10 Things I Told My Teenage Son About Women

My son, Aidan, has just entered high school. He’s smart, slim, tall, good looking, and an accomplished musician. Like me at his age, Aidan doesn’t know jack about girls. My father was straight out of the Silent Generation; you know, the dudes who survived the Great Depression and beat the Nazis in WWII. Other than this observation, he never passed salient advice concerning the fairer sex to me:

The kind of stability you find with a good woman is like nothing you can find on your own, but the kind of instability you will endure with a real bitch is also like nothing you can create on your own.

His father, who was mostly absent in his life, died when he was eleven, leaving him lacking knowledge on how to relate to women on any level. He and my mother slept in separate beds my whole life. I was one of three, and if my parents could figure out how to copulate twice and have three kids, years apart, they would have done it. My mother was a good homemaker, which was paramount to my father since in the 1930s, he was the original latchkey kid.

In any event, he had no advice for me as a young man, which meant I had to learn about girls the hard way. Undoubtedly, this led to some ugly experiences which, in retrospect, were entirely avoidable.

I did marry a beautiful, educated, stable, and successful woman who is an executive for a Fortune 500 company, allowing me the freedom to do whatever I please. We have two boys, one of which is climbing into adulthood. The conversations I have now with my 14-year old initially sprang from the ground like weeds in the spring. I knew it was coming, I just didn’t think so soon.

Recently, I compiled a list of points I discussed with my son in attempts to guide him through the trenches of modern relationships. Here they are…

1. Don’t date a girl who can fit into your jeans

When you grab some ass, you don’t want to grab beefcake. A properly sized woman’s ass is a thing of beauty. I don’t subscribe to the growing trend that big asses on women are desirable. Apart from the fact that a fat ass is a sign of an overindulgent pig with no self control, big cabooses just aren’t visually appealing, and they’re downright frightening when unclothed.

What comes along with big toilets is inaccessible buttholes. Now, I know what you are thinking, but you’re wrong. I’m not into that, nor should you. If a women’s butthole is buried between two loaves of blubber, the difficult access makes proper cleaning after normal bowel movement next to impossible.

2. Drama is for the stage

There are woman who love drama. They find conflict in everything and make your daily life miserable. Drama queens should be avoided at all costs. Once, after returning from the grocery store, my girlfriend at the time saw that I had purchased tuna fish. Recently, she had seen a film showing dolphins being snagged in tuna nets.

“How could you buy tuna with what they do to dolphins?” she exclaimed.

“What about the tuna?” I asked. “The nets are there to catch them.”

“But the dolphins are innocent,” she sobbed.

“So why not just eat dolphin?” I offered.

“Because their brains are as big as ours,” she explained.

“Well, if they were so smart, why can’t they avoid a tuna net?”

She really didn’t care about dolphins, or the natural world for that matter. She had gone to a six month “beauty school” to be a “nail artist,” so there probably wasn’t any natural science in the curriculum. She just wanted to argue, so argue we did, about everything and nothing. Eventually, I broke up with her because what I was getting wasn’t worth enduring the daily, inane commentary.

3. If they think they’re a loser, they most definitely are

Some woman will go beyond drama and delve directly into insanity. They constantly bring up their “struggles” with mental illness. The pop singer Demi Lovato is one of these nutjobs. As a judge on American Idol, Lovato openly discussed her anorexia, bulimia, cutting, depression, and OCD.

It’s not that I don’t feel bad for these people who are struggling with everyday life. It’s just that I’m not a psychologist trained in dealing with women who will puke up a perfectly good steak. Men should avoid these pity parties because they are a deep hole of despair that eventually turns on them. If you do date a chick who’s insane, you’ll spend a lot of time listening to her bitch about her mother, after which at some random time, the whack job will break up with you to boost her own self esteem.

4. You should be having fun all of the time

Women often say that “relationships are a lot of work.” Sometimes, cucks like Ben Affleck will thank their wife for “working on their marriage.” If any relationship requires a lot of maintenance, then get out when you still can.

When you’re young, especially in high school, you should be having fun all the time. Things can get tough when it’s 3AM and you got two kids puking simultaneously, the mortgage and taxes are due, and you got to get up in the morning to give a presentation to the CEO and his leadership team. Now that’s a lot of work. When you’re young, have fun, and lots of it. If it’s complicated, hit the silk.

5. One in four teenage girls have a sexually transmittable disease

In 2008, the Centers for Disease Control released a year-long national study that indicated a quarter of girls in the age range of 14 to 19 have either human papillomavirus (HPV), chlamydia, genital herpes, or trichomoniasis, a parasite chiefly affecting the urinary tract. If that isn’t enough to scare a young man’s fly up, the study reported that 15% of the girls racked up two of these wondrous maladies.

Unless you want to spend the rest of your adult life buying ointments, men should be very careful where they insert their John Thomas.

6. Tattoos are blazes on the trail of doom

In my day, the only women who got tats were biker chicks, and they kept it to a minimum. Maybe a small rose on their ankle. The other day, I saw a young teenage girl with “Death Before Dishonor” written in old English, arching across her chest. I wondered what it took to get into a state of mind where she thought this was a good idea.

Tattooing words on your body is dumb because I’ll bet the guy doing the inking isn’t likely an English professor, which means he’s probably going to make a grammatical error. Apart from editorial concerns, tattooing words on one’s body is stupid because there isn’t anything which you would want to read for the rest of your life, over and over again.

I find tattoos in general unappealing because they’re like the long hair I had as a teenager. Sure, I looked stupid and eventually I figured that out, then got a decent haircut. With tattoos, it’s pretty much permanent unless you don’t mind a whole lot of pain to remove it.

7. Never listen to tales of the last guy

On a first date, don’t talk about your last girlfriend, and don’t listen to stories of the douchebag she just broke up with. A new relationship should be about the future, not the past.

8. Know that the laws are written against you

In most states, if physical contact between adolescents occurs, the boy is charged with a crime. In general, the law treats girls as innocent, asexual beings and boys as though they are budding sexual predators. The problem with this is that it’s wholly wrong.

A friend of mine who works as a middle school math teacher says the boys are interested in playing video games while the girls are concerned with sex. This newly discovered girl power, coupled with the desire to rebel against their parents, causes young girls to sexually experiment. They almost always let their parents in on their activities, which leads to accusations of sexual harassment against boys. Boys need to protect themselves, especially today with the #MeToo witch hunt in full steamroller mode.

9. Find a woman who spends a lot of time with her father and also has a good relationship with him

Most fathers abandon their princesses once they go through puberty. Her physical development causes her father to distance himself from his daughter. Just when girls need their fathers to help guide them into adulthood, they get dumped for the first time. This causes young girls to become bitter as they get rejected by the first man they adored. Girls mentally grate against their mothers which is why they leave the nest when they mature.

If a teenage girl has a close connection to her father, she will respect his opinion and advice, which will keep her from becoming a tattooed, lunatic whore.

10. When things end—and they will—exit with your pride

In an episode of The Simpsons, as Lisa is getting married, she and her mother are discussing sex. They both agree that Millhouse “didn’t count.” In a flashback, Lisa breaks up with Millhouse as he cries like a pussy.

Young people can often get very upset over breakups, which is why they have such a high suicide rate. You have to keep your head on straight when you part company. The important thing to remember at the close of any relationship is that some crap is going to purge from your life as well. It’s not like you’re sick or injured. You can just start over today.

Some people think that it’s not that easy, but it is. Breaking up with a girlfriend is far easier than extracting from a marriage, especially when there are kids involved. Once its done, move on, and don’t look back.

There are no guarantees in life, but having skills and knowledge will certainly make navigating relationships easier. Game is not about gaining skills to boff a string of Slavic bimbos; it’s about crafting yourself into a dominant male with which the highest caliber women will want to procreate. If you think it’s something different, then ask yourself what advice would you give your son.

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    1. A quarter of teenage girls have STDs but they are disproportionately in black and Hispanic girls.

      1. This is a reflection of their more primitive tribal mating strategy with is concubinage. Their main Blood or main Cholo prior to being shot in a “beef” gets the chicks and more women/girls end up getting his herpes, genital warts etc. while AIDS is rampant with the Beta Cholos and Bloods who are on the down low because they have to resort to the use of one another’s anuses.

      2. “An estimated 3.2 million U.S. girls ages 14 and 19 — about 26 percent of that age group — have a sexually transmitted infection such as the human papillomavirus or HPV, chlamydia, genital herpes or trichomoniasis, the CDC said.
        Forty-eight percent of black teen-age girls were infected, compared to 20 percent of whites and 20 percent of Mexican American girls. The report did not give data on the broader U.S. Hispanic population.”
        It’s extremely high among black teens but white teens aren’t doing well also. 1/5 is no joke.

        1. The STD stats being that bad has got to be something new since 2000 being so bad. I don’t remember that much common STD infections in the 80s and 90s…..In any case it is a direct reflection of the vastly changed attitudes about s3x and in particular unprotected s3x.

    2. The final paragraph is what this game is all about. There have been too many mgtow’s here lately, I’m just going to point them to the end of this article next time I see them write, “What’s the point of game?” “It only works if you’re a chad,” and other missing-the-point comments.

    3. No, #8 is an absolute lie. Today’s middle school boys are hornier than goats. They are getting their healthy dose of Roosh and Roissy.

  1. Hey great list now my wife is pregnant of my first son I’m compiling one myself. Your points pretty much overlap and sound fair to me.

  2. Everything you described applies to every white woman I ever met. The mistake is associating with white women, these days they are worthless, apart from a pump and dump. And then only if they don’t know your real name, where you work, or where you live.
    Good article though, I enjoyed reading it.

    1. JOHN
      When I was very young man in the 1990’s this was possible-you met a woman at a club, went to a hotel, it was a one-off.
      In the old days, Americans and Brits went to Spain to do this very thing-drink, drug and screw with people they would never (hope) to see again in their life.
      Nowadays with social media people find people in an instant.

      1. Yep, Facebook keeps suggesting Asian hookers I’ve hired for the night as ‘friends’. How the hell does that work? Are they comparing locations? IP addresses? I sure as hell haven’t given them my name, phone number or email address.

        1. JOHN
          That is easy. The girls maybe scattered throughout Sukhumivit but they are really only Issan or Chang Mai girls. But mostly Issan.
          Being married to a woman from the Chinese ethnic Thai community it is even more impossible to get away with such a thing.
          When I take sex holidays, I go to the Philippines.
          You’ll be caught if you are married to a Thai woman. She will freak out that you are going to divide time/resources.

        2. JOHN
          I’m an older guy now-44-but back when I was young the entire idea was to NOT to see those people again. Gave some Irish nurse coke in Ibeza to fuck all night…never saw her again.
          But Gen Y are the Lonely Hearts generation. Again it is sort of like how in the old days a grown man who haunted Soho or Times Square porn stars was a sad pathetic bastard but waking to porn day-and-night on the internet is acceptable.
          Then again look at the commentary section in this blog. Nobody wants to know anyone here in real life. You probably visit the same Irish bar in Khao San road, spent time at the same English pubs etc.

        3. @ DB
          Times Sqaure was my main hangout from 1986 – 1990, and then again from 1992 – 1995. The Triple Treat Theater was the best. BYOB and open all all hours, at least till 1990. Then when I came back from the west coast in 1992, you had to leave at 3 AM.

  3. R.E #2
    Dolphins are smart- compared to the retarded kids who swim with them.
    Good well thought out list, you covered the major points, I can think of only a few minor things to add.

  4. the dudes who survived the Great Depression and beat the Nazis in WWII
    they beat the nazis?? you really need to get off your high horse
    you just jumped on the bandwagon when it was all nearly over

      1. the russians had the lions share in beating the 3rd reich invasion
        the only other major european resistance was in poland, britain, serbia and greece
        all others were fence sitters

        1. You almost never hear about the Russian contribution in WWII except during the meetings how to take out the Axis with the big three (British Empire, USA, and CCP) in the US. This might have to do with the Cold War in the US downplaying the Soviet contribution since we were definitely not friends and mentioning it would have been a huge no-go.
          But just by looking at things objectively, such as noticing the CCCP reached Berlin first, the Soviet impact might have been more then we Americans realize. I do know it would have been difficult for the US to beat the Nazis alone if without Brit and Soviet sovereignty.

        2. vlad – theres no beating the nazis when you enter the war in 1944
          the europeans did the most of the job

        3. Underdog:
          That true Europeans did most of the fighting with lots of victories. The US also did a lot (D-day, the Bulge, Africa). What was missing was a hammer to decisively defeat the Nazis once and for all and that’s when the US stepped in.
          The African and Italian campaigns did not stop Hitler from sending most of his troops and equipment to the eastern front. The Soviets were able to contain the Nazis at Stalingrad, Kursk, and Leningrad areas but the Nazis were not going to give up Ukraine. So the Big Three came up with D-Day.
          It was all about pressure points and the Allies evened out Hitler’s army who was suddenly having to fight on two important fronts. Both of his lines disintegrated in about eight months.

        4. Underdog:
          Mods: would you delete my earlier post because it is tied to my later one that was deleted.
          If nobody is interested then they aren’t interested.

        5. all inconsequential
          the nazis were defeated at stalingrad, it was a downhill battle after that

    1. Beat the Nazi’s but lost to the homeland vaginas……and lost bigly across the WHOLE SPECTRUM of society. Any rights they thought they preserved, they immediately lost when they got home.
      Gynocentric Laws, all the courts, all the societal norms, and the largest most significant loss, to FEMINISM (communism via the bleeding hatchet gash). These men were the greatest generation of blue pilled fools.

      1. It has nothing to do with winning in WWII.
        Aren’t you a military guy? Why were you stupid enough to get tricked into serving US army? To become a pawn for Jewish war campaign?
        Lol even your Trump is no more than a Jewish puppet. Likewise Bush and Obama. And you still believe he gonna change something lol.

      1. Germany doesn’t run shit. She can’t take a piss without asking for permission. It’s destiny is in the hands of a certain International clique, like the rest of the west.

    2. Underdog1389
      Obviously, I struck a trigger word here. I didn’t say they were the *only* ones that beat the Nazis.

    3. Yes, the Americans did beat the Nazis. First, America provided massive military aid to the USSR that enabled them to survive and fight. Second, Stalin would not move in the East until the Allies started the Second Front. Third, the USSR fought a war on a single front. Stalin refused to break his treaty with Japan and aid the U.S. He had no choice because he could not spare the men or material fighting in the West.
      England, with all of its Commonwealth “allies”, still did not have the manpower to face Hitler alone.
      The U.S. had to fight a two-front war, across two oceans while keeping the USSR and the Western Allies supplied with the military resources to defeat the Nazis.

  5. “I did marry a beautiful, educated, stable, and successful woman who is an executive for a Fortune 500 company, allowing me the freedom to do whatever I please.”
    Wait, what? You have a wife who provides for you and you’re still on this website, bashing women? Lol.

    1. He is not bashing women. He’s giving useful and legit advice to counter todays women dirty tricks to screw with you

    2. My thought exactly, That’s exactly where I lost this guy. To the writer, If you are reading these comments the only thing you should be doing is thanking you lucky stars that a guy like you doesn’t have to try. The rest of use spend our lives scrambling to figure our how to pay the bills for me and my wife. Before you even think about it I’m a multi millionaire that started with nothing. I mean nothing, no college degree, no family money, Nothing. When you’ve cracked that nut I’ll think about taking your advice. Until then, pay attention.

      1. I did write the article, and I do read all the comments unlike you, Bill, who wrote a comment but did not read the article. Something tells me that you are not a millionaire. I think it’s more likely that you hold in your morning constitution so you can shit on company time. If you are, in fact, wealthy, I’ll wager that you didn’t get there via your command of the English language. Not possessing a college degree, now that I can believe.

    1. darkpenguin350
      Ironic that a site concerning masculinity harbors followers that are so insecure that they can’t handle it when their wife makes more money than them.

      1. Gisele Bündchen’s individual net worth is estimated to be $360 million while Tom Brady’s is around $160 million. Tom seems to be handling it just fine. As long as the author doesn’t wear Brady’s jersey, I’m okay with it.

    1. “The Nazis”
      Big deal. Germany was a landlocked medium-sized country and Japan was an island off Korea.

      1. Germany and Japan combined had a very similar population to the USA of the early 1940s (about 147 million), and were the most technologically advanced countries of their respective continents. USA beating both from two oceans away was NO SLOUCH.

        1. REALITY
          FYI German-Americans (Including Eisenhower and other German immigrant kids in the military) entered WWII reluctantly and mostly because of the Japanese.
          England and Russia and Scandinavia were already at war with Germany at that point.
          In terms of technology the fact that an island off Asia could pose such a threat says something.
          But no question Germans and Japanese are capable of high IQ craziness.

    2. Russians didnt quite beat them, USSR with many nationalities from occupied countries had a large herd stock to be slaughtered against german machine gun nests, thats true, but what also is true that allies supplied soviets so much of necessary things such as food, vehicles, fuel and many more things, that its just plain arrogant to say, that russians beat nazis on their own. Sad myth that is being taught to every child in Russia and outside of Russia among russian speaking people just to boost their egos, because when you look at who won and who lost the war, neither USSR, nor, god forbid, todays Russia, dont look like winners to me.
      Japan and Germany, on the other hand, dont look like losers to me, native problems aside.

      1. True, in Poland many old timers used to say Studebakers won the war, as they were about two thirds of the Red Army truck fleet. To this day Russian military trucks closely resemble them.

        1. Dauriusz
          My dad always said Fruit of the Loom won the war because that was the underwear that two thirds of the Red Army wore.

  6. You know what, I share the best stories and commentary on here with my oldest daughter. She doesn’t need to learn how to NOT be from me, she gets to learn it from some one else. I wish she would comprehend and could understand why I tell her things she does is so bad for her in the long run….but goddamn it she is so insistent on following her peers and trends doing counterproductive self destructive crap. The most painful thing about being a father with girls is seeing the blossoming of great potential lives being ruined because of their genetics that FORCE THEM to be creatures not of reason, but reactionary and captive to (controllable if they chose to be) uncontrollable feelings that they live by instead. I try to teach them to live by reason and logic and self restraint and self respect….and they listen, but never quite rise to grasp and live by it to save themselves so much pain and suffering of being whipsaws to their emotions instead..My oldest moreso than my youngest. And all the moreso because their mom abandoned them when they elementary school aged….so they know what women are made of and what they may become……..and that I am doing my best to save them from that path.

    1. the biggest problems, is the self destruction through tatooes drugs and needing validation from her peers, the fake social dramas she could avoid, lack of responsibility across all spectrums, little to no self discipline, and learning to manipulate others through mind games and emotional con artistry. Its a tall order for guy to try and save his kids from themselves, but also from modern society and their peers influences (99.99 percent negative and destructive). A unified message and front from their mom on these things would be so much more helpful, but she is among the worst offenders an most polar opposite to my goals and their best interests.

        You have a good point about tattoos. When I was a teenager in 1990 (16) only white trash males got that first tattoo to prove that they were now eligible for the low class. It was a label.
        Women in the 80’s who had tattoos were strippers, porn stars and hardcore female criminals.

    2. Ever thought about them going to regular visits to so called shrink or something like that? I know that there are many good ones who not only know how to listen but also help steer the kids onto the right path and help them learn to live with their natural issues and help work around their issues and look at things more logically.

      1. shrinks are part of the divorce rape industry.
        All of them…
        My kids at school – same thing – all teachers are feminists…
        *most teachers/shrinks are feminists

        1. They are also part of the “wallet rape” industry. $260/45 mins to sit their and listen. Can pay a homeless guy for 5 bucks for that.

        2. @AutomaticSlim
          and the homeless guy is more likely to give valid, useful, immediate advice based on life experience.
          I’ve been to couples counseling twice! – is the women and feminist cunt-counselor ambushing with anti-male feminist doctrine.
          stay the fuck away from them.
          most important keep your kids away…only thing worse than teachers

        3. I guess its different in your part of the world, not where I reside, neither cost is that prohibitive, nor their orientation in regards to male/female roles are messed up.

  7. NEAL
    Like a lot of behaviours that piss men off they’re not actually doing them on purpose (mostly), it’s just how they’re genetically hardwired to act.
    If you pick up a scorpion off the ground and start poking it saying “This scorpion’s armour is really cool!” And then it stings you, you can’t blame it- it’s in its nature to sting you.

    1. I know that, and have come to accept that no matter what I might want for them, they will probably always fight the losing battle against female biological DNA demanding behavior. I believed for the longest time that hypergamy was a LEARNED thing, a societal influence, a fad. It is not, however, but it is magnified through feminisms brainwashing ( I think that it fully unlocks it for full expression actually) it is a chemically enforced thing straight out of the DNA coding. It is a Mother Nature survival instinct thing to always drive the females to gather and secure necessary resources to insure and ensure that they themselves are cared for and prepare them to be mated and impregnated to bear children (just as all other monkeys and chimpanzees do) through the males they manipulate through s3x and mating (just as other man like primates do). Its not a purely human drive, it is a primate thing. One cannot go against biology, it will always pull yo back to the path or it will kill you.

  8. “Tattoos”
    In the old days tattoos were what white trash got at 16 to establish they were in the bottom of the working class. I’m talking 1988, when I was 14 years old.

        1. I still see it that way.
          I am 8 years older than you.
          I’m a dinosaur, even for my age.

  9. “I did marry a beautiful, educated, stable, and successful woman who is an executive for a Fortune 500 company, allowing me the freedom to do whatever I please.”
    So do you have a plan in place should your wife decide to next you?

    1. “I did marry a beautiful, educated, stable, and successful woman who is an executive for a Fortune 500 company”
      – That is the absolute LAST think I would want.
      I would much rather have a hot, young high school drop out that stays home and cooks and cleans. And looks the other way when I fool around. Now, where the hell do I find that???

      1. Never said that, but a man needs a plan. Forever living at the mercy of a woman is a scary thought if you have no way to make it in life.

  10. Excellent advise.
    We all needed this growing up post world war 2 – and then passed onto our sons.
    But, they didn’t know, and mostly didn’t matter as much previously. People paired off.
    Abundance mentality -ZFG.
    keep approaching and flirting – then the breakup will not be as much of an issue.
    Should be easy at college age with bit of skillz.

  11. Things I would tell my son about women:
    -Never date a girl with a slutty name (Natalia, Samantha, Ashley, Kayleigh, Kelly)
    -Never marry a girl who didn’t lose her virginity to you
    -Never give up your friends for the sake of spending time with a woman
    -If a woman doesn’t like your friends, ditch her
    -Never date a woman who is BPD, drinks a lot, smokes, does drugs, is a SWPL/SJW vegan, likes black music
    -Never date a black woman
    -Never date a woman who grew up in a broken home
    -Avoid girls who were abused sexually
    -Find a woman who is empathetic. It will take a long time, but it is well worth it.
    -Avoid girls who can’t live without social media.
    -Never (seriously) date divorced women, single mothers, women much older than you
    -Strive to date a woman who is at least 5 years younger than you.
    -Avoid girls who dated outside of their race. Blonde, blue-eyed women are prone to do this, so keep that in mind.
    -Never marry a woman who isn’t right-wing or at least conservative.
    -Avoid girls with tattoos and piercings
    -Girls like muscles, so get to the gym

      Never date a woman who smokes….I’d date a woman who smoked before I dated a woman who was an alcoholic. Gen Y and their prejudice against tobacco. Most of the anti-tobacco Gen Y probably cannot live without smoking pot once a week.
      As for slutty names, I mean, what, her parents name her BJ Betty? In American, most people have ethnic names (Colleen O’Brien, Gabriella Santini, Wanda Poliskowski, Juanita Ramirez, Tasha Kraut).
      Date black women. If they are from the hood, that is probably a mistake. But black women seem to think white men are small-dicked, Beta, lanky, unappealing dorks.
      Woman from a broken home…For Gen X this is tough. My parents are divorced. Maybe things changed for Yuppies born in the 1960’s and most of you are kids born in the late 80s or early 90s.

      1. You would be amazed how many parents in the US give their daughters porn star style alliteration. “Misty May”. “Melissa Medlock”. etc. no foresight

        1. REALITY
          I’m from Detroit and female names were an ethnic joke. Polish-American girls were referred to as Wanda because this was so popular for some reason. Same with “Elles” because Italian-American girls were all named Danielle, Gabrielle. Must be a Yankee ethnic thing.

        2. They are just easing up their daughters future career path … Now they have to live up to the name …

    2. “never date a black woman” is easy. Most are butt-ugly and don’t dig on white guys anyway (at least USA sistas).
      The virgin, conservative, can live without social media girls are like finding a needle in a haystack though.

    3. Avoiding girls who listen to rap music is a biggie.
      Also, I would add avoiding girls who care about the plight of 3rd world countries.

  12. Good advice. Coming from a man who isn’t the breadwinner your message is very much compromised. If you want your kids to respect you and follow your lead you have to lead all the way. Particularly in the capacity of provider. Being kept by a woman is arguably the most unmanly thing a straight man can do.
    “The other day, I saw a young teenage girl with “Death Before Dishonor” written in old English, arching across her chest.”
    The irony. Tats are by definition dishonorable. Especially on women. In particular on that location (titty tat).

    1. According to your logic, people in a household respect the (main) breadwinner. Considering how many beta bucks get disrespected both by wife and kids, your comment isn’t very convincing.

      1. Until they are in High School, they will not know who earns “money”.
        Most important to NOT be the beta in the home…which would include allowing a disrespectful bitch spend your hard earned.
        that’s the trick!
        I was married to a very high net worth.
        And she is – and I am not.
        My life and home is much better without a ball-buster. And therefore the relationship with my kid.

      2. They aren’t disrespected because they are breadwinners. They are disrespected because they aren’t leading in other areas. Many men are passive in the home. That’s where the disrespect comes from. As a principal a man should never rely on a woman financially. That simply is a mark of weakness.
        ” We found that wives who believed they held higher status positions than their husbands were indeed more likely to experience feelings of resentfulness or embarrassment, feeling that their status was decreased by their husbands’ lower status position, which in turn had a negative impact on their marital satisfaction — and even increased the likelihood that they were thinking about divorce. ”

      3. Disrespected by the wife by design, disrespected by the kids by her example and in general just because they often live without concern for taking the breadwinner for granted.. Let the old man die without insurance, and the REAL wailing begins…

    2. Sounds like to me the author found a way for a white guy to leverage diversity initiatives in his favor. Who would you rather take advice from? A dude living in a studio flat, boffing Kyrgyzstanian women working in retail while eating turmeric straight from the pressure cooker.

      1. This is what is called a false dichotomy. A I said earlier the advise given is proper. Point is that his situation might take away from his message. People generally don’t take financial advise from a bum…by inference they wouldn’t take manly advise from a househusband as well.

      2. The message is lost to only men sold a false narrative that managing a cube farm for a second tier company is a career worth respecting.

    3. And also that the English write it as ‘dishonour’.
      I dated 2 girls who (after we broke up) got the exact same tattoo in the same place, upside down above the right titty ‘Always keep the’ and then a cross, only the cross was right way up.

  13. I wish that this web site had been around 35 years ago, when I was in my teens. It’s unbelievable what an incredible load of shit that men (specifically white men) have been forced to tolerate. This is a fantastic article that lays out a good plan for young men to follow, that does so without hyperbole or anger.

    1. The only thing my pops told me when it came to women was that there was lots of time for all that stuff after you’ve accomplished something.

  14. White feminist Liberal American women farts stinky! It must be the GMO sugar in their Starbucks latte, or the d6composed sp3rm that they s9ck off from Chad Thunderc0ck every afternoon.

  15. Women who dress immodestly in Ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods are labelled as whores worthy to be stoned or beaten up in public. No not in Brooklyn, here in Israel.

  16. I am a woman and I’d like to add the following.
    1) Avoid girls whose faces are caked with makeup. Not only do they wear it because they are insecure and want to appear perfect on the surface, they are also exposing themselves to toxins. These toxins and heavy metals enter their bodies through the skin. The same goes for fake nails and dyed hair. If you want to have a child with your partner, please consider this first point. Any poisons and toxins in her may end up in your baby’s body.
    2) Avoid girls who are constantly in a tightly-knit circle of “best friends.” These are girls who can’t think on their own and who depend on the collective to tell them what attitudes they should adopt and how they should act. If you date a girl like that, two things will happen. Your girlfriend will share every little detail of your intimate life with her best friends. They tell each other everything. If the “best friends” get jealous, they will poison your girlfriend’s mind against you. When you two break up, one of the other girls will put a move on you.
    3) Realize that if you have sex there could be a baby. It’s quite normal these days for girls to have sex on their first date. I think it’s a terrible idea. Sex should be the dessert at the end of supper, not the Ceasar salad you eat while waiting for the main course. If you look at your girlfriend as a potential mother of your child, you will quickly change your requirements and expectations. You want to be able to tell your kids one day that their mother is the most beautiful, kind and smart woman you have ever met.
    4) Look for girls with practical skills. If all they can do is type in abbreviated English on their smartphones, it’s not good enough. Girls may not have welding or roofing skills, but even things like knitting, sewing and cooking are valuable. The girls who have them are creative, usually on the frugal side, and they can save you a lot of money when you are married because you won’t have to buy everything. Such skills can even turn into a small, part-time business on the side. Girls who know how to make things have respect for manual labor, they have learned patience and are not wasteful.
    5) Avoid girls who talk all the time. It’s their way to release inner tension. They are likely experiencing constant anxiety, which women are prone to because they are usually high in trait neuroticism.
    6) Avoid girls who don’t read books, long newspaper or magazine articles or who have never written a long letter by hand. If they constantly chat on-line, they have short attention span, are shallow and empty-headed. I know most people don’t bother with letters any more, but it’s a useful exercise. There is no spell check when writing on paper …
    7) Find a girl with whom you can make long-term plans. Be up-front about wanting children, settling down etc. Watch how she acts when she’s around small children. Is she hostile or blind to them, or is she naturally caring and kind? Discuss abortions. If your girlfriend is ready to terminate the life of a defenseless, innocent baby in the making, there is something amiss. Women used to be mothers, givers of life, protectors of children. Look for those women who still are those things …

    1. Jeebuz, finding a girl who can cook is hard enough, let alone having any other domestic skills worth a damn. Feminism has poisoned the minds of girls to such an extent that cooking, cleaning and all othet domestic skills are “slavery”, which is why too many women live like slobs and spend a fortune eating out. Meanwhile we encourage young men to learn to cook well, so he’s dependent on no woman for one.

    2. @ hv … Yes, I am married. Undoubtedly, we women need to become wives and mothers in order to mature. Accepting responsibility for your life and other people’s lives is the only path to adulthood. We women become fulfilled when we live for others, when we care for others (not to a point of complete self-denial, of course). This is why family is so important. Why having a baby is so important. I know some women run from that, they want to be the children who never grow up. I laugh when the feminists I personally know dream about resurrecting the matriarchy. They don’t realize that only women who became mothers and grandmothers qualified for the position of a matriarch. A few of us are still normal and good. We will continue to hold the line.

    3. if they are without intact natural family they cannot vote or hold office.
      but, will take world war 3 for that to occur…

  17. You left out #11
    They’re not in it for the money
    or the sex
    or the memories
    or the gifts
    or the attention
    or the social pressure or…
    They are in it to pop your humanity hymen.

  18. #11 You Must Have a Healthy Belief in Your Own Importance.
    Ignore the men who put a beautiful woman on a pedestal because of her looks. If you step up to a girl and any part of you thinks she’s more important than you, you’re a goner. You must quietly believe in your own awesomeness – and be working on enough accomplishments to support that belief.

  19. I thought that the Silent Generation, was basically the guys who fought in Korea, like my uncle Frank.. ?

    1. Robert, Yes you are correct. The Silent Generation were born in mid 1920s to mid 1940s which put them in the Korean War. The GI Generation fought in WWII. My father, born in 1927, caught the tail end of WWII as a teenager then fought in the Korean War.

    1. Wow! We’ve got a real genius over here!
      I can easily see that you didn’t read this fucking article, considering you can’t even spell “Aidan” the way it was written. By the way, for future reference, grow the hell up go after something more interesting than a fucking name you pansy.

    2. Looks like I’m being trolled by Kathy Griffin who’s done with her Barron Trump beat down.

  20. #6 I have seen one instance in which the tattoos on the girl in question was probably appropriate, but she was still one you’d want to avoid.
    It was a photo of a girl who was having sex “doggie” style with one guy, and giving a blow job to another (at the same time). Her tramp stamp read “My name is Sally”. Upside down, up about her shoulder blades where it was easy for the guy she was blowing to read, was the same tattoo. Clearly she was in to being with guys so soon after she met them that they hadn’t learned her name yet, and she was tired of them not knowing it.
    #8 The laws definitely are against you. I know of one guy who, at the age of 35, went to prison for having sex with a woman 2 weeks before her 16th birthday, at which point she’d have been legal. Why did she have sex with him? She and her friends were having a contest to see who could have sex with the oldest man. But HE’s the predator.
    I know of another who went to prison for “allowing” a young woman to perform oral sex on him, in a state where it was illegal (I say “allowing” because he woke up to her doing it, and there’s no way I’d do anything in that situation that might make her bite). She was 12 at the time, but had claimed to be 17 (the legal age there). The DA didn’t prosecute him for statutory rape because, based on how the girl looked, he felt that a jury wouldn’t convict because it was reasonable for him to believe she was 17. She admitted to lying to him about her age, and that the sex was consensual (they’d also had vaginal sex). The only thing the DA thought he could get a conviction on was the oral sex, because they had BOTH admitted to it (not knowing it was illegal). Final thing: he was the 3rd man who’d gone to prison for having sex with her (remember – BEFORE her 13th birthday). If we want young women below a certain age to NOT have sex, why are THEY not punished when they do it? The law puts the man in prison, but leaves the woman free to do it with another man with no consequences to her at all. That makes about as much sense as putting car owners who’ve had their car stolen in prison (instead of the thief) in an effort to reduce car theft. OF course, many states have “romeo and juliet” exceptions to the statutory rape laws (such that sex with that 12 year old is legal if you’re 14 and under, or something similar). Then there’s that SHE has total say over whether she aborts any pregnancy you cause, and you’ll be on the hook financially for a LONG time if she has the kid.

    1. “I know of one guy who, at the age of 35, went to prison for having sex with a woman 2 weeks before her 16th birthday, at which point she’d have been legal. Why did she have sex with him? She and her friends were having a contest to see who could have sex with the oldest man. But HE’s the predator.”
      35 wouldn’t even count in Asia, he would need to be a 70 year old to even qualify as entry.

  21. I can’t get over the girl with half of 1st Corinthians tattooed above her ass crack. Does she even know what it means? How can she even read it? It’d have to be in a mirror, and I can barely read that hokey scrawl right-way-round. Maybe I’ll google the passage later and read it, just for a laugh. But honestly what is the dumb bitch trying to prove? That she’s a good Christian girl and a great catch? That she is “spiritual”? I’m pretty sure there aren’t many Christian priests, or even Jesus himself, who’d be impressed with that nonsense. Red flag indeed.

  22. I would feel sympathy for the son whose dad is this ignorant.
    Brainwashed American dads telling their sons to repeat their own stupidity.. except in an entirely different society… is what has always been wrong with America.
    eg; I stocked shelves for the Army warehouse in WWII so why don’t you sign up for multiple tours in Vietnam?
    FACT – Sex disease is MAJORITY ethnic minorities and the people who sleep with them.
    MGTOW and Game notions are DEAD.
    The global system has deprived men of sex, money, and life… ON PURPOSE
    It is NOT random nor can you “advise” your way out of it.
    It will end in WW3 and the death of millions of Whites.
    Congratulations for all those advised rules you followed and all those taxes you paid… you built & financed your own slave pen.

    1. “It will end in WW3 and the death of millions of Whites.”
      Yet another armchair warrior, and a liar to boot.

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