Ignore This Key Tenet Of Game At Your Own Peril

You know, there was a time—circa 1980 to 2002—when all you had to worry about when approaching women with sloppy, half-baked game was getting laughed at or, at the very worst, getting a drink thrown in your face. I’m here to tell you that them good ol’ days are gone.

We now live in a world where fumbling, bumbling guys who try to approach anything other than 300 pound land whales, 40-year-old spinsters, or women with three kids by five different dudes run a good chance of getting accused of “street harassment,” charged with rape, or as the male model who ran into Sarah McKenzie-Ayres found out, getting their skulls cracked open with a champagne bottle.

Sex, Lies, And Kayaks

Sometimes the real problem starts when you approach, pick up, and then start dating the wrong woman, as the late Vincent Viafore found out a few weeks ago. For those who haven’t been keeping up with the story, on April 19, Vincent Viafore a 46-year old gainfully employed project manager, was kayaking with his 35-year-old fiancée, Angelika Graswald in the Hudson River when Mr. Viafore’s kayak suddenly capsized.

Ms. Graswald stated that she’d done everything she could to save her fiancé (whose body has not yet been recovered), but it didn’t take long for her story to crumble under the weight of several inconsistent statements she made to police. Eventually, she cracked and not only admitted to tampering with her late fiancé’s kayak and deliberately capsizing her own to make it look like she was trying to save him, but also admitted that she “felt happiness and relief” watching him drown.

Of course, she gave the usual reasons women give for committing cold-blooded murder: her fiancé loved rough sex, he wanted threesomes, etc. (but it’s funny how nobody’s killed James Deen or Nacho Vidal yet, so there goes that excuse). Turns out that, as Bruce Willis tried to tell us on the last few Die Hard sequels, it was about the money all along: Graswald was the beneficiary on two life insurance policies belonging to Viafore, and stood to gain $250,000.00 after his death.

Reclaiming What Was Lost: The Art Of Discernment


I guess that’s her “come hither” look.

While the incidents I’ve just recapped are horrific, our focus must go beyond what these women did and why they did it. The question we really need to be asking ourselves is how these two men could have avoided the fates that befell them.

I think the key to that is dusting off a basic cornerstone of game that few people talk about nowadays: the art of objectively and rigorously scrutinizing one’s sexual prospects. Unfortunately, this art has been largely ignored in the current climate of thirsty betas and sexual scavengers.

Desperation will make a man blind to subtle hints as to what kind of woman he’s dealing with, and will even cause him to miss more obvious signs. So how do you work this into your game repertoire?

Let’s start with Sarah McKenzie-Ayres (pictured above). I could be overreaching, but just her demeanor alone (not just her looks, though those are a factor, too) would’ve prompted me to steer clear of her if I saw her at the club. The first thing I wouldn’t have been able to get over is the fact that she looks too much like Mindy-friggin’ Kaling:


The second thing I would’ve noticed is that her energy is just all wrong. Look closely at her eyes, her hands, how she’s standing, everything. She looks miserable. The fact that she’s actually a law student accounts for some of that. But she just looks like someone who was an unhappy, insecure soul even before she entered law school.

Problem is, now that she’s on the cusp of attaining something akin to power and influence for the first time in her life, she’s gone from super-insecure to super-egotistic, overcompensating for her past social, mental, and emotional hangups. I didn’t see anyone go into full detail about how things went down with the recipient of her champagne bottle, but I’m sure it started with him making a half-assed attempt to hit on her.

Little Miss Law Degree wasn’t having any of that (because as an educated, empowered woman, only millionaires should be stepping to her), and probably gave some indication to that effect. Zoolander misses the hint, and keeps going, rolling through his mental Rolodex of canned pickup lines. The next thing he knows, he’s waking up in the ER.

It would behoove novices to pay close attention to solid practitioners of game in the club. Ever notice how they all have that thousand-yard “hunter mode” stare? That’s the “sight beyond sight” stare. They’re walking and looking around, scoping out the scene, spotting who the rape accusers and tire-slashers are, spotting the chick who’s banging the club owner who likely has a loaded .45 stuck in his belt.

Truth be told, you should be more focused on your environment and the people in it than on what you’re going to say anyway, because in the end analysis, correctly assessing the former helps you tailor the latter for maximum effect.

The Cautionary Tale Of Vincent Viafore

We’ve covered how being game savvy can keep you out of trouble in the dating world, but what about the long haul? As posters have said in the past, game never ends, even when you’re married. A key component of LTR-game is knowing about your significant other’s background. Vincent Viafore’s tragic mistake was not looking close enough into his fiancée’s past. If he had done his homework, he would have found out what the New York Times reporters discovered:

Ms. Graswald, a native of Latvia, kept her married name despite divorcing Mr. Graswald’s son in 2009. But online and with Mr. Viafore, she used a different last name, Lipska

That would’ve been Red Flag Number One. What was Red Flag Number Two?

Mr. Viafore, who held a well-paying job as a project manager, had been supporting [Ms. Graswald] since she quit her job as a bartender.

Red Flag Number Three comes by way of CBS News:

Mike Colvin, a disc jockey in Poughkeepsie whom [Graswald] lived with from November 2008 to June 2010, described Graswald as a person who could walk into a room full of strangers and know everyone’s name by the time she left. But he said she also had authority issues and could make unwise snap decisions when angry. According to Colvin, she had been through two marriages and a string of jobs by her mid-30s, and her impulsiveness apparently contributed to a checkered job history at restaurants and other businesses.

Then, there’s Red Flag Number Four:


You can practically hear a whole battalion of banshees, hamsters and hobgoblins marching around in there.

The signs were there, and yet Mr. Viafore missed every single one of them. For most students of neomasculine thought, the fact that Griswald couldn’t hold a job would have revealed her as the scatter-brained type of broad you relegate to the role of occasional bang buddy.

The multiple marriages should have definitely been deal-breakers. All of this pointed to a woman who cared about nothing that didn’t revolve around whatever wants and perceived “needs” she had at the moment.

In Conclusion

It used to be that a guy would only suffer minor consequences from dumpster diving for bargain bin chicks or stepping to the plate with substandard game. Now, that shit can get you arrested, maimed or killed. A lot of women are running on high-octane hypergamy and entitlement, and if they think you’re using up even one millisecond of time they could be devoting to chasing an Alpha, they will make you pay.

The only guys who can pull off dealing with women like this for any appreciable period of time are the one or two guys who operate on the extreme end of the “Dark Triad” spectrum. But for the other 98% of men in America, the best thing to do is add awareness and discernment to your game toolbox to sniff out and avoid these types of women altogether. You have been warned.

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198 thoughts on “Ignore This Key Tenet Of Game At Your Own Peril”

  1. Getting drinks thrown at me was a good way to 1) get a free drink and 2) look like a bad boy to the other women.
    Now I keep Level IIIa ballistic panels in my jacket.

  2. I believe a majority of women are by nature, vile, calculative, manipulative and scheming sorceresses . On the flip-side, popular media like movies, novels and even drama teleserials will be gushing how females are untarnished angels and it is actually men who corrupt them all the time. These abhorrent notions that all women are somehow pure snowflakes are constantly peddled in Indian entertainment culture. Look at the pic of an ugly cow below. She created a gang of harpy ruffians who take the law into their filthy hands and beat up males at the slightest suspicion. Any gueses how they treated this shameless law-breaker? Well they made a movie exalting this nutcase. Conniving politicians and hypocritical celebrities collectively wetted their pants and panties heaping bombastic praise on the anti-male movie.
    P.S (I included the poster for the movie just for shits and giggles)

    1. i say that snake will eat it’s own tail. when a group like that has 400,000 members with a rising tendency, one can only assume that there will come a day when there will just be nothing left for them to steal (pardon, share).
      only a fool would want to be with a woman from such a group and work for the mob. and those who would, wouldn’t do that job well enough to compete with other societies.

  3. Situational awareness gents. If some post-hamster-USSR bint tried to tip my boat over, she’d be drinking hudson sewage for the remainder of her short-lived miserable existence.
    I can’t fathom how these vile stoogies get away with this kind of treachery, and on top of that she’s a fucking foreigner! Have the authorities turned their backs on one of their own countrymen?? It would seem so.
    That ugly girl who messed up the guys face, well I wouldn’t piss on her if she was on jeopardy.

  4. I am at the point in game where I am more or less done with anglosphere women specifically north american one. They are all the same, you’ve seen it once you’ve seen them, all pussy feels more or less alike and behaves more or less the same.
    Mainly I grew bored of them because you cannot be yourself around them. Unless you are a mentally unstable individual, dealing with women is just a drain and work basically. Its a chore.
    You have to say oops, didn’t act like a dick for 3 weeks well if I continue acting normal she’ll get bored and start making drama, so its time to act up again. Now its time to pull a disappearing act to make he worried. Now its time to ignore her randomly for an imaginary offence to keep her on her toes. Now its time to go cheat because if I just stay with her and try to get sex daily she will tire out so I need to juggle 3 to 4 women any one time.
    You want to deal with an adult child be my guess. I don’t, if a woman is going to act like a normal well adjusted human being then I’ll deal with her, but that is neigh impossible to find. And I want to bash her head in everytime she looks at the smartphone.

    1. That’s pretty much where I’m at right now.
      I’m willing to put in work for a normal attractive girl who has a modicum of intelligence or integrity… But the tremendous amount of bullshit isn’t worth it if what you get in the end is just a spoilt brat a year away from becoming a jaded career bitch.
      All the power to you guys who can put up with this shit.

      1. Yup, you guys who want to continue to put up with grown children be my guess, I’m done.

        1. Women ARE just older children.You just have to accept that to understand them. Same pouty behaviour when they dont get their own way.Only they’re more versed in passive aggresive vengeance and more dangerous. Just think of it as a real life chess match. Once you realise that you’re all set… What you dont want any part of that?

        2. If a child offends you, you can legally beat his or her ass. When a woman provokes you, you can legally do nothing to get her back except walk. Which means you end up walking away from huge numbers of women, which causes you to ask why bother.

        3. Yes, older children they are.
          The real difficulty is I used to be able to spank my children to enforce discipline when called for. Now that will get you thrown in jail in many places.
          They call spanking child abuse when they’re little, and domestic violence when those little princesses grow up into blg fat money grubbing whores.
          I long for the way things used to be.

        4. i think we’re dealing with a genuine latino person. my wife writes the same way.

        5. Precisely, I once told a girl who tried playin me hard, with her games that I caught onto before she successfully did it. “Hunny, the game is chess and you tried playing checkers.”

        6. Exactly. What 90% of women’s shit tests are for nowadays is to test your propensity to walk away. It’s what makes abundance mentality a requirement, not an option when dealing with them. The shorter your tolerance for bullshit, the larger your pool of prospects must be.

      2. If our fathers and grandfathers had to put up with the shit women throw at us, many of us likely wouldn’t have been conceived and their genetic lineage would have ended right there and then.

        1. my father was smart enough to go to the us alone when my mother refused to go with him; that was before i was born.
          bad for me, yes. good for him.
          the best lesson to learn from an absent father: stay away from this chick

        2. I got to the point where I’d rather make bank and read books than listen to Jennifer’s story about why her and Amanda are no longer friends.

        3. Define “intelligent”. A girl can be as “intelligent” as a parrot: both can be quite proficient at regurgitating strings of words.

        4. The question is: will the movie and your dinner be able to compete with her smartphone?

        5. i intended irony.
          frankly, i believe many people’s intelligence is lost on anything but abstract thinking that is far removed from moral judgment, simply due to fear of accepting their own thoughts and implications.

        6. convince her to watch the movie on the smartphone because your tv is “defect”.
          hey, aren’t these things meant to “bring people closer together”?

        7. I wouldn’t mind a Facebook reset button. For one month, all prior posts get deleted. Or for a week all pictures get taken down. Or even better, remove the like/dislike option for all pictures, comments, etc.

        8. The smartphone…urghhhh…officially the biggest cock block nowadays. I was making out with this chick I picked up on LinkedIn (yeah, that’s right) and I remember her phone buzzing killed the mood a few times.

        9. Haha. Yea then you get to watch the Tinder matches, fuck buddies texts, Snap Chats, booty calls, and every other slut alert chime in, or interrupt the movie real tempo. Very good way to really put a girl in the hot seat. I’d be shocked to see a single one agree to that… on their phone anyways.

        10. If the Like/Dislike was removed everyone would have a friggin meltdown.
          What’s the point of all these friends if they aren’t going to like the stupid shit I post?

        11. I once spent a night booty calling a girl.
          I show up at her place and there is already a guy in her bedroom. She tells me to wait in the bathroom while she kicks him out. We ended up taking a shower and fucking all night.
          Couple months later I ended up in the opposite situation. Was at a girl’s place thinking I’m gonna close and at 3am her drug dealer shows up. “Oh… I didn’t know you’d be here” he says to me. We both wink and laugh to each other kuz we know what’s going on. After a few hours of partying I left kuz it was obvious I’d been usurped by free cocaine and this guy wasn’t going to sleep anytime soon. No hard feelings to the dude, but I was deeply insulted by the whole situation.
          How can any semi-experienced man take modern women seriously?

        12. Had that happen many a time, drug dealers can be the ugliest piece of shit low lifes on planet but all the girls line up for a bump or some molly.

        13. Theres an official quit facebook day. Thats even better. Ive been off for half a year and haven’t relapsed. People talk like life isnt possible without facebook. Its not only possible but immensely better being off of that fucking joke.

        14. Talking to my dad about women I don’t think they had to put up with as much shit as we do from women. I may be wrong but that’s the impression I get, my dad seems genuinely surprised at the behavior of women my age nowdays.

        15. Haha!! Facebook always felt like some fake beauty pageant in which likes decided who was the crowd favorite. If you were a guy, the only way to be crowd favorite was to have as much going on in your pictures that looked fun where as with women all you have to do is be a 7 or better in looks and open to adding guys. It’s a priming ground more than an actual way to connect.

        16. You don’t need to listen to women man. They don’t think we’re listening any way.

        17. There used to be a dislike/downvote option on FB- they got rid of it years ago…no negativity allowed…love n light only lol

        18. People act like if there isn’t a picture of it on Facebook, it doesn’t exist.

        19. Prettier and/or thinner than me = I would shove her into a blast furnace if only I could get away with it.

        20. And you know damn it was one (or possibly ten) other potential schmuck “suitors” text shitblasting her. Simply get you some and get out!

        21. My reply to , “Are you listening to me?” is always, “God I’m trying not to, but you are making it very difficult.”

        22. To my amusement my dad tried to set me up with a “nice girl” earlier this year from his work.
          She said sure and gave him her number to pass onto me. Later in the week my dad found out she already had a boyfriend. He was really confused and put off by this, but then basically said NAWALT. I told him “Imagine dealing with this and worse every time you try and meet a girl.”
          He wants me to have what he thinks is normal and good… a nice girl in your life, a decent job, good friends, but he doesn’t realize how different the world is compared to when he grew up.

        23. nice girl means ugly girl or very hot in todays world because no average 5-8 is going to be nice when they don’t have to.
          Decent job, not unless yyou make it yourself.
          Good friends, tough to find, most are for themself

        24. That’s exactly what I did. If I had to put up with that shit in a relationship I would have gone uber insane.
          LOL Did I mention that she was checking a message while sucking my cock? That makes me laugh every time. Before I grabbed it and put it away, her phone was on my belly for like 30s.

        25. Yep, I’m close to my dad so we talk about lots of things, if a girl flakes on me or dissapears or I decide not to see a girl again because of her attitude and i tell him he can’t understand how it happens so often. When I explain the dynamics of the modern sexual market and how girls basically go for guys who emotionally abuse them and punish guys who actually respect them he seems genuinely perplexed. I think back in his day women respected hard working men who were old school masculine, now days women basically like guys who has good clown game and make them tingle with random spontaneous behavior and mixed signals. Old school masculinity is dead just about.

        26. Haven’t you learnt by now? If you don’t post about it then it didn’t happen.

        27. Hah, and this is the one HE picked out as a “nice girl.” I’m assuming she had SOME type of redeeming qualities to make him pick her. Does he have any idea what the AVERAGE slut is like today?

        28. Nah… He married my mom when he was 22 and she was 20… They’ve been together since so I’m proud for that. The cock carousel didn’t apply as much to traditional immigrant families back then.
          My parents are red-pill in different ways but I don’t think my dad has any clue what a human toilet is 😛

        29. good one….mine is “not really”.
          But it works. She thinks ‘he’s such an asshole, when is he going to call me again?’.
          I know…you can’t make this shit up.

        30. I think that research needs to be done on removing the iPhone from a woman.
          I’ll bet you the reaction is like missing that fix for crack (shakes, sweating, etc..)….missing the iPhone.

        31. Yeah, we wouldn’t want too much reality creeping in on FB. Many a snowflake would melt.

        32. Honestly, it wasn’t that hard. I vaguely know her from the uni days.

      3. Had a match.com chick on the line. She ultimately refused to meet me unless I paid for the pleasure of her company – that is, unless I “took her out”. My last words were, “If I wanted a whore, I’d get one.”
        It is stupefying.

        1. How do you think she stays independent and strong, by fucking men for money

        2. Strong, independent, empowered women with money..and they still want more (your money…and your time). You have to choose wisely and set the tone from the start with many a whore.

        3. Interesting story and double quotes. What did she mean by “take her out?” Take her out to an expensive restaurant? Actually pay her for her time in addition to the meal?
          A lot of match whores may be frustrated that beta males are onto their game and insisting upon meeting up for coffee as a first encounter because such women, with dozens of men in the pipeline, see the majority of them as a way to avoid paying for food altogether.

        4. I think they view it as validation. Which is overtly strange, because as feminists expecting equality, they should be insisting on equality in that area as well. But the instinct to have their sexual value measured by the provision of resources is strong, way stronger than any feminist indoctrination.
          I said we take a hike. She said take me to a wine bar and buy me wine. I said, “Meh, I’ll pass thanks. Tell you what, you buy, I’ll fly.” She grew upset and accused me of being inferior.
          I have to say she is probably right.

        5. When I dated my future wife, I bought her food (literally breadwinning, so to speak). She was touched that I had gone to an effort to bring her fish and considered it a grand romantic gesture. I think you could have stood your ground and brought a small bottle of wine with you on the hike and seen if she was appreciative and if not, then she’s unreformable.
          Under the “asker pays” rules that a lot of them use to rationalize men paying, her suggestion to go to the wine bar should have meant she would foot the bill. It’s bad manners to say the least to demand to be taken somewhere and expect someone else to be an ATM machine.
          To this day, I continue to fight “feminist” indoctrination with my wife which has nothing to do with equality. They are simply on a goodie grab and will discard equality the second it suits them (and those are the normal ones who aren’t rabid man haters.) I don’t blame her. This is the culture we live in. She at least is a human being with empathy and a sense of responsibility but in the end, not a man.

        6. Well put. I’ve brought many a bottle of wine with me on hikes such as that. But she was the first that made explicit demands. It’s shameless. I know from experience that if you capitulate to one demand, the next will be bigger. It’s tough because if it really doesn’t matter to you, there’s no harm to giving in – except that, as with dog training, you have to be resolute, or they will be endlessly opportunistic.

        7. “stupefying” is an understatement………for whatever reason, they THINK they’re entitled…….and they ain’t…….

        8. It’s because they aren’t strong and independent… it’s a facade. All they are is “partially” functional in society and expect a fucking placard with their name on it and everything a person could dream of having for mediocrity, not excellence.

        9. You just described my ex-wife. She got a temp job once and the boss man, seeing that she was a hot, young Filipina, asked her what her dream job would look like. She replied, “I want an office of my own with my name plate on the desk.” hahaha
          Ever since I divorced her sorry ass in 2000, she has worked as a customer service rep for Progressive Insurance. She also married a beta provider chump who is willing to put up with her BPD crazy-making.

        10. The first lesson of dog training is to make the dog SUBMIT – your hand firmly on the dog’s throat and the dog on it’s back giving up ALL resistance. The dog has accepted YOU as the pack leader – the ALPHA. Same thing with women and children. Unfortunately, the law and society are against us these days, along with most “modern men.” Nonetheless, being a “bad boy” – if that is what this is – is the only thing that will ever make a relationship function properly. Which is why most men are opting out – “going their own way.” The juice is not worth the squeeze.

        11. Would it surprise you to learn that I have now had one wife, three kids, and four dogs – every single one loved by all.
          Other people’s dogs, other people’s kids, other men’s women – by and large they irritate me. Dogs that bite, even casually, kids that interrupt, women that cackle … ugh.

      4. Given time, this attitude will form the way you deal with women. At the moment, because of your age you don’t have the power. Once you get into your thirties the balance of power will shift in your favor. You won’t put up with this shit but now that you are now just the kind of man a woman wants, a seasoned older man, women will stop giving you shit for fear that you will can them.

        1. I’m gonna stop with these posts but I just wanted to express how my mindset is changing.
          I agree with you. I just hit a phase where focusing on work and saving cash seems like a better use of my time than chasing skirts.
          This would have been unthinkable to me up until now so I think maybe what I’m doing is looking for some kind of validation or confirmation that I’m making sense.
          I’m pretty much realizing that I’m gonna hit 30 in a couple years and I want to set myself up decent more than get laid. If women aren’t going to meet me halfway right now then I don have time for them.

        2. My friend, provided you put the work in now, when you hit 30 you’ll be surprised at how easy it is. When you hit 40 you wonder how you’ll have time to fit all these women in. They literally spring from every crack in the pavement. When I walk around London they smile at me at every turn.
          I know how you feel though. My twenties were a nightmare. My buddies and I would sit and ask “why is this so fucking hard!?”
          I wasted so much money on so many “first dates” where the chick would ghost afterwards. I started taking girls to progressively cheaper and cheaper places until eventually I gave up and stopped dating for a full year. The worst thing was feeling paranoid about calling them in case something I was saying was putting them off.
          But that shit is over now and soon it will be for you.

        3. “Once you get into your thirties the balance of power will shift in your favor”
          Perhaps, when we talk about same aged women. Not with the young women.

        4. Nope you have that completely backwards. Same age women in your thirties or even at any age are a nightmare to be avoided. Young women hang on your every word. They love older guys.

        5. Not feminist women, because that wouldnt be “equality”. And here in denmark, they are all feminists.

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        now is 140 pounds) you need more complex diet plan. Here it’s FREE find Here/

    2. Yes, I’m pretty much there as well; I haven’t sworn off North American women specifically, I just don’t notice any who are worth approaching (the one time I did approach recently I would up running Game on a single mom [because she was the only talent at the bar] and I felt deeply ashamed afterwards).
      1. Be in shape,
      2. Dress well (no yoga pants or ugly t-shirts),
      3. No tattoos, weird haircuts, or stupid piercings.
      While I don’t go out looking for women, it’s still shocking how few of them I run into that meet these minimum requirements.

      1. Why should they meet any requirements? Under a model of female hypergamy, they can consistently punch above their weight throughout their teens, twenties and early thirties.
        They can have hair like Skrillex, a huge tramp stamp and smelly week-old yoga pants on and a big 8/10 guy will still take them for a quickie at the end of the night.

        1. A quickie is what they’re good for. As a wise man once said “its better than having a wank”.

    3. Yeah I’m at that point aswell, I’ll put in work if it’s not going to be to much drama and I can act like myself somewhat, but that’s rare nowdays. I’ve noticed girls using dread game aswell, basically mimicking the type of things that intrigue and excite them from men, that doesn’t intrigue or excite me.

      1. Same. I had an old flame (that used to suck on me like an oxygen tank) flake on me recently after asking me out and I thought maybe she was trying to get me to chase her. Maybe she just flaked. Haven’t heard from her since.
        But I think it’s true that some girls don’t realize that the best girl game is just to dress nice and smile… They can get %90 of guys just with that.

        1. Yea Western women don’t seem to understand that by acting feminine, dressing nice and staying in shape thy could easily keep a man. Western women have this strange idea that what they find attractive in men will be what men find attractive in them, the opposite is true.

        2. Ironically the EXACT same thing happened to me about 6 months back. I only gave her the time of day because she was an old flame I simply forgot about (Was no more than a 5 to be honest but better than the HAND on down days, LOL) . Chose her because sshe’d always come when I called. I thought it was so bizarre in fact she was using EXACT lines from game that I had used, and even used SEVERAL lines directly from rooshv website. ie the marriage-divorce line, VERBATIM.
          She asked me out, then she purposely flaked on me. Gave some lame excuses about work, needless to say I lost her number. But I figured she was trying to run some weird backhanded game, likely got clues from another girl because she started hanging around a new crowd the year before that.
          Its that gender myopia thing, they think acting like a man who attracts women, will attract men. When they don’t realize those men tend to be grossly unstable men who only attract women because women think normal men are boring.
          While flaking will interest women, its a HUGE turnoff to men. Especially ones who known them long time.
          There must be some new advice book or colomn telling women to behave this way, they are too stupid to figure this out on their own. I think the best response is to do as we did, cut such women out. They make it clear manipulation is part of who they are, so they will continue it in the future, and cutting them off is best as they will realize it doesn’t work on men

        3. Validation attempt. I don’t ever bother with “old flames” unless it’s right then and there or on the same day within a few hours. (It’s usually when they’re ovulating and need a cock when there’s none available, the more time you leave between the initial contact and meat, the more time they’ll have to cool off or think too much and cancel ).

        4. I wont say that I’ll never date again or something absurd like that… I might approach a girl tomorrow who knows… But I do think that the dating market has gone sour overall (girls running game on guys? what’s the point?) and I think some guys are starting to realize and accept it.
          I don’t want to sound like I’m shaming game… I’m not… I’m sure Roosh and co. have helped get a lot of young men out of bad periods in their lives, and learning game is definitely part of that. But as you get older you realize pussy comes at a cost, and it’s up to you how much you’re willing to pay.

        5. It’s not the market that has gone sour, it’s your increased knowledge that has soured the market for you. That’s why it’s called the red pill…

        6. This is very true. With increased knowledge comes increased sorrow.
          I am in the same mentality as everyone else. Game changed my life and it’s very valuable but at this point in time when I think of going out specifically to game women I’m just not motivated.
          I’ve had enough different pussy to sense a general sameness in them all. I remember feeling this déjà vu with several girls. Their behaviors are so generic.
          With the highly increased risks and limited reward I am at a loss and I really feel it’s a fucking tragedy the world has come down to this.
          I love women. Love their young skin, feminine faces and curvy asses.
          I DONT like that in most all areas of civic and personal life they overwhelmingly have access to the power of the state to be used against me on her word alone.

        7. It’s actually a mind fuck but she succeeded in her validation attempt because you agreed to meet up with her. She sees it as a win because in her view she is still worthy of your attention even though she did not follow through all the way (probably fucked someone else who was more convenient/compliant/could meet up sooner to quench her pussy thirst).

        8. There seems to be a push through the media against femininity. Have you seen the front cover of the UK Vogue magazine? It shows an unattractive woman dressed like a man proclaimed as The Face of British Beauty. Um no…

        9. Could be. Although trying to understand the mind of a woman is a good way to find yourself on the path to madness.
          Personally, I don’t concern myself with what is in a woman’s head. She doesn’t even know herself.

        10. Yep the media shame men for masculine behavior as well as shaming women for feminine behavior.

        11. Heh, they’re actually easy to understand when you learn the patterns hence that validation theory I mentioned above (I’ve actually milked this info out of women in a round about way).
          When you know the patterns, you learn the shortcuts when dealing (or not) with them. If anything, you become less mad 😉

        12. Well like I said, I don’t care about their “validations” or any other womanly nonsense in their head. My train is leaving the station, they can either get on or stay on the platform. It doesn’t matter to me because I’ll soon be at the next station.

        13. I think it’s both tbh. When I was younger the idea that I could get falsely accused of something by a girl would have never crossed anyone’s mind.
          Now it’s a fad to screw a guy over with the law.

        14. I guess, as I said, she was nothing more than a 5, so I never really put much thought into it.

        15. Maybe it’s just me but I resist this idea that when you get older everything will just magically change in your advantage. Are women so superfluous to not like younger men and go for older solely on the assumption those men have more money? I doubt it. If the P is free like you say it, it’s because you date older women. It’s like renting a vehicle from Herz, the older the vehicle is, the cheaper it is to rent.

        16. Perhaps that is true for a few, but I’ve found they are far more simple minded and stimuli / reward centered. They do not behave much differently than my dog in most instances, and don’t think things through past 5 minutes or so, so I have trouble thinking they were planning out “OK I’m gonna ask out this guy to get his attention, then at the last minute I’m gonna withdraw, which will get him really riled up, and he’ll either call me and be super desperate or him just fume at home alone and either way I win.”
          It’ s far more likely that she agreed to do something, then walked past a store with a shiny object and forgot everything, much like my dog coming across some poop on our walk. In other words, there is no valid explanation for said behavior, other than she is a woman, and weak and flakey.

        17. Haha, that’s exactly it. It doesn’t extend as far as how the guy feels. It ends with her getting the initial validation that’s why there’s no follow through. She got those “feels” that she was craving and then got distracted by something else 🙂
          You’ll notice in my previous post I mentioned that you need to take action immediately or within a few hours/same day at the latest otherwise the flake is likely to happen.
          Thing is, they don’t think about this because it’s just feels. Or they think about it afterwards and justify it somehow in hind sight (if the issue gets raised or the guy asks why the cancellation or whatever).
          You’re 100% right about the dog mentality. It’s immediate self gratification with no future thought.

        18. I thought of that, but alot of women on the lower end of the looks scale have to play games to attempt to fulfill their hypergamy. If you are a female 5 trying to get an 8, then you need to play games, because your value stinks.

        19. Something similar just happened to me 10 days ago. The only way I can think to combat this somewhat, is play even dumber than I already do, which is a challenge as it is. I often think no matter how much pleasure you give a women, if she feels she’s given you too much pleasure (even if it’s been totally reciprocal or better for her), they’ll just stop out of the blue to use dread pussy power game as a power struggle. This isn’t really a shit test, it’s and honest weak-ass attempt for power shifting. Again more proof to always have multiple women as options. Homey don’t play that shit.

        20. It doesn’t get easier unless you learn and accept game and make that part of your wisdom matrix which you then must apply. I know way too many guys my age who understand a few tenants of game, but the shit doesn’t work unless you apply all or most of them. What’s sad is most will latch onto that one tenant as if it IS all game is about, and try to master just 1-2 tenants then draw their conclusion based on that.
          I had a girl tell me recently when her game on me wasn’t working;”You know I think we’re too much like each other for this to work.” I said;”If I’m a reflection of you then you just told me you hate yourself. Now which one of us is fucked up again?”

        21. Already forgot about that. Too bad though kuz she was actually a really fun and sweet girl. She’s turning 28ish soon (a feminist who wanted to travel the world last time I checked) so I wouldn’t be surprised if she is coming upon her first wall encounter and rethinking shit. I wont get in her way if she is trying to figure her things out, but I’m also not gonna go and run after her.

        22. The key point you mentioned for home gamers to pay attention to here was SHE asked YOU out and SHE flaked. Isn’t that the “dick move” used by women instead of a man, as Roosh describes in BANG? Lots of that b.s. occurring I hear of nowadays.

        23. Haven’t read BANG yet but yeah that sounds about right.
          Thing is… playing “dick moves” is exactly how I got her in the first place. Showed up late to dates, acted hyper-confident, talked sexual innuendo, consistent and low investment attempts at sex, flaked on her, etc. etc. etc. Eventually she opened up and we had a great time together. Got nothing but fond memories of her. Later when I got too busy finishing school I told her I wouldn’t be available for a while, and hadn’t heard from her in ages.
          I ran into her recently and maybe this is her attempt at spiting me or something. Or maybe she was trying to run game. Who knows.

    4. My experoence is early in the dating try to insert into the conversation that you demand full attention in a conversation. Talk about people that are addicted to their phones like they are mentally ill. Eventually get around to setting boundaries like no checking in on her phone longer than a few seconds when on a date.She’ll resist like a spoiled brat but she will respect you for setting boundaries.When your on a date put the fucking phone away. She can check into whatever introspection avoidance social media site at a certain time like when you get back from dinner.Give her five minutes to see if enough people validated her existence and she can live another day happy that people can give her approval at whatever she does or doesnt do.Tease her about it. It’ll be like training a stubborn dog but stick with it. OR you can use that time to ignore her and play a video game or peruse porn while she’s there. These tactics arent advisable because they’re passive aggressive but making yourself scarce if she’s not attentive when she’s with you can go a long way. My experience is if I’m pissed at my girlfriend just spend a half hour to an hour doing stuff like fixing something and let her come to you.My experience is that she usually comes to her senses, realizes I was right and wants to fuck me right there and then.

      1. Just out of curiosity, how can a, what is it?, neomasculine, man balance out the paradox of the time it takes him to read many manosphere articles? Laptop, tablet, phone, it still takes hours of reading per week. Of course ego validation is vapid in the extreme, and reading constructive articles is a whole lot better, but it’s still all done via a screen.

      2. I have to say, I never have this problem (with women constantly checking their smartphone). The only conclusion I can draw from this is that if a woman is checking her phone constantly while on a date then she is bored and not interested in you.

    5. No woman acts like a normal well-adjusted human being. This needs to be factored in to any relationship. You have to “manage” women, you can’t deal with them like they are a rational male. Once you accept this fact, you will find women are less work.

    6. When it comes to smartphones you are right, bash her head + bash the fucking phone. We should all carry low range pocket signal jammer in our pocket. When we see that she spends too much time on the smartphone, turn it on, no more signal, boom! Unfortunately it doesn’t resolve the problem, most girls nowadays have no conversation, they are dumb as fuck.

      1. Just reduce time spent together to activities that YOU find enjoyable. Could be just sex. Taking a walk. (exercise in nature) Sunbathing at the pool (no more than 1 hour). Eating, as long as you like the same foods. Hopefully, she is a good cook. If you don’t like the TV shows she watches, just go in the other room and close the door. That’s what I do.

    7. Thing is, I understand, but I’m way more tired of Asian pussy. They’re, as the stereotype goes, all the same. They all think the same, act the same, talk the same. And they’re boring and naive to boot. It’s way too easy to pick up Asians, I prefer a challenge.

      1. My recent experience with Asian women (in the US anyways), is many of them take the “white girl” attitude and amplify it as if to create a viable identity for themselves. Surely this attitude is beginning to spread outside the states to their domestic sisters. I just laugh and forget them.

    8. Non native English speaking women are no better I can tell you. This has not to do with language but with culture: consumerism, socialism, feminism and the American media. It’s a strange combination indeed. It’s the one thing we have in common unlike our languages.
      You can for instance see how Eastern Europe is changing now their countries get richer, and owning gadgets and having spare money becomes a must (consumerism) and their females demand more equality (feminism). At the same time, American movies and tv shows become more popular and the amount of internet connections grow, same for the influence of the foreign ideologies. You can see a pattern.

      1. Yeah, I’m trying to pre-game some leads in the Caribbean for a trip I’m taking in the next few weeks, and it’s such a turn off to see for their ‘hobbies’ these feminine hot women list shit like “my iphone, watching Greys Anatomy, listening to Miley Cyrus,” etc.
        Like fuck, you have a great culture, it’s actually superior to the one you’re mimicking. What the fuck are you doing? While I occasionally see tattoos or short hair, I know It’s only a matter of time until the physical characteristics catch up to the hobbies and habits.

    9. Yeah, it’s an emotional rollar coaster ride for men. You can’t just be yourself; if you want a relationship with most women, you have to keep playing games to match up to the games they’re constantly playing. If you’re not creating drama in the relationship, they freak out and then make things hell untill one of you leaves.

      1. Yea, that does seem the order. I’ve got a 7 whose 11 yrs younger than me, she’s least drama. I can mostly be myself and all goes well. I’ve got another 6.5 whose 2 years younger who seems on a warpath to disqualify me yet still keeps coming back as if hoping for a huge offset dramatic interjection I keep denying her. Finally, I’ve got (or had I should say) a 8.5 who is 4 years younger than me whose a God damned war criminal of bitch game. With her it was all 2-3 levels deep, 2-3 steps ahead of the other, to keep her interest and represented a giant paint in the ass to even fuck with. I let her go, but didn’t enlighten her why, keeping things vague on the exit. I could see her version of “hell” you speak of, coming a mile away. As a friend of mine put it;”Dude, you dodged a bullet with that one.” I fucked up with that one not leaving her feeling useless enough. Onward and upward.

  5. I was just thinking about this while watching the season finale of game of thrones. It, in my opinion has started to show some very “red pill” moments as of late and the book even more so. Basically what im gathering from watching this series is never trust a woman. Almost all the men who have trusted a woman in that series are dead. Robert baretheon trusted cercei who has killed not only him but ned as well. The lady stone got all of stannis’s army killed. The ginger woman has almost gotten snow killed. It’s their seemingly unquenchable thirst for a woman’s touch that does that too them. Ser jorahs white knight for daenrys while the sellsword fucks her on the side…speaking of that the sellswords seem to have the best time..they make money fighting, fucking, and drinking.

    1. I noticed that GOT got more and more blue pill and feminist as it goes. No more strong male role models because they got killed and more and more chicks that can kill trained soldiers. Also, just like The Walking Dead, there seems to be more interaction than action, bordering on a Latino telenovela, which are aimed at women.

      1. Is that blue pill? Or is that red pill reality? Who runs the world we live in today? RooshV or feminists?

        1. What you say is true for our world but in a medievil setting men would rule, there wouldn’t be feminism dominating.

        2. The feminist daughters of some high up bankers and billionaires who are trying to push a bizarre and sadistic ideology.

      2. Uh id say stannis is a pretty good role model if you’re reading the books, Jon has his moments but most of the times he’s a puss

        1. Apart from the angry dyke, I like the other 2 sisters. They’re feminine yet lethal like the chick from KIll Bill.

    2. ” Basically what im gathering from watching this series is never trust a woman”
      Agreed. With regards to the females mentioned in the article, there reslly is no way to proceed and filter out such garbage out.

  6. This is one of the reasons I’m highly selective and very watchful when out. I’ve seen too many friends over the years get the short end on account of women like this. To all the young fellas lurking and reading this:
    Just because your buddies are in a long term relationship doesn’t mean you should be in one. If anything, be the escaped slave with tales of what it’s like to be free.

    1. “Just because your buddies are in a long term relationship doesn’t mean you should be in one. If anything, be the escaped slave with tales of what it’s like to be free.”
      Words for any man to live by.

    2. 90% of my buddies are either married and/or have kids. i’m the only one with neither. And trust me, I do not desire that shit. I smile at the fact that I am not in their same shoes. and they know what’s up, too.

      1. The fun part is when the wife gets angry when you wanna take your buddies out.

  7. there is an element in my thinking that i have come to notice more as of lately. it is a fear and inhibition to look at people and let my mind come to it’s own conclusions. it is a fear from identifying weakness in others and the automatic judgment that comes with it.
    it’s almost as if i feel it is unfair to see other people’s bad sides. as if they came into existence by me merely seeing them.
    that cashier who looks down when i hold eye contact for too long. the way he/she looks angry, hurt and annoyed, as if i had done something that was not okay, broken an unspoken rule.
    it works twofold. the fear of seeing another person’s weakness comes from the fear that the other person may stop overseeing mine.
    as if i was living in a world that is completely fake and whenever people want to hurt each other, they exclude you from the privilege of faking reality.

  8. Viafore’s kayak wouldn’t have capsized if he had been a better beta, or put on a beta mask. The drive of many women to try to shove men into a beta mold that serves them is very strong. Turn beta or die is the ultimatum that these women will cram onto men. Only the most mature top down alpha could keep the spin controlled on a puck chuck like Graswold, and it would only be for sport and sure as hell not for keeps. Kind of like the way an experienced surfer conqueres a tubular wave for what its life or duration is worth and then seeks another wave to ride.
    Also avoid foreign exchange students. Women should only leave their mother country following their man carrying wheelie bags that do not contain laptops but rather pots and pans from Ireland, just like the early immigrants at Ellis island with their hair in a scarf and kids in tow. Any single woman abroad is guaranteed to be an ‘unmarriable’ domineering bitch that believes she can take on the world. If she has the hamster feet to go globe trotting in the first place, then you can bet that no good man can keep her or have any long term use for her.
    With a scarf and carrying bags!! Men back then had to literally rob the cradle and pay a dowery for those gals. Or otherwise they had the mandingo to snatch the winner of the local quilting bee, a true shit test for womanly qualities in all areas. But stay away from the uppity footloose exchange students that jabber about THEIR aspirations. It’s all about THEM.

    1. With women it is always all about them and only about them. I fail to see how being a foreign exchange student is different rom the run of the mill narcissistic female.

    2. The father/family of the woman was the one who paid the dowry, as to take on a woman was universally understood to be a big burden (no makey-uppy jobs from the government to provide them with a ‘career’, not up to the demands of serious physical labour that makes the world go around, etc). Things weren’t as frantic as you’d imagine: family alliances would have been set up in many cases in accordance with social status and property/assets, so youngsters would have had a number of matches made for them since childhood. Even as society became more industrialised, matchmaking was encouraged at community dances, etc. And if a snatch had been mandingoed, the groom would register his buyers’ remorse by annulling the marriage straight away (an option that’s still there today), and the breached slattern would have been shunned by society – a devastating circumstance for a woman who are herd animals by nature, but were completely dependent on societal approval then.
      Bride price is the payment from man to father/family of bride, and is seen in more feminist/gynocentric cultures or religions like Islam (however, you generally get value for money, as family often chaperone a woman into her 30s to preserve her marriageability).
      Not all exchange students are like Amanda Knox, but of course, the first thing any critically-thinking man should assume is that her motives for travelling was to take advantage of the anonymity and opportunity foreign lands provide

  9. I could really give a fuck what these girls think they can do. I say bring it on.

  10. Already ahead of you.
    This is why I purposely avoid an American chick two years my junior, especially when she has eyes that turns her own dad into a white knight. College grad? Check.
    Heck, she even knew when and where I was volunteering, to the point I ended up quitting after a month.
    Remember this old saying, “the eyes are the window to the soul”.

  11. Dating, like drinking, certainly changes with age. When your young, everything is fun and games, even the mistakes you make are merely funny stories or at worst, lessons learned. When you’re older, however, school is out, and you need to make good choices, or they have serious consequences. By your late 20s, you begin to see the change in people from good time partiers to alcoholics. Same with the women, the “dramatic” girls of yesteryear now become the “femme fatales” in your life. Understanding this and making decisions good for yourself is part of the maturation process.

    1. Also when you’re young, you have a lot more sense when picking friends or classmates that are not defective. When I was 11 or so, I knew which girls in my class were either excessively stupid or defective. And I also knew quality when I saw it. I had a natural aversion to the psychiatric cases. A decade later when I saw the same girls from my childhood in a club all decked out, I’d indiscriminately think ‘game’ ‘game’ ‘game’, all of them ‘game’. Now they’re aged out and all disqualified. Now when I look at the new crop of 18-21yo girls, I can once again see like when I was a kid. I can discern once again and see right through them like my old classmates and pick out the only good two out of fifteen.

  12. Women are just really insecure lost puppies who put on an act because of their “flock” their entire life. They only truly become who they are meant to be when a good men takes them in and turn them into what they are meant to be.

    1. “They only truly become who they are meant to be when a good men takes them in and turn them into what they are meant to be.”
      Your point of view is respectable but do you really believe a word of what you wrote? What is your definition of “good men”, because if it’s the same as mine, it’s GAME OVER before it even started… Women don’t give a shit about good men to start with and being a loving and caring housewife is the last thing they want to be nowadays. I know I’m being very pessimistic but everything I see around me support this idea. If you ever find a woman who tells you that she wants to be the mother of your kids and raise them staying home, please tell me where you found her, I’m very very curious. Bottom line: don’t try to teach pigs how to fly…

    1. “Any women with a hyphenated name should be avoided. Uppity cunts all….”
      Excellent observation. Many high society cunts have hyphenated names.

      1. Plenty of posers, too. Seems to be predominantly White women that do this as well. Go figure!

  13. I’m compelled to tell this short story per the article. I live in an average city in the midwest. An ex LTR nightmare of mine went on to fuck this guy after we split who she was likely fucking when we were together as a whore, not a slut, know the difference. Anyways, this guy has a random young hottie show interest in him. He the pill dealer, her the undercover typical Aderol, opiate, Xanex addict. She’s married to the son of a major car dealer chain spanning my state. 8k sq ft house, nerdy beta type guy, has 2 kids with this schmuck.
    While he’s away running a branch of daddy’s business every day, she’s fucking around with this dealer. A month into her siesta sex baiting, occurring on the same day, she proposes to the dealer he KILL her husband for a $3-$4 million dollar life insurance policy. As he receives this proposal that he juiced for all the info he could (not sure if he went to the authorities or not), he receives a text from his bro he was inquiring to about this girl via grape vine, his friend states: “My cousin had that girl fuckin with him and she asked him to off her husband for $1.5 million pay out.” I found all this out when the dealer’s wife approached me (she’s pregnant with his 2nd kid), who my ex is fucking which has thus destroyed their family.

    1. That’s a shame that the successful car dealer with all the new cars falls for a leftover scrap junkyard woman. Why can’t car dealers keep a simple harem of obedient and loyal women? I know they spoil their women, but really women shouldn’t drive. They should stay home and tit feed. Those wealthy cowboy hat car dealers should throw BURQAS on their bitches.
      I wish I was like Spiderman only with the ability to shoot burqas out of my wrists. I’d go down to the nearest women’s college and raise both hands, point my superpower wrists and go fully auto. Blam blam blam. Women’s studies would never be the same. Then the courthouse with all the family court witches. I’d need to load big fat woman burqas for that. Then I’d shoot full ankle robes out of my ass and then blow the trumpet sound to make them all bow.
      Unfortunately I don’t have the supernatural ability to produce burqas from my fingertips. I’d tell the auto dealer to start fresh with pure virgin women and keep burqas on if they go out in public. It’s becoming more vogue for apple pie Americans to talk like that. I don’t have an Islamic bone in my body and the rotten women I’ve dealt with, I’d swear they all needed a burqa popped on their head. No one out in public needs to know the surprise flavor beneath the sheet except for the man who owns her.

  14. please forgive my ignorance, i would really like to learn this “game” I keep hearing about, i did a google search and find all kinds of weird stuff
    can anyone point me to some good stuff I could read up on ?

      1. @disqus_zNtJ90fVtJ:disqus Great read. But if you’re still blue pill you’ll have a very hard time swallowing the crimson (red) pill. You’ll reject the literature because you naturally refuse to accept that all that you know is most likely a lie. However, embrace the harsh reality as it will prepare and refine you when dealing not only with woman and learning game, but the reality of our femcentric society.

    1. Already did. She talks/brags too much and it was mediocre anyway (because I wanted it to be, no doing of hers. Never is).

  15. …game never ends…

    Just like money never sleeps. This should be the tagline for our own personal movies.

  16. The tale is about a woman with psychopathic tendencies, her behaviour isn’t specific to women.

  17. “The fact that she’s actually a law student…”
    Should have been the catalyst to cut conversation, turn and walk way. Dated a lawyer for a few months once about 12 years ago. The time with her revealed a borderline NPD personality. She is still single at the age of 46 (unshockingly).

  18. Key takeaway from the graswald case:
    Do NOT tell your GF you have a life insurance policy with HER as beneficiary.

    1. Don’t name her as a beneficiary. Why would anyone do this? My cat is my beneficiary.

  19. “While the incidents I’ve just recapped are horrific, our focus must go beyond what these women did and why they did it. The question we really need to be asking ourselves is how these two men could have avoided the fates that befell them.”
    The tail end of a sentence you attributed to Ayres (not that she deserved more) in your introduction didn’t really register as having been a recapped incident covered before this quoted excerpt. This led to some confusion for myself when trying to get through the article (I was looking for the section I swore I must have missed).
    Also, I had already read David Garrett’s piece about the aforementioned scum and yet still didn’t recognize her photo, so putting a name to her ugly mug in the pic caption would’ve been pertinent as well. The placement of the photo relative to the article makes it look like that’s Graswald because she was the last subject you were writing about. For that matter, I assume Graswald is the Gollum-looking blonde near the bottom?
    Process of elimination, backed by a Google search, got me my answer to that, but my point here is that I would absolutely be willing to proofread anyone’s content before it goes up.
    I read everything posted daily on here and find these types of easily correctable formatting mix-ups/omissions that detract from otherwise well-thought and pertinent articles far too often.
    ROK’s editing staff is letting you guys down.

  20. “It would behoove novices to pay close attention to solid
    practitioners of game in the club. Ever notice how they all have that
    thousand-yard “hunter mode” stare? That’s the “sight beyond sight”
    stare. They’re walking and looking around, scoping out the
    scene, spotting who the rape accusers and tire-slashers are, spotting the chick who’s banging the club owner who likely has a loaded .45 stuck in his belt.Truth be told, you should be more focused on your environment and the people in it than on what you’re going to say anyway,”…………… The crux of this whole article. You should be able to spot the evil in the faces, the deception, the liars, the cheats, the manipulators, and the average bag of trouble from 10′ away. You dont need a thousand yard stare, you need common sense and practice. I run a business and meet people all the time. My first sense or duty to myself is this customer good for me ? Do I want to work for them. ? You need to read their energy, their facial expressions, the face under the face if you will. You can spot a lot about a person by reading their face. Many times I have made a high $ estimate just to blow them out the door because I knew they were trouble. As far as choosing a mate or a date, be patient. Observe, listen, do homework. You can find out a lot of the type of personality in a person just by casual conversation. Pickup or game should not be necessary. Just people skills.

  21. Yea, most bitches these days are terrible, egotistical human benhs, but if you come down south you’ll find the sweet ones still exist. There’s plenty for me. I’ve got myself a little harem right now. One comes in during the summer, one travels during the summer, and the other is here year round.

  22. We now live in a world where fumbling, bumbling guys who try to approach anything other than 300 pound land whales, 40-year-old spinsters, or women with three kids by five different dudes run a good chance of getting accused of “street harassment,…………….”

    Where do you live? Cause where I live the bitchy, over entitled narcissistic attitude does not discriminate. Especially amongst white women!
    5’s who think they’re 10’s………………..

  23. I don’t care. I’ll do what I want in my world and if a woman pulls some false rape stuff or turns to violence she will find out real quick I never fully bought into the “never hit a woman” crap. I inform every woman I date of my rules and if they break them I will leave, if they persist in hounding me well.. Trouble is always around the corner if not from me then from my 6″1 sister who loves knocking out any of my women who get out of line. She has done it before. The rules are simple.
    1)Never raise your voice to me in public. Never disrespect any other man in my presence. I will do any disrespect should I deem it necessary.
    2)Never dial 911 during a domestic dispute or any time that isn’t a life threatening emergency.
    3)Avoid hard drugs and heavy alcohol use.
    Otherwise I put no other restrictions on them and basically let them do what they want. II always give them the rope toto hang themselves so I let them.

  24. Jesus, this is like the plot from An American Tragedy with the genders flipped. Hell, it’s even the same state.

  25. The story of the British law student bitch maiming the man ran a bit differently. During the court proceedings it came out that he supposedly bumped into her from behind and was not really hitting on her. There were no wrong pickup lines that were fired off as the author claims. He may have bumped into her from behind and she felt this was an action that merited to bash a bottle into his head.
    Miss piglet likely thought that it would break into a thousand harmless pieces like in all those Hollywood movies where they use a sugar compound. Instead he got a lifelong scar for it and miss Piggy runs free to become a lawyer as she is well connected and has a rich daddy.
    So – it was not Game or pickup that brought about this attack. It was just a random chick who is crazy.

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