Anything Women Can Do, Men Can Do Better

And that gentlemen, was one of the most famous scenes from the 1950 musical-comedy film “Annie Get Your Gun,” which was loosely based on the life of a female sharpshooter named Annie Oakley. If you did not watch the video, go back and watch at least the first 30 seconds to grasp the whimsical correlation with the article title and ensuing subject matter.

Observe how the films primary matriarch, the feisty Annie Oakley, would undoubtedly have been considered a role model for the “strong independent woman” archetype. Also take into consideration that this is several decades before the concept (disease) of feminism spread far and wide across western civilization.

I mean just listen to this monster. She is absolutely brimming with “hear me roar” man-hating diatribe with her whole “anything you can do, I can do better” shtick.

The fact that all western women under the age of 45 have been brainwashed into believing their abilities and potential are “just as good as any man” is one of the most laughable blue pill campaigns which has ever been conjured up by the coven of feminist witches. We damn well know that men can (and will) outperform women in anything they put their time, effort, training, heart, and soul into.

The greatest imaginable results that a particular field could ever bear witness, will always carry the Y (male) chromosome. It may interest you to know that the Y chromosome is one of the fastest evolving parts of the human genome, which partially explains why men just keep getting better and better at what they do over time.

You know on second thought, I take that back. There is certainly one thing that Annie Oakley does better than the cool, calm, and collected Frank Butler in “Annie Get Your Gun,” and that is piercing his ear drums like an out of control fire alarm with her incessant yapping. She needs to learn how to lean back and quit being so bossy.

Lean Backsheryl

Strategy and Intellect

A straightforward definition of strategy is “a high level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty,” while the definition of intellect is “the ability of the mind to come to correct conclusions about what is true or real, and about how to solve problems.

I can think of few other social activities which combine strategy and intellect better, and more accessibly, than the game of chess. After all, in this game there are 809,896 possible positions or 4,897,256 total positions which are available after only five moves.

Sure, there is no doubt that women can have a sharp intellect and be very competitive chess players. But among the global elites in this grandest of strategy games and intellectual hobbies, women comparatively suck at it.

The January 2014 World Chess Federation rating list featured a total of 1444 grandmasters, in which only 31 were female. In other words, of the world’s top chess players, women were outgunned by their male counterparts at a devastating ratio of nearly 47 to 1. Furthermore, of all the top 100 chess grandmasters in the world as of April 2014 (the best-of-the-best-of-the-best), essentially none of them were women.

female chess player

A young woman trying to psyche out a male opponent with playful sexual overtures

Ultimately, Chess is a game which boils down to the concept of logic, and discrepancies in logical capacity are among the biggest things that separate males and females. Women more often (attempt to) figure things out with their emotions, while men routinely use foresight and intellectual introspection to figure out problems and emerge with the most beneficial result with the conditions at hand.

Arts and Crafts

Anyone here ever been to the Louvre museum in Paris? That beautiful palace which got turned into arguably the world’s preeminent showcase of sculptures and fine art? Can you take a guess as to what percentage of all those masterpieces came from the hands of females? Sweet bugger all, that’s what.

Or how about any of those “100 greatest guitarists, bassists, or drummers of all time” lists which float around the internet? Not a female among them.

And now, thanks in part to pervasive smartphone addiction among young females, men are just flat-out better home cooks and chefs in the 21st century. Take for instance, the legendary Gordon Ramsay. Wealthiest of all celebrity chefs, he expects nothing less than perfection and will outperform all females in the culinary arts.

Nigella Lawson on the other hand, simply cannot compete with her fellow British nationals Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay for top celebrity chef honors. But that’s alright. The inadvertently hilarious “queen of food porn” can just go on and splatter salty cream around all she wants.

Strength and Athletic Ability

Women are physically weaker and less athletic than men, and therefore exhibit completely inferior performances when compared to their male counterparts in the exact same sporting or athletic discipline. By design, this also makes women second-rate police officers, crowd controllers, security guards, and (coming soon) front-line soldiers when compared to all their male colleagues who are of a similar fitness level.

Sorry “G.I. Jane,” that’s just how the cruelty of nature decided to play its hand in natural selection. Women who continue to deny these facts are just going to have to get over it at some stage, swallow the red pill, and accept their less-than-stellar biological attributes that no amount of 3rd wave feminist “empowerment” is going to counterbalance.

Need some written proof?

100m Dash World Record

9.58 s – Usain Bolt (Men’s)

10.49 s – Florence Griffith Joyner (Women’s)

High Jump World Record

2.45 m – Javier Sotomayor (Men’s)

2.09 m – Stefka Kostadinova (Women’s)

Hammer Throw World Record

86.74 m – Yuriy Sedykh (Men’s)

79.58 m – Anita Wlodarczyk (Women’s)

Or how about visual?

Many of you may be familiar with the “People Are Awesome” series of videos, which showcases people doing (you guessed it) awesome things. However, the usage of the gender-neutral term “people” gives women far more credit than what they deserve from these video clips.

Men are completely outclassing women in all of these videos with their amazing, ballsy, death-defying, or superman-like athletic prowess. Sorry, but two examples of women who can “work dat pole” (0:46) or jump rope off their rear end (2:27) just cannot compare with the truly awesome stuff that a lot of these men are doing.

There is no doubt about it. Men’s bodies are biologically built to get things done faster, harder, stronger, and with much greater levels of endurance, stamina, and acrobatic trickery to compliment those strengths. Moving on…

Science and Technology


Last, but certainly not least, we have science and technology. This one doesn’t even need to go into much detail because it’s pretty much an absolute whitewash. Men have utterly dominated women in every facet of creating, discovering, and fine-tuning amazing things which have elevated our societies above stone age mediocrity.

We owe all of humanity’s greatest accomplishments to brilliant men such as Leonardo da Vinci (Renaissance man), Werner von Braun (rocket man), Thomas Edison (lightbulb and movie camera), Nicola Tesla (electricity supply), Alexander Fleming (penicillin), Ernest Rutherford (splitting the atom), Karl Benz (automobile), the Wright Brothers (flight), and Louis Pasteur (vaccination and Pasteurization) among countless others.

I challenge you to name a female scientist besides Rosalind Franklin, Grace Hopper, Jane Goodall, or Marie Curie. Could the other women, living or dead, who made any major invention or scientific discovery in the history of mankind please let themselves be known?

Anyways, while the crickets keep chirping and the naysayers try and come up with some nonexistent inventions from women, let’s turn back the clock and revisit the late 1960’s and very early 1970’s.

The History of Delusion

This era was the pinnacle of the United States of America on the world stage, both in terms of our quality of life and the technological capacity and accomplishments of our nation (relative to the rest of the world at the time). Specifically, the Apollo program and the moon landings have been called the greatest technological achievement in the history of mankind.

This was accomplished before second-wave feminism and Helen Reddy’s “I Am Woman” started to destroy the social fabric of western society starting around 1972. This was before the Southern Poverty Law Center started to infect the land in 1971.

This was before female-dominated human resource departments, where 24-year-old airhead girls get to dictate which type of men are worthy enough to be granted a living (and therefore the ability to have a home, get dates, have sex, and raise a family).

This was back when that awful straight white male patriarchy was allowed to go about work and life completely unmolested by feminism and political correctness.

They were allowed to have an all white male NASA and selection of Apollo astronauts if need be. Not out of overt racism or sexism, but because those men truly represented those who had the best qualifications, skills, and expertise to get the job done.

And it worked. Centuries of (mostly) white males tinkering with the scientific method and becoming masters of the manipulation of mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, metallurgy, electricity and circuitry, safely launched men to the first celestial body beyond planet Earth.

So queue the emotional waterworks music and liftoff! (Look at the “haaaappy” wives!)

“It was the toil of men—that of our fathers and grandfathers—that built the industry, the railways, the water and sewage systems that lifted millions, if not billions, out of subsistence level poverty. It is typically the male sex that is willing to shoulder the risk and endure the suffering necessary to push back human boundaries for the benefit of others. It is typically the male left-brain psyche that is the inventive one, the one to gaze at the heavens and to have the inclination to go there.”

Final Remarks

They are sexus sequior, the inferior second sex in every respect: one should be indulgent toward their weaknesses, but to pay them honour is ridiculous beyond measure and demeans us even in their eyes. – Arthur Schopenhauer (excerpt from “On Women”)

So there you have it. In the battle of the sexes, MEN RULE. Case closed. But unfortunately, women (and their white knight manginas) will be oh-so butt hurt by these red pill revelations, they will inevitably make repeated attempts to try and refute them. Prepare for the (possible) onslaught.

brace yourself

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930 thoughts on “Anything Women Can Do, Men Can Do Better”

  1. This is all true but you have to consider the fact that women have been kept out of all of these things except cooking although I’m not sure when culinary schools started accepting women.

    1. I doubt medieval or renaissance women were banned from playing Chess. And medieval women of status loved playing Badminton as a sport. But again, no match for the men.

      1. It’s all about rationalizing “why” they are not up to par. They want everything and want to be a part of everything but even in the face of facts (data) they still answer with “well, because of blah, blah, blah…”.
        Talk about fucking delusional. I’d love to live on that planet.

        1. Damnit Driver! Every time I look at your avatar I think its Ryu Hayabusa… but its not.

    2. Feminist apologist. Women outnumber men at college now, and have their own scholarships that men can’t apply for. They still can’t do math. The answer on a math exam is correct or wrong, there is no bias in grading. Now go back to your mommy blog and rant about how unfair life is to women, on an internet built by men.

      1. The equality, especially in college, is fucking nonsense. Women get free rides or preferential treatment over men to attend college. Plus, if men do get on campus they are bombarded with more nonsense (versus actually learning).
        Schools are supposed to be institutes of learning…not propaganda machines.
        I see the Soviet Union is alive and well, today, though.

        1. There’s a reason Forbes named Putin the most powerful person in the world two years in a row. A country like Russia where paranoia, corruption, and belligerence are deeply embedded in every fiber of society would fall the fuck apart without someone like him and his brand of nationalism holding it together.
          Plus, have you ever met a Russian man who was a pussy? Neither have I. Some stereotypes seem to actually perpetuate themselves!
          EDIT: I spotted this article minutes after posting this. I wouldn’t want to fuck with this dude, or the dude to his left (camera right):

      2. “They still can’t do math.”
        I was watching a comedienne doing a set and she says:
        “How do you expect me to be good at math, when all my life I’ve been taught that THIS(thumb & index finger apart) is 8 inches!”

    3. What? Women, today, have had more freedom to join anything for the last so many decades and you’re using that excuse (as to why they haven’t excelled)?
      The author points out many different fields that women have been involved in (again, for decades) and the results are in – the are second place.
      If you can’t deal with reality, then don’t spread that delusional nonsense here. We have no prizes but a lovely parting gift over here, the door ——————————–>

    4. Marie Curie puts the lie to any suggestion women have been “kept out” of the serious sciences. She got her first Nobel Prize in 1911. And she completed her undergraduate degree in the “Flyiing University” conducted clandestinely in Poland in the late 1880s. If she could fucking do that and then get a Nobel Prize under those circumstances, there is no excuse for any other woman…unless, of course, Curie is the exception that proves the rule.

      1. Marie Curie is also a great example because she illustrates that, modern feminist shrieking aside, when women are actually able to compete with men, they are allowed to do so. And frankly, that’s how it should be. If a woman – a rare specimen – can advance mankind, we should be happy to have that contribution. For that reason, I have no problem giving women equal opportunity to demonstrate their merit, or lack thereof. But on the whole, it is delusional to insist that women are as capable as men. You’d have to be blind and retarded to insist otherwise. And it is societal suicide to change the focus from providing women opportunity to forcing us to redefine subpar results as equal when they are not.

        1. when women are actually able to compete with men, they are allowed to do so.
          It’s always been like that. Margaret Thatcher is another great example. She graduated from Oxford in 1947 (I think) with a STEM degree in X-Ray Something Or Other (some X-Ray degree). No quotas. No specific push for “more women in STEM degrees”. She just went and did it because she was capable of it.
          In 1979 she became Prime Minister of one of the most powerful countries on the planet.
          No crutches, no quotas, no special treatment. She was capable of doing what she wanted, so she went out and did it.

        2. Exactly what i’ve always brought up. Give ’em equal opportunities where they either meet the standard or don’t.
          The ones who don’t grasp that want the qualifying bar lowered for a privileged class & screech about oppression.

        3. Anna Freud, Frida Kahlo, Ayn Rand, Isabel Myers…
          All talented women who have had an influence on me and my thinking… There were no HR department gender quotas back then… Or special female scholarships… So what gives?

    5. Perhaps in the past, but certainly not for the last 30 years at least. So name one woman during that time who has made a contribution of any significance to the advancement of mankind.

    6. “Kept out”
      When capable individuals are “kept out” of something, they generally create something of their own, rather than bitching and moaning until the establishment reluctantly allows them to join in.
      If women were truly equals, there would be no plausible method of discrimination toward them, since they could simply do things without men being involved at all.
      And don’t say that men used brute force to keep women out. Following that same logic, Africans would have colonized Europe, not the other way around.

    7. Awww it’s just so hard and stressful for young and cute White girls in Western countries, isn’t it? Want some water? You must be parched from all of that hard work!

  2. On the Jim Rome show some years back he was interviewing pitcher John Smoltz when the topic of female vs. male athletes came up.
    Rome related the story of a confrontation between the Williams sisters and some anonymous, chain smoking hustler on the male circuit, ranked about 600 in the world and playing on as a doubles partner in competition.
    In a pick up match he played each sister one set. It was 6-0, 6-1 for the hustler.
    In the same interview, Rome got Smoltz to admit sheepishly that he had beaten Annika Sorenstam at golf.

      1. Good catch mate–he was ranked a it higher than I remember, but still not very high.
        I played pick up hoops against run of the mill NCAA women players as a near middle aged man. They were fit enough to fast break on me and my geezer buds (we were played mixed squads) but in the half court it was like playing children.

      2. I liked your comment because of your avatar. The Question is an amazing character.

      3. Funny how 99.99% of people have never heard of this, and any feminazi that did, would just spin it in denial.
        OTOH, the masses have been force fed the Bobby Riggs/Billy Jean King “WWE circus” ad nauseam for decades.

    1. stephen capriati used to regularly practice tennis with sister jennifer. he always wiped the floor with her despite her fame etc…. he was a journeyman at best.

    2. At my college rec center there were some girls who played basketball at junior college before coming to this 4 year college.
      Hungover and out of shape I beat these girls in a pickup game. I couldn’t believe how easy (and fun) it was.
      A male junior college basketball player probably would’ve dunked on me but these were girls who got juco bball scholarships and I took them despite being hungover

  3. “Women who continue to deny these facts are just going to have to get over it at some stage, swallow the red pill, and accept their less-than-stellar biological attributes that no amount of 3rd wave feminist “empowerment” is going to counterbalance.”
    The problem is they don’t have to accept reality in fact. Western society is so deluded it actually alters the standards so women can be employed in physically demanding professions that they have no aptitude for.

    1. Agree…and it can only go on under certain conditions. Once those conditions change, then it all goes away because reality (survival) comes into play.
      We’ve been too comfortable for too long (and it’s allowed the disease to spread).

    2. Only when it’s glamorous in some way though.
      We’ll lower the standards in firefighting and joining the military so women can join, but we’ll still keep women’s basketball separate since it wouldn’t be fair. We’re perfectly fine admitting women are inferior physically, but only in cases where it truly does not matter; in cases where it does matter and lives are on the line, we bend the requirements and try to convince everyone the sexes are equal.
      Completely backwards from anything that would make sense.
      Add on the list of dirty, demanding jobs that keep the country running (commercial fishing, mining, logging, etc) that women want zero part of, and it’s clear that the only thing wanted is attention; there is no glamor or attention in crab fishing.

      1. I worked as a lobsterman in RI for a while, and never once met a female fisherman, I don’t care what people saw on ‘deadliest catch’; dragging a 50-gallon barrel filled with rotting skeet and maggots across a slippery, heaving deck in the middle of a storm is beyond nearly any woman’s ability. grrrrrl power my ass

    3. A frog can adapt to boiling water only so long before it’s flesh starts to cook. Reality is the water that keeps getting hotter while even the hottest of chicks must face up to her impending Ice Age.

      1. There’s always some beta willing to put their hand in the pot and pull the frogs out right before they are cooked though. Until that stops, the behavior won’t change.

    1. That’s what women are designed to do. It’s what they are best at. But they are foregoing childbirth and marriage at a respectable age (like 23) to compete with men at all manner of things they do not excel in mind and body.

    2. Women have an important role in child development psychology. Feminists have figured out new ways to fuck up that too.

  4. The one area where women can really out perform men is childcare. Of course, feminists have spent years convincing women that prioritizing children and embracing motherhood are bad. So now there are women who spend all their time competing with men (and often failing), while completely fucking up the one important task they are best suited to do.

    1. I don’t know if they outperform at it. Single mothers do horrible compared to single fathers when it comes to raising children.
      Women do better at it when the children are young and need to be nurtured a bit more. That changes when the children get older, become more autonomous, and are more in need of authority and discipline.
      Childcare is something where each sex has their definite role and the roles complement each other, but women raising children without men is a disaster.

      1. Thank you for this clarification.
        Mothers can be great nurturers, but they tend to be poor authoritarians, because the authoritarian role is a masculine one. Women either:
        1) Fall back into nurturing patterns and become the coddling mom
        2) They try to accomplish authoritarian ends, but they also try to preserve their femininity. They channel their nurturing instincts into more feminine power tactics like passive-aggression and emotional manipulation. Their affection becomes a tool, a carrot rarely obtained and always just out of reach. This is the withholding, manipulative mother.
        3) They embrace the masculine role of authoritarian. Children are not naturally inclined to regard their mothers (whom they expect to be nurturers) as authoritarians. So, these mothers suppress their nurturing instincts and use verbal, emotional, and physical abuse to achieve control over and obedience from their children. This is the domineering mother.
        True to feminist form, women try to “have it all” by attempting a balanced approach to paths 2 or 3. The problem with this is that balance is unstable. A mother tries to be the authoritarian, and fails to give her child the nurturing he/she needs. The child resents not being nurtured, and so is less inclined to obey the authoritarian mother. This requires the mother to revert to a nurturing role, or further withhold nurturing and double-down on manipulation or abuse.
        Path 1 is the only one that won’t outright damage children, but it will retard maturation without the guiding influence of an authoritarian presence–dad.

        1. They embrace the masculine role of authoritarian.
          They naturally suck at it, though. Not because “womens are horrible” or anything, it’s just not their job.
          Just by virtue of being a male, a man will have more of an authoritarian impact on children. The mere presence of a male who acts like a man will have huge impact on the children around.
          I’ve said it before, but the difference is summed up in 2 simple sentences, the meaning and impact of which is immediately clear to any child that can communicate via spoken words.
          “Go to your room, and wait til your mother gets home”
          “Go to your room, and wait til your father gets home”.
          Provided your parents are not retarded and somewhat conform to their gender in even most the basic way, every child that can speak and understand spoken words can feel the difference in their stomach.

        2. I never let my wife do this to me. I am not going to be the bad guy to my kid. But your right, men do a better job raising children than women. When have you ever heard of single fatherhood being a percusor of children being in jail?

      2. True. You need both to compliment each other when raising kids. But, as we’ve seen, feminism has told women that they got the bad end of the bargain (yeah, right) so they need to get out, make their own money, have kids later (or never) to be empowered (strong and independent).
        How many of these women are happy, now, after all of these years and the shitty advice?

      3. Yep, see above. I’m one data point.
        That’s a key point about the early child development. After about age 4, the kids need a father and the mother actually holds them back.

    2. Yup. I’m a widower and raised three kids alone. It ain’t that hard. I’m a better mom than most every mother I know.
      Still, there’s a very important difference between capability and inclination. I’m good at running a household, but it’s not what I would rather do.
      Women are naturally inclined to have sex, get pregnant, and raise children. There’s a ton of overlap, meaning there are plenty of jobs men do that women could just as easily do, but out at the apex, the tail of the distribution: It’s all men.

      1. I’ve learned just because someone can multitask better, doesn’t necessary mean the overall end product/service they deliver will be better 😉

  5. A woman cannot do anything better than a man.
    The reality is a woman’s weapon is feminism. She needs it more than anything in her life because the reality, is that without it, she would not be able to do anything. In the real world, meritocracy has no real value. Just the other day, when I went to pay my property tax, every single employee was female. Thats right- all 12 staff members were female, not a single man in sight. That is what feminism has done to men- it has displaced men from the workforce. More men are now turning into trophy husbands and unemployed henpecked simps, thanks to the evil known as feminism.
    Feminism is a toxic repulsive poison, that has destroyed everything in our society and it continues to do so. As men, we must continue to protect our lives from this evil force because the damage it has done, is countless:
    -Extorted and destroyed men in the family courts (ailmony, unfair settlements, custody of kids, properties and assets all given to men)
    -Discriminated and displaced men from the workforce
    -Entrenching everything in the mainstream media and vilifying men

    1. Typo error corrected:
      “-Extorted and destroyed men in the family courts (ailmony, unfair
      settlements, custody of kids, properties and assets all given to women)

    2. Women know how to play men, and they do it well. Its not about the opposite sexes skill, its what they can get you to do.
      Feminism is a very long con, that men allowed to happen on a wide scale. Never under estimate the competition.

      1. Man’s weakness is we assume the same honor and integrity in women that we expect of other men. Women are coy and operating on an amoral paradigm, that’s why it’s easy for them to fuck over blue pill guys

        1. Group dynamics is the issue. If you work with 10 men and 1 decent looking woman, and a few guys have a hidden desire for her. She has power over them.
          Say one of these men happens to be a manager, and you happen to be a very skilled professional that wants to get shit done. Lets say you have a meeting and you call this lady out for being way off the mark on something.
          All she has to do is act like you are women hater to a few of the others in the group, suddenly your not invited to the meetings anymore.

        2. I’ve experienced something similar, and the behavior I witnessed pushed me from being a natural alpha to a red-pill rambo

      2. Yes. As a woman does, never as she says. Always watch behavior. Her mouth moving is white noise.

  6. I have been reading ROK for a few months now and have yet to post, mostly because I playing catch-up and thus am reading articles that are months, even years, old. However, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for the contributers and commenters of this site.
    While it seems that I am much younger than the average frequenter of this site – I am only 22 – I am glad that I have found a group of people who notice and actually care to discuss ideas and notions that are considered taboo in today’s culture. It’s hard to discuss abstract ideas and concepts with people who only seem interested in what Jennifer Lawrence wore last night, or the newest app. It seems I came in to contact with this site just in time, because my interest in society and its participates was almost fully emaciated. I am glad to find that there are some people who share similar viewpoints and ideas about culture, life, and growth. You guys help out a lot, and I really appreciate it.

    1. Unfortunately, we are living in an idiocracy.
      -Jennifer Lawrence, Hunger Games, Twilight, Divergent, 50 Shades of Grey, and all the numerous social media garbage aimed for the typical female mindset.
      Yep, all the above equate to “intellectual discussions” for the average female in today’s world.

      1. The scary part is that people participate in these ‘intellectual discussions’ almost for the purpose to wear it as a badge. It’s as if its done for validation. All the while they fail to realize that these discussions are presented to them nice and neatly, with prescribed arguments. There is no unique ideas, because it is not their own thoughts on the matter. MSM directs their discourse and then the other followers pat them on the back for being so worldly and deep. It is frightening; however, the perverse side of me is almost in awe of how easily the string-pullers exert their control.

        1. Very well said.
          Thats why you must do everything in your power to avoid becoming a sheep or zombie.

        2. Thanks. Yeah, that’s my goal. To make sure I stay the course and become the best version of myself.
          Speaking of personal growth, does anybody have any suggestions for different books to read? I am more of a non-fiction guy (however, I do enjoy certain works of fiction), and I could really use some suggestions. I have noticed that the commenters seem to be quite well read and any suggestions would be great.

        3. I’ve benefitted from:
          -The Power of Habit (Only read first 1/4, which contains the tools necessary to restructure yourself through your habits)
          -48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene (Insight into Social Power Dynamics)
          -Rational Male by Rollo (Game)
          -Bang by RooshV (Game)
          -Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder (Motivation/Bodybuilding)

        4. The Tao of Leadership (Lao Tzu’s – Tao Te Ching ) – adapted for the new age by John Heider.
          It explains how to lead without having to “force it”.

        5. check out the 35 most important ROK articles ever written. List posted about a week ago.

        6. I actually found the Power of Habit to be great to read for the science, but terrible for practical advice; how to apply it in everyday life. For that, I found “Superhuman by Habit” by Tynan to be a good read.

        7. Self Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson
          Hagakure by Yamamoto Tsunetomo
          Gulag Archipelago by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn
          On War by Karl Von Clausewitz
          The 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene
          The Art of Deception by Nicholas Capaldi
          Political and Social History of Modern Europe by Carlton Hayes
          Shogun (fiction) by James Clavell
          Gates of Fire and Virtues of War (fiction) by Steven Pressfield

        8. I like reading the biographies of important men from history. Start with Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Hannibal Barca, or a Roman Emperor. Can’t go wrong starting there. Start far back and keep proceeding to the modern day.

        9. “The evolutionary psychology of politics r/K” by Annonymous Conservative. Blasts through the matrix.
          I found “The Way of Men” by Jack Donovan interesting.

        10. It’s all from the ‘Feel Good School of Rhetoric”; since so many moderns lack critical thinking skills, they will gladly follow whichever ideology presents the nicest surface image

        11. If you want to check out fiction that doesn’t pander to the feminine imperative, read Bernard Cornwell. He writes bloody military fiction, including an excellent series on the Napoleonic Wars called the Sharpe Series, and another about the Viking invasion of England, called the Saxon Tales. Both are rough, action-packed series’ that any red-blooded literate man will love

        12. One important thing this article misses is that women love our awesomeness. They want their man to be awesome and the most awesome man around. This is how they rate their own success: by how awesome their man is and if he is more awesome than their girlfriends’ man. This is in part how women compete with each other.
          Nothing gets a woman’s pantries wetter than an awesome man. So go forth and be awesome young man.

        13. Heart of Darkness, by Conrad, on how seemingly great ideas can become horrible realities.
          Lolita, by Nabokov, on self delusion and the difference between love and lust.
          This Side of Paradise, by F Scott Fitzgerald, on love and the only girl worth having.
          To Have and Have Not, by Hemingway, on being a great man.
          The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath, on depression and internal struggle.
          & if you like non-fiction/ history stuff, try:
          The Gulag Archipelago, by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, on Soviet History.
          A Small Corner of Hell, by Anna Politkovskaya, on the Chechen War.

        14. Oh! And on oppression and struggle:
          Revolutionary Suicide, by Huey Newton, and
          The Wretched of the Earth, by Franz Fanon

        15. I like to read a lot of Self Improvement Books, Here is my list now of of course some you probably have read.
          Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz not to be confused by Cybernetics by L Ron Hubbard. Maltz is th eGrandfather of Self Image
          Power of the Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy
          The Answer by John Asaraf
          Mans Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl
          Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins…. I was surprised at what this book was and is not what I expected at all it blew me away.
          Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker… I read this several times a year
          Start with Why by Simon Sinek
          The Brain that changes itself by Norman
          Doidge…its a book about neural plasticity but its written in a very easy to read and understand way
          The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
          Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill I read this annually
          Success through a positive mental attitude Napoleon Hill
          The 21 irrefutable Laws of Leadership
          John Maxwell
          The Now Habit Neil Fiore
          Outliers Malcolm Gladwell
          A Whole New Mind Daniel Pink
          How to win friends and Influence People…. I quote and reference this book on the regular.
          The Lay Guide….. best PUA book I have read barnone
          Secrets of the A Game: How to meet and attract women anywhere, anyplace, anytime by Logan Edwards……different approach to pickup
          This should keep you busy…
          Feel free to PM me or message me after reading any of the books I love talking to others and gleaning info from there experience and thoughts on these books.
          Have fun Cheers

        16. Oh yes as far as fiction I like.
          My favorite is Stephen Frey he is described as Grisham meets Ludlum on Wall Street. probably my favorite because I was A Financial Representative for many years but damn good especially his trilogy he wrote back in ’05 – 07
          Christian Gillette is the man.
          Very male dominated too
          I don’t like Koontz a ton but “Intensity” is one of my favorite books all time.
          I also loved David Baldacci’s “The Winner” it’s all about the scam that is the Lottery … fascinating read
          then finally W.E.B. Griffin is great for series…he has all sorts I read the series on the Philadelphia Police department ….Excellent character development. I read only 7 of the 11 books because there was a 6 year hiatus between book 7 and 8. My Dad read many of the different series…probably read anywhere from 75 to 100 of his 130 books.
          I don’t read much fiction anymore, I have not ever read Stephen Freys last 9 books.
          I hereby make a resolution to read at least one fiction book for pure please every two months. : ) I make resolutions on the fly not on the New Year. Why wait till the beginning of a new year to improve yourself.

      2. I water my lawn with Brawndo. Grass is still brown for some reason…

      3. You peep “Birdman”? “No one wants to hear talking, all intellectual and shit”.

      4. The average “intellectual discussion” for males is football. You’re right about an idiocracy.

        1. nobody is talking about average here… we’re talking about people at the top of their profession. Almost always men.. even with the rampant affirmative action since the 1970’s..

    2. Your are most welcome son.
      The community restores balance to a society gone to shit with run amok female values and pervaded by femin-inspired chaotic disorder

      1. As Newton says,
        “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”
        Feminism (action) = Manosphere (reaction)

    3. You bet man. We’re all hear to help, share ideas, suggestions, thoughts, ideas, etc.. It’s the very reason why so many men are gravitating to sites like ROK (and others). These are spaces (few and far) where “guys can be guys” and just bullshit if needed. Or, again, share stories to help out others who are hitting certain situations for the first time in life.
      I’m up and on, often, so I’ll gladly help out when I can.

    4. ROK is not into ageism(when it comes to men). Men of all ages are welcome to participate here. We all have something to teach each other.
      Welcome aboard!

      1. The welcoming crew is quite accommodating. Also, I like how you qualified the ageism as only being applicable to men. Because we all know the importance of age in regards to women. Got a nice chuckle out of it – regardless of matter of fact tone.

        1. Welcome to the party,AA.
          I been here for a couple months, and the articles and debate had done wonders for my reading,intelligence,game and humanities. This truly is unlike any site on the internet. Hope you enjoy it.

        2. Completely agree. I don’t know if We all just needed to be around smarter people or find a way to unplug from the lies of society, but by God is it freeing to talk amongst men and test your logic daily as opposed to whatever is popular amongst the sheeple.

        3. Well, apparently my cock is ageist. It just doesn’t want to get up off the couch for women over 25. I’ve tried talking to it, but it just doesn’t listen.

        4. Its not!
          just have them in the major markets…bowling blows, but they do sell beer at bowling alleys, just a chance to network, ya know>?

      1. No surprise she comes from a culture that doesn’t pedestalize women. She actually dives into a hobby, smiles at the end. I love it. She isn’t just walking around eating ice cream with a “Girls Rule” T-shirt on.

        1. People that think they are self-entitled don’t feel the need to work hard. That’s why some smart kids don’t study hard yet get grades and don’t want to go to pursue a higher education. A friend’s sister was the same way. And feminism has made women self-entitled.

      1. Thank Goodness! We need more young men to unplug from the feminist imperative and create lives they want for themselves. Welcome aboard.

    5. Roosh, when are ‘Fat Shaming Week’ and ‘Slut Shaming Week’ etc coming up? Soon I hope. How about ‘SJW Shaming Week’ and ‘Feminist Shaming Week’?. We need to take the war on the left-tarded vermin to them, keep up the pressure, and burn down the cuntocracy.

    6. I’m 22 as well, and I agree with everything posted above. All of my friends are good guys, but they don’t get it. They think i’m just a misogynist. They’re so heavily indoctrinated into feminist propaganda they don’t even know what’s right and wrong. Then again most people say i’m more mature for my age, where as most of my friends are still out clubbing and telling me I’m a loser for not wanting to.
      As this guy said, I thank you guys as well. I’m constantly looking for wisdom from people older and wiser than myself to learn from them and their mistakes, and this site brings me just that.

      1. If a misogynist is someone that believes men are superior to women in almost every aspect then I am a misogynist.

        1. you actually believe in retarded ideas of “superiority” and that makes you retarded, not superior.

    7. You’re young. You should be reading more intelligent sites. Shape your adult mind with better content. Check out some of these:
      Mark Manson
      The Book of Life
      Big Think
      Tim Ferriss
      The Daily Beast

    8. “I am glad to find that there are some people who share similar viewpoints and ideas about culture, life and growth”…and by that you mean “I am glad to find that there are some people who hate women just as much as I do”

  7. Nawadays apart from childbirth and opening her legs for penetration, a woman has no other skill to offer a man. To be honest I would argue that sex and childbirth is not a skill at all as it is ingrained biologically which requires no repetition or hours of practice. The modern female cannot cook. When I have demanded a bitch in my previous harems to fix me a meal, thinking that a women has superior culinary skills. I’m always flabbergasted by the shitty food I have to eat(overcooked pasta/vegetables, undercooked chicken etc.) To be honest I only know a handful of females that can fix better meals than me and most of them are from my own tribe/family.
    I have realized that all the attributes that females claim they can do better than men (nurturing , emotional comfort etc.) is a fallacy. The only true nurturing and emotional support I have ever received from a female was from my mother and aunts. To be honest I have received more love and comfort amidst in my friends(no homo) than any of the countless girls I have fucked/dated.
    When it comes to the development and prosperity of a secure society, a woman is about as useful as a monkey. It is the man that endows and leads the female to notions of morality, empathy and logic. I can’t think of anything a woman can do better than a man. Even childrearing nawadays should be under supervision of a capable man, everyone here knows the atrocities single mothers act upon their children.

    1. The modern female is less interested in things that require craftsmanship & contemplative time spent in dull repetitious honing of a skill until mastery is attained. That is the domain of the enlightened man. No surprise we see more men excelling at skills like cooking & even hairstyling.

      1. I had an uncle who was a PUA back in his prime during the 1950s. I found once an old album of his from these times before he settled down and he was routinely banging 8+.
        His career after his military days was… hair stylist. By the 1970s he had his own place that was very popular and expensive too and he kept it up until the late 1990s then retired.
        He’s still alive now but not in the best health but wow he was neck-deep in tang for a good part of it.

        1. Looks like he’s living a full life. And what an era to be a ladykiller, eh?
          Appreciate the sharing.

      2. Anyone can be good at a skill but unfortunately, the modern female spends her time in Twitter, Pintrest, Facebook, her Iphone, Tinder, and more other stupid social media sites. Added with spending her time gorging in fast food and watching dumb movies.

    2. It’s a shame because the many skills that a woman used to possess was handed down from generation to generation (grandmother to mother to daughter). It was something of pride to be able to cook well, sew or mend well, etc… Some do take pride in those skills but many do not and proudly say it because feminism has told them to empower themselves (equals dumb down your life, don’t keep learning these skills). They would rather go to work and then discuss stupid shit like the latest movie or fashion, drama in movie stars lives, etc…
      It really is fucked up. Men must still continue his role (and man up) but women are free to be fucking retards (I mean empowered), today.

      1. I still know a couple of women that are great cooks. Mostly what it takes is desire. These (two) women, who are 50+, really want to make something that actually tastes good, and they do seem to pay attention to whether a guy likes it.
        Every other woman I know is either proud of not being able to cook or tries but is more interested in using some trendy ingredient like quinoa or making something fat-free even though we all know they’re stuffing their faces with candy or sundaes on their commute. Food is just a way to show they are keeping up with the right trends.

        1. Yes, and it’s a shame that the two women (50+) are the exception and not the norm. It used to be said “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”…and it was true (plus funny as hell).
          Most women used to agree and they took pride in learning how to cook (well) to meet that need. Today, you are right, many don’t do it because they’ve been told to become “empowered” and not be a slave to the kitchen or they are trying to be so fucking trendy.
          Food (good food) only takes a little time and a person caring about what is being made. Feminism has “freed” these women from their “chains” (I laugh hard when I hear that one). I’m guessing women no longer need to eat, either?
          Fucking delusional

        2. sad; the female id, unleashed is a depressing thing. When society doesn’t tell her what’s best, she immediately devolves into a selfie-taking, thong-wearing, binge-drinking, cock-sucking, man-hating, tattooed trollop whose only skill is deep-throating.
          There are a few not like this, but pften even they must first go through the wringer before seeing just how ridiculous female ‘culture’ is

        3. that must be american disease of some sort. spreading cancer of the culture. fucking pigdisgusting yanks.

        4. Added with Starbucks because it’s cool. And gym memberships and talking about it on Facebook.

    3. If it were not for the biological imperative and that sex with pretty girls is pleasurable, there would be no need to interact with the opposite sex–barring family. The role of women has devolved, as it shed wisdom and gender roles, to be a little more than a loud mouth,a semen catching receptacle and a huge sense of entitlement. Women can only make these ridiculous claims because nothing has truly put their claims to the test and the government backs up the lies. But if there were a governmental collapse, they would willingly fail back into a submissive role. Why? Because it is not in their nature. Men fight, conquer, kill, explore, invent,compete—Because it is in our nature.
      What women fail to realize is the patriarchy is the only thing protecting them from the real world and consequences of one’s own actions.

      1. I’ve been saying the same thing for years. As soon as disaster strikes, women shut their mouths and assume the submissive role, because lets face it, they are pretty useless in a a dangerous situation.
        In other words, there’s no feminists in a foxhole

    4. Excellent Sir.
      I agree, I have received more nurturing, emotional support, love and comfort from my cats and my friends than any woman I have ever known.
      Letting women run things is like giving a monkey the keys to a nuclear bomb.

    5. “When it comes to the development and prosperity of a secure society, a woman is about as useful as a monkey”

  8. Honestly I am getting awfully sick at the prevalent You Go Grrll-ism in Hollyweird movies. Watching a skinny and willowy Skankerina Jolie hammering dudes double her size is a good recipe for migraine.
    Thus I have stopped watching movies cuz only a blue pill masochist can enjoy such drivel!

    1. Hey come on man, every spy and assassin in real life is a smokin’ hot White girl with a black belt in every martial art conceivable and also a demolitions expert and master marks(wo)man! What’s wrong with you? “Douchebag! Awkward! Creeper!” 😉

      1. “male chauvinist pig!”(logs off internet, angrily eats 3 poundcakes).

        1. Yep, and my dick is so small I need tweezers to handle it, I’m a virgin still, I’m fat an unkempt, and I live in Mommy’s basement reading about conspiracy theories online all day! Just like all the rest of us! Duh!

    2. I will admit to liking the Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) character from the Alien & Aliens films though.
      The character struck me as a pragmatist (pissing off her colleagues by not risking the ship being contaminated in the first film for example & keeping her head when the Marine Lieutenant & the marine grunts were losing theirs in the sequel), exhibited realistic fear but was resilient, had professional common sense & she still had motherly instinct when being forced to battle the Alien Queen (protecting Newt, the little girl, instead of trying to be she-Rambo)
      Maybe it’s just me but it did not feel contrived.
      The current crop of action chicks come across as the archetype ‘in your face’ plastic contrived tough chick just because.
      As if Ms Jolie & Ms Scarlett Jo could take on a frigging Alien Queen or even Pinhead, heh.

  9. The problem is that most people can’t separate reality from fantasy. They see average-sized women on TV and in movies beating up guys who are twice their size. It is crazy how they can see this and understand that it isn’t real.

    1. Look at those preposterous Kick-Ass movies, where a tween girl character murders rooms full of armed men.

        1. Or that ridiculous scene at the end of 300 Rise of an Empire, where Leonidas’ widowed queen leads the charge to kill dozens of fully armed Persian warriors.

        2. Yeah … also Snow white and the Huntsman, when she leads a full army against the troops of the evil queen, with no military training.

          Staying away from Hollywood is not a bad idea.

        3. Not to mention she is running and jumping around in full plate armor that would weight up literally as much as she does.

  10. That space launch vid made me sad. They defunded NASA, easier to buy votes with free birth control.

  11. Is that female chef the one that forcefucks herself to supposedly “orgasm” when making food and somehow turned that dumbass gimmick into a career (I’m sure no form of nepotism factored in. Nope, not in Hollywood, not ever!)? Someone please tell me because I have no desire nor patience to endure that video, even if it is under two minutes.
    This whole thing of adding any noun and a hashtag before the word “porn” has gotten ridiculously out of hand and tiresome. “#shoeporn”, “#selfieporn”, “#cocktailporn”, “fitnessporn”, you name it! Yeah, we’re fucked…

  12. The very fact that this discussion is even being had at all is proof of how delusional and insane western society is. Everyone lying to themselves in order to protect women’s feelings. Pathetic

  13. I challenge you to name a female scientist besides Rosalind Franklin, Grace Hopper, Jane Goodall, or Marie Curie.

    Mary Sherman Morgan, rocket fuels chemist.
    Florence Nightingale, statistician.
    Stephanie Kwolek, inventor of Kevlar.
    But I see your point. Men have the top spots, and women at best just contribute in subordinate positions.

    1. those 3 looks like men…nobody wanted to fuck them, so they dedicated their lives to other things. any women inventors who are actually hot ?

  14. Pillar of Red Pill Wisdom #1: Being hot and bangable is the ONLY thing women are better than men.. and that’s mostly just because we are straight (of course, it helps when they work out (I hate hard abs and biceps and male traits in a woman who works out though, I just want her to work on her ass))..
    Back on topic, even that prettier than average pre-wall chick down the block will get more favors done to her, more free stuff and more people smiling at her in her life than the most stylish and good looking dude you know (who will always have to be improving his professional skills and gaming techniques no matter what he looks like). That’s how it’s always been… women just lay back and enjoy the things her atractiveness brings while men are the ones who must build civilization, technology, arts, sports, philosophy and everything else. And that’s it.

    1. Well…this one I have to side with women. I mean, give ’em the looks thing. They only have 20 years max and if they have no kids after that, say 15 through 35 (reproductive hot spot) she is dead in the water. George Clooney is still an attractive man. So is Robert Downey Jr. Andie MacDowell, Claudia Schiffer, Pamela Anderson, Demi Moore? It’s best to accept that their best days are over. Imagine going through that painful crash of hearing your fugly after 20 years of blissful hotness?

      1. Demi Moore at least has the distinction of fantasy proving that a woman can cut it at the very top as a Navy SEAL, lol. 😀

  15. If you really want to see the disparity in athletic ability compare High School boys track records to Olympic Level women’s world records.

  16. You mentioned women being front-line soldiers. I find it amusing that there was a push for this because women who are captured on the front lines will end up being raped.
    In other words, a push for front-line female soldiers is a pro-rape stance.

    1. Plus, lest we forget that, according to feminist “theory” men are bad…to the point that boys are looked upon as defective girls because females are less violent and more emotional. Thus, goes their “logic”, that masculinity is the root of all the bad things, such as, war. Okay, so why insist that women be more and more a part of war? If what you say is true than aren’t you contradicting yourself? Or…or are you just masturbating your ego.
      As a former marine officer and having had to endure pc bullshit, to include female inclusion, this grinds my gears. For one thing the warrior ethos (source (I believe) General Grey (former commandant of the USMC)) is, entirely masculine. That said, the naivete of feminists as it relates to war is unbearable, particularly since its coming from people who also protest war at the drop of a hat. The whole thing about women in combat is based on ignorance…combat is not glamorous. Idealized notions of GI Joe et al IS met, at least with the males, with deadpan and often hostile resentment from real veterans.
      Its a horrible thing to say but women want this for the wrong reasons and in the end when a few of them end up like many other men in the bowels of some disgusting hospital ward unable to do anything, especially, go out to the club and brag about themselves…than the real reality of what war is will forever haunt those unfortunate women. And like all the men before them they would do anything, if possible, to choose differently.

    2. Women should NEVER be front line soldiers.
      I’m not saying they can’t, I’m just saying they shouldn’t.
      Our cultural psyche just is not ready for the sight of a captured female soldier on her knees getting her head sliced off by some savage. Not to mention the incredible stress it would cause for male soldiers to see women getting maimed and killed alongside of them in battle. The effect on morale would be devastating and PTSD cases would skyrocket.
      We’re not ready for that. Anyone in a civilised society grew up learning ‘Women and Children First’.
      Savage cultures don’t give a fuck about women, They’re just fodder for their religious insanity.

  17. As to chess, there actually are two women in the top-100, Judit Polgar, at 67 (she ranked higher in some previous years) and Yifan Hou, at 70. The rest of the girls are at a distance, not even in the top-200 if I got it right.

  18. So why would any self-respecting man support this fantasy about women’s superiority?
    For example, consider the fact that a fringe psychologist named William Moulton Marston (a really WASP-sounding name; can’t blame this one on the Others) lived in a triad with two women; yet he invented the comic book character Wonder Woman because he believed that women could run the world better than men, and he intended the WW comics to propagandize this view.
    Okay, in fairness to him, like a lot of thoughtful men in the early 20th Century, the violence of the First World War horrified him because it blew a hole in the Enlightenment’s myth of Progress. He thought that handing power over to women would make for a more peaceful order and save the Enlightenment Project. He probably had a legitimate point about women’s aversion to international conflicts. But we’ve seen how women with power declare a passive-aggressive war on the men in their own societies who don’t make them wet. Marston’s ability to put together a small harem and make it work indicates that he had an alpha male mind. He didn’t see that most men lack his advantages, and that his utopian nonsense wouldn’t scale up to real societies where women openly despise most of the men around them when they have the freedom to do so.
    Well, we know better now, don’t we? After running the experiment over several generations, we can see how women can’t handle their sexual and political freedom responsibly. And they really can’t compete with men in the realm of the mind.

  19. Call me an apologist, but hear me out. I am in telecom, formerly R&D.
    Hedy Lamar is totally inaccurately cited in some cases as inventing the cell phone. Wrong. What she did was invent was a coding scheme that became the basis for how modern CDMA and similar phones work. That scheme is one seriously twisted manipulation of data. My head hurt trying to grasp it all.
    Here’s the thing that the feminists avoid: she invented this coding scheme, not to enable cell phones, but to *aid the war effort*. It was simply too advanced and other technology had not converged to allow it to be used.

    1. IIRC she collaborated with a man (her impresario and then lover / husband) to invent a system that would make torpedo guidance systems impossible to jam with radio interference. She got the idea of constantly changing transmitting frequency so it’s really difficult if not impossible to lock on to any frequency and ‘jam’ it. Her companion came up with how to synchronize transmitter and receiver, getting inspiration from the mechanism of a roll piano. The same basic principle of transmission was adapted and used in cell phone networks.

  20. This reminds me of a zinger I dropped the other night on an acquaintance’s girlfriend when she broke out the “anything you can do I can do better” trash.
    Me: Name one thing women do better than men.
    Her: Give birth!
    Me: Giving birth requires a man and getting men is easier for women than vice-versa. Try again.
    Her: No, we actually have to GIVE BIRTH. Like, push the baby out!
    Me: C-sections and epidurals makes it quick and painless. Strike two.
    Her: But we have to carry it for 9 months, something a man could never do!
    Me: Nail on the head…the bigger and stronger sex couldn’t possibly carry an 8 lbs weight in our bellies for nine months. You win.
    She didn’t say a word to me after that until she later asked me why I wasn’t married (predictably tiring :::yawn:::).
    This “anything you can do I can do better” slogan is as disingenuous as their proclaimed loyalty to one another. That statement isn’t close to true and they know it.

    1. I mean.. that poor girl wasn’t smart enough to find the faults in your logic. Aside from not having a vagina, uterus, ovaries, eggs, and breasts, the male body would not be able to birth a child. There are significant skeletal differences between men and women that would make it impossible for a baby to exit your body.
      Furthermore, healthy women live longer than healthy men because our bodies, while not being as physically strong, are meant to take more of a beating. Pregnancy and childbirth put ones body through the wringer, and when women normally had 8, 10, 12, 15 children, it was biologically necessary for their bodies to be ‘stronger’. Even now, having 2.somethin’orother children per woman (at least in western society), our longevity still stands.
      You said that getting a man is easier for a woman than vice-versa? True. Getting a high-value man? Not so much. Women want a top quality man’s DNA for her offspring. So, while getting a low quality man is no great task, finding a mate that is on a par with her worth is much harder.
      So, no. You could not carry and birth children. And even if your body allowed you to, you couldn’t bear as many as a woman. The childbearing men would die out, as their evolutionary fitness would pale in comparison to a womans.

      1. Nail on the head…the bigger and stronger sex couldn’t possibly bear as many children as a woman. You win.

        1. I spotted my first troll a few days ago. I think I spotted my first Asperger’s case today.

      2. “finding a mate that is on a par with her worth is much harder”
        No, that’s quite simple too. Women just tend to be deluded about their relative worth.

        1. and there lies the rationalization (or many are very delusional). Some women (if not all women) believe that they are so high in their worth that it’s ridiculous.
          Sure, back when, many women would have been seen as of high value so finding a man “on par” would have been a search.
          Today? Half of these women can’t even take care of themselves, they can’t cook for shit, etc….but they are holding out to find a man that’s “on par” with them?
          Bitches, please…..delusional if not flat crazy.

        2. A great example of the collective delusion of modern women is the OkCupid studies that found that most women on their website believe that most men are, somehow, below average.
          Sometimes I really wonder if it’s painful to suffer from that level of delusion.

        3. Blame that on beta males who rate everything single female profile highly, and give the undesirable females a false sense of validation.

        4. Hahahahaahaha!!!! Good catch!! So much over estimation based on hearing, “You’re Hot!” But keep that 6 guessing. Maybe the wall will assist her judgment.

      3. Lol, calm down. There is no need to elaborate upon the irrelevant idea that men cannot birth children. It’s OK to be the weaker sex, it isn’t your fault… that’s just the way nature made you. I’m sorry it’s so difficult to make sense of things, you must feel so confused all the time.
        “Furthermore, healthy women live longer than healthy men because our bodies, while not being as physically strong, are meant to take more of a beating.”
        Contriving extraneous ideas to make yourself feel better will not be supported here. OTOH, I did get a good laugh out of your comment.
        “So, no. You could not carry and birth children. And even if your body allowed you to, you couldn’t bear as many as a woman. The childbearing men would die out, as their evolutionary fitness would pale in comparison to a womans.”
        I realize concocting abstract scenarios in which men are inferior to women make you feel warm inside. But it does not change the fact that women are inferior at most things relative to men. This isn’t a catfight, only proper thinking is accepted as valid in debates here. Given that you are incapable of constructing valid arguments, I suggest you keep the blather inside your emotionally-driven mind.

        1. Men can birth children. Some faggot got himself implanted after invitro, then took estrogen shots, then delivered by C section. Totally fucked up frankenstein shit. I’m completely against it. But the feminist / queer freak show says its all good when a man tries to be more like a woman.

        2. I can’t like this comment on principle, but good point. It is simply about body fat distribution and hip width that allows for smoother birthing. A uterus helps too.

      4. Ummm, no dummy.I’ll keep this short. Men have something called testosterone. From the time we can walk,( some crawlers) we’ll take risk and push limits. We’ll take on the responsibility of providing for the family/tribe…For Life!
        Now if you think that somehow this is easier than cranking out some kids while drugged….yea.
        So if a man carries that cross for his family for life. Wouldn’t ya think he’ll hit the dirt first…Just saying.

    2. Saying women are “better than men” at giving birth is like saying men are better than women at having a dick. It’s just retarded. No man will ever be able to give birth, so no one can say whether he will in fact be worse at it. But I don’t expect women to escape their solipsism. In their eyes, this qualifies as dialectic.

      1. Good point. I’ll drop that nuke on her next time she brings it up…though I doubt she’ll try again after her first crack.

        1. You’ve gone down scary territory – for then you will have a woman that more or less thinks like a man. What happens then?

  21. The fact that women can’t accept their roles in nature makes me laugh. You’re a fucking woman! Accept it and fucking embrace it already. Stop trying to outdo men and equality blah blah blah. It makes you less attractive! Wake the fuck up.

  22. Not only do women suck at cooking, they do not know how and what to eat. Let me give you a valuable advice: Avoid women who do not eat meat.
    They are also naturally have much higher copper levels than men, and lower zinc
    levels. On average, women have about 20% higher copper serum than men and for iron it is the other way round, with men having a one-third higher iron level than women in their blood.
    Zinc and copper are in competition for being absorbed in the gut, so an excess of one may lead to shortage of the other. Zinc tends to calm and balance the emotions. Zinc stimulates the cortex or the new brain (the rational brain).
    Copper has enzymatic effects that stimulate the old, animal brain. Dr. Paul Eck called it the “emotional mineral”. Excessive copper increases the adrenalin and is very often the cause for unruly, hyperactive children (or women).
    The point is that women who avoid meat are more likely to be somewhat unstable, too emotionally charged or plain crazy. I do not think that we will ever see any research in this field but I bet that women higher on copper would be more likely to start a false rape accusation.
    Simply find out what she likes to eat and if she mentions the word “vegan” – RUN AWAY!

  23. Modern feminists, smugly certain that they COULD have achieved everything men did if only they’d had the chance, now make the blindingly simple demand: “You built it, now give us half. That’s fair.”

  24. “This was before female-dominated human resource departments, where 24-year-old airhead girls get to dictate which type of men are worthy enough to be granted a living”
    Or middle aged female bosses who do nothing but bully and berate the workforce.
    I’ve worked for some asshole male bosses before, but the worst male tyrant is only about on par with an average female boss in my experience.
    In my 15 years in industry, women bosses hate
    1. Guys they don’t find attractive
    2. Guys who they do find attractive but who are taken
    3. Guys they find attractive, who are available, but who show no interest
    4. Women who are more attractive than them
    5. And most other people, depending on personal whims
    You fall under the above and have a female manager above you, well I’d think about getting another job. Or some anti-depression tablets.

    1. A male mangina boss who is overly-protective of a female employee he is in love with can be pretty frustrating though trust me.
      But overall I agree… Male bosses are in general simpler and understand what work means to a man.

      1. micro managers, male versions included, act like women. They shoot down ideas and want their egos stroked.

        1. I know middle managers who are completely owned by females that they supervise. Not even their boss, but their underlings. Disgraceful. Spread the ROK message as much as possible, and the earlier the better.

      2. My personal experiences with female bosses have been terrible from day 1.
        Really, really bad.

        1. Shit man… It just hit me.. I’ve never had a female boss in my 35 years of working.. hmm.. Maybe I was just lucky..

    2. Back in the late 1990s I had a middle-aged female boss and she could have been the very illustration of the term “manjawed”.
      I learned a lot of red pill from her actually. No, she did not teach me anything on purpose. Her treatment of men made it very clear what women “like here” were all about and from my experience with her, I learned to avoid ending up working under them.

    3. Are these the same idiots that invented the questions during the interview process. “Tell me your greatest strength, now tell me you greatest weakness.” If I have to endure another interview with those same cookie cutter questions and we all know them by heart. I swear to GOD I will kill everyone in the room.

    4. I had a female boss… Actually I get along somewhat well with her and I don’t have a bullying problem I had with my former male bosses. The problem is… she is totally incompetent. She is ruining our company. We might even go bankrupt.

      1. So she went from an employee problem to an employment problem? Nice upward mobility!

  25. OK – a couple quibbles.
    Women actually do have a couple advantages in fine precision work – small assemblies at factories, fine motor skills for precision shooting – and in the kind of detail/pattern analysis required for QA and similar work (one reason why the team that catalogued most of the visible stars was women).
    They also tend to be far better at reading body language and context.
    That said – better shooting doesn’t translate into better fighting or being good at (or interested in) hunting, and they are generally trumped at everything the article here points out as well.
    …and watching an “I f*cking love science” documentary (aka “Cosmos”) – it’s great to know that there actually are several women who contributed I hadn’t heard of. Now if they could stop making it all about how the women were ignored because sexism, especially immediately after they went on how other male scientists with similar ideas were persecuted for decades, i’d give more of a crap. It’s a waste of screen time involved in actually learning something.
    But then taking limited production resources and broadcast time pandering to the “see, they were all sexist” line is more important than actually spending time on, y’know, SCIENCE! ™

    1. “Women actually do have a couple advantages in fine precision work – small assemblies at factories, fine motor skills for precision shooting – and in the kind of detail/pattern analysis required for QA and similar work (one reason why the team that catalogued most of the visible stars was women).
      They also tend to be far better at reading body language and context.”
      Fair points

    2. Women actually do have a couple advantages in fine precision work –
      small assemblies at factories, fine motor skills for precision shooting –
      and in the kind of detail/pattern analysis required for QA and similar
      work (one reason why the team that catalogued most of the visible stars
      was women).

      Pattern analysis trips my bullshit radar, since if that were true it would seem like women should dominate chess, since that game is all about pattern analysis and prediction, and they observably don’t. I think you meant something else,like color/object recognition? Evolutionary trait developed from ancient times when women used to pick berries and fruits, and had to
      learn to recognize the edible ones from the poisonous ones?
      I’malso not sure about fine motor skills. That’s pretty heavily related to
      dexterity and reflexes, where men dominate women. In precision
      shooting, the kind of object recognition I mentioned above seems like it
      would explain it.
      But anyway, I’m going to go look this stuff up. You’re welcome to provide articles/information too, if you read this comment and have the time.

    3. I disagree that women are better at fine shooting. Women take longer to learn fine marksmanship. They do not have the strength in the forearms for handling the recoil on handguns. They do develop these skills but it takes longer than men. Thus requiring more ammunition and remedial training. Women also have difficulty firing shotguns as the weapon has a tremendous recoil and they lack the upper body strength for easy mastery of the shotgun. I have never seen women fire the older bolt action military weapons of the two World Wars, but from my own experience German Mauser’s and Russian Mosin Nagant rifles recoil so hard they leave a bruise on my chest. The guns are long and heavy most women cannot master those weapons in a short time frame for example less than 500 rounds on the range.

      1. Well, to be fair, there were some good female Russian snipers in WW2. Necessity and not dying makes strange things happen.

        1. You are correct and their accomplishments are well documented. I have observed over the years many women firing weapons for the first time specifically hand guns and shot guns. I can say without a doubt the learning curve for women is longer hence more time, ammunition, and money. The women that fought for the Soviet Union were a different lot than our entitled bitches. On that same note the women were not put into infantry units with the intention of mixing it up with the Germans. They did kill a lot of Germans but they also were used behind the Russian lines to kill Russians if they retreated.

  26. “Anything Women Can Do, Men Can Do Better”
    Not sure if I agree. I think women are vastly superior to men when it comes to spewing period blood and acting whiny and bitchy.

  27. maybe an alternative male career path is to become a gigolo and therefore get paid by career women to fuck their pussies and give them attention on a per hour basis.

  28. I know a woman whose truck I’m doing repairs on. She be like “I want to be there when you do XYZ so I can learn”.
    Well, I ain’t got time to wait for that shit.
    Last night actually, having done some of the work, I said this to her:
    “Now all you really need to know is how to look good when you go climbing out of that truck. Wear a nice dress and some tall heels and stick your ass out when climbing in or out of it. Don’t worry your pretty little head about anything else. ”
    While that woman is not by any stretch a femicunt, she still has the “empowerment” lies floating about in her head.
    This is why a lot of women, even if they renounce feminism (mainly because feminism today is pathetic), they still have the indoctrination, years of it, that does not come off easily. They have it programmed into them that if they manage to shed the ideas completely, some big bearded mountain man is going to lock them in a kitchen without shoes, all knocked up or something. It’s like with the blacks when you say that affirmative action is racism they automatically think that to even consider it they’ll be forced to the back of the bus in five minutes.

  29. Its gotten to the point I cant watch tv shows that used to be excellent.
    Im trying to hang on for the end of PersonOf Interest, because the overarching plot now is the the terrifying possibility that private groups are seeking to corner the global intelligence market, and I wanna see how it plays out.
    But in the past 2 yrs, they introduced a brilliant(and gorgeous!) computer hacker, who is somehow amazing skilled at shooting all sorts of guns, and another gorgeous(and super tiny) female assassin who physical skills defy physics. In the last episode, it looks like the two are coming out as lesbians. Awesome. Just awesome. Caviezel and the guy from “Lost” are bad ass though…

        1. No it’s a awesome show, a ex mob guy who is really conservative gets relocated to Lillyhammer Norway where it is ultra socialist liberal, its a no PC show it’s kind of a comedy but it’s a Man’s show.

  30. Also should be noted in physical abilities that if you Youtube Powerlifting Meet and watch Men and women Squatting, Bench press, and Dead-lifting, most all the guys are putting up 50-70 % more weight than the women.

  31. Wow, who dumped you? Must have been an amazing woman. Perhaps you would feel more comfortable with a burka-clad blow up doll. Much less likely to think for themselves.
    Word of advice, spend a little time working on your confidence.

    1. how many female “girl friends” do you go out with on the weekends? and how many of them paint your toenails and cry on you shoulder while you jack off to gay porn?

  32. But, and that’s a big BUT, women are far more superior than us when it comes to … sex.
    And if we have to be honest all of our greatest achievements have been driven by the power of sex. In fact, women’s sexuality has shaped the human evolution. We owe our own consciousness, not to mention all of civilization, to the oddities of women’s sexuality!
    Males tended to be what females wanted them to be.

    1. Our hormones require we have women to satisfy our physical needs.
      we like sports because we enjoy competition not to impress females.

      1. In fact, this very site is just another proof that all we do is to get in their pants. Don’t deny it, it’s not healthy.

        1. I wrestled my whole life from a tot to adult age. I did it in order to beat the best. I play soccer now at age 41 in order to see how good I can get before I get too old. Notice I did not even mention women once in my above 2 sentences.

        2. And yet here you are on this site discussing women in general. I don’t see how anyone would deny the power of the reproductive instinct. You stay in shape as it is a sign of virility i.e. gives you higher value in the sexual market.

        3. A by-product of sports is staying in shape and improving my libido, etc.. SMV . It is, I repeat, not my motivation for competing in sports to begin with. I could be a fat slob and pay for sex as well and not need women’s approval at all, other than negotiating the entry fee for pussy.

    2. You seem to be implying that this is a benevolent conscious decision on their part and as such we should at least somewhat revere them. This would be absurd because to think that a woman is making conscious sexual decisions for the good of human evolution and consciousness is silly.
      Most of her sexually-oriented decisions are whimsical, selfish and short-sighted anyway.
      Also, how is she superior to us in sex when we are the initiators and bear responsibility for every dumb decision she makes? All a woman ever does is look the way she does and applies make-up then go passive and wait for men to come.
      Furthermore, its a fallacy to believe great achievements were driven by the power of sex – I do not think when da Vinci was sitting behind his desk burning the midnight oil developing his knowledge he was thinking about pussy. It seems more logical to think he was driven by a thirst for knowledge and to push past his own boundaries. He probably was not thinking about impressing some bitch from antiquity.

      1. It just happened. The danger of giving birth led women to decouple sex and reproduction. Since them, the rules of the game changed completely in their favour. That coupled with the cryptic ovulation left men completely in the dark, which partly explains our constant thirst for sex.
        There are many more “oddities”: the human female experiences orgasm, which is unknown to other species in that intense form; the human female has sex facing her partner; the human female has sex even “on top”; the human female experiences menopause (she stops ovulating altogether, i.e. of being able of making babies) relatively early in her life. Notably, the female of every other species copulates when it ovulates. The human female is the only one that decouples the two activities.

      2. Da vinci was a butt pirate if you didn’t know. That’s why so many male sculptures. I’m not arguing anything, just an observation.

    3. Women are not superior at sex. That’s a stupid concept. They do what they are supposed to, we do what we are supposed to.
      Males tended to be what females wanted them to be.
      Males tended to be what worked, which is not to be confused with what women wanted them to be. Today’s society is full of males the way women want them to be and society is going straight into the toilet.

      1. They are. They are the ones that refuse and allow sex. We, on the other hand, are always ready to oblige/serve.

        1. That doesn’t make them superior at it. That’s a function of each sex’s reproductive capacity.
          If you’re trying to score points with women you’re on the wrong site.

        2. This is a distortion in your thinking. Women, Strictly speaking, don’t make conscious decisions on what men should look like to determine what qualifies them for sex. Women are passive; they basically choose whoever leaves the biggest impression on them in whatever form they may come.
          Look up stockholm syndrome and you will better understand a woman’s sexual disposition. Betas (the ones trying to qualify themselves for sex) think women make conscious decisions in this respect and this is why they falsely think they need to jump through hoops.
          Alphas (men who are dominating and self-driven) don’t jump through hoops and this is why they don’t have to do any work to attract women.
          Men are either more alpha or more beta in their disposition towards women. The reason you think like this is because you adhere to a beta narrative.
          Knowledge comes with understanding my friend

        3. If you are in charge of a bank, you are financially superior because you can lend money and derive interest. It’s logical.
          I’m just restoring the balance.

        4. Prostitution throws your entire argument right out the window. Hookers are the ultimate equalizing weapon. If women weren’t attracted to players and alphas, then this site would not need to exist. We, guys on this site, would just pay for pussy and never go to a night club or bar ever again.

        5. That makes zero sense.
          You have fun unnecessarily kissing female ass on this site, if it makes you happy. There’s not a lot of women here and the ones who are here are not particularly interested in guys who trample their dignity to try to catch their attention.

        6. The so called alphas (the true ones) are descendant from the male line of hunters. The reason why the male started hunting is to bring an iron rich source of food for their women.
          Men have a one-third higher iron level than women in our blood and we can get it from non-animal sources. Women on the other hand have less naturally and lose a lot during menstruation. Plus it is vital for the brain formation of the children she bears.

        7. Sorry but prostitution is a male’s invention. The extraordinary scope and persistence of prostitution attests to many males’ desire to seek sexual relief without the need to pay the price at the gates.

        8. so now we figured out that you’re a female now.
          You’re damn right, prostitution, means we can pay, pump, dump, and leave with none of the side effects “modern day” relationships inflict. Your point is what?

        9. That’s true, men did tend to women in those days but society was structured very differently back then.
          I maintain that we can’t use modern parameters to measure mindsets back then but thats not to say that women’s mindsets were any different. I’m sure they still fawned over the alphas and betas, which I can assume back then were the weaker men, were denied paternity.
          This still puts men in driver seat.
          Women only passively received the alpha seed. No conscious evolution of humanity on their part nonetheless

        10. If you can not tell her way of thinking from mine then you should concentrate more on mental exercises.

    4. Women are largely risk adverse. It was men, not women who colonized and built societies, usually against the objections of safety and comfort seeking women.

      1. Men built civilisation as the only way we could figure to deal with the number of women’s sexual oddities.

        1. Go troll somewhere else, you are not even entertaining like some trolls.
          Later, gator.

    5. Wrong answer. Women aren’t superior to men in sex. All a woman has to do is get fucked. Just because they can draw men like bears to honey doesn’t make them superior in the act of sex.

      1. Not only do they get to multi-orgasm but you do all the hard work while trying hard to prevent your orgasm to last long enough for hers.
        Provided, she allowed you to fuck her in the first place.
        I call that an epic sex fail!

        1. Fair point. But the orgasms benefits them, not the man. Every girl is “good” at sex. All it requires to get a man off is allowing him to stick his dick into a moist hole, thrust, repeat. For a man to get a woman off takes talent. Any female can get any man off but the inverse is false, thus, proving men are superior between the sheets.

        2. But the disharmony of male and female orgasm is the source of much contention and frustration in the bedroom. So we men do try hard get them to orgasm.
          Female orgasm directly addressed the biological emergency that struck our species when women realised that mortality was intimately related to sex. The evolution found it imperative to reward women, thus countering their newfound caution.
          The reward was orgasm. If a woman knew that she could revisit the most amazing rush she had ever experienced, then she would be substantially more willing to take a risk believing
          the game was worth the candle.

        3. 50% of females don’t climax from sex, no matter who the man is, no what what he does Also women totally burn out early 40s, while men only lose 1% of their testosterone per year.

        4. Those 50% never reach orgasm because they don’t want to. A woman will reach orgasm only if the right man touches her.

        5. No. Countless surveys, different methodologies. Half females don’t climax from sex. Meaning they only get off from vibrator. Sad. Impossible to imagine for a male who gets hard when the wind blows. The take away is, lots of women want sex for other reasons, the closeness, the status of the male. Society would be better if women were as responsive as men. I think that’s one of the big issues that causes lots of women’s personality problems, including overeating, borderline personality disorder, obsessive compulsive, all that neurotic shit they blog about.

        6. None of those researches you’ve read were experimental, they were simply questionnaires.
          The clitoris is a mini-penis. With the right stimulation and training any woman can be brought to climax.

        7. Yeah right. I take your dumb ass word for it because the science doesn’t fit your broken narrative.

  33. I talked to a guy in the army and he said that there are two ranger schools, one for the men , and a experimental one for the women, he said the female ranger school is significantly easier and the standards are lower, the army guy said that only one female made it as far as 75 % of the way in the female ranger school but then she dropped out, he also said that because women have a vagina that any more than two weeks in the field under the conditions the rangers operate can become a Serious Hygiene issue, i’ve also heard that long durations in the field without the proper nutrition causes rapid muscle Atrophy in women.

    1. Aye, as a former soldier I can attest first hand to women’s inability to perform anywhere near a man’s ability in the field. This is not about facts though, it’s about duh feeeelz.
      China or Russia is going to steamroll the U.s. Military some day soon. Hard men versus stress card carrying women and LGBTWXYZ’s is not even a pretend fair contest. And you know what? I will have not one ounce of sympathy for any of these “fallen heroes”. Fuck’em.

      1. for the trannies, are there government funded hormone rations ?? Don’t worry about China or Russia, this sickness will be inflicted on them one day as well. The Odyssey by Homer was a 1000 page 8th century BC Greek poem about 2 men fighting over a slut.

      2. It’s like the France shooting that just happened, These Liberal ideas will be the downfall of great nation’s, sending unarmed cops on bicycles to face off against muslim’s with machine guns, and then france puts the Big “Oh how could this happen face” on, Liberalism deserves what it get’s .

    2. It’s another example of how we’re all equal but we have to separate the schools “because”…..because what?
      Women are the ones running around saying their equal and can do the job of any man (but we end up having different sports leagues or different schools). Women can do the job…but not better versus a man (not in this example).
      Work in an HR department, well, they’ve got that covered. You sit on your ass all day. Professional sports or the military..yep, better separate them before the women get crushed.

  34. One of the biggest issues I have with feminism is that “they”, literally claim (and its in print, boasted openly…fucking sung in songs) that women are superior to men! And, I love this article, because it exposes the lunacy of that categorically false idea. Never mind…the FACT that feminism says its for “equality”, yet, give these women just a little bit of power and viola – supremacy is what they want and supremacists is what they are. Its a disgusting and perverted and why it needs to be stopped. The whole thing stinks and makes no sense. We’re suppose to have a society where females are superior to males? We’re suppose to also simultaneously accept that females are perpetual victims and under the oppression of males, which makes them ostensibly, um, weaker – not stronger!

  35. I already regarded myself as inferior, but after reading this, I feel absolutely awful. As a worthless woman, I might as well just curl up and die.

    1. Stupid comment. Understanding that doing something second best does not mean that you cannot do things is too hard a concept, eh cupcake?
      Christ, what a logic fail.

      1. she’s probably a “working mother” who hands the kids off to daycare and bosses men around at work.

        1. Nope, no children and I doubt I’ll ever have any. Why risk releasing more worthless women into the world?

        2. I agree. If anything, at least have one boy so you’re actually contributing something of value versus sucking up all of the resources (and then departing our fair world).

      2. How would you like it if you were told that, because of your biology, you were destined to never be the best in your field? No matter how hard you work, the results will always be laughable? That half of the population regards you as a complete joke? It sucks.
        Men talk about female solipsism, but I don’t think they understand how awful it is to be smaller, weaker and intellectually inferior.

        1. Who cares? If you’re actually good at your field, you’ll succeed.
          See Marie Curie and Margaret Thatcher.

        2. focus on being good at looking hot for your husband, being a good wife, and being a good mother. Why can’t you do that and be #1 at it ?

        3. Facts are facts. I can easily down the world’s strongest woman arm wrestling. Is that sad for you?
          Who gives a fuck about feelings when considering facts? Testosterone = aggressiveness, human mental aggressiveness equals technological progress. Women have far less testosterone than men, ergo, who cares how you feel about it? Want some relief? Female hyenas are far more dominant and aggressive than male hyenas. But wait, they have higher testosterone than males, unique in mammals. Dang, thought I had something for you there.
          Be happy that the things you do well, you do well, and stop trying to compete with men on a field made uneven by government. Why do you need to do things that I do better than you, precisely? I do not try to nurture babies because I recognize your strength, and it doesn’t make me “feeeeeeel baaad”. Get some fucking perspective.

        4. Again, I’m calling bullshit. There’s no way on God’s green earth you think it “sucks” being a female. Being smaller, weaker, and intellectually inferior doesn’t make your life any worse because the bigger stronger and intellectually superior protect you. You love this and you know it. How do I know? You’re a woman. It’s how you’re wired.

        5. I suppose you’re right. They say there’s a depression and anger phase for men who take the red pill, but I think those are even worse for women who take it. As a man, you can pursue self-improvement and dramatically increase your SMV and accomplish great things. As a woman, the potential for greatness seems greatly diminished, particularly when you’ve been told you can do anything by a “you go girl” society. It’s very disheartening to be reminded that you are a member of the vastly inferior sex and, worse, you’re about to hit the wall in a few years. I guess I need to reframe, as you have so kindly done in this comment.
          Now I will get my ass out of the male space that I have so negatively invaded.

        6. No, I really don’t enjoy it. There’s no satisfaction in having the world think you’re useless.

    2. Don’t despair, sex is your revenge. If that’s you on the picture, you’ll have no problem exercising the power nature has granted you.

      1. Your counter revenge does not factor in that the power you talk about exponentially decreases starting at age 25 and ending at 30.

        1. so again, that power will be relegated for jobless or underemployed losers and men with no value. so again, where is that power you speak of ?

        2. With the way things go, all men might be forced by law to please women in their 40-50s.

    3. What the hell? Are you serious? We are speaking on general terms here, and some women did.. some.. things.. in history.. but the truth is there will always be someone who does things better than me no matter how good I am at something, unless I win some world tournament or something like that, so it’s pretty stupid to get mad over it… what diference does it make if it’s a man or woman???? At the end of the day, one only really needs to be a better version of its yesterday’s self. You see?? That’s deep…. I’m deep… and wise.

    4. Funny.
      The billions of women who accepted their roles throughout society were content.
      You got lied to by your feminist buddies.
      Woman up and deal with it.

    5. No, you should get back to the things that you (women) are good at and stop listening to modern feminism (it’s bullshit).
      Women going into men’s locker rooms but not the reverse? Where is the equality?
      Yeah, it’s about equality. It’s bullshit and it’s rationalization (but it’s not equality).
      BTW…how’s that free ride you got into college (or partial free ride) while I had to pay in full?

    6. I’m calling bullshit. There’s no way someone who looks like you who has been poised by western culture regards yourself as inferior.

  36. OK, i admit you’re better than me at everything. I guess you can have better babies without women, that you’d rather have sex & kiss with other men because they’re better at it, that you’re better at washing the dishes and your whole fuckin room and breastfeeding and changing fucking diapies.
    Better at being a dick ? Sure, mate.

    1. Shaming troll shames.
      Having babies and fucking, even lizards can do competently. Congratulations on being as competent as an iguana at life.

      1. Oh, hi, do I know you ? Did I insult you ?
        Who said the only worth of women was fucking and having babies?
        I was merely giving the most stereotypical arguments I could make so that would be easier for you to get my point, but i guess it didn’t work.
        This trope stopped to be funny with “everything you can do, an asian can do it better than you”.

        1. “Oh hey help me man i can’t find a good comeback so i’m using the good ol’ go make me a sandwich cuz i don’t have any idea”

        2. For someone who thinks that looks are all that matters, you should really work more on your appearance.

        3. thanks, I actually do try. I guess the 2 females I am fucking currently are pretty happy with what I got.

        4. You said it in your first comment you fucking moron.
          Gentlemen, this is exactly why there used to be a rule about replying to the idiot cunts. Whatever happened to that rule, anyway?

    2. A woman with downs syndrome can have a baby.
      Having a baby or breastfeeding is not a talent or skill that one person can do better than someone else.

      1. it’s like comparing our penis size to their breast size. Is that even something to compete against ?

        1. Nobody claims women are worse at birthing babies than men, froot loop. And you cannot piss your name competently in the snow in cursive.
          Now, to the actual topic, we’re talking about actual tasks divorced from basic biological functions given to us by our sex. Men dominate the ranks of geniuses in all cultures throughout history. We build everything, we do it better than you, else nature would have selected us out for survival. Deal with it. You are not superior to men, and even at most real world tasks requiring logic, hard math and hard results, you normally do not rank as well as men.
          Being bitter about nature is a sure way to stay angry for a lifetime.

        2. Ugh, well, i’m sorry for being abnormal.
          Seriously, at least in my country, women have on average the exact same results in maths in the equivalent in high school.

        3. “piss your name competently in the snow in cursive.” I’m male, and I’m proud of doing that.

        4. Yeah, sure you do. Once the boys are drugged up enough and the tests “normalized”.
          In any event, have fun and stop caring what other people think. Cheers.

        5. you sir are a dying breed as they do not teach kids cursive anymore…

        6. Yes.
          We invented the concept of designer babies soon to be realized when the artificial womb is perfected in a few years. And no a female egg contribution is not necessary.

        7. No you retard, because I’m a male. Like I said, that’s not a talent or skill.
          Can you have a baby better than a donkey can?

        8. Show me a woman who can control what IQ her kid is going to have and whether the kid will have Down’s Syndrome without the use of tablets or surgical intervention, and then we can talk about whether women can have better babies than men.

      2. It’s actually funny. Her “women’s achievements” are all biological facts. She was born with a vagina and breasts, ergo, superiority! Meanwhile men create civilization by intelligence, drive and exercise of will and she thinks squirting a kid out of her vagina, like any great ape, is a harder achievement.
        If these types were’t so serious in their beliefs it would be hilarious.

        1. if Eve didn’t listen to the snake and trick Adam into eating the fruit, childbirth would even be a “walk in the park” for her and her ilk.

        2. Did I ever say women were superior ?
          The only reason I’m posting on this is because i believe we’re equal. Fucking E-Q-U-A-L.
          Uh so yeah, fyi women did create civilizations 🙂
          And “squirting a kid out of your vagina like any great ape” is not only insulting to your mother & all women, and did i ever said i wanted a kid ?

        3. So we didn’t have to constantly battle the elements or face hunger, have a better future for the next generation.

        4. the proof is in your writing, trying to be a wannabe cussing sailor and using homo fags to make your argument about kissing skills. How attractive…

        5. We are not equal. We’re complimentary, with differing strengths and weaknesses.
          Equality exists in one place: death. Everywhere else there will always be inequality, and good thing too.
          The rest of your comment is too idiotic to stoop to address. It ain’t about you sweetheart, stop with the solipsism.

        6. I’m actually not really trying to be attractive or to seduce you. Neither am I interested in you.
          I’m however sorry if I do sound like a “cussing sailor” since English is not my mother tongue. I’ll try to be more polite.

        7. I really do not care if you’re polite or not. You’ll know what you accomplished when you hit 35, have a drawer full of crazy meds, 2 cats, and your “career”.

        8. This from a tart that has sneered about another man’s appearance on this thread.
          The irony. The Iiiiiii-roooooooo-nnnyyyyyy.

        9. Yeah, you guessed right ^.^
          I do not know if what I’m going to say is true for all atheists tho, I’m just speaking for myself here.
          I believe there was a Big Bang, and then chain reactions which created diverse atoms.
          These atoms then assembled themselves to form bigger molecules again and again and then us.
          I’m not sure I’m on point tho, please tell me ~

        10. Oh, okay.
          Remind me to mail you when I hit 35 then.
          I shall admit one thing, you’re spot on for the cats. KITTIES ! (^.^)

        11. Before The Singularity, what existed? Nothing, right? So where did the singularity come from? Magic? Before the Big Bang there was no matter and no dimensions to measure by, so even the singularity would have to have been outside of reality prior to exploding. Without ways or even dimensions to measure, there is nothing to conclude except that a speck appeared out of literally nowhere, for no knowable reason and created everything by processes initiated by an action we can never know.
          Sounds no less fishy to me than an invisible God doing it.
          Both are definitionally outside the realm of what can be known, both forever a mystery.
          So in fact, it apprears that you do have faith, you just didn’t know it.

        12. Before the Big Bang, we can only make assumptions since light does not reach that far.
          My assumption is that the Universe is starting to expand more slowly, and at one point will start to shrink again and accelerate again and again until it ends with a new Big Bang, hence creating another new Universe which will expand again.
          For me, it sounds less fishy than some invisible God doing it ^.^

        13. Before the expanding or contracting, before the big bang, what caused the big bang to happen? at what point was it decided to happen? and for what reason was it necessary?

        14. There was no end and no beginning.
          Time is not a constant flow, you know ? That was Einstein’s theory.
          I’m afraid I’m not knowledgeable enough to explain his equations, you’ll have to ask my dad or google for that, but, basically, it has no beginning. It’s like a cycle, it never ended and never stopped.

        15. The Big Bang theory states that all mass in the universe that there is today was compressed in one tiny little point and then suddenly decided to expand… but wait.. wouldn’t such an absurd quantity of mass compressed in one place collapse on itself and give birth to a supermassive black hole instead of expanding? I mean, that’s what happens when stars die, their gravity crush their mass and it creates a black hole… now talk about all the mass of all the stars and planets in the universe in one little tiny space…

        16. Evasion. You are talking post singularity. If you rely on infinite time/superstring you have the rest of the physics community to grapple with, as well as thermodynamics. It had to start somewhere, hence the “bang” part of it. Where did the singularity come from? How did it explode.
          You cannot answer, because nobody can, nor will ever be able to. Without a reality to measure against, science ultimately fails and moves to “conjecture” without a hope of evidence e.g. Faith.

        17. Where are those female created civilizations now?
          We are not equal.
          If we were feminism would not exist.
          If we’re so equal then why do women petition men for their rights?

        18. No ending and no beginning is NOT the Big Bang. You do not even know what you believe in, yet you arrogantly refute God! For shame.
          Infinite loop is also faith based since infinity has no boundary points to measure by, so you just have to assume without evidence. Faith.

        19. What I’m calling “Big Bang” is when the Universe is at its smallest, just before it “explodes” and brutally grows back again.

        20. You do not get to define commonly understood theories to your own definition, first.
          Second, I just explained the fallacy of infinity as fact.
          You are floundering.

        21. No proof is needed Mayu. At some point in existence there has to be an un-caused cause.

        22. I do not claim to work on anything outside of faith, which by definition rests outside of facts. You on the other hand accept a science that ultimately has to rest its foundation on a form of faith, while denying it yourself.
          I do not have to back up that which I have not claimed as capable of evidence.

        23. So your argument is that you don’t need proof? Weak sauce sweetheart. There’s no counter argument to the un-caused cause.

        24. That’s the way I understand it.
          I’m sorry for not being clear enough on this point.
          I didn’t really see where you refuted it.
          You said it was about faith. If that’s what you call “belief” , then yes, it’s faith. But i can’t see how God or a Superior existence would be anything more than Faith – a piece of your mind

        25. Exactly. The faith in that there is no God is just as strong as the faith that there is. There is a lot more proof that there is a God than proof there isn’t. It takes a hell of a lot of faith to believe everything around us came from nothing.

        26. I am making no points about God, I am simply stating that your belief system ultimately has no answers and relies on effects without provable causes, which is the same foundation as religion.
          You are no better than a theist, never pretend otherwise. A well versed theist with sound physics and philosophical underpinnings will clean your epistimological clock at will, you and your trendy school taught Marxist approved “atheism”.
          Thus concludes the lesson.

        27. Assertion definitionally unverifiable and unable to be reproduced or measured against. A claim that cannot ever have validatible proof. Anti-science.
          But great sophistry, I’ll give you that.

        28. “Uh so yeah, fyi women did create civilizations :)”
          Which were promptly steamrolled by male civilisations.

        29. “‘m afraid I’m not knowledgeable enough to explain his equations, you’ll have to ask my dad”
          lol. When can’t explain, ask a man.

        30. “My assumption is that the Universe is starting to expand more slowly, and at one point will start to shrink again and accelerate again and again until it ends with a new Big Bang, hence creating another new Universe which will expand again.”
          We already KNOW this is incorrect. The universe’s rate of expansion is increasing. We had to invent a new component in the universe, which has anti-gravity properties. It’s called dark energy.

        31. “And “squirting a kid out of your vagina like any great ape” is not only insulting to your mother …” Western mothers are overrated. And for some of us,
          “my dear mama left me when
          I was quite young
          when I was quite young
          And my dear mama left me when
          I was quite young
          when I was quite young
          She said “Lord have mercy
          on my wicked son”

        32. Yeah well men are better, biologically, at all the stuff in the article. Our superior strength, having a logical brain, being able to think creatively, discipline; we are biologically better at those things. Because, we’re men.
          So the chick has a point. I can’t birth or breastfeed a kid, nor do I have the remotest desire to do so even if I could. I also have zero interest in raising little kids or doing domestic shit. If women can’t be nurturing and supportive, they are completely useless and should be sent off to some remote island somewhere.
          Now women need to get back and start doing what they’re superior at, (which is not arguing on forums btw, note to said chick) and get out of my space.

        33. Not so much actually. You and I can practice nurturing and taking care of kids, and we cannot practice birthing. A woman can practice logic and math and get better. Strict biological I meant, as in impossible to practice or replicate with your current sex.

        34. Hmm. To an extent. But typical male strength and speed in athletic endeavors is as impossible for a woman to achieve, no matter how hard she practises, as me breastfeeding. The article even calls this biological.
          The math and logic stuff, seems to me most male brains are different than most female brains there too. Chicks just lack the capacity for it. That’s why they shouldn’t even be encouraged to practise it, because they’re always gonna be shithouse at it.

        35. Uh so yeah, fyi women did create civilizations 🙂
          List one.
          And I actually mean CIVILIZATIONS, not a small tribe in some backwater shithole. That’s not a civilization by any definition of the word, whether created by women or men.

    3. Great. Another ignorant xojane expat invading the male space again to spew her utopian phantasmagorical bullshit.
      -If women were so great at giving birth and raising children why have they slaughtered 60 million of them since 1973? (not including the children they abuse and kill outside the womb). Women are the primary perpetrators of infanticide and child abuse. Look it up.
      -Fleshlights have been known to surpass a natural vagina in terms of pleasure. That is until the male invented virtual reality sex simulators come out which will introduce direct stimulation to the brain.
      -ive worked in commercial kitchens for 8 years starting at the bottom as a dishwasher. I’ve washed dishes for 1000+ covers a night restaurants. For every female dishwasher that I’ve seen up to this point there were 20 that were male. In other words, I’ve only seen 4 female dishwashers.
      -breastfeeding? Are you kidding me? That being said it is men who developed the baby bottle, manufacture them and also developed the formula for them. Men also developed and manufacture the diapers. Try swapping out uranium rods and we’ll see who has it worse.
      Your comment is a fucking joke.

    4. Women were the ones rallying and marching for equality (not men). Women get their “up” at the plate and what do they do? Some excel (a rare few) while the others cry foul and want things changed to “seem” equal to men.
      It’s hard data, logic and facts. Women can seem to comprehend so they want to change the rules or change the game. All in the name of equality.
      Yeah, sure…I’ve got some fucking land on the moon that I want to sell you, too.

      1. I wouldn’t be proud knowing that my accomplishments were on behave of Affirmative Action, or lower standards(military) or any other leg up society gives women. Idk how a woman can still believe she is equal to a man and feel she accomplished something , when it is all given to her.

        1. Because in her mind the fact that she got you to lower the bar means she’s won.
          Fucking pathetic, the female mind; fair play means absolutely nothing to them, justice means nothing, honor means zilch, merit is nothing.
          The only things that have value to them are mundane simpleton doltish things like attention and what other women think of them.
          This is why facebook is crawling with she-idiots

        2. Yeah, they are some of my favorites because I like the Sci-fi Horror genre, But I know what you mean, they are one of the first “Tough Chick” Franchise’s.

        3. No that’s not what i meant.
          I meant the female mind looks like the place where they found the alien.

        4. I was in a boys vs girls game, I was about 13 and there was a 24 yr old woman who was overseeing and giving us challenges, well the boys were beating the girls, so the Female overseer said the last challenge would determine the victor , needles to say the guys won the last challenge, however the the woman running the game declared that both the boys and the girls were winners. The Woman wasn’t ready to admit the boys beat the girls so everyone was the winner.

        5. On other sites when debating a feminist you always know when you beat them with facts they cannot dispute because they console themselves by telling you “hahaha I made you mad! I win!”
          That’s why arguing with these children is a waste of time.

      2. Here is an airhead cunt just proving the truth of the article. Of course, she’s too stupid to even realize that’s what she is doing, and thinks she’s won the debate somehow.

  37. There is one skill that women possess in respect to which they are superior to men.
    This skill is the primary means through which the majority of women secure thsir advancement in a society built on male achievement.
    This skill is the ability to manipulate men.

    1. It is more the male hormones that make men so sexually attracted to women, not the female manipulation. In terms of political manipulation, it is again the men, who can breeze through the ranks due to their inner genius (Stalin/Heydrich).

      1. I would argue that the average woman is more skilled in manipulating male sexual desire for access to resources than the average male is in detecting or resisting this manipulation.
        The institution of marriage to males with higher economic status is a good example of this. Also the manipulation of hapless Beta males for resources and favours that will never be reciprocated.
        On a societal level females are able to manipulate men in positions of power in politics, the media and the judicial system to give special privileges to women to the detriment of men. Examples are: affirmative action in the work place, media portrayals of women as more competent than men, and more lenient sentences for female offenders.
        At the same time you are right in saying that the best manipulators of men [and women] in history are men like Stalin, Hitler and Mao.

        1. Nature made women more manipulative, deceptive and amoral precisely as a counter balance to man’s strength.
          Women needed a natural trump card to survive.
          It makes perfect sense biologically.
          I have to admit I don’t see evolution’s purpose in making them emotionally chaotic all the time.

    2. A lot of women secure their advancement through youth and beauty. That’s not so much manipulation as pure biological drive for evolutionary reasons.
      Women are capable of manipulating men, but so are men. Politics, business, and marketing are in large part manipulation, and all have seen men succeed wildly.

  38. Women corrupted by modern ideas mouth off about their “spirituality” a lot. Whatever happened to the idea that you display spiritual maturity through humility and submission? That worked just fine for your female ancestors, otherwise you wouldn’t have come into existence yourself.

  39. This article needs the ban hammer. Or did the rule about no women posting and not responding to women posting get thrown out?
    The best man can out compete the best woman in every category except grace and nurturing. Note these are separate from the inherent biological aspects of beauty and baby growing.
    But that doesn’t necessarily mean the average man is better than the average woman at everything (assuming equal commitment). For example, there is nothing particularly unique about say cooking. An average man that put in the same amount of time as an average woman would be of similar skill.
    Young children obviously comes to mind. You need a certain level of patience to humor children for extended periods of time, a trait found in most women, but not most men. Maintaining communities at a social level is another. It is regularly pointed out here that women are the slut shamers. They are on average better at enforcing the social/cultural code, and their abdication of that responsibility has lead to the mess we find ourselves.

    1. For example, there is nothing particularly unique about say cooking.
      Not true. Women can cook something delicious but they will stick to the same old recipe their mother told them for the rest of their lives. Men are better cooks as we are more inclined to try new ideas.
      It applies to other areas too.

      1. The sad part is many women are opting out of even learning (or sticking) to those old recipes – cooking at all is out the window.

        1. I see it everyday as I have a wine bar and all my staff are men and most of my customers women!

      2. You are distinguishing cooking the functional from cooking the art/science. And the difference really boils down to the average female’s lack of intellectual curiosity.
        At some point some woman found a recipe that works and it gets passed down. Nobody knows why it works, but it does and every woman in the chain is happy about that.
        I was attempting to point out, inarticulately, that there is nothing inherently complicated about certain tasks and they can be handled by any man or woman even of below average intelligence in equal competence.
        There is nothing particularly complicated about the fundamental science behind grilling. If any woman were to spend the tens of hours I have spent on the theory and the hundreds on the practical execution of that theory their steaks/ribs/briskets would rival mine.
        That they don’t is a function of their lack of interest, which is the main limitation on the average woman.

    2. “The best man can out compete the best woman in every category except grace and nurturing.”
      To debunk your claim look no further than Planned Parenthood and mainstream media (especially the music industry).

      1. I have no idea what you are trying to imply. Certainly the best women aren’t in charge of planned parenthood. Or is your argument that women are far and away better at genocide than men?

        1. Actually yes, abortions have killed over 500 million , more than all the wars combined in human history

        2. that’s a 500 million soul army that can be raised to do battle with the legions of feminism
          (probably sounds a bit george a. romero though)

        3. Again. Not relevant. You are arguing there are bad women out there. I said the best woman will out compete the best man. So go find your best man and compare him to Mother Teresa

        4. Why does that matter even though we know there’s plenty of female doctors? Just because McDonalds and cigarettes are legal doesn’t mean I should eat and/or smoke that shit.

        5. That is all well and good, you still haven’t done anything to disprove that the most nurturing woman is more nurturing than the most nurturing man.

        6. No one if women did not demand them.
          Otherwise they’d do it themselves which they already do with creative tools like coat hangers.

        7. Then the author cannot have proof of his subjective claim. He can list the objective speed/strength categories of course, but he can’t make the complete assertion he did.

        8. Jesus. Compare him against Mother Teresa, especially since she literally worshipped him.

        9. While the author may not be able to produce finitely measured proof to the precision of say, timing a foot race, it doesn’t preclude the impact of observational records that support his claim.
          Certainly the group that the author asserts as having the lesser mean, can contain the peak examples of a behavior. However, this is merely trying to obfuscate the nature of things by resorting to academic exercise.
          Essentially, you are trying to apply the “plea to ignorance” fallacy akin to how deniers of anthropological contributions to climate change feel that unless we produce a parallel “test earth” without the Industrial age, we “can’t know for sure”.
          There is much observation that corroborates the notion that women, in general, are far more solipsistic than men. A more exacting methodology to measure this will just give greater precision to the separation. It won’t likely change the trend. Even if we determine that the five most saintly humans are female, the observed mean is still the observed mean.
          See how that works?

        10. Well, the vision of an army of aborted fetus spirits riding flaming chariots out of Limbo to seek fine old revenant vengeance against the mothers who chose themselves over their kids is pretty metal, but there you go.

        11. seems like peter jackson missed a trick when he made ‘the hobbit: the battle of five armies’

    3. Right, but the point is that on average, men tend to be better at things that matter
      It’s not about whether or not there aren’t competent women, it’s about the overall trend
      I also disagree with the social code issue – women clearly continue to do that out of some biological instinct, only that the social code of the day is feminism and “equality”

      1. Now you have just ventured into silly territory. Its one thing to say women have the womb, biology. Its quite another to say women maintain social order, biology. If you are going to go that, men build civilization because biology.
        And I would also say you are a monkey if you think nurturing is not essential, let alone something that doesn’t matter.
        And if you think feminism/”equality” is the enforced social order, then that too matters a great deal.

  40. Good article.The chapter about chess makes fully sense.I was thinking the same since many years.
    Women are only much better than men in looks.
    The best good looking women in the world look much better than the best good looking men.
    Thats the only thing.

  41. Isn’t Argentina run by a female? Or should we just blame the woes in that country on her underlings, the male Neanderthals that don’t understand her feelings ?

  42. You didn’t mention how no woman has ever run the four minute mile. That’s something that’s considered difficult but routine among professional runners.

  43. 95.6% of inventors are men.
    Only 4.4% of patents are held by women.
    To me that is the most glaring of mental differences, as many normal jobs can be done by either men or women. The billion-dollar innovators will always be male.
    Even tampons were invented by men.
    I watched a VH1 special on the Napster creator. One of them grew up in a foster home, dropped out of college at 19 and then created napster, forever changing the music industry.
    There are so many male inventors who are uneducated, dropouts, or otherwise faced tough hardship it’s hilarious to hear women with masters degrees demand larger roles at these great companies.
    Liberals can’t explain why women can do well in college yet don’t innovate. College is just a sheltered memorization environment. They always point to the sheltered world of academia ‘look! women are dominating at school!’ like it really fucking matters.
    It’s like, fuck, why don’t you highly educated women start your own companies and invent your own groundbreaking shit?

      1. that’s what theyre doing to tech companies. Constantly berating silicon valley for only having 19% female board of directors or some shit like that. So naturally, instead of research and development (the hard shit) they put them in bullshit managerial ‘teams’ where no individual is really responsible

        1. that’s right. But in science, they want to have women in, or even heading research teams where possible, as the goals isn’t just to move science forward but to move it forward in terms of diversity. In teams its harder to identity who deserves credit, so the old model of the male genius working on his own to revolutionise some area of science is going to suffer one way or another

        2. >they put them in bullshit managerial ‘teams’ where no individual is really responsible
          Worse, they CREATE NEW positions just to fill them with quota c*nts.

      1. Sadly, that much of that 4.4% of patents for females is likely an inflated stat too. Any group that comes up with a patent and has a female anywhere near the leadership will likely present her as the patent spearhead in order to stave off any lawsuits and/or secure media attention or some forms of gov’t reward.

    1. That’s a great point.
      “They always point to the sheltered world of academia ‘look! women are dominating at school!’ like it really fucking matters.” SO TRUE

    2. But, but, but the patent discrepancy is no doubt the work of patriarchy!

  44. This article should be great for annoying the fuck out of feminists, a noble aim in itself, but beyond that I think restoring masculine identity and value, should be about reminding the world about everything male civilization has achieved, particularly in enabling (and carrying) women (with the implication that the same can if needs be withdrawn or reversed), and in particular with a view to attacking the left-driven basis of false male guilt, which is the cancerous growth at the centre of the modern emasculated male identity. The best way to erode that cancer is not to focus on ‘lots of people dying in history’ (which is can’t be helped) but on focussing on the positives, the superlatives, rather than the comparatives. In terms of sport pointing out that the best woman is less than best man is unfortunately a part of that – there should be no ‘women’s category’ any more than there should be winner in the loser’s category (sorry girls).
    Focus on the positives and avoid the comparison, because at the end of the day ‘fighting with girls’ has never looked good for any man
    Re. women, though, they need something too, they’ve been give false role models, with massive hairy man hands. Women need real role models, that they may excel in what it is to be a woman. Making women feel inferior isn’t a permanent solution

  45. I scrolled past the article because I fuckin busted out laughing at “coven of feminist witches” LMAO. Like really out Loud. Okay I’m going back to finish.

  46. Women are more natural, more content and more animalistic, if you wish. Whereas we men have to do extraordinary things just to prove ourselves worthy. Hence why we excel at doing what we do.
    In that sense, women are half-humans and men half-aliens. LOL

  47. It should really not be surprising that men, having been the sex that actively pursued objectives throughout human history, would be better at accomplishing most things in general
    The problem with denial is the rejection of biology, which stems from fear of inequality
    Obviously men and women as a group would largely overlap in terms of abilities, but there’s nothing odd or unfair about men being overrepresented at the high extremes

  48. This also shows why patriarchal gender roles were the most fair and protective of women.
    Yes, men were in charge but we had to extend courtesies to ladies, take care of things for them. It was a great social contract because it accounted for the differences in sexes. You were a man, and gentleman. She was a lady. It worked.
    Now they are trying to force lady privileges with government safety nets, yet acting like complete irresponsible whores.

  49. This also explains why women are instinctive cockblockers.
    Deep down they know their only value is sex

    1. A woman who values her status as protégé, therefore, must keep her sex drive under control.
      She must be in a position to make conscious use of her sexuality for her purposes i.e. to win a man who appears suited to play her father, rather than a man who excites and confuses her senses and her mind. And she must be able to refuse herself to her intended protector until he adopts her or at least commits himself clearly to such an intention.
      To see primarily the sex partner in a man is the end of her power over him. It means losing the motive of making him her protector — what good is a lover restrained by protective feelings? — and being quite as dependent on him, sexually, as he is on her.

    2. In my youth I found that the biggest cockblockers were middle aged women who were married any but would get hysterical with jealousy if I talked to an attractive young women. Following them were the bitter middle aged divorcees. Those women had fun in their youth but they’ll be damned if anyone else will have their turn. Since they’re too old for that young man anyway then no other woman can have him either. The intensity of their bitterness is directly proportional to their increase in age. And to think they call US pigs!

    1. They should offer stripping classes to girls at college.
      Undoubtedly these girls would land higher value men for marriage.
      Would definitely help their life more than a worthless liberal arts degree.

      1. all college classes that females take should be geared toward making husbands and children happy. That would solve economic and social problems in this country.

        1. No, they are supposed to learn that from their mothers by the time they are 14, just as boys are supposed to learn to be men from their fathers by 16.
          The very idea of a college degree in “Being a Woman” is an absurdity. A college education isn’t even appropriate for a trade, it is for the “professions.”
          There is way too damned much college:

          Written by Stephen Leacock, Professor of Economics, McGill University, 19 fucking 39.*
          * I’ll point that at the time Leacock was writing that there was Too Much College, only about 5% of the population ever attended. I’ll also point out that, despite what you may have heard from a Women’s Studies major about women not being allowed to matriculate, a fair number of those were women; about 4% of women in fact (about 7% for men).

        2. remember their mothers started this shit back in the 1960s and 70s. We cannot change them at this point.

        3. How can I forget? I remember my own mother, still living, being one of them in the 50s.
          “We cannot change them at this point.”
          Yes, it is true that women will not change. In all times and all places they are constant in that they change with the wind, or we wouldn’t be having this discussion in the first place.
          Women cannot be changed; but how about the wind?

        4. I offer no solution, except being a player with multiple sources of pussy. I finally found happiness at age 40.

      2. Pole dancing has become mainstream. There are yoga studios that teach that now like dance class. This is what some strippers do when they hit the wall at 30, the become pole dancing teachers to 18 y/o females.

        1. I did a bunch of art for a woman that opened her own pole studio. She left a good paying job as a reporter to start it up. She’s now covered in tattoes, done music videos with rappers and worked with some hollywood stars. Seems to be making her happy.

    2. They are also good at modern bullshit art. My wife is one of them. I always tell her I would never buy her “art”. She laughs: “I know, I wouldn’t either!”.

  50. Even in the field of womens’ fashion design, which holds no interest for the vast majority of men, the majority of top designers are men. Albeit gay men.

    1. ” . . . the majority of top designers are men.”
      You may now wear the “Gender Normative Shitlord” badge.
      With pride, of course.

  51. women have a keen awareness of the legal system and the funds in your bank account when your marriage is about to blow up.

  52. Most of the really, really bad stuff is done by men.
    Most really really good stuff is done by men as well.
    For one simple reason – men are more exceptional then women. In any
    given population you will find far more male CEOs, Nobel Prize winners,
    breakthrough scientists, great leaders, sublime artists then you will
    women – about 8 times more in fact.
    You will also find more male criminals, homeless, clinical imbeciles, despots than women – about 8 times more in fact.
    For one very simple reason – eggs are more valuable than sperm.
    Nature needs us to evolve so it experiments, pushes the envelope of what
    it means to be human. And you don’t experiment with the most valuable
    part of your population – young fertile women – which of course means
    women in general.
    Women, as a group, cluster much more around the average then men do, as a group.
    This doesn’t mean that women are incapable of reaching the top, or
    the bottom, just that there will always be fewer of them there, compared
    to men.
    And yet feminism continues to take the worst of men and use them to
    characterize all men, and take the best of women and use them to
    characterize all women. And use the fact that there isn’t a 50-50 split
    of men / women in EVERYTHING to justify it.
    So men are demonized and many women are instructed to take paths they
    are not best suited for. End result; men disengaging and women
    increasingly relying on psychiatric drugs and other self destructive
    self medication to get by.
    The sad thing is – you know who used to control the really bad men
    and help the ones at the bottom? The vast mass of balanced, reasonable,
    fair and decent men in the middle. The very men feminism has attacked
    because it knew these men were too good natured to truly fight back.
    And they haven’t. Instead they are walking away.
    Women are so scared of the small number of the worst of men that they do not deserve the best of the mass of men.

    1. women have killed more humans (abortion; over 500 million) than men have killed in all wars combined.

      1. Agreed. And this speaks to another fundamental difference between men and women. The deeds of men, good or bad, tend to be oververt and in your face. The deeds of women (and weak men) tend to be covert and either unseen or unacknowledged.
        Strong men stand or fall by the results of their actions,
        Women (and weak men) stand or fall by how plausible their deniability is.

    1. High heels were invented centuries earlier than that.
      Oh, yes, by men. For men. Hight is a dominance feature.
      It is said that Catherine, the great queen, was the woman who made them fashionable for women. She was short. Shorter than any woman of the court, which to her seemed unseemly for the Queen, because hight is a dominance feature. Of course, the other women of the court, being women, well, monkey see, monkey do.
      Remember that, men, the next time you want a woman in heels.
      Purses and skirts are other inventions by men, for men, that primeval feminists wrested from men. As per my comment below, my own mother was one of those who participated in the taking of pants, the lower garment of the cavalry.
      Oddly enough, because of the later, for a man to stand out as a distinct sex these days, in a crowd of women he must usually wear a skirt, but the women have convinced men that skirts are . . .
      See above.
      Read a bit of history and you just might discover that, even if you are a MGTOW among MGTOWs, you are still essentially banished to a Man Cave, and even demanding that it be that way.
      It’s Slave Mind at work.

  53. Given all the education opportunites, favoritism, wealth transfer advantages (men pay for dates, divorce settlements, etc.) and laws to protect them, One would expect to see women filling the ranks of CEO positions, building investment portfolios and flooding the scientific journals with new discoveries and inventions. However, with the notable exception of politics, 40 years later, this has for the most part, not happened. I will leave it others to speculate regarding WHY 🙂

    1. and they still choose prostitution, stripping, serving drinks at bars, bikini contests, promo modelling, Playboy, TV Reality shows, and porn as professions.

  54. Ha, so when the government offers me incentives to farm because I’m a woman I should just take the money to make up for the fact that in practically disabled? Thanks for clearing that up for me.

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