7 Things You Need To Shave Like A Real Man

It’s Sunday night. You’re starting to look like this bro…

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You have work in the morning, so you need to look like more like this guy…

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You normally use one of these…

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But you are getting sick of these prices…

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There is a better way. Wet shaving is how your grandpa did it, and also Hemingway. It will cost you more up front to buy the gear. But it will save you money in the long run. Here are the 7 things you need to buy so you can shave like a real man.

1. A heavy, double-edged safety razor. Get a long-handled version if you have big hands.

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Merkur Model 180 DE Razor

2. A silvertip badger hair brush. The stiff hair helps soften your beard.

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Parker Silvertip Bristle Brush

That’s right, badger. How many brushes will they get out of this one?

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 3. A good shave mug. Don’t use a coffee cup.

shave mug

Colonel Conk Shave Mug Model 129

 4. Shave soap. Pricey soap is nice but the cheap stuff works just as well.

shave soap
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Colonel Conk Shaving Soap

 5. Razor blades. Buy the variety pack and test them all. 100 blades for $25 on Amazon. I like the Feather Platinum.

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DE Razor Variety Pack

6. Quality after shave. Or Old Spice.

bay rum
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Bay Rum

7. A stand. Not absolutely necessary, but it looks cool and keeps brush and blade dry.

Day 7: Razor and Brush
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Colonel Conk Shave Stand

Then, learn to shave. Like Mr. Fassbender does it. It will take some practice.

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Reap your well-deserved reward…

Businesswoman consulting a partner
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28 thoughts on “7 Things You Need To Shave Like A Real Man”

  1. Ah! Old school shaving, the way dad did it! Well, he cheated and used the ‘ol Barbasol in a can, but I remember those Sterling razor blades in the Steel sheath — in BP era (before plastic).

    1. My thoughts exactly. Will the old razor still do as good as the mach 3 or the new decked out razor with 5 blades? if so, then I’ll get my gear today. es the mach 3razors are becoming expensive.

      1. yes they will. all that shit is gimmicks. like, once the first blade cuts the hair the other ones dont do shit. the commercials may show them doing something, but its bullshit. dont buy it.
        i personally use a straight blade. but these things are easier to maintain and the blades are cheap and disposable.

      2. They sure will. I use a Gillette adjustable that is 55 years old. Beautiful shave every time.

  2. I have been very impressed with the quality of my Edwin Jagger; the chroming is perfect. I personally use a cheaper brush and a coffee mug. I don’t believe that using the coffee mug has had a detrimental effect on the closeness of my shave.
    For me, I have not necessarily gotten closer shaves than with a multi-blade but rather the effect on my skin was the big difference. No redness or irritation ever. Also, it’s a real conversation piece when women see the razer and brush in my bathroom.

  3. I use a Merker DE razor with Derby blades. Combine that with Taylors of Old Bond Street Avocado shaving cream and you have a winner!

  4. I used DE razors for several years, and went back to the cartridge razor afterwards after I found out it actually works better, and it takes less time in the morning. I found the Schlick hydro 5s or 3s and the aveeno gel in a can worked the best.

  5. I understand the whole “do whatever like a man”, but I routinely cut myself while using an electric razor. There’s no way I want live steel anywhere close to my face at that time of the morning.
    I get what you are saying, but as an old man I don’t feel the necessity to “man up”.

  6. I have a heavy beard and sensitive skin. Modern razors tear up my face, safety razors do not. I am assuming because it’s one blade, one pass with the safety razor vs 3 blades, basically making 3 passes with every motion.
    The shave with a safety razor isn’t as close, but my face looks better, no angry red looking in the morning, no heat rash looking bullshit later in the week

  7. I recently started using safety razors, but got hooked on shaving sets (soap and brush) about 20 years ago. I have 3 different sets, including one for travel. I’m somewhat committed to cartridges, since I don’t want to get rid of the sets, and I don’t like to check bags when I travel, and I can’t carry-on safety razor blades. However, the cartridges I have will last a lot longer because I’ll rarely be using them. My day-to-day shaving will be with safety razors from now on. It took some getting the hang of, but it’s a great shave. I’ve been tempted to play with straight razor shaving too, but that’s a commitment I’m not ready to make.

  8. Hm I switched to a straight-edge razor a month ago and never looked back. They’ll set you back about 150 but they’re not disposable so in the long run you save money in stead of buying cartridges every month.

  9. Feather or Derby are the brands I prefer and I have a thick, thick beard.
    But there’s another way I’ve been experimenting with that I’ve found is superior to the safety razor. I now shave in the shower. I use grape seed oil as my shaving cream.
    In the past, I was highly prone to burns and bumps. Shaving in the shower with grape seed oil is the best method I’ve tried.

  10. Old fashioned razors are the shit. Got a merkur razor for like 50 bucks a year and a half ago and it is still amazing. Takes a bit of getting used to so be careful might get some cuts. The price is amazing. I got a 100 pack of blades for $10 bucks of amazon. i think these shits are made in Afghanistan, but i’m set for at least a couple years. Use about 4 a month if i’m switching frequently. Personally I don’t use the brush and cup just regular cream is fine. Its just too expensive and you gotta spring for the quality cause the cheap ones fall apart in a couple uses and are garbage.

  11. i dont think being a real man has anything to do with shaving, or writing a shitty article for a few extra bucks from affiliate marketing. please don’t go down the road all the other websites go

    1. dude why dont you shit talking cocksuckers go somewhere else. if all you want to read is roosh he has his own private fucking blog.
      if (BIG IF) these guys are getting a buck to post pics of products for men then good. travelling poon wreckers need to eat somehow.
      and shaving has EVERYTHING to do with being a man. unless you shave your fucking legs.
      and to the dudes who write articles here, i know you can handle yourselves im not trying to stick up for you but im seriously getting tired of this fucking bullshit from these bitch boys.

  12. Pussies. I use a samurai sword for my face and a chainsaw for my pubes. But seriously though, fuck plastic razors.

  13. Old Spice, are you kidding me?
    I appreciate the retro tone, but Im really happy with my Dorco 4 blade disposables.
    High Quality and low prices.

  14. This reads like a PR hit from the shaving industry.
    A safety razor is a great investment. You don’t need any of the rest of this crap.

  15. Great advice. Those are great razors. We also like the straight razors here at the art of shaving if you want to feel even manlier.

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