Why Hasn’t Feminist Emily Hopper Been Arrested For Assault?

Two anti-circumcision protesters were assaulted this summer during a gay pride parade in San Francisco by a woman later identified as Emily Hopper. She was dressed as a fairy during the assault. You can watch it take place in the following video:

0:25: Emily is in view on the right side of the screen
0:30: She notices the protester’s sign and begins to have an emotional reaction
0:36: She mimics the finger-snap behavior of an urban female youth to show her intolerance of a dissenting opinion
0:41: She makes physical contact with the photographer, who has the legal right to film in a public space
0:43: Her hand was removed from the camera and she responds physically
0:58: White knight in green skirt attempts to come to her rescue
1:05: She continues her assault against protester signage
1:12: Another white knight comes in
1:18: She punches one of the protesters in the nose and then shoves him
1:31: She displays even more unbridled aggression

Here is photographic evidence that the woman in the video is indeed Emily Hopper:

Some additional photos that are slightly NSFW can be found here.

A day after her identity was made public, she posted a response video on Youtube showing a healthy amount of cleavage while laying in bed wearing the same fairy costume. Predictably, she plays the damsel-in-distress angle that doesn’t quite jive with we see in the above video. She also lies about being a teenager when she’s actually in her mid 20’s.

Would you bang?

Anti-circumcision is not a cause that ROK fights for, but nonetheless the protesters have legal protections granted by American law to protest and film in a public space without being physically assaulted. This isn’t the first time that a feminist tried to silence a protester with violence. Earlier this year, UCSB feminist studies professor Mireille Miller-Young physically assaulted pro-life protesters after stealing their sign.

Miller-Young actually blamed slavery as the reason for her assault. I must remind you that slavery has not taken place on American soil within the past 149 years. She was rightfully arrested, charged, and given a sentence of 100 hours of community service. Emily also needs to be punished for her crime, because if a man attacked a feminist protester at a pro-choice jubilee, he would be arrested within an hour.

Why is Emily given a pass to break the law when such “privilege” to use violence is never given to men? If you believe that she should pay for her crime, contact the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office with your concern that a violent member of the community is still loose on the streets.

The ROK staff disagrees on many issues with feminists, but we have never attempted to use violence to shut down opinions we don’t like. America is a country founded upon the principle of free speech, even speech which has no basis in fact, logic, or reality. Unless we start severely punishing people like Emily Hopper and Mireille Miller-Young, we allow leftist activists to use intimidation, threats, and outright violence to erode our right to free speech.

As much as the left preaches tolerance and acceptance, their movement has shown to be dangerously intolerant. They’ve apparently gone mad with the gains they’ve made in the past ten years. By publicizing cases involving violent individuals like Emily Hopper, we hope that other leftists think twice about using their fists to show disagreement.

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320 thoughts on “Why Hasn’t Feminist Emily Hopper Been Arrested For Assault?”

  1. Allow me to retitle the article:
    Forget an article, this could be the title of a long standing series

    1. so you can lose your job and ruin your life like Ray? Striking a female is suicide for anyone with ambition.

      1. Naw. Depends on your politics and the details… Hollywood even gives it’s creepy pedophile directors movie awards. Everything is a calculated risk.

    2. part of me agrees, but had he defended himself, a world star-esque beating would ensue from the gaggle of white knights in attendance….. complete with brain damage, medical bills and probably still no justice or recourse. I’m a big fan of getting people one on one, talking things out like adults, then if that person can not control their monkey brain….well i put in 5 miles every other day, i like my chances.

      1. I completely agree. No doubt there would be a ton of backlash, and I was exaggerating with the Ray Rice reference. It’s always good to show enough restraint to not hospitalize the bitch, male or female. But at this point, your options are:
        1. Getting punched in the face in front of 100 people then showed on Youtube
        2. Exercising your lawful right to defend yourself and deal with the backlash
        I probably have too much faith in the US court system, but I think if a chick lands a running punch and you throw one or two back, you’ll walk

    3. You should but I would suggest taking a bitch along with you to do the job, it just looks better.

    4. and that’s the double standard…he couldn’t hit her.
      If anything, he would have gone to jail and she would become the next reality show “star” with a book deal, movie deal, etc….that’s how fucked up things are here.
      It has to get worse before it gets better. Women are going to find out how much worse it’s going to get. All that fucking complaining for years is going to come back to haunt them in the end.

      1. > “It has to get worse before it gets better.”
        Men have been saying that for 50 years.
        It’s easier than actually DOING something.
        Guys were willing to lose their kids. They’ll now eagerly wait another 50 years.

        1. I think you’re starting to see that movement of doing something develop, today.
          Guys willing to lose their kids….I believe that’s a two way street. The courts have always sided with the mother on the kids….men had to hire lawyers and contest it (more money) to keep them. It’s society, as a whole, that has the problem. Many of the mothers out there are “dead beat mothers” with the kids.

    5. idk brah, that’s jail time and at the least a record. youd screw yourself. Then again…. if you’re fast and hit her a couple times and bolt the hell outta there. you’re gold!

  2. Gender bias is the reason she won’t suffer any consequences. If it was a man attacking a woman who was protesting female circumcision, he’d already be in jail. Non-red pill people need to realize that feminism is solely anti-men.

    1. Well, I think the main reason is because most men don’t react intensely enough against events like that. The more american men denounce and show their disapproval and revolt against such events, the more women will think better their acts and the anti-male laws may finally change. Events like that are good moments to expose those idiot feminists.

      1. In some places, American men will react intensely. But in foreign countries, it’s worse. Women can be killed if they assault men.

    2. I will contact the SF DA tomorrow by phone. We have the video of her assaulting man and the fact the he appears to be 60+ means that the charge is aggravated assault. Simple assault becomes aggravated assault when you hit a person over 60 and usually also includes disabled people etc We have the video as proof so if anyone knows who she is post her name here.I want jail time for this cunt.
      Now, why did she do what she did? It’s obvious that she’s an attention whore who didn’t like the fact that the man and his signs were getting attention in this so called parade and taking it away from her and her fag and dyke freak friends.

      1. I have no standing to file a complaint with the DA so the man who was hit is going to have to do that and I do suggest that he file the complaint with the DA and not the local cops. After he does then I can pressure the DA to take this seriously. The only way to stop these bitches is to hurt them so that other bitches see it and are very careful about what they do.The freak females are only brave because they have no opposition and believe they can act with impunity but put some pressure on them and prosecute them for their illegal actions and they’ll fall apart. It also seems that the older Boomer guy had a lot more balls than the youngsters because he was not allowing her queer friends to intimidate him.

    3. Agree. Feminism in its current form is about control and power.
      Women have plenty of freedoms today (and then some) yet they’ll still complain about how they still are “equal” and they’ll still play the victim card when needed.
      Women in the work place are paid less because of other women (not men). There is always another woman ready to take a position and do more…for less pay. It has nothing to do with men, corporations, or anything else. It’s that simple.
      Women are no longer “unequal” and they have plenty of power. They are no longer seeking “equality”…they want more power and control.

  3. Women can’t seem to be held accountable for any of their actions, completely contrary to the “strong and independent” narrative and contrary to the notion they are adults. The justice system will only fold if they see no possibility to burden a man with the blame and they have to resort to outrageous claims or legal contortions to do so.

  4. “Anti-circumcision is not a cause that ROK fights for”
    Why? Do you approve of baby boys being sexually crippled, or are you just apathetic?

    1. i love being snipped. it’s never seemed to slow me down sexually (as a younger man, i once managed to do my hot nymphomaniac ukrainian ex nine times on the same evening). seems like the ladies prefer it too, as far as putting it in their mouths.
      that said, if i ever have a son i won’t have it done to him, so that he can decide himself later on.

      1. You’re displaying the common psychopathology of men who were cut at birth. This is the same attitude women who’ve been circumcised have, because they live in genital cutting cultures and were mutilated pre-puberty and have no point of comparison. As a man who was circumcised without my consent at 14, I know that circumcision ruins sex/masturbation. Almost all sexual sensation comes from the foreskin.
        You can say your’e happy all you like, but it doesn’t change the fact that male ‘circumcision’ excises more sex nerves than type 2 FGM, renders the penis dysfunctional and dramatically reduces, sometimes destroys , sexual pleasure. The original intention of circumcision was to suppress men’s enjoyment of sex.
        “seems like the ladies prefer it too,”
        Not only is this anecdotal, specious nonsense, it’s irrelevant to the discussion. 70% of the world’s men are intact. The only reason women say they prefer cut in your culture, is because that’s all they know. It’s cultural conditioning.
        Forced circumcision is a form of rape–the worst form of rape, in fact. Of course, you will deny this and that it’s damaging, because living in denial and ignorance is easier than facing up to the truth.

        1. I am cut and I have no ill feeling towards the situation. I’m against it for sure and it has negative effects. We’re men, I’m not going to cry about it. I will also spread the word and will not allow it for my son. However, don’t play arm chair psych, that’s pretentious.

        2. I’m stating a fact, that a majority of men circumcised at birth have no point of comparison and live in denial over how good their sex lives are. You only need to go on youtube and see the frothing, rabid responses from men cut at birth, saying how awesome being mutilated is. It’s no different from the women who defend FGM. Just because you and I aren’t like this, doesn’t stop this general truth being generally true.

        3. Well said. We see these sorts of comments from the circumcised male often: “I love my circumcised dick! Ladies don’t want that foreskin in their mouths! It looks better when it’s been snipped!” It’s like there are robots out there, but the manufacturer only had so much verbal programming.
          I hate to be the bearer of bad news, guys, but penis scars are SO last century. Your penis dries out and turns into something very different when you’ve been circumcised.

        4. As a circumcised man, I have no interest in how much more likely a woman is to want to put it in her mouth, because my penis has zero sexual sensitivity. Blowjobs feel of nothing to me. Circumcisions vary slightly, so not all are as sexually damaging as mine, but how any circumcised man can get pleasure from a mouth on their penis is beyond me. The glans is insensitive and all they’re left with is a bit of keratinised mucosa and a frenulum remnant.
          Of course, I’m in the position of having experienced both, so I can see completely clearly on this. Something tells me men who are cut at birth can somehow delude themselves that what they’re experiencing is nice. Many of them think an ejaculation is all there is to sex. It’s a tiny component, though. Many circumcised men I’ve spoken to can’t even ejaculate, because they have nothing left to stimulate. I know I can’t ejaculate in most sexual positions because I haven’t even got a frenulum. It’s a numb dildo.

        5. Agreed, what kind of sick pervert is touching a child’s penis and cutting parts of it off and sewing it up. It takes a real sick fuck to do that.

        6. Real talk, why did you get snipped?
          I feel a bit of resentment towards my parents for doing it to me as a newborn. If I have a son he will not be cut. I realize there are some legitimate reasons to get circumcised, but it’s absolutely barbaric to cut part of a penis off an infant just because “that’s what people do”.
          I’ve heard from plenty of girls that it’s a for sure thing when they have a son, because all of her friends did it and “it’s just ugly”. If I decided that part of my daughter’s genitals absolutely HAD to get cut off (sans anesthesia, she’ll black out from the pain anyway) I’d be a pariah, end of story. No further questions.
          I frequently contemplate how to prevent my hypothetical son’s penis from being mutilated. Does a father have a right to prevent his son from undergoing this horrible shit?

        7. Of course you have a right to protect your son. Tell your future wife that the sensory equivalent of the clitoris is in the foreskin. Make her read a book called ‘Unspeakable Mutilations’ that you can buy from Amazon. Circumcision ruins lives and is no different from FGM.
          It was for a tight foreskin, something that never necessitates circumcision. There are virtually no reasons to cut a foreskin off. I can think of three possible situations where it might be necessary–a case of flesh eating bacteria, gangrene or frostbite. And it shouldn’t be called circumcision, it should be called therapeutic amputation. All other reasons given for circumcision are specious nonsense.

        8. How old were you? You said you have experienced both worlds, so I was wondering if you were old enough to have fapped or had sex before you had it done.

        9. I was 14. I started masturbating 6months to a year before I had it done. So I went from feeling glorious sensations (and that was without the ability to retract) to feeling numbness overnight. I knew when I took the bandages off the next day that my life had been ruined. I never signed up for what was done to me.

        10. What they don’t understand is that they still have the prostate orgasm (“the big one”) once they induce ejaculation. It is the biggest and the best, but US men are deluded into believing it’s all there is to sex. So they jump in and pump hard and fast to get it. Then they’re done. Slam bam, thank you mam. The tens of thousands of nerve endings in the foreskin communicate countless sensations over a broad spectrum of feelings. You just can’t know how true this is unless you’ve both had one and not had one. All the subtle movements also allow for much more attention to the needs of a woman who typically takes longer to attain orgasm than a man. It is not a balancing phenomenon that some cut men take too long to orgasm (supposedly thereby giving a woman more time to orgasm); the longer a numb man goes the faster and harder he hits at it, which it counter-productive for most women, who prefer and enjoy more a man who can be gentle and undulating throughout most of the sex act. BTW, when a teen boy is cut because of tight foreskin he can’t have known how foreskin works when fully mobile. So his initial reaction may be that being cut is so much better, especially if he is already into vaginal coitus. After a few years his glans and mucosa go dry and a keratin cover hardens, leaving him with very little feeling.
          But he can still attain orgasm; he just has to work harder and longer at it. There is no justification for amputating boys’ foreskins unless all possible alternatives have been tried and have failed. Tight foreskins are rare, and can be easily expanded with the right equipment; but US medicine refuses to ever tell any male about those alternatives. In Europe and Japan it is unheard of to amputate foreskins, neither at birth nor later in life. Doctors know what to do for all conditions. US doctors are circumcised, and want all US males to suffer from the same limitations they have in that department. Plus med schools deliberately keep them in the dark about alternatives.

        11. Agree with everything you say, apart from circumcision being unheard of in Japan and Europe. Doctors there are still negligent (look what happened to me) and muslims and Jews are still allowed to knife-rape their sons in Europe. Political correctness and mass immigration will make it harder to get this barbarism banned.

        12. Sorry. I didn’t realize you were cut in Japan or Europe. Where was it? In Japan especially, they have a separate “line” for Americans. They hustle US parents to circumcise their sons when born there. Not sure why this is, but it happened to my nephew who did not want his son circumcised. It was almost as bad as being in the US, I recall him saying. He held out and son was not cut. But among indigenous Japanese people a doctor would be ostracized for offering circumcision. There is an article by a Dr Kayaba on file at cirp.org. His attitude toward foreskin is typical of Japanese doctors in general. In Germany they contracted out obstetrics to German doctors, so US docs could spend more time on the troops. Those German doctors refused, absolutely refused, to circumcise the boys they delivered. It caused an uproar among mothers who wanted their sons cut according to their wishes.The Germans were adamant: no cutting, it would be a violation of our ethical standards. I have another nephew whose son stayed intact because of that situation. He was born in Germany at the time it was going on.

        13. I was mutilated at 14 yrs old in Scotland. It was pure unluckiness. I had a case of paraphimosis, which was fixed easily by nurses in the hospital and thus there was no longer a problem. But the doctor advised circumcision to my parents. Neither they nor I knew what it was and we just assumed he was going to make a small incision in the tip to free up the foreskin. I took off the bandages the next day and my penis had been stripped of all erogenous tissue and turned into a numb dildo. So I know circumcision destroys sexual pleasure because I’ve experienced both. Anyone who says it doesn’t must be smoking crack.

        14. Ah yes. There are still doctors in UK who have never adapted to the new ideas of leaving a lad’s foreskin alone. Even younger with foreskin themselves adopt the thinking of old men about to retire. What you experienced is an old trick; any problem with his foreskin must lead to circumcision. At NOCIRC in US they recommend to parents that they “close” paraphimosis at home using squeezing methods after applying some lubricant to make it go more easily. Squeeze in the glans corona with one hand, push forward on the foreskin with the other hand. A boy can be taught to do it himself, even. It will loosen up with time and at some points in life a man may wish it were tight again, as it was before. That said, paraphimosis is quite rare, and would never occur were boys given instruction in how best to wank (school sex-ed, or such; even just porn DVDs).

      2. “I love being snipped! It’s never slowed me down! The ladies like it this way!”
        I’m glad that you’re not going to cut your son, and I’m glad that you’re happy with your penis remnant, because a lot of men AREN’T happy that they had their foreskin – and organ that contains more nerve endings than the clitoris – cut off. I’m not asking you to hate your body or feel ashamed of it, but you need to understand that the foreskin is an important, functioning part of a male’s anatomy. If you are to have a son one day it is important that you know proper intact care, because many American doctors will advise you to circumcise, while many others will not know proper intact care and may hurt your son at routine checkups with “forced retraction.”
        Here is some great information:

        1. Hey here is some info that might be relevant to you and your cause.
          Check out this book by Dr. Jim Bigelow.
          In it he talks about the history of male circumcision and then goes on to suggest solutions for men who have already had the procedure. I did some reading online and it appears that some men have actually done this procedure with noticeable positive results.
          Apparently there is some kind of “restoration” method by which you can improve the elasticity of the penis tissue and essentially regrow some foreskin. Also I think you can bring some of the intact nerve endings closer to the tissue surface and increase sensitivity by dealing with scarred tissue.
          This might be something you can bring up to circumcised dudes. I imagine the thought that there is nothing you can do for being ripped off (no pun intended) sexually can actually be quite depressing.

      3. -In this video a female explains the traumatizing experience that the baby experiences. Quite cruel.
        -Also around 3:33 min, the other female, talks about how it was used as a punishment against masturbation, etc.
        -Incredible that after all of our history of brutal violence against men, we see men ignored by educators, etc:
        – Besides ,the first years of a child, will define his entire life, because the brains is developing, changing fast.
        – If all circumcised people knew what they have lost, they would oppose completely, but instead we see them supporting it. Denial.

      4. I vociferously objected to having my son circumsized. It mattered not. When they came around and asked my wife, she gave the ok. They could care less what the father thought. Men have little to no say in anything having to do with their own children under today’s matriarchy.

      5. Your body, your choice. Don’t force it on others. That is the point. How do you know that it is all about your penis being mutilated that the ladies like anyhow?

        1. I’m a rabid intactivist, but there’s a difference between referring to forced circumcision as mutilation and referring to a man’s penis as mutilated. I think it’ s important to judge the act, not the survivor. He’s pro-choice on the subject and that’s the important part.

        2. A circumcised penis is a mutilated penis. I am circumcised and I acknowledge that because I tell the truth. Denial gets people nowhere.

        3. Lots of anti-FGM activists resent being called mutilated, and also report that it puts communities on the defensive and makes their work harder.
          There’s the truth, and then there’s what people can handle. If seeing it done doesn’t put people off of it, correct terminology won’t either.
          In other words, you are rational and therefore you expect others to be rational. I wish that prediction were correct, but unfortunately no. Other people do not have your honesty.
          Denial gets people VERY far. Denial got them to keep doing this. Denial has cut 1.2 billion boys. And the term ‘mutilated’ can reinforce that denial BECAUSE it is the truth. I really wish it didn’t, but it does.

        4. Well society is rational when it comes to FGM because they call it mutilation, yet somehow they look at the exact same practice on boys as ‘circumcision’. If people all call it mutilation and see it for what it is, it will be banned quicker. People give it credibility by viewing it as a medical procedure when it is not.

        5. His penis is not “mutilated”….circumcised and uncircumcised literally look the same when hard. I personally know many women who like circumcised.

        6. I am sure there are men that like women who get circumcised also. That is a horrible excuse. It is like excusing rape because the rapist likes it.

        7. What?I did not say that should be the reason and it was not an “excuse”. Just something I have experienced based on seeing many men. You sound illogical and your comparisons don’t work here. I was making a point about how your insults are not true.

        8. One of the reasons for circumcision (like for FGM) is to take away sensation for less pleasure. It is not all about how something looks. I don’t think it is illogical that we should not be forced to have part of our body forcibly removed (yes there are health exceptions). I assume you are also pro-FGM.

        9. Male circumcision is different from FGM. Different procedure, reasons and different beginnings. Male circumcision has been shown to have benefits and is backed up by WHO. I am just against people spreading misinformation.

        10. The benefits from circumcision are quite minor. I don’t think that is the main reason people have it done to their baby. I doubt if the same minor benefits were inherent in FGM that it would suddenly get popular in the West. The start of both procedures were to reduce sexual pleasure (albeit in different ways). In South Africa when men speak out after say a botched circumcision they get beat up and women elders who speak out are vilified. Of course WHO continues to stay silent on such matters. I am against people such as WHO spreading misinformation also.

        11. Nope, the start of male circumcision is most likely a passage to manhood. WHO is actually a reliable organization that support ONLY if done in sterile environments.

        12. That is nice. WHO is against My Body My Choice as long as it is done in a sterile environment.

        13. When you say “my body” aren’t you being a little hypocritical. WE vaccinate babies against their choice too.

        14. Vaccinating isn’t permanently removing a body part and it is done purely for health reasons. Circumcision is by and large not done for health reasons.

        15. Listen, when you say “body part” you want to make it seem like it’s a leg or an arm or something of that sort. Circumcision is done for many reasons (such as passage to adulthood) but people do it for health benefits as well.

        16. No, I wanted to distinguish that it is different from a vaccination. Well if they do it for health benefits they are being misled. We do not see epidemics happening among uncircumsized males in which there are many. Most of the claimed benefits don’t even come into play until adulthood when one could choose for themselves. Many of the benefits pale in comparison to just using a condom and washing yourself, in which you do not need to remove a body part.

        17. You said “my body”, well we are vaccinating babies without asking for their permission. We are doing something to their bodies without asking them first. Same with everything else we do to babies and children.
          Circumcision in adulthood takes much longer and is higher risk when they are older. For babies, the risks are very little. People keep saying use a condom but many people DON’T use condoms and they can affect other people.

        18. OK, I am making the distinction that we should not be doing permanent bodily harm to a baby on their behalf. Vaccinations are purely for health reasons and do not require you to alter the person’s body permanantly. I do believe that parents should take steps to help their child, but cutting off part of their body for little to no helpful effect is not one of them. According to the CDC on HIV prevention “Studies of whether circumcision of males reduces HIV transmission to their female sex partners overall indicate no protective effect” So we should forcibly remove part of a man’s body because we can’t trust him to use a condom when he is older (and a condom is MUCH more effective).

        19. But vaccinations can make permanent marks and stay in the body. Circumcisions are also done for health reasons, APP backs up those benefits.
          That is male to female, I was speaking in terms of male having less chances of getting the virus.
          A 2008 meta-analysis, which examined data from the three RCTs, as well as from cohort and case-control studies, found that HIV risk was reduced 58% in circumcised men (overall risk ratio [RR], 0.42; 95% confidence interval [CI], 0.33-0.53). The authors concluded that the studies provided enough evidence to conclude that circumcision causes a reduction in transmission of HIV-1 infection [19].

        20. How many babies did it prevent from getting HIV? Typically people don’t get HIV until after they are of an age where they could make a decision for their own body. There is a difference between forcing this and giving people the option. I don’t see rampant HIV in say Europe where circumcision is not as common. There were also flaws in that study and many studies that show those figures to be exaggerated. If we really wanted to remove body parts to prevent disease we would cut out women’s breast buds at birth. Women have a 1 in 8 chance of getting breast cancer. Of course that would be asinine.

      6. This is a great stance and should be applauded.
        You don’t have to feel any particular way about your body. It’s okay to like being circumcised as long as you support letting everyone decide for himself.

    2. Circumcision is indeed the foremost act of male child violence in the USA.I have not seen any of the writers here vouching for this barbaric ritual,but that they have not outright condemned it does not mean they approve it.

    3. I agree with Lawrence Newman.
      To be for men’s rights and not to take a stand against the mutilation of
      the genitals of baby boys, is complete and total non-sense. As for the
      psychology behind those men not opposed to it, i can speculate. Some do
      not want to admit to the pain and loss, but others? seem really not to
      care. In my opinion, those who really don’t care, are, for better and
      for worse, simply spun and of a less refined weave.
      In any case,
      not respecting the bodily integrity of children is morally depraved and
      sick, and there can be no argument on this question.
      And yet
      there is. And the reason why is that the countries and lands that were
      to be our bequest, were taken, and they skinned our children and sold
      the tissue at market, and who is left to complain?

    4. You’re changing the subject. This article is about a feminist physically attacking someone and getting away with it, not circumcision.
      Maintain frame.

      1. It’s very much on subject because it is a men’s issue and is part of the story. Learn to read.

    1. I respect your activism, but you have to realize we are way over our heads here with the media, government, females/liberals.

        1. A lot of time, emotional investment, arguing with children, and looking like the MRAs! I know they are on our team but I highly doubt they get anything done.

      1. Im not going to try and argue with these dumb cunts. Im leaving the country soon as I get enough money. They can find someone else to leach off

      1. Fuck you. Black women go hard for their men. Even a black woman who hates men will raise hell for black men and provide them with sex. A lot of black women actually consider men to be entitled to sex.

    1. Ha. The part about hostages made me think. Imagine a society who demanded that all productive, valuable male hostages were returned, and then worried about the women and children once the main targets were returned. Imagine how the hostage takers would feel left with only weak useless women and children and how powerless they would feel after a few days went by and they realized they held nothing of value.
      That said, ROK loses a lot of credibility in my eyes by not opposing male genital mutilation. How could you really be ok with this? I am non-Jewish and was forcefully mutililated at birth in the USA at a time when it was more popular. Gladly, the rates are declining today and I believe the majority of boys born now are intact, but still millions are cut every year. This is sick and life altering. I enjoy all the articles that say we should get enjoyment from living our own lives, our work, our travel, our adventures, our hobbies, but at the same time, the penis and sex does define what a man is and the fact that I will never fully experience this is a tragedy.

  5. Don’t think she is an orthodox Jew, the sign just made her feel bad so she “defends herself”, totally directed by irrational emotion

      1. I edited it before it had any replies.
        I sure would have banged her by just the looks and she looks slutty.
        Then again looking how she behaved, I checked it afterwards, terrible mistake to even think of having sex with her..

        1. Give me a break dude..There’s not a fuckin man in here that wouldn’t fuck that bitch every which way but sideways..May not keep the dingy bitch…But fuck? Let blow them? Absolutely!

  6. Well, they did follow her and unnecessarily antagonize her. They should have just kept doing their thing. I would say the exact same if the genders were reversed.

    1. She attacked a bunch of men who were protesting over being genitally mutilated. As a man who had his life ruined by being sexually crippled in this manner at 14 yrs old, if a girl did that to me in the street, I would want an explanation too. She was antagonising herself and they did nothing wrong. She instigated the whole thing. She should be charged with assault.

    2. “Well, they did follow her and unnecessarily antagonize her.” It is easy to say that when you were not there. Hindsight is always 20/20, but in the heat of the moment, one often reacts with emotion. As one of the three men who this woman assaulted, I will say that all we did was follow her to document the encounter, because if there were police around we would have reported her and she would have been arrested.
      As a male in a society that, by in large, wishes to force a body modification onto you, it is very disturbing when women demand circumcision, or scoff at a protest. It is disturbing because their genitals are protected by law, yet they are so blind to how disgusting and cruel it is to circumcise a baby.

  7. Wait, ROK isn’t anti-circumcision?
    Also, why would a woman care whether or not men are circumcised? Weird thing for women to get upset about.

    1. A woman should care, because forcing circumcision onto a baby is sexual abuse, and all human beings have an inalienable right to genital integrity and bodily autonomy. You’re a human being, so I hope you see the circumcision protest as your fight, too!

      1. But I don’t get why a woman would be pro-circumcision, especially in an aggressive way.
        And what happened to the feminist cry of body autonomy? You can’t be pro-choice and pro-circumcision.

  8. The reason she isn’t in jail is because the entire purpose of feminism is to defend and excuse ANYTHING a women ever says and does. No matter how disguising, foul, degenerate, hypocritical, and destructive it is. Feminism = the complete destruction of any civilized restraints on women.

    1. And when that civilization collapses a lot of them will be sloughed out of the gene pool.
      Hopefully even the betas won’t have the resources to save them.
      Stock up on shovels. Every woman should have one and keep it with her.
      To bury her with.

    2. How many people here have sent the video to the california attorney general and asked them to prosecute. If you haven’t you are part of the problem.

      1. The man needs to press the charges we can’t do that.But you may want to publicise this in SF and Cal. news sites. See who can identify this bitch.

        1. depending on the law state to state the local government can take up the charge against her.

  9. This is a very common, and clever, female tactic. They grab at a man, push, and rabbit punch all the while shouting “Don’t you touch me!”
    Listen guys, there’s only win way to win a fight with a woman. Allow the stoic Lee Marvin to instruct you.

      1. What’s the backstory to this? Seems unlikely that a bitch could do that unless he was sleeping/drugged or she got a group of thugs to manhandle him.

        1. At first She did claim that a group of ninjas came in and killed him.
          She had been stalking Him for some time, just showed up at his house one day, in another state. They were fuckin and taking pictures. She was taking pictures of him in the shower minutes before stabbing him. Apparently he had his back turned and she cut his throat. Then was stabbing him as he was trying to leave the bathroom. When he finally bled out at the end of the hall she drug his body back to the shower and shot him in the head to make it appear as if thats how he died. She then dumps the gun in the desert and on her way back to California.
          Theres pictures of him in the shower that she took right before stabbing him. Some people think you can see “other” people behind Jodi Arias in the flash of Travis’s eyes. I dunno about all of that.
          This was a real messed up case. This chick Jodi Arias plays everyone, She tried to put hits out on the prosecutor while in jail during the trial. She had crazy feminist jurors sending messages to Jodi.

        2. Thanks for sharing that link, I guess this is another unfortunate case of why you should never stick your dick in crazy, or get into a relationship with a crazy bitch. Fucking Black Widows the lot of them!

    1. Except, in real-life, she’d be going for eyes, hair, and the groin. Perhaps even stomping feet with her heels. If Lee Marvin’s character could withstand that, he’d be UFC champion for 20 years in a row.

  10. Protesters like this are the biggest pussies an are so incredibly obnoxious, just like the “street preachers” and WBC. All they want to do is be assholes and then hope someone simply touches them so they can file a lawsuit.

    1. She didn’t just touch them, she hit them and verbally abused them for protesting against child abuse. Your position is untenable. I imagine you are an angry man who was circumcised at birth and who lives in denial that his dick is dysfunctional. Sorry, I prefer to embrace reality. I had my sexual sensation destroyed and I will protest this. The biggest pussies are the slaves who accept and defend their mutilations.

    2. Infant circumcision is child sexual abuse. Get informed! I admire the men and women who stand up for our nations son’s. Those of you who turn away from the horror, minimize it, or even deny it, one question: How do YOU live with yourselves?

  11. Circumcision is a necessity in life for all men. The purpose of removing the foreskin of the penis is because you have a 90% chance of extracting some kind of sexual disease or std. Ask any doctor and they will tell you the same thing.
    If anything, not having a circumcision is no different from having unprotected sex.

    1. Almost all sexual sensation is in the foreskin. If you think male circumcision is acceptable, you are also condoning female circumcision.
      There is zero evidence male circumcision has any effect on HIV rates. IF what you are saying is true, then non-circumcising nations like Japan wouldn’t have far lower HIV rates than America.
      In conclusion, you are a moron or a troll.

      1. I’m quite certain a Dr would tell you that there are health advantages to having a circumcision done. Not only STD-wise. Next time you’re at your Dr ask him.
        With that said, I’m quite certain that it changes what sex feels like and the nerve endings at the head of the penis become desensitized.
        I’m with the guys in the video… infants don’t have a choice… it aint cool to make a life altering decision for them in such way… we have access to health care and so it is not actually a necessity.

        1. There are many ignorant doctors. Being a doctor isn’t a badge of authenticity. All pro-circumcision literature from America is specious propaganda. I can rip apart any paper extolling the virtues of circumcision.
          Doctors not that long ago said that circumcision prevented tuberculosis and cured epilepsy. We know that is nonsense now. The HIV, UTI and hygiene claims are all bogus and all come from an American establishment which is culturally biased toward circumcision and also makes a fortune from the procedure itself, the tissue that they sell to big pharma and the money made from sex aids like Viagra (circumcised men are 4.5-5 times more likely to have erectile dysfunction).
          There is zero evidence that circumcision has any effect on STDs. And for anyone to even bring it up is fallacious nonsense because we’re talking about non-consensual genital mutilation which renders the penis dysfunctional and dramatically reduces, sometimes kills (as in my case), sexual pleasure. Condoms are over 99% effective. The STD claim is yet another post hoc rationalisation which has zero evidence to back it up. In fact, circumcised men are less likely to wear condoms because they have so little sensation, so it might actually increase HIV/STDs. The foreskin also exudes natural enzymes like lysozyme that protect against harmful bacteria.
          And this protein, present in foreskin mucosa, actually goes some way to protect against HIV. So any doctor who repeats the myth of HIV risk reduction is either ignorant or lying.
          “With that said, I’m quite certain that it changes what sex feels like and the nerve endings at the head of the penis become desensitized.”
          The glans penis (the head) has little to no sexual sensation, apart from a slight scattering of light touch receptors on the corona, which is insignificant in the grand scheme of things. The reason circumcision destroys sexual pleasure is because the most sensitive essential parts are cut off. It is the ridged band and frenular delta that are the most highly innervated structures. I had both of these cut off. Most circumcised men have all their ridged band cut off, but some have some of the delta/frenulum left. Either way, it dramatically reduces sensation and in my case destroyed it. I’m in the perfect position to know this because I had and used a foreskin until I was 14 and was cut without my consent.
          Most doctors know exactly how damaging circumcision is, but choose to ignore it. Ask any intact man to analyse where his sensations come from and he will tell you his foreskin and frenulum. The glans is just a physical structure that facilitates the action of the foreskin. The glans is primarily protopathic, i.e. sensing temperature, pain and pressure. Contrary to popular myth, while the glans clitoris and glans penis are anatomical homologues, they are not sensory equivalents. The equivalent to the glans clitoris is in the foreskin.
          This is all being buried because we live in a gynecocentric society that sees men as disposable.

        2. I had my foreskin removed for health reasons at 15 so I’m just saying it has its place from a medical point of view. I didn’t have any sexual relations before that however so I can’t compare the sexual response.
          And yeah of course Doctors are not infallible… I was diagnosed with depression as a teenager and refused the SSRIs they were trying to shove down my throat… thank god my parents are cool and didn’t force me to do something I didn’t want to. What intelligent teenager is not pissed off at the world?
          You laid out some interesting info there and maybe that information should be more common knowledge than it is. I agree that the guys in the video have a case.

        3. I was circumcised for ‘phimosis’ at 14. PAthological phimosis doesn’t exist at 14. No phimosis requires circumcision. I’m willing to bet yours was for phimosis too. If so, we are both victims of medical negligence. A tight foreskin can be cured via stretching and application of steroid creams. A worst case scenario would be a preputioplasty, which isn’t sexually damaging if conducted properly.
          Most of the medical reasons given for circumcision are specious. The sort of situations where cutting off a foreskin may be necessary would be for things like flesh-eating bacteria and gangrene. I’m assuming you didn’t suffer from either of those.
          Yes, I’ve been depressed ever since I was circumcised, but I lived in a sort of denial about it. It wasn’t until a few years ago I realised what the source of my depression problem is–the fact I can’t feel any sensation down there. Anti-depressants never worked for me, but then my depression isn’t a result of a chemical imbalance, it’s because of a physical problem.

        4. I just did some research and it appears that you are right.
          Circumcision should be the last resort for phimosis… apparently you can just cure it with a few weeks of consistent stretching…
          Damn… yeah that is fucked up… This should clearly be common knowledge.

        5. I had it done in 1993 in Scotland. I complained to the doctor about this recently, but he said offering stretching/creams wasn’t protocol back then. He was lying. I’ve spoken to British men who had doctors in the early nineties who advised against circumcision and told them to apply steroid cream. Doctors will never criticise other doctors.

        6. I would like to add into the foreskin discussions something I don’t think has been mentioned yet:
          it’s becoming pretty well known that sperm inside of a vagina has positive effects on brain chemistry such as signalling to the brain to release oxytocin and other chemicals.
          what’s a bit less known is that the foreskin, atleast in some studies, has been known to absorb substances in vaginal secretions, also acting as essentially an antidepressant.

        7. There are all manner of things like this that could be damaged by interfering with the sexual equipment like this. The human penis is perfect as it’s the product of evolution. Circumcision alters form and therefore function, rendering the penis dysfunctional.

    2. Everything you said is complete and utter nonsense. An estimated 75% of men on Earth are intact and they have zero problems with their foreskin. I’m 26, I’m not circumcised, and I would NEVER want to cut off my foreskin. The foreskin has wonderful functions and properties that make sex and everyday life wonderful. Did you know that the foreskin has more nerve endings in it than the clitoris? Of course you don’t, because you’re probably a typical, brainwashed, circumcised male who has no idea what you’re missing.
      Circumcision was started to stop boys from masturbating, back in the late 1800s when Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (yes, the Cornflakes guy) thought sexual excitement was shameful and caused disease. It was well-known back then that circumcision made masturbation more difficult and less enjoyable, and that it reduced sexual pleasure. Now, over 100 years later, Americans are still continuing this sick shit, but the difference is that now we have a multi-BILLION dollar industry behind it, and the circumci$er$ love STUPID people, like YOU, who believe everything they say.

    3. I have a surefire way for you to never ever get cavities again you’ll never need to go to the dentist, this method is foolproof: pull all of your teeth. I guarantee you’ll never have a cavity again

    4. Nonsense, start to finish. Weird nonsense, too. Where do these ideas come from?
      Besides, you want to be circumcised, go for it. Just don’t inflict it on babies.

    5. Obviously the most successful and advanced species on Earth would spread life threatening/sterilizing disease 9 out of 10 times that species attempted reproduction. Sounds like evolution/God really fucked up on.

  12. “Anti-circumcision is not a cause that ROK fights for”
    Really? I think you need to reconsider this position.
    Circumcision was invented by women. It is considered a type of wounding of a man or a right of passage. As women bleed every month, so the old witches saw fit to make little boys bleed too.
    Supposedly it is to help prevent the man from raping and harming women in the future. Jewish men are known to rape women much less (so they say). They also tend to treat women much better than other ethnic and religious groups. This is actually true based on my observation but it is the opposite with Muslim men.
    It is also supposed to make men less sexually addicted but it seem the opposite is true. Wounding to the head of the penis in a young baby reduces the desire and tendency to rape. But it does not seem to reduce rates of rape in America though.
    Circumcision is a brutal method designed by women’s lobby to pacify and domesticate men.

    1. I’m as anti-circ as it gets, but stop talking shit. There is no evidence circ was invented by women. Also, if circumcision prevented rape, how come the highest rape stats are in the nations with the highest amount of circumcision?

      1. Don’t get so excited young man, it is just a theory. But there are several strong considerations that support it:
        1. They invented it because the penis used to get infected (due to poor hygiene) and had no way to treat the infection. Mothers were/are in charge of young babies so it is right to assume that they might have suggested it or at least they asked the men for a solution.
        2. It was suggested by women as a blood sacrifice which women perform every month anyway, as a sign of a covenant with God. If not suggested directly by women, they would have supported the idea wholeheartedly.
        3. Supposedly, it is to help prevent the man from raping and harming women in the future.
        4. Supposedly it is to help the man last longer to satisfy the woman sexually.
        5. It was designed to break the bondage between the mother and the child and to symbolise the transition to warrior status or adulthood. Women needed protection provided by strong men.
        6. It is a mother’s first chance to show her son who’s in charge. LOL

        1. Another likely explanation for the origin of circumcision is health related.
          Back then without convenient showering and ways of cleaning yourself, with less medical understanding.. it makes sense to me that there were health risks (probably for both the men AND women) to having foreskin.
          I believe it was no different with other such practices found in the old world… for example… in the bible it says not to eat shellfish and stick to goats and birds… shellfish are much more likely to be poisonous. Old school rules to live by.
          While there are clearly sexual implications to circumcision I’d be surprised if this started as hate from mothers and social conditioning…
          Who knows though… I just think it is jumping the gun a bit to blame women for the widespread use of circumcision.

        2. There are no health risks from having a foreskin. Circumcision is an irrational blood sacrifice and has nothing to do with hygiene concerns. The earliest evidence of circumcision is in ancient Egypt where they did it to slaves. It was always an act of sexual suppression, just like female circumcision.

        3. There are no health risks if you have access to proper sanitation which is not the case in the middle of dessert with no water.
          I’ve seen the picture from Egypt. It’s hard to tell whether is circumcision or pubic hair shaving procedure.

        4. There are no health risks either way. The human body would not have evolved such a structure if it was a health risk in tough environments. There is literally zero evidence that foreskin is ever a health risk in any environment. Think logically.

        5. The body is imperfect… it fights an essentially violent external environment the best it can… All the time…
          By that logic, cancer is an adaptive response… Or dandruff…

        6. Cancer is a disorder which results in constant division of cells, resulting in a growth. Foreskin isn’t a defect anymore than a brain is a defect.

        7. I’m not saying foreskin is a defect. I’m saying sometimes its development is imperfect and leads to error.. just like the brain.

        8. Yeah, sure, because in a minority of cases men can’t retract their foreskin and need some sort of intervention. But there again, I’d rather have an irretractable foreskin than no foreskin. I got lots of pleasure without even retracting.

        9. I did some research and regardless of these potential issues I straight up think you are right… Looking into it more, male circumcision is a bigger deal than I thought…
          People should really know about this… and RoK should actually have an opinion on this.
          I’ve been convinced this is a medical issue first and foremost before it is a religious/social issue.

        10. It all depends on how much tissue you have left. If you have a frenulum and part/all of the delta, it might be worth it. In my case, I have no delta, no frenulum and no ridged band, only a small section of smooth mucosa. It’s not worth it for me. I’ve had all the tissue necessary for ejaculation cut off. It’s only through deep, vigorous kneading of the frenular area that I can achieve an ejaculation, though it’s very weak and not an orgasm like intact men have.

        11. I respect that you’re frustrated. I gotta say you really made me think about this issue… I never put more than passing thought into it.
          I read that for a lot of men the most sensitive part of the penis is the corona though (the top of the head closer to your body) rather than the frenulum. For me the corona is the most sensitive part I think.
          I just wanna say don’t give up on it just yet. You might not know everything there is to know about it. There might still be resources to look into.

        12. What complete and utter bullshit your theory about people of the past being, “without convenient showering and ways of cleaning.” There are people today who use rivers and oceans to wash in, cutting off part of the genitals has never had anything to do with replacing bathing. That is a relatively recent excuse invented to sell genital cutting as a way to achieve hygiene. It, like everything else to promote cutting off parts of children’s genitals, its total bullshit.

        13. You are onto some very good information in Bigelow’s book, The Joy of Uncircumcising. I have done it, very diligently for many years and for me the improvement, gaining mobility in my penis skin, and recovering the glans as nature intended, is a huge improvement over the foreskin-less state imposed by some dutiful, sexually repressive, and ignorant adults.

        14. Was there an improvement in sensitivity and sexual health? Or were the benefits mainly in terms of the sense of control over your body’s morphology? Or both?
          I find this really interesting… it is news to me… I hope my question is not offensive in any way.

        15. The foreskin is designed to be cleaned by urinating. Urine is sterile – you just pinch the end, fill it up and let it out. Easy and fun.

        16. The corona is the most sensitive for you because you’re circumcised. If you were intact you would experience wonderful sensations from the frenular delta and the continuous ridged band. They are where the majority of the great feelings come from. I used to have mindblowing orgasms when I was 14 just by circling the end of the foreskin. They knew this when they invented circumcision. The Jewish scholar Maimonedes admitted circumcision was always done to reduce lust and suppress men sexually, allowing them the ability to procreate but taking enough pleasure away so that they didn’t get too attached to women they were with and could move on and fight in wars and soforth. NEver underestimate the retardation of religionists.

        17. did you just…change your own opinion based on research and well thought out decision making?
          take notes lads, that’s a real man.

    2. Um, no. It’s designed to cause more rapes by depriving men of their natural lubrication and turning the penis into a weapon.

        1. Gives new meaning to cutting off your nose to spite your face. Patriarchy is so serious about harming women that it cut its own dicks to get better at it.

    3. Think of a drug. The first hit feels good, but the older you get the more you need. This probably started with some asshole monarch who lost his foreskin to some medical condition and wanted to deprive everyone else too. Then they found that it made men insatiable because they’re never satisfied with sex and can’t even masturbate properly.

    4. I have never seen so much misinformation. Where did you get that a woman created that procedure? It is more likely it came from men! Many men who get circumcised are satisfied with sex and have said it is even better. It has nothing to do with wanting to rape, etc. They are not wounded, but have benefits.

  13. It never ceases to amaze me that even on anti-feminist sites ,there will always be complete manginas defending their forced genital mutilation. You are exactly the sort of gullible fools in denial the feminists love. If you’ve suffered a real injustice, which forced sexual crippling is, then real men speak out about it and protest. Male genital mutilation is the biggest human rights abuse in the world, without question. It affects over a billion men and it’s legal in all countries.

  14. This really saddens and angers me at the same time. Any suggestions on how to deal with this situation, if it happened to me? I would like to punch her but I can’t.

    1. sure you can, just don’t forget to keep shouting “allahu akbar!” all the while you’re punching her. no way you’re gonna get arrested because CAIR will rush to your defense and cry “islamophobia!”. but you can’t pull this stunt on a moslem woman though.

        1. “I am not Muslim but a Sikh by birth and so are you son.”
          well u can become a mooslime or pretend to be one, how hard is that?
          “I asked a genuine question on ROK as it got me on trouble. I
          was expecting a genuine solution. But then some faggy racist had to get his mother raped.”
          and i gave u a genuine solution, believe me those white racists can’t tell whether u a mooslime or a sick.

        2. Okay kids stop fighting. We’re men trying to hold together here against crazy feminazis… Let’s stop the fighting here and focus on our common enemy.

        3. Mate this really happened the punching and me going to the police bit. You feel betrayed / enraged and there is nothing you can do but stand there like an idiot.
          I was extremely lucky that the inspector understood my situation, maybe he had a bad bitch himself.
          For fuck sake. I was expecting some maturity. But trolls I suppose

        4. I don’t know what country you’re in. Each has different laws. In Murica, you’re fucked no matter what you do. Should you be in Murica, whatever you do, do it hard and with conviction.

        5. I am from India, this happened in New Delhi. I did hit her hard and hence the police. Feminism is one of our biggest imports.

        6. I don’t know much, I know even less about India’s laws. A Voice for Men has touched on India’s decent into lunacy under feminism. I went to jail for defending myself from a crazy woman hitting me here in America. Had I have known nothing would’ve helped me anyways, I’d have made it worth 6 months of my life. I suppose claiming Islam wouldn’t help. I’m not trolling you.
          Saveindianfamilyfoundation.org is a men’s rights group in India. Not sure if you’re familiar with them.

        7. I was not familiar with SaveIndiaFamily.org
          Thanks for the link.
          I was contemplating on ways to get out of similar situations on my own. I do not see the laws changing any soon, or any help. Man is on his own.
          Feminism is still in its early years here. I see the situation getting far worse.

  15. What an ignorant and superficial article. While you have drawn attention to the obvious inherent sexism in this society, you offer no solutions other than contacting the district attorney’s office about an incident. If any of us had wished to press charges we would have. None of us were physically hurt and we needed to get on with our day.
    You assume this disturbed young woman is a feminist. Where did that assumption come from?
    Your article states that “Anti-circumcision is not a cause that ROK fights for.” If you had contacted the protestors you would have found out, none of us are “anti-circumcision.” We are not against fully informed and consenting adults choosing circumcision for themselves. We are however strongly opposed to genital mutilation of children’s bodies. Genital autonomy is an issue of human rights.

    1. “None of us were physically hurt and we needed to get on with our day.”
      It isn’t about being hurt.The sense of pain is not a arbitor of being on the receiving end of misconduct..
      The prevailing cultural zeitgeist has it this woman judges YOU to be wrong, empowers her to be jury and executioners, and suffers no adverse consequences.
      She walks away feeling justified in her actions, many including yourself, prevent outcomes that make her life worse off due to said actions.
      How is she ever going to be conditioned to stop being a cunt, if being a cunt doesn’t impair her life.
      “you offer no solutions other than contacting the district attorney’s office about an incident”.
      In a sane world, you’d be able to tell her “it is not OK to hit me” before fracturing her eye socket with a right cross. I can guarantee that sort of response would make her think twice abot being a cunt forever-more.
      Pain aversion is a wonderful teacher.
      However, we don’t live in a sane world and we are left to the state having monopoly on sanctioned violence. We ‘have’ to contact the DA because we’re disempowered from instilling proper outcomes ourselves.

      1. We are not disempowered at all. We made a video to show the world this insanity. There is no guarantee that this would play out fairly in a court of law.

        1. The victim of the crime has to be the one filing the report and pressing the charges. No victim, no crime. We may disagree with the three battered men’s decision not to report and press charges, but it is their decision.
          I would also add that they are probably right to not pursue this, as a court would not likely support the charges as there are indications she was provoked. This doesn’t make her innocent, but it makes her less guilty – an aspect of law which this web site has argued repeatedly regarding rape charges.

        2. How can you ever expect your movement to gain any respect when you can’t even stand up for yourselves against an indignant little female?
          You’re too fucking afraid to do anything whatsoever. Is that the same resolve you have to make your movement known? If so might as well put your signs and videos down right now.
          I’m not sure about the assault laws in the aforementioned state but where I’m from you don’t even have to touch someone to assault them. You just have to cause them to have the fear of being harmed.
          Now in this case this girl crossed the line completely of causing fear of being harmed to actually causing harm which was all captured on video and you are STILL afraid to pursue any kind of legal prosecution against her!
          That is what i like to call piss weak pal. Just throw away your fuckin signs right this instant. Little boys being circumcised against their will are not being helped at all by your sort.

        3. Why the fuck are you berating ROK for bringing attention to this incident. That annoys me almost as much as the incident this article is about.

        4. “there’s no guarantee we would receive justice”
          “we’re no disempowered”
          There are not many greater displays of cognitive dissonance here friend.
          Seriously, we’re on your side. Your video footage is not empowering, it is not a sign of strength,
          It’s a position that says “we’re noble victims. You ca hit me, it doesn’t hurt, hit me more”.
          A woman judges your view offensive, that judgment rationalizes away her violence, and there isn’t a thing you can do about it.
          Even if you take umbrage, a fem-centric culture of “never hit a woman”, and white knights rushing to restrain you or even hit you only reinforces that her judgment was correct to begin with,
          Footage of being of the receiving end of blow after blow, and your only response being “hit me again” and “did you get (film the event) that?” lacks the nobility that you seek solace in.

      2. Agree. It’s the same type of behavior (without the necessary discipline) that children face in today’s society. They act up because they can get away with it.
        Today’s (entitled) woman is exactly the same. She acts up because she knows that she can get away with it. Even with hard proof (videos, pictures, etc…) a woman and a man are never equal in a court of law (not in the U.S.).

    2. but….but….but….. ’twas god who ordained genital mutilation and he can never be wrong cuz he’s god after all, aiiiiiiiiight?

    3. I don’t think the assumption is so much that she’s a feminist… so much as she thinks she’s special and can do whatever she wants merely because she has a snatch. They’re illustrating the double standard at play today that’s absolutely disgusting.

  16. 6/10 on thin girl scale, 8/10 on overall American woman scale. Woodsmash. Oh wait, we aren’t going to totally objectify her, since that is all she is worth?
    Those guys should have made an announcement after the first strike: “If you touch me again, I will defend myself.” After the next inevitable strike from her, hit her with the shoryuken and be done with it. They really shouldn’t have to make an announcement at all, but, you know, double standards.

    1. I had audio and video recordings of my ex girlfriend screaming at me various times of the day sometimes 3 a.m. Sometimes 2 p.m. for about a week. maybe 10 recordings in all. the entire time I was saying “please stop I consider this harassment as I can’t sleep and can’t think or live peacefully in my own home”
      she filed a restraining order against me with zero proof of anything, simply telling a magistrate that I was a threat threatening her life. when the court date came up for the restraining order to see if it would be prolonged, the judge dismissed all of my evidence saying ” son that’s really not harassment” and then proceeded to kick me out of my own home on to the streets, and award her a two year long restraining order, while simultaneously banning me from even being in the presence of a firearm, let alone owning one, for the entire 2 years.
      all of this off of simply her word. didn’t matter that we were both on the lease. didn’t matter that I’ve not even been accused of a violent crime ever in my life, or that there had been zero calls to the police, ever in our relationship, nor any accusation of any sort of verbal mental emotional or physical abuse. Simply..her word, made me homeless in the matter of a few days.
      the judge wrapped up the hearing by saying, with a smirk, ” you need to learn that her safety is more important than you having a place to stay.”
      I later found out that some states including my own actually get subsidies from there federal government for siding with women in These kinds of hearings. Unreal.

      1. Whaaaaaat?! Can you please provide a link? Dude, sorry this happened to you.
        I remember a few years ago, my friend’s ex was stalking him. We seriously thought she had some kind of tracking device on him because she would show up at the most random of places. He has tried to file a restraining order numerous times, but they replied with “You’re a big guy,” (he is 6’1, 320lbs) “what can she do to you?” Now, if he got fed up and smacked the hell out of her, he would have went straight to jail.

      2. And they also wonder why bad things happen to some women. A man can only get pushed to the edge so far before he thinks “You know what? Fuck this! That bitch has to go!”

  17. Generalising but, in the UK someone has to actually make a complaint/detail the allegation, to get any chance of the police initiating any action. Has this been done regarding this person.
    If not, please for the sake of all men please just do it.

    1. Yeah, I tend not to involve the state, but this female was literally begging for it ! In her own youtube video!

  18. I appreciate this article bringing attention to this event, but, as one of the three men who Emily Hopper assaulted during the circumcision protest at SF Pride 2014, I will let you know that she is not a feminist, and it was not a feminist driven encounter. She was drunk and disgusted with our protest, and she acted irrationally — that’s about as complex as it gets.
    It is a bit disheartening to see her playing the damsel in distress role, but of course she’s going to try to bend the tale so that she was the innocent one.
    Unfortunately, this is what happens. The circumcision virus has infected the American people, blinding them to their own malice and cruelty. American women grown up thinking a disfigured penis is normal, many even think that circumcision must be done; they are clueless to the damage of male genital mutilation and how it negatively affects their own sex lives.
    Circumcision is a power trip, and many who promote it get a sick thrill out of harming the victim.

    1. Everything you just wrote about her screams “FEMINIST”
      Ya see when you walk and talk like a Feminist…. you are Feminist! Why is that so difficult for you to understand?

      1. Non-sense, would a feminist care that women are butchering men’s genitals when they are children. The same white american women saying end female genital mutilation in arabic countries are the same ones mutilating their sons genitals in America.
        Brian is right, and had they hit back the women, the women groups would eat them alive anyways.

      2. I’m sure she does not identify herself as a feminist… No need to get rude. This article totally misconstrued the real issue here = the epidemic of infant circumcision in America.
        This young, teenage woman (18 or 19), is clueless on the issue, and found our Bloodstained suits to be disgusting. She is immature and certainly displaying some “female privilege” to a degree, but whether or not she is a feminist, to me, is immaterial.
        This article should have focused on how it was ridiculous for her to scoff at our speaking out about the abuse of children, rather than focusing on Feminism. An average of 1 million baby boys are sliced up in America just so the son can match daddy, it is extremely painful and causes lifelong physiological and sexual damage. It is a travesty; a national embarrassment; it is a human rights abomination.
        This article passed up a great opportunity to focus on a very serious issue — the forced genital mutilation of children.

        1. And no need to be rude by calling me rude. My comment was matter of fact, not rude.
          Anyway. I don’t have the time nor energy to explain to you in detail how feminist sentiment ties into her scoffing you. But understand this… if 1 million little girls, rather than boys, were being sliced up in America…. you would have had your own damn feminist genital mutilation parade to march in.
          Connect your own dots.

        2. actually it’s because of millions of clueless men like Brian Herrity here, brainwashed and indoctrinated, either because of single parent dysfunctional upbringing or in general through the oppressive school system and social stimuli, into a complete cultural and legal emasculation that the West has become a wasteland of castrated men who has sunk lower than even animals, which at least still have their instincts of self preservation intact.
          A senior citizen gets beaten up by a psychotic bitch, and his friend is here to tell us that that part of the incident is “immaterial”, it’s the skin on your dick that’s the real issue… Your mind and soul have been circumcised, forget about your foreskin now, get your soul back first you clueless imbecile !!

        3. You’re an idiot. Babies are being strapped to boards and having their penises ripped and cut apart, and you’re worried about Tinkerbell…

        4. I’m not a fan of feminist misandry, but this was not a feminist encounter. This was a drunk, misguided, irrational and young, American woman. She clearly has a history of abuse in her life.
          Most “feminists” I know do not hit men at will.

        5. if you reread the response a couple more times and meditate you might actually have an epiphany instead of repeating your little cult’s bullshit like a parrot…

        6. Brian, while the harm being done to baby boys is the main point of you guys’ protest, feminism ties HEAVILY into that incident with her. Feminism gives NO sincere regards to males, young or old. Also, feminism has seeped deep into the minds of virtually every female growing up in the United States – that they can do and say almost whatever they want with minimum consequences, if any. Mainly, she was drunk and immature, but this behavior is a product of the system. The indifference you guys seem to have been given also reflects the fact that society itself does not care about the well being of boys. Surely, if baby girls were being mutilated at birth there would be national outrage. The elderly man you were with should have pressed charges.

        7. Hey dumb ass. Most people don’t hit other people in general… but feminists indoctrination causes entitlement issues and thus those afflicted are more likely to hit men than AND when a woman hits a man they also don’t fucking care.
          e.g. ray rice media narrative.

        8. You miss the point, Brian. Feminism made female circumcision— rare in the West— a very big deal, deeming it mutilation.
          Feminists also made male circumcision, common around the world, no big deal.
          They also made DV seem like something only men engage in.
          How is that possible? Surely men wouldn’t have let man-hating become so wide-spread, right? Surely they know that the same outlook that lets Emily hit 60-year-olds with impunity also lets her cut the genitals of boys 6-days-weeks-months old.
          For the past 50 years, since NOW’s founding, men like Gramps did nothing to oppose feminism. Such guys said there was no need to form an NRA-like group to protect men’s rights. The “little ladies” just needed to blow off steam for a while.
          Those same men now act shocked, shocked when a female raised in feminist times (in schools with feminist ideologies) feels free to go from feelings to being physical…in public and with inpunity…against any males, from babies to senior citizens.
          Who taught her that males can be hit without consequences?
          She doesn’t have to be a card-carrying Steinemite. She can still benefit from feminists’ activism.
          The same men who let feminism metastasize for 5 decades now swear the women’s movement has nothing to do with Tinkerbell’s sense of entitlement. The guys wouldn’t unite and fight then, and they won’t now.
          Can you imagine the reaction if a male teen had punched a 60-year-old woman?
          American men self-castrated, allowing Hoppers to flourish.

    2. I think you guys not beating her into a pulp is a good idea.
      In my opinion it would have detracted from your message that we should not be circumcising our young infants.
      Everyone would have remembered the guys who hospitalized the girl and not your purpose for being there.

    3. Old saying dating back to my childhood: A drunk person’s words are a sober person’s thoughts. Clearly this woman has a lot of hatred toward men, and even more toward any man who would would are oppose any abuse of males she considers appropriate. She would take away the rights of anyone who disagrees with her . . . because obviously her rights are more important than other persons’ rights. This type is very dangerous to the very fabric of a free, democratic, and egalitarian society. She needs to be arrested and prosecuted. Self attained intoxication is never an excuse for violent acts against others.

  19. That’s why the best to thing to do is learn joint locks in close combat arts like Jujutsu, Judo, BJJ, etc etc etc. You can learn to painfully restrain a crazy bitch without actually leaving a mark like a bruise on her face. Its also 2x as satisfying when you see a bitch getting into a painful arm or wrist lock and she’s screaming away like a banshee from hell…lol

    1. Don’t even need to go that far. A few simple evasions and redirections and you won’t even have to really touch her. Problem with the Joint lock is that you won’t have free hands to deal with the inevitable sucker punch from a white knight and the law may see this as using too much force (you’re good enough to apply the lock then you are more than capable of keeping her away – that’s the line I would attack on if I were the DA prosecuting you for assault)

      1. Hmmmm…you are right. Forgot about all the bystanding white knights around. One is probably a nuisance but problem is that these psycho bitches may have more than one lurking around them all the time. And yeah, god damn DA usually takes the female’s side unless she’s clearly armed with a lethal weapon.

        1. Never mind women If you have hand to hand training a lawyer will always try to use that against you. A senior of mine, same dojo was attacked by two guys, robbery gone bad. well he broke one of their arms, like shattered it pretty badly. Crown brings *him* up on charges, saying as a trained black belt he should have been able to avoid doing that much damage. Luckily he had a good lawyer and a sympathetic judge.
          Know the law when it comes to your jurisdiction

  20. I don’t want to see her arrested, it’s a waste of money, why should the state do the dirty work of punishing her? It should be her father or husband that does it. Of course, I know that in our present day society that will never happen, she probably isn’t married and is more likely to swear and hit her own father (if she even knows who he is). But still we shouldn’t be encouraging the police to get involved, do you really want to pay to incarcerate a spoilt, mutilated brat dressed as Tinkerbell? The answer is to keep growing this community of strong minded red pill men who will eventually raise daughters who grow to become genuine feminine women to replace the current generation of psychologically messed up, tatted, pierced “women”.

  21. Substance abuser, crazy bitch azzed ho. If you want to bang anything like this please put a wrap on it. Don’t hang around because this is absolutely a pump and dump situation. Love she was caught in the teenager lie. Obviously mental issues at work here and did anyone find out if she is employed. No housekeeping skills either – nothing worse than an untrained house bitch.

    1. It’s not like she’s a freak exception. I think nowadays many women are more likely to hit a man in public. They have an entire legal system who will believe whatever they tell them as the ‘victim’. We are fucked…the only option is to leave what used to be a great country.

  22. They keep raising the bar to what they get can away with. Decades ago it was divorce, then the sex tape, now women are openly attacking men in public because they know there wont be consequences.
    Soon as I make enough money Im getting the fuck outta this country. Ive seen this same scenario play out at bars many times.

    1. Then a small army of white knights jump up, ready to beat your ass if you even think about thinking about putting your hands on her, or even getting in her face?
      Seen it many times.

  23. The statements “confidence is about loving the good and bad parts of yourself”, and “how you treat others shows how secure you are with yourself” are very odd.
    Actually these statements sound narcissistic, because they are focused on the self.

      1. those statements are bizarre non-sequiturs and probably related to ‘modern psychology’ i.e. the frankfurt school.

  24. Feminism, circumcision, homosexuality, judism, ….etc…….interesting topics, but all I’m seeing in this article is ” ASSAULT “

  25. You should be anti-ric if support equal rights.Circumcision has done me no favors! I love when my wife and I partake in one of the most intimate and beautiful experiences in life, but for me it can be a very dark experience on occasion because part of my body was altered against my will. Without the mechanical lubrication provided by a foreskin, I have to use an artificial lubricant or sex would be too painful for my wife and me. Climax is not the same for me as it is for my wife or for Natural (Intact) males. They describe orgasm as a wave all over the body, while a mutilated male (circumcised) expresses it as a singular explosion (bordering on pain) from the penis. Imagine not wanting your wife to touch you as you lay crying on your back from shame and pain due to sores caused by abrasion and/or at times a complete and total loss of erection and feeling. The foreskin contains 20,000 fine touch nerves (like in your fingers) and provides protection of the glans (head) keeping it soft and sponge like, all in an effort to ensure everything works properly. My parent’s chose this painful and unsatisfactory sex life for me and my wife and I simply cannot fathom why. I would never have chosen to have my foreskin removed. Only 1/16,667 intact males will have a problem with their foreskin, 99% of which can easily be treated without surgery. One hundred and seventeen babies die from circumcision a year in the US, which equates to 9/100,000 babies that die each year from a cosmetic surgery. Men have lost their penis, glans, and suffered from deformity caused by the operation performed when they were infants. It isn’t right that these children pay the price for a decision that their parents made, a decision that should be left up to the owner of the penis. Even those who survive still have problems like mine, though they are seldom discussed. 

    1. “Since the 1980s, private hospitals have been involved in the business of supplying discarded foreskins to private bio-research laboratories and pharmaceutical companies who require human flesh as raw research material. They also supply foreskins to transnational corporations such as Advanced Tissue Sciences of San Diego, California, [1] Organogenesis, [2] and BioSurface Technology, [3] who have recently emerged to reap new corporate profits from the sale of marketable products made from harvested human foreskins. In 1996 alone, Advanced Tissue Sciences could boast of a healthy $663.9 million market capitalization performance.[4]”

    2. It is fucked up. My generation was born in the 70s in America and ninety percent of us were skinned. It is a bad deal. I bring up the topic sometimes with women of the prior generation – those women who are the moms of me and my friends, if not specifically, of that generation and social background – and tell them simply, that i would rather have not had my penis skinned when i was two days old. Without exception, they are nonplussed and at a loss: they have not been made aware of the damage they have done.

  26. I am certified for nonviolence crisis prevention intervention, which is exactly as it sounds. The point in any violent encounter is to respond with effective nonviolent actions which reprimand the attacker.
    What you fail to see is that even in court this wouldn’t go far. No not because of ‘vagina’ but because of damage done, or lack thereof.
    It would be akin to a child attacking you full force, are you going to clock them into a concussion that they need to be hospitalized? No.
    Women are inherently weak. And it’s interesting that a double standard arises where we say women are biologically weaker but if they piss us off we can knock them into the next century.
    Wouldn’t you think that if someone is weaker responding with nonviolent actions would be better? After all we are the stronger sex.

    1. “Women are inherently weak. And it’s interesting that a double
      standard arises where we say women are biologically weaker but if they
      piss us off we can knock them into the next century.”
      holy shit bro, where have you been these last 2 decades? asgard?
      here on midgard, the women are not only becoming stronger and more intelligent than men but they’re also more valorous. haven’t you heard the ground-breaking scientific finding that we cowardly lowly men fear strong intelligent women?

      1. I don’t know where he has been. But not all of us live in magical norse mythology worlds.
        Strength I can attest that most women are weaker than men. It’s fact.
        Intelligence? I do not know which sex is smarter. I see the girls in my class and they are geniuses, then I tune into TMZ and I see a decline of all humanity.

        1. “Strength I can attest that most women are weaker than men. It’s fact. Intelligence? I do not know which sex is smarter. I see the girls in my class and they are geniuses, then I tune into TMZ and I see a decline of all humanity.”
          sorry mate but according to the cold hard facts of ground-breaking scientific finding courtesy of dr. feminista phd we cowardly lowly men fear strong intelligent women. and if you don’t believe dr. feminista phd, well sorry to tell you this but you’re a misogynist with a small dick living in mom’s basement playing video games and you’ll die alone.

    2. Bullshit. Why are women allowed to be firefighters, police, military, etc…
      She didn’t ‘piss him off’, she punched him in the face. Stop being a bitch.

      1. If she had punched him in the face he’d have a broken nose, black eye or punctured skin. Did he?

        1. “If she had punched him in the face he’d have a broken nose, black eye or punctured skin. Did he?”
          much worse than that, she could literally have punched a hole in his face as she is a strong confident woman but owing to the angelic female nature she only used 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000001% of her goddess-like strength and hence that misogynist with a small dick pretty much left unscathed.

  27. I am a big fan of Roosh and have been reading both his blog and ROK for years but this is the first time I have ever commented. I’m in my late 20s and have been circumcised since I was an infant. Obviously I don’t remember what I’m sure was an extremely painful procedure nor do I have any point of sexual comparison. I do, however, feel extreme sexual pleasure when I’m engaged and I have never experienced ED. And trust me Lawrence Newman, when my cock is inside some slut’s mouth it feels fucking amazing. Sorry you lost feeling down there but you don’t need be such a whiny cunt on here trying to make circumcised guys feel like shit calling us gullible fools and manginas because we are proud to be circumcised. You are the definition of a mangina as you have a dick but cannot use it. I have asked multiple girls I have banged which type of dick they prefer out of curiosity and their replies have always been an enthusiastic “circumcised!” I believe them and I have a pretty good bullshit detector. I have no doubt that my parents had me circumcised because they believed it was the proper, more hygienic thing to do. This is most likely the case for most of the circumcised guys on here. Maybe they were all wrong but I wouldn’t trade my circumcised dick for one covered in full foreskin even if I had the option. I love my dick and I’m proud of it. One more question for you Lawrence…please elaborate on how you were “forced” to get your circumcision at age 14. I know that if somebody tried to fuck with my dick at that age I would violently resist until I was sedated or physically restrained. Was this the case with you?

    1. If you’d read my posts fully, you’d have read that I said that some circumcised men get lucky in that they hang on to some of the important structures, e.g. the frenulum and part of the delta. Lucky you. But there is no question that your sexual pleasure has been diminished considerably because you have lost the ridged band, some of the delta (At least), the gliding motion of the foreskin and your remaining tissue has keratinised.
      “You are the definition of a mangina as you have a dick but cannot use it. ”
      I’m a mangina because I was sexually mutilated without my consent and thus I can’t feel sexual sensation? Really?
      “I have asked multiple girls I have banged which type of dick they prefer out of curiosity and their replies have always been an enthusiastic “circumcised!” ”
      What has this got to do with the fact baby boys are sexually crippled? Women’s preferences are irrelevant. And the only reason this is the case is because you are speaking to American women in a genital cutting culture. If you lived in the UK, most women would prefer intact.
      “I have no doubt that my parents had me circumcised because they believed it was the proper, more hygienic thing to do.”
      Ignorance is no excuse. You have bad parents. They allowed you to be genitally mutilated and thus failed in their duty of care.
      “Maybe they were all wrong but I wouldn’t trade my circumcised dick for one covered in full foreskin even if I had the option. ”
      Your opinion is irrelevant because you have never experienced a foreskin. You cannot say you prefer being circumcised, simply because of the fact you haven’t experienced both. I have. Being intact is like seeing in high definition , 3D with surround sound . Being circumcised is like being half blind and any sight you do have being in black and white.
      “I love my dick and I’m proud of it.”
      The denial is dripping from your post. Muh dik. Muh dik. If you keep saying this, it might just come true. I AM NOT A VICTIM. I AM NORMAL. I LIKE MY MUTILATED DICK!! Said by most victims of FGM.
      “One more question for you Lawrence…please elaborate on how you were “forced” to get your circumcision at age 14.”
      NEither my parents nor I gave informed consent. I was told I needed it for ‘phimosis’ (tight foreskin), but was never told what the procedure would do to me. I was also never offered professional and ethical medical advice, whereby a good doctor would have told me to stretch the foreskin, be patient and apply steroid cream. Circumcision is never necessary for a tight foreskin, and that’s a cold hard fact. I was knife-raped and had my pleasure stripped from me without my consent. So I was duped rather than forced, but the ultimate result is the same.
      “I know that if somebody tried to fuck with my dick at that age I would violently resist until I was sedated or physically restrained.”
      So you’re admitting that the reason they rape baby boys is because they can’t fight back. This is precisely the point of the protestors. You were strapped down and had your primary sexual organ stripped from your body and they were able to do that because you were a weak, innocent baby who couldn’t fight back. You’ve just proven my point, that forced circumcision or circumcision without informed consent is a form of rape.
      I’ve dealt with many of your sort. You are American. You were cut at birth. You are in denial. Tick. Tick. Tick. Maybe one day you will wake up, but I doubt it, given the ignorance of your posts. Just keep telling yourself how wonderful-looking your dick is and your ignorance will prevent you from being upset about the fact you were raped.

    2. Circumcision is mutilation when it is forced on a child, but there’s also no point in telilng cut men that their penis itself is mutilated. If you like being cut, then there’s no need to change your mind about that. The issue is forcing it on kids and making up medical benefits.
      I’m all for being proud of your cut dick as long as you support letting other men decide for themselves. Boys are dying by the hundreds from this practice (every culture that cuts girls cuts boys in the same conditions or worse) and the feminazis ignore it. Men can’t ignore it.

      1. I’ll admit before yesterday I was pretty uneducated on the topic. Having read some articles and seeing that there does not appear to be any medical benefit, I fully agree the decision should be a choice. Should I one day have kids, I would not force this upon them.
        For those of us who are circumcised, there is obviously no going back and I believe it’s always important to be positive about who you are and comfortable in your own skin (or lack thereof). It was the tone and condescension in some of Lawrence’s other posts which set me off (which is not easy to do so kudos). You can spread your message without having to imply men should feel ashamed or negatively about themselves for being circumcised.

        1. Why would you feel proud of being knife-raped at birth?
          Your reasoning is flawed. It’s like saying rape shouldn’t be legal because it makes rape victims feel ashamed. Seriously, I’m not trying to make you feel bad, I’m spreading awareness via categorical facts. I stimulated an emotional reaction in you, which is understandable, but at least you can admit you’re overemotional about being a victim, unlike most circumcised men who continue being defensive and insisting their dicks aren’t mutilated or dysfunctional, even though they are, by definition.

        2. I’m proud of my helmethead because what’s the opposite of pride? Shame. So you would prefer I feel ashamed for the rest of my life and have my mind in a depressed and pessimistic place as you do? I had no control over the decision nor do I even remember it so I don’t associate my penis with pain or trauma as you do. I associate it with nothing but pleasure because that is what it has brought me.
          Due to your other reply I feel the need to defend my parents as well. “Ignorance is no excuse. You have bad parents.” You couldn’t be further from the truth. I have great parents who provided me with nothing but the unconditional love and support I needed to thrive in this fucked up world. Maybe they were ignorant of the medical facts of circumcision…but do I resent them for it? Not in the slightest. In their minds they were doing the right thing. They are religious and they didn’t have the internet and the other information we have at our fingertips today. I’ve had friends and girlfriends who have had shitty parents and believe me, mine do not fall into that category.
          I honestly do feel sorry for you, losing your nerve endings and the ability to enjoy sex must just be devastating and I can see why you are such an advocate but you are going about your spreading your message the wrong way. Why try and make men feel ashamed of their circumcised dicks of which they had no control? Why insist on pounding words like mutilated, rape, victim into normal, healthy, positive-minded men who happen to be circumcised? To use your analogy, it’s like trying to make real, legit victims of forcible rape feel ashamed that they were targeted. Would you do that? I’ve never felt I was a victim of anything from my cut because I (thankfully) still have the ability to greatly enjoy sex. I’ll admit you provoked an emotional response out of me by suggesting I’m the victim of a crime that is equal to rape which I don’t believe to be the case. I had a choice made for me and I agree that it is wrong, but it’s not on the same level as real, forced rape. Not even close. I’m not in denial about anything. I’m aware of what happened and I’ll give you credit that you have opened my eyes to the issue and made me think about it more than I ever had. I can see why you feel much more violated from your procedure at 14, but my cut dick is all I’ve ever known and it gets the job done and gives me pleasure so yes I am proud of it because it’s part of who I am, who I’ve always been (in my memory) and it’s part of who I always will be. You’ve also implanted the idea in my mind now that sex could be even more pleasurable than it already is which is kind of shitty to think about as I had never considered that before but I’m not going to dwell on it and be negative about it. It is what it is. I choose to live my life positively and optimistically. No sense dwelling on things you can’t change. Sorry for the cheap shot about your penile situation. It really does suck. You can raise awareness without spreading shame though. I hope you can find your inner peace.

    3. Please keep in mind that not every circumcised man is as happy or as fortunate as you are. Since you have no conscious knowledge of being intact, you have no basis for saying that the sexual pleasure afforded by your circumcised penis is “extreme”. “I wouldn’t trade my circumcised dick for one covered in full foreskin even if I had the option.” You have no basis in knowledge or experience to make that assertion. Also, I would like to resume this conservation when you are 50-60 years of age, as I suspect that the natural penis ages more slowly.
      And why be proud of something that was not your free informed choice??
      The following language is inappropriate and not at all constructive:
      “when my cock is inside some slut’s mouth it feels fucking amazing. Sorry
      you lost feeling down there but you don’t need be such a whiny cunt on
      here trying to make circumcised guys feel like shit calling us gullible
      fools and manginas because we are proud to be circumcised. You are the
      definition of a mangina as you have a dick but cannot use it.”

      1. Regarding your bottom paragraph, I agree that was not constructive. I let my emotions get the better of me which is not typical of me. I’ve apologized to Lawrence for the cheap shot. Apparently he cut into a nerve of mine (bad joke).
        I admit I can’t compare what it feels like to fuck with foreskin on my dick but I can use the word extreme if I damn well please when describing sex. It’s a subjective term…who are you to tell me what I feel? Sex and orgasms are some of the most extreme feelings of pleasure I’ve experienced and that’s the truth. I also stand by my statement that I would not trade if given the choice.
        Why be proud? Because pride = confidence. Read the comment above for further detail I’m not going to type it out again.

    4. Yes, thank you! Anti-circumcision people tend to say many lies. Many women love circumcised penises for a reason and most studies show there are no negative effects,

  28. She strikes me more like an overly empowered attention whore with self control issues than a feminist. She has all of the freedom and every excuse in the world. Feminists will say she could never be herself in a patriarchy, and prove the point of the patriarchy well enough in that argument. So I would not say she’s a feminist but she is certainly the product of it.
    She’ll party on our dime until we stop supplying the dimes. Since we cannot stop her directly and I would not condone a smackdown from the next man she attacks, we would make a bigger difference by not supplying the dimes.

    1. The betas who supply the dimes don’t satisfy them at all.
      Yea, there will always be a dude there to save her and provide, but deep down they know he’s just a bitch and can’t do anything about it.
      Again, that’s why Ray Rice’s wife is so attracted to him. People call him a loser, fuck he’s a real man. Most men tolerate bullshit from women, its unattractive.

    2. Thats the problem though, how do we change government policies? Any politician that attempts anything remotely “anti-woman” gets fucking railed (and this includes just not supporting giving them advantages). The biggest problem is the super wealthy, they control government/media and they want individual consumers – not healthy families.

      1. If you are going to government for anything, you are not going to get far. There is huge difference between activism and resistance. Enough of a difference to say that activism is feminine and resistance is masculine.
        In the end it should not matter what anybody thinks and how much money somebody has. That’s the box they want you in, sitting there, saying “they have the money! they have the media! We can’t change government! Waaaaaaaaaa!”.
        There was a ship that could not sink, they said. It sunk.

        1. That is just a lot of nonsense talk. Of course it matters how much money and power one has! You can’t topple governments with muskets and pitchforks anymore. If you are holding out for some sort of violent revolution then keep dreaming. I outgrew this immature way thinking at about 22yrs old, it just isn’t going to happen. Americans are fat and entertained, they aren’t going to be taking to the streets. There will always be a government and the best way to change culture is to understand that and deal with it. Ultimately money will decide how this country is run and perhaps all men can do is pull out of the marriage game and watch the results.

  29. Roosh, since you are clearly passionate about pointing out sexism, I hope you will do more stories on the fact that female minors in the United States are protected by Federal and state laws against all forms of genital mutilation without any religious or cultural exemption for their parents while male and intersex minors continue to have their genitals carved up to suit the sexual and aesthetic preferences of somebody else.
    Over one million children are subjected to genital mutilation each year in the United States. Not only is this a gross violation of human rights, is a blatant form of gendered violence.

      1. Intersex is a term used to describe individuals whose bodies are biologically somewhere between male and female. In some cases, these biological differences are external (as in the case of ambiguous genitalia) but in others, the differences are not readily visible.
        Sometimes parents of intersex children with ambiguous genitalia are pressured to force genital modifications and/or hormone therapy upon their child to make the child’s body have a more conventional male or female appearance. Typically this is not done out of medical necessity but due to societal pressure.
        Forcing genital modifications on intersex children is one of many forms of genital mutilation.

  30. She just seems like a terrible PERSON regardless of her sex. I can’t imagine randomly going up to some women protesting a female issue and telling them they are disgusting then yelling at and striking them. I think she has some psychological problems that have been ignored because she has some sex appeal based solely on her physical appearance. Then her douchey response video pretty much proved beyond any doubt she is an immature shitbag.

  31. If this happened in any part of the free world, men wouldn’t be scared to knock that psycho bitch clean off… Only in America and some effeminate Scandinavian countries do you see men so culturally and legally castrated that they cannot even exercise a right to self preservation anymore…
    The mystery to me is how can well educated intelligent American men still continue to live in that police state caged and treated like captive animals in a lab existing only to pay taxes, labor and flourish their regime of male slavery…

    1. Your second paragraph should be cast in bronze or something. I saw recently that the average work week is up to 47-60 hours now. The 40 hour week is not so common. Of those who still only clock 40 I would bet that a very high pct are candy ass gov’t workers. Does anything think the 100 million strong welfare state has anything to do with this trend? Hmmm… The increased work week is clearly not counting the 92 million adults who DON’T WORK. Okay, maybe 20 million of those are legit housewives. The other 70 milion are just laughing, “Get your ass out of bed and get to work. Bring me my money white boy!” I’ve been an expat for 15 years. I’ve had some real issues with feeling like it’s not the right thing to do or that I’ve done it for too long, too much of a ‘dropout’ etc. Hopefully this is not too maudlin but quotes like yours really help me out.

      1. Being a ‘dropout’ is the only logical route. Ambition, hard work and success are only pursued when there is a carrot at the end of a stick. High-tax welfare state plus women sucking men dry via alimony etc…..they are removing the incentive to work hard that’s why socialism fails. I plan on leaving as soon as I get enough money and these feminist cunts can pay for the welfare state themselves

    1. “really hot” Really? Don’t get me wrong, I’d bang regardless, but ‘really’ hot is pushing it. She’s a 6 at best.

  32. I love how every passer by negro in this video acted like in imbecile. Why do you Americans put up with this?

  33. It was smart not to hospitalize her. That way people see her as the psycho person and you guys were protesting against child mutilation.

  34. Why was she not arrested? The question answers itself; it’s because she is a member of the royal sex.
    Women live under noble law, only men are subject to the common law.

  35. Is there any one involved in this story who isn’t a weirdo? Or is it sort of a “free-for-all” of dysfunction?
    A bientôt,

  36. Make the effort for this to go viral and high in the google search ratings. In 10 years, nobody will touch her for work.
    Actions have their consequences. It will be well-deserved.

    1. You know the drill. Open a private browsing window, search for “Emily Hopper” in google, scroll until you find the ROK link, click on it and nothing else, stay awhile. Rinse, repeat. Wins.

        1. Right, because they don’t take into account actual visitors based on search queries. Why do you think that they do a redirect why you click through even on SEO links?

  37. i can smell her through the screen; wouldn’t touch her with someones else’s dick, even if i didn’t like that person.

  38. I like how the old man says to the white knight to get out of my fucking way, he ain’t no pussy. Also notice how the black chicks in the crowd say you better not hit me bitch. See they would have knocked her teeth out quicker than you can say bingo, and it’d be a good laugh. But if the white protestor MEN did it, they’d be ray riced.

  39. This site is very informative. You always here about the bad people protesting for life and boming abortion clinics, but the main steam media never shows the violent liberals stealing and beating up other peoples.

  40. Why would she destroy herself with such crap all over her face?
    Because womyn or something.
    Same reason why she hasnt been arrested.

  41. Wow what a cunt. At the same time, the protesters pursued her a little too doggedly. But the way she behaved was just so messed up, I wouldn’t have taken that shit either.

  42. Another example of female masculinization. On a side note, why do such women today choose to mutilate their faces with jewellery to end up looking like cattle? Guess she’s taken too many knocks to the head in street fights already.

  43. What the fuck is it to feminists that men are walking against male genital mutilation?
    Do feminists support male genital mutilation?

    1. Apparently they are angered by any attempt to highlight and put right any male grievance whatsoever.
      Basically, they hate men.

    1. In some cases, they’re even worse than Americunts. Shitty cold weather makes for shitty cold bitches!

  44. What is the appropriate response to being assaulted by a female? If you do not defend yourself, you are ridiculed as a pussy and shamed, without the woman receiving repercussions. If you defend yourself, you will be swarmed by women and white-knights, and you risk jail.
    Alternatively, am I being paranoid? Would you really be jailed for defending yourself here?

  45. I keep sayin man…it’s never about gender equality but an obvious competitive advantage to women…you put your hands on me im putting my hands on you. its that simple

  46. She claims that it’s acceptable for women to slap men. OK. I guess that means it’s perfectly acceptable for men to slap women.

  47. The ROK staff should be very concerned with Intactivism/anti RIC.Religious, ritual, or routine Infant circumcision is the best time to destroy the neurological functions of the exterior parts of our reproductive organs, without the child’s or parents knowledge, and has been used by feminist Kabbalah witchcraft for centuries to control which boys will grow up functioning or dysfunctional, depending on how much nerves are excised from the frenular delta(aka the male G spot) during RIC. It is used to punish the sons of ignorant and abusive men, and to pass inheritance to the witch-mother’s daughters, that would otherwise go to the king’s eldest son, or Junior, which is the basis of the King concept. There are many historical accounts of Queens practicing Kabbalah witchcraft to take control over the Kingdom. The present Queen Elizabeth in England who had her own royal kabbalah Mohel/Rabbi working for her to circumcise the prince Charles, fortunately bore no daughters, so the curse has died out with no grand daughters, and her royal grandsons and great grandson being left intact.

  48. I really dont believe she was in the wrong here. I mean he grabbed her hand….Yea, id slap him to. Brother K was being creepy too and following her around saying the same thing over again….Thats beyond creepy.

    1. Would you say that if she was male and brother K was an anti-female genital mutilation activist?

  49. She’s a common slut and he shoulda knocked her ass OUT immediately. You’re allowed to defend your ground and if the bitch slugs you, you knock her ass OUT. What the fuck, boys? She’s a cunt that needs to be knocked out and learn some fucking manners. Equality.

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