Don’t Stop Running Game In Long-Term Relationships

A great many players will tell you that game did not come to them naturally. They had to work on it. They saw what they wanted, developed strategy and tactics and worked hard on it until success was achieved. In some cases it took years of painful and slow development to see any kind of success. But with tight game achieved, can it then be lost?

I am here to assure you that it can, indeed.

Getting Game

I got laid exactly twice in high school. In both instances, the girl made the first, second, and third moves, before I finally caught on to what she wanted. To say that I was shy around women is… well, understatement doesn’t even begin to cover it. I was deathly afraid of them. Lord knows, I wanted them, but had not a clue how to go about it. More importantly, I lacked the absolute most critical component of all players—confidence. Looking back, it is ridiculous to think of the missed opportunities that I had. What a dweeb!

And so, I joined the U.S. Marine Corps. Much of Marine Corps training is designed to build exactly what I was lacking. They even have an entire circuit entitled “Confidence Course.” Often mistaken for an obstacle course, it is designed to make you face your fears and physical limits, most notably a fear of heights. Some of these can be seen in the boot camp parts of the movie, Full Metal Jacket. I graduated boot camp at the tender age of 17, my confidence only starting to fill up. I didn’t realize at the time that it had a long way to go yet.

The next year and a half were the most hectic of my life. After boot camp came four more months of training (0311 or Rifleman was my chosen specialty), followed by posting to the ‘Fleet’. Deployment quickly followed, first to the Mediterranean as the Marine contingent of the 6th Fleet and then immediately to the Gulf for what turned out to be round one. These first two years in the Corps did not allow a lot of time for the ladies. The ladies I did encounter were either prostitutes or had multiple shields up that surpassed the simple slut type (more on that later). The reason I outline this is to show how and why my confidence kept increasing. I was achieving. I had graduated boot camp, completed infantry training, successfully integrated with my permanent unit (no small feat) and had been deployed twice, both times involving shots fired. I had already done things that most men will never do. After two short years, I was a “salt” and had the chest salad to prove it. I wasn’t just cocky—I was arrogant. All fear of women was gone.

In this time, while in Naples, Italy for only four days, I had my very first success with “game.” It should be noted that this was before the Internet, much less sites like ROK and others to give you tips and tricks. I am certain there were books at the time on how to approach women, but I wasn’t reading any. Anyway, Jenny was a waitress at a bar I happened in to and she was as gorgeous as her mixed Italian/Japanese ancestry would indicate. I honed in on her like a laser and banged her right there in the bar two days later. It was the first time in my life, that I had met a girl and successfully pursued her. Back on the ship that night, the guys gave me a hero’s welcome. Ego boosted.

Through my twenties, I improved and expanded my game, a term unknown to me at the time. I simply had that arrogant cockiness and observed what worked and what didn’t. I continually had at least two or three women in orbit around me, more or less waiting their turn. Some hotter than others, some more eager than others. I had a serious case of I-don’t-give-a-fuck that I wore on my sleeve and, in retrospect, I think that was the real clincher with most of these women. Fun though it was, it was not destined to last.

As I approached my thirties, I began to question my life and really began to want more out of it. So I got married. Almost as soon as I did, I lost all my game. What did I need game for? I was now off the market, right? I will now be married forever, right? Wrong.


Losing my game happened just months into married life. It started with, you guessed it… finances. My wife had control of the checkbook and I tried arguing with her that I needed at least a share of that responsibility (talk about blue pill!). Basically, she just ignored me and I gave up after a while, since it was easier to not argue. I literally, handed her my paychecks, with her often forging my signature, since I had become that lazy. I should’ve just cut my balls off, since it was the same thing and with the same result. Needless to say, that was just the first domino in a long line of disrespect, culminating in the worst—infidelity. It was followed by divorce. In a heart-beat, I lost everything, my family, my house and my job. Wiped out. Bankrupt and alone. Everything that I had worked so very hard for, eviscerated.

What followed was years of depression. I went through life listlessly. I wasn’t even trying. Jobs came and went. I didn’t care. I even walked out on the best paying job I ever had. Life had no flavor and no purpose. Through my now ex wife, I was angry at all women and rarely even attempted any kind of relationship with them. The few women that I did approach could sense this depression and desperation and it acted exactly as the pussy repellant that it is.

Learn from my mistakes, not your own

I did recover. This article is proof of that. There was a time when I could not speak about these events at all and forget posting it on the interwebs for all the world to see. The recovery is for another time though, for now it is enough to finish with the moral of the story.

Never give up your game. Ever. For exactly zero reason. It is only years later that I realize that my marriage failure was entirely my own fault. I owned a nice home in the ‘burbs and had two new cars but I lost my children and everything else because I handed control over to my wife and she proceeded to do what women always do—destroy. Being married and building a family is all about stability and planning for the future; I can not think of anything that women are worse at than that. They act, react and “think” emotionally and this leads to precisely the opposite effect—instability and acting on whims. Nothing destroys more families than that.

So, if you are married or contemplating marriage, learn from my mistakes, not your own. Keep your game sharp and constant at all times. You will need it.

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108 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Running Game In Long-Term Relationships”

  1. Excellent info; I think Dalrock mentioned this as well. Just goes to show that you CANNOT let your guard down around women, regardless of marital status.

    1. Over four marriages and 6 children I am here to tell you that the above is the absolute truth. You may love a woman to death, but never let your guard down for a second. You can not show weakness to any woman you want to keep around, ever. Keep control of everything that matters to you at all times, especially the money. Never ask, never appologize, and never stop gaming. Just as the shit tests never end, so game must be permanent. And yes, endless gaming of a wife is a lot harder than scamming some sloore for a ONS.

    1. Because guys are still expected to take their place at the plantation. Game while married, that’s like working to keep yourself enslaved.

    2. Depends on your priorities bro. If your main goal in life isn’t pussy, having a female who is dedicated to your success is a powerful enabler. Think about how much easier it would be to succeed at business if you’ve got a woman who will always have your food ready and your suits pressed for you, keeps the house clean and ready for guests, has the good social graces and uses them to advance yours and her interests, and so on.
      There’s lots of examples out there. While I’d hardly hold up Hillary and Bill Clinton as a good relationship, they’ve greatly benefited from their mutual support of each other’s ambitions.

      1. I think in the modern world, marriage to be really ‘successful’ has to function like a successful PR team. Most ‘successful’ men either have efficient SAHWs (stay at home wives) or have wives which further their ambitions. But again, when wives become PR agents, sex usually goes out of the window, and men have to swallow territorial instincts, in a modern world. PR team type marriages only function when men take the back seat. Bill Clinton is a beta at the best. Such marriages has led to the belief that behind every successful man is a woman.
        Which usually does not happen. Very rarely do women want to help their husbands; usually they want to compete with their men.

      2. What a load of fucking crap. Females bring nothing to the table. You can’t game while married, you are under the females thumb.

      3. Um,in the First World countries cooking Food and keeping a clean house are not big chores,not at all.With all the advances in Food storage and food availability,house cleaning gadgets,washing machines/dryers you need not spend more than 4 -8 hours a week getting this taken care off. Gone are the days where you needed your spouse to devote all her time to these activities.
        Indeed a single man can have greater control over his life,expenditures and meet his own needs far more efficiently.
        Women will increase your house hold budget;they will buy more stuff so that you spend more maintaining it thus increasing your bills;they will cause you to waste more money on high costs foods,linen,clothing,vacations etc.
        Oh and if you have kids then you are obligated to appease them and her with what every other soccer mom considers trendy at that time.Disney cruises are just the start.
        Make your money in America,raise your family in Asia.

    3. Don’t know how I missed this thread but you’re right. Getting married is pointless if you’re still having to run game. Unfortunately, we’ve been conditioned by society to blindly assume that a romantic relationship is only worth while if marriage presents itself as a possibility. However, any remotely intelligent person is aware that marriage’s original purpose had far more to do with survival, money and property then anything that even resembled love.

      1. I agree. And my specific thoughts about this are about similar responsabilities for man and wife: You expect her to be nice to you and provide you with sex while staying in a decent shape. Do the same… hit the gym regularly and be a nice guy to her, all the rest is bullshit; no self respecting man should ever have to game his wife or “conquer her everyday”. She must love/like/appreciate you for who you are, and that should be enough.

  2. Game is to women what sex is to men. I wouldn’t keep a woman around if she wasn’t giving me the sex I needed, so why would she keep me around if I am not giving her the abuse/emotional highs/teasing of game that women crave?

  3. I had a marriage collapse from “lack of game”. And I don’t expect marriage/LTR game and ONS game to be far apart.
    I suspect that we are led to think, through some conditioning or lack of guidance, to “marry our mothers”. Not in some Oedipus manner of wanting to have sex with our mothers, and I don’t even recall Oedipus being proud of it either. I’m thinking that we are brought to the expectation that we can have the same kind of love and security from a wife as we get from our mother.
    And that’s where the disaster starts.
    Notably, fellows who have had bad mothers actually do much better dealing with crap women then men who had good mothers. I knew other fellows and myself who had good mothers get completely derailed in life by the depression and aggravation brought on by the rotten women we meet when we grow up. Men who had bad mothers are capable of fathoming or wrapping their minds around the kind of “wonderful” things the modern Crappus Feminus Americanus can come up with.
    So, let’s get this over with:
    You guys who had good mothers, accept it now that the security and love you got from your mother, is gone. Forever. It’s never coming back. The way you felt when you were a kid, that love, being cared for like that, being the apple of her eye, remember it well. For those days are long gone. Enjoy the memories, but write them off. You should be compelled to be nice to you mother and be thankful for good years if she is still alive.
    And with that the paradise falls away….
    welcome to the wasteland

    1. “Notably, fellows who have had bad mothers actually do much better dealing with crap women then men who had good mothers.”
      I don’t agree — at least in my case, I had a “bad mother” (not really a bad person or anything, just bought into the bullshit about the importance of putting career well ahead of family) and I think my main problem during my blue pill days was trying to get the motherly love I never received as a child from the girls I was dating …
      Anyway, I found the below blog post to be very insightful and helpful on this matter, check it out:

    2. I agree with you 100%. Growing up I had two best friends and both of their mothers were alcoholics that had been divorced by their husbands and just laid around and drank all day. My two friends had zero respect for their moms, calling them names, cussing at them, and treating her like absolute shit. They brought that same attitude to the women in their lives and they always had women competing for their attention. Me, on the other hand, had a good mother who did any and everything for me, and I went out in the world expecting other women to treat me the same way. As a result, I treated them like princesses and they walked. all over me. As soon as I began to despise women, my pussy levels skyrocketed and its no coincidence.
      Even when I knew nothing about game as a teenager, I had developed the theory that women hate other women, including themselves, so naturally they would have more in common with a guy who hates women. All of the guys I know that get laid alot hate women, not on the surface, but a deep understanding of their fickle nature.
      We live in a society that despises weakness and being submissive, which are feminine traits. Modern women HATE femininity to their core. They are trying so hard to be like men and it is a pathetic, futile effort. Office careers, weightlifting, politics, law school, golf, lesbians, etc. If you go into the world putting femininity on a pedestal you will be destroyed. It longer exists.

      1. It’s true to some extend, particularly with Western Anglo women.
        But to say that femininity is despised -…. i don’t know.
        In most of the world, it’s worshipped. A young, beautiful, feminine girl is something to behold!!!
        I’ve personally experienced such girls and even a tad older women in Easter Europe and it does exists.
        Femininity is NOT DEAD. Except in US, Canada, GB, Aus, Northern Europe .. etc

        1. Yeah I can only speak for Western women. I haven’t had the pleasure of going to Europe yet and I can’t wait until that day…

    3. This is a very good post that may help explain why men from broken homes and raised by bad mothers are more red pill and can deal with women better than men raised in intact families.

    4. This is why men always cry when their mothers die. We all know, if only on a sub conscious level, that our mothers are the only women who ever have or ever will love us unconditionally.

    5. Amen. You’ll never find that type of love ever again from a woman. The only way you’ll get that type of love is probably from owning a dog or two. Unconditional love.

      1. If you want love and affection… get a dog. If you want pussy and children… get a women.

  4. Don’t stop running game only in LTRs; but also till you die.
    Game every thing which has a pussy, and belongs to the human species.
    It will help you throughout all spheres of life.
    That’s why it doesn’t stop till you die.
    Game is just trolling women.
    The fact remains that with age, (usually) every man’s mind and heart begins to harden against women. Because then he is less thinking with his gonads, and more with his brain. That’s why age and experience helps in game.

    1. It’s not that, in old age your libido nosedives. Not enough testosterone.
      In old age men become more yin like women and many women harden like men. There’s actually a reversal of the game. Just observe any old couple, rarely you’ll see the man still being the boss. Man can only remain yang (and young) if he is alone in old age.
      I plan to just disappear in the woods when I get really old and die alone like a wounded wolf.

      1. Yeah that’s true. Old women are like sailors in mentality. That’s true. But what you mustn’t forget is years and years of fucking and absorbing male yang sperm through their mouths, anuses and vaginas – adding to the decrease in estrogen once women hit menopause. All that sperm through that sex makes women masculine. You see it in young sluts and whores. If not in their body, then in the way they think.
        Another lie being purported by modern media is that single or unmarried men die earlier. Look at these following men: Buddha, Newton, Tesla. Their ages are all above 70, and they didn’t die sickly.
        Look at priests. Call them homosexuals, or pedophiles, but they don’t have women around them for long.
        Look at uncommitted promiscous men. Casanova, Hefner, Larry Ellison. Still going strong.
        The truth is that men become yin not only through too much sex. They actually become yin through monogamous marriages and relationships. These arrangements just kill the yang in men.

        1. Yeah that’s true. Old women are like sailors in mentality. That’s true. But what you mustn’t forget is years and years of fucking and absorbing male yang sperm through their mouths, anuses and vaginas – adding to the decrease in estrogen once women hit menopause. All that sperm through that sex makes women masculine. You see it in young sluts and whores. If not in their body, then in the way they think.
          I agree, many women actually crave the male sexual fluids as they are nutritionally deficient and quite Yin.

        2. The truth is that men become yin not only through too much sex. They actually become yin through monogamous marriages and relationships. These arrangements just kill the yang in men.
          This is so important to remember, I wish more people will notice this comment.

  5. Marriage.
    It is not about game. Game your wife as you would your FB certainly helps you getting more and better sex.
    But for the marriage to last, you need to be a good leader.
    And to be a *good* leader, you have to be a leader first.
    Leader is the guy who decides things. Leader is the guy the wife calls because she can not decide if wine-x or wine-y will be better for dinner. You have no idea but you say with a calm voice, after 3 seconds of silence: Buy wine x. Then you end the call, no explanation. She will thank you later.
    And exactly like this minor example you do it with ALL things.
    You want good sex? Tell her what to wear, when to be ready and what you want.
    She will be happy to follow.
    You want a new dog? Bring your dog home and say: This is our new dog, be nice to him. If she speaks against it – it is a shit test. Game will help you to pass them.
    The one thing you should avoid like the plague is ASKING your wife.
    Try NEVER to ask her anything.
    “Honey, would you rather like cake or ice?”
    “Honey, shall we buy a new car?”
    “Love, would you like to kiss me tonight?”
    Enjoy your life.

    1. Good advice. I’m married now, and do you know why my relationship is better than most people I know? It’s because my wife trusts me to lead. Women will eagerly bow down and serve a man who they see as a leader.
      Funny you put it that way though. The only guy I know who has a better marriage than me is one who is an infantry Captain in this town, and from what I’ve seen of him his leadership skills are brilliant. There is no such thing as “marriage game” or “club game”. There is just game….the kind that is found deep within.

      1. You make a good point…. and i feel bad for Charles. I crashed a marriage myself, but it was a young a frivolous one so it didn’t ultimately matter…
        Men beat themselves up and certainly they can accept they were to blame, but the culture is one where we’re led to believe that it’s an equal partnership and things should be discussed.
        Whereas, it’s more like being captain, and the captain neither asks questions nor allows subordinates to take command.

  6. Men are faced with two crucial decisions:
    1-Refuse to enter a LTR and have meaningless sex with worthless women who are OK with it instead. No matter how many women you may end up sleeping with, you’re a man, and you’re romantic by nature. You’d like to find a woman that can love you as much as you love her (let’s be honest: most poems and songs about unconditional, “eternal” love, have been penned by men).
    2-Enter a LTR with a woman you consider worthy of your love, but accept the fact you’re going to have to “game” for the rest of your life or for as long as the relationship lasts.

  7. I just wonder, and I wonder if fellow readers have noticed this too – that women destroy men (and have destroyed throughout history) more than accidents, disease, and wars? How many men have spent themselves for the sake of women?
    We do that even while gaming women. Spending drinks, making women feel good, etc. Even when we know that women are the biggest evil pieces of shit and scum ever created. Even though we never tell them, because nature has created the sex desire – the most powerful need of the human body- in us to reproduce.
    Why has God created so much evil in women? I know we humor women as naughty or spoiled little children. But actually, women are evil.
    When I read Buddha’s life, that’s what I realized. “Attachment is the source of all suffering”. What is this attachment? Attachment to life’s pleasures. And what is the greatest ‘pleasure’ in life? Company and sex with women. Unfortunately, there will be millions of men who’d die without experiencing this pleasure, but they would spend their life trying to obtain it. Call these men betas or what you may like, but in the end they’re still men. The attachment to the pleasure for company and sex with women, usually results in suffering for men. But this extends to all males,in almost every specie. Sperm is useless, eggs are precious. Even though women are being born more in this world.
    How many men lose their innocence and happines through dysfunctional women? Bad mothers, bitch-like sisters, whore like girlfriends and wives, and slutty daughters – not mentioning the casual bitches you see in your day to day life. Sex is nothing but sleeping with your enemy. Look at nature. Male spiders and male praying mantises are eaten by the females when they’re fucking them. Why is God (or nature) so cruel to men?
    I can feel the pain of this writer. Parasitism, infidelity and divorce – a woman’s gameplan in the modern world. I shudder at the thought of this happening to any one. God give us the patience and serenity to handle and ENDURE women.

    1. “I wonder if fellow readers have noticed this too – that women destroy men (and have destroyed throughout history) more than accidents, ”
      Pandora’s box. With “box” they meant the one between her legs.

    2. Sperm is useless, eggs are precious.

      Obviously you’ve never given a facial.

      1. I’m not saying that I hold that belief to be true. This is not about blowjobs. What I’m saying is how society functions. Sperm is considered useless, that’s why men kill and fight each other just to procreate with an evil creature. I wonder why nature is so harsh on men.

        1. men fight eachother just like the rest of the animals in god’s kingdom. if it is solely for the purpose of mating with a female then it’s safe to say that men cannot live without women.
          do you disagree? then you are either gay, or you love your hand dearly. either way, the human race would be gone.
          all of this mess between men, women, and the deterioration of our society is most likely a natural population control. humans don’t like too many other humans consuming all the resources so the less people on this planet the better.
          if women are the purely evil sex, then the ‘illuminati’ should be comprised of women (but they’re not), the largest and most dangerous corporations would be headed by women (but they’re not), and corrupt government would be run by women. all humans are equally capable of evil. women are equally capable of loving a good man.

        2. If I ask that women are evil, does it make me gay or a masturbator? I think like all women, you’re suffering from the Godwin’s syndrome.
          Man criticizing women? Gay, Masturbator, basement dweller, loser, what not.
          Is this labelling by women proof enough that women can be evil?
          Regardng the Illuminati. The Illuminati may or may not exist. But if they did, they sure do use women to control men.

          Maybe you could vent your hatred there instead, and not on a men’s site.

        3. men using women to control other men…interesting. i’m not venting hatred, only offering my point of view. is that a bad thing on a men’s site?

        4. I was being facetious. I wouldn’t worry about why nature is so cruel to men. It’s like asking ‘What is the meaning of life.’ You’ll drive yourself mad searching for a definitive answer. Just enjoy being a man. For all of its drawbacks there are still serious perks. Enjoy them while they’re still available to us.

    3. What a great comment. I have been thinking a lot about the biological reasons for men’s high sex drive. In nature, things exist for reasons. Therefore, I conclude that if coupling with a female was even partially a good thing, it would happen sufficiently on its own and nature would not have needed to program men with such an insatiable and unstoppable driving lust to have sex with females.
      That men’s sex drive exists and is so unimaginably high is proof that women offer nothing but a fantastically raw, if not suicidal, deal to men. Women are so horrible that nature had to design something as strong and addictive as the male orgasm in order for him to ignore his certain doom and charge forth into the vagina held by such a corrupt and evil creature. Who would dare get so close to a monster otherwise?

    4. Excellent comment and article. Men, Keep Hand in your relationships. Keep some emotional distance. Don’t share all your deepest thoughts, PARTICULARLY those of fear/insecurity. You are dealing with creatures that play sweet but loathe (and are repulsed by) weakness. If they sense it, they will exploit you in any way possible: financially, sexually, emotionally. If you expose weakness, you will be a “babe in the woods” emotionally with them. Talk to your buddy, brother, counselor, whomever – but do NOT share your weaknesses with your woman, lest you be exploited by her. Yes, that sweet, passionate girlfriend even. Once you wife her up, you become a resource (first) and a human (very distant second) to her. Keep Your Frame.

      1. Spot on, dude. Your work with women is never done, even when you are married. You always have to be playing them, and it’s for their own good.

      2. My game has already reached the stage of marriage, however, I thank you author for such advice. I will do everything possible to offset irrational impulses of my wife and save our marriage. I will not relax, and hope my marriage be long and happy, especially since I married a Russian woman and she owes me everything that has.

    5. Why has God created so much evil in women?
      I read a great quote here, don’t remember who wrote it: “God created woman so that man would know how He feels”.

    1. I like my women the same way I like my scotch: 20 y/o and mixed up in coke.

    2. I would pump and dump a 20yo 10/10 and get into a LTR with a 12yo 10/10.
      Reason: The 20yo is already a whore riding the cock carousel, so no marriage material. The 12yo is a unspoilt virgin and has her best years still ahead. Girls decay fast – 24 and they hit the wall.
      Our ancestors knew why they married their daughters early…
      And please note: Not every place in the world is the US, some countries have a more sensible “legal marriage age” in the 12-16 range.

  8. Its not the poke poke yupty doodle doo game that makes a woman interested in you or stay that way. Its your purpose as a man on this planet. If you come home every evening roll up your socks and sit and stare at a stupid tv for 5 hours , fuck her for 2 mins missionary and pass out to go back to your useless job the next morning. If you dont feel a burning desire to contribute, to move up in life, to get an MBA or an MD or start a business or DO SOMETHING. If you don’t fuck her silly so she doesnt have to coherence to form stupid doubts about you in her mind. IF you doubt your mother fuckin self. If you dont work out and show dedication to something. If you dont push your self. Thats when any girl will lose interest. The fault doesnt lie in her. Her bullshit should be irrelevant t your mission. YOUR MISSION. not someone else. not yo
    ur dad or your mom or your boss. Your journey. Feel like a man. FEel the anger in you. Feel your purpose you stupid nut case.
    I dont know what kind of wife you have now that you say that by running some dumb game tricks on her you think shes gonna stay interested in you. I would be and stay careful. Sounds stupid and immature

    1. If you dont work out and show dedication to something. If you dont push your self. Thats when any girl will lose interest.

      It sounds like you can see the big picture. Women prefer men of power, means and accomplishment, all of which stem from purpose.
      Game is one of many tools at our disposal to achieve one’s ends as they relate to women.
      Game is not a panacea for every stupid fucking thing some men do [like giving your wife control of the family finances].
      Game can get you a beautiful wife but it won’t keep her or her respect. No one should delude themselves into believing otherwise.

      1. Damn….I’d give you a dozen upvotes if I could because you’ve described in two sentences the main reason most of this site’s readers still suck ass with women.
        The ability to woo women is a valuable skill but it it’s just that…a skill in support of a larger goal. If your end goal is just to get women you have lost sight of empowering yourself and you will fail at both.

        1. If your end goal is just to get women you have lost sight of empowering yourself and you will fail at both.

          You’re dead on sir.
          A few years back I had a buddy who lost one of his bottom bitches to another guy simply because the guy had way more going on professionally.
          Game was never an issue for my buddy since the guy literally shat game.
          His problem was that he would always talk big about the day he would have so much going on when, in reality, he would never achieve a modicum of success because he was never willing to work hard enough to follow through with anything.
          To make matters even worse, whenever he managed to accomplish anything, it was usually with her help.
          He had to learn the hard way that women aren’t invested in men so much as they are in their own futures.
          No woman will risk her security on a man whose sole value propositions are good dick and game.

  9. Dude,
    What the fuck was your wife doing with your fucking checkbook?! A real man would have dead’ed that immediately.

    1. The author did that during his blue pill period. I think we shouldn’t hold that against him or ridicule him for sharing that; he’s sharing his experience with us so that many men won’t repeat his mistake.

      1. You’re right. I assumed it was a given but it may be helpful to another man. It’s just that as soon as I read:

        My wife had control of the checkbook and I tried arguing with her…

        I was immediately like…

        I always hate to hear of men who sacrifice footing willingly.

  10. This is the real truth. You never reach the “finish line” with women. You never can just coast on autopilot. You always need to be gaming and staying one step ahead of them, if you can. The minute you let your guard down is when problems start.

    1. Word. The best yoy can do is choose a wman who’s easy for you to game. You’re good at keeping good looking and dred then you go for a girl who fllows that game. If you gotta work hard at controlling her hamster then don’t marry a girl who acts like the hamster /is / the brain.

    2. Agreed. The moment a woman in my life starts to ‘act up’ is the moment that I stop the bus and let her know that she can get off at this stop.
      That behavior stops right away.
      It’s my bus, I’m the driver and I’ll kick you off of the bus anytime that type of behavior surfaces.
      It works like a charm.

      1. i think the problem for some guys is that there is only one woman in their life. he just needs da fckin ballz to cut her off

        1. Like Tom Leykis always says “women are like buses–there’s another one coming around the corner in 5 minutes”.

    3. Spot on, dude. You either are willing to follow the game to the very end, or you will perish. Learn how it works, and you could be rewarded nicely. Dismiss it and suffer a world of hurt.
      As someone aptly said, you are never allowed to “just love a bitch.”

  11. Mankind will not be saved by a loose gang of internet players and rogues.
    It will be tough men willing to step up to and take the helm in their life. This includes their romantic and future family lives. The only way to stop population decline is to instill the proper character in men. The women will follow once masculinity has returned to the modern man.

    1. That won’t stop population decline. Population decline is happening because we’re in a post-industrial world where children don’t work until late in their lives. All of the jobs we have are capital based, not labor based, and human capital takes years to develop. Just look at this site and the idea of self-improvement–it takes years to show results. It’s the same way with everything in this world and there’s no immediate benefits of having children right away, nor will there be.
      To put it another way, it used to be that children used to be able to work in an an agricultural or even industrial society. It’s not like that any more. Having 10 kids was possible in the agricultural world because they’d work on the farm. Having 10 children today is economic suicide. You’re likely to see declining populations across the world as different countries enter the post-industrial stage.
      If they don’t enter the post-industrial stage, they’ll end up exhausting their natural resources, wipe out their environments, and die. We’re seeing the beginning stages of this right now. Just take a look at water supplies in countries like Pakistan and other countries in Africa (ex. Nigeria) or even, to a lesser extent, India and China.

      1. Unfortunately, due to welfare and mass immigration they’re going to come over here and destroy our civilizations first before they burn through all of their resources. Stopping this is imperative.

  12. As usual the man is convinced the failure of the marriage was 100% his fault. I disagree. What was this woman bringing to the table other than her ability to produce offspring and consume resources? It’s not mentioned but like many service members I would wager she was a dependapotamus. This guy got taken to the cleaners and it really could have happened whether or not he had “gamed” his wife. The system is set up to transfer wealth from men to women. Marriage has been dead for a while, and having to “game” your wife is further proof of this.

    1. “What was this woman bringing to the table other than her ability to produce offspring and consume resources?” Would you expect much more? And that’s not me being a dick saying that, rather the reality. Marriage was dead when the concept of “love marriage” started catching on.

  13. Men keep up their manhood and game, and women keep up their end for happy healthy marriages

  14. That;s just the classic ‘you’re not the one I married’ stye scenario, though. If it took game, good looks and money to get her, then good luck trying to keep her by losing your game, getting fat and developing a gambling habit.
    But don’t expect women to eep up their side. Many women do the same thing and lose their looks, turn shrewish and get lazy the secind they’re married. It’s too much of a risk for any woman you don’t know though and throgh.

  15. Its war out there. That’s what Game and the red pill have taught me. And as the Romans said: “If you want peace, prepare for war”.

  16. Depends. If you want to get rid of her and cant bear to ditch her hard, start acting clingy and beta.

  17. This is actually wrong and beta mentality. Do the opposite, drop your game in LTR, let the bitch find another idiot or you’ll be stuck with the same pussy all your life.
    It is the woman that has to beg and kiss ass to stay in a LTR with a man. She gains a lot more than you do.

  18. No man is invincible or a brick wall. A good woman recognizes arrogance and cockiness as a facade, and is strong enough to accept vulnerabilities that lie beneath, because she does not helplessly depend on him for strength. An entire long term relationship based on the man maintaining a constantly strong and dominant demeanor is doomed. He is enslaved to cultural ideals, like a wife waking up two hours before her husband every morning to put on makeup.

  19. This idea of women being evil is a little over the top. Women are just women. I have a 21 year old daughter. She is a sweet kid, respectful and helps people. She just needs a strong man to guide her through life.

    1. You are never going to view your daughter
      A.) Objectively
      B.) As you would view random women you don’t know

  20. If not for the pressures of society to be in a mature relationship, most men would probably prefer to just be alone. This life is pretty short and although everything is just on more moment in time closer to death, it should be lived in a way where happiness can be achieved. Most humans are not built to maintain a 35 year loving relationship with one person. Getting married at 25 and expecting that for 35 years you can continue to cherish the other person and have similar expectations as to how to live together is insane. Although… love is a decision…. it is not one that most men are really willing to make.

  21. this article really spoke to me–thanks for writing it. Most of it sounded like you were talking about my life being a veteran and going through marriage. So what are you planning on doing next? Another attempt at marriage?

    1. I haven’t completely thrown the idea in the waste bin, but I damn sure am in no hurry to try it again. If I do, it will be an entirely different ball game.

  22. The reason the law classically gave women little power is that nature gave them the lions share. The need for game is an artificial construct in marriage to make up for the lack of actual male power. Consider this story if it happened in medieval Europe or during biblical times – wife has affair – gets stoned to death. Simple, elegant, and an absolutely clear message. How much wifely straying would there be if such a penalty were around today? Yes there would be some but I’m willing to be there would be far less than today’s active encouragement (cash and prizes) of wifely infidelity.
    We’ve created a massive imbalance in a system that when properly balanced created Western civilization and the greatest accomplishments in the history of humanity. Now all that is going to go away because equality. Equal in misery we will be.

  23. What do all of you believe in?
    Men are smarter than women.
    Men understand what they want and what women want.
    Men are powerful and are able to direct their relationships.
    Women are dumb, weak things that don’t understand themselves or anything else and always destroy everything.
    Women should be treated be like pets.
    If these are true, then it IS the man’s fault. Don’t blame your failure on something that doesn’t even know what it’s doing.

  24. If the woman you choose has to be gamed for the rest of your life to stave off divorce then you have made a horrible decision in picking her – a woman should be able to back up her man, to recognize that life has bumps and roadblocks that need to be addressed as a team – If you have a woman who just looks pretty and is happy to sit on her ass while you make her happy, then all the gaming in the world will not stop the train wreck your life will become. Find a woman (mythical) who is in it despite adversity.

  25. Isn’t it crazy that as men we have no one saying these things to young men? You fall in love then happily ever after nonsense goes on forever in the news and media. Thanks for sharing your story, it takes a big man to own his mistakes.

  26. Funny my wife of 20 years does all the finances. She is an accountant
    (but a stay at home mom) I’ve never had a problem, My check goes in
    direct deposit, she pays all the bills (I hate paying bills), my credit
    rating is stellar. No bills are paid late. Yesterday was my 43rd
    birthday and I got woken up by a blow job at 4am. She just came up behind me about 20 minutes ago and rubbed my back kissed the side of my neck and said “I really love you” So yea, Im not buying the “All
    women are evil” you just gotta pick the right one. They are out there
    but you gotta dig hard to find them.

  27. true story, this is why I always say ltr is a bad deal. you gotta keep runnin game on a chick that you already have in the bag like you just got her, without the benefit or excitement of a new chick.

  28. You boys are so funny, talking about your imaginary “girlfriends” and “wives”! 🙂

  29. My game has already reached the stage of marriage, however, I thank you author for such advice. I will do everything possible to offset irrational impulses of my wife and save our marriage. I will not relax, and hope my marriage be long and happy, especially since I married a Russian woman and she owes me everything that has

  30. How many men have destroyed women also? Men dont deserve just as much. Quit the pity party. There are good women out there just like theyre are good men. What is good and bad anyway? Just because you were to stupid to see what a cunt she was doesnt mean you have to regress to high school like sexuality and morals. Cmon Man. I love this sight for the smart, witty, and truthful commentary…not for this bias whiny bullshit.

  31. Jesus theyre are some whiny “men” on here. Vindictive, vengeful, shit talking, bias as fuck
    If I didnt know any better…id say this sight was full of bitches lol.

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