Stop Associating With Losers

One night after class I ran into a buddy of mine who I haven’t spoken to almost all semester and his friend who I’ve spoken to once briefly. Let’s call my buddy Justin and his friend Andrew. We were all done with classes and heading towards the train. We were shooting the shit on the walk to the train talking about classes, teachers, and plans after graduation.

Once we got inside the train station the conversation shifted to a mutual friend of ours. Let’s call him William. My friend told me that William was all of a sudden hitting the streets and bars solo to approach women. This caught my attention. William is a tall guy (6’6) of Eastern European decent, not a model but decent looking. They told me he got rejected by about 30 women last weekend and both laughed full-heartedly. They expected me to join along but I didn’t.

Our train came. They continued to make fun of William for being desperate and a loser for allowing himself to get rejected by that many women. I remembered the time I hit the bar with William. Back then he didn’t have the balls to talk to a single girl—he was the ultimate lurker. I was impressed by the change he made and pointed out that I thought it showed initiative not desperateness.

They both said, “Nah that’s desperateness” at the same time.

I posed the question, “Is it desperate to go after something you want?”

Andrew replied, “Well no, but not like that. You want to be the cool guy who walks into the room and girls are automatically attracted to.”

I took a moment to think of an appropriate answer. The only men I know that have women hitting on them are very good looking guys, celebrities, fictional characters in action movies, or guys who wear axe.


I asked, “So if women aren’t throwing themselves at you then you should just stay home and jerk off?”

Both responded they would rather jerk off then get rejected by that many women.

Our train arrived at the platform where we needed to transfer onto another train. There was a break in the conversation.

As we walked upstairs to catch our second train, Justin asked me what my notch count was. Once I told him Andrew instantly interrupted saying, “Wow you count? That’s so sad.”  Mind you my notch count is only in the 20’s. It isn’t an astronomical number one could have easily lost count of.

Justin pointed out that he counts as well (his is 11) but his friend still deemed it a sad act.

I waited till we boarded the second train to ask Andrew how many women he had been with. The answer was three. Gee, I wonder how he didn’t lose count?

Count 3

Although Justin did not think counting was sad, he did believe my notch count was creeping up to the “gross” level. He proudly said, “I would never sleep with that many women because I want a wife and it looks bad on your life resume.”

The irony of his statement was that out of all three of us, the guy with the “gross” notch count could snag a girlfriend first. All I had to do was text one of my fuck buddies and ask them to be exclusive; without a doubt they would jump on the offer.

There was a second irony to his statement. Two years ago we were discussing our notch count and mine was significantly lower than his (I was at 1 and his was 5). He made fun of me for my lack of experience, and now when the tables are turned, experience is gross.

There was another break in the conversation as we got off our second train to wait for our last train. Yes, taking that many trains is common in New York.

As we waited, Andrew told us the advice he gave William. His words of wisdom were to ignore girls and pay them no mind—that they will come to you. Our player of the year with three notches was preaching hard. Maybe I can get him to submit a post on gaming for ROK.

Our third train came. The subject changed to a less controversial topic. Three stops later my stop came and I exited the train giving the two a pound, determined to put distance in our friendship.

I caution every man to be aware of people like this. Weed these disturbances out of your social circle and life. These are the types of people who will label you a steroid-using meathead the moment you begin to get serious in the gym and lift more than them. These are the type of people who will call you anti-social the moment you begin to do better than them at school. These are the people who will call you a desperate loser the moment you walk up to that hottie they’ve been eye-fucking for an hour.

As good as it may feel to keep them around with the intention of proving them wrong or for old friend’s sake, it’s not worth it. Every time you fall they will push you down further because it’s how they rationalize their immobility and how they feed their rationalization hamster. They’re too lazy or afraid to take life by the horns so they want to see everyone around them on the same sinking boat. Anything to the contrary is a threat that must be shut down with ridicule.

Find friends who will high five you for getting rejected by a hot girl because they understand how much balls it takes to walk up to a desirable woman. Associate with these people and you’re more likely to achieve success.

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  1. Change the picture. Clarkson is not a looser, he’s a professional troll and a winner.

    1. But he did make that ridiculous apology for saying nothing, frankly, he has loser traits. Besides which, if you’ve watched the show, he was likely giving James May the loser sign.

        1. I certainly would never turn down a job wherein I get to drive multi-million dollar vehicles on cleared out race tracks while travelling the world and bullshitting with your best friends while doing it.

    2. He’s not saying that Clarkson is a loser he is using that pic because its one of Clarkson’s trademark phrases when he beats James or Richard in a challenge he does the ‘L’ sign with his hand and says “loser”.

    3. Exactly. Clarkson (well his PR image, anyway) is a dude who will unashamedly call a loser a loser and have nothing to do with them.

    4. He’s not a “looser” at all. He secures all items, devices, and receptacles very tightly so that they do not become misplaced, indeed!

  2. Reminds me of my school days. I used to get made fun of for trying to talk to girls as I could not get any further. I had the balls to walk up to them but eventually did stop as I wanted to be a part of the clan. If I think about it now, I was only made fun of because of their own insecurities. Emotional states are contagious as it says in the 48 Laws. Avoid the unfortunate.

  3. This is one of those ways that guys tear down other guys. This is masculine self-destruction. I too used to regard men who seemed to just get rejected all the time as “losers”, while I self-justified remaining silent and distant as a way of preventing rejection. I have no inkling as to where this mindset started, but it should be stopped. Kids who show initiative and get rejected should be the ones making fun of those who sit there and do nothing.

    1. Everyone has a phase where you disconnect and for some reason feel the better man for doing so. It is quite dangerous because it can become a permanent feature of your social life. This retreat damages you in a lot of ways, some of your finer instincts and abilities to read and exploit opportunities become dull. For some reason dating improves your overall social intelligence and if you don’t make effort to approach women you are sabotaging yourself in more ways than one.

  4. If I published my notch count you’d all be raising funds to find my penis a new home.

    1. Most men lie to increase their number, while most women lie to decrease their number.

      1. Yes, Maria lied to me when I met her at 19. She said she had two boyfriends but before I had sex with her she said that she had never done it. She lied about not being a virgin! It sort of hurt her too the first time and she did bleed which is actually not that common.I gave her some oxycodone and put her to bed and told her we try again in a week. After that it was OK and she really seems to like it now and comes every time in a few minutes :o)

  5. No one is a loser, and your success isn’t measured by your count.
    I had a girlfriend and we were serious for 3years 7 months. We had friendship as well as a relationship. I know you all think that us Bronies are weirdos but this proves I had a girlfriend – Melanie – and didnt have to act any way but naturally. We took it slow as we wanted to prove our friendship first – she was into My Little Pony too and so that’s how it should work. I then asked her to consider whether we could sleep together to seal our friendship and make it in effect ‘forever friends and forever love’. Like I said we were together for a while and almost a year after we made love.
    She was my first and since then there has been a couple of occasions where I have met other girls, but nothing serious. What brings me to this site is that I want to combine being a Brony with the best of what I read here, hopefully selling to you all that Bronies are not sad or bad but just men who respect women and want to live by a moral philosophy. My relationship with Melanie was built on the long term and we took our time and it didn’t work out, but that doesnt make me a loser. It was 2 years before we made love but the wait proved our love and was worth it, and we shared interests. Looking back I wish I had requested permission for sex earlier, as after we split she went out with a black guy with no job and I had to listen to her on the phone tell me how bad he treated her. He heard about this and said if he saw me in town he would beat my Pony Ass out of town, so I had to move to the far side of town, avoid the centre and just mainly go to work and stay at home. Amazingly she told me she had sex the first time she met him and even did some stuff with a friend of his. So it pissed me off I waited 2 years for the same thing. But it what me and melanie had was deeper and more real than that, so in some ways I dont regret. After they got together I joined a gym to win her back and went three times but stopped going as I had major issues with some guys making fun of me and what i wore there and the fact i was overweight. Since then mainly I have kept to the girls I meet at clubs and meetings and work.

    1. The article wasn’t even about that. It’s about distancing yourself from guys who mock men who try to improve yourself. The rest of your post is so pathetic I hope it’s satire, and I normally don’t call people “pathetic.”

        1. I am here to improve and share what I know too.
          It’s good to see all side of an argument before making a decision.
          I wouldn’t dump a friend because they don’t chase girls or haven’t had lots of girls.
          Most my friends are very intelligent, we’re into pc games and war simulation games but also go to lots of conferences where there are girls too.
          We are all winners. Including me. Including you.

        2. Its not that they don’t chase girls. It is that they put you down for chasing girls. They laugh at you.

        3. the guys banking royalties on rainbow dashes blue ass seem like the only winners here….

    2. Looking back I wish I had requested permission for sex earlier, as after
      we split she went out with a black guy with no job and I had to listen
      to her on the phone tell me how bad he treated her. He heard about this
      and said if he saw me in town he would beat my Pony Ass out of town
      epic troll job 10/10

        1. “He heard about this and said if he saw me in town he would beat my Pony Ass out of town, so I had to move to the far side of town, avoid the centre and just mainly go to work and stay at home. “

      1. LMAO. epic troll job indeed. Hope I don’t get banned for feeding the trolls.

    3. Seriously for a sec Mr. Brony, you take a lot of time to write your art, and it’s middling at best. Grins only. No lolz from me. You need to spend some time studying under the master, known as GBFM; Great Books For Men. Come back when you’re ready to make me lolzlzzlzllzozlzolz

    4. The sad thing about this is I think he is being completely serious with this story. I’d laugh if I know he still wasn’t living in the state of awareness that would allow him to remake the same exact mistake a la pig returning to his vomit. I have one bit of truth for you to internalize:
      In Aesop’s fable, men are the ants and women are the grasshoper. Figure out all the ways that applies and once u do, you will become a better grade man.

  6. Unfortunately most of my college friends were beta males. They shamed you for approaching women and rubbed it in when you got shot down. Hanging out with them actually gave me AA. I had to stop hanging out with them for many years even though we are still friends. And I still go to their weddings when they marry midwestern cows. But now when I get them out occasionally I will pull a 9 right in front of them and they freeze like they don’t recognize me. They hate talking about “game” and self-improvement but they love talking about “the good old days” when we were college losers doing stupid shit.

    1. Dude, my High School experience was exactly like that. Bitter lesson, 19 years old and no release. That shit scarred my soul.

    2. This kind of thing gets even worse as you get older. Especially when your old buddies have been in their marriages for a few years and are now completely miserable, but you’re still single with complete freedom. Conversations about dropping several grand on a three week vacation, pounding out some hot exotic 22 year old, or retiring at a young age are not fun topics for your friend with the McMansion mortgage and the wife that’s rapidly approaching obesity.
      The fat ass wife will also motherfuck you behind your back by saying, “He’s so immature and he’ll never settle down. He’s going to die alone.” All of that talk will rub off on neutered old hubby and he’ll completely agree with her to justify his own unenviable existence. Eventually, you will have absolutely nothing in common with these guys, except maybe work and a select few common interests. They will actually become quite contemptuous of you in a passive agressive way. You won’t even want to be bothered with them after a while.
      It’s depressing… for them anyway.

      1. I’m 38 years old and I damn near lost all of my friends. Marriage, divorce, kids…. then they just drop off the face of the earth.
        If we ever do happen to have a guy’s night out, it has to be planned two months in advance and even then, they end up wanting to go home by 10:00 — go home to a wife or girlfriend who won’t fuck them.

        1. I am similar age and yes married friends do become lame. One of my friends is so hen-pecked its sad. I once bought him a lap dance to cheer him up.

        2. Yes I am 37 and haven’t seen one buddy of mine in over a year in person since even though he is divorced and can keep his own hours he seems to recuse himself from hanging out at night even when its myself and other mutual friends that want to go shoot the shit. His own brother lives 2 apartments down from him so its not like he has to worry about leaving his son alone, who is 10 years old anyway

      2. Exactly, most don’t get the “why buy the cow when the milk is free” analogy in terms of LTR’s/Marriage.
        I would rather be one of the guys she rides in her carousel years then the sucker that picks up her pieces which are half the value of what she had in her carousel years.

        1. Yup. If it flies, floats or fornicates, it’s better to rent than to buy.
          For a 21st Century man, getting married is like falling in love with a rental car. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

        2. The Titanic theory: All women are headed for the bottom; better to be the last thing she rammed than the Skipper going down with the ship.

        3. There are plenty of 40something cougars and MILFs getting around in their 40’s, Who are horny and desperate, and willing to ride any cock that comes into town.
          Especially where I live.
          How about being alone, kicking back 50%+ of your salary to some bitch who busted your balls and then broke your heart, and having to hear your kids call some other guy “daddy”.
          Thats how marriage usually work’s out when you are 60.

        4. Well enjoy all those cougars!
          I don’t doubt the financial risks of marriage but what you describe has not happened to my father or my brother, both of whom are divorced. Both lost their homes but now have new ones and trust me, their kids know who their father is.
          And that is the point. Its your kids. Do you really want to be childless at sixty? I see the pride in my father’s eyes every time he talks about his kids. And he now has no interest in riding cougars. He had his fun and so have I. Eventually that stuff gets old.
          What is a man who ends his life not having fulfilled his biological imperative?

      3. I have experienced this and I am not even old. Friends in their 20s with long time girl friends acting this way.

        1. Sadly, I’m talking about older millennial generation guys. Most right around 30. A couple of them got married in their mid 20’s and they’re already unhappy. They won’t say it outright, but you can hear it in their voices and see it in their eyes.

        2. Yes these guys are so sex starved that they think pussy will make them happy but the pussy is attached to a bitch.

        3. I’m 46. The same happened to me when my college buddies all got married, well before me. I took my own personal red pill, or rather had it shoved down my throat, at age 24.
          Now, I’m happily married 16 years, and they (my college buddies) are to a man, either divorced and financially devastated by it, or free now and doing what they should have been doing in their 20’s (like I did at the time).
          I married a 25 y/o (dated 2 yrs before) when I was 30.
          I say wait till you’ve had time to find your inner alpha before you get married; to develop yourself (physically, intellectually, spiritually, financially), and to go through enough females so that you can both evaluate them correctly in order to find a good one (they do exist but are rare) — IE unspoiled, strong father, good family, non-feminist mother — that’s worthy of producing your children and capable of raising them right.
          That way you will be able to filter out the sluts and psychos, and by being alpha, your relationship with this future hypothetical spouse will be based on a strong foundation. A foundation that starts with the man leading and being in charge.
          My wife quickly deteriorates into a useless ball of emotional energy if I fail to lead for some reason, deliberate or not.
          This is a capable and intelligent woman. But at the end of the day, she’s still a woman and she still needs to be led, whether she’s a powerful attorney or a home-maker.
          They all have the hamster and it needs to be kept in check to maintain a happy home IMO.

        4. “My wife quickly deteriorates into a useless ball of emotional energy if I fail to lead for some reason, deliberate or not.” Very good point. I’m a Black guy teaching English in Istanbul. I’m living with my Turkish/Bulgarian girlfriend (yes, the Beta in me took over and decided to settle into a LTR, but I’m using this a personal learning experience. I have never lived with a girl and I want to experience this, both the good and the bad.) Anyway, when I let my “Alpha-guard” down, she crumbles too. She WANTS to be put in her place and “led.” I am finally starting to learn what it means to be Alpha. It ain’t pretty sometimes.

      4. There really is something about being in a relationship that seems to take the fire out of men. Lost many friends that got a shitty girlfriend and morphed into some kind of half-man half-her sort of being. They seem to lose their independence and individual ambition. It sucks because you can no longer hang out with just them, the girlfriend is always there and even when she is not you can’t talk about anything you wouldn’t want her to know because he will tell her everything and she will deem you a “bad influence”.
        Once they become a couple they treat you like some kind animal for being single and shame you. I’ve noticed the go-to move for the girlfriend is to act like you’re a closet homosexual just because you value independence over assured access to regular sex. It puts a lot of pressure on men to pair up with the first pretty girl that will have them and most can’t handle it and give in as soon as they can.

        1. Yep, the girlfriends/wives are certainly against you. They know you’re a single guy and you’ve got 100% control over your life. They recognize, in reality, that you’ve got a pretty fucking sweet deal going on, and get insecure as a result. They don’t want their male provider getting the impression that he would be happier without them. So, the only thing they can do is try to paint you as the evil guy, the womanizer, the closet homo (damn good point, women love throwing that out there), and how you’re probably a truly unhappy and unfulfilled person because you haven’t surrendered your nuts to some broad in exchange for… well, not very much, really.
          I know my buddies girls, and they would never say anything to my face on the very rare occasion we hang out… they know I won’t tolerate their shit if they do. My friends married them, it’s their job to listen to their mouths – not mine. I definitely know when I’m not around they have nothing good to say though, that’s for sure.
          Once these guys are divorced 10 years down the road and paying child support and losing half of their shit – they will see that I had the right idea all along.

        2. I have seen it in others and I have had my fire nearly extinguished by my last relationship. Then she left me…what a huge favor, now I am back, but with a major modification…I will never ever give my soul to a woman.

        3. Yep, and the worst part is bringing it up to your friend will basically result in the friendship ending. I think you are right about the insecurity thing; the girls really do have a sweet deal and usually get a lot of benefits: free rent (or split, which results in a “better” apartment – status symbol), evenings out on the town (feeds their insatiable desire for attention), and a pet man for entertainment! (also a status symbol to show off to other women)
          A trend I’ve noticed among younger women is constant “sexual harassment” of their boyfriends – ass slapping, crotch grabbing, referring to them as a “sexy bitch”, etc. All in public, like a some kind of weird caricature of a feminist’s worst nightmare of a 1950’s man. The women are becoming more masculine than the men.

        4. “There really is something about being in a relationship that seems to take the fire out of men.”
          It’s a scientific fact. Being in a relationship drops a man’s T.

        5. But the problem here is not the relationship, but the quality of the man in the relationship. Granted, a man has to be higher quality now, than in the past, in order to stand up for himself and maintain his masculinity in a relationship. This is because the current culture pressures men to go beta in ways it didn’t in the past.
          But still: my best friend got married nine years ago. He is not an easily dominated fellow. He keeps his wife on lock-down and his kids respect him. He and I don’t get to hang out as much as we did, because he honors his responsibilities and doesn’t leave his wife hanging with four kids at the drop of an hat.
          That said, we still get together at least once or twice a week. We can talk about whatever, because he honestly confides more in me than in his wife. He understands that a wife is not a friend, but a different thing. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his wife and enjoy being around her. He does. But he doesn’t confuse that relationship with friendship.
          He’s got just as much drive as he ever did, and we always have a good time hanging out. His wife doesn’t hassle him about our friendship at all, practically speaking, and whenever she may say something in a moment of frustration (which isn’t often, as I say, because she’s a class act and we treat her respectfully), he tells her flatly and candidly, but still respectfully, that he has the firm expectation that he will not be sassed and hassled by his wife. Women may huff at that in the moment, but they secretly like that kind of strength; women want to give themselves up to a man like that. We’re all Catholic (and proud to practice our faith), so he uses a bit of self control (they’ve got four, now, and aren’t sure how many more they want), but his wife is so responsive to his in-control attitude that he doesn’t have to beg for it. He knows how to handle the shit tests so well, that they almost never rise to the level of shit tests.
          My grandfather and great-grandfather were also this way. My father wasn’t.
          Anyway, the point: marriage isn’t the problem. The problem is the quality of the men. Only fire can try and prove the quality of a metal. A man who gets walked on and destroyed in a marriage is a man that wasn’t really a man when he was single (or in short-term relationships). A man who can stay in charge in a marriage, has the right stuff.

        6. The most important point you made was that he knows his wife isn’t supposed to be a friend but something entirely different. Our culture pushes the whole “your spouse should be your best friend” thing constantly. For almost all of human history this would be considered absurd but now it is normal. I have learned the hard way not to trust any friend that has a wife/girlfriend unless I know for sure they don’t see her as a “friend”. So many guys will stab you in the back for a woman they just met. A close family member of mine met a girl around 5 months ago and all the love chemicals haven’t worn off yet; I have no doubt he would never speak to me again if she asked for that. Another friend of mine disappears every time he gets a new girlfriend and then of course shows back up when she dumps him; I have helped this guy so much – was his only friend for years, gave him a place to stay for awhile when he was homeless, etc. He won’t even take a call when he has a woman. Never keeps one for more than month though before she ditches him. The power of pussy never ceases to amaze me.
          I don’t think it is the sex that causes guys to act this way but rather the comfort that comes with not being single. When you are single you are defined by what you do and who you are; they would rather define themselves by their woman because it is a lot easier.

        7. I don’t think the research conclusively demonstrated the cause of this; it could simply be the proximity to a woman. Men everywhere in the West have lower T nowadays, because women’s birth-control pills and post-menopausal hormone treatments have literally tainted the water supply and environment. All the more so when she shares an apartment with you. Past this, every hygiene product with fragrances (and some others, besides) are either estrogenics or parabens (which act like estrogenics). That’s why I laugh at the Axe Body Spray commercials! All these guys trying to enhance their masculine appeal, are jacking their system with feminine hormones.
          Anyway, I would find it odd if simply “being in a relationship” lowered your T, ipso facto. I doubt very much that your endocrine system has a “girlfriend switch” that magically knows when you’re dating and when you aren’t. It is more likely caused by an environmental factor related to being in a relationship in modern times. I don’t think my great grandfather, who was the baddest mofo I’ve ever seen, had “low T” because he was with my great-grandmother. But I do know that she wasn’t on the pill, and they used plain soap and water on a cotton farm in the middle of nowhere, as opposed to grooming themselves like french whores while living in an apartment in the city, where estrogen practically cakes on the walls.

        8. Holy shit, really? That’s some freaky roll reversal stuff indeed. Just imagining if a chick I was w tried that noise on me. Two words…bail money.

        9. The thing is, the guys love it. They think they are being complemented and they don’t see they are getting disrespected and put into a submissive role.
          The media has really brainwashed men into thinking they have to be pretty and fashionable like a girl. How many guys do you see with shaved bodies, spray tans, and fashionable clothing? They are everywhere. Men used to wear suits and act they had a pair; now everyone wants to be a fucking model. So when a girl slaps their ass and calls them a “sexy bitch” they think it is awesome.

        10. You raise good points… but I think the OP is correct here. You brain chemistry is altered by a lot of things, especially your mental “state” which is what is so affected for most modern men in relationships. Grand pappy unlikely had any real physiological changes because of the way the culture – and the men were back then.

        11. I think I look great in my manscara, guy-liner and manskirt. Fuck is your problem?

        12. I know a guy just like that. Just got remarried too to another asian american (1st one cheated on him). When he was single we’d see him all the time, very responsive, etc. When he started dating again we NEVER got a response. I have given up at this point although I’m sure his single marriage will be as short as his first (2nd wife is probably as crazy as his 1st, if not worse–already tried to run him over once)

        13. Agree with you here. Its important to set boundaries with your woman and let her know that you are “The Decider” and also that you need time to yourself and your male friends from time to time.
          I often think that a man and wife should have separate rooms, in addition to the marital bedrooms, to which neither enters. One of my friends has a room like this – only his friends enter, not his wife nor his kids.

        14. Quote: “Once these guys are divorced 10 years down the road and paying child support and losing half of their shit – they will see that I had the right idea all along”
          And they will still hate you because of it .

        15. Quote: “Anyway, the point: marriage isn’t the problem. The problem is the quality of the men. ”
          No it’s the anti male laws that are out to destroy families and put men in jail for no reason. Your friend sounds like a good guy, but he is lucky that his wife has no clue just what she can do to him in terms of controlling him.

        16. Yeah I don’t get it. Most of his/my friends are all married and still spend plenty of guy only time together. He’s the only one anywhere near that whipped.

        17. Me and a coworker would go to a steakhouse occasionally at lunch break. I don’t know why, but he’d tell his wife and she’d get all jealous over it.
          Not only am I paying for my own meal, but it’s just fucking lunch, not a date.

        18. “That said, we still get together at least once or twice a week. ”
          That’d be a miracle if it were my friends, and none of them have more then one kid. One friend spends like 3 to 4 hours a day with his daughter (has a stay-at-home-wife) and brags about her and how he’s spending more and more time with her.
          Seems awfully strange to me, he acts like he’s lonely, but for female attention and his daughter fills that need. Getting this guy to meet up for an hour just to eat and bullshit is impossible, so I just stopped trying.

        19. I agree with you; I posted something very much like this, elsewhere on the thread. The fact that so many men go beta and act like women in marriage nowadays, doesn’t say much about marriage per se; it says a lot about the quality of men going into it. My Great Grandfather, and my brother, both managed to marry and to maintain their manhood in pristine condition. My father fell to pieces, though. As for myself, I’m in training for the priesthood and so have essentially put the thought of marriage behind me.

        20. She knows; she was a liberal, college-educated gal. Moreover, she has a Master’s in Philosophy and a Bachelor’s in something even more useless. She was prime material for liberal pod-person disease.
          But she realized she liked it more when a man was in charge and she got to have babies and enjoy family life with people she loved. He knows how to handle her, so she’s not always unhappy and angling for some way to shit-test him and generally make life difficult. If a man knows how to keep his woman in hand, she is not looking for a way to sell him down the river. If they get the tingles, they stay put. He knows how to give her the tingles. Most guys don’t, and the reason women take advantage of the draconian laws (as you accurately observed) is because they have grown to resent their domesticated hubbies, and so the drama switch has been turned on.

        21. I agree. It used to be that men might go to the study, women to the drawing room, at a certain point in a party. It was bad form for one sex to enter and mingle with the other.
          I also like the Classical ideals for an house, which continued into the Renaissance for many families. In this model, there was a wing of the house where the women and children resided. The man did not sleep in the same bedroom with his wife every night; but when he wanted to be with her, they either retired to a separate marital chamber, or she would be summoned to his room for the night. But when he didn’t want her around, he slept alone in his room and she slept elsewhere. No “sleeping on the couch” for him!

        22. I’m sorry to hear that. If the mother is not around or is a bad influence, it’s good that he spend as much quality time with his daughter as he can. Still, he needs to find the balance. If he doesn’t have any meaningful male friendships or personal interests, his daughter is going to be mighty unimpressed with him when she grows up, and all that quality time will have gone right down the drain.

        23. The day you sleep on the couch in your own house is the day you handed your nuts to your wife.
          It’s always been in my plan that the wife sleeps with the infants. When the man needs to go to work he can’t be up all night nursing.

        24. No, but unless you’ve got more than one capable woman around to help with the infants, you may still find that you want to help your wife with a shift now and then. My brother is a stone cold alpha, but he’ll take a shift with the kids.
          It’s bad for the man to be sleepy the next day; but it’s honestly even more dangerous for the woman to be half asleep when she’s got little ones around, especially once they’re old enough to get into things. Of course, you can’t jeopardize your job, though, because then everyone is screwed.

      5. The wives of all my male cousins and friends despise me. I am persona non-grata at family gatherings because the bitches know I am a threat to the influence they have over their beta hubbies. It took me a long time to realize this, but now I don’t care.

    3. What about departing with guys who makes fun of you, just because you neither play the game, neither assume that girls will come to you just if you had magical penis magnet. My “friends” usually are saying that im weirdo or loser because i dont chase girls or constantly seeking sex with them because i find it boring. What to do then? All i want is to improve myself as a masculine person.

      1. Sounds like they are trying to get you to up your game. They are doing you a favor.

        1. Not necessarily. I think it’s a completely viable option, to say that modern women are worthless pieces of garbage, and that only a low-quality man would stoop so low.
          I tried for five years to find a worthy woman. Finding none, and not wanting to be either a fornicator or a pud-puller, I decided that was enough time spent on the quest, and joined a Catholic religious order. 4 hours of prayer a day at minimum, scholarly work, manual labor, profound introspection, service to others, a bit of down time to read and pursue my private interests that may be of use to others or to my own improvement (for me, those interests include: resurrection of the patriarchy and traditional social roles, beer brewing, chant and medieval music, Old and Middle English literature)… that’s my day. I don’t think I’m missing anything by not having contact with women; in fact, I pity the men who waste a second of their time and energy on them. Ooo! I could have been ejaculating into one latex bag after another inside of one vacuous whore after another, but instead I only learned Old English and read Beowulf and brewed this great doppelbock! I missed the bus on that one!
          “Alpha” does not consist of an high notch-count; it’s a mentality of self-command and influence over others from that position of self-mastery. I know that some guys think it consists in being cocky, or in acting like a sociopath, or simply in bagging lots of women. I actually find that kind of behaviour to be quite bitchy, and not at all different from the way that a cuckolding housewife on menopause would treat her beta-provider.
          “Good game” doesn’t consist in pulling many women; modern women are notoriously easy and cheap bangs. Good game consists in keeping your females well in hand, even if you only have one of them.

        2. “could have been ejaculating into one latex bag after another inside one vacuous whore after another”…banal, isn’t it. Good to hear at least some have come to realize that we were meant for so much more. Best to you brother. God Bless.

    4. “Beta Males”
      Shouldn’t even be allowed to exist. Those dipshits are the reason feminism came about. Those losers are the reason women are getting fat and not taking care of themselves because they know that no matter how fucking disgusting women are beta faggots will still accept them as “equal”. They are also the ones who are shooting up schools and neighborhoods because they can’t get laid.
      Betas are just fucking parasites and a liability to the rest of humanity.

      1. Well, its more the mangina white knights. I think most typical betas/omegas just front like they do not want girls but they would give in to any ugly slag.
        The mangina white knights are actually the ones who approach (most guys approach) and either become suck up orbiters or captain save a ho, these are the ones who are raising the price of women.

      2. They play a role. They are very useful when they fall in line with an alpha male and take their leadership. Its when they stop following orders from alphas and start taking them from women when they become a liability.

      3. A lot of guys in this community are betas who got fed up. They were raised by females, never taught to put themselves first, and were told women love “nice boys.” You can lead a horse to water… If they aren’t ready to hear the message yet, let them have the fatties until they are haha.

      4. “Beta males”, by definition, have to exist. There’s a natural hierarchy and inequality to everything. So everyone can’t be alpha because there have to be people who are followers. In other words, there’s always a bottom 90%.

        1. Most beta guys are not even productive people. They are only good at pretending to be busy and only get in the way when something needs to be done, they are about as useful as affirmative action bitches who take up real estate and bring drama to the office. Most hard working blue collar men I know are very assertive in dealing both with women and other men. The beta and omega types rarely seem to be involved in productive jobs.

        2. When speaking of an actual animal pack, obviously there’s only one alpha. But the term “alpha male” doesn’t denote the same thing for humans.
          It is theoretically possible for every man to be an “alpha male” in the sense generally meant by the “manosphere.” It simply means being a man who understands what manhood is, and who uses that knowledge effectively to interact with others and effectively manage the female situation. Theoretically, every man could manage this.
          It is not the case that every male besides the most successful 10% is a “follower” or a beta male. Often “followers” are the most successful morons in the barrel. Some morons would think that guys like Mick Jagger or Kanye West are alpha males, when really they are complete faggots. I don’t even think that “cockily manipulative” qualifies for alpha status. That can just be plain old sociopath. An alpha male has got himself centered and put together and acts from an authentic, solid, inner core.

        3. Beta shaming is completely fucking stupid. Civilization is built on beta male values you idiot.
          It was the beta male provider who worked and slaved for pussy.
          Most people here are not Alpha’s they are keyboard Alphas.

        4. If more men where Alpha, so what? It would mean there would be a higher supply of higher value men, that means women would just treat them like shit too. in fact a lot of women do. Being a Alpha is not going to stop you getting ass raped in a divorce.

        5. Every man can be an alpha male in the context of running their own “pack” i.e. family. Being alpha relative to other males is something different. We are all alpha or beta at some point. This is necessary for cooperation to work. Every group must have a leader and there is no shame in following. Two alphas in one group can be a problem.

      5. It isn’t so much the type of person but rather the culture around people. Just go out to the “hip” restaurants and observe the environment: Lots of couples and “social circles” spending insane amounts of money for mediocre food and drinks with fancy labels like “craft beer”, “gluten-free”, etc. The actual quality of the food and drinks doesn’t matter; it is all about status. America has become such a soft and comfortable environment that all people have to do now is participate in the status game. Naturally, women expect to live this kind of lifestyle because if you do not participate you are deemed an anti-social loser.

    5. Good for you, bro. You gotta be your own man and go your own way. Those dudes may be ok people, but they sound like douchebag conformists who are afraid to carve their own path in life. People like that will be envious of your success, and they usually try to bring you down to their level. Worst case scenario is that they are so envious of you and your success, that they will try to sabotage you. Avoid them as you get older, unless they have some value to add to your life.

    6. Nobody likes anyone doing better than themselves. Better alone than settling with friends like this. As you get more successful (or happier), you will encounter plenty of people like this. Pay no attention, and soldier on with your life…

  7. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! The three most miserable years of my dating life I was hanging out with some guys from school that were the most clueless emasculated omega male garbage. Prior to joining their gang I did great with girls, I even had a waitress give me her phone number when I was out for a dinner with my mom! But when I joined that loser club, I was properly betafied within about a year and did not get to ask a girl out again for 2 1/2 years. Also I remember one of them saying “I don’t want to be rich” – if that ain’t a winning attitude I don’t know what is. You are your five closest friends, choose wisely.

    1. My roommate in college was like that. He was a mediocre Jewish guy with red, curly hair. He was absolute poison around women. He was toxic in every situation he would find himself in. He was constantly talking about is womanizing half-brother, who cleaned up with the bitches. Stay away from guys like that.

    2. ‘I was hanging out with some guys from school that were the most clueless emasculated omega male garbage.’
      Like goes with like which was why they were your friends.’
      ‘I even had a waitress give me her phone number when I was out for a dinner with my mom!;
      She gave it to your mother and was looking to pick up some extra money babysitting you.

      1. Look, if you are not bringing anything constructive to the discussion, just go away. I have no idea why the mods let your stupid trolling get through.

  8. If you put a dozen crabs in a bucket ready to be dropped in the boiling pot and one of the crabs tries to escape his gruesome fate by crawling over the top of the bucket; it is inevitable that the other crabs will try to pull the one crab back into the bucket.
    Your friend who made the thirty failed approaches is the one crab.

  9. Finding a few male type people to gently bully in front of women will get you laid. Bullying gets women hot.

    1. I disagree. I have been bullied in front of women and they have laughed and never stepped in to save me or sleep with me.

      1. You’re right. He’s saying the ones who made fun of your pansy pony ass were the ones getting laid.

    2. It’s called AMOGing. “Bullying” doesn’t work. It’s the difference between confidence and arrogance. A fine line, but crucial.

  10. Quote: “Both responded they would rather jerk off then get rejected by that many women”
    I hear what you’re saying but lets face it: the cunty bitched attitudes of the average american female has hit critical mass to the point where guys just don’t want to bother anymore. Taking trips overseas and going foreign is the better bet.
    There is nothing wrong with going for something you want, but choose the culture wisely. It’s not worth it to surrender one’s dignity and self respect for a vagina. And it’s no measurement of good health to be adjusted to a society that is profoundly sick.

    1. You can go talk to thirty women and get rejected and still go home and bate. If you never approach you will always be bating. If you approach and succeed even 1/1000 times you can feel her soft hands on your junk. Then again, from the way most of these bitch boys on here talk …I bet their hands are soft as women’s anyway.

      1. Quote: “You can go talk to thirty women and get rejected and still go home and bate. If you never approach you will always be bating”
        Or one can dismiss USA shit women and go to cultures outside the anglosphere and meet, date and fuck normal women (much less rejection rate) and thus have a more fulfilling experience that enhance’s a man’s life.

        1. Sounds like you’re approaching. I don’t really give a fuck where or with who you do it. Just… do it.

        2. I agree with you. My point is to approach in a society where the women look like women and actually like men.

        3. but for fuck’s sake look for IOI’s first. Don’t approach obvious bitches. Obvious statement, but still some things bear repeating.

        4. Well said. Many of these guys here wouldnt believe that there are cultures that exist where women actually smile and converse with men.
          Who would have thought it

    2. That’s why being selective is so key. Find your “niche” type, cater to your fetishes, move to a part of town where the logistics are favorable.
      What you ideally want is the girl that you value as an “8” that everyone else appraises as a “6”. Getting value is key.
      Getting a girl you value as a “6” but everyone else values as an “8” is what you want to avoid. Going for arm candy and girls who will give you social acceptance within you peer group simply isn’t worth it.

    3. You boys on here are all omegas so don’t start getting uppity and believe that you’re even betas who do get girls and do get laid.Nature is indifferent. You boys are basically 1-3’s in the pecking order for reproduction(sex) and have inherited traits that just make you unattractive to the opposite sex, and in many cases just downright repulsive to Soldini. Even under the best upbringing where you learned everything you needed to know when growing up and were well trained you’d still not rise much above a 4 but you didn’t even have that and your po’ boys upbringing and skanky unwed mothers were unable to teach you anything and what she did know were all of the wrong things.All the ‘game’ in the world can’t help you and you are just nature’s rejects and defectives.You’re about as important as a gnat on an elephant’s arse and would be a lot happier just living as a eunuch or drone and stop torturing yourselves with delusions of grandeur by aiming for that 5 because only the 1’s are really available to you, if you get lucky.The Internet is just a fantasy world where you defective boys suddenly become keyboard alpha warriors like in those dumb kid video games you play but in reality you’re just a big joke to women who don’t even know you’re alive. If some fugly females does occasionally notice you she reacts with repulsion or pity. Accept your fate.

      1. I’m pretty sure all the men on this forum are alphas. A beta guy would have already quit reading. Finally nice to hear some non PC opinions.

    4. in the UK sexual harassment is completely subjective. Men are taking real risks when they hit on a woman.

      1. I know what you mean. One of my friends tried to hit on a woman once. She told her boyfriend who then came and tried to beat him up.

  11. Dom, in the opinions of Bill Gates, Michael Jordon, or even Kid Rock (eww) YOU are a loser.
    It’s all relative. Everyone has to start somewhere, and if no one wanted to help those trying to self-improve and earnestly pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, RoK wouldn’t be online.
    Also, how attractive to / successful with women a man might be is not the sole criteria for loserdom.

  12. I wouldn’t distance yourself completely and burn bridges cause the kids haven’t woken up yet. I try up to a maximum of 2-3 times to drop some red pill knowledge on these uneducated brainwashed fools depending on how receptive they are. If it doesn’t take, we no longer go out drinking together anymore. but at least try to take as many guys with you as you can.

  13. Very good post. I was able to make my biggest advances in game and lifestyle only after severing contact with almost all of my beta male friends. It’s probably one of the most important steps you can take in order to improve yourself.
    I made the mistake of trying convert some of them, or at least getting them to understand my new red pill lifestyle. That was a waste of time. I found that most of them would just make passive-aggressive comments like the examples you gave.
    Ultimately, realize that if your ‘friend’ is holding you back in any way, then he is not really a friend. You do not owe anything to guys who are not wiling to go down their own path of self-improvement, no matter how many times you got wasted together in college or highschool.
    Getting over approach anxiety, adopting a new style, or quitting your job to start a location-independent business is hard enough. You don’t need haters, or guys who just try to feed off your energy and give nothing back.
    Just move on, or maintain minimal polite social contact for business/networking purposes. It might be lonely at first but over time you’ll make new friends with men of value and character.

  14. no shame in being a lone James Bond character… none at all… it can get tiresome on your soul, especially in down times, when you could do with someone to talk to….. but a man has to learn to deal with that….. especially one who wants to play like Bond…. with time and age… 35+ you walk into a bar and you just smile and don’t give a fuck…… break heads, break hearts or go home alone… it’s all the same…. done it a hundred times before….

    1. I learned this the hard way, it’s better to be alone than to be surrounded by losers.

      1. Perhaps nevertheless we’re still hanging out with other future ex-losers.

      1. What he meant was the starting material for the visitors here is losers. But the site does not allow them to remain that way.

        1. I don’t agree. When says ‘Every visitor to this site is a loser. We wouldn’t be here otherwise’ I think he should speak for himself.
          I’m intelligent, confident, have never had a problem with women and make a ridiculous amount of money for a man my age. When I found RoK I began to contribute because it felt good to interface with men I felt were like me.
          It’s frustrating that RoK is disproportionately made up of men still trying to figure it while men who more or less have it figured out and offer great feedback (Lance Christopher comes to mind) are a minority but I stay because I respect the insight and enjoy hearing different POV’s
          I don’t think RoK is pumping up as many kings as we would like to believe but ultimately it’s up to the men reading to temper what they learn here and put it to immediate use on regular basis in the real world instead of just reading.

        2. Already addressed this above:

          When I found RoK I began to contribute because it felt good to interface with men I felt were like me.

          When I realized most of the men here weren’t like me (i.e. Beta hoping to become Alpha or completely delusional ‘Beta-in-Denial’) I stayed…

          because I respect the insight [of the men who do have it figured out] and enjoy hearing different POV’s

  15. “Avoid the unhappy and unlucky.” 48 Laws of Power. I forget which one, HAHA!

  16. This is so true, and timely since I ran into someone just like this yesterday. Great Post. People like this will oppose momentum in all walks of life. Avoid em like you would a feminist!!

  17. Reading this article made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I hung around people like this all my life. We were all just a bunch of haters but never really did anything of our own that might risk criticism. It wasn’t until I started learning game that my eyes opened and I saw how lame I had been. It’s uncanny how similar your conversation was with some I’ve had with my old friends who still refuse to take risks today and how frustrating it is to hear them put others’ efforts down while playing it safe. Very excellent post.

  18. “Wow you count? That’s so sad.”
    Notice how beta loser speak mimics desperate chick speak.

  19. I’ve always considered the advice of not looking for women and expecting them to come up to you to be the most irrational advice anyone could give. It’ll work for maybe 2% of guys who were all high value and would still get more women by trying. For the other 98%, nothing worth having ever comes without effort. Putting in zero effort will yield zero returns.

    1. Not just women . Anything in life. There are 2-5% of folks that are gifted with luck, demi god looks, prep school ivy league resumes or ripped bodies. For the rest of us.
      You want a girlfriend – Be a man, meet women, show your raw desire for them and learn how to keep them.
      You want a harem – Play the fuckin game
      You wanna go to Harvard Business School – Study your ass off, work 70 hours a week for a fortune 500 company take your gmat and apply
      You wanna work at Goldman Sachs or Google or Mckinsey – Go to harvard business school or a get a PhD in machine learning and spend 7 years of your life slogging it out to get a stupid degree. You gotta do what you gotta do.
      You wanna live in Brazil for a year – Save your fuckin money
      You want a ripped body – Stop eating junk and dead fuckin lift
      Whatever the fuck it is you want – go get it. Do it. There is a science to it, there is an art to it learn the game and get it.

      1. There are 2-5% of folks that are gifted with luck, demi god looks, prep
        school ivy league resumes or ripped bodies. For the rest of us.
        There are only about 1 % of us

    2. Nope you will just get fat girls or ones extremely whorish whose pussies are std ridden. jUS T LIKE a woman must make an effort to get a rich man, a man must make an effort tog et a hot women. Sometime you see a hot girl with a ugly guy or a rich man with an average wife (lebron)this is from laziness.

  20. I think it depends. Do these friends have other qualities such as driven at work, lots of work/network connections, or connections with alphas, or possibly just enjoy hanging out with them when not talking about women? Not everyone that is a loser with women is a loser in all other aspects of their life. I know plenty of beta men making 250k+ with great network connections (250k/year where I live is about 550k in NYC for comparison sake).
    Try to make an effort to show them the red pill at least a few times. I tend to keep different friends for different kinds of things (co-workers/mentors/mentees as one; networking buddies, drinking buddies, poker night, philosophy/politics, etc).

    1. Where do these 250k + jokers work ? Do they have businesses? Are they engineers? Doctors?

      1. Its not that hard, it could be an accountant or lawyer with 10-20 years experience or it can be someone who runs a mom and pop restaurant or a franchise.

        1. Yeah, making $250K is not hard at all. What the fuck?
          Gaining 10-20 years of experience in accounting is easy as hell. RIght?
          Fucking Christ!

        2. Not really that hard..if you graduated at 22 years old, 10 years would put you at only 32. That leaves you with 30-40 working years at very, very good salaries.

      2. Doctors, finance professionals, VPs/Sr Directors+ for various corporations, and a couple of entrepreneurs (Helps that I got my MBA from a top 10 school and currently report to the CFO of a small cap company worth about $2B).

  21. Frenemies… They would throw you under a bus for pussy. Avoid them like the plague

    1. The use of “Frenemies” prevents me from giving this post the full ten points, but everything after the first word is Solid Gold. The only thing worse than getting stuck dragging an anchor (i.e. saddled with a friend who is a social retard), is the dewd who tries to back stab you while your chatting up one of the lady folk. When you have a “friend” like that, well, sometimes you have to cut the cancer out….
      À bientôt,

  22. “Our player of the year with three notches was preaching hard. Maybe I can get him to submit a post on gaming for ROK.”
    lol … Love this line.

  23. Huge difference between a friend who is honest about your faults and one who puts you down.
    The former wants you to improve and the latter does not. And as the article astutely points out, the latter often disparages you for what you do well.

  24. My one and only solitary issue that I take with this article:
    “then” = used for sequences of events over some course of time
    “than” = used to compare qualities or aspects of different things to each other
    Seriously, it is really not that fucking hard. Or is it? Is it that hard?

  25. This article is correct in many ways, but completely wrongheaded in others.
    “The only men I know that have women hitting on them are very good looking guys, celebrities, fictional characters in action movies, or guys who wear axe.”
    Sorry, kid, but this statement is completely FALSE. You do not need to be any of those things to have girls hitting on you. Aloofness and indifference will help you a lot of girls. Depending on the setting, the fact that you are not approaching any girls – or showing any sort of interest in them – will make you appear quite intriguing. This posture works best when you are not forcing it (though you pull it off quite successfully, of course) but are simply enjoying yourself and the moment.

  26. The Astrological chart tells you EVERYTHING about a
    person, and why some men are fated to die alone.

    1. Believing that astrology has any baring on an annual system that is completely man made is not a clever notion to have in your mind. Only fools believe astrology can be used to pick character traits and predict the future.

  27. A manosphere guy, i dont remember who, told it how it was: ” The irony is that we are in the sluttiest generation, women wise, while also being in the most thirsty generation man wise.”

  28. Good article. We’re all more susceptible to influence than we care to admit. This is a good reminder to choose associates wisely.
    But first, make sure you’re not a loser yourself. The amount of pussy you’re getting can be one indicator. But the best indicator is whether or not others appear to want to associate with you in any fashion.

  29. Here’s a question, what do you guys think of your average run of the mill blue pill guys, guys who spend every weekend in bars talking about the same shit, trying to relive college, slaving away at age 30 hoping to meet a “good girl” that they can wife up, yet they have zero prospects at that; guys who just go through life with the biggest shit eating grin on their face like it’s all good yet they’re too fucking stupid to see what the game really is?

  30. I think I see the pattern here….you’re all talking about fat midwestern chicks with princess complexes.
    If I could give one (OK two) pieces of advice: 1 – make sure being physically active is very important to her. Maybe you have to meet her in a ski town, or on a bike ride. 2 – Make sure you know her Mom. She WILL be just like her.
    I’ve been married for almost 15 years, 2 kids, huge mortgage and all that shit. This is to the same chick I started seeing in the 90’s. She doesnt try to control me, or slag my friends. I go out drinking, and take surf trips, and ride motos, and she gets her time too. She’s 20 lbs lighter than when I met her, works out at least 5x a week, gives up the ass and is all around pretty awesome.
    Do I wish I nailed her more often? Of course…I want it twice a day, she wants it twice a week…but I’m not gonna stomp off in a hissy over that. I can jerk it, or go to a massage parlor and nobody gets hurt. SHe can also be a moody bitch, but I’m experienced enough to know that I can too. Get kicked in the balls at work? Lose 20 grand in a day on stocks? You’ll be a moody bitch when you get home, guaranteed.
    I’d like to hear from guys like me who have gone beyond the wall. I had some moderate success in my early 20’s but I was no Tucker Max…I personally have no desire to be back in the gaming days, trolling for random pussy 24/7. I have some buddies who are back in that scene at age 40 and it’s fucking SAD. Watching a 40 year old trying to chat up some 20 something is painful to behold. Both because he looks like a pathetic old lech, and she looks like a complete imbecile, twisting her hair and tapping relentlessly on her phone.
    A comfortable home, a healthy family, and a hot loving wife arent exactly a hardship sentence. You just gotta pick ’em better!

    1. 40? That’s young for a man. Just because you look like an old geezer with a fast ageing matronly looking wife and 2 kids doesn’t mean that other men without these hindrances look ridiculous with young intelligent females. I bet that you have that typical boring married man look that bachelors never seem to get.I’ve had gf’s 35 years my junior and we look perfectly good together. And hair twisting imbeciles tapping on phones is obviously just your class and your buddies and the females that you see with them. What are they? Walmart greeters or waitresses?

      1. Wow! You obviously have it all figured out.
        I live in Marin County, (where there are no Walmarts). I own an engineering consultancy. My wife is an accountant whose clients include a director for Berkshire Hathaway and the former CEO of Yahoo.The buddy in question is a heart surgeon on the board at Stanford.
        None of that makes us classy, that’s a quality much harder to define. Your pretentious elitism, however, has definite implications, and they don’t look good for you.

        1. I’ve never even seen a Walmart. I’m thinking of going on an expedition this Summer to a poorer area like Marin to find one. Sort of like going to a zoo or one of those safaris to bongo bongo land. And btw, your IP is not in Marin, it’s Oakland. Yes, I can read it but I keep mine hidden through a proxy :o)

  31. You have the proper outlook on life young man. Those who take risks to better themselves are often ridiculed by lesser men who seek comfort in the safety of mamma’s lap.
    I have had success in life, and I have tasted failure. Both make you who and what you are. Never be afraid to try a new approach to something. The naysayers will lay in the bushes waiting for you to fall. Ignore them, they are of no real value. Most men are cowards,the few that will try their best make the world go around.

  32. Funny thing is that every time I try and act cool and be like James Bond in a club or bar, it never works. At the most, I’ll get some boring banal conversation about work and weather. But when I let loose and go nuts, that’s when women start having fun with me and at the least, I get a make out or a number. I would end up pulling a girl back about half the time every time this happens.
    So much for acting cool and letting girls come to me. Lol.

  33. “Andrew replied, “Well no, but not like that. You want to be the cool guy
    who walks into the room and girls are automatically attracted to.””
    It’s a good article and I agree 100 percent. Think everyone must have been in this situation at some point.
    However, if women are such a labor to bed, it’s kind of interesting the attitude displayed by the Betas in question even exists. This makes me wonder if there could be some evolutionary reason behind it. Maybe human males evolved in an environment where getting laid was never a project, a pain or a “game”, but rather something given and completely effortless. Basically, every guy who walked into the room was instantly the cool guy the women weren’t able to resist.
    If so, the behavior of the two guys isn’t that weird. They are only claiming their birthright as directed by inner archetypes and rightful expectation. If their mentality is counterproductive it has only recently turned out that way, and if their expectations aren’t met, well, then it’s simply not worth the pain and effort.

  34. A high notch count makes you a stallion my brother… be proud. Btw I never heard of a guy being rejected because of a “gross” notch count.

  35. Fuck, I love reading articles like this and seeing that my fellow modern men are picking up on the patterns. Women know that in today’s dating arena sexual shaming works both ways and will happily ridicule the single man’s obvious freedom and control, hoping it will discourage his seemingly lonesome trek towards self actualization. With the marriage institution, religion, and politics praising the moral fortitude of the impulsive, poorly planned pressure to embrace monogamy, it’s no wonder that so many people, bitchy wives/girlfriends and ball-less “boyfriends” (I’ve never really like that title) alike, will do whatever it takes to share the contempt they feel with those they know do whatever necessary to avoid, or at least mitigate, that unsavory feeling. Keep your wits guys… It really is a revolution.

  36. I’m all for a dark enlightenment and an alternative reactionary movement, but this site is getting cringey.

  37. all this stupid concept of who’s a ‘loser’, who’s a ‘winner’…that’s why American society is so fucked up and fills people with anger and rage, you Americans have a real problem with bullshit, you elevate assholes like McQueen and kiss their ass calling them ‘Mr. Cool’, when he’s none other than a asshole with a paunch who married a dumb slut who makes the same mistake, i.e. elevating asshole…American society tells you that it’s cool to be an asshole, mock people, and say sarcastic stupid shit…..grow the fuck up, seriously, we are all human and in the end no matter how much pussy you’ve got and how much money you made, you’ll have to leave it all behind, and sooner than you think…..

  38. Quality women absolutely care about their perspective husband’s notch count. It’s a balance- too low or too high can be a red flag. Also, equating the ability to get a friend with benefits to upgrade to girlfriend with finding a spouse is idiotic.

  39. what I meant with my previous comments is two things: goes by faster than we think, the last 10 years to me felt like 4 years, so no matter how great is your life, it won’t last, because time doesn’t give a crap about you as a ‘winner’ and 2. despising other people and labelling them as ‘losers’ just because they don’t get what you get, fills them with anger and makes some of them completely lose it, i.e. all these insane shootings etc. These people were lunatics, but society contributed to their already intense frustration as to why they didn’t get what some other people seems to get. The reality is that being a ‘winner’ is mostly not a matter of skill, although a lot of people delude themselves into thinking they are. You need to be lucky to have a stable mind, and to value learning, and not everyone has that. There are people who have serious problems, if you are a ‘winner’ you should be grateful that you are a lucky bod and that you don’t fall easily into a spiral of frustration and anger, as modern society in America certainly feeds both. That’s what I meant. Peace

    1. The seminars that cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars and teaches you assholes get laid more than nice guys says you are wrong.

  40. Reminds me of a girl I dated in college. She told me she had had only 3 boyfriends. After being with her a month, she kept telling stories about how she “got together” with so and so at this party and two guys in the same night in her dorm etc. Turns out she admitted to sleeping with over 30 guys and had been on the pill since she was 16. I had only been with about 10 girls at the time. I quickly transitioned her to fuck buddy and tapped it whenever I wanted over the next 4 years. After college I would visit her and sometimes even meet her most current local “boyfriend”. She literally would tell them to get lost the weekends that I would visit. This one guy had the strangest look of sadness and awe as he was leaving her apartment after a night of partying. Sorry buddy, but she’s mine tonight. Ha ha!

  41. The problem with men is that you are jealous and you do not support your fellow-guys. You keep making fun of women and their cat fights, but you are really the worst. Friendship between guys is never good enough that it would stop A sleeping with B:s girlfriend or wife.. NEVER.

    1. That’s not the problem with men. That’s the problem with the men who think these articles are good advice. Theyre very sad people who have been misguided into eternally seeking that which will leave them empty.
      Most men, even if it takes their early 20’s, grow up and see past the indoctrination they’ve been sold, but these guys don’t evolve past high school, and regardless of how many “notches” they earn, they’re destined for unhappiness, because to them, happiness is the 10 second culmination of misdirection.

  42. Discarding losers is a lot like dropping spent fuel tanks. While they may have helped you gain altitude and distance when full, they were always a drag, and you can ultimately climb higher and soar longer as you watch them plummet right back down to earth.

    1. I’m sure youve hit the ground many times before. It’s all about the end. You’ll figure it out one day, and you’ll be looking for those spent tanks.

      1. Not unless I burn up first from flying too close to the Sun. Ouch! Too hot up here!

        1. My bad. The sure in that question got cut out. Anyways, where are these adults? Just looks like a bunch of Elliot Rogers latent homosexuals in aviators that think they’re alpha because they did a girl with daddy issues.

        2. Well, some of us do have a thing for leather while also sporting magnificent beards along the way, so I’ll leave the rest of the deductive process up to you. Now scram you little fruit fly! You are starting to annoy us around these parts.

        3. Oh man, oh, geez, that is funny. The very fact that you take pride in “these parts” tells me more about you than you want to reveal.
          People don’t support these pathetic and deeply insecure websites because theyre anything even close to the idea of manly.

  43. Yeah, dump friends how mock you for being successful in anything, not just the sexual marketplace. With friends like those who needs enemies?

    1. Buddy. It’s not because you’re successful. It’s because of your definition of success.

  44. Sounds like some cool ass guys on the thread today. Great article. Despite six degrees and five books written I still have friends that just like to complain about my life and talk shit. If anyone here wants to compare notes or get some free life coaching, hit me up.
    Dr. Rob

  45. Dude, YOU ARE THE LOSER!
    It’s not about getting what you want. That’s fine. Talking to girls isn’t a bad thing. It’s when you just bounce around like a jackass trying to find the one girl who’s having just the wrong kind of day.
    And still, it’s not that you got rejected itself, but rather, that you had that lack of dignity in the first place. ANYBODY can do as you say. It doesn’t make you cool or Alpha. It just means you managed to get you dick sucked, and that’s all that matters to you, and for that, that is why you are a loser.
    Think about all the cool people you can think of, and how many of them had that kind of self respect and those priorities. This should be the ah ha moment. It’s time to graduate high school finally. You may have had your diploma for years, but you clearly never left.

  46. The tricky thing most people fail to pull of is being the master of the house. They let the women wear the trousers, I don’t even give my wife a chance to complain if i feel like flying off to Amsterdam or Dubai for a weekend without her. I give her and my kids a good standard of living and without me they’d be fucked.
    Be a man, it is your right if you are the breadwinner.

  47. Very good advice here. Don’t bother with people who validate their own existence by tearing down others. I also like that you recognized that William was a freakin champ for going after what he wanted even after so many setbacks.
    I am well out of college, myself, and I can tell you that there are plenty of people who I counted as friends back then who, based on their social media comments, are exactly like the other two guys you cataloged above.
    Which was why I didn’t bother with my class reunion.

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