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I’m sure many of you followed the internet drama surrounding Matt Forney’s latest submission about Portland. Judging by the sheer number of comments, many angry words were exchanged, and if you’re anything like me, you got angry right back.

Portlanders dug up an old photo of Forney where it shows him as overweight and dressed poorly. I understand the “judge not lest ye be judged yourself” arguments, but he is working towards an ideal and expects the same ideal in the women he dates. However, this was nearly the only reasonable objection that was raised about the article. The rest was pure screeching vitriol and the hatred ‘culminated’ when one commenter decided to save all of the fragile and defenceless women of Portland from the evil internet man by attempting to take down Return of Kings and Matt Forney’s blog.

Anger driving one white knight to lash out against someone ‘tapping their supply’—it’s just an isolated case right? No. Roosh shared a thread containing an email from a delusional beta orbiting white knight who told Roosh how much of a bad man he was for having sex with his BFFL and not calling back. Just like the Portlanders he rushes to defend the defenseless from the hairy evil that defiled his woman, even going so far as threatening to call the government and report him for terrorism.

Who knows maybe it was really just the girl in question trying to get back into our glorious leader’s good graces after seeing the love he is receiving in Romania.


Everyone seems to have their reasons for why someone with an opposing view of the world has that view. Everyone has a rationalization for their hatred. Women see a celebrity with a younger woman and exclaim “its because he can’t handle a real woman like me.” Feminists regurgitate jargon instead of debating a topic logically. We say internet feminists are fat and unhappy clones which causes their irrationality and anger. All ad hominems. All worthless when it comes to communicating with one another.


The Everything Else section over at the forum has blown up recently with more activity than ever before. It’s become a sort of news site, full of the best and worst the world has to offer. After reading countless stories of false rape accusations, unqualified women attempting to be Dog the Bounty Hunter, ridiculous suspensions for eating snack-foods into particular shapes, belligerent feminists from Toronto, and media shaming men dating younger women, one begins to think there is no end to the madness. The list goes on and on and its hard not to begin to hate everything. It’s hard not to want to move to a deserted tropical island, bring a harem of beautiful women, and live out your days drinking coconut water while getting in touch with your primal nature.

Sometimes we need a break from all this negativity and anger. Instead of noticing how the woman you are on a date with might be worth a mini-relationship, you’ll think “but what if she tries to cry rape when I fuck her, what if blah blah I’m angry and paranoid.” Instead of noticing a hot chick in yoga pants, you’ll notice some skrillex-cutted chick in Whole Foods buying vegetables, making snarky remarks about your meat purchases. You’ll psych yourself out of approaching because “all western women are the same: they have bad attitudes, are fat and entitled and on and on.”


Essentially you’ll become just like the commenters on the Portland article. Bitter and angry at everything that doesn’t fit your worldview. You’ll start seeing examples of what is “wrong” everywhere you go, just to validate the problem. I say at least try to find the good in every girl you meet. By no means am I saying to go and talk to the 40lbs overweight, short-haired chick who is shotgunning a beer and yelling with vocal fry about how she wants pizza. What I am saying is that most women you date will want you to be happy. She will change some of her habits to accommodate you. Find a girl that you don’t mind spending time with and impart on her some good habits.

You can’t hate society, you are a part of it. Adapt to the changes, acknowledge them as they are, and brush them off, but know that you are in control of how you interpret things. Only you can let yourself feel the way you do. It is your job as a man to create a lifestyle which makes you the most fulfilled. Tons of guys over at the forum have found girls they enjoy who are sweet and feminine. Anger will turn from a mood to a way of life. Stave off its poison with a healthy dose of positivity instead.

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60 thoughts on “Take A Break From The Manosphere”

  1. This article is very spot-on. Just as the feminist are obsesed with the patriarcy; we do not want to turn into a group of people who are obsesed with the matriarcy (or whatever the hell they call themselves).
    If you obsese over the monster long enough, you turn into the very monster you hate.

    1. Unfortunately while you’re chilling there are many thousands of people actually getting paid to work as feminists

      1. So fucking what? I don’t care if they’re millionaires from being skanks. This site is *getting* pathetic with all it’s bitching about feminists. They’re wrong, they’re deluded, they’re dying out, get over it. The only three things I worry about are getting rich, getting laid and having fun.

  2. Anger can be a great motivator…like being righteously angry that you’ve been lied to and you use that fuel to improve yourself.
    But don’t let it consume you…once you have seen the light and become content…there is no need to be angry with the world. You have peace in the world that matters.

  3. So, now that feminism is on the run, and their high priestesses are wailing in disarray, should we turn away? Give quarter? If our positions were flipped, would they?
    What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their manginas!

      1. Ah, MRAs. The femmi’s favorite straw villain.
        They just can’t handle the fact that normal, everyday guys are not putting up with their bullshit anymore.

      2. There is an old boxing joke. At the end of the round, a bad one for the boxer, he stumbles back to his corner bleeding and battered. His manager say “You’re doing fine. He isn’t laying a glove on you.” The boxer says “Well then you better watch the referee because someone out there is beat the shit out of me.”
        Funny that they fight MRAs, that they see the whole movement as MRAs, when to me, the growing force, the real social force, is PUA. And we are whipping their asses far more then MRAs. They may attack MRAs, but the body blows they are receiving are coming from us.
        PUA goes to the core biological drive of men, that by practicing the method you can get more sex, and that is the hook that pulls in young men. And so as the Alexa data about this website shows, men 25-35, the cultural pipeline, the future culture warriors, the youth is growing the PUA way. And in accepting PUA and its scientific core, women are slammed, as much or more, than any MRA indictment. Roosh had a blog on RooshV.com about MRA being dead last year. He said screw a bunch of divorce law reform, I ain’t marrying. Who cares about a bunch of fathers rights changes, I ain’t having no child with an American women. So PUAs do an “end run” around the whole issues that MRAs concentrate, and create a societal reality for women that is far worse than any changes MRAs wish to gain. And the men no longer play the game in the manner that favors women. So let them attack MRAs. Because PUAs are ones that are whipping their asses.

        1. PUA are the ultimate MGTOW. They live for themselves and at best spoil women with 5a seconds of alpha. Take a generation of motivated driven young men, that only live for themselves and bow out of society. Really society cant take that kind of hit.

        2. Hmmm, interesting POV.
          Honestly though, with all the movement going on on the MRA side; how long before they start coming after PUAs?
          Eventually, marriage will get put back into the discussion as feminists and actual women alike start to feel the pinch and can’t deny it. Then, the tacit admissions they will try and make in euphemism, will even make blue pill men ask themselves what being a red pill is.
          To where feminists were toxic activists going after men; and regular women were content to let it happen as it benefitted them; I sense men are different.
          MGTOWs to feminist activists will actually isolate themselves and reject everything, not attack. PUAs (or similar to MGTOW as you say) will whip the vag, then leave. And Regular guys may eventually get wise, and start demanding the same sort of offerings from women, that women traditionally expected in a marriage proposal from men in times past.
          They are fucked in all ways. Without men, and then in direct conflict with men at work and out on the street, I don’t see them enjoying life much. Especially being pumped and dumped, to watch said male marry a foreign woman; if he marries at all.
          Yet to the MRAs, we are getting things passed through state congresses, and eventually our presence will start to affect the national discussion. Natalist laws would be next to try and legally force us all into marriages we don’t want for the birth of future citizens and taxes; at that point they will be a step away from having to admit defeat.

        3. I don’t mean to insult MRAs. I was actually surprised at the progress they are making in courts and in some legislatures. What I was saying was men arrive at MRA by way of divorce rape and then become activists. Younger men arrive to PUA by word of mouth from other young men. But Game is not only about increased sexual access. It relies so heavily on Evo Psych and it crushes the idea of “culture as determinant of gender”. And men steeped in Game no longer respect women in any way, they despise them as deeply as the most “bitter” divorced man that has been tromped on by the system. And they despise women because the traits they learn to adopt for sexual success are so irrational as to why they should succeed where “good father” traits are so rejected. And to me, that is deadly recipe for women, far more than any modifications of law and court practices. You could say MRAs seek a curative solution and Game provides a preventative solution. Hats off to any MRA success. But honestly, the public discussion that is beginning to occur in the MSM between men and women has little or nothing to do with changes in Law. And it has everything to do with the outcomes of Game. Hannah Rosin writes “Boys on the Side” and responses come from women saying “Not so fast. We are feeling quite as empowered from hookups as you like to propose”. And mean Hannah and they say, “Fine, bitch. We got what youwant then. You don’t want commitment. Hey fucking works for me.” And soon a realization will occur that while Feminism helps those few women who wish to be men, it does little for those women that sort of like the “cush” deal that women had and that they are risking the loss of by even tacit support for feminism. Laws will change slowly, if at all. PUA actions are hitting women where it hurts, now, without the need for a legislative agenda, without the need for legal activism. Like Joe Strummer from the Clash said “Real social change begins on the street”. Roosh does more to damage the female psyche and slant it away from feminism as he attacks their fundamental reproductive viability in a way far more damning that any slut shaming. PUA yanks them down from the pedestal. PUA assumes them as sluts and unworthy of motherhood. PUA assumes them as shallow, ruled by their vagina, against their better angels. PUA encourages confrontation with them, dismissal of the them, lack of value of them, manipulation of them, disposal of them, refusal to commit to them, not as a political reason, but as a successful sexual strategy. And PUA is “micro” solution, “everyman” can adopt it, and it needs no collective action. The women currently see themselves as heroines is their valiant fight against the patriarchy, and PUA is changing the narrative. We see them as sluts not worthy of our commitment, our labor, our protection. And our version is gaining traction among young men. They can see with their eyes what we say. Already, the idea of the “nice guy” is dying, a pitiful, emasculated fool, plays the “nice guy”. He’s been rejected, he just can’t accept it yet. And he was rejected exactly because he was the “nice guy”. Imagine the traction that will have. OK, so the 3 major blogs today, Heartiste, Rollo, and this Return of Kings post here, have articles about fighting back with dominance, with aggression. Heartiste is about being an asshole to hot girls, not gushing, ignoring their beauty, treating them like crap. Rollo is about women accepting domination from other women because they can find in “worthy” men they accept to dominate them, and now this post of the failure of “beta traits”. What happens when the hottest women all begin to receive shitty treatment from the majority of the type of men that they wish to be with? What happens when men in general begin to collectively metaphorically “hit women in the mouth” with a take or leave it style of aggression? Kind of a “fuck me or fuck off” attitude from the men they wish to be with.
          So I have always held the idea PUA would have more traction and that is why I am here. I do not expect to use game and head out into the night and 57 years of age and throw negs. I think it has more teeth in the big picture. It surrenders nothing to women; it doesn’t whine, it attacks. Nobody need give anything to it as a cultural movement; it takes what it wants. It is entirely postmodern; it entirely decentralized; entirely political as a social force because it is entirely social, hence cultural. We need storm no great institutions, infiltrate no universities, no courts, no legislative bodies. There is no head of the snake to cut off. And that is exactly why we will prevail.

        4. Beleive it or not gay marriage is a will prevent many negative laws. They want to pass a bachelor tax, cool can gay marry a long term buddy or your dad to make it super creepy. They cant force you to consumate marraige. No legally they already “won”. The only misandrist law left is the dreaded “Cock Tax”, but call me an optimist but i think that is a bridge to far even for them.

        5. Most men who find my site don’t use the PUA term, so that chart doesn’t properly indicate the growth of red pill sites.

        6. I agree with all of this. As you say, I came to the MRA side after I got shafted in family court. Not right away though. I was a PUA, but was also military. So sometimes, I had a girl who I would have comfort sex with; comfort as in I did not have time between stints in the field/out at sea, to properly waste time talking to a girl. When I already had several on the side, I did not waste time bagging new girls. This led to my downfall.
          I started dating one, and in a drunken moment, believing she had the depro shot, my guard was down. Boom, kid on the way, and a eventual support order.
          Obviously, I still had a ton of blue pill beta attitudes in 04-05. After that, I went after my theory in game even stronger. Though I was getting shafted by family court (we all do as fathers lately it seems), I was getting mine. Besides my kid’s mom, I had women in Cali, Hawaii, the south, south asia, australia, alaska, and my home state amongst a few other places. She pissed me off, so I gave her the dirty dick on numerous occasions. These women, if I was not seeing them, came to visit me. When it came to getting laid, I was swimming in women; but I got orders overseas. Aww, so sad.
          I left for the European continent, and lit up a ton of ass there, then off to Japan. It was just too easy. Met a foreign women, who it was pretty obvious to me that if she had any partners, I did not need all the fingers on my hand to count them. Even if she did, she has nothing on me.
          The point is, game could have prevented, helped me through, and sustained me long term. My only thing though was that the drama of these bitches, all of them, just got to me. I also wanted more kids.
          I think the PUA and MRA brands are like a tag team of sorts. Eventually, many PUA types are going to get puritanical on PUAs as they are a god marriage/relationship first kind of group. However, in the meantime, keep knocking them down a few pegs. So I get what you are saying, and I wish you luck.
          I have been out of it for years now, and the lingo has drastically changed. It is far more scientific, and still effective. My wife gets jealous often. LOL
          Keeps the relationship interesting.

      3. Here is another similar sort of link. Feminist Engagement with Evolutionary Psychology.
        It is becoming aware to them they better address Evo Psych. The premise of culture as everything in “gender identity is core to their ideas. Of course, we trash that. And it is the “big stick” in our bag. They realize this
        “For those women and men who might wish to change the rules of this
        engagement, passionate responses without hardheaded analysis may be
        cathartic, but they are a luxury we can scarcely afford. They postpone a
        dialogue between evolutionists and feminists that has to happen if we
        are to build the current experiment in women’s rights on a more secure
        foundation, based on a deeper understanding of why issues like “women’s reproductive rights” are so charged in the first place.
        Sarah Hrdy, sociobiologist, Darwinian feminist (1999, xxvii)”
        So they are saying is be like that red headed shrike in the above photo and stand and screech with dogma, then stand by for the science to stomp you. So now they seek to reframe the discussion of evo psych. I started to read a paper on this Feminist Evolutionist. They are not all far wrong. They wish to speak of the power in evolution of female selection as the driver of evolution as opposed to male variability.
        So look for some rationale like “We deserve alpha fux and beta buxs. It is what is best for the species. We only select the best and those losers can stuff it. We have the genius of life creation with our magic vaginas. And society and men should support whatever we do.”

  4. “You can’t hate society, you are a part of it. Adapt to the changes,
    acknowledge them as they are, and brush them off, but know that you are
    in control of how you interpret things.”
    “You can’t hate poison you are a part of it. Adapt to the symptoms,
    acknowledge them as they are, and brush away the blood pouring from your nose, but know that you are in control of the 5 seconds of life you have left to live.”
    No. I’ll stick to being real and exposing this feminist society’s dysfunction and hatred at every opportunity Mr. wiseguy
    PS: Roosh, how dumb are you that you think you can ban my ip just like that and I won’t force my wisdom onto these retards regardless of your efforts.

    1. He likes to ban people’s IP’s if they disagree with him. I remember him making a post about his younger brother essentially covering his eyes and ears if something was not going right. Funny how he has his own version of it.

  5. Yes, this is important. I’ve lost the better part of three years to on again/off again anger and depression. Be a happy warrior, and if the fight is bringing you down, take a break.

  6. I try, am trying, to get away, to take a break. I mean to. I say “Stop commenting”, leave it the fuck alone.
    But I can’t, even though I want to, because once your paradigm has changed, once you see things through Red Pill, you cannot “not” see them as you now see them.
    And besides, everything else is stupid, fucking boring drivel. This is only true and interesting thing on the internet. And manosphere men are the only interesting people in the world right now. Even though their viewpoint is colored by anger, it is, at least, not slanted with horseshit cultural slants.
    Because like it or not, the core ideas are based on the truth, as we see it and as we know to be. the millions of anecdotal experiences and observations of men, with scientific knowledge and skillful cultural interpretation by the key writers of the group that explains that knowledge, those anecdotes, and common experiences.
    I can speak from personal experience that an argument or thesis that is not well thought through, is half baked, and lacks consistent verifiable logic will get kicked down the street, ridiculed, jeered by the overall body and forum of men. The core thesis and maxims of the group exist as core, exactly because the are based on reality or the explanation is accepted by the group because it deserves to be accepted.
    I am trying, deliberately trying to cultivate other interests, but I continue to find myself in the midst of that desert of culture, that river of bullshit, and in the end, I gotta come back.
    We need no acceptance, no approval from any other outside group other than the acceptance among ourselves that what we say here, what we do here, and who we are here, makes the difference in the day to day lives and life plans of the men that accept it and participate in it, that it gives men power and the will to power to live their lives on their own terms…
    With permission from no one for doing so.

    1. Take a look at your own personal life. Who are you fucking? Who are your closest friends? What are your hobbies? We act on our emotions first and foremost (read: Maslow’s heirarchy of needs), those who deny that or lose sight of that have been too stagnant for too long and need to go out and experience something different for a change.
      The ‘manosphere’ holds truths that do not get expressed or spread anywhere else, but there is more to life than worrying about feminism and false rape accusations. I can live my own life and see the ‘red pill’ without making it always out to be a big deal.
      Also, lol @ the dyed red head feminist screaming at the MRA in that video. Poor girl.

      1. In fact, I would say that if your instant reaction is to not laugh and say “poor girl” about that red-headed feminist, you have to get out more. If you spend any time outside, you know that she gets the bottom of the barrel of men.

    2. mark always a pleasure reading your stuff. i know thats a cliche around here, after all you are famous.
      i was thinking this today. as useful as much of this information is… i can observe things that i would have never noticed. understanding everyones observations, discovering my own… but there comes a point when even the most useful and self evident of information stops being useful and begins to suffocate.
      it is a common idea that one cannot have too much knowledge and information. i as of late have come to the conclusion that this is not true. up until the point when information us useful and productive it is good. beyond that it stops being a tool and becomes a distraction. it becomes counterproductive.
      my life has been bettered as a result of these discussions. i do not want to drag it on to the point that i can no longer say this.
      it is hard not to get wrapped up in all the arguments when you can see first hand that everything outside of it is absurd bullshit.

  7. I like Forney for the most part but to write an article (a good one imo) decrying fat chicks and your own twitter photo is one where you are fat is going to get pushback. “working on it” doesn’t count. Tons of fat people are “working on it” update your picture and don’t be a little bitch, which he’s done multiple times with the hamsterization of his comments and his cowardly taking down of his rape article, and don’t ban every person that notices he’s fat and poorly dressed.

    1. Not only that, he has a history of deleting posts. His “lurkers im calling you out”post is gone. his original video with his gimp ear is gone. His “calling out divorced men” video is gone, his “rape survivor” video is gone (long story short all his videos are gone) If you’re going to have videos and realize you aren’t great is one thing but to be a pussy and delete all of them with some hamster post about why you did it (please, it was for the same reason he cancelled comments. his little ego wasn’t getting enough of them) is pathetic. His journey posts are amazing and everyone should read them but he became a parody of himself and his only recent good article, within the last six months, was his portland article. For the record, I’m overweight and “working on it.” I’ve lost 25 lbs in the last 3 months. 6’2 225 now.

  8. Pull my snout out of the trough of bitterness and frustration? I have been trying to do this for months.
    The hate is addictive though. I can’t help “hate reading” stuff like Jezebel…
    Maybe it’s resignation, but how do I stop worrying about the fools I can’t change and focus on the affairs that are in my limited locus of control?
    This is what drives me crazy about the predominantly leftist protest culture. Rather than trying to leverage the power that is in their grasp to make the kind of steps to the world about which they dream, the grumble and screech in an attempt to put a yoke on all the people who are of a different opinion and unconvinced by their vision.
    The problem is that negativity is more powerful than anything positive or constructive.
    I really liked this post. It’s a great example of the genuine thoughtful, self-critical reflection that one frequently finds in this our little intellectual ghetto.
    The author is right that we can hate society at large but we are still part of it. We have only a few choices:
    – Bang on the wall and hope to change the minds of a bunch of stubborn fools who are trying just as hard as we are to evangelize the world and mobilize everyone to work to realize their competing visions.
    – Opt out, resign, declare independence, go our own way, move to an isolated cabin in Montana, Alaska or Siberia, etc… Freedom? Perhaps. But why is it so unsatisfying? Maybe we have a calling to make the world what we think is a better place – just like our favorite Jezzebel(les).
    – Divorce the parts of society that repel us – something in between perhaps?
    Find like minded people and gravitate together with them to a new kind of community? Sounds too polyanna-ish kumbayah….
    I hate the bitterness that is growing inside me. It’s not in my control and expands like a cancer. I like what one of the manosphere exercises did to try to get the picky single ladies to try to recognize at least something positive about the fellows she disqualified. Maybe we could try something like that?
    I don’t hate the world because it’s bad. I love it and just wish it could do better.
    Maybe my bitterness and hate is just a misdirected expression with my own self and situation? Saying the modern western world and all its odiously “progressive” female folk are rotten is just a nice excuse to be lazy, give up and not bother to try.

    1. You can’t argue with idiots. That’s not just a catch-phrase, it’s a fact. I’ve tried. Even when I’ve won the argument with a retard they’re too dumb to understand and laugh at me, thinking they’re right.
      Best thing to do is lead those retards astray; give them bad advice, encourage them to take drugs, or get a tattoo on their forehead, and fuck up their lives, then move on. There’s no point in trying to help them, it doesn’t work.

  9. You can’t hate society, you are a part of it. Adapt to the changes
    well, fuck that
    sorry to disobey your command, but i DO hate your tyrannical, feminist “society” and i will “adapt” to it by making sure it goes buh bye just as soon as i can manage
    sounds like some folks are getting worried that the truths that m.r.a.’s speak is showing “society” for what it is — sick, evil, and ruled by monstresses and their well-paid castrati
    NEVER “adapt” to cowardice, deceit, thuggism, and evil

    1. “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” George Bernard Shaw

  10. Read a similar article on limitin manosphere blogs one even ended his blog after completin 90days no fap. Manoshpere has become my new substitue to porn.while i should be studying workin gettin fit an actually out gaming(though i consider myself social awkard) but be nice to find guys to meet in the vancouver area to work with n motivate each other.manosphere should be like a dictionary we checjk on when wr need it n not turn it onto a male version of jezebel

  11. Great post man. Professor Ashur had an awesome quote a while back. Something along the lines of “The Manosphere is like a cigarette. A couple of drags is smooth and refreshing but eventually you’ll wind up with cancer.”

  12. The feminist/mangina narrative has never been so boldly challenged before, by so many.
    They are used to waving the pussy card and instantly silencing all opposition.
    Like toddlers whose tantrums no longer are producing compliant behavior, the first impulse is to increase the intensity of the tantrum. We are now on the exponential-growth portion of the soon-to-pop misandry bubble (h/t singularity).
    Hang on, it’s going to get bumpy.

  13. Or you can learn how to make money online, or become an English teacher, and go abroad. Then, no more dealing with shitty western women, and you’ll truly appreciate the beautiful and feminine foreign women.
    This whole “Just be positive, don’t be negative” crap sounds like something right out of a new age website. It’s GOOD to see REALITY as it is, so that you can operate according to reality, and not according to mainstream fantasy and dogma.

    1. “Make money online”
      I hope you aren’t talking about a 4-hour workweek-esqe way of making money online. That shit’s played out.

      1. Haha, nah. Just got to put your head into it and figure out a way. The sky is the limit.
        And if that doesn’t work out, you can always get a job as an english teacher, if all else fails. And if you have a 4 year college degree, you can get teaching jobs in Japan and South Korea and Taiwan. Unfortunately, they are raising the bar for what it requires to be an english teacher.

  14. The beauty of the “Two Minutes Hate” is that it ends quickly if the fire isn’t fed. How many people who got ticked off about Roosh’s Toronto post even remember it now? People who get spun up about topics like that tend to have short attention spans. They get mad for a few days and move on to the next shiny new object to be mad about.
    I’m sure the Portland post will soon be forgotten too.

  15. The beauty of the “Two Minutes Hate” is that it ends quickly if the fire isn’t fed. How many people who got ticked off about Roosh’s Toronto post even remember it now? People who get spun up about topics like that tend to have short attention spans. They get mad for a few days and move on to the next shiny new object to be mad about.
    I’m sure the Portland post will soon be forgotten too.

        1. Yeah, he’s spot on. Toronto has always had a reputation for being a cold place in respect to how people treat one another. It’s a legacy of its Protestanism and juxtaposes neatly with Montreal which has been quite the opposite and is a city in which the women are more attractive and know how to carry themselves better than those in this city.

  16. Yep. The manosphere wakes us up. Doesn’t mean we have to stay trapped in it. Knowledge is power so use it. Just don’t dwell on it while time passes you by.

  17. I use the manosphere like Neo in the uploading chair. Upload the Kung-Fu program – which looked painful and exhilarating at the same time in the movie – exclaim with breathless astonishment “I know Kung-Fu!” Then go DO Kung-Fu.
    Unfortunately, it does take a little longer to upload the program, and I went through a variety of emotions, yes mostly anger, but at some point you can confidently say “I know Kung-Fu,” so pull that uplink probe out of your head, get out of that chair and start doing it.
    I return to the uploading chair of the manosphere at least once or twice a week for any new programs or patches, many of which I find hidden in the code of the comments sections. I am very thankful for everyone who takes the time to write and comment. You guys saved my sanity, and by extension my life.

  18. Feminism and its malcontents control the media, and feminist love drama and “activism”. So we get new outrage meme to chew on weekly. Well, several times a week as the meme cycle is measured in 72-hour windows. When you awaken tomorrow morning there will doubtless be an eruption over some woman’s stirring gender confessional, and the cycle will start anew.
    In my recent Spearhead “AlphaSmart Neo” essay I tried to move towards more practical commentary. Emphasis on fitness, travel, self-employment, babes, and only occasional over-the-top mockery of feminists would make for a good manosphere site.

  19. Without the manospheres the rage is still there. Only thing manosphere does is to put words to the anger. So taking a break from it wont help a bit. Only thing that WILL help is to leave the country..I swear, you become a different person.

  20. Great article. I agree with Mark Minter that the manosphere is the only interesting thing on the internet these days, as everything else just seems like juvenile shallow SWPL feminine imperative bullshit. I haven’t looked at my facebook in years, and tend not to frequent sites I visited before discovering the redpill internet. But, I do tend to get paranoid about some of the things you’ve described, and look at the things in a circumstance that draw my ire, rather than the good. I see the the Skrillex cut and not the great ass. It’s a nice day today here. Why am I inside typing this?

  21. “All ad hominems. All worthless when it comes to communicating with one another.”
    Logically fallacies and rhetoric are the most effective forms of persuasion. People are more inclined to base worldviews on ad-hominems than logic.

  22. all the anger and rhetoric are indicative that we are having an impact. if we weren’t, they’d be silent. hell, i game my female readers. lol.

  23. It did not surprise me for one moment that hipster central do nothing usa would be the one to hassle ROK the most. they stand for every kind of bullshit acceptance, entitlement seeking mentality that traditionalists and red pill people hate.
    i am sorry to hear of Matt getting doxxed, but as western cancer said, there’s little point getting mad, these people (mostly lethargic, wheezing redditors and flabby lesbian skrillex haircut having fatties) enjoy spending their entire day moaning about shit, and white knighting over the net. [if you don’t believe me, just go look up any reddit meetup pics]

  24. When you write an article with a title like: “Reasons Why **Name Any Town** Sucks” you can’t complain about people making negative comments about it. The whole premise of the original article is negative to begin with. If you can’t see that then you are so one-sided in your thinking that you might as well be blind.

  25. I think a man can only take a break after he has gone the the typical phases of grief — grief in this case is the death of masculinity and the rise of the Feminist Reich.
    As I learned the truth by reading both articles and responses in the manosphere, I couldn’t help but get involved and respond in my anger phase.
    However, as I began to accept the truth and adapt to it, I found myself commenting less and less. In my mansposhere maturity phase of acceptance, I realize that I accomplish little by commenting endlessly to the prolific articles, comments, responses, rebuttals, arguments, etc. Sure, I agree with most points made, disagree with others and have yet to test new ideas and methods.
    What works for one, may not work for another. One man’s experience may be vastly different from another’s. In other words, you mileage will vary.
    So, in the man of the manosphere who matures by first lurking, then questioning, then raging, then accepting, finds himself looking for his own best purpose. He defines his needs, and wants and takes from the manosphere what he can use to change his direction and accomplish what his heart sets out to accomplish. This is what men do.
    So, we should all take a vacation from this virtual gathering place, engage the real world, and go get what you want out of life. Then, check back in with the manosphere from time to time to share you valuable experiences — whether through writing books, blog posts, or adding to what others are discussing. If we all do this we’ll be better men for it.

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