Florida Medical Students To Receive Important Training In LGBT Pronouns

An organization at the University of Florida wants all medical students to receive required training on how to talk sensitively to transgender and “non-binary” patients. The UF HealthQueer Alliance is giving a series of workshops about homosexual, bisexual and trans-identified people. These workshops instruct the students on proper gender “pronouns” and how “sex, gender, and sexual orientation different.”

Mission: To Make LGBT-Training Required

The organization is working with the associate dean of the medical school to create courses which it hopes will be “implemented into the required curriculum,” reports WUFT News. Why should this training be required? Well, their president, Ansley Schulte, tells WUFT that she wants to prevent doctors from giving “faulty information, like telling lesbian patients they are at a high risk for HIV/AIDS. ‘Which is like, not true at all,’ she said.”

Actually, Ansley, homosexual women are at risk of having HIV. The risk is not as high as male homosexuals, but they certainly need to know the danger. Maybe you need to, like, do a little more research yourself.

Even though “non-binary” groups make a very small segment of the population, the purpose of this movement is not to strengthen branches in the profession–specialty fields. All doctors need to receive the training.

“There is no specific discipline for LGBT care at UF, but Schulte said that isn’t the point. The point is that all health care providers should be aware of how to deal with LGBT patients, not just a select few.”

Medical school is rigorous, packed with vast quantities of vital information that medical professionals absolutely need to know. They only have so long to learn and train. “Medicine is a vast field,” says Carleen Eaton, “so the ability to prioritize information is one skill that’s important to develop during med school.” Every minute that gets spent learning SJW pronouns and definitions of gender is an important piece of health information that potentially gets tossed aside. Are transgender pronouns more important than life-saving medical procedures?


Sensitivity Training

What crucial instruction have medical students been missing all this time? Well, apparently the checkboxes on the paperwork are a big problem. Male or female? That is so intolerant. Doctors need to be more “safe and nonjudgmental.” A “nonbinary trans person” tells WUFT that the “exclusionary paperwork and binary checkboxes” make them feel “uncomfortable”:

“It’s a self-protection thing,” Jones said. “I’ll check female because I know that when people look at me that’s what they assume. And I don’t want to write anything in case I get someone who’s like, ‘ew’.””

So apparently medical students need training on inclusive checkboxes for their paperwork, and learn how to convince patients that they don’t think “ew” about them.

We also need to redefine the word “equal,” apparently. At the end of October, the group will provide an “equal access” clinic, which will only be available for “trans” patients. No straight people allowed. To them, that is “equitable” and “culturally sensitive.” These oppressed people need a safe space, after all.

This sounds like sensitivity training. LGBT courses for medical students will probably turn out to be social justice indoctrination, the kind of propaganda against traditional families that we see in many universities, government agencies, and the military. It is hard to take these people seriously when they cry about exclusionary checkboxes and demand special attention.

Do LGBT Deserve Quality Healthcare?


Yes, of course they do. We need specialists who are properly trained for this small group of people. These doctors also need to be upfront about the dangers of their deviant behavior and give them the help they need.

Why do over 40% of transgenders attempt suicide? The HealthQueer Alliance’s workshop points out that the LGTB group “continues to be disproportionately at risk for negative health outcomes, including HIV infection, suicide, substance abuse, and depression.”

Why? Is it because more of them use harmful drugs, because their sexual activity is dangerous, or because they have higher rates of mental disorders? No, the leftist narrative is that they are driven to it by harassment. The workshop claims: “Largely, this is a product of the barriers this community must surmount in order to obtain medical care.”

I have a friend who taught a medical course for a college. He told me he had to tip-toe around the subject of human sexuality because he was worried about being punished for telling the physical damage and dangers of homosexual activity. Doctors are often punished if they tell the truth about homosexuality, such as one medical expert in Boston who faced a hearing for citing government data on homosexual dangers.

In 1973, the APA decided that homosexuality was no longer a mental illness. This began a slow escalation of acceptance for destructive behavior.

This is an important issue for all of us. Some day you will probably be in a hospital and need treatment for a life-threatening illness. Do you want a doctor who trained hard for your procedure, or a doctor who spent his time learning transgender pronouns and proper non-offensive checkboxes for paperwork?

Throughout history, each time social justice lifted its ugly head, death and suffering followed. This is partly due to the erosion of necessary services such as healthcare, which is brought about by political correctness and normalization of destructive behavior.

This HealthQueer group is on the University of Florida’s medical school list of organizations. It is a worrying trend that will ultimately sacrifice healthcare for “healthqueer.”

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161 thoughts on “Florida Medical Students To Receive Important Training In LGBT Pronouns”

  1. It is amazing that the human species has come to this…..I refuse to partake in this charade. I am back to hating the LGBT community with full hate, where at one time I simply acquiesced to their bizarre proclivities.

    1. Indeed. When everyone believed in the motto “live and let live” I didn’t care what you did. This however is out of hand. What does any of this have to do with healthcare? Give me an insensitive son of a bitch who actually know what the fuck he’s doing over a PC idiot anyway. Same goes for schools. No social engineering for my kids, thank you very much.

      1. Ir’s getting to the point where, if the medical establishment is accepting of this sick shit, I would be very weary of having any American doctor assist me with my healthcare.
        And we can kinda speculate where this is heading; male testicles could be defined as “beneign tumors” and advocated to be removed at birth, like male foreskin. Refusal to take part in this for your newborn could result in you being charged with ‘reckless endangerment of your child’ etc.
        So don’t underestimate what is transpiring here. Unless it is stopped it could lead to something even more sinister over time.

        1. Well, if it is benign, how could it be endangerment?
          I get where you’re going with this and I’m not doubting you they could be this fucked up.

        2. Good point, Im just saying that the system could simply use a heavy handed iron fist of law to enforce state mandated castration.

        3. True; if you have doctors believing this nonsense, I would have a hard time believing they don’t just accept pharmaceutical drug propaganda and pseudoscience, because they have shown they lack a rational mind.
          A doctor needs to know whether you have a penis or a vagina. There are physical differences in the bodies of men and women. For example, men have a prostrate, women have a vagina that bleeds once a month. While we share the same basic biology, there are many diseases and illnesses that are diagnosed and treated differently based on the sex of the patient.
          If I were a medical student, I would be asking how it is helpful to obfuscate our ability to treat patients by creating clouds of hazy information. If a “transsexual male” comes in, do they have a penis, a vagina, or neither? This actively harms the health care industry by creating misinformation.

        1. Yeah, I kinda needed to find myself. Enjoy solitude. Dig up some childhood bullshit and work through that. Still not quite finished, but I feel a lot better now.
          Thanks for the worries.

        2. I just noticed alot of the regulars have stop posting in the past few months- guess theres not much more to say, ya know?

        3. I saw a comment of GhostOfJefferson on an article yesterday.
          Other than that, I would not know. Personally, I kinda had needed that atmosphere of anger, but eventually I figured that my life was not improving, so I took time out. Now, as my comment implies, I have kinda come reborn as a more moderate person, less vicious person. But I am not sure if I still need this. Anyway, it is always good to be around brothers with no bitches around.

        4. “Yeah, I kinda needed to find myself.”
          You should be ripped to pieces for this one….
          …but I just can’t seem to bring myself to it at this hour…

        5. Oh, I am still angry. But I guess it is time to direct it at the people who actually hurt me, not random people on the internet whom I do not really give a fuck about.

    2. same here, i used to not care about LGBT issues until it became a weapon against normalcy and the majority
      this is why any society that’s not actively bigoted will slowly regress towards egalitarianism

    3. Hate the LGBT community, but the bigger issue are the frauds graduating UF Med school as doctors. They can’t cure cancer or the common cold, but they’ll sure cure you of homophobia once they diagnose it as such and prescribe the psychotropic drug d’jour for your non compliance to insanity of universal acceptance of all perversity.

    4. Yes. I was mildly pro-gay rights until I saw the homofascist mob pushing for the firing, harassment and personal destruction of those that disagree with their agenda. What they want is for traditional religion to be destroyed, because you can’t have both that and homosexual rights. They need to be beaten with discipline and cruelty.

      1. They are the mentally ill rejects and front line of their overlords. Pawns in the larger scheme of things.
        Don’t hate them, stand on your principals and ignore them. They’ll eventually destroy themselves.

        1. Percentages are sexist and are part of a numeronormative culture set up by the patriarchy. I’ll let my feelings decide how many percents there are in a whole.

    1. A witness to a crime have to identify the perpetrator. The perpetrator was a umm…, you know, umm…, I don’t know. I can’t say. It will offend him/her or whatever.
      How will a detective be able to work with that?

    2. Male and female are ignorant labels stemming back from the days of the Hate filled Patriarchy, a less offensive Form Heading that doesn’t make use of ancient bigotry filled terms that limit a persons True gender potential, could include,..
      -What Sound best describes you?_
      -What Element is responsible for your “Uniqueness”?_
      -What Emotion do you most Associate with your Identity?_
      -What Season closest describes who You are?_
      -Have the Form Questions been accurate to your Unique Identity? If not Please forgive our ignorance as we acknowledge the struggle one in your situation may have while living in our Bigoted Times and Society , Please Educate us with what you would like to be Called/Referenced /Associated with in this section provided, Thank you._
      Of Course these Questions should be Left Open and general, so as to not Make a person Feel Constricted or Pressured to conform to Rigid Insensitive Labels. This is the Modern Age, it’s best all of us shed our Ignorant ways , so that we can March forth into a Promising Brave New Future, I Hope you will all Join Me,… Whatever You are…. (Sarcasm)

    3. Needs a date and time, remember many of these people are trans-fluid and their sexuality morphs based on feelings at a given moment (no, really)

      1. that’s because its a caduceus. You can’t stick a dildo up the rod of asclepius, which apparently is what it should be

  2. I understand the need for sensitivity. Lot of LGBTQ people worry that doctors won’t be able to tell their arse from their elbows. This can be acutely embarrassing when the presenting complaint involves the one getting stuck up the other.

  3. Political correctness is a perversion of education and these groups want to continue it over the wrong things. If they were honest they would give information such as the fact that LBGTs have a higher rate of substance abuse over the general population. Gay men and transwomen are at too high of a risk for HIV and HepB. Actually last I checked the HIV rates per year were down for everyone overall and all groups. One exception: MSMs were the only population to be increasing. In other words due to political correctness there is a quiet HIV epidemic and it’s affecting ethnic minority MSMs. You know the people that liberals claim to be bending over backwards for.

    1. Just think that the blood banks may be forbidden to ask a blood donor their sexual orientation because of the PC bullshit. It then puts EVERYONE at risk.

      1. Hopefully they are alerted that if there’s a ban lifted on MSMs (Gay men and Transwomen), the medical community will be sued the first HIV or HepB case linked to a blood transfusion. Than the ban will be put right back.

        1. The blood bank could secretly test each donated pint of blood and discard the contaminated ones. Now comes the ethics question. If it tests positive, do you alert the donor so said donor gets treatment and prevent the spreading of the disease? You risk testing without their consent.

        2. They may be immune to lawsuits because of Good Samaritan law. You pulled a victim from a buring vehicle seconds before it exploded, but you accidentally severed the spinal cord and the victim is paralyzed. Can the victim sue you for the paralysis? Would you be better off to just run into a 7-11 and get a bag of popcorn and a Big Gulp and watch the live entertainment unfold before your eyes?

        3. I don’t think good Samaritan would work since a lawyer could point out that the medical community ignored facts in favor of political correctness to allow for an at risk group to donate blood (bigger risk than IV drug users). Testing isn’t enough where we would seriously consider a small group that’s at risk. They also have to test all blood.

  4. Mankind is a failure…. the dumbest creatures nature ever produced, any fish, insect or lizard understands nature’s imposition to strive for strength and health.
    leave it to humans to think they can defy nature and get away with it, may as well stick your hand in fire and expect not to get burned.

    1. I disagree strongly with the the statement “Mankind is a failure”. This type of self indulgent drivel has been doing the rounds since the 1960s. THINK AND OBSERVE THE REST OF NATURE. Now look back, respectfully there is no other entity in the natural world, perhaps the universe as smart, adaptable and inventive as man. Yes we have faults, yes things could have been done better, yes there’s strife in the world, yes we face loads of problems everyday…but this bullshit that we are a failure because of these things, is typical non think, nihilistic ideology that’s not based on any objective evidence.
      By adopting this attitude you play right into the hands of the left wing victim hood ideology where we’re all meant to feel guilt and remorse for all the terrible things the human race has ever done. Before you know it,you’re being “politically corrected” by the high priests of nihilism and Marxism, and this is how “their narrative” of human history very cleverly tries to enslave people within it tentacles.
      Sure we’re flawed with imperfections but despite this we’re the greatest form of intelligent life there is. It’s possible we’re the only show in the whole universe, even if not, we’re still a distinctive and unique form of intelligent life by any measure. We should be proud if this and we should reflect on our achievements more, rather than the “Mankind is a failure” narrative of teenagers, feminists and Marxists. It’s just such a lame, false and dumb narrative that I’m quite frankly sick of listening to.

        1. Perhaps. Either way self defeating talk about how stupid humanity is in comparison to the rest of nature is nonsensical verbiage that’s simply not true. There’s too much species self-hatred that’s propagated by a whole rag bag of resentment merchants on the left that serves no positive purpose. Perhaps we need to invent a new phobia ….homo sapiens…oh homophobic…oh already taken…sapienphobic! Hatred of ones own species.

        2. There is no Greater Example of one who hates themselves then the White Feminist woman, for whatever reason she has accepted to hate her Gender opposite.

        3. You give prize how dumb you are with this, “sapienphobic” HA don’t make me laugh, there’s already a word for it and it’s called misanthropy.
          Dumb ass hillbilly.

        4. How do I not Know God? I know God Exists, and while I’m not perfect I try to understand and obey God’s Will. Your the designator of peoples relationships with God Eh? I don’t think so.

        5. “I try to understand and obey God’s Will”
          You try, by your very own admission you say you don’t get the big picture, so yeah i was right with my comment.

        6. I know what misanthropy is…again irony is lost on the literal minded, that’s why I invented the other term! God how I despair at people don’t understand irony and satire.

        7. Yep. Biggest secret nobody kept from us.
          I’m sure He thinks all the other theories we have since conceived are hilarious.

        8. If she is standing up to the Muslim Invasion of Europe that is good, But I also remember how much damage feminism has caused, sure I support her on the muslim Invasion of Europe, but that’s as far as my support goes, It’s because of progressive Leftist Ideals that the invasion even began in the first place.

        9. Really? I’ve not had the opportunity, a lot of My prayers have been Blessed and answered and for the ones that have not yet happened, I leave it up to God for he know best, but I’ve yet to see an angel.

        10. Yes, my friend, I have seen angels of the Lord! If you wish to know of them, I will tell you, and I will verify what I have seen using Scripture.

      1. Please, you don’t understand mankind and how our society’s operate like i do, there’s a reason why empires rise and fall, and the reason why empires inevitably fall is because of an inherent flaw in our design, that runs deep, the deepest even, since sex is the most deeply rooted part of ourselves, men build society, and women destroy it, when humans live in destitution and danger women will pair with average men, making them produce and build society, sex and prospect for reproduction is the fuel they run on, eventually an empire reaches the age of decadence, your terribly flawed law system not only fails to stop the dark triads it’s meant to eradicate, but even has them making the laws they themselves have no intention of abiding by, those men (who have inherited certain female traits) hoard all the resources and women, the women from wide and far then make a run for the spoils abandoning the monogamous model and re-adopting the polygamous model (which fails to produce civilization due to internal parasitism) wanting to all get with the skull crushing alpha’s having all the loot, all of society’s working men get abandoned and then become the “beautiful ones” retreat and stop carrying the empire on their backs, lack of input then topples the empire, law and order breaks down and all those with an axe to grind (lots) will come out of the woodworks plundering and taking their revenge, barbarism ensues, followed by a long period of tribulation a generation or two goes by and the newer generations having known only the bad, poor, dangerous circumstances of those times will then give the civilization-producing monogamous model another try.
        When any society of yours becomes successful, dark triad alpha’s of the neolithic era will then (like they did for ALL OF HISTORY) inevitably work their way into power, hoard the wealth (all aristocracy’s are dark triad alpha rulers) then reawaken women’s prime instincts getting them to go back to natures ruthless polygamous model, neolithic alpha’s along with women will run society and enslave the other men as worker ants, and eventually society collapses either because the exploited men jump ship or the greed ridden women and alpha’s will blow through all the wealth and fuck up (like the boomers did).
        Go read up about what happened to Babylon, Babylon in it’s age of decadence was perfectly akin to the modern west, Rome in it’s age of decadence was perfectly akin to the modern west.
        This cycle has been going on for a long time, and you just cannot seem to fix the problem, the story of good and evil in all religions is about this flaw in human nature.
        Human society is just like an Ant colony, the only difference is that the the female ant’s figured they could all be ant-queens with hordes of mindless zombies to serve their lavish whims if they could substitute the males as workers.
        Seriously… i’m hardly even starting to detail our problem here, to fully explain i would have to give prize the origin of men and women, and since this is something i’m not giving away until i have my work on this complete and sent to science journals i’m stopping here.
        And then i’m not even starting about the other design flaws that lay in mankind.

        1. I don’t understand a single word of your above narrative. Who are you addressing? I don’t mean to be critical, but your language has an almost non-human inflection and cadence about it. This combined with the fact that you don’t use much punctuation in your paragraphs gives your “message” a feel of a factual transmission, like a technical fax message about meteorological data from an automatic weather station in the middle of Antarctic.
          Perhaps you are saying very worthwhile things, but, I can’t make out what they are from what you’ve written.

      1. I’ve seen animals sniff each others arses and then eat each others young.
        This is what homosexuals do all the time.

  5. The irony is that political correctness nearly always prevents professionals – in this case medics – from presenting opinions truthfully. The most obvious losers from such a state of affairs is LGBTQ people themselves whose health will likely suffer in inverse proportion to their feelings being saved.

    1. A degree of tact is necessary in the medical profession.
      A doctor can’t just say “AWWwww shit dawwgg you gotz the cancer. FUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK that SUCKS yo… OMG! The worstt! You gonna die in a couple years niggaaaH!!! Go jump out of a plane and strap dynamite to your krusty ass!! THE PARTy is OVER you crackah motherFuckah!!!”

      1. Sounds like the perfect bedside manner. A patient presenting with a gerbil up his colon shouldn’t be told “we successfully removed your significant other”. In fact I’m sick of the whole gay agenda thing : one doctor told me I should suck a fisherman’s friend

        1. I think a lot of them don’t like the whole identity politics thing. I quite like the stuff by Milo Yiannopolous on Brietbart who is gay but proudly “anti-fag” (and anti-feminist etc)

      2. Maaan I wish I was a doctor so I could at least once in my life deliver the news like that using the same words and intonation you just did hahah

      3. Well, they did get their message across (I guess?) and therefore that is a proper way communicate. Or at least so says ebonics.

  6. Additionally, I think our medical staff will have to be trained in how to address the distraught, poor ex -jihadists who’ve had to shave their beards and dress as women to get back to their comfy, safe homes in the west. Like our LGBT friends we better not offend these poor confused youths who left our countries to become head choppers because they felt oppressed and unloved….and the LGBT feesl this way too, yet more victims we all have to feel sorry for,and, every time reasonable people give these concessions, we sell off another part of our heritage and our civilization dies, until soon there’s nothing left.

  7. Boy they want it all don’t they? First the cancer cells were pushing to be legally recognized and now they want to be medically recognized. The cancer cells themselves could care less about being recognized. WHO’S PROVOKING THEM then? Who wants them to spread? Left alone and left to their own accord, the sexual misfits had always been perfectly happy in their closets, staring at their reflections while trying on their mommy’s or sister’s wig and bra, or maybe foregoing a career which requires hand washing for long periods spent under a bridge jerking off to old porn mags and with the occasional appearance at the local soup kitchen.
    Or the sexually maladjusted female who historically lived at home and helped with mundane makework around the house well into old age or spinsterhood. Or she masked it as a nun. Or she had zero smv so she therefore went vagabond into the sunset pushing a personal shopping cart full of cardboard, string or colorfull paper that blows by catching the eye. All telltale signs of the sexually omega female. A homeless lady pushing a cart never hurt anyone, but with a degree in women’s studies, they wreck the fabric of society and bring all other women and men down to their level, IN THE GUTTER.
    What better way to fan the flames of the outcast lifestyle and to give them reality shows, parades, promote gay styles in dress, overload the comedy field with gay skits, dress men as runway female models and all without mentioning that this is all population control agenda. They’re hell bent on promoting non procreational lifestyles. Who the heck are ‘THEY’? Would ‘they’ as in ‘they’ who intentionally advocate the spreading of cancer, would ‘they’ please step foreward?
    Society has much needed foundational reinforcement maintenance work ahead. If the promoter of cancer would kindly rear its ugly head, then we can excavate the spot and pump the sewage sink, ugly head and all, and pour concrete piles down the void to the bedrock. Foundations are of optimal importance in any lasting society.

  8. They need to establish a new procedure where if anyone fills out the sex portion of medical forms citing that they need to be identified by the proper pronoun they are immediately wheeled out of the hospital and dumped in the street.

  9. APA is a fucking joke. Now the medical industry is heading down the same road. I love surgeons because they just do not give a fuck, and few people can approach them simply because they are so specialized. Gimme somebody who can do their job over some guy who has to stumble over his sentences and worry about such things as sensitivity.
    Once again I feel like we have better things to worry about. How about the fact that testicular cancer and prostate cancer develop in a huge percentage of men. Very few of the overall women develop breast cancer, but this remains lost in the narrative. The combined funding for the male cancers is far less than breast cancer as well. Where are the workshops or awareness programs for these tidbits? No, of course not. Instead we get some training on how to use pronouns. Wonder how much money will go into that shit. Universities already want words like “Zir” and “Ze” to enter the lexicon. It is madness.

  10. See here’s the problem. It’s good to question the system, but you’re doing it wrong. You don’t get to cherry pick what you question by saying everything I was taught is right and everything now is wrong. If the foundation is flawed and it is no matter how many layers you add to the falling house it will not stand. That kind of thinking is the equivalent of doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

    1. Agreed. The folks here think there was some “golden age” in the past where everything was perfect. All it takes is a history class, either of their own individual countries or “world history” to see there was never a time when things were perfect or even close to. They’re dreamers. Delusional.

  11. I’m currently Pre Med at UND.
    One of the requirements for the AMCAS Med School application is 200-500 hours of clinical exposure.
    It is here you are exposed to the worst ills of society: performing STI tests for rape victims, miscarriages due to drug use, amputations of limbs because a patient shot up heroine with dirty needles, kids hit by drunk drivers, etc.
    In these situations, a persons race, gender, religion, criminal background is null. By the time you even apply, any bias you had is long gone.

    1. “It is here you are exposed to the worst ills of society: performing
      STI tests for rape victims, miscarriages due to drug use, amputations of
      limbs because a patient shot up heroine with dirty needles, kids hit by
      drunk drivers, etc.
      “In these situations, a persons race, gender, religion, criminal background is null. By the time you even apply, any bias you had is long gone.”
      I doubt it. I’ve heard that being an ER doctor in any major urban area creates bias (“race realism”) where there was none, not remove it.
      UND? U of North Dakota? North Dakota: 2% Hispanic, 1.2% black.
      Get back to us when you get some experience outside of a pocket of 1950s America.

      1. “I’ve heard…” That’s a strong argument.
        Now let’s hear your “source” and their official title.
        I’m so glad you questioned my background in healthcare with minorities.
        I’m from Los Angeles and conducted half my clinical hours at Kaiser Permanente downtown for Dr McCoy. The HR number is listed online and you can inquire about my service.
        UND charges in state tuition for veterans, hence why I’m here.
        Bottom line: You are speculating an industry you don’t know shit about.

  12. You mean “anal sex” here, don’t you? “I have a friend who taught a medical course for a college. He told me he had to tip-toe around the subject of human sexuality because he was worried about being punished for telling the physical damage and dangers
    of homosexual activity.”
    – So then why on this very site have I seen references to heterosexual sodomy in a positive light?
    “Well, their president, Ansley Schulte, tells WUFT that she wants to
    prevent doctors from giving “faulty information, like telling lesbian
    patients they are at a high risk for HIV/AIDS. ‘Which is like, not true
    at all,’ she said.”
    Actually, Ansley, homosexual women are at risk of having HIV. ”
    – Please. She said “high risk”, not “risk”. Everyone who isn’t celibate is at some level of risk. Lesbians being at the lowest.

    1. I distinctly remember certain topics that I thought were clearly bullshit long before I heard of the Red Pill. One was how sex ed resources would claim that gay sex between men was as safe as straight sex between a man and a woman, but would also claim that anal sex between a man and a woman was dangerous. Clearly one of these two statements is a lie because they directly contradict each other.

        1. Hmm, it could also be the medical establishment’s subtle way to imply that men have stronger assholes (more resistant to tearing than a woman’s) and that women are giant whores (same risk of disease from a woman and a gay man).

        2. I do love seeing it on the other side of the table. Uselessness aside, the art was just too perfect for an avatar to pass up.

      1. Hmm…anal sex between a man and a woman could be more dangerous because it could lead you to the Dark side to do it with a man in the future. Man on man, well they’ve already went to the Dark side. LOL!

      2. Who claims anal sex between a man and woman is dangerous? It is dangerous, but you wouldn’t know it since its promoted as something “normal” “healthy” and “fun” as long as you use lube. I’m glad someone besides myself understands the very serious health risks involved, but seriously, who told you it was dangerous and how were they able to do so without being shouted down by the pro-porn, sex-positive crowd, as well as the Manosphere?

        1. That was what was being taught in sex ed at my high school at the time. Of course it’s been more than a decade since I was in high school.

        2. Maybe they were wishfully thinking gay men just had oral sex. Oral sex is also a dirty and unhealthy practice that has been mainstreamed by porn which the Manosphere tries to claim is a human right .

  13. Someone applying for their Masters posted this on FB. Fucking disgusting what this world has come to, bending over backwards to accommodate and placate the 0.01%.

  14. These sex freaks need to realize that the only reason they aren’t swinging from trees is because the average normal person tolerates them. Yes, even the religious types aren’t actively persecuting them.
    However, if somebody’s grandpa or aunt winds up dying because of this petty word salad BS I have a feeling the average person might not view “live and let live” as a viable philosophy anymore.
    Also, the malpractice implications are huge.

  15. Do you think some of this gender confusion could be a result of society’s strict gender roles and stereotypes? There’s an article on this very site wherein the author gets angry, yes angry, at a mom in Walmart who has her 2 year old boy in a pink hat or something. Two. Years. Old. Maybe if babies and kids were allowed to be free to wear what they want, play with what they want, be it dolls, cars, whatever, without such inoccuous shit being labled “girlish” or “tomboyish”, then kids would be happy to grow up “cis-het” just liking whatever colors they like and having whatever hobbies they want to, without it being considered wrong or right for their sex/gender, which I think may be at least one aspect leading to gender identity disorder.

    1. There are a small minority of infants born intersex. The transgender thing has to do with hormones and chemicals I think.

      1. You’re correct that there are some babies born truly intersex, and I do have a lot of sympathy for anyone who has to grow up with such a condition. This is relatively rare, however, like one in 300 or less, and almost all people I see proclaiming that they’re “non-binary” or “genderqueer” or any of those things are people who were born perfectly normal, and are simply attention-seeking. For them, being a man or a woman isn’t interesting enough; they have to ascribe a made-up, gimmicky-sounding identity to themselves that few people will know the meaning of. The irony is, most real intersex people have very difficult lives and are often made to feel ashamed of their condition, quite the opposite of these college-aged liberal types who wear their imaginary “non-binary” identity like a badge of honor and use it to get all kinds of attention.

        1. The real injustice is what the slutwalks do to the *actual* rape victim, what this gender nonsense does to people with malformed or missing sexual parts, and what the welfare system does to people with real disabilities, who still want to contribute and work.

        2. Did you know Pepsi were using harvested fetal kidney tissue to flavour Pepsi?
          Their shareholders actually took action against them to stop it.
          This actually happened.

        3. They are trying to take a very rare condition and apply it to themselves to garner attention. For example, the WUFT article that I cited takes a report about DSD out of context. They claim that the report shows trans, gay, lesbians, and bi are “more susceptible to risk-taking behaviors” because they don’t have “appropriate healthcare.” But actually the report was only talking about DSD, from what I could tell (condition of sexual organs not developing properly).

    1. It should be that Simple and at one point it was, but now we are living in the age of Pseudo Knowledge and Erroneous Enlightenment.

      1. From the trans-folk I’ve studied, the primary reason is the improper acquisition of gender schemas from the primary caregivers in conjunction with the individuals concept of self-image.

        1. OK but aren’t most trans-folk gay to begin with? Could you explain what you mean by “improper acquisition of gender schemas”?

        2. A schema is a mode of behavior one acquired during psychological development. It seems many lgbtq folks come from parents hovering somewhere between permissive and neglectful parenting styles. This results in a child more open to existential wandering, thus more open to embracing an alternative sexuality (community and physical contact) to fill the void created by their parents.
          Th https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9d67333aa61aaea2cc4b274fe6b8041ae37a3d7cfe07e3f60d245e1fcb8c19b6.png

        3. I think a large % of trans-folk may just start off as your everyday run of the mill gay kid who thinks he/she has to be she/he. On the other other hand I think some could be straight kids who enjoy activities that in our society are still gendered; like playing with dolls/toy trucks or wearing a wider variety of clothing. So because these simple things are still gendered in our society, they get confused.

        4. Actually, a study of young apes showed a gender bias: young male apes liked playing with hard abstract objects (like trucks) while female apes preferred softer objects with faces (dolls).
          Looking within other species, homosexuality is a construct to be used to relieve sexual needs when there are none of the opposite sex available for intercourse/child rearing. As I mentioned before most parents of homosexuals tend to be lacking in the nurturing department(or too nurturing).

        5. “Actually, a study of young apes showed a gender bias: young male apes liked playing with hard abstract objects (like trucks) while female apes preferred softer objects with faces (dolls).”
          Good for them. Nevertheless, human babies and kids will play with all sorts of things. Big deal.
          ” As I mentioned before most parents of homosexuals tend to be lacking in the nurturing department(or too nurturing).”
          You said that about transgender parents originally. Gay and transgender are two different ball games. There could be multiple reasons for both, including, sometimes, genetics.
          “Looking within other species, homosexuality is a construct to be used to relieve sexual needs when there are none of the opposite sex available for intercourse/child rearing.”
          The monkeys and dogs I witnessed in Southeast Asia had plenty of options.

        6. – I know of several families that contain a mixture of transexuals, homosexuals and heterosexuals, their sexuality corresponding to the behavior the parent exhibited towards the child. Sexuality is a complex sliding scale, but models of development exist as “Developmental Psychology”. However such Jungian views are looked down upon by the liberal left and their support of pharmaceutical psychology.
          – There is no “gay gene”, the human genome project figured that one out years ago.
          – Apes are studied for many things, for their DNA differ from ours by 2%. Even so, if given the proper environment apes and chimps (especially bonobos, which are even closer to us genetically) are capable of being taught communication (with an interpreter).
          – It may appear to you a subject may have options, but what matters is the subject’s perception. It doesn’t matter if a subject is surrounded by females. If he is incapable of socializing within the parameters of his species (or deems himself unworthy) an alternative will be sought to relieve sexual tension. Animals are capable of realizing futility, such as the dog experiments with learned helplessness.
          – My theory of development is also displayed in an autobiography by a smarmy Vermont dyke cartoonist. “Fun Home” by Alison Bechdel.
          – Thanks for being devil’s advocate.

        7. “Thanks for being devil’s advocate.”
          My pleasure!
          What about the GERM theory? Anyway, my point is, just because a small boy plays with dolls or a small girl plays with toy trucks, does not mean either one is gay or trans. Some section of our society (such as the author of the ROK piece that mocked an INFANT for wearing something the author perceived as “gender inappropriate” would have such behavior shamed and mocked instead of just being witness to the simple joys of childhood.

        8. Small boy playing with dolls? GI Joe with Kung Fu grip.
          Girl plays with toy cars? Barbie dream car (or some shit, I only had brothers).
          If a child can recognize gender roles, it’s all right no matter what they play with along with an authoritative parenting style with traditional gender roles by the parents. Like a tomboy (before they started becoming dykes).
          There are some kids deciding they’re gay and trans before even puberty. A child doesn’t know what’s best for itself: little buggers won’t even eat their veggies!
          The apes thing is more of proof for inherit differences between the sexes across the primate species.

        9. “Small boy playing with dolls? GI Joe with Kung Fu grip.”
          No – playing with baby dolls, in the manner a father cares for his own infants. Despite the child mirroring adult paternal behavior, in my country (US) this is still considered “feminine” by some!
          “If a child can recognize gender roles, it’s all right no matter what
          they play with along with an authoritative parenting style with
          traditional gender roles by the parents. ”
          I’m researching this whole trans phenomena now because I genuinely want to understand it. This blog touches on my instinctual gut reaction so far, that rigid gender roles produce confused people who identify as “trans” simply because they do not conform to gender roles set upon them.
          “However such Jungian views are looked down upon by the liberal left and their support of pharmaceutical psychology.”
          Gender Dysmorphia is listed in the DSM.

        10. To build a house one must first have a foundation. Similarly, before studying the development of trans folk it is only natural to first study the development of normal folks. Blogs are not a particularly good reliable source of information. Ironic, eh?
          I admit though, I can’t remember some stuff from my psych courses (been years), but your theory is seems to be based upon the dissonance resulting from an authoritarian parenting style, which does lead to deviant behavior. Pretty much anything not authoritative leads to some kind of problem or another.

        11. Most guys like guys toys and most girls like girls toys. There are only a few that prefer the cross-gendered toys.

  16. So if the future doctors give a treatment that is contraindicated for a particular sex, and the person receiving said treatment ends up dead or permanently disabled, is the doctor immune from a malpractice suit since the recipient identified as another gender?
    Medicine is not the proper place for playing foolish PC games.

  17. The ‘progressive’ left are always attempting to take control of language, and therefore shape meaning to suit their agenda.

  18. Coming up on 25 years of having 3% of the population (who never had anything blocking their lifestyle anyway) dominating the narrative. It started with Clinton and his ‘gays in the military’ non-issue turned national obsession and continues on to today, only gaining steam.

  19. That last link goes right to the school home page so you can directly e-mail Ansley Schulte with facts and any questions.

  20. Does anybody else feel uncomfortable with the idea of having doctors that ignore biological fact?
    “Uhhh, miss? You do realize you own a penis, right?”
    “Yes, why?”
    “Because you marked that you were a woman.”
    “Why, you transphobic, cis scum?”
    “No, its that you have testicular cancer that has spread and you have a week to live. You wouldn’t have that problem if you were really a woman.”
    “You’re offending me with your talk! How can you tell me I’m something I feel I’m not?”
    “Because I didnt get my medical degree from same state a place named ‘Fantasyland’ resides, ‘miss’.”

  21. But… telling them they are at “high risk” of sexual transmission is statistically false.
    There is nothing wrong with telling F>F couples that their HIV transmission risks are lower. Just like there was absolutely nothing wrong with telling M>M that their transmission risk was statistically far higher than any other group, or that anal increases risk even in M-F relationships where the male wants to pretend he’s having sex with another man and chooses the wrong hole.
    Drug-using degenerates are a separate transmission vector that can be addressed separately.

  22. I will now sound my barbaric Yawp and as loud as I can possible make the impression on a website simply say – I WILL NOT COMPLY WITH THIS BULLSHIT! Medicine, oh good grief, of all the places too. Perhaps the very best place to show, without an epsilon of doubt that males and females are distinct and are DIFFERENT, which, oh by the way, crushes the whole “trans” argument.
    But, hey bruce, since you’re a “woman” when you’re unconscious and the emergency room is hard at work I guess you’d rather be prescribed the specific medicine, dosage and/or procedures based on females, right? Methinks, you’d rather get the appropriate one, which is to say the male dosage et al? That’s what I though.
    What gives me hope is that shit like this is becoming so over the top its going to implode by its own weight. Pushback is happening, small town girls are revolting and even in liberal ass canada a university stopped the sex “neutral” bathrooms, because surprise, real rapist were using them to peep on girls. Hmmm, trannies committing rape, connection? Elsewhere, the same fucking people behind this are trying to make a case for pedophilia and although I take that very fucking seriously and unfortunately accept that its not beyond this gullible population, I think this one is way too far and it will be stopped. Look, at the end of the day its about your rights. This isn’t about the right to fly a swistika or say the “n” word, no, this is about using everyday words – he, him, she, her etc. No one has a right to tell you what to say to the contrary, doing so violates yours and all of our rights.

    1. “Yours? Our?” Oh, my triggers! Muh Feeewings!!
      Couldn’t help myself. These people are all Crazy, as in Batshit!!

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