Why I Decided To Become A Big Rig Truck Driver

I may be the only Emmy-award winning newscaster who also holds a Class A Commercial Driver’s License and speaks Spanish fluently in the United States. Hot off big daddy government’s press, I just got my CDL.

Earning my CDL was one of the most difficult endeavors I have attempted in my life, far more intense than the college degree I earned that I now loathe. The three-week courses aimed at finding fresh meat for the corporate meat grinder aren’t sufficient to train a man to drive a big rig with authority.

But I held on. I suffered training pay and all the growing pains. And now I feel like I can manage an 80,000 lb driving machine.

In any case, I’m back in The Matrix until June (other than taking March off to travel internationally) to investigate the practicality of a new lifestyle design for men that would allow them to work 6 months a year while traveling abroad 6 months, enjoying libertine cultures and women who have not yet been taught to hate men.

Sure I could stay on my island and enjoy life to the fullest. But there’s a lot of life to be lived and world to be seen. And this is about much more than just me. It’s about taking a stand and showing men how to live a life of financial and sexual freedom. Women had their liberation, now it’s time for ours.

English scholar Rookh Kshatriya eloquently detailed why modern men must learn to live for themselves and their own pleasure, until the “reset” button is pressed on male-female relations in the West, and especially Anglo-America – the mother of feminism:

For normal men, Anglo-Saxon culture is an inherently flawed creation. Everything about it from the ground up is designed to exalt women and denigrate men. There is nothing male-friendly in the existing Anglosphere; it has declared war on men politically, economically, conceptually and legally. There is nothing there of interest to men at all. The situation has deteriorated beyond tinkering with minutiae or putting the clock back – only complete rejection of pan-Anglosphere civilization and all its institutions, root and branch, can now serve the enlightened man effectively.

I’ve always been one to put my money where my mouth is. Before recommending this design to other men who want to escape a hateful Anglo culture but don’t know how, I want to live the life I’m going to be recommending to other men.

I can use my mental powers for the good of my masters or for my own good. I was so shit on by the great system everybody is supposed to worship I turned on it. In many ways, I am pumping and dumping the United States economy, since it no longer serves men’s interests.

Goal 1: $20,000 A Year, Earned in Only 4-6 Months

Make fat stacks fast with NO LIVING EXPENSES when you become an OTR trucker

By American standards, $20,000 a year may sound like a paltry sum. But I know from experience living expenses abroad are most often $500 a month or less for a comfortable lifestyle. I’ve been living abroad in the Caribbean for nearly a year and a half, living a swinging, sexually fulfilled, dancing, drinking, happy existence with housing, food, Internet, utilities, and phone all covered by that amount.

Beyond that, anything I have leftover means its party time.

But why just $20,000? Because this is the point at which a man can both avoid paying a lot of income taxes and if he chooses, get on IBD (income-based deferment) for student loans he got ripped off on so he doesn’t have to pay them back. Moreover, $20,000 a year is enough that a man could live very well abroad on $10,000 for 6 months, invest the other $10,000 in growth stock mutual funds, and come back to The Matrix the following year to earn $20,000 more.

Don’t let anyone convince you a life of sex, drugs, and Salsa music won’t leave you fulfilled. Contrasted with the life of a run of the mill Beta male slave, it’s a fantastic way to enjoy one’s prime.

Goal 2: Travel The World the Other 6 Months

Any money you earn in the U.S. is multiplied 2x or 3x abroad

A slave never dreams to be FREE, a slave only dreams to be king of the ant hill most people spend their lives trying to climb. Stop being a slave and start living the life of a free man.

With $20,000 I will have more than enough money to travel to four continents this year. This is above and beyond visiting virtually every major American city in my big rig, enjoying everything from the Bunny Ranch to random (and free!) hookups with strippers that I use PUA techniques on. (Oh, and before the haters pile on, I dated daughters of executives, daughters of well-connected families and the like when I was a mainstream media guy back in the day. I was so horrified of the “good girls” and the slavery they expected of me by virtue of their association with me I defected and decided to live a life as a free man until the cultural situation changes.)

How does a man live an awesome life on that amount? First off, any money you make in the states can be multiplied by taking it abroad. Second, once a man purges his mind of the materialism and consumerism he has been indoctrinated with from childhood and instead chooses to live a life of minimalism, he will discover the fact his money buys freedom.

Most of the world lives on a fraction of what Americans live on. A little money extracted from here goes a long way somewhere else. Corporations aren’t the only entities that can outsource. I just consider this my way of evening the score.

Goal 3: Survey The Ship

Surveying the cultural Titanic as it sinks is another goal of this venture

Captains of sailing vessels in the past used to survey the ship before a hopeless battle. In many ways, my trek across America is my way of surveying nearly every state and every major city to make sure I haven’t missed anything when it comes to women and the Anglo cultural obsessions with shopping and eating out.

So far, in the 40+ states I’ve visited while driving and while working with the media, I’ve seen only fleeting, exceedingly rare exceptions to the poor relations between the sexes. Most of the time, women adhere to the feminist script we discuss in the manosphere.

As an example for what passes as a “date” these days, I am in and out of Utah hauling freight and recently stopped by a SWPL restaurant. I was treated to this episode going on at the table beside me. I saw one of the “good Mormon girls” thoroughly de-balling her dinner date as she talked to him in a condescending manner, as if he was a job applicant rather than a potential boyfriend or husband. I felt bad for the guy, and would have refused to pay for this woman’s dinner as I walked out the door and left her sitting there. But he paid for it, took the verbal badgering, and walked out with a defeated look on his face. Why in HELL do men put up with this? This guy is well on his way to frivorce rape by virtue of his association with this harridan.

When I dated the “high class” girls I always felt like a pawn in their stupid little games. So I learned to bypass all the ridiculous sophistry and go straight for the red (or is it pink? – heh) meat of the matter.

Lifestyle Design

Teaching others to fly the coop of misandry and sexual repression is a worthy aim

Beyond the personal goals of fattening my bank account, traveling the world, and surveying the ship, the core purpose of this venture is to help design a solid plan for men who want to work part time and travel part time.

Men often give up and resign to the fact they’ll always be doing someone else’s bidding rather than living a personally fulfilling lifestyle. I nearly succumbed to this myopia myself in my late 20s, before I got angry and decided to extricate myself from a system that was abusing me at any cost. The goal is to allow men to give the finger to a system that hates them and villainizes them in all its narratives.

Becoming a part-time trucker ticks a number of check marks on the lifestyle design page.

  • A near perfect lifestyle for the single man who wants to be a roaming nomad instead of a nester
  • Avoids paying excessive income taxes into the beast
  • Allows men to dodge student loans if they wish
  • Provides an excellent income if spent abroad
  • Allows a man to work half the time and live half the time
  • CDL drivers are in such demand a driver with a clean record can fall ass backwards into a job
  • A man doesn’t need to pay rent or other expenses beyond what he eats as he can live in the sleeper of the truck
  • A man becomes in effect, a migrant worker who only comes to the U.S. to earn cash

I’ve personally found this move to be much more personally rewarding than being a “TV star” ever was, as I know I’m doing this for me and I know it keeps me out of the system.

For now, that’s the latest from Relampago on the road. I’ll be in the air the second half of the year enjoying myself. This is a cause much greater than oneself. This is a project in creating a Renaissance of male freedom.

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289 thoughts on “Why I Decided To Become A Big Rig Truck Driver”

  1. I’m personally a 34 year old, local semi truck driver and i love it! I made over $60k last year and i’m single with no kids so i’m happy..But i also go home every night to a 4bedroom house i live alone in..All the pussy i want and make sure to hit the gym on the way..I tried long haul for about…One week and was over it..There is alot in this article that wasn’t referenced..Like weight gain, truck stop showers (fuck that), lonely nights, no friends, no family to see on a regular basis, weigh stations, state patrol officers just waiting to pull you over and fuck with you and all kinds of other bullshit you have to deal with that i don’t want to get into..Basically, it’s not for everyone…But if i had a choice between OTR and local, well…I guess my choice has already been made.

    1. Bad idea if you are married or with children. My I have a brother in law who does it. He makes decent money, but all the kids are getting problems because they have no dad at home.

    2. Lonely nights, no friends, and weight gain — oh you don’t have to be a trucker to experience those things! 😀

    3. Id be more worried about autonomous vehicles taking away truck drivers jobs in the next 10 years. Even worse, the pensions truck drivers are paying into are already getting hit hard. I wonder if the robots will be required to pay into the pensions to keep them going…

      1. Yeah, i keep hearing that bullshit and it SOUNDS good….At best, those fucking machines will be good for long hauling. As far as pick ups and deliveries in local commercial and residential areas and crunch times? I doubt it.. I’m constantly driving into and out of rediculously tight spots that i doubt a machine could get in and out of. It’s too complex to explain the details that involve my daily duties..You would have to experience it. Only then would you understand and say to yourself “A machine do this? No FUCKING way”.

        1. Honestly man, i do project planning in an industry tied to oil and natural gas. I also manage a shipping department and know the owners of at least 10 local trucking companies. On a day to day basis I deal with about 20 different logistics companies. Every single driver is concerned about autonomous vehicles, and every owner of a small fleet or logistics company, is very excited about future cost savings. Translation…drivers better get ready to be fucked.
          A huge chunk of pickups and emergency runs (hot shots) in local areas will all be autonomous. If the tech gets to where dominoes can deliver pizzas all day, or uber can taxi people around town safely, most hotshots will done by robots. Im sure long hauls will be the same way. The best case scenario for the driver would be that hes a $10/hr helper who just sits in the vehicle as it drives, and signs the paperwork necessary to document a delivery, tarps shit up, and takes photos of the load before transit.
          I watch drivers back into tight spots all the time. Its impressive, but my boss has a car that parallel parks all by itself and thats old tech.
          The future isnt promising. Better own your own fleet of small f250s before you get pushed out.

        2. You have some interesting and valid points.. I mean to be technical, machines will eventually take almost all human jobs, so most people are fucked, my friend..The future is bleak indeed..Worse comes to worse, i’ll just switch careers and become a fucking machine operator or some shit.. I ain’t goin out like no Biitch😎

        3. You just have to put yourself in position to take advantage of the tech. Its funny, but the majority of the millionaires ive met are truck drivers. Ive met guys who were dirt poor and didnt even start driving until they were 50, and now (20 years later) they have their own fleet of 10 trucks. You just have to position yourself to actually own a logistics company. This article talks about driving for 6 months, then kicking back and relaxing. Dont do that crap. Work the extra 6 months and start buying good used trucks.
          Start out with a $4000 pos small truck that can move at least 3000 lbs and run hotshots everywhere. Then start adding a few more trucks. Hire a bunch of retirees who dont want to sit at home all day. Or hire young guys who just need to make a living. You dont need a truckers license to run hot shots in a toyota tacoma, so you can hire anyone. Even high school kids who need money in the summer. Eventually, you can invest in a big truck and do long hauls. Either way, make sure your one of the haves and not one if the have nots when the tech arrives.
          Your worst case scenario…machine operator isnt too bad. I know manual machinists making 100k a year. The entire oil/refining industry runs on compressors, turbines, pump shafts, bearings…things that have to be manually machined in a lathe and ground to a good finish. Due to tight tolerances (+.000/-.0002),runout requirements for high speed equipment, and the fact that metal constantly moves, this is something that will always be done manually.

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      1. Do people still use CB radios?? Remember the lingo like ” i’m going to stop at the local choke and puke and stuff some groceries down my neck”….

        1. I have one that still works, a vintage unit.
          Being ‘of that age’ I can tell you that the chatter sounds quite a bit different.
          It can be entertaining on long drives.

  2. You are missing the part where a huge part of long haul truckers will be replaced by automation in the next 20 years. That job is gonna go the way of the elevator operator.
    If you are a kid just turning 18 I wouldn’t bet on this for a long term career.

    1. See the comment below. I think freeway driving will become automated in 10-20 years, but not local surface street driving (this is actually difficult to automate). Thus long haul trucking jobs will indeed become automated out of existence, but not local driving.

        1. maybe extend a little robo arm to give the change to the otherwise unemployable bum sitting in the toll booth?

        2. If most states can’t get their act together enough to use taxes for the one thing they should actually be used for – maintaining infrastructure – and instead opt to inconvenience everyone and snarl up traffic to collect 75 cents, I don’t think every highway vehicle will be replaced with robo cars with a smart pass

        3. Not even in Latin America human toll booth attendants collect payments, it’s done automatically with a chip put on your car, where it’s read by scanners and the amount debited from your prepaid account at least in some countries in South America.

      1. You buy too much into futurists flights of fancy. I’ve explained already how this is a pipe dream for any kind of short term implementation.

    2. You know, I’m skeptical of this argument. Not necessarily from a technical standpoint as I know that there are already some automated cars and trucks being tested out there. But more so from the “human factors” point.
      Remember that right now we are living through an age of hysteria over a minuscule increase in average temperatures, that only continues a trend to return temperatures to where they were before the last ice age. The culprit for this has been pinned on CO2 emissions. We have lots of dirty energy that emits lots of CO2, and we also have a clean energy source that is very low in emissions – nuclear. Nuclear has been technologically feasible for decades and is extremely safe and getting safer, even when you factor in Fukushima, Chernobyl, etc… Yet, people live in irrational fear of it, and so we basically cannot build new plants, even in the face of clear need (assuming you accept the catastrophic predictions of global warming alarmists).
      My point is that just because something will be technologically possible does not mean that it will happen. There are all manner of reasons that people may decide not to do something that is easily doable, and I wouldn’t discount the ability of hysterical soccer moms worried that their kids are going to be crushed into paste by robots driving cars to completely shut this down. Particularly when one of said soccer moms plows her minivan full of five kids into the side of an automated semi because she was checking her cell phone. It won’t matter that she was at fault – the headline will read “Whole family wiped out in collision with automated truck,” and politicians will be falling all over themselves to “do something” which, as a happy coincidence, can “bring back jobs” while at the same time make them seem like they are fighting the “evil” corporations who are only worried about the bottom line at the expense of our kids’ safety.
      Not saying it will happen. Just saying that automated trucking, or anything, is a long way from a foregone conclusion at this point.

      1. I wouldn’t bet against it. Once we have data showing how shippers can shave a hundred and thirty bucks a day off each vehicle, and once the legal infrastructure is in place to support driverless vehicles, the biggest shippers will drop a quarter billion into revamping their fleets. The smaller shippers, anyone who can’t afford to reinvest to compete, will slowly get squeezed out.

        1. Headline reads: “Company kills kids to save $130 bucks!”
          Like I said, don’t underestimate the irrational fear factor.
          Nuclear is far cheaper, safer and cleaner, and effectively impossible because people irrationally worry that their kids will be deformed and the world will end in apocalypse.

        2. Unfortunately, shit like Chernobyl and Fukushima make nuclear an extremely uphill battle.

        3. But- given the legal liabilities if any of those sensor systems fail; it is also going to be the cost of maintaining all the driving and sensor systems in addition to insurance and projected legal costs should there be an accident.

        4. Yes, precisely correct. Sensors can not fail with any kind of regularity or these things get nixed before they ever get out on the road.

        5. True, but only because people bought the “IT’S KILLING EVERYONE! RADIATION!!!!!” media hysteria over this shit.
          Take Chernobyl. You’d think the death toll was approaching the millions. Not quite – two killed in the blast, and another 43 that have been firmly linked to it (29 of whom died in the immediate aftermath) over a period of 30 years. Not exactly staggering. And this all happened specifically because the Russians intentionally overrode all their safety systems.
          People freak about over radiation, while ignoring that they are bathed in it everyday by the sun. As with everything, the dose makes the poison.

        6. And it’s not only censors failing. People are going to argue all kinds of crazy shit like the censors could have avoided the accident if only they had been better. Or a real driver would have reacted differently so it was negligent not to have someone that could override the system. And remember, in these types of lawsuits, right now, the company can point to its own human face – Joe the driver who’s just trying to feed his kids, got hurt in the accident too, and feels terrible about everything. Which way do you think juries will go when instead of Joe on the stand, you have Deep Blue? Yeah, I see big payouts from the “deep pocket.” There are a host of reasons that companies may not find it worth the liability.

        7. To quibble, the Soviets and following government aren’t exactly too reliable when it comes to generating statistics regarding the event.

        8. Fair enough point, but it’s not like they’re the only ones studying this. And the overall point is that these facilities are very safe, comparatively speaking. How many coal miners died last year alone?
          To see how far these technologies have advanced, remember that the only reason Fukushima failed was that it got hit by a tsunami higher than any previously contemplated, after it had already survived a giant earthquake that exceeded the design tolerances. And to date, still no fatalities linked to radiation as a result of the disaster.

        9. Funny, because we have exploded over 520 nuclear bombs in the atmosphere, and over 1000 underground…where’s the nuclear winter?
          As with most things, when you take emotion out of the assessment and just look at the facts, suddenly, everything that was assumed to be “common sense” turns out to be pure bullshit.

      2. Yep. Automated cars on roads with non-automated human driven cars will be an absolute legal nightmare, and if instead we go for the “automated cars only” type of walled off lane, then that requires a huge overhaul of the roads basically across the nation. Looking outside, I don’t see folks gearing up for that, and I can’t help but notice that currently automated cars are driving into shit.

        1. Not to mention, how much does an automated car cost? Significantly more than the 20 year old used Toyota that a poor person can afford. In this economy, are we really going to create another barrier to entry of the workforce so that the shipping company can shave a couple hundred bucks off of every shipment? I doubt it.

        2. Electric cars are already becoming an elitist perk. Here having one get ‘earn’ you a private parking space in front of your house.

        3. sure but could have said the same thing about cell phones/smart phones. only for the rich BMW drivers back in the 80s. not really for or against driverless, but just making a point. now almost every poor person in India has a smart phone.

      3. “…just because something will be technologically possible does not mean that it will happen.”
        Isn’t that the truth:

        instead we wound up with lame RC Copters…

    3. There will be no such automation revolution.
      The trend is to have humans doing what machines used to not the opposite:
      Look at bathroom attendants in clubs and fancy restaurants. People opt to hire a Congolese man to stand there with towels rather than install a hand dryer because it’s fancier … all about the experience and muh feelz
      Also, in NYC, you will see TWO black cops standing at intersections with working traffic lights directing traffic.
      Elevator operators will probably make a come back – people will need to be kept busy somehow

        1. Expect corporate taxes to be increased to pay for the unemployment benefits — means no net gain for fast food places that choose to automate

        2. Maybe. But that’s different from saying automation won’t happen. It has to happen before there is a trend to reverse.

        3. Self order kiosks could have been done 15-25 years ago … why weren’t they?
          Moreover, similar things were tried like 100 years ago … automats … they fell out of favor

        4. They were. Wawa did it back in ’03.
          I’m not saying it won’t reverse. But it’s the current fad. It’s what Google and Apple and Tesla and Uber are pouring boatloads of R&D money into. They are going to push hard (read: buy government policy as appropriate) to require their technology be installed on, well, everything. It might reverse some day, but it has to happen first.

      1. Why does every building in NYC have a doorman??? People want to be waited on and otherwise unemployable people with no skills need jobs

      2. Oh I would not count that out. Amazon has been testing drones and eventually drones and robots will do most shipping.

        1. Drones will be used to deliver medicines to remote areas / outposts not to deliver a 12 pack of soda to Joe Everyman

        2. can you imagine: some poor drone struggling to get airborne with a big heavy 12 pack of mountain dew slung underneath like a Chinook lifting a jeep in Veitnam??? lolz

        3. Then dropping it and pile driving a stroller into he pavement. Yeah, I think the ol’ legal dept is going to have a lot of say on this drone stuff.

        4. big crate of soda smacking people in the head as the drone flies to its destination lolz … dropping it by parachute on a big X

        5. Yeah, and I’m going to be living in a city on the moon and my children will be the first generation of kids who are not born on planet earth!
          Heard that a lot growing up.

        6. there was some comedian who said something like “technology promised up flying cars and all we got was a faster delivery system for porno and gossip.?

        7. Where the hell is the damn robot maid? Now that would be useful!

    4. The technology will be there but I’d bet against it actually happening. If anything, truckers should be worried about the rail industry.

      1. There you go, that’s correct. AND, I suspect, trains *can* be more safely automated, although why anybody would want to given the overall cost of moving a train is enormous such that the $130.00 extra a day for a pair of human eyes on the tracks is negligible.

        1. Larger roailroads are working on a system called Postitive Train Control. It’s designed to prevent trains from running into each other amongst other things. Talking to coworkers and other people who have tested PTC, it’s been an absolute failure. It’s one of these things that sounds really great on paper but is just shit in reality. Too many moving parts. And it’s government mandated too!
          There’s also a thing called the Trip Optimizer which just cruise control for trains. It still requires human intervention.

        2. If you can’t do it with a train confined to tracks, we’re nowhere close to doing it with vehicles with no such constraints.

  3. You left off the most important reason of all:
    This is one career where you can finally escape the kindergarten hysterics of women in the workplace.

    1. I dunno, you have plenty of old haggard cashiers, truck stop whores, and biker chicks to deal with. I guess you can just back away and keep rolling though.

  4. $20k?! Dude, I could ebay shit while living in a hole in El Salvador & surpass that income.

    1. Depends on how you do it. My dad dad a 1 ton dodge pickup that he used to haul camp trailers from the manufacturer to the various dealers, he made 40-50k, depending on the year.

  5. My dad did that for about 10 years. I would go with him on occasion. One thing you have to watch out is your food intake. My dad gained 30 pounds his first year until he wised up. It is tempting to eat out for most meals. A small burger and fries will leave you hungry, even though you took in twice as many calories as a typical meal. Get a 12v electric cooler and eat food from the grocery store. A bag of carrots or a bag of apples is great to take along. Black coffee or water, stay away from soda. Bring a few dumbbells and a cheap camping mat to do some floor exercises, you will need it.

    1. I always kept in shape by beating whores at the truck stop. If you give them some extra crystal, they fight more.

        1. yeah, ROK ought to just put another article up and close comments section on this one.

        2. Well, since Reaxxion shut down, I for one am hoping it’s an article on GTA IV Complete Edition, y’know really tie everything together…immigrant protagonist becomes a criminal, bikers, gays, beaten hookers, etc.

        3. I am ashamed to admit it but I didn’t understand a single part of this response/.

        1. No offense whatsoever intended, but that’s how they came up with the title for the TV show, “How I Met Your Mother.”

      1. You got me. I lied about being a trucker in order to post a cheap tasteless comment. My apologies.

  6. I hate to break it to you, but truck driving will be but an echo of what it is now within the next 5-10 years.
    Self driving cars are already on the road. I recommend cashing in while you can: you will be replaced by a computer.

    1. So why aren’t easy to automate jobs like bartender or crop picker or pharmacist (pill dispenser) being automated?
      Instead, we’re going to automate 50 ton loaded trucks driving across country? When a shadow of a bird flying overhead passes over the road, the machine vision will go crazy and drive the truck into a wall? Come on .. so many easier jobs to automate

        1. The problem is having human and machine at the same time, when there are only machine there are no errors there will be some accidents but the death and crashed will be reduced dramatically. it´s the future, all the low skill job will be replaced by robots

        2. Uh….when there are machines, there are errors. They’re made by humans and therefore there will be errors in maintenance, programming, construction, unforeseen failure modes etc.
          Probably will be less death and crashes though, but significantly less freedom as well.

        3. People have been spouting that pipe dream my entire life. Some things are automated, but turns out that a lot of shit we do isn’t quite as open to flawless automation like people would assume.

        4. Every time I go to the grocery store at night they have an army of workers restocking shelves – something that COULD be automated with identical aisles and standardized shelves and barcodes / RFIDs … yet it’s not … and it would be at night with no humans around to get injured!
          YET we’re led to believe massive big rigs will be driverless? c’mon!

        5. explain human toll booth attendants … why have they yet to be replaced? it would be easy…

        6. They kind of sort of are. EZ-Pass I believe it’s called.

        7. If you have skills, and your jobs is to solve problems you will be fine, but if your job is to do the same work over and over it can automated. I don´t think the work of the truck driver will die, they will have him as a passenger doing little, his job will be to park in reverse the truck and fix a flat tire and protect cargo. Like The movie Alien, All the entire ship was operated by 6 humans and 1 android, all engineers and their jobs was to hibernate all the time.

        8. A lot of shit sure. But AI driving yes, And worse they could make human driving illegal, I´m more concern about freedom, corrupt government could restrict my automobile rights, The AI would not start the car. And with all the cars with GPS they will know where you go all the time. it´s a sci fi horror. Imagine a net of car in a city interconnected mapping all the city with sensors like The dark Knight. If the globalist are pushing this is not because it would be beneficial to humanity is because they can have better control with a technological dependable humanity. The mark of the beast will be a bar code.

        9. Yes, less freedom, A computer will not start the car in a heavy snow storm. and will follow the rules no matter what. it will end you freedom to take risk. Your Son is dying? Call an ambulance, the car will not move because the state declare that the roads are unsafe because of heavy storm risk.

        10. U.S. is a backwater then. Hell even most South Ameri countries use smart pass systems. By the way the big difference etween long haul trucking and the jobs you described is simple…human interaction

        11. They have been talking about it all my life too. I have noted that we don’t have secretaries anymore. I had one once, a long time ago now. I notice that the last time I went into McDs that there was no order taker at the window. Orders were made and paid for at a kiosk. I use the self checkout line at the grocery store quite frequently. I also use the ATM more often than a teller at the bank. My sisters used to be data entry workers. That job no longer exists. If I gave it much thought I could list quite a few jobs that no longer exist due to automation. Automation is so insidious that it comes in under the radar.

        12. Human driving illegal, in our lifetime, is not going to happen.

      1. Daimler is already working on it, and self-serving cars are already on the road. The self-driving semi is planned to be released in 2025.

        1. Ok so we need humans to pour a drink with 1 part whiskey and 1 part coke but we can automate a self driving truck loaded with 100 tons of cargo to navigate construction, deer, human drivers, detours, inclement weather??? Come on

        2. An automated system failing pouring a drink is one thing. A sensor or system failing on a 50 ton vehicle at 70mph is a horse of a different color.

        3. Exactly. These other professions like bartender are much easier to automate and much safer (lower risk) yet Silicon Valley has designated the trucking industry for destruction? Why? Why single them out?

        4. It’s cool!! and in an ideal world it should be safer. Problem is like airplanes, the auto features will work flawlessly until they don’t, then you need the human to step in- which means someone on board monitoring.
          Or, will work flawlessly in accordance with what the human told it to do– with the human f’g up the programming, instructions, guidance, or reacting inappropriately to warnings/cautions the machine communicates.
          ETA: which again goes back to liability. Who has it- the manufacturer, the vehicle owner, the maintainer, the roadway owner (if the vehicles are reliant on roadway markings/sensors).
          If there’s ever a major accident with a truck, it’s going to be an interesting court battle of finger pointing.

        5. Well, that would be a good argument…if we weren’t already doing it. We already have level 5 autonomous vehicles on the street (uber is operating some in Philly). They have been proven to be safer than human drivers: http://mashable.com/2012/08/07/google-driverless-cars-safer-than-you/#3UvZmf9apgqR
          That was 2012. Google’s vehicle had its first “at fault” accident after 1.3 million miles in 2014. The average driver has an accident ever 165,000 miles.
          This is happening. I recommend you stop denying that self-driving trucks will be a reality, probably sooner than you realize, and prepare accordingly.
          I don’t say this out of malice: When I stated in the OP that “I really hate to break it to you…”, I meant it. Truck driving seems a job that could serve neomasculinity well. Just don’t depend on it being there in 10 years: do it now, before many of those jobs are replaced.

        6. There are quite a few bars with the automated drink mixers. They still have a bartender, but management can be sure they are getting their money for every drink. Cash businesses like bars and restaurants are open season for thieving employees. My uncle was a restaurateur and said, as a owner you must be present every second the door is unlocked or your profits go out the back door.

    2. I think you’re jumping the gate a bit early there chief. They still can’t get these things to stop running into shit and people, not to mention that there is no infrastructure set up to accommodate such a huge paradigm shift.

      1. And the insurance issue– in the self-driving paradigm, who is liable? The manufacturer, the owner, roadway owner?

        1. That’s what makes this such a quintessential leftist fantasy! Nothing will be anyone’s fault or responsibility!
          But the government should finance, protect, and guarantee the whole thing.

        2. But leftists love courts, and every accident will end up in protracted legal wrangling. And more regulation.

      2. Or maybe you just can’t stand the beautiful sight of two cars expressing their physical love for each other???

        1. Gah, I hate that smug, semi-gay sounding voice, not to mention the whole “people are dumb” meme that runs through all Leftist assumptions.
          I think automated cars are, for now, a fantasy, even though there is work being done on them. It’s not going to happen overnight, as in they can’t just ban all car traffic across the nation, so some kind of integration period would have to occur which will be a legal nightmare. Or, as mentioned below, they could construct “driverless automobile lanes” too, but that would by needs be across the nation, on every freaking highway and even every city street, which will take decades, and I don’t see anybody gearing up to even begin doing that yet.

        2. One of the biggest technical challenges right now is bicycles. Harder to detect and predict behavior of bicycles than cars or pedestrians- so, automated gets harder if you’re on roadways where there could be bicyclists.

        3. I’d suspect that motorcyclists also would fall into that challenge area. And, not to put too fine a point on it, anybody try to outlaw riding motorcycles is going to find himself examining fish bellies on the bottom of a river while relaxing in his nice concrete slippers.

        4. You know, the day a driver-less uber runs down and kills some hipster on a bike every liberal head in the world will explode.

        5. If I was back in the states, after that article I’d be an instant automated car fan!! 😀

      3. The last accident was not the google vehicle’s fault. I work for a company heavily involved in level 5 autonomous driving, and the technology is a lot closer than many in the public believe.
        While 5-10 years may be a an underestimation, I doubt it. We are closer than most people might think. There are already autonomous vehicles on the road today (uber is running them in Philly) and they have been proven to be safer than human drivers: http://mashable.com/2012/08/07/google-driverless-cars-safer-than-you/#3UvZmf9apgqR
        Google expects to have level 5 automation on the road for the consumer by 2020. The same automation for semi trucks will not be far behind.

        1. Nearly every type of decent, easily doable job is going to get “Ubered” eventually. Can’t have those pesky slaves making decent wages now, can we. That being said, I will avoid getting into driverless vehicles for as long as possible. There’s something creepy about having no control over a vehicle – but you know somebody else, or some machine, does. “Oops…why, he had an accident. Heh-heh. Got rid of that bastard…’next’…”

        2. I view Uber as a good thing: it is destroying taxi cab unions. I have several friends who make sizable incomes off Uber (and a few of them do it full time). I think Uber is simply the natural market progression of Mobility-as-a-Service.
          In terms of murdering enemies, I agree with you there. But there is an axiom in weapon design that applies here: Never build a weapon you can’t defend against. While the left may be able to start offing political opponents in self-driving cars, so too can we. Imagine a world where Lena Dunham and George Soros were in ghastly traffic accidents on the same day.
          And the company I work for is more red pill than you might think, especially for a tech startup.

        3. You’re thinking technology, I’m talking bout infrastructure, as well as legal liability, and I’ll tell you this for free, the Teamsters ain’t gonna let their jobs go without a big ass fight.

        4. Good to know the company you work for is red pill.
          I won’t use Uber, but that’s just me. I prefer using professional drivers, so I take cabs. Unions were set up to provide cover for companies that shipped their operations overseas. “Wages too damned high, hafta relocate!” It’s all headed toward automation. Might as well embrace it, because there isn’t a damned thing anybody can do about it…

        5. The good news for Teamsters is that even after implementation, there will probably still be human drivers in the self-driving trucks. They just won’t be driving, they will be standing by in case of malfunction or other emergency. The fight with the Teamsters will be whether or not the drivers will be paid the same for doing what amounts to less work.
          I believe that the fact that self-driving vehicles have been proven to be safer than human drivers will prevail as the most important argument in the legal debate. Even if self-driving vehicles can’t make “moral” decisions: hit a single person on the road, or hit a group of people on the side of the road, the fact that they are overall more safe will prevail.

        6. It isn’t red pill like us, but the CEO is a Libertarian and doesn’t like feminism.
          In terms of dealing with the change, I think we need to start writing more articles about how to make new tech more red pill than talk about grandiose visions of a massive tech collapse. While a situation that would bring about the neo-Luddite dream is theoretically possible, I think our intellectual manpower would be better suited to beating the left and the SJW’s at the technology game.
          Obama had a massive tech operation. The gay marriage lobby used tech to find out the right way to phrase the question “do you support homosexual marriage?” to get the most possible people to answer in the affirmative and shift public opinion.
          This is something I’ve been advocating for all along: getting as organized as the Left and SJW’s are and fighting them. Right now, we’re just a bunch of intellectuals sharing ideas in an 80% congruous echo chamber. Until we start red pill consulting, blogging and research firms, we will be relegated to electoral insignificance.

        7. Everything is better than human beings, until it isn’t.
          I’m not fighting technology here, I’m just stating the simple fact that there is no infrastructure, either physical or legal, that’s even begun to be developed yet. It takes a good 2-4 years to go through the whole process of getting a road widened in most areas, so I’m not particularly optimistic that more complex issues and/or building, if it wasn’t started 6 years ago already, will be in place in 5-10 years. And yeah, it may be “better than a human driver” until it fucks up and takes out fifty kids walking across the street on a field trip. The legal issues here will be very…complex, with industry no question guiding the writing of the legislation that will regulate them. I’ve seen that at work too in fractional airlines and it ain’t no walk in the park for anybody. Then of course, motorcyclists, who are a very, very big, vocal and…ahem…energetic group of people aren’t going to give up their bikes and probably won’t take kindly to being run off the road by the “overall more safe” auto-autos.
          Just too many variables at play, right now today, that won’t even begin to be addressed properly for a least another couple of decades.

        8. I agree there is a lot of work to be done, but there are organizations (such as my own) laying out the groundwork or actively working on the issues you have described. You are 100% right about those issues, but there are human beings actively working on addressing them (and have been for at least 2 years at my organization).

        9. Yeah, well, I’m not disputing that we’ll eventually end up with automated vehicles, but it won’t be in the short term except in small trial runs, like the ones you point out in that city you mention. Going full nation, cross country highway to highway is a much larger thing than sitting in a controlled grid with a few cars.
          Generally, with anything I hear about being “worked on today”, I generally give it at least double or three times the “from lab to reality” that is usually predicted, and have yet to be surprised by somebody coming in prior to my prediction, time wise.

        10. I’m skeptical of the claim that this is “proven safer.” That link notes that these tests accumulated 300,000 miles without an accident, but they also had “A pair of human drivers are
          always in the cars, ready to take over in case of any malfunction,
          although Google says it will now start using just one human per car.” So, unlike most cars on the road, here is a car with two people specifically dedicated to helping this thing avoid accidents.
          Show me the results when there are no humans present.
          Then show me the results when there is some significant number of these things on the road.
          Not saying its not possible, but I don’t yet find this “proof” convincing.

        11. Even when they drive themselves and a rider is present just for emergencies said driver is still going to have to have a CDL so it’s still not going to be a minimum wage job.
          Farm equipment has had auto pilot for years but a person still has to be there.

        12. I can see where over the road coast to coast trucks could be utilized. It doesn’t have to stop to rest for 14 hours out of 24, it can leave the east coast and go all the way to the west without stopping. I think though that they will just go from one terminal to another then a driver will take over for short runs/deliverys etc because there’s some places an automated truck is never going to be able to drive itself.

        13. One of the things learned from aviation is- folks are better at actively doing something than passively monitoring. A human monitoring a machine for endless hours of driving will more than likely not be alert and capable of responding in situations where immediate actions are required. Warning tone, huh? boom

    3. Your biggest issue that I haven’t seen mentioned is the matter of liability if these automated vehicles crash into something. What happens then? Who gets sued and who is responsible?

  7. “I saw one of the “good Mormon girls” thoroughly de-balling her dinner date as she talked to him in a condescending manner, as if he was a job applicant rather than a potential boyfriend or husband.”
    This is called a ***dinnerview***.

      1. You should not pay for this kind of treatment. You excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and leave through the back door. If you feel compelled to pay for yourself, you grab the waiter, pay your part of the bill, and then exit.

      2. Flip that cash on the table and walk out of there like Jesus has a secret mission for you.

    1. See, a girl like that could stand a good hard raping. That would put her right.

        1. women acting like condescending little cunts are all just shit testing you to see if you are willing to drag them by the hair and violently fuck the fight out of them.

        2. I get it. It was just funny. When I first got married I fell for the blue pill crap and would apologize whenever we had a disagreement. Sex was not very fun when I did get it. Now when we disagree I either laugh or ignore her. Guess what usually happens later that night.

        3. I am clueless on how to fight inside the context of marriage, but I do very well in my general dating schema. Sounds like you got it down.

        4. It’s a bit like a combination of fencing, humor, stonewalling and picking your battles carefully. Most guys instantly fail at step 1 of 100, then the yelling, screaming, foot stomping (which earns you foot stomping points, which are redeemable for valuable prizes!), temper flares and eventual blubbering apologizing and other blue pill bullshit. The best trick for a newly un-blue pilled guy when arguing with a wife is, that the moment you feel like your anger is welling to the point that you’re going to explode and lose frame, you halt the argument and tell her you’ll talk when the both of you have calmed down. If she keeps nagging, and most women will, you put on your shoes (silently, no talking), grab the car/motorcycle keys, and go out for the evening. Let her stew and let that hamster work *for* you, not against you.

        5. I usually either go to my study and put on the headphones (Night/Winter) or go cut grass or trim limbs for a couple of hours.
          Now, if I’ve really screwed up and I know I’m wrong I (might) apologize. But there’s a reason my wife tells her friends that I’m right 99% of the time we argue.

        6. yeah, it is a whole different ballgame. There is no stewing when it is one on one. There is either swift resolution or the next girl. One of my currents, as you know, starts shit for the explicit purpose of getting a swift and violent response out of me. I don’t know if I would lose frame or not in the situation you describe, but I do believe it is possible. I am just not constituted for this. That is why I usually turn questions regarding wife stuff to you or Jim Johnson.

        7. Humor works well, if you are in the right frame of mind.
          Last night, I was going to take the whole family to this minor league basketball game in Salt Lake. She had the address, and she was going to do the navigating. We were already running 15 minutes late when we got in the van. She had no clue, and I was in heavy traffic. By the time we got there, it was more than an hour late. Instead of going, I just decided to just just keep driving like I didn’t see it. The whole time, I kept a level head about it, and joked around with the kids and wife about it. We stopped by McDonalds and got everyone a frozen yogurt……..
          Long story about nothing, but here is the point: On the way home, my wife commented that if she was with her parents in the same situation, the atmosphere would be completely different. They would be bickering and stressed out, even contentious. What is the point in arguing if you are not going to change their mind? When does arguing ever change someones mind?
          If it is not important (like a basketball game) or ambiguous, no need to stress about it. If it is important, state your opinion, or sit on it to find out more information to make a decision. Very rarely is there a cause for argument.

        8. Then let me give you the benefit of my hard earned wisdom. Never concede shit. Never apologize. Never admit you were wrong. If she doesn’t like it, point to the door and tell her, “There it is, use it.” If you drop iron clad frame for a second she will despise you, and your eventual stop will be divorce court.

        9. Yes. An essential part of holding frame is never to lose your temper to the point of losing control of yourself (you never had control of her and never will). Once gone, stay gone until she begs you to come back. It doesn’t take long.

        10. My wife’s favorite t-shirt for me is the one that says, “I’m right 97% of the time, and who cares about the other 4%.”

        11. My current go to is a line she tried on me, once, “I don’t want to argue now, I have a headache.” I say this and just repeat it, no matter what she says, until she starts to laugh. Turn about is fair play.

        12. “I don’t want to argue now, I have explosive diarrhea…..and this itchy, itchy rash….and pancreatic cancer”

        13. I will give it a try, if I can remember. She has started to really space out our arguments. I think the last one was 3 or 4 months ago. After 9 years she is starting to see the futility of it.

        14. I have only done the explosive diarrhea bit……. That is the goal, get them to see the stupidity of arguing. Decisions are rarely swayed by argument.

        15. See that married stuff is rough. My go to as a single guy is that if they argue stick your dick in them. When they stop responding to that, next them.

        16. They really are not arguing to prove a point, or even get what they say they want. They are just bored or irritated about something else and want to vent some steam.

        17. I am reminded of a quote for a famous Frenchman, widely known as a playboy, on the occasion of his eventual marriage. He said, “eventually you want the challenge. It is easier to please a thousand women for one night each than it is to please one woman for a thousand nights.”

        18. Funny story about venting steam…… A couple years ago, we went to visit my folks for a few days. While there, my wife asked to borrow their computer for some reason, and it crashed, apparently losing some important data of my moms. My dad (being the white knight) flipped his lid and got after my wife. Out of frustration, my wife goes out and splits over a cord of wood until she calms down. The whole time, my dad (used to having the beta role) is on pins and needles, trying to apologize. Whatever…..
          The following month, I talk to my dad on the phone. He is all appreciative that she split this wood. He is in his 70’s and struggles with using a splitting maul anymore. That, and we find out that it wasn’t my wife’s fault about the computer data, a folder was accidentally moved into some other random folder.

        19. I used to work with an older black man who told a bunch of us youngins that when his wife would try to start shit he would ignore her and leave the room, then if she persisted, leave the house for a while, just like you advise.
          We all seemed to understand the wisdom of it but couldnt quite grasp the application.

          Its perfect

        20. “bitch don’t make me have to go down the road and scare up a piece of ass. On your knees.” – she’s on her knees when I get my keys, comb, wallet, lighter, the lube off the headboard shelf and finally my sunglasses and stuff them in my pocket and head for the door. It’s bullshit I gotta keep pulling my shit in and out and in and out of my pockets to get her drumsticks up. Surely she can communicate better than that. I’m working on snapping my fingers and grunting “mmmuh” whenever it’s time for a quickie. I never took speech pathology because it’s overrun by women’s studies/psych types but there must be some voice training tech somewhere out there to access and learn and apply to red pill woman control.

        21. It is not like it is a habit, last time was last summer. We were running late and they felt jipped for missing the game, I had to do something.

  8. I abandoned trucking operations and managment after nearly 15 years in that business, as it was killing me and my family. Got my CDL, and now I drive a concrete mixer. $33 bucks an hour, O/T after 8, home every night, no after hours calls, and nobody else to worry about except for me. It’s awesome.

    1. Mind me asking where you’re located?
      Only ask because $33/ hour to drive a concrete truck is an incredible wage! I’m located in Northern New England and it seems anyone with a Class A operating a concrete or gravel truck is earning $17-18/ hour TOPS.

        1. Man … if I could make $30 hour operating a cement truck, I’d go for my CDL tomorrow. The best I found around my area was $25/ hour to drive a low-boy, moving heavy equipment from site to site. (And obviously anyone applying for that would HAVE to have previous experience.)

  9. Hey can I drive the Transam as Bandit? East Down and Out baby! My uncle was a truck driver and I used to ride along as a kid. It was fun at the time but a rough life.

  10. I got my CDL in my late 20s while still blue pill as fuck and did consider trucking for a period of time. I just couldn’t justify the low pay and long hours, though. I guess it could make sense if you’re living out of the US and have no family to worry about.

  11. Good for you, man!
    One of my uncles told me: “If you like what you do, you never work a day in your life.”

    1. Unfortunately that limits op’s for growth, and those jobs for most of us are very hard to find.

    2. I don’t know if that is the best advice. Any job you get will have drawbacks. You look at the market and find a niche that is in demand, and you fulfill that demand. If you get to be good at what you do, you will enjoy it. Everyone would like to be a rock star, that is why it is difficult to get to be one.

      1. “. Everyone would like to be a rock star, that is why it is difficult to get to be one”
        And there are plenty of rock stars who are miserable as fuck and ready to put a pistol to their mouths and call it quits.

  12. A friend of mine is a driver. It’s good work right now but will be a victim of automation within 10 years. And it is true that automated trucks will need a human rider to go with it, but bear in mind that, by then the pay for simply riding with an automated truck will be probably minimum wage.

    1. Well, you can take the view that it’s a dead-end, ten year only gig, that’s for sure. But if you’re only working 6 months a year, then you’re going to have 5 of the next 10 years free to create your next personal iteration. I like it…But I’m not super risk averse. YMMV.

  13. What I don’t understand is, in a world where Kratom exists why do we have to transport things by big rig truck. Sheeeeet, you give me 18,000 pounds of whatever to transport from here to cal-I-foe-ni-a and a line of kratom and that shit will be done lickety split

  14. My fondest memory from behind the wheel of a rig, is seeing the most beautiful once in a lifetime lightning storm.

  15. Seems like this would be a horrible life and detrimental to your health to live in a truck for 6 months at a time. Constantly just sitting while driving long stretches over hours, eating out everyday.

    1. I’ve thought a lot about going down this path myself, but these are the same drawbacks I consistently return to. Also, will the profession even still exist in 20 years?
      Still, it’s tempting. If a man sets his mind to it, I don’t believe any one of these potential obstacles can’t be overcome. I hope the author follows up on this piece once or twice a year…Hell, maybe I will myself one day.

      1. I’ve been sitting here trying to think of one occupation that is accessible to the average guy that doesn’t have drawbacks of some sort…can’t think of one. Uh… (Still thinking.)

  16. I am a long-haul truck driver who works for a small Southern regional line. I never believed the letters in your magazine were real until this happened to me…

    1. Even the car industry is going with the automated trap. At least motorcycles can never be automated and will likely never be smart keyed and loaded with spy shit.

  17. “This is above and beyond visiting virtually every major American city in my big rig, enjoying everything from the Bunny Ranch to random (and free!) hookups with strippers that I use PUA techniques on.”
    I love fucking strippers. First of all, most of them are way better looking than the average Corporate-Slave Princess who looks good with her makeup on, but turns into the Bride of Dracula when you see her the next morning.
    Secondly, strippers look at sex the way guys look at blowing their noses – no big deal.
    Thirdly, they are way more open-minded about sex and will basically do anything you want to do.
    Fourthly, they tend to be way more skilled at sex than the average empowered femicunt who works a day job.
    Fifthly, when you leave ’em some cash the next day (even if it’s supposed to be free, which I strongly advise; always pay ’em to avoid future shit tests or possible false accusations), you’ve got them on call whenever you want ’em, the rules are defined, and it’s smooth sailing.
    Sixthly, if you are good in bed, they will tell their stripper friends and that gives you access to even more hot sluts, while opening the door for threesomes (and/or moresomes).
    I have “dated” runway models, actresses, single moms, Corporate Princesses, working twats – all that shit. That was back in the day, and I much prefer getting my needs met these days by somebody who is really good-looking, knows what she’s doing, and isn’t sizing me up for divorce-rape.
    I still pick up “normal” women occasionally, but once you get some hot strippers with great sexual skills in your rotation, you’ll never go back – unless you want a wife.
    To each their own.

    1. I never know how to take strippers. I’ve only rarely been in a strip club, but there are the occasional ones that will show up either in tow with a biker, or coming to a biker event looking to become a back seat cover with a new alpha. They’re pretty up front about what they want, there’s no denying that, so I give them credit for honesty there.

      1. Yeah, it’s different. I would never have a normal relationship with one. That isn’t part of the equation. But a sexual relationship…man, it’s great. Once the rules are set, they are really cool about it. They are up-front about their desire for money. I haven’t had one try to accuse me of anything or shit-test me. There is no pretense, which is really refreshing. They like sex, too, just like any other woman; I fuck ’em and they leave, usually.
        I’ve hung out with some of them, for a period of maybe a few hours, watching TV or eating/fucking and chilling out. What I love is watching ’em walk around my hotel room naked, while I’m working on my computer. They spend so much time naked it’s no big deal to them. There’s nothing like a stripper you already know, who is a 9 – someone in her physical prime – walking in the door, smiling and saying “Hi, Bob,” all relaxed and horny, eager for action, and immediately stripping down…I love it.

        1. My wife was never a stripper, but with a little bit of work I have trained her to do pretty much just what you say above. It was an effort of love, and didn’t take all that much time. Of course, she was a 25 year old virgin so she didn’t know that it wasn’t “normal” to get naked anytime she came in the door.

    2. Bob, you’ve perfectly summed up why I only fuck strippers and legal whores when I’m in the States. Excellent reasoning, and I must say to everyone reading his comment he’s exactly right.
      Just this week, before heading to Asia for a month I banged a very hot stripper in Chicago who was totally awesome in bed and had a mouth like cocaine when she gave me BJs.
      It was a much better time tapping that ass than banging any of the daughters of executives/so-called “successful” bitches I dated while working in the news industry. Most were boring in bed. And all those girls were sizing me up for frivorce rape and what kind of lifestyle they could get living off my back, the stripper wasn’t.
      She just wanted to fuck me becuase I know how to press those buttons, and don’t act like the Beta simps that empty their wallet and get nothing in return that she makes her living off of.

      1. Awesome about the Chicago stripper. I look back on my “dating” days and shake my head. It’s all a learning process, isn’t it – but some guys never learn the lesson (heh). Kudos to you for taking what you want, professionally and sexually, my man.

  18. Hey Rel, if you’re looking for a partner driver, I’ll sign up for school & join you. It’s a thought I’ve been kicking around for a while now, too.

  19. I got one for ya. Unrelated, but typical of today’s corporate skullduggery. So I got an eye exam yesterday. Was told it would cost $39 for the exam. I ask the lady at the desk if I can get into the glasses for about $250 tops, because that’s all I’m going to spend. “No problem,” she says.
    So they put me through the meat-grinder. I sit down with the Optical Technician after the exam. She leads me down the corporate sales path. I preempt her after about five minutes of bullshit – “How much.” She says, “Well…let’s see. $485 for the two pairs of glasses, and you won’t find a better deal anywhere else.”
    At this point, I tell her I have no desire to make this month’s payment on the eye doctor’s Maserati, and I pay her for the eye exam only ($39), and snatch my prescription up. Then I call Sears Optical, and negotiate a deal over the phone for the same two pairs of glasses for only $149.99, out-the-door price. Went over today, spent 15 minutes at Sears, paid for ’em, done deal.
    So it goes with American “health care” these days. (Heh. Douchebags.)

    1. Zennioptical do online mail order for very reasonable prices. I buy my varifocal (progressive) glasses for under $100 delivered.

        1. I got lasik when I got out of the Army, no problems in 13 years. Best 3k I ever spent, never regretted it. It is much cheaper now. Hated wearing glasses.

        2. I got the procedure done in 2002 when I lived in San Jose, CA. The guy who did my Lasik was Dr Turner…one of the top guys around back then. He was old then, so I suspect he’s retired now. But even though I paid $4K for all this, I went from 20/70 in each eye to 20/15 each eye, and never had a problem since. A lot of money, but the best money I’ve ever spent!!

    2. Do you need some super special lenses or something?
      Here in Europe a pair of generic glasses with standard type lenses are like 35€, and you pay 15-20€ for an extra pair…

    3. And they probably had a fabulous selection of douchebag-hipster-looking glasses. No thanks. I prefer my contact lenses.

    4. Dont know if this helps but…
      You can get lasik for $2400 these days. Seriously, $2400 for the entire fucking proceedure. I went from legally blind to 20/10 in both eyes and it took 15 minutes. If your company has flexible spending plans for medical, start putting in and a year from now you can put down a down payment on lasik. Were talking $20 a week here…

      1. I’ve been tempted. But I know three people who were seriously damaged by the procedure. A guy used to come around here every once in a while (ROK reader) who is still dealing with the after-effects of botched Lasik surgery, and he’s only in his late 20’s. Being math oriented, that’s three too many people for my tastes. Playing Russian roulette with my eyes…not gonna happen this week.

        1. The other thing to worry about with Lasik is that it isn’t necessarily permanent. If you were born with good vision, but started needing glasses as a teenager or later, your eyes will decay again after the surgery and you will need glasses again about 5 years later.

  20. Another type of job that can afford this lifestyle, and make more money is Merchant Marines, and you get to go around the world.

    1. And never leave the ship. In the old days you pulled into port and had a few days to explore while they laid on new cargo. Now they turn around ships in hours. The ship don’t make the owners any money while it is in port.

  21. I know a young man who does just that. He drives over the road a few months then takes a vacation for a few months he was gone to Germany last I heard.

  22. This will only be viable for a short time more. Driverless vehicles are coming, and right soon. The OTR trucker will be automated out of existence, like so many other male professions.

  23. Congrats on your CDL….very cool. You will see the country too which only can be done by driving… How much does a trucker make per year??

    1. I’d say it can only be done by walking, honestly. I’ve done two long distance trail thru hikes, and plan on walking across the country in a couple years with a road map. Grab a backpack, you can live pretty cheaply without a mortgage, ect. Gotta get used to a certain level of discomfort, and always wearing a pack, but it is more freeing than anything else I’ve done.

  24. Well done piece, as a 20 year veteran of this industry this is a doable plan, BUT there is a whole lot of downsides to the Trucking industry that many don’t talk about. The exile from home, being stuck at truck stops, the assholes that many Truckers devolve to….The list is long, and it is definitely a young mans game. Plan carefully and it’s a ball, I saw so many things in America/ canada that most don’t believe me hearing all the things I have done. With a Bike in summer, (Many companies ban Bobtailing-no trailer now) LOTS of Game opportunities too!

    1. Definitely a young single mans game. and yep OTR means never being home. Truck is your home, better like your truck. Did that shit way back when I was 18, was fun for a couple years, glad I did not turn it into a life long career.
      Hats off to the long term old timers who are still on the road.

    2. Also long haul means long haul, and tight schedules. No stopping to see the sights or take side trips (esp. with that giant rig.) You don’t see much of the country on the interstates at full speed on a schedule.
      And all the regulations to keep up with, detailed log books, long delays at weigh stations and so forth.

      1. 20 year veteran of truck driving myself and this is what first came to my mind. If you’re working for a company driving their truck you will be scheduled driving non-stop. There will be entire truck loads floor loaded that you are required to unload or pay others to do for you. There will be layover times while waiting for your appointment, but if you leave the yard to go shower and eat somewhere you will miss your door assignment so you’re stuck sitting for hours. If you are going to be an owner operator a huge amount of the money you make goes back into keeping your vehicle running and buying fuel. And working local where you go home every night is usually 50-60 hour work weeks, not leaving much time for a life.
        It was a nice job in my younger days, but the last 5 years were Hell. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, but I wish the author the best of luck with it.

      2. Yes and the days of having multiple log books are diminishing. Most company trucks nowadays have sat tracking built in to the truck also, which monitors literally everything. No getting around that unless you unhook the antenna for awhile and tell dispatch you were parked under a bridge… of course dispatch might say something like well we showed you parked in Atlanta, how did you end up in Memphis? LOL

  25. All these comments about automation. It’s going to be LONG time before 40 ton vehicles are going to be driving around by themselves and the co-pilot is still going to have to have a CDL.
    Also there are some places where self driving trucks will never be able to reliably go.
    I drive a truck locally sometimes and doing what I do I can’t see where it will be automated anytime soon.

    1. Just imagine the liability if a couple of these go haywire. If they aren’t on tracks the liability involved will eat any potential for profit.

      1. I never really thought about that end of it, just think how much the insurance would be on something like that.

        1. Enter the coordinates to go from Atlanta to LA and it winds up in Portland Maine lol

    2. They’ll have to construct specially dedicated roadways for automated vehicles only. It’ll be sort of a cross between trains and road vehicles.

    1. Nothing like going for the gold, is there?
      Really, if my wife and kids all died in a tragic car accident, I would consider it….or I would just keep doing what I am doing and retire a decade earlier.

  26. $8K/month rental profit, $6600/month in retirement pay, and $13.4K/ month working overseas contracts 4-5x per year (desert shit holes). Where are the best places to live overseas from guys that have done it?

    1. Fargo, ND….there is a trailer park, go to this single wide 124B. There, you can live where all your wildest dreams will come true.

        1. Thailand used to be nice, but they don’t like white guys living here. Lots of VISA problems now. If I were starting again it would be in the Philippines.

    2. The Philippines is nice if you like young, slim women. And you can just arrive and stay 3 years without any VISA problems.

  27. Hard on the body, i have a class a and am an equipment operator by trade.
    Driving long distances while not taking a piss or dehydration to keep from pissing is a kidney killer.
    The physical inactivity will give you diabetes and heart problems.
    Being an equipment operator/dump truck driver has a bit of labor involved if you look for it..
    Work the northern climates and draw unemployment for 4 months as a kind of paid vacation..
    I retire in a year and a half but will probably still work 6 months a year or so.

    1. The greasy truck stop diet claimed the colon of one guy I personally knew and worked for as maintenance. He had a colostomy and now he shits in a plastic bag. Poor bastard. Back in the day, workhorse redneck drivers didn’t know shit about diet. They always ordered ‘breakfast menu’. For every meal they’d eat breakfast food fried on a griddle with crisco. Watch the cook dip a cooking paintbrush into the jar of crisco and slap vegetable oil down sizzling and then throw the eggs, hashbrowns and pre cooked sausage patties into the mix. Then wash it down with your own personal pot of coffee at your table. Your body can take only so much of that.
      Truck stops now have better salad bars but the important thing is fiber and phyto nutrients. A truck stop meal usually contains nothing green whatsoever. On the road, 100% vegetable/ fruit juices like ‘Bolthouse’ brand are easy nutrition to drink down while your other hand is on the steering wheel red ‘trucker’s’ steering knob. I love those red steering wheel knobs. Get that one handed action going – “whew-whew-whew-turrn”

  28. “Allows men to dodge student loans if they wish”
    I think this will not last. Sooner or later debts will chase you down. Your reprieve will be only temporary. I say pay that shit off!
    Other than that like the plan!
    How about some cheap land Stateside somewhere to build your place someday?

  29. “I am pumping and dumping the United States economy, since it no longer serves men’s interests.”
    This Federal Reserve/Federal Govt-dominated economy, like most of its women, deserves that.
    Get a 30 year mortgage at 8% (160% in reality) to house an unappreciative wife who can lie and put you in jail and kick you out of your…I mean, the bank’s house?
    No thanks!
    P.S. AVOID the Mutual Funds…or you WILL get “pumped and dumped” by Wall Street.
    You have a higher chance of drawing an Ace in Blackjack after drawing two face cards then you do of actually choosing the 4% of mutual funds that will make a profit.
    In Mutual Funds, you take 100% of risk, pay 100% of the fees, and you receive about 30% of the gains…if any

  30. I m ok with Anglo Saxon culture. I can appreciate that mr Kshatriya may feel differently.

  31. To all the guys on here that mock the author, well fuck off. At least the guy sees through the bullshit and is trying to find a solution to the problem. It may not be perfect, but he is trying.

  32. With a CDL and a good driving record you can
    and will always make a good living.

  33. Why not get the 250 hours training for a commercial pilot’s license? Train specifically for dirt, grass, tundra, and jungle runways. No, I’m not talking narco flights. (To fly the large jets you need 1500+ hrs and ATP rating.)
    It would be a cool job. Some woman asks what you do reply, “I’m a bush pilot. And trim is the key as my instructor used to say.”

  34. Be very careful. Having 11 years of experience doing this myself, I must caution you to be careful to not let yourself get fat. Truck driving is the only profession in which obesity is considered by OSHA to be an occupational hazard. Don’t eat out of truck stops. Walmart is your friend here. Park there, go shopping, eat out of cans so you can keep track of your calories and quantities. Buy one of those lunch-box shaped 12v heaters they sell in the truck stops to heat cans with.

    1. My dad did it for about 10 years, gained 30 pounds his first year until he wised up. You are spot on. Whenever I went with him (outside the first year) we would eat apples and carrots for snacks, had a 12v cooler for cold meat sandwiches. I would add that a set of dumbbells and a camping mat for floor exercises comes in handy. As much as the extra pay comes from staying on the road, you need to stop at rest stops fairly regularly and walk around just to keep your circulation going.

  35. “I was so horrified of the “good girls” and the slavery they expected of
    me by virtue of their association with me I defected and decided to live
    a life as a free man until the cultural situation changes.”
    This paradox is one of the strangest things about America. The strippers, whores and other trashy women, at least the non-white ones, are more humane and have more consideration for the needs of men then the so-called “good girls.”

  36. Quick question for all you truck drivers, esp OTR drivers: what options do you have in an extreme emergency — for example a death in the family, or something like that? If you’re in Utah hauling a load, will your trucking company typically work with you so that you can get home for a few days?
    Any feedback is appreciated, fellas.

  37. I saw your hyphen to next line of mate-rialism.
    That is catchy for me – MATE-erialism.
    They say (well… probably before Divorce Rape Era hit) that 90% of expenditures are made by women. Guess who are/were the enablers?
    Just tell us more on the essential rinse repeat skills to balance the PUA skills

  38. I’m in the transportation business myself and while there is a shortage of truckers, it won’t last for long. Self-driving trucks will soon be the standard and they won’t need all those drivers anymore.
    So you may be able to cash in on this lifestyle for a few years but it won’t last for long.

  39. This story is my world as well. I am currently living in Cambodia and happy. I am a little but not a lot overweight and I’m going to a gym to look after myself. Women here like me because of my white skin, then they laugh, smile and try to pinch you in little playful pinches. They touch you and it is such a lovely erotic thing it gets them excited and you can run through a brick wall prick first. If you actually use some foreplay on them, not like the US, these girls will go crazy and immediately really love you for the evening. If you see her a second time she will squeal with delight upon your appearance. The third time gets sticky, they will seriously fight other girls for you and want you to be theirs. The sex is great unless she is a virgin, but that is another story. Women want to fuck you here, they will consider you a God if you use foreplay though because they don’t touch themselves, it will take a while to teach them. If you do just a few small things the poorer Asian women, treat them ok and they will make sure you are completely happy. This is what being a truck driver gets you. This is what Asia gets you. If you want a beautiful woman who respects your manhood and expects you to be a man and lead, this is the place. Beware of two timing these girls though !!! Here I am king, at home I spent four years on Plenty of Fish and got nothing but a few lame conversations and women older than me who I’m sorry to say, did not look after themselves.
    One last thing, Feminists call me a sex tourist, women are doing the same thing, going to foreign countries and banging every guy they see and feminists see this as a way of rebelling against the “patriarchy” which no man currently gets the amazing supposed benefits of. When a man travels abroad, we are the worst of the worst, we are called pedophiles and more. I’m sorry but I’m 47, in Asia, 23 year olds like me and want to be with me. Yes maybe they want a family, maybe they want to get married. They may even want money, meaning 200 hundred dollars a month for clothes, phone etc… These are things you have to be ready for but when you look at what a woman in our home countries costs, well you do the math. You might, as I did, lose it ALL. Right now, feminazi’s want to restrict men from traveling to certain countries so we are forced to stay in their iron grip of death. Once you get away from the evil of feminism, you will live longer and better.
    When I left Canada after my divorce, she cheated on me for a year while taking my money, I took her and her whole family to Hawaii for three weeks at a hotel right on the beach, not a block away, right there. I took them four times. The last time as I said before, three weeks. We got back three weeks before Christmas. A week later she tells me to pack and leave. I lost everything I had worked for in divorce. I found out three years later she had been with another guy for a full year. I was so depressed words can’t say it all. After four years of depression and anger, I traveled to Thailand. It saved my life. I lost a lot of weight, depression is just a word now. I am happy and yes, my girlfriend is 31, loves sex and dressing and acting like a woman. I don’t walk all over her but I am free to be a man. The only sad part is coming home but I see it in perspective, I work to come back, that is all. Oh, I don’t even look at the prettiest white women now because underneath is a beast who will suck a man dry and move on. Good luck all. R W

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