Equal Pay Activist Virginia Trioli Earns $85,000 More Than Male Co-Host

Newscaster Virginia Trioli is the gift that keeps on giving. You may remember this otherwise largely avoidable “celebrity” for her outlandish comments linking men smashing tennis racquets with domestic violence.

You may also remember Michael Rowland as one of two male colleagues present when Trioli made her moronic remarks. I indicated last time that Trioli earned some $235,000 according to leaked documents in late 2013. What I left for this piece, however, is the fact that Rowland, her co-host, earned over $84,000 less than Trioli. There is presently nothing to indicate that the gap has been plugged. Both still host the same morning news program.

When interviewed by The Australian newspaper’s Business Review, Trioli, a “noted” feminist, extolled the equality agenda: “We still have to bang on about equal pay, subtle and not-so-subtle forms of discrimination…” But who is this “we” Trioli speaks of? Well, the “we” is the gender Trioli uses to sell her most recent book and increase her media profile.

Earth to Trioli, Earth to Trioli…

On what planet are we living exactly? The hypocrisy above comes from a woman who earns over 50% more than her male co-host. Unlike other journalism and presenting roles, where professionals may host entirely different programs, travel to entirely different countries or focus on entirely different spheres, Trioli and Rowland are sitting on the same couch, presenting the same news program on the same spin-off channel of the same government-owned TV and media network, reading the same news stories, part-by-part. If ever there was a battleground in journalism on which to wage an equal pay debate, it is the pay relationship between co-hosts like Trioli and Rowland.

Trioli will happily lap up and pontificate the feminist agenda of equal pay and other matters, earn royalties from her book (Generation F: Sex, Power and the Young Feminist) and play the card of entrenched patriarchy. What she does not admit is that in the one area where she could practice what she preaches (and speak out against unequal pay) she simply does not do so.

Patriarchy forced Virginia to earn 50% more than Michael for the same job. Oh, the victimhood!

Some may say that it is not Trioli’s responsibility for how much Rowland is paid. Maybe and probably so. Yet the rank hypocrisy of presenting yourself as an equal pay advocate and earning money from your position, all while getting a 50% fatter paycheck than a man for the same job, is irrefutable. When a woman is paid more, Trioli sees no need for comment. But when a man is paid more, Trioli and Co. pounce, like in her book, with an entirely different “logic”.

What drives Trioli is a virulent form of prima facie sexism. Unlike the normal notion of prima facie, Trioli’s perceptions are impervious to later information or correction. Male earns more than female: sexism. Woman, especially one named Trioli, earns more: fine, dandy, not worthy of comment, a topic to be avoided.

But in the meantime, folks, here’s her latest sexism-against-women-is-everywhere book and newspaper rant. It’s confirmation bias at its most repulsive.

A Wider Media Problem

The other laughable (read: horrendous) aspect of the leaked ABC salaries was the reaction from certain elements of the press. The Australian Women’s Weekly (AWW), which ironically specializes in the continual recycling of sexist, unverifiable gossip about famous women, decried the “gender imbalance” in pay at the ABC. As you might suspect, no juxtaposition of Trioli and Rowland occurred. Trioli only made the list of the top ten highest paid women at the ABC, without other comment, while Rowland was not mentioned at all.

Despite comparing the salaries and declaring them sexist, bereft of any indication it had considered the different jobs featured in the lists, The AWW avoided the most logical and fair comparison, that between Trioli and Rowland. Though I may be laboring the point, they share the same couch! If you want an apt equal or unequal pay case study, you find one here!

Of the twenty individuals across the two gendered lists, none, bar five journalists and presenters (Tony Jones, Quentin Dempster, Leigh Sales, Fran Kelly and Trioli), had close to the same job, and most of the rest were generally executives of different departments, many of which were subordinate to others.

Trioli’s desire for “equality” is as fake as the make-up she’s not wearing much of here.

Amongst them, major differences existed. At the time, Dempster and Kelly were heavily or predominantly involved in the ABC radio divisions (Dempster focusing on sports reporting and commentary and Kelly on program hosting). Trioli was and still is breakfast co-host on ABC News 24, a standalone TV channel.

Even the dissimilarities between Tony Jones and Leigh Sales, both on the main ABC channel, were and remain stark. Jones, although listed as a journalist by The AWW, actually hosts the highly popular (for the ABC) Q&A, among other duties. Sales, a woman, hosts the 7:30 Report, an investigative journalism program with interviews thrown in, another “winner” for the ABC but lacking the engagement and popularity with young people in particular after so many years.

Jones and Sales present different programs with different formats, requiring different roles to be played and different topics to be covered. Instead of dealing with one or two guests at a time, like Sales, Jones is dealing with five, at least two or three of which are usually high-ranking national politicians, moderating both them and an often boisterous or vocally engaged audience of several hundred.

Whether Jones or Sales were paid more, there is no “equal pay” comparison to be made. It’s akin arguing that a hospital cleaner should be paid the same as the person delivering meals to bed-ridden patients, simply because they both work in a hospital.

Hope Ahead

The leaking of ABC salaries exposed Trioli for the hypocrite and inveterate, self-promoting gasbag she is. In addition to undermining the legitimacy of a leftist media network which preaches socialism and SJW agendas whilst financially lavishing up a coterie of executive fat-cats and self-indulgent ideological presenters, we should be thankful that the revelations invalidated any claim to fairness by Trioli on gender-related matters.

Anything feminist-oriented uttered by Trioli, or those like her, needs to be re-evaluated through the prism of her own double standards. As Return of Kings stories frequently expose, to talk the talk you need to walk the walk, feminists.

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142 thoughts on “Equal Pay Activist Virginia Trioli Earns $85,000 More Than Male Co-Host”

  1. I live in an old, battered industrial town in England, and there is an increasing gender paygap alright – women are earning more.
    The old, well-paid, hands-on jobs like engineering are vanishing like farts in the wind. Whist women are more likely to go to University, and more likely to land public-sector jobs that pay more than their private sector closest equivalents. Public jobs backed up by massive government spending that requires draconian taxation of even the lowliest of minimum wage workers. Yes, Men earning minimum wage as labourers on cold, wet building sites paying income tax to fund women gossiping in government offices.
    On the other hand, Men are more likely to do hard unglamorous jobs, be alcoholics, get killed or maimed trying to forge a career in the Armed forces, lose custody of their kids in frivolous divorces, and commit suicide.
    That damn patriarchy

    1. Oh but it’s different..
      When men make more money it’s the patriarchy.
      When women make more money it’s because they are better.

      1. When men make more money it’s the patriarchy. When women make more money it’s because they are better.

        The same thing like with education. When boys perform better it’s because of oppression. When girls perform better it’s because they are more mature.
        When rape numbers go up it’s because of rape culture. When they go down it’s because more and more women are afraid to go to the police… because of rape culture.
        You can not outargue feminism. Feminism is cunt logic. You can only oppress feminism.

        1. Feminism is just Marxism-lite

          You’re mistaken. Feminism is Marxism max.
          a) is female nature
          b) is being protected by the left right and middle.
          That’s why it went global and gets stronger by the minute.

        2. It’s no wonder why most women are not in STEM studies in colleges and universities. These disciplines require logic and intelligence which these feminists clearly shows they have none.

        3. Yup, not to mention that to most women spending a lifetime surrounded by beta nerds as an engineer/programmer/scientist is about as appealing as working down a sewer for your average hypergamous woman.
          But no, it’s because the patriarchy doesn’t want them there and is keeping them out. It doesn’t want them working as programmers because of misogyny, and because it hates women.
          Weird that the patriarchy did very little to keep women out of finance and marketing, and other areas with an abundance of alpha males.
          Strange that. Guess it only cares about keeping them out of STEM for some reason.

        4. Don’t you understand that professors in STEM subjects are almost all male, and therefore it can’t be a nurturing environment for women? Especially because a math question is either right or wrong, with no room for interpretation, and that invalidates her feelings, which “feels” misogynist even if you can’t prove it. Logic could very well be part of the conspiracy of patriarchy.

        5. You’re correct. Now when sexual assaults are not happening on college campuses, they claim it’s due to under reporting. And when a female makes an accusation, she’s not the accuser. She is now — automatically — labeled as the victim. This makes people hesitant to question her validity out of concern of being labeled as “victim blaming.” The result of course is innocent young guys being destroyed. Feminist have got it covered from every angle.

        6. Exactly. I just read an article about this. Some lady was going off about men needing to make STEM fields and tech positions more hospitable for women.
          I’m done with these women chronically telling men they need to change and accommodate for women yet completely unwilling to change and accommodate to 2015 standards in areas which are of benefit to them — such as dating.

        7. Clearly you have not benefitted from any non-STEM studies that would help you express yourself coherently.

        8. ‘Non-Stem studies’ = eating ice cream with two hands for hours every night? How else are you so FAT? FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

        9. Is that all you’ve got? The insults around here have gotten rather repetitive. And juvenile.

        10. FAT GIRL….I think the Haagen Dazs is calling you. It’s been ten minutes, time for another bowl, FAT GIRL. Ha ha. J/K.

      1. work harder??
        Nope. Become a parasite. Don;t support others who steal and destroy your work. values and future.
        Stop the parasites. Any way.

        1. How about we stop working to maximize our incomes (and thus maximizing our tax-donkey status)?
          Earn enough ‘officially’ to pay your bills, but that’s it.
          AFAIC, ‘getting ahead’ in this country is damn near impossible now.
          It’s a struggle that allows specially priveliged groups and protected monopolies an advantage one guy can’t overcome.
          Fuck it.
          Who is John Galt?
          <–done working my ass off to give more to our psychopathic government.
          I’m poor now in money terms,by my own choice.
          Denial of resources and refusal to comply is what will end this sick and unnatural system we all toil under.

    2. An economy where public sector earns more than private sector is on the road to national bankruptcy like Greece. Don’t worry the Germans will bail you out.

        1. Does it matter anymore? Germany is the only country in europe that makes anything. The rest of europe is employed in the public sector or the tourist economy. If american women get bored with cinderella princess kate, the teachers and police don’t get paid.

        2. Because brits are like women, they just wanted all the raisins from the big E.U. cake but not the “inconvenient” stuff.
          I´m pretty sure they would be part of the Euro zone if there was a mugshot of the Queen on every single note and coin. That´s the real reason they didn´t join 😉
          Every island monkey has to jerk off to a picture of the Queen, at least twice a day, ordered by british laws.

        3. Mainland Europe has become one large country run by bureaucrats that no one voted for.Enjoy your new regime.

    3. The last office I worked in had about 80 women and 15 men, almost everyone a bluepill mangina.
      Displays of manly behavior, such as speaking the truth to delusional females were frowned upon — I dont’ work there anymore LOL.
      That company used to manufacture clothes and employ around 900 Americans. Until 2000, when they moved their mfg to China and got rid of 700 people (all local American workers).
      During that transition, most of the men were let go, leaving only feminists, bulldykes, sociopaths, and a few testosterone depleted men.
      Thanks for the free trade agreements, republicans and democrats. You really fucked Americans and men in particular.
      Keep voting though, because this time it will be different.
      My ass.

  2. You can’t take them seriously, you simply can’t. They don’t care about equality at all only about what’s in it for them. Just name ONE case where they fought against some injustice against men. Never happened. If all men were enslaved tomorrow you would her a roar of applause and no protests.
    That is why you cannot, ever..EVER..give women any power. Do not give her any responsibility outside dish washing and laundry. They don’t have the judgement for it or the intelligence. They are simply not fit.

      1. And the money-creators run the feminists. They’re handed billions of dollars per year for a reason.

      2. The fine print of the first picture really tells the story. It reads, “A substantial gap occurs even when education, industry, and hours are taken into account.”
        What does this mean?
        It means that the original statistic is ignoring the fact that Women and Men’s wages are being compared in vastly different fields. Woman are not lining up to be nuclear engineers, men are. Woman are not NBA or NFL all stars, men are. The amount that men earn from STEM and Professional Sports could perhaps be enough to push the wage gap in this particular direction (Of course business and financial leaders are also a huge surplus for the male combined income)
        But the fine print of that first image also uses a questionable word that could have different meanings to different people and doesn’t have any sound definition or boundaries. “Substantial.” So, there is another study somewhere that indicates even if you take “education, industry and hours” into account that there is a “substantial” difference in pay.
        First of all, and most importantly, that study and statistic should be the one cited and talked about. What is that pay difference? When you take all those important factors into account? I mean are you telling me that the 77 cents crap isn’t taking into consideration HOURS WORKED?? So I could take a sampling of women who work 30 hours a week and men who work 40 hours a week and then say all haughty that “Men are being paid more than women for the same work!” (Just not the same amount of work)
        But even then we are not given the numbers when industry, education, and hours are included. It could be that women make 99.9 cents for every 1.00 dollar that men make, but someone, somewhere could actually consider that a “substantial” amount, and then put it in the fine print, ignoring the actual, meaningful numbers.

        1. There is one other important factor that they are neglecting and that’s career-vs-parent path.
          There was a study last year that took this into account. Women who were childless and unmarried made the same as men who were childless and unmarried.
          They broke it out into other demographics as well (e.g. women and men who were married and ) but the one I remember is the unmarried/childless since that’s my group.

        2. Actually the studies performed over the past 15 years that compared only never married no children men and women the women always made more money. And the advantage of being female in that comparison has beengetting larger each year.

        3. Society (and especially feminists) are going to ignore many of the true facts (and studies) that don’t favor them.
          They’ll continue to beat on that drum of unequal pay and play the victim card because they don’t deal in logic.

    1. One thing that I’d particularly love is for all women’s sports to be done away with. If you want gender equality, compete based on merit with men and women treated equally.
      If you’re the 4th fastest runner in the world in the Olympics you get nothing. If you’re the 315th fastest you get a gold medal… if you happen to have a vagina.

      1. Hmmm… I don’t know. Women’s Beach Volleyball can stick around. This Argentinian cutie is having her mandatory mate break after throwing herself around the sand all afternoon. Whatever keeps em fit.

        1. That’s already here and its called Affirmative Action my friend.
          What if they had AA in the NBA or NFL? Would the quality of the teams be better or worse?
          If that same concept applies to a basketball or football team, why wouldn’t it apply to any other sort of team, such as a Nuclear Engineering team, a software engineering team, an actuary team, cops, military etc?
          It just shows the fallacy of the liberal illogic that is forced on us all, unless we’re pro athletes (the last remaining meritocracy IMO).

        2. “That’s already here . . .”
          I know. That’s why I could make my statement.
          ” . . .pro athletes (the last remaining meritocracy . . .”
          I disagree. The pros are bent to the marketing. It is the serious amateurs who hold the line.

        3. This is an excellent idea. Most men don’t know or care about the topics on this site. But they all loove sport. Poison it with AA and watch shit change.
          Of course, this is exactly why it will not happen.

        4. It won’t happen with the players but it certainly will off the field. Seen all the pretty pink ribbons?
          Think that happened because they studied which causes were most in need or because they knew who would be vilified by Big Media if they didn’t go along? A league held up by male (owner) money, exclusively male players, and heavily dominated by male fans and where does the charity and attention go? Female breast cancer.
          Race hustlers have long complained that there weren’t enough black coaches, then there weren’t enough black owners, etc. If every coach and every owner were black they’d just complain about some other angle.
          They do the same in sports as they do in everything else — creep slowly. Right now we think it’s ludicrous that they might one day demand half of the NFL coaches be women. In X number of years it will be the only view you’ll hear in Big Media, though I’m not sure the value of X.

      1. Feminists have to do their own laundry and dishes anyway, or else they pay a non-white female to do that for them. The only thing they have accomplished that way, is they get to spend more time at their cubicle job maintaining the delusion of feminism. Shouldn’t you be at xojane blogging about lip injections and bulimia?

        1. A good point. You never hear about feminists keeping other women “down” by paying illegal (or legal) workers for doing this type of house work (or being a nanny to their children).
          How many women are out there, today, with unequal pay because a feminists (woman) is paying them under the table (below minimum wage)?

  3. Pay gap, rape culture, the patriarchy… the list of fabrications invented by radical feminists to advance their sex at the expense of the other continues to grow. Then they label anyone who says anything against it a “MRA.” I wonder what manufactured problem they’ll think of next.

    1. They just keep hoping someone will spank them and put them back in their place… and no one ever does.

      1. When someone does, they call the police and haul the guy away and then they wonder where all the real men are.

        1. I never said that they understand themselves. I blame the police and idiots who decided that women were ‘not property’. Women are genetically predisposed to be property, and love nothing so much as being valued as objects… The concept of women as ‘priceless’ has destroyed them psychologically, as everyone knows that an object without price is an object without value… and women have never wanted anything more than to be valued. Every urge they possess, from hypergamy to shit testing, is nothing more than an attempt to discover and increase their own price.
          We should give it to them and institute female slavery… Nothing gives a woman a better idea of her own value than a literal price.

    1. Per head of population, Australia gets ripped on more than just about ANY other country from what I’ve noticed.
      It is indeed an overly feminazified and insanely overpriced hellhole (even with the considerable devaluation of the Aussie dollar recently). If you have a good job there, save up as much as you can and GTFO as soon as you can say “yesterday”.

      1. That’s funny! Cause I just heard the reverse here in the states?
        When are people going to understand the age old adage “The grass is always greener on the other side!” mantra said ad infinitum? And in all it’s different forms.
        The fact is, feminism is everywhere. It speaks directly to the self-absorbed inner narcissist that every female has. And every pedantic, masochisitic beta male polishing his shiny white armor.
        Essentially, feminism, chemically speaking, is a weapons grade radioactive substance that changes, metaphorically speaking, a person’s personality into an grotesque version of it’s more natural self.
        It is also addictive.
        Like all socialist movements, it claims to speak to the downcast, and downtrodden. But merely only to get foot soldiers, read pawns, that it can sacrifice for it’s own personal motivations. Usually sinister in scope and ambition.
        The more noble versions of social movements, early Christianity (first century) for example, operated a different (read actual take) on poverty and self-sacrifice.
        Whereas feminism, and other isms like it, promise immediate power to destroy one’s enemies.
        After the hundreds of millions of human beings murdered last century, you would think people would have learned by now?
        History is still turning.

      2. Possibly the only country worse than Australia for entrenched male-hating policy is Sweden.
        I GTFO of Australia in 1999. And every time I go back, and immerse myself in the Australian media, I quickly get angry and stressed at the feminist agenda so prominantly on display.

        1. I think it’s Anglo cultures in general. No need to split hairs too much. Anglo men have been the most successful and wealthy. Then females’ innate hypergamy keeps pushing the bar higher and higher in the form of feminism, SJW-ing, whatever allows them to feel like they’re asking just a little bit more of their men. But there are things called ‘passports’ and ‘airplanes’ and their jig is up. DO NOT GIVE YOUR LIFE OVER TO WHITE WOMEN IN ANY WAY. NOT THROUGH EMOTIONS, TAXES, ALIMONY, ‘GAME’. DON’T LET THEM PUSH YOU TO MGTOW WHEN THERE ARE PLACES LIKE THE PHILLIPINES AND CUBA. If you get to the point where the typical white ‘babe’ just makes you want to fly a double bird (this is where I’m at) then the world of brown-skinned babes opens up and Bob’s your uncle. Life begins.

      3. Yep. Haven’t been to America, so I can’t properly judge, but Australian girls (Sydney ones) are the biggest fucking cunts I’ve ever met… and I lived there over a decade (in case you think I was just a tourist). And a fuck-load of them are fat as shit, and crass.
        But they blended in well with the environment there, which is fucking harsh and shit. You can’t drive anywhere without being hit with toll booths, park anywhere without paying $10 in the meter (once paid $34 for 30 minutes when I parked in the city), and that’s if you survive the road-rage, which is fucking out of control there. Food and rent is fucking expensive and the houses have fuck-all insulation so your heating bills go through the roof unless you wrap yourself in Ug Boots and a blanket for 3/4 of the year. And the fucking wogs and lebs are fucking cunts, cruising in packs so they feel tough and picking fights with the whites. Didn’t see one single Abbo (Aborigine) who wasn’t shit-faced drunk and not swearing his head off. I could probably go on and on, but you get the picture: it’s not all “shrimps on the barbie” (oh yeah, Australians, sorry, you have to learn how to barbecue without burning every fucking piece of meat, seriously).

        1. well said and totally agree…………….and you know why sydney women are the biggest cunts youve ever met??? here is why…..Australia is the 3rd most expensive place on the planet to buy real estate……..sydney is the most expensive place in said country to buy real estate. The median house price is now close to a million dollars for the city. This has turned women living there into GIANT GOLDDIGGING WHORES!!! add to that the poisoning of said women by feminist bullshit and propaganda, and you have a toxic situation

    2. Bloomberg seems to have been taken over by women…. all the presenters are women and they recently ran stories on female hedge fund managers, female business owners and even an illegal Mexican woman that works for Goldman Sachs selling derivatives and couldn’t fly home to visit her dying father because her papers are all fake… WTF !
      If it was a guy they would have driven him to the nearest border and pushed him over….
      They have even removed all the comments section from their articles.

      1. Not surprising. Beta males are behind the scenes editing out any mansplaining from the news, so they don’t get fired for lack of sensitivity.

      2. I noticed the comments section is gone too. Alot of of truthy-ness was being posted there lately

      3. CBC in Canada is almost all women too. There are 20 daytime news shows from Monday to Friday. There are no male anchors, and almost all of the segment reporters and field reporters are female. Also, most of the guests they interview during the day are also female. CBC also recently ran a job ad stating, and I paraphrase, “anyone but a white man.”

        1. The recently deceased Sun News Network had a lot of female presenters but feminists hated them because they were actually good looking and sometimes dressed in sleeveless blouses and short skirts.

        2. Exactly… most of the news presenters on the ABC, CNBC..etc… look like badly made-up trannies.
          Perhaps its a branch of modern feminism to look like a man, and thus your squeals of “equality” seem more credible. Even if you don’t walk the walk (like Mr Trioli)

        3. And listen to their voices. That empowered growl. If I were trying to be a celibate monk I would just listen to some recordings of that flat, modern Anglo growl and my dick would hibernate on the dot. Gross.

      4. Wow. Surprised by this. Had a friend who was a staff attorney for bloomberg in the early 2000’s. Said it was the last all boys club in town.
        I haven’t paid attention to any of it in a very long time.

      5. but televised news is dying, with the internet…
        women are dominating a field that does not really have relevance

        1. not to mention these channels cater to a largely male audience so having females is so common on business channels.
          on opinion /comedy however…

        2. ‘women are dominating a field that does not really have relevance’
          Cough, cough (liberal arts) cough, cough.

      6. I think what we are seeing here is going to be a real “need” for a news program that actually reports the news. Some of these old programs will need to die off because they’re turning into entertainment and drama filled nonsense – feel good stuff – not really news (because all women are involved).
        It will be something that men will have to recreate (go back to the drawing board) and get done.
        For now, the best weapon that man (and people) has is to turn off the TV (don’t watch). It’s the only real power you have (your time watching) when dealing with anything on TV. No (or less) viewers equals canceled shows.

  4. tl;dr version of feminism — women are victims no matter what and should be given everything they want.

  5. So lets see female porn stars take a pay cut to subsidize the male cast. Feminism isn’t about equality anymore, current day feminists are sex positive whores who blame all their unhappiness in life on men.

    1. Porn is probably the most succinct way of explaining what is wrong in the pay gap conversation than anything else. What causes a female porn star to get paid more than a male? Sexuality, beauty, youth, voluptuous physique. What causes a male to get paid more? Female approval, prowess, physique, stamina, how many women he can please in the most enticing way while still remaining poised.
      Span that back to the work place. How do most women get employed? Beauty first, intelligence second, amicable nature third. If she isn’t beautiful odds are high you won’t see her in a neighboring cubicle next week. If she is beautiful depending on the level of beauty she may effectively work 4 hour days and get paid 10 to 12 hours worth all by being attractive. If she is highly attractive she will gain even more hours for the same production and may even get a promotion.
      A man must prove his utility first and foremost. However, with women doing interviews, best believe his bed worthiness is the main reason he’ll be sitting next to you next week. For men sexuality is pinned with looks, intelligence, way he carries himself, physical dominance and so on. In fact looking at executives, they are typically in the same height bracket women find attractive. Go figure.
      The main difference, since the dawn of time, is we pay for women to look pretty, and we pay men for utility. The women who last a while have beauty and brains but don’t disavow why they are there. Long term, women are getting away with a huge blessing on average since beauty will keep them afloat as long as they suck up (and occasional get off) the right person.

      1. Graduate student females are often no better than a 6, because they know that their looks aren’t going to land them a prestigious job.
        The 7’s and above can get by with a Bachelor’s. The 8.5’s and above don’t need ANY education really…

        1. Agreed. The funniest part of the argument for feminism, as you dissect it in it’s current form, is it is trying to broaden the power scope of female power, sexuality, so that all females can effectively get the 4 hour work, 12 hour payout structure no matter the field. Other aspects of guile and wit are honed from a young age so innocuous appearances in even the most prestigious environments is a matter of course now. Why else would women grasp at shaming tactics when old women, fat, ugly women get pushed out of fields? In effect it is almost an enforced brand of prostitution except we are paying for something we don’t want.

        2. That fact that the peak of a woman’s career and earning potential is her 30’s, while it’s the 50’s for men, shows the huge disparity in the expectations of physical attraction, experience, and utility between the sexes.
          20-something men have to live like paupers in the earlier stages of their career while women are catapulted to middle management and positions of authority like HR. Grrrrrrrr!!!

        3. In my experience the 7+s in grad school get tonnes of extra benefits.
          All they have to do is take on the “victim” role and its over… manginas… manginas everywhere…

        4. Thirsty Omegas follow them around and worship them basically because they are ‘relatively’ attractive compared to the chinese, indian, and American warpigs that comprise the rest of the program (IME as an engineering grad student).
          In engineering programs, a female 6 is a 9.
          Take her out of engineering and put her in EDU or Psych and she’s just a 6.
          Amazing how that works.

        5. So right. I was electrical engineering. In classes that were 80-100 people, there was never more than 2 women. Not one class.
          But then you can’t use an AA quota to solve a differential equation.

        6. Agreed. Most Psyc grad student girls are basically invisible as soon as they leave the lab.
          A big part of it is that the grad school lifestyle makes them into stressed out big children eating candy all day and living for Dr. Asshole’s approval.
          I could imagine that the engineering girls are either pugs or tomboys…

        7. Who’s paying for it?
          Every time you hear a Boomer say there is no competition in today’s market. Every time our US currency drops in value. Every time a more than qualified male is forced to go overseas as another job is given to a woman to showcase gender quality. I can use other examples. An abundance of women in fields weakens the American market overall. Makes for pretty, breasts laden commercials though. Yeah boobs?!
          If the choice is more women married and more focus on enjoyment of life as opposed to who I must bed in the coming weeks, I’d gladly choose to subvert my sexual needs to one woman for years over many women over a lifetime. At least you paid homage to the truth of what I said.

        8. Now women are responsible for economic downturns?
          And your last paragraph is heresy around here, what’s wrong with you?

        9. First, on the economic down turn, look into who influences the markets purchase and then look at America as a whole. We currently have one of the harshest gaps in our middle class in US history. So while emotionally, you may not want there to be a link with more women in employable fields, more women in schools, and the dropping value of the US dollar as having a link, the correlation is direct. Need has created a market where degrees are a big business while business struggling has created a need for employable traits. The discipline to school makes women instantly employable. The lack of a drive to be an innovator, coupled with children, useless degrees, and the turnaround rate of women to leaving companies, makes many a net loss.
          The heresy part you speak on is actually your behalf. Plenty of married men come to this site. Many men who were married come to this site. Many men who want to get married come to this site. I’d wager many men here would gladly have a wife instead of concentrating on sex outside of their life goals. The market has changed so many men adapt.
          You may be a feminist, more masculine in nature, so being noncommittal while pursuing your entrepreneurial desires not afforded your grandmother will be pleasing. When your nature softens in years to come, you may come to spurn the nature that men were forced to adopt. Having a wife without knowing the truth of sexual dynamics is like playing Russian roulette with 4 bullets in a 6 chamber gun. Sure you can win two turns with a stranger but why place yourself under 66.6 failing odds?

    1. It says a great deal about the weakness of someone’s argument in a debate when they have to repeatedly stop the other person from talking like she’s doing here.

      1. she did the same thing to nick gillespie (reason.com) during a bill maher show. She must have failed debate class in HS

      1. Sad. With hair, makeup, decent clothes, and a feminine personality, she’d be a 7.5 or 8 easy.
        Now she’s just an ok looking chick trying to be a dude and failing miserable. Unattractive to either sex.
        Such is the typical lesbian — it ain’t like the lesbos that come on TV and porn, that’s for sure.

    2. NBC doesn’t give the man a chance to state his point but gives 80% of the slot for Rachel to rattle out hers. He is calm and rational and articulate. She is haughty, emotional, and stuttering.
      He is trying to dispel this horrible cited statistic, the 77 cent pay gap, by explaining that the boundaries for the statistic are incorrectly drawn. Doing so would expose and destroy the entire argument of the feminists. Therefore, instead of give this man 1 minute to calm the nation and remove this irrational fear in the hearts of many, much like a leader would tell the village there is no real boogie man thats going to eat your children, NBC lets the camera focus on the [2] women, and give the irrational feminist message the limelight. (although to me, and other rational people all this does is make NBC and the feminists look bad.)
      This doesn’t matter to NBC because they, like most media outlets think that as long as they push the left leaning feminist narrative they will get more views and upvotes. Remember these are the same news agencies that think “Trending on Twitter” equals journalistic integrity.

    3. Look into this further than the obvious, surface argument. Rachel Maddow is furious at being shown that things are fair. She is threatened by the her go-to grievance being solved. She should be happy if it were solved, right? As in; “Oh. There’s no pay gap? COOL!”
      But of course she is nowhere near the satisfied reaction of someone who would truly wants the pay gap issue resolved. Therefore, she would never want the problem solved (even if there were a problem, which there isn’t). This is progressive thought in a nutshell. She doesn’t want the problem solved because then she can no longer go to it for her eternal emotional/indignation payoffs. Solving the problem or acknowledging it when the problem is solved? ‘FUCK THAT,’ says Rachel. God, how is this country going down the shitter like this?

    1. Didn’t Kakfa write a book called “The Trioli” about an accused man in a nightmarish feminist bureacracy

  6. They say women can’t negotiate a wage increase because of lack of confidence, but feminism – a collectivist form of bullying – is how they negotiate not only an increase but wage domination. An individual male will sit down with his interviewer or his boss if he’s already in the job and say I’m worth more than you’re offering / paying me. A woman on the other will accept the offered salary while doubting whether she’s worth as much. What she’s extremely confident in though is twisting and distorting arguments in a way that bears no connexion to any kind of logic known to man, and feminism her champion – self-appointed or otherwise – knows just how to manipulate such arguments on the political stage, leverage the power of the collectivity, the hive, the great nation of the machiavellian stupid. The problem then isn’t really finding holes in the arguments, but getting the exposed inconsistencies, the hypocrisy and downright lies to stick in such a way as will make a blind bit of difference. Feminism can easily twist this around, because as the author clearly anticipates it will chose the comparison to be made. While the co-hosts are the obvious comparators – such as would expose the hollowness and hypocrisy of the argument – the fact remains that there’s a guy at the top earning more than her and all the other wimmins and feminists will not only make that argument – as anticipated – but will ensure that that is the argument that sticks. Taking the tennis theme of Ms Trioli’s last controversy as an illustration, we’re only going to get so far by ensuring we challenge each point that feminism serves at us. at some point we’re going to have to do the serving ourselves. Better still change the type of game that is being played. Equal pay is always going to be a loser in this sense because men competing for status and women in a society that tells them to compete for status and women are always going to have alphas earners at the top out-performing women and feminism needs them there both to make their case about patriarchal inequality and because the system is inherently hypergamous in a way that they indirectly reap the benefits of a hypergamous salary system. In other words, this is certainly an attack that needs to be countered – including by demonstrating the underlying sexual economics that inform men’s motivation to increase there salaries – however if the manosphere is going to go on the attack it needs to create battles that it can win: it needs to change what counts as inequality rather than allowing feminism to set the agenda by selecting what equality measures. The obvious areas here are things like men as casualties of war, prison populations, health inequalities etc, or better for a PUA focussed site anything to do with increasingly apparent pussy pass privilege. I would like to think the next great work on political philosophy will be about the pussy pass. It would be more revolutionary than anything Karl Marx ever said

  7. The supposed ” gender pay gap” is one of today’s biggest fallacies. I don’t know why more men don’t call bullshit on this.

    1. Because the ones that don’t are shamed into silence by their gf’s wives, sisters, mothers etc and the rest are manginas who tow the bs line.

    2. Many men do. The problem is Big Media constantly repeats the claim as truth. The typical person’s brain says, “if it weren’t true, they wouldn’t have all been repeating it all these years.”
      When “everyone knows” something it’s very difficult to change it. It’s nearly impossible if you don’t have a widespread platform to reach others like your opponent. Thank goodness for the internet but it’ll still take decades to reverse.
      Also, you have half the population who benefit from the lie staying in place. They might not be pushing the lie but they aren’t going to do much to stop it either. So the task we face isn’t just spreading the truth, it’s spreading the truth to a population where 50+% have a vested interest in it not getting out.

    3. I don’t know why more men don’t call bullshit on this.

      We do, but it doesn’t help that even our feminist president repeats this lie over and over and over.

  8. Hollyweird is continuing to follow feminist dogma by remaking the next james bond movie with 50 y/o bond girl. The next generation of males is being culturally conditioned to feel sexual attraction to females who aren’t capable of bearing children. Because 100,000 years of human evolution needs to be re-shaped with all those single moms out there.

    1. Bond movies have always adapted to whats currently popular to sell more tickets (i.e., moonraker came out after starwars)
      However this is fucking disgusting. I don’t buy a ticket to see a 50 yr old broad.
      I might not even see this one, which is a shame because the black dude playing the villain is a damn good actor

      1. Christoph Waltz is playing the villain. Yes he’s a damn great actor (I loved him in Django & Inglorious Basterds) but he’s not black lol

    2. The last Bourne movie had Bourne kick about 30 guys’ asses handily iirc, but when he squared off with a female agent in that house in the woods, of course she ‘gave as good as she got’ before the fight segued into a gun battle. The impression was that Bourne would have eventually gotten a pretty decent beatdown by the female agent if they’d kept at it. I’m glad I’m done with movies. The leftism/feminism just comes off the screen like a dog turd being thrown at your face by Randy Johnson. Leaving Hollywood in the dust is a very clean feeling. I strongly recommend it.

    1. The Hegelian dialectic which is fundamental to ruling our new colorblind, multi-cultural societies involves setting people up to argue over one ideological conflict after another. Each of these conflicts changes society in a fundamental way that brings us closer and closer to having one single ideology. Any academic familiar with Hegel will agree on the Hegelian process: thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. For example, if the issue of abortion is brought into public debate, people will coalesce around the views that are pro-abortion and the views that are anti-abortion. This public debate will continue for a certain time, and at some point the two views will be reconciled by some over-arching view, and the two groups will be ideologically fused into one single group. This process has been a couple of hundred years in the making, dating back to the debates between socialism and capitalism. Over and over again the cycle continues, and more middle grounds are achieved, until in the final stage we achieve a radical middle, “a new theory of law that is acceptable to everyone but is appealing to no one in particular.”

      1. “The task before UNESCO… is to help the emergence of a single world culture with its own philosophy and background of ideas and with its own broad purpose. This is opportune, since this is the first time in history that the scaffolding and the mechanisms for world unification have become available…. And it is necessary, for at the moment, two opposing philosophies of life confront each other from the West and from the East….
        “You may categorize the two philosophies as two super-nationalisms, or as individualism versus collectivism; or as the American versus the Russian way of life, or as capitalism versus communism, or as Christianity versus Marxism. Can these opposites be reconciled, this antithesis be resolved in a higher synthesis? I believe not only that this can happen, but that, through the inexorable dialectic of evolution, it must happen….
        “In pursuing this aim, we must eschew dogma – whether it be theological dogma or Marxist dogma…. East and West will not agree on a basis of the future if they merely hurl at each other the fixed ideas of the past. For that is what dogma’s are — the crystallizations of some dominant system of thought of a particular epoch. A dogma may of course crystallize tried and valid experience; but if it be dogma, it does so in a way which is rigid, uncompromising and intolerant…. If we are to achieve progress, we must learn to un-crystallize our dogmas.” – “UNESCO: Its purpose and Its Philosophy.” (Washington DC: Public Affairs Press, 1947, page 61 by Julian Huxley.

      2. The historical mission of our time is to arrange a new culture of humanity, one that will replace the previous ruling system. This reorganization consists of two essentials: the destruction of the old order and the building of the new. To begin with, all physical border posts, ethical barriers and social definitions of the old system must be eliminated and replaced by elements of the new system. Thus the first task of our time is DESTRUCTION! Every
        social strata and all social formations created by the old system must be destroyed, each individual has to be uprooted from its ancestral environments, no tradition will be anymore regarded as sacred, the Old is merely a sign of disease, and the new credo is: What was, must go! And even though during the first phase all people are declared the same, in the next and final phase they need to be re-divided and differentiated, and a new pyramidal hierarchical system must emerge. – Nahum Goldmann, 1915 Zionist fanatic and founder of the World Jewish Congress

      3. so, in short, you are saying ‘moral compromise equals defeat’?
        If you are, I happen to agree.

      4. You are right, and it’s even more complex than what you could possibly detail in one post. A very good effort however.
        ordo ab chao, divide and conquer
        “the best way to beat the competition, is to lead it ourselves”
        The Overton window. False paradigms, False debates, False battles.
        The Great game. Keep women and men at eachothers throats so they never unite around common political/social ideas that are for the good of all. Keep the Overton window away from fundamental truths, away from revolution, away from being good, away from being independent. And move the middle ground more and more towards something that disempowers men(and so everyone) as deciders, leaders and defenders of a society, financially, spiritually, physically. Attacking the very vigour of the people, the race, the species, right down to preventing them reproducing effectively.

  9. I was not a misogynist in my younger days. It’s bullshit like this and this constant harping from them that is turning me into one. I don’t want to but they are working so hard to convert me into one.


  10. Again women are and always will be the oldest child in the room. Her only answer to a question is “Reasons”. Her only defense to an opposing viewpoint is to scream louder and hope that her daddy (White Knights and the Government) will pick her up, pat her on the head and give her a cookie. Especially when she’s wrong.

  11. This whole talk about equal pay is completely outdated. Today’s women earn as much as men, maybe even more!

  12. The Mexican news channel Univision almost NEVER has a man. It’s almost always a pair of Latina babes.

  13. Equal pay is emblematic of the problem that is equalism
    People get paid what they deserve, up to and including their ability to negotiate that pay
    Anything short of inequality would be UNFAIR. Why is this so hard to understand?

  14. her male bosses pay her more for being female!!! sorry but men are to blame for propping up such idiots…
    NYT also controlled by men etc etc
    western men WANT to devalue themselves.

  15. In relation to the pay gap…. if there is one…. men do the vast majority of physical and dangerous labour. I think the figure, I can be corrected on this, is 85% of all deaths in the workplace are men. Eighty Fukin Five Percent!!!!! Hit the ladies with this figure when they talk about the 77c figure and shut them the fuck up….. if there is a pay gap its because men put their life on the line to make a living to keep their wives asses on the couch eating cheetos…..tell them we need to even up this statistic, 50:50….more women need to die in the workplace…..

  16. I keep hearing how men make more, yet I as well as. Many men I know have made less than alot of women. . Women now make more than men in urban areas. They have more Degrees, as well as total control over human reproduction. When does this shit end? . It’s as if it will never stop by cause they will always be able to put and say men are stronger so we have to take from men to make it even. A sadistic thinking and one that results in men Manning down and doing just enough to survive.

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