5 Ways Feminism Promotes Misogyny

Contrary to popular belief, misogyny isn’t the hatred of women—it’s the hatred of feminine qualities, like kindness, nurturing, and sensitivity. This is why misogyny often co-occurs with homophobia (you know, real homophobia, the kind we only find in the Muslim world).

A misogynist is someone who thinks only male traits—high-testosterone traits—like bravery, focus, and persistence are essential to society. Sweetness and empathy to the misogynist are an extravagance, a waste of time. This is why feminists are the true purveyors of misogyny. When they tell women to overcome the patriarchy, they implicitly tell them to hate themselves.

Here are five ways, specifically, feminism promotes misogyny by turning the feminine spirit in woman against herself.

1. Emphasizes women in the workplace


According to feminist scripture, homemaking and caretaking are inferior roles. I’d love to see a woman at a New York cocktail party say she’s a stay-at-home mother without feeling the need to explain herself. So a woman needs a job to be valuable. The implication of this idea is women are not valuable in their own right—they must act like men to be valuable, and so they are metaphysically inferior. Men and their capabilities are the standard of measure.

2. De-emphasizes motherhood

The social value of femininity, beyond being attractive to men, is raising children. Human babies are born about two years premature in order to fit our huge brains through our mothers’ loins. So we come out of the womb as glorified fetuses. These fetuses need to be nurtured. One way women nurture is by helping children regulate emotion. If the child skins his knee, for instance, the mother is there to let him know, through the innate expression of comfort on her face, that it’s okay. This helps the child to see pain as something to confront and manage, not something to avoid.

I worked in a homeless shelter last year counseling drug addicts. The patients who were the most violent drug addicts all came from different backgrounds, races, religions, and socio-economic conditions. But there was one thing they all had in common: they weren’t raised by their mom. Their mom either left when they were young, was on drugs herself and so psychologically absent, or at work and so left them with a nanny or daycare. Without moms, society would crumble faster than if there weren’t marketing professionals.

A woman who eschews motherhood is eschewing the one job she is perfectly built for, the one job no one else in the world could even come close to doing well. Perhaps motherhood is boring, but God is probably bored a lot, too.

3. Empowers loneliness

Feminism tells women they don’t need a man to be happy. This is a fantasy based on insecurity. No one is happy when they’re alone. We may do okay on our own, but we’re not happy on our own. Of course, if we cannot figure out how to get along with the opposite sex, then we convince ourselves being alone is fine as a defense mechanism.

The only reason our brains grew from the 30 billion neurons of chimps to the 100 billion neurons of humans in the last eight million years is because we began to form complex, social relationships—specifically, we began to form pair bonds. This is the nature of who we are, and it’s imperative to bond with the opposite sex to assuage this nature. It’s the same reason we go to the gym. For millions of years our ancestors were hunting mammoths and walking ten miles per day. So now we work out to trick our body into thinking we’re still trekking and hunting our way across the African savannah.

4. Glorifies toughness

Feminism is about making out women to be like men—therefore, they can be as tough as men. But they’re not as tough. Toughness is a high-testosterone trait. Can a girl be tough? Sure, but it doesn’t make her less valuable if she’s not. To say otherwise is to denigrate the value of womanhood.

5. Turns women into political fodder

The philosophical foundation of feminism is Marxism. Feminism preaches equality, yes, but only in the Marxist definition of what that word means—the subversion of the oppressive, ruling class. Instead of the have and have-nots, we now have the penis-havers and the penis-have-nots. This implies that women, by being inherently disadvantaged by the patriarchy, require the political ruling class for survival. For this purpose, women are pitted against men as if we had diverging interests.

An example of this is the myth that anorexia is perpetuated by unrealistic portrayals of women. Not only has this explanation of anorexia been disproven, it’s demeaning to women—it tells them simply looking at images of thin women will make them want to hurt themselves. No woman I have ever met is this stupid, but feminism thinks women are this stupid.

The truth is anorexia is an anxiety disorder caused by the feelings of being out of control that come with menarche. But this truth doesn’t blame the political opposition (men), and so it doesn’t fit with the Marxist narrative. With women believing they’re invariably oppressed by men, now there’s have half the population ripe to be used for political ends.


The misogyny perpetuated by feminism is nothing less than thought control, which occurs when we believe we cannot do something while at the same time we believe we must do that thing. Women can’t compete with men in the working world, but they have to. Women can’t leave their child with a nanny, but they have to. Women can’t be alone, but they have to. Women can’t be tough like men, but they have to. It’s obsessive-compulsive disorder on a cultural level.

The inherent value of women is undeniable; they create the soil in which a healthy oak can grow. The soil and the oak each play their part as long as they can work together.

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99 thoughts on “5 Ways Feminism Promotes Misogyny”

    1. I concur…and likewise endorse the article. Because it’s true. As proof, my feminist leanings resulted in the following “misogynistic” enterprise…

        1. Fucking hilarious…
          You should totally copyright this and sell the rights – that magazine would be on overnight hit and international best seller amongst the left…

        2. Thanks for the encouragement. I am enjoying making them, I get a kick out of making fun of people (myself included).

      1. I googled ‘Modern Beta Magazine’ and can’t find it anywhere. It must be underground. Like ‘TFU’ or Tit Feeding University.
        Yep . . . naaaw just kidding. Those are actually real tit feeding women. All of them in court. They’re FLDS victims of the Texas CPS raid on their ‘compound’. The babies were ripped from their mothers’ bosoms by skrillex lesbian socialist workers. The moms had to fight tooth and nail for the sjw judge to return their babies so they could commence tit feeding. The little tribesmen were HONGRY dammitt. See when you forcibly deny women of their feminine perogative, it becomes clear that it’s more than a perogative. It’s a hard wired instinct. Women HAVE to tit feed. Western men are about to exercise their perogative to return to masculinity too. The brain has been flooded with anti survival programming in both sexes and the acid of feminism has eaten the gray matter down to the bare hardwiring in critical numbers of men. The bare hardwiring to survive is exposed and will soon fire up en masse. With sparks flying out of our ears and noses, our neurons will fire off like the 4th of July and men and women alike will scream in symphonic harmony a worwhoop that will eject the perpetrators of feminism and elitist control off our backs once and for all. When women are prodded, they demand to tit feed. Men will raise their dicks high and proud and FIRE THEM OFF like Indipendence Day. Legs will part and woman will submit. Hail the patriarchy!

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    2. Yes, although I think that the author has his definitions backwards. The dictionary defines misogyny as the hatred of women. I consider feminism to be the hatred of female characteristics and the article seems to support this view.

      1. Agreed, but this is a distinction that will take some time to catch on

    3. “Without moms, society would crumble faster….”
      The author says that the homeless were brought up without mothers….. I would say this also applies in a more subtle way to later divorces…. even ‘children’ in their late teens / early 20s whose parents divorce, no longer have a stable ‘home base’. Thus when they get married and have children themselves, the family base and female help for their own family is broken – which not only leaves them physically unsupported / invaded with complications of outsiders in the form of step parents, but also lacking emotional support.
      family = family = family. it’s handed on down the line. that’s why it was ’till death do us part’. it’s not just about a commitment to one person… that’s the selfish idiotic ideal of baby boomers onward…… it’s a commitment to society…..
      Anyone considering locking a women down to have children needs to be very mindful of this problem…. and where it’s lacking consider rebuilding a surrogate female support system through community and or hired help. A husband and wife cannot simply just have a kid and deal with it on their own – it’s a huge group effort taking care of children. The communists shattered the family unit so they could place the children in state care and indoctrinate them. We are no better in the west these days.
      The grandfather is there to supervise the grandmother, who is actually the primary care giver to the mother and child. Ideally you have both sides in action, bringing two sets of intact grand parents into the child care picture, taking a huge burden from the new parents and leaving the young children in the care of blood relatives that are trusted.

  1. Feminists think women are innately lower value than men.
    Look no further than their preference for masculine person-nouns over feminine — “actor” over “actress” for example. It’s almost as if they believe the feminine “actress” is inferior to the masculine “actor.”

    1. They envy men’s strength, so they believe that if they can imitate men, we can all be equally strong. With this mindset everything female is then seen as weak, making them the real misogynists. It becomes this self hatred that tells them to deny and ignore their true instincts and mimic ours.

    1. It is a woman. I understand your confusion though. I myself never felt this kind of confusion since I was a kid, when I couldn’t figure out if it was ketchup or catsup.

      1. Oh, look, shitlord thinks it’s a binary choice. Well, the difference between ketchup or catsup is merely a social construct. It’s tomato-fluid, unless it expresses otherwise.

    2. There’s a chance that cracks like that are why nude pictures of he/she/Harambe were released online…

  2. #6 makes them act psychotic, or in the case of this woman who burned what she thought was her ex’s car but was WAYYY off, turns them into pyromaniacs.

    1. interesting text. Because it wasn’t her ex-bf’s car she will now face penalties. Implying she wouldn’t if she had targeted correctly.

    2. The woman in the video doesn’t look like the kind of person who’d be listening to “Before He Cheats”.
      While feminism has given us the “I is a strong, independent black woman who don’t need no man” mantra, the woman in this video has a case of the crazy that goes beyond feminist indoctrination IMO.

  3. I’d have to agree with all the points, however we probably need to go back further.
    Third wave feminism has pushed the boundaries of what what is acceptable. It has normalized career women, external childcare, women in positions of power, female preachers, childless women, reversed gender roles, derision of masculinity and femininity etc… etc… I’d say we have to go back further to where it all began with the Rockefellers funding the early foundation of “women’s studies” and “liberation” to figure out where it all went wrong.
    One more thing that I’d like to add. If you think you can escape to Asia or eastern Europe to find a wife, THINK AGAIN! Take a close look at the Soros leaks. Find the documents related to early childhood education. Then look at the countries which they are targeting. They are funding feminist propaganda under the guise of childhood education in all the countries ROK talks about, ones with strong family values. Ukraine, GONE! Estonia, GONE! Lithuania, GONE! Bulgaria, GONE! We cannot escape it and now have to fight it. In next decade there will be NO refuge.

    1. Exactly. Currently I work and live in Southamerica and the feminist pro-globalist propaganda is ever stronger in all the countries I visit, from Panama to Argentina. And things are changing…for worse. I guess billions are being spent in brainwashing, courtesy of the American and Euro taxpayer.

    2. Feminism, environmentalism, and education were all co-opted fronts by pinko commie salesmen and elites to destroy the middle class and western civilization. They are using children and women’s own nature to create useful idiots down the road. Does it surprise anyone that the baby boomer generation, who benefited from the work of their parents, partied and fucked their youth away, were able to still find work and build families afterwards, are now in positions of power within our government today? The state wants to separate children from adults and pump propaganda masquerading as education into our children. 17 years is plenty of time to attack and reassemble a brain that doesn’t fully mature until 25 years.
      Communism never left after the Red Scare; it just changed its face.

  4. Wow, I’m impressed. Brilliant perspective on what true misogyny looks like – will be sharing this with my friends.
    So let’s not mock the gullibility, vulnerability, and eagerness to please inherent the feminine nature that has been so cruelly exploited by progressives, turning most of my peers into pleasure seeking worker bees afraid to admit that they *want* babies and a husband…….
    ….and which many of you unashamedly exploit, in terms of casual sex.

    1. Another Red Pill woman! You’re right.
      When I stopped going against my feminine nature, I became a happier and more self actualized woman. My marriage also improved beyond measure.
      Leaving the workplace and becoming a housewife was one of the best choices I ever made, despite the fact that I am treated as a deviant by women who still choose to be indoctrinated.
      The trouble is that too many of us believe the lies perpetuated by feminism and we don’t embrace the truth until we are less likely to find good husbands and raise families. That’s why there are bitter harpies in their late 30s who are trying to get rid of their younger competition for husbands. Consider the fact that Gloria Steinem married late in life.

      1. Good to see a woman in agreement. Strange how it is considered subversive to prioritize your relationship/family over the endless, soul crushing grind that is the modern american work force. If you support and nurture your man, he will move heaven and earth to make sure you are happy and provided for. Nothing misogynist about that.

        1. Exactly! In fact, I think it is far more misogynist to expect women to toil in the workforce. We are not men and we don’t have the mental fortitude for such things. We are far better suited to homemaking and child rearing.

    2. Ugh… so true 🙁
      I’ve had my fun (not as much as a few of my buddies) but it’s the classic “do as I say, not as I do” scenario whenever I hear a younger guy (and I’m only 30!) complaining that his chances of a wife or kids are zero.
      I always feel guilty knowing that I have contributed. Not that I have any illegitimate kids out there, I don’t have any kids at all. But “alpha widowing” a young chick that’s still starry eyed and thinks the world of you is the MOST painful thing I’ve had to do in my life, and I’ve done it twice… and and am considering doing it again a third time just so I can get out and sow some more seeds.
      I’m starting to understand the disservice I’m doing to other men that are just looking for a good girl and a good family. Those chicks I leave behind might turn into the next bitter single mom that wont give a good guy the time of day.
      Don’t get me wrong, the current gf knows I don’t want marriage or kids… but the onus is still on me because she really thinks, and has told me to my face, “oh I don’t care right now, I just want to be WITH YOU… sure I want marriage and kids eventually, but right now I just want you, it’s okay if you never want to get married”.
      Soon I’m going to have to sit her down and make her realize “sweetey, one day you will care”, while also reflecting on and learning to control my fucking thirst.
      /end therapy rant lol

      1. Were the girls you “alpha widowed” virgins before you fucked them? If not, then you’re not doing any guy a disservice.
        And even if they were virgins, the fact that they let you fuck them without any sort of commitment on your part means that they had poor judgment, and would have probably lost their virginity to another player if it hadn’t been you.
        Either way, it’s not your responsibility to worry about “ruining” a girl you don’t even know. It’s the girl’s responsibility and her father’s responsibility to make sure that doesn’t happen. If I had a daughter who got pumped and dumped, I would not blame the guy, I would blame myself.

        1. Yeah, its kind of like our shit test. If she’ll come home with me the first night, I’m probably the 50th dude she’s fucked.
          It’s okay to drive your junker into the ground while you save up for a new car right?
          My mom did that to my dad, but she took 13 years of his life, then married a young guy who eventually came out if the closet as gay.

        1. Do you get paid by the word for your articles? Is this some kind of word count payment scam

  5. Well our schools still kick out grad students like the author… all is not lost.
    “It’s obsessive-compulsive disorder on a cultural level.”
    It also stirred my thoughts when he discussed anorexia being tracked back to the menarche and the feelings of being “out of control.” Think about the physical attributes of that statement. A girls HAS NO CONTROL over her pussy starting to bleed. It’s a biological function imprint on her body’s purpose. Then no surprise anorexia can result. “Can’t control my bleeding body? Fine. Then I’ll control my eating because THAT I CAN control.”
    Feminism & the resultant misogyny against THEMSELVES is analogous to wide-spread social-anorexia. Kill the body through starvation as to kill the society through social starvation… precisely WTF is going on as we speak. Might as well lump in ALL SJWisms into that concept.

    1. Women acting like men is what has turned society into a mess.
      Female qualities are meant to be complementary to a man’s logic and decisiveness. That’s why traditional marriages last so long.
      I enjoy the clearly defined roles in our household. It makes everything so much easier when we each know what is expected of each other.

    2. The worst crime is convincing young women to give up their innocence early. That innocence is attractive to men and a large part of her self esteem. Even the sluttiest girls on Earth want to feel innocent, that’s why their hamsters have so many reasons why past sexual partners “didn’t count”. Porn stars try to phrase their career as “making love for a living.”
      If feminism tells young girls that their feminine virtue is despicable, they’re leading them to ruin. The thousand cock stare is from a woman who has realized that she has given up her innocence and has nothing to show for it. False rape accusations happen when a girl wakes up and the 4 football players she got with last night took her innocence. No man wants a used, weathered, worn out woman in his life.

      1. Innocence is not attractive to all men all the the time.
        A liar who tries to rationalize that sex with certain guys didn’t count is only doing it to trick a sucker into a LTR so she can exploit him.
        Most porn “stars” are not slutty enough and need to be trained by male directors so the scene isn’t as flat and boring as watching paint dry because it is obvious that she just wants it to be over with so she can get her money and go home, that you are right about.
        Some sluts are not created by feminism, they were around before feminism, they exixt in places not yet contaminated by feminsim. It comes naturally for them at a very young age like it does for boys who are just scrappy even though they were never taught to fight. These sluts usually morph into whores when they realize that they can make money for what they are already compulsively doing for free. Their reputation was established when they gave their first bj at the age of 13 and they have no shame.
        The most popular porn stars don’t say “they make love for a living”, they proudly shout as loud as they can that they are dirty whores who need to be fucked harder, beg for ATM and lap up squirt off the floor. They are true attention whore exhibitionists. The more people are watching, the more they enjoy it and the more depraved and degenerate their behavior. They enjoy going against societal standards/conventions of decency because they are true contrarians. They prefer negative attention and crave being rebellious, marginalized outcasts who are despised and shunned by the moral majority. They are the type who do something for the sole reason that it is taboo because they know it will shock/disgust/piss off most people and generate harsh criticism.

  6. I don’t think anything makes the average man hate women more than Feminism. Feminism promotes ‘misogyny.’

  7. ROK gotta pivot and stop recycling the same articles. feminism bad bc this… feminism bad bc that. we got it already!!!!

      1. Every day there are thousands of men who have taken the red pill for the first time. Just because you are a veteran of the sex war, and are deadly bored with this, don’t throw the newbies under the bus.

    1. An article entitled “why feminism is bad” would be great:
      it’s called back to basics

  8. “A woman who eschews motherhood is eschewing the one job she is perfectly built for, the one job no one else in the world could even come close to doing well.”
    That is essentially the tender years doctrine and one of the foundations of feminism.

  9. “Feminism tells women they don’t need a man to be happy. This is a fantasy based on insecurity. No one is happy when they’re alone. We may do okay on our own, but we’re not happy on our own. Of course, if we cannot figure out how to get along with the opposite sex, then we convince ourselves being alone is fine as a defense mechanism.”
    Surprisingly beautiful, Sir. “No man is an island,” etc etc…
    I do not know if many Americans know (or care!) about Dawn Porter. It is a didatic story. She published a book about her slutting around through internet (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Diaries-Internet-Lover-Dawn-Porter/dp/075351009X). She was always talking about “how fantastic is being single”, “marriage and motherhood does not matter”, “I live for my career”. Her “career” (dumb articles for ladies’ mags, shitty TV docs) began to sink, she reached the 30s and suddenly (“coincidentally”) found herself in need of a serious relationship – with a provider, I suppose: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2336963/Dawn-OPorter-says-husband-Chris-ODowd-saved-rock-bottom.html
    Watch her in action:

    2:15 is funny and pathetic (before wall)
    4:01 is depressing as hell (after wall)

    1. Shit, O’Dowd looks like he’s up for a world of hurt with this harpie. Always thought he was a bit naïve. Did he not watch this before he got involved? Its all there!

  10. To be an “empowered” woman is to be patronized by white knights and other jealous females on a daily basis. Real men laugh at them all.

  11. The New Feminism:
    overweight single mom with resting bitch face handcuffed to a cubicle at work… with online dating profile willing to suck cock that gives her the attention of 2 dates…

  12. I’d love to see a woman at a New York cocktail party say she’s a
    stay-at-home mother without feeling the need to explain herself.

    Chipping away at this was one of the few benefits of Milquetoast Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign.
    He may have folded like a cheap suit on every issue, especially those pertaining to women, but I recall his wife sticking to her guns over being a stay-at-home mom.

  13. Is that Bill Murray in the title photo? What movie is that from?
    Good article that gets to the root of the pathology and false premises behind feminism without sounding too ideological or extreme. We need more of these type of gentler arguments against feminism and against the modern liberal worldview that individual autonomy and “independence” are somehow the most important values.. when in fact, as social and sexual creatures, human beings (both men and women) crave community, sexual pair ponds, and strong relationships with the other sex far more than “independence” and autonomy. Feminism has done a great disservice to women by telling them it’s wrong for them to want a husband and marriage and children, and by telling them to be more more masculine and behave like men in the name of “equality.”
    Ultimately, the problem isn’t so much feminism as it is the modern liberal worldview that came after the Enlightenment which emphasizes a different set of values (individual autonomy, equality, “freedom” from social and culture constraints) as being central and necessary to human flourishing. Feminism is simply a logical extension of applying Enlightenment values to women and gender relations. The deeper question to ask is are these Enlightenment values really sacrosanct and primary.. and do they get human nature right.. or are they based on false premises about human nature and what human beings need to thrive and flourish. Should men and women be treated equally and encouraged to both strive for the same things … and should the same traits and behaviours be encouraged in women as they are in men? Are men and women really interchangeable cogs in the family unit and society that you can get away with encouraging women to put their education, career and “single experience”, i.e,. slutting it up with multiple men, ahead of preparing for marriage and family? Do the things that make men more marriageable and attractive to women, i.e., career, status, experience, confidence, boldness also the same things that make women more marriageable and attractive to men? Do modern women really give men incentive to commit to them and to marry them? Do women have the same biological clock as men that they can they can afford to delay marriage and motherhood ? The answer to these questions and to the social experiment that is female emancipation is a clear no. This is why feminism and emancipation of women leads to demographic decline, and quite possibly, civilizational decline. The first is empirical fact and not really up for debate or argument. The second point is what this site and the manosphere argues.. and quite persuasively I believe. Unfortunately, most liberals and women (even if they aren’t ideologically feminists) aren’t really willing to even consider that there might be some truth to the manosphere’s critique of feminism and the dubious premises feminism is based upon.

    1. I believe that Murray photo is from Meatballs (He played the coolest camp counselor of all time)

  14. If a woman chooses to be a stay at home mother she gets shit on by other women. If she chooses to delay/forgo motherhood for a career she gets shit on by men. You can’t win here. Feminist pull this shit all the time, defining a woman’s value based on education, fierce independence, career, etc etc. Red pill men define a woman’s value based on unsustainable factors like youth, fertility, attractiveness. Best thing to do is cleanse yourself from toxic people in your life defining your value and do what works for you. It’s your life after all, and you only get one of those.

    1. You’re only describing one aspect of red pill men more closely aligned with the PUA side. There are plenty of red pill men who want a wife that embraces traditional values (nurturing, supportive, wants to stay home to raise the children, etc). Yes, we also want to marry a woman who is young, attractive, and fertile, but what can I say? Men want what men want.

      1. You’re right not all red pill men are PUA and of course it’s universal knowledge that men prefer young attractive fertile women to marry and have children with. Some men don’t want to get married nor have children and some men want children but don’t want to have a wife. Men indeed want what they want. Some women only want to marry tall rich men who are fit and have a full head of hair. Some women don’t want to get married at all. Some women want to be submissive wives and some don’t. Not all men are the same, not all women are the same. It’s when men and women criticize, belittle, insult and shame what they don’t want, that if moves into asshole territory. I know this woman who doesn’t want a husband. That’s fine, her life her choice. The problem is she has a ‘don’t need a man’ attitude and puts down women who do want to get married. That’s going from having her own preference to being an asshole. A guy prefers younger women, his life his choice. When that guy then calls older woman useless, lizard, old meat etc etc That’s going from having a preference to being an asshole.
        I know a white guy who prefers to date Asian women, but he doesn’t put down every other woman of another ethnicity. It’s not necessary to say mean things about a group of people you have no preference for. That says a lot more about you, as a person, then it says about that group of people.

        1. I love older women. Many of them come full circle and understand we might be happier in our original biological roles. Its give and take Im sure.

        2. I see that happening with some of the women I know. People grow and their outlook, values etc change.

  15. The philosophical foundation of feminism is Marxism.

    No, the philosophes in the Radical Enlightenment in the mid 18th Century came up with these ideas. Jewish misfits just appropriated them later for their own purposes. Refer to Jonathan Israel’s books on the Radical Enlightenment, if you want to take on that much reading.

  16. “The only reason our brains grew from the 30 billion neurons of chimps to the 100 billion neurons of humans in the last eight million years is because we began to form complex, social relationships—specifically, we began to form pair bonds.”
    Commented to say I’m glad you pointed that out.
    I saw a nature doc on these types of monkeys that actually live on the plains, and travel and forage for food in large groups… much larger groups than what is normally seen.
    Because they’re on the ground and have no defenses other than themselves, they’re forced to form tight social bonds and rely on each other to communicate and protect one another.
    Scientists have noted that among this particular group of monkeys, the size and development of their brains is drastically larger than what is seen in other groups of primemates. I’m currently searching for the source… will reply back.

        1. heaven forfend. I had no idea that’s what these bastards stooped too. I’m out of here. Thanks for the warning

        2. I was just kidding, the thesis of the article revolved around misogyny so I was saying his answer would be related to the article. Ie: “something misogynistic”

    1. I got nothing against the concept itself, in fact I would LOVE it! Finger painting and hide ‘n seek all day while making sure the place is clean and we eat good, that would be a dream job compared to what I do.
      In practice though, it’s horrible. No matter what, the woman will eventually come to see him as less a man and treat him as such, regardless of how awesome and alpha he may be. All the while shaming him for “feeling threatened” by her being the bread winner. I love the cognitive dissonance of these “empowered” twats.
      “Just because I make more money than you, isn’t a threat to your masculinity and if your were a real man you would know that. Oh by the way, I won’t be home for dinner tonight, I’ll be fucking my boss.”

      1. I hope my gf doesn’t see it that way… she just bought into her Vet practice and will be making over 400 per year. I make pretty good money but can’t really compete with that. We haven’t talked about it, but it will be likely that I will be the stay at home dad when the time comes. Mind you, she isn’t an “empowered twat”. We are a pretty solid team.

        1. I would say that you are an exception…..for now. You might stay the exception, but you should prepare yourself for the probability that you will eventually become the rule. If that happens, then take her for every dime you can. Ya know, for equality 😉 However, if you actually can maintain it, I say enjoy it. I know I sure as hell would. I have always considered housewives to be rather lucky to be “oppressed” in such a fashion.

        2. Dude, play your cards right, and you will have it made in the shade.
          Two big tips for you :
          Stay in good shape
          . keep the romance alive.

  17. “The misogyny perpetuated by feminism is nothing less than thought control, which occurs when we believe we cannot do something while at the same time we believe we must do that thing. Women can’t compete with men in the working world, but they have to. Women can’t leave their child with a nanny, but they have to. Women can’t be alone, but they have to. Women can’t be tough like men, but they have to. It’s obsessive-compulsive disorder on a cultural level.”
    I would say this is also a description of some kind of ‘double bind’ at work in feminism. This usually occurs where the subject (victim) is given two contradictory messages by an authoratitive figure (e.g. a parent). Such double binds create confusion, and sometimes are thought to be schizophrenogenic in their own right i.e. the subject / victim (e.g. a child) is caught in a bind where it is effectively damned if it does and damned if it doesn’t. The evil manipulative and machiavellian genius of feminism is that while women suffer this double bind most directly, the key move is to project away from women through an other (read male) blaming attribution style. So if women are damned if they do and damned if they don’t that becomes men’s responsibility and society’s responsibility to sort out: Can’t leave your child with a nanny, but have no choice because you need to out to work because you’re entire life revolves round a meaningless career that you hate: well, what are men going to do about it? What’s society going to do about it?

  18. Feminists in reality hate women, that is why they do everything to destroy feminity. They make women cherish their sexual drive and their solipsism and elevate those things as values. The family was destroyed by making women like caricatures of men and they followed it for the sake of utopian fantasies.

  19. Best thing to with feminists is stay away from them and have nothing to do with them, leave them to it.
    If they think when they don’t need no man or children at 25 because they this independent career woman.
    They won’t be thinking that from 45 plus when they childless, left on the shelf because no man wants them.
    Then there great career has been outsourced to China or replaced with robots.
    Then what have got out of life, nothing and its to late to change it.

    1. My mom is there now. She raised two manhating girls tho. None of us speak to her so she adopted a mentally ill child who cant talk back to her. Wish i was joking.

  20. “The inherent value of women is undeniable; they create the soil in which
    a healthy oak can grow. The soil and the oak each play their part as
    long as they can work together.”
    Very, very true.
    Which is why traditional sex roles are extremely important.
    And also why American society is in such big trouble.
    Males are supposed to go out and work, females are supposed to stay home and do the cooking and cleaning. Nothing wrong with a part time job for a female, like working at Macy’s and getting 20% off on clothes for both of you. As long as she gets home well before you and has dinner waiting on the table. If you have daughters, they should be trained from an early age to help their mother with the cooking and cleaning. And your son should be trained to fix things around the house and do the “heavy lifting” along with you. Traditions exist or a reason. What was good 100 thousand years ago is still good today.

  21. As a feminist, I don’t feel as though these things are even remotely misogynistic. Feminists (myself included) just want equality among genders. There’s no reason to say that wanting to have the same rights and opportunities as men makes feminists misogynistic. I personally am also a lesbian and find a ton of enjoyment and happiness in my relationship with my girlfriend, so it’s definitely not “imperative to bond with the opposite sex” in order to live a fulfilling life.
    Also, the idea that feminists hate women is ridiculous. I love seeing women who embrace their femininity by wearing skirts and makeup and dressing like a princess. I also support the women who don’t want that lifestyle and prefer to be “tough” or as the article puts it, manly. However, I don’t see being tough as a strictly male trait. As a feminist, I just want women to be able to be whoever they want and not be judged for it. Yes, that means I also support the women who choose to be “traditional housewives” if that’s their own choice and not society’s.

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