How To Run Game In 2014

“Do not try to be superior to the people around you.”

These are the parting words of Vissarion, a Russian cult leader who believes he is the Second-Coming of Christ, when asked by a Vice documentary crew what advice he’d have for Western viewers to follow.

It might seem odd for a man who claims to be Jesus to suggest humility, but when you look as Vissarion’s actions it makes sense. Vissarion’s movement Church of the Last Testament lives a relatively simple existence in the mountains of Siberia. Their community does not eat meat, practices traditional sex roles, and lives a peaceful agrarian lifestyle. Despite having thousands of followers who believe Vissarion is Jesus Christ himself, he rarely appears publicly, and seems to have little desire to proselytize or spread his message. His appearance in this Vice documentary was his first media appearance in three years.

The Comparative Mind

Vissarion is not the first spiritual teacher to suggest avoiding pride. The Bible itself says “pride cometh before a fall.” The desire to feel superior to others has been discussed by many spiritual teachers, as coming from the comparative mind. The comparative mind is the part of the ego that is constantly comparing us and our accomplishments to others. “He has more money than me. She’s more attractive. He’s weaker.” The comparative mind oscillates between pride when it compares itself to someone it deems itself better than, and shame when it compares itself to something it deems itself worse than.

Rather than basing its value in the absolute universal truth of who a person is, the comparative mind bases it in the relative constantly changing value of how it measures up to the relative success of others. This kind of thinking leads to a narcissism, mood swings, and a constant struggle to be better than everyone around you.

There is a parable about the comparative mind that appears in several cultures. A shopkeeper was constantly comparing himself to his rival across the street. He obsessed over who did more business, who made more money, and even whose wife was prettier. One day an angel came to him and said, “behold, the Lord has smiled on you, and I will grant you whatever you wish for.” “What’s the catch?” the shopkeeper shrewdly asked. “Whatever you get, your rival will be granted double. If you get a thousand dollars, he will get two thousand. If you ask for a beautiful wife, his wife will be twice as beautiful.” The shopkeeper thought for a moment, and then replied, “Blind me in one eye.”

This is the comparative mind at it’s worst. This is why Vissarion adds after his warning against seeking superiority, “that intention leads to death.” Yet the comparative mind is all around us. It is at the heart of the ego. I saw the comparative mind throughout the documentary on Vissarion, in his followers, in the documentary host, and in myself.


The Documentary

When Vissarion’s followers appear on camera, they describe him as the “only source of information for all answers,” convinced that he is the one true teacher. Interestingly, by calling him superior to other teachers, they miss the point of his teachings. The idea that believing “our God is superior to your God” has lead to war and death throughout human history is something Vissarion and the most skeptical atheist can agree on.

Vissarion’s community practices traditional sex roles. Boys and girls are educated separately. Boys are taught “to build a house and comprehend the masculine profession.” Girls are taught to respect men because “man is a creator. He is a master.” Men and women are taught to live in peace with one another in harmony, and avoid taking each other’s roles.

When the teacher at the girl’s school suggest the documentary host bring his girlfriend, he calls it an offer for “brainwashing my girlfriend into misogynistic slavery.” It’s clear he sees the Western emphasis on equality as superior to Vissarion community and traditional sex roles. He looks down on the men and women for marrying young and taking on traditional roles.

In doing so, he actually ignores that most of Vissarion’s followers are there by their own choice, and very happy with this way of living. In holding Western equality as superior to traditional roles, the host actually misses the entire intention of the movement for equality, which was to give men and women the freedom to make their own choices about what roles they play – including the freedom to make traditional ones. As one follower replies when asked about people becoming followers, “if this person [Vissarion] can help them, why not?”

The documentary host himself is a somewhat pudgy American, who sneaks chocolate covered ice cream in before trudging up the mountain. Despite being in a beautiful foreign country, he finds himself wishing for American conveniences. He’s sloppily dressed, and somewhat scattered and effeminate in his mannerisms. He seems somewhat shocked by the religious and cultural beliefs that have been common throughout most of human history. Watching him throughout the documentary, I found myself judging as inferior to the people he was interviewing, and myself as superior.

Of course, who am I to judge? From another perspective, he’s traveling the world making cool documentaries. Sure, ice cream isn’t the health choice I’d make, but for someone experiencing a blood sugar crash, ice cream is a step up in terms of his energy. And more importantly – what do I gain by comparing myself to him in any way? As a writer or an artist, I can offer a different perspective, in the hopes it benefits others, but his life is his to lead, and my judgement is mine alone. If I were to judge him, or make his perceived shortcomings the focus of my work, I’d miss the intention I have when I read or watch content online, which is to improve my own life, not tear others down.

This is what Christ meant when he said, “judge not, lest ye be judged.” If you play the game of the comparative mind, there will always be someone better – someone stronger, wealthier, more attractive, better with women, older, wiser, or more successful looking down on you. You won’t be able to enjoy or be grateful for what you have because you’ll be constantly comparing it to artificial standards to see if it is enough.


Replace Comparison With Gratitude

Vissarion’s community could hardly be considered superior by Western standards. They don’t have money, cell phones, trendy clothes, a social media presence, or any of the things Westerns consider essential. Yet, watching the documentary I found myself wishing for their lifestyle. Vissarion has created a space where men and women live in harmony with nature and each other, in spiritual community with traditional sex roles, healthy living, and gorgeous views. Who wouldn’t want to live there?

But even this desire to live someone else’s life comes from the comparative mind. I know my path isn’t to run off to Siberia to join or a cult or disappear into the woods (yet), and I suspect it isn’t the intention of our readers. Rather than comparing our lives to theirs, it’s better to appreciate what each of us have and begin allowing more of the experiences we’re drawn to in others into our own lives. Could I spend more time in nature and community where I am now? Absolutely. Could I drop some of the judgements I have and focus more of my attention of the things I’m grateful for? Easily.

Despite having thousands of followers who see him as the Son of God, Vissarion seems to have little desire to increase his control. If anyone would be tempted to seek superiority, it’s a cult leader. Perhaps Vissarion has been down that road and seen where it leads. It is said “the greatest power requires the lightest touch.” Where other cults go door to door spreading their message, and hunting down apostates, Vissarion offers very little for his critics to push against. By not claiming to be superior, he creates space for others to soften and hear his message.

During the documentary, Vissarion’s message to his followers is that we are “all students in the school of life.” Perhaps rather than seeking superiority, Vissarion would have us simply seek to explore, learn, and grow. Despite having a message of love, his message has been misinterpreted by many of his own followers, and transformed into a message of superiority. Hey, wait, that sounds like another famous spiritual teacher I’ve heard of. Maybe this guy is the Second-Coming of Jesus Christ after all.

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150 thoughts on “How To Run Game In 2014”

  1. Is there something about being ‘Aloof’. I’m in IT as software developer and it demands that I be anything but aloof. This carries over into my normal interactions with people day to day

    1. Merely being aloof is not going to get you anywhere.You have to be both somewhat desirable and aloof for it to work.
      Also, the ‘aloofness’ in the context of game is not so much about being uncommunicative -which as you pointed is essential to your job and to any social interaction.Aloofness is a disinterest in seeking a woman’s validation regarding your personal self and being indifferent,seemingly resistant, to her sex appeal (if any).

      1. Stop,Focus and move on. Don’t wait for anyone . Don’t expect anything from
        anyone . The only people who truly care about you are your parents and
        their job is done. Strong men walk lonely roads
        I’ve decided to be super direct in my approach. The author is bang on about everything he says. I’ve very forward, dominating and the aloofness comes because I have decided to create a mission for myself bigger than the micro world I live in. I think big now. I picture big, I aim big and unless I’m pushing my boundaries I find myself needy . I’m solely focused on my purpose and mission in life. Nothing else affects me. The aloofness comes from there.
        To quote Mandela – (from the poem Invictus).
        “It matters not how strait the gate,
        How charged with punishments the scroll,
        I am the master of my fate,
        I am the captain of my soul.”

        1. Completely agree with what you said,
          The path to success is a lonely path, however all great men have testified its worthiness.

        2. “The only people who truly care about you are your parents and their job is done. Strong men walk lonely roads”
          Damn this was an extremely hard lesson for me to learn (perhaps the hardest) but I’m glad I eventually did …

        3. Have to be honest. I’m not sure ill be able to hack this lonely life. Red pill reality sure is bleak at times.

        4. haha I totally understand and feel the same way at times … I suppose that’s why blue pill delusions were invented in the first place!

    2. Kai, work and game are two different things. Many of my customers expect competence and effective problem solving in a timely fashion. This is the gold standard for professional behavior and since 95% of these customers are men they absolutely respect someone who gets the job done. Solid communication is essential.
      Hot under-25-yo chicklets are the total opposite. CC nails it in this article. You must be ambiguous at all times. I’ve been gaming for 5 years now and as long as I play aloof “amused mastery” and use tease-touch-tell, the girl calls every week with “wyd?” They come over wet 24/7 to get the raw animal sloot fux.
      But, as soon as I start to get emo “feels” and express my softer side, ….BAM!!! All her texts and calls stop cold. It’s taken about 10 girls now to burn this pattern into my brain and change my behavior. Over the past year, I’ve adapted by always having 3 plates and my default expression is always the Clooney smirk. Never get butthurt, use one-word texts like “cool”, “dang”, “FFFUUUUUULOL”, “8====D”, “lolwut”
      The world of modern poon is a journey man. Welcome to the CARNIVAL OF REALITY!!!! — credit to rsdtyler

      1. You’re really going to quote that fraud?
        You do realize that when this guy started selling himself as a “dating guru” his resume consisted of banging a single chick, right?

        1. When you’re in (what for all intents and purposes) the consulting/mentoring business, “fake it till you make it” means you’re a scammer.
          In this case it Definitely applies to helping separate desperate betas from their money. That doesn’t mean it’s actually going to improve their lives.

    1. Basically, you have to make her work for your approval, if you already give her that, you are seen as just another worthless and frustrated chump. My most ruthless game is when i already have a female, i reek of a sexually satisfied male who doesn’t give two shits and it attracts a second female, and than a third. Key is to get the ball rolling. Women want a cocky-funny clown . A free entertainer

  2. “For women, dating is like one of those cable packages with 300 channels. There’s always something new to check out, and so they do.” Yet how many times do they complain that there is nothing good on TV, despite having so many channels.

    1. This is the reason why I think its time for a third world war. It would teach these stupid beta’s how to be men, and it would lower the pool.

        1. If Amerika and its stooges continue to provoke and confront Russia for Russia’s refusal to comply with the Marxist, feminist, homosexualist, globalist bankster worldview of the so-called West, you may soon get your wish.
          There, fixed it.

        2. I wasn’t saying that literally. I meant if Putin ORDERS Russia to invade…

  3. When you say that women have started having no attachment sex , did you mean only the non- religious girls or both( religious and non religious ) . I mean, religious girls aren’t tainted , right ? I am talking about Muslim and Christian women.

    1. Churchian chicks often have refurbished ginas. If you are into well-worn cooch, the church is a good place to look.

        1. You know those snatches that look like a well-pounded cube steak covered in hollandaise sauce? That.

    2. Not all “religious” are actually religious. In many cases being “religious” is just a persona used to mask narcissim and to justify an attitude of self-superiority.

  4. I think the picture is very telling.
    You must think and act like a person with the value of George Clooney even though any rational non narcissistic guy knows he’s not.
    Essential you have to ‘trick’ women into accepting men of their own value by pretending that you are in fact a movie star since they are pseudo-celebrities in their own little world.
    That’s what trips men up because we are way more rational and practical and hate on men who act above their station. We think it’s ridiculous for non movies or actresses to actually believe that they should be with a male movie star. However The Game demands that we play to the feminine sensibilities and understand their world.
    Put it this way. When women were little they played tea party with Mr.Frog and Teddy Bear. This sentiment never went away, they simply grow up. Mr.Frog morphs into Mr.Pitt and Teddy becomes George Clooney. Someone is going to play ‘Mr.Pitt’ might as well be you.

    1. “Essential you have to ‘trick’ women into accepting men of their own value by pretending that you are in fact a movie star since they are pseudo-celebrities in their own little world.”
      This is genius; so, so well put.

  5. On a different note. Don’t you think this article depicts men as worthless , disposable beings that women can toss around any time they want .

    1. Given the current sexual marketplace (obesity epidemic, feminism and attention and validation from social media) it is reasonable to say that at a limbic level, modern western women consider men as a readily available, abundant, disposable commodities.
      I once had a date with a 31 year old, 6.5, who confessed me that the day she opened her pof account she got well over 200 messages with an average of 15 per day. And she was a down-to-earth woman, not a pragmatic whore.

  6. I’m a shameless sociopath who frauds women into sex by wearing elevator shoes to make me seem tall, and telling lies about travelling to exotic locations and spending large amountsof money in the form of “stories” which i make up. I could not do very well with game at my natural height of 6” only at 6’2 with shoe inserts did it become easy and also explain why my retarded friend did better with women than i did despite my wit, my weight lifting, and game. Also, my penis is 8.6 inches, it benefits me in the early stages of the relationship until the woman’s vagina adapts and than it is loose, or just a “snug” fit. It is also girthier than average. So a large penis only helps in the beginning. What excites women is putting your finger around their buttholes when they are riding you, they get extremely wet. They really are weirdo unloyal pigs. Part of me wonders why i care but than i realize it’s hormones of youth. It really is annoying having to chase a piece of cunt every opportunity and distracts me from my mission in life. Do you really believe honesty is the best policy for women? if not go buy some shoe inserts to make youself taller and than thank me when you get a piece of cunt that would have rejected you for being 2 inches shy of her prince charming fantasy height.

    1. That’s why this site needs homosexuality as an ally against the enemy = Feminism, while pure gays and bisexuals may be between 5% to 10% of people, a potential of 33% of men could develop sexual arousal towards other men without being LGTB, remember how it was a lot common in ancient Greece and Rome and in feudal Japan. The sexual power of women will diminish if we pay more attention to men, I don’t see why a men would be THAT disgusted with sex with a good looking and charming fellow man. However we should be smarter than the gays have been, the reason that aids is widespread is because they don’t use condoms often, as simple as that ; )
      I am a straight man, but I hold that opinion, I may develop feelings towards other men in the future if necessary.

      1. I disagree. Feminism was encouraged and furthered by homosexuals, for reasons that benefit the homosexual agenda.

      2. go buy a dildo and fuck yourself in the ass for 30 minutes, 3 times per day… and get back to us in a month with the results….
        maybe it’s really great…. but i’ll leave it to your wisdom to be the judge….
        if you are still not sure at the end…. then try going to a few gay saunas and getting nailed in the ass for real…. make sure you give a few good deep throats so you can really get the full experience.
        let me know … i’m dying to hear the results… perhaps you can save us all a lot of trouble…

      3. Feminism = Promotion of feminine qualities.
        Nothing is more feminine than getting plowed by a dude.

        1. Uh, no. Radical “Feminism” is a toxic ideology at war with biology – it’s a rejection of biologically imprinted male and female behaviors that make us socially and intellectually different from each other. Femimism calls all the realities of social behaviors ‘patriarchy’, which is BS because its in our DNA. All this PUA stuff and talk about ‘game’ is really playing on the male and female mammalian brain. It totally violates feminist ideology, but it works. hmmm.
          In truth, feminism ‘won’ a long time ago (decades ago) in the West (US/UK etc), and since it ran out of reasonable things to complain about has been on witch-hunt after the vestiges of a rational society that values the differences between man and woman.
          Our society developed a healthy creation of the ‘Strong Beta’ ethic of men as providers and caretakes of one woman in marriage. Good for society since the 1-to-1 male/female ratio leaves little leftovers if Alpha-Male has a harem. That leaves a lot of unattached males just looking to cause trouble (revolution, war etc.). Feminism has attacked and destroyed that setup because they though it unfair to women. Well, that have turn the co-valent bonds of matrimony into atomistic free agents. It’s a win for the 10% of smart women who climb the corporate ladder, but a loss for 90% of women ending up as single moms or sleeping around with guys who are losers who dont support them.
          RadFem is a loss for most men too, because, lets face it, only a few men can be the Alpha Male. The rest of the males are cr8pped on by society, law and culture and left with PUA as their only way to score what they might get anyways in a healthy culture. But the kicker is this: Feminism and the destruction of the StrongBeta has led to another culture more classic Alpha / weak beta, more polarized and unequal, with many ‘men’ still boys, and women totally incapable of doing a darn thing to be worth providing for (ie cant take care of a man and brainwashed even into hating the idea); that and the ‘slut culture’ it spawned has as the other winner, the 10% of males who are shameless enough to surf the cultural detritus PUA-wise and enjoy the fun while it lasts.
          If you are a man and you cheer feminism, you are like a rainforest tree cheering on clear-cutting. Fool.
          Apres Moi, Le Deluge.

  7. Truthful article. I’m around the same age, and I have been with many (albeit mediocre) women in my 20’s. Female behavior has changed considerably in recent years. Sadly, men need to adapt accordingly. There is no other way than adaption.
    Women have completely lowered the bar on gender relations. Technology has completely replaced the human element. Very few people under 40 these days hook up without some sort of electronic medium facilitating the deal; i.e., facebook, tinder, POF, etc.
    Is simply is what it is. Nothing more can be said about it. Adapt, or go without. There aren’t other options.

  8. I love walking in a SWPL bar like I did last night with a black, Asian, or Latina chick on my arm. Last night it progressed to me kissing and touching said ethnic female in front of all these pale, hair bleached, and in some cases, dumpy girls before taking my date home and ravaging her.
    The best part was the looks of envy and hatred from all those worn out white women, thr type who wouldn’t give me the time of day in my college years. Even some of the younger women couldn’t stand it. It was delicious. I am now a good looking white man in my 30s, fit, financially solvent, well-dressed, with several women in my rotation here and abroad. The Americhicks’ pussy power is useless against me.
    Maybe it’s just my personality, but I thoroughly enjoy putting them through some of what I went through in my 20s. I was the nice guy with a future, the type they all claim to want, but whom they treat like shit. No more. I have morped into the consummate player with no remorse and no mercy.
    More men should do this. If nothing else to see some Americunts squirm.

      1. It’s amazing to watch. They don’t want you until they see you with someone else. Herd creatures indeed.
        That goes double if it’s a young (in this case 10 years younger than me) and triple if it’s an ethnic girl and quadruple if she’s hot with a nice bod.
        Maybe it’s just hypergamy, but I’ve enjoyed a veritable smorgasbord of pussy by dating ethnic women, even in America. They really make the white gurlz “pale” in comparison. Many of them are actually interesting to be around too, and can have a conversation of some substance, not vapid, inane chatter.
        But when I want filet mignon, the best place to go still is abroad. Beautiful, quality women without all the game playing and bullshit. I have women virtually fighting over me in a couple of my destinations. It really has shown me my value as a man and what a toxic waste dump American culture is.
        “A mind that is stretched by new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” One of my favorite quotes.

        1. “They don’t want you until they see you with someone else.”
          I wouldn’t take it to heart. The game is like high school now and you can’t fuck the prom queen until she finds out her best friend blew you on spring break.

        2. Lol! Sad but true. You don’t know how many times I’ve witnessed that in my life. Women trying to out-slut one another.

        3. they are like that because you’re white.if you were a man of their own race they would have astronomical expectations of you.those White chicks too give it up to Tyrone and Enrique with little expectations of him.
          its just Hypergamy.not that you complaina bout hypergamy only when they are on the bad side of it.

      2. Absolutely true. I married a Brazilian before discovering the red pill, and I can’t tell you how many game theories have proven themselves. My opinion of women in general has gone in the dumper in seeing them shame themselves trying to either get a foothold between my wife and I or just attempting to shame her for not being a WASP and not being born here. No one has outright said “You couldn’t find a white American to marry?” but it certainly comes through, especially now that I’m at the age where even the most deluded of WASP women realize that they’re Beyond the Wall. Having any woman attempt to destabilize my marriage, especially, is offensive to me, but most of all it’s the unconscious way they go about it. Awkwardly and without finesse.

    1. I dunno… maybe you didn’t think about the possibility that most of the people didn’t give a shit about you, or that some of them thought you bought a hooker.

  9. I picked up an 18 year old girl off of okc the other day. Bearly a year out of highschool. We ended up back at my place. She deepthroated my cock and gagged on it pornstar style then we fucked 3 times (definitely notnher first rodeo by a long shot). She had condoms in her purse. I drove her home in the morning. She never gave an ounce of resistance and seemed 100% emotionally detached before during and after, though she did seem to enjoy the act(s). She hasn’t shown any interest in keeping communication open after the fact. These are the young women of 2014.

      1. Most men do, because most men don’t get laid – at least not with the attractive ones.

        1. Yes, but you are not paying a whore for the sex, are you? You are paying her so that when the sex is over she will get dressed and leave so that you can go to sleep. You do not have to make polite chitchat, nor do you have to take her shopping.

        2. “What do you want to do?” says the hooker after putting the money into her purse.
          AFC: “I want you to do exactly what you want to do. No limits – I want you to have fun and be yourself.”
          “Fine with me.” says the hooker, gets up and leaves the house.
          Gaming women makes them want you. Paying hookers makes them despise you, sometimes makes them hate you, most of the time they may be indifferent and 1:50.000 times they may like it. If Game teaches you that paying for her drinks 5 min. into the conversation is bad for the female hamster, then how bad is paying for the sex?
          No – you would have to pay her even more to stay – she cannot wait to get out of the vicinity of an AFC. While there may be exceptions to the rule, they will only confirm the rule.

      1. Fuck facebook/tinder. Okc is pretty easy once you get in a groove. Takes a few weeks to find your niche and what works for you (at least it did for me) but it’s a pretty easy not-much-fuss way to procure bangs and fuck-buddies.

    1. Had an almost verbatim experience last week with a 19 yr old who I Pricelined a hotel for as I picked her up from her parents house after 3-4 exchanges on OKCupid.
      Fucked her for 5 hours, walked out and left her alone in the room as I checked out in the morning, warning her that I know where she lives if any charges to this room show up. No contact after on either end.
      Enjoy The Decline.

    2. Ok, great with you she now was serving no. 5001. How’s the herpes / HPV / STD she left you with?

  10. You’re playing right into their hands. Stop gaming and just walk away. All this work isn’t worth mediocre pussy.

  11. “I am frequently shocked by how easily young women can have sex without feelings and how they do not feel at all attached.”
    NAWALT, but many times the man acts just as the living dildo of the moment, giving her validation while her thoughts are into some useless frivolous shit.

    1. I must say that when I’ve had ONSs with chicks who clearly were a lower SMV than me – it may have been enjoyable to varying degrees, but I did not feel *at all* remotely attached – to the point where I was armed and ready with plausibly ‘truthful’ excuses to leave immediately afterwards. And I certainly didn’t feel the same way with gfs who were 8s or 9s – there was a ‘pair-bonding’ attachment replete with all the emotional responses.
      Can’t say I fault women for ‘feeling’ similarly when they’re lonely and just wanna get some d*ck, are essentially honest with the guy about it, and know the guy is lower SMV than they are…

  12. Relative newbie here. If you’re aloof, how do you approach, or do you let females approach you? Seems like it’d be hard to
    avoid showing interest when approaching a girl for the first time. After all, asking for her number is the opposite of aloof.
    How do experienced players resolve this and make it work?

      1. No read Roosh and Krauser but not the other guy. Also read Roosh’s travel stuff not just Bang! Especially if you are one of those Yanks who’s never left the state.

        1. Thanks for the replies to my question. Apparently I have quite a bit of lit to mull over.

        2. Roosh’s Bang and Day Bang and Krauser’s Daygame Nitro are the best books for a start-up. There you have night-game, indirect day-game and direct Alpha day-game. From that knowledge you build your own style – what works best for you or if you wish to master everything. Also many PUAs have put field-reports online on youtube or on their websites. After the theory what is left is a lot of practice.
          Though – most men need to work more on a few areas first – working out body, becoming more Alpha via passions in life, overcoming fears, becoming a more well-rounded man. Then doing lots of approaches.

    1. Go ahead and approach, but ‘be the mayor’ and move along after a minute or two. Go for same night lay a bit later on if she’s attracted by then.
      May be the minority opinion here but it’s worked for me countless times – if you must get a number/contact info, directly ask her if ‘she’d like to connect’. don’t underestimate the power of getting to a definitive ‘yes’ as in ‘yes i would like to connect with you so that we can see each other again’. then when she sees your text 1-3 days later, she won’t think ‘creepy’ because you made her responsible for continuing the introductory convo.
      Of course, later on in the interaction (leading to sex) – yes, you stop asking questions, stop asking permission and just lead/dominate her (until/unless she says ‘no’ or ‘stop’)…but in the getting-to-know phase, that’s how to be aloof. The biggest part of being aloof is unattachment to outcome. Just create the abundance and learn to be unattached to ‘rejection’.

    2. If you carry yourself in such a way that a woman in even vaguely intrigued, she will make at least _some_ effort to give yo an opening. Use that opening to open, but in a way that gives plausible deniability that it is merely serendipity. Again, an even vaguely interested woman’s hamster will give you quite a bit of leeway.
      Anyway, that was the olden days of 5-10 years ago, when Roosh wrote about elderly talk or whatnot… Like the article author points out, the sheer intensity of social media domination of women’s attention nowadays, has really lessened the returns on this sort of indirect game. Girls starring into their smartphone screen 100% of the time, literally won’t even notice you are there; no matter how well you’ve got your strutting down.
      The guys who seem to do the best these days, are the super aggressive ones. If you’ve got the personality for it, just barge in, interrupt, make noise, be a total clown or caveman. The goal is to literally jolt her attention away from her phone long enough to get her to a place where getting physical is possible. Then get it over with, before she has fully composed her response to the latest Facebook message in her mind.

    3. many years ago there was the nuclear option of just walking up to girls and asking them for a fuck…… the strike rate was about 1 in a 100, with 10 slaps and 89 others laughing in your face….. i’m beginning to think this is the only option left…. but i reckon the strike rate would be around 20 to 1 these days….
      its got to the point where you just walk up, put your arm around her, squeeze her ass and ask for a kiss…. if she wants to know your name, you say: “better not tell you in case i get you pregnant…. ” she laughs…… then you add “let’s get out of here and give that a try….”

      1. LOL I was told when I was 15 “in some cases if you don’t ask, you’ll never know”.
        That was decades ago – I think you got the ratios right. More women than expected were actually flattered by the request. But with the way the laws are written now, I would not suggest it. I guess the feminists got their countermeasure in the courts, and made women one factor less useful.

  13. Valuable insights. The 4 main reasons for increasing game-difficulty in Western countries:
    1. Fattening of Snowflakes – since Players and most men go for 6+, there is less of them since fat deducts 1-5 points
    2. Western Sausage-Fests because of immigration – most immigrants are young men in Western worlds (see Ukraine or Belarus or even Poland for difference)
    3. Increased indoctrination = early sexualization via porn and sex-ed for 6-year-olds creates generation unable to bond
    4. Social media – more dick-offers for every little princess makes a HB4.5 (2014) feel like a HB8.5 (2001)

    1. #2 I live in a southern us state and it’s amazing how many women will shack up with some degenerate immigrant, or at least help him cheat on his wife (virtually none of them know the meaning of fidelity)
      Guess it’s exciting?

    2. This is why immigration policy for the US is ridiculous. These countries murder their baby girls because they are a liability, and then export their extra men to the Western White countries.
      Who then go on to breed out the white men in the process. The same white men who gave them a free pass into their country.

      1. Diverse immigration is designed on purpose to be as disruptive as possible to the indigenous population. (No immigration of similar people are desired i.e. they don’t want English, German or even Russian or Polish people – those would become proud Americans in no time).
        Goals are many – among others:
        – Wage-pressure keeps wages low and unemployment high
        – Diverse population destroys potential unity – makes real rebellion against plutocracy unlikely
        Now I personally do not accuse the immigrants. They are poor bastards trying to have a better life. I accuse the plutocracy for first destroying the developing country’s economy first via free trade (because usually people do not like to leave their home-country unless they are truly desperate) and then opening the borders indiscriminately in order to destroy the first world country. On we march to the One World Government… only a couple decades left.

        1. The best comment I have seen on this site! When is everyone else going to wake up and realize that the elite is indeed running this shit, and they do want to control us under one government.

      2. Just a minute, though. Here in the South, the only white women you see immigrants with are hard 2’s, land whales, and war-pigs. Either that, or they’re with women who’ve not only hit the wall, but plowed right through that bitch harder than a crash-test dummy and left a hole so big that it puts the Kool-Aid man to shame. Just left a big-ass chasm in the wall, with dry-wall and sh*t strewn all over the place (maybe that’s why so many immigrants are into construction, who knows). You’ll probably see the silhouettes of about 3-4 kids right beside said hole. Truth is, the more of this ogres that get taken out of circulation, the better. It’s not like Jorge the garden man is banging Scarlett Johannsen. Just like Ray Ray from around the way tends to bang Lisa Lampanelli 95% of the time, not Charlize Theron. I don’t think we have much to worry about on that front.

    3. Number 4 is spot on. Now a large part of the stock of girls considered hot is actually what was a straight up fatty in the 80’s and early to mid 90’s. Like curvy or thick booty girls that you got laughed and roasted at the next drink up if your buddy’s found out you banged one. I’m talking girls the size of much of what is posted by ‘players’ on Roosh’s site. You might be a player if you are banging a porker but you are definitely not a very good one. In any case, I don’t care what anyone says, a guy with any coin whatsoever is better off with a hot, thin escort than PUA’ing a chunky or even average girl. I’ve done both, and quit doing the former because the latter is way better.

  14. Interesting post….
    But you are a dying out breed. All you white men out there (and I’m one too). You let your women decide the rules of the game, and you do nothing but complying. Just get as much irresponsible shit out of it as you can.
    I hate to admit it, but the future belongs to the muslims invading our country. You know the ones getting 3 children before they’re 30?
    Your white girls no not. In the long run, they belong to the past. And so do you, Because you let their hormones (and nothing else) decide. Return of Kings is excellent, but who the hell needs tough standing by the rail of a singling ship?

    1. yup: a man who cannot control a bitch is a boy not a man… call yourself alpha all you like you’re just an alpha boy….
      in fact for all the talk of alpha we’ve wound up with a bunch of guys that are about as narcissistic, self centered and selfish as the girls they hate on.

  15. Catch and release. That’s all you can do with Americunts. Bang them once and move on to the next one like a sexual terminator. It’s impossible to keep them as more than that. They have the mental capacity of a goldfish.

  16. Just remember, no matter who you’re screwing or dating, she really wants that guy in the pic.

    1. Yes but then the universe is in balance because what men really want is an 18 yr old.

  17. Not just the attractive ones, almost all women except the extremely deformed are this way.
    I recently met a girl that doesn’t have a smart phone and hasn’t had a computer for over a year. She isn’t that attractive, but the difference between her and the arrogance of even obese monsters is insane.

  18. Not sure about remaining all aloof though. Just saw my buddy pull a hot chick from the club by going all aggressive on her. She said no to him 6 times before she said yes and left the club with him. He had the best bang ever and she’s still banging him. Sheer persistence can pay off.

    1. Depends upon how he did it — acting as if he feels he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread and is thoroughly enjoying himself, as opposed to being a needy desperate beta. Also, if the hot chick is of Southern European ancestry, it would help explain it.

      1. Very true. He was thoroughly in the moment and in the zone. Incredible self-confidence combined with a drive to close at all cost that night was what made him succeed. Definitely not a bit of beta neediness in him.

  19. Wish I would’ve learned this during my first half of high school. I had a crush on a girl during my sophomore year and always gave her attention, meanwhile she had a crush on my friend who was totally aloof and disregarded her presence. But, you live and you learn.

  20. It’s crazy how fast that switch turns when women hit their 30’s. My yoga teacher has dropped hints for a while that she’s in to me. The problem is that while she looks okay for being 35ish and in shape through yoga, she’s got a 9 year old daughter. I’ve known pre-single mom women just like her in their twenties that act like only celebrity men can touch them.

  21. I’m from an older generation and this doesn’t seem to be all that different from back then. Before computers, there were the personals (which most women didn’t use and found to be beneath them) and most women generally wanted to date guys at work or school or get picked up. Simultaneously, the feminized society of the time treated men like predators (in a bad way) for picking up women even as women demanded it. In the 90’s, sexual harassment legislation was born eliminating many (smart) men from trying to pick up women at work.
    Since then, women slowly entered the electronic world of dating kicking and screaming but those that did were spoiled with 10:1 male to female ratios and women getting hit with hundreds of messages in their inbox. This goes back to 1992. So this phenomenon of women online being overstimulated by male attention is nothing new.
    In general, pretty but flakey women who put themselves out there electronically will always get lots of attention and be spoiled. That’s probably their intention to begin with. I don’t see that this will ever change with a lot of guys putting an effort into seduction pump-and-dump schemes surrounded by betas feeding the beasts.

  22. Despite all these problems there are some “heroes” among us. Either we develop counter app technology,all maintain enough disposable cash for a laywer or hope that the lack of saving from breadwinners(women) will create the next crisis defrauding profits for the next fcbk sell out.
    This Guy is a HERO – Lulu banned in Brazil*** (now that’s defence)

    1. Out of curiosity, where’d you find the image? I know it says LA Times, but was it on any of their blogs?

      1. Basically search for Overpopulation in google…..the inheritance is (obesity, poor health) backed by rising food prices, and low saving rates…

  23. I got fed up with all the games the other day so I emailed a girl on my list :
    me : Fancy a Fuck ?
    her reply : Where and When ?
    Game has become like small arms fire… the only weapon left is the nuclear option… it works.

    1. I can vouch for that – but I gotta say the timing and the person are paramount to the success. The wording perhaps?
      You know what I would like to see? An ROK article on “The Nuclear Option”. If it’s going to come down to just straight up asking, there must be an art to that. In my experience there are some women you never say that to, and others who would say “I thought you’d never ask”. Still, some skill could be involved because the ratios were not the best in my experience and I gave up on it while still young.
      I would bet that if a fellow in good shape asked any woman less than a 6 he would be garanteed and Ohlercoaster ride.

      1. google for RSD Tyler Youtube… the guy seems to do nothing but this strategy….
        the whole point is that you don’t validate yourself AT ALL on how other people respond… they are just people and there are hundreds of thousands of them in your vicinity.
        it’s just about being vibey and funny and happy and seeing it all as a big joke…. women go for that and they go for men that are up front and straight forward….
        you don’t really have to be some cunning player…. 5-10 years ago maybe, but i literally emailed a girl i barely know, a couple of days ago with “fancy a fuck?” as the subject and no body text at all….
        her reply was “where and when”
        for a female to get laid essentially a man has to show interest, and to interest her and it’s a whole load of difficulty for a woman, because women can’t and don’t and won’t go around hitting on guys…. once you realise they are all just waiting to get laid… 95% of the game is over.
        the other 5% requires being positive, vibey, entertaining and simply not being deterred by what people might think of you.

    2. You know I did a similar email the other day and had the same result. This 8 was looking for a “low commitment” deal on Craigs. I literally just put “Daddy failed” in the subject line, more as an insult than actual interest (because im far below her SMV). She responded with her number and “if you want to fuck hit me up” !!!!!
      I couldn’t believe it…I still can’t. This one liner bullshit is what actually works?
      Makes me want to get in shape so I can capitalize on how stupid these women apparently are.
      All these years, I had them pinned as intelligent sexual angels. Fucking eh!!!

  24. So to get some intimacy we have to be soullessly anti-intimate. Or be a beta orbiter chump who gets used in every respect except the use of the willie.
    Screw this. I’ll just wank and spend the rest of my time doing something more productive. I’m not against game and all that and having a good time, but we need to start flipping the Monopoly board over because the game is rigged anyway and in a way it’s still “their” game.
    I like the advice though. I’ll try that on the next whore.

    1. walk with me, just for a bit.
      since both intimate and anti-intimate are emotions, it follows that the highly skilled can control them, invoking both them and their variants at will. stated otherwise, the emotions of ‘desiring-intimacy’, ‘projecting-caring-intimacy’, ‘not-wanting-intimacy’, ‘projecting-detachment-anti-intimacy’, etc. are all in your head and at your discretion to remember and summon at will.
      you may not like this, however. in reality, we don’t want a given emotion to be independently invoked from a certain set of circumstances (e.g. when its the time and place and sequence to expect intimacy, we want to feel intimate). applied specifically to intimacy and anti-intimacy, we likewise don’t want these emotions to occupy the same space at the same time. after all, who wants to get the girl and hate her? but this want appears to be a conditioning (albeit one derived from reality) that is obsolete. what is need now is not only not what is wanted but also quite literally the opposite.
      more generally, your emotions are low-level and lack the high-level ability to discriminate time, place, and sequence that your memory has. the purpose of memory is to be a predictive engine, so that when a given low-level emotion or the desire for it occurs (an impulse/motivation), the mind knows where to look and what to do to expect profit in answering that impulse. this means that memory of path (time/place/sequence) is paired with memory of emotion invoked and received along that path. this idea applies itself without excruciatingly high levels of self-awareness, allowing people to do life: when you want to eat, you go find food; if the food costs too much or is improbable to get, you go elsewhere; etc.
      but can we take control of this process? predict, as emotional playwrights, the invoked and received emotions ahead of time, and -then- live reality, subsequently remembering the planned predicted emotions? done enough times, any emotion or emotions can be paired with a memory, allowing a highly discriminative process (memory and prediction) to pair with a simpler non-discriminative process (the low-level circuit of emotions desired and received ). in this way, as playwrights of emotional expectations, which are held constant over repeating executions of reality (as time, place, sequence), should we not be able to control our low-level brains, invoking the emotion of intimacy from anti-intimate behavior required by vapid sluts? This process will invoke both emotions (the play and the real), and but you can choose to relish the sweet over the bitter (or both, whichever your fancy for those revenge fucks).
      set aside any inclinations of ‘is-it-worth-it’; we’re just walking here. can you keep your wits together and develop skill enough?

  25. The best game to run on women – right from antiquity – is MONEY.
    All women are whores. And all like to be paid for sex.
    Cash never fails – it’s the ultimate game, for no one can ever have enough of it, especially women.

    1. Money for sex dries up the pussy in no time. Otherwise hookers would have the best job in the world.
      Even if you are an older player (60+) and go into a sponsored relationship with some sort of hot young mistress you need plenty of game to keep the chemistry going or it becomes a boring drab.
      Alpha fucks and Beta bucks is real.

  26. The other night I was on a date with a mere 7 who remarked that her POF account had over 100 unread messages.
    “Wow, that POF is Plenty O’ Fantastic. Well, I see you’re going to need the rest of this evening to get back to those guys. So, I’ll catch you another time. C’ya.”

    1. she probably was just trying to make herself appear “desirable” to win you over, like “you are one in a hundred” it’s a compliment should have not got offended

      1. LOL(z).
        I’m just quoting another post here. It didn’t happen to me. I just giving my hypothetical response here to what I know it part of the GAME that women attempt to spit at men.
        I’m not offended. I’m tickled. I love to throw it right back at ’em and see the girl’s response. Having fun at game is not just about getting laid. It’s about toying with the hamsters that spin the wheels of a woman’s thoughts and actions. An interaction like that can make a man’s night if he’s in the right frame. My frame is whether or not I get laid, I’m still having fun, dammit!
        And, if it happens to you, feel free to borrow that line, not because your offended, but because your amused, and her ploy had ZERO EFFECT on you.

  27. I have a (male) friend who told me that when he entered his relationship, he actually talked with the girl about how it sucks that one can’t say what he/she feels or they lose interest. Well turned out that they started their relationship by both admitting their likings at the same time.
    Do you think this could work for someone looking for a relationship? To try to get the woman from the emotional “want what you can’t get” attitude to the logical one and thus get her?
    Hope you understand what I meant with this and all replies are welcome!

      1. Have experience of that with Asian girls?
        I don’t live in US btw… So this seems to remain a mystery?

        1. Asian Girls have a different set of lies they tell themselves, so ‘honesty Game’ actually tends to work on them.

  28. Asshole Game… maybe not the ideal Mystery Method but close enough to get da goodies, Short Stack breaks down Douchebag how-to for us:

    1. I love asshole game.
      When the drunk girls interrupt my single malt with their pawing for attention, I just tell them I’m the biggest asshole. They’re so thrown by that comment that I seem to have them trying to give me their phone numbers.
      Being outstanding and exceptional (the exception to the expectation) is necessary for tight game. So, I give it to em in spades. I’m still amazed at how effective it is.

  29. Don’t be afraid. While it is necessary today to hold back emotionally, when it comes to sex you need to be very forward and at least somewhat aggressive
    My favorite move is to pic a girl up and pin her to a wall. Then remark, “Hmmm. Just checking.”
    She instantly knows I’m a alphamax who’s in shape and not afraid to heat things up. It’s also completely unexpected and leaves them reeling. I then put her down and turn away to return to my drink or start my bounce to another venue. The look on her face as she’s figuring out just WTF just happened and what I meant by what I said is priceless.
    That move also gives me the opportunity to weigh her, check for Spanx and other fat cloaking devices, and see how ready she is to rock.
    These women want cavemen. I’ll oblige.

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  32. There’s nothing new under the sun… This is all old school game. Like centuries old.
    nice to see it being relearnt, though.

  33. I’m having so much fun reading these comments. You guys are so out of touch with reality that you really believe this shit.
    This blog is just fan fiction written by fedora wearing nerds.

  34. Law 20: Never commit to anyone
    If you allow people to feel they possess you to any degree, you lose all power over them. By not committing to your affections, they will only try harder to win you over. Stay aloof and you gain the power that comes from their attention and frustrated desire. Play the Virgin Queen: Give them hope but never satisfaction. From The 48 Laws of Power. (1998) by Robert Greene

    1. That’s a great book with some great advice, but after reading some chapters I feel like washing my hands you know?

  35. I don’t mean to white knight, but….
    I wouldn’t exactly call myself a PUA. I agree with a lot of what you guys say but I disagree with the idea that all men are owed a lot of sex from many different women. Nobody is owed shit in this world and I think it’s part of the white western mentality to think so. I actually learned to grow out of that mentality that I am owed shit because I am tall / white once I ventured into the developing world.
    I think MRAs are RIGHT though in saying that it is every man’s RIGHT – black white or asian – to be able to find a wife / life companion / love. Let me say right now that the sensation of love is quite nice and even surpasses sex.
    However, because of the illogical, insane, delusional nature of the female mind, yes, they are unable to pick quality men, hate good / nice guys, and have unreasonable physical standards that only 1% of men are capable of fulfilling at any one time. That’s what women need to realize; 99% of men are normal and just normal – and the 1-2% of hot / desirably men have no reason to commit to the twats.

  36. Social media is an excellent tool for finding a fucking dumb bitches…but for the rare dude who may be looking for something more a numero uno requirement is a an attractive woman with absolutely no social media accounts whatsoever. No twitter, no facebook, no fucking instagram – none of that bullshit. “But Cody, surely this eliminates a huge majority of attractive young women!?” Exactly.

  37. Good article. Are there any British reader’s here who can clarify how this ties in with our culture?

  38. Could someone kindly explain how “aloof game” can work in an environment where every female in America is constantly getting hit on and / or facebook messaged / friend requested each by a 10000 new guys every fucking day?
    Show aloofness for half a second and little darling would have already have been contacted / complimented / validated by enough men to the point where she would have forgotten your sorry ass face and name.
    I don’t mean to by so cynical, but what you advocate is a conflict of the way things happen in the real world.

    1. Go on Nick Krausers website and look in his archives. He has got tons of stuff on facebook, texting etc.

  39. Yes….I learned this maxim long ago; Whatever you do around women….DON’T be yourself.
    You hear so much; “just be yourself.”,,,,,,,well, I think most men ‘being themselves’….is being gentlemanly and chivalrous and ‘nice’. But as we now know….you have to manipulate and change your own natural emotions and tendencies….in other words….not be yourself ……to attract women. Sad, but true reality of the world we live in.

  40. 1. Being “aloof” does not work here because if you procrastinate then you will masturbate. Now if being “aloof’ you mean playing your emotional cards after she gives you her seal of approval then yes I agree.
    2. Only if a woman finds you attractive and is aware you have status ( fame or power ) will she indulge in displays of hyper-masculinity, most men trying the above will be label as creeps or perverts.
    3. Unless you just want sex is all this nonsense dealing the mental masturbation that USA women substitute for foreplay? is it even worth spending time with such emotionally bankrupt women? I thought I was but now I am tired of this nonsense maybe being older I tire of the whole charade who knows hopefully women are less dysfunctional abroad I guess I am going to find out…

  41. Are all men on these sites clingy men who got dumped because of that so they’ve grown resentful?.
    Guys, “nice” does NOT equal needy and clingy. It just doesn’t. Women do want a nice guy, but also an independent, smart guy. Not someone who acts as if he has no life of his own.
    Neediness being (totally) unappealing doesn’t mean woman want the guy to be an asshole. Balance my friends, balance.

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