Modern Entertainment Has Transformed How Women Choose Men

We’ve all seen girls responding ecstatically to the aloof, mysterious man with his hand-reading routines, negging, and general masculine allure. We’ve also seen them having no qualms in hopping from man to man, and flaking mercilessly on nice guys simply out of boredom and an insatiable lust for excitement.

From where did this frenzied attitude come from exactly? As stated in the ROK community beliefs: the elimination of traditional sex roles and unlimited mating choice unleashes promiscuity and other negative behaviors. This certainly gives girls the liberty to recklessly ride the carousel, but the sheer extent of their fickleness, impulsiveness and selective hypergamy makes one wonder how this mindset flourished so extensively.

We have indeed seen this erratic behavior somewhere else: namely, in front of the rectangular screen. There are hoards of bored, unsatisfied girls out there, changing channels mindlessly, swiping left and right, and clicking link after link after link. If you’ve read this far, you’re already doing better than a lot of them out there.

It is so striking to see the similarities between modern girls’ attitudes to men and to 21st Century entertainment that it deserves to be looked at in greater detail. Let us look at some modern technological developments which have had a great effect on the modern girls’ psyche over the last twenty to thirty or so years.

Digital, Cable, And Satellite TV


The days of having only one or two channels are long over, at least for the First World. We no longer have to compromise our tastes in order to put up with one particular channel; we can change them, sometimes hundreds of times over until we are satisfied.

This process of “zapping” has become so entertaining in itself, that it has become more fun to hop around different TV networks than to watch a full program. Long documentaries and films are now reserved for the old and the tired; TV companies have had to adapt, incorporating short, cheap gags into their programming in order to hold the short attention spans of the people.

The girls who grew up flicking back between Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Boomerang use this exact same mindset when choosing men. Being offended at a girl flaking is like being angry at them for changing the channel on a TV; it’s a shame but it’s inevitable.


If it’s boring, there’s always Rugrats on the other channel.

Talent Contests

Over the last decade, we have seen the rise of the deeply vulgar, televised Talent Contest. Essentially, if the schmucks that enter these things do not satisfy the audience’s unquenchable need for excitement, they are humiliated and booed off the stage.

The contestants therefore have to cater to the debased needs of the viewers, becoming repulsive freaks or choreographing elaborate, yet highly inane dance-routines. Girls incorporate the Talent Contest mentality into their choices of men: anything which does not provide them with an instant thrill is disposable, useless and meaningless.


Further down the spiral, we encounter Youtube, currently celebrating its tenth anniversary. Youtube has a multitude of brilliant content: full-length documentaries, operas, and historical speeches. However, the most successful videos are those which continue the trend started by cable TV and Talent Contests: short, anodyne jokes without meaning.

The quantity of videos on the website has now made it fully possible to ditch anything which does not give you 100% instant gratification. The near-infinite choice on Youtube allows you to change videos many times a minute if they do not satisfy immediately. This was simply not possible until very recently.



Finally, we come to a piece of machinery, universally despised by the manosphere, and rightly so. Smartphones are the ultimatum of instant gratification. Any app, article, Tinder profile or arrangement of pixels can be cast away in an instant if it fails to provide the instant boost of serotonin in the brain.

Entertainment has been a catalyst in the modern flaking epidemic, starting with Cable TV and culminating in Tinder and the smartphone. We no longer have to work for our gratification; listening to an old man tell stories or playing a long board game is now considered tedious by most. It is therefore foolish to act like the wise man or the chessboard on a date or in the club, (as we have observed recently) for the smartphone app or the thirty-second Youtube clip will get more attention.

In Closing

In our post-Lady Chatterley society, sex is treated as entertainment and not a means to monogamous commitment. We can therefore draw parallels between the sexual market and modern entertainment, since they now function in the same way and have the same purpose, satisfying the same urges.

The common denominator of modern entertainment forms is the removal of persistence and compromise. Girls have adapted to being able to swipe away anything that doesn’t give them spontaneous gratification. If you are shy, polite and quiet, you will get zapped.

It has also removed empathy from the choice: just as an out of tune singer is booed off the stage on America’s Got Talent, you will be shown no more sympathy if you don’t give them the tingles straight away. Girls have grown up not needing to compromise at all, so they will not do so with you.


God, he’s talking about Tauldstoy again!

They don’t have to invest any time into hearing about your views on Russian Literature or the Economic crisis. As girls have adapted to zapping around their forms of entertainment, why on earth would they take a different attitude towards dating and bonding?

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193 thoughts on “Modern Entertainment Has Transformed How Women Choose Men”

        1. Oh. Well according to some unemployed lady with a brillo-pad pussy, God’s a female. Check out her tinder; I’d rate her an L.A 7

        2. It does because disobeying a female gets you laid. If God is a woman, heaven consists of infamous historical bad-boys like Hitler, Ivan the Terrible and Billy Mays perpetually finger-blasting her enormous, unshaven and radiant cunt. Hell is just Super Smash Bros Melee but there’s only one controller.
          (A shithole)

        3. that is illogical because if god was female, the bad boys in heaven would already have submitted to her, thus losing their alphadom automatically.
          i smiled, though.

  1. It’s women’s nature to want better but at some point it becomes too much of a problem for society and people around her, but at the end of the day it couldn’t give a rats ass about women who make bad choices.
    I’ll just worry about myself and my interests.

    1. But if you ALWAYS “want better”, don’t you end up having nothing at all because you spent all your time chasing better better better instead of having something?

      1. What the dumb bitches don’t realize or the inability to see ahead in the future is that time is not on their side. Her youth can fetch better, but it’s on borrowed time. They think this party will never end. And they would spend a fortune to push that wall further and further back.

        1. “. And they would spend a fortune to push that wall further and further back”
          Exactly, and they simply end up looking like aging transvestites.

        2. And so the creation of the old,single and bitter class has begun. They are so desperate that a legislative carrot dangled in front of the might just get some lefty politician some votes.

        3. Indeed. I’m 28 (time went so fast, yesterday I was like 24) I see those women of my age on Tinder. A lot of them look already old. No photofilter can disguise that. They have a plan, it goes like this.
          16-18 Beautiful girl finishing her highschool.
          18-24 Study, cockcarrousel, “traveling” (2 weeks in Africa building a school for poor little black kids) don’t forget to take selfies holding them, looks so anti-racist! Gutmensch! All for the likes on FB.
          24-27 Working, buying/renting a condo. dog or 2 cats. visiting festivals, more cockcarrousel, finding a guy to split the bills with. Cohabitation.
          27-30 Wrinkles start to develop. Fast! Marry, put ‘m down now > tick tock> First child. Hair shorter every year from now of. Getting fatter every year from 30.
          31-40 Misses her “free life”, breakups, divorces. Cougar stuff, getting fucked by a biker, poverty, single mother life etc. Or: becomes a mother and wants more and more children. Starts to despise hardworking partner, disrespect grows, loyalty drops.

        4. True. One thing you have to remember is that most women lie about their age. If you’re looking at women your age on Tinder, they’re most likely in reality 5 to 8 years older. That’s why they appear so much older than their stated age…because they are.

        5. I’ve seen that on profile sites more than once. Women age 24 that use photo’s 4,5 years old from the time they were much cuter. Or they gained weight and try to disguise that. They may also become professionals into faking attractivnes by perfecting makeup skills and the so called “myspace angles photography”.
          The moment a woman uses makeup not to look more attractive, but to look younger. That’s the turningpoint in a woman’s life.

      2. Haven’t you seen what mid 30s women settle for? Absolute manginas and if they are lucky some beta bucks.

      3. problem with women is that they won’t end up having nothing. Even the most miserable bitch would not be alone, since there are always betas, captain save a hoe who will support them. I don’t ever know a woman who is alone, avoided by men, or who can be ok with aloneness.

  2. Lead or be left behind! Plain and simple! If you can’t take the heat join the virgins and go your own way! Forget about getting married! Take them out of the equation. Let their eggs rot! Then they can smoke their Newport’s with their wrinked skin and loose vagina’s.
    You want family, establish yourself, have a child through artificial insemination or adopt. Use birth control for pleasure and discard the ladies before they get bored. Be unreachable and unstoppable. They started the war and we’ll finish it! It sad that it has gotten to this point but they have nobody to blame but themselves!

    1. Point is: there are still good women out there. And I’d rather have hope than to be a bitter old man. I agree with a lot of things on MGTOW, but after your 40, do you still think casual sex is something great? Sure, screw those shallow bitches. But try to value a gem for what it’s worth.
      Also, don’t tell me that you as a MGTOW don’t need/want sex. Every healthy man wants to get his dick wet.

  3. I used to think the Amish were insane to not even allow a telephone in the house; like, what could the harm be in that?
    Those bearded bastards are smarter than I used to give them credit for…

      1. I went to amish country as a child. They freaked out if you tried to snap a photo of them. Isnt that similar to how the native americans felt about it? It stole a piece of your soul?
        Couldnt you make the same case about social media? The more pics you post, the more your soul disappears ???
        I need to grow a beard and start referring to non locals as “the English”…

        1. It’s not about progress or entertainment, it’s about being an alpha male who knows how to do a good conversation, have money and most of all CONFIDENCE in yourself.
          If you don’t have those things you have nothing at all!

        2. Alpha for me it means your a confident male and when you have the things i mentioned you get girls, otherwise pay for escorts or masturbate alone.

        3. With internetdating it’s all about timing. You must have some particular looks, be there at the right time and say the right thing (her hormones you know) It’s an unfair match because you as a man are always dangling from a thread. Like a little spider trying to hold itself. It IS about entertainment for the largest part. If you don’t stand out you’re done. Maybe, when you would have approached her on the street your chances would be sky high. Women online have very short attention spans. There is also a lot of competition. Competition that on the street is almost absent! How many men have the gut to approach an unknown woman, 5% ?
          So use this to your advantage. Know when to approach. The are so many books written about this, hundreds and hundreds.

        4. If you find a woman that is willing to see you grow, help you to establish yourself. That is what fills my heart. With money you attract a certain kind of women. Women who want an easy life and just want to jump on to the bandwagon. (move in a.s.a.p, you paying) As a 20/30 year old guy projecting ambition is almost just as good as having the money. Women are looking for self confidence.
          Now of course we live in a culture of instant gratification. But there still are realistic people out there who understand that being 30 you can’t own it all on that age. In the end it’s about the person itself, not about his car or mansion. Really.
          But if you’re looking for easy lays. Yeah, you should portrait that you’re rich. But you’ll get shallow women for sure.

        5. “But if you’re looking for easy lays. Yeah, you should portrait that you’re rich. But you’ll get shallow women for sure.”
          But at least the chicks you get will be hot. Game only gets you females in beauty range 7 or below. Having $$$ or having something material that she wants (hint: it’s not your cock or you she wants) like drugs will always trump game.

        6. If each person has his own definition of each word, conversation is just impossible. In zoology, alpha male are the strongest males pursued by females.
          However, modern society has broken the animal course of human nature. Today, when you live in a developed country, you’d better pay for hookers and vacation in SEA or EE for a temporary pseudo-romance. Pursuing modern women is just a waste of time.

        7. What she wants is a man who can hold good conversation so she don’t get bored until you fuck her, confidence and money.
          I can say that money alone aren’t enough since i make good money + i’m young (22) but it’s very hard for me to start a conversation since i’m shy to talk with girls & have no confidence so i think i can do nothing about it unless a miracle happens and i start talk to them.

        8. If you are in need for extra money averaging $50-$300 daily for freelancing from comfort of your home for several h daily then check this out…

        9. Or fucking all the prostitutes you can without condom and making them pregnant. Of course no abortion.

  4. It’s funny all the hysteria about TV being unhealthy because it creates impossible standards for women. I’ve heard this argument my entire life since I was a kid. But things kept trucking along just fine. Turned out men didn’t reject all women because they had fantasies about drilling the two babes from Starship Troopers.
    What has actually happened is that the women have rejected the men! Whodathunkit? To the point where men are becoming MGTOWs and herbivores across the world. Turned out it was women who couldn’t distinguish between fantasy and reality. Or did they just all marry Obama?

    1. Izzy(Dizzy?) had a lethal smile….denise richards wasnt shabby either 🙂

    2. I observed this before I knew what Red Pill was. Women I meet would base what they look for in a man or how they should act on what happens on a TV show.

        1. It seems odd how the proliferation of violent action viewing pieces coincides with a crackdown in real life against any type of defensive or vigilante behavior. The most peaceful cows are the ones who have the whole collection of action flicks. Seeing something on screen seems to neutralize the ability to accomplish it in real life. Notice how women turn into obese sluts while watching the fittest and finest women on screen? And how the biggest wankers have seen the most porn?

    3. yeah who knew.. women turned out to be far more impressionable, unrealistic and shallower and more superficial than men.
      What a shock.
      I just read this “dating diaries” episode in our wonderful local liberal, feminist rag, i.e., the Toronto Star, today.. and all I could think about was how everything in it validates the manosphere’s understanding of women, about what they really want (an alpha “bad boy” who gives her “tingles” and who has lots of sexual experience which tells a woman she’ll get to enjoy lots of good, hot sex with him) as opposed to what they claim they want, i.e., a “sweet kind man,” how incredibly shallow and superficial women can be (note how she judges him and sizes him up very quickly based on the car he drives and his clothes), and how the current sexual market heavily favours women and leaves many of the normal, average-looking men out in the cold and without the same amount of dating and sexual experience that a correspondingly normal, average woman seems to accrue riding the cock-carsousel, which leaves most normal, average looking men at a big disadvantage later in life when the carousel rider is finally ready to settle down and wants someone to put a ring around it… but can’t find a good enough man with enough sexual and dating experience because she and her fellow women spend most of their hottest and desirable years rejecting these very men and spreading their legs for the alpha bad boys:

      1. lol at the end this chick rates her date as 7/10 when she had absolutely no interest in this guy. It’s obvious this guy has zero game, but she still wants to keep him around as a “friend”.. err… emergency wallet.
        “Ken was kind — of course — and paid the bill. I walked him to his car and gave him a hug. I would want to see him again because he is sweet and kind, and that’s what I’m looking for, but I only see him as a friend.”
        Toronto women like this one (who said in the article she is 32) are in for a rude surprise. The kind of guy they want can in principle never exist in a PC culture like this one.
        Either get your bad-boy with a beard that you found in a trash-bin on Queen Street, or go for the wealthy dude with no experience with women because of dumb broads like you. Guys in the middle… intelligent dudes with some bite to them go through the grinder (socially and then in the workplace) and end up saying fuck it to Toronto women.

        1. Still picky at 32…I know a lot of em…close to getting hitched, sure…but their best days are behind them…

        2. yeah I was surprised she rated him that high. I suspect that was not her honest appraisal of the date.. How could it be.. given how she described the man as being “nerdy” and how she completely lost interest when he told her he was a virgin. I think she probably rated the date that high only to make it sound she really isn’t that shallow and to convince herself, and anyone reading the article, that she really does want a “sweet kind man”… and is really over her “bad boy” phase.
          This guy obviously has zero game.. I mean how so you show up to a date dressed in shorts and a Raptors t shirt??! The guy has zero experience with women because he has been completely shut out of the dating and sexual market. I think you’re right.. the current feminist and politically correct climate has a polarizing effect: either you have completely inept and nerdy men like this guy.. with zero or very limited experience and understanding of women.. or you have the alphas and bad boys who are banging 80% of the women and have no incentive to settle down with any one woman… or at least, not until they’re ready. The guys in the middle who don’t buy the feminist and politically correct bullshit end up becoming very cynical and getting chewed up the society.. after all, if you have any kind of backbone and intelligence, how can you survive in the workplace when you have to suffer through and witness female hypocrisy and feminist bullshit that Canada, and Toronto in particular, is saturated with?

        3. Forget 32.. The women these days are so arrogant, delusional and surrounded by so many thirsty betas that even at 38, 39 and 40.. these women are still incredibly picky, have overinflated egos and have highly unrealistic standards. Take a look at some of the profiles of “strong,” “independent,” “sassy” career women of that age at online dating sites some time… they still think they’re going to get married and have children at that age.. and will be swept off their feet by some dashing, super handsome, successful George Clooney-type any time soon.
          Bitch, at 38, you don’t get to be picky. That ship has long sailed, girlfriend. I suggest you invest in cats. If you think you’re going to get married and have children any time soon with your unrealistic standards and high expectations, then I’m a Nigerian prince and will send you a million dollars as soon as you send me 500 dollars first.

        4. I was at a conference this week and one of the speakers made a joke about Dr. Tim Hunt, the Nobel laureate who claimed that women in the lab create drama and got punished for it. The speaker basically said “I have women in my lab and there are no problems at all, what an idiot Tim Hunt is.” Obviously the whole room giggled and laughed like the tools they are.
          What was running through my head in the audience?
          “You have only one grad student in your lab and she looks like a fucking alien. She’s an anorexically skinny Asian chick who has probably never seen a penis in her life. Why don’t you ask one of the anglo bitches from X’s lab if they’ve got a thing for their prof? Or maybe that other lab where literally all the men left and now it’s a platoon of chicks who have the prof wrapped around their finger? Why don’t you ask those girls who throw themselves at TAs what they think?”
          I guess I’m one of those cynical guys who just can’t stand the blatant hypocrisy and idiocy anymore.

        5. I know the feeling. It’s really like because you have taken the redpill you can see the matrix for what it is. An orgy of delusions

        6. I think there’s more sense to be talked into a Nigerian prince than there is into a post-wall princess.

        7. Generally Western women want guys who excite them, entertain them and give them tingles, basically being a good clown as Roosh says. Women don’t give a fuck if you’re a nice guy, if you’re hardworking or if you’re intelligent, It’s all about the tingles. There’s exceptions but they are just that, exceptions. Some women in their late 40s and even into their 50s still go for tingles over any other factor.

        8. A common line I use to try to fly over a delusional bitch’s head is (instead of living the dream), I say;”I see you’re living the look.” Almost none of them get it. That’s actually been a new way I challenge myself. When I’m sure I’ve snared a girl, either after first sex or leading up to the inevitable, I’ll slyly sift in a line that duly rips them for what I know they really are, and comes off as some small talk bullshit simultaneously. Nothing like a red-pill internal chuckle while in action.

        9. It’s even worse than that, they will even despise you to the point of actually hating you. Back in the days when I was still in high school and a blue piller, I remember hearing conversations of teenage girls about beta guys and how boring and nice they are. They were saying that they would never marry one because life would be too boring and linear. Well if they have that mindset from high school, you can imagine how it evolves with the years.
          When you think in terms of women you have to think in terms of emotions, there is barely any rationalization that applies. Look at what they do instead of what they say, actually even better than that, don’t believe a SINGLE word that comes out of a woman’s mouth. They say something and they mean completely something different but they are so convinced of what they say (even though it’s bullshit lies) that you eventually believe everything. You will see that once she realizes that you know this, the same scheme will come up over and over again when she can’t convince you anymore: TEARS. Yup, she is going to cry and when she does this, it means that it’s her last resort. Most of the time you’ll see that a degree of “violence” and “anger” are combined with the tears, that’s when the true nature of a woman comes out to the surface. We often make the analogy that women are like kids, you would be surprised how true that theory is.
          Also, they want an exciting guy but in return what do they have to offer? Absolutely nothing to offer other than a loose beat up pussy and a retarted kid attitude. Women are like slot machines, you only lose your money and your time.

        10. Yea I’ve heard women make fun if beta nice guys too, yet these are same women who claim they can’t meet a decent guy. Thing is women think emotionally which is why their actions don’t match their words, what felt right at the time is what’s the truth to them.

        11. Presumably a woman in her late forties early fifties no longer needs a provider for potential offspring and no longer cares what great genetic qualities a man may contribute to those offspring because she is last her fertility. Ergo…..what else would she seek in a man but recreational excitement aka “tingles” ?

        12. You would think by that age they would have been tired of getting getting pumped and dumped and realize that there’s more to finding someone who actually wants to be with you than tingles. But I shouldn’t judge them, if they’re happy with that situation than that’s good for them, I just hate women complaining about their single status when they are essentually putting themselves in that situation by their choices.

        13. She contradicts herself and confirms everything we have learned here. “He’s kind and thats what I’m looking for, but I see him as a friend.” How can it be both? Either he is what you’re looking for or he isn’t. If she sees him as a friend, he’s not what she’s looking for.
          These women want it all and it just shows how spoiled and immature they are. They want a nice, kind guy with an edge to him. A CEO of a corporation with a full arm sleeve tattoo and rides a motorcycle. Its like men looking for a shy, quiet girl that fucks like a pornstar and cooks like Martha Stewart. Men are just much more realistic about women. They are unhappy because their expectations are unbelievably high. Even 6’s and 7’s are expecting a Greek god to sweep them off their feet.

        14. Getting pumped and dumped confirms a man’s alpha in their eyes. They admire men that toss them aside, which is why the guy who puts a ring on their finger is a punching bag. Men that don’t want to be kept are valuable in hypergamyland. She wants him to want to leave, but stay because she won him over. A woman in her late 40s probably dreams of being pumped and dumped because it means that she can attract high quality men.

        15. I agree about the Toronto Red Star being a forum for femino-socialist word drool, but let’s not be hypocritical here about Sophia. Why should she abandon her instincts and lower her own standards any more than we men are expected to? This Ken guy needs serious help. Telling her (and other woman) that he’s a virgin? What planet is he living on where he thinks that such a “confession” would endear him to today’s modern woman? Someone track him down and force-feed him a Clockwork Orange-like dose of RoK. For his own good.

        16. Apart from tv and their impossible standards, I seriously think that
          women just a have poor judgment.. even spotting an alpha male (with
          good conversation, money, body, intellect) will be harder for them because of their delusional expectations.

        17. I agree that Ken guy needs a serious dose of red pill to find out more of women’s nature. If women want to pick a guy based on tingles that’s their choice but they shouldn’t then complain about the quality of their relationships or spread myths about wanting intelligent friendly guys.

        18. Yeah, that’s a fair point. But this guy Ken is living in the feminist hellhole known as Toronto and Canada.. and all his life he’s heard stuff about how women want a man who respects women, who is kind and sweet.. and he probably thinks women are wonderful angels and saints who will be understanding of his situation instead of being repulsed by his lack of sexual experience and his needy beta-ness.
          He definitely needs some exposure to Red Pill truths about women.. but it’s going to be difficult for him to access any such truths in the stifling, politically correct media and culture.

        19. When I think of Queen Street, I think of Cardiff where you can play a game called “collect the slag tags” …
          I don’t get these chicks who think that an angel would have anything to do with the top of their sweaty backside.

        20. “They want a nice, kind guy with an edge to him. A CEO of a corporation with a full arm sleeve tattoo and rides a motorcycle”
          I may frame this

        21. And who has 6 pack abs, a trust fund, a full head of hair, a 8″ dick… Come on guys, the list goes on and on.
          Most men want a girl who’s thin, nice to them, and fucks THEM and only them like a pornstar. Something that every woman in the fucking free world is capable of. It’s just too much work.
          The number of men who are capable (by definition) of being really wealthy? Around 1%. Who can be that wealthy by age 35, with a nice six pack, plenty of alpha, 6’0″ or taller, good looks who wants to settle down and start a family? Maybe .001% of the population.
          And there, folks, is the problem. Men just want a thin girl who’s nice to them and can suck start a leaf blower (always makes me laugh to say that). Nearly 100% of the female population can be the “perfect” for most men. Women want something that’s fucking unattainable for 99%+ of men. And I won’t even get into the discussion about female body expectations for men; suffice to say, you’re not going to meet them without hefty doses of illegal drugs and 10+ hours a week in the gym. To meet the “male ideal” body image, women just have to stop fucking stuffing their faces. And yet it’s men who have “unrealistic expectations”?

        22. You poor souls in Canada. I only have one solution for you. Get the fuck out. Ugly/horrible women. Horrible weather. Absolutely fucking ridiculous home prices.. Except for Banff/Jasper, you couldn’t pay me to live in that country, let alone get me to pay 1000/sq ft for a shitbox in Toronto.
          Just leave. Come to FL. Or TX. Or even CA. It really is “that much better”.

        23. hell no, you can’t be serious man USA is turning into a leftist shithole extremely fast.
          i do agree about your canada points to a certain extent though

        24. I’d go further.
          Most men I know, even ones I’d put in the top 33% percentile, just want an AVERAGE looking woman who will be loyal, good company and won’t bust their balls.
          The modern western woman however wants the things you mention:
          – Well paid job that doesn’t burn too much time
          – Wealthy family to fall back on
          – Boderline model looks
          – Athlete’s physique
          – Full spectrum DIY skills
          – Ability to be a Mother as well as a Father to kids
          – Edgy , yet also …
          – …completely submissive to Wife’s will

        25. …. putting aside the fact that what Hunt actually said was intended to be self-deprecating humor prior to going into his actual statement– which after the joke referring to himself as a sexist dinosaur went but seriously, we need women in science, those that are in STEM are making important contributions every day etc. etc. etc.
          It was a fabricated controversy taking a joke completely out of context…

        26. I wont rag against women’s contributions in science. I’ve known women that were very competent at their jobs.
          But what I will say is that the academy is so far leftist that the only guys who can tolerate it are basically skinny-fat dudes with no testosterone. At least where I studied.
          Politically correct to the max, despite it being a place for “truth.” Perhaps my experience was the exception, but the women in the lab I worked in DID cry until they got their way. I knew a girl who got 3 months off vacation time for sleeping with a married grad student and forcing him to resign. Supposedly she was the victim there.
          It is so absurdly PC that women in academia can get away with anything without any consequences. Is this going to make any kind of difference on a macro-level? Not sure about that.
          My argument is that the Tim Hunt situation is indicative of the unspoken problems of women in science. It’s became a PC leftist hell.

      2. What women really want is having sex with the bad boys and not be judged as being a slut. She really don’t want a sweet, nice guy. That’s just a facade so people don’t judge her for being a social retard and “what’s wrong with her she’s still single and not married to a good man?” Deep down inside she wants the party to continue like it was in high school. She doesn’t really want to be married.
        She may want a child, but not to have to have a husband, but society will shame her for doing it. Feminists want to change that by now saying how brave single moms are, etc.

        1. As the saying goes, women mature like maples and men like oaks.. much slower growing but to much greater heights. It aligns with their sexual behavior as well. All we have are high school level mature women in the US. That’s the best you’ll find. No matter what woman I meet, no matter how “accomplished,” when I keep peeling back layers, I find the same high school twit at the end of my prying. So I quit prying. Now I get laid regularly with my own carousel of sluts in disguise.

        2. Your analogy reminds me of that Rush song “The Trees”.
          As the maples scream oppression and oaks just shake their heads.

        3. Thank you, GRock!
          You know, I’ve listened to that song a million+ times and never applied it’s meaning to any social topic until now. I had to read the lyrics over again and then I got this OMG moment how it applies so well to this whole feminism movement. The metaphor they used was brilliant.

        4. There are good women in the US who aren’t of high school intelligence, who are smart, lady like and morally sound (and I don’t mean religious)… but they’re usually already taken, and for good reason. Those women generally exist in small niches, upper class circles, academia, etc. There’s a reason you can usually find an ocean of single American sluts with the IQ and moral standing of a fucking chimp… they’re single for a reason. It’s best to stay away from these walking disasters. The problem is American men reduce themselves to their sexual urges and ignore common sense, making them ripe for emotional manipulation by Average Janes looking for an accidental “knock up” in order to trap you in a loveless, emotionally destructive marriage or relationship that is purely based around her desire for a child/meal ticket. It’s horribly dangerous to involve yourself with these lower class women on any level. The best thing you can do is aim high career wise and you will eventually stumble into one of these rare women I spoke of earlier, and be a much happier male. Patience is a virtue.

        5. Amen on the high aim career wise, that really is one of the few door openers because it satisfies base-level security requirements (eh hmm, entitlements) better catches desire. However, I’ll never be so stupid to think that even the “good women” didn’t have a brief stint or two bed hopping by the time you’re life is more aligned to suit mutual needs.

      3. The feminists actually want women to become experienced at an early age on how to ride a cock and then get rid of the guy. Losing virginity early and not bonding or marrying but getting more experience controlling men (plural) so that they never fall under the thumb of a patriarch and are NEVER controlled in any way by any male whatsoever is part of the feminist’s master plan.
        I knew an actual ‘smash the patriarchy’ spouting bitch who had a high notch count but was never with any guy for long. She had many many short relationships. Not the man hater type but the controller type. She feared being controlled by any man like death, but got smashed by many alphas and then two seconds before menopause, she settles with a beta cow that’s miserable with her. The guy used to be my friend but no more. I find though that I’m instantly friends with any guy that controlls his bitch. Comradery is alive but beta-whip equals death for men.

      4. I’ll see your Toronto Slut and raise you the Seattle Post-Wall …
        There’s a chick named Kate Bergstrom in Seattle who was trying to wow her readers with tale after tale about guys who wouldn’t meat (pun intended) her 4318-item checklist for the ideal long-term relationship guy — as far as I know, she’s still going at it.
        You’ve heard of “200 Motels” by Frank Zappa, now check out 100 dates by Kate Bergstrom, the Special Snowflake of the Pacific Northwest:
        But hey, she can still fake it with a picture from back in April 2009:
        She used to write this merde for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which is what people used to call a newspaper except that now they squirt their words across the Interweb with the help of cloud hosting …

      5. Wait, so you’re ragging on women who want a “bad boy” who will give them the “tingles,” but this entire site is dedicated to how men can have no-strings-attached sex with “hot” women – and this somehow translates to men being more mature and shallow than women??

  5. Anyone notice this syndrome? Your at a rocking house party and everything is going great, people are talking, flirting, dancing. Then the music stops, “hey, someone put on another song”.
    “Okay but first I just want to show you this hilarious video of an animal doing something that only humans should do, it will only take a second”.
    “Hahaha!!! Oh my god that’s so funny, have you seen the other one that’s exactly the same only a little bit different?
    “Put it on, put it on!”
    And before you know it everyone is in the kitchen huddled around the laptop watching an endless spiral of 10 second videos about nothing. The party has died in a matter of minutes, but everyone there couldn’t be happier. Tomorrow they will get on Facebook and post all of the videos that received the most laughter the night before. Savvy people will get on their phone that night to post said video, beating the others to it. And you will be called a party pooper because you are sitting in the living room drinking your beer and having a smoke, wondering what the fuck just happened. Yup, the Internet has ruined EVERYTHING.

      1. That’s a good plan except that most people don’t even own a CD player anymore. No internet = no music.

        1. What about good old FM radio or does that belong in the Smithsonian museum?
          Edit: “Nothing but blues and Elvis, and somebody else’s favorite song.”

        2. If Indiana Jones was alive(and real) he would be screaming “IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!!!”

        3. I’m all for it, but again it comes back to people not being able to handle just going with whatever music comes on, they are so used to complete control over what they listen to at any given moment. It’s just like porn, people can’t just pick up a hustler and jerk a quick one anymore, they have an idea in their head of what they want to see before the even begin, and can find whatever that is very easily.

    1. Seriously somebody needs to sell a pocket sized device that jams smart phones within close range. Its the height of rudeness for women to show up at parties and bars and spend their time staring at their screens. Its like saying all the males are too boring to talk to, I’m just here for the free drinks. Invite some bitch over to your house to watch a movie and she spends her time messaging on her phone. Take her to the beach, and she spends the time in the car driving there diddling on her phone.

      1. Which is why men should stop buying drinks for women he just met. If she expects you to buy her one, next her. If she doesn’t and still hangs with you, she likes you.

      2. that’s actually a pretty cool idea. some might consider it immoral, but still classy.
        just don’t tell anybody if you don’t want to get beat up.

      3. They’ll find another bar or venue, pal. Crack is like a mobile phone, ooops the other way around.

      4. You know that jamming a cellphone can get you serious jailtime and skyhigh fines? If you don’t like they way women use cellphones just implement it in your dating-terms. Whenever you go on a date and see her cellphone, tell her that you don’t like that. You can’t do more about this issue.

        1. Jammers are sold on the net, but they aren’t small and portable If you were having a party on your own private property its probably legal to jam. Restaurants can ban smoking because its offensive to other people, they could ban phone use for the same reasons. But who would even know you’re doing it if you walked outside your home with a jammer in your pocket? Other people would think they’re in a weak coverage spot.

        2. They aren’t small? The can be as small as those walkie-talkie things. Fit’s straight into your jacket if it’s not to tight. Well. I still think it’s stupid trying to change other people. Why would you spend money on a device like that. If a woman is glued to her cellphone you know what she’s like: useless. next!

        3. It would need to be the size of cigarette lighter or smart watch to sell. I think women over-using smart phones negatively impacts game, women go to bars and clubs and spend half their time messaging. I see that a lot.

        4. No doubt you see that a lot. I notice it everywhere I go. All people are cellphone addicts nowadays, but because It’s a hypergamy-tool you see it most with women.
          It’s also a filler for peoples anxiety when being alone. Watch at the busstop. You”ll notice it every damn time. Nonody can just wait anymore, there is always something to look at, to swipe, to het validation from.

    2. It’s a sad day when that occurs, when people can’t even make it through one song without losing interest. But I agree, it’s here, and I’ve seen similar at bars. I’ve seen dancing groups, 3-7 people slowly get baited over to one bitch’s smart phone even though the DJ or band is bangin. Not for drinks, just to avoid missing out on the phone action. Like OMG! What could I miss?

    3. And what about meeting girls online? (girls that live 10 miles away and you’d never meet otherwise?) It’s possible. Internet also brought good things to our lives. Maybe it’s just a phase people have to go trough. Facebook isn’t as popular as it used to be 4,5 years ago. Twitter is also over it’s peak. Things come and go. Same goes for videos on a laptop. I hope..

  6. We live in the best and the worst of times!
    Feminism has encouraged women to reveal their true nature and thus allow men to do something about it. Fifty years ago your dads no choice but to slave away in sexless marriages. The internet is a giant distraction but also great for exchanging valuable ideas. Smartphones are addictive to women but also they are invaluable tool in gaming them.
    I guess, the point is alway look on the bright side of things. Something is lost, something is gained.

    1. Instead of playing Atlas and carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders why not simply enjoy the decline like Aaron Clarey said.

        1. You see, it’s working. That’s how you get people to think about the welfare system. I think Clarey said that too in one of his videos. Just unashamedly and proudly tell it to peoples’ faces that you’re mooching off of them.

  7. The problems that such girls have is this: The Wall.
    The Wall does not bargain.
    The Wall does not compromise.
    The Wall is inevitable.
    Gather ye rosebuds while ye may….

    1. Which is why you need to make your interactions fast. Don’t bother asking her name. When you approach, lightly touch her elbow and say “Wanna fuck?” Then ask her what her name is. LOL!

    2. True dat. And then they get clingy when they reach 30 and start hearing the biological countdown to catlady ticking inside them. Beware if you are a man of status and she sees you as her last golden ticket away from spinsterhood. Begging, stalking and fake suicide attempts are a damn nuisance, I’ve seen it with a good friend of mine. If you’re around 30, you should adopt a strict no bitches over 27 policy.

      1. You are too generous: If you are around 30, the age limit for girls should be in the 23-25 range.

      2. Some guy on another forum summed it up nicely.
        “We will wait for you bitches on the other side of the wall with a sledge hammer.”

        1. Egad. The one hard and fast, stone cold rule to pulling girls when you’re um, experienced, is to not act like something that you’re not, e.g. fake, saggy-pants rapping (non) baller. You wind up looking like a bigger douche than the douchier bros. Girls have to feel like they’re looking into a world that they’ve only heard about….and your game has to be tighter than a nun’s cunt.
          I assume Samuels cut this record as a vanity project and he’s otherwise normal in his life, such as it may be.

        2. Yeah he seems like a decent dude. I linked it more because the chorus seemed appropriate. Anyway I’ll keep that in mind, I’m 30 now and I wanna be like you when i grow up hehe.

        3. Well, you’re on the right track, b/c the dewd in your avatar is the champ at “amused mastery”.

        4. Right on! I’m 50 and my oldest plate is 25. Some days I look at her face and think she’s getting long in the tooth.

      1. the level of desperation in men is so extreme even saggy titted, vericose vained, liver spotted, STD contaminated fat grandmas can still get a high status man

        Define “high status”…
        The ironic thing is this, the kind of man that would settle for a woman that’s post-wall, with all her baggage and bullshit in tow, regardless of his standing in life, isn’t the kind of man that she wants nor would be happy with anyway.
        Bitches know their true value no matter how many times her BFF’s say how awesome she is and that any man would be lucky to have her, and would question any man of perceived higher value who wants to be with her.
        Hypergamy 101.

      2. I am going to have to respectfully disagree with the Grandmaster on this one. I think that Roosh was feeling a bit morose the day he wrote that, and was indulging in a bit of a “justice” fantasy. While it may be appealing to dream that “good” will be rewarded and “evil” punished and that all the bitchy cunts who were ever, well, cunty to us will live a life of abnegation in sackcloth and ashes it is really meaningless.
        I disagree that every hag can pull a high status man based on the value of her pussy. There are only so many high status men to go around. To wit, while I look like I break legs for a living, I am blond over blue and top 5% in height. My income is, well, let’s just say it’s single digit percentile on the “good” end. I live in a house with a wine cellar and I drive whatever car I want to drive. My point here is not “Hey, I’m wonderful”, my point is this:
        Do you think you are every going to see me with some tatted-up hippo with a bunch of shrapnel in her face? It’s not going to happen, ever.* Certainly not while I can enjoy the energy and passion of young women, with smooth and tender flesh. Why should I? Why should any man?
        When you see such a thing happening to some poor bastard, it’s self-inflicted, i.e., the guy has lost (or never had) his confidence and so decided to cash in his chips with the first slag who will have him.
        Every one of us who peruse his website should be thanking God that we were born male, and thus given the opportunity to be MEN–to dare great things, to achieve great things, to create, to invent, to think, to reason, to sing, to shout in joy and passion, to love and be loved and to enjoy the Juice of Life with our friends.
        It’s yours for the taking, lads, but you have to choose to.
        *And if it ever does, and you see me, please shoot me in the head and put me out of my misery.

  8. Women have always kept an eye out for ‘better’. It’s just that, until the last century, most women were limited by lines of transport and communication. But now, they don’t have to settle for a local boy with decent looks and a stable job.
    They spend their childhood listening to rap and dance music by famous musicians who drive Italian sports cars and sleep with several groupies a week. On television, they watch ‘reality shows’ about the ultra-rich. If they read at all, it’s not ‘Tauldstoy’, it’s Fifty Shades or any number of poorly-written novels about rich, muscular men falling for plain girls. That’s the thing about media aimed at women: it carries the undertone of ‘you could have this’, because telling women sweet little lies improves your sales.
    Unfortunately, women are more impressionable than men, and they’ll really start thinking that they’ll turn into Kim Kardashian by giving head to some sleazy new rapper or that they’ll get their boss to fall for them and shower them with gifts by letting him take them up the butt.

    1. “you could have this” That’s just our consumerist society. We want it all and we want it now. If you get a new iphone every 3 years, why not a new boyfriend. A new and “better” model? It’s the plague of our times. Where are the times that people talked about problems they had instead of just breaking up or divorcing. I think this damages society in numerous ways. Now, if a relationship is really bad and you are unhappy, fine leave. But the amount of singles we have nowadays says something right. I don’t think it’s healthy that you have all these single households, single parents. Not to speak about the gay couples with children. How unnatural.
      Hypergamy+technology+materialism+socialism+feminism = ultimate evil

      1. Materialism, whether it is Socialist or Capitalist in nature, leads to decadence and downfall. When people forget that there is more than their own material and carnal pleasure, a society is doomed.

        1. Decadence and perversion always destroy societies. Problem is, we have a front row seat this time.

      2. Yea, they could “have it all,” if they were all that. Now we’ve given “it all” to everyone who doesn’t deserve shit. No talent deserve nothing Mfers delusionally believing they’re stars. Girls who want porn star sex who don’t even know how to suck dick. It translates right into the very act of sex being devalued, with selfishness at the core.

      3. “Hypergamy+technology+materialism+socialism+feminism = ultimate evil”
        That equation is becoming truer ever day.

        1. And the irony is that without a vagina, – that gaping hole of flesh – men wouldn’t even talk to women.

  9. I immediately have to think of Internetdating. “That amazing way to meet nice people”, but is just a women’s ego-booster in disguise. You have to work real hard to A: get noticed by girls B: have a conversation C: get a date. It’s so much work that I myself gave up on it. I had some results with it in the past, but for what price? So many hours lost. And I’m decent looking, genuine interested. So that’s not it. I just refuse to perform clowngame, or put in way more energy and enthousiasm then I get back. Those times are really over for me.
    Women have so much choice. Before, I always laughed at that 80/20 rule, but I’m starting to believe it. But even when I created a false profile with the pics of a fitnessmodel the ladies only sent winks. Fatties and droopies (those faces) sent me pm’s, but almost no messages I’d send got a response. So much for internetdating. Picky bitches. Delusional as can be.
    Women want to be entertained. And 5 minutes before the last egg shrivels they’ll suddenly think you’re good enough. By the time this happens men are in their late 20’s early 30’s and see perfectly (hopefully) what’s going on. Too little to late.
    For me it’s Pump ‘n dump. Bye!

    1. The way you say Pump’n dump …sounds to me like it was for vengeance….lolz…, can’t blame you though.

      1. Yes. I’m still angry with my ex for dumping me last month. she could have just told me earlier she was really unhappy.
        I also find women my age range (23-28) to be picky bitches. So, I just fck everything decent that slides by. why not.

  10. God honest truth. As I read this article I now realize that instead of running game on bitches, try to see if you can’t simply emulate a popular male character from TV ? Use a persona that is popular with the twats, making your hookup easier.

  11. Thank God I don’t have Facebook, Tinder or Whatsapp. And I only visit those internet websites that can make a profit.

    1. I have Facebook, but in the last year I’ve had to significantly change how I use it and what I use it for (I ditched all my liked pages and manage the friends list a bit more closely). It’s become a little bit better as a result, as now it’s more about keeping tabs with friends and family rather than reading useless news or being bombarded with the latest annoying fad. The latter still happens, but it’s far less frequent.

  12. Inattentive fickle minded short sighted channel ‘zapping’ . . isn’t that what riders of the carousel all do? Fags included. Realize fags are the same as flaky femicunt women. Fags do the same carousel shit their entire fag life that carousel women do, only fags do it with other fags or they try to proposition complete strangers if no other fags are around. They pop out from behind the bushes in many parks and flat out say ”can I thuck yer dik?” Which leads to the question – Just how many dicks from different fags has the typical trolling omega fag sucked? And how many asses fudge packed? Don’t these losers have jobs? And where the hell does the lisp come from? And what the hell is with the amyl nitrate sniffing? Any moron knows inhalants damage the liver.
    Well, I think we’ve just identified them as a ‘death cult’. And . . since feminism is a disease, then clearly it must be the same disease that has infected what we see as ‘the fags’. The disease affects males differently from the hypergamous femicuntery of the infected female, but it is the same pathogen at work only the symptoms are different and unique to the male host. With the infected male, it’s nothing but a life of: dick dick dick suck suck suck assfuck assfuck – and all day long appearantly. With the carousel female who can’t bond either, it’s the same monsterbog fuckfest suckfest as well. The soliciting ‘pick up’ fags and the female carousel skanks are the same. They’re all basically women. The bottom of the barrel women that is.

  13. I couldn’t agree with you more ,that’s I don’t watch tv and I can still watch a documentary when others can’t I still watch you-tube but I also make video’s and I don’t watch mindless junks.

  14. Again, for the upteenth time….in a highly technological society women have power and therefore choices and it is not going to change. They are very close to having half the money and they have ALL the woo-woo so quite frankly GAME is your only alternative, unless of course you want to join ISIS. Adapt, Improvise, Overcome.

    1. I think that dominance is the only thing that will help in this world of simps. How many men have the gut to approach a woman? 5%? Most men have maybe 1 or 2 chats with new women A WEEK. The only sure way to get to know new decent women fast and free is to approach in real life.

        1. Well, aggressiveness can also be named “taking initiative”. Since women still don’t do that very often. And I don’t care actually, because a women hitting on you always feels a bit fishy. Like they want you for an obscure reason. (baby daddy?)

  15. The Muslims aren’t like this. That’s why they’re slowly taking over. They actually reproduce. Blacks too.

      1. The more liberated girls are, the lower fertility is and vice versa. It’s an observable fact, not my opinion.

  16. As a man, if you could go out anywhere in public, bars, dating sites, etc. and arrange a one-night stand and have a new girl every week AND you had a good job, how long would you put off marriage? It would be hard to get married as a guy if we could do that. HOWEVER, today, that is the reality for females. Females can get sex any time they want. AND they all have special rights and protections which allows for them to have good jobs paying better than a lot of men.
    Historically, there was more incentive for females to get married. Society operated closer to natural law 60 + years ago, therefore, men DOMINATED the job market as they should. Women were either jobless, or they worked clerical types of jobs. Therefore, women had very little $ and would need a working man to have any spending money and a life. THIS IS WHAT MADE MEN ATTRACTIVE TO WOMEN BACK THEN.
    Today, since women have special rights where they can either get affirmative action EEO jobs or they can get the tax payer to support their bastard children, a man’s ability to attract women in that regard has been removed. Hence, why women DO NOT care anymore to be with a middle class working man that has good values and is dependable. Shit, back decades ago, women couldn’t even afford to buy their own drinks at a bar. Think how easy it would have been to walk into a bar where females couldn’t even afford to buy their own drinks. As a working man, you could whip out your stack of cash, choose your lady, buy her a drink….she was yours.

      Exactly. Women today have choice to be with men or not and women choose NOT to be with men.
      This is the flaw with the Human animal, because for procreation purposes for living things both the female and male should naturally, primally want to be with each other, but in the case of the Human species the females do not. Women have no need for men outside material resources, and women do not even like children; today they only see them as 18 year annuities.
      But what do I care? I’m all for seeing the Human race become extinct; and it probably will if we consider how we are doing things across the board; socially, technologially (among other things include contaminating our environment and messing with our own DNA) we will fuck ourselves.

    2. Don’t know about the US, but in the Netherlands a women was automatically fired when she got pregnant. Her time to work was over.
      Maybe you should look at a more religious girl. I myself are atheist to the bone. But I can see good in the teachings the bible gives. Only thing is that they’re prudish as hell. Or maybe I just think that.

      1. “But I can see good in the teachings the bible gives. Only things is that they’re prudish as hell. Or maybe I just think that.”
        I hear what you’re saying but if you are a traditional guy then pruddishness can be overcome. This in my opinion is more preferable than an über loose cum bucket with stretched vagina lips and a plethora of incurable venerial diseases in her stink box.

        1. In the Netherlands. (until 1960 or something, don’t know.) If a women married or got pregnant they where automatically fired. Good deal I think, because what child should be raised by a single parent? Non. Women should be devoted to their children, men to their women. For the sake of the children.
          Is this old-fashioned? Well, yes. I almost have a hard time typing this, because I’m not religious. But my parents are married for 35 years now, and I see that is a gift in this world of broken families. I’m also proud for my father that he always worked so hard for his family.

        2. At that Time there was no daddy government. The idea was that women were supported by their husbands. Unlike today is the case it used to be possible to live on one income, but women wanted their own money. Now you need two incomes to support a family. Thanks women. And the government laughs of course. More taxmoney.

        3. No. Thank Government Libertards who pay women to squirt out babies. The cut off is two and no more. I am asstounded by the baby momma’s I see towing kids around.

    3. I agree with your first paragraph about the women can have all the sex they want with whomever they want, but only for a shorter period of time than men. Age is an asset to men. Most men are a nobody in their teens while women get all the attention at the same age. Men can always improve themselves to be more attractive, but with women, they can’t bring back their youth.
      Edit: Women envy men for this. That’s why they’re always mad at men and blame men for it because blaming mother nature (which is really the one at fault) will lead nowhere.

  17. I can’t understand how anyone could be surprised by this. Women’s little minds have been brainwashed by Disney fairy tales since 1937 and rom-coms since the late 80s. They buy into this idiotic fantasy that the right man will come along and “rescue” them from their pedantic, little lives and that everything will be great after that, that all of their problems will be solved in one fell swoop. When they discover that is not the case, that relationships require work and sacrifice, well, then they want to leave to find the next guy to save them. Why do you think they care so much more about the wedding ceremony than the fucking marriage? They spend their waking moments pining for the perfect wedding, poring for months over the details (it takes more than a year to plan an exchange of vows? Really?) down to the flowers and the monogrammed napkins. If only they’d direct that much attention towards mastering the art of the blow job, divorce rates would plummet to the ground like Bill Clinton’s pants in a whore house.

    1. “They buy into this idiotic fantasy that the right man will come along and “rescue” them from their pedantic, little lives and that everything will be great after that,”
      I’ve said it more than once. Once those ovaries are good as empty (a figuratively 5 minutes before the last dries out), she comes “knocking onto your door”.
      She had unrestrained attention from hundreds and hundreds of men during her teens and twenties. Good men. Maybe even you, being a 22 young bloke. But now, years later, she is at the ripe age of let’s say 27-34 suddenly you look pretty good to her. You have a nice job, a house, and have all the characteristics of an independent young man that enjoys his freedom in life. Don’t ask her for a photo from ten year back because you will fall out of your chair because of the physical degeneracy she has been trough. Men only get more attractive. Finally that beardgrow set in, the boyishness of his face is gone. He behaves more attractive, has a career and a steady income.
      But the largest asset of a woman is her looks. The tend to forget to secure a relationship before that goes south believing captain saveahoe will come to the rescue. Of course there are enough simps around willing to take up the slack and play spermdonor. Even when she already has one or multiple children of different fathers. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, and you probably too. I think it’s utterly sad. Raising another’s men’s children because he, or the mother walked away from the responsibilities of raising the child properly as a couple.

  18. I suppose the counterpoint to this is that every male with an internet connection has access to media of woman on a (highly fabricated) quality level beyond what he has known.
    .Be unapologetic for presenting or expressing women as you want them.

  19. “the sheer extent of their fickleness, impulsiveness and selective hypergamy makes one wonder how this mindset flourished so extensively”
    Because too many of you put your dick in chicks like this that don’t deserve it… thereby reinforcing their bad behavior. Don’t fuck girls that don’t deserve it and this changes overnight. You just have to control your thirst for pussy gents.

  20. You should never give a single fuck if you supposedly “aren’t (blank) enough” for modern women. Pussy isn’t THAT good anyway, at least it’s only as good as you want it to be as the man. Hence, it is never YOUR loss!

    1. Then you’ve had bad pussy, because there is nothing like a wet, thight, warm vagina owned by a beautiful woman. Though you could argue that it’s not worth the arguments, fights, emotional manipulation.

      1. Oh come on man, you know exactly what I meant and you summed it up perfectly in your second sentence! Is it worth compromising all of your integrity and dignity for (especially if it isn’t a slam-dunk sure thing that you’ll even get some pussy and she has all that power to give it to you or not)? Hell no!

        1. Sure, I agree that you should respect yourself and not let your happiness be decided on the possibility of getting some. I guess every man had blue balls plenty of times. That’s why I like To keep things light.

  21. The problem is even the ugliest of women is allowed to interview and pick from a long list of men on the internet. She will get messaged by at least 1 guy per hour every hour just hoping she responds. When she does, she can’t judge confidence or anything else, other than by how funny his text lines are to her, so it becomes a monkey dance for the guy to be interesting enough to even get her to agree to a date (and she probably has 5-10 that week). When you have to start out that way, the frame of the relationship is already crap. Now it is you that are pursuing and her that is allowing. You that are interested and begging her… so unless you’re a complete badass and can flip it on her within the first or second date you’re done if you want anything real.

  22. Women were better off as they were in ancient greece and rome, seen but not heard. all you had to do was be hard working or successful and you go to her parents, say you want their daughter, if they agree then you are set. done deal. So many times ive had women say to me, we just dont have anything in common, bla bla, of course im not, im a higher than average intelligence male, i think of history and philosophy, things that actually matter, do you think you fucking are going to? of course not. in most respects women are just mentally retarded children with grown up female bodies.
    They should have no exposure to social media, smartphones, anything that pushes their standards through the fucking roof. i honestly just cant see alot of men actually having a normal resemblance of a sex life, let alone kids, because these cunts are just so stuck in their lowest biological traits for the top tier alphas. the only way you can cure this is that you simply dont expose them to heaps of guys, just one, the guy they are married off to.

    1. Well, the ghost is out of the bottle. Technology is here to stay, so it won’t change. Only a dictatorial state can change things now (like there is in North-Korea) but I wouldn’t like to live in a hell like that.
      So, what can you do? Adapt. Learn game, approach until you find a woman that you think resembles something acceptable for the future. Are there any certainties? No, non. Because there is no shame left in divorce, and females are protected by the state from A to Z.
      What may happen is that social media starts to get less interesting for people. There is something like a wave in technology. Things come and go. Do you still know people who use IRC? I don’t. Or what about webcamming with complete strangers. That was popular for some time as well. Facebook isn’t as hot as it was 5 years ago, neither is Tinder. So there is still hope. A thing you always could do is start dating a conservative girl. Maybe religious if you can handle that.

  23. Girls at my gym bring their smartphones there, I can’t even strike up a conversation without them burying their faces on them after a small laugh or comment, AT THE FUCKING GYM, I mean, what the fuck? You bring a smartphone to the gym so you have entertainment for the 15 seconds you are waiting between each set? What a joke.

  24. The author here likes a patriarchal point of view by the simple fact of talking about women choosing something. They should NOT choose anything. Men should choose women and women should not have any right to opinion on that. They were made for being the pleasure of men. And there is proof both by religion and science/nature. The simple fact that men were created with penis and women with a hole between their legs explains everything.

  25. “There are hoards of bored, unsatisfied girls out there, changing channels mindlessly, swiping left and right, and clicking link after link after link. If you’ve read this far, you’re already doing better than a lot of them out there” – Hilarious but so true

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