Our Critics Are Adult Children

It is a guarantee that you, me, and anybody who subscribes to truth/red pill and insists on speaking to it, standing by it, and advocating it will receive all sorts of flak, criticism, and hatred.  This is the result of having such a successful culture that we’ve been able to work up the wealth and borrowing capacity to effectively pay for the lives of three generations.  Unfortunately, this has spoiled those same generations resulting a population that is delusional about how the real world works, is weak and entitled, but above all else is egotistical as they have done nothing noteworthy with their lives, but still think quite highly of themselves.

However, in you come like a bull in a China shop, bottle of whiskey in hoof, yelling harsh truths such as…

“Sociology isn’t a real degree!”

“Men like skinny girls!”

“Stop having illegitimate kids!”


“People who don’t accomplish anything in life are the ones most prone to invoke the word ‘privilege’!”

…you not only hurt their fragile feelings, but force them to look in the mirror and realize what truly sad and pathetic people they are.

Naturally, since they have nothing else in life and you committed the cardinal sin of exposing them, they don’t stop and take your constructive criticism seriously, pondering the valid point you made about them wasting their one finite and precious life on this planet.  No, instead, their lizard brain kicks into high gear and goes into full defensive mode and identifies you as a threat.  Therefore, while you’re trying to make the point that a 37 year old single mom getting her Masters in Creative Writing who will only find employment because of an unneeded government make-work job really isn’t anything to be proud of, said person will become emotionally enraged and attack you.

Now, since you are being factual and not emotional, while your assailant is doing the opposite, you can expect whatever criticisms you’re about to receive to be personal in nature.  And we’ve all heard them before to the point they’re predictable:

You live in your mother’s basement.
You can’t get any.
You have a small penis.
You’re gay.
You’re ugly/fat yourself.
etc. etc. etc.

None of which have to do with the points you made.
None of which advances or builds off of the previous conversation.
None of which actually brings about a genuine and productive solution.

However, to the rookie you’ll take personal umbrage to these assaults and abandon the argument to defend your honor.  To the novice you’ll become frustrated that these people lack the capacity for logical, reasoned, intellectually honest, and unemotional thought.  But to the experienced, seasoned veteran you will realize that you really aren’t dealing with an equal, but rather an adult-child that is throwing a tamper tantrum because you refuse to lie to them to keep their fragile world facade up.

But there is one other thing the “seasoned truth dispensing veteran” must do beyond handing out mirrors and forcing people’s faces into it.  And that is ensure that everything your critics and haters say about you is a lie.

For example on my youtube channel, it is now damn well near a DAILY occurrence I get accused of living in my mother’s basement.  I also receive flak from various “Monday Morning Work Out Quarter Backer Theoreticians” that I don’t lift.  And as always there is the never ending chorus that I can’t get laid and am “alone.”  (I’ve even had people question my motorcycle riding abilities).

But no matter how distasteful I find these lies, no matter how viscerally angry I used to get at such accusations, I no longer do for one simple reason:

They’re not true.

I do not in fact live in my mother’s basement.
I do indeed lift three times a week, running three times in addition.
I have more miles motorcycling than most Sturgis fanatics and,

hard as it is to believe,

I do have a girlfriend (sometimes we even have sex)

The larger point is that you can give no quarter to your critics, adversaries and enemies.  The reason why is that if you live up to your word, and practice what you preach, then you are not a hypocrite and therefore not assailable.  Worst still for your critics, they not only have to wrestle with the truthfully-stinging facts and observations you’ve made of them, but they now have to live with the fact even their personal attacks on you are wrong, and therefore whatever tacit, subliminal theory they had behind it (e.g., you just hate women because you can’t get laid, that’s why you hate single moms who get Masters in Creative Writing) is also wrong, ergo THEY are wrong and (GASP) you’re observations about them might be right!

But the biggest purpose in ensuring that whatever your critics say about you is a lie is that it ultimately calls into question their authority and accuracy.  No matter how emotional, no matter how enraged, when they are lying about you it calls into question everything else they’ve said about you and gives you cache and credibility over them.

Ergo, about the only thing you and other truth-insisters may be legitimately accused of is being rude or impolite, perhaps even of being mean.  But even there that is more of a function of the thin-skinned, cry-baby, woeisme, checkyourprivilege, victim-whoring weakling population we have today than any malice on your part.

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160 thoughts on “Our Critics Are Adult Children”

  1. When you realize you’re essentially arguing with children instead of complete adults, that can save you a lot of headache right there.

    1. I cant count how many times I’ve tried to use logic when arguing with women. Everytime it is futile and usually ends with her using ad hominems.

      1. the most interesting thing about the recent iraq crisis is the mad rush in the media to assign blame, guilt politicians past and present for making mistakes and generally carry on with a whole truck load of gossip….. not one article i’ve seen, aside a quite interesting interview with Tony Blair actually suggested any forward looking solutions ….. a sign of the times for sure…

        1. Yeah. I think humanity is about ready to get bent over and fucked pretty hard, in the worst possible way. Any semblance of stabilty is disappearing on a daily basis. It’s scary.

        2. If you think Tony B. Liar has anything sensible, that matters, or that makes any sense at all, to say about Iraq, or on any other issue, you are a delusional brain damaged neo-con retard.
          Blair should have swung from the same rope as Saddam, for exactly the same reasons. A lying war criminal state terrorist piece of shit. I defecate on the man.

        3. That one guy had the answers but he got arrested for Quoting Churchill about muslims

      2. That’s precisely right. In ‘Our Critics Are Adult Children’, ‘Our critics’ can be substituted for women.
        Has anyone ever heard anything apart from criticism and vitriol from a woman regarding RoK?
        Has anyone ever heard a woman praising RoK and manosphere in general?
        I know I haven’t. All I get from them is scorn and contempt. I feel as if it is a defense mechanism. Women instinctively regard any opposition to their status quo as a threat.
        Children are much the same. Try criticizing a child and you’ll get – Temper tantrums, hissy-fits, irrational anger, and “You hate me” allegations.
        Try criticizing women – Temper tantrums, hissy-fits, irrational anger, and “Misogyny” (Which is a codeword for -You hate me/women).

        1. I know a woman who’s trying to get her younger brother to read more manosphere/MGTOW blogs/youtubers.
          They’re rare, but they’re not non-existent. She’s still a woman – AWALT – but she’s a decent one.

        2. She’s only doing it because he’s her brother, and there’s no chance of sexual manipualtion or cuckolding taking place. If it were just a lame-ass male friend, she’d lead him into the abyss of misinformation just to ensure he hangs on her, if for nothing else than her own personal validation.

        3. I am a woman and I thoroughly enjoy reading ROK. The articles and comments provide guidance, motivation and ideas on self improvement which help with taking responsibility for your own actions, which I love seeing (and doing).
          I am trying to get my boyfriend on board with this site too.

        4. I suspect that liberalism’s core philosophies simply make it a selector for whiny brats of all kinds (regardless of the particular biochemical or nurture pathway that each individual arrives at a similar neurological condition).
          Come one come all!
          Those that don’t want to work for a living.
          Those who want praise for little or no effort.
          Give me your hypersensitive masses and I shall give them solace from reality.
          This being said, however, it stands that there would be a significant feminine footprint in liberalism.

        5. But…if she gets one man, even a relative, to read and get into the manosphere, that’s still a win for us, no matter her motivations, right? Think along the lines of John Stuart Mill on this one, it doesn’t matter the motivations of the do-er, what matters are the results. In this case, hey, I’ll take her brother on board with us anytime, the more men here the better.

        6. I completely agree. This site is full of truths that most do not want to hear. I’ve been attempting to turn my husband onto some of these ideas and I mention this site often but he seems resistant. I get the feeling he thinks I think he’s not good enough when I talk about this stuff, but I don’t purposefully frame it that way I just want to talk about the ideas and he seems to take it so personally. To some degree I do wish he could be better. On the other hand, a lot of the advice here is only going to improve his life, regardless of what I think. Besides, women like us also run the risk of having our men read this info and decide that WE are not good enough. I’m willing to take that risk. I’m willing to improve. This site is also helpful for women, although often overly harsh(I understand why though).
          To any woman reading this who enjoys this site, also check out http://www.therulesrevisited.com , that site is aimed directly at helping women become better, and is full of extremely useful advice from a man about what men actually want(none of that sugarcoated Cosmo bullshit you’re used to seeing).

        7. I’m more about the self improvement articles than the what men want articles. Personally in myself I already identify as having the virtues that men here consider a quality woman and my man knows it (not being cocky), though those articles have helped me fine tune my qualities.
          Sadly (or not) have even lost 10 year friendships (man I feel old lol) because my girlfriends treated men and viewed relationships and life like the low quality women on here that are described and they were not happy when I finally voiced my views.
          As a side note, I must Thank ROK for helping me fine tune and hone in on my feelings which Gave me confidence to say how i felt and surprisingly, I havent been sad about losing my friendships! I never had anyone to relate to and share these views with before. My boyfriend actually also shares them though he is not as into in depth discussions about it, he does read and relate to the
          I also enjoy and share with him the articles and comments about the importance of having great parents and fathers especially, since he has a daughter that will be 3 soon. Those are great and he really seems to enjoy them.
          Maybe just print out a few and give them to him to read tell him that you want to improve your life together and that these are some suggestions and tips. It’s disheartening when one wants to improve and move forward and one doesn’t. Need to be on the same page for sure. Make it something you’re both interested in too and start small. Most Importantly, keep persisting. Small starts. Perhaps audiobooks on self improvement in the car?
          My struggle is planning. My man is very talented and clever with his hands as a qualified tradesman and man of all trades (just like my grandfather, father and uncle and I ain’t even mad, I’m glad I found a man like them! !) But it’s the lack of planning and motivation that he struggles with outside of work. He’s 7 years older than me (23 & 30) and I see how and why the goals he wanted to achieve at my age by his age have not been met. But it’s never too late and can be even easier to achieve especially when you have someone you can trust and are on the same page with (be it partner or friend).
          I’m literally getting out the A3 paper and writing it out with him so he doesn’t forget and so that we’re both responsible for our successes or failures.
          Then we can ride off into the sunset on our almost matching bikes lol

        8. There were three women who regularly posted who sided with what was here. Unfortunately it was just those three, and there was one younger one still in high school who was learning antifeminism from here. The rest were loud obnoxious witches.

        9. Personally I think self improvement and what men want in a woman go hand in hand. The same sorts of things that will better a woman’s life also tend to draw men to her.
          My husband is not completely resistant, my open hatred for feminists has definitely rubbed off on him(either that or he just feels comfortable being honest about it now that there is at least one woman that won’t turn into a psycho bitch on him). I just don’t think he’s ready to swallow the pill yet in some ways. I will definitely persist though. We are in our mid 20s, I’m positive as we age he will gradually see what we see whether he likes it or not. Anyone who is even remotely smart can’t ignore this shit forever, when it’s slapping you in the face and destroying your soul bit by bit, day in and day out.

      3. This is me, oh god, this is me. Sometimes I feel like the year is 800 AD, the Catholic Church has complete control over Europe, and I’m the lone skeptic at the Vatican saying, “seriously, there’s no evidence that any of this stuff is true.” Instead of acknowledging that what I’m saying is actually true, I’m just ridiculed mercilessly with personal attacks, and bizarre accusations that I have “mommy problems,” which I don’t. For example, on the subject that women like men who can provide resources. I can pull out study after study that shows I’m right, but it doesn’t matter, I’m still accused of being a misogynist, and comparable to Elliot Rodger. I just don’t get it.

        1. The difference being, that in 787 AD, when the iconoclasts were violently introducing new and unpopular ideas in Romano-European society, the Church gathered all of the most learned people together, had a discussion of the issue on its merits, acknowledged what the iconoclasts got right, condemned what they got wrong, and everybody was allowed to go back to their own business in peace.
          Now, a bunch of hysterical, ironic bigots shame you, ostracize you and secretly regret that they can’t yet get away with chopping you into tiny pieces to feed to endangered owls.

        2. Actually, you do get it. You understand reality more clearly and logically than your average brainwashed buffoon. You are not the problem, society and the status quo is the problem and will always be the problem.

      4. Believe me, I’ve found SJW white knights to be just as bad in many regards! I used to have long arguments with them, but it’s clear that arguments just distract me from more important things, considering while one SJW argues, another one is implementing some stupid change to the system.

    2. This. Remember that someone who has to resort to insults has conceded that
      they’ve lost and they hold no power or authority over you. I welcome
      people insulting me, because it’s a very reliable way to tell that the
      conversation is over and that I’ve won in every way that matters.
      OP: It’s great that you lift three times a week and go motorcycling (I do too), but a man doesn’t have to do these things to be a man. These accusations are just the cries of confused little people who don’t even have the creativity to come up with an original insult. There is absolutely no need to defend yourself here by saying you do these things. In fact, if someone told me I live in my mom’s basement, I’d tell them, “Why yes, I do, and it’s awesome. Jealous?” Agree and amplify.

    3. I’ve 100% given up because of that truth. How could I possibly build a successful career when all my “superiors” and coworkers are children?

  2. People like nothing less than having their own BS pointed out to them. They won’t forgive you for it.

  3. “People who don’t accomplish anything in life are the ones most prone to invoke the word ‘privilege’!”
    I’ll have to remember this one.

  4. “Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; excellence respects and admires genius.”
    A quote to keep in mind next time one of these little turds attacks you. If there’s one thing small minded idiots can’t stand, it’s someone happily living their lives independent of the social system they worship.

    1. “Stop seeking approval from the lowlifes around you”
      That’s all you need to know. Capt Capitalism has a great blog, but he has serious issues about needing to prove his point to dumbasses who don’t get it. He’s an intelligent guy. I don’t understsand why he won’t just let it go.
      I guess when you have writer’s block you just say what’s on your mind.

        1. Most bloggers do that. The hypocrisy is overwhelming. They bitch about feminists and the MSM doing that, then they do it themselves.
          It’ll always be that way.

        2. Their place, their rules. Same here on this blog, just ask Roosh. You only have freedom of speech on your own property or in the public square.

      1. But maybe they’re not all dumbasses. Maybe out of a group of 100 there are 95 dumbasses and 5 who noodle it out and finally get it? The purpose of our educating others, if you’re so inclined of course, is to find that 5% and drive the point home. The dumbass other 95 simply exist to reinforce and prove our points for us most of the time.
        Education of others is a rather selfless pursuit, while at the same time ostensibly serving the very agenda of the teacher (conundrum, eh?). You learn to filter out and kindly ignore the idiots, or better use them as a foil. It’s not a thing most like to do, but for those who seek to expand our thoughts to those receptive to them, it’s rather rewarding.

    2. I struggle with this is because, whether I like it or not, most women, more then men in my experience, are like this. So if you want women in your life, it seems like to a certain degree you have to put up with a medicore person. Even if it’s just for sex (assuming you’re not paying for a hooker, then all bets are off).

      1. Outside of sex and general generic companionship, women are a total bore. You have to accept that. They simply lack the creativity and cause/effect thought process that men possess. The feminism movement is constantly trying to circumvent this fact by finding backdoor ways to place women in positions in society otherwise held only by competent males, and then saying, “look, women can do that too!” Then the results are predictable.
        I’ve never met a woman who could argue with me intellectually without eventually taking everything personally as an insult when challenged and forced to respond to difficult concepts. It’s just the way they are, man. Accept it. Deprogram yourself from the blue pill idea that you should somehow seek intellectual stimulation from women. You will always be disappointed. That’s not what women are built for.
        Focus on seeking out things that women are traditionally good at, like being feminine and charming, being sexy, etc. Also, take that with a grain of salt. Quality women are going extinct.

        1. I’m not talking about intellectual stimulation. To put it better, you got to play the game a bit with women when trying to pull, and as a result, need to immerse yourself into the mediocre world in various ways. Or at least thats how I see it, and I can find it mentally taxing to deal with.

        2. I hear what you’re saying. You do have to sort of dumb everything down a bit so they can “relate” to you. I’ve had to suck it up and do this because if I don’t I won’t get laid unless I pay a hooker.
          It bothers me that I have to pretend like I’m someone else in order to get some ass, but what other choice do we have?
          Men used to get together and discuss all sorts of topics while the women were left to talk among themselves. Now? You can hardly pry a guy away from his woman for 2 seconds. It’s like they’re wearing one of those child tether straps.

        3. I understand what you’re saying. A man really has to dumb himself down to get a little pussy. You have to put on an act. As you get older, you find that getting laid is simply not worth it anymore. Sex gets boring, especially when you’re in a relationship.

        4. For god’s sake man, pick out an escort that you can afford, act exactly like who you are, plow your ass off, and then leave happy (on your terms) without any drama). Rinse and repeat.

        5. My only concern is the legality of it. I can’t afford to take that kind of risk at this point in my life.

        6. HAHA! Modern men are useless on the whole. They might as well wear those child teather straps.

        7. I agree. Women are not built for intellectual capacity.
          As far as I’m concerned, quality women are already extinct in the West. They’re either drones committed to their Corporate Boyfriend and/or have had more weiners than an Oscar Mayer truck, on top of being barren. Demographically speaking, of course.

        8. Seeking prostitutes is really not the answer. You are right to be concerned about the legality of it. Many female District Attorneys across the country make it their life’s sad mission to go after Johns who solicit hookers. The DA in my city has done this. People being murdered daily, and she’s going after Johns and hookers.
          Prostitution is a bad road to go down. You get what you pay for. Unless you’re the kind of guy who can fork out $15K for a high end call girl (nobody reading ROK is in this category, guaranteed), it’s simply a losing proposition.
          Are you hard up enough for sex that you’re willing to potentially contract HIV or Hep C? Are you willing to deal with a black pimp if the transaction goes badly.

        9. Legality is the major problem when dealing with prostitution. Catching diseases is rare if you wear condoms, and at the very least the licensed prostitutes, professionals, in the licensed brothels of Nevada are considerably less likely to give you a disease than amateur women. Where it is legal in Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand and Austrailia are virtually as safe as where it’s legal in Nevada. Even where it is illegal escorts are less likely to give men venereal diseases than other women in the USA because of regular health check-ups, use of condoms and sobriety when having sexual encounters. Street walkers are the most dangerous whores to deal with. Few whores have pimps. Prostitution has become much safer when and where it has been legalized, taxed, and lightly and sensibly regulated. Prostitution prohibition makes prostitution much more dangerous than it ever needed to be even more so than narcotics or alcohol prohibition. Maybe you should read Maggie McNeal’s: The Honest Courtesan blog about prostitutes..

        10. Let me say this. A man should learn how to GAME because it teaches him how to deal with women that he has never fucked and will never fuck. It also teaches him how to deal with men to a lesser extent. Of course it teaches men how to successfully seduce women as well as know and understand them. Conquest feels better than mercantile exchange all other things being equal which they never are when it comes to women. However, virtually every man can get sex on demand if he has enough money, can get better looking women and the kinds of sex acts he wants with her going away to leave the man in peace if he pays for prostitutes. One can spend himself into financial ruin with prostitutes id he is not careful and it can be addicting. A man also has a tendency not to improve himself when visiting prostitutes, professionals, as a a viable suitor to amateur women. I’m just listing the positives and negatives when it comes to prostitution, GAME, professional prostitute women and amateur women in these 2 posts.

        11. I agree with what you say, and I’m not against prostitution at all. It’s the oldest profession in the world, and when done properly it’s a victimless ‘crime.’ I have absolutely no moral objection to it, as long as all the participants are of legal age and not being coerced against their will. The whole thing is just poorly pulled off here in the US. The Europeans have a better system.
          Prostitution is not for me, but I’m not against it. Society would be much less violent if men could legally see prostitutes without being hunted own by angry, sexually rejected female DAs.

        12. Spend $1000 for a plane ticket outside the US. For a few hundred dollars, you can fill a hotel room with donuts and whores.
          Every young man should visit a place like Angeles City, or the Nana Entertainment Plaza in Bangkok, with a big box of condoms, at least once.

        13. 100%.
          To me, a woman’s virtue is in her “sweetness”. The nurturing humanity she displays as a mother or wife. That’s where her biological strengths lie, and that is a vital link in the human chain.
          But I agree with you, this has been so vilified in the West, that when you see a woman with a shred of feminine gentility, it can cause some serious whiplash.

        14. When I reflect back on my times at the Nana complex, I break down and cry…tears of utter joy.

        15. Yes, they show astonishing ability in making the most mundane thing mind numbingly complicated and in understanding EVERYTHING ass backwards.
          Take this bimbette for example:
          There are good reasons for not raising the minimum wage but this is surely not one of them.
          “For sure, raising wages won’t create jobs and, more likely, would cost jobs for the very population we all want to help. Low-wage earners usually lack job skills, which won’t be acquired in the unemployment line.”
          It took me a while to make out what she was saying here but it would appear that she thinks that raising the minimum wage will somehow cause the people who are currently working minimum wage jobs to suddenly (magically?) lack the skills needed to do those very same jobs.
          In other words she thinks that high pay ‘creates’ skilled labor.
          Skilled labor commands high pay because the skilled labor is in limited supply and has NOTHING to do with inflation inducing minimum wage hikes you stupid ass dumb bitch!

        16. Just leave The Matrix. Prostitution is perfectly legal in much of Europe, and much of the rest of the world. They aren’t infected with the same prudish attitudes towards sex to the extent ‘Murica is.

        17. Let me pare this down to it’s essentials: Just leave. I am trying to instill this in my sons. I tell them have no LTR with any woman until ylou have lived outside the western world for a significant amount of time (preferably for the rest of their lives).

        18. I had a friend that frequents Angeles City (AC) tell me that the last time he brought 3 dozen condoms to AC he came back with 36 unused. Buyer be very ware.

        19. I’m doing just that myself. Pursuing a second legal residency and citizenship while investing in my foreign woman, child she’s carrying, and bank account.
          It gives me great pleasure to be sending as much money as I can out of ‘Murica while I feather that nest.
          It takes time to undo decades of investment in one’s career and life here. But I will make it out someday soon.

      2. The key then is to stop wanting a woman in your life. Time and experience usually accomplishes this, but honest reflection can speed it along.

      3. Women are closer to the mean/median in physical, mental, and character attributes. So if you’re considerably smarter than average most people at your level will be male. Also, since they’re more “hive-minded” they’re more easily swayed by a nefarious cultural agenda.
        Lol if you’re paying for a hooker you’re getting better character in addition to the sex. Less BS, more pleasant personality as you’re the “customer” in the business.

    3. 100% in agreement. Too bad there seem to be so many of them around it’s starting to become scary. Also, they can potentially be very dangerous if enough of them end up sufficiently polarized and someone whips them up into a frenzy and aims them at you. No wonder men of exception have often had to hide their unique skills and abilities to survive in human societies essentially populated by rabble.

      1. Law of Power number 21:
        “Play a Sucker to Catch a Sucker – Seem Dumber than your Mark
        No one likes feeling stupider than the next persons.
        The trick, is to make your victims feel smart – and not just smart,
        but smarter than you are. Once
        convinced of this, they will never suspect that you may have ulterior motives.”

  5. I’m feeling happy sad about this article right now. Most of have noticed that ROK authors aren’t necessarily title masters…but the content is what’s (generally) golden!

  6. The reason they get so defensive is because they know what you’re saying is true.

    1. Exactly. I’ve noticed when you really get to the core of an issue the attacks tend to heighten.
      Men, even the mangina variety, struggle with the cold, hard facts. It’s actually more difficult for men to deny the truth when it’s presented in such a logical, infallible way. They’ll still deny it, but often times they simply go quiet, because they feel it in their gut.
      Women can turn off logic like a light switch.

  7. The filter I take into dealing with others when they are trying to be serious about policy or society goes like this:
    1. Does this person have kids (and how old did they start and how many are they willing to have)
    2. Does this person have any real responsibility over the direct well-being of anyone at all? (such as a judge, cop, soldier, etc.)
    3. Does this person likely use psych meds to cope with life?
    4. Does this person have a healthy father and a decent family background?
    5. Does this person have an important job or are they a barista or somesuch?
    If they cannot pass these filters than I am highly likely to inform them that drug addled permanent adolescents pretending to be adults are not qualified to discuss policy with a father of 5 veteran with a STEM degree, and that I believe only people like me should even be able to vote in a proper society.

    1. Like your list… some add on suggestions:
      6. Does the person work for a university or academia other than STEM degrees e.g women’s studies, gender studies, psych etc

    2. As a veteran, were you drafted or a volunteer? If a volunteer, are you aware that you were fighting for the government and not the country?

    3. Good screening criteria, especially #5. Generally speaking, people who work shitty, low-level jobs like serving coffee are clueless morons. That’s why they work shitty, low-level jobs.

    4. “1. Does this person have kids (and how old did they start and how many are they willing to have)
      Does this person have any real responsibility over the direct
      well-being of anyone at all? (such as a judge, cop, soldier, etc.)
      3. Does this person likely use psych meds to cope with life?
      4. Does this person have a healthy father and a decent family background?
      5. Does this person have an important job or are they a barista or somesuch?”
      1. Are you well-aware that in Anglo societies, women use kids as court weapons? If not, that defeats the purpose of parenthood and I was one of those kids.
      2. Given the concurrent state of Anglo society, most people enjoy power trips without responsibilities. Doesn’t that remind you of Anglo white female feminism?
      3. Where were you when Ritalin was being force-fed to American schoolkids in the 1990s?
      4. Where were you when Anglo white female feminism was and still is actively endorsing single mother parenthood out of spite?
      5. That reeks of Anglo white female womanese “How much does that guy make?” to the extreme.

      1. I think this is a good retort. Our current circumstances do not support traditional values.

    5. “I believe only people like me should even be able to vote in a proper society”
      I don’t know about that but I’ve often thought voting should be restricted to men only and with 3 digit IQs.

    6. Judges, cops. You mean government criminals determined to wipe men off the face of the earth?

  8. I remember a time in history when the whole
    world revolved around the white Christian male.
    The only question he had to confront was, “How high
    is up?” We stayed out till dusk, played cowboys and
    indians, and more or less felt that the whole world
    was our little oyster.
    Then came the decade of the 1960’s which
    commenced with the election of that degenerate
    criminal bum J.F.K. (With mafiso help). He tried to
    hit Castro, so Castro hit him.
    Then came the POS Lyndon Bains Johnson with his
    “Great Society” welfare programs. It was the
    beginning of the end for this country. The whole
    social fabric was upended, leaving us where we are
    Now the white man must hang his head in shame,
    that is, if he has any aspirations of being a man.
    Man and woman are now at odds. It wouldn’t even
    surprise me if the “manosphere” is a clever plot by
    the Jews to peel white woman away from white men.

    1. Not everything is a conspiracy. Even without the manosphere, guys know shit is fucked up out there.

      1. Conspiracy is just another word for dirty dealing. Like Warren Buffets greatest investments turned out to be govt. property he bought vastly under cost with no competing bidders.

    2. Civil Rights is probably the undoing of it. Before civil rights it was the white man’s responsibility to be fair and he adjudicated the minority roles in society by observing people’s racial categories and placing them where they belong. Now, with Civil Rights, it is the white man’s responsibility to be fair and adjudicate the minority roles in society by observing people’s racial categories and placing them where they belong. (Yes, I just repeated myself. Think about it.)

      1. I’m gonna out you as a sexually thirsty white supremacist in real life.
        “Civil Rights is probably the undoing of it.”
        No it’s not; if anything, lack of accountability from women is the most surefire way to self-destruct a society. Ancient Rome wants to say hi to you.
        “Before civil rights it was the white man’s responsibility to be fair and
        he adjudicated the minority roles in society by observing people’s
        racial categories and placing them where they belong.”
        Complete with segregation, Jim Crow laws, LYNCHING for intimidation purposes, of course eugenics, to name a few.
        “Now, with Civil Rights, it is the white man’s responsibility to be fair
        and adjudicate the minority roles in society by observing people’s
        racial categories and placing them where they belong. (Yes, I just
        repeated myself. Think about it.)”
        …which is essentially political correctness, complete with stereotyping.
        Seriously, what is with white supremacists and NOT holding their women accountable, let alone lack of PERSONAL accountability in general?

        1. I won’t find it hard to believe if that’s how my granduncle became a LYNCHING statistic at the hands of the Ku Klux Klan and at the word of an American WF back in 1938.
          Yeah, I noticed that too, as Lance even corroborated that.

        2. Sad about your great uncle who you never knew, but you posture as if white people were never, ever harmed by blacks, or never did anything for the black cause.
          600,000 white people died during the Civil War to end the practice of slavery in North America. That’s exponentially more than the number of slaves who died during the entire almost 250 year history of North American slavery.
          You need to take a political red pill. You seem to rely too heavily on your media indoctination and your own personal bias as a minority.
          That being said, men all over the Western World need to understand that the biological dynamic between the genders is far more oppressive and antagonistic than any innate tribal racial differences. Basically, I would trust someone from another race before I would trust a woman.
          I’m black, BTW.

        3. “Sad about your great uncle who you never knew, but you posture as if
          white people were never, ever harmed by blacks, or never did anything
          for the black cause.
          600,000 white people died during the Civil
          War to end the practice of slavery in North America. That’s
          exponentially more than the number of slaves who died during the entire
          almost 250 year history of North American slavery.”
          I know for a fact that’s a completely different generation before me, and I am well-aware that slavery was another form of cheap labor. Meanwhile, one aspect of the Civil War that’s rarely brought up was the fact Northern industries were looking forward to use post-Civil War former slaves as cheap labor to dilute the qualified pool and weaken the latter’s asking price for labor, which was composed mostly of Euro Americans of the time.
          Thanks for reminding me how an American older black lesbian told me in real life how American WFs of her time instigated LYNCHINGS on the latter’s own men.
          “You need to take a political red pill. You seem to rely too
          heavily on your media indoctrination and your own personal bias as a
          Believe me, I do agree with that, especially when history is being looked at a condescending manner and worse, logical implications were being reduced to a mere historical footnote. Case in point: the Philippines, now historically known as a Spanish/American/Japanese colony, was once a target by other European colonial powers; to no surprise, England was one of them.
          “That being said, men all over the Western World need to
          understand that the biological dynamic between the genders is far more
          oppressive and antagonistic than any innate tribal racial differences.
          Basically, I would trust someone from another race before I would trust a
          Oh, Anglosphere women; last I checked, they accepted wholesale Steinem’s statement “Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle.” Yet, most of them FAIL to realize the consequences and by then, it’s too late; they wrote themselves off.

        4. “Complete with segregation, Jim Crow laws, LYNCHING for intimidation purposes, of course eugenics, to name a few.”
          Eugenics was a good idea.
          Part of the reason “Our Critics Are Adult Children” is because of DIS genics.
          “what is with white supremacists and NOT holding their women accountable?”
          It’s likely a kind of retainer.
          No accountability for white females as an incentive to keep them from moving to the feminist camp.

        5. “Basically, I would trust someone from another race before I would trust a woman.”
          Same here.

        6. “Eugenics was a good idea.
          Part of the reason “Our Critics Are Adult Children” is because of DIS genics.”
          The very title of this article “Our Critics Are Adult Children” stem from the lack of personal accountability, not genes, and what you are doing is serving eugenics as a red herring, harking back to the days of Imperial/Victorian England. Again, this is another example why eugenics and other shenanigans Victorian England had all stemmed from sexual repression of the time.
          Seriously, eugenics also dilutes genetic diversity, just like royal inbreeding *coughINCESTcough*. Incest disgusts me, especially when common implications include hemophilia in humans. Never mind the fact royal inbreeding was rather common amongst European royalty. The final Russian Royal Family had been hemophilia gene carriers to the point Tzar Nikolai II of the Romanov family suffered from it.
          In case you don’t believe me about inbreeding in general, let me present to you white tigers as a case in point.
          “It’s likely a kind of retainer.
          No accountability for white females as an incentive to keep them from moving to the feminist camp.”
          No it’s not; if anything, lack of accountability is a massively powerful ENABLER. Let me introduce you to Rebecca Latimer Felton: pre-WWII feminist AND LYNCHING advocate. If anything, that allow American WFs to cry wolf (in this case, “RAPE!”) and at their beck and call, end up LYNCHING men of ALL ethnic backgrounds, pre-Civil Rights era. Anglo female feminism stems from privileges given by their very own (whipped) men, without the responsibilities. Even women from non-Anglo cultures have higher degree of accountability than their Anglo counterparts do. Cory Aquino did NOT ruin Filipino men’s livelihoods, while in contrast, Margaret Thatcher DID so to English men. Cory Aquino did NOT get disrespected at her funeral, while ALL OF ENGLAND CELEBRATED HER DEATH.
          You’re welcome.

        7. BTW I am white and I stand with you brother. Race difference is meaningless compared to sex difference.
          I was so pissed when the issue of racial profiling came up in reference to traffic stops. I am a statistician so I looked at the real data. A black woman is only half as likely to be stopped and as a white male. Yes, the black male gets the shaft the most, but all men are perceived to be more criminal and more deserving of harassment than all women. No one I pointed this out to had the slightest interest. The response was, “So what”, or “Of course.”

        8. If you look up the lynching data from the historically black college of Tuskegee you will see that the amount of 1,297whites vs.3445 black lynched in all US history was much more egalitarian that todays death row. Some states only had white lynched in them and they where actual whites not George Zimmermans. When 28blacks gang raped an 11yo Hispanic girl in Houston a few years ago that would have been a lynching.

        9. “f you look up the lynching data from the historically black college of Tuskegee you will see that the amount of 1,297whites vs.3445 black lynched in all US history was much more egalitarian that todays death row.”
          Regardless of race, how many of those LYNCHED indeed committed their crimes and how many of those were “guilty until proven innocent” types? Rape is pretty much that in real life, to the point in the Anglosphere alone, a lot of of FALSE RAPE ACCUSATIONS produce ZERO results because insemination via penile insertion did NOT happen at all. I previously shared in various other topics about high-profile false rape accusations.
          “When 28blacks gang raped an 11yo Hispanic girl in Houston a few years ago that would have been a lynching.”
          How about a courtesy link for me to read?
          As for George Zimmerman himself, he’s paternally German, to the point it harkens back to the old “white assimilation” that had Brits and Germans at the top of the “white America” totem pole.

    3. To a large degree the 1950’s was an aberration. People were conservative-minded after the horrors and hardships of the Depression and WWII. And after WWII, America enjoyed an unparallelled economic prosperity due to the war destroying europe and making them dependent on our exported goods and raw materials for consumer needs and infrastructure rebuilding.
      The economic boom was going to end as other countries recovered, a gradual erosion of nationalistic pride enabled corporate outsourcing, and society got tired of being morally strict and conservative.
      It was all going to end regardless, especially when you consider the multi-generational machinations of the Zion Protocol-minded Elites and the spate of UFO abductions that warranted high and secretive black budgets for the military-industrial complex. (The CIA was created a mere two months after the Roswell crash in 1947).

      1. Your first 2 paragraphs were quite good, thoughtful and reasonable. Then you ran off the rails with the 3rd paragraph. I hope you were being sarcastic.
        The Jew thing, maybe. The UFO thing…c’mon.

        1. Nope. The CIA was formed two months after Roswell, and not after: WWI, The Bolshevik Revolution, the rise of Nazi Germany, Pearl Harbor, WWII, or the end of WWII (when USSR expanded its territory). Hell, the Soviets didn’t even detonate an atomic bomb until 1949.
          Do an image search crop circles and ignore the ones done by drunk fools that look like a 4 year old’s crayon-drawing session. The only way they are made, quickly and without detection is by using advanced technology. Aside from that, there’s a preponderance of UFO evidence from both current and ancient times.

      2. “a gradual erosion of nationalistic pride enabled corporate outsourcing”
        Let’s call a spade a spade shall we?
        Racism protects jobs.

      1. unintelligible fiction. revisionist history. lies. jfk good, vietnam and dollar bad, so ero jfk was against both? wtf? no.
        the best thing jfk did was get his ass assassinated, becoming a martyr to galvanize the country’s political will to space and beyond. he himself was a more corrupt george-bush-jr, with more stupid and an even greater political pawn. i’m sorry, but that’s just reality.
        take a trip and enter the 1950s. red scares. communism domino theory. space race. sputnik. usa terribly behind. in 1961, jfk starts presidency with mob money and in 2 years fucks everything up more. jfk vows man on moon and other chest-thumping bullshit . no one wants to pay, poverty rising, stupid race shit, moral panic. french getting their asses handed to them in vietnam. jfk boy president freaks. jfk starts usa entrance into vietnam ‘police action’. jfk starts cuban missile crisis. is he trying to melt the world down? before this, jfk installs his nepotism incompetent booze mob brother as attourney general of the free world. whore marylin fucking both brothers in white house, flaunting it to the world. jfk starts fucking with money supply with executive orders to silver standard, cause his family is fucking rich. free world finally starts to get more than a little worried. before 1963 is up, jfk gets his ass assassinated. shocker. lbj takes over from vice to president.
        lbj now enters center stage, stuck between jfk crazy martyrdom youth pre-hippies and ye-greatest-generation ww2 spend everything moral outrage parents. damn jfk soundbites clogging the primitive airways. lbj commits to space race and vietnam. lbj starts his great society programs to answer rising poverty, spending impossible sums of money, and the story never ends.
        what does this mean? nothing. absolutely nothing. i wasn’t alive back then, but at least i know the history. how does what you said fit? it doesn’t. what you said is not even wrong, it’s just crazy. i’m sorry, but it is. no one gets to use grandpa’s left-over martyrdom memories of jfk to reinterpret-away both the past and present.

        1. Sure, Joe Kennedy was a bootlegger, but the Irish mob was secondary to the Jewish one. Get rid of the Fed – piss off the Jews. Also, rumors say JFK also wanted to tell the world about UFOs.
          Bottom line – you do something to get assassinated as a US President, you’re doing something right.

    4. Considering what white women have become, it’s not that much of a loss; they’re now more of a liability than an asset.

  9. The best thing to do is to not associate with those people. Why put yourself throuigh it?
    There is no sense in arguing with idiots. This thing we call the global economy is unraveling at an alarming pace. Idiolgy will mean nothing when things start looking like a war zone. Do not waste time and resources on fools who will be worthless and helpless during the coming crisis. Focus on yourself and your loved ones. Learn to identify and avoid these toxic people now.

    1. Unfortunately you have to argue with them considering the urgent agenda to disarm. Even with “red pillers” ROK.

      1. There’s no need to argue, especially given the agenda to disarm. State “No, I will not comply with any laws meant to disarm me, if you want my guns you’re going to have bloodshed on your hands” and walk away. Works wonders on attitude adjusting.

        1. I’d be only one person saying that in that scenario; while I can protect my right, what about others? Plus, the simple overturning of the 2nd Amendment, regardless of any real effect on gun ownsership, would give the Powers That Be a huge boost of swagger, which is not a good idea.

        2. No you wouldn’t. Weren’t you around 1.5 years ago at the demonstrations across the nation? Turns out hundreds of thousands of folks turned up to declare they wouldn’t comply. For every one that speaks out, there are 10 silent behind him for whom he speaks.
          Nobody is going to repeal the 2nd. That would require a ConCon and most states are feverishly pro-gun. New York and Cali wouldn’t be able to swing their shrunken dicks around like they do in their own home state.

        3. Please if they overturn the 2nd all it would take would be cutting off the power to a major democrat city right before food stamps got recharged and all the disingenuous liberals would be begging for a means to defend themselves.

  10. “But to the experienced, seasoned veteran you will realize that you really aren’t dealing with an equal, but rather an adult-child that is throwing a tamper tantrum because you refuse to lie to them to keep their fragile world facade up.”
    This should be internalized.
    Also never underestimate the power of denial., especially when it comes to the blue pill masses. People will do whatever they can to live in their ignorant bliss. To be honest if the red pill wasn’t shoved down my thought due to personal experience I would have been one of the white knight commentators that we see here every now and then.

    1. Never, ever underestimate the power of human denial. I believe this is an innate safety mechanism for humans. Without it they may go berzerk and put themselves in even more danger.

  11. I read an article( search: smh alpha female) basically psychologists did some research and are trying to give women some red pill truths diluted with a spoon full of sugar. “Alpha” woman i.e youre indepedant girl type -will be happier with a beta rather than and alpha male. Then the sugar starts being pumped so its palpable -betas will appreciate your sexual experience lol. Basically the nature of the article is what we well know women after fucking a lot of alphas need to get with a beta before the clock runs out and some women still try and stay for last drinks.

  12. So i just got back from Trader Joes and there is this gorgeous girl working there that Ive seen before but, true to form, she is beyond smug. Just the cunt chin cocked look on her face and the way she is too good to even touch anything, carries herself… speaking of entitled, how do you guys deal with this, as Ive seen it more and more!!! Need a good hamster bomb for this one!

    1. Its all attitude and saying something simple as ” do you look at your mother with that face?” can be enough.
      Personally I don’t even care in situations like you described: maybe thats because I have a LTR with a chick 10 yrs my younger for several years but all the same…..who fuckin cares about that bitch? You are a man right? This obstinate female is already 10 spots lower than you on the totem pole.

    2. How about assume you don’t know what her expressions mean (unless you have supernatural powers of perception and mind-reading) and just strike up a normal conversation with her. Since you frequent the place, you can get a feel for her over time and decide if you want to take it a step further. Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups. It’s easy to judge from a detached distance. It takes work and effort to find out the truth.

    3. Have fun with it, and be outrageous. If you’re wrong about her, then you might come out with a chance to move it forward. If you’re right, you’ll get some entertainment out of her.
      Just do something no other man would have the audacity to do. See what happens!

  13. Cappy, I admire your efforts to slap down fools with some red pill wisdom. However I can no longer be bothered to care about doing it anymore myself. Except on the rare occasion when I encounter a man who seems to be ready for it due to enough personal pain at the hands of this misandrist society. Women remain children all of their lives and I don’t argue with children. Blue pill men are resigned to their masochistic existence so why bother with them. I have cut these types out of my life to the extent that is possible. My life has become noticeable more serene and enjoyable. Keep the faith and let the whole thing burn down….Enjoyed your book.

  14. Most people alive today are adult children. Most people believe they are owed or “deserve” something just because they exist. It is quite sad how pathetic the human race become.

  15. I love when feminists tell me to check my privilege, even though most of them have associates degrees in art, escorting on cragislist, working in strip clubs because they can’t get a job anywhere else, or they have huge trust fund accounts, with beta orbiters to give them anything they want with a text message. The irony is that even though they think I have privilege, they’re immersed in it.

    1. Too harsh on the escorts and strippers to be conflated with the others you list. They actually provide a valid, worthwhile service.

      1. They do, but most of them do it by choice, not by necessity. They figure “since I blow multiple alphas in bathroom stalls I might as well get something more than just a few free drinks.”

    2. I love being told to “check my privilege.”
      That reminds to me to define exactly what privileges I have and then use the hell out of them.

    3. This is what happens when you have a group that consists of half the world’s population and never questions propaganda.

  16. By the way, in your “About the Author”, it should be, “he keeps getting proven right every day”.

    1. Yur sooo smort and ed-u-ma-cay-tid.
      Weee shore wish wee wuz as smort!

  17. I agree that the main red pill critics are adult children, metaphorically speaking, but that has more to do with their innate egocentrism and lack of reasoning abilities rather than it being the byproduct of successful culture. What successful culture has really done is give society leeway to move away from pragmatism and toward idealism, which has resulted in women being given more liberty to screw around sexually and in other social spheres because only a strong society can absorb the ramifications of doing so at least in the short run.
    Egocentrism and undeveloped reasoning are characteristic traits of children and of women and the main red pill critics are women. That women are egocentric and have limited reasoning is obvious to all, but men who haven’t overcome the indoctrination that women are men’s equal can also act quite irrational.

  18. This is a no article. RoK is running out of fresh ideas. What Rok has not covered yet is the physiological factors that influence the male and female behaviour, such as metabolic type, stress patterns, the ratio between minerals, etc.
    Btw, real men don’t like skinny girls, their hormones are in disarray, they look like boys and it is a sign of infertility.
    What world do you live in? Your mom’s basement? LOL

    1. You criticize, but do not offer to write an article to correct what you bitch about. If you see a problem and know a solution, then fix the problem.
      You also think that you get to designate what a ‘real’ man wants and doesn’t want. That’s the “No True Scotsman” fallacy. Skinny likely doesn’t mean “Auschwitz Near Death’s Door Fragile”, rather, svelte and in good health.
      You end with ad hominem. I’m going to assume, strictly out of goodwill, that you’re simply being sarcastic and joking around.

      1. The current mainstream model for a female beauty is too skinny. Hence all wear skinny jeans, yoga pants and are complimenting each other on their ‘pins’.
        If a man who is supposed to be red pill claims that the truth is “Men like skinny girls!” he simply reaffirms the stereotype imposed by the feminine media.
        If there’s an interest about the subject of physiological aspect of the sexual order I will do it.

        1. Your critique would be easier to accept if we didn’t find ourselves awash in a sea of fatty land whales.
          As to “media” who gives a fuck? I was talking about men and normal attraction, not what you see on television. And men like women who are svelte, soft and charming. In today’s world that translates as ‘skinny!’ even though technically, it’s not. Marilyn Monroe was a size 2 (not the size 12 or whatever that they lie about in feminist circles), quite “skinny” but every bit pure woman tastiness. The Greek statue of Venus is, by today’s land whale standards, skinny.
          If you mean Twiggy skinny or worse, sure. The problem is however that you assume the author meant Twiggy instead of Venus, which is where you’re falling back on assumptions.

    2. Fcuk a man trying to decide for you or anyone else what constitutes ” beauty “. Eye of the beholder, and all that.
      What I hear is CONFORM. If you happen to like skinny girls, more power to ya. If you like more fertile looking chicks, go forth young man.
      This article gives great advice on how to be a shallow, ignorant, certified dud. Basement optional.
      Young men looking for truth and answers need more than ” accept my truth ” rhetoric.
      Men, your mind is your own property. Always expand you views, thinking and knowledge base. Adapt what is useful to you, discard the rest.

    3. ROK should cover conspiracies and conspiracy theories, seeing that Feminism itself (the reason why we all are here) is one.

  19. This post is applicable in many situations because untrue slander is a weapon commonly used to discredit rivals. Even children do it, and there was a saying “sticks and stone may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” to counteract name-calling. Adult children never grow out of name calling, or slander and lying. People seem very prone to believe slander, and you almost always have to suffer for quite some time before the truth comes out. But when it does, the people that initially believed the lies will feel bad about being fooled. Then they give you a lot of credibility, and take your advice seriously, like you wrote in the post.

    1. Slander is the primary and in fact only political tool “progressives” have left. Thus, they throw it around with abandon. One would have to hope that they will discredit themselves so thoroughly in the process that they will be completely dismissed, though the American population is so dumb now that I wonder if they know truth from reality anymore.

  20. I am always very suspect of any advice or opinion that includes the building of wealth and credit without also mentioning the dangers of our bullshit fiat currency.
    Our economic model is even worse than femiinism. A quick study on the history of our FED and world banks reveals as much.
    Also, any man who is constantly running into idiots needs to turn a mirror on himself.
    There must be better things up for discussion than one smug, delusional dickhead bitching about what other delusional people are doing.

  21. Looks like ROK comments sections are getting more than their fair share of trolls these days.

    1. Yup; most of them are of white nationalists or white female feminists varieties.

        1. Stereotypically paranoid not born in England Englishman that possesses and professes the ridiculous notion of “white genocide”.

  22. No point arguing with a fool. They’ll just drag you to their level and beat you with experience

  23. The worst thing and the best thing I have been accused of being lately is “a man.”
    If I depart this world with a few people saying, “He was a real man,” I’d say that was a life well lived. Especially if I am in the memories of 40 or 50 women – late into their life at that point – thinking, “That was the only man that ever really fucked me good and hard.”

  24. How are we even supposed to reply? I know by the time they pull out the big guns like muh sojiny and mom’s basement there’s little chance of getting through, but to those watching some kind of reply would be better than just ignoring them.

  25. It’s not a coincidence leftism is embraced by idealistic young kids.. it takes a certain naivete to believe in “equality”, or place that much faith in human decency.

  26. why bother arguing with such people? if you genuinely feel superior to them, why fraternise or waste your breath on them? Associate on your own level, focus on your own life and achievements, then you won’t feel the need to reveal “the truth” to anyone else.

  27. Oh, the irony of a website whose raison d’être is searing, bilious, Sith-grade hatred of women pretending to bear the torch of dispassionate logic.

  28. This past week-end at a BBQ in my own backyard, a woman my wife knew attended. Other people were there and conversations were had. It’s so coincidental to this because she is in fact a 30 something single mother getting her masters in Women’s Studies(?!?!). Anyway, it’s June and I noticed that she still had her snow tires on her car and I said you shouldn’t drive with them in the summer. The look on her face said it all! I could literally see her demeanour change to defensive mode. “The tires are fine” “What because your a man you think I don’t know about cars?” “I took a women and cars workshop, I’ll be fine, I probably know more than you”. It was surreal. But it didn’t stop there, from that point on her every attention was used to make the evening about men vs women. While eating my food and drinking my booze. For those that don’t know snow tires melt in summer heat, lose tread and in extreme cases blowout. But I said nothing. I mean why ruin my weekend. End of the night, my wife say’s to me, “I didn’t she’d be such a cunt all night” sotto voce as she’s heading down the drive way.

  29. Here’s another factual line you could blurt out of your pie hole:
    “It’s your fault I cannot get laid!”

  30. This entire post is a lame temper tantrum vaguely masked by decent writing skills. You pat yourself on the back for taking the red pill, but in truth, those of us of the mental capacity and intellect to accurately perceive reality do not have a choice in the matter; it is simply inherent in our nature and daily lives. Do not lord over others something that you have not earned nor have had a choice in. Unfortunately, yes, in discussions, the ad hominem and red herring tactics are often employed subconsciously as a way for a weak mind to distract from a weak argument. The ones of us who already know this do not need reminding, and the ones who don’t are not mentally equipped to fully grasp it anyway.

  31. I’m so glad I don’t go thru life only believing what feels right to me and that I am not influenced by others beliefs in what is morally correct (even though most practice something different).

  32. >”Men like skinny girls!”
    Only faggots say this. Parrots who repeat slang without analyzing it.
    Men like thin girls. Slim girls. Waifs. Lean girls.
    Fatsos have a bunch of extra skin from their fat stretching it out.
    So it actually the fatsos who are skinny.
    Why the fuck would I call the group with LESS skin “skinny”?
    Nobody thinks about words making sense.

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