage to a beta and attachment to an alpha male. This is not mathematically possible.
        it is a very interesting article you can find the link indirectly here:
        or directly as a pdf here
        Being irrationally angry gives power when in a personal or village setting but is maladapted to complex societies. Hence the sense that feminists on the fringe are insane and destructive.

        1. Thanks man, nice to see there is some pushback against the excesses of the left. As they say, go too far left or right and you find yourself in the same place
          Feminism has done irreparable harm to a generation, making men afraid of their own shadows, but with some effort we can draw the line here
          I’ll check out the links, thanks !

      2. The problem is, the far right has never and will never cause as much damage to society as the far left has. It would be virtually impossible. And keep in mind that the left, media, academe, etc., refer to anyone who is conservative as “far right.”
        Don’t kid yourself. The two sides are quite different and there IS a lot of distance between them.

        1. Forgive me for not being able to fill in the blanks on the ‘damage’. Could you provide some detail, and what metrics you use to assess degree of damage to society ?
          As evidence of what I’m talking about, I just read this sentence in a conservative article : ‘Venom is directed at fellow leftists who are deemed insufficiently radical.’ If you replace ‘leftists’ with ‘right wingers’, you can probably find this exact sentence in articles on Salon, etc.

  3. Interesting to see the ways in which libertarian, “free-thinking” men have come to embrace the same old brain-dead conservative talking points, thereby discrediting themselves and pushing away potential converts.
    “Liberalism” only has as much power over you as you grant it. A certain reducto ad absurdum characterization of an abstract political philosophy is not the problem–conventionality of thought and action, no matter its label, is. Simply declaring oneself to be extraordinary and thus more deserving of society’s benefits or exempt from its basic strictures smacks of the juvenile.
    Which is Libertarianism, after all. Screaming “You’re not the boss of me!!” accomplishes nothing. Especially when you can’t even identify the real target in order to take aim at it.

    1. You seem like a defeated lost soul. A masculine man doesn’t seek benefits from society. MGTOW society is to receive no benefit from men. The whole point of the article is for men to stand on their own .

      1. A truly masculine man thinks for himself and doesn’t seek validation from his inferiors. Live and learn.

    2. Leftists, SJWs, progressives, feminists, neo-socialists, have co-opted the term liberal in american culture as their brand to make themselves sound more marketable. Kind of like the way homos co-opted the word gay. Its orwellian use of language.

  4. These articles about how we can fight this madness with our everyday actions are awesome. Keep them up!

  5. 2. Debt
    In case anyone is confused, a mortgage is a debt. It will put you in debt for decades, tying you to an expensive good that will suck up the greater part of your income and make relocation difficult.
    Ever wonder why the government is so keen for you to buy a house? Because it makes you a debt and tax slave. The government and your wife have leverage over you because now you have something substantial to lose.
    Do not buy a house. Maintain your independence and be ready to leave in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner.

    1. Unless you’re renting a shiitehole, good luck finding any rentals with monthly rates cheaper than the mortgage rate you’d pay on a home.
      Why should I rent a 300 sqft 1-bedroom condo for $1400/month over a mortgage on a detached home at $1600/month with the opportunity of both living in it and renting the other bedrooms out? A difference of $200/month isn’t much when considering the other $1400 goes towards eventual ownership of the home itself.
      Good luck when you’re old and forced to rent at even higher rates because you didn’t have a mortgage.

      1. Don’t forget to include the maintenance and opportunity costs of buying. And remember you may have to write off that home ownership if you get married.
        Worse man, you give your wife leverage. Never, ever put yourself in a position where you do not have the leverage.

        1. That’s presuming marriage is in your plans. For some it is, for others it’s not. For the record, it’s in my plans, and definitely not with a ‘western woman’. The initial investment in my house will be protected with an ironclad prenup.
          Most maintenance I do myself. Staying proactive helps keep the costs down.
          I see renting as a form of lost investment. If my job situation were more precarious, then renting would be an ideal situation. But I was lucky enough to find a dated ‘starter’ home in a city which I could easily fix up. The opportunity costs of buying were actually less than renting for me simply because renting out the other 2 bedrooms in my place allow me to cover upwards of 70% of all monthly expenses (mortgage+insurance+city taxes+utilities) whereas renting a 1 bedroom would not allow me to do so.
          I always consider a mortgage to be ‘good debt’ provided you bought in the right area (or up and coming area). Expensive cars, VISA bills for stupid shit, wasteful luxury dating, etc is the bad-debt I’d agree with.

        2. why, do you imply that renting is some kind of a masculine red-pill conservative approach – vs liberal progressive feminist gay home ownership?

        3. I’m not implying anything. I am being quite explicit that in my opinion, buying a house is a poor financial decision for the reasons outlined.

        4. what sucks about renting is that you can’t personalize your place. have to accept the shell you happen to get.

        5. I owned twice. You are absolutely right. Owning has only value if you know from the get go that’s where they’ll pull you out from when you’re dead. Otherwise the opportunity cost is always in favor of renting. I can scale up and down right now according to my needs/income/long term plans.

        6. Do you intend to have children?
          There is no such thing as an ironclad pre-nup.
          Renting is consumption not investment but the same is true of buying a house.
          By opportunity cost I mean the next best use of that deposit – investing in a diversified portfolio from which the income will eventually offset the cost of renting.
          In my opinion, there are no good debts, since debts place a obligation upon you for a fixed period of time. You could consider this a form of indentured servitude.

        7. “my house will be protected with an ironclad prenup.”
          That iron cloud prenup won’t be worth the paper is written on when you’ll make a visit to the family court. The court will never ever throw the woman and her children out of the house. The one thrown out will be you and your dog. I don’t think you realize what’s going on tbh.
          Do what everybody else is doing and you’ll end up just like everybody else.

        8. Who told you you can’t personalize your place? In any case, this sounds like something women would worry about.

        9. It’s not only that. I know communities around where I live where the “value” of the real estate is singularly determined by the near by large corporation. If that corporation moves everything goes down in an instant. People just don’t pay attention to things like these…

        10. nah actually it’s a part of “traditional values” – to have your own home where you’re the master of everything. as masculine as you can get. what can you “personalize” in a rented place? replace floors and renovate bathroom to your liking?

        11. I do intend to. I also plan on telling her that if she tries to divorce-rape me, there will be major trouble for her and whomever tries to come and enforce the order.
          That’s up for a court to decide. I know the horror stories, but I’ve seen it go the other way many times with my colleagues in favour of the men. I assume you’re in the UK? Is it much different there?
          Renting is consumption and not investment, correct. But I also treat my property to be my home before my investment. Ergo, if I’m forced to give up $1400 or $1600 on a monthly basis but I later on in life have the opportunity to retrieve a portion close, equal to or greater than the $1600 amount, then why should I go for the former?
          Having never played the stock market before I prefer predictability over predicaments. Those who never play may never ‘get rich’, but they may also never go poor.
          Debt is good if there is a chance that you will make a positive return. My parents took out an additional line of credit against their home before there was a massive change in the interest rates. They invested in the stock market, and sold quickly and pocketed tons more than they took out the debt for.

        12. Forget the pre-nup, just put your assets in a foreign jurisdiction or trust. She can’t get to them that way.

        13. Depends on the lease, but usually tenants must get landlord approval in writing for tenant improvements. Without landlord approval the tenant could get evicted.

        14. Yes this is true. But this is also true when you have a mortgage (you need consent for certain improvements from the bank) and also you need planning permission from the local counsel.
          Your property is never simply “your property”.

        15. You can do whatever you like in rented accommodation as long as the landlord agrees.
          You can’t own your own home anymore. Two groups actually own it. Women and the government. You just pay for it.

        16. No, not mine. I don’t even know where it is. I just like the idea of a 20,000 dollar mobile home. Google-image ‘mini-homes’. I don’t know why people get so locked down.

        17. well doing “whatever you like in rented accommodation” would be a total insanity – really just burning your own money. who’d spend thousands of dollars on renovations in a rented place?

      2. How about utilities, insurance, taxes? Your total monthly out of pocket expenses on a mortgage of say $300,000.00 could easily reach $3000.00

        1. 1600$ all in for me, that includes mortgage, utilities, insurance and taxes. The rent I collect because of having the 2 bedroom surplus allows me to cover 70% of this. Because my house is also a ‘dual purpose’ business/home, I can write off lots of things and dwindle my additional income tax burden (from the collected rent) down to 1-2% of the income.
          Or you could pay an all-inclusive 1400$ for a fraction-of-the-size condo and have nothing to show for it other than the “freedom to move”.
          My preference is the former.

        2. I had a substantial down-payment because I was living at home until I the age of 25.
          Mortgage is around $1100/month. Taxes, utilities, insurance pushes that up to $1600/month.
          I have friends who are paying $1200-$1400/month in rent for condos.

        3. Good deal man. Most of the 25 year olds I knew were preoccupied with booz, girls and travelling.

    2. i dunno dude, here in vancouver it’s real tempting to buy and see how much it goes up in a few years
      real estate is the ‘king of assets’, as least in the chinese speaking world

      1. It depends on the nature of that real estate. If you can buy well located real estate for a fair price, without accruing debt, in a country where the State cannot arbitrarily take it off you, I say go for it. For the record, I think that houses in the West are vastly over-priced.
        Otherwise, if you are looking for asset appreciation invest in a fully diversified portfolio.

        1. Yup. The culture has inflated the value through the status attached to it. Children, home ownership, debt all keep you within the tentacles of an entity that seeks to suck your blood, particularly if you’re a productive, white male. So, time to improvise, overcome, adapt.

        2. I was thinking of building a shack in the woods in a few years, with a wife and kids. Thanks for that!

      2. Vancouver and downtown Toronto are a bit of loss. I’d never buy, rent or even live there unless you’re loaded. The prices are artificially inflated because of all the rich Chinese that come over and buy up all the houses.

      3. remember the economic crash in 2009 when lots of overseas chinese saw their net worth go down. u have to diversify and seek not just alpha but (can’t believe i’m saying this here at ROK) beta.

        1. That’s just a paper loss. If they didn’t sell, they’ve lost nothing. If they sold after the crash below what they paid, then they lost.

    3. I have both rented and owned. Both have their pluses and minuses. Here are some downfalls on renting from my personal experience.
      1. You exist year to year. If at the end of the year the landlord wants you gone, that’s the end, no matter how much you liked the place. The chances of you finding a similar place at the same rent is far from guaranteed.
      2. If you have hobbies that are socially out of favor in the current mindset, it might cause friction with the landlord. I like to hunt, shoot, and reload my own ammo. Didn’t make me popular with my prior landlord. Especially the part of hunting clothes hanging outside from Sept. thru Dec. or a deer hanging from a tree branch with its underside split open with a stick.
      3. Something needs fixed, you can’t just go grab your tools and take care of business because you don’t own it.
      4. Furnace shits the bed in the middle of winter? You gotta get hold of the landlord and he has to get hold of his HVAC guy, Not always a guarantee. My buddy that’s an HVAC guy, a phone call or text away, and for a much better rate.
      5. My mortgage, same price every year. Rented for four years prior. Price rose in three of the four years.

      1. 1) You can negotiate a longer lease if this is an issue for you. Note that this works both ways. If you want to leave the landlord now has void costs. Not a good situation for him.
        2) This is rare right? What if your neighbours don’t like your hobbies?
        3) Yes you can. You agree with the landlord that you will take care of it and send him the bill.
        4) Same answer as 3)
        5) Interest rates can affect your mortgage costs and you can’t do anything about it. Don’t like your new rent? Move.

    4. You must be smart about your real estate. Rentals are a total pain in the ass, but pay for my own house completely every month. Research, drive a hard bargain for the asking price, work hard, prosper, repeat. I plan to turn over the management of my rentals soon so i can travel, but still make the income. It works – but it is not easy. Nothing worthwhile is.

    5. In the realm of asset protection, and in today’s ZIRP and NIRP society, there is the concept of ‘strategic debt’.
      Basically thus: borrow against the house. Put the money in something that will accrue more value faster than the interest piles up. You will thus have the means to pay off your debt, but will profit from it at the same time.
      A friend of mine took out his US-based mortgage in yen. Somewhat entertaining to watch the mortgage payments ($ to yen) decrease over time.
      But as in all things, it’s just what risk you are willing to tolerate.

    6. Fuck yeah, Bob. We’ve tangled a lot before but that was gold. If you make a post where a Neil McCauley quote is the perfect concluding line then you are talking about internet gold.

  6. What you americans call “liberals” don’t so much argue with you as they try to find ways to call you mean
    why exactly bigotry is so important to them is still a mystery to me

    1. It’s just used as a [now worn out] sledgehammer to stifle debate. Why? Because they have no arguments and are too cowardly to admit it.

    2. Because most people are concerned with reputation (and a good name is to be prized above rubies).
      It’s very telling about society when being a good person requires also being a ‘a$$hole’, so to speak.

  7. I find I have almost no tolerance for shit tests anymore. Even when women throw the simplest easiest shit test to overcome I get pissed off. Its like playing the game on her terms. Fuck you very much.

    1. And playing the game by her rules – you’ll ALWAYS lose. Because they change the rules as they go, and forget to tell you that the rules have changed. Once you’re acclimated to her rules, they change again. Or they go back to the “real” rules. Too hard to keep track. Leaves most guys in confusion.

    2. Its the way they play the game. You know it. Don’t be bothered by it. At least you are conscious of her strategy. Easy counter; just be a man. It shuts them down every time. If that doesnt work, congratulate yourself for not being suckered by someone’s former cum dumpster.

  8. Well written post with good advice.
    Is the collapse of the West today what Rome felt like to an old centurion? In the days before the Republic fell and women were savagely raped and put to sword in the streets while barbarians drank and belched and gutted their husbands on their spears?
    I’m here to tell you that yes, it was. It was just as stupid then as it is now. It’s how it works. Cultural degeneracy breeds the fall. These days it’s bearded desert savages instead of bearded forest savages gnawing at the remains but not much else is different.
    At least the Huns and Goths and Vandals preferred wine and women and gold to mind-numbing sermons five times a day and goats (or little boys, as it turns out) but collapsing civilizations don’t get to choose the plunderer.
    You see, we’re at the end of an age. The world is turning darker, and this time the darkness is going to stay for a while. It has before, it will again, and right now the shadows of this era are drawing around us all. It’s going to take a very special kind of man to bring you to the necessary sensibilities to survive in it, much less make your fortune and future.
    And to protect your property, yourself, your wife and kids if you have them. (Your job isn’t going to be saved.)
    The really ugly truth is that our culture has abandoned teaching men how to be men and punishes them for their innate natural power. Little boys are drugged with Ritalin to keep them immobile and placid while silly liberal hens indoctrinate them in mush. Young men are bound within a shaming culture of political correctness designed to breed them into cattle for the collectivists. Men are shackled by the law into weakness and bondage.
    It’s disgusting and the Dark Triad Man not only rejects it, he leaps over it in the knowledge that this age is collapsing and the dark world is preparing to overthrow the ridiculous parade of transgender bread and Kardashian circuses and collapse humanity into another time of reality.
    Reality is what exists when the power goes out.
    When the power goes out the man who knows reality keeps going.

    1. Good comments. Feminism and liberalism have tentacles that infiltrate almost every facet of a man’s world. Although, I agree wholeheartedly with the diagnosis which isn’t good for traditional masculinity, the most important question is what can we do about it? In other words is the only viable option to escape this fate is to become a type of self-sufficient hermit and reclusive with your own resources? I understand this approach, but, it seems almost cowardly and weak that the very best men who built the world we see around us, now have to retreat from it, like shameful outcasts? It’s akin to a big, strong, 6,4 athletic lad being bullied around the place by some bespectacled 5,1 wimpy effeminate nerd.

      1. Rather than retreat, the answer is the cultivation of personal power and capacities so that one may withstand the onslaught as an individual, and extend that power through other men so that this onslaught meets more than merely individual resistance.

        1. This is true. The power of modernity over traditional masculinity has been profoundly helped by loosening the bonds of respect and solidarity that used to be the case between men, especially in more traditional neighbors, where you’d know the families in the area.
          Modernity destroys all that. You get married and you live with your wife in a suburb often many miles from where you grew up. You have no natural bonds with the people you live next door to. Everyone is isolated, especially if you’re a man, and this again diminishes any outlet to develop your masculinity around men you once knew and understood. Instead men end up 24/7 working, with wife and baby, in a suburb where you know nobody, living like flies caught in a claustrophobia spider’s web. I reckon, the elites designed it this way so as to keep white men enslaved and enfeebled.

        2. Sounds a bit like Marx’s cry “that the worker has nothing to loose but his chains”. However, the point is valid. To me, people emphasis freedom to the nth degree. This is unrealistic, you can only ever become more free in terms of your relationship and bonds with other human beings- you cannot become free of them in their totality. This would be equivalent to either a form of self imposed autism or to biological death in which we’re only ever totally free.
          Also, I think the notion of power in a man’s masculinity is very important. Being thoroughly masculine means being powerful and never been dominated by weaker types. It means good judgment and insight and a high degree of independence and synchronicity with one’s body and emotions. Power should be the ultimate state of a man’s life. Despite what’s said in society- people respect and admire- powerful men who know how to comport and direct those around them. Our society badly needs leaders who are not the playthings and puppets of the media and political classes. Leaders who’ve autonomous traditional values and beliefs that resonate with the organic culture that they live in. These are the types of great men that our nations sadly don’t create anymore.

  9. Liberalism has turned into a cult for the uneducated, the stupid and the sheltered where they can pat themselves on the back for being “enlightened”.

    1. When the third world barbarians take over the liberals won’t get a pat on the back. All they’ll feel is the blade as it hits the back of their necks.

  10. All of these are spot on because the chief way liberals get there way is when someone just moves aside and let’s them win.
    Sure they’ll get the power of the state behind them but whenever someone just stands up to them they crumble. Their’s is always the path of least resistance

  11. An suggestion, if I may: add ‘when practical’ or ‘as much as possible’ to #4.
    It is virtually impossible to avoid progressivism in all products (unless you are willing to live at a much reduced lifestyle.

    1. You can reduce it significantly though it does require a change in lifestyle. You can’t hang out with the hip crowd and follow what the author is suggesting.
      I focused my life on my lifting and working out, hunting and shooting, firefighting (I’m a volunteer), working and further educating myself. While I don’t follow the author’s lifestyle to the letter. I have made significant improvements in many of the suggested areas that would not support the feminist/leftist takeover.
      We all get the same 24hrs in a day. We choose how we spend them.

      1. I agree wholeheartedly with your comment, but I was referring more to the boycott of companies/products. I’ve heard this schtick before from the evangelical standpoint, and it’s not typically thought through that well.
        For example, I live a significant distance from the nearest major airport. I can drive many hours to take an airline that’s not so supportive of the progressive agenda, or I can take Delta (which is neck-deep in the SJW agenda) at the local airport, and save many hours (I don’t travel that much anyway, but that’s beside the point). The winter adds a significant hazard factor to the drive.
        So the final analysis is: be smart in use of your time and money. Buy alternatives if you can, but don’t be religious about it.

  12. Might I suggest not going to movies with (stars) that support the democrat party.
    It’s still fun to argue with democrat’s on sites. Just to annoy the crap out of them, that
    way it waste their time.

  13. The thing is, if they get the world they all say they want, barbarity will reign. There can NEVER be a Utopia, we either end up a police state (which is where we’re heading, now), or we will have chaos. The ONLY hope for humanity is Western Civilization where Individualism based upon responsible behavior, is allowed to flourish. Collectivism is a cancer and is observable wherever socialism or islam reigns.

  14. “4. Boycott everything which supports feminism, liberalism, or progressivism”
    An appropriate picture of the National Feminist League.
    Any prediction about the SJW nonsense that will appear during today’s NFL games? It used to be that you could escape the world for a few hours, watching the Detroit Lions be mercilessly pummeled.
    You just know that the powers-that-be have been planning all week for an SJW onslaught today. I imagine there will be a slew of commericals about what dopes men are. Or, players giving small speeches about they owe everything to their single mother. Maybe some clips from Holly Holm, asking who her favorite team is.
    Enough is enough. I will be boycotting the Thanksgiving games this year for the first time in my adult life.

  15. How dare you write something like this at a time when police are slaughtering our children? In Chicago, it’s gotten to the point where you can’t even get whacked out of your mind on dust, pull out a knife, threaten people, stab things, run around in traffic waving said knife, and refuse to drop it as you turn towards police with your other hand reaching for something in your pocket without getting shot anymore! Land of the Free, my ass!

        1. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson always get stumped when someone brings up this fact in interviews. Watching them struggle for a retort is always entertaining.

        2. No problem. Jared Taylor and Amren will supply you with alot of that kind of information if you’re interested.

        3. Love it when racists pull out the most extreme statistics to qualify their askewed thinking. I guess San Francisco establishes the trend for the whole nation. Good find , David Duke.

      1. Hundreds? Thousands? Stop changing the subject. The point is that it’s open season on dusted-out knife-waving lunatics who run through traffic and refuse to drop their weapons. No one is safe anymore!

        1. Well, but sometimes you just fall into it, you know. You have a few glasses of good red wine, and then somebody offers you a little dust. Next thing you know, your breaking into cars, running through traffic waving your blade around, slashing the tires of police cars, refusing to drop the knife, and some racist white cop comes out of nowhere and shoots you FOR NO REASON! It’s open season on dusted-out knife-wavers.

        2. Absolutely. That’s why I drink alone at home – the company is always so agreeable.
          Also, I only partake in all natural green product, homegrown or imported.

  16. You will never convince hardcore leftists of the follies of their beliefs; they simply don’t listen to logic.

    It’s actually worse than that. Have you ever heard a leftist use the phrase “our truth” — ? It reveals their fundamental conviction: that truth is personal, even subjective, rather than a matter of objective, verifiable fact. There’s no possibility of arguing with someone who can reject whatever you say with “That’s your truth.”

  17. 3. Never try to teach a pig to sing. You waste your time and annoy the pig.
    5. Never, ever cower to a woman. Show her you are a man with a spine. You might not get what you want from her, but you will not lose your dignity and self-respect.

    1. 100% on #5. I would much rather be hated than to be disrespected by caving in to arrogant demands.

  18. Before I forget, we have been talking about the tactics of the enemy but never outright address any of them. For everyone who thought the rainbow images were dubious, take a look at this link. If true, it does give major credence to the social monitoring of Facebook as a whole, and why any man best be vigilant as to what he supports, as they are finding more optimal ways to control our expressions.

  19. Still hesitant to use the word ” liberal ” a a descriptive word towards the left. Being classically liberal is how many people on the right would describe themselves IE Libertarians.

  20. I’m not a progressive, but I support personal progress. I’m not a liberal, but support personal liberty. I’m not a conservative, but I do conserve basic morals and decency. I’m not a communist, but support the community to the best of my abilities. I’m not a socialist, but I support social mores that benefit everyone. I’m not an idealist, but I’m full of ideas, some good, some plain stupid.

  21. Just saw some insane Hollywood propaganda. I check out the imdb releases and anything with a fairly high rating I will *ahem* “preview” the film. Even then more than half are bombs. Just saw a ridiculous one called Before We Go, and the opening sickened me.
    Guy meets girl at transit place (airport maybe.. I kinda started tuning this one out with the shitty light poppy soundtrack that told me it would suck) and she has some logistical problems. They chat for a minute. She starts treating him like a total bitch, he immediately offers to pay $1,000 for a cabbie to drive her out of state to her destination, says she can pay him back later, after talking to her maybe 60 seconds. (WTF!) Then she treats him like shit some more and walks off, but there are some scary street punks around so she comes back and they end up hanging out.
    Of course she has a boyfriend so he gets to play beta orbiter for the entire film. Throughout the whole thing they have no reason to keep hanging out, but for some inexplicable reason they do. The guy actually *IS* being creepy and following her multiple times, but she never acts like it’s odd. She insults him at every turn (including when he offers the cabbie $1,000 to help her get to her bf) but he keeps following her like a puppy dog.
    I fast forwarded to the end and they are in a hotel together. They are both in bathrobes and just sort of giggle and lightly flirt, the next morning say goodbye with tears in their eyes. It would have been bad if he got the bang, because that would imply guys will be rewarded by chasing after shitty girls like her, but this was probably worse, and teaches guys that they should take whatever bad attitude the girl throws at him, and just be happy to have some of her attention for a little bit, she is the princess and you aren’t worthy to be with her. Fucking disgusting. You can see the preview if you wanna see what kind of propaganda we’re being hit with today.
    EDIT: Here’s the preview. Hah, wow, she actually physically assaults him here, but he just keeps on orbiting her and making cheesy lines and occasionally gets a hug.

    1. Nope nope and nope. After your synopsis, I refuse to watch this movie let alone the trailer. It’s not even worth my bandwidth to illegally download.

    2. $1,000? A high class hooker would have been better value. And for that money you’re not going to get a shitty attitude either.

  22. Great article!
    6. Study the Liberal Arts–classical liberal arts, not the modern twisted leftist version. Read classic literature, classical scholarship, classical philosophy, and listen to classical music. One of the great victories of the left has been the dumbing-down of the intellect and the soul, because people will follow them blindly and never think critically about what they say.

    1. Taking a major in either Classics or History, heavily leaning toward the first. I’m not going to university to get a job but to educate myself.

      1. Read up on the professors and try to find their syllabi. Its very common for people to teach these works with what they call “filters,” i.e. they will present classics from a Marxist/feminist/etc. viewpoint.
        I have a degree in Accounting and English Lit (you have one guess as to which one pays the bills!), and I was very lucky to get old-school professors for my English degree. You might consider seeking out old used Western Civ textbooks written before Marxism invaded the Liberal Arts; I haven’t checked, but there’s probably some on Project Gutenberg.

    2. The only form of art these left wing cunts could never twist and distort to their political ideology was of course classical music. Music in its highest forms, more than any other art form, is compelled to tell the truth. This is why left wing socialists always despise classical music and use the slurs “elitist” and “anti-egalitarian” to do it down.
      However, of course this is left wing bullshit as the operas of Verdi or Rossini are for example all about the lives of ordinary peasants and artisans. The reason they hate them is that they depict men and women as they are- men as heroes, lovers, womanizers, fighters- women as naive girls, catch up in their emotional, childish states or as treacherous whores not to be trusted. The music is timeless and doesn’t lie and so it has always eluded the poison of post modern ideology which like Dracula can’t bear the truth like the morning sunlight.

      1. One of Rossini’s most famous operas is La Cenerentola, aka Cinderella.
        What passes for art music nowadays is nihilistic, and one of the worst offenders is by far John Zorn. Some of his jazz is listenable (but not really my thing), however his Game Pieces are case studies in the absolute rejection of beauty and order.

        1. Art music has become either bland movie music or a rehash of the 1970s experimentation projects which has lost any novel or provocative element nowadays.
          I make an exception with the American composers John Adams, whose Nixon in China opera is quirky and accessible along with some of Philip Glass’s works which are evocative, and lucid, and owe everything I think to classicism rather than the post-romantic self-indulgent experimentation movement of Zorn et al.

  23. Just because something says left or right doesn’t mean you should or shouldn’t. I know for a fact it takes money to push ideas and so in order for more men to influence society more men need more money to create the foundation you need to get an idea bought by the public or create better jobs. You have to understand there’s a lot of greedy self centered leftists too. We need more men like Elon musk that make money and create new opportunities and help mankind. If everyone with money was liberal we’d all be liberal because money gets your propaganda out there and pays for advertising.
    Establishment politicians work for the elite donors and get their views heard. These people don’t care if you starve. They have no political category.Bush was republican and made government bigger. Clinton made government bigger, but reduced the national debt, but kept the banking families in power. Obama a pro liberal Democrat did a very undemocratic move when he bailed out the banks. It’s all bullshit. Labels mean nothing only actions.

  24. 3. Don’t argue with idiots
    It’s like playing chess with a pigeon. It’ll knock over the pieces, crap all over the board and then fly away claiming victory.

  25. Getting out of debt and having some savings is two of the best ways a man can gain self esteem, leverage and peace of mind – no debt and savings means a boss or a woman doesn’t have leverage over you because you can walk easily giving peace of mind.

  26. The most immediate thing that red pill men can do and that will benefit them the most in the near term as well as the long term is to be very careful about where they spend their money. This takes some work and, as a result, a man will spend less money.
    A great place to start is with making yourself tax efficient. The most colossal feminist organization on Earth is the federal government of the USA. Second to that are blue cities. Make sure these bloodsucking parasites get the bare minimum of your money. Remember that every dollar you give to government is used AGAINST you, sponsoring the further destruction of society. Here is something simple: Downgrade your home. The larger your home, the more you are paying in property taxes. Downgrade your car. Downgrade anything that can get taxed, except your income.
    Here is another easy point: If you can build it, don’t buy it. If you can’t build it, learn how to build it.
    On the consumption side, I’d love it if ROK would put together a list of masculine companies across a number of product types.

  27. #6: Pick your battles wisely. This is really a variation on #3.. I used to get all flustered by every obnoxious quote or bullshit statistic spewed by every high-school feminist and armchair critic on the Net. I felt it was my duty to put them all in their place, dammit. And it was consuming both my time and my sanity. Now, I’ve realized you need to pick your battles carefully.. coz there’s only so much one person can do, and as the author said, convincing feminists/SJWs of anything is like banging your head against a brick wall.

  28. Unfortunately you didn’t really say what it means to perfect masculinity.
    To the extent that you want to encourage females to remain ‘feminine’ – so that you can pursue and take pleasure in having romantic relationships, you’re still considering femininity to be ‘superior’.
    The perfection of masculinity is sagehood.
    Otto Weininger: “It is the duty of masculine part of personality to develop genius”

  29. The Left wont overtake the world.Liberalism will die in the West either because the white males can destroy it or the invaders and hordes of Islam will conquer it.Anyway it will end and has no future.

  30. Never argue against want they want. Never argue for what you want. Argue instead for what they don’t want to talk about.
    • Why aren’t women stronger?
    • Why don’t women have higher IQs as a group?
    • Why haven’t women hardly invented anything in the 21st century?
    • Why don’t ugly women get as much notoriety as prettier women?
    • Why are there more women than ever before willing doing porno, even for free?
    • Why isn’t there a feminist writer equal to Shakespeare?
    • Why isn’t there a feminist guitarist equal to Hendrix?
    • Why isn’t there a feminist composer equal to Mozart?

    1. Spot on – especially the point on women doing porn and how little their willing to charge for their services. Japan had less than 1,000 actresses per year entering the industry ten years ago now its 10,000 plus most stay in the industry for less than six months and with this increase in willing women the per scene fee has dropped accordingly.

    2. “Muh Patriarchy rape culture institutionalized sexism shitlord!”
      Cancer cannot be reasoned with. It must be surgically removed by careful use of the knife, while poisoning anything that survives.

        1. If a man can put on a dress and call himself a woman (and then be called a hero for it) a man should be able to call himself black any time he feels black. Race is a social construct.
          I’m calling you out for your transracialphobia.

        2. If a man someone mentally ill can put on a dress and call himself a woman (and then be called a hero for it) by those also suffering mental illness a man someone else mentally ill should be able to call himself black any time he feels black. Race is a social construct.
          There. It’s fixed, or in Internet parlance — FIFY.

    3. Do you think it may be because women since the beginning of civilisation had all their time taken up with repeated pregnancies, rearing the men’s children for them, cleaning up after them ,& were barred from any higher education, etc until relatively recently? They didn’t even get the vote until after WW1. Do you expect them to suddenly catch up to men overnight? 100 years is a drop in the ocean in human history. Educate yourself.

      1. “…rearing the men’s children for them…Educate yourself.” ~ secondtwin2
        Someone needs to become educated but that one is not me.
        So by your weird beliefs, women don’t have babies because they want to procreate for themselves? They’re only forced to become pregnant and then forced to raise kids.
        By your weird beliefs, women are only raped and then forced to be slave nannies.
        Better luck next time!

        1. No smacky, I am answering some of the point questions you pose above – like ‘Why isn’t there a feminist composer equal to Mozart? ‘ The key point is that EVEN IF WOMEN DID WANT TO DO THOSE OTHER THINGS, THEY COULD NOT. They did not have the same opportunities as men. And no, they did not have control over when and if they got pregnant. They had no choice, & that’s why feminism exists. You’ve missed my point.

        2. “No smacky …” ~ secondtwin2
          Should I take liberty with your name in a tit-for-tat counter attack?
          “The key point is that EVEN IF WOMEN DID WANT TO DO THOSE OTHER THINGS, THEY COULD NOT. “ ~ secondtwin2
          That isn’t any point. A point would be this — even if women were intellectually as capable as Mozart, they could not express that capability.
          It’s not about opportunities. Facts overwhelm you. Almost all geniuses are men. There are so few women geniuses.
          “You’ve missed my point.” ~ secondtwin2
          You don’t have a point. You have an opinion not based on well-established biological facts.

        3. And you don’t know history, or psychology. The men you so look up to were not necessarily geniuses. You don’t need to have the highest IQ in the land to achieve amazing things or invent new things, make amazing discoveries etc etc. It’s a mixture of intelligence, opportunity, and environment. Or have you discovered something that no scientist or psychologist professor has ever been able to figure out yet? Oh, and you paraphrased my point about lack of opportunity perfectly, thank you. You may call me twinny, though I’m sure you’d rather call me something else. Cheers, Smacky.

        4. “You don’t need to have the highest IQ in the land to achieve amazing things or invent new things, make amazing discoveries etc etc” ~ secondtwin2
          You committed the fallacy of the straw man there.
          “It’s a mixture of intelligence, opportunity, and environment.” ~ secondtwin2
          You have committed the fallacy of arguing by assertion there.
          “And you don’t know history, or psychology. “ ~ secondtwin2
          You committed the fallacy of ad hominem there.
          You’re the worst arguer I’ve come across in 20 years of the Internet. Every statement you made in the foregoing was expression of fallacy.
          Better luck next time!

        5. Thank you Smacky for putting me on the right track. God only knows how I got through so many years of university study being such a terrible arguer. Maybe I got special treatment because I’m female. Please explain to me why you state that ‘all geniuses are men, there are so few women geniuses’. Even if that were true, what is your point in stating it? What is the point of any of those questions? They prove what exactly? That men should have authority over women? That women should be discouraged from higher learning? That they should be denied the vote? What? Considering the number of irrational, emotional-fuelled diatribes and laughable claims many of your fellow travellers make on this site, I think you could put your superior intellect to much better use straightening them out. If you are as smart as you apparently like to think – and I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt here – what are you doing on a site with so many angry control freaks?

  31. Nice article, but you missed a big point. That being, ‘progressives’ tend in general to be near the Marxist left, and are rabid atheists if not nihilists without a moral backbone. This in turn leads to weakness in a man, and extinguishes his fire, as he nothing to stand up for or fight for.
    It is necessary to believe in God and have a spiritual life and recognize it, and not be bullied by atheistic culture. Express the inner-man. You need more than mind and muscle, you need fire, and spirituality will do that for you.

  32. You preach about the values of masculinity, but aren’t even physically strong? Fix that.
    WTF IDIOT, not everyone can fix their health or be strong physically. Or maybe your insinuating that people who have some kind of disability aren’t masculine?

    1. You have a responsibility to be hard to kill. That means being strong. You will start eating correctly and you will start walking and you will start calisthenics and you will start lifting heavy iron weights, as heavy as you can manage and you will do it over and over again.
      If you are in a wheelchair you will order grip strengtheners online. And you will use them until your calluses bleed. When you are competent you will be able to grab a man’s throat with your hands and break it with your cruel grasp. And you will take knowledge of that capability into your mind and heart.
      If you are any less disabled than a man in a wheelchair, you don’t need to be sharing weak excuses even with yourself.
      I highly doubt Mr. Cernovich disregards the disabled. Read his own words about how he overcame painful, crippling and disfiguring physical disability with Gorilla Mindset and abandoned adherence to weakness.
      He has set the example himself. His expectation is not of the impossible.
      It is an expectation that each man strives to his utmost to be as strong as ultimately possible in all areas of life. Physically strong to the utmost. Mentally strong to the utmost. Emotionally strong to the utmost.
      The ruthless forging of the self into a being of strength is the prerogative and the demand of manhood.

  33. I love how you used a scene from Brave Heart as a picture.
    Despite Scotland both in past and in present being left- leaning and socialist.
    Despite traditional Scottish culture accepting women as fighters.
    Despite a dislike of Northerners on this site.
    Hmmm. Consistency.

  34. I really believe that “masculinity” and everything it encompasses–physical strength, assertiveness, bravery, a refusal to make excuses, honor, effort, a desire for glory, and what’s beneath all this, a desire to assert oneself to the fullest extent possible–IS virtue (ie, it’s not just one kind of virtue; it’s the whole of it) and that a lack of it is causing a general weakness and listlessness in Western society. I, too, more than anything, want to fight this listlessness. My question is: why do you not want women to be masculine? You can claim they can’t be, but you even admit in your piece that that’s not true. You can say that it would be unnatural, but that’s just as silly: as I said before, I think what “masculinity” really is is a desire to assert one’s humanity to the fullest extent possible, and women are every bit as human as men. (Trust me, I may happen to be female, but that doesn’t keep me from dreaming every night about asserting my own humanity by slashing enemies’ throats in battle, lol) Why don’t you want women to take up arms with you in this ufight? It just doesn’t make sense.

  35. Was all pretty okay until your ignorant remarks about women. You are going to be in the dark a long time, I can tell. Am hoping you won’t cause too much suffering, but you will. this is evident.

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