The Special Value Of Humor Game

[Editor’s Note: This is not medical advice, but rather the experience of the author. See a health professional if you want to supplement with testosterone.]

The female birth control pill has been around for over 50 years and yet, to date, there’s still no “male equivalent” available in the market. Is this such a significant problem that researchers cannot work around the intricacies of the male body to produce a similar result in men as in women? The simple answer is “No,” male hormonal birth control is not difficult at all, and it’s also not all that different from female birth control pills. Estrogen is the primary female hormone—if you take pills laced with estrogen, suddenly you become infertile.

Testosterone is the primary male hormone, and, yes, if you take testosterone, just like women taking their primary hormone, you will also become infertile.  This knowledge is not widely public mostly, of course, because testosterone is “bad” and estrogen is “good”; however, I’m going to do my best in this article to explain the mechanics of how to use testosterone as male birth control.

First, some sources for those of your who are skeptical of what I’m telling you:

Drug Protocol

On to the nuts and bolts; “OK, this is great, but how do I get testosterone without going to my local gym rat and injecting some shit from made in a Mexican bathtub?” Great question; and we’ll get to that. Before that though, for those of limited attention span, I’m going to lay out the protocol that I follow to suppress my fertility:

Monday and Thursday – .6ML of testosterone enanthate, 200mg/ml, injected IM in the glute

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – .5mg Arimidex (start 2 weeks after your first shot, continue the entire time you’re on testosterone)

That gives me a total of 240mgs of testosterone a week and 1.5mgs of Arimidex. That’s all it takes, no crazy cycles, no list of 15 different drugs. Take those 2 drugs, wait about 3-5 weeks, and you’re very likely be sterile. But how do you make sure? Well, keep reading.

Obtaining Testosterone

Let’s move on to the next step, how do I get testosterone? Frankly, this is the hardest part of the entire protocol because, unless you have a really cool doctor, none of them are going to write you a script for test to control your fertility. Notice, of course, how they will happily hand out estrogen like tic-tacs, but we all know the reason for that; can’t ride the carousel without some high potency drugs on board. The hypocrisy makes my head hurt, but, don’t let that discourage you. We just need to get more creative.

There are 2 primary ways to go about getting a script for testosterone. The easy but expensive way is to seek out a hormone replacement clinic. These places are mostly just “steroid doctor” front organizations. I’m not going to link any specifics, but Google for “trt Houston” (and replace Houston with your city, of course) and you should get a list of clinics. Call up a few of them and make sure they will treat younger patients that show a testosterone deficiency (some of them won’t) and talk to them about the prices for their program.  Tell them that you’re currently using another clinic but that you’d like to change, or that you just moved to the area and give them the name of a clinic in another area (far away).

Be sure to ask them about their costs; they are going to vary widely! Tell them you take 240mg/s of testosterone enanthate a week and ask them how much they charge per 10ML vial. Then do some price comparisons; a great price is 110/10ML, a terrible price is 300/10ML. You’re going to go through one vial every 8 weeks or so; it’s important to find a place that has the best prices. You should not pay a lot for the initial visit and bloodwork (200 dollars or so), since these places make their money on the drugs and not on the visits—you might never see the doctor again after the first visit.  Finally, ask them if they have a cutoff for treatment levels; what is the highest testosterone dose they typically prescribe and what level of free and total testosterone do you need to get “on the program.” Most of the clinics really don’t care what your levels come back at, they will write for you anyway; but some do, make sure you ask.

What do I do if I can only find a clinic that “cares” about my testosterone level (wants to see a testosterone deficiency)? Well, 2 options here.  The easiest is to tell them you’re already on TRT (testosterone replacement treatment), make up another clinic name and tell them you just moved to the location (they aren’t going to check).  Tell them you are currently taking 240mgs per week of testosterone enanthate (pronounced “e-nan-thate”), injecting .6MLs twice a week into your glutes.  If they ask, tell them you use a 1” 18-gauge needle to pull and a 1.5” 23-gauge needle to inject (don’t say SHOOT or PIN). Also tell them that you are using .5mgs (milligrams) of Arimidex (ahh-rim-a-dex) 3 times a week to control estrogen. Mention that you are almost out of your testosterone, which is why you’re looking for a new clinic, but that you still have plenty of Arimidex.

Memorize this until it’s like second nature. Make yourself believe that this is the truth and say it with authority. This is very important if you want to do this without having to manipulate your levels! If you don’t do this, or don’t do it convincingly, you’re going to have to go down a harder route that takes longer and will suck for a week or so. The idea here is to make the doctor believe you’re already on TRT so that you can give them a “normal” blood test back and still have them write for you. The 2nd option will be another article because it’s more complicated to show low-T results. Finally, make sure you tell your doctor that you took your last shot 4 days ago, and don’t get the blood work for a few days after he orders it. That way, when you come back normal or low (which most men over 30 are) the doc will think you have already used all the testosterone in your last shot.

So, now what happens? Well, the doctor will order blood work (will take a few days to come back) and you’ll get your script for testosterone. If you’re at a clinic, they will typically dispense it right there or have a captive pharmacy. They don’t take insurance of any type. If you’re at a regular doctor, they will just give you a script and you’ll go over to the drug store to pick it up.

This is MUCH HARDER at a regular doctor. Some won’t write test at all. Most won’t write in the level you need to get consistent birth control. Most want to put you on the cream first (which sucks for a multitude of reasons, tell them it makes you break out badly and that you’ve tried all the areas for application, or that you have small kids at home and are concerned about transfer). If this is your first venture, I recommend using a clinic. It costs more, but your “game” doesn’t have to be as perfect and you’re going to get higher doses. As you become more familiar with the terms and protocol, you can try to get your regular doc to write for you, which is great because it’s much cheaper.

Giving Yourself The First Shot

I’ve got my testosterone and I’m back home. But I’ve never given myself a shot before! How do I do it? Here’s a good place to start:  A few things to remember: It’s not hard. It doesn’t hurt that much. And you’re not going to hurt yourself that badly even if you royally fuck it up. You’ll get better at it through time and it will become totally second nature.

You’ll get needles from the test provider. They should give you one needle to “pull” (stick into the vial of testosterone and load) and one need to inject (remove the pulling needle and put on the injecting needle). Make sure you get all the air out of the needle, and make sure you use sterile techniques (get alcohol prep pads and swab your injection site and the top of the bottle every time). When you inject, you’ll feel exactly nothing. Test takes time to get into the system, so in a week or so you’ll start feeling the effects. However, just because you feel the effects does NOT mean that you’re sterile.

Ensuring Sterility

This is much easier that the above steps, and, you get to beat off, so it’s actually kind of fun. You’ll need a couple items for this, a microscope, slides and covers. I’d get these before you start TRT so you can see a before and after comparison. Set up your microscope. Have an orgasm. Take some semen (bonus point if it’s dribbling out of a girls mouth), place it on a slide (about a drop is all you need) and put a cover slip over it. Look at it through the microscope on the 2 middle powers (100X and 400X). This is what it should look like if you’re fertile:

Adjust the light coming through the scope until you can see the sperm moving. There should be so many you can’t count them all, they should be everywhere and the entire field of view should appear to “move.”

After you start TRT, continue taking samples and looking at them through the scope. You should, in 2-3 weeks, see the number start to drop significantly. But 4-5 weeks, you should see very few in view in the scope. Note that, if you look hard enough, you can almost always find 1-2 in there.  This isn’t cause for concern, a “few” sperm have no chance of fertilizing anything. You need a million per ML to have even the slightest chance at fertilizing someone, if you can find a “few” after looking over most of your sample, you’re fine.


Last thing, where do I get Arimidex and why not just get it from my Doctor? The last question is easy—it’s very expensive to get Arimidex from a doctor. The first question is also easy. I won’t directly link it, but there are tons of sites out there that sell “research chemicals” which is basically just a loophole in the law that allows companies to sell unscheduled but prescription-only drugs (like Arimidex, and, incidentally, Viagra) over the Internet. Do a search for “RUI Arimidex.” But there are tons of these sites out there, just check on the bodybuilding boards if you choose to go with another vendor. Most of them are legit businesses, not “steroids over the Internet.”

Estrogen (E2 to be more exact) is the part of this that’s the hardest, you have to do some of this by “feel.”  If your estrogen gets too low, your joints will hurt and you won’t be able to get an erection to save your life. You’ll also be very easily aggravated and you’ll lose quite a bit of water weight. If your estrogen gets too high, you’ll feel bloated, your nipples might hurt and you’ll also have trouble getting an erection. You can get E2 tests from online labs, they cost about 50 bucks a shot, but the test really isn’t accurate enough to help you dial in all the way.  Just start with .5mgs of Arimidex and see how you feel. If you go too low, it will take a few days to make more estrogen; if you’re too high, it will take a few days to get estrogen back under control. Don’t worry, once you get it right and get used what works for you, you’ll have no trouble maintaining it.

It’s sad that it’s come to this for men to get birth control. I hope this information helps many men out there prevent a cuckold or unwanted child, as it has helped me!  Oh, and for those who are wondering, yes, this is a supra-physiological dose of testosterone. This will take your total test up to 2000 or so, and your free test over range as well. That means, more aggression, better erections, more sex drive, more muscle growth, more red blood cells and, unfortunately, more hair loss potential (Rogaine anyone?).  It’s not a “bodybuilder” dose, but, for 90% of men, you’re going to grow on this much testosterone, lose some fat, and have a better sense of well-being and feel more “alpha.”

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154 thoughts on “The Special Value Of Humor Game”

  1. When I was in high school, I was told that women loved a sense of humor. Not just by the media/society, but by the actual girl I wanted to date. So I studied the top standup comedians of the day, like Jerry Seinfeld, and worked hard to figure out how comedy works.
    Eventually, I got decent at responding with an improvised one liner, approached the girl and got shot down. Later I found out that this girl, who loved “men with a sense of humor,” ended up dating a guy who would push small kids into the mud and laugh at them. That’s what he thought was funny. Standard high school bullying really, the guy couldn’t put together a complete sentence. But, she was laughing too.
    So, did she actually like guys with a sense of humor, but this meant that she liked cruelty?
    Or, was she just saying she like guys with a sense of humor because that’s what you are supposed to say?
    I ended up doing pretty well for myself, and my study of improvisational humor did pay off eventually.
    Humor is a good tool: if she laughs, she thinks you are confident. Of course, you actually have to be confident and have the rest of the Game covered, or humor doesn’t matter.

    1. We have all seen that kind of sadistic woman. She is no different than a sick child who pulls the wings off of butterflies, ties cans to a dogs tail pours kerosene on cats and shakes down smaller kids for their lunch money. Their womb is a cesspool breeding ground for criminal offspring to carry on her bullying.

    2. Listen, she was a jerk, just like her boyfriend. Why do you guys keep chasing female jerks who – obviously – go after male jerks. Why don’t you just go for genuinely nice girls instead?

    3. Women rarely tell you the truth about what gets them to spread their legs… because they either lie or just don’t know.

      1. Humans make up their minds in seconds, whether they find you attractive or not, game therefore is to keep them interested, for long term potential. That is when you should showcase your qualities, strengths and just be fucking nice.

        1. I said…”Women rarely tell you the truth about what gets them to spread their legs…”
          Then you said… “and just be fucking nice”
          Your hamster never sleeps does it? I mean for chrissakes don’t blurt out advice to someone who ridicules women because they blurt out bad dating advice.

  2. none of those examples of “humor” were anything more than cringeworthy cheesy pickup lines in my book. i’d feel like an asshat saying them. if you’re hot, anything you say can be flirty and funny. if you’re not you’re just a pathetic creep. simple as that.

    1. ”But don’t worry: I’m gay and just looking for a shopping partner.”
      I realize that if you say anything confidently enough it comes through as authentic, but I would never be able to look a woman in the eye and say Im gay and think that it was funny or charming.
      I guess my game is different. I dont rely on humour because the fat funny friend routine isnt something I strive for.
      Does anyone care if Brad Pitt says something funny? Get jacked, be masculine.
      Im gay and looking for a shopping parter. Holy fuck

      1. Brad Pitt is good-looking (although a little on the older side now), intelligent and – what is most important – neither misogynist nor a male “slut”. What do you have to offer?

    2. Sure, looks matter to some extent – anybody who tells you that they don’t is lying. So if you’re dressed like a slob, look unclean and out of shape, yeah, decent looking girls will reject you even if you have a great sense of humor. But if you get yourself looking as good as you can, and approach girls with confidence, you will get responses. You don’t need to use cringe-worthy pickup lines. Use a cocky-funny line (ie: Roosh’s “Hey, you look like you’re having the most fun of anybody here”, or “Hey, you look like trouble”), and then follow up with humor.

    3. Yeah, right, just buy into that BS. You can be a total creep AND absolutely hot. Creeps will be creeps. But I know it doesn’t fit your narrative of being a victim of women’s hypergamy.

  3. Humor is absolutely central to game – night game, day game, whatever. Ask 100 girls on the street their top 3 favorite qualities in a guy, and I’m sure that 90% of them will mention humor somewhere in there, if not all of them. However, what I’ve noticed is you don’t want to overdo it. If you just spend the entire conversation cracking jokes, good ones or not, it will come off as trying too hard, and you’ll look like a kid. I find it best to open with humor (or follow up a generic cocky-funny opener with a few jokes), but afterwards keep a clean conversation with humor mixed in at times. Part of it just not taking yourself too seriously – self deprecating humor can be some of the best, especially if you’re actually decent looking.

    1. Humor is central to life in general be it, women, work or just staying sane in this nasty, short and brutish world.

    2. You should not be asking women what they find attractive in a man. Outside of naming ‘confidence’ as attractive, women seem wholly incapable of introspection, for whatever reason. Under no circumstances should any man ever be encouraged to ask women what they find attractive, let alone use it as confirmation.
      Your latter observation, however, is very accurate, in my opinion (and I’m sure many others). “Don’t overdo it” is exactly the phrase which should be worked into an man’s game, in regards to humour. Well put, sir.

      1. Fair enough, yeah usually women will all say they want a “nice guy” when we know they really don’t. Still, I’ve definitely noticed humor as a has a positive effect from my own experiences. On nights that I feel more down and I try to flirt, I consistently get much worse responses. And I don’t think its a coincidence!

        1. Yes, you’re right about humour (in moderation) having a positive effect.
          As for the flirting remark, it might be because you are down, rather than flirting, which is causing women to shy away from you, but I’m guessing.

        2. Absolutely. That’s my point. When I’m down I’m not as humorous/pleasant to be around, and I get worse responses.

  4. Be careful with this advice. If your humor doesn’t display a form of dominance over her… then you are just her dancing monkey entertainment.

    1. Yeah, if you don’t dominate her, she won’t like you. Seriously, what planet do you live on?

      1. Seriously, what are you smoking? Maybe this will help your girl brain….think of dominance as make up , heels and a push up bra… but for guys.

        1. I feel very sorry for you if you believe that all woman want to be dominated. You are nowhere near red pill if you believe that stuff to be true. You don’t understand the true nature of many women.

        2. The last person men need to look for advise about woman is from women themselves. You couldn’t possible understand the challenges and difficulty a normal man has to face in this type of society. Please refrain from commenting on this website for you are completely unable to comprehend what matters we are discussing. You’re probably looking for HuffPo or Jezebel. A simple google search will show you how to get to these female friendly sites. Thank you for your cooperation and please…Have A Pleasant Day ;)!

        3. “ALL”? That’s your word… Most women find dominance sexy… but not you snowflake.

        4. Poor men! I thought you were the dominant sex? I will shed a tear for you, no doubt. No woman has ever faced a challenge like you have. Women have no problems. You’re welcome to be jealous.

        5. Your comment made me giggle. “Snowflake”… what a cute name! Please dominate me! PLEASE!

        6. Ah feminism. You should probably learn the difference between kink and dominance…
          Nevertheless 50 shades of grey sold millions and millions and millions.

        7. Oh millions and millions and millions of copies matters even if the snowflake didn’t purchase any.

        8. Do you even know how many people exist on this planet? Do you know how many of them have read Shades of Grey? And do you think all of these read it for the kink and not because they expected a beststelling, entertaining plot?
          What I am saying is: Just because a few women enjoy the idea of dominance in the bedroom doesn’t mean most of us do. On top of this, sexual fantasies do not translate to “real life behaviour”.

        9. A girl – You are correct – many people bought ’50 Shades’ expecting an entertaining plot. However, that doesn’t explain why it sold so many copies. It was universally panned for any plot or artistic merit, yet it still sold millions…so no, the first 10,000 or so bought it expecting to be entertained (in a literary sense), whereas the millions of later (predominantly female) readers bought it more for the titillation.
          Oh, and while not all women (such as yourself) rate humor or dominance as attractive, you cannot speak on behalf of all women. Personally, I have met women (in the Biblical sense) who responded to dominance and others who fell for the humor. However, it was never my intention at the time to bed them…some just needed to be reminded we live in a polite society and acting like a bitch will only be tolerated by the submissive. So, if telling someone to stop acting like a bitch is considered dominant behavior, and you personally don’t respond to dominant behavior, I won’t bother wasting any more keystrokes telling you your bitchiness is neither constructive or welcome.

        10. LOL
          Troll-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la goes the Russian Opera singer.
          Even if you are not one of the guys here having fun, the fact remains, red pill is something you don’t get.
          Question, how many men who were not dominant have you A: Dated/banged on the first/second night? B: Married? C: Had all of the above while letting him line your womb with his seed? Thus forever harassing him with your sistren of the broken hearted bitches club (read family court) because he no longer wants you, and finds it worth it to pay child support rather than have to deal with you on a daily basis?
          Exactly. None. For though you will say so and so was a nice guy, and you liked him a lot, your female mammalian nuclear hamster bunker will never allow you to admit that all those “nice guys” were the masturbatorium dwellers you never fucked.
          Yet you will most likely never know the number of alphas you have been with. Because A: They never called you back. B: You have never had one. Most likely C: All of the above.
          Please, feel free to grab your vintage bottle of Evian, and root for team Jacob or Edward.
          Oh, and STFU. Men are talking here. Perhaps you would be more comfortable over at Manboobs? He likes to thumb fuck his cats while telling how oppressed you are. Make sure to hit is donate button before you hamsterbate all over his electronic psychoticologist’s couch.
          We won’t stop you.

        11. Or because D: You constructed a distorted narrative around women’s behaviour, but you have absolutely no clue what they are really like. How old are you anyway telling me something about this weird guy and his cats? Is this supposed to offend me or what?

        12. First of all, the book sold millions because men and women are sheep, it’s the same reason people watched titanic 16 times over. Thankfully, I havnt read the crap, but if your relying on 50 shades of grey to understand women, then you are on the wrong path! dominance to me means assertive, confidence and respect.

        13. In response – I have no idea how you can get the impression from my comment that I ‘…rely on 50 shades of grey to understand women…”. However, I do understand women (and men) enough to not generalize them as sheep. Popularity is not ‘sheepish’ – I don’t understand popularity, especially when it comes to crap novels and celebrities who are famous just for being famous.
          The only generalizations I will make in regard to the genders is that men are logical and women are emotional – which is why I will watch 16 documentaries on the Titanic, but have not been able to sit through a single viewing of the movie…and why I will read 16 non-fiction books for every novel. It also explains why millions of women have read 50 Shades – it hit their emotional buttons (while they fiddled with theirs) because the male character was assertive and confident – although his respect dial was turned down to zero and his dominance dial turned up to 11.
          Now that I have confidently asserted my position, I would like to say, much respect for not having read such crap.

        14. Omg the poor me.. Male victim complex! Oh god woe is me! Lol you sound like a little bitch.

        15. Yes, woman are naturally more emotional, and men , logical. athough I am a realist and prefer fact over fiction, I’m not one or the other. I think men have been conditioned to show less emotion.’men don’t cry’ and all of that crap. But men fall in love , and that’s the strongest emotion, theres nothing logical about it. Sure, you can say it’s hormones, brain chemistry etc but I personally think that’s a reaction to the emotion. I think some men confuse being assertive and confident with just being a mean cunt, obviously one is attractive, the other not at all.

        16. My point exactly, this comment shows no assertiveness, no intelligence, no leadership, no confidence, no ‘alpha’qualities at all. You sir, are a cunt.

        17. The ‘attractive’ assertiveness you refer to is the one where a man sticks up for himself and those he protects. The ‘mean cunt’ assertiveness is the type where said cunt tries to steamroll his opinions onto others…often, those opinions have no basis in fact. In other words, the less evidence someone has in the validity of their opinion, the more aggressively they push them.

        18. You sound like someone who got ROASTED by some guy. Your anger and lashing out won’t change the fact that he made you look like a fool. You’re obviously on a lot of websites looking for a argument. Perhaps to unleash some anger. You sound very sad and depressed. I hope you can heal and move on with your life. Please, take care.

        19. Thanks, really. I’m flattered that you’re stalking my disqus. It’s been almost two weeks since I logged in here. I don’t have to justify my disqus activity to you, nor will I. I’m not angry or depressed by the way, I have my 12 cats right here boi.

        20. Whoa whoa. Way to make assumptions pal. I prefer “Googling” sites such as Guns and Ammo and the Libertarian website. Women gotta know how to protect themselves from you manosphere wackos.

        21. Better pay more attention to the liberal goings on at your good buddy Google. They will be disallowing gun and related searches this year. In addition to making it more difficult to search for negative information on people, left leaning corporations and government policies and true statistics that don’t fit their commie/lib ideology.

        22. Omg, paranoid schizo blogging online. Very common. No ones taking my weapons, it’s as I said, I need them to defend myself from from men like you.

        23. I don’t rely on passive aggressiveness and sarcasm. That’s what bitchy cunts like yourself do.

        24. Exactly, there is nothing attractive about a man who puts a woman down to inflate his own ego, you should be teaching these men a few things.

        25. Dominance is important, and being submissive. You need to practice both in conversation. We need to know when to move, and when to retreat. If you can’t be submissive in conversation then your going to come off as an.arrogant prick.

        26. The red pill saying is a joke. It’s sick how the manosphere stole that concept from the Matrix movies, kinda ironic because the men in those movies stand beside women, not degrade them.

        27. It’s kind of the rule here you fucking moron. Because responding to the cunts just derails the thread, that’s why the cunts post here. Which side are you on anyway?

        28. Cunt, hmm? Is any other curse grace your extremely vast vocabulary. Why is it ok for the lot of you to troll woman’s sites but not the other way around?

      2. “Like” and reliably spread her legs for, are very different responses.
        Chances are most lionesses don’t particularly like the lion who just ate her only child, but she somehow still puts out for him.
        This really isn’t a site for discussing how to go about beeing “liked” by women in the abstract. Most posters here seem a trifle more results oriented than that.

    2. dancing monkey entertainment to a women is essentially her friend-zoned orbiters who can crack all the jokes in existence but their cocks are going nowhere near her poon.

    3. Yup….. on the money…. few humorous jibes perhaps then you gotta go in for the kill, make your intentions known or you will be sidelined….

    4. Spot on. Best to use it sparingly in public settings, where your humor wins favor from the general populous. That sends her back to your waiting testicles, since she now perceives your SMV to be running at a high level.

    5. I think the most importance aspect of using humor in game, is the intention behind the humor. If your intention is to make a joke so the girl will think you are funny, or you are hoping she will like you because you made her laugh then your intentions will display and reveal your beta bit$#ness. But if you are cracking jokes because YOU find it amusing without caring if she or anyone else thinks its funny, just as long as your having a good time and are creating a feel good atmosphere, then humor becomes a vital component of game.

      1. Nope. I intentionally make fun of a hottie to get her interested. Next time you see a nice piece of ass jogging…. honk the horn… then point and laugh…
        Practice makes perfect.

  5. If she doesn’t laugh then MAKE her laugh by physically tickling her. Under armpits, under chin, spot on lower back is sometimes ticklish and feet always if they’re bare. ”See it WAS funny, though I literally had to MAKE YOU LAUGH”.

  6. Hmm…here’s a revelation for you guys. In fact I’m going to write an ebook and build a huge email subscriber list and make vidoes and what not. I’m going to be famous!
    If you are “cocky” as well as being “funny” the girl will love it!

  7. This website is extremely funny. Misogynist, yet all about getting laid… with women. You guys all seem so scared of how much you actually like women and want them to like you.

    1. If you don’t like it, why are you here trolling? Nobody will take you seriously, or even take offense at anything you say, for obvious reasons.
      By the way, we don’t hate women. We love women when they act like women.

        1. it’s because you’re not smart enough to understand the purpose and the messages delivered by this site. What are you doing here btw, you don’t belong here and you’re embarassing yourself trying hard to be witty when in the end you are just being childish.
          All you’ve accomplished here is proving their point.
          Now either you stay here to entertain them like the good monkey you are, either you get out

        2. oh I get it. You want to play smartass. Grow up and get out, I’m not wasting my time trying to reason a kid

      1. “By the way, we don’t hate women. We love women when they act like women.”
        just my 2 cents but i think the correct attitude is that men should be indifferent towards women in general, you don’t hate them nor do you love them unless in an opportunistic way which is the way women can love men. always put your best interest above women’s interest, try to fuck the hot ones and ignore the plain ones, can’t be simpler than that.

      2. Don’t lie, if it were up to you, the writers and other readers, you’d have all women in chains like dogs.

    2. Why the fuck are you up voting your own comments? That is like giving yourself a high five. Are you autistic?

        1. Umm so you’re here to insult people. It feels weird to be called a sociopath by an actual sociopath

    3. You just feel cocky because you’re the only girl here hungry for attention, that’s why you’re trying to be cute with all of the comments made on here thinking you’re the shit. Women can say all they want out of their mouths, but when push comes to shove.. Women subconsciously submits to a man who knows how to dominate her. You can’t go against your nature, doll.

      1. I am certainly not trying to be cute. And if you really believe what you say that’s really sad.

    4. You forgot getting laid with as much women as possible and then saying that women who don`t marry virgin are “sluts”.

      1. That’s my policy. Just like two chicks goblin’ on my schlong is okay, but sharing my bitch is not.

    1. Some guys don’t get that. When I first started out with game I was fucking terrible. All awkward and shit.

    2. Be witty is correct. “Just be yourself” doesn’t work with guys coming here to learn game, as “just being themselves” was what caused them to not attract women in the first place.
      The self is self-invented and constantly changing. Lots of guys have no idea how to be funny or naturally witty, so telling them to just be witty kind of misses the point of the exercise.

      1. Reinvent yourself into the best version of yourself I agree. But be yourself. Women can smell an act from a mile away. Yes there are tactics to get a women to lower her guard to hear you, but being anyone you aren’t doesn’t usually end well IMO.

        1. I don’t disagree with you. The problem again however is that this article is part of the reinvent-yourself rebuilding that needs to be done for a lot of guys. I can’t imagine a former hipster, who rediscovered his testicles, having any idea how to even approach being witty. They are a droll, bitter lot, after all. They have to learn and grow, then go out and approach. Now if they take this advice and runs out to put on a fake funny monkey show, yeah, totally agree with what you observe.

    3. But spend years of inconvenience making yourself to be a “high value” man instead, right? Lolz don’t you have products to sell?

      1. You mean being in shape, well educated, well traveled, successful? Are those the “inconveniences” you speak of? Wouldn’t any man want those for himself?
        Everything on my site is free btw. 🙂

  8. Notice the grin on her face in the photo. If there were ever a first prize for the most artificially forced fake smile barely camouflaging a visceral sense of cringing repulsion and disgust that would absolutely have to be it.
    Now where again do I remember seeing such a wooden mask? Oh that’s right. On my old (ex) buddy’s wedding photo. Sported by no less than his ecstatic bride to be.
    How lovely… (that poor, poor fool).

  9. Your humor has to be with cause. It has to have purpose. It can’t exist as a means for the women in and out of your life to enjoy life and what it can bring off of your POV and ideologies and whatever else makes you special enough to bring laughter out of thin air. Your humor has to make her interested in your unique personality as an individual.

  10. I;ve always said, making a woman laugh is just a step away from making a woman cum, for them laughter is an emotional orgasm, just make them cum again and again, in no time at all you’ll be watching her perform sex acts you thought porn stars could perform.

  11. This is spot on, a good buddy of mine isn’t that good looking, isn’t in good shape and acts like such a whining pussy mos the time he deserves a good slap. However, he can make almost any girl laugh so he wheels.

  12. Is there not still a ban in place for women in the comments, as well as commenters who respond to them?

      1. but….but….but….. what if they got sad and then call us insensitive misogynists? oh the horror! where’s oprah when i need her the most?

  13. A friendly reminder to all men on this site – do not respond to women. They are not welcome here.

    1. but….but…..but she was insensitive and hurt my feelings, also what she wrote was really sad and offensive ………..

  14. Hey try this: go for the hottest girl you see wherever you are, park, club, show and approach her. Step beside her and put one arm around her shoulder as you look at her and say in a clear and very deeep radio announcers voice ”Do you know where YOU’RE sleeping tonight?”

      1. Huh? It’s just a one liner. If she isn’t repulsed but laughs, she’s already gamed so long as you can keep some original quality humor going. Like the way a stand up comedian delivers and keeps you fixated on him punch line after punch line. You have to have plenty more funny bones in your bag to throw at her though to keep her at least laughing out every other breath. Once you have her floored it’s good to know CPR or mouth to mouth. A pro comic on stage is perfected, but personal delivery one on one even if its grade B, is still powerful when it’s just you on her. .But the one liner . . Hell it’s just a nuggett that I threw out there. Dress it up however you want.

        1. It’s fucking shit advice. If you did the exact opposite you’d be 10 times better off. You reek of virgin

        2. Well, either you genuinely don’t know shit, or you’re trolling giving “sincerely” shit advice. Either way, keep the shit advice to yourself.

  15. Humor has always been a great tool at any man’s disposal, because it works. It disarms the woman, makes her feel at least a bit more comfortable around you, and makes the two of you smile (good vibes).
    If it doesn’t work, then use humor again to get the best out of the situation. Woman being unreceptive or acting uninterested? Then humor her ass.
    Woman: ” Yeah, because that was so funny.”
    Man: “Not as funny as the fact that you’re going to sleep alone tonight.”
    Regardless of the situation, always walk away with your head up high.

  16. So any advice of funny stories to tell women? They don’t need to be true of course… Just how to make them laugh

    1. Study Ron Wilson. Man can make a one minute tale about getting thrown out of a bar into a 30 minute routine filled with such descriptive and funny humor that you can’t help but laugh. He cracks me the hell up.
      Now maybe women don’t like Ron (I suspect he appeals more to men than women due to his subject matter) but his way of putting together stories, his descriptive ability, his ability to put you there in the story with him, are second to none imo, at least amongst modern comics. He reminds me a hell of a lot of some of the (at the time) 40/50-something barber shop dwelling guys from WW2 I grew up around as a child. They could spin yarns a mile long with only ten inches of material.
      Another good model to follow is Bill Murray. He has a way of using three words and getting more laughs than other comics who have to spend ten minutes setting up each joke.

    2. If you want something funny to tell to people (in here women) you can tell something funny (or just an anecdote) which happened to you. Just make sure to provide detail and emotion

  17. Women talk a lot more than men do but during seduction she wants to hear you do the talking. It’s how speech developed throughout the humans evolution. Humour works on everyone not just women. But if you overdo it, it could actually lowers your value and put you in friends zone.
    Here’s how to play. After a joke or two proceed with boasting, quickly followed by physical touch. Make few compliments and then go for kiss, hand between legs. Get her breathing to speed up and then … suddenly retreat. Slow down a bit and after 10-20 minutes excuse yourself, say “Call me, I’d like to see you again but I must go now” and leave the spot completely.
    Yes, you heard it right. Never go for sex immediately after you seduce a girl for the first time. Especially with really attractive women. On first date always seduce and abandon. Then wait for the girl to call you. If she does not, go for another girl in your rotation. If she does call, arrange a date and then fuck her, finishing with anal + cumming on her face.
    Putting her through the emotional rollercoaster is what effectively quietens her hamster, not humour alone.

  18. Dude, you have no game.
    “No social media allowed…” (all good so far, since this is almost a
    cliche it’s been used so often; hell I use it all the time), THEN “I’m
    gay and was looking for a shopping partner”[email protected]%! Who the fuck thinks
    that’s a good line? Wait, don’t tell me… SOMEONE WHO’S NEVER USED IT.
    Think I’m being harsh calling you out? Well I’ve bitten my tongue for a while with you C.Contary. From your videos you post you’re fucking full of shit, at best, at worst you’re covertly trying to establish yourself as “one of us” so you can slowly trickle down shit advice. I mean, in your videos (actually I’ve only seen about 1 minute of one, couldn’t take it any more) it’s almost like you’re trying to look and sound as pathetic as possible, saying shit like, “Feminists have been trolling my videos hard…” (or something like that) and I checked and you only had a handful of views, let alone comments.

  19. Why are any of you still feeding the troll? Every response is simply feeding her insatiable desire for more beta orbiter attention, even if you’re replying with some form of red pill discussion.

  20. Article was too long. So The Boss read the conclusion only. You have to be funny, it’s true. Bitches are all about the fun. Be ready to humiliate yourself a little bit too, but be careful. You should not look like a clown.

  21. Humor, for me, has to be sexually attuned and putting her immediately into the submissive role, in a cute way that makes her giggle and lights her eyes up such that she wants more of it immediately.
    Example (I’ve used this one before):
    Working girl at the front of an event featuring alcohol is there putting a paper bracelet on each person coming through the gate, you know the drill. I hold out my wrist suspiciously, not smiling, and when she puts the thing on me I state matter of factly and somewhat cooly, almost with a certain amount of disdain “Just because you gave me a bracelet doesn’t mean you get to have sex with me later.” Instant giggle and many times a come back of “Oh come on, pleeeeease!” or “Oh my gawd!” while batting her eyes and usually her then taking it further and talking more. I’ve never, ever had a bad experience using this kind of line (vary it based on your mood e.g. – “This doesn’t mean you get to take advantage of me later tonight” or “Don’t get to thinkin’ that this makes us exclusive, ok sweety?” etc.).
    Also, if you’re in a group, don’t stare at her or even look at her much, nor at others in your group, when you spin a tale. Kind of stand as the man in the center of the stage and stare off into the distance (or at least at nobody in particular), using your hands and body to accentuate the story you’re telling, only occasionally turning your head to meet eyes. Establishes a pretty powerful frame AND it tends to engross people more than standing there semi-hunched over, staring into their eyes looking for some kind of approval like a trained monkey.

  22. I found that no matter your looks, a joke, or some sarcasm and witty banter goes a long way. But when I try to be funny it comes off as trying too hard, I find that when I don’t try to be funny is when the joke game works it’s best.

  23. Great article. Thoughtful use of humor is always the right way to go. A humorless Vladimir Putin-ish figure might attract some types of women, but not the type we want to take home to mom. Don’t be self-effacing and it’s okay to touch on cruel once in a while, but just be your normal self and being fun and funny is always the right thing to do.

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