8 Places To Meet Higher Quality Women In The West

While anyone who travels internationally will tell you the quality of women is far higher elsewhere, and indeed American women are perhaps the worst out there, many of us do spend most of our lives in the West, at least until we are able to work out a permanent exodus.

While I strongly encourage every single man to travel internationally within the next year, in the meantime, here are some places where you may be able to meet western women of higher caliber than your typical Americunt barslut.

1. Religious Events

The ratio is usually good at church.

Many men will tell you of sluts, feminists, and other worthless women they met at church, and I will certainly not disagree. Nevertheless a good girl is likely to be one who has some sort of spiritual upbringing, believes in a higher power, and accepts a set of rules or laws that she must follow. If you are looking for LTR material, girls with little or no sexual experience are likely to be attending a religious service of some sort, even if this same church is full of her slutty friends. Bonus: church is one of the only places you can see American women dress up nice the way most foreign women do every day, with long hair, dresses, makeup, heels, and jewelry.

2. College Campuses

Most college girls are impressionable, clueless, and hot

Looking back on my time in college, the best thing it offered me was a large number of single females thrust into my face on a daily basis. Finding any woman, whether for a one night lay or a more permanent relationship, is mostly a numbers game. You will not find better odds than your local college campus.

Consider enrolling in a class for fun. Make it something you are interested in, and that way you will come away with a new skill, new friends who enjoy that same interest, and possibly meet a good dating prospect. And it will put you on campus every week where you are presented with new opportunities to meet women.

My local college offers scuba diving, swimming, drawing, photography, and weight training as for-credit one hour courses. By taking one, you also get the benefit of technically being a “student,” getting an ID card, all sorts of discounts, and access to campus sports and other social events.

3. Meetup.com

Meetup.com – A group for every interest

Meetup is a site that allows people with similar interests to schedule and attend activities with strangers. I guarantee meetup has dozens of events in your town right now. While I have found that in my city the attendance skews towards older (lots of 40s, 50s and retired people), depending on the event, you can meet others who share your interests.

Consider one of the larger groups like a hiking or outdoor club, where there may be 30 or more people attending an event. Whether you are looking to improve your foreign language skills, learn a new hobby, see a movie, or go to a discussion group, there are plenty of meetup events, which are almost always free. If you don’t see one you like, start your own.  Girls will be attracted to the “leader” getting all the attention, and plus you get to decide when and where events are held.

4. Local Events Calendar

Definitely in need of help with proper hiking attire

Most midsized and larger cities in America have some sort of free newspaper. These will often list daily or weekly events going on in the area. Often there are websites also which will list free or low cost events going on in your area by calendar date. When I lived in Chicago, there was a free daily paper I always picked up called The Red Eye. It had a special section every day with two fun cheap or free activities targeted towards single people.

5. Community Sports Leagues


City league intramural sports have been around for a long time in larger cities, and in recent years have spread to smaller cities as well. I have several friends who are involved with a local kickball league that organizes teams in 14 states. For less than $50, you get a t-shirt, opening and closing season parties with free beer, and refereed games for several weeks.

The teams are typically sponsored by a bar, offering drink specials for everyone on the team after the game, where you can socialize with your teammates and opponents. This is a co-ed league with a mandatory minimum number of women on each team, and if you don’t have enough players to create your own team, you can be placed on a team with strangers. I have attended these games, and it’s a fun way to meet new people.

6. Dancing


Deja vu from PE class, but it can actually be fun

No, I’m not talking about the titty bar. If you’re looking for higher quality women, consider what women like to do besides get drunk at bars on Saturday nights. Women love to dance. A friend of mine just married a girl (they are both foreign-born but live in America) he met at a salsa dancing group.

Even if you don’t think you like to dance, try a more traditional dance. It could just be that like me, you hate the type of twerk dancing people do at American clubs to shitty music. I recently attended a square dance folk music type event, and while there were certainly some grandmothers there, there were also some good feminine prospects, and you will have little competition.

7. The Gym

Gym girls dress to impress

Exercise should be a regular part of everyone’s routine, and I think most of us prefer a fit girl who puts in the effort to build and maintain her appearance. The gym is the obvious place to look for these type of women. While it can be awkward sometimes to approach girls in the gym, and sometimes it is obvious when you walk over from the bench press to the butt machine and strike up a conversation, the gym is a good source of girls who eat well, stay in shape, and are active, all three absolute requirements in my book.

8. The Coffee Shop


Coffee shops in America are places to play games and surf the web on your Mac Book while drinking an overpriced homogenized coffee-looking drink. Where overseas coffee shops often concentrate on quality, taste, and price, and are typically full of men wanting to relax and enjoy a quick drink at a cafe, the American double venti soymilk vanilla pumpkin crème vending machines are, not surprisingly, dominated by mostly women.

This is a good place to find college girls, as many will come here to study. I have tried writing or working at a coffee shop, and the level of noise and distraction is horrible, but somehow the female millennial mind thrives in this environment. It’s easy to start a conversation by asking something simple like “what’s the wifi password here?” “Oh are you having the new pumpkin latte?” “What are some other coffee shops you enjoy besides this one?”, although one of the biggest hurdles is dealing with the girls staring at their smartphone with headphones on.

Always Be Approaching

So there we have eight ideas for you to find above average quality women in the west. Just remember, it’s still a numbers game and you should approach, flirt, and get the numbers of multiple women just as if you were out in a bar looking for a quick hookup. While the quality of women overall should be higher in these locations, the overall low quality of American women means you will need to do some serious screening.

Good luck, and post any other ideas, or your experiences in the comments.

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239 thoughts on “8 Places To Meet Higher Quality Women In The West”

  1. Add higher income neighborhoods, easily identified with a Whole Foods joint or a upscale yoga studio in smaller communities.

        1. Stuff White People Like – a slur on the faux “always cheery” type of white person who wears pastels and just “hearts” diversity from their gated community suburb and who are in every way the stereotype of the mindless white person who swallows the entire Multi-Cult narrative and every Leftist “good person” agenda item without so much as flinching or wiping off that stupid fake smile.

        2. I encourage you all to attempt to listen to npr- its for the A.D.D. crowd with light jazz background music. Quite brilliant IMO

        3. No, actually he’s one of the resident dry wit posters on here, quite a solid bloke. Just sometimes that dry wit comes across a bit…different…for some people.

        4. Do they still do interviews for the Schwetty bakery and their amazing salty balls?

  2. While I’m not looking for women (married), I can attest to #1 just from casual observation. Essentially all the women at the church I go to dress very nice and are very pleasant; none of that “men are scum” bullshit.
    I actually overheard a pretty red pill conversation in the coffee area between 2 older women. They were basically lamenting the fact that most millennial men lacked the spine to stand up and take charge in their lives while their wives pretty much henpecked them to death. Don’t know who they were talking about nor do I care. It was valuable insight into how things used to be and what the women of old demanded from their men.

    1. “They were basically lamenting the fact that most millennial men lacked the spine to stand up and take charge in their lives while their wives pretty much henpecked them to death.”
      A lot of today’s women will bash modernity if it means bashing men. All of sudden, they are hard core traditionalists who lament the loss of an era. However, the minute you bring up deficiencies in the modern woman…well, then watch the hamster start spinning.

        1. You see, the women say they want men to take charge while in the same breath shame men for taking charge and showing masculinity.

        2. A step in the right direction, to a certain degree.
          For me though, the test comes when you see if she is into cooking you a meal, ironing your shirts, etc.

  3. As a gym rat myself, the biggest sluts I’ve ever met I met in the gym. There are also nice girls going in the gym, but the chance you meet one isn’t that great to make it a bullet point on a list like this.

    1. I don’t know you so this isn’t aimed directly at you (I trust you are very dedicated to the gym craft simply because you say so), but I think the entire country is suddenly claiming to be a “gym rat” now, thanks to the amount of attention and validation one gets from letting everybody know they have a gym membership almost daily on Facebook and Instagram (which sure is odd to think it’s cool to brag about something EVERYBODY else is also doing). Most of the cute girls I see in my gym are all groupies for the personal trainers and jiujitsu black belts, constantly orbiting around them and laughing at anything mundane and ordinary they say like a good little puppy. Just goes to show that even the gym is the ideal place for them to go alpha cock shopping on the regular.

      1. Doesn’t take that much to be a gym rat, unless you’re a professional. 60 minutes a day are all it takes. The ones who keep posting about it on social media are just male attention whores.

        1. I concur. I think the female daily gym check-inners/selfie posters are more deplorable. Nothing reeks of desperation for a large number of beta male Likes than posting a spandex selfie in the gym bathroom frequently. And have you seen most women exercise? It hardly passes for a bad joke. They’re simply there to prance around in their gym attire while trying to one-up the other women and have an alpha cock buffet, and they know it.

        2. Most are 60m a day (or a few times a week) doing barely enough lifting / exercise to break a sweat. Then there’s the fuckable girls that are naturally in shape.. genetics & youth on their side. They are the ones most difficult to pluck from a gym.

        3. True. The ones who work out for real are nice to watch, though. But ye, it’s rare.
          They’re also like planets. You know, with lots of stuff orbiting around them, gaining ego like a planet accretes mass. *cough*

    2. Gyms are hit and miss. In my gym, you’ll only find new moms trying to lose the baby fat, fat girls who show up twice and never again, and gnerally a lot of married and older women. Guess that comes with being a rather expensive gym. Not a good place at all.
      Of course, that’s anecdotal.

      1. It was a problem with the cheaper gyms that I looked at. I’m starting to think its just america. The culture.

      2. And a lot of attention whores that show off their ‘gains’ to millions of social netoworks, to the point you already know what the goods look like before even meeting her – she will be social property.

  4. If you try the church route, watch out for the Evangelical American Princesses that will be proliferating there nowadays. Oh, you’re gonna have LOTS of fun with them (not). Do a search for EAP, Evangelical American Princess, Society of Phineas for more details.
    Good luck with that.
    Christian or not, your better bet is to save up enough coin to get the hell out of the U.S. and go find a woman in some culture where the men have not let their women destroy themselves.

  5. I started taking Bachata & Salsa class and I can tell you this is true. A lot of women like if you can just stay on beat, it’s great

    1. The cool thing about salsa classes is that you don’t even have to bring your own chips!

    1. lol… oxford is a classy place, that’s where you meet high quality women.
      What happens when a feminist rapes a feminist? I went to this punk poetry reading once out of curiosity, and a lesbian stood up on a table and read to the room her lesbian rape fantasy. All the females applauded. True story.

  6. 1. Religious events? Great way to meet born again sluts that have more baggage than an airport.
    2.College Campuses? Great place to meet marxists/feminist indoctrinated females.
    3.Meetup.com? lol GTFOH- Dating sites are just cesspools that accommodates attention whores, pretenders, and post wall women looking for their beta-bux
    4. Local event calendar? I might give this one a pass.
    5. Community Sports league? Nah, Sports should be used a hobby or a competitive activity with your fellow men.
    6. Dancing? Only that of the Latin American style.
    7. The Gym? Nah, they are mostly attention whores e.g. why take selfies in the gym? and/or post it on facebook?
    8.Coffee shop?- I’ll pass…too many hipster millennials that hang out in coffee shops.

        1. I used to date a woman who played Skyrim, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

    1. While I agree with you on most points especially the gym and college campuses, just an FYI Meetup.com is NOT a dating site, rather it’s like a digital community bulletin board of activities.

    2. Back in the day, one of my relatives had a mandatory gun check at his Little Italy restaurant- I bet a mandatory tablet/phone check would work wonders

      1. WTF is a “mandatory gun check”?
        I always find “No Gun Zones” hilarious. As if they’d know.

        1. I dunno, this was bobby deniro as vito corleone little italy…musta been wild to see the host insist on a pat down prior to gaining entry…

    3. meetup.com isn’t a dating site. it’s a site for social groups with some common interest (e.g. spanish conversation, hiking, classic russian literature). that said, i had lots of success getting dates from spanish meetups when i was single, way before i knew anything about game. you show up, chit chat with a cute girl, then message her after on the site and ask her out. way higher success rate than cold approaches. not sure i’d say the women were especially high quality compared to what i’ve found overseas though.

      1. The library? Why not the malt shop or the drive in movie while youre at it?

        1. Only if we’re going to the hop right afterwards!

        2. Paleolithic eh? Old man. You’re not cool and hip like us Neolithic youngsters!

        3. I saw some hotties at the public library before. I even got a smile from one as I was paging through the latest Dungeons & Dragons book. I hear bitches go moist for that shit.

        4. There is not a chick immune to getting wet over a +4 Vorpal Sword.

    4. Alrighty then, you’re stuck at the clubs and bars my friend.
      I’ve actually had pretty good success with Meetup.com. Wine connoisseur groups are great — chicks dig wine and you don’t have to spend $$$. Just be the noob and bring a cheap Chardonnay for the girls $8-$12 bucks. But, avoid dating groups and most singles groups. Ewwww.
      I’m with you on coffee shops, although I’ve been picked up by girls at Starbucks before. Quality is the problem. And you’ll be swatting away hipsters and homeless waiting for opportunities. The real hot ones use the drive through – and for good reason.
      Dancing, meh. Too much work for not enough reward.
      Church – see my posts above. Doable, but really, there are many, many better places imho.
      I’m not a fan of gyms. I suppose if you’re really good looking and in great condition you’ll have some success. But people there are generally vain and you better have the looks to match your game, because you’ll have stiff competition in the looks department.

    5. I agree with you except for 3 and 8. Meetup.com does get people together who have common interest. It can be useful for business or social networking.
      Coffee shops can work in certain areas. Sometimes you accidentally meet an interesting person at one of those.

  7. Some churches don’t require good attire. The trashy people actually dress normal (surprising) like any casual attire.

    1. Our church doesn’t require a specific attire but most people still dress pretty well. I’ve only seen a couple of guys who I would say dressed trashy; one guy in gym shorts and a tank top and another guy in a plain t-shirt and baggy jeans. Don’t treat them any different than anyone else, but they sure stand out in a sea of polo’s, button-ups, and jackets.

      1. are there churches with dress codes? i’ve never run into that. like you say, most people just naturally tend to wear their best to church, at least at the ones i’ve attended. actually turning someone away for his clothes sounds pretty unchristian to me.

        1. I’ve never encountered a church that does so. Of course you always have a couple of dicks at each church that might spout out what they think, but don’t actually represent the church itself. Most churches are just happy you’re there. Of course, I’m in the Bible Belt so we have the “southern hospitality” thing going for us.

        2. I would say that, while nobody will ever be asked to leave for how they are dressed, that some churches do have an unwritten dress code. Particularly church denominations that are much older than more recent ones. Pentecostalism isn’t old enough or, in my opinion, rooted enough in consistent theology to really have a informal dress code. Whereas if you go to a Orthodox or Mennonite congregation they will expect a certain kind of attire. If a person has decided to attend that church it is likely they know of the church culture there.

      2. Dressing nice, at least presentable, shows respect for the church or whomever you meet with. So, don’t be surprised if you are treated poorly if you dress trashy.

        1. Hmm…I was assuming that a church was a house of God and implied showing respect to God. Silly me. You’re right.

  8. Church is a good place to meet a potential LTR prospect, but I would like to add some advice as a Christian who has attended church most of my life and done a year of seminary. First, if you are just going to meet women and have no true faith you will get sniffed out fast. Second, you will meet higher quality women at a more traditional church. Avoid the church with a rock band that leads morning ‘worship.’ Lastly, don’t expect to just ask a girl out your first week. If she is a dedicated Christian and high quality woman she will want things to progress slowly and be courted. This is all worth it though. If you can find that quality wife material still in the West I think it is at a traditional church.

      1. Having been in very dedicated evangelistic churches, and am now atheist as a result of really understating that craaazy Bible book, I’d say church is a poor choice out of all the other opportunities. Sure there are wanton sluts roaming the pews (or is that rows of folding chairs) looking for Mr. Righteous. But talk about the biggest cock blocker of all — Jesus Christ!
        Now, from what I’ve seen of contemporary Christianity in the last 2 decades, if you can find one of of those sweet mega church style places with the little Starbucks knockoff areas and food court, I’d say meet girls in between services and try to pull them outta there. Avoid bible study groups like the plague (with which they’ll threaten you with) and stay clear of the syrupy sweet wholesome christian-style events (unless you’re plan is to venue change quickly outta there).
        Pull ’em outta that environment and shake their faith a little. Be ready to provide answers and reassurance that there is forgiveness for the sins they are about to commit. Because if there ain’t no grace, they shouldn’t be there anyways.
        I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints,
        and only the good die young
        Billy Joel
        In fact, play that song while you’re banging them. The irony!

      2. Yeah how did I know church would be in that list? No thanks.
        Btw, who let the fat chick in the photo up top?

      3. Did you look at the picture of the girls in the Church? Ah no thanks. Those women look like they would bore me to tears.

    1. Church meetings are a boring disaster. Sitting there talking about passages from the bible for an hour or even more. Done it once, don’t wanna do it again.
      It’s true though that a lot of hypocritical women and men go there to get laid by a “good” woman or a “nice” man.

      1. If you only tried it once then it is very unlikely that you really experienced everything about church, you just experienced that one particular church. I’ll readily admit I’ve been to the ‘boring disaster’ variety of church myself, but that isn’t the broader reality of church. What was your main reason for going to church? Do you have a sincere desire to learn more about the Christian faith? What denomination was the church you attended? Often it is best to research many denominations and find one that has theology that you agree with. I don’t think there is anything wrong with going to church with the intent of meeting a potential spouse, but it should by no means be the only reason one attends church. Church should encapsulate all aspects of community, which includes bringing good men and good women together in accordance with God’s first commandment.

        1. Mobile phones and dating websites make it impossible to be chaste. Going to church is for appearance. I know many “religious” girls who get fucked on the side.

        2. Again, what is a ‘religious’ girl? If they are using a dating app they are not religious. Weeding out the fakers is unbelievably easy. If one attends a more traditional denomination then the church usually weeds them out for you. Look for the ones who attend with their parents and siblings. And, no offense to any on here, but steer clear of evangelicals as in my experience they tend to be the loudest and yet most hypocritical.

        3. I went there with a friend of mine, he kind of forced me. It was the Saint Pius Society X, I believe.

        4. I am just trying to pass my experience of ‘regligious’ women.
          Women don’t have the same sense of morality as men. To them it’s perfectly ok to sleep around as long as nobody knows about it.
          Just because a girl gives all signs of being a good girl doesn’t mean she doesn’t fuck guys she et on Badoo or whereever.

    2. Church is an instant way to get social proof. But females there can be just as difficult. Lots of divorced women with baggage playing the victim, in america anyway. Also in small churches everybody knows everybody and there is no privacy. If the ‘relationship’ doesn’t work out for whatever reason, she will talk to just her one friend, who then tells all the other women. Churches are filled with white knight males, that’s the most frustrating aspect, the unspoken underlying assumption that men are there to support women, not the other way around.

      1. Social proof? I’m not sure I follow, unless you’re showing up with the hottie you banged Saturday night looking for forgiveness for the sins you committed the previous evening and do the altar call at the end of service. Now if the ladies see you walk up there with hand-in-hand with your Saturday night special lady, then you’ll get social proof in spades.
        For religious white knights, the solution is to out white-knight them. It’s not hard because most of them don’t know their bibles very well, and it’s easy to run rings around their righteousness by trumping their knowledge, they way Jesus baffled the Pharasies and teachers of they law. You just gotta do it in his cool, no confrontational style. But do it in front of your targets so they know who they can rely on for the “truth.”
        The bigger problem is degradation of biblical Christianity with modern cultural view of women as worthy of worship on a pedestal. The church incorporate will be the biggest white knight of all. And the only way to overcome the church’s cock block is to divide and conquer. You’ve gotta venue change once you’ve gamed your targets. The great thing is Christians are always game for after Sunday-school lunch at the local Chilis or some other B-rate feeding trough. And I beleive those places do have full bars and serve mimosas with them sweet baby-back ribs.

        1. I fucking hate Chillis. I owe them pain. I want to burn every fucking Chillis to the fucking ground those fucking cunts. If I hear the word “Chillis” come out your mouth again I’ll burn you on your fucking lawn like an Guy Fawkes effigy.
          Now please carry on.

        2. Social proof in church context is different from social proof in clubbing context. Its more being seen chatting with somebody in the woman’s family to get pre-approved.

      2. This.
        Its a huge group of divorced feminist women like my mother and sisters. They ruined the lives of their first husbands because ” god had a bigger plan for them” and now they chop their hair short and prey on the white knight 40 year old virgins like vampires.

    3. I am a Christian as well and employed as a counselor by a religious institution.
      Your advice is gold with a lot of practical and realistic wisdom. However, it is my observation that the majority of single women in attendance today are pretty much messed up and if a man is looking for a wife who knows her roles and expectations, he must go for the traditional churches that have been around for awhile and have expectations as to how women are to behave.
      Here are some danger signs that are guaranteed to make some people very angry with me: Avoid churches that ordain women, freely accept deviant sexual behavior as normal, address God with the name “Sophia,” or the pastors sound like Oprah Winfrey. These are blue pill churches that will cater only to women and their self-defeating, self-destructive behaviors.

      1. Nobody on here would be angry with your warnings, I wouldn’t think. Any church that ordains women or gays is by definition deep in heresy, if not in outright direct communion with Satan.

        1. Yep. Maybe not with women priests per se (although that itself is heresy) but when appointing open flagrant fags, yes, definitely. It seems like an open defiance against God’s rather clear word, which is at the root of Satan’s rebellion.
          Plus, look at the policies of these so called “churches”. They serve you heavy doses of Leftism with a smiley faced caricature of Hippy Jesus. If they’re not directly run by Satan they certainly are putting their buying price in front of him.

        2. “Nobody on here would be angry with your warnings, I wouldn’t think. Any church that ordains women or gays is by definition deep in heresy, if not in outright direct communion with Satan”
          Exactly. Churches who do this are not churches, they are cults. Some churches will post on their mission statement what they believe in / stand for. And many times churches who do this will clearly state they believe in marriage between a man and a woman, etc. These mission statements are not angry rants, but rather they very suavely send the message that freaks need not apply. I looked up my church I used to go to when I was a child and was saddened to read that the current pastor was a female. It no longer is the same place I used to attend back in the 1970’s.

        3. I agree I add that ordaining women as priests should be considered as having direct communion with Satan. The reason is that by ordaining women, the natural order of things is being reversed making a patriarchal organization into a matriarchal one.
          The reason why this is important is the fact that most women cannot give council as being more geared towards social intercourse they try to make people feel better, while this sounds good in practice it is terrible.
          Feelgoodness is a disease of the modern world as it makes institutions to try to appease people, it makes them in the end believe that all the others are at fault while they are not. This makes people unable to better themselves.
          When one normally goes for a confession he goes seeking spirituala counseling the confessor priest, if he takes himself seriously, will NOT try to appease he will be judgemental of you and give you hope in fixing yourself while giving right counselling on what to do. Most women, through their kind hearts, will only want to make people feel better.

      2. Hence why I specified in the original post to go to a more traditional congregation for higher quality women. I agree with everything you say about the warning signs of a blue pill church. Churches that ordain women, welcome or approve of homosexuality and other sexual perversions and view God as gender-less are heretical and to be avoided at all cost.

      3. Talking the “big lie” again Goebbels? 😛
        No seriously by “traditional” do you mean Catholic? I have been to an American church before and by God that was disturbing.

        1. Define your criteria for disturbing as it seems some people think that the very act of going to church is disturbing regardless of what’s being taught.
          The church I go to is pretty traditional with a pastor that teaches straight from the Bible and uses logic and plain speak to explain everything. Pretty low key and actually fairly red pill. He preaches that men are the heads of the household and so forth.
          Then I’ve visited some churches where they speak in tongue and the pastor spends half the time at the podium repeating “Halleluiah.” Now THAT was disturbing.

        2. The pastor lay face down and humped the stage.
          I found that quite disturbing.
          Then he did a conman act trying to scare people into joining the church.
          There was some “Iä! Shub-Niggurath! Iä! Shub-Niggurath!” tongue changing too.

      4. Agree with you there. In the mainstream Conservative churches the women seem like the sheen of religiosity makes it OK for them to sleep around. At least the ones I’ve met. We have a number or New Age churches in my area, and their full of morbidly obese gays, and the women are stinking of psychosis. Ordained women is heresy for a reason. Women can’t do the mental gymnastics required to interpret a cookbook; when they start talking religion absolute nonsense comes out.

        1. Jesus H., what a bunch. These women would have me running for the exit before I started yelling at them to STFU. Was so glad to hear the guy saying “No wonder people don’t go to church.” The highest form of “Christianity” seems to be, for them, not believing in anything they don’t make up themselves.

        2. LOL! “Historian”. . .Right. Female sylopsism makes it impossible to for them to even understand the areas they study in college. History, psychology, sociology, etc. The gravitate to those fields because they’re allowed to simply make shit up. And the reverse of it explains why they don’t go into hard science fields like mathematics or engineering.
          Thanks for the post.

        3. I used to attend and was a member of a “Quaker” church. The Religious Society of Friends is the real name of the Church. The stupid woman that says she is speaking from it’s principals is crazy and has done a “gynocentric” reinterpretation of their beliefs into a feels good religion.
          The once large and influencial, Quaker (RoF) church is almost non-existent because of its lack of male reinforcement of its principles and doctrines. The church was segregated by sex for most of its history but upon its takeover by liberal ideas, it has floundered because of feminist egalitarian ideas. One more example of what women can do to a centuries old organization if they are able to influence its policies.

        4. ‘sylopism’ is a word I can’t find. Did you mean ‘solipsism’. A typo, perhaps. Good comment in any case. Don’t wish to discourage those.

      5. Only a small note on more traditional churches: pay attention to what the priest says in his sermons, at the end of the liturgy. If what he says comes as uninformed, stupid, liberal-ish or feelgood-ish go to an other church that follows the same doctrine. The thing is that the specific priest attracts not the right crowd of people.

    4. That’s just desperate. I actually did 3 years of Seminary (my dad’s joke) and get pussy everywhere. I won’t pull in church as just daft to do so. A good church girl won’t give it up anyways unless you lie your head off. It’s actually easy to pull in churches if you like women that will stalk you

        1. I did and my point stands. I wouldn’t go to church for women. A few of my desperate friends do. I go to Church for a moment of reflection.
          Airport lounges are way better than churches anyway especially if you travel globally.

        2. I specified that more traditional denominations have potential LTR material there. What you are talking about is picking up a one night stand. Completely different and completely missing the point.

        3. A different viewpoint. I don’t believe that a specific place should be used for LTR (which was what my desperate friends did) and one night stands. Therein lies our imbroglio. Whatever works for folks tho.
          Both viewpoint stands. I just offered a different take. I have a church devotee that I’d shag if I want but pointless. I don’t want to be stalked thereafter.

    5. I always feel guilty because I end up sleeping with a good girl, then hurting her walk with God by saying ” Im not ready for marriage.”

  9. “No, I’m not talking about the titty bar.”
    Aw come on man, maybe some of us WANT to excavate the tar pits!

  10. Completely off-topic. I started reading RoK, Roosh, later Heartiste and Illimitable Men in the beginning of this year
    Before that, I was a clueless beta. I pedestalized women on every step, I believed that it is the right way to treat them because they’ve had enough of all these assholes (I had a girlfriend before that but I only got her by accident and she dumped me fairly quickly after she found out my effeminate behavior). I slowly embraced the knowledge from these sites, I got ripped, and… a few weeks ago I got my very first lay, I’ve done my very first “hunt” by using all the knowledge I got (mostly) from RoK.
    The conversation went like this:
    I behaved like a total egocentric asshole around her and talked to her the same way on Facebook, then she suddenly asked:
    “Any plans for sunday?”
    -“yes, I’m gonna meet with a girl.”
    “big date :/ where will you go?”
    -“I’m going to (venue) but I don’t know yet which girl I’m bringing, are you going to be that girl?”
    “ooh, is that your pickup-line? Smooth boy :D”
    -“yep, and it only works on beautiful girls”
    I got the lay that night, choked her, pulled her hair and she enjoyed it.
    I want to thank everyone for the knowledge I received!
    THANK YOU!!!

        1. yea, I think youre right. I must be experiencing techmuhlogical differences.

    1. I think that was well done. With any shit test that involves something like “you think this works on women?” the response is “only on quality women” (or pretty or beautiful or whatever).

  11. Take night courses at a community college. Join a salsa dance class. Follow your Alma Mata about events that will put you in contact with undergrad women. If you are in Toronto, the join LIFT: movie chicks are good for a go.

    1. Can I choose my community college course based on the women attending? Fucking get stuck in pottery class with some old maids. Do I get a refund on fees?

      1. Cripes man, choose something with potential. Introductory Film and Video Production has no old maids.

  12. I think the topic and intent of the article is top notch, but the suggestions rate as complete fails.

    1. I’m inclined to agree…Are we really going to qualify college girls as higher quality? I mean, this IS college we’re talking about….the liberal cesspools that indoctrinate its students into thinking all men are rapists. Top that off with the fact that said girls most likely are out partying at the frat houses every weekend.

      1. Colleges are where 17 to 22 year old pussy is, generally with an IQ over 110. Those factors alone do not qualify as “high quality”. There are a whole bunch of additional hurdles to get there.
        To be fair, my own suggestions require a lot of further confirmation.

        1. Maybe I am out of mind here. My assumption was that “high quality” meant long term material. If the term simply means a hot body to fuck, then college girls are the way to go.

        2. Roosh has articulated Neomasculinity. Perhaps what we need is an articulation of “NeoFemininity” that would define “high quality”. Of course, the idea of knuckle-draggers like us defining what it means to be a woman will drive feminists over the edge, but that is part of the fun.
          It is obviously something more than “make me a sandwich, get me a beer, and blow me while I watch the Superbowl”, although 99.9% of guys would go to their grave with a smile if they had a girl who did that.

        3. The ironic lament that Roosh exemplifies is that a) women are whores and we should fuck as many of them as possible and b) a man should find a good woman to pair bond with.
          So “high quality” version a or b?
          College girls are largely a product of their upbringing. They have already had 12 years of state-sponsored slutification. Maybe some have parents who kept them on a short leash. Maybe some are imports who have retained their traditional values.
          Funny shit: I look at myself and my closest friends and none of us have settled on a Can-Am girl. My girlfriend is Chinese, beautiful and 22 years my junior. Another friend plays house and has a young daughter with Mexican flamenco dancer. Another has a Brazilian wife going on 20 years. Another married a Portuguese girl, has two teenage sons, and then divorced her (totally on him, by the way, no divorce rape or hypergamy at play here) and now lives with his Chinese girlfriend who is a dozen years younger.
          The media is full of white bread, drunk ass, proto-feminist, sex-pot college girls. The last time I was on a campus – 1999, last fucking century – the place was full of hot white chicks but really, almost none of them appealed to me. I dated a few 18 year olds back in the day – after passing my own 30th birthday – but none of that went anywhere. I went off-campus.

      2. Not sure what ‘high quality’ means anymore. College is 4 year sexual adventure now for millennial women. Just take advantage of that and don’t get emotionally invested, because they aren’t.

        1. According to my college age sons, any hint of wanting a LTR acts like instant industrial strength woman repellant.

        2. The powerful woman repellent is to say something like somebody very close to you just passed away, and you’re working through some complicated emotions. Millennial females are already thinking about the next party, or the next ride on the cock carousel, and don’t want the buzz kill. Because then you’re a human with feelings and all that. That’s why cocky witty funny works so well for pick up.

      3. yeah and if you act like a normal matured adult at a college party, you’re going to get nowhere with the women. You have to put yourself back in that 18-22 mentality

  13. I don’t really like to try to pick up girls at the gym, but the gym has been the best place for me as of late. Only place where women that are in somewhat good shape are in abundance. A shame that there aren’t many Northeast Asian women in this area, and a shame that they don’t like Black guys anyway.

        1. The overwhelming majority of Asian women don’t favor white European/American guys either. You are looking for the one that digs you. Or are you thinking there is a paradise somewhere where gorgeous women with fling themselves at you one after the other?

      1. Do you realise how much jewish money has been thrown at race-mixing propaganda aimed sqaurely at white women to get them into race mixing? Asian women’s lack of interest in black men is just human nature. White women are brainwashed and guilted to death, and feel that they have to spread their legs for the poor oppressed black man to atone for slavery etc (which was run by jews). Why are blacks so into fetish sex with other races? Asians prefer Asian, Europeans prefer European, but Blacks are always looking outside of their own group, obsessively so.

    1. How do you find the gym with the better looking women? I know they have free guest pass for recruitment. I’ve taken advantage of that, shopped around, and the female member profile is mostly overweight plumpers who give it a try for 6 weeks and give up because they only lost 5 pounds.

      1. I’ve noticed unless you live in a major city, or fitness-aware community, there’s major ebb & flow of gym chicks. Sometimes I go weeks without seeing bangable girl. Then the stars align and there’s 5 in a day. Definitely seasonal as well, girls are simply physically lazier than guys in the midwest, my stomping grounds.

        1. I worked in a gym for a few months as a tradie. I’ll give you some advice, go between 10am and noon, and there are loads of bored housewives and, I’m assuming, strippers. I’m not the first to notice this, as all the unemployed/ drug dealer black guys hit the gym at that time too.

      2. Some of them are actually in shape or are at least trying, in comparison to the tatted up beasts with boar nose rings that occupy Starbucks, sipping on their Fatpacchinos.

        1. Major tats all over these bitches. I’d be ok with one or two small tats that are easily concealed. But its just more obvious at the gym because they are showing more skin.

    2. As a life long sufferer of Yellow Fever, let me advise you how this works. Only a tiny fraction of Asian women will date outside their race. Only a tiny fraction of the North American population is Asian. This means the odds of finding an Asian woman to date in North America is slim to none. I found that going to Asia, where almost the entire population is Asian and half of them are women, is much better. Also, the same tiny fraction that is looking to date outside their race have a hard time finding someone not Asian in Asia. So less competition and a larger target market, makes for better hunting. As proof of the effectiveness of my recommendation I have been married to an Asian sweetie for almost 8 years now. We met in Asia.

      1. Check out NYC or SF. Teeming with Asian chicks, although many are at least partially westernized.

    3. If you are black, why not go for black women? They are the most available women as so many black men feel so shit about themselves that they are all compelled to date women outside their own group, and presumably have kids that look nothing like they do; and have kids that grow up with an identity crisis.

  14. The internet.
    It is a myth that only fat, ugly and otherwise unloveable women put profiles online. The place has its share of supermodels, virgins, and teenagers with daddy issues. I know because I have met them, loved them, and in many cases fucked them.
    “Quality” is a matter of preference, and online you can screen the girls to find exactly what you want. You don’t have that power with cold approaches.
    Internet game is glacially slow but it allows you to sort through a bunch of women to find the qualities that you appreciate.

    1. Can you be more specific? I met a couple of girls in high school on the internet years ago but now sites like OK Cupid are full of landwhales and single moms, and I’ve heard the pay sites are mostly for divorced women looking for a rebound. I haven’t tried tinder, but any woman on there is readily admitting to the world that she is a whore who has one night stands based on physical attractiveness only, and I wouldn’t get anywhere near that kind of woman.

      1. +1 Tinder is for one night stands with damaged/used/spent women. The only LTR you will likely wind up with on Tinder is with drug resistant gonorrhea.

        1. Tinder has run its course. Men figured out they can game the site by liking ALL females and sit back and wait for women to like them back. So you have to wonder what kind of female would expose herself to that.

      2. You can blame Steve Harvey. He’s been encouraging older women, particularly divorcees, to do online dating.

      3. Tinder and similar apps are simply a technological enhancement to a cold approach. The more traditional dating sites require more thought and more time but usually have tools to sort through the trash.
        OKCupid (OKC) is my recommendation because it is free, has a decent matching algorithm, and has a bunch of other fluff to help you find what you are looking for.
        To be upfront, I have spent 3 of the last 4 years living in China. Before that I was in Toronto and before that in Vancouver. But maybe the Canadian internet has taken a severe turn for the worse. What I can tell you is that if you are in Shanghai you can use OKC to line up two or three new dates every weekend, and the girls are slim, smart and what I would call “quality”.
        Shanghai is one of the largest, richest cities on the planet. However, assuming that you are not trapped in Buttfuck, Nebraska, OKC will have hundreds or even thousands of women to choose from. You can play with the questions and answers to bring the type of woman you want onto your radar. Maybe you are into kinky shit, maybe you are into wake boarding, maybe you are into mid-20th century American literature. I would even lay money that in Toronto – the worst fucking city ever, in terms of women – you could find someone on OKC who rates 7+ and is more than just a cum dumpster.
        Certainly there are lots of fatties and single moms but they are easy to weed out. Of those who remain, not all will be hotties or smart or sexy or quality but you can just ignore those and focus on your targets.

        1. FYI, I live in a metro area of a million (SE USA), and have browsed OK Cupid for the last month, have seen a total of 2 girls I was even interested in messaging, and I’m not even sure they were real. They were swarmed with messages so mine wouldn’t even get through. I think I do have it filtered to only show me “slim” and “athletic” body types though. Perhaps my standards are too unreasonable for the USA.

        2. I think you need a paid membership to filter by body type. There are ways to hack the matching algorithm so you come up as a good match with the kind of women you are looking for. People put a bit too much reliance on that number. Some chicks even specify that you shouldn’t bother messaging them unless you have 80%+
          It is rather disheartening that the average BMI of American women is 26. That is, more than half are overweight, even by the generous standards of the BMI calculation. The average Chinese girl is 22; my girlfriend is under 20. I guess I am spoiled.

        3. With online dating 25% of the females are getting almost all the messages. Just being a female who isn’t overweight means 10 messages per day. If you’re willing to take a chance on a ‘fixer-upper’ there are unlimited options. Expect them to look older and heavier in real life.

    2. You can meet very attractive single women online and usually in the most unexpected ways.

      1. Some “quality” women are on to us. They insulate themselves from “game”, avoid typical venues, and then use the internet to try and find their Prince Charming.
        Some fashion model girls get tired of constantly being hit on in real time. In another thread I commented that you get into their brain, then you get into their pants. You can’t do that in 5 minutes with a martini in a crowded, noisy bar. Chit-chatting online over the course of a few days can.
        If you are into online dating here is one piece of advice: hit on the most impossibly gorgeous women. I don’t mean “Hey, wassup” or “fancy a pizza and a fuck” sort of shit. Deliver an opening with some honesty and integrity. Most will be flakes, attention whores, narcissists, sugar babies and the like. However, out of 10 you will probably find one who wants a real guy for a real relationship.

        1. I tried it and got a few dates but no bangs and no real quality. The only woman with potential totally disappointed me right out of the gate. She was a cop with one of the most amazing bodies ever but she was a single mother and showed up at our first meeting with her children in tow. I rolled with it and bought the kids a smoothie and chit chatted with her for a while, but I thought that was so gauche that I could not bring myself to set up an actual date.
          OKCupid and Lavalife have worked for me. Some of the Asian-oriented sites showed potential but I never had to really use them because I was finding women elsewhere.

    3. I screen girls with cold approach to.I simply don’t approach women that don’t pass the test. I reject women that don’t fit my criteria just as women reject me.

      1. The cold approach starts with their looks. I suppose the trick is to qualify them in terms of intelligence and personality rather than being preoccupied with getting into their pants.
        Honestly, I have no game other than (pre-Tinder) internet game so I will defer to more experienced players on this point.

    1. Guy Fawkes masks are all the rage in fashion, and will attract Leftist women in droves if you say you’re Occupying wherever it is that you’re standing.

        1. That would have been a quality movie if only the producers didn’t feel the overwhelming compulsion to make it a “revenge for the faggot lovers” theme. The backstory on the toilet paper could have been a normal family tortured and destroyed, or anything else, but no, it had to be about those poor oppressed faggots.
          Meh. Such potential, wasted.

        2. Right, quite admirable. The whole flavor of that movie could have been Grade A Awesome if they’d just left out the motherfucking gay agenda.

  15. Had to laugh at this article. AWALT, venue does not determine quality, all women have the hamster, just deal with them accordingly.

    1. You are right sir. I know of a very religious woman that was a church “darling.” She came from a religious family, active in the church and she married a likewise man that after a few years of marriage, a house, and children, she divorced the guy, because she was not happy, and since she was so committed to God’s word, she knew that god would want her to be happy… The “women are always good”culture fully supports a woman’s dissociative behaviors.

  16. 9. Terrorist disaster scenes. Nothing sparks IOI’s and interest like being the only man walking around with bandages and a canister of Bactine. Light witty banter, a bit of kino and the ability to plug up a gaping chest wound, and you’re in like Flynn!

  17. I have no problem with the “idea” of church girls, but they rank up there with some of the more wacko (and sluttier) girls I’ve met (and banged). Many attend as a badge of honor to add to their community clout, and often with elder family members in tow which creates the “image” of purity. Just be mindful to see through that b.s.which can often be the case.
    It’s very common that girls who rode the carousel hard, around 28-35 range to habitually start going to church to “erase” their whorish “sins,” further justifying their past was Ok. The “I’m a good girl now” routine, yea yea.
    I dropped a weekly attender early this summer after she sent me a text confirming a BJ meant for another guy (oopsie), just a week after claiming she was fully vested in moving forward with something more serious with me, and didn’t sleep around. Right. Amen bitch.
    Churches have the “potential” for better women, but not nearly always the case. IMHO only a slightly better % than general public.

      1. Long since erased. She knew she lost a good target in me, and threw a fit within a week of dumping her. Too bad too, nice little 5′ ginger with monster tits. Her breath always smelled a bit off though, musta been some God gizz.

    1. Ah yes, the Facebook Christian girls. I bet your girl is one of these. They post inspirational crap and random Bible verses, which is easier than keeping the Lord’s Commandments.

  18. Top pic is misleading. That’s how women dress up when they go out at night, probably aren’t going to see that for daygame.

  19. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Salsa and Bachata. As a blue eyed gringo with some pretty basic moves this is all I’ve needed for the last few years. Go to a few social salsa practice dance meetups and see how powerful a man is who can move his hips. One thing I’ve learned is that you need to exude confidence around women. Dancing I found gives you a shit load of it and when a girl knows you can dance they instantly want to dance with you (no matter if that girl can dance or not) and if you’re good enough at it oh boy start counting your chickens! Also I’d say I have meet some of the most high quality woman at these social dance meet ups or at dance class.

    1. Totally agree with this. My dad told me years ago women want a guy who can dance. I have seen the twerking to the crappy club music in bars for years and didn’t understand what he meant until I tried salsa.

      1. And the best thing about salsa is that its universal. Go anywhere in the world and there is a salsa club! And no matter the outcome a night out dancing Its always fun!

        1. Anywhere in the world? I doubt there are any salsa clubs in North Korea(although it would make for great sketch comedy)

        2. And what good can come from a salsa club in North Korea, given as they don’t even have a reliable supplier of corn chips?

    2. Don’t forget social events like weddings, quinceaneras, baptisms, family reunions. Good places to not just meet girls, but just socialize. Even if you can’t dance, like the proverbial white boy, Latinas will still appreciate the effort, even if they tease and make fun of you for it. Even if they decline a dance, they tend to be gracious and polite about it, unlike the gringofied Latinas in the U.S. So have fun and enjoy.

      1. Exactly its a great tool to know at all those social events and yes it has expanded my social circle. Friend zoned a few girls from dance class and had some good time with their friends. Correct, as long as you’re trying and able to laugh off how bad a dancer you are when learning the girls they definitely respect that and really in the end its about fun. Even if you are a bad dancer (which i still am) have fun, smile, make em laugh at your bad dancing or mistimed step. Being fun is an infectious quality that women enjoy.

        1. And worst comes to worst, there’s always the abuelas and tias willing to dance you to oblivion.

        2. lol so true..nothing like that one tia who thinks you’re so handsome to built up your confidence when you’ve hit a rut!

    3. Yup. And women love to dance — real dancing, not that bullshit most guys do on the dance floor that looks like they’ve lost control of their bowels.

  20. Comedy clubs are great places to met up. Sound women like a man who doesn’t take himself toooooooo seriously. I couldn’t pair up with woman who lacked this…who wants a big slapped poker faced pussy weapon moaning at you all night long.

  21. Am I the only one who laughed hysterically at that first picture with the reasonably thin chicks and that one lard ass wearing the table cloth? I literally had to stop reading and dry my eyes before I could go on. Thanks for the mood boost, RoK.

  22. I don’t know if you’re necessarily going to meet higher quality women in these places but I can’t believe you left out the mall. In fact, I rarely hear anyone mention it.
    I have gotten a lot of good chicks in the mall. Working in the clothes stores or on the make-up counter you see plenty of girls looking their best and not only that, they cannot be rude to you (they’re working). You have a ready-made reason to speak to them and they can’t walk away. In fact, I don’t think I have ever had a conversation go bad with a mall chick, even if I didn’t get the number.

    1. I go to the mall at most once a year. Usually as a last minute rush to buy a couple of xmas presents. But I seem to remember it always being full of attractive, friendly (ish) women. This is a great idea. Plus I prefer the foreign girls, and you always see a lot of them at the mall, I suppose because they didn’t have huge shopping malls back home.

    2. Malls are basically places where desperate black men go to get some status by harrassing multiple white women until they get a lead – and even supermarkets. You might get some neurotic women that falls for that, but otherwise intelligent women just want to have a nice day shopping without being harrassed. It is not really the same as finding a woman at a social group meet up or at dancing.

        1. Bullshit. Malls are for teenagers to meet up, otherwise it is just desperate black guys running around like rapefugees desperately harrassing white women. Go to any mall and thats all you’ll see. Blacks are like “OMG there are white women at the mall, gotta get me some of dat”. I know enough women to know how they think, and they all know that going shopping, even at supermarkets is like “for fucks sake, can we go anywhere without black guys thinking its a pick up venue”. The only women that respond to that kind of behaviour, are fat ugly neurotic chicks that are essentially outcasts, and rated in minus figures (i.e unfuckable), women that want to stick two fingers up to their fathers by being bottom dwelling mudsharks.

        2. Its only black guys picking chicks up at malls bruh? So you go to a mall and see a hot chick and think “nah I won’t try to pick her up because its the mall”?

        3. Its only black, for the most part, that cruise around shopping malls like desperate rapefugees hassassing women just because they think the woman is “hot”. I don’t care and don’t engage; if I’m in a mall, its only to buy something. Putting women on a pedastal and being seduced by her looks, just cos she spent 2 hours putting make-up on and making herself look good is pandering to females egos and makes one look desperate.

        4. I’m black, and I take issue with your comments. You’re suggesting that someone is desperate because he hits on chicks at the mall or the grocery store — places classically known to play host to a plethora of attractive women, and great for day gaming. You’re utterly ridiculous, and have no solid basis for your “statistics”. Your arguments lack logic as well. You say that a (black) man is desperate and that he’s pedestalizing a (white) woman because she’s hot and he approaches her? Bro … are we supposed to go for the ugly ones that put no effort in their appearance? I think not. The mall may not be the best place to meet high quality women, but it’s certainly a great resource for pumping and dumping those poor white women you seem to be so protective of.

        5. Go to any mall and you’ll see desperate black men running around like rapefugee virgins desperate to get laid. If you work, go out into town on your lunch break and you’ll see unemployed blacks harrassing white women. Everyone knows this and pretty much any attractive white woman will confirm it – every female I know has had this issue. Jewish porn has warped your perspective on what whites really think of blacks (i.e you look like apes and have lower IQs than most children). Thankfully for blacks, there are plenty of morbidly obese women with crushed self-esteem that are available to ANY man, so you have a decent supply. I’ve yet to see a nigger with an attractive women – other than sports stars, which is basically a good looking hooker. Note every nigger on here is desperate to race mix, i.e have children that aren’t niggers; kids that don’t look like apes and can break the 140 IQ genetic glass ceiling negros have. I shouldn’t really criticise blacks for their behaviour, it is just niggers being niggers.

        6. Nah, lol. I live in a college town and fuck hot white chicks with tight bodies on the regular (Asians, Hispanics, and blacks too). Seems like nigger dick is in fashion … no reason to be mad about it though.

  23. Don’t approach girls at the gym. Don’t approach girls at the gym. Don’t approach girls at the gym.
    Don’t be that douche, seriously

    1. Gym chicks usually have crap personalities now days. Most are on their cell phone anyway.

    2. “I approach girls at the gym all the time, but all I get is the cold shoulder and told to piss off!”
      “Oh, which gym?”

    3. If the girl is obviously giving you signals to approach (smiling, orbiting, always near you) then I don’t see any reason not to approach. If she’s there working, sweating her butt off and generally not looking like she’s there to socialize, then don’t approach. There’s a hot ass alternative model that’s been working out at my gym with me for 2 years. Never talks, approaches, or starts any conversation with anyone. I’m the only dude that’s ever approached and gotten her name and what she does. Found out she lives with her boyfriend. So it as a no go. However all the other guys are too intimidated by her to even say a thing. Rule of thumb, if you smile at a girl at the gym and she smiles back, then you can talk. Otherwise leave them be.

  24. You guys are so pathetic…”alphas?” what a joke. Let me get this straight. You can’t find a girl to put up with your entitled ass so there is naturally something wrong with the whole female gender? I see the common denominator is you guys. Try respecting women. Guess what, they can find people to marry and love who do respect them. They don’t have to put up with your shit. Time to evolve guys. The world and women aren’t going to devolve simply because you throw a childish his hissy fit.

    1. Oh look, snark and sneering.
      How fresh, daring and new.

  25. 9. Anywhere that western women are confined to a backpackers and you can experience the world as it was supposed be..
    I’d rather generate profit in a western nation and fly overseas each few weeks, rather than to waste my time on the rubbish that is western women. Spending your money offshore also helps strip taxes and economic activity away from the feminist, leftist state. It’s a win win.

    1. I particularly enjoyed spending quite a bit of my money in beautiful Ecuador recently. Bonus: they were the nation that offered Snowden asylum, until the US revoked his passport when he was transferring in Russia and claimed he “fled” there.

  26. I did the dancing for a while, and while true you do meet a lot of women, one drawback- and this has been relayed to me by both men and women from different dancing classes/groups:
    If you’re just there socially/meeting people, the more advanced and devout dancers will practically ignore you. They- with a few exceptions- only want to dance with people of their own ridiculously high skill level and go to competitions. If you’re not prepared to live for nothing but work and dancing, prepare to be an outcast. Granted the number of outcasts tends to be large, but you’re on the fringes nonetheless.
    I did get quite a few dates out of it though 🙂

    1. I understand that. To women dancing is a sport. If you’re advanced tennis player you wouldn’t want to play with beginner. So the dance studio is just a way to get a few minutes of face time with them, maybe not actually dance with them.

  27. Would add one more to this list – charities. Got involved with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and Susan Komen through a friend and was surprised by how many attractive, classy women were at the events. The events can be quite festive and the women tended to be much more approachable, probably because the positive context.

  28. Just wanted to say, stay away from churches. We don’t want you there. We have plenty of good men, who aren’t misogynists, there already.

    1. yeah the men are churchian suppilcants that worship pussy over God just the way you like it. Tell us when you heard the last sermon on husband headship and wifely submission as described in scripture.

      1. You guys are the ones who ‘worship pussy.’ That’s why half the articles are all just complaints about women. Even though you hate us, your world still revolves around us, and that’s just sad.
        Meanwhile the men in my church put GOD first, as it should be.
        And seriously? I’m a Catholic… Complimentarian marriages are official doctrine!
        But yeah, we don’t hear many sermons on that, since its not really a problem. I speak for most young girls in my church when I say that we all are ready to respect our husbands. However the problem many girls have is that they enter relationships where the men do not want to commit…Only 30% of our church is male, many of them not single, and meanwhile none of you red pill morons want to commit so just stay away from our churches!

        1. “Complimentarian marriages” No such thing in scripture. So you are right and the author is wrong the church is a bad place to meet good women you said so yourself. The tell was the problem many girls have of entering relationships with men that don’t want to commit. Want you just said is the girls at your church go for the tingles and not Christian men looking for wives. (those guys tend to lack chemistry. As a nice way to put it) So no your church is no place to find a wife but if you are looking for a pump and dump ready for Christian game from how you described it here on line it is the place to go.

        2. Complimentarian marriages mean that the male is the head and the wife supports him. Exactly what the Bible says. Nice job making a fool of yourself though.
          Those girls enter relationships expecting men to commit to them. They just get fooled by immature kids like yourself who read stuff on the internet and try to be men. My boyfriend is a real man, a catholic, wants marriage (next year), and he’s an athlete, good looking and quite wealthy. “lack chemistry?” Yeah right. No he’s just not an overgrown boy like the rest of you lot.
          If we aren’t marriage material than just stay away. You don’t want marriage with any western woman and we don’t want anything to do with PUAs. So stfu and stay the fuck away.

        3. It IS really a problem. Guys don’t want to commit because most of the women are bossy shrews who won’t submit. If they did, and made that known (and it was genuine), you’d be surprised how many more guys would be willing to commit. Count me among them.

        4. haha
          time to go to confession and ask forgiveness for all the cock you sucked before you met your fiance.

        5. What’s up with your language? My Catholic grandma would wash your mouth out with soap for talking like that. I can’t imagine you actually go to church. I’ll wash your mouth out with something else.

        6. If it’s the men who don’t want to commit, why are well over 70% of divorces filed by women?

        7. How old are these women? What do they look like? Maybe they don’t have the goods to gain commitment from a high quality male and are left to choose from blue pill manginas or greasy PUAs. Or maybe the women are in fact bossy shrews but are self-delusional about it (wouldn’t be the first time). There could be any number of reasons these guys won’t commit.

        8. If you know loads of young females waiting to commit, and you know this place has a lot of guys who are looking for the same traits in women, why not just advertise which church you go to and then people of like mind can meet.

    2. Nope, as you say below that very few of the men are single. I know that this is true – very few single men go to Catholic church.

      1. I know that.
        There are a few there.. but our youth group overall lacks single males.
        But still, when I was younger (14-17) I was taken advantage by a lot of older guys who were just PUAs. I don’t want them near my younger friends. So stay, the fuck, away. K?

  29. Is this a “featured article” or something.. I mean, College Campuses? Really? Fucking really????? Where some loony bitch can superglue your dick to your thigh, and call it “rape”.. and in response the Student Politburo (oops I mean “Union”), who never even heard of the words “due process”, will happily kick out your ass without even allowing you the privilege of presenting evidence.
    Seriously, the way things are going for men in college, the only “plus” to hooking up with a girl on campus is the possibility of suing the bastards for wrongful expulsion.
    I will add however, dance classes are a good way to meet women, since they have no option but to touch you 😉 (unless it’s Irish dancing or something). But seriously I know a lot of women to do dancing specifically to socialize (i.e. meet guys). The downside is, well, you have to do dancing too.. you can’t just hang outside the place like a nut. Might I suggest Latin, chicks dig it coz it’s hawwwt. The other downside is, you might get unlucky and your class happens to be 90% guys who are there to meet women. That really sucks.

  30. 80% of bitches in the gym are on headphones and the rest don’t look like they’re in the mood to meet anyone.

    1. Wouldn’t an alpha talk to them anyways? Make them take off their fucking headphones, which are actually a type of shit test.

    2. I did an interior refurbishment in an upmarket gym. There was a sliver fox old guy, smooth talking as fuck, and a gym instructor. He basically knew every female customer and was on very friendly terms with them all. Going to the gym might work nor not, but being a friendly outgoing fitness instructor is a guarantee of hooking up. That alpha gym junkie myth doesn’t work in gyms, women just think they’re preening assholes.

  31. Not sure about the dancing game approach. It can’t hurt, but as Roosh discovered in South America, being a good dancer doesn’t improve your success rate all that much. Girl dances with you, has a great time, then says thanks and goes back to her crowd. For the level of effort involved, there are better uses of your time.

    1. There needs to be an article on this subject. Where are the parents then if this girl is underage and overtly displaying her sexuality? How is it that men commit a crime for displaying any interest in a sexualized 17 year old, but the parents have not committed a crime for failing to make their daughter cover up until she is 18? The left can’t have it both ways, if men are criminals for using this picture, then so are the parents of this girl.

  32. Don’t discount AA meetings! You don’t have to be an alcoholic to attend, and you don’t have to get up and talk or any of that bullshit. Most girls with substance problems switch to sexual addictions when they’re getting clean, and often long after as a crutch to stay sober. It’s an inside joke among the guys at many AA clubs that the women are walking mattresses. Just go to a few, chat up the girls, get their numbers (which all AA people share!) and you’re on your way.
    Meetup.com has been good, coffee shops. . .Didn’t think about religious events. But watch out for community sports and events calendars. Crowds of lesbians stake out community sports and local events to prowl the girls. And they’re very good at manipulating the other girls and using peer pressure to create animosity against you. . . Just sayin’.

  33. To find a churchgoing practicing Christian Caucasian woman is the most precious and beautiful thing. They are the ones you should get. But it is very difficult.

  34. Be careful with meet-up. When there is a meet-up Happy Hour, it’s easy to pick out the meet up group. They are the ugly ones, the less desirable ones, the losers! Lots of issues with men and probably missed meds. Look elsewhere! Don’t waste your time!!!

  35. The ratio is pretty good at feminized Christian churches. But the cost is pretty high(your soul).
    And there is no middle ground, they will either fuck you the night they you meet at the church retreat or after a 5 year courtship. I had to pack condoms and a study bible.
    And if they fuck you or not, you must play along with its the Lord’s will not their own. This is the Christian woman’s shit test. Rolling your eyes when they tell you this is a big fail.

  36. “Looking back on my time in college, the best thing it offered me was a large number of single females thrust into my face on a daily basis. Finding any woman, whether for a one night lay or a more permanent relationship, is mostly a numbers game”
    I have no idea when you attended college, but most assuridly now college is a hotbed for false rape accusations and ‘raype’ culture any man takes a major risk just by stepping on campus. I would not bother with trying to score with some STD riddled false accuser coed. Fuck that!

  37. You think the rotted, defiled to death, carniverious and cavernous women don’t know this? Beware the wolf in sheeps clothing among the flock.

  38. Good advice. I would add that a young lady with headphones on is ripe for interruption. It immediately establishes that your value is higher than whatever she is amusing herself with. Opens all sorts of opportunities for her total attention, which can then be bouncing-balled into whatever corner pocket you’re looking for.

  39. I would disagree with college campuses because apparently everything is rape now on a college campus.

    1. There was a famous Russian soccer player that, before his soccer career, signed up to do a fashion degree at Uni. A very smart choice. Avoid the social sciences and head towards the textiles and fashion design campus

  40. “High Quality Western Woman” is an oxymoron. Kind of like saying “jumbo shrimp” or “painful pleasure”

    1. There are plenty of high quality Western women, i.e women that reject leftist social engineering. Go outside of Europe and the majority of women are stumpy little bitches with anger issues and such low IQs their children have no chance of doing anything, hence they are worthless 3rd world trash. Most non-European women either look like apes or have undeveloped bodies like 10 year old girls. Western women are the highest standard of women, in a world with pretty low standards.

  41. What this article states about American women has no weight, whatsoever. Let me explain. Perhaps it is referring to white women but even then there are plenty of beautiful white American women. It’s like saying because Koreans have flat faces, they are ugly. I’ll hit it right to the bone, no probs. I live just north of US, in Canada. And there is plenty of hot women here that come from all over the world. And ‘here’ I mean by the West. Why pay thousands of dollars to fly somewhere where there is plenty of hot women around you? This article is just trying to put a hole in your pocket. Let’s see there 125M American women, I bet you a ton of them are hot.

  42. Get a weekend job at an upmarket health store and you’ll get the best, healthiest women – ones that you know aren’t going to balloon up to 200lb after they have kids, and ones that are going to look good well into middle age.

  43. I’d really like to hook up with a girl that attends these crazy shit churches as depicted in the movie “Borat” where people start to convulse and roll on the floor. Can somebody please tell me how these are called?

  44. I grew up in church three days a week. Me and my buddies eventually banged all the youth group girls. We all sinned together with alcohol and cuss words. I remember thinking the girls were dumb for wanting to get married young.
    The truth is they were right, BUT, they shouldnt have been dating immature boys their same age (us). They should have been seeing older, wiser men who appreciated their youth and purity. (Me now.).
    I feel kinda guilty still.

  45. Everything here, yes. Religious camps – not so much. Those bitches are dumb and up on Jesus. I guess that makes them hot an unobtainable – but ACTUAL religious girls are in fact UNOBTAINABLE.

      1. Years ago after the end of a bad relationship, two of the coolest girls I met were both the good, religious girls, that were both looking for an equal match. I was not that, and at least one of them married a guy that was. Since then I have determined that they both had a foundation that many women do not.

  46. I’m surprised NOBODY mentioned FARM?
    Seriously Midwest local farm?
    American girl that actually knows how to act like proper lady instead of an obnoxious city cunt.

    1. That is a good idea. She’s probably got a good father in her life that has demanded a strong character in her. 🙂

  47. I’m more familiar with the gym dating scene. In my opinion, it’s one of the best for a variety of reasons:
    a) It’s good for your health. If you’re looking for interaction with women, you might as well improve yourself while doing it.
    b) There are plenty of opportunities and excuses to strike conversation.
    c) The whole testosterone and sweat-filled environment creates a propension for sexual attraction.
    d) It’s a good place to make some “investments” on girls that are not that fit and hot yet, but you see potential in them. (This one has particularly worked well for me.)
    e) If you are a regular gym user, then you will mostly feel more confident in that environment. This is especially good for shy/socially anxious men.
    I do have just one simple advice on this one: small local gyms create a environment that makes the whole interaction more friendly, as opposed to big chain gyms. In the latter, people, especially women, tend to isolate themselves more.

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