How Should Men Deal With Today’s American Police?

What exactly are our rights when dealing with the police? I have to be honest here and say I as well as many others are highly suspicious of their nature. I want to first mention that as a law abiding citizen I am not anti-cop. I think Fred Reed sums it up best in his cop columns:

You may not like cops. Few do. They can be arrogant, impatient, rude. They can weary of a demanding, complaining public. Most are good people. A few are not. They are what we’ve got. They are out there, 24/7, with the psychopaths, the crash victims with the cartilage white where the flesh is gone, the week-old dead found by the reek, the snot, the blood, the cum, the maggots, the screaming half-crazed fifteen-year-old rape victims, the charred children caught in the fire with their guts exploded, the aged drunk women pissing in their pants in alleys and trying to crawl, the baby’s brains on the windshield. You might get a bit odd too. You might get real damn odd. Think about it.

However there is a problem that has to be addressed, and that is quite simple: as the United States moves from a free society to a neo-sovietized one (yes I know America is already considerably less free today, but relax, it’s going to get even worse), the police essentially cease observing the traditional motto of “to serve and protect the community” and become the mere tin soldiers of the current system.

Unfortunately you will find yourself having to deal with the police sooner or later. Although they hold the upper hand and regardless of how thuggish some may be and what they may say to you in order to manipulate you into giving up your rights, it behooves all of use to know the best way to proceed. Bear in mind that most of the times dealing with the men in blue (some are now the men in black SWAT attire) is NOT a matter or win or lose, but rather a matter of break even or lose.

The videos posted here may not necessarily give us a definitive answer, as interactions with law enforcement is anything but linear. The answers may lie somewhere in the discussion to follow this article. There are many mitigating factors: including the community, situation and the temperament of the officer in question.

How did some police go from decent men who walked our streets i.e. the constable on patrol, to become, to put it politely, over enthusiasts with badges? How did some become the mortal enemy of John Q. Public? One factor I would wager is when they became separate from their beat. That is to say that their patrol commonly is not in the same neighborhood where they live. Back in the day, the cops were locals and judged situations with a certain level of compassion and there were either no arrest quotas, or none like today. The genuine violent piece of shit were dealt with properly (police station walls were painted red for a reason).

By the same token, your typical Friday night drunk and disorderly only rated a slight kick in the pants, just enough to wake the guy up. Often times the cop usually knew him and would say, “Go home Harry before I call your wife,” knowing  full well that being yelled at by the ol’ ball and chain would serve as a better deterrent than any amount of lock up could.

Today it is common to have the police posted in areas where they are strangers to the community. When they are not working, many members of the law enforcement insulate themselves from the civilian population. They hang out with other police and personnel and reside in communities whose neighbors are also police. Most disconcerting is the overall attitude they have about people. I have a friend who was a cop, and he told me the police see people in two classes: us and them (i.e. those who work in law enforcement, and those who are the masses to be treated like sheep). Many members of the police tend to have a dislike for people in general which gets exasperated by both the media and having to deal with genuine lowlifes on a daily basis.

Why criminalize men for no reason? There are several factors, one of them being privatized jails. Over-criminalization has an obvious purpose: to increase municipal revenues for city and state and even the federal system. Essentially any man today in the States could be fined or arrested for anything, and in fact I would wager between all the unreasonable laws that exist and the extreme penalities for violating such laws, that it is somewhat impossible for any man in the USA not be in violation of something. This is of course, how things were during the Soviet Union.

To give you an idea of what privatized jails are about, visit these links:

We have the highest per capita jailed citizenry than any other nation in the world. Justice, among many things about the USA, is becoming corrupted. Although the percentage of privatized jails is quite small, given the current trends of America I see the number of non-state owned incarceration services and institutions growing over the next few decades.

So what can one do? The Flex Your rights video touches on the basics: always demonstrate respect even if the police officer is not showing any. Never show aggression, because remember: at the very least the State will try to throw an absurd fine your way for revenue purposes. Worse case scenario a good Rodney King beating and a night in jail could be added in for good measure.

As mentioned earlier, it does depend on the officer and the circumstance. It may be a bit over the top to say that the same training and indoctrination used to make the police callous might have been used when training various personnel in the German extermination facilities, but without a doubt officers today are instructed to become detached from civilization in order to properly fulfill their directives regardless of how unconstitutional the directives may be (increase revenues, arrest quotas).

Knowing the kind of mindset the police have, I have found that it’s best to always remain calm and never show fear while at the same time never showing anger either. Smile. Yes, if done at the right times and not too much, smile like he is an old buddy of yours you have not seen in a while. Don’t overdue it, but smiles can be a powerful interrupt, and when a cop is trying to be a brute, a pattern interrupt is what you need. I’m not saying this is guaranteed to work, but it did work for me one time when I got pulled over. The key here is to break through the default robotic shell that the officer has built up through his police training. The more civil you are the better the outcome in the end, including if your case comes to court.

These are indeed difficult times we are living in for those of us who are fully aware of what freedom is. We are witnessing first hand society becoming more toxic, stupid and tyrannical to men with each passing year. But Sun Tzu said it best when he stated to “Choose your battles wisely”. Dealing with today’s police requires a finesse until a civil war comes to pass or some other major shift that puts this country back to on constitutional terms, where everything across the board becomes sane again, including law enforcement.

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        1. Are you sure it is “by default” or is it more like “by statistical probability” and when you say “in the South” do you only mean whites only or do you mean blacks too, since there are tons of blacks in the South, blacks which are as suspicious of blacks as anyone else

        2. I lived in the South for years. I actually think that the police see the population as “guilty by default”. That said, I don’t think that changes the advice about being polite and keeping a cool head.

        3. I mean they are guilty of whatever the police what them to be guilty of, until proven innocent in court.
          Statistics show probability patterns in the whole, but can be false in individual cases and often are. Don’t get too caught in statistical thinking.

        4. America is so over-criminalized with ridiculous laws many people are now guilty of something, by default everyday, but black people have it much worse and are viewed with a magnitude greater suspicion in public places or in groups, regardless of any evidence .

        5. My life was a miserable failure since my single mother taught me dumb shit like “don’t use statistical stereotypical thinking” and then I grew up and pulled my head out. All of the most successful people who’ve earned their positions can quickly, efficiently, correctly, stereotype and categorize people. The best can read others like a book, and most people are impressed by those who can read others so well.

        6. I didn’t say “don’t use it.” Statistics can be very useful. But don’t get caught up in it to the point you cannot recognize the cases where the statistic false. Question and re-evaluate what you think you know.

        7. “All” of them? Beware absolutist comments applied to general classes of people. And who are the “most successful people” in your view?

        8. As a black person I agree and have experienced this “suspicion” many times. But to me, that just makes taking the advice given in this article seriously all the more important.

        9. Yes all of them. When I say all of them, I am talking about the most successful people in my view, which consists of approximately 1 person: Me.

        10. “Life is very long.” One might be successful for parts of one’s life, or the majority of it. Nothing can guarantee success will last, or that you will define “success” the same way in five years, or five months, the same way you do the morning of June 12 posting to strangers in a comments section. Agility, adaptability, and willingness to be happy in a variety of circumstances serve one well.
          “We are all failures: we will all die.”

        11. Common law practices only work with white European or European derived populations. It can’t survive the demographic Changes. One reason why gun rights in the UK eroded spectacularly in the 1990s was the planned enrichment. As areas become Africanized in the US municipalities have to ban firearms too.

        12. Of the times that I have been victimized by crime in the US it has always turned out to be a black perp. So both anecdotal and statistical evidence leads me to conclude that minimal contact with blacks is a sensible crime avoidance strategy.
          Btw a copper, if he wants his pension and no trouble will seek out duty where he avoids blacks. I would much prefer pulling over a speeding white man in a station wagon than a car full of black teens. Even though I know that I’d be doing my job of law enforcement better by confronting the actual criminal element.

        13. You haven’t mentioned the Jews yet, that is usually the first thing you type. Will wonders ever cease?

        14. blacks have to look at outliers to avoid the motherlode of data points that scream the truth.

        15. Upthread I did. In relation to European TV News propaganda about brutal American cops.

        16. It’s like the anecdote about Picasso in his studio asked by a Gestapo officer if he (Picasso) was responsible for Guernica being painted. The Gestapo man picked up a postcard of Guernica and said:
          “Did you do this?”
          PIcasso replies:
          “No, you did.”
          Blacks moaning about crime stats and blaming the messenger “Stats” is a sight to behold. I feel like posting pictures of Detroit now.

        17. I love the fantasy land that you live in, populated by kind friendly white people who never commit crimes…

        18. White people certainly do commit crimes but at sustainable levels. Blacks act as a dead weight at the bottom end and tend to drag everything down at a local and national level wherever you find them in the world.
          Although you like being among your own people, no doubt, you do admittedly want “access” to white areas, schools and institutions or you throw tantrums. It’s Okay…i’d want out if I was stuck with your genetic legacy.

        19. Ah yes the great university cities of of Lagos, Harare, Khartoum, Kinshasa, Kingston (Jamaica)…
          skoo is for losers!

        20. Honestly mate, the presence of enrichment in the UK is only tolerated because of the imposition of the PC state and statists who constructed it.

        21. ….and eventually leaving the usa permanently to teach English overseas, which is what I did.

        22. And subsequently made gun crime worse in those areas. Banning firearms only limits law abiding people from having them. Of course, I believe that to actually truly be the purpose behind most gun control.

        23. Considering that Detroit is because of the American motor industries collaspe, I find it funny that u would use the Picasso reference above it. Are we saying blks do not commit crime? No, what we are saying is:
          Is its funny that a minority of people in a nation can make up the majority in jail?
          If you hit me up with stats in your attempt to answer the question, what you have done is not answered the question, but have shown y the question was asked in the first place.

        24. The municipal museum, with many masterworks in it was almost sold off to pay for debts run up by Head Nigg in Chief Coleman Young. Pensions for useless Cibil Servants.
          Look at Hiroshima today and compare it to 40 years of Black Run America in Detriot.

      1. It means the police consider black people guilty automatically. They’ll watch you with a closer eye and you stand out more.

    1. Knowing the law will help anyone, regardless of skin color. A black man who can quote the statutes that are being violated as he is falsely arrested is far far more likely to be able get justice than a white guy who doesn’t know the law.
      The one thing that will make any cop back off (at least any honest cop, if he/she is dishonest then it doesn’t matter), is if you know the law better than they do.

        1. Oh yeah your a proper English gent ainchanow?
          England by way of Jamaica or Lagos?

  2. Police are no longer peace officers. They’re military soldiers with the word “police” slapped on their uniform.

        1. Another fantasy about sleepy villages! You live in a netherworld of racial grievances.
          Crusty Jugglers! Crusty Jugglers!

        2. That’s exactly where I live Jim! Come join me! Candy grows on trees and sexy rabbits feed you Cadbury’s Caramel!

        3. So you go to a black neighbourhood and find black people doing crime. And then we go to white neighbourhoods and find white people doing crimes. An amazing coincidence.

        4. Actually, go to white neighborhoods and you’ll find black people doing crimes there too.

        1. That cartoon isn’t accurate. In reality it would be a heavy-set woman of color with an I.Q. of 90.

    1. In the UK armed police were a rarely until the 1980s. Since enrichment under Tony Blair nearly all of them appear to carry weapons in metropolitan areas. There is a vibrancy coefficient.

      1. This all reminds me of this small “cultural shock” incidence…and how differently we see the Police:
        The guy on the floor…. in a suit and handcuffs….. is a “professor of global environmental history at Queen Mary College, University of London, and a member of Oxford University’s modern history faculty”.
        He was in Atlanta for a convention on American history when he did the unthinkable….he crossed the road at the wrong spot…cops in Atlanta do not take kindly to jaywalkers it looks like!
        He was arrested (by 8 cops – including the Sopranos wannabe in the suit) and properly spent the night in the clink.

        1. I have theory about Jaywalking in the American context.
          It’s only an issue in the US and I think Germany.
          In the US the amount of Zombies who walk across the street at a snails pace on busy streets is enormously high. It’s almost as if they are tempting you to hit them so that can fake an injury and sue. This is understood to be the N_____ Lottery. Some guy in a Merc hits you? Some lawyer will convince your homeboys on the jury to award Millions! Millions!
          It’s an obvious way to get an instant payout.
          Why did the cops in ATLANTA clusterfuck this guy?
          1. They get to nail a well dressed white guy who is unarmed and average build. Racial quota!
          2. They are used to taking down babbling schizophrenic black lunatics day in and day out who attempt to play frogger for cash and prizes. In ATLANTA!

        2. Quote: “1. They get to nail a well dressed white guy who is unarmed and average build. Racial quota!”
          Yup sounds about right. But did the brit mouth off to the police? This seems extreme even to my eyes.

        3. He probably mentioned about the absurdity of the law and protested about receiving some “paying paper” given the fact he was hurting no one and minding his own business. As a Brit he probably didn’t understand his place amongst Atlanta’s finest and failed to shown the costumed goons proper deference.
          I’m not surprised they called for back-up. Officer safety is paramount and you can’t be too careful around someone who clearly is a high risk taker.

        4. Well, the professor sounds like he didn’t like Southern Whites. So he probably sparred with them a bit.

        5. Without trying to sound racist, this is also a problem in south-central Los Angeles. People who are completely sane just literally cross 3 and 4-lanes-a-side streets without even caring who drives near them. They don’t even wait for nice cars, they’ll walk in front of any car (though I am white, maybe they just see me and walk out). They know exactly what they’re doing, and they’ll look at you like you’re crazy for being upset at how long they’re taking to walk across the street.
          Of course, in Los Angeles, I have yet to see anyone prosecuted for jaywalking. There is a statute, the cops just don’t enforce it, so that might also have something to do with it.

        6. You are crazy. Fuck is your problem? They’re trying to cross the street. Stop your car and wait.

        7. Thats what I was thinking. A man in a business suit is not likely to have 8 other policemen show up unless there was some kind of minor scuttel.

        8. This why I have a $50 dash cam in my car. Two family members have had to dodge these creeps, and I don’t live anywhere near LA.
          It ain’t just blacks playing this little game.

        9. “Mouthing off” should not result in arrest. That’s just a chickenshit cop getting his poor widdle feelings hurt. If he doesn’t like it he can find a job where he’s not a tax eater.

    2. Horseshit. They collect fines and when absolutely out of other options to shirk earning their pay they might go after Zulus.

      1. Respectfully, it would be interesting to get a police officer’s view on the Boston “lock-down”.

        1. I’ll just be very honest and say that I don’t work in Boston and don’t know much about it. I know they went door to door a lot, but never really paid attention to the details on how they handled it.

    3. Very true. I have known many cops, personally and professionally, and I can tell you a thing or two.
      One, wave, and smile when you see them in your home town if it is small. If not, don’t do anything. Just mind your business.
      Two, every one of them I have asked this question too: “If my wife beats me with a cast iron frying pan, then stabs me; who do you arrest?” they have all said the same thing.
      “You!” with their finger pointed at me, and looking down in shame/mock-caring while they do it.
      Essentially, men make the world go round. However, slavery is so out of style. Better to replace the word “slave” with “criminal or man,” and “prostitute” with “co-ed,” “nice lady,” or “friend.”
      Take heart though. It has to get worse before it gets better. They have built this whole thing up over a couple hundred years. Eventually, it has to give way to something else! Make sure you survive to that, and be prepared for something else to be worse. At least temporarily.
      LOL, were you expecting a silver lining?
      When conquered, men go to the mines or die. Women get to live as long as they are willing to suck dick. That means most of the women who have lived never cared one way or the other in most cases. So good women die too.
      Only the bad ones are left.

    4. You Can’t reason with Brutes. Cops are chosen for their stupidity- low IQ- and lack of conscientiousness- low EQ. Psychological tests measure their compliance to the orders of superiors: if you think for yourself you won’t make it pass the academy.
      Fuck the constitution: “The constitution has either authorized such government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it.”
      – Lysander Spooner
      The only way to overcome this is not through force or violence, but rather by providing alternative systems to government; like Bitcoin.
      Read Rothbard:

      1. “Read Rothbard:….”
        Oh I have. Fantastic piece.
        I sometimes think some of these cops were the bullies in school. Since they’re used to have power over others they get themselves into a position where they can (like a pathetic little coward) hide behind the might of the state in order to continue bullying others while their helpless victims have to just sit there and take it.

        1. I went to a school reunion and just about every bully and jock was a cop or worked for the police.
          As an aside, the geeks mostly ended up rich or business owners. Those that were tagged in the year books as ‘most likely to succeed’ mostly failed or was in prison and the run of the mill average student became the average citizen with a white picket fence and 2.8 kids…

      2. Quote: “The only way to overcome this is not through force or violence, but rather by providing alternative systems to government; like Bitcoin.”
        So a cop decides to harass you; how the fuck is bitcoin going to help you? Man you’re a dope

  3. Here’s how to deal with cops.
    Last time I got arrested the two male cops put me in the car but they couldn’t shut the rear door. They kept slamming it for 15 minutes. I told them I could fix it but they have to uncuff me. They said they had to call their superior to ask permission. This took another 1/2 hour.
    In the end, they could not get to their superior and asked if I would keep my mouth shut. I said fine. They uncuffed me and I ran.
    They let me get away. LOL

    1. Were you obstructing the latching mechanism of the door with your gigantic penis?

      1. No, I was facing the other way but my хуй is so long it was already in prison.

        1. By “imprisoned penis” I assume you mean clenched betwixt your own buttocks? If you can’t pinch off a piss with your own sweet cheeks, and piss backwards like a retromingent pygmy hippo, then u aint shit

    1. the reason the army is not used to police the population is because the army is trained to fight enemies…
      what the whole terrorism thing has done, is turned the police into army…. so everyone non police is ‘us and them’.
      this is how a military state begins….

      1. You see the US becoming a military dictatorship? Or a police state (maybe it already is…)

        1. The point is that we’re already already a dictatorship like you suggested. They’d rather asplode babies then let a person of their own volition purchase certain things they deem bad.

        2. But I don’t agree that its a military dictatorship. The military does not run America. If it did, Obama would be wearing a uniform with a bunch of fake medals on his chest.

        3. not yet, but all the laws, powers, forces and asset are in place when needed… it’s about 2 years until the government bonds around the world blow up and the currencies go to toilet paper…. then the psychos in power will do ANYTHING necessary to hold on.

        4. One only look at the nearby surrounding areas when a Democratic or Republican convention is in town. These guys have the numbers, the firepower, the communications and I have no doubt they would use them if they ever need to.
          Americans, for all their guns and big mouths – would never stand a chance.

        5. There’s one problem with that. Arms are common in the US and the citizens outnumber and outgun the cops. Cops are known and are walking around with targets on their backs while the citizens are invisible and you would never know who wants to whack you, like those cops in LV. It may become so dangerous that no one will want to be a cop if they really attempted police state tactics.Cops would have to have eyes in the back of their heads and also worry when people know where they live.It would be such a nerve racking job that few would want it. And you can forget about all of the cop equipment they have because they’d never get to use it.

        6. Americans are pussies despite being heavily armed but I wouldn’t want to be eating a donut at Dunkin Donuts not knowing who may just shoot me in the head before I could even get a gun out.

        7. Look, feasibly it could happen in the event of martial law declared (as a result of a major terrorist attack) but honestly I think the intent (and structure is in place) for a police state rather than a military junta.

        8. What I foresee is Brazil-like favelas patrolled by the remaining technologically oriented white population.

        9. If the cops are made to carry out war crimes, they will be a lot more hesitant to surrender or defect…

      2. The difference is that soldiers are indoctrinated to protect the nation and its people. Cops are indoctrinated to protect the nation from its people. Usually, if you can get the military on your side, like the collapse of East Germany or like in Egypt recently, where the cops were on one side, the despots’ side and the army was on the other, the people’s side, then you win the revolution.

        1. The army is the nation.
          Currently the US military defends absolutely nothing but fags, Jewish money in Ukraine and slaps around Arabs around for contemplating support for Palestinians. I suspect it’s also a bailiff/repo man for China too.

      3. Right everything is “tactical”….
        These dudes look like they are part of SEAL Team 6 or something

  4. Pro tip: Acting like a retard and playing up to the ego of the cop has the effect of “these are not the droids you are looking for”.

  5. The reason this society throws people in jail at a rate higher than any other nation in the world, often for spurious reasons and minor offenses is, it is becoming increasingly profitable for certain segments of the economy to do this – especially when large companies are now allowed to tap into this prison labor force and pay prisoners a fraction of what they have to pay everyone else. The State also gets what it wants, another bloated bureaucracy to manage the exploding number of prisons in this country.
    As the “Cancer Stage of Capitalism” metastasizes, more and more people are forced to their go on the government dole or resort to “illegal” ways of making money, since there are fewer jobs available, and even the ones that are available become increasingly shittier by the year, with lower pay, longer hours, and the retirement plan that vanishes when you go to collect it.
    The Police State also gets more overwhelming with each passing year, as it has to come up with new laws and new ways of putting people in jail to support this new paradigm that’s been created.
    Meantime, incarceration does nothing to cure the social ills that caused the “crime” in the first place, and in many cases just creates a revolving door, as people who have the black mark of a prison record can’t get jobs in this increasing elitist and credentialist and background checking job market. They just end up right back in the teeth of the system.
    And yet, the Beta male slaves treat people who see what’s coming as a result of all of this (the loss of freedom, living in a Prison State) as the enemy instead of directing their vitriol towards the real enemies. By the way, Frontline just recently did a decent piece on the growing Prison State in America.

    1. Prison time is a method by which the few enrich themselves at the expense of the many.

      1. Becoming rich is not the problem as long as it is a reward for good services or products. But they are not getting rich by those rather they get rich for being slave masters.
        Its not that the few get rich due to talent or luck. But they abuse such power to get rich and to use such riches for abuse.

        1. Are you addressing this to me or people in general? I never said that getting rich is a problem.

  6. I find it funny that you post this article while Harry Callahan is next to your screen name. As for police “not living in the communities in which they work”: well most large urban Cities in this country, where the most police personnel are employed, offer 2 options, generally speaking: expensive downtown locations, or ghetto neighborhoods on the outskirts. A middle class cop obviously doesn’t fit in either community in gereral. What’s left? The suburbs.

    1. Harry Callahan was still one of the good cops who dealt with genuine scum accordingly. He was not out filling arrest quotas nor looking for private jail fodder.

        1. They were actually fascists who formed a cadre inside the PD. Vigilante Cops.
          It’s ironic that Dirty Harry in this sense became a Rightwing Hero. The anti-authority message in this Hollywood production is quite explicit. Casinobox mentioned Eastwood in connection to how Un-Jewish Hollywood can be. Even the Harry films presented blonde blue eyed Death Squads as the real problem in San Fran. The reality of crime there is exclusively black.

        2. Right, because the police in general spend their entire time harassing and injuring people.

        3. Dirty Harry was born to combat cops who actually exterminated drug kingpins, pimps and loansharks.
          Golf clap to him!

  7. In my area (northwestern VA), being a male who passes for under 30 is enough proof of wrong-doing to be harassed by the cops. I used to have about a 50% chance to be pulled over by the cops if I drove through certain towns at night. I’ve seen the cops hit the blue lights behind people doing the speed limit who were driving carefully. Drug trafficking is a problem in the area and the cops know they have a good chance of finding someone high in a car, even if it’s not the driver. They look for young males and question them repeatedly about what drugs they’ve been doing. They rarely give a straight answer about why they’re pulling anyone over, and if they do, they claim you swerved somewhere. They especially like to do this on more rural roads because the lack of lighting will cause your pupils to dilate so they can use your body’s natural reaction to a darker area as justification for their suspicions. Whether or not they’re actually catching people doing drugs, they’re violating your rights by inventing causes to detain you.
    Once my hairline started to recede, I stopped being pulled over.

      1. Anything that makes you fit their profiles less is a good thing with regard to the police. You just have to know what the profile is in any given area.

  8. It’s OK to cite the job stresses of being a law enforcement officer, but there’s much more going on. It’s rooted partly in what the writer here calls the move “from a free society to a neo-sovietized one”.
    Law enforcement is shifting to a culture characterized by special rights, intimidation, sanctioned violence, totalitarian authority, and cartoonish display. Indeed, recruitment drives increasingly promote these aspects, and appeal to applicants who want to relate to their fellow citizens like that. So it is no longer necessary for an officer to become thuggish through bitter experience; the officer’s organization, fellow officers, and the larger police culture increasingly endorse and celebrate the display and exercise of power.
    Here are two brief, solid articles about the problem:

  9. Quote: “Dealing with today’s police requires a finesse until a civil war comes to pass or some other major shift that puts this country back to on constitutional terms.”
    We need a civil war, and now!

        1. I arrived right after strangely enough.
          The Koreans were dropping the animals like flies. Then the Marines came in to stop the turkey shoot. It’s a great shame Cameron withheld Marshal Law in 2011 when the bongo party erupted out of Tottenham.

    1. A civil war would be bad. They have the nukes. Not that they’d use them, but they’d be justification to do absolutely anything, and I mean anything, to the U.S. dissenters.

      1. Again assuming that enitre units and personnel wouldn’t switch over away from the government taking their gear with them and/or monkey wrenching it going out the door.

    2. No we don’t. Get your head out of your ass. A civil war would be horrible. If you’re stupid enough to want that, move to Iraq you dipshit.

      1. A war of attrition is better. You take them out 1 by 1 until it puts the fear of god into them. And never refuse jury duty because it gives you the chance to not convict a man or at the very least hang the jury.

  10. I’ll propose a counter to this article.
    The punitive high incarceration rate in the US is a direct result of the high black population. Same thing is happening in London as it Africanizes. Same in France. It’s a direct result of multiracial hell. When you look at homogenous white areas in the US you see low crime and low incarceration rates for those populations.

      1. I knew you had to be black based on a few of your comments. Why did you choose a handle that derives from Unforgiven’s Englishbob character?

        1. Because I’m English and my name is Bob.
          Strangely I knew you were white based on your comments. Great minds think alike.

      1. African Americans have it easy in comparison to their Bro’s elsewhere. Yet they replicate and surpass the criminality and violence found in truly poor places like Kinshasa and Johannesburg. If your Negrophile ass bleats out “but but income inequality!” Or “contextual poverty!” then you are thinking like a feminist/Marxist/Jew.

      2. It is about single motherhood brought on by the welfare state. Well to do women from the middle class don’t see being a single welfare mom as a viable option so they try to get middle class husbands before getting children so their children have a male role model and don’t become criminals. Women from the lower classes see big daddy govt. as being able to provide as well as their male peers so they just get pregnant by some thug and have kids and a welfare check. The choose the govt. check because it imposes less restrictions on their freedom and their kids grow up in a fatherless home and become criminals.
        Yes, the middle class women often divorce their husbands (thankyou no fault divorce), but their ex-husbands often still have some opportunity to be a role model for their children so their kids grow up beta males instead of omega males.

        1. Would that it were true. R/K selection and mating linked to biology generates the social pathology of the single mother. If you look at an African village that is still animist or loosely Christian you see matriarchy. The men fuck around the men fight the men break. This is a primal biological directive. Race constructs the contrast between classes.

  11. this is about the size of your average law enforcement office…. bait and switch, stand you up and shoot you down….

  12. We need some more Dorners. I know it’s edgy but to me the only good cop is a dead one. They are there to clean up when something bad happens, and to fuck with people for no reason the rest of the time. Seat belt laws, drugs, statutory rape, gun laws violations, jay walking, all minor shit the citizens can handle themselves. As for clean up we can just pay some Mexican to bag any bodies and be on our way. Already in one state its legal to kill officers that raid the wrong house. It’s disgusting because that should be default. I might could live with unarmed private police forces, basically security guards for suburbs and city blocks, but it’s our responsibility to defend ourselves, family, friends, and property. If we can’t we don’t deserve these things, and if it doesn’t threaten a person or their families, friends, or things it shouldn’t be a crime. Get out there and vote, and be vocal about your anti police sentiments. The feds support them by giving them machine guns and other weapons and vehicles illegal for the citizens, but on some level we have to approve taxes and other things. If it helps police, city, or county in the least I vote against it. You’d be wise to do the same. A real man answers to noone but his God.

    1. I am from Europe and I have never ever heard about a cop killing someone (other than in gun fight). There are actually videos of citizens abusing cops on youtube, never the other way around. I find American cops extremely scary.

      1. As an expat from the UK residing in the North American Savanah…let me reply i’ve tasted both sides of the pond water.
        Don’t be afraid of American cops. They want a pension and no trouble.
        As a European you have been fed disinformation about their job by a press corps dominated by YKW. Cops are quite literally the only thing preventing another Islanwana or Rourkes Drift from occurring in the burbs of Detroit, New York, Ookland, Memphis, Chicago. It’s actually that bad in the Urban areas of America.
        To a degree Michael Moore was correct in stating that white American gun culture is based on fear of blacks. The armed cop, once so rare in Europe but standard in the US is needed to police the Enrichment.
        Parisian Gendarms and London Bobbies are only now beginning to realize what their cousins in American cities are going through.

        1. Well, there are hundreds of videos of cops beating up or murdering people, you can’t dismiss that by drifting into a racist tangent.
          By the way all cops patrolling the streets of the Czech Republic rock guns, they are legal even for the residents.

        2. When I was a young kid I got my ass kicked by a black teenager literally for no reason – just decided he’d do it. The same kind of thing happened a couple of other times from white dudes. The common theme wasn’t their skin color, it was that they were much larger and there was nothing I could do to stop them. That is why I support “gun culture”, when a guy has 100lbs on you and is a half-foot taller you are fucked when he decides “think i’ll hurt that guy cause I don’t like the way he looks”. Lots of large assholes of all races. That being said, you have a point about blacks hating whites – I’m sure that is why my 10 year old self got beat up by the black teen.

        3. “Murdering People” Killing? or Murder? involuntary manslaughter or premeditated. Can you provide a few links?
          There’s a distinction in law. The reality on the ground is Mogadishu or Kinshasa with most of the blacks. It’s a slow grinding race war.

        4. I have seen like 20 videos like this just randomly stumbling upon them without looking any of this up so this has to be fairly common.

        5. Being from the UK then you shouldn’t be so naive. As for your stupidity, I cannot account.
          Strange how white people in America are so scared of blacks when its white guys shooting up the schools and cinemas…

        6. I’m not even slightly worried about outlier spree killing crimes.
          Every time i’ve been victimized by a criminal in the US it’s been a black. That’s the anecdotal level. The murder stats and robbery stats bear the personal experience out. Black rates of criminality are out of all proportion to the black population.
          On the notion that Spree killing is a white thing.
          1. A number of the well publicized school shootings are Asians or Hispanics. (Maybe you see them as whites. Then you are blind.)
          2. Every black teen who shoots and kills another teen is killing a school age victim. Such murders account for a many of the murders in the US. These killings ought to be highlighted whenever a Klebold or Harris act out. If Ghetto Skoo’s did not have armed guards and metal detectors with airport like security black skoo’s would be killing fields. Instead they take the maniac violence out into the street.
          3. There are a large number of black spree killings that go unreported and unremarked. The equivalent of Cookie Thornton gunning down a City council is a fairly common occurrence. African spree killing is endemic but downplayed.

        7. Not that they should have killed him but:
          “Between 1990 and 2011, Thomas had 92 encounters with the police. These encounters ranged from minor infractions such as trespassing to a guilty plea in an assault with a deadly weapon case sixteen years prior.”
          It’s interesting that you have posted two items with Schizophrenics getting wasted by cops.
          what if the Santa Barbara PD had choke holded Elliot Rodger that day they came to his apartment?

        8. It’s a great shame that cops are forced to deal with Schizoids that the Mental Homes would have dealt with 40-50 years ago. Either they ignore it like Elliot Rodger or they overdo it as they did with Kelly Thomas.
          the cops are not equipped to deal with the mentally disabled, but are forced to do so by a defunct medical system.

        9. It did not seem to me that a torture and a murder of a homeless guy was due to incompetence. The American police has been given a grand power to abuse without consequences and unfortunately that is our human nature.
          Elliot Rodgers might have seemed kind of nuts but prior to his retribution video there was not much they could have done. I don’t think his case suffices as a justification though.

        10. If you are seriously wetting your pants about American cops you ought to buy some nappies or diapers .

        11. Any basis of “gun culture” on a fear of blacks is probably because the basis of black culture is violent crime.

        12. …so far as the news tells you. According to the FBI, blacks are responsible for 75% of violent crime in the US.
          I know you know better than to make up your mind according to cherry-picked news stories.

        13. …’course if men weren’t having feminist horseshit shoved down their necks and being ordered to enjoy it, they probably wouldn’t have been on a lifetime of psych meds in the first place.

        14. Agreed fear or scared ain’t the word.
          Precaution or preparation or anticipation might be better words.

        15. To be fair most black people are practically openly hostile to whites. At the very least they seem to be openly racist against whites. Not to mention the fact that blacks are naturally more physically imposing than other races. It really isn’t any wonder whites are leery of them, you know what i’m saying? Whites share this country with a group of people that seem to be born physically stronger, angry at whites, and more violent than other races (on an individual level, whites are waaaaaaay more violent when it comes to war and shit). I’m not a bigot or anything but I sometimes wonder why we don’t just keep the races separate? I mean, they all hate whites anyway so why not just stay away from them?

        16. Every time I have been victimized by a criminal in the US its been a white cop. And so it goes on.
          I don’t believe that white people are concerned with black people shooting each other. Every time they start talking about “gun control” its when white people shoot each other.
          There are black people who do similar spree shootings and they do not go unreported. There was one earlier this year in the Navy.

        17. Don’t assume who tells me what or how I make up my mind. Concern yourself with your own mind, especially when you start making reference to bald and meaningless statistics.

        18. Well “race” is a social construct. It is not scientific. Blacks are more physically imposing? Merely your opinion. I know some seriously imposing white guys. And I don’t know any white people who claim to be scared of blacks.
          Surely black people should be more afraid of whites, given the disparity in numbers and the fact that the police are essentially white. White people have the power. If blacks are scared of whites that would account for the hostility.

        19. **Poverty** is the cause of violent crime regardless of race – look at Northern Ireland and Scotland for examples.

        20. The height of the troubles in Northern Ireland 1968-1995. About 3,000 sectarian killings. That’s a 5 year span in Detroit. Gollywogs don’t starve. They live in luxury compared to blacks elsewhere yet exhibit levels of violence found in areas like Congo or Sierra Leon anyway. Have you actually swiped the old slide rule comparing African American income in Detroit and Gorbals Or Belfast?

        21. I see the murder rate among blacks as too low. They should hurry the fuck up with the Automassacre.
          However, I would be happy enough to have municipal bans on Firearms in the US if the Po-Po actually kicked doors down and did thorough searches in blighted areas. A real jackbooted ghetto cleansing in Baltimore for instance. No stone unturned with search and seizures for all Rudeboys, Gangsters and Yardies.

        22. See Nicholas Wade on that.
          Gender and Sex are social and cultural constructs if Race is.

        23. Blacks are clearly more physically imposing, look at the nba of nfl – it isn’t an accident they are 90% black. You make a good point about the possibility of blacks hostility for whites stemming from fear, never thought of it that way. I know not too long ago this would have been the case for sure – the tulsa race riot is a good example to support your point.
          It just sometimes seems strange to me that blacks want to integrate with a group of people they don’t really like. Most whites feel just the opposite about blacks, they idolize black culture and try to copy it. It gets annoying watching white people copy black people and make fun of their own race “you are so white (in a condescending tone)” while black people have little to no respect for the white wannabes.

        24. Poverty is not the fucking cause of crime, you nitwit. Poverty? Are you kidding me? We’re not seeing a rash of bakeries being broken into and bread being stolen in this country. Rich people commit crimes, many poor people never do. Take your Marxist claptrap and scram

        25. Your brainwave about social constructs is standard Marxist Professorese.
          Race is obviously a biological reality.
          We can argue about the exact nuances, haplotyoes, alleles, macro-micro evolution, clines etc but you can also use your own eyes to see the outcomes of Black, Asian, White societies. Society is Racial construct.

        26. Poverty is often caused by single motherhood which is rampant in minority cultures in the U. S. After adjusting for single motherhood the difference in arrests between white people and black people is negligible.

        27. Single motherhood is the cause, not poverty. Poverty and crime are related in that they are both symptoms of the single motherhood epidemic. (From a white guy raised by a single mom.)

        28. … a social construct? Everyone from geneticists to phrenologists might disagree there, rabbi. Always amazing how men that are willing to fight uphill against feminism will spout multi-cultural bumper stickers without a second thought.

        29. I don’t disagree that a pathology like that is associated with criminality. I do not think it is a cause.
          Plenty of boys were orphaned in ww1 and ww2. It didn’t lead to crime prone cities. Also blacks are significantly more matriarchal in every society I’ve seen. The men fuck around commit crime and destroy city after city. The broodsows wallow in the free money and the men take pride in their criminality. That society is a racial construct.

    2. More Dorners are not the solution, as brave as he might be. Individual gunman will never win a lonesome war against the state. Only we as men, can unite together and form a collective movement.

      1. Corner was cookie cutter liberal. He’s exhibit number 1 for not hiring black cops or extending the second amendment to their worthless hides.

  13. 1. The enforcers, whether local police, state highway patrol, or federal agents, are not on your side, yet they work for you. Meditate on this.
    2. If you choose to speak to police, use as few words as possible. For example, the 17 year old boy who was assaulted by a woman for flying his drone over a beach was able to wiggle out of an arrest (and got her arrested) by sharing his camera footage of the beach and her assault. This situation, where you can immediately prove you were not at fault, is rare. If you’re innocent, nothing you say to police is going to help your defense or let you off.
    3. Recording police in the performance of their duties in public is legal. This does not mean you won’t be confronted for doing this, but it’s a good idea. What if the flash-bang that burned the toddler had been caught on nanny-cam?
    4. Do not call the police unless you absolutely have to. Almost nothing can be made better by calling the police. They frequently show up when called and shoot innocent people and their dogs.

  14. Most are dirty cops these days. The idea that only a few are is a thing from the distant past.

  15. Even assuming most police officers are good people, they don’t know you and aren’t going to do you any favors. Avoid the police, don’t get in their way, but don’t cooperate with them beyond the bare minimum of the law. I remember going out in San Jose, California and there being a squad of police officers ready for the bars to empty out. Better to avoid getting entangled in some bullshit altercation by also avoiding the low-class, nightlife crowd.

    1. A bunch of techies piling out a bar is an easy pay day for the Rozzers. It’s a way to get well paid white and yellow lads to pay for the enforcement that goes on across the bay and across the bridges.

      1. Its been a while, but 4-5 years ago the downtown San Jose crowd was already pretty “urban”, spillover from the East Bay and the huge hispanic population in the area

        1. it depends on the bar, but I’d say majority hispanic, filipino and other asians, followed by whites and blacks

        2. Not sure what you’re asking, but the point is that white and asian techies aren’t the ones getting arrested for causing trouble. Plenty of East-Bay style criminals in the South Bay.

        3. Oh I know. Demographics are going to swallow Cali like a Seal on a beach patrolled by a Killer Whale.

    2. Bullshit. If they were “good people” — heck even if they were just intact men — they would not be whoring themselves out as Thugboys of the U.S. matriarchate.
      In order for modern American LE to continue its constant expansion of personnel, materiel, and power, more “criminals” need to be found, prosecuted, and caged. And they will be found, or created, and the target is always the same — males w/o the ability to pay for legal defense. They aren’t cuffing and caging FEMALES en masse. Indeed, in most cases, it is the very lies and maniupulations of America’s Perfect Defenseless Daffodils that drives and enriches the legal and prison systems.
      “Good men” do not participate in such tyranny. If necessary, a “good man” would live on the street in a cardboard box before enabling and enforcing self-serving malevolence. “Good men” do not rationalize doing evil on the grounds it’s the “law” or that they are “protecting” modern American women, whose collective and individual behavior is typically the antithesis of justice and truth.

  16. Cops are some of the most insecure, dangerous men around (not all, but many). Most are guys that watched too many movies and want to be a “hero”. It is crazy these guys have guns and the power to basically stop anyone and kill them/arrest them/search them and get away with it by claiming the person “resisted” arrest. Obviously there are situations in which armed police are necessary but 90% of these jokers should not be armed – DON’T CALL the police unless absolutely necessary, your chances of you/family/pets getting hurt/killed goes way up.

    1. Well said but your final sentence can be shortened to DON’T CALL the police. Ever.
      I have never been mugged, but when I think about my contact with the police throughout my life at best they are harrassing me and at worst they are robbing me for $1000s at gunpoint.

    2. I gotta agree. A few years back my ex-wife was doped up, screaming, and slinging dishware around the house at 1 in the morning. I was stone fucking sober and decided to call the cops before the neighbors did….big fucking mistake.
      “Sir, turn around and put your hands on the wall. How much have you had to drink sir? Why is she crying? How many times did you grab her?”
      After plenty of ass-kissing they did me the “favor” of not taking ME to jail. Thanks, feminist country! …I gotta get the fuck outta here.

  17. Many “local” police have become the eyes and ears
    of federal investigative agencies. There’s a secret
    connection. This way a person can be investigated in
    an unintrusive manner.
    People are being watched closer then they know.
    And articles like this aren’t going to win you many

    1. Quote: “People are being watched closer then they know.And articles like this aren’t going to win you many friends.”
      Yeah well I’m sure ROK has already been in the cross hairs for some time now anyway.

    1. From most to least probable to get pulled over by cops:
      n males in a car
      n-1 males in a car
      1 male in a car
      almost same chances: n women, n women and a man, families, etc
      This is used by cops all over the world. You know, Patriarchy.

  18. German Extermination Facilities??? And you consider yourself Red Pill? The history of the Second World War taught to all of us has been nothing more than a vile pack of sinister lies. All of you men need to wake up, why would you believe the propaganda of a system that birthed as many falsehoods and myths such as those currently bringing Western Civilazation to it’s knees.

    1. This particular site is clearly dedicate to the goal of getting coloured’s access to white girls.

      1. When I can get just one cogent argument from a White Supremecist that doesn’t end in threats, cursing, or attempts at bullying I’ll actually be surprised.

        1. I’ve yet to hear from a Negrophile-Jew a single instance of a well run Black city, state or nation.

    2. Another leftist moby troll posting shit to discredit the men’s movement. Who’s paying you, homo? Soros, OFA, or Arabs?

      1. I’ve always wondered why, in the middle of a war, would the World’s most efficient people decide to use scarce resources to transport people halfway across Europe just to kill them ?
        I would have thought it easier to ‘think global and act local’ and do like the Soviets did, just take them to a nearby forest and shoot them in the head, like they did at Katyn in Poland.
        Remember how Katyn used to be pinned on the Germans until the Cold War ended and the former Soviet archives revealed it was a Soviet atrocity ?
        The history of WW2 is still being written, who knows what further information will be unveiled…..

        1. Its just like the feminist racket: maybe you got treated wrong, but if you yell and scream loud enough, everyone will blame the other party and you play the Professional Victim card until someone eventually catches on….people are starting to catch on.

        2. This is what they did at Babi Yar. Although it was mainly Ukrainian SS who did the killings. Interestingly the least efficient Slavs in the world came up with the quickest way to scour Kiev clean of Jews.

    3. Considering I grew up with someone who’s father liberated Auschwitz at 16 (big kid who lied about his age to get in at 14) and it scarred and shaped his life, the whole Neo-Nazi Holocaust denier thing just wears on me personally.
      We are all Homo Sapiens, we all bleed red, and we all meet a common terminal end of our existence. As an Infantryman, I don’t care if someone is black, white, yellow, brown, green, pink, or purple – they are just the same as me when the shit hits the fan.
      That anyone would equate Red Pill Men’s rights with such a racist, vile view of the world is well beyond the pale.

        1. My grandfather helped liberate Holland France Belgium and took a peek at Bergen Belsen. Fought in ww1 and 2, Dunkirk and Normandy.
          Brave man, good soldier.
          I reckon he was conned by the system in both conflicts.

    4. I knew someone was going to pull out some inane Holocaust denial. All I have to say about Holocaust denial is that it is contradicted by the testimony of the thousands of American GIs who stumbled on the camps, not to mention the thousands of survivors.

  19. American L.E., same as govenment and courts, are basically servants of females, and of the male “elite” that serve (and protect!) both individual and collective female interests.
    I would invite all readers to go into any civil or criminal court in the U.S., and observe the beatdown of masculinity that takes place there, with great profit and glee. Hang around a couple weeks and not the frequency of female “judges” and the grovelling of lawyer “men” before them. It is sickening.
    As America becomes ever more feminist and totalitarian, cops necessarily “have” to enforce the endless Team Woman “laws” promulgated by the gynarchy. Many U.S. women are experts at manipulating “protective” orders and other legal instruments to persecute and terrorize men, and usually use such instruments pre-emptively, so that their male target is “pre-tagged” to the Justsis Sistem as the abusive, oppressive perpetrator that everyone knows he is. They purposely antagonize and enrage males, then pretend to the cops that they are helpless widdle beebies, under attack from An Evil Male. Arrests are typically made. Cop feels like A Big Man and skank cackles all night while texting her triumph to all her friends. Money pours into the Sistem.
    Many modern L.E. are ex-military, the absolute worst people for the job. Don’t imagine this is an accident.
    Add these factors to the massive profiteering and careerism that takes place in the Justsis Sistem, and if you are male in the U.S., you had better have a lot of money if you want anything like ‘justice’. Don’t even bother taking a female to civil court. The “judges” and lackey court officials struggle to suppress their giggles as they slap your ass down.
    The U.S. L.E. and justice systems are soft tyrannies that expand and become harder with each day and each new law to “protect” females and punish/impoverish males. That’s not a problem with the system. It’s a foundational feature.
    Those who choose to deny what’s been happening in that system for forty years, and just go along with the gynogulag while telling themselves they are “just doing their jobs” and “just enforcing the law” and “just supporting their families” will be held to answer for their collaboration with evil. And the court they will be brought before is not run by the American Woman.

  20. I know my rights thanks to Jay-z :
    “So I…pull over to the side of the road
    And I heard “Son do you know why I’m stopping you for?”
    Cause I’m young and I’m black and my hat’s real low
    Do I look like a mind reader sir, I don’t know
    Am I under arrest or should I guess some mo?
    “Well you was doing fifty five in a fifty four”
    “License and registration and step out of the car”
    “Are you carrying a weapon on you I know a lot of you are”
    I ain’t stepping out of shit all my papers legit
    “Do you mind if I look round the car a little bit?”
    Well my glove compartment is locked so is the trunk and the back
    And I know my rights so you gon’ need a warrant for that
    “Aren’t you sharp as a tack are some type of lawyer or something?”
    “Or somebody important or something?”
    Nah I ain’t passed the bar but I know a little bit
    Enough that you won’t illegally search my shit
    “Well see how smart you are when the K-9’s come”
    I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one”

  21. if you are a christian (or have a bible in your car) you can say to them when they pull over “have you heard the good news” and they will leave so fast.

  22. Laws and jail sentences are regulated by elected representatives, instead of blaming police, elect better representatives to city halls, state legislatures and congress for a better system

  23. I got arrested yesterday for the first time ever by some asshole cop. I was riding my bike minding my own business when a gang unit officer’s grey Chevy Malibu rolls up beside me. The dick lowers his right window and starts asking me “Hey, sir,you live around here”. This is the 4th time this has happened. Normally I surrender to their authority peacefully and let them do their jobs, frisk and search me. They usually find nothing cause I’m a good dude, I have nothing to hide. This time was different. I was in a really bad moos and I just went off on his ass. Within in 15 minutes of my ranting he grabs my wrists and slaps the cuffs on me. I was charged with disorderly conduct and I spent about 22 hours in jail. It’s a bullshit charge and I’m going to plead innocent. I know the judge will come to his senses. I also have to pay court fees. Around $360. Let’s see how I;m gonna pay this off with my minimum wage job.

    1. Never engage them on their turf and on their terms.
      There’s a right time for everything…..usually when it’s least expected.

    2. The whole question of ‘Do you live around here?’ just begs for a complaint. I’d have asked (after I was pulled over) ‘Why does where I live matter? Am I trespassing? Am I being arrested or am I free to travel where I choose?’
      If you’re a minority, then you can play that angle too.

      1. If he pulled you over then he’s seen your license so asking where you live is stupid.

    3. Never plead guilty to anything.This will be in municipal court without a jury. When the judge finds you guilty immediately file a notice of appeal to the appellate division which is usually in the county. This will take months and you’ll file a brief with the appeal. All of this will COST them money, not you so even if you lose the appeal they make nothing because the local prosecutor at the municipal court will have to spend money defending the appeal :o) Sure, if you lose you pay the fine but they make nothing. And if you’re only making min wage you likely can get any filing fees waived and file in forma pauperis.
      Now for the important stuff. Sue them in Federal District court for a violation of your civil rights. You did say that you had been harassed 4x while just riding your bike. Keep a hidden recorder or smart phone on you and record audio and urn it on secretly if you think you’re being stopped and harassed.
      And since you’re not a lawyer I suggest going to school for law, at least you’ll get a degree. Report this harassment to the ACLU although I doubt they’ll take your case since they are usually busy. But cases like this where cops stop people for no reason come under the pattern and practise of harassment. At any rate make them lost money and time.

    4. A good example of the underlying message of the article. Keep a cool head and maintain your civility.

  24. “Why criminalize men for no reason?”
    Because the more men are criminalized, the less power they will have, and thus the less of a threat men will be to the agenda of the global elite, which is to destroy America and then create a one world police state government. The elite used feminism simply for this reason, to destroy men and take away men’s power. It has nothing to do with women’s rights. The elite simply used women as useful pawns in their agenda of global domination. Next time some feminist scumbag talks shit to you, ask her “How does it feel to be a pawn of the global elite?”

      1. Drug laws work like this:
        Say you have Deshawn and Latrina who deal drugs they buy from Lemariqus and Shantee. The first couple are 15 the second couple are 20. Deshawn has burgled a couple of houses, he’s also in possession of a gun he keeps in hidden for Lemariqus. Lemariqus has shot a few people he’s also jacked a car or two. He keeps the drugs at Shantee’s section 8 apartment with their three children Tray, Traylon and Troylyn. Deshawn’s cum dumster has just been busted with a Baggie full of weed and a grand in cash she picked up from Shantee’s place.
        The cops are aware of the relationship between all of the characters outlined above. But they cannot get anyone to testify BEFORE the drugs bust.
        Methodically the cops use the bust as a way to get search warrants, the bust Deshawn based on Latrina’s texts about smuggling the weed. Deshawn admits to hiding Lemariqus firearm and being the bag man for the smuggling. Then the cops swoop in and put together a case against Lemariqus based on the raid at Shantee’s house and a call to DHHS and child services.
        Lemariqus is convicted for murder a year later. Without the contraband no convictions could have been secured or bartered for in exchange for confessions.

  25. You always hear this song and dance about “I’m out there dealing with the worst of society”… I’m related to 3 cops, and I can tell you, they relish every second of it. Get half a beer in these turds and they’ll stand around spouting tough-guy stories and shoving around every “civilian” within reach. Its like rolling a one-deployment marine and a drunk frat boy into one.
    Bottom line: cops are the enforcer-gang for whoever has enough gold to make that rules; right or wrong never enters into the equation. That said, the rules of thumb are:
    1) Be polite as fuck. “yes sir, no sir, three bags full, sir.”
    2) They are fucking liars. “c’mon, just between us, tell me the truth and I’ll help you.”
    3) Admit nothing, deny everything; its not a crime to mislead a cop.

    1. Actually it is a crime to deceive a cop, if you do so by lying or hinting so broadly that it is construed as a lie. They, on the other hand, are legally permitted to lie to you.
      Say nothing. Not one damned word.

  26. The fascists in charge figured they would do an end run around the constitutional ban on domestic military. They said we’ll just militarize the shit out of every law enforcement agency in the country, sprinkling homeland security federal money around. We’ll create a few new agencies with tentacles everywhere. We’ll unleash the TSA on every mode of transportation until we have them harassing jaywalkers. We’ll give every Barney Fife out there his own tank and machine gun. And now we have a completely militarized police state, protecting a government that has no respect for rule of law or the constitution. We have police who are literally “Jackbooted Thugs”, patrolling our streets in body armor and riot gear with helmets and balaclavas. The oppression has become palpable indeed.

    1. are you kidding? since the advent of tasers, and the reduction of the neccessity for ‘running after suspects’, have you not noticed that modern cops have become gelatinous globs of heaving, sweating fat?
      Expecting someone like that to do something as strenuous as actual police work is patently ridiculous.

  27. That traffic stop happened 10 miles from my house where cop had people on ground in OH. In general, Ohio cops across the state are hair trigger types. Even the cops from Detroit call Toledo a; “Shoot ’em up city.”
    My family is in from Arizona and they’ve commented on the excessive presence of police compared to Phoenix. Shit, the term “Smokey” came from Ohio State HWY Patrol’s hats that looked like “Smokey the Bear,” from fire prevention commercials, and all the truckers who pass through the state know 1 little slip, and you’re pulled over. It’s like martial law here.
    Ohio is a staple state in the midwest, filled with 5 sizable cities which have all, at one point or another, achieved decent party environments for 20-45 yr olds. The cops have just fucking killed it in the last 20 years. If a bitch sneezes and doesn’t like you the police become the ultimate white knights and will gladly toss your ass in jail and ruin your life.
    It’s no wonder so many folks in LA, out west in general, NYC, Chicago, Vegas and FL are from OH. I was just partying at Put-in-Bay and back on shore, the bars there are patrolled so heavily by cops it just kills the vibe and IMO scares people out of letting loose and truly enjoying themselves out of fear. Mix in some dildo bouncers in cop training school and get ready to do business with the courts for acting in a way that was normal 20-30 years ago and totally accepted.

    1. As an Ohioan I’m forced to agree with you. They are absolute thugs and buzz kills. They even patrol Kelly’s Island now looking for “non-compliant” golf carts. Idjits.
      There’s a reason why I’m moving to Wyoming in a very few short years (~3).

  28. The police are a business. Most everyone loses sight of this. All they want to do is open and account on your ass and force you into business with them. Once you’re in the system, their tender is your freedom, be it literally through incarceration or covertly via pecuniary means to make you broke through court fees, fines, and lawyer costs, AND give you a record that may ruin your ability to ever get a survivable job again.
    Learning the ways to “not do business” with them, and speak their language clearer than they can in a calm manner, usually turns the tables somewhat, providing you didn’t harm or kill a taxpayer (aka, their accounts receivables victims). They don’t give a fuck if you live or die, they give a fuck about supporting the system that keeps them alive, decently paid, safe, etc, and perpetuates the facade of “order.”
    Agreed that police are the 11th hour last resort. 9/10 times they’re cleaning up the mess of a preventable situation that partially stems from the catalyst a police-state creates, and a fearful society thus feels the need on an incident-by-incident basis to snap, and break free from. Take everything a man desires, restrict it with laws, and see who crosses the line. That’s the game. I personally don’t consider most cops men at all. They signed up to fight which is great, just for the wrong cause.

    1. I understand what you mean but by no means are the police a business. They are simply the enforcement arm of a criminal organization. Think of the heavies that a mafia don sends to your store to collect “protection” money.

  29. Google “James Boyd shooting ” in Albuquerque NM. There is a YouTube vid. Watch it…
    Cops don’t seem to have discernment or ability to nuance. It is all or none with them.

  30. Pro Tip: If you are pulled over and the cop asks “what’s up or what’s the rush” tell him you’re stressed out CAUSE YOU JUST GOT DIVORCED. Cops can relate since the divorce rate is high amongst cops. Hell, give him the divorce sob story and he’ll let you handle his gun and tazer him…

  31. As a police officer, I’ll say that this was a fair article. However, I am suspicious that most people’s opinion of American law enforcement is drawn from internet videos and news stories. I just ask that people develop an honest, genuine perception of police officers in America based on their own experience and not video clips from the internet.

      1. I work in a major city in the midwest. We have a SWAT team and they have always been “militarized”. Other than them, any other officer is pretty basic and armed solely with a taser, baton, and 9mm. Within the last few years, select officers have been rifle trained and are allowed to sign out an m-4 to take out on their shift. I don’t see “militarization” here and there are nearly 1,000 officers so this is not a small department.

        1. I hope you understand the concern when police start getting MRAPs and talk about Iraq and Afghan vets and contractors as ‘domestic terrorists’ and SWAT teams become the norm rather than the exception in the execution of warrants on things a minor as overdue student loans.
          The mindset of ‘us vs them’ combined with the paranoia of everyone is a domestic terrorist bodes ill in an era where community policing and a beat cop on foot has faded away into history.

        2. I don’t know how I can make this any clearer. You clearly are ingesting some sort of media that is reporting such things. I am simply saying that in the large, major city police department that I work in, none of those things you just mentioned occur.
          You are right, if cops started collectively viewing war vets as terrorists, there is a huge problem. If they started doing search warrants with SWAT for student loans, there is a huge problem. Those sound like internet stories if I’ve ever heard one. Even if they are true, I’ve never heard anything of the kind in my department of 1,000 officers. Many cops are vets from Iraq and Afghanistan and I can’t even begin to wonder how the police could get involved with student loan debts since debt is a civil issue and not a crime.
          I know it’s not as fun to see cops as decent people, but getting mad at us is taking the easy way out. Focus your angst at the banksters and corrupt politicians. I have a theory that we are designated as their cannon fodder on purpose. They sit in ivory towers making billions and engineering culture with nobody on their tail. You guys are too busy worrying about some story their corporate media broadcasted about a SWAT team allegedly serving a search warrant about student loans.

        3. Me: EMS 10 yrs in Trenton and Philly
          Brother: EMT/FF/BA in CJ
          Dad: Reserve Officer and Paramedic
          There us a militarization of the police today; policing is far, far more adversarial and negatively confrontational now that it was in the 80’s and 90’s; then there were no beat cops in bloused boots, body armor, riding mine resistant APCs, and seemingly itching for a fight as there are today.
          As far as the view on vets and the use of SWAT teams for student loans, shooting household pets, etc. It’s documented and out there for anyone who wants to

    1. And if that experience is based on thuggery, degeneracy, and outright felonious assaults and murders that routinely go unpunished all to the cheers of fellow “officers” then what? I live in China and the police here are a thousand times more docile, polite, and respectful than any American cop ever was or will be and this place is supposed to be an evil empire.
      The police in America are monsters. They permit and allow evil and are never punished for it. An honest police officer is like an honest German concentration camp guard – it’s an oxymoron. You are tasked to do evil, you defend the right to do it, and refuse to punish those in your ranks when they behave in ways that would earn any ordinary person the electric chair. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      1. You are the example I speak of. You don’t even live in America yet with the emotion of a child, you parrot and regurgitate rhetoric from internet videos and Facebook memes. I know I’ve done some great work for the city I work in, so shaming me will be impossible.

    2. I think the majority of us here realize that the majority of cops are decent folk. The trouble is that virtually the entirety of my personal experience with the police has been negative. Whether its stop and search, tickets or being ordered about. I once went to a police station to return an officer’s personal cellphone (he had dropped it while on patrol) and was greeted with suspicious questions (the cop in question was not present but later told my mother he didn’t know decent people still existed!).
      Experiences like these sadly cannot help but affect one’s perception of the police. So regardless of what I am doing, whenever I see the police I immediately feel on edge.

      1. All I can say is that it’s just an unfortunate circumstance of the profession. I am very conscientious and very aware of how I come across to people, but still at times I feel myself appearing bossy or condescending when I don’t even want to.

  32. You can “know your rights,” but that won’t matter till court. On the spot, cops can make up whatever the fuck they want. Try telling a cop, “you can’t do that, I know my rights.”
    Then you need a lawyer to prove malfeasance.

    1. The trick is to not talk. That simple. The side of the road is no place to a) debate your rights b) demonstrate your intellectual superiority by quoting ordinances or c) let the officer know you’re going to sue him.
      Just. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.
      Not one word. They are trained to draw out probable cause from even the most innocent of conversations. Rig for red, run silent, run deep.
      The only words you should say, at all, about anything is “Am I being detained, or am I free to go?”. That’s it. Nothing more. No pleasant chatter, no banter, nothing. Again, they are trained to make any conversation you have into probable cause, and then all of your rights are out the window. Period.
      I open carry a sidearm and this advice is dispensed as gospel, and for good reason. You get *nowhere* saying anything to police, so don’t do it.

      1. I frequently answer questions with questions.
        “Do you know why I have stopped you?” “No officer, why have you stopped me?”

        1. Honestly silence has gotten me far better results than talking. I used to be the guy who could quote every ordinance in the Ohio Revised Code to the cop verbatim, but it does no good. They really don’t know the law so the only person you’re impressing is inside your own head, so I stopped. Silence is golden, and the only words you ever should utter are “Am I being detained, or am I free to go”.
          All the rest, word games, trying to be their buddy, legalisms, getting mad/sad, whatever, get you nothing if you’re a male. They are trained to draw you out, they can legally lie, there is no profit whatsoever in speaking to a cop (if you’re the one being detained).
          If you’re a female this does not apply, if you’re attractive simply flirt and 9 out of 10 times you’re sent on your way (maybe perhaps after an in-car bj, maybe not).

        2. Well, I have never tried to argue with a cop. Generally, I try to remain cooperative without self-incriminating. Since I am no criminal I think that the cops very quickly realize there is little to gain by detaining me further. That said, I think that your advice is sound.

  33. Always record your interactions with police on video as well. And keep your phone out of reach. Never consent to any search, even if you have nothing to hide. And never admit guilt.
    Also, if more people fought traffic tickets and fines, then we’d see them go away. Judges don’t like to go to work have an overflow of people demanding the tickets be rescinded. Neither do police officers.

    1. Great advice, at a minimum use a voice recorder. Know your state laws on if you can do this or not (I think it’s prohibited in Illinois still?). If you’re a one-party consent state for recording do not tell them you’re doing it (hey, you’re a party, you consent). And absolutely, do not permit any searches. “Sorry officer, I do not consent to searches without a warrant”. Forgot to add that part to my original post below.

      1. I believe the Supreme Court has ruled that video recording police is all right, so you can ignore state laws, if that is the case.

        1. Does Google Glass have a forward looking video camera? Would be very useful in these cases. But you’d probably get arrested for wearing them while driving…

    2. In England it’s illegal to take photos of police officers under “terrorist” legislation.

      1. Che – Not true. Wish people would check their info before saying things like that, or relying on YouTube videos from around 7-8 years ago.
        It’s not illegal to take photographs or film anything or anyone in a public area in the UK. Police officers included.
        s.44 of the Terrorism Act 2000, the section abused by some British police officers to arrest and hassle photographers and protesters, was repealed in 2011.

  34. Law enforcement is not there to help. Their operating instructions are simple: establish whether the State can charge you for an offense then collect evidence for your conviction of said offense. Who committed the offence is simply irrelevant to these people. They operate from a place of opportunism – much in the same way criminals do – and oft times not much better than the same element they are “fighting”.
    The law, courts and criminal “justice” system(s) are
    all stacked against you. With unlimited resources coupled with the threat of violence, you simply cannot beat the State. That is, of course, unless you can bring more resources to bear than they, but it is still a crap shoot when your future depends on a hand full of your “peers” too stupid to get out of jury duty.
    Within this context, your interaction with the State (in its entirety) will dramatically change.

  35. The article was pretty well balanced, but the comments make me think I just stumbled into a ZMag article or some Black Panther meeting from the 60s. What’s next – we’re going to read Bill Ayers’ manifesto?
    Here are some actual practical tips for dealing with cops, in order to minimize your chances of having a negative outcome:
    1) Be respectful and speak clearly
    2) Keep your hands visible
    3) If you are in a car and asked “how much have you had to drink tonight?” the correct answer is always zero. There is never anything to be gained by admitting to drinking.
    4) Always refuse roadside sobriety tests, if your jurisdiction allows it (and most do). Insist on going directly to a blood test, or if your jurisdiction does not allow that, at least straight to a breathalzyer. Roadside sobriety tests are designed for failure, and if your jurisdiction allows you to go straight to a blood test you will have up to 30 extra minutes to sober up vs a breathalyzer.
    5) Refrain from ever admitting any wrongdoing of any sort to police. The only person you should ever talk to about charges or potential charges is your lawyer. But be respectful when refusing to incriminate yourself to the police.
    6) NEVER consent to a search of your vehicle. If an officer asks if you mind if he looks, say “No, I don’t consent to searches.” He may search anyway, but you have it on record that you did not consent.
    6a) This is obvious, but so many people don’t do it. If you have suspicious material, carry it locked in your trunk.
    7) If police come to your house and knock on the door, step outside to talk to them and CLOSE THE DOOR. If they ask to speak to you inside say that you prefer to talk outside. Do not invite them in without a warrant.
    8) If an officer asks you to step out of your car, step out and shut and lock the car doors. If he asks why you did this, say it is habit.
    9) Have a rational attitude about police. They aren’t saints, but they aren’t usually the monsters depicted in these Berkeley-esque comments. They are mostly just trying to do a job, and often times that job interferes with you. The more you know your actual rights, the better off you, and the officer, will be. And don’t do shady criminal shit. If you are going around robbing or hurting people, or endangering your neighbors with a meth lab, I hope you get taken down.

  36. The Economist had an incredible statistic..75% of people in jail at any given moment hadn’t been convicted of anything.

  37. The best tactic when a cop pulls you over and tries to get Chatty Cathy with you is the simple, “Are you detaining or arresting me officer? Then am I free to go?..Are you detaining or arresting me officer? Then am I free to go?” Rinse and repeat as necessary in response to any question. It really limits their options, youtube has a bunch of people using it to good effect. Also legally they are supposed to stop asking questions when you state he should talk to your lawyer..but I wouldn’t count on it.

  38. As a police officer and huge fan of ROK, I respectfully ask any ROK admin or contributor to allow me the chance to write an article in defense of American law enforcement. If possible, please let me know how and where to submit it. Thanks.

    1. I actually wrote an article that briefly talked about this subject called NA[X]ALT Is Not A Valid Excuse For Any Group. I made the case that people like docwatson below who believe most police officers are like the ones in the internet stories are very rare. However, what makes most people angry is that the officers in these stories are rarely punished as severely as the public feels they should be. There is a perception that when a SWAT team does something really stupid like break into the wrong house and then unload several clips from their assault rifles after the owner tries to defend his family from what he thinks is a break in those officers are not fired or arrested themselves because the other police officers are in some way protecting them. I don’t know if this is true or not, but it is a common perception among the public. Perhaps you could cover it in the article you plan to write.

        1. Since you’re an ROK reader I take it you don’t automatically assume the man is the guilt party in DV situations?

        2. Of course not. I’ve saved many men from the wrath of the system. I’ve done more for men within the system than any internet commenter in his mother’s basement.

        3. “I’ve done more for men within the system than any internet commenter in his mother’s basement.”
          I don’t have any reason to doubt that, in your case. And I must say that the police have been more than reasonable all the times my ex has called the cops with bullshit child abuse allegations, not to mention the pleasure of getting to see a cop put her in her place when she called them because I raised my voice at her over one of the aforementioned accusations.
          However, who’s to say that a differently-minded cop would not have bought into her bullshit and cuffed and stuffed me? I am glad that you are a “Red Pill cop.” Can you honestly say that a “Blue Pill cop” wouldn’t have had the ability to make things very difficult for me, to say the least?

        4. Of course the “Blue Pill Cop” could make things rough for you. There are hundreds of thousands of cops in America. Even though you’ve successfully avoided them thus far, you’re bound to run into one eventually.
          You’ll never make 800,000 people all conscientious patriots. It’s not fair that the bad apple clause is a cliche. It’s so damn true.
          I bet 5 minutes after the America Revolution concluded, and America was at its freest, some constable somewhere was harassing a vagabond or drunkard and getting off on it. What can you do?

        5. “Even though you’ve successfully avoided them thus far, you’re bound to run into one eventually.”
          Oh, I have run into them. I had a cop banging his flashlight at my door at midnight and harassing me because I had parked my car in a fire lane to bring my young kids and my groceries up to my apartment, and then had fallen asleep having forgotten to move it. Instead of a simple ticket and a goodbye, I got the “Sit your ass down on the curb for twenty minutes and don’t move and shut up while I run your license to see what else we can find on you” treatment.
          It isn’t just that there are lousy cops, though. There are piss-poor people in any profession. The problem is that, whether I get a cop like the one above or one that is much more reasonable, the system will defend the actions of both of them. I know that Internal Affairs will investigate officer-related shootings and claims of police brutality and the like (at least in some cases), but it is perfectly reasonable that individuals, when they are subjected to being treated as criminals by police officers when they have not committed any major offense, would complain about “police states.”

    2. If you’re a cop and can manage to be a decent fellow human being, then congratulations, and many of us certainly appreciate it. However, not unlike being a hard-working, clean & sober, law-abiding resident of a Detroit housing project, you are very much seen as a minority.

      1. That’s unfortunate because most are good human beings – and concientous. Every week some bad videos emerge of dickhead cops doing stupid shit, but you don’t see the thousands of daily encounters that would give you some faith in us. I’m not talking about saving a crash victim or anything – I’m talking about little things where we scold the woman for calling the police on a guy with a permitted concealed firearm or tell the angry girlfriend that wants to lock up her boyfriend on assault because she in reality, found texts in his phone, that we’ll lock her up to because he has scratches on his face and nothing on her.

    3. I’m looking forward to your article. My neighbor is a cop, captain in fact. He’s a lovable lug, with lots of interesting stories from the front line but he is definitely looking out for the bottom line – the state that will pay off a huge pension when he retires. He voted for Jerry Brown, “because he’s honest.”
      Yet, these are the people who we NEED to understand and believe the principles behind our freedoms. What are they going to do when the California legislature orders them to go door-to-door confiscating your guns?
      In my discussions with my neighbor, I remind him, you expect ME to pay for your pension? I can move, fella, and take my taxable income elsewhere.

      1. Can’t argue with you there. Some cops are obsessed with their pensions and think their payouts are invincible. Many cops are dumb babbits, obsessed with material possessions like overgrown children. They buy houses that are too big and cars that are too nice, then have to work off duty details all week to make ends meet.
        I’m still working on my article. Hopefully ROK will use it.

  39. The police no longer enforce laws, the enforce their own authority. Make no mistake when police attend a scene you are in danger. Leave the area! Don’t run! Cop’s are like dogs, you run they’ll chase you. Calmly but with intent leave areas where police show up, preferably before they show up.

  40. Law enforcement is an extension of politics. Politics has defined the feminist state.
    We are no longer a free land. Naturally, the police enforce the restrictions on freedom. Not these people are bad people, but they mostly know not what they do. The generally do not have the intellect to understand the laws they are enforcing and the true reasons those laws exists. For example, very few police officers realize that domestic violence laws are an extension of feminist ideology and have no designed or intent to protect helpless little ladies.
    In day to day life, it is best to avoid the police to greatest extent possible. Know what little rights you have left. If you can afford it, have a good attorney on call.
    When you do have the opportunity to converse with a police officer in a non-official and relaxed setting, use shame. Shame them for their role in enforcing the feminist state. Ask them, for example, if they really understand the political reasons for many of the laws they are enforcing. Shame them for not understanding them. Make them think.
    If they have to think, they might hesitate at least once before cuffing an innocent man. That in itself is at least a small measure of justice.

    1. I hate to burst your bubble, but every cop I know hates the domestic violence laws. We all know they are bullshit and do everything we can to work around them. And good luck “shaming” a cop for enforcing the feminist state when he’s driving 100 MPH in pursuit of a bank robber, doing what every boy and man has always wanted to do.

  41. Act reserved yet calm, respectful yet authoritative. Address them as “officer” or “sir”. Make them think that you have some kind of power over them (legal, political) even if you really don’t (i.e., don’t be a little bitch). That being said, treat them like human beings, even if their behaviour doesn’t warrant it. This should disarm all but the most lowbrow elements amongst them. Also, make sure that you aren’t actually doing something blatantly illegal and, if it is borne out of unintentional negligence, apologize but don’t outright deny it if you have indeed been caught red-handed. If a disagreement occurs, don’t antagonize them on the spot. Better to fight an unlawful ticket in court if you have been unjustly accused (and if you have sufficiently compelling evidence to prove it) than to make a roadside arrest situation worse. I believe there is not much more that can be done – especially when dealing with the more rigid and zealous of their kind – without risking additional penalties and possible retribution.

  42. An interesting statistic I heard about some time ago was that police “brutality” was much higher in areas where the chief of police was an appointed or civil service position compared to areas where the chief had to directly answer to the voters. Can’t vouch for the methodology but it sounds right.
    We something similar that with our elected sheriffs today. Many are standing up to unconstitutional gun control laws and saying they will not enforce them. They can be voted out of office.
    As to police IQ, remember the fuss a few years ago where the City of New London was sued by an applicant when he was rejected because he was too intelligent and scored too high on the IQ test.

  43. The police will need to continue to become stricter and more numerous, in order to control the non-white masses that are invading the country (It is getting so bad that we have 3 military bases housing illegals and then turning them loose into the public). Say hello to the future “diverse” majority my fellow white rabbits. Enjoy the decline.

  44. The police are not your friends or bodyguards. Think twice about ever calling them. I was attacked by some guy in a club made the mistake of letting the police know and was almost arrested myself when the guy who attacked me said I attacked him. Basically we both ended up dropping the charges against each other and I learned a very valuable lesson that should be obvious don’t talk to the police unless necessary. Also say little to nothing to them. Yes little to nothing. Obviously if you get pulled over be polite and give your name but don’t try to talk your way out of something. The most I would do is ask for a warning if it was mad clear this was just a traffic ticket I wouldn’t tell some story or give testimony just politely ask the “officer” (pig) for a warning instead of a ticket. If it was a criminal investigation I’d just politely ask to go and if I was detained it’s time to ask for a lawyer. Them be the magic words as anything you say will be used against you.

  45. Take a look at the SCOTUS decision in Plumhoff v. Rickard – the police now have the right to execute you on the spot without any due process if they feel they are threatened in any way.
    Next? The 3 AM knock…

  46. “…the police see people in two classes: us and them…” Just like psychopaths .

  47. I normally like Quiet Rebel’s articles, but this is pretty vague and only marginally useful advice. You’d be better off posting a set of rules from the back of my business card, i.e. don’t grant consent to search, record the conversation, don’t make any admissions, and demand to talk to a lawyer.

  48. Why the hell would a smart white person even want to live in murrica?
    Get your shit together and move to EU or something. US is gonna go down in a few years and when it does, you will be fucked. Big time.

  49. Quote: ” Dealing with today’s police requires a finesse until a civil war comes to pass …”
    I’m all for this option. Those of you who would not consider this possibility need to grow a pair and be at least willing to think the unthinkable.

  50. As an officer in a large city with lots of other cops, the conspiracy theory doesn’t stick. At least not here. We have no quotas, no monthly requirements.
    Let me explain how it really works – at least around here..
    1. We actually spend more time trying not to arrest people when we really probably should. Sounds strange but experience tells us that 90% of the time the victim won’t show for court anyway and all the work will be for nothing.
    2. We don’t want to fight. We get hurt in fights and I have plans on my days off. I don’t want to be hurt. Since the community hates the police anyway, nothing is worth fighting over.
    3. At least here, let black people do whatever they want. It’s not worth the argument and getting called racist. And, as a white guy, if a fight does break out you will look stupid on youtube even if you were right, so protect yourself and your career and just don’t stop black people unless you really really need to.
    There are plenty others but those are these are some. Obviously these aren’t official policies, but it’s the attitude and practice that is growing faster and faster as police see more videos on the Internet and growing anti-police sentiment. I am a regular guy and the police department is how I support my family. I’m not risking that by getting publically smeared by the media and Internet

  51. Spoken like a true coward, Thomas More.
    Words don’t disarm evil. Observe all the crying fools holding peace signs after terrorist attacks. And that’s your advice to red pill men? Deal peacefully with domestic terrorists?
    It’s time to start killing motherfuckers who infringe on our rights.
    Evil only understands force!

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