Why You Must Confront Your Own Coming Death (And How To Do It)

Death plays a central role in Tibetan Buddhist traditions, where it’s a frequent focus for their meditations. These meditations often occur at burial grounds or even in the presence of dead and decaying bodies. I don’t know of another culture that’s so acutely aware of the inevitability of death, and what it means for the living.

This contrasts starkly with modern western cultures that play the dangerous game of ignoring death. We talk about the dead as if they were still alive. We cultivate an environment where talking about death is seen in a negative light. We watch films like Indiana Jones and fantasize about elixirs of never-ending life. When one of our own dies, we dress them up in fancy clothes and make-up so that we can see them, and even talk to them as if they were still living.

Nearly everything we do surrounding death is based on the premise of trying to avoid a basic reality: everyone dies. The reason we do this is obvious: we like being alive and can’t quite fathom the existence of an earth that no longer includes us at its center.

But we can’t avoid it. No one has. Not even Jesus. Not even Mohammed. Not even Buddha. And that brings us back to Tibetan Buddhism, and their strong connection to death. This connection is so important to them because it reminds them that all things are impermanent, even our own existence.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in their Nine-Point Meditation on Death. Using this mediation, a practitioner contemplates the following set of truths:

Truth 1: Death is certain

1. We cannot escape death

2. Each moment we’re alive brings us one step closer to death

3. Death comes in a single instant and is unexpected

Conclusion: Practice the Dharma (the Buddhist teachings)

Truth 2: The time of death is uncertain

4. The duration of our lives is unpredictable

5. There are more causes for death than causes for life

6. The human body is extremely fragile

Conclusion: Practice the Dharma now

Truth 3: The only thing that can help you at the time of death is your mental and spiritual development

7. Wealth we’ve accumulated can’t help

8. Friends and family can’t help

9. Our bodies can’t help

Conclusion: Practice the Dharma purely

The Tibetan Buddhists remind themselves of these truths to encourage practice of the Dharma, and to make two important realizations:

1. Recognizing how short and precious life is—with this knowledge they’re more likely to make it meaningful and live it fully.

2. Familiarizing themselves with the reality of death—with this knowledge they can remove their fears that stem from the prospect of dying.

Why you should acknowledge your coming death

Death is the most common fear. It’s the one destiny that everyone on this planet shares. But in order to dominate life, you must accept the inevitability of death—the inevitability that one day you won’t be here.

I’m going to die. You’re going to die. Everyone we know is going to die, too.

But if you live in constant fear of death, you’re unlikely to have a meaningful or impactful life. You’ll spend all of your time worrying about it or shying away from new opportunities because you’re afraid of it.

And maybe this cautious attitude will prolong your life by a fraction of a percentage, but at what cost? Reduced productivity, reduced achievement, reduced enjoyment of life, to name a few. Only when you fully accept your morbid fate can you fully embrace and dominate the little time that you do have.

It sounds cliché, but we’re all born and we all die. The time in between those events is what defines us. What we do defines who we are. But if we’re living in constant denial of the known end to our story, we won’t proceed in an authentic way that keeps our best interests in mind.

The truth is that the average modern man exhibits this fear to such a large degree that it paralyzes him. It stops him from doing anything bold. He’s so afraid of dying that he barely even lives. When you accept your fate, you separate yourself from the hordes of John Does who can’t do the same. You begin to live life on a higher plane of existence.

You must rid yourself of any delusions that you have and accept your own coming death. Only then will you be able to take maximum control and dominate the little time that you do have.

How to confront death

The advantages of acknowledging your own coming death are numerous. In a broad sense, it will ground your life in reality, allowing you to approach everything from a more effective, more fearless mindset. The best way to condition yourself to accept this fact, and live like it, is through frequent reminder. And I don’t know of a better reminder than The Nine-Point Meditation on Death. 

Read the following truths one-by-one, think of any relatable experiences you’ve had (e.g. people you know who’ve died). Make it real. Think about your own coming death. This will light a fire under your belly to value what time you do have.

Note: I’ve altered the conclusions to apply more generally.

Truth 1: Death is certain

Conclusion: Practice things that facilitate personal growth and bring you happiness

Truth 2: The time of death is uncertain

Conclusion: Practice things that facilitate personal growth (do it now)

Truth 3: The only thing that can help you at the time of death is your mental and spiritual development

Conclusion: Practice things that facilitate personal growth without getting distracted by attachments to material objects or other people

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158 thoughts on “Why You Must Confront Your Own Coming Death (And How To Do It)”

  1. As a misanthropist and someone who hates this world and civilization more than anything than life, I choose to embrace death.
    Death is simply a part of life. By choosing to embrace death, it can help to reduce fear of whatever comes towards you in this life.
    Living is to die, whereas dying is to live because it is only after death, that you are truly free.

      1. True. My mother was telling me the other day when she was pregnant with me, I would kick her stomach really badly.
        I told her I did it because I was fucking pissed off that she and my dad decided to give me life in this hellhole called Earth.

        1. If you hate this people, world and civilization so much, from what have you derived pleasure sufficient to have prevented your ending your existence?

        2. I was just about to post something Alan Watts related. He is able to explain the Zen thing very well to people from the West. It sounds kinda corny, but Alan Watts changed my life; the nature of reality and the human game.
          I’ve really been at peace with myself and my mortality ever since. And then I dropped the Red Pill and now I feel unstoppable!

        3. For me, it’s simply realizing that even though 90% of my existence in this shithole, socialist-leaning, feminist indoctrinated country sucks donkey balls, the 10% that doesn’t (a good meal, a good fuck, good music, good bourbon, etc.) won’t be available to be me after death. The only way suicide would be rational, in my mind, is if close to 100% of your existence on this earth were pure torture with no reasonable end in sight (such as those dying slowly from painful chronic diseases). That is why I strongly support euthanasia, but only rarely support suicide due to depression/general unhappiness. That shit usually goes away in time.

        4. I’m pretty freaking useless as a human being but I keep thinking, what if you try to die to avoid bills, but then you get smacked with a huge bill in heaven? lol

        5. Well said. 99% of the time, suicide is for stupid, weak people with no creativity.
          1% of the time it’s for tortured bad-asses.
          I know a guy who killed himself because he found out his wife wanted to divorce him. If that’s not blue-pill, I don’t know what is.

        6. “Well said. 99% of the time, suicide is for stupid, weak people with no creativity.”
          That’s a common, politically correct sound bite that gets tossed around a lot. So where do you get off to presume that people do not have right for whatever reason to call it quits? Answer: you don’t.
          Life has always had its up and downs, and the logic is to find all the redeeming qualities of life ie have a reason or reasons to get out of bed each morning. But with the current oppression via feminism and technology hence the subjugation of men, there becomes less and less reason to bother anymore. Terminating one’s life because some cunt decides she doesn’t want to fuck could arguably be not sufficient reason. But factor in the second class citizenry that men have, the notion that he has very few rights as a human being, and zero rights as a father. Factor in as well the constant hatred he experiences from women simply for existing. Factor in the socially toxic environment that men have to deal with on a daily basis. Factor in the shallow, bs social media driven environment that has come about. Factor in the loss of things sacred and good, to find any niche of sanity today.
          You work, and pay taxes and try to avoid being thrown in jail for no reason. And for what?
          This reminds me of something similar to what Schopenhauer stated: “What crime did a newly born infant boy commit to have the sentence if human life handed down to him?”

        7. Not really. Did George Carlin have issues? No he did not. The man was a weathy multimillionaire and a celebrated comedian, but despite this, he saw the world for what it really is- bullshit.
          Seriously, don’t come criticising me when the world we live in is more fucked up than it ever has been. I am a misanthropist and for all the right reasons.

        8. Subjective Idealism is key..
          There is no such thing as “the world”
          “the world” is an idea in your brain, a projection.. by having a toxic outlook, aka: mean world syndrome,
          essentially being that the “world” is your own idea, it translates into you hating yourself, because where is the bitterness directed?
          It’s directed “out” on your “idea” but being that you own this “idea” you are self-destructive
          So many people have been tricked, they think we all live in the same “world” our ideas of reality are very abstract and have nothing to do with anyone else’s, Identifying with society is a good way to reduce yourself to “mental slavery”
          If you grasp this concept you will be a free man, it all starts with subjective idealism

        9. Can’t speak for George Carlin. If you don’t think you have issues go back and read your second paragraph and what you said about your mother. To say its all “doom and gloom” with you is an understatement.

        10. The “world” is America. You can tell because American politicians are always talking about what “the World wants to know, how the World is shocked” and so on. And of course the World Series.
          As for the rest of the planet, well, that only exists on TV.

        11. “go back and read your second paragraph and what you said about your mother”
          LOL. Are you serious. I was only kidding about this.

        12. I agree with everything you said except paragraph 1. We all need to hold each other accountable as men. Re-read what you wrote. We are oppressed in a toxic environment. Don’t you think that calling it quits in a traditional, wimpy matter is doing a disservice to yourself, the men of this community, and our movement? Doesn’t it bother you that feminists will be laughing at our expense?
          Blacks were oppressed. Jews were oppressed. Now its our turn, and we have to fight our way out of it. There are three ways of calling it quits:
          1. Traditional shot to the head. Unacceptable for oppressed men. Don’t let womens lib defeat you.
          2. Killing yourself without killing yourself. Buy a Kawasaki. Skydive. Climb mountains. Surf. Order some credit cards for the bills-who the fuck cares? Giving zero fucks is huge for your life. Rack up as much debt as possible in the name of collapsing the system.
          3. Become a martyr. No specifics bc I’m scared of getting into trouble, but there are plenty of people who died making a name for themselves and their cause.
          If anyone is thinking of offing themselves, seek help. If that doesn’t work, do it in public wearing a blue pill costume with a gigantic manifesto to boot.

        13. I’m not buying the killing-yourself-is-bluepill philosophy. Either a man finds something redeeming about life in the human world or he doesn’t. Some men find your approach acceptable, others do not. Not sure what the answer is but certainly a man should never take his life in order to become a martyr, but rather take his life because, in the final analysis, there is not women’s lib that is the issue, it is the orwellian high tech medieval draconian hell hole society is becoming.

        14. But Carlin, even though he saw the world as a freak show (I believe that is a direct quote) still wanted to sit in the front row and enjoy the show.

        15. Trust me. I don’t. If I was killed in a car accident, it would do me more good than living.
          I know it is sick, but I see no purpose to live.

        16. And you’re on every fucking thread doing nothing but evaluating and judging people. Get a life asshole.

          FINALLY someone here who GETS it!
          Reality is relative and subjective, not absolute and objective.
          That’s a hard sell here where the average mental level is “frat boy hoping to find easy ways to score pussy.”
          LOTS of posers here talking a big game about taking the RED pill, but you’ve actually DONE it.
          Google: “The map is not the territory.”

        18. “1. We all need to hold each other accountable as men”
          That’s your value judgement, not truth.
          “We are oppressed in a toxic environment. Don’t you think that calling it quits in a traditional, wimpy matter is doing a disservice to yourself, the men of this community, and our movement? Doesn’t it bother you that feminists will be laughing at our expense”
          Again – sounds you are trying to hang a carrot in front of a man to keep him in torture.

        19. “The only way suicide would be rational, in my mind, is if close to 100% of your existence on this earth were pure torture with no end”
          I knew someone who called it quits because he lost his ability to generate $$$ – he was older – in his fifties and simply could not make money – his savings was not enough to sustain him to the so-called natural end, and he did not want to end up some homeless guy on the street. I think his reason was valid.

        20. “essentially being that the “world” is your own idea, it translates into you hating yourself, because where is the bitterness directed?”
          Sure pal, sure.

    1. I’ve seen enough of what this world has to offer. Most of it is bullshit. Although I’m not ready to die. I want to live long enough to see what the future holds. I’m sure it will be interesting.

      1. Same here. I’m ready to go any day now. Bring it on Grim Reaper. The future might be interesting but I’m not really attached.

        1. I hate the world, but I’m too young to die. Do something cool or meaningful with your life, and I don’t mean some touchy-feely, help homeless people bullshit. Get yourself a military rifle and go ‘Taxi Driver’ on some gang members.
          Read my other post below for some ideas.

  2. Law enforcement work with this kind of mindset. They leave their homes everyday knowing that today could potentially be their last day on Earth.

    1. Law enforcement isn’t even in the top 10 most dangerous jobs, that’s just a myth they like to promote.

      1. Not really. Go work in law enforcement and then come back and tell me that. LAPD has one of the highest drop out rates in the nation not to mention that NYPD has some of the highest body counts of officers in the US.
        Google the story of the 2 cops in Manchester UK who got killed. They responded to a call only to see their deaths play out. The caller was an evil psychopath (with one eye) who blew them up with a grenade and then shot them multiple times to death. Why? So he can go to prison and get revenge on some inmate. Also, Manchester’s gangs have more guns than the cops themselves, and this is suppose to be the UK where guns are banned.
        Despite whatever people say about cops, they do put their lives on the line. To survive in the job, you must be willing to die in the line of duty if that fate plays out. Thats why cops have some of the highest divorce and suicide statistics in the world.

        1. From the Bureau of Labor Statistics:
          The 10 Deadliest Jobs:
          1. Logging workers
          2. Fishers and related fishing workers
          3. Aircraft pilot and flight engineers
          4. Roofers
          5. Structural iron and steel workers
          6. Refuse and recyclable material collectors
          7. Electrical power-line installers and repairers
          8. Drivers/sales workers and truck drivers
          9. Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers
          10. Construction laborers
          In 2013, out of 900,000 sworn officers, just 100 died from a job-related injury. That’s about 11.1 per 100,000, or a rate of 0.01%.
          Logging has a fatality rate 11 times higher, at 127.8 per 100,000. Fishing: 117 per 100,000. Pilot/flight engineer: 53.4 per 100,000. It’s twice as dangerous to be a truck driver as a cop—at 22.1 per 100,000.

        2. The US Beareau of Labor Statistics is one the worst sources to trust for reliable information. Not to mention the fact that they manipulate statistics to reflect biased government agenda.
          Sorry, but you’re not going to win me with this one, especially if you have not worked in law enforcement. The article was talking about death and I simply stated what is true, that law enforcement workers go out to work, knowing they could potentially die on the job.

        3. “Despite whatever people say about cops, they do put their lives on the line.”
          Wrong. They do not. You are all wrong about cops. They get paid exceptionally well for what they do. On AVERAGE, their job is not nearly as dangerous as you say it is. Not anywhere close.

        4. I’ve never had a single run in with a cop in my life, short of traffic violations. I just see how they treat people. I just see how the cop mentality has changed in the last 30 years. I just read stories about the hundreds and people who get shot by cops annually, and the cops escape without any real investigation.

        5. Unfortunately this is more to do with the backward target/statistic driven culture that many cops have to deal with. Look at the Metropolitan Police in London and you will see that they stop ethnic minorities for stop and search purposes not because they want to, but so they can keep their jobs. The same thing happens all the time in the NYPD. I blame management for this problem, not the cops directly.
          Also, the reason as my friends who are cops put it, is that being a nice guy does not fit the job. If you’re a nice cop, you get walked all over. Thats why cops have to behave like assholes so that the public do not try to get smart with them.
          In regards to the shooting incidents, this varies and is not black and white. Which is another reason why cops work under high pressure since Internal Affairs is on their ass 24/7. According to my buddies, they are always under the microscope.

        6. I’d really prefer it if we experimented with unarmed cops in this country. That will separate the men from the boys. If those fucking pussies are so tough behind their badge, let ’em go in with a handicap. See how many sign up for the “Force.”
          Allow citizens to openly carry without a permit. We don’t need cops, just armed communities of like-minded people who police themselves. Why must we go through a civil war where the people shoot it out with the cops before we get there? After looking at Fergusen closely, that seems to be where we’re headed, after a failed try at gun confiscation of course. .
          Cops are the least trusted first responders in America. Why would you trust someone who shoots your 20 lbs puppy out of fear for his own life?
          I do understand that police work is horribly misunderstood. I’m not an idiot. I do understand this. However, I’m also not a pussy who feels he needs the cops. If it were legal to shoot criminals without repercussion, I would be fine with that. The only problem is, it’s not. Vigilante justice works much better than our broken criminal justice system. Vigilante justice actually works, for extracting justice and for deterrence of criminals.
          The only reason we ‘need’ cops in this society is because we have so many weak people that cannot or will not defend themselves. I personally would prefer more wild west style justice, for better or for worse. It’s more efficient, and it’s far more natural.

        7. LOL. How did this topic go from embracing death, to a indepth analysis and evalution on police officers.
          I agree with you about vigilante justice to an extent. However, this would definately spiral out of control. The cops are there to prevent anarchy and chaos from breaking out.
          I still believe that despite cops having a bad reputation with guns, they still need to be armed. Look at all the documents on British cops and see how some of them have been badly injured. If they were armed, none of injuries would have happened.

        8. Los Angeles, New York, Detroit, London.
          Try responding to a domestic disturbance call in South Central Los Angeles or Hackney London. Then tell me their job is not as dangerous. Cops who have patrolled these places fear not returning home to their families. Like I said, unless you have worked as a cop, I will not believe what anyone says about the dangers that a police officer has to deal with.
          These are some of the most dangerous places to work as a cop. Thats why they need to be prepared to deal with death.

        9. I have no idea why I’m ranting against cops right now. I’ve personally never had a bad experience with one (other than them just being general dickheads), because I’m white and I act civil towards them, and I don’t break the law. I’m just terribly troubled by the fact that they can act with impunity. They have a license to kill. If the SWAT team fucks up, get bad intel, busts into your grandma’s house and blows her head off, you can guarantee that there will be no investigation. GUARANTEED. It wasn’t like this in America 30 years ago. There was actual police accountability on a criminal level. That no longer exists. That is immensely troubling to me.
          I really don’t have a problem with cops, per se. They are just regular schmoes like the rest of us. However I do have a problem with the police state. Cops are willingly a part of that. They profit from it personally. In America, the police no longer function to protect lives, or personal human freedom. The police function purely as the enforcement arm of the corrupt State. Their main mission is to protect private and corporate property from the unwashed masses. That’s it.
          Look at the caliber of person who becomes a cop nowadays. Local and State law enforcement agencies go out of their way to only hire those below a certain IQ level; those whom they know will follow orders without question. All good candidates, which there are many of, are disqualified. As this system unravels, many good cops will either be forced out politically or outright quit, further ushering in more bad cops. That’s how police states solidify their power.

        10. I haven’t read Animal Farm but plan on doing so.
          I do agree with the police state growing out of control, but this is more to do with politicians than the police.
          I don’t agree with the police officers being low IQ. This is something that has changed dramatically. Most people who apply to become police officers are now college graduates and certain forces such as the ones in London UK, require you to obtain specific qualifications, just to be eligible to apply.
          The police is now seen as a lucrative career, especially in this dead economy. That is why there are more applicants than vacancies than ever before. All my buddies who went to law school, are now police officers. The legal sector is dead, but law enforcement provides an excellent salary and pension. That is why the standards are now changing and most officers in forces such as London, have college degrees and even masters, believe it or not. The days where you can get in as a high school drop out are over. The standards are getting higher and more rigid.
          As an officer, you must follow all orders from the top. That is how the game is played in law enforcement.

        11. I have worked in law enforcement and bail enforcement in Detroit. Anyone who says that being in that environment is not dangerous is completely clueless. I left the house every day knowing that I could be coming home in a bag. When you deal with that on a daily basis, then you can speak on it. I find it funny that all of the armchair law enforcement we have in this country thinks that its all rainbows and unicorn farts out there. Most of us know that the world is a dark, horrible place. Cops make sure that horror stays where it belongs.

        12. The thing is, cops put their lives on the line for a paycheck, plain and simple. They do not put their lives on the line for the good of society or humanity. There is a big difference. They are not heroes. Not by a longshot. CALTRANS workers put their lives on the line for a paycheck just like cops, but nobody calls them heroes. The big difference is a cop can murder you with impunity, and it’s his word against yours. The CALTRANS worker can’t do that. Anytime someone who is trained with a gun is told by the institution that his life is worth more than yours, we have a problem.
          The vast majority of cops are in absolutely no danger at all, whatsoever, throughout their entire career. Most places in the US are actually still quite safe. Cops that work dangerous areas usually ask to be put there.
          Give respect where respect is due, in my opinion.

        13. Detroit is an extreme example. Detroit is much more dangerous and dysfunctional than most areas of the country. Of course there is more violence there.

        14. u keep saying people have to have worked in law enforcement to win you over – don’t you think that is a little stupid? If they worked in law enforcement they would have a huge bias.
          My father was in law enforcement for 30yrs; he was involved in all kinds of situations as a swat team member in miami, FL and a couple other major cities – he never fired his weapon and was never fired upon. It isn’t nearly as dangerous a profession as you think, even garbage men are at higher risk of being killed on the job. People instinctively know that shooting at or even taking a swing at a cop is pretty much a death sentence and therefore hardly anybody will do it, not even the most gangsta badass homies fuck with cops – no one wants to die.

        15. True point. Even the toughest bad-ass gangsters don’t shoot at cops because they know if they did they’d get Christopher Dorner’d back to the stone age. For those who don’t know Chris Dorner, look him up.
          Only the low level, wannabe tough guys shoot at cops. And they always regret it in the end. The smart criminals don’t openly murder cops.

        16. I’m not sure that “wannabe tough guy” is the right label for anyone shooting at cops. You have to be pretty hard to be doing that.

        17. So out of curiosity, how can you claim to not take anybody’s word seriously about cops, who have not worked as a cop, yet you wish to be taken seriously about cops when you yourself are not a cop? How does that work out logically, If I may ask?

    2. HAHAHA…………….
      That made me laugh. You’re really susceptible to state propaganda, aren’t you?
      Cops just say that so they can justify shooting unarmed people and get away with it with 100% impunity.
      The average cop faces VERY little real danger throughout the course of their career. Heart disease is most likely a leading cause of death for our brave heroes in blue.
      We should further arm all cops, so that babies in cribs can’t fucking harm our brave heroes.

      1. As George Carlin states, I do not believe in anything that my government tells me. That is a principle that I strongly adhere towards.
        I have buddies who work in law enforcement, and many of their colleagues have been badly injured and even quitting the force because the job became too dangerous for them. I believe their words and nobody else’s, since they have actually been in the job unlike others who keep talking like they know their shit.
        But I do agree, cops need to be armed, especially in places like London, so that fucking criminal scum like the ones who caused the London riots cannot harm officers.

        1. You’re going to have to eat those words when the turn-key police State is fully functional in the US, and you’re rotten cop buddies rat you out to save their jobs and their cushy pensions.

        2. I do believe that the police state is getting out of control especially with the militarisation of the police. I laughed out loud when I saw pictures of local sheriffs being equipped with military tanks.
          But still, I think cops are unfairly genralised, especially for the questionable actions of few individual officers.

        3. You sound like a wise and rational man. Most readers of this site understand what’s truly going on with regard to the growing police state, and that blaming individual cops is pointless and silly.
          A buddy sent me story about an LA school district police force being outfitted with an MRAP. Quite comical.
          I get it. It’s LA. It’s a fucking monkey jungle down there. But the school district PD? That’s too much.

        4. Here are even more comical and overkill situations with the cops:
          -SWAT, police helicopters and a dozen police officers responding to a petty domestic disturbance call at Britney Spears residence.
          -SWAT breaking into a man’s home because he had student loan debt.
          I laughed out loud at the above stores

        5. Sadly my friend, I don’t think the odds of survival are high for any of us. And with regard to quality of life going forward, we might as well forget about it. Nobody knows quite exactly what’s in store for us, but with history as our guide, we know it’s not good.
          People seem to be slowly waking up though. I think the problems are just too numerous and too in-our-face to ignore. Also, although the arrival of Obama is merely a symptom of an overall larger problem in our system, his absolute lack of any real authority shows us all how much of a farce the govt has become. The behavior of this current crop of politicians clearly demonstrates that they are nothing but puppets. Well paid puppets, but puppets nonetheless. At least in the past they had to pretend that they were abiding by the will of the people.
          Arguable, the most disturbing thing is how the powers-that-be no longer even appear to be trying to hide anything from the people. That probably mean the end is fairly near.

        6. That is why I am a misanthropist. The end of our civilisation is very close and even all the mainstream religions have indicated this.
          The economic collapse and cultural and societal decay we are witnessing makes me embrace death even more than ever before.

        7. When confronted with bad shit, like the end of civilization, one must accept it first. Then embrace it. Acceptance, then embrace. It’s hard to do, especially when something is particularly depressing.
          That’s how it is with red pill concepts in general. You gotta accept reality for what it is. Then, when you realize there is no changing it, you must embrace it, or at least the positive parts of it. I’ve found that this strategy is the best way for rational thinking men to keep their sanity.
          The alternative is not good. The alternative is ignoring reality, and conjuring up pretty lies to cope. This never works. This is what women, feminists, hardcore leftists, and other dysfunctional people do. The results of this strategy are obvious; further dysfunction that spreads to others like a virus. Misery continues for all.
          I’ve been the happiest in my life when I come to grips with reality. This usually makes you realize that your reality is not as bad as you thought it was. Also, reality is consistent and predictable. When you know what to expect, you know how to react to things. It creates a positive feedback cycle of positive,or at least constructive thought. Lies and fairy tales will always disappoint you.

        8. People are such fucking pussies with enabling our police force. Just because you love your dad/brother/cousin/friend in the police force doesn’t mean he isn’t doing a scummy deed legally robbing people. I’m sure plenty of ISIS/Nazis were good fathers, soccer coaches, and husbands, but they are simply doing the wrong shit day-to-day.
          But every police officer will have his one glory story where he caught someone with a gun and saved 3 lives or some shit like that. As if that one story justifies the state to transfer millions of dollars of wealth over to him during the course of his “career” where he retires at 50 and continues to game the slick pension system. Fuck these clowns.

        9. If the end of civilization happens, we at least all know who is going first and last. First: anti-gun leftists, gays, single women and any kids in tow. If shit gets real these people will have no chance. Hopefully these kids fathers who were previously shafted by society will be able to snatch these kids back and leave the weak to perish. If not, I’d love to save some young men and raise them to be little masculine soldiers.

        10. “Arguable, the most disturbing thing is how the powers-that-be no longer even appear to be trying to hide anything from the people. That probably mean the end is fairly near.”
          So true…

        11. More cops being armed is more police intimidation, more innocents being shot. Personally, I think the police need to be abolished.

        12. 80% of Gestapo officers were not fanatical Nazis. Actually there were former cops from the previous Weimar Republic.
          I don’t trust cops, the government, or the media in this country.

      2. Career cops do have some of the lowest life expectancies and much is stress related. Their life expectancy is right down there with rock stars, Saturday Night Live comedians and male trauma surgeons (sewing, suturing under pressure, providing a maidens bedside manner with a smile – unnaturally contorting them self to perform a womanly role).
        Family life and failed marriage for the cop is dismal as well. The white knight cop story where he saves some teen hooker from the street and believes he can make a good wife of her? Ha ha fool. Or he finds a matching creep mate in city hall. Some hell stench cretin buzzardess that’s pedigree from the local tax-rape elitist cabal. I’ve seen it. They always think they’re above you, even in peacetime and even if you understand unified theory and they can’t even maintain their cruiser. In a police state, it’s head chopping time and you’re cattle.
        Look at Tiananmen Square. Retard monkeys with badges hosing down student demonstrators with machine gun fire. Fuck retarded animals.
        Police work is the most full circle beta mamas-boy life path that a man can take.

        1. I bet a lot of towns in America run the same way.
          Mine does.
          It uses speed traps
          that are very deceiving and catches law abiding citizens who aren’t from here,
          every day. In large, and even appalling numbers.
          They set up
          ‘checkpoints’ for ‘license checks’ at strategic locations. There they shake down
          peaceable citizens and persecute for ‘administrative crimes’, such as possession
          the wrong plant, carrying a firearm in the wrong manner, not having all official
          papers in ordenung, having all lights, stickers, and safety features on the car
          working, etc. These ‘crimes’ are called ‘malum prohibitum’.
          I fear the
          police more than I fear criminals, because I cannot resist them, and because
          they have absolute power not only over my physical body, but also my ability to
          move about, my ability to earn a living, and ultimately over all my possessions
          and my money.
          At least I can shoot a carjacker if he tries to ‘impound’
          my car, or tries to ‘arrest’ me. You could use the terms ‘steal’ and ‘kidnap’ there and it would be more accurate.
          We are all criminals in the eyes of LEOs now.
          There are so many laws in place that no single person can
          either know them all nor comply with them all.
          All it takes to fall onto
          the ‘wrong side of the law’ is a little scrutiny from a pissed off cop or other
          bureaucrat. And because there is no accountability when they do something that
          would land a ‘consumer’ in jail or worse.
          The rule of law is dead.
          We fear them and thus
          we live under tyranny.

        2. USA has highest incarceration rate of any nation, nearly eight times that of china. Look up:
          I’ve cross referenced all these stats and the best country to live and raise a family is . . . . . . VANUATU ! !
          It is a south Pacific micro nation, formerly New Hebredes (old territory of New Zealand). Check it out on satellite view! It is fairly massive with resourses. Best of all, it has LESS THAN 10 prisoners per 100k population (lowest in the world) – so basically no legal system! Vanuatu is inhabited by native islanders (aboriginal) and Western expats mostly.
          The only downside – the friggin’ wog PEACE CORPS had some plan to go in and try to EMPOWER the aboriginal women. I’d throw coconuts at the fem fags tryin’ that peace corps shit. Leave unspoiled virgin Vanuatu alone for gods sake.

      3. “The average cop faces VERY little real danger throughout the course of their career. Heart disease is most likely”
        My experience: cops are busy shaking down humble law abiding citizens to extort municipally mandated fines etc, but when you actually need assistance be it help because of a car accident or someone in process of breaking into your house etc they are SLOW to come if at all.
        The more dangerous the situation the higher chance they will pull a ‘no show.’

        1. This is true. The only time I talk to police is when they are taking my money. I have never been mugged… except by the police.

    3. Cops are far safer than the general population. It is such a myth that they have dangerous jobs. Statistically, they qualify for life insurance at standard and even reduced rates. Pilots have a tougher time getting insurance. How often do you hear about cops getting killed? Even if they work in the toughest precinct, they haven’t seen shit (live) compared to the people living in it.

    4. You don’t need to be in law enforcement for this to be true. Death waits for all of us and can come at any time.
      I am about 60, and have had three heart surgeries; two of them very serious. I have put my affairs in order expecting my last day on several occasions. I now no longer fear outliving my money. Still, I want to see what happens next in this divine comedy.

  3. Acknowledge death? Impossible. We don’t even know if we are alive, considering we don’t remember our own births.
    In reality, nothing is born and nothing is dead.

      1. Fear of death is simply fear of the unknown. As we don’t experience our own birth first hand, we are also afraid of death. You can not confront, acknowledge or even accept something that you can not experience. You can only fear it!
        The idea of reincarnation (rebirth) is a similar case. That’s why they say rebirth of the soul is a punishment, like its death.

    1. What you are saying.. We don’t remember being born so we dont know if we are alive? News to you, others were there. Your mom certainly was.
      Sound a lot like rationalisations. Just saying.

    2. Let me pose this question. Can you recall the year 1900? You say ”no, I wasn’t born yet.” then I’d ask ”where the heck were you then? You had to be SOMEWHERE. The year 1900 DID EXIST. Your great grandparents were there. Here’s pictures to prove it. So WHERE THE HECK WERE YOU? 1900 is right here in this photograph. Did you just POP OUT OF THIN AIR then?” . . The point is 1900 DID EXIST therefore we all had to be SOMEWHERE at that point. Is this a paradox or did we honestly just POP OUT OF THIN AIR. Come on people. Get a picture of 1900 and stare at it for awhile. The time and place DID EXIST. Think hard WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU. It can’t be much harder than figuring out women could it.

      1. That guy’s argument is weak at best.
        Do you remember the dream you may or may not have had last night?He should take less philosophy courses, and a few more biology courses.

      2. I challenge you to prove that 1900 did exist. I hold that all times and places and people outside my own personal experience are the result of my own delusions. Places, persons, and things cease to exist when I am not there to experience them. All your proof is also part of this delusion. All of existence is a fevered dream that when I die is merely me waking from that dream.

    3. Eh…a little too philosophic for me. I know I’m going to die one day. I’ll bet apples to asses that one day you will too. And guess what, nobody will remember us or really care all that much after we’re gone. Life will go on.

    1. yeah but we won’t know we’re dead, when we’re dead .. so it’s actually impossible to experience “death”

      1. Or perhaps you will find that your perception is ineffably heightened, and that it will be the first thing you perceive and experience with perfect lucidity.

  4. “I intend to die in my bed, at the age of eighty, with a belly full of wine and a girl’s lips around my cock.”
    -Tyrion Lannister

      1. “and what kind of woman will put his flaccid wrinkled 80 year old fukstick in her gob”
        These ones…..

        1. Those are Kendra, Heidi, and Bridgit. I remember hearing Kendra on Howard talk about how she used to leave the mansion to get dick bc when Hef did it was like 2 minutes once a week.

  5. this article is as pointless as it is preposterous why, is a webstie that teaches “game” talking about my upcoming death and that i should accept it? and why are you using a picture of a man of asian decent on fire? that is offenceive and demeaning to women who have killed themselves with fire. dont you know someday there will be a pill that will make us live forever? or so i have heard. but seriously rok it seems like when you aren’t women bashing you are just posting clickbate to make money. you should be ashamed! and everyone knoes that bhudists waste there life living on a big rock when they could be going out partying and using cool things such as iphones and ps4’s. you should go back to teaching men how to be cheap pickup artist’s and perverts who dont respect women than promoting death to people. ill have you know i have contacted the authorities and i hope this article gets taken down soon as it is offensive and vulguer to women and victimes of death. and to finish this post please check http://www.thisisnotaninvitationtorapeme.co.uk/ as i want to stop rape as much as possible i hope you see the light soon rok or may god have mercy on you’re collective souls.
    sincerly duncan warberton – male feminist

  6. “I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work; I want to achieve it through not dying.” -Woody Allen

  7. the humanity 2.0 brigade tell us we’re all going to live to a 1000….like old testament patriarchs…but without the patriarchy 🙁

  8. I was going to recommend Alan Watts, but someone already did. Get on YouTube and listen to the Out of Your Mind series. Great stuff. Also, look into Manly P. Hall and his lecture on magnetism and how it effects everything in the universe. Should cure you of any death phobia.

  9. Jeez, people, we live in the 21st Century. Some neuroscientists and cryobiologists think we can try to turn death from a permanent off-state into a temporary and reversible off-state by approaching the problem as a challenge in applied neuroscience. They have set up the Brain Preservation Foundation to raise money for incentive prizes to encourage scientists to push hard on the envelope of current and reachable brain preservation techniques:
    Two prominent figures in the skeptic community, Michael Shermer (U.S.) and Susan Blackmore (UK), have signed on to this foundation as advisers, so they apparently consider the idea scientifically defensible:

  10. It is clearly obvious that our natural reproductive instincts have been supressed for purposes of population control. Entire societies have been ‘tricked’ into not reproducing. ‘BECOME GAY OR ADOPT A PUPPY’ is the m.o. To fetishize or obsess over death weakens the drive to fight to survive. To pecome passive and lay down and die peacefully without a whimper is beyond beta. Don’t be tricked into taking the death pill. Always beware of the population control agenda. They’re ALWAYS hiring. I’ll pass.
    Of lately there’s been some talk of ‘downloading’ your entire memory into bit storage electronically. EVERYTHING DOWNLOADED, mind and soul they claim. . . WARNING – DON’T DO IT. IT’S A TRICK. IT’S A BIG POPULATION CONTROL TRICK.
    If you are ever persuaded to jump into a meat grinder with the promise of eternal existence in cyberspace, IT DOESN’T WORK. IT’S A TRICK – FOOL. Say you have a buddy who’s ill and goes for it. He goes in a lab and doesn’t come out, but you can chat with him online as he soars in cyberspace, IT ISN’T REALLY HIM, no more that a xerox is a faux duplicate. HIS ASS GOT TRICKED into a meat grinder. This population control shit is ABSURD, I mean . .

    1. I think that this article would side on the side of fighting for your life. Overcome the fear of dying in the fight for survival, since you are going to die anyway. At least if you fight, you may survive, or at least make an impact on the world. Figuratively speaking as well.

  11. Remember this passage from “How to Beast”. Life-changing information, good reminder, thank you!

  12. This is really freaky but I just bought Dominate today and started reading it a minute ago, after reading the article, and found it there as well. Nice coincidence.

  13. the recovery of information by man is limited only by time. As time increases, the ability of man to recover information will increase.
    You are information.
    Therefore, you can be recovered by future technology, should you take proper steps to conserve your information. Those proper steps are called ‘cryonics.’

  14. I must say, the man in the photo has made a VERY poor decision. Self-immolation is not recommended. Much like suicidal people who jump off high structures to their deaths, he is likely regretting the decision. It probably seems edgy and attention grabbing at first, but then it probably winds up sucking hard.

  15. ”Meditation on inevitable death should be performed daily. Every day when
    one’s body and mind are at peace, one should meditate upon being ripped
    apart by arrows, rifles, spears and swords, being carried away by
    surging waves, being thrown into the midst of a great fire, being struck
    by lightning, being shaken to death by a great earthquake, falling from
    thousand-foot cliffs, dying of disease or committing seppuku at the
    death of one’s master. And every day without fail one should consider
    himself as dead.”
    Yamamoto Tsunetomo, Hagakure

  16. Funny that you should post that. I’m on the brink of suicide. Not even looking for attention. Already made up my mind how to do it. Betrayed by my own hypergamous mother. If there are good women then I’ll see them on the other side. Otherwise I don’t like being the product of whatever it was that gave birth to me.

    1. Been there too, brother, but as you can see I didn’t do it. In Ronan Keating’s words, “Life is a rollercoaster. You’ve just gotta ride it.”
      Strangely wise advice from a pop singer.

    2. You need to look into Terrance Popp’s experience. He had the day time and method picked out, but today is happy and living a useful life.

  17. I made a decision to end my life, I’ve been trying to enjoy things like hobbies and what not but they just fall flat. Nothing like knowing my mom only cared about white cock to take the life out of me. Knowing that personality and character mean nothing. Just don’t really care anymore. Lots of people talk about having a need for survival but I don’t see the point in just surviving if your life is torture.

    1. I had that same mentality, ironically, until I took a trip to (your neck of the woods) China. Yeah, looks, race, height, all of those things are important, but mindset and personality can count for a small amount, and such small beginnings can lead to great victories. Not to sound bluepill, but there is some truth to it.
      On the other hand, you state that you are half-White and took after your White side more, and thus, benefit from privilege. Why not take advantage of this? Realizing that life is not fair and will always be unfair, at least be happy that you came out on the better end of that unfairness.
      You have to find your purpose, find a goal, or something to look forward to. Well, best of luck whatever your decision may be (as I always say, provided that it does not go against my better interests).

    2. Get a motorcycle. Fast car. Skydive. Hike. Try every drug. Don’t go out like a pussy. I understand the unwillingness to live, but have some fuckin fun first. You literally have no rules-you’re right about to die anyway.

    3. You say you are tortured and that you have lost interest in hobbies etc. I was just reading the Hunger Artist by Kafka – at the risk of spoiling the story, the protagonist who fasts for a living reveals at the end that going hungry is easy because he has never found a food he actually likes. My impression is that you have not gone off your food because there is no food you like but because you, like most of us, want fine food and are miserable in its absence. As men we have to seek out the resources we need to survive, both in terms of physical and psychological needs, but that may also mean downsizing our appetites, learning to live off nuts and berrys or grubs, rather than hankering after haute cuisine we may never be able to get. It also means working to limit dependencies on others, including in terms of our expectations about family etc. Your mum is just a woman, accept her how she is with all her faults rather than how you want her to be. I’ve had to do the same myself. ROK teaches us not to pedestalise women. That starts with mom.

  18. Mother issues, man o man. Take an ax to that umbilical cord . . kerrrWHACKAAH. A mother is EVERYTHING to her child until weaning is complete. Then YOU ARE DONE with your mother. Avoid dairy products after mama withdraws her tit. Cows milk especially. Isn’t it funny how we can drink the milk of another species (cow), but we can’t butcher our moms and make steaks AND EAT HER. But her milk is off limits now ??? WTF? So we drink cows milk and where does that lead? Should we now go and seek motherly advice FROM THE COW? (actually the term ‘motherly advice’ is an oxymoron). Actually there is hope. A great age is dawning . . WHEN MAN RETURNS TO THE THRONE ! !

  19. Much as I enjoy living, even with the shit storms it brings, I am not afraid of death. Life and death are two sides of the same eternally flipping coin.
    I have a personal conviction in the reality of reincarnation because I was once gifted with past life flashbacks which were later verified by an independent source. I remembered my last death – a soldier, killed in May 1943 – and some of what followed. Thematic imagery from that life and others is woven into the fabric of this life and I don’t doubt will echo on into the lives yet to come.
    Such recall is unusual, for we all drink of the waters of the Lethe when we die so that in our next life we may be immersed in its own reality and the trials and lessons it brings. We inherit from ourselves the qualities and weaknesses we nurture in life, but almost always without the baggage of memory. My only regret is that, although the person I am in this life will be remembered by my greater self, the next me who walks the Earth will know nothing of this life’s loves, hates, triumphs and disasters.

  20. No fucking shit, we’re all gonna die. What’s the point of being scared of it? We need to be scared of death without honor, not death.

  21. Death is nothing to us, When we live it doesn’t exist, and when it exists, we are not here to experience it.
    -Marcus Annaeus Seneca
    I was, i did, i am not, i cannot mind
    ^ a quote they used to write on their tombstones in ancient Rome
    Our ego, dies, but the macrocosm,… The universe itself -which created us, does not have a time, or existence, there are billions of stars, with millions of planets like this one, with intelligent life, and 7 billion other humans, there are duplicates of everything in the universe..
    We are all immortal, only our “idea of ourselves” dies, and our “idea of ourselves” is a meaningless illusion anyways folks. The “dopamine” that is the “force” your emotions all that , identify with the infinite, not your Fragile “social identity”
    We are stardust, our bodies organized with trillions of cells in perfect order going back to infinity.
    The way the taoists/buddhists see it is this : the body is like a match, it burns out, but the cosmic energy, divine force, or whatever the hell you want to call it, The “light” from that match is immortal, we are all just vessels carrying this light. We don’t think with the mind, we think FOR the mind, the will which we do not control.
    if you want the best of western and eastern philosophy combined, you get Arthur Schoepenhauer, Genius who wrote “the world as will and representation” if you want to be enlightened,,, spend some time reading it

    1. I prefer the quote that W. C. Fields had on his tombstone;
      On the whole, I’d rather be in Philadelphia.

  22. Life is not a straight line with a beginning and an end. It is more of an ellipse, a non perfect circle with no beginning and no end. The physical you will die but you are far from finished. I know many will scoff at this and I really don’t care. Life is so difficult making it easy to embrace nihilism. I have learned not to let the petty mean spirited nonsense that surrounds me to corrupt my spirit. There are great things in the universe and 70-80 years or so on this planet are barely the blink of an eye.

  23. Do not seek death; death will find you.
    But seek the road which makes death a fulfillment.
    — Dag Hammarskjold

  24. love these posts man, lately i only look at ROK articles if you, quintus, athlone or Roosh himself is writing them.
    can’t even recognise authors names anymore

  25. Maximus here. Jefe has written something very important here. The contemplation of death is the only way man comes to terms with life. That is to say, with his spirit. No martial culture on earth separates man from spirit. The separation from spirit is what enables and perpetuates depression, self-loathing and anger in man. Connecting to spirit is what turns a man into a warrior. For what it is worth, here is my two cents on the topic: We Are All Samurai Now – http://maximumoffense.com/blog/we-are-all-samurai-now

  26. I used to be scared to die. But now, since I have been lucky enough to live a pretty decent life, I simply consider it a close – like closing a good business deal.I’ll take it however it comes. If there is something on the other side, that is all well and good. If there is nothing, that is fine too.

  27. “The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”
    ― Mark Twain

  28. This article is gold. I’m not Buddhist,but it Puts alot into perspective. We are only here a short time, and many of us waste this precious time around jobs and people we hate , living lives we don’t want.

  29. Catholic tradition, which is the Western Tradition, has always taught one to meditate on the 4 Last Things – Death, Judgment, Hell, Heaven.
    Even the Knights of Columbus have as their motto: Tempus Fugit: Memento Mori (Time flies: Remember death).
    Unlike the Buddhist Nirvana (which is personal extinction), Catholics believe that we are eternal and will survive this life; but where? That is the question. One must make preparation, and so it is through various spiritual exercises such as those of St. Ignatius Loyola that this can be done.
    One need not be morbid, but actively should realize the shortness and fragility of life, and the requirements the Church notes for a good next life.

  30. What a bunch of pussies you all are, especially the author of this article. It couldn’t be Roosh. If it is, Roosh is a pussy too. Try burning flight decks. Try road racing motorcycles. Try rat-racing the Capitol Beltway at 160 MPH in the middle of the night around Roosh’s “beloved” Washington DC.
    Best way to plan for death? Don’t plan for it, don’t even THINK about it, you fuckin’ pussies. Think about death enough, you become so cowardly, you fuck up and die. I think not enough of you girls served the United States military. Flight Decks. Fast planes, pouring rain, middle of the night. Think Nimitz, May, 1981. Look it up. Yall shoulda been there. Oh, shit, none of you were interested.

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