10 Tips For Finding A Quality Filipina Online

A few months ago I was on a mission. It had been a couple of years since my last real vacation outside the United States (in excess of 48 hours, anyway). Being fed up with American women, and all of their annoying horse shit, began to wear me down a bit. I needed to feel invigorated by women again. I was tired of hearing stories about tattoos, and even more tired of looking at them. I was sick of hearing about careers and reality TV. I was sick of how blatantly fake they were. I was even sick of fucking them. A genuine man that’s true to himself doesn’t suffer American women well; I was completely burnt out. Having a casual arrangement with a somewhat Americanized Asian woman, while more fulfilling than your typical American chick, still wasn’t hitting the sweet spot. It was time to mix things up a bit and venture far from home for a little while.

I decided on the Philippines. I’ve been all around this God forsaken planet, seen a ton of cool shit, and slept with some beautiful women. However, I have a soft spot for the Philippines. Why? I don’t know. There are Asian countries with better looking women and better living conditions, but I always have a great time there. This was going to be my third trip. On my first two trips, the focus was on getting laid—a lot. So, that’s what I did—a lot. This time my priorities had shifted. I met and talked with a lot of different Filipina’s on my first two trips, and there are some high quality women there. I wanted to find one of these high quality women for myself and see how things went.

I did an eight week pre-trip seek and destroy mission on a few dating sites. My goal was to find an attractive, respectable, and feminine Filipina between 20-24 years old. It took me eight days of searching to find what I was looking for. She only had one boyfriend in the past and they were together for four years—she had been single for nearly a year and a half when we first began contact with no casual flings or one-night stands during that time period. She spoke excellent English, had a good job, and was well educated. She knew how to cook and liked to clean (yes, she actually enjoyed cleaning). Clearly, this girl would be considered a unicorn if she lived in the U.S.

This article will offer some general guidelines to follow if you decide to go unicorn hunting for yourself in the Philippines. More importantly, it will show you how to avoid the ones that have an empty toilet paper roll duct taped to their foreheads masquerading as unicorns.

1. Look Off The Beaten Path

It’s very easy to go with what you know. When you think of the Philippines, you probably think of Manila, Cebu City, or Davao. When a foreigner thinks of America, they generally think of New York City, Washington DC, or Los Angeles. Now, who here reading this thinks of NYC, DC, or LA when it comes to relationship material women? No one. Those cities are for getting laid (LA and NYC anyway), not finding a prospective long-term partner. Think the same way with the Philippines.

Granted, there are good women in the large popular cities—it’s just a product of the culture there. However, in the more provincial cities or towns, the women will be less exposed to the typical trappings of big city life. In addition, you’ll seem more exotic and unique due to the lack of foreigners visiting the more obscure areas.


2. Pay Attention To Their Profile Pictures

Not just how good they look or their fashion sense. I’m talking about surroundings. The Philippines is a poor country. If a girl’s profile says that she works part-time in a laundry shop, yet her pictures show her sunbathing near opulent swimming pools, posing on beds in five star hotel rooms, or dining in super classy/expensive looking restaurants—then there’s something going on. Who do you think is taking those pictures of her in that bikini at an expensive resort? It ain’t her fucking grand pappy, I can just about promise you that. Someone is paying for all of that shit, and it isn’t her. She could be running around with numerous dudes both foreign and domestic. She may be a prostitute. Hell, swindling foreign men out of money could be her full-time job. This is all a possibility.

There is a chance that the pictures are from a family trip, wedding, or other special occasion. If you really like a particular woman despite her shady photographs, then initiate contact with her. Move quickly and start asking questions about where the pictures were taken and how long ago. Ask about how she traveled there if the pictures weren’t taken in her hometown. Ask if she went with friends, colleagues, or classmates. Interrogate the fuck out of her discretely through the guise of genuine curiosity about the Philippines and the places she visited. If the smell of shit begins to hit your olfactory receptors—then it’s coming from her. If things pass the sniff test initially, bring it up again in the future to make sure details haven’t changed. There are a ton of girls on these sites and there’s no reason to get wrapped up with one that seems sketchy. Think of these pictures in the same way you would a photo of an American girl with duckface holding a cocktail at the club—don’t trust, and damn sure verify.


3. Be Her First Foreigner

Don’t follow up behind other Americans or westerners. If she’s had other western men visit her in the past—even just one—then those men have set the standards in her mind for how foreign men behave, or should behave. Most guys that go to the Philippines to meet a woman are weak and beta. As a means of compensating for their lack of knowledge when dealing with women, they will shower them with gifts, luxuries, and undue praise. Western men do this while allowing these women to get away with shit they would never dream of attempting with Filipino men. Fuck those guys. They’re doing it wrong.

Back in the day, when I was earning my flight instructor’s certificates, we had to learn Thorndike’s Laws of Learning. One of the laws of learning is that of primacy. The law of primacy states the following:

Primacy, the state of being first, often creates a strong, almost unshakable, impression. Things learned first create a strong impression in the mind that is difficult to erase. For the instructor, this means that what is taught must be right the first time. For the student, it means that learning must be right. “Unteaching” wrong first impressions is harder than teaching them right the first time. If, for example, a student learns a faulty technique, the instructor will have a difficult task correcting bad habits and “reteaching” correct ones.

This applies to female behavior just as much as it does to student pilots learning to fly airplanes. Don’t throw on a hardhat and play construction worker in an attempt to rebuild a faulty foundation laid by some other guy. Be the man that sets the standards, not the one that is saddled with the task of rectifying a poorly set precedence. If you find a virgin, which aren’t terribly uncommon, all the better.

4. Beware Of Sob Stories

The average person doesn’t have much money or very many creature comforts in the Philippines. Things we take for granted like central heating and air conditioning, insect-free housing, and even 24 hours a day of electricity aren’t there for many Filipina’s. A good girl isn’t going to cry a river about these things—she’s used to them. She’s used to hardship and struggle. It’s just a part of life for the majority of people living there. If you’re interacting with a Filipina and she starts going on about how she doesn’t have this or she doesn’t have that, then it’s only a matter of time before she starts asking for money.

To put it bluntly: you’re not running a fucking soup kitchen. You’re running a life—your life. That may sound cruel or calloused, but that’s just the way shit goes. If you’re the type of guy that feels the need to be a savior all the time, then you’re going to get taken for one hell of a ride in the Philippines. Friends, family, and the girl in question may attempt to suck you dry, and I’m not talking about your dick either. If a girl asks for money, or if it looks like the discourse between the two of you may head in that direction, cut it off then and there.

I’ve personally never had a woman ask me for money. This is in both online and real life interactions. I set the tone early on that I’m not an ATM machine and the women have always respected that. I suggest you do the same.

Also, this will be speculative on my part, but it’s important to say even if it might offend the delicate sensibilities of some readers: the greater your age difference, the more likely you’ll be asked for money. If you’re a sloppy out of shape 45 year old dude and you’re pursuing hot 18-25 year olds, then don’t be surprised if they don’t “like you for who you are”. Be reasonable with your expectations.

I’ve met a few westerners during my travels in the Philippines who were down and out because the girl they were pursuing was just using them. That’s no way to spend a vacation. Don’t be a fucking dumbass that thinks women will be genuine with their intentions just because you’re white or have a blue passport. It’s completely naïve to think that way, and being naïve in an impoverished third world country is no way to be.

All of this will also tie in with number nine quite nicely.


5. Education Is Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

There are hints of cultural feminism in the Philippines. It’s not intrusive like it is here in the States, but it does exist in small doses. If you do encounter cultural feminism, you can thank American influence through movies, music, and other forms of media. However, feminism in the employment or education spheres is basically nonexistent. There are no enrollment quotas on the basis of being male or female like there are in America. This means girls in the Philippines that go to college or university are actually pretty smart in most cases.

Femininity, humility, and intelligence are pretty damn sexy when intermingled with one another. The quality of spoken English tends to be far superior with an educated woman than with an average girl as well. If you’re the type of guy that gets turned off by educated women in the States (like me), then you can lighten up when dealing with Filipina’s. Even if they’re educated they tend to be very friendly, polite, and ego free.

Bear in mind, education does not necessarily mean significantly better pay. Just because a girl has a degree and a good job doesn’t mean she’s making bank. A girl working at SM Mall makes about 6,000-8,000 pesos a month. A teacher, nurse, or government employee with a degree makes about 10,000-15,000. It’s better for them, of course, but it’s only about an extra 100-200 bucks a month in reality—not life changing money by any means. As a result, you won’t have to deal with any kind of money snobbery.


6. Utilize Technology

Skype, Viber, Snapchat, Yahoo Messenger etc. These are all very important to have at your disposal and they’re all free. This is where you get down to business and really learn about the girl you’re talking to. During the seven weeks I talked to my girl prior to visiting, I had seen, talked to, and knew the names of her entire family, co-workers, roommate, and neighbors. I saw her apartment and the farm she grew up on. I even saw the damn Caribou her father uses to plow his crops.

Skype did that for me. I felt like I pretty much had full disclosure on this girl before we met. Most importantly, I didn’t have to pry and work for any of this. She did it on her own volition. A woman that likes you will want you to know her people and, if she comes from a good family, they will want to know you too. It raises red flags if she’s hiding either people, places, or things from you. This includes wanting to meet you in a city other than where she lives.


7. Test Early And Often

If you think shit-testing is just for women, then you’re dead wrong. Call it “good girl testing” or “true intentions testing”—I don’t care what you call it, but don’t be reticent when it comes to asking about things you want to know or having her do things you want done. I gave the girl I visited a huge shit-test. I told her that I was going to spend three days in Manila before I went to her city, and I didn’t tell her why. She assumed it was because I was going to see other women and fuck them. Well, yeah, if she failed the test that’s exactly what I would have done.

The reason for this shit-test was because at one point in our early conversations, she told me she had some money saved up. So, I wanted to see if she would spend some of that money to meet me in Manila. I told her if she bought her own plane ticket to Manila that she wouldn’t regret the decision. She passed—she bought her own round trip ticket and was waiting for me when my flight arrived.

Understandably, many women aren’t going to have the resources to make that kind of thing happen. Just keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to test, and do so as often as possible. It can be something as simple as having her take several pictures of a hotel, apartment, or pension house you’re thinking of staying at. Put her in motion on your behalf with whatever you see fit. If she’s lazy, complains, or flat-out says no—send her on a long walk down FuckOff Boulevard.


8. Don’t Be Too Much Of An Asshole

I know, you’re probably thinking, “What the fuck AV8R? You made some poor third world girl splurge her savings to buy a plane ticket, and now you’re going to talk about how not to be an asshole?” Correct, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. The reason for not being an asshole is simple: you don’t need to be. Do you need to be masculine, firm, and confident? Yes. Do you need to be the same asshole that American women require you to be? No. You will certainly need to demonstrate leadership qualities and command the relationship. This shouldn’t be difficult because you’re a man and that’s what you’re supposed to do anyway. It’s a common theme around here: feminine women like masculine men. Be masculine in a traditional sense and you can’t lose.

9. Have Experience With Women Before You Go

If you don’t have any experience with women in your own stomping grounds—you’re in a pretty unenviable position. It’s very easy to swear off American women altogether and just say, “Fuck it, I’m done dealing with these hoes”, but you’re doing yourself a major disservice by cutting them off. Look, I’m fully aware of how much the women here suck. Understandably, it’s very easy to view foreign women as your salvation when all you have for comparison are the turds floating around the United States.

The thing is, though, you need a good bullshit detector with all women, and this is no different with women outside American borders. Your bullshit detector is fine-tuned and honed through experience and exposure. There’s no other way to do it. If you live in America, then the only way to really do it is with American women. And Lord knows, American women are more than willing to give you a plate stacked with extra shitty bullshit served with your choice of two sides of bullshit.

Maybe you’re a virgin, recently divorced after a long marriage, or relatively inexperienced in general. If that’s the case, I fear you may be a decent blowjob away from falling in love with some predator that may be looking to take you for all your worth. This can be exacerbated when you’re in a foreign land and everything is new and very interesting to you. You’ll be in full-fledged honeymoon mode with your girl and your surroundings. The conditions in America will seem much worse to you when you’re in the midst of a great vacation and getting sex around the clock with a girl you’re really attracted to. That’s where previous experience comes into play. It will keep you grounded throughout your trip and keep the rose tinted glasses from blocking reality. Logic is your friend, don’t fuck-over your friends.

Look at it this way. You can read about flying airplanes all day long and even consume enough knowledge to talk about it like you know your shit, but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to watch you attempt a landing if you’ve only learned about it through books, websites, and Youtube videos. You need to actually fly to be good at it—no matter how much of a natural you are. The same thing applies to your relationships with women. You can read articles on ROK all damn day, but it doesn’t mean jack shit if it’s all theory and zero implementation.

This is probably the most important item on this list. Take it for what it’s worth.

10. Have A Backup Plan

I definitely had my sights on the girl I visited, but don’t think for a second I didn’t have two other women in both the city she lived in and back in Manila to fall back on if needed. My girl worked half-days when I was there. While she was working, I was in the malls talking and flirting with women. If she slipped up, she would’ve been replaced quicker than a set dead batteries in Lindy West’s vibrator.

Have a plan B (and C) in place before you arrive in the Philippines. That way you won’t waste too much of your valuable time trying to figure something out if things don’t go as planned.


In Closing

I had a great time during my recent trip. I made a solid decision with the woman I chose to spend my time with and have no regrets. Sex was daily and she proved herself in every way imaginable. I’m not easy to please, and she was probably the most top notch woman I’ve met in my life—seriously. We still communicate every day and I plan on making another trip before the end of the year for round two. Naturally, she was on her absolute best behavior and only time will tell what kind of girl I actually have on my hands. We’ll see how things go, but I’m fairly confident I have a winner. I’m certainly in no rush and marriage is out of the question, but if she lived in the U.S. I could definitely see myself pursuing a committed relationship with her.

Bear in mind, this article is about actually finding a relationship material woman—not about getting laid. If you can fog a mirror, you can get laid in the Philippines. It’s also my opinion that these guidelines can apply for meeting women online in any foreign country, not just the Philippines. Following these guidelines produced very good results for me and I’m convinced they can do the same for you. Stay on your toes, but don’t forget to have a great time too. All of this is intended to make you well-informed, not paranoid.

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269 thoughts on “10 Tips For Finding A Quality Filipina Online”

  1. The trend in American men looking for potential lifemates in foreign countries seems to be on the rise. Considering how many modern-day American women are, I don’t blame them.
    Anyone who knows me would tell you that I love America with all my heart. I wish I could say that I love my country’s women as much as the rest of it, but I can’t.

    1. If this trend continues, I would say in a couple decades, American women will be lucky if they can snag even the most desperate men.

      1. I wish this were true….I see the trend going in the other direction unfortunately…the thirsty Beta army seems to expand by the day. Lately Every bar is a sausage fest, if even a moderately attractive women ventures in, a dozen desperate guys are all over her like a rare coin….nothing is going to change until that shit changes.

        1. In my best Toecutter (from Mad Max) voice. “But we’re going to teach them, Vicious”.

        2. +1
          So long as thirsty Western Beta Males continue their subservient behavior (e.g. temporizing, perpetual placating, treating 5’s like 10’s, etc) the unrealistic expectations of the majority of Western women will only increase. The worst has yet to come.

        3. That is the part I can’t stand. Men treating female 5’s like they are stunning beauties. Most guys i know are between 4-7, and they all treating 5’s that well, especially near closing time.

        4. I always hear people say, “the worst has yet to come” or “it’s only going to get worse”. We are currently at that level. It’s already that bad, it’s not going to get much worse. This is it. Were living at the worst.

      2. They’re already begging law makers to make it more difficult because ” creepy rapist taking advantage of poor desperate….”

    2. This country’s women are directly indicative of this country. Americunts wouldn’t exist without men allowing the culture to promote their feminazi mentality.

        1. You can tell these men are wimps. Because they have shorts on also long sleeve shirts lol wtf.

        2. You know they’re all perfectly hairless waxed wonders.
          For some inmates, a celly like this would be a fine reason to f*ck up EVERY parole hearing.

      1. I agree with you, but it doesn’t help that men have been subverted by 40-50 years of brainwashing paid for by our elite government-corporate-media friends who wanted to destabilize society and tax women. (Before feminism, 50% of the population wasn’t being taxed.) As with most everything in life, follow the money trail and you’ll have your answer.

        1. Then it is a collective failure of American men for allowing the culture to transform into this. I have zero sympathy for a group that willingly marginalizes itself.

        2. What about those of us who don’t want to be included in the herd but are outnumbered?

        3. We make contributions to positively shape the society or we are part of the problem. Which means our sentiments require more mainstream exposure than they currently receive. Perhaps it will take a cultural collapse for that to happen.

        4. “We make contributions to positively shape the society or we are part of the problem. ”
          I hear ya – but doesn’t that seem like a waste of time?

      2. It is worse than that. Feminazism wouldn’t exist if men didn’t subsidize it.

      3. Absolutely true. I blame, not entirely, but largely, men who raise daughters as spoiled bitch princesses. I’ve seen it multiple times.

    3. Except the guy is simply looking for one in the pink or two in the stink, NOT a relationship.

  2. Pretty good advice on the whole. One thing i have noticed about educated women in South East Asia–in my limited experience–is that they aren’t entitled cunts like they are in the Anglosphere. A good friend of mine is getting married to an educated middle class woman from the Phillipines who is 8 years younger than him, and the difference between her and the women around here is stark to say the least.
    The biggest misconception is that the only access we have is to poor desperate women in S.E.Asia. That is complete horseshit. There are a lot of professional women in those countries that are tired of their own men and love hooking up with ‘westerners’. and they don’t care if you are older. Admittedly they aren’t crazy too much if you are 20 years older, but 10-12 years younger is not out of reach, not by any means, and a 6-10 year gap is pretty common.
    Another friend of mine married a gorgeous woman from Indonesia who is 12 years younger than him. Again, same deal deal: pretty, educated, not looking for a green card.

      1. Going strong for several years with my Dominican gal that I pulled out of a sweatshop.

    1. So they’re tired of their own men yet they’re not entitled? They’re doing exactly the hypergamous, miscegenation bullshit that white women do to white men

      1. Some of them are probably doing that for sure, but honestly i think these women are just bored for the most part. They want an adventure.
        and even if they are just ‘flexing their hypergamy’, they will ultimately cost you a lot less to maintain and keep than the average white middle class western woman.

  3. Just a slight correction – under #5, there are actually no Caribou in the Philippines. They are water buffaloes called kalabaws or carabaos. I could see where spell check may have made the mistake. Enjoy the Philippines (and the pretty lasses as well)!

    1. And actually Carabao meat is pretty yummy.
      Tried some at a fiesta in San Miguel one night.

  4. Pro tip: foreign women are real women, meaning if you are not a real man, they will eat you alive and see you as a pathetic little boy. I have seen my share of American betas hook up with foreign women and fail miserably.
    NEVER let your game down. They are not like American women of course, but they are still women, even more so feminine than the Americanus Cuntus Maximus exponentially, meaning she’s got one heck of a hamster going. She’s going to expect her man to be a man.

    1. Sad to say, but staying where you are and controlling your libido is probably a hell of a lot easier than uprooting yourself to a foreign country than having to constantly maintain power dynamics. If you’re a natural alpha – both a man’s man *and* a ladies’ man – it might be worth it.
      Otherwise, might as well wait out the BS and wait for the dominoes to fall and the revolution to occur. Once people wake up en masse, feminism will be one of the things woken up to.

      1. correction: uprooting yourself to a foreign country *and* having to constantly maintain power dynamics.

      2. I see your points but as I once posted in the past, that kind of comfort we might have had as young boys, where being nurtured by women is concerned, is gone. Our forefathers had some innate awareness of this hence the rites of passage that young men were given to experience in growing up and the expectations that followed.
        Thus while civilization does deserve to collapse and the feminists do deserve to end up squatting in caves and picking nits out of their sisters’ hair, seeing it as some kind of Beta Bonanza of redemption and “I told you so” is not going to break the process.
        You should also note that revolution is EXACTLY what will further the beta infection through further centralization. I recommend you read Gary North on this.
        From there you can see the power of NOT getting in line, with anything, and the power of the individual. MGTOW and to some extent the PUA crowd is about individuality whereas feminism is a centralizing collectivistic force. Ever argue with a feminist and have them say something like “have fun not getting laid”? I have. They are so collectivist they think they are like some Borg hive were you piss off one and suddenly all women everywhere will blacklist you (until you see the error of your ways, of course).

        1. Very ture. Women are Big Brother, essentially. Or at least his best friend. Thx man, I will check out Gary North.

        2. Gary North says “The essence of revolution is centralized power”. Wasn’t the American Revolution generally de-centralized?
          Also, french scribe Victor Hugo wrote “there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come”. So perhaps ideas/ideals are the driving force of revolution, more so than a centralized power base.

        3. Sorry, couldn’t resist doing this when i saw the Borg reference > ‘Resistance..is FUTILE’.

    2. Very true. Don’t start talking about splitting house chores and gay rights. She will think you’re from another planet or a closet homo.

      1. I mentioned splitting house chores with a Colombian girl back in my blue pill days and she flat refused and said I shouldn’t be doing woman’s work.
        Little moments like that make a man realize just how truly fucked things have become in our society. What’s “expected” of men here is laughable in traditional cultures.

        1. A west african girl straight up got frustrated with me for trying to help her make dinner.

  5. Lindly West’s vibrator. Why would you ever conjure such an image? Do you hate America?

    1. It’s stuck under Seattle right now. Oh wait that’s the tunnel boring machine.

  6. Every time I bring up how much better foreign women are, bitter Betas steam themselves up into a hissy fit.
    But, the truth is the truth, and no matter how much the white knights and manginas try to defend them, it’s easy to see American women suck, whether they be pasty, brown, black, or yellow. It’s the culture that ruins them, no matter what their background. I will say women from white backgrounds seem to be a little more predisposed to become manly, ego-driven princesses, but the rot infects other ethnicities too once they come here.
    I’ve read statistics that say 50% of all marriages in the US will soon be American men marrying foreign women. This statistic tells us men are abandoning the entitled Western woman in droves.
    Count me in as fleeing the Western Woman Plantation.

    1. And to be honest, who wants to risk domestic marriage? One might as well put a two chambered revolver with one bullet in it to his head and pull the trigger. I too have friends and family telling me I’m making a mistake but by and large I tell them to go fuck themselves because they’re obviously not paying attention to the cultural climate in the west

      1. American women are either oblivious to their behavior, or don’t care. We either need the social pendulum to swing back the other way, or we will go deeper into decline.

    2. “This statistic tells us men are abandoning the entitled Western woman in droves.” might be the explanation. An other possibility is that American women rather than ending up with unattractive males prefer to stay single. All the great guys are taken, only the dumb fucks are left.
      That’s exactly what my roommate (31 year old, 5 or 6, dunno really, don’t even care) tells me when she comes back from a date. She has no interest in subpar guys.

      1. Awesome! Maybe soon your roommate can join this exclusive club, as a childless career-wonder woman! Congratulations to her.
        It could just be that she fucked over all the awesome guys when she was at her peak SMV, and now that what’s left of her SMV is rapidly fading as the splats into the Wall, and all the “good men” are overseas or have given up completely and adopted a MGTOW lifestyle, she has no options left.

        1. Yep, agree. I tell many that women today have adopted that “Sex and the City” philosophy only to find out it’s false. You can’t have it all.

        2. They MAY find out that it’s false, but they refuse to admit it…and they definitely keep quiet about it — misery loves company, you know.

        3. Guys who tell you you’ll get “the aids” from the sally highschool are fear mongering. You get aids from letting a gay man ejaculate inside you. Yes I know there are man bites dog stories out there but the “heterosexual aids epidemic” prophesied in the 80s simply did not materialize. Part of it was necessary caution as the virus was new and better safe than sorry. Another is that gays feared that if ordinary heterosexuals did not perceive themselves at risk, there would be no funding for treatment. But I worked with two guys who were real pussies who told me “I’m crazy” for saying I’d love to bang Brittany Spears, and that “I’d get the aids” from Brittany Spears and they “wouldn’t fuck her even with Harvey’s (a fat disgusting coworker of ours) dick.”
          On the other hand, these chicks in Sex and the City were huge fag hags and very well may have let one of those boys in and ended up in the same boat.

      2. lol….your roommate is being picky when in fact she is going in the opposite direction (wall is approaching soon). She’ll really appreciate a subpar guy (or any guy) after all attention stops and there are no more dates.

        1. One look at the profiles on POF will confirm that. Ive read dozens of profiles of reasonably attractive females that say they “would like to have kids someday” and they are in their early to mid thirties.
          Ships have sailed girls.
          Lol. But, um yeah. All the good ones are taken lol.

        2. They would like to have kids “someday”, maybe — but what they don’t consider is what man with two brain cells to rub together and a modicum of self-respect, would want to get involved (let alone have kids) with delusional, narcissistic, near-menopausal harpies like them?
          This shows how the feminists and their “useful idiot” members of the population have started to fall victim to their own propaganda.

      3. That only proves Relampago’s point further; your roomie has an entitlement complex, delusional standards, and insanely over-inflated ego, three symptoms of the decline of Western women.
        A 5 or 6 out of 10, over the hill, nearing-infertility woman who doesn’t want men whom she considers “subpar”, though at least SOME of the men she dates (i.e uses for free stuff) certainly must be quality men, with decent looks, good providers and whatnot.
        Awww, what’s that? Oh, that’s right, they’re not “exciting” or “dangerous”, they’re boring and predictable.
        But guess what? The “great guys” who used to fuck the shit out of her in her cock-carousel days don’t want her anymore, because they’ve moved on to the fresher, superior product, some of them overseas even.
        Her years of the carousel have made her incapable of pair bonding and real intimacy.
        She’s INCREDIBLY lucky that any man is even remotely interested in her past-prime dead-wombed ass as a potential mate, and doesn’t even realize it, and never will.
        But yeah, keep telling yourself that “unattractive men” are the problem.

        1. “Entitlement complex, delusional standards, and insanely over-inflated ego.”
          Bingo! The hallmark of the Western woman.

        2. And as she mentioned, many women now are foregoing relationships altogether rather than lower themselves to dating us “subpar” males.
          What she doesnt realize is that we men are doing the same because of the over-abundance of subpar females.
          I dont wish ill on either sex, but I feel it will be much easier and economical for me to live my life without a female.
          Hope as these women approach their late thirties, forties, fifties and beyond life is as easy for them.
          Companionship and relationships appear to have been highly over-valued and over-rated over the last few decades Im afraid.
          Haved you talked to a female recently? I mean someone you didnt know previously outside of say a work or retail situation?
          Seems females these days are not even capable of engaging in polite charming and interesting conversation.
          Bunch of simple-minded dimwits that think the world revolves around them…

        3. “…I feel it will be much easier and economical for me to live my life without a female.”
          Speaking from experience — it IS. When you don’t have your hormones percolating as much as in your teens and twenties, and your higher brain functions start to see through the fading, dissipating cloud of youth’s “hormone haze”, you will cringe when you realize what time, energy, and money you wasted on these soul-sucking creatures. (Don’t feel bad — we all went through it.) What they grudgingly give you will not exceed even a hundredth of what they have taken from you.

        4. A guy I know told me that women’s standards were astronomically high.

      4. So she isn’t hot, is starting to hit the wall, and insists on quality. Seems like a formula for success.

        1. Knowing what I know about Western women, she probably expects a man with the financial resources of a doctor or lawyer with the looks of Brad Pitt and the entertainment value of Will Smith who supplicates to her so she can later divorce him, take half, and jump on the cock carousel to find an even richer, better looking man.
          Meantime, it never occurs to her until it’s too late to take a look in the mirror at the merchandise she’s trying to move. Or all the men who would have made good husbands and fathers that she completely ignored and/or used up.

        1. By those numbers it would take 381 years for the number of foreign marriages to reach 50% of total marriages. Don’t go back to that men’s conference. They are full of shit.

    3. “Just never forget white women are the ones who actually invented civilization-killing feminism”
      Not exactly.
      Black people did not start the NAACP. Baby butchers did not start planned parenthood. The US government did not start the “federal” reserve bank that controls our economy.
      Connect the dots.
      While white women are the great beneficiaries of feminism they did not start it. They are pawns in the game.

    4. No, you did not read that stat anywhere because that stat doesn’t exist. The number of US men marrying foreign women is many thousands. The number of US to US marriages is many millions. Why did you have to go and ruin a good article with your made up facts. Yes I said you made it up.
      No one is doing predictive modeling of future marriages of US to foreign women. In order for you stupid made up stat to be true, every female (no matter what age) in the Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia would have to marry an US man. Every single one. STFU.

  7. “As a means of compensating for their lack of knowledge when dealing with women, they will shower them with gifts, luxuries, and undue praise. Western men do this while allowing these women to get away with shit they would never dream of attempting with Filipino men. Fuck those guys. They’re doing it wrong.” Awesome awesome awesome. I spent a month shit testing my girl friend and she knows that even some things she could get away with pinoy men she couldn’t get away with with me. After that I did change my tone and lighten up, but of course always masculine and traditional. The pussy bitch men of the West are a BIG part of our problems in the first place. Everything about my experience I can see illustrated here. If you are looking for an LTR I can imagine this is one of the few solid places to look. You can benefit a lot with a relationship with a Filipina but you still need game and value. Remember-there is no such thing as a free lunch.

  8. And what will you do when your jungle monkey wife wants you to support or sooner for citizenship her 45 member family?
    Flipinas are the Mexicans of Asia

      1. ”I don’t care if your sister can’t feed her kids” , ”I don’t care if Muslim terrorists are murdering everyone”
        Yea, good luck.
        Better try your luck with an Afghani whose family was killed in a dro e strike.

        1. No dude, I’m sorry, but no. It’s really shitty that kind of thing happens, but no one is forcing you to be with anyone that’s in a situation of extreme hardship. There is no force of morality that’s going to punish you for ignoring women that ask you for money. Maybe you had a bad experience, it’s not representative of the whole. With some shit testing you can weed them out with relative ease

  9. It is very easy to find a huge number of quality women interested in you if you go on filipinocupid. If you put up a few decent pics, you will get plenty of attention and you can go on the hunt by searching for their profiles and clicking on the “show interest” button. If you have a cute kid, put up a pic of you and your child- those girls go ape over the possibility of having a mixed race kid with you.
    On the flip side, many of these girls are very sexually reserved. They don’t respond well to innuendo and many will flat out tell you that they are waiting for marriage. This isn’t a bad thing, considering the deplorable sluttiness of the American female. However, you might be disappointed if you want to go over there and get a week of solid banging.

    1. The ones responsible for modern western femminism are glad your responding to it by bedding foreign women. They believe mixing will create a crop of geneticaly weak betas ruled forever by Their descendants

      1. I doubt most people know what your talking about
        but yes, the ones responsible are rubbing their hands at articles like this

    2. Would you say the same about white hotties from EE? They’re Slavs, not Anglos. But they’re hands down the hottest and most beautiful white women on this planet.And they’re not Anglo.
      If we go with your conclusion, a western Anglo man fucking a hot Slav woman is also technically indulging in race mixing. If you’re considering ‘race’ to be defined on skin tone, than actual ethnic groups.
      I’d side with the author. It’s better to find a feminine foreign woman than to live life in misery for trying to prove self-deluded alphadom by trying to fuck a feminist Anglo white cunt. Haters can hate as much as they want, but you live life only once. Enjoy the pleasures of life like a bee who flies from flower to flower, instead hiding down a hole like a grumpy musk rat.

        1. Saxony is a region of Germany… In my mind the are included as Anglo-Saxon.

      1. Have you met French or German women? The ones I’ve met were nothing like Anglo’s. Who I agree are some of the ugliest white women in the world.

      2. Slavs are still Europeans. Don’t compare apples to oranges. You’re putting Slavs and Asians in the same boat cuz they’re not anglo-Saxon.

      3. This would seem to be right. I never dated an EE but just knowing some, I think they are super attractive.

    3. Hope you don’t mind, Thomas, but I took a look at some of your other comments. You see, I have this theory – the more a guy talks about hating blacks, hating interracial dating, or blaming everything on the Jews: the less pussy he’s getting. Here’s one of those comments:
      -Quote: “I gotta be honest about this too. I’m a 22 year old German guy living in Germany and I have never even kissed a girl,”
      Hmmm, I don’t know why, but for some reason, I have this feeling that you should probably shut the fuck up about what you think constitutes ‘beta’ and what doesn’t.
      A quote from the article:
      “You can read articles on ROK all damn day, but it doesn’t mean jack shit if it’s all theory and zero implementation.”
      Go out, get laid, and write a success story on how game helped you instead of sitting on your fucking computer hating on people that are pursuing any and all avenues to get the most enjoyment they can out life.

      1. Cosign. I was doing the due diligence now myself as you commented.
        Too much going on in this world already for people to be worried about race mixing.
        And honestly for the guys who say it, I always throw out the most attractive name of a race they claim they wouldn’t like and how quickly their mind changes. Beyonce, Carmen Electra (younger version), Penelope Cruz (younger version), just to name some popular random names..

        1. Big difference between banging a few hot visible minority broads for fun and erasing thousands of years of your gene pool and wholesale elimination of whites through interbreeding.

        2. I named a few visible ones to illustrate a point, but there are an abundance of good looking women of every race/ethnicity.
          In general (for any race) how does eliminating, maintaining, or mixing a race effect you? That’s a lot of energy and focus on the wrong thing in life. I’m more interested in progressing as a species, rather than picking a team based on color.

      2. Maybe, you haven’t noticed but I wrote that comment a little while ago. And surprise, surprise I’m getting laid, not constantly but it’s working out for me quite well, without any of this “Game” or PUA bullshit. So before you critizice others for posting their opinion, you yourself should make sure that you lead a valuable life.

        1. I already am getting laid, you spastic twat. Say hi to your mom for me, she’s surprisingly tight even after giving birth to a deranged monster like you!

        2. Did the German ladies just wake up one day and discover your awesomeness Mr. Zollner? I’m supposed to believe without using any game or wisdom collected on sites like this, you’ve gone from a 22 year old kissless incel virgin to getting laid semi-regularly just by “being yourself” in the last two months?
          Either you started taking advantage of the legal prostitution there in Deutschland – or you’re a fucking liar.
          I’m going with fucking liar.

        3. Keyboard warrior, it’s called Natural Game, no routines no PUA bullshit. Look into it. I’ve been reading about this stuff for so long and I finally started going out and I’m slowly becoming more outgoing. It’s still hard since I have social anxiety. But as opposed to before I’m now DOING it. This guy on Youtube helped me a lot: https://www.youtube.com/user/Johnnyberba/videos

        4. You sound like the next Elliot Rodger. And I don’t say that to shame you, just to make you think about how you come across.

        5. I don’t give a fuck about that anymore. I used to, but now I know that with slowly becoming more successful someone’s always gonna criticize me. But as opposed to the loser Elliot I don’t think anybody owes me anything and I’m actually approaching women.

        6. Bestiality brothels legal in Germany, Herr Zöllner, make a bit easier lay for you?

    4. Actually, race mixing is not a bad thing. Mutts live longer and have better immune systems. I come from the typical Italian family where it seems like everybody drops dead from some heart related or internal organ crap. So should I marry a woman from the same gene pool? Not a good idea. There’s plenty of neoreactionary stuff overlapping the manosphere where the acceptance of biodiversity is concerned. Step one is the realization that men and women are more than just “one version of the other with or without penis” in difference, step 2 is the realization that yes, some people are genetically superior to others. Though to base that on skin color is immediately shot down by any trip to a Walmart in the deep south.
      Hence if I were to take on the task of a progeny and wanted strong children instead of the usual asthmatic/autistic USDA issue one each white kid, I might go and consider breeding stock from even as far as Mongolia. I have a friend who is like 1 third Mongolian (the rest is Russian and German). He’s been shot, stabbed, electrocuted, and even had an accident once and died for 3 minutes and he’s sharp as a tack.

      1. “Though to base that on skin color is immediately shot down by any trip to a Walmart in the deep south.”
        -thinly-veiled smug attack on lower-class whites. You should thank whatever you believe in that those whites sign up for the military and protect you. And, your point is immediately shot down by a visit to Detroit or any northern ghetto.

      2. And invoking “actually” in front of your opinion doesn’t make it fact.

    5. We are all of mixed races. Races have been mixed since the beginning of time. So I guess that makes us all betas.

    6. Respectfully disagree. It’s too wide-ranging a statement at the very least. It really depends on what races are being mixed and how.
      I mean, you don’t see a lot of porn with an Asian guy and a white girl; you see the exact opposite. There’s a reason for these things.

  10. The author is definitely right about Skype and viber. You don’t want to just pick a girl based on online chat and pics. Anyone can post good looking pics of another girl. You should pick a primary target girl and then have some other backups.

  11. Great article. All the points mentioned here are brilliant, and true.
    Let me share my own experiences on Filipinas (flag count is close to 30, both local as well as expat).
    If you want to find the most beautiful Filipinas, head to Pampanga province (capital city San Fernando) or Visayas (Cebu City). The chicks in Pampanga sector are often more Japanese looking with paler skins, but the difference between Filipina and Japanese chicks is the ass. Filipinas tend to have fuller, rounder asses on an average as compared to Jap chicks.
    Sex was daily as this article says, and often kinky (the chicks I had were eager to please, and up for anything, if asked for. Just don’t demand. Filipinas can be fiery too.). If you are into extreme hardcore, filipinas are upto it – anal, or whatever more. But the downside is that they tend to get clingy soon, and are often die-hard romantics, so if you’re the detached type, you’d start feeling a bit drained. But I’d rate Filipinas as good as EE when it comes to sexual ability.
    If you’re looking for a wife type material, head towards the Mindanao region (Davao is the largest city there, but there are other cities) instead. This is an advice I got from my filipino buddies, they told me that chicks from that province tend to be more faithful. I guess the hypergamy part affects the local men more than the foreigners. Since I wasn’t keen on marrying yet, I didn’t think too much of exploring there.
    Online game is a must, as I would put it. Most filipinas are tech savvy, so online game as this article mentions would definitely help ya. And I totally agree on the shit testing part – keep testing the chicks constantly.

    1. Now that’s what I’m talking about.
      If you were going for a week of SCUBA diving and you wanted to grab a Filipina to take with you for the week for out-of-the-water diving, where would you shop?

  12. bla … NAWALT in disguise. Obsessing over foreign women as marrigeable options is so beta. This whole sh!t is male solipsism.
    Grow a pair ffs.

    1. Nothing bad in this picture. He’s got a young chick to bang.
      Good for him.
      Atleast, she’s a million times better than what the old chap’s walking with in the picture below.

    2. This seems like a situation where everybody wins. Except perhaps his kids from his first marriage.

  13. I’ve said it before on this site…
    I refuse to date no-name-brand modernized white women… They’ve been my mainstay my whole life and it has given me problem after problem after problem af….
    No fucking way. I’m done with their psycho inhuman bullshit…
    My brother has been dating a filipina girl for 6+ years and even though he isn’t the perfect fucking guy (very masculine but a little bit boyish in terms of big ideas)… she sticks with him through thick and thin…
    Women of different cultures behave differently… I can vouch for filipina girls and the only main flaw I can see is they are not philosophical or intellectual… They want to do their job of being the woman and the man does his job of being the man… Don’t expect to have deep conversations about life or the global economy.. thats your job… do your job and she’ll reward you with the comforts of a woman.

    1. The last paragraph is something I have noticed about particularly Filipinas, but many other poor women as well. And it goes beyond not being intellectual nor philosophical. It’s a pervasive and all encompassing pragmatism that seems to render them unable to indulge in anything beyond the immediate and near.
      It’s all about cleaning the house with the cheapest detergent bought on sale…….As if it makes a damn difference. And then, once money gets less scarce, about getting expensive and supposedly fashionable things on sale. And getting the cheapest house in the best school district. In many ways good, wholesome values to have in a wife; looking out for her man and family and all… . But it still sucks the soul out of me personally.
      A “let’s celebrate getting a good deal on the Honda by using our coupons to pig out on cheap lobster and then call mom for half an hour on free skype to tell her about it while asking if we can use her time share in Nowhere for free for a week….” kind of vibe. Given she’s spending you’re money, I guess it’s supposed to be good she’s looking out for the finances, but I just can’t stand it. Mentioning having a beautiful anchorage in the Marquesas all to yourself, only to be immediately brought down to earth with undoubtedly accurate assessments of sanitary conditions on small yachts….
      I’m not really all that fond of the equally materialistic, exact opposite, attitudes often displayed by Russian girls either, and at least the Asian/Latina women are much less likely to suck you dry financially.
      Upper class, meaning top 1% financially, women in Asia and Latin America are a whole ‘nother ballgame. Raised by, often religious, nannies, to be blissfully ignorant of any of life’s unpleasantries (They’re brothers are the ones raised to take over the business), they’re only role is really to be sweet, feminine muses. Amongst less financially elite women from the poorer parts, I find Argies to be the least soul sucking. They still seem to at least envision themselves as something a bit higher up the ladder than their fellow Latinas, never mind it hasn’t been true for decades by now, and often seem to try to behave accordingly.

      1. my Chinese buddy has told me his about his women. That all they do is act cute and nag when they want shit.
        He is in the well connected Chinese man bracket.

    2. The eastern european women really value intelligence in men. Professional latin girls too, so there are some good options for men who don’t feel that intelligence valued in the States.

  14. What do we learn out of this?
    1) Have good passive values and you will do fine everywhere on the planet. The poorer the places, the higher your passive values called “made in US” and “U$”.
    2) Think ahead, make plans, have back-ups – all things 99.9% of people are unable to do – DO pay off. Your organization level alone is an almost guarantee for success.

  15. Good article and right on! When I was in Manila the filipina cuties’ favorite place to be treated to was “Cowboy Grill.”, their bands are hot!

  16. I’m not that into filipinas but they hit me up on Tagged.com all…the….fucking….time. (I live in the states and they’re contacting me from the Phillipines. There are also hundreds of thousands of them here in San Diego).
    If you want to pipeline, go with Tagged. If you want to stay in the states, move to SD.

    1. Tip: the bustier ones are here stateside. Part due to mixing, part due to being fatter.

    2. Dude there’s a brown-girl stronghold down in Nat’l City called the Trophy Lounge, way easier than dealing with them online.There’s a few of them at Star Bar downtown too.

  17. Wow,americans must be pretty desperate if they are dating asians.If you arent horribly hideous,you dont need to bed yellow monkeys,theres always Eastern/South-Eastern Europe where you can go for quality women.

  18. I’ve often been impressed with the Filipinas I meet here in California. My uncle was a missionary in the PI and stayed on to marry one.
    But in the end, your article was less about a specific country as about universal advice to men,

  19. Lol at the words “Quality” and “Online” used in the same sentence when talking about women.

  20. …the more obscure areas …
    funny, you don’t tell us any of these; and I’m calling BS until you do.

    1. Funny, I’m under no obligation to hold everyone’s hand through the process of finding someone to date in the Philippines.

    2. It’s already on the internet, if you look. For example, at swooptheworld.com.

  21. 11. Negotiate up front, clearly what you want sexually from her. Don’t wait until you’ve invested everything and you’re there ready to have a great vacation and she says “oh, noooo. …. I would never put that there. Have your list of wanna dos and make sure she will do each one of them.

  22. Asian women are not my thing. They smell weird and then to have annoying voices, bad breath and bad teeth.

  23. Marry them and keep them there!
    DO NOT IMPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I like old Calvin Harris

  24. Pussy on a pedestal again! Also, shame on this man for needing a dating site to get women.

    1. No, he was using a website for pipelining beforehand. Setting it up before he arrived.

  25. You must understand that the creators of feminism wanted exactly what is happening today, and that includes white men inbreeding with foreign women. Say goodbye to the Western World and welcome this diversity bullshit.

    1. You are absolutely right, but most people here think they are above conspiracy theories.

    2. *coughGeneticManipulationcough*
      Even British pop group Jamiroquai sang about that angle in their song Virtual Insanity. >_>;

  26. A fairly good article. You make one huge error of judgement though, almost a beta move. You went there and claim to have had daily sex with this girl. Then you believe her when she says she never had a fling or a one night stand. Hate to be the one to break this to you – she’s lying. 100% certain, no doubt. If she is willing to meet a foreign guy online and immediately start having sex on meeting then she has had a good few flings and one night stands.
    Not the end of the world. The rule is dead simple – only marry a virgin. A girl can kiss, go on dates, hold hands get to know a few guys – but if she has sex with another guy then never ever marry her. One day she’ll hit the wall and you’ll be stuck caring for a girl that some other man enjoyed when she was young. Fuck that – that’s what feminists want. So just enjoy being with this girl and having fun.

    1. Being married for the past 6 years to a Filipina I can support this statement. My wife let me know she was a virgin, and would be on her wedding night, within the first 5 minutes we knew each other. She said if you don’t like that then go with someone else. As a foreigner you should not accept less than that on which a native man would insist. You can’t make a house wife out of a whore, and there are a lot of whores out there in every country. The Philippines has more than their share, so; buyers beware.
      To the guys stating hard and fast rules about age differences, it is not so. There are 28 years between my wife and I. The social standard for age difference varies culturally by a large amount. In the Philippines the difference and the culture varies by the region. On the island of Mindanao in the south of the Philippines (where my wife is from) the typical age difference between man and wife is larger than in the north. When her family grilled me they asked every question under the sun. They asked how much money I had in the bank, how much salary I made, and how often I could get an erection. But they never asked about my age. When I finally asked the matriarch of the family (a retired high school principle) why no one seemed concerned about the age difference with me being 53 and her being 25, she gave me a confused look. She asked, “What age difference? You look in your mid-forties and she is in mid-twenties; perfect!” I looked around and all the relationships were with about 20 year age differences. My wife’s mother is two years younger than me and met her father when he was her professor in one of her classes during her first year at the University. The culturally accepted age difference is smaller in the north, but in all cases much more flexible than in the western world. Of the many American men Filipina couples I now know in the US the greatest age difference is between an 80 year old guy and his 35 year old wife. They have been married for about 10 years. And, by the way, she is pretty hot in my estimation, and a sweet woman too.
      I will say that you should never marry a woman over 25.

  27. I have a friend who is making a mint with a business he is doing there in the Phillipines and he brags to me about the girls he pulls there. Not even close to the girls I find in South America with no cash.

      1. Programmers are supper cheap there, they were making all those annoying webpages that look like a page you really wanted to go to..getting income from ads on it then selling the webpages to other people. I think they were up to over 20k a month.

  28. lol and the Filipino men are flying abroad to work because their country’s economy is declining fast. Soon We would be the Americans and you would be the Filipinos hahaha.

  29. I’m in the process of figuring out this Filipina thing. Plan to make a trip there before the end of the year.
    I have a few questions for anyone with actual and direct experience:
    1) Would you recommend trying out a few here in the US, just to see if I like the “taste,” the accent, the general vide of a Filipina check?
    2) How are they on hygiene? I can’t stand bad hygiene in a woman. And, in particular, I cannot stand fucking bad breath.
    3) When meeting one for the first time in the Philippines, what do you recommend? In the lobby of the hotel? In a bar near the hotel? Or, way the fuck away from the hotel? Or, even, getting 2 hotel rooms so that a quick escape can be made if required?
    I have a lot of experience in 3rd world countries. So, not much of the stuff that you find there freaks me out. I’m just focusing in on the particular issues with Filipinas.

    1. What are your priorities Wi? Are you looking to bang a bunch, or are you looking to spend time with just one chick?
      For your other questions –
      1. Go for it. If you can find one (or more) locally, then spend some time with them and see if they match your tastes. Also, you can get a one-month membership on a site like Filipinicupid for 35 bucks. You’ll meet a ton of chicks and you can Skype with them and get a feel for the accent, mannerisms etc.
      2. Hygiene can vary. It was never an issue for me with any of the ones I’ve been involved with. Most are good about brushing their teeth and taking care of their bodies. Have encountered some hairy pussies though. It’s hot as hell there all the time, so naturally girls will have swamp-snatch after a long day, but just have them shower up before getting down to business. Girls have never put up a fuss about shaving the snatch for me either. Most were already shaven, though. I’m drawing from a pretty decent sample size here as well. With that said, I can see encountering a few that have body odor with no deodorant use (some use it, some don’t). I would say hygiene, for the most part, is satisfactory.
      3. This is where it will depend on what your goals are.

    2. -Yeah, try out a transplant or a Fil-Am chick, they’ll swear they’re “American” but the Fil genes seem to run strong. Any Navy town will have a brown-girl stronghold somewhere, usually a karaoke bar.
      -As for hygiene, girls in the “province” will have that 3rd World Dragon Breath, but they aren’t hookers. And since they might be “virgins” (or at least virginal), you’ll have to met their parents to even get anywhere beyond afternoon coffee; this country is suuuuuper catholic.
      -Girls in almost ANY major city, while perhaps not “officially” hooking, are ALWAYS down to pay-for-play. There are girls freelancing in every bar, they won’t come right out and state it, but they WILL expect some walkin-around money in the morning if you take them home. They’ll be shaved and showered and brush their teeth. Bring your own rubbers, PI rubbers are made for midgets.
      -You won’t have to worry about using 2 hotel rooms. If you stay at a nicer place, they won;t let locals past the lobby without an escort. In Manila, the best hotels are the Hyatt, Renaissance, and Mandarin.
      -If you go further south than Zamboanga (on the southwest of Mindanao), you’ll be in muslim country. You don’t want it. I’d probably go with Cebu or Dakak, a little higher end, but better quality and even some Euro girls here and there.
      -EVERY girl you meet will come off like an amateur, all shy and sweet, DO NOT RAW DOG. You’ll get the drip off every single one of these chicks unless you medicate them yourself. If you screw up, you can just walk into any pharmacy and buy a Z-pack, no prescription req’d.

    3. I never had a problem, as long as I corresponded with the girl for long enough to get a sense of what was going on beforehand. I think it’s a good idea to stay well away from bars — the PI can go from a little sketchy to the seediest thing you’ve ever imagined, right quick.
      You mention hygiene. I never had the slightest problem except for with one girl, who I really wanted to like. Although very very attracive, she had a faint strange farm-like smell which I just couldn’t stand. I couldn’t place it. She also carried a large pink handbag which for no particular reason I couldn’t tolerate and it embarrassed me. I did do the deed with her once, but I had to send her packing afterward rather than spend the several days together we’d contemplated.
      The one real downer for me is that they very often have bad teeth. I dated a couple girls in their upper 20s who still had braces, and that doesn’t look so great. It’s also not great for bjs because teeth out of place can hurt! But that was nothing compared to the ultimate gross-out: I met a beautiful innocent 19 year old girl there and took her to Panglao for a 4-day vacation. Everything was absolutely perfect. Then I realized (and I shit thee not) that she was wearing DENTURES. That was one of the most yuckkkk moments of my life. Crazy. A 19 year old with false teeth??!???!??

    4. I will travel to Philippines. Would like to study this topic before my trip there.
      – where may I find a woman there?
      – any risks with local women?
      – where is better to go with them?
      – how much money should i spend?
      – sex after a first meeting?
      Also I am interested in good hotels, places to go.

    1. Ironically, I got no response from 4chan when I personally asked the site via Twitter whether obsession with zombies qualify as “necrophilia”.
      After all, in the original Greek, “necro” means “dead, not living”, while “philia” is “obsession, not necessarily sexual”.

  30. ….aaayyyy na ko, duuuuude, I’ll be straight with you, I’ve spent a good piece of time in the PI, months and months everywhere from the “probince” to the “barrangay” and you ARE giving some good advice, filipinas can be damn sweet and a much better catch than these stateside slags, but sending any western man out there expecting to shoot fish in a barrel is almost a disservice. Please lemme offer 2 cents.
    -American women are evil and spoiled but the nice thing about them is that they’re too lazy to become genuinely devious. Filipinas are players on a level that the pimpest of PUA’s could only dream of. I’ve heard every plea for money under the sun: My father is in the hospital (verrrrry popular), I’m getting kicked out of school/apartment, my gay brother (and they all have one) can’t find work, I want to afford nursing school, I can’t afford load (minutes) for my cell phone…the list goes on, and on. You would think filipinas were the unluckiest people ever to walk the earth
    -They are INSANELY jealous. They will saw you in half if you even LOOK at another woman. Their friends will jump in too to hate on you (even though they’ll try to fuck you later), and no Fil man is going to help you; fuck you Joe, that’s what you get.
    -DO NOT GIVE THESE WOMEN MONEY. They call this “sponsoring”, and its supposed to keep them on the straight an’ narrow. As the proverbial “balikatan” with big-watch-big-money, I can say that I have without question, drank and banged on the dime of many,many,many sailors and Marines.
    -You say don’t be too much of an asshole, I say you can’t be enough of an asshole in the PI. These people, especially the women, cannot be reasoned with or viewed as peers, they must be FUCKING RULED. Either you rule them or they WILL rule you.
    …but they are dynamite in the sack, and very cost efficient if you avoid the extras.

    1. Part of what you wrote applies to meeting foreign women in general anyway. Basically, dont be a sugar daddy and dobt be stupid, sort through and avoid golddiggers.

      1. Yeah, it would apply in any country where you’re damn rich and they’re damn hungry, a lot like East Bloc or some of South America.

    2. Water finds its own level.
      Yes you do have to screen and screen hard. But in the Philippines there are lots of genuine women that will want to get to know you. It is up to you to make the selection. If all you are getting is scammers maybe you are looking in the wrong places. My friends married to Filipinas said you had to be introduced to meet nice young girls. So I asked to be introduced around. Try it; you may get better results.

      1. I’m outta that scene now, back in the land of the Chubby Snowflake. Good point though, there were no doubt some decent women out there, I spent most of my time in the bar though.
        Still, it does put an otherwise average-income guy in an awkward spot, having to figure out how much of a factor his rock-star money is.

    1. Maybe
      But they fuck like rattle-snakes AND they will care, look after you and treat you like a king [and rightly so!!]
      Take that whitey skanks!!

  31. I think is because I am young, and I am usually around very pretty girls, that I don’t find filipina women attractive at all. Sure some might be cute, but in general terms that is not the case. I went to asian dating websites to see what all the fuss is about and women there are very ugly. They kind of even look a bit like monkeys. Yeah, western women can be horrible at some things but they sure are more attractive.

    1. The ones in Socal are quite nice; the best on the Asian menu down here. And they even have tits!

    2. I can’t disagree. I went through hundreds of filipina’s profiles on a popular website, and very few stood out.
      On the other hand, 90% were 18-26 yrs old, max! And could dress sexy.

      1. One thing that perhaps best highlights the difference between American and Flip women is what they consider themselves to be in terms of body types. Let’s say a girl is 5′-3″ tall. In the USA among white women, “average” might mean 120 lbs., and “a few extra pounds” means something like 150 lbs. Among filipinas, “average” means 96 lbs., and “a few extra pounds” means maybe 105.
        They are much, much, much harder on themselves than white women, in terms of body proportions.
        The other thing is that in the Philippines it is not problem to have a huge age difference. In the USA a 50-something man has to be a movie star or incredibly lucky to date someone half his age. In the Philippines it would be entirely normal for him to date a 20-year-old girl, and have her family’s blessing. No one would bat an eye.
        I think the basic thing is, whether due to poverty or poor eating habits or whatever, they do age quickly as adults. So I would guess picking up a very young one and putting her on a healthy regimen — eat right, yoga classes, etc. — would be your best bet. That being said, an 18 year old Flip girl from the provinces, no matter how beautiful (and some of them are just about God’s finest work, in terms of physical beauty), is literally going to be about as sophisticated as a 13 year old American girl. Just is.

        1. Thanks, sounds like you have some great insight. Always appreciate some real information.

    3. Does my cock care if she is pretty or not, NO!
      Just want to drain my sack into all of her openings, not have it wake up next to me for the rest of my life, you know, pump-n-dump!!

    4. There is a grain of truth to this. I don’t what it is about their physiognomies, but each of the Asian girls I dated has, in just the right light and with just the right facial expression, looked a tiny bit like a monkey once in a while. That said, I’m hooked. SE Asian women can be truly stunning. No accident that the new Miss Universe is a Filipina.

  32. You should get in on those beautiful Muslim women, they are even further devoid of Western degeneracy! Who cares about our women, they can all marry blacks for all I care, unworthy whores all.

  33. Hahaha,
    White guys are so quick to dismiss white women that date out of their race, but asian women that do are supposedly normal, healthy women?
    They’re treating their own race like shit and going out searching for white males… that’s not hypergamy? You dudes are going to fuck up, big time. White guys that marry Asian women usually wind up with fucked up lives. Look at Peter Rodgers, father of Elliot Rodgers… he’ll probably never work again in his life.
    What would you do if you were a good looking Asian man yet so many asian females are quick to bunk up with some western guy? I feel you’d look at it pretty differently. They’re hardly angels.

    1. Including my own father who is 61 years old, destitute, doomed to spend the rest of his life caring for my mentally ill mixed race brother living in a tiny two room apartment.

    2. I’m a white guy, and don’t really care what white women do, aside from what
      affects me, or has an impact on our society.
      That’s one of the most nonsensical, factually incorrect posts I’ve seen in a while. All “outliers” aside (gold diggers, visa chasers, etc.; the usual concerns with a foreign bride) quite a few have happy, solid families and great kids.
      A friend of mine is married to a Vietnamese woman. Cute kids, no major problems. Nice lady. And other people I’ve known too who married an Asian woman. (note: I only count those born overseas and at least partly grew up there).
      As with anything, “Your results may vary.”

    1. lol yeah. I was thinking the same thing. She *might* reside in the Philippines, but her skin is way too light to be full-blooded Filipino. I’d say she’s too light for Vietnamese as well. She looks about 1/4 white, 1/2 Korean or Taiwainese and 1/4 something else. The important part is-she embodies everything this article is saying to watch out for-her designer glasses and nice hotel room say that somebody’s picking up the bill. And look at those fun bags-they might be implants or she might be a future fat girl, but the important thing is that she’s showing them off. She’s not a virgin, and she’s not modest. She has “I fuck for money” written all over her.

        1. I believe you are correct. She is surprisingly pale-although that could be make-up. I guess they couldn’t find any pictures of attractive Fillipinas

  34. LOL at this article, filipina is about the lowest you can sink to. just go to any American military base and you’ll find droves of them. they age the worst and end up looking like a cobra in quick time. Would roll thai, viet, cambodian etc. anything before a filipina. I used to hit the bar after work (swing shift) with coworkers outside the base we were on, the filipinas who have lost their meal ticket are all there throwing themselves at military guys. Av8r I’m ashamed you wrote this shit parading for flilipinas, if anyone knows how to leach the American government it is this group. they also love to mooch in Hawaii and claim to be Hawaiian when really they are just a displaced flip. they are also referred to as Chinese mexicans, cause they ain’t shit.

    1. Do they really age worse than the others? I would have said that aging has everything to do with the environment you’re in, diet and exercise. The filipinas I have met who have never been married or had kids look amazingly young even through their late 30s. Obviously YMMV.

      1. exactly, find me one youd stick your dick in that’s past 38. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a flip milf, Korean and others yes though.

      2. & yes, all Asians consider flips to be like the chinese mexicans of the east. maybe montagnards they treat worse, but they ain’t as ugly.

        1. @DirtyHarold: To your point, there’s something about this aging thing. It’s not unlike cars. Certain brands just age much much better than others. A ten year old Mercedes or BMW, even with a few dings, is usually a nice-looking car. Some high-mileage Jags are too. By contrast, some cars that were exquisite when new just look like hell some years into it, for no particular reason. Once a Ford or Toyota or what have you gets past its Best Used Before date, it’s eminently forgettable.
          One thing I have notice with many Filipinas is that motherhood is not good to them, appearance-wise. Having a kid really messes with their beauty, in a much more apparent way than in some other Asian countries. Very slim flip women often look great, but if they put on much weight at all the effect is basically ruined.

        2. You could be right Harold.
          Some very young Filipinas are arguably the most beautiful female creatures on the planet (cf. the recent Miss Universe, and some of the girls I’ve seen around Cebu, Bohol & Negros). But I’d definitely have to agree with you that they seem to age very badly for the most part. I assume that’s something with their genetics. I don’t really know. But add children to the mix, and you’re talking VERY badly. No such thing as a Filiipina MILF to my knowledge.
          I can’t think of a 40+ year old Filipina that would be considered attractive compared to some other Asian women. They don’t morph from “hot” to “elegant and pretty” as they get older, whereas many older Asian women from other regions — certainly Japan — are still absolutely striking.
          I would have to agree with you that overall there’s a junky, cheap quality to the flip thing. It’s not PC to say that, but it’s very much true. I’m not talking about poverty as such; I’m talking about a lack of grace, dignity and class. And a huge helping of stupidity in almost every case.

  35. Stack knows this very well…. very well indeed.
    I concur with the writer of this interesting article, and I also intend to marry a non-American. My life is already in order and has been for years, so, gaming aside, Stack knows that for keepers, its the foreign women. Although I would not pick Filipina, no offense to those who like them, but they simply aren’t genetically compatible with me. My offspring must be superior in every conceivable way.
    Femtrooper’s are recognizing this trend, and now criticize American men of ruining or dirtying foreign women, “corrupting” them, when in fact the foreign women are having the time of their lives being made to feel what it means to be a woman, and being given that feeling from a real man. The Femperial’s try to stop us at every advance, but they can’t prevail against a greater intellectual quota, masculine endurance, and the will of iron that is nature and life itself. It’s only a matter of time before their futile philosophies collapse on themselves in no more glorious grandeur than when the Grand Canyon was carved by the forces that be…

  36. Great article and quite inspiring. Fili might be a bit remote for me but I will consider this strategy for ports closer to home.

  37. This is a great post, but I was wondering what you guys feel about actually marrying a foreign girl and *gasp* bringing her back to the hellhole that is the USA? This is something I’m planning to do in the near future, but I can’t seem to shake this nagging worry that once my unspoilt innocent bride steps foot here, her transformation into the typical Americunt would immediately begin. Does anyone else who have married a foreign wife have any opinion on this?

    1. I did it 6 years ago and no transformation yet. (She is the same weight as when we married 105 pounds. I however have gained 50 pounds due to complacency.) I found the key is to get her employed in a place that has few to no white women. Ideally her fellow employees should all be immigrants themselves. My wife works in health care and most of her co-workers are African immigrants. It is important to get her to work as this takes her away from the US TV. Oprah is Satan. I then got her Filipino TV network access through the internet. US culture is transmitted by that idiot box. The second effort I made was to link her into the local Filipino community. All of my wife’s friends are other immigrant Filipinas. Women need female friends, but you must be careful about who are her friends. Also, no girl’s nights out. Married women in the Philippines don’t go out without their husbands. Don’t allow it here. Don’t put temptation in her path.

  38. If you’re gonna post a pic with the article about Filiinas then use a Filipina and not some Vietnamese girl. That pic is Elly Tran Ha from Vietnam.

  39. Good article except the girl in the photo is not a Filipina. That’s Elly Tran Ha, a Vietnamese model.

  40. Nice, bring a 3rd World woman to a first world country and see what happens.
    Just stab yourself in the heart now.

  41. There are a lot of things wrong with this article, but I’d like to just point out a few.
    For one thing, “quality Filipina woman”. Meaning a foreign woman without all of the sexist stereotypes you’ve slapped on females in your own country that you (in most cases) mistakenly believe will enjoy what an asshole you are and fuck you all day and night. Anyone else is “not quality”. But WHY? WHY are you judging human beings by their “quality”? If you aren’t attracted to someone, fine. Don’t start a stereotype against every single person remotely affiliated with them, and don’t put other people up on a pedestal because they “defy” these magical stereotypes you’ve created.
    Also, whether or not someone will fuck you is them “proving themselves” as a decent human being to you? That’s bogus. What about what’s in their HEARTS, whether or not they’re a kind PERSON? You know, all that kind of stuff? But you wouldn’t go for that, would you? You have your hypermasculinity to uphold….
    There’s nothing wrong with feminism. No matter what “feminazi”-shamers and the mainstream media (not that these things are always separated) say, feminism is a belief in equality between male and female, and all the diverse and wonderful different kinds of humans that fall in-between those two sexes. It’s not about turning women into men (especially considering gender roles are fake and created by a conformist society), or women being asserted over men.

    1. “feminism is a belief in equality between male and female”
      That’s hilarious.
      Communism is about equality! Scientology is about spiritual freedom!

  42. How does this skinny loser get women!?
    Blown away.
    Some skinny trailer park loser — Who was a total
    chump around women— Read some psychological
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  43. Asian women beat western women hands down..in Asia..but once you marry them and bring them to the west watch how quickly they begin to imitate their “liberated” sisters and walk off with all your money.

    1. This is a repeated theme and it must be true often or folks wouldn’t say it. I have yet to bring one to the west but am beginning to at least consider it.

  44. Anyone know who the gal is in the top photo? I’ve seen her I don’t know how many times and have always wondered.

  45. Fuck that, being a traditional man is like being a well-rounded tool for women especially traditional asian women to use and dispose, I’d rather pay, fuck, and chuck them en mass, when I go to a third world Asian nation, I do there rank up numbers.

  46. Take a good long look at their FB pics. If they swim in bikinis they’re sluts; if the swim covered in shorts and a Tshirt, they’re good girls. Simple as that!

  47. Personally I think men have gotten greedy just like these crazy feminists. Many men run around with whores in their late teens, 20s. Men, or should I say males bone many women even if their married, in a relationship. And we bash them for it. Women are only good for sex, as many men would say on this site. If women are only good for sex, we’re only good for fucking them as well. Women are the other half of society. Yall are falling right into the hands of the elite/satanists. Yeah I know there are a lot of crazy women out there, but to just paint women all over the world with the same brush is totally insane. Universal picassos. Proverbs 31:3 rings so true. Many men have ruined themselves by strictly indulging in carnal desires. I’m only 28, not a feminists nor a white knight. These guys that have notches under their belt are VERY bitter towards women. That quote from Batman III reminds me of many modern males/female. Bane said “Victory has defeated you.”
    Every choice is not choosing something else. You just have to figure out what is the most important for you.
    I bet if the majority of yall encountered some pretty quality women, yall would write them off as too good to be true. Quality over quantity forever. I rather have a queen than run the streets with unpaid prostitutes aka sluts, whores, etc. Life goes very quick and by the comments on a majority of these articles, many guys made their beds, but dont wanna lay in it. You can pick the poison, but don’t rely on the antidote to save you.

  48. How the fuck do you tell guys to get experienced with fucking women so they can fine tune their “bullshit detectors” and whatnot, but at the same time want a woman who is practically a nun when it comes to sex and relationships? What the actual fuck?

  49. Seems like it works for some people. I friend of mine found just what he was looking for. I don’t know them as a couple very well but they seem happy together and she is very frieking hot. If you like spinners, it seems like that would be heaven. Complex process to bring them back to the USA for sure though.

  50. Right. Notice that Suaron666 is posting a lot on threads that are really old. This way the troll gives her new sock puppet a history of posting without much chance of a response.

    1. Not so. I didn’t take note of the date of the threads. I was just commenting on threads that were/are of interest. There is no sock puppetry or any other agenda. I have had this Disqus account for a while and most of its activity has been outside of the ROK website. Thanks

  51. This article seems pretty fair and balanced. There are plenty of scammers but there are some damned nice girls there, too. I think you’ll find that, unlike in the USA, there is absolutely zero stigma to large age differences in dating. It’s just expected. And this article is right on that while you have to be a leader, there is no cause whatsoever to be an asshole. Unless you find yourself entangled with one of the aforesaid scammers.

  52. There’s one other thing that comes to mind. Which is, while these are often beautiful girls for sure, very few are well educated or worldly. So, leaving aside for the moment the bad financial etc. experiences that many seem to have had with them after importing them to the USA, I guess the question really is: could you proudly present her to your circle, as your new wife? What would your friends say? What would your colleagues say? Not that you couldn’t overcome objections, but at the outset it seems so very very shady that I really don’t know what having a young hot new filipina bride would do to your standing in the community. Sure, people may be jealous of you for having a gorgeous young thing on your arm, but they are unlikely to accord you much in the way of respect after they speak to her for a few minutes. Or so it seems to me.

    1. Hey Sauron666, I will travel to Philippines. Would like to study this topic before my trip there.
      – where may I find a woman there?
      – any risks with local women?
      – where is better to go with them?
      – how much money should i spend?
      – sex after a first meeting?
      Also I am interested in good hotels, places to go.

    2. The kind of people that would judge me based on how well my wife knows American pop culture, politics, or whatever BS they want to talk about, are not the kind of people I want to be friends with. Furthermore, almost no one I meet on a regular basis is capable of an intelligent conversation. So if they’re judging my wife on that ability, chances are they are failing my test as well. Anyway, who marries a wife for her knowledge of trivia or world events or whatever bullshit they would be asking her about?

  53. I will travel to Philippines. Would like to study this topic before my trip there.
    – where may I find a woman there?
    – any risks with local women?
    – where is better to go with them?
    – how much money should i spend?
    – sex after a first meeting?
    Also I am interested in good hotels, places to go.

  54. The pic at the top of the page looks surprisingly busty (and wide-eyed + pale) for an asian female.
    Between #4 & #5, there’s a picture of a woman panhandling for breast implants.
    So I gotta know: are the Philippines the “Silicone Archipelago”?

  55. And what about filipina immigrants in the US? I got a breakfast date with one (nurse that works at night) and I think I messed up. Being used to amerisluts getting laid on the first date, and this one was more of a serious woman.

    1. My experience having spent many years in an area with a big Philippine population (caveat: I have been permanently out of the dating scene for a really long time):
      It is hit or miss. I have met more than a few that went low class slut route. I have known others that you would be happy to take home to meet mom. My friend married the latter for 20+ years. Three kids to show for it.
      I suspect if she is in nursing (assuming an RN here) that you got a smart gal and probably didn’t screw around in school. Nursing ain’t wimmins studies.

      1. Thanks. I really want to have faith for once in life. I know women are evil, but at some point some of us desire one for certain adult plans. Yes, she is RN.
        Her shit tests are different from white women’s. I have never dated Asian women before, that’s why I am confused.
        PS: reading rooshv forum thread about nurses got me really scared.

        1. Hehe women aren’t evil, they will just pull you as far as they can. Don’t count on them to be upholders of morality or standards, but I wouldn’t call them evil.
          I spend most of my time around women, wife or bit on the side, simply because most guys seem too chicken shit and I need some company lol.
          But yes Asian womens shit tests will be different and so will the needed response to them. Mostly they ask for things, or bring up shit that they know you don’t care about. A lot of it is empty baiting, don’t bite on it, ignore it and it will go away. If you bite you will drag up a lot of other shit you don’t want lol.

  56. Fairly well applicable to any other cultures girl too.
    The only way to know if she is serious is to make her spend money of her own. But I have to say when mine did, I knew she was dead serious about us.
    And now she is my wife :-). In my opinion you get the best quality girls if you are open to their culture and religious practices.

  57. My wife is filipina, but I have to say that I went through a lot of them to find a good one. They seem to be very scam-oriented, I guess because most are dirt poor, and even the ones who don’t believe they’re acting in a scamalicious manner are very focused on how many resources they can extract from you (and how soon).
    That’s women in general I guess, but I’ve dated a lot of filipinas just out of personal preference and that has been my experience with the vast majority of them.

  58. “A woman that likes you will want you to know her people and, if she comes from a good family, they will want to know you too. It raises red flags if she’s hiding either people, places, or things from you. This includes wanting to meet you in a city other than where she lives.”
    A good point. This is the most important screening test in discerning whether you are getting a sexual hookup girl or a real relationship.

    1. To be fair I met my wife the first time away from where she lives, but that was for dual reasons. No1 I wanted to see her spend some money on being with me, and second because I didn’t want to give her home turf advantage hehe.

  59. A note of the Filipinas: A lot of them are hard core Christians. In addition to Catholicism, the Evangelical churches have grown greatly in membership over the past 30 years.
    Don’t be surprised if the first correspondence you get from her mentions god a lot and she goes to church every Sunday.
    Not saying this is good or bad… just a ‘heads-up’ as you might find the religious intensity a bit surprising.

  60. Based on the title, I was expecting to the author would list trustworthy websites to meet filipinas.

    1. Cherry Blossoms.. not just for the Philippines.
      I used them years ago when I was looking to find pen-pals (yeah.. I am that old.. email wasn’t in wide use yet) in countries I was planning to visit. It was recommended to me by an older coworker who as a younger man, traveled through South America. He had a woman ready to meet him who acted as a date, translator, and tour guide. He ended up marrying one of them.

  61. Call me shallow but I just don’t find them physically attractive for the most part, even if their culture gives them good qualities. The ones that are part-Chinese/Japanese/White are often incredible, though.

  62. Disgusting, pathetic white pedophiles should stick to their own slutty and degenerate women. Only the biggest white creeps go for Asian women.

  63. The gal in your photo is Vietnamese. Don’t despair though. My wife is viet, works at an Asian supermarket, and can’t tell one asian from another until they speak their language.

  64. “If a girl asks for money, or if it looks like the discourse between the two of you may head in that direction, cut it off then and there.”
    This is the gist of the advice in this article in my mind. 22 years of being around the Philippines and Filipinas. The good ones who are interested in a real relationship will not ask for money, they have pride and want your respect. The second she does, it means she thinks all westerners are ATM’s to spit money out to them PERIOD….no changing that. BUT after you date her a for a long bit, and things get a little serious, she will expect some support from you. But if she is asking for a lot or for expensive gifts…….you are an ATM to her. Test her….over and over. If you do send money after dating a bit. Put her on a limited budget and see if she can stick to it. If she keeps asking for more and more….lots of sob stories, cut her off, and end it. Better to do it early before you are married or have a kid with her…..test her, believe me she will test you over and over to see if you are still a butterfly…(player).
    The part in this article where he’s talking about shit testing. Great! But asking her to spend her hard earned money to buy a ticket to Manila to meet him? Selfish! Hope he repaid her savings because a ticket on a domestic flight anywhere in PI is around 200-250 USD. That’s 10-13,000 peso. It took her a long time(try years) to make that money, and it takes most Americans a few days to make that. So keep in mind before you ask her to spend more than a few pesos, what will she get in return? Are you going to marry her? Would you invest your life savings in her in a shit test? Of course not. A passing grade on your shit your test is not worth her life savings and so that makes you a selfish prick for doing that. Try giving her a few pesos and see what she does with it. See if she will buy you a t-shirt or something to remember her by.
    Having said that. There are plenty of selfish bastards that go to PI and use the girls.
    Try to be both smart with your money, and honest in your dealings with them. If you are not looking to get serious, say so, believe me they have friends that are just looking for a good time and a little cash. The serious ones, are there when you are ready to settle down. Don’t mix the two.

  65. I don’t really find Filipina women attractive, and also the first picture you have with the article is a Vietnamese woman .
    Her name is Elly Tran Ha.

    1. Oh but I’d like you to know my wife is Vietnamese and I can agree wholeheartedly about men flocking to Asian women because American women are pieces of sh*t nowadays..

  66. It sounds like you’re deluding yourself into thinking your girlfriend had a good life in the Philippines and came to be with you by choice, rather than the coercion of escaping crippling poverty – Her having a ‘Good job’ being the trigger phrase here. Granted you’re not running a soup kitchen but you are actively involved in trafficking human beings, no matter how good they are at pretending to be nice to you. You must feel like such a proud alpha man for purchasing – coercing – a young girl into engaging with you. How horrific that she had to endure your clingy hands.
    This article is about how to rent a prostitute – with various boasting examples – no matter how often you throw in the terms ‘marital’, ‘relationship’ and ‘commitment’. Keep trying to convince yourself that you’re not paying for her time, if you say it enough maybe one day you’ll believe it. I’ve spent as much time in the Philippines as you have, and all the women laugh at how easily targeted Western men are. They find it quite shameful to be in a relationship with a Western John, they are far more interested in dating their own countrymen or – in some cases – countrywomen. On the whole they are just much better liars than you are and you’re too stupid to realise two people can play a game. I’ll be back there next month, hopefully I can find this girl and have a good laugh at you.

  67. Great article. And by the way I’m a born American now living in Israel. And let me tell you Israeli Women are a carbon copy of American Women. The only difference is they talk Hebrew more then English. But they’re just as much feminazi’s here as American Women are. They’re no different at all here. And so far online I’ve only found Filipino scammers and liars talking to a bazillion other men. My hope is to go to the Philippines live in person and meet a Filipino girl live face to face. I think this is the only good safe way to meet one. There’s too many liars and scammers on the Internet

  68. Nice article. There are several great dating sites. PinaLove and Filipino Cupid are my favorites. Also guys check out MikedOut on youtube. He has a lot of content about how to find/meet beautiful Filipina women.

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