How To Apply Neomasculinity To Raising A Child

How does one reply to “are you my daddy”? I have practiced safe sex since the concept was first introduced to me so there was never any concern of having an illegitimate three-year-old African American child (no that is not an underlying racial joke, I myself am of African American descent). Quickly I gathered my senses and cheerfully replied “no, just your teacher!” but the child sternly insisted “no you are my daddy.”

Before more discord could be exchanged the child’s mother picked him up while I went about my business of tending towards seventeen fertile minds. Yet as the day ensued my mind became preoccupied by thoughts on what would become of the child without a prominent father figure in his life.

As a male educator in a field that is predominantly maternal, you have no idea (unless you are one) how paramount your role in a child’s life can be. YOU essentially set the standard of what a positive male archetype should be during the quintessential “formative years.” Yet the incessant need to infantilize children in an ever-growing-I’m-offended-by-everything-PC world has left society clueless as to how detrimental this approach truly is. Be it the need to blame first person shooter games or cyber-bullying, somewhere along the way we have forgotten how important the family dynamic is.

In any event, the purpose of this article is to help those like the child I mentioned (shall he ever come across this article) along with the men that frequent this site understand an ethos that many fail to comprehend. Although being twenty five years of age maybe off-putting to some, I am confident that my chosen profession along with my life experiences make me more than qualified to speak on the subject matter at hand.

A Brief Overview

The details are hazy but my parents split after I was born. However luckily for me, my dad stood present in my life and my grandfather stepped up to the plate as well. The end result was an upbringing that for the most part was enjoyable. Looking back on what I admired about both parties was the following:

  1. Both were self made men who possessed an indomitable will not only to succeed but positively affect those that they came into contact with.
  2. They swiftly dealt with any form of adversity instead of using excuses or others as a means of coping or scapegoats.
  3. They were healthy in body, mind and spirit. Furthermore they exuded personality traits that were naturally debonair, not forced.

Off the top of my head there are about a legitimate handful of friends I can think of whom shared similar circumstances as me and as a result have turned out to be well mannered and driven men (and as you can imagine these are why they are my friends).

Meanwhile, the contrasting demographic that I am encountering have been brainwashed by this everyone is a winner mentality. The result? The kids who I see vehemently talking back to their parents or impudent teenagers shooting up schools as a result of “affluenza.”

Meanwhile In Other Parts Of The World


There is a book I would highly recommend called Their Name is Today: Reclaiming Childhood in a Hostile World. by Johann Arnold. At the core of it, the book satirizes how we on the Western side of the world have traded in a prosperous childhood for chasing an unattainable sense of perfection determined by scantron sheets.

The book goes onto highlight the benefits of home schooling, with a notable example stemming from children in Finland. With a literacy rate of 100% it is intriguing to know that normally their education begins at the age of six along with their day at 10am! The end result is a country that is notable for possessing the best education in the world.

Now I am sure many will involve politics and say that they are a socialist country, but at the end of the day no one can debate that their children are significantly happier. And as someone whose been raised by his grandparents; it is also important to note that countries like Finland make it a point to let their children view the elderly as respectable figures in society to learn from. Not the hostile disposition we have inherited when it comes to handling them over here in the states.

With That Said

Here are some values to take into consideration:

  • Fitness should be instilled at an early age and go beyond a right to be vainglorious. From a spiritual standpoint, it is mentally cleansing and rewarding.
  • Put down the iPad, video game controller, Kindle and learn to fall in love with literature. My father always made it a point to sit me down on Sundays to read the New York Times and if I did not understand a particular word, the dictionary was the only option.
  • Spend time with your kid! Instead of having a preconceived notion of what your child should be, let him grow into himself while serving as the positive influence that will lay down ground rules to ensure both of you are on amicable grounds all the while facilitating a healthy relationship.

Peter Dolving (ex vocalist of The Haunted, Thieves and Liars, Science and House of Dolving) once stated in an interview

PLEASE don’t fear your kid. No matter how intense they are. They are full of love, full of light, and full of capacity for great great things.(Unless they are psychopaths, in which case you will know it really quick, and you should get all the professional help you can.)

But really, your kids will reflect you and what you are and what you do directly. If you think they’re fucking obnoxious, maybe you should just give them more attention? If they’re very withdrawn, give them room. But always, always, always make sure to speak with them as your equals. They are. Just smaller and with less time here on planet Earth. Parenting is about participating, ushering, and really communicating. So folks, off to the library with you, and be fucking fearless.

Praise Your Parents For Their Falling Out

All too often we hear the term “daddy or mommy issues” come from a woman’s perspective, but many fail to realize that men can come from similar circumstances as well. Instead of applying a Freudian approach as to why you feel the way you do, understand that forgiveness is key. At some point in our lives we embrace the concept of letting go, be it the random pedestrian who stifles your morning commute to the envious opposition you may encounter in any setting.

Sooner or later we learn that is simply best to shrug it off instead of brood over negative catalysts. With that said your parents equally deserve the same treatment. In retrospect it makes no sense being mortal enemies with whomever is responsible for your existence. You may have not gotten the ideal family sitcom upbringing many yearn for, but understand that it has made you are.

Their decisions were not yours to make and the life you lead is not theirs to claim. Learn from them either firsthand or from a distance. Either way your focus should be on your path, not living a life that is riddled with resentment over an outcome you had no control over.

Back In The States

Belgium v United States of America - FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 - Second Round

Not too long ago I had to attend an obligatory sporting event for the children at my school. Each participant was rewarded medals solely for their participation. If you do not see anything wrong with this, then you represent one of the many brainwashed masses conditioned to believe everyone is a winner just for showing up.

Instead we should be helping today’s children realize the plethora of untapped potential they inherently possess, not instilling this level of subconscious complacency that governs their demeanor. I cannot speak on the future of females to come but there was once a time that boys were brought up to be men.

It is bewildering how being urbane has been traded in for man buns and other androgynous trends. Whether you plan on starting a family, have a job that pertains to dealing with children, or have been recently introduced to the red pill, be the walking advertisement for how men should be.

All it takes is one encounter for a child to be eternally grateful of how much your influence had a positive impact on their life.

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81 thoughts on “How To Apply Neomasculinity To Raising A Child”

  1. Great article! Children are the future, and they can help to turn the tide against society’s degeneracy!

  2. “Each participant was rewarded medals solely for their participation. If you do not see anything wrong with this, then you represent one of the many brainwashed masses conditioned to believe everyone is a winner just for showing up.”
    I think that the amount of devastation this causes is extremely exaggerated.

      1. “The system is now designed to meet the needs of the most talented kids,” said Mark Hyman, a professor of sports management at George Washington University and the author of several books on youth sports. “We no longer value participation. We value excellence.””
        I don’t disagree with this strategy, I’m neutral until I know more, but our youth sports are definitely very, very competitive compared to the past and other nations.

      1. This isn’t a nation-wide policy for every sports league. i’ve played in multiple, from intramurals, to travel teams, to middle school & high school ball, and we only got actual trophies in intramurals. Do you count a letter, or pin, or jacket? Because every high level athlete, including SEC football players, gets some sort of recognition for participating at the end of the season. Granted, it’s different when the athletes had to try out and make the team.
        Not every kid plays organized sports, and the vast majority quit. More and more are quitting because the coaches and parents are so cutthroat. The USA is one of the most sports obsessed countries in the world. This without a doubt passes down to high school and youth sports. I’ve talked to a lot of Boomer and even Gen X athletes and the general consensus is thats sports is way more intense now than it was during their years. If our country is coddled, it’s not because our sports teams aren’t competitive enough.

  3. Make sure your kid knows that people aren’t equal and life isn’t fair, no matter what teachers say
    If they fuck up, tell them they fucked up
    If they’re not the best, don’t tell them they’re the best
    that’s how you end up with professional whiners and 30-somethings who still think like teens

    1. I think that everyone should have equal basic human rights. And that’s it. After that, you’re on your own.

      1. Funny thing is what we call “rights” varies from person to person greatly. The left uses the term “rights” in place of privileges because they try to manipulate the dialogue. For example, abortion is not a right. No where in any document is such a heinous display of wanton violence expeessly permitted. Same as fag marriage. The upsetting part is when liberals claim that real rights aren’t rights at all I.e. Gun rights, and then turn around and claim stupidity like fag marriage is somehow a right. Sorry didn’t see that in our founding document.

        1. Yes. There are “Rights,” then there are Rights. “Rights” are generally granted to us by the good graces of those in power (i.e. the State) and are actually privileges. True Rights are earned and maintained by the individual. The cool thing about Gun Rights is that it’s the one that protects all the others. God bless America.

        2. No. People have few rights: clean water, healthy food, adequate shelter, adaquate clothing, start a family, raise our young free of harm.
          Everything else is just gravy.

        3. So true. Of course even gun rights can be made flexible. For instance, the whole idea of anyone having guns is awesome until you let, say, your radicalized Islamist neighbor have one. And of course gun rights should never be taken away, but we can only put so many laws, and hope the moron with issues doesn’t snap, and hope for the best.

        4. Those aren’t rights, those are luxuries and we’re lucky to have them. I’ve been fortunate enough to have spent time in countries, around people with few or none of those “Rights.” Yet they had a happiness and depth of life that has been unattainable in the West for a long time. You know you live in a gilded cage when socialism is considered a right.

        5. I’m no History expert, But I believe Thomas Jefferson when he said “All Men are Created Equal” Meant: Under the Law and Constitution all Men were Guaranteed the Same Natural God Given Rights. The Leftist Marxist’s I believe Hijacked this Quote to mean: All men should live equally , if a Man has More than another, that is Not Equal. That’s at least the Vibe I got Going through the Public School System.

        6. Naw, usually in gun states, some nut goes crazy, and another responsible armed citizen shoots him(and the liberal news will always say that citizens ‘subdued’ him). But it is a fair question to ask, how far do we go? Is it ok for everyone who can own one to have a nuke? how about tanks? Machine guns? Semi-auto? Then again even saying a limit, then the limit will always get pushed by those in power, because they really don’t want you to have guns in the first place(meanwhile our police force is being militarized for not particularly good reason).

        7. Rights are a figment of our imagination. We don’t have clean water and healthy food in the USA either. Well, water is generally free from bacteria and parasites like it is in many countries, but it’s full of chemicals and pharmaceutical residue and loaded with fluoride.
          The only “rights” I could possibly believe in are the 3 enumerated as Life Liberty and Property, but those aren’t guaranteed either, they’re only held up as ideals. IE if you are murdered and someone ends your life, society will take actions against the person who deprived you of life (property,etc.) but it’s not really a right, as in you’re not entitled to it or guaranteed it. It’s really just a set of values. We value life, liberty and property. Haha.. I can’t say that out loud without laughing, but that’s the theory.

        8. And it’s funny what activities we refer to as “protected by rights”. Using guns and firearms is one of the most heavily regulated activities one can do. One needs to jump through hoops to buy weapons, cannot discharge them in certain areas (most city limits), must purchase a state license in order to hunt, cannot buy certain types of weapons, etc. Yet people claim there is a “right” to guns.
          Take another activity, where I am almost completely free from government regulation–gardening. I am free to grow almost whatever I want in my backyard, minus some things prohibited in the drug war. Yet no one talks about the “right to garden”.
          So there is a “right to bear arms” but no “right to garden” yet I am much more free to garden than I am to have guns. Rights are just ideas society uses to try to make people feel good about something that they really aren’t that free to do. Whenever you hear something labeled as a “right”, prepare to see the value of that activity drop. Watch what happens when we get a “right to education”.

        9. What do you mean by rights though? I think most every person on the planet wants and desires those things. But what precisely do you mean when you call them ‘rights’ ? I don’t believe in the concept of rights so I’m trying to understand what people mean when they use that term. Are they anything more than shared values?

        10. Well…does grass, trees, deer, dogs etc has the right to; let’s say, clean water.
          That right does not come from values as they are animals and non thinking life – plants.
          We have same rights as we are in fact animals. Great Apes.
          Nothing more.

        11. How is having water or healthy food a right? Or even adequate shelter? Those aren’t rights, those are obligations that you are imposing on everyone else.
          People have a right to do or act in certain ways. They do not have a right to a physical or social property owned by others.
          For example, the right to vote, is a right to do an action .. voting
          The right to speak your mind is a right to use your communication ability to communicate your thoughts.
          The right to own a gun is not a right that imposes upon society to provide you with a weapon, but it is your right to arm yourself through your own or societies efforts (assuming society wishes to).
          You have a right to clean water only insofar as you have the right to acquire clean water for yourself. To say you have the right to clean water implies that anyone without that right is not allowed to have clean water even if acquired through legitimate means.
          However, while you do have the right to start a family, and you do have a right to raise your young. However, to say you have the right to “raise your child without harm” is meaningless.
          How in the world do you define that? If your child stepped on a bug and got bitten, were your rights to raise you child “without harm” therefore violated?
          At best you have the right to attempt to raise your child free from harm, similarly you have a right to accept 1 million dollars as a free gift from your crazy uncle, but to say your crazy uncle must give you that 1 million dollars is not a right that you have, but an obligation on your crazy uncle to provide you with 1 million dollars.
          I think it would be correct to say that society has an obligation to attempt to provide within reason clean water to the populace, adequete shelter, etc. But those are obligations imposed on the society, which are separate from rights.

        12. You are saying that we have the same rights as animals, if you consider the matter objectively and ruthlessly, you will see that in effect you have said that we have no rights.
          This is what inevitably comes of adopting an atheistic framework.
          I am not telling you to be an atheist or a deist, but I am pointing out that the atheistic framework inevitably leads to autocracy and destruction. Even if you do not believe in God, you would be better off adopting a philosophical and moral framework that depends on the existence of a Creator.

        13. If your rights depend on the state then they are by definition privileges granted you by indulgence of the State. What the State can grant, the State can take away.
          The concept of rights insofar as American law is concerned is that they are given to us by a “Lockian” Judeo-Christian Creator. The idea being that those rights cannot be taken away by the State because they are not the State’s to grant or revoke.
          To be clear, I do not care if someone believes in a Creator or not. Or if someone likes or hates Jews. That the underpinning philosophical framework of the American concept of rights existed in was based on mix of Judaic and Christian philosophy is my point.

        14. Interesting.
          I am part aboriginal and part Caucasian. The belief of aboriginals is that there is a creator and others; however us human beings hold no more or less value on this earth as animals. Aboriginals believe to think we do have more value is arrogance: a sickness in the spirit. I lean towards my aboriginal part of me. There are many philosophies in our belief that predates any monotheism faiths. Our beliefs are handed down through stories and songs there fore evolve and adapt to the times and revolve around being grateful, humble, brave, strong and respectful of the earth and the animals and ourselves…
          I am unwavering in my believe that we are as worthy as animals to clean water etc. That we do not require permission from another man or group to collect our drinking water and food etc; even if they believe we do.

        15. A right is what is given to us by god/creator/God’s/nature etc to exist and the needs we require to live – not die- and procreate.

        16. I think a portion of your gun rights statement is correct, we have to understand that our rights end when they infringe on other people’s rights. That is why liberal call everything rights that they want, because they can utilize that argument. As for purchasing a gun, I can go to academy and walk out with a pistol of my choosing by 130 today.

        17. Yea it’s difficult, it has to be understood that the population is supposed to have the same weapons as the government. Unfortunately wuth the proliferation of nukes and other extremely deadly weapons, that’s not possible. But guns, they can never take those away.

        1. Unfortunately easier said than done my friend. The day people own up to their actions is the day I manage to make my dick grow to Mandingo like proportions.

      2. Equal opportunity, not equal outcomes. As the old term said..that the deal be square, what you do with the cards you get is your business.

  4. There can be no such thing as neomasculine ANYthing in a marriage and in a fatherhood as long as the STATE MARRIAGE LICENSE is involved, and i do not see that most important starting point anywhere addressed in this essay. Take it from a divorce-raped fellow who had to learn the hard way: My children were never mine. They were always the State’s. I signed them the f#ck away when i signed the marriage license. Now i just get to pay for them and see them on weekends only.
    Children used to be the PROPERTY OF THE FATHER and never the mother. Now in our sick, Orwellian society “our” children are the PROPERTY OF THE STATE. It’s the legal reality they don’t want you to know, which is why no one ever teaches it to you. Gotta find out on our own.

    1. Actually you signed your children off when they were born on their birth certificate and hospital documents.

  5. They call the generation who are about 12 now the bubble wrap generation. They are so protected from any form of hurt or struggle – except from the struggle that will come to them in adult years which is copping skills, resilience, responsibility, acceptance of what is, accountability, how to pick yourself up and falling is part of life, forgiveness, courage and integirity, how to work things out…just to name a few.

    1. ‘Bubble wrappers’ . . heh . . I think the fatalities of this generation might be labelled ‘bubble boys’ but bubble wrap is some strong invincible shit and has tested to withstand atmospheric re entry. To break out of the PC bubble shell is a real test of will, fortitude, vision and strength, like running with concrete blocks on your feet or like a chicken hatching out of a steel shell. Red pill SUPER CHICKENS will rule the range.
      Children born post 9/11 will become of age in the next three years and will be giving birth to yet another generation. How many more trendy generational terms can we reduce ourselves to when our DNA remains the same, only our location in space has changed? Our tribes live so long as they remain fertile regardless of what new technological bling hails upon us seasonally like bird droppings.
      The up and coming parents of the next generation to be were themselves as infants raised chewing on smartphones in the crib. This device monitors everything you do and crunches it all into a profile of you. But it doesn’t matter who’s watching you if you know who you are and where you’re going. Flick a male victory sign everytime you see a camera. They’ll all make their way to the gut bowels of the cyber she beast motherboard. The gravity of the male awakening will implode her bitch force. Spirit and cyber are connected inasmuch as they both share the same timespace.
      Let’s get this generation ready for the grand millennial patriarchy. It’s coming. It is written in the stars. Our women will be swept into it like a storm made just for them and TRIBESMEN will erect it and be the priests presiding over it.

        1. The ‘bubble wrap’ I’ve never heard before but it may be accurate. I agree kids are too sheltered and boys are kept indoors like they were little girls. Few parents want to openly decry it, but a lot of resources are expended by good willing parents keeping their kids shielded from the real world. The state snitch brigades are always breathing down their necks to keep their kids on a leash. If they’re overly active, MEDICATE THEM into zombies or the state kidnappers will come. If they’re unsupervised, there aren’t any hairy boogeymen, THE STATE is the real boogeyman kid snatcher. So parents are under pressure to live up to a rediculous standard of ‘kept’ voiceless emasculated children. The parents know the state and the snitch hoardes for the sewage from hell that they are, but few will call the beast out. So kids are then shuttled around in air conditioned mini vans to kosher approved activities, bread and circus games and the like and how many boys learn to fight FOR REAL? And how many boys learn game from their dads like they should? Parents themselves have become emasculated and become like bitches of the state.

      1. This generation also grew up in a state of war their entire lives, and during the anti-privacy age where the government and Silicon Valley collaborated for them to share anything and everything without any notion of privacy or decency. Which is why we are seeing them support things like surgery to replace sexual organs as flippantly as dying ones hair.
        They are used to a warlike, oppressive police state and a culture where there is no privacy or sense of dignity. What they will allow the powerbrokers in the USA to do to this country will be incredibly frightening.

        1. There’s no ‘shell shock’ to this generation of war kids though. It’s all spectator sport CNN war and purple hearts handed out like soccer trophies to all players when a unreinforced hum vee drives over a mine. Then the va finishes the job overmedicating the heroes to death like they do to our elders in the retirement home gulags. I see little hand to hand valor and troops return shy of the skills needed to rout the real enemy at home. There’s job openings though for high tech state security ops against citizens.
          The surgery to replace sexual organs . . well I like the young eye candy, but I must still be catching up with millennials. I hope I’m not naive to think a lot more of the young gals wouldn’t make good mothers. But I realize their brainwashing has been intense. With the millennial men, I still can’t imagine what on earth would posess any man to cut off his dick. Bruce jenner is no where near millennial. He was a boomer from the early 50’s and raised by June Cleaver. That’s why I think his tranny op is as fake as a $3 bill. No one has seen actual pics of his new fake twat have they? Show pics or it’s bullshit. I call him out. His kinky freak Kardi clan put him up to it. It’s publicity to promote that kind of degeneracy and he’s getting paid royally to put on the freak show. Only his make up is real. I shudder at how many copycats may result from his publicity. Seriously his shit can’t be for real. All I’ve ever seen is his dog face in drag on the tabloids. Those Kardi ho’s are half gypsy ass bullshitters and their great grandparents were pulling scams the same.

        2. Totally agreed. The troubling part to me is not only the generation of soldiers who grew up killing people in video game wedding dronings and calling it a heroic victory, or the hundreds of thousands who are permanently mentally or physically injured and will remain wards of the state on public assistance for the rest of their lives, because they are the minority, but all the nonmilitary folk who grew up never knowing a state of peace. They think war is a natural state of affairs. It’s silly because while there are arguably times and reasons for war, America has chosen, let me repeat *chosen* to be in a state of war for over 15 years for weak and dubious reasons. But they see a violent, lying, authoritarian, spying police state who is constantly battling an enemy is the natural state of affairs.
          As for Jenner, I think he is nothing more than a narcissist who is upset at the amount of attention his talentless stepdaughters get for doing nothing more than whoring around, when he actually has talent and real accomplishments in his life, so he has taken this absurd dress up show in a successful attempt of outdoing them. I believe he has said he has no plans to chop off the penis, and even wants to keep dating women. Just wants to put on a dress and long hair and live out some fantasy…. so absolutely nuts, yet, but not near as dangerous as all the real trannys who have operations to mutilate their body.

  6. Those with children should consider blogger Al Fin’s “Dangerous Child” approach to raising children into competent adults.
    You know, I am quite sympathetic to many of the ideas in the so-called Man-o-sphere blogs. But one thing I have never understood is why so many of you feel that religious belief is necessary to create a society by and for intelligent, competent, and conscientious individuals.

    1. Because they are religious.
      Folks, if you need to believe that someone is watching your every move in order to act like a decent person, then you are not a decent person.

      1. You should not have the fear of the wrath of God to do what is righteous. You should do it regardless.
        Religion gives you spirit. Something to aspire to. Teaches one ways so you don’t become destructive to you or anyone else.

        1. Don’t bother with that retarded moron. He’s probably 35 and works at a pizza joint, I would hate my life too.

      2. That’s a complete obfuscation and intentional manipulation of religion you one dimensional dunce. Having a religion doesn’t mean you act good because you think someone is watching over you. It means you act well because that is what you believe will bring good things to the world as a part of your doctrine. I always laugh at atheists, I technically am one mysef, but I would never identify as one because they’re all a bunch of inbred losers filled with hate and malevolence. Not to mention they’re fucking retarded. You’re just as bad as the hyper religious. Always finding a way to insert your unwanted world view into a situation.

      3. Translation: “Look at meeee!!! I conform to the conventionally held beliefs of my time because I’m trendy and progressivvve!!!”

        1. No, the conventionally held beliefs of this time would be christianity. And it is breaking down, because it has no real world foundation.

        2. Strange. I wonder why attacking Christians and Christian beliefs has essentially become a national past time; While attacking Islam is deemed racist. I must not have gotten the memo. I bet Europe will regret discarding Christianity after it is fist-fucked by moslem hordes.

      4. If you study communist Russia or China, you’ll see that lots of Communist Party members and officials were actually decent people. They truly believed that the revolution was the way to a heaven on earth. But in the end they killed a hundred million people and those two countries are corrupt, polluted, and full of trembling resentment at their leaders and at the world.
        Communism was followed by people who thought themselves, or at least the “scientific” method behind Marx’s theories, to be the best way to drive social development, rather than faith in the divine, which would ensure some sort of moral bottom line in society.
        People are flawed. Decent people who don’t have beliefs are still social creatures and will find something else, most likely science, to follow as an ersatz faith. Just look at the masses of good young men and women eagerly championing feminism and gay rights and denigrating their own cultures. They all want to do something good for society, but their lack of belief (or genuine belief) forces them to break this “goodness” into “whether makes me feel good.” This usually means just following whatever is trendy. If you follow, say, the trend of supporting gay lifestyles, you don’t have to think about morality– being supportive of the gays already makes you a “good person,” and you can still be a good person even if you spew profanity at those who believe in traditional marriage.
        On the other hand, those who have faith in providence or god are less likely to pretend, as the Communists did and the SJWs currently do, that their having kind-hearted feelings is a precedent for their infallibility.
        Especially these days, few Christians are going to say “convert to Christianity or die,” instead they will try to help you find God (I’m not a Christian just so you know) and they go to church and confess their sins and try to truly make improvement in their personal lives. Religious families, especially devout believers, are likely to have stable, fecund marriages and partake in positive social activities. Their daughters are less likely to become whores under the guise of becoming “independent” and their sons are more likely to focus on finding a good job so that they can provide for a family of their own.

        1. And? C. S. Lewis created the thought experiment that if witches were the very evil they were made to be then it would be a moral duty to round them up and execute them.

        2. Interesting. I was in Prague not too long ago and during communist times, astronomy was popular. There were many observatories throughout the country.

    2. Philosophers have long recognized that weak-minded people need religion to keep them in line.

      Not long ago a good, decent Huguenot minister preached and wrote that the damned would one day be pardoned, that the penalty had to be proportionate to the sin, and that the lapse of a moment did not deserve eternal punishment. His brother pastors unseated this indulgent judge; one of them said to him, ‘My friend, I don’t believe in eternal damnation any more than you do, but it’s better if your maidservant, your tailor and even your procurator do believe in it.’

      Voltaire, Philosophical Dictionary.

      1. And theologians have long recognized that atheists are inherently self-centered, rebellious people who loathe and subconsciously fear any notion of a coming judgment day where they might have to give account for their hedonistic lives.
        So what?

        1. No, we don’t believe in any of that stuff at all. There is no fear involved. Just annoyance at people who can’t live without superstition. As to hedonism, that has nothing at all to do with religion or the lack of same.

        2. Why do atheists crudely reduce the whole of religious thought in all its complexity from the Occident to the Orient as a bunch of superstitious nonsense. The tactic of trotting out a tired and tested cliche that says “we’re all grown up” doesn’t nevertheless address the issue. The nature of reality is much more complex than what atheists will generally admit .
          Science for example is loaded with metaphysical postulates and ideas from mathematics that cannot not be proven in any empirical manner. Yet, we don’t call these ideas a bunch of superstitious nonsense. We should use the same open ended yardstick when it comes to ideas that emanate from the same source. This allows genuine enquiry without superficial pejorative put downs that add absolutely nothing to our collective understanding of these issues.

        3. Because it is. Superstition literally means believing in things that can not be proven. Zeus, Thor, Ganesh, Allah, Yah-yah, it’s all the same shit. Prove that your god exists or keep it to yourself.
          Cite some of your math examples, let’s see how well your argument holds up.

        4. Well, I would cite Bell’s famous inequality theorem as a brilliant example of using mathematics and logic to make determinations about the physical world that are not based on the empirical conditions of the physical world:-
          Simply: No physical theory of local hidden variables can ever reproduce all of the predictions of quantum mechanics. The predictions and determinations that can be made by a classical, empiricist description of reality in a given theory, like Newton’s Laws of Motion, cannot capture all possible outcomes our empirical reality.
          Secondly, I would cite Godel’s equally famous incomplete theorem which to describe succinctly- states that no physical law of reality cannot by its own definitions alone provide a self consistent proof in terms of its own axioms. The issue relates to self-referent ways of logically proving that mathematical statements can be made without referring to abstract or higher proofs. Godel’s theorem, which is accepted by most mathematicians directly postulates the existence of an extra mundane or Platonic realm, that must exist by definition apart from the physical reality we all love and know.

        5. And in the meantime gravity remains at 9.832 m/s2
          How are your examples useful in the real world?
          Oh yeah, and also the religion stuff. Answer that.

        6. Many atheists truly BELIEVE in evolution, global warming, and radioactive carbon dating as proven and undisputed scientific FACTS…but they are not.
          This is no different than believing in a deity.
          Both beliefs are faith based and cannot be proven.
          Deity has fallen out of favor as a way for Western governments to control people…its replacement is called “science”. Anything said by the PhD priest class is truth in this new faith.

        7. You speak like a child demanding answers. You need to improve your knowledge of mathematics and physics as I have no intention of explaining this basic knowledge to you. Clue: Think about probabilities and approximations and you’ll get the point.

        8. Proving that there is a creative force is as difficult as quantifing what the motive force behind life is. Can you prove there is god any more than life? Is either hypothetically measureable?Life appears to be a natural force which animates so called ‘living’ objects. Life force must therefore be energy and thus can exist independent of matter. An autonomous willful energy it is but far from random. Under what direction does it fall is the question.

        9. I believe in the necessity of having a religion without believing in the superstition of a sky god. It’s about having ethical rules to control social behavior.
          I also believe in evolution, humanity’s effect on the environment, and yeah, carbon dating (do people really doubt that? That’s a new one on me).
          I don’t see any replacing of religion with science as a way of governments controlling people. What I see is the oldest of all mechanisms–pure force. Governments are using force and raw power, not science, to control their populations.

        10. I think we have to “frame” these questions differently. Asking for proof in some objective formulaic manner that every single human being can appreciate, is not an approach I believe that can answer these particular types of questions.
          If we cannot “frame”an issue, and, perhaps the most important issues in life cannot be framed under the reductionist-Cartesian paradigm “frame” then this does not in any manner invalidate the original question or the experience that requires an answer. In fact an issue that cannot be answered under the current “frame” is just as much evidence that the current scientific frame is wholly inadequate, rather than, always assuming that because we cannot frame an answer based on our current objective knowledge of the world, that this somehow reduces the issue to a load of superstitious nonsense. How arrogant, narrow and dishonest atheists can often be! (I’m not talking about you!)

        11. I think for the majority of humanity it’s very difficult to have ethical rules that are not backed up with rewards and punishments by the idea of a Deity.
          Your’re correct about Science. It’s not a belief system like Religion and it’s amusing to see committed atheists argue with zealot like righteous about Scientific theories. Strictly speaking Science hasn’t anything of value to say about non-physical concepts like God, meaning, purpose, intention as they fall completely outside its own terms of reference.
          I don’t agree with you necessarily about Governments using pure force to control their populations. I simply think human beings largely are controlled by a whole series of social conventions we enter into at different stages in our lives. The “soft control” in these conventions, I believe relates mostly to the various financial commitments that have to be met through earning a living that pays the mortgage and school bills. I think the control that Governments directly exert on their citizens in first world countries is minimal in most cases.

        12. The American government will use any necessary force to impose its will. In the last year over 1,000 Americans were killed by the police. And it’s not like the police are fighting the mafia, or the Escobar cartel, and these were casualties taken in violent confrontations; most of these were for nonviolent offenses.
          The Romans practiced the art of decimation–for every offense like disobeying orders or failure by a military unit, one of every ten soldiers in that army would be taken out and murdered. There were 14,000 murders last year in America, and the police killed 1,000. The police are practically decimating the American people!
          One guy in Waco Texas supposedly had a shotgun that was a few inches too short. The American government’s solution was to murder 75 innocent people plus the supposed criminal.
          The American state imprisons a higher percentage of its population than any other nation on earth. Think hard about that for a second. Either Americans have something really fucked in the head that they are really more dangerous and violent than the average earthling, or the American government is cracking down with violence and oppression against its people.
          The IRS will tax income worldwide, listens and records every phone conversation you have, and is literally recording every keystroke I’m making right now and storing it all in a database center in Utah.
          Science? What are some examples of science being used to control people? I just don’t see it. On the other hand, there is violence and the threat of force, which is ever present, which keeps people in line in America.

        13. Maybe Americans are really more dangerous than most other earthlings- certainly American gun culture both with your police force and general population is something atypical in European countries. However, the corollary to that observation will be that Americans will say that if only the French people in Paris were armed, the slaughter on Friday night wouldn’t have happened. But, they’re missing the point- for the citizens of Paris to be armed with handguns would be contrary to everything French.
          In comparison to Russia or China I don’t think the level or threat of force is as ever present in America as there. Do people literally disappear without trace in America as a result of the “State” and it agencies. I don’t think so, and let’s be realistic, most of the people the American police killed were probably dangerous criminals in the first place.

      2. Voltaire opposed the Church because of its close association with France’s absolute monarchy. Accusing clerics of holding back human and scientific development was a safe way of making a political point. I assume the same is to true today, to a certain degree. Atheism is one of many ways to perpetuate the new orthodoxy.

    3. I don’t steal or lie or kill because I don’t have the desire to hurt anyone, not because I fear a deity. That simple.

  7. I think it’s important as a parent to work against the 1960s American child raising trend of treating children as “little adults” and speaking with them in this manner. This, I believe has diminished the genuine experience of that old fashioned idea of a carefree childhood. Today we expose children far to early to ideas, concepts and experiences often through the internet and social media that make them think and experience the world as pseudo adults jabbering on in precocious ways about the world economy or the latest celebrity mishap aged a mere 9.5 years of age.
    They need time to be children. When they’re older they’ll learn all about the other nonsense of the adult world.

  8. I don’t have children but the first thing I would do if I had some is to warn them about the SJW bullshit taught in school. I would explain them it’s part of propaganda to brainwash children and to not take it seriously. Schools these days preach about homosexuality, anti-white racism and feminism. Parents need to compensate and teach real values to their kids.

    1. It’s a lot of work deprogramming them after school. Join a homeschooling group. Homeschoolers are never bullied and are usually the only kids that learn the trade of their father and many even go into business with their dad. Public schooled kids learn to rebel and hate their parents by adolescence. They’re zombies by the 6th grade. You’re lucky if they don’t defect from the tribe altogether. The school buildings were nice back when, but are toxic places for your children now.

  9. Another piece of shit article – “Buy my shit and I’ll teach you the ‘I’m-not-a-betafag-ity’ aka neomasculinity”
    Children are born naturally masculine/feminine based on their gender. All you need to do is protect them from society or your own environment from brainwashing them away from their inheritance.

  10. Just tell your kids everything truth from the start so he doesn’t get big “shock” when he later goes red pill. Don’t sugarcoat anything and don’t mix half truth with half false. Tell everything truth. Truth about the whole world and let the kid experience it himself. When your kids does wrong, don’t be afraid to hit him… discipline (not like vicious beatdown but strict discipline) … And also you don’t want your kids who has big mouth and tattle tell to teachers that you beat him because that can land you in hot waters especially if you are in the Cop calling country (United States) where your neighbors will act like snitch and call cops on you for anything “suspicious”. Tell your kids not to call cops for anything and tell your kids to accept SELF responsibility. It’s really not that hard to raise a kid if you do it RIGHT FROM THE START. It’s like training a dog. You want them disciplined. Make sure you don’t show weakness in front of your kid. You want your kid to be proud of his father and you want to live by examples. Tell your kids to value strength. Physical and mental strength. You don’t want your kid to grow up complaining and bitching and not taking action. Tell your kids and expose your kids to not be afraid of people and teach your kids to have good sales skills which is important. You must teach your kids about basic economy and make sure he becomes entrepreneur and not work under anyone else and have his time killed. Make sure he becomes a winner but in order to raise that kid, you must be a winner too preferably. The most important thing in life. Teach your kids not to white knight for every female out there. Teach your kids EVERYTHING TRUTH about EVERYTHING. NO sugar coating. Once you accept that then your kid will live very happy life because he will NOT be exposed to BULLSHIT.
    NOW if your kid is a female, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT… It’s much harder raising a female child than male child. Just don’t do what the Chinese did and abort females. Accept it, and DO YOUR BEST to raise the female child (preferably) away from city life and make sure she knows how to cook and clean and make sure you guide her to make good choice until she finds suitable manly man who will take care of her. If you want to raise your female daughter the right way, I advice you to move out of any city and just live in landlocked farm country. Your daughter will have better life actually and you will be glad you did.

  11. My wife and I made the decision to homeschool our children and though it was hard work and took a financial toll and massive burden on our time, I would not do it any different.
    My children have never experienced teenage angst, haven’t done drugs, never threatened suicide, can easily carry on a conversation with adults, made amazing relationships through networking, and have had more life experiences than most of their peers.
    Homeschooling is not for everybody, but I’m delighted that it worked out for us. My oldest are going into the hard sciences and the youngest is looking for an internship into a technical occupation and in two years will make more money annually than me.
    However, there are two things I would have done differently:
    1. Insisted they study a martial art, and
    2. Been more free in hiring tutors in the mathematical disciplines. They are all doing well, but could have done better.

    1. Someday I may ask you for details of your experience. My wife and I are trying to have children (unfortunately.. we need the help of IVF to do so) and have actively debated how to handle the education question.
      Public school (I live in a urban area) is IMO child abuse. The private schools are VERY expensive and frankly, they don’t impress me. P.C. progressive rot has entered the private schools as well.
      So we have looked at doing home schooling with me staying home. I am technical and have way more patience than my wife. Plus, my wife’s job has much better benefits. So I will be the teacher.
      As for martial arts.. that is something I was going to insist on as well as a mandatory activity (swimming is another). I trained in judo as a kid. It came in useful in a number of times in my youth when I was assaulted by one of the thugs at school.

  12. ” put down the iPad, video game controller, kindle and learn to fall in love with literature ” what’s so wrong about using a kindle to read literature ?

    1. Or using things like Youtube to learn foreign languages. My kid is 4 – he knows colors and can count to 30 in French and Spanish.

  13. rights? slap yourself, the only right is to free air, right after the Doc slaps your ass and you start to scream. No matter how you parse it you earn everything else

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